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old thread saging >>9993547

uncanny valley shoops edition

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>tfw i think this fabric could actually make a decent dress

>but this aint it

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Does it? Gives me a tablecloth vibe.

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Idk, I think the pattern made by the painting is interesting enough to hold attention in a tiered or ruffled cut, maybe? But just a big ole flat skirt that doesn’t even remove the border between the print repeat is a fucking eyesore.

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What.....is going on with her face/neck? She looks severely inbred

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>starting the ita thread w/ a nit

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it's way worse than a nitpick..

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Nah, Klimt sucks. Monet and Van Gogh tier overrated normie shit

Now Fuseli, there's some shit you could put on a dress

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Wow don't be an asshole she just looks like a average Brit. And anyway that isn't concrit. Needs better hair, lighting and makeup is concrit

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Make her facial expression more normal and change the shoes and that’s it. It’s a nitpick. She clearly understands the basics on how to coord.

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Concrit in a ita thread?

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i thought this was fresh and cute but ok.

here have some actual ita

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Holy shit does that dress have half naked Jesus hanging?

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This is actually really cute.
Take your vandetta else where.

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Having met some of the UK/London girls recently, this is not standard. There is something deeply wrong with the person in that pic.

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Sorry you don’t know how to use your eyes/got posted. She looks like a RealDoll.

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You take that back anon!

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Hipster trash

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It needs a lot more work than that... you sound like you'd be ita too.

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Oh please, you sound like a basic dresser.

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Klimt pieces are wonderful, they’re just being slapped onto anything and everything like Monet was. Don’t trash an esteemed artist just because suddenly their work is now “trendy”.

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Not ita, in fact, this is pretty cute minus the shoes but that's nit. She looks like she might have a glass eye, don't be a dick.

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Is this a meme now, to come in and say something that clearly is bad makeup/ita/poorly constructed cosplay is good/fine?

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I’ve noticed that

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It's not my fault you guys only know the top 20 most famous paintings when there are tons of other prints that would be way cooler on a dress. Try going to museums instead of taking 100 level art history classes

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was about to come post this little miss muffet monstrosity
>lolita is not a costume

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Recognizing shit coords =/= basic dresser

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I wish there was more actual concrit on this thread, instead of a bunch of salty gulls who only seem to want to trash talk about so-and-so's ugly face and say things are "shit" without actually saying why.

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You must be new. There's no way you aren't

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I'd be considered an uggo, but goddamn, this girl has it worse than me. At least my ugliness can be fixed to some extent once i'm able to afford professional skin treatment. I feel a bit bad.

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Your standards for this board are way too high. Especially this thread. I've rarely seen legit concrit here, I've even asked people whats wrong with certain coordinates, but 99.9 percent of the time it's just "i don't like thing" or "fatty!"
Most people on this thread have no idea what they're talking about, honestly, don't have standards for this board. Rarely do people manage actual conversation that doesn't become falling for baito or "you must be new, fatty"
This thread is genuinely trash because they post non itas. The word ita has lost all meaning because Lolita at heart think "I don't like thing, it must be ita, then" and post it on here. Don't take these people seriously.

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Oh I don't know, if I looked half as much like Oscar Wilde as she does I'd be a flaming ouji dandy aristocrat, she's just approaching this from the wrong direction

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I love this dress

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That person does look like somewhat like Oscar Wilde if he had Hapsburg jaw

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A tiered skirt would end up with disjointed elbows and like 8 pairs of feet with like 4 pairs of heads or something.

I like Klimt, but you can't even see the print properly here. Honestly should have just gone with the some yellow print fabric and done an "inspired-by" instead of slapping the print on the skirt and now the lovers' heads are squished into oblivion because there's no other way to make this skirt.

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handmade Frozen jsk

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I actually agree with you, anon. I posted it, and I’m not Into Art at all but thought the use of color and contrast on the dress part was cool but your idea is much better.

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How unfortunate. She looks like she has potential as well.

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Original anon. Thanks for saying this. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. It sucks seeing so many decent coords here that, like you said, don't belong here b/c gulls don't know what ita means anymore.

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Not ita. Construction is solid and stuff matches. The style fits. If you just don't like it because it's Frozen fabric and handmade, gtfo.

So sick of this shit.

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I honestly thought this girl had downs syndrome from the thumbnail.

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defending this hard lmao. I'll admit the composition is there, but mixing blacks with such a blue makes her look like an ita. If she had color coordinated it better, she wouldn't be one.

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Just sick of nitpicks and crap getting posted here. There's black in the dress. I've noticed there's some serious hate boners for homemade lolitas, probably because salty gulls can spend $500 on a ready-made coord from any designer but can't sew together 2 pieces of fabric to save their lives, or do anything else creative, for that matter.
>In b4 "coording is creative"
Okay, so you passed matching colors in kindergarten. Whoop.

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Fashion and putting together outfits is a lot more complicated than matching colors anon. Not everyone has inherent talent in putting together ensembles. Sorry you got posted.

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>Construction is solid
It really isn't.
>inb4 handmade hating brandwhore!!!1
Just because you're too new to differentiate quality garments from garbage, doesn't mean anyone is jealous or "lacking in creativity", whatever that means.
The shoes and accessories are okay but the dress itself is shit, if you argue otherwise then you clearly don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.9998959

>Oh, coording is really hard, and it takes so much skill! Lemme open my lucky pack....
Spoken like a pretentious gull. Most of this is opinions anyway. Go on and justify your online bullying any way that helps you gulls sleep at night.

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I actually really like this. Change the shoes and it’s cute. I like what she’s done with the stripes. Not to everyone’s tastes but not ita imo

>> No.9998969

The thing that bothers me most (after the fact that its fucking frozen fabric ugh) is the fact that she's wearing two small bows AND a headdress. wtf is that shit.

>> No.9998974

you can't honestly sit there and call OP a shit coord. if the shoes were the same lilac as the beret and cutsew this would be perfect. it's a nitpick and you are being crazy.

