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An imgur link is fine.

I'm just your average anoonymouse hacker, one of you guys.

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Yes, forced edgy, as in swearing to fit in. I guess because you feel that you can make wine more nonthreatening to the memesters of 4chan by putting swear words in your post.

Anyway it depends on vinification, the brachetto I had was clear, light, and smelled like flowers. The nebbiolo was also fairly light as nebbiolo goes but with more tannins than the brachetto for sure. You may be more familiar with wines like "barolo" and "barbaresco" which are made with nebbiolo grapes.

Amontillado is off-dry, and tastes like nuts and dried fruit. If you are getting into sherry for the first time I'd suggest you look into manzanillas. Drink them slightly chilled and they should be consumed in one sitting because they are too delicate to last in the firdge.

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my nigga

252 BBQ

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I find it funny that he's using memes in an effort to fit in but he just sounds like a retard.

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