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would you eat one of these for $50?

be honest

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its from a blog of a guy who actually travelled to try this and he mentioned the similar concept of tea eggs.. pretty sure he wouldnt mix up the 2.


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Is that that pee pee egg?

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I'd even drink the damn bucket of hot boy piss lol

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it's pee tho

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I would pay a hundred dollars to eat them if it was girl pee.

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How often do you guys season your cast iron? Some sources say to season it every time you use it. I haven't seasoned mine in months, but I use it a lot and clean it well, so it hardly sticks at all. Is using it frequently good enough if you already have a decent layer?

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with my balls lol

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To clean it, I scrape stuff off with a spatula immediately after plating. After it cools off (after I eat) I rinse it off and wipe it with a cloth. For tough jobs, sprinkle coarse salt on the pan and scrub with a scouring pad. Towel dry, but to be sure, put it back on the stove for a few minutes to ensure that extra water droplets evaporate, and don't end up leaving rust spots. Do not use soap.

To season, rub a thin layer of oil onto the pan including the sides, bottom, and handle. Go back and wipe with a dry cloth because you don't want excess oil here, just enough to fill the pores. Leave in an oven above the smoke point of the oil you used for about an hour.

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>Seasoning pans
The fuck you gonna do it eat the pan? You season food nigga

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I pretty much only ever season my pans when they get fucked up. I think the last time i seasoned mine was about a year ago when my dad washed it with soap and ruined the seasoning. thankfully i moved out again so i dont have to worry about that.
but yeah the seasoning is usually pretty resilient as long as youre not consistently getting shit stuck to it. so to answer your question: yes using it frequently is good enough

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>soap ruined the seasoning
You seasoned it wrong.

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you tentatively give it a taste and it's really nice, what you do/say?

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There is only one correct way to slice a soy fruit

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add some into the sopa

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fry the rest with the shiitake

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unironically looks like sopa de macaco

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yeah it just looks like hot and sour soup. also fuck this thread stop typing like a fucking retard, OP

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cheese burger sub
rate my cheese burger sub.
its like a sub but with a burger Patty and some cheese

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just half of one if you count me
I cooked this you faggot
the foil helps keep the burger together and off my face and clothes

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The burger is burnt to a crisp.
I would still eat it dipped in ketchup though.
I like the well done fries and The onions two ways.

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>just half of one
So you're a tranny?

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Sock a gourmet cock, eurofag

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That's a long boi. It was pioneered by burger king.

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I fired our last female employee exactly 1 month ago on this day after breakfast ended. I now have an all-male staff and I couldnt be happier. No more constant screaming, complaining, stealing or general fuckery. If only it it were legal to open a male-only restaurant.

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women actually orgasm during rape
nature intended for it

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Excellent bait

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I fired our last male employee exactly 3 months ago on this day after breakfast ended. I now had an all-female staff and I couldnt be happier. I thought I was being progressive and doing my bit to end the patriarchy. Women can do everything a man can, I thought.

Then, 1 month later, my business folded.

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>hiring occurs on the basis of merit
Wow you're dumb.

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would you eat a nice box of chikun nuggets?

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If they taste good, sure.

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Is Wusthof Classic Ikon the best mass-produced kitchen knife the West has to offer?

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The angle is too aggressive for anything other than rock-chopping method. Not suitable for up-down chopping (Chinese style) or slide-pull chopping (French/Japanese style).

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Buck 120+ is best in the west

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>not buying knives from thrift stores and gussying them up for cheap
shiggy diggy

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i prefer the classic, not the ikon line, but as long is it is a forged wusthof it is a good knife. stamped knives are for casuals and housewives

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>find meringue recipe
>never done a meringue before
>follow the instructions and it looks pretty good when I put it in the oven
>make a raspberry topping and whip cream while it's in the oven
>hour passes
>take the meringue out of the oven
>remember the instructions say to be gentle when taking it off of parchment paper
>slowly wiggle spatula underneath
>collapses instantly

At least it tasted pretty good

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*Blocks your path*

Quick: If you could give Beerus-Sama one type of food from Earth, what would you give him?

Oh, and if he doesn't like it, he'll destroy the planet

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>Being a good team player is good enough
But yamcha doesn't listen to anyone, and isn't really a good team player at all.