>> No.9998977

Have you honestly never seen any religious imagery in your life or what?

>> No.9998980

I think with some higher quality items this would be much cuter. The cheapo bodyline seifuku top and shoes definitely need to go. Otherwise it's average-cute and I've seen far worse. But that bodyline top... no.

>> No.9998990

She had the right idea. If she made this herself, it's not bad construction wise, but the fabric choice is bad. Also, she should consider adding some lace on the dress the next time she attempts to make a dress like this. And lose the headdress. At least she's cute.

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You sound like an assblasted poorfag.

This dress is shit. maybe you should work with better materials next time if you want to avoid getting posted on here

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I feel like most fandom dresses are just for fun/cons and not meant to be proper lolita coords. Otherwise you'd put the time into making matching accessories (which are way easier than tailoring a dress).

Doesn't mean it's not ita, just that it wouldn't surprise me if she's done better coords in the past.

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The balance of the colors is completely off. It looks like a mess because she didn't just choose one color to pull from the print, she chose two, and then combined them on top of the base color, which looks cluttered and bad.

Also striped socks with the polkadots on the dress looks like an eyesore.

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Maybe if you cry harder on 4chan, all the bullying in the world will stop.

>> No.9999017

Nitpick. This is cute.

>> No.9999018

This isn't someone in a UK comm I know of.

>> No.9999019

I mean...she's not very pretty, but other than missing a petticoat I don't think there's anything wrong with this.

>> No.9999034

My response (>>9998726) was commenting on how >>9998704 said
>she just looks like a average Brit
If the UK comms are anything to go by, the ugly girl doesn't look like an average Brit at all. The UK comms are pretty cute compared to her.

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I like the concept of a big hat with lots of plushies and stuff on it but this looks terrible.

>> No.9999174

"look at me, i'm so cool just because i hate popular art because it's popular. i'm not like OTHER art hoes"

>> No.9999177

There’s no fucking black in that dress. There’s nothing wrong with handmade lolita(I wear it too), but this is just bad. You’re defending this way too hard and that’s making me think this is you.

>> No.9999188

post more itas or gtfo, both of you.

>> No.9999189

Because I guess all lolitas wear nothing but lucky packs and sets? lmfao

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I don't know if handmade pieces are overall judged harsher on cgl but most people will compare what you make to what the brands make. Obviously, handmade dresses rarely measure up since regular lolitas don't have the experience and resources of the big brands. The unfortunate truth is that the fabric looks cheap, the construction is difficult to see because her arm is covering the bodice, and the coord doesn't elevate it at all.
Her socks are plain and could easily be swapped with something with a simple pattern or add lace tops.
The sleeves appear too short.
The combination of the bows with the rectangle headdress gives her head a very odd shape.
And as other anons have pointed out, a colour from the dress could be used to swap out with the black.
It's not the worst handmade dress ever but it's definitely ita.

>> No.9999204

Whoops, forgot to add, attached a pic of good handmade for comparison

>> No.9999240

the fugly fabric makes it ita, ya dingus. shitty quilting cotton isn't lolita
it's not my fault you think a painting being famous means people shouldn't like it. i don't even think it would look good as a dress, but your hateboner for klimt is kind of ridiculous

>> No.9999256

A good goddamn majority, yeah.

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Just. Stop. Using. Fucking. Novelty. Print. Fabric.

baka if it's not some childish shit like Disney or kiddie Nintendo bedsheet print then it's that equally cringeworthy print of naked dudes, or fucking Captain America fandom design. It never turns out well. You'd think people would stop that shit by now because we've had so many shitty examples that all end up in the ita thread.

Being compared to brand isn't even hard. Have you seen IW dresses? Some of them are so plain there's nothing on them other than decent fabric (and decent construction). You don't need to be super creative at putting things together, just use normal fabric like everybody else and your homemade shit improves instantly.

As for looking down on homemade. The handmade thread is practically a cgl staple and Otome no Sewing is up to 13 volumes of lolita dress patterns now. The fuck do you mean gulls are salty because they can't sew, they're salty because this handmade itas give handmade a bad name, idiot.

>> No.9999273

> gulls can spend $500 on a ready-made coord from any designer
>saying that like its a bad thing.

So are you upset because you can't spend a month's worth of rent on a dress or because your sewing skill suck and you get posted here? Which one?

>> No.9999315 [DELETED] 

literal tranny
another tranny

>> No.9999319

The only thing bad about this is the shoes and her contacts. That’s it.

>> No.9999324


>> No.9999333

Solid construction when they have clearly never heard of interfacing judging by that floppy ass bow? Good try. Being able to make a dress out of shitty quilting fabric =/= a good lolita dress or outfit. I would have interfaced and lined something this lightweight, and although colourwise there is technically black and white in the coord (although not in the dress) the meido black and white headdress is very jarring with the fandom theme.

>> No.9999377

Either your comm is dull or you’re a butthurt ita who thinks anything that matches must be a set. Whichever it is, and my money’s on ita, you’re wrong.

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>> No.9999391

That's awful, but the construction looks better than most handmade disasters that end up here. If she practices and learns what materials to use I think she could be a decent seamstress one day.

>> No.9999398

I think if she changed the lace, and the straps, and made the waistties out of something more flexible it would be fine.

>> No.9999400

uhh the fabric is hideous, doesnt translate well at all as a dress. This is not a nitpick. Fabric choice was a glaring mistake.

If it looks like it would be good for bedsheets or nurses' scrubs, its not good for lolita. sorry you got posted.
>let it go

>> No.9999449

>those tear bags and that tiny nose
oh my gosh she is actually super cute. I want to see her make mains with better fabric.

>> No.9999456

Honestly agree, the form and figure are there, hell even the color, but that fucking material. I feel bad because $60 is just for the labor.

>> No.9999495


Mmmm no.

