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Wee-wee edition

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Man I just really love lolita

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I'm 5'6", weigh 57kg, and look like a bloated mountain. Fuck my life

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>your girlfriend thinks that being expected to follow
fashion guidelines is oppression
Jesus fuck, is she one of the people who think that having large phones is sexism, too?
Thats the most white girl take on oppression that Ive heard in a while.

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I want this pedofag out. Yucky boy.

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Maybe I know a so-called cute, under age 18 boy.

Tell me more about what exactly you would do with him.

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Punch his predatory boyfriend's lights out

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Wasn’t expecting that lol

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i see youve ceased even pretending to care about ages of consent

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This speaks to me...

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I feel you anon

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My girlfriend just invited me to fuck her in lolita.

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(X) Doubt

Don't lolitas value their fashion and brands more than life itself? If you got any stains on it you would be executed. Also...

>not goth lolita

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They're just clothes, and unless you have wine for cum it shouldn't stain anything when washed off properly and timely. Unless she wants to fuck you in something velveteen.

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>whenever I imply that I can’t wear something, she sees it as me being oppressed
Goes to show she's not listening to what you say at all, which is pretty frustrating on its own. You did tell her that it's more about what you personally want out of the fashion than people "oppressing" you, right? Why is that not enough to appease her?
If this keeps happening, I'd suggest you talk to her about it because she's being ridiculous.

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Mind the dress, sweetie

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>haven't been to a lolita meetup in over a year
>excited af to finally get back in the game
>bring out my black bob wig and start coording
>full coord hanging up on my wall above my wig stand
>admire it all week
>this is nice
>come home yesterday
>mom let dog into my room
>dog thought wig was another dog
>dog killed wig
>arda sold out of black bob wigs
>epic cosplay sold out of black bob wigs
>GLW sold out of black bob wigs
>dreamholic has no black bob wigs in stock

d-don't let me down ebay, please

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Bodyline has black bob wigs, which are surprisingly good for the price.

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Oh damn, I never would have thought of them, thanks anon!

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Struggled with body dysmorphia my whole life due to being a male with fucked up hormones.
Luckily for me i never took the tranny pill, just the trap pill temporarily.
Now im 22 almost 23 and im finally starting to hit the late stage of puberty and im getting that reverse triangle body.
Getting put on pure test soon aswell so my gym gains should be insane.
I feel like im actually gonna make it for once.

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Did you get lost?

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>>>/lgbt/ faggot

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Even though the Finnish were a bit hostile in comparison to other countries I’ve been in, I miss being in Finland already. It was so much fun and Eternal twilight was amazingly put together.

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I really love you, anon

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Man I just really hate the people who wear lolita

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Based and redpilled

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I would like to point out as a Finn that unless a person has studied English/some other language which has similar culture a lot they can't avoid coming accross as rude. Our culture just differs in social norms and it's a shame we often get called rude or hostile while most of the time that's not even meant. However, it warms my heart how lolitas all over the world were enjoying great event together in Helsinki. I wish we are able to have more international events in future.

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Why is dressing like a prostitute considered a hobby again?

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How come some women can look fat but pull it off, but there's no such things as guys having fat spread out nicely. There's just fat guys which some people like.

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Just be careful. I hear that Mr.Yan's last order before leaving the company was to have wigs made from shavings of his hair, and dresses to be sewn with the unraveled threads of his old underwear.

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Women don't pull it off either, they just are more privy in tricks that make it look better. The pic you're quoting has black on the torso of the costume, which gives a nice optical illusion of a "curvy" body, coupled with the fact that I'm sure it's tailored to tighten in all the right places to push the fat out to more flattering areas. Take off her costume and physics will do it's work to push all that fat into the blobby mess that it actually is. Don't fall for their tricks.

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>spend hours scoring thick acrylic sheet with acrylic knife
>it finally snaps off and it snapped along the score lines perfectly
feels good man but there's a lot of work to be done still

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>they're just clothes

holy fuck this is fake

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Nnngh that's always so satisfying.

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I get there's a sample bias, but why are so many other guys sexually aroused by lolita styles?

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y chromosome defectiveness

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Not sure what universe you live in, many guys don't like lolita at all. They're more likely to mock it than find it appealing, not to mention arousing.

