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This is what soy does to you for the record

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This is what my diet has looked like over the past week

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Did you know that eating a lot of nuts (particularly cashew nuts) can cause an individual to poop rancid smelling orange oil with their stool?

This happened to me this morning because I ate half a pound of dry roasted cashews yesterday. The oil looks like the orange ground beef grease from a taco night seasoning packet. Give it a try for yourself it’s actually a pretty cool experiment

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>he doesn't have a bidet

You actually walk around with shit between your ass cheeks?

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Eating that amount of nuts could be poisonous anon. You should be careful with that.

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next time call me, you can eat my nuts instead

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What? There’s no way that eating 8 oz of nuts is dangerous

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Worthless frogposting faggot. Die.

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How do we respond to this?

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I don't care what any muslim has to say

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Wtf? You didn't even say candlej-ACK

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Based Tate makes the soys seethe

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so when are you going to become a man and die for israel anon?

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im so sick of that fucking meme. its been like FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS, ITS NOT REAL, CANDLEJA

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I just used a coffee machine for the first time in my life (I'm 30 years old)

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If you haven't developed a taste for coffee by the time you're a teenager just accept you have a permanently childlike pallet.

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what kind of coffee was it and what don't you like about the taste? there are lots of ways to make coffee that you like

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I only drink coffee when I am with someone. I have a maker and stuff but... why?

Magipoka Season 2 when?

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This, plus did you use and sugar or milk?

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Anime retard

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Imagine eating this good.

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I would quite like to eat that †bh

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>mystery mince

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>no lettuce
>barely any tomato or onion
i mean i fuckin love the unholy union of lamb, beef, and various vermin, so i'd eat it regardless; however, that's a sad lookin gyro anon

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more like gyno because you're a pussy

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>lettuce on a gyro

What are you some kind of retarded euro?

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What is a good way to season some chicken, or marinate some chicken breasts before I grill them? I need something new and tasty.

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Probably some Vaseline so it'll cram nice and easy.

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Will be even better if your chicken got the skin on. Garlic ginger lemmongrass soy sauce sesame oil brown sugar fish sauce shallot lime juice, if you like it spicy put habanero/your preferred pepper. Will be better if you don't grill over too high of heat and let the chicken slowly come up to temperature 150ish f.

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1. Do not marinate in oil. Marinate in brine. I strongly recommend adding pepper to the marinade. Also, if you want spicy chicken, add your favorite hot sauce to the marinade.

2. White pepper. Trust me on that one. You want that KFC spice flavor? It's white pepper.

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breasts? make a brinerade with salt, lime juice and a little sugar and marinate for an hour.

dry the chicken and sprinkle on a lil sugar to encourage charring then cook.

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Why are black people like this?

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This is better than the real thing

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Where is the nipple on the coconut

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>non dairy

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its on the top
coconuts still have nipples. usually three of them actually

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>reddit wip

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Does it taste coconut-y?
I make whipped cream a bunch but I can't whip coconut cream without adding modified cornstarch as a stabilizer.

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Could be an experience, a person, etc.

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I liked it
Watching Food Network, namely Good Eats and DDD

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Parents were almost always cooking good food (not necessarily complex, but for example there was always a starter and a main course). When I became a student, my housemates tended to just throw some frozen things in the oven and call it a day, and often ate the same things for days. Since I like eating good and varied food, I had to do it myself.

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Watching Iron Chef and then Ratatouille as a kid inspired me

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i like eating

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food network for sure

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Breast rack of mutton ram. seasoned with homegrown garlic, sage & rosemary. bit 'o' salt and pepper. rolled and

home raised mutton. poor bastard was an unplanned cull. broke his fucking leg last sunday. shite, because he was our breed sire. already sourced a replacement. $350 requires 18 hour round trip to pick up. let's call this a $400 rack of fucking mutton.

wood: peach, pear, mulberry & oak.

150°C for 2 hours.

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it's kinda free meat, how many lbs you think you got out of him?
those some boney ribs but the meat looks good

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bro, thats not long enough, and you did a really shit job stripping that half barrel.
you need to cook that ball of snot for like, 4-5 hours at 160 degrees c

>t. chef by trade who now works as a butcher.