Look at the lacing panel on the back. I don’t think it’s shirred, the creases seem too uniform. Plus, the lacing forms a V-shape, which you wouldn’t get if you cut the bodice correctly to your shape. I think the back is simply a flat rectangle and she’s relying on the corset lacing to do all of the shaping, which explains why it’s making that V-shape.

As for the front, note the top band. It doesn’t extend to the back, in fact, the entire top of the back is way messier. I’m betting this fabric came pre-pleated this way, she’s exploiting the pleats to expand for the bust and then the width of the waist ties to hold the pleats together to form the underbust.

Conclusion: the entire bodice of this thing is basically a hacked together tube, somewhere on Yumi King level. It’s just a bit smarter because she’s using the pleats and corset lacing to make a better form.

Then add the abominations of the shoulder ruffles. I think she actually messed up the calculations, then used a white ribbon to tie both together at the back, you can see the ribbon hanging down and the knot pretty clearly.

At this point the material looking like shiny heavy curtain fabric is pretty much a moot point. So is the fact that she didn’t even ruffle the hem lace, and it doesn’t match the shoulder ruffles. You're gonna receive this thing and find out it's someone's failed attempt at hacking rectangles together in hopes that it forms a dress and it's going to piss you off way more than the fabric material.

This thing should’ve been shamefully shoved to the back of their closet and then quietly put in the bin a year later, not paraded around the sales group hoping some stupid chump is fooled by the carefully posed photos into buying this pos.

Nothing about this is "decent sewing".

>> No.9999741

With "handmade lolita" makers of real quality like Lily of the Valley designs, I don't think your "serious hate boners for homemade lolitas" argument stands, anon. Clearly the issue here isn't whether a dress is homemade or not, that makes it "ita." It's quality finish, and quality materials, and quality design. That's the same criteria ANYONE would look for in a luxury piece of clothing.

Long story short? This dress quickly constructed out of children's fabric purchased at JoAnn's doesn't cut it. It's ita.

>> No.9999743

goddamnit anon, now I want this dress.

>> No.9999755

I want that fat pink sheep, tho

>> No.9999761


It's one of the dress patterns from Otome no Sewing 13. If you don't sew yourself, just pay some seamstress to sew it up for you. The white blouse pattern is included somewhere in the book, too.

Just don't make it out of Frozen quilting fabric, ok. The fabric used here is called gingham.

>> No.9999885

I really feel that a few of you in here are not in lolita and just like to spew nonsenses to (YOU)s. Like I get it, home made is hard to do right mistakes where made. But pointing out glaringly obvious issues makes you look like a moron looking for attention on an anon board. It’s quite comical how desperate you are to be noticed in a salt mine.

>> No.9999890

here's your (YOU), anon

>> No.9999971

This hat is an abomination.

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>> No.10000348

Cute but not lolita.

>> No.10000353

cute? not a single thing matches

>> No.10000379

Anon must have meant skinny and not deformed.

>> No.10000412

Are you living under a rock? Go on fucking CoF and for every one person who is wearing a set, there are ten people who aren't.

>> No.10000667
File: 206 KB, 1536x2048, 42593375_10214907367109355_2469210289409622016_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10000670

>crack whore

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File: 54 KB, 768x1024, 42763960_10214907371629468_7723728010104274944_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10000679

You can’t convince me a happy perdkn does this to their face

>> No.10000681

It hurts only when looking at the picture

>> No.10000699

i actually tend to like facial piercings but what the actual fuck are those white dots she keeps putting on herself

>> No.10000720

Hate to say, but >>9998704 isn't too far off. Last time I was in England I stayed with some families I noticed this too, ofcourse it won't count for all British people, but there are a lot of people having really unfortunate faces compared to other places I went to.

I also know a Scottish guy, and everyone I've seen there around him same story. Unfortunate faces. Sure there are pretty British people, but they have more ugly ones than I've been able to notice in other countries and I have no clue why.

Go away from touristic areas and you'll see it yourself most likely too, with so much tourists it's hard to see who's native and who's tourist in a large picture.

>> No.10000721

God I fucking cringed when I saw that post

>> No.10000723

When you can make VM look cheap. That's just sad. I kinda want to believe it's a replica, but I can' t find anything that hint to it being one so quick.

>> No.10000726

Kinda agree. I'm a huge nitpick and cringe real quick sometimes on outfit choices (I also avoid posting people myself because I know it'll often be huge nitpick to others anyways), but I agree. Sometimes I feel it's obvious what's wrong and people should see it, but sometimes I also feel like people should be able to point out as it comes over like they just posted it for no real reason or while it's a nitpick or even a good coord. Or someone just doesn't see it and can't learn if no one talks.

Overall I feel a lot of people have too low standards on dressing themselves tho, and I do feel they say something looks fine or good too quick. But even then, no way to raise that if you won't tell people what to improve on...

>> No.10000728

I'm more annoyed at anyone who has a negative opinion being told things like:
"you just hate it because it's handmade"
"this is vendetta"
"it's experimental, this is why the fashion stays so boring"
"but she's really nice in person!"
"why is this tread made to post bad outfits and criticise them on an anonymous board not all nice and kind and friendly. It really should change"

>> No.10000729

>most people will compare what you make to what the brands make
Ofcourse they do. There is tons of handmade dresses that are of that quality. And standards aren't going to be lowered just because you made it yourself. There is a certain expatiation of quality in lolita, and no matter if you make it or buy it, those are expected to be met. Good handmade will often get extra praise because it's hard to do it and you're no professional. But mediocrity isn't becoming better because you made it and not someone else.

>> No.10000740

>uncanny valley shoops
The coord is fine next to some nitpicks but I agree about the shoop. That makes it a post for the "bad photoshop tread" tho.

>> No.10000770

Who took the photo though lol.