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Cuck hold

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Southern Comfort Traditional Egg Nog

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Are you talking about a cartoon? Fucking faggot

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This thread isn't for you Gramps.

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I have guests next weekend and I'm cooking pescetarian. I have a vague idea of what I want to do.

>grilled mackerel fillets, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, mixed herbs
>tomato sauce with soffrito, passata, red wine
>olives, basil, olive oil to garnish.
>serve with lemon garlic roast potatoes and salad

Does mackerel lend itself to that kind of a recipe? I'd appreciate any help with that recipe, or any other recommendations. Thanks, lads.

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No, I get that, but he asked if he had to ditch the sauce if he used the red wine. Even assuming he meant white wine instead of red, I don't see why he'd ditch the sauce because he is using a different wine.

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sofrito is a great idea. I actually do something similar with salmon
first for the soffrito (I use cajun mirepoix):
>slow cook onion, bell pepper, celery in mix of olive oil and pork fat for hours
>add serrano peppers, finely diced
>at very end add garlic so the flavor doesn't de-nature
>puree, add fresh cilantro now
And then for salmon
>purchase a salmon fillet, slice down the middle creating a pocket
>stuff with the sofrito and goat cheese, salt the meat and bake

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If i went to your house and you served me shitty oily mackerel I'd ask for your address so I can order postmate some food in front of your face.

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no, white wine works fine in tomato based sauces

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You would know my address if you were at my house, silly.

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>oh wow, this cow intestine stew is delicious. you can definitely taste the fresh manure in it, which is enhanced by the salt and little flies and other bugs Mrs. Mmmbutuku has added. a delicacy, for sure.

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this guy is the eric butts of food youtubers

>> No.13337128

desperately seeking mark weins general

>> No.13337349

does he have a chin implant?

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Look what came in the mail! My wife won’t let me try any until Christmas. What are some other good hot sauces to keep my palate spices?

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try Joey's

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Omg! I love cuckposting!

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Looks good! I’ve been getting into fermenting my own sauces too. Pic related is my first go at jerk sauce, tasted pretty good.

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That looks like literal shit

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>did you just order a Black and Tan? you know that’s offensive to order in a REAL Irish bar because the uniforms of the English used to be black and tan ?

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based anon completely BTFOs an entire country of cucks just by saying two colors

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How aren't you range banned?

>> No.13337012

what a champ that girl is

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Does anyone here have any experience with making candied flowers?

I've read a bit about them but it's always done with fresh flowers as far as I can tell. It's not really possible for me to acquire fresh organic flowers in the dead of winter. What are the chances I could use a similar technique on dried flowers? Specifically - lavender buds? I was hoping to be able to make a lemon-lavender white chocolate bark and already have my candied meyer lemon peel ready to go.

I'm going to attempt the buds regardless, as I have a giant bag of organic lavender buds, but if anyone has any advice or experience, let me know.

>> No.13337231

Why not justsure soak it and rehydrate the lavender before use?

>> No.13337363

I wondered about that too.

I frequently make a lavender simple syrup for cocktails with the buds by bringing up 1:1 simple syrup just to a boil, adding buds, and turning off the heat to let steep for two hours. I thought I might just keep simmering the buds for about thirty minutes or so, similar to how I would do for candied fruit.
Candied flower recipes usually entail painting the flowers with egg white and using that egg white to stick the sugar to them. That's probably to do with holding their shape, right? But with buds that's not a problem - I just wonder if prolonged heat exposure would ruin their flavor or scent in a pronounced way.

>> No.13337394

>That's probably to do with holding their shape, right?
No. It's so the sugar sticks, you said it yourself in the previous sentence. Water won't spread evenly and syrup is too heavy, egg whites are the perfect glue.

>I just wonder if prolonged heat exposure would ruin their flavor or scent in a pronounced way.
No. Especially with something like lavender than has a really strong smell. I've make osmanthus and elderflower candies before and both have a much more delicate scent compared to lavender and both were fine.

>> No.13337473

How did you make those candies?
>it's so the sugar sticks
Right, but as opposed to using syrup as we do with candied fruit, the egg whites are light enough and dry crispy enough to maintain the flower's original shape. The point of using egg whites rather than a more traditional candying method is to not wilt or flatten the flower.