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free? he was a "designer" bred dairy ram. I think we paid $600 for him. we drove 2,250km round trip to pick him up & 2 ewes . his replacement will cost us $450 by the time we pay for him & fuel to pick him up, plus, a lost weekend doing it.

the breast rack is a cheap cut. poor man's food by most standards. rarely seen on market, for lack of demand. we don't care. with as much time, money and effort that we put into them... we eat everything. bonus is, we get lots of cuts and products that you'll never see or know aboot.

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B and RP

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you are correct.

I ended up cooking it for 3.5 hours. I raised the smoker temp to 160 - 175 after the first 2 hours. definitely could have gone longer, but it was 20:00 and I was hungry.

wife is new to butchery. think this is her 4th carcass by herself. she's better than I am. we're learning. still using picrel book while cutting & Processing. I'm on my 4th hide tanning. it's a process.

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>hello sar please redeem del taco!

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did they turn the walk in freezer into a vault?

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Del Taco is OK at best, did they throw an article idea into some AI and rolled with it knowing even if its wrong it'll still generate clicks?

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>knowing even if its wrong it'll still generate clicks?
that's just modern journalism. you don't need a llm predicting the next word to do that.

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You have no control

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What are you drinking tonight? Got any cool beer documentary recommendations?

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tonight's going to be cider, and then red wine while I prep things for making a big ol batch o mead...
but seeing as I'm here in the beer thread, I might pop open a homebrew.

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I figure this is the best place to ask but can someone tell me what the appeal of beer is? I'm going to Germany soon so I'll get to try something better than pisswasser but if it's taste there's juice and tea that taste better, if it's the alcohol there is strong liquor. I just don't get the appeal

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I enjoy the flavour of many beers - not big on CTZ-laden/otherwise ultra-hoppy IPAs and a lot of sours, but I enjoy most other styles. If you don't like beer, then there's no reason you can't have juice, tea, or hard liquor. Some people never acquire a taste for it - there's nothing wrong with that.

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I'm thinking of going to czechnia just to drink their beer
because beer over heer tastes queer

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Tastes better than juice, and is satisfying to drink in a way different from tea or coffee. I don't care about alcohol and if I want to get drunk, I only want a light buzz anyway.

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What are you drinking tonight? Can you recommend any cool beer documentaries?

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I had like 12 modelos last night so tonight I'm not drinking

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Would you eat this? I had some and trust me you don't want it.

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muscle chicken?

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It's a fancy way of saying pink slime. It tasted like pink slime. The "cheese" flavoring was like licking the bottom of a doritos bag with none of the spice.

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What's is a good place to eat in Disney...land?

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Best onion rings in Disney?? Where

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Blue Bayou is where I ate with my parents and siblings back in the late 90s/early 2000s dunno what it’s like now.

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It's good, food was definitely worth it. Chilaquiles at Lamplight lounge were very good as well. Land has better food than World in general. Don't care what the edgy little fucks are gonna say.

>> No.20690119

>Land has better food than World in general.
If you're comparing just Magic Kingdom to Disney Land, there's an argument to be had there. But if you're talking the whole resort then you're wrong.

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damn havent had some in a mine i know whats for breakfast tomorrow

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I just got a bunch of these on clearance, if I drink a fuckton all at once, I'll still get fucked up, right?

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All the sugar would definitely fuck you up.

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It won't. You it might because you're fat and overweight.

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You fucking idiot

>> No.20690335

Wouldn't sugar fuck you up less if one were fat

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sugar doesn't fuck me up because I'm not a fat slob like you

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How do I go from at best knowing how to put frozen patties in an air fryer to being able to decently cook? I’m moving to a new apartment so I need to cook for myself, but I know barely anything. Does /ck/ have a sticky or something similar to get a basic idea of being a independent cook