>> No.10000776

What I find even MORE annoying are people who say "I don't like x thing" and expect people to give a fuck or agree with their shit opinion. You have the right to your opinion, and people also have the right to think your opinion is stupid. Grow up.

>> No.10000777

It is from Closet of daily frills.

>> No.10000785

Don't even talk to me about art history you little bitch. Half of my family spaning the past three generations have been academically trained european artists. My house literally has a private library with more artists than your tick tack brain could even count. Talking about "muh art knowledge" on a lolita board like a community art college reject when your dumbass wouldn't even be able to tell the difference between Konstantin Yuon and Milic od Macve. Take your shit opinion back to /ic/ and leave it there.

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If someone else would wear sneakers with lolita would be criticized . I like this coord just wanted to point out that sometimes we judge the person not the outfit.

>> No.10000804

are you implying lors never been criticised?

>> No.10000807

Bro that's hideous wow. I normally am not bothered by Lor but wew lad. It's the combination of the hideous shoes, greasy ugly wig, and just the aesthetic in general. Sneakers and Lacy socks is such a toddler kei look

>> No.10000809

That's her natural hair, not a wig.

>> No.10000820
File: 3.46 MB, 480x270, sigh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10000821

this is cute and not ita tho.
I would like to see her lighten up on the foundation coverage. I think a little eyeliner/mascara and a fresh face would look cuter on her. lip is perfect as it is.

>> No.10000824

I mean it in general not only Lor. If someone not that famous or someone that is not so atractive does this mistake ends up in all ita posts.

>> No.10000825

Honestly nothing she does to her face will ever be "cute." She could wash her hair so it doesn't look so gross though.

>> No.10000841

Damn shes so fuck ugly. That weeabo fake larger eyes makeup crap isnt helping either. Poor girl keeps trying to be alternative and seek attention but damn her face is so unfortunate.

>> No.10000844

Wow. Do you own over 300 confirmed paintings too?

>> No.10000874

I disagree, but to each their own

>> No.10000875

Shove it up your ass, you hipster fuck

>> No.10000884

Oh no, people in a fashion community having opinions on looks. So bad, how dare they express that. Why would anyone thing that could ever be appropriate? It's not like it's what the whole community is build upon...

Maybe they expect to be able to talk about appearance based opinions because it's an appearance based community and you're not supposed to like everything? Why are you even in this tread if you hate people disliking other peoples outfits? Are you just here looking for salt? Or to complain how others have opinions that don't match yours?

>> No.10000892


I'm so sorry you got posted,but DAMN girl, those lip things sticking out of your face look AWFUL.

>> No.10000894

I never said I don't like/agree with salt. I meant I don't like people who don't like something and then assume that their opinion is the be-all end-all and how *dare* someone disagree. I think everyone has a right to like or hate something, and being mad that someone disagrees with a nitpick/salt is stupid. You can complain about an outfit, and other people should be allowed to complain about people complaining about an outfit.

>> No.10000895

I think make-up and wig looks bad, but I don't mind the sneakers. But then, I never complained about sneakers that match in colour and don't have some idiotic styling thing in a simple coord on anyone. I only complained about sneakers in OTT coord, or sneakers that don't fit the outfit in any way...

>If someone not that famous or someone that is not so atractive does this mistake ends up in all ita posts.
First off, I think Lor has a bad face. Bad nose shape and a big chin. I also don't give 2 fucks about famous or infamous people and most of them I've heard names, saw photo's, and can't link the two unless someone mentions it for me. I don't mind the sneakers here because they look well coordinated, even when personally I don't think the girl looks pretty.

Second, yes, pretty people get away with more. if you're pretty, it takes more to make you look bad. So in the world of fashion, you'll win more easily. The more ugly you are, the more you need to compensate by showing off your good parts and making sure you don't draw attention to your bad ones. Just because a pretty person can still look good in something means everyone can pull it off. Pretty has it more easy, life ain't fair, deal with it.

>> No.10000896

Lol and how are your gallery walks going? Learn any new artists today?

>> No.10000897

Are the bangs fake then? I've just never seen real hair look that way, they look like a stringy plastic wig

>> No.10000899

I almost completely agree with you. Although instead of complaining about you complaining about an outfit, I would say they should be free to disagree with you and like the outfit.

As in, unless you have something specific to add to what a person complaining said, react to the original post and say you like it? Starts way less drama then directly replying just to say you do like it to a person who doesn't, as that sounds like you are just trying to get a reaction out of it and feel like they have no right to dislike it.

It wouldn't be the first time a photo on the ita tread has more comments saying people liked it than disliking it.

>> No.10000900

It's just greasy hair/thin hair anon. It'd look better if the bangs were actually fake.

>> No.10000904

No, it's entirely her hair. Definitely greasy as hell though.

>> No.10000910

this is a copypasta, right? no fucking way it isnt one

>> No.10000913

Yeah, the copypasta feel was what I was originally going for. I mean, the op art fag can still go fuck herself, but I thought this would be funny

>> No.10000915

I thought this was Betsey Johnson in the thumbnail

>> No.10000916

I think this is cute but girl needs some dry shampoo to fluff up those bangs.

>> No.10000928

I'm literally a black woman but keep believing everyone on the planet shares your subjective opinion

>> No.10000929

>cutting out my "obviously" so you can add "of course"
I agree. I didn't say we should lower standards for handmade. I'm just trying to say that the dress is bad and there's no need to defend it. Apologies if that was unclear.

>> No.10000947


What? That three huge metal ball rings on a fat lip looks good/cute/interesting and not at all like a vague form of HVP? Yeah...ok. Keep punching holes through your most tender and easily infected piece of skin and tissue you have, numb nuts.

>> No.10000949

First of all, if you think "efamous" people don't get criticized you need a reality check, they get a lot more hate than average people because they're in the public eye more or baka
Look at all these dumbasses rag on her hair bc they got nothing else to say.
Second of all, I personally think these shoes look fine, they match the coord and don't look bad enough on their own to not work with lolita.
I think the people who think only pretty lolita shoes (which tend to be uncomfortable more often than not) are allowed need to pull their heards out of their asses and accept that some people want to get shit done while wearing lolita and not destroy their feet in the process.

