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When did you realize that Gordon Ramsay doesn't know what the fuck he's doing? For me, it was webm related.

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Pan, hot.
Olive oil, in.
Egg, in bottle.

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I'm sure he was good back before all the reality TV bullshit, he's just in his coke/alcohol binge arc right now

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>rather than assuming the average person has trompette de la mort and other random shit just casually lying around.
I have some of those actually

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This, ive never made fried chicken better than his. Ive always hated sifting through thousands of recipes that go
>"1/2 tsp of salt & pepper mix"
>"We're gonna use a couple drops of olive oil to cook the meat"
>"cook for 3 minutes and 69 seconds"
Honestly its a souless and dead, cooking is an art, its a therapy, enjoy it and use ingredients you enjoy. He uses terms like "pinches", "a good amount", and "up to you", i wouldnt even call the videos he has recipes, they're just lessons.

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That's a 10/10 in Britain.
Shame about his ugly daughter.

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Would you eat rabbit?
USAGI ! *coff*

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i would if they sold it near me

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We mostly have hares were I live. I like both of them in stews or slowly roasted over a fire in Summer.
My grandfather used to lard them and roast them whole in the oven or in a cast iron pot. Maybe I should get a larding needle.

She's a rabbit in the same way that Kevin Smith is a smith.

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is that rabbit wearing eyeliner?

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>coastal area
>see truck dropping off frozen fish at a restaurant

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What's the story here?

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>Buys one piece of meat
>Expects more meat for the price of one
Are you sure you're not the Jew here?

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Came here to say this. Leave it to /ck/ to not understand food. Dollars to donuts there are fuckloads of people who have eaten nothing but thawed flash frozen fish who will tell you that they can tell the difference between fish straight out of the ocean and fish that's been frozen.

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It was literally 2018.
A San Jose grocery store received a shipment of raw pork that arrived loose in a bunch of stolen Costco grocery carts.
>"NBC Bay Area identified the meat vendor as Atwater-based Jim’s Farm Meat Co. Inc. Maria Moon, an office manager for the company, confirmed to the Modesto Bee that the meat came from her company and said the two employees seen pushing the carts into the store have been fired."

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>live in Florida near beach, see truck drop off frozen Alaskan salmon
>how could this be? i mean i'm near the beach

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my handful of cloves is about 100

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I use five to six.

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alright lads, how did greg do it? was she;

a) tinder/bumble date
b) paid escort
c) a relative

His last Asian girl was obviously some chick he met at a massage shop (after seeing the same girl for a few handjobs they'll be open to going out on dates with you). But this girl has a very pretty face, nice body, she's well to do, and greg is kind of an old bum, so I dunno how he managed to pull her. Maybe she likes older men and was attracted to his high subscriber count and wanted to use it to get attention?

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she wanted to advertise her dresses and is probably either Greg's niece or his friend's daughter

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Name of hole?

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Does it say that because its the 80st best drink in the world?

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It's like..pretty much orange lemonade lol, get a can of thick orange syrup, some vitamin C tabs and thin the syrup to taste.

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the future diabeetus might help you out

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I never realized just how small they were as a kid. I get that they shrunk from 8 to 6 oz, but it's still amazing how much of a difference 6 oz makes.
I thought I'd be able to capture some of that lost happiness when I drank one of these as an adult. Instead, it just made me wish I was drinking a beer.

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they do actually make one of those capri-suns or whatever as a product you can get from a liquor store. they're hassle though apparently because the straws don't come delivered with the straws attached to the thing. they're pretty good.

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What does /ck/ think of meal preps?

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>planning out most of what you want to cook before shopping, and making things that can be used for multiple meals
> Running your life like a drill sergeant and eating the same thing every day in painstakingly measured porions
Psycho shit

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Isn't it just making larger batches of food so you don't cook as often?

I don't care to do that, I don't like having a bunch of leftovers in the fridge

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Think food will go bad if you store it for 6 weeks in the fridge.

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Only meal prep I care about is fermentation

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It's great for people with horrible commutes, heavy duty jobs and/or long shifts with kids, sport clubs and lots of social life.

