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I don't tip. It's unnecessary in absolutely every way.

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I only tip at places I frequent to build goodwill with the staff. Otherwise fuck it.

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This but they ALSO have to have low staff turnover as well no point doing it just because the sign is the same if the servers are different every time.

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I understand your position regarding tipping but not doing it won’t change anything and you just end up looking like a cheap asshole. Well you are a cheap asshole but now everyone knows it and thinks less of you because of it you fucking goof.

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>won't change anything
So there's no penalty.

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Dead general edition

This is a thread for general discussion about tea, tisanes, and yerba mate.

FAQ: https://pastebin.com/4ZEuMwBJ

Pictured: Sencha

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Cute setup

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Thanks anon. I plan on buying slightly bigger tea tray.

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>best tea

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Been drinking gaba oolong too, but it tastes kind of sour when I make it in a gaiwan. 3 teaspoons in a standard cast iron pot, 200C for 2.5 minutes makes it perfect.

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When I was a teen we went on saying; drinking tea makes your penis thin (or was it thighs)?
Not the reason I don't drink it. I would love to get into it.

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Which do you prefer and why?

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its what >>11591496 said. really good as a topping but as inarizushi like pic related. easy to make and pretty cheap too

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Sorry, I live on the coast and pho got inflated by teenagers and hipsters. You can expect 16$ single-person bowls here and usually it's just vegetables and noodles.

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Well that's not pho and is irrelevant.

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>just vegetables and noodles

how? pho broth isn't fucking vegan, it's a meat broth for fucks sake, why would you have vegan pho

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Pho tastes like sweat

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I know you're not suppose to snack on diets, but some cravings can't be helped.
List your favorite keto dips and snacks.

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Doing well. How is your twice a day insulin shots?

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not real.

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id pass on most of them because im not buying the net carbs math with fiber. unless you really think fiber makes you shit like crazy, i'd minimize vegetables due to their carb content. some leafy greens in small quantities, sure, but i don't think a lettuce salad qualifies as a snack. carrots and the like do not have a place in a ketogenic diet

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You mean celery? no fool would eat starchy root vegetables on keto.

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celery is probably fine, but no, i meant carrots. you would be blown away by what people think is ok to eat on a keto diet
i'm not on one per se, but i don't think i've had more than 30 carbs on any given day for over three years with a handful of cheat days for holidays and binge days. but because it has become a fad diet, there are plenty of people who might even ask if potatoes are ok, let alone carrots.
i maintain the only crunchy snack that is fully-ok would be pork rinds. vegetables of all types should be minimized

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How’d I do this time?

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>vinyl gloves
matches the other non-hetero shit you bought.

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Ease up on the hate man go to church

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U a smack ramen ese homes?

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thats that boomer shit

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LOL! I live in Wuhan, China. These vids are made by the Cultural Ministry, a government division.

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Huh, that's actually a really interesting concept - A continually on-the-fire pot that you add more shit to over time as you remove other shit from it. Seems like it'd be a great idea for when you're spending a day outdoors or something, have like a pot of stew that changes throughout the day.

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im kind of amazed that only has 170 views

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Warm Pot, Warm Belly, or something along those lines.

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>skeleton with goofy glasses
Nope, I'll take Maangchi any day and she's a superior korean not a subhuman chink.

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I really like cold soups but sometimes its too cold and it feels like im eating savory melted ice cream. I dont wanna heat it up otherwise its not gazpacho. any tips for finding the warmest spot in the soup? usually theirs one spot significantly warmer, with cylinders of warmth around it

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take it out of the fridge an hour before you eat it. ffs

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but how do I look for the hot spots in cold soup?

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Wow, fuck this, I'm outta here.

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looks tasty

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... I literally just pooped and it rocketed straight down the tube... I didnt get to look...... Rly creepy probably those middle ones.

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Why not just Bananas ?

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Why not just Bananas ?

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Why not Just Mayo?

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I'm pretty much a McDouble kind of guy, but

Why not just Bananas?

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peel and freeze them

blend them

enjoy bananas in a better way.

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I really really really like this image

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What do you guys have on your food distraction tables?

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Imagine being such a child with no self control that you need toys to get you not to gorge yourself every night

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>second dinner
Jesus Christ all I eat each day are two meals at Five Guys. How the fuck are people so fat?

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>food distraction table
you sicken me.

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>Day of the Dead
So she's a chuuni fat chick?

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Play doh, some sticker books my 7 year old niece likes , hmmm

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Do you let them in?

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Wow... americans?

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glad to see someone took my suggestion and made this!

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Just like Mr. Jingles used to make when I was a kid.

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The kitty litter cakes are just meant to be a gross out novelty for kids most of the time. What's the issue?