>> No.10000950

I'm sorry. I thought you where first defending handmade as if it's bad to criticise them for being lower quality then brand because not everyone has the experiences and resources to become that good at sewing, just to add that even so, she was still not up to par.

I must have misunderstood.

>> No.10000951

Lor looks like a dude ageplayer

>> No.10000963

Seconding the shoes thing--cute Keds or trainers does not an ita make.

>> No.10000977

I wish she'd at least add some natural color back in. Pale, full-coverage foundation looks super fake without realistic blush and some kind of contour.

>> No.10000978

whatever bro--I don't have anything more that I care to say to you regarding this. I'm having a shitty day at the office and, instead of being a nice escape, this portion of my daily CGL visit has been disappointingly annoying.
Take care.

>> No.10001016

I agree on the shoes being fine, I think though that her eye makeup needs way less pink. It looks like she's been crying.

>> No.10001019

The straps on those shoes are supposed to be parallel, not crossed over

>> No.10001020

sneakers are cute but this is not a good look

>> No.10001021
File: 96 KB, 960x960, 42713208_10217974644265504_1770254119181746176_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those roses

>> No.10001024

ugh so tacky....

>> No.10001025

I agree the roses on the dress look bad but this is otherwise fine. I really enjoy this combination of pink and green, actually.

>> No.10001030

The necklines of the blouse and jsk look a bit odd together and I don't think the hat goes super well with the fabric of the JSK. A super nitpick is her hands are really chubby especially the fingers and should not be included in close ups. But I wouldn't call this ita. Just really... underwhelming.

>> No.10001032

I really wouldn't call this ita. I kinda like what she was going for, and I think the green foliage of the flowers goes well with the green and pink... I'm not really fond of the blouse color and the quality of the flowers, but otherwise this is kinda cute

>> No.10001034

A bit tacky. She's gorgeous though

>> No.10001039

She looks fine. The coord is cute. Piercings may not be your thing but that is no reason to rain on someone else's parade. I love it!

>> No.10001041

I appreciate how she is actually wearing fake plants instead of posing in the fake plants aisle at Michael's.

>> No.10001042

This has such an ageplayer vibe.

>> No.10001051

Tbh I think she's kinda cute too in a weird way. Like yeah she's a hot mess but I find it weirdly attractive.

>> No.10001052

The greens in this is really throwing it off. If the jsk were white or ivory it would be much better.

>> No.10001054

DID you look at her make up..........

>> No.10001092

This coord is actually cute but she just looks so diseased.

>> No.10001095

If she got rid of the dumb vine belt this would be really nice.

>> No.10001097

The piercings look bad on her (and I’m normallt a fan of piercings) but the real issue is that she looks like she’s got a meth problem.

>> No.10001103

Where are the hardcore itas, need pls.

>> No.10001154

School bag plus trainers is super tacky though

>> No.10001155

she is an ageplayer.

>> No.10001166

>When ya wig hairline starts in the middle of ya forehead

>> No.10001167

Nah, the hat is awful looking

>> No.10001170

Looks fine to me, I can’t really see the details but nothing is strikingly bad about it.

>> No.10001179

I believe you whole-heartedly because of the way she acts but I’d like some proof honestly

>> No.10001184


The bird and flower nestled in that pincurl is brilliant though. Kudos for that.

>> No.10001224

Concept: good
Execution: questionable
She looks like she’s trying to pull off a Myrreli-style coord, with a little more work I think she could do it

>> No.10001260

this is rustling my florist jimmies

>> No.10001274

That’s what I was thinking!
It needs work, but it’s not absolute hot garbage. Just take the dumb fucking flowers off and fix a few things.

>> No.10001402

You can easily see the same shitty flowers but the worst part is whatever bizarre shape it is, along with the weird beachy weave. It's not a cute country hat, it's a normie beach hat with bad decorations

>> No.10001448
File: 61 KB, 682x1024, 42622030_2211242815789358_7100924156950085632_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The girl on the left looks weird, the headdress does not match coord and hair style .

>> No.10001450

Looks fine to me. Not as cute as the girl on the right but still not ita.

>> No.10001457

Do you not know what old school is?

>> No.10001466

This is not ita. Just personal preference.

>> No.10001470

Idk I agree the red and black seem so weird with white thrown in. It’s ita if you can’t color coordinate

>> No.10001471

?? not ita, just oldschool. unless youre trying to vendetta or something

>> No.10001472

Honestly aside from the tacky flowers i really dont care for this jsk. it looks cheap and shiny and needs more poof. i dont care for the proportions here.

>> No.10001495

Do you hear how salty and nitpicky you sound?

>> No.10001504
File: 782 KB, 750x921, 6DF0ABBA-97AB-47B8-945A-AB3A778A3D87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10001507

Now THIS is what i call ita. There nothing redeemable about this.

>> No.10001511

you sound like you can't coord without a full set

>> No.10001517

this is what i come to this thread for, ty

>> No.10001519

Go back to lurking, you sound incredibly new.

>> No.10001566

As the lolita population ages and girls drop out of the fashion, newbs who know nothing take their place, and start shitting up the thread with stuff like this because they know nothing. That's why I can't take this thread seriously.

>> No.10001580
File: 996 KB, 3072x3192, B347E026-A0D5-4462-9DFD-52DE8B42476C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The hair

>> No.10001582

This is amazing ita work.

>> No.10001583

The backpack

>> No.10001585

What is with those awful sock/legwarmer things?? I feel like this tried to be a visual kei outfit, not a Lolita outfit, bt it fails at both. I hate the broken doll pose, and what is wrong with their face?? Their nose seems to point upwards

>> No.10001588

Is this actually a really scrawny man? Lack of boobs, tube figure, elongated face that doesn't suit a girly hairstyle, thick brows, coarse skin...