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What would you rather gulls: a guy who fetishizes lolita fashion and will only fuck when you're in it or a guy who laughs at it and refuses to be seen in public with you in it?

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A guy who laughs at it, because then I'll know to drop him like a hot potato and move on with my life because he's not worth it.

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Well I’ve been to Sweden and Denmark and they were over the top warm and kind! I will say I was surprised at how awesome free refills and buffets in Finland are, and I enjoyed not being stared or gawked at while wearing Lolita!

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Probably......the first if he buys me brand and doesn’t sexualize it in public

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>implying men can control themselves in public

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>tfw didn't read part numbers like a dumbass and bought a specialty sewing machine foot that doesn't fit my machine
And if I wanna return it I have to cover the shipping fee myself

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>gf is into goth girl
>i'm a dumb pastel bitch and sweet lolita
>for some reason she loves my dumb ass
>constantly feels like i'm a disappointment,i don't even have a good face or a good body like those hot girls she watches
>she keeps saying i do but she's just too nice
I feel like shit gulls how do i deal with being a disappointment? All I can do is make her favorite food,sing her songs and draw us together but it's so useless.
I just wish I was as good as the other girls,no matter how I try,I just can't compare. I wanna be the best for her.

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You will go to hell for being gay sweetie.

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If she wanted a goth girl, she'd be dating a goth girl, not you. You cook and show her you love her, and she told you she loves you as you are and you still think you're not good enough, so this is a you problem. Don't change your looks or attitude, just consider the fact this is just your self esteem making you feel bad and it doesn't reflect reality.

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If God didn't want me to be gay why did he make girls so hot/cute? Especially my gf?

Yeahh I know. I should work on it, but damn, I always feel like shit about myself when I look at those girls she looks at (and she has the right to do so,i mean,porn and the likes of it aren't representative of her wanting to go fuck other girls) i get insecure and kinda salty because some of them are thot tier (even though they are allowed to be if they wish to) and i just feel inadequate.
I hate my brain for making me think like this. I'm terrified of getting older and she'll realize how unattractive i am

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They are.

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They're expensive as fuck, so why would you intentionally risk them getting stained.

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They're not expensive though. Most lolitas get their stuff second hand, and even at full retail it isn't close to what you'd pay for designer clothes that normalfags love getting smashed in anyway. Your body fluids aren't fucking bleach, they won't ruin a dress. Don't be silly. They're just clothes.

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Okay gulls. You've just found the partner of your dreams and you want to spend the rest the rest of your life with them. But for it to happen, it all hinges on one question: who is best Sailor Senshi?

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From my experience with men, Venus is always their preference and in some cases their first fap. Do there you go.

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>not Mars
It's how you separate the men from the boys

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Everyone man knows Jupiter's best girl.
>Likes to cook and be a qt maid, but also can be strong and independent
>Biggest boobs
>Capable of being rough with me if I'm in that type of lewd mood
>Tall like model
>Can kick ass but also make the garden pretty
You get the best of both worlds in the personality department, but also a nice body.

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Saturn is always best girl. Goth GF or gtfo

>> No.9997425

You also forget the longest legs. She's like a model.

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I would argue most guys who like seeing lolita styles aren't in it for the sexual thrill. If my gf were to wear something high-effort and cute, i would find her attractive and cute, but not "why my pp hard???"

If that makes any sense

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Speaking as a lolita, this is the kind of attitude I appreciate. I'd never be able to date a guy who thinks lolita fashion is sexually attractive.

>> No.9997439

god when i am going to get a gf also into jfash so we can share clothes

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They can both be very different from Finland. While Nordic countries/Scandinavia generally share similar values Finland definitely has it's own quirks.

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Dude, are you completely sure she's looking at those girls bc she finds them sexually appealing, but not because she wants their clothes or some details of appearance, or lifestyle. Women are tend to be competitive, maybe it's just being done out of jealousy. Or maybe she tries to sublimate some things she doesn't have in her life.
Anyways, you sound sweet and gay af, why would she actually choose someone over you?

