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I can't stand the portion of humanity that enjoys ketchup. I wish they would all die.

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how new are you?

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You can enjoy shit on a plate and I can't stop you from enjoying it but it doesn't change the fact that you are a gigantic fag.

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What the fuck am I supposed to use to cover up shitty fries then?

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Can also try doing it the canuck day and making poutine.

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i came to tell you im making tomato soup using only ketchup

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I'm really not sure so many people argue about Italian and American style pizza. At this point, they're so different to each other that they should each be considered their own thing. It's kinda like Thai vs Indian curry - they have similar fundamental qualities, but are distinctly different, even if one is clearly better than the other.

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how do i pronounce it? vocaroos preferred

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Fah-jay (j as in Taj Mahal)

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Can’t do vocaroo cause I have the gay voice and don’t want to be laughed at sorry

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It's pronounced Hoh-loh-cost. As in, I'm white and I am responsible for the Fage.

Try that sentence out loud for me please.

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post ur rice cooker

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but can they play a song like >>15130150

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I want a small zojirushi cooker but I live in New Zealand and everything is expensive to ship here. Might just get a standard Phillips one.

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>tfw my family is Asian and we had both of these growing up in my household
Damn this thread is crazy

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is zojirushi worth it? $200 for a rice cooker is a lot

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So an outdoor convection oven?

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heh poster, i kneel and apologize. you were right all along.

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A remarkable lack of hehs this Thanksgiving. Let's get some heh in this thread.

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Have you ever promised to make a dish for a holiday meal and then ruined it?

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lol I forgot about that fucking chair sniffer

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no its not

t. urbanite

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Niggers usually by xboxes, though.

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the face of trauma

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Looks like an "urban" lasgna all right.

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How is my macaroni?

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Did you put ONE macaroni in there?

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Invited over to a coworker's place for dinner, he and his family came from britain. Their "mac and cheese" looked just like this, there was boiled pot roast, and other bland forgettable foods.

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>how is my yellow goop
Do Americans really

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>finding out sushi is just raw fish on rice

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Sushi is rice.

Fish is optional. And it doesn't have to be raw either.

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Their instant noodles are the best I've had.

I like the oriental and soy sauce flavors, haven't tried others. But the broth is delicious and the noodles cook up really well. Highly recommend if you like instant noodles.

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OP is done

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I never realized how important the rice was until I went to this really crappy "sushi" place that used plain rice. It was awful and made me appreciate real sushi more.

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I honestly can't appreciate sushi unless it's fantastic, because I'm just so disappointed by how poorly the rice is prepared in most instances. It can be kinda tricky to do at home, doesn't always turn out perfect for me, but it's almost always significantly better than most neighborhood sushi joints.

The thing is, the popularity of big topped saucy rolls means that sushi places can kinda hide how lame their rice is. If you order nigiri or temaki though you will definitely notice. The rice is harder to get right than the fish in many cases. Take uni for instance. To serve uni as sushi you just buy it and pop it out of the tray. And this shit is expensive. But all a restaurant does it pop it out of the tray and put it on rice. And they charge a 300% markup. It's not worth it unless the rice (shari) really is good.

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What brands of horseradish are actually and consistently hot? I am tired of getting extra hot horseradish only to learn that it is mild as shit. Preferably stuff that I can actually find in a supermarket and don't have to order online.

>make your own
Cant find fresh root anywhere near where I live.

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The great debate?

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>Hates mayo.
>Loves mustard.
>Mayo is literally just mustard + egg + oil.
What did he mean by this?

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Meaning I dislike egg + oil.

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lol what a fag

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i have switched to using bbq sauce as a dip now

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Miracle Whip

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>ancient grains
>they haven't expired

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let's see them

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rice chex special k and pops are my favorites and you got them in trash tier
breaks my heart

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I only eat chopped oats/porridge. Cereal is an overpriced meme, most are packed full of sugar anyway.

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S tier for me.

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Corn Flakes are the best healthy cereal, Corn Pops are the best sugary cereal

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I just drank one of these, ask me anything.

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Thank you for your review, get well soon.

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Thanks Anon, all of my shits are pure liquid because if the wisdom teeth diet.

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Whats the difference between this and just crushing some multivitamins in a protein shake ?

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Lots of soy, lots of sugar and salt, and it tastes like shit. I'd say multivitamins and protein shakes are a lot healthier for your body, one if these is like a 24 hour emergency ration that's loaded with fillers to keep you from dying, but isn't intended to be real food.

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Happy wanksgiving you election rigging Democrat soy drinker.

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these are a meme, right? you can't possibly believe that putting a leaf in a pot or whatever, cooking the rest of the food, and then taking the leaf out actually does anything do you?

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make a tea with some leaves and have one control of just hot water and report back with the results

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This thread is a meme. Forced meme.

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This is what you sound like OP. Sage

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only genuine incels will hate this post

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Baitposting is a sign of low IQ

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to stop the turkey sleepiness, i brined my turkey in redbull this year, is this dangerous?

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Based and wingspilled

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if you have trouble falling asleep later just eat some nyquil chicken

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Post your birds to prove you can actually cook. Pic related was my contribution to tonight's meal

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Keeeeeeek so true dem is some spread legs

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Kek she's a loose girl

>> No.15130038

turkey looks pretty good OP, 8.5/10

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Now that's a Lady Bird

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>made instant potatoes this year
>they were actually good
why didn't anyone tell me potato technology had upgraded to being passable?

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based-ass au gratin

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This woman knows how to take care of herself, take good photos, and game the social media system.

>> No.15130444

are there leeked nudes of her by now?

>> No.15130455

She’s very clever and wonderful at PR and self promotion.
That fucking scammer. I’ve eaten sysco food before. Not a fan.

>> No.15130501

she spun a chance meme video into a foot goddess tradjew empire. I respect her immensely for being such an opportunist jewess

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So let me get this straight if I want to cook and sell anything from my own home (other than fucking bread and jam, eat shit cottage law niggers) I have to prepare it in a commercial kitchen? What is this bullshit, my kitchen is safe enough for my family. Also I see tons of people selling shit on faceberg that definitely are making it in their own kitchen. Any anons have insight into this?

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Let's just say the government don't take kindly to being snuffed on potential taxes do with that you will

>> No.15130262

In most countries anything regarding food is a matter fines at least in Europe if the laws haven't changed recently

>> No.15130269

Doesn't raw milk mean that it isn't pasteurized though?

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Be part of the guild or else

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R8 my pudd, co/ck/s. Had a butter rum sauce that went on seperate.

>> No.15129794

nice sloppashit

>> No.15129806

Am sure it's edible. Dig in OP.

>> No.15129817

looks a little tender, i'd personally ripped it on a high heat for a minute to get a nice crust around the edges and a brown top, but how it is, i'd eat it and say 'thanks m8. right nice pudd, that'

>> No.15129934

7/10 sloppa. you're getting there, just not enough sloppa to my liking.

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>no good thread about fish/seafood
Guess I'll start. What kind of fish do you prefer cooking, and how do you prefer to cook it? For me, it's a nice supple cod baked in garlic butter with a side of lemon for that zesty juice. I suppose it would be a bit sensitive to ask if you guys have gone fishing recently, considering the pandemic.

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None. I won't eat seafood of any kind.

Terrestrial lifeforms only!

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