>> No.10001593

I'm not huge on that headdress with that outfit either, but I don't think it's bad enough to be ita. Wish the headdress was more red with white accents like the skirt tho, instead of white with some red accents. But it's a nitpick really.

>> No.10001594

The skirt shape

>> No.10001635

>Needs to be a copy/pasta if it isn't one already.

>> No.10001639
File: 312 KB, 750x721, A1E54970-33F3-4200-A544-FC7A42BE00F5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10001640

So this is a "daddy" and a "little"?

>> No.10001641
File: 794 KB, 750x879, 7DEFAD0E-3D5F-44CB-A534-D72BCB59CFFB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10001642

nitpick. would be fine without the fake flowers. i don't even hate those all that much.

Not even a nitpick. Gull, you are blind if you think this is ita.

more real itas like this please.

>> No.10001644

He’s her father and there’s three kids in the house

>> No.10001646


those shoes again.

>> No.10001647
File: 402 KB, 733x490, A0B700C2-3621-4C61-AB5A-242145EA68A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10001665
File: 323 KB, 683x1024, 4821873143_93c80476bf_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I live in a rural northern part of the UK and the people around me don't look as bad as >>9998672. Overbites like that are common among inbred or upper class people but your average girl in my village looks more like pic related. Not cute but not deformed or anything. Is that person even from the UK? I don't recognise them from our comms.

>> No.10001666

He's a very supportive father. She's blessed.

>> No.10001667

Aw. Now I feel bad for assuming >>10001640. I hope she improves. If she still lives at home she's probably very young.

>> No.10001670

I wish I had a nice dad like that. She's probably just new to the fashion, hopefully she will improve because she has a cute face and a good figure.

>> No.10001671

I know she’s ita but I would have loved to have had a supportive father like this. I’m super sad people assume gross stuff so quickly.

>> No.10001675

I wasn't in many rural area's so dunno about that. I've been in some villages just outside of London as well as the non-touristic living areas of London. Most people weren't deformed like that girl. But they defiantly looked worse than your picture. A lot of sunken faces and unfortunate bone structure that accentuates the sunkeness and wrinkles. Also skin often looking quite blemished.

>> No.10001677

>A lot of sunken faces and unfortunate bone structure that accentuates the sunkeness and wrinkles.
Also, lot of pointy and long noses (and overal bone structure)

>> No.10001678 [DELETED] 
File: 665 KB, 1242x1716, 4D19C85E-03CE-4E8D-BDD5-E19D24236EBD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh who would guess, an ita personality to match

>> No.10001687

I remember those socks. I probably still have those socks somewhere. The bows were just glued on the top, they came off the first time I washed them. Her side ponytail makes me sad.

>> No.10001688
File: 22 KB, 400x422, socks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah here we go. Leg Avenue bringin' the pain.

>> No.10001696
File: 170 KB, 720x960, 42650903_2192894574117968_66420174584020992_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10001697

This is an actual ita I’m done with everyone posting people in just average coords it’s boring and not funny. This is an ita thread not a coord critique damn.

>> No.10001698

Like if this is considered ita just bury me lmao.

>> No.10001699
File: 229 KB, 750x1125, 66500985-D373-479B-BF28-7B75C0A9653F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m sorry you got posted sweetie

>> No.10001711

The no petti is so offensive

>> No.10001729

It's pretty bad, doesn't even remotely look like lolita.

>> No.10001738

"remotely" ? I would say it remotely looks lolita....

>> No.10001739

And this is why modern lolita is garbage.

>> No.10001758

I think shes cute

>> No.10001762

It always feels like finding water in the desert when someone post an actual ita.

>> No.10001765

Does anyone know where that white underskirt comes from? It looks sort of cute

>> No.10001767

I think is part of the dress

>> No.10001772
File: 66 KB, 768x1064, 20180929-001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Lolita inspired looks" from the alternative fashion amino

>> No.10001774
File: 76 KB, 768x1064, 20180929-002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10001777

I mean, if she said it's "lolita-inspired", and not lolita, could you really call it ita?

>> No.10001779

You could call it... ita-inspired?

>> No.10001781

The problem here is it's Soufflesong and their quality seems to be roughly that of mid-tier Halloween costumes. Which is unfortunate, because some of the prints are cute.

>> No.10001798

Another UK lolita here, can confirm that most English girls look like the girl in the back of this pic.

There's ugly people like that everywhere in the world. Are you sure you don't just have a stereotype of British people being ugly in your head and since the ugly people caught your eye more, you ended up confirming that stereotype during your visit? The bad sun damage a lot of 30+ people have and in London the pollution do fuck with people's skin though. I'll give you that one.

>> No.10001800
File: 54 KB, 320x482, Fuchi-from-Fashion-Model.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10001817

I dunno. I just noticed this while being in England, and I never knew about these stereotypes back then (it's some time ago). Also noticed the English family my sister is with is far from pretty too.

I know there are also very pretty British people, as well as enough average people. I'm defiantly not say all Brits look bad. But there seem more ugly ones proportionally compared to other countries I've been at, and the things in their appearance that makes them look more ugly is similar. Figured it might be just the group of people. Just like how Italian, Hispanic, Germanic, Nordic, etc have slightly different looks than can be somewhat distinguished to traits often seen in those groups even tho they are all white. But honestly, other than noticing things I never really looked into British people much, so I really don't know.

>> No.10001837

all these people saying he's her dad lmfao i really don't think that's what's happening in this photo

>> No.10001859
File: 391 KB, 1536x2128, 5EA87BE0-A7DF-4A19-923B-4CB9915D755A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You gulls are slacking, there are some good ones on amino!

>> No.10001864

What is that makeup tho

>> No.10001865

The leather work gloves are horrid but the rest is nice. Wtf was she thinking with those though?