>I'm terrified of getting older and she'll realize how unattractive i am

Pro tip: be closer to her. It might not be that noticeable if you get older togeter ^_~

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if that's how she ends up feeling then she doesn't deserve to be with you

i think you need to work on your jealousy and realize there's no point in comparing yourself to those people.

no matter who you are in the world, someone is always going to be more traditionally attractive than you but that doesn't mean you don't deserve someone's love. even the hottest people are insecure as fuck. i've seen it firsthand.

every time you start having those thoughts try to remember its just bullshit you're telling yourself to justify your jealousy/insecurity. none of it is true. if she loves/prefers you then there is obviously something to you that other girls don't fit.

you stupid ass goomba

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>waiting 4 hours for the 3D printer to churn out a part with nothing else to work on in the meantime

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Thanks anons,you're really sweet
Love you gulls

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Okay, how old are you? I'm guessing you're in your early 20s and younger. Lolita clothes are not any more expensive than any other clothes. Actually, most of my lolita dresses are less expensive than the dresses I wear for work, which usually float around $300-$600+. At the end of the day, cute as our fashion might be, clothes are still just clothes. You can wash them. Stains will come out. It'll be okay.

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He better say moon because she's as big of lazy complainer as I am and if he finds it annoying he can fuck right off.

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Why do you need to wear dresses for work and what kind of work is that?

>> No.9997528


Finance/business? They often need to wear well tailored suits.

I wear dresses to work because it's easier than trying to match pants and a blouse, but I dive into the Ann Taylor clearance section for those so I pay on average 30-50 for a dress.

>> No.9997530

Why are you so baffled by the concept of wearing dresses to work?

>> No.9997531

I'm baffled by the concept of wearing $600+ dresses for work.

>> No.9997535

seriously, the only way you could possibly be spending that kind of money on work clothes is if you're wearing designer. go to macy's and get a $100 dress that looks just as good

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I'm 28. I'm just a jew.

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>almost 30
rest in frills

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A-atleast I look young, r-right?

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>tfw no scatterbrained but endearing Usagi gf

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>A-atleast I look young
Do you??

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Mars, all day.

>> No.9997566

Yes. I frequently get mistaken for a high schooler.
And luckily I wear classic anyway, so it's not that bad of an issue.

>> No.9997568

What's your secret? Do you work out a lot? Avoid sun? Have a special age stopping creme you apply nightly? All of the above?

>> No.9997573

The best secret to slow aging is not being Caucasian

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Well then...

>> No.9997595

It's okay, anon. Caucasians don't age faster, the way you age is just different. And that's okay. All my past gfs were very cute regardless!

>> No.9997620

>why are so many other guys sexually aroused by lolita styles?
most people don't even know what lolita is. Half the men AND women who do, are just into it because of the dd/lg relationship they are in.

no joke. I know people who make $100k+ a year, and they aren't wearing $600 outfits to work. I can't imagine owning just one $600 outfit, much less 5+.

4 hours is nothing. I gotta wait 24 hours for glue to dry before finishing it.

>> No.9997623

I makeup as little as possible, moisturize every day, use sunscreen on my face, get plenty of sleep.

>> No.9997657

*use make up

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>> No.9997899

Mercury all day every day.

>> No.9997935

Because there are some places where excess fat on a woman can be sexy, T&A, but no such area on men.

>> No.9997938

Take an OTC pain pill anon

>> No.9997995

If you stay off your knees it won't hurt so much.

>> No.9998008

I almost wish I could start over with my wardrobe. I don't have a huge wardrobe by cgl standards, I have about 20-25 pieces, and some of them are rare/expensive, but I've realised I don't like wearing 80% of my dresses. I should have realised this earlier, that I'm just slightly uncomfortable in certain substyles, but I guess I didn't. I've got dresses I've bought new, and I still haven't worn them because I just don't feel comfortable.

Time for the Marie Kon method I suppose, but at the same time selling them seems so sad. What if I decide I want to wear them sometime down the line?

>> No.9998019

>What if I decide I want to wear them sometime down the line?
Then you'll try hunting them secondhand like everyone else does.
Think of it this way: By selling the pieces you don't like to wear you'll be clearing up space, and get money to buy other things that you love a lot more. There's no downside to this imo, especially since lolita is supposed to fun for you to wear, you know? Just go for it, make your wardrobe the best it can be so you can actually enjoy it.

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How else will she get a free room?

>> No.9998058

By being on her back instead

>> No.9998059

I'm at 80 pieces and want to downsize to 40, but fucking nothing is selling at the moment. It feels pointless to even list anything.

