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What can I use this for other than just eating it or making a pie?

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I like you

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Made me sharply exhale from my nostrils

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They're gonna fuck!

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no u

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Put it in cake mix for that extra razzle dazzle

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Dinner at work

Sweet sour (very sour) eggplant

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What's the best thing to eat at Quiktrip at midnight?
I'm thinking of getting a cup noodle, adding a hot dog and pico de gallo to it. But idk. The qt kitchen will be closed

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How hot is this stuff really?

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Depends on the ambient temperature, and the local radiation environment. I suggest you use an instrument called a "thermometer". They are available at Amazon.com.

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Are slow cookers all largely the same? Like yeah, there are those that let you set timers and seal the lid better for transport, but is there one or more that are actually a step above the competition in a meaningful way? Likewise, is there an indoor electric grill that's actually good or are they all pretty much the same as the George Foreman?


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Do you have a normal gas range/oven in your home? if so, get a Dutch oven and a grill pan instead of the single-use electrical appliances. Generally cheaper and generally better.

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Induction range.

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lurk for a year

dont ever ask serious questions here again

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>only one year
the standards just get lower and lower

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All the vegetarians I know are far because they just use it as an excuse to only eat CARBS and JUNK FOOD.

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>Caring about made up nonsense
Christfags need to get out

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In what way does that contradict me?
See attached.

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Vegans are also forbidden from eating meat you doofy twat. Stop shitposting.

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>while you're here you were given dominion over all the beasts of the sea, animals, birds etc.
plus the message to Peter, "Do not declare unclean that which I have made clean", which is also why modern christians do not need to keep kosher

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>in the end times people will forbid to marry and command to abstain from meat
h-hahaha haha -ahaha... j-just a coincidence

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what food will give me the most calories for the least amount of money bonus points if u don't have 2 cook it extra bonus points for fast food

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A gallon of milk will feed you for a day with only 3 bucks.

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you can get 400 calories of sugar packets for free at any diner or coffee shop

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Peanut butter banana sandwich

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Ice Gream

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For me, it's Taco Bell mild sauce

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Exactly this. Diablo is the "hottest" but it tastes kinda funky. Fire is really good, though.

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I really miss that green verde salsa one, that was GOAT imo

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All of their sauces are pretty good. Fire is my favorite but mild plus a standard taco is nostalgia for me.

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your nostalgia doesn't matter, what matters is the rest of our opinions. got it?

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I've done an hour of research on how to thaw out frozen fish in the refrigerator and I still don't know if I'm doing it right. How can I do this properly without killing myself?

I removed the fish fillet from the vacuum-sealed packaging I bought it in, placed it on a plate, covered it in plastic wrap and placed it by itself at the very bottom of the fridge. I then turned down my fridge temperature to make sure it doesn't go above 38°F/5°C. Does covering the plate in plastic wrap like I did deprive the spores of oxygen and cause them to create botulism? Everywhere I look, even the FDA, just says to "thaw overnight in fridge" without any further detail. Please help, I do not want to contaminate all the food in my fridge.

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>i have a DuPont carbon filter on the tap that i put into a Brita. it's okay but i'm still getting trace carcinogens from my godamn sink.
>contaminated with radon

You're one of those schizophrenics aren't you?

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I live in California too and desu yeah our water is contaminated. There was an issue a few years ago about rats being found in our water.

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>rats found in drinking water
Fuckin' third world countries like your need to be bombed.

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>hour of research
The shit would have defrosted by now if you werent such a dumb cunt

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Wtf are you on about dude. Just put the fish on a plate and put it in ur fridge overnight then cook itn

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They're pretty fucking good. Great slippery texture

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Literally a pedophile faggot.

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I'm not.
I was actually trying to find a gif of the part in Jawbreaker where Rose McGowan gets her boyfriend to suck on a popsicle but I couldn't find it so I just picked a gif of a guy sucking a popsicle because I'm gay.

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I bet.

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Knowing what Nickelodeon has been for the past 15 years, I can only assume that these taste like shit.