>> No.10001867

that's what I was thinking too. looks like a male even in face.

>> No.10001868

I hate how much of a wimp this girl is, she calls it lolita in person, but calls it “inspired” online to avoid being criticized. Either commit to doing the fashion right or piss off.

>> No.10001871

She sure loves her blush..lol.

>> No.10001882
File: 405 KB, 1920x1995, 5752E048-D237-49E7-8868-C204305293EB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10001893

It’s gonna be a yikes from me dog

>> No.10001894

I love lolita chords with sweaters but this is so fuckin bad

>> No.10001895


>> No.10001896

coords ffs autocorrect

>> No.10001899

Obvious jabs at his face aside, those tights make his legs look diseased.

>> No.10001906

Anon I'm sorry but your taste is shit

>> No.10001914

lolita chords are when you're walking in rhs... better c or you'll b

>> No.10001915

ah fuck it ate the symbols in my stupid dad joke. c# or b^b

>> No.10001932

Nitpick, only thing I would change is gloves and wig, both look cheap and not lolita appropriate

>> No.10001939

I love you

>> No.10001953

Ahh this is that soufflesong dress. I was wondering how it would look.

>> No.10001956

>hideous man gloves
>practically ankle-length dress
>costume sword

i t a

>> No.10001992

its very obviously lolita. There's obvious problems with it though.

>> No.10002045

It is my dream print and colorway. Why you had to ruin it and make some ugly fairy kei out of it.

>> No.10002078

>very obviously lolita
Obvious to whom? If I came across this monstrosity in real life it'd never register as lolita in my eyes.

>> No.10002096

Happy garden goes for cheap af.

>> No.10002103

I like sneakers in lolita but those are literally running shoes or at least shaped as such? I would look good with anything which isn't gym stuff.

>> No.10002166
File: 176 KB, 1080x1350, 1538235087976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is real ita

>> No.10002168
File: 157 KB, 1080x1081, 1538235179882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10002169
File: 129 KB, 1080x1350, 1538235155893.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10002170

I've seen this person IRL before, they looked so frumpy.

>> No.10002171

Hmmm besides the socks being too lose, the blue bag being unnecessary and the accs being too over the top for my taste, it's a nice coord

>> No.10002173

So if this guy came to a meet, they have to let him in? Can’t they be like...nah. Private event. I would be so uncomfortable if that showed up to a tea party. Nobody would want to talk to him and then he would be just stand on the outside and watch (which I’m sure he would love very much) and just be like teehee. Ugh. Makes my skin crawl really.

>> No.10002177


Yeah, I feel like that coord could be fixed.

>> No.10002181

>this guy came to a meet, they have to let him in
Does he have a history of doing anything creepy / inappropriate? If not, I don't see why not have him on a meet and treat him like any other person. I mean, there are way worst itas and weebs on meets, brolitas are the least of our problems.

>> No.10002184

Why didn't he try to do anything at all with his makeup?
>inb4 "because he's a sissy"
Yeah, probably. There are plenty of girls with thin lips and monolids that can use makeup to look absolutely adorable, he has no excuse.

>> No.10002185

From where does he buy teaparties? I don't think many stores have them in his size

>> No.10002210

He looks like a guy who just gets off from putting on dresses. And because of this PC culture we live in now, he’s allowed to just come hang out with other girls in dresses and we’re not allowed to be creeped out because lol he’s just a normal person like me and you! Why am I the only one weirded out by these “I’m clearly a man but I love Lolita” brolitas?

>> No.10002215

Definitely not the only one, I recently realized we have one of these in my comm when he posted a pic of him wearing whatever garbage he got off Taobao and I'm already weirded out. Hopefully he never shows up to meets.

>> No.10002217

desu all “”brolitas” kinda weird me out
I just can’t think of a non-fetish reason and normal dude would want to wear a hugely feminine poofball dress

>> No.10002218

cause they wanna look cute?

>> No.10002219

I can believe that when it comes to the ones that actually dedicate the effort necessary to look good, but the grand majority of them just doesn't give a shit and you can tell just by looking at them.

>> No.10002222

...so you aren’t creeped out by all brolitas, then

>> No.10002223 [DELETED] 

I am creeped out by the ones that look like they obviously don't give a shit about the fashion, which is, like I said, the majority.

>> No.10002225

Does that man look cute to you?

>> No.10002229

I'm not >>10002217 I never claimed to be creeped out by all brolitas. The majority are definitely not into it for the fashion though.

>> No.10002230

did you actually delete your post just so you could backtrack?

>> No.10002231

I did because I realized I misread your post, not to backtrack.

>> No.10002233

selfpost? I know she's attention hungry

>> No.10002234

Do you really know this girl in person or are you a role player?

>> No.10002236


>> No.10002240

these are cute but this one >>10002168 is pretty bad. I don't like that so many brolitas seem to think they don't need to wear any makeup; I know they are not typically as "practised" as women but makeup always improves a coordinate, as >>10002184 said. It really would help him.
Also I think tights would look nicer on his legs, over knee socks.

>> No.10002252

His face looks so intimidating, someone could tell me he's a yakuza and I wouldn't doubt them for one second

>> No.10002256

What if it is just an ugly woman, those AP dresses are not cheap , why spending so much money on those if there is no interest in the fashion

>> No.10002259

You're greatly underestimating how much money sissies are willing to drop on frilly shit that gets them off.

>> No.10002272

I can't say anything about the shoes because I'm too distracted by her wig and face.
She looks like she's ill...I mean I know we all talk about Lor's face but she looks so bad here.

>> No.10002276

This is such a fucking nitpick, literally the only thing even remotely wrong is the awkward rose belt.
The rest of this looks bomb af.

>> No.10002277

sorry you got posted

>> No.10002278

That shit always looks so tacky, whether it's a lolita doing it or a normie.