>> No.9998060

You're right, I just hate going through the rigmarole of selling as well. I wish I could just wave a magic wand and see them turn into cash.

I tried selling off some stuff earlier last year, I had pieces listed up from about November until May, and nothing sold. Not one thing. Even after several reductions, nothing.

>> No.9998065

This. I have ended up pricing new things I've tried on once for less than Mercari Prices and still no one buys. What the fuck is up with our community?

>> No.9998068

Community getting smaller. Pieces coming out faster. New easier to buy than ever. Just donate all your old IW to Goodwill, only Moitie sells anymore.

>> No.9998069

Everyone's too busy buying taobao's latest flavor of the week quirky print because brand is "too expensive", apparently.

>> No.9998087

>only Moitie sells anymore
Not the first time I see anons claim this, is this a new meme? I see Moitie lying around unsold equally as other brands, stop spewing bullshit.

>> No.9998090

Only scalped Moitie hangs around. Most of it sells from the front page.

>> No.9998100

I’m so glad I understood that squeezing myself into too small dresses does not look good and precious burando is not worth it.
I have accepted that fitting to clothes made for asian teens is not possible (in a healthy way) for me, as a tall and busty scandinavian.

Yeah brand is cool but (western) indie brands look 200% better on me. I have also got some dresses altered by professional seamstress.

I think I can enjoy lolita more now than I have accepted my limits. Travelling to Japan was helpful because I saw how short and tiny japanese people are.

>inb4 lose some weight fatty!!

>> No.9998103

Where the fuck is my busty and Amazonian Scandinavian lolita gf?

>> No.9998106

> Anonymous 09/22/18(Sat)18:42:36 No.9997395▶>>9997
Mars, forever

>> No.9998118

Same, after realising I'll never look like anything but an overgrown prostitot in sweet due to my long legs, I've been way more comfortable in other styles. It's a freeing feeling when you realise what isn't working for you, and how to change it.

>> No.9998152

Are you me? My thighs are the worst part. Feel as if they swallow up half of my body.

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Unfortunately, you can't purchase more hours for your day with money.
I miss having free time.

>> No.9998154

Brand is pretty but as you said some people will never fit, and not because they're necessarily overweight... Brand is just damn small. I'm glad you found alternatives that work for you.

>> No.9998161

It's really not "damn small" she's just too tall

>> No.9998167

Brands wouldn't be too small if it had more sizes. If a healthy individual can't fit, its too small.

>> No.9998188

Just say what you actually mean: fat.

>> No.9998199

Come on bait-chan, let's not do this today.
She said she was tall with a large chest, if you want to talk about fat people go to the online comms thread, which is basically a containment thread at this point.

>> No.9998202

>Brands wouldn't be too small if it had more sizes
And yet they don't sell if they do. An averagely sized and healthy European woman should fit into brand easily btw.

>> No.9998207

Yeah maybe Meta or shirred AP. What about MM though, would your everage healthy European girl fit it? A friend of mine wears it and she has often been asked whether she is anorexic. Just saying.

I'm not sure some brands wouldn't benefit from making some pieces in bigger sizes. I remember when VM shut down everyone was talking about how more people would have bought it if they made bigger sizes. And gosh if someone thinks I'm talking about fat people they totally missed the point. I'm not saying brands should make dresses for obese people. Bug most healthy and normal-weight people should fit. And I don't think they do.

>> No.9998218

>most healthy and normal-weight people should fit. And I don't think they do.
They do though. I'd easily fit VM if only the shoulder sizing was larger, and I'm nowhere close to underweight.

>everyone was talking about how more people would have bought it if they made bigger sizes. And gosh if someone thinks I'm talking about fat people they totally missed the point.
Keep in mind that most people who said that they'd buy from VM if they made bigger sizes, were all fat btw. The usual suspects who claim that they would totally buy X if brands released it, but then don't actually buy shit when brands provide.

>> No.9998231

>A friend of mine wears it and she has often been asked whether she is anorexic. Just saying.

Is she though? If she isn't and she's a healthy weight for her size, why are you bringing her as an example? Or do you think only 'bigger healthy people' are the healthy ones?

