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i made a thread claiming i couldn fry using induction stove
thing is they are working on repairing the gas in the building (bullshiting their way into a paycheck) and thats why i got the induction stove
turns out everyone was using elecricity at the same time because nobody had gas so the voltage was low and thats why it couldnt reach high enough temperature to fry
i know because i tried to use it this morning again and it kept sayg E6 and turning off
so yeah, apparenly i can handle frying fine

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Mom brought back 50 of these from Italy. I told her to get Cubans but the dumb bitch doesnt know any better. I tried one and hate it. Is there anything i can pair this with that will improve experience

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In all honesty, I'd try cramming them posthaste.

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i did that- they heat up quickly and get bitter. fucking campari of cigars

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coke, dr.pepper, coffee

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That's an insult to Campari which has its uses in certain cocktails. Toscano is moonshine level. Hand them out to chain smokers, pretend they're a precious gift and keep reminding them.

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what are the best round foods?

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lentil soup

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I unironically do this put cut just up to my finger then hold from the top to finish the cut

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He spent like a whole minute shitting on this fine 'za and he didn't even try it.

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That's OK, I don't subscribe to the opinions of people who get paid to have them

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The more i read about cooking the less i cooked. Cooking food is also processing after all. It's also much less time consuming and comfier/healthier to do less cooking.

Now i eat oat meal with berries/banana or even chocolate for breakfast, chickpeas with spinach for lunch(pic related), some nuts into early dinner with some meat/eggs with potatoes/rice and veggies.

Takes about 10 min to prepare each meal and there is barely any processing going on
>lunch cooked on on steam or small amount of olive oil
>eggs poached or cooked on butter
>meat cooked on lard

Anyone else cooks very little/ have some healthy, barely processed dishes?

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Oh no, he fell for the dairy shilling

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>At least I look better and are healthier than you.
you sure about that?

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>5 servings of simple carbs

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Hot. But are you the guy that called me white? Because you look white yourself. Med or something.

yeah its mostly carbs in my first few meals but they usually have some protein from milk/peanuts/chickpeas/beans/cheese etc. but and they are quite small portions.

Then I have one big, protein rich meal.

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Why don't non-Americans tip? How do you expect your employees to give their all if there's no extra incentive?

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You only have to tip to get good service if you're a cunt who wouldn't get good service anyway. It makes sense that tipping is customary in America.

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I am European and I tip generously because I want the waiter to be happy. I can't count how many times I made their day.
Not agains non-tippers just do whatever you want lmao

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Who was in the right /ck/?

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people like this who cannot handle any criticism without throwing a fit are always wrong

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I'm not reading that shit you freakjob.

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you mean like a gayer looking Dawkins

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Canadians deserve to be ridiculed and emotionally suffer.

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No-one. Especially not you.

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Now these, these are some fucking tacos.

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I hate the absolute state of this board. This nu/ck/ infestation has no problem shitflinging in cast iron and stainless steel threads or goyslop restaurant food for fun but the moment someone actually discusses and shares food they get utterly repulsed and run like it's the plague. See you guys at the bottom

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lol stay mad, faggot
also, clean your fucking shit

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Youre a depressed neet. Seek help.
Send me some too.

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>the moment someone actually discusses and shares food
you need to go back

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Looks like sloppa that the cat here >>19328045
would turn its tail up to and run away from.

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Why do normalfags hate pineapple on pizza so much? Or is it just something they all repeat but don't actually have very strong feelings about it?

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I've sexually assaulted two men who were eating Hawaiian pizza in a park in 2009.

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Well that kind of behavior happens from the results of you being raped by another man as a child.

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I don't care if people want to eat pineapple on pizza. the thing that shits me is when in a group someone insists on ordering Hawaiian. they eat one slice and then move on to the others

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I watched my uncle's friend have sex with a large pig in 1997.

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was he eating a Hawaiian pizza while he did that, or were you. please give me a detail explanation of your uncle fucking a pig with either of you eat pizza

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Scotch > Irish Whiskey > B*urbon
Simple as.

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there's no reason to buy Irish whiskey. If you're broke buy bourbon, if you're rich buy scotch. Irish whiskey is the middle ground of mediocrity

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I'm a bourbon guy but yeah, good scotch is better than good bourbon. Scotch just needs to be aged for a long time to taste good, like 8 years minimum.
Why did you censor bourbon?

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Beer is the best though. No gas.

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Scotch>bourbon>>>>Irish whiskey.

>> No.19328642

How could you say something so bold yet so controversial?

Scotch is indeed the king of brown liquors

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>satan in a bottle
The cute images doesn't help

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Poo shooter bum hole blast. Turd birds.