Huge downside is if you prepped broccoli for thursday you actually have to eat it even if you fancy something else. Normal people can cook a healthy attractive dish in 20 minutes aka time to bring water to a boil for pasta/rice/potatoes/lentils+ meat and vegetables with vinaigrette.

Some meal prepping makes absolute sense: a "vacuum" sealed steak will preserve far better in the coming week. You cut off the vacuuming process midway because complete vacuum would press the blood and juices out of the meat, ruining it completely.

It makes perfect sense to cut your lettuce in 5 straight away after shopping: the 4 sides and the core/top of the crop. All 5 as close to the stem as possible (bigger pieces survive longer). Rinse, drain but don't dry, store in an open container covered with a damp kitchen towel in your fridge (don't use perfumed soap to wash kitchen towels). You'll greatly extend the shelf life of your lettuce. Works for endive, radicchio, spinach, sorrel, ... Green herbs sold per bundle: just roll them in a damp towel, store in the fridge.

Some dishes are better the next day or 2: like stews and sea bass or tuna tartare. Everything else loses appeal and nutritive content really fast. Jarred fruit juice is just as bad for your health as cola or fanta.

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Any reccomendations on getting started making tomato sauce instead of buying it?

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Imo the best bang for the buck is to add zippy fresh tomato to chilled-out canned and meet in the middle. Also you can add non-obvious enhancers like onion or pepper or shallot or leek that completely dissolve, just leaving their flavors behind.

1. Skin or no skin. I almost always keep. If not, blanch then peel.

2. Seeds or no seeds. People say they’re bitter. Sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not. If you go with no seeds, cut the tomato in half and squeeze out the seeds. My test is, if I eat a chunk and like it, seeds in.

3. Flavors. Say I want a poblano flavor, I ultra fine dice one. Or shallot, or white onion, or red bell pepper, the options are endless. Just ultra, ultra fine dice it.

4. Torture. Tomato plus other ingredients must be literally tortured over med-high heat to the point they’re just kept from burning by little additions of water from here or there. You have to break down all toughness.

5. Caramelization of the sauces. You need 5 to 10-ish percent ketchup, sriracha, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, tomato paste, sun-dried tomato paste, sun dried tomatoes themselves (finely diced), butter, oil of whatever kind, spices, let her rip.

6. Addition of rescue tomatoes. Preferably something you know you already like. Deglaze the bottom of the pan. Reduce heat, get back to normal.

7. Reduce to slow simmer, give it 45 minutes. Taste. Maybe adjust sugar, salt, black pepper, herbs, paprika, garlic, etc.

After taste achieved, heat off and cover until use. Or, since gets better after a day in the fridge, do that a day ahead. Good luck, this is just my hard-won experience. Pure tomatocanfags will argue you to your knees but I can tell you this tastes great.

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Ι buy from farmers around 40 to 50 kilos whatever type of tomato they have the cheapest. Make tomato sauce with olive oil and salt and nothing else and then bottle for winter. Whatever spice or vegetable will be added whenever I open the vase to use it. I just boil it again with the recipe requires. Best type of tomatoes for this job is ofc pomodori or whatever type has max flesh less juice.
Pic related, my helper kot with a 15k batch.

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OH yeah, I don't peel, I don't blanch, I don't take seeds off. Just grind on blender and throw in pot in medium heat for hours. I can the sauce when volume is at least half from the start but that's up to you.

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unless you are growing them yourself your sauce will kinda suck because store tomatoes aren't ripened all the way so they have longer shelf life
all the ripe tomatoes that are harvested get canned right away to preserve them

you could just buy canned whole tomatoes and make sauce to your liking from there

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i have two big ole heirloom tomatos and some pasta sauce and tomato paste. am i good? i have garlic and a few other things, some anchovies per Pepin's little video. for a fried lobster ravioli will there be any issue blanching them, or compensating for wet and dry?
yes or no on the food processor

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Redpill me on Captain Morgan.

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>What's up with North American/British brands forcing the pirate image with rum?
It's because North American's and Brits associate the Caribbean's with pirates. And the Caribbean's, known for their sugar cane supply, are associated with Rum.

