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Round One (June 17-24)

Current /ck/ Challenge thread is HERE.

-Remember to timestamp your photo(s)! The more, the better. Detailing the cooking process/posting a recipe is encouraged.
-You MUST use a tripname or some other way to distinguish yourself from the other contestants.

Voting will be carried out in this thread. Please read the voting guidelines below.



Voting follows an 'Iron Chef' scoring system. This means you, the people of /ck/, will judge each entry individually instead of deciding on what you feel is the "best" dish.

Dishes are scored out of a total 20 points, based on 4 categories (worth a maximum of 5 points each); Presentation, Originality, Appeal and Challenge Goals. You may award 0's if you feel the contestant did not meet any expectations for a category.

-Presentation: The appearance of items on the plate; plating skills
-Originality: Creativity in composing the dish
-Appeal: How appetizing the food looks/whether or not the dish appeals to your personal taste as a voter
-Challenge Goals: How closely the entry followed the challenge goal(s)

The distinction between Presentation and Appeal: If someone submits an artfully arranged but burnt steak as an entry, it may score high in Presentation but low in Appeal.


Copypasta Scoring Format for Lazymodo

Presentation: /5
Originality: /5
Appeal: /5
Challenge Goals: /5
Total: /20

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The Round Two Challenge:

Show us your best dinner salad. This is a theme challenge, as opposed to an ingredient challenge. Your objective is to make a meal-worthy salad, not a side dish. It can have meat or be meatless, as long as it's a dinner salad.

Round 2 ends Midnight EST of the 24th! Let's have a good challenge!

If you have any questions, please post in this thread and we'll do our best to address them.

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Herp, that should say Round Two (June 17-24).

But you all get the idea.

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Wow. It's cool that you deleted the round one thread so nobody can vote on dishes posted recently.

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I was kind of expecting this whole thing to be a clusterfuck, hence my not putting that much effort into the first round (nor will I put that much into subsequent rounds)

It's just fun and games, anyway.

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Does "dinner salad" mean it must specifically be an evening meal only, or could it be something suitable for meals during other parts of the day?

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Ah, so you just don't give a shit about this. I'm sure eager to continue participating.

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We figured you guys had enough time to vote on the recent ones, but I see your point. We've got all the images saved, so they'll be cross posted to the challenge blog. We'll leave voting up for this round an extra couple of days and see how that goes. Sorry about that!

It could be for any part of the day, not necessarily dinner.

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Neapolitan tomato salad. ALternating Layers of hot house tomato, carmellized shallot, and fourme d'ambert. Topped with 2 poached tiger shrimp, baby frisee, micro cress finished with basil oil and cavedoni balsamic reduction.

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Beautiful! Tomatoes aren't in season in the US yet so I'd imagine those don't taste too good unless you live somewhere where it's mid to late summer. You made that salad in the past hour?

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we have some nice tomatoes coming in down in Louisiana already, some farmstand (we call them creole tomatoes) that are really bright, juicy, and delicious

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Those tomatoes, man. That's all I can think about - how flavorless they look to me. Oh, and how pretentious the dish is just at conception.


Except that these tomatoes don't look like they ripened on the plant. Sorry.

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they do say hot house tomatoes, so I imagine they didn't ripen on the vine

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"hot house" is how they say "greenhouse" in other parts of the world. "Hot house tomatoes" implies grown indoors, outside of the "natural" growing season.

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>>3681424Except that these tomatoes don't look like they ripened on the plant.

I believe it's difficult to actually do that because animals like to eat them as much as people do.

They don't taste much different if you pick them while they're a bit green and let the ripen in a clean dark place. I do this myself, even the green ones will ripen eventually. It might be in February though.

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Presentation: 5/5
very pretty man looks great!!
Originality: 4/5
Nothing i have not seen paired in a salad before
but nice non the less
Appeal: 4/5
its just kind of a stack of tomatoes.
Challenge Goals:0/5
honestly who would buy that for dinner? is there a steak to be served in the next course? even at the finest establishment that would not pass as a single meal
Total: 13/20

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how will people find it? I don't know the site address. and if you post it in a reply are you really going to rely on a lot of users finding the site from a single post in a 300 post thread?

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no timestamp, no vote

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The address for the blog is in the OP image. We tried posting the link before in a few threads but they always ended up on autosage.

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Judges, are you going to enforce the timestamp rule? >>3681396 was posted within an hour without timestamp nor exif.

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i have to agree there where some very suspect entries in the last challenger as well IE very nice photos if well done plates IE high end pictures
and no time stamp and no way to know if they where really done by home users. and its even
more noticeable when you look at them lay,ed out on the blag page.

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As this is the first time we've attempted the /ck/ Challenge, there will be some kinks to work out as we go on. So we appreciate all of the feedback you've been giving us.

FROM THIS WEEK ON, all entries MUST be timestamped since EXIF data can be manipulated. This is a hard rule. No timestamp, no vote. If you've already made your dish and taken a photo of it for this week, just make a comment with your post saying that you have read and understand that your next entry will be timestamped.

We will take suspect entries into scrutiny from the previous week so no one is getting penalized or given an unfair advantage. Since we aren't doing any eliminations until after Round 5, ZB and I are confident that rounding total points at the end of Round 5 will give us fair results.

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Presentation5: /5
Originality: 4/5
Appeal: 2/5
Challenge Goals: 2/5
Total:13 /20
1.This is a visually stunning dish. It has great architecture an beautiful colors.
2. The combination of the food is fairly unique.
3. The tomatoes appear to be mediocre. They do not possess the saturated red that a tomato should have, they look pale and tasteless. I do not care for green house grown tomatoes because they are generally flavorless. I love tomatoes, but really only seek out the ones that are worth a damn. I feel that this salad isn't very substantial. There are only two shrimp on this salad and there is only a whisp of greens. I would have been upset to receive this as my dinner or luncheon salad.
4. This salad is clearly not meant to be eaten as an entree salad.

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Can someone post the link to the /ck/ food challenge blog? I want to know what happened in round one - who won? What was the outcome?

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