>> No.9998233

>A friend of mine wears it and she has often been asked whether she is anorexic.
Why do people do this? Do I go around asking you if you have a good addiction if you're fat? No? So don't ask if someone is anorexic. I also get this and no, I've just been this size my entire life and I don't overeat. But somehow people assume I'm the one who is unhealthy.

>> No.9998243

You have seriously warped view of healthy size. Of course, not everything but most. Even when I was slightly over weight I still fit into most things and those included unshirred pieces and I'm not very small otherwise either. Of course personal things like shoulders, height or large ribcage can affect on things but you can't really say as a generalizing statement it's wrong if you compare the guidlines of healthy and recommended size of, for example, waist to garment sizes.

>> No.9998244

She isn't anorexic but she's definitely underweight.

Somehow people will think it's okay to talk about your weight as long as you're thin because thin doesn't have as much social stigma as fat. At least IMO

>> No.9998258

Fuck off, I'm not particularly short and have a BMI of 20 and loads of brand is big on me. MM is actually one of the few brands that fit well. Most Japanese girls are shorter than me and if they're at a healthy weight they're probably gonna be smaller than me. Just accept that Japan/Asia is the main market and at their healthy weights they're still small.

>> No.9998292

Brand isn't small unless you're going by giant western standards. Have you considered that it's less about brand being small, and more that a lot of westerners are just plain big?

>> No.9998301

>TFW america is so fucking fat that people think it's normal

>> No.9998327

Uranus und Neptun (they count as one)

>> No.9998343

Its not limited to americans, and it has nothing to do with obesity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_average_human_height_worldwide

>> No.9998344

If your gonna shit talk America, throw in England too. Those fuckers all look like Jerry trash, fat and tatted up, with the ugliest faces and attitudes to boot too
>Adele is one of them kek

>> No.9998349

You're being repeatedly told that brand is nowhere near as small as you claim, not even limited to shirred brand, even some unshirred brand is large (see new BTSSB/AatP and IW), but you're still here claiming that brand is made in literal doll sizing and can't possibly fit anyone who isn't a tiny Asian or anorexic which is hilariously misguided and untrue.
Did you know that lolita is considered a fashion style for fat girls in Japan? It's nowhere near "tiny Asian" sized, believe it or not.

>> No.9998353

Westerners aren't just fat though. They are genuinely bigger in terms of build and height.
>Adele isn't even relevant on this board m8

>> No.9998365

I'm not the anon you have been replying to, I was just pointing out americans are bigger in ways irrelevant to weight.

>> No.9998366

>buy a cute yoga pad for some exercising since I look flabby
>this is actually fun
>count calories as well as boot trash food out of my diet
>lose some weight and start getting tonned
>need to readjust the corset lacing in the back of most mainpieces
>tfw bf isn't home for a few months to do it for me
Shirred skirts it is.

>> No.9998370

Im super thin but because of my boxy western build my waist size means I have can have trouble fitting j fash skirts. I swear some of the people on here have never seen a variety of actual human bodies before because they assume everyone is fat (unhealthy mindset ny the way). What, are we still in high school?

>> No.9998383

Someone just messaged me on LM asking me to sell them something I bought last year
Sod off.

>> No.9998403

It fucking is. And getting it second hand is sometimes the easiest thing to do, unless someone really wants the print and is willing put down the cash. I dont see things selling on lacemarket for a while.

I do see a lot of girls going to Japanese bidding services instead japan second places tend to just be cheaper.

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Just got back from con 16 minutes ago and already crying over how empty my non-con life is.

>> No.9998493

I wanted a dress in CC harajuku and my SS informed me someone else bought it. I thought it was my friend and it was.

I just find it funny because our tastes are so similar we could twin half our closet. Genuinely happy for my friend though, it'll look good on her.

>> No.9998495

>tfw no lolita gf

>> No.9998521

>always been kind of chubby/skinnyfat
>been dieting recently
>alternating fast days, or doing one meal a day, a mix of strategies that's tl;dr don't fucking eat food
>video taken of me recently
>look at video, I look thin and amazing
Feels good man.
>had glass bottle of apple cider vinegar in bathroom for reasons
>being retarded today
>knock entire bottle off ledge, it shatters
>glass everywhere
>entire apartment smells like vinegar now
>want to die
>have no vacuum, only a broom
>have to wear shoes in bathroom for a few days in case I miss any glass
>tfw caucasian and a christmas cake
>still get mistaken for a high schooler 100% of the time
This "white people age like milk" meme is about as realistic as "white people can't cook."
Asians "don't age as fast" because they take care of their skin while whites all go to tanning salons and never use moisturizer.