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What’s a good store bought spaghetti sauce? I’m not making my own, too much hassle.

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Probably has way more salt than a home cook would use.

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>naming a pasta sauce "you're welcome"
>as if eating it is so amazing you want to thank them


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chop up a handful of garlic and a few shakes of red pepper flake, simmer in some olive oil for 1 minute, pour in a jar of classico, add in some basil, oregano, and a dash of marjoram. Season with salt and pepper. Simmer 5 minutes.

Or, do all of that with 2 cans of stewed Italian tomatoes and simmer for 20 minutes.

I'll do half fresh tomatoes sometimes. Or I'll just use a can of stewed and half a jar of classico. It's just 15 minutes of cook time more which you'll have because you're heating the water.

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Just microwave garlic and a tomato in a bowl for 6 minutes idiot it's easy

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This was pretty tasty last night. I also like Neumans Own Sockarooni.

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is it possible to grind dried bread crumbs into a fine powder and make bread out of that?

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OP's recipe for:
>put pancakes in pan and serve them
tuna casserole
>find a tuna casserole and add it to tuna casserole
Chocolate cake
>add chocolate cake to chocolate cake

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holy shit that's some next level shit right there
do it, report back asap

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Are you stale bread poster? You should make pasta from the bread crumb paste

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good sciency answer


I actually would like to see this

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I have a shitload of elk steak left from last year and I'm already tired of making it plain
I get a lot more use out of the ground desu.

What's your favorite non-typical steak recipes?

Here's what I've done:
Steak roll ups
Korean steak
Mongolian steak
Chicken fried steak

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>no blue
trash list

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I just really like dicing it up for chili. How does elk compare to deer anyway?

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Elk is fantastic but lacks the buttery fat that beef has

Deer is usually a hit or miss for me. Really depends if they've been munching on sagebrush.
I also quarter them instead of gutting them to avoid the gaminess

>> No.12507675

Never had elk

I usually take my deer once quartered and soak the meat in a simple brine water, unless it's actually warm out still in which case I don't take the risk.

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Which Friday the 13th actor or actress do you think most likely would shit into my mouth as a sort of protest against how much niggers suck and are ruining America and also kill faggots?

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Haha guys look at my blatantly off topic thread aren’t I such a rebel! XD

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Now this is a thread I can sink my teeth in

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The only one being off topic here is you. Rude as well.

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R8 my bread

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Not my best

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It's not the best I've seen but I'll allow it. But just this once.

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Now freeze it and go bash someone in the head with it until they're dead. If you do this, pics or it didn't happen.

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Poor crumb. Nice ticklers.

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It'll make good french toast or grilled sandwich bread.

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I want to eat rapeshit

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Do you break pasta /ck/?

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Only if it won't fit in the pot.

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I eat what I want how I want, fuck the police!

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Yes. Makes it fit in a small pot.

Here's my pasty recipe:
>Add pasta into smallest post possible (break if need be)
>Add enough water to just cover pasta then add a bit more
>Add oil and salt
>Boil pasta until it soaks up most of the water
>Add sauce and stir

Wa laa one pot pasta. No draining. The pasta water helps thicken the sauce.

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Just use a bigger pot

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This is like my mums italian soup but she uses a bigger pot and adds sausage beans and spinach

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underrated candy

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*the shittiest candy

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Women Owe Me Sex

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I used to like those before I got older and my teeth deteriorated. Those things are way too hard to crack with bad old people teeth.

>> No.12507658

I love whoppers, they are my favorite movie candy. Most people I have asked about them don't like them.

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Would you slop some shit out into a pan so's I can chow down anon?

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Bibimbap. I tried it today. It looked and tasted like racoon garbage food. The soup served with it was like salty dirty dishwater. The red hot sauce was like sweet garbage with heat. Now I hate Koreans.

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At last we hear someone speak the truth.

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>bush meat was bad
>wasn't prepared in a Cajun or Midwest style
There you go

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Women Owe Me Sex

>> No.12507341

finally someone said it

>> No.12507342

You should try north Korean foods. 102% better, come to Pyongyang, we feed you good.

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