The Caribbeans on the other hand have a personal investment in their image, so they're not as keen on being associated with nautical terrorists.

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For an extra buck or two the Black is so much better.

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Usually this and Bacardi are baby's first rum and therefore looked down upon by rum fags. If you like the sweetness of this, try other sugary rums, like Kaniche XO or Plantation rums. Mount Gay is also cheap and pretty accessible for mixing.
Really just drink what you like. unless you're staring on the road to become a rum fan, drink what's cheap and tastes good to you, no need to buy the good Foursquare or Rhum J.M.

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There are so many good rums out there that are as cheap or cheaper than Captain and widely available. The only excuse for buying this junk is not knowing better.

Try Appleton Estate, El Dorado, Plantation, Rhum Barbancourt, Mount Gay, Smith and Cross, or Ron Diplomático. Shit, even Don Q is better and its literally bottom shelf. Pretty much all of these besides maybe Smith and Cross come in different levels of barrel aging, so it's kinda fun to buy a 3 year and then a 5, 8, 12, 15, etc. next time and taste how the aging process affects the same rum.

Also, don't fucking buy "spiced" rum. It's swill with added unspecified spice to attempt to cover up the fact that it's junk. Same with most "black" rums - it's probably just dyed, not aged, especially if the bottle doesn't specify how long it's been barrel aged (Kraken, Captain Morgan Black, Goslings, even though the latter is pretty good).

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Saying silver rum is basically vodka is like saying tomato soup and tomato puree are basically the same thing because they're both red. You stupid!

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Manchego cheese is fantastic with fajita steak strips. I think the cheese has the potential to be as big as parmesan.

>> No.18045054

Nice try, CEO of Big Manchengo.

>> No.18045075

just a regular western guy, found a good taste

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You don't need to make a thread every time you discover a food item everyone else already know about.

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Just purchased this but I have no idea what to do with it. I tried putting it in my 2 minute noodles but it wasn't that nice.

I heard you are supposed to melt it on a pan before you cook a steak on it, is that true? Or is it supposed to go in soups?

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Anon, you have to understand something. Asians are the numbah won disagreers with other Asians. Some like it lean, some fatty, some almost no fat, some almost all fat. I spent a few months in China decades ago and mutton tail hotpot and hunan pork belly fucking blew my mind. It had never occurred to me that people would want to eat basically 25/75 (former) or 40/60 (latter) lean to fat. Like literally more fat than meat. Not to discard or pick off, but to celebrate and then pound maotai/baijiu/local equivalent basically extremely nasty vodka made with sorghum. It took me a while, but I eventually figured out why they liked it. The thing is, other Asians hated on that shit way harder than I could have ever done.

So basically the same way you might question why in ‘murica Jack Daniels prepackaged pulled pork differs from say KC Masterpiece prepackaged pulled pork or Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey or whatever, they all have their niche and they cater to it. If you buy this brand again, you know what you’re getting, presumably you like it. Pic related is a “fancy” Beijing hotpot place with fairly fatty lamb/mutton.

Could you cook a steak on it? Sure. But imo you’re best off cutting a chunk of fat off a nicely fatted steak, rendering it, then frying it in its own fat, not rendering a fat-forward hotpot lamb cut then cooking an unrelated steak in it.

>> No.18045266

Why did you buy it if you don't know what to do with it and are put off by the amount of fat?

>> No.18045598

Lamb labia

>> No.18045758

why do Asians boil meat.. am I supposed to believe boiling expensive sliced meat in a pot for 45 seconds is going to result in good food?

>inb4 the liquid is seasoned

Asians have the worst cuisine. Just like pizza, the American version is way better.

>> No.18045796

>am I supposed to believe boiling expensive sliced meat in a pot for 45 seconds is going to result in good food?
it does when you also fry it and braise it for hours
also afaik you boil meat then skim off the foam floating on top which makes for a clearer soup/sauce/whatever
I don't think they boil meat before grilling it... do they?