>> No.9998531

I've never watched sailor moon, does he love me?

>> No.9998538

Fat guys can look good, and a lot of fat guys, in my opinion, can get away with their weight by being funny or having a lot of personality. I know so many hot chicks with fat dudes, but I rarely see the other way around. That's a bit of bias though, I've seen it happen the other way around, especially with black men and fat white women.
also, advice for any male reading this who is 5-6. Take care of yourself. If you're fat, but you are well groomed, take good showers, scrub, and use hair cream, you literally go up a point for most women because so few guys seem to take genuine, good care of themselves. Especially to those with beards, some people love beards but you have to take care of it. Face scrubs and creams are my biggest recommendation, I don't know why guys don't wash their face, but it seems common. It's important, and it's not too expensive to buy a nice cream. Even if you have to go into the women's section, do it.
In my experience, the reason fat women get away with "it" is simply because more fat women (in comparison to fat men, and obviously not all fat women) take care of themselves and try to compensate for their weight by wearing makeup, cleaning their hair, and wearing flattering clothing. Again, not all, and in my experience most fat women don't care, but the fat women who do can pull a man because they compensate with personality or wth self care. A lot of fat dudes don't try, and it's really unattractive. Just my completely biased take.

>> No.9998539

>fat guys can look good

False. Nobody fat can look good.

>> No.9998542

Fat isn't conventionally attractive, yes. But if a person is fat, they shouldnt just give up on trying to take care of himself because he's already too "ugly". Accepting flaws is important, because it allows a person to improve in other aspects of their life.
Obviously the best thing to do for fat people is to take care of themselves by working out and eating healthy, but the road to weight loss is long, so in the meantime, feel good about yourself by working on what you have.

>> No.9998641
File: 46 KB, 640x480, (Hi10)_Sailor_Moon_-_11v2_(DVD_480p)_(KAA).mkv_snapshot_11.41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've never watched sailor moon

>> No.9998642

might want to have a look https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/subjectivity

>> No.9998656

>finally done with topstitching on one pant leg
>Run out of thread
>This thread is only sold in a box set

>> No.9998735

I just can't imagine someone being so "boxy" that despite being skinny they still can't fit jfash. Where are all these big boned yet thin women? I don't think I've ever seen that type of body. A lot of brand is absolutely gigantic in the waist so not fitting that would mean you're built like a literal fridge.

>> No.9998739

Just put the whole dress on backwards, adjust the lacing, then take it off and put it back on normally. Had to do this a lot when I was starting out and couldn't figure out waist ties.

I don't see your point since you agree that Asians are more likely to take care of their skin properly. Surely that means they're more likely to age well, and therefore Asians don't age as fast, on average? No one's said they intrinsically age better on a genetic level, controlling for avoiding tanning and factors like that.

>> No.9998801

I wish I was dead. I don't think my antidepressants are working anymore.
I decided to go back to school after being a NEET on disabilty for 7 years. It's only my second semester and I'm only taking 4 classes but I just feel so stressed and depressed.
I don't have time for any hobbies anymore. No more anime, vidya, cosplay, or even going to the gym.
I can't even wear lolita to school because I have labs.
I'm constantly worried that my bf will leave me since I can't be around as often as I used to.
I have frequent anxiety attacks and my appetite has been a rollercoaster of nonexistence followed by binge eating.
But at least I have a 4.0, right?
I'm just not cut out for this world.

>> No.9998805

Guessed it.

I work in investment. I make enough money to be spending this much on my work clothing, so I don't think it's an issue at all. I really don't think the $100 dress looks just as good, just like the Taobao dresses don't look just as good as brand.

>> No.9998812

Reading this I feel like I'm looking at my future. I've been a NEET for 2 years so far and I want to go back to school but... I'm scared I'll struggle and suck at it.

>> No.9998833

Try CBD oil. It helped me get level again.

>> No.9998855

Anyone who doesn't agree with this post is a fatty.