>> No.10002279

Next to that list, let's not to forget
>cheap wig
>top of the dress looking like a t-shirt fabric military halloween costume.
>random crown in military coord
>leather gloves that look like you should wear them in winter with a nice thick coat.
>The lace and underskirt on that dress looking randomly attached being so bright, it just doesn't fit nicely together.

>> No.10002280

Guys I don’t even know why this anon is white nighting me so bad. I am the original girl that was posted and I don’t even like the coord anymore. It’s ita as fuck. I’m surprised people care so much.

>> No.10002281

Knight* autocorrect damnit

>> No.10002282

What the fuck is that makeup? I'm also so sick of this fucking tumblr-esque short cut with a side shave, and a bad unnatural dye job with inches worth of their roots showing.

>> No.10002283

i honestly feel like this is supposed to be a melanie martinez cosplay...but melanie martinez is creepy and gross (even before the rape allegation) so still bad

>> No.10002284

didn't the girl who made those allegations get proven to be a liar? something about her doing it to promote a song release?

>> No.10002286

I love this guy being posted here because it's kinda shows it's not an "muh asian fetishist" but a "pretty people can get away with more" thing. Ugly Asians are still ugly.

When I can see armpit hair sticking out under a sleeved blouse, underwear under your translucent blouse, stubble from a moustache on your face, a double chin, and you can't brush your wigs bangs I don't consider that cute and neither should you.

>> No.10002289

Does she have some sort of blue undershirt on or something?

>> No.10002293


>> No.10002294

But they could easily buy some cheap shit like sugary carnival

>> No.10002297

I was about to post a picture of my own coord to prove that it's not me but then I realized that I'd be feeding the trolls.
Also I'm not even the only one who said it was fine without the rose belt?

>> No.10002298

There was no "proof", only MM's autistic fans screeching on social media. MM's still shady as fuck and I'm glad she was canceled.

>> No.10002299
File: 1.19 MB, 2544x1436, yakuzawithstyle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>someone could tell me he's a yakuza and I wouldn't doubt them for one second
Oh com'on anon. Everyone knows Yakuza have more taste than that. Pix related is actual Yakuza. Look at that boss casket. Lolita's would kill for it!

>> No.10002300

I've heard murmurings it was a lie, but I don't know if it was confirmed or not. Is there actual proof?

>> No.10002302

>That pic on the bottom left
Mom said it's my turn on the Xbox

>> No.10002303

>pretty people can get away with more
Well obviously, appearance matters in a fashion based subculture.

SC is no longer for sale, you goof. Buying directly from AP is much easier than hunting down a specific print secondhand. Some ageplayers do this, admittedly, but for a Japanese man I imagine that AP's brick and mortar stores are a lot more convenient; not to mention that sellers on the secondhand market tend to refuse to sell to men.

>> No.10002304

lolita's in general underestimate how much fetish shit can cost and continuously say things like "those dresses are so expansive, why would anyone use it as a kink". Most quality fetish stuff cost much more than a lolita dress lol. Even a proper latex catsuit (without anything fancy or extra, nor any accessories) will easily cost over a thousand. I can buy 3-4 brand dresses for that.

>> No.10002305

Lol the fact that we can see it is already a problem. And yes, randomly looks blue???

>> No.10002306

I don't like mm but there is proof. cba to give links but if you google it you can find stuff. please don't devolve the thread with autistic shitfits over this

>> No.10002311

no one thinks all asians are hot

>> No.10002312

I will continue to hate this girl's coords until she takes out those fucking piercings. At this point even scar tissue would look better.
Do these kind of piercings scar when you take them out? I dunno.

>> No.10002314

not throwing a shitfit. I don't like mm regardless. I was just curious.

>> No.10002315


>> No.10002316

not saying you were but it's happened before. google it, there's record of her pinned tweet about her new release, her lying about when pics were taken, etc.

>> No.10002317

I'm not sure what you are referring to. I feel like I'm missing a joke.

Anyways, that one is from some festival in Japan where they where showing off their tattoos, same for bottom middle. Top 4 left are from some photo/text documentary some (I think he was) Belgium reporter did, right is from some news item about something with one of the families. The guy with the orange shawl, hat, and sunglasses is the boss if I remember correctly.

Never the less, they have more style than creepy Asian guy >>10002166 could ever dream to have in any kind of fashion. Even the fat guy (top left) knows how to dress himself. And that casket it too die for. It makes some lolita dresses look cheap with all that gold and silk.

>> No.10002318

The far bottom left photo, the dude to the right of the guy in white.

>> No.10002320

>Well obviously, appearance matters in a fashion based subculture.
I know, that's the point. I've said this a thousand times myself.

The point is every time people say a pretty Asian girl looks good in mediocre or bad outfits anons imminently blame Asian worshipping instead of simply the person being pretty.

>> No.10002323

Oh haha like that. Now I just picture him like "Oyabun said [insert something here]".

>> No.10002333

He at least has enough puf

>> No.10002421

Honestly adding makeup, removing blue bag, changing shoe color, and removing purple bag and he might be cute. Also tfw I also own that dress and headbow and have been trying to figure out how to cord this kek

>> No.10002477

This isn't ita, try again.

>> No.10002478

Are we fat shaming hands now?

>> No.10002559

I had my nostril pierced and a Monroe and took them both out last year. My nostril has a tiny scar and it's not noticable unless you're right up in my face and my Monroe left a tiny hole that is noticable. Idk about her lip or nose bridge piercings, I think it depends on how you take care of them after you take them out.

>> No.10002758

Personal grooming is thing JFC. If he actually plucked his eyebrows, shaved better so he didn't have moustache stubble, wore make-up, shaved his pits/arms, and didn't glare into his selfie like murder threat, he might be Ok...

>> No.10003114

No anon. Sorry YOU got posted.

>> No.10005868

I honestly really love this. The fake flowers look bad but otherwise it's good, I like seeing unusual colour combinations like this.

>> No.10006417

vendetta much?

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