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looks tasty

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Best country
Best food

Stay jealous
don't @ me

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Got a question, not sure where the fuck im supposed to post it, me and a couple of friends been experimenting making a sour cherry liquer, it was supposed to be ready around october, and back then it was like fermented piss and sour wine, i chucked it into the fridge and today i decided to try it again, its almost there, there is sediment on the bottom and the liquid is clearer than it was before, the taste finishes with a sour cherry but still starts with sour wine, is adding sugar post fermentation possible? best way to filter that shit?

TL:DR: Can i add sugar to home made booze after its done fermenting and how do i filter it best

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what abv did you mix it to? if below 10% or so, you might have gotten spontaneous fermentation from yeast on the cherries

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can't even fucking spell liquor...
you're going to blow yourselves up.

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Cursed image
(actually, thanks for sharing. It's pretty cool)

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Lol, you don't know what a liqueur. Is?

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Would anyone care to share their Vegan recipes? I plan to take Veganuary extremely seriously this year.

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Indian food is an easy go-to. They've been working out how to make plants taste good for thousands of years. Vegetables, chickpeas, lentils, coconut milk, tomato, lots of spices and garlic, tastes good.

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many recipes on cauliflower buffalo wings if you google

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I'm pretty new to it but these are the ingredients I found most helpful (that as an omnivore I didn't know about)

nutritional yeast aka nooch - cheesy unami flavour that goes with everything, and contains several B vitamins that you don't really get from plants, not to mention it's almost entirely protein. I mix it into most things I cook, especially things like rice, sauces, guacamole.

textured vegetable protein - basically defatted soy, but I don't buy the phytoestrogen thing anymore anyway. It's pretty flavorless on its own, but it's great for replacing meat in things like chili (or even snacking on it plain >in dry form).

Also, good overview of arguments for eating oysters even if you're a vegan: https://sentientist.org/2013/05/20/the-ethical-case-for-eating-oysters-and-mussels/

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Aint oysters nonvegan though? I read the article and it seems like it's still a living being. It doesn't have a nervous system but something very similar that allows it to react to pain and think, sort of like a brain and a nerval cord.

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Plants actually have a conscience, they communicate. Maybe they don't have feelings like us mammals, but they do sense.

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Sausage McMuffin

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this. one place I went to charged me $2 for plain mcmuffin with JUST egg. but every other place charges me $4. wtf. sell those plain egg boys for $1.75 or 2 each every day and I'd be there 4 mornings a week

>> No.11591806

I'm not a fat fuck who needs 2 sandwiches in the morning. last time i tried to order just one plain egg mcmuffin she charged me the same $4 as they charge for the 2 for $4. it's like this sandwich isn't in their system or something

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Most vegans I've met were extreme leftists.
I don't even understand what's going on anymore.

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>making intelligent choices about how you allocate your money to corporations overcharging for products is communism
So how much do you allocate for your tongue boot polish remover?

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If you're going to shitpost at least try to be ironic or funny. Shit like this just makes me want to go to sleep, it's so fucking dull

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can we stop pretending this is good?

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I make mine with cayenne pepper. It's good, you faggot!

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Oh yeah, smarty pants? Give us your recipe OR ELSE!

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>t.eurofag unable to adapt

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Guac is only good mixed with pico de gallo and lime. Avocado on it's own is a disgusting meme food.

>> No.11591876

Guac already has all those ingredients in it. If you have to add more onion, cilantro, lime, etc., then your guac wasn't made right to begin with.

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There's a taco bell opening in my city what should I get for my first time?

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I can't for the life of me understand why europeans and bongs willingly patronize 'murrican establishments especially given the current political climate where the US leaders literally insult and shit on them at every turn. I would be leading boycott demonstrations throwing blood on their windows, etc. And nothing would be lost since the food is literally pure garbage designed to make you reach the US obesity level of 38% and become corporate slaves. Grow a backbone.

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> impotent rage

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>sits on a turkish coffee grinding website and admits to never taking any action
>"Grow a backbone"

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it sure feels good to live in a welfare state with a higher quality of life then you mutts

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US is that high? Couldn't tell it from the decrepit flyover shithole I live in where even illegal immigrants don't stop since it's as bad as where they're escaping from.

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Soup with ground beef, a tomato & beef broth, and some veggies. It's pretty good, would go great with some rice or pasta.

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Fajitas and rice.

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classic 'go 'za

>> No.11592024

fried chicken

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Here's the problem guys. I have a Kilo of ground beef, frozen in the freezer, I have make it all at once since I have to defrost it all at once. What do I make?

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I truly think ketchup with kraft mac n cheese is god tier. What strange food combos do you love, /ck/?

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OP's head with a side of bullet

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cylinders and soup

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Food humor thread?

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No. U.

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I heard that eggs have gone up again. That's going to surprise a few chickens!

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This board need more like this but funny.

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