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Help! I need a simple recipe to redeem myself in the eyes of two hot black girls.

Two friends of mine are roommates and terrible cooks. I am not their roommate but am also a terrible cook, in that I do not cook. A few months ago I volunteered to make them a meal I had seen online (Ramen DanDan, basically top ramen with peanut butter in it). It did not go well, as I later found out one of them pushed all of her food onto the other's plate while I wasn't looking, and that girl in turn dropped it on the floor on "accident".

Now I need to redeem myself in their eyes. Again, I cannot cook, so I need a simple recipe I can practice a few times and then go to their place and make in front of them. They're simple girls, they like top ramen and cereal (though one is vegan), but I'd like to give them something special. What do you suggest?

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>Fry spam and pineapple
>flavor with Tabasco
>boil and drain ramen
>add Japanese mayonnaise
It's just missing okonomiyaki sauce. Buts it's great.

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How do you make ramen noodles?

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What is your favorite brand and flavor of instant ramen?

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Has anyone tried these yet? Just had a packet for breakfast, and damn was it hot. Not as bad as the hype on the internet says, but I was impressed. I'll be buying more next time I'm near the Asian grocery store downtown.

I'll add grilled chicken and diced green onion next time.

Also, Ramen noodle general.

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does /ck/ own a dedicated ramen soup bowl

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Alright manchildren. Femanon here to teach you how to cook for success. I've been seeing some of y'all trying to make ramen, chicken nuggets, and other things that require cooking, so this recipe is gonna be oven/stove/microwave free

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For me, its Shin Ramen, 2 eggs, spicy sausage, and melted cheddar cheese. The best ramen.

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so this is our insta ramen which has no meat just artificial flavouring. we are gonna fine tune this to tasty quick and easy.

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Ausfag heading to Murica in a fortnight for the first time and I realised I have no idea how tipping works other than that it is a common practice.

Do you tip in every food outlet? Like for example, ramen place where you order & pay at the counter and they give you a number and bring it out? Or does that not qualify seeing as it's not a waiter-service place? What about chains like Dennys? Also, how much is the 'average' tip amount that can be adjusted based on quality of service?

Also this may be a stupid question but does it extend to non-food places too? Like, if I was in a department store and someone on the floor really helped me out in finding something, do I tip them?

Sorry if this is dumb or has been asked a million times, I'm just not quite sure what to expect over there and don't want to come across as an asshole.

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Why is my shit so runny after eating instant ramen? Is there any way to make it better?

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in all seriousnes, is there any use or way Ramen can be good? will there ever be a use for something as useless as ramen? like maybe as a batter of some sort???

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How does /ck/ like ramen? Do you make it from scratch or from a package?

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So Indomie are going to be renaming their iconic Mi Goreng brand of ramen to 'Full English'.

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Being a PRIVILEGED WHITE MALE and all, I am intrigued by the cheap shit people eat.


This dude pours 10 packets of ramen into a pot with some eggs and mushrooms, and people seem to fawn over it. WTF

And before that, some other guy pours what looks like spaghetti and butter onto a platter.

What are some cheap foods that make you scratch your head?

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sup /ck/, I need wisdom!

Starting in the last week of September and continuing until the first week of December, I'm going to be road tripping through Ohio, hopping from hotel to hotel. In order to keep both my food costs and calorie intake reasonably low, I hope to eat out as little as possible while traveling.

I've got to pack pretty lightly - I won't have a lot of space for a stack of rice cookers / hotplates / electric kettles / whathaveyou (I've heard these are all great options for making a travel kitchen and will probably grab a hotplate, but need to be very space-efficient with my luggage).

I'll only be in one place for a week at a time. I'd prefer not to have to transport or toss any extra, unused ingredients when it comes time to go to the next hotel.

Leftovers would be cool, but I'm not certain I'll be able to store much. I'll be taking a small cooler along. I'm not sure how often I'll have microwave access or the time to use one.

I really don't want to arrive home with ten extra pounds on me! I like McDonald's and ramen about as much as the next guy, but I'd like to keep my waistline from expanding and minimize any and all risks of getting sick while on the road.

I assume I'll be eating mostly cereal, citrus, and sandwiches, but what other things can I make to keep energized, keep healthy, and keep from being bored with my menu?

I'd also love to hear your cool stories relating to road trips and food!

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Why do black people always break up their ramen noodles into little chunks before they cook it? Every time I've been around a black person making ramen, they always do this.

I can see "unfolding" the ramen brick and breaking it in half if you want slightly shorter noodles, but I will never understand smashing them into tiny bits.

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Why aren't you eating Tofu Ramen diet.
It's like $2 for a pound of tofu and ramen packet.
Add in a cheap veg if you're feel like it.

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What are some good recipes for these? So far I just add them to ramen and eat them with cheese and crackers with some hot sauce, but looking to actually cook with them.

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Do you guys strain your ramen or eat it like soup? Personally, I strain it out and then mix the flavor packet with the noodles.

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Not sure what I'm in for. I think mostly food trucks. What kind should I go for /ck/?

There's some really popular ones long lines. Like ramen burgers, probably not worth 1.5 hours for that novelty. Suggestions?

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Pic very much related. Do you have a recipe or a favorite chef? What are your ramen experiences? How far have you gone for a bowl of ramen? What is your favorite toppings? Do you like miso?
>tell me about ramen

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I'm going to the most legit asian supermarket I was able to find in chinatown in a couple hours, what should I get? I usually get:

- interesting ramen packets
- frozen dumplings
- frozen pork buns
- mochi
- baby bok choy

Basic I know but it makes for an easy rice cooker/steamer dinner for a few nights before I run out of dumplings.

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Easy DIY Homemade Ramen Recipe

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