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What a coincidence I was just thinking about that bit this morning. Truly, a generational talent.

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It's not chilli sauce, it's an extract of the heat that's practically bitter and a dopaminergic drug.

>> No.19328652

These and the spicy maruchan taste like chemicals
I don't know why Shin Ramyun tastes better/different, but its spice tastes better/richer

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All foods are dopaminergic. The capsaicin is the least of your worried. Sugar is the worst. This also has MSG, which converts to glutamate in the bloodstream and promotes dependency and addiction.

This slop isn’t the best, but eating it with broccoli and an egg is healthier than a big mag with processed cheese. I think OP’s image is one of my favorite junk foods.

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>imagine the smell (of the shithole city not the food)

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what's that?

>> No.19328214

Egg, cheese, onion relish? Looks pretty edible.

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I'm going to have leftover pizza for breakfast
What do you think it's picrel
What are you having

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I don't eat breakfast, usually just coffee.

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There's a sale for scotch fillet near me and I want to make a really nice slowcooked meal but I am FODMAP intolerant and everything seems to require copious amounts of garlic and onion.

What are some good slowcooked beef recipes I can try?

>> No.19327834

>I am FODMAP intolerant
No, you aren't. Stop being a silly billy

>> No.19327843

slowcooked beef is dead easy
just take your beef
put it in a pot with water
heat it up and let it sit covered for however long it takes (hot but not boiling)
when its done just take it out and shred it and add whatever seasoning you like
you can boil down the cooking water to demi glace and save for something else

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If you can't use alliums, then everything you make is going to be shit. Just garnish with lots of fresh parsley and you'll be fine.

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I opened a can of corn soup and ate half of it and put the rest in the fridge with cling film cover then kinda forgot about it. now there's a small white mould ball on top which i scooped out. is my corn soup safe to eat?

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only if you're feeling brave

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its a very nice corn soup and the ingredient list is not too bad.

>> No.19327961

More like corn poop, amirite?

>> No.19327968

That’s parsley, not mold.

>> No.19327979

Are you my dad?

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How to make them taste good? I like their cheap price and convenience but their mushy consistency is unpleasant. I've been steaming them and with butter, salt and pepper they are edible but not something I truly enjoy eating.

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Use the microwave to steam them. Frozen vegetable lifehack.

>> No.19327755

Place the closed bag in a sink filled with room temperature water. Not warm, mind you.

The contents will thaw evenly and you won't have mushy vegetables.

>> No.19327776

I've never had good frozen broccoli. It lasts fine for like 2 weeks in the fridge anyway so why bother? Only veg I get frozen is peas.

>> No.19328084

>asks about taste
>complains about texture
which one, anon?
they are two completely separate things.

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Buy fresh and stop being a homeless cunt

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Why are some people obsessed with cooking things until they are le "perfectly done"? If you have never "overcooked" a potato in the oven/on the grill you are totally missing out. The potato becomes even more delicate the longer you bake it and it just tastes better

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>inb4 muh presentation
Presentation is for faggots and a piece of chicken doesn't get much juicier than that off the grill. Pretty much everyone I know cooks it until it's dry as fucking shit

>> No.19328159

"Perfectly cooked" is dependant upon caramelization, charring, and tender/toughness, the degree to which these should to affect is largely personal and up to taste.

>> No.19328172

Each to their own but you made the thread didn't you, if you're insecure then it'd up to you to own it and overcome it, insulting us and posting anime is NOT the way forward.

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I'm not insecure about it though, just tired of people talking shit and acting like they know what they're talking about when they've never even tried to cook a certain way. When you add butter to "overcooked" potatoes it is the closest you'll ever get to mashed potatoes cooking on the grill or in the oven

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im sick. anyone know how to make chiggen noodle soup taste better?

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i'll get right on that

>> No.19328173

Add some chicken and noodles to it.

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if you can't taste your soup you might have covid lmao

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make it Oriental flavor by adding some green onions, ginger, soy sauce and toasted sesame oil

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This is the only good thing you can get from Arbys. Everything else tastes like shit

>> No.19327698

That's the only thing I don't ever buy at Arby's. Way too much better stuff.

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>5/1 martini
>rum sour
>last word
>corpse reviver #2
>Old fashioned
>gin and tonic

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my favorite cocktail is long island, a good choice too, especially now that summer is getting closer everyday

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I love women so much it's unreal

>> No.19328094

Bugs are chinese you empty brained zoomer parrot faggot. You are probably american which is literally dog shit anyway KEK

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She looka like muh ai

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Extra spicy bloody mary.

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