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>How did you make those candies?
Get flowers, add loads of sugar, some maltose, and a tiny bit of water to the pot. Boil until sugar has melted and is clear. Pour out onto baking sheet and let cool.

The maltose makes it chewy so to break up it you freeze it and then smash it with a hammer.

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I made American Blueberry Pie for the first time. I think, it is a bit flat, but apart from that, how did I to? Also other Pie Discussions I guess.

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Blueberries probably

>> No.13336940

Its the typical way you would associate it with American Pie. Here we make them different
t. Yuropoor
No, just the kitchen. I think it is a bit flat, (Friday I asked if the form would be allright, since I think it is a bit wide, but thats okay.)

>> No.13336951

looks fine.

>> No.13336958

just so you know in the future the bottom crust is supposed to come up and over the outer rim, you cut around the rim, and then roll the top dough over it
which is why it looks flat in your picture

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Excessive amounts of butter and sugar

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would it taste like a bird or like a reptile? what dino would taste the best?

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>I don’t think Europe would have a suitable climate for Dino livestock
Maybe some islands in the Mediterranean would be ok, but they’d probably raise them in Latin America.
Ah they'll probably just import the genetically modified animals from South America.

>> No.13337104

Mutts have a suitable climate for dinos but they'd just pump them full of hormones, antibiotics, and other poison.

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>he doesn’t eat organic free-range dinos

>> No.13337110

Mutts don't use the proper EU approved hormones, antibiotics, and other EU approved poisons.

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why can't you get a good cheesesteaks outside of philadelphia
it's just sliced beef and cheese on a roll
is it like new yorkers saying their pizza is good because of the water

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>> No.13337050

bravo your shit channel triggered me
>generic roll better
>cheese 'sauce'
>peppers and onions
kindly proceed to kys yourself but die knowing you got me

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Nobody can do garbage food quote like the fat fuck retards in Philly

>> No.13337619

Nobody can do garbage food quite like the fat fuck retards in Philly

>> No.13337620

>is it like new yorkers saying their pizza is good because of the water
This pretty much. It's not good, or authentic if you didn't get it from some random asshokes neighborhood shithole

>> No.13337638


oh they undoubtedly are.

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cold sunday morning edition

What are you baking for the week, anon?

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the one I used in my picture by brod and Taylor is the best one on the market that I’m aware of. It also folds down very slim so if space is a problem for you that’s a nice feature.

>> No.13337912

very cool anon, how old is the starter from your bakery? there’s a place near me that has a hundred year old starter that’s been in their family forever. i always thought that was neat.

>> No.13337926


I'm not entirely sure. At least 10 years, maybe more. I always think old starters are cool. Gastropod has a really good episode on where the yeast and bacteria in starters comes from. Turns out it's mostly from whoever is mixing it. It's interesting to think that the bacterial culture of my bakery's starter has evolved over time depending on who's doing the mixing.

>> No.13337937

interesting info, ill have to check that episode out.

>> No.13337938

I have the same small plates with the green trim as you

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Have you ever been affected? Has it changed the way you prepare food? When in public, do you prefer meat to be cooked longer?

>> No.13336662

Never gotten salmonella, but I got hep A during an outbreak in raspberries.

>> No.13336678

Had it once. Actually diagnosed, not just calling having the shits salmonella. I ate some sunny and runny eggs from a diner. This was a mistake. Shit my guts out for three days, barfing sometimes, too. To diagnose, I had to drive to a lad (while not shitting myself) then had to aim liquid shit into a little tray then drip that into a collection jar. Nasty, almost worse than the sickness.

Gross week.

I now eat my eggs scrambled.

>> No.13336694

me and my cousin both got it once because we were playing in a canal which a large ship had loss a box of chickens into, there are just thousands of chickens floating in the water, and we are laughing and throwing them. i am so sick I didnt go to school tomorrow. i am still retarded and i also eat wet eggs.

>> No.13336695

Only eat Indian buffets so never have to worry since everything is so fucking hot it will burn your hand if you fuck up with the tongs.

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You bought all the potatoes in preparation, right /ck/?

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>not growing your own potatoes

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How much you guys want to bet this is a lefty?

>> No.13336777

I'm left-handed if that counts.

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No I'm not a vegan. I bought bacon instead.

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No french fries, no problems
I'll just have the hash browns instead.

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