>> No.9998982

Skirts are the problem for me. My waist just isnt small enough in spite of me being pretty small. And then on top of that I need a looser fit in order to ne comfortable because I have a sensitive stomach. It sucks because I like skirts.

>> No.9998986

I'm on that but I'm not sure it's helping. It even seems to make things a little worse. Also it made me really hungry, even though I somehow lost weight on it? Weird experience.

>> No.9998988

I'm 105 pounds and 5'7". I think some chubby people are cute and prefer to date people on the upper side of normal. Ana-chans be crazy.

Jupiter for waifu, Uranus for hot kinky lesbian sex

>> No.9998997

Chubby people aren't normal outside the US and UK.

>> No.9998998

I feel you anon currently back in education after 5 years of being a NEET because of agoraphobia. I just try and live day by day and spoil myself with cute clothes since it's the only thing that makes me happy. Hope everything gets better for you anon.

>> No.9999078

Nayrt but they are becoming more common

>> No.9999096
File: 59 KB, 540x398, 7898'.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>decide I want to start using IG for J-fashion stuff
>make two accounts, one main and one spare
>find a site that lets you buy followers, offers a "free trial"
>get tempted because it's free
>try it with spare account to see if it works
>it gets banned
Th-That was close. I can still use my main account just fine, and I made a new spare. How do you get (actual) followers, anyway?

>> No.9999100

>Tfw had half-complete cosplay sitting downstairs in my craft room for a few months
>Tfw haven't touched it to work on it in forever

>Tfw no money for wig for cosplay
>Tfw no money for finishing my lolita coord

>> No.9999108
File: 30 KB, 386x379, readytodie2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TFW some 40yo photog uploads a picture of your 14yo sister to Hipstergram and tags it "#sexycosplay"

>> No.9999120

>dream dress pops up on fril
>screaming but also a little frugal
>I have some stuff with fromjapan already and not japonica, I hear fromjapan can order from fril
>lets try it, what can go wrong
>i submit the request to buy within their business hours, do not get a money request until half a day later
>pay it asap and later the night passes with me nervously refreshing the dress - it has not sold
>next day, I see email sent in the morning meaning they had all night to buy it
>"sorry we couldn't buy it, it was sold out"

I have learned my lesson that FromJapan are slow pieces of garbage. Japonica is faster than them when they're even swamped with orders. I'm so angry and upset, why did I even try something new, I miss it on Closet Child and now this and aghhhhh

>> No.9999122

the cosplay inordered still hasnt come for almost two months

>> No.9999125

probably just copy/pastes the same tags on everything desu.

>> No.9999135

you could totally sic people on him by making a big stink about 'LITERAL PEDOS ON INSTAGRAM!!!1!!!!!' desu

>> No.9999139


>> No.9999157

There's been a lot of posts on /cgl/, huh. To think we're reaching a milestone soon.

>> No.9999158

I have a bet going with a friend that the milestone post will be something along the lines of

>sorry you got posted

>> No.9999163

>tfw getting into cosplay in the past couple of months
>I've been to two conventions so far
>[humblebrag] I am not a bad looking guy compared to 95% of guys into the cosplay/anime community [/humblebrag]
>fit, tall, take care of myself, handsome youthful face
>Do get approached and touched by hyped up girls often
>deliberately hold my arm to take a picture and press their boobs as hard as they can against me
>hold one girl by her waist for a picture
>she grabs my hand from behind and forces me to squeeze her ass
>Character posing in a crouched stance and the girl who was meant to post with me hugs my head and buries my face in her chest
>Get requests to come to after parties all the time
>I can imagine an ordinary dude would love all this female attention, having boobs in push up bras in your face, girls forcing you to molest them etc
>too bad though
>I'm a lolicon

>> No.9999170
File: 913 KB, 400x585, ohboy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just matched with a qt tomboy cosplayer on tinder

How do I not fuck this up gulls

>> No.9999178

Be yourself and if you're terrible don't be yourself.

>> No.9999213

I'm thin, but have a big bone structure. My BMI is 21. Even when I was 19 BMI, my hip measurement didn't change. 36" is just large enough to make wearing some skirts a problem, especially anything with tulle or excess fabric. I don't expect brands to cater to my body shape though. I'll find something that works.

>> No.9999300

I'm so sorry, anon! Which dress is it, if you don't mind me asking? If nothing else, this was a learning experience for you so that next time it pops up, you'll know which SS to avoid.

