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how are these if you make em brothy like regular instant ramen? I'm sick and want something brothy but they're all I have

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>yfw your mum finds your secret stash of ramen flavour packets under your bed

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Thats right ya'll ramen tendie frozen pizza eatin neets...

Bring It..

7/10 fags dont even know what this is.

Prove me wrong.

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is there any way i could add msg back into top ramen, its fucking disgusting now

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What are some nice, rather unknown brands of ramen and instant noodles?

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So how ya'll make your ramen?

apply light amount of peanut butter to bottom of brick

pre fry 2 hot dogs, sprinkle em over ramen brick, add in sliced pepperonis

crack an egg below brick and seperate before adding water

microwave for 4 min

spread and stir mozarella cheese into brick

microwave for additional minute

add sauce and flavor packets, stir, let sit 2 minutes.

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>used to be able to cook ramen
>havent done it in years
>finally get some
>overcook them
>try again
>go through 4/5 bags
>really sad :(
help me, co/ck/suckers.

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Is Pic related IT?
I just tasted it recently and I think it's the best instant cheap ramen I've had.
I like the cups in the pic because the noodles are thinner than in those packs
I'm waiting for some to cool off now, I added a little fresh chives and cilantro
also I want to buy some of those little dehydrated shrimps

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I'm usually on /g/ but I wanted to ask if some anons had some easy af recipies for ramen, so that a fucker like me can make them at home.

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How do you guys like to cook your instant ramen, and what do you like to add into it?

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This ramen is absolutely glorious, I don't even care if all the MSG rots my innards. I don't even know what the brand is called, I buy it in a chink shop right next to where I live, but it has a happy cook on it :^)
Does anyone else eat the ramen with the happy cook on it?
Any chinkbro or someone who knows chinkrunes can tell me something about this?

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This is the best ramen in the world.

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Why aren’t you grilling your ramen?


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Canadian Prices

Mac and Cheese $0.77

Tomato Soap $0.97
Mushroom Soap $0.97
Chicken Noodle Soap $0.97

Mr Noodle Ramen Bowl 1.39

Tuna Can $1.67

Milk Homo $5.13

How does this compare to American prices?

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Hi /ck/

I was wanting to make ramen and I was wondering how I could best calculate the calories in the pork broth? No idea how to go about it.

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What do you usually add to your ramen?

What have you stopped adding to your ramen?

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I have no idea what any of this stuff is on the dinner menu..


Im eating there tomorrow night and i dont want to look like a dumbass not being able to decide.

I just wanted Ramen, egg rolls and inari

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Made my first hot pot, drunk and for my self. Portions were small but i had a cornicopia of ingredients.
>dumped crushed red peppers inchicken pork broth mix
>added italian spices or whatever green things i found in the pantry
>second pot was just beef broth with green leafs
>had old steaks thinly sliced, ham thinly slices, various sausages slice thin, chicken sliced thin, some bacon, >noodles. Instant ramen
>various household veggies thinly sliced, carrots, green onions, green peppers, tomatoes slices thin, celery
>canned kippers, sardine filets, smoked salmon tinned, roasted eel
>dried fish fellets, catfish fellets, jumbo shrimp
>spinach and hominy.

Turned out great. Not afraid of food posining too because hot pot stopped bacteria growth.

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So I made some instant pork ramen, then drained the broth, then mixed in some Vermont Curry that I made a few days ago. Added a little chili garlic sauce. What do you think?

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I'm about to hit the road soon. I'm going to be sleeping in my truck and out of motels for a few months. The less I have to transport the better. I've got a keychain can opener, but I'm saving it for emergencies. They're not very durable in my experience. I like things you can tear into, or cans that have tabs. Bags of microwave popcorn pack down really nice but you can only eat them at motels or gas stations with microwaves. Help me out, /ck/. What else should I buy at the store tomorrow? I raided the pantry and I've got two cans of no bean chili, a can of lentil soup, a box of microwave popcorn, one package of microwave popcorn, one pouch of tuna, one pouch of salmon, two cups of ramen, and I think that's it. I'd really like to put all these cans and ramen cu ps back into the pantry because it takes up so much fucking space. I've already filled a small box, and that shit ain't gonna cut it. Plus I don't want to eat chili and soup out of a can. I don't mind eating cold tuna and salmon, though.

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Fuck 20 something boomers and their dumb fridge threads. Post your ramen shelf.

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Who /spicy food/ here?

All this sodium is going to take me to an early grave but I can't fucking stop eating them. Tried pic related today and it hurt like a bitch. Loved every second of it, easily the hottest ramen I've had.

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I'm broke. What should I add to my ramen?

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would this be good in ramen

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