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>placing food order over phone
>look up places menu and practice out saying what I'm going to order
>close site
>open site and practice my order again
>read through menu make sure I've got the right things
>sit anxiously thinking about calling to order for 20 minutes
>open site again practice saying my order
>call place, try and act casual
>sound like im reading off a script, order my items interrupting them awkwardly
>say thanks and quickly hangup phone
anyone else?

>> No.18045002

no, for a few years now they have had apps and website ordering for folks like you
normal people don't shit their pants because they are going to order food

>> No.18045009

not all places use apps and order on website like local small business

yes im not normal im well aware of this, but we are on 4chan after all

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>practice out saying what I'm going to order

>> No.18045023

I was about to say not all of us have autism before I remembered where I am.

>> No.18045026

>They say something I don't understand

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>america invents/popularizes hamburgers
>take over the world
Who knew that the key to world domination would be a ground beef patty between 2 slices of bread?

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Hello to all butthurtbelters in the thread)

>> No.18045748

>America "invents" Hamburgers
America "invents" pizza
America "invents" tacos
America "invents" ice cream

What other "inventions" does America have

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Every time McDonalds leaves a country for economic reasons, a local company almost always pops up, buys out their old contracts, and starts serving the exact same products as before. It happened in Iceland, even though they brag about "kicking out McDonalds" during their economic crash. McDonalds isn't a corporation; it's an ideal. This crystallization of THE fast food restaurant.
McDonalds can exist without McDonalds.

>> No.18045769

>nooooo, you can't innovate! you need to invent!
Lorentz is responsible for relativity but Einstein is famous for it. Makes you think.

>> No.18045849

>uninhabitable tundra
>frozen shithole
Do you guys know what resources are?

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what did they mean by this?

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I'd kill a man for a nutterbutter, those things must have opiates or something in them to get you hooked. I don't even like sweets either, but god damn, do I love those things. Tastes like childhood.
Woah, look at those wacky bins go! I want to be that happy again.

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I hope they reopen it as a 90's themed restaurant. i wonder how many other time capsules are walled off in malls across the country


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there's already a thread up about this

>> No.18045127

who fucking cares?
why are you like this?

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>the 90s sucked, anon.
GoldenEye on the N64, and house music

>> No.18045152

Or better yet, go back to twitter and then kill yourself, in that order.

>> No.18045153

distraction from the creeping gay agenda.

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what would happen if i sub a cup of pic related for one of the cups of flour in a bread recipe?

>> No.18044969

cake mix is just flour with sugar already added

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post you're favourite chewing gum

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Pikk related

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for me, its Wrigley's Doublemint pellets
hard gum is cash

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>Still eating food with (((natural flavors)))

>> No.18044995

The epitome of a Facebook soccer mom with Google syndrome.

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*mogs both coke and pepsi*

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For me, it's the royal reunion.

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*mogs candy drinks*

>> No.18045310

Poorfag cope is strong with this one.

>> No.18045326

I like RC but price is tied to geography
It's getting hard to get in a lot of places
Everywhere it's readily available it's still priced as higher than generic but cheaper than Coke/Pepsi
You can get it shipped through Walmart and Amazon but price is like $25-35 per 12 pack
If this gets worse I might have to move to the Philippines where it's the most popular drink and super fucking cheap

>> No.18045843

royal crown? more like royal crap! haha

File: 57 KB, 679x689, 81Cg+mOHOWL._AC_SX679_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]
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Take the steelpill.

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>> No.18044922

>Shatters in your path

>> No.18044931

oh I'm sorry I thought we were all adults here

>> No.18044939

Who are you quoting?

>> No.18044943

Enjoy your shitty cookwear that can't cook most foods

>> No.18045584

So, no one came here to tell metals conduce heat?

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For me, it's Hot Dogs.

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>> No.18045711

>that'll be $5 plus tax

>> No.18045713


>> No.18045728

Yeah, what the fuck. Cram posting is supposed to be subtle and high effort where you slowly and elaborately give a genuine reply before you cram it up your ass.

>> No.18045747

I don't care dude. I appreciate the point you're trying to get across, but it's pointless because I'm just not as funny as you fat /ck/ fucks until I cram some 'dogs up my ass

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