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Top Flavor Trend: Water malone
This flavor was low on the totem pole at the beginning of 2018, but I saw it making a big drive toward the end of the year. What better flavor than watermalone to provide a refreshing, sweet profile to your beverage?
Its perception of sweetness alone can drive the assumed sweetness of a product, meaning it is a flavor which can deliver sweetness without the presence of sugar, making it a great standalone flavor in unsweetened products (a category which also just so happens to be dominating the trends this year).
I predict an influx of watermalone flavored beverages in the market for the spring/summer of 2019.
What is your prediction?

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Watermelon is literally never out of style for summer anon

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watermelon itself? youre correct.
im predicting meme levels of watermelon flavored everything just like pomegranate was for 2017.
screencap this post

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And our secret ingredient...

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Knorr stock pots are actually pretty fucking good. They are pretty much entirely reduced stock with a little seasoning. You can use them for flavor in almost anything and you can use them in place of fresh stock. Fresh is always best but you don't always have the time or resources for fresh stock and these things last forever so they're good to have around. I use them for mac and cheese, boil macaroni in milk with a chicken stock pot, which provides just enough salt, and there's your sauce. Just stir in whatever cheese you like once cooked.

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Aren't they just mostly msg? Seems pretty expensive when a few dashes of Accent would achieve the same result.

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They do have msg and one boullion cube contains 96% of your daily sodium intake.

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Do Americans Really Eat This?

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this looks disgusting but i havent seen anything better from the united kingdom. and ive actively searched

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You always have the bongs on your mind.

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did this garbage thread really need to get moved here? couldn't they just have deleted it

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americans aren't even considered animals let alone humans

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can we sent it back?

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Americans are insane

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What are the weirdest recipes you ever seen? The weirdest one i ever laid( hehe, like sex, get it?) my eyes upon in my shott life is the cookig book which uses hetchup with usturmd. Really, why would anyone ever try mixinh hetchup with ustrmd? That'scjust fucked up, yo, but not as fucked up as my mixtape, i'd send you the link but my internet is pretty bad and uploading a song takea, like, an hour. Bitch. Pic unrelated, but still, this, is, a, very, fucked, up, pussy, justlikeuourmom hahahahahha get it? Okay, i'm sorry. I won't do it again. Really sorry please send me money on paypal if you know who i am then you know where to send it. Luv ya pals, have a happy easter :D

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>sex, get it?
It's honestly been awhile.

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I'm a virgin btw, so if you like men, hit me up

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I thought I was pretty good with spicy food. Douse my eggs with carolina reaper sauce each morning, fill everything I eat with chilis.

Bought one of these on a whim.
The samyang hot chicken ramen reduced me to eye-watering sweats - I couldn't even get all the way through without milk. Jesus christ. And I gather they're not even among the hottest ramen out there. I am impressed.

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also this for noodle soup

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The aromatics in the saws-packet are fat-soluble, so they should be increased if they are mingled with oil. Since (I assume) it's already an fat-based sauce, frying it on high heat might destabilize the benzene compounds. If you do fry the noodles again (which I do for eggs and vegetables), just add the sauce after you take it off the heat — it should still be hot enough to coat the noodles evenly, but not too hot to fuck up the spice.

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Great taste in SEA noodles, but you are wrong to say that Samyang is not flavorful. It has this beef bouillon-y base in the sauce, which overwhelmed me the first time I ate it. (Shin Ramyun are pretty one-note, though.)

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There's nothing more cringe than you hotfag redditors.

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40 packs of these. What do you guys add to them?

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Only good answers, but also with an egg.

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definitely not natto

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A fried egg and any meat on hand. Would add spring onions desu

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Coconut milk, lime, Bella mushrooms, onion, corn, tuna, chicken, sliced roast beef, chopped Bell peppers, sweet peppers, bean sprouts, Calamari, green onion, leek, and poached or fried EGG.

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1 (one) McChicken© chicken patty. Because for me, it's the McChicken©.

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what are some essential boomer core foods that i can talk with my fellow zoomers on 4reddit about

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A bullet

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Canned soup. Alternatively, unseasoned steak.

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anything you can insta basically

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breakfast tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime

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Britain was a mistake

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Looks alright. What's the toast with?

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hp sauce?

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I see no evidence of eggs. I think it's just bacon and toast. and a tomato. maybe you're supposed to make a sandwich out of it???

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>think it's just bacon and toast. and a tomato
No. NO. That doesn't make any sense. There must be an egg hidden somewhere in there.

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New thread starting with fresh Sam

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Hey guys, I figured you will like this
There's this chinese drama that showed tea making seriously and this video explains more about it:


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It's fucking leaves in water. Grow up.

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>Grow up.

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If you don't grow up right now, I'm going to hurt your mommy. Do you want that? Do you want me to hurt your mommy?

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have you had the mcburger?

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This guy looks like every person I've ever seen at McDonald's.
Fat, ugly, and balding.

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Why do culturally deprived fl*yovers only drink inferior, nutritionally void cow milk and not superior nourishing camel milk? Is it because they don't have camel milk at Mac Donalds?

I expect there will be some defensive fl*overs who will resort immediately to racism and other traditional low IQ habits. Perhaps if they had been fed nutritious things growing up instead of Coca Cola, Mac Donalds, and random bushmeat with microscopic lead bullet fragments in it... ah well. Perhaps the next generation can be provided proper nutrients? Nature vs. nurture, the eternal debate.

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>milk is vegan
This is what carnists actually believe

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Humans are mammals, anime-kun

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>consuming pasteurized dairy products
Enjoy your morgellons

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Do hornbills taste any good?

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This is a BAVI board, fucker

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Uhh, eat Zazu

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Tienanmen square massacre

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Yeah just ate some for breakfast. Very tasty.

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Never happened. Western propaganda. Learn some real facts and see the world as it is.

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Real carbonara with egg yolks instead of cream, chipolatas and lentils.

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Should I make aspic for my date?
Pic unrelated btw

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imagine the stench of shit after she poops

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Take an ass pic of your date and post it on /b.

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>dating a spic

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Are Mountain Dew and Doritos the ultimate snack pair?

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I thought she quit. I was hoping this talentless hack would be gone for good. But now's she back? wtf. or are the videos just pre recorded months and months before??

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Fuck off.

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She's back. Probably wanted more money.

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she just left for a bit to pass gas, so you wouldn't be offended

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Is this normal when dehydrating fat? Looks like it squeeze fat out. Not even ready yet

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that colour is wonderful

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this should BTFO beef jerky when the flavor stays like the original. Black Forest ham JERKY !

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Im starting a thread at 27. with finished product.
My grand-ma comes over and stay for 1 week and cooks for me when im in university (thats nice :3).
If you have wishes for german dinner you want to see post here.This is what I planed/bought :
>Common carp soup

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>and needs 3more days to get to1-3%
So you can powder it like a spice ?

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You all know the bible
Holy testaments old and new
You've been told it's just those two parts
Or only one if you're a jew

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Religion is a lie intended to justify homophobic abuse.

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Wow very profound you fucking moron

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the world doesnt revolve around gay pipo

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It's only one of you're a Christian, too. The OT only serves to provide a prophecy Christ can enact and a set of rules we're to ignore.

The NT says 'being gay is a sin, but Christ absolves all sin, so it's no biggie'. (St Paul's Epistle to the Romans 2)

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