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practice. can you follow instructions? then you can follow a recipe. look up recipes you want to learn, and follow the instructions. of course, you're not going to be a master chef right away. you will make mistakes, fuck some dishes up, and be disappointed sometimes. but keep doing it and things will start to fall into place eventually.
biggest thing is to learn how to manage heat. there's no strict guidelines to this because everyone's devices are different. so get familiar with what you have and how it applies heat. try different methods of applying heat, like one day try roasting in the oven. just something simple like some roast vegetables and chicken. the next day, try sauteing something in a pan, like some onions and a pork chop. next day, try boiling, like pasta or mashed potatoes. then try simmering something like a stew or soup. the actual ingredients/recipes you use here aren't as important as the fundamental cooking methods being used. once you're comfortable with roasting/sauteing/boiling/simmering, you can cook pretty much anything.
other skills you'll want to work on are your knife skills. I would just watch a couple videos on this. you'll thank yourself later for learning proper cutting techniques. and cut everything before you start cooking, this is your mis en place, and it will save you a lot of frustration of trying to prepare things during the cooking process.
proper seasoning will come with time and confidence. just don't be afraid of the salt or your seasonings. beginners are often too shy when seasoning. add what you think you'll need, and then add a little bit more. if it's too much, you can dial it back next time. if it's not enough, dial it up.

anyway, just get in the kitchen and cook. pick a recipe you want to make and make it. don't overthink it. 90% of cooking is intuition. it's like growing muscles, you can only intellectualize it so much, at some point you just have to get in there and start lifting weights.

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get a skillet to start with, and listen to >>20689812
i switched to stainless steel and am still in the process of learning how to make some things not stick. meat's pretty hard to fuck up though, even for me. even the shit you fuck up will be edible most of the time

>> No.20689948

stainless is great for medium-high heat and always remember that some things will unstick after a little bit of waiting because they haven't built enough of a crust yet. once you get used to stainless, you can start to tell when stuck=not browned enough and it's a real game changing moment

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What is a favorite meal you like to eat a lot? For me it's tacos. I started out learning how to make the parts of that meal and it led to a lot of other meals

>> No.20689953

potatos maybe, cut them into small chunks, put oil in the pan enougj to cover the bottom, then put the taters in. Around the same temp as for eggs. Make sure the oil is enough to coat the chunks all around. Stir occasionally until it looks like good hash browns. Add garlic salt and thyme or Italian blend on top when serving if you want. It takes about 30-40 minutes though depending on how big the chunks are, so you have to start it earlier and do the eggs on the side towards the end to match the timing

Maybe you could practice doing a couple things at once like that to learn when to stage things to be done at the same time

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I bought some Greek extra virgin olive oil and on the bottle it says that when opened, it has to be used within 3-4 days before it goes bad. This makes no sense to me and I was wondering what the reason would be? It's a completely normal olive oil with nothing else in it and it was quite expensive and only bought it because it was on sale.

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that's bullshit.

>> No.20689700

It's oil. Machine lubricant. It's already bad. You've been fooled. Tricked. Throw that shit out. Use tallow or lard or at least butter instead.

>> No.20690617

Chances are it's already bad and there are just covering their asses. They also probably add a chemical or something to make it appear fresh. Really good olive oil cost money. The stuff from California is usually better than stuff imported from southern Europe, they send us all the crap, dont buy it. Fuck greedy wops.

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Looks like having a Monster in the freezer for 10+ hours wasn't the best idea. Was at my grandma's place and put a Monster can in the freezer, expecting it to just be frozen so that it can remain cold after it's taken out and I go for a walk somewhere.

I've had energy drinks freeze accidentally, and never saw issues. I let them unfreeze and it was all OK. But this time...it was a disaster. It made a huge mess in the freezer that wasn't too hard to clean up fortunately. Now the Monster can looks like a fleshlight.

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OP just outed himself as having a tiny dick lmao

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Buenas tardes gringos. I want to introduce to you alambre. It is simply fajitas but made better with the addition of bacon and cheese. Just slap a hot tortilla right on top and use it to pick up your portion before eating like a taco.

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Sounds like some good alambres

>> No.20689915

wtf is a food/cooking thread doing on this board?
Thanks though, looks tasty and convenient. I will try this.

>> No.20689922

looks good hombre

>> No.20690591

doesnt alambre just mean lunch in spanish?

>> No.20690618

put this in a garlic bread roll
mexican cheesesteak