>> No.9999311

I'm the same if not more and I can wear skirts just fine. Sometimes I have to put them on over my head but I can wiggle myself in to some pretty small ones through the bottom too. The skirts I have have maximum 70cm waist so they aren't big either. But I'm skinny fat so I can squish some of it in.

>> No.9999313

Ew. Pedo.

>> No.9999328

this post makes me sad, kinda

>> No.9999386

It kind of pisses me off that apparently wigs are now a black girl thing and whites just "copy them" when I've been doing wig shit for over a decade.

>> No.9999388

Oh please. Nobody is complaining about that.

>> No.9999397
File: 65 KB, 1080x907, 56f7e8ee-775f-4735-8691-efd42eb6cfb3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not fat (middle of ideal weights for my height), just tall with a wider torso
>still feel like a fat pig
>boyfriend thinks i'm starting to develop an ed, says i'm already thin
>can't go to therapy because my family controls everything in my life

i just want to feel cute

>> No.9999399

I had a dream about Usakumya.

>> No.9999409
File: 324 KB, 1617x2048, Dn2WzydU4AEF6ww.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Been fapping to Bowsette all day yesterday
>Sister comes into my room this morning
>Tells me she's going to cosplay Bowsette
>mfw her body type and personality are very fitting for it
>She also likes being a teasing bitch to me, so like the last few slutty cosplays she did I can expect her to come into my room to "show it off" when it's done but then pull her top down or lift her skirt/dress
>Tell her it's a great idea
>"What, so you could fap to me? I was joking, I heard you yesterday hahaha"
>"Okay maybe I will"
>Guilty fap to the thought of my sister while looking at Bowsette

Fuck this meme, I haven't fapped to her in like 10 years.

>> No.9999410

Whether or not this is true, you are a broken person.

>> No.9999411
File: 134 KB, 372x334, 1525899956751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9999414

Based and redpilled

>> No.9999418

fromjapan is horrible with fril and doesn't even use mercari. I tend to avoid them.

>> No.9999421
File: 13 KB, 345x437, d9fb17895e36bde093e0e2dd11bf54e6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon. It's IW's Corset Tucked Flare JSK in dark grey. It's really simple but I love the dark grey color which is really uncommon and this type of cut is my absolute favorite. It popped up on CC a week or two ago and it sold before I woke up, and now this one on Fril, rip.

It'll pop up again someday, I know, it's just a more basic item so it sells really easy and not a lot of people seem to sell their more basic items. It's prints that cycle around second hand when people get tired of them, you know? I've definitely learned to leave FromJapan for buying Boz and stuff from webstores.

>> No.9999427
File: 197 KB, 1080x754, se2fpnklcj511.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9999428

If by "scalped" you mean priced appropriately compared to the Japanese market then sure. Most Westerners are too cheap to pay even retail for moitie, they want it at dirt cheap prices only

>> No.9999430

Don't give up, I go through spurts of 3-5 sales at a time and then months of no sale. You have to be in it for the long haul. There are girls out there who would love your dresses but don't have money yet, or haven't decided to get into the fashion, or just are on a buying freeze. Don't reduce your stuff dirt cheap, the fabric and trims alone are expensive on burando. even with damage they can still be restored and have tons of life left. I love this fashion and want to keep it around and in good esteem (hence not giving away dresses to poorfags)

>> No.9999434

IW's simple pieces make up the majority of my wardrobe so I definitely understand this struggle. I'm rooting for you though, I hope you get it next time! I'll try keeping an eye out for it for you and post it in the dream dress thread if I find it.

>> No.9999458

My older sister is like this. It's probably why I grew into a wimpy little sub.

>> No.9999466

> Actively searching for MMM's Silent Moon.

>Yesterday got sick and couldn't use the computer.

>Log in today and find that one was sold on mercari for 16k yen.

Kill me plz.

>> No.9999475
File: 175 KB, 1080x1466, 3D091379-64BE-4E4A-A1CA-5C66C72341E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was it soft and cute or this nightmare

>> No.9999477

Controls? Do you live with them or alone? Depend on them financially?

>> No.9999480

Seek help

>> No.9999512

This. At Hellocon very few of the "moitie superfans" even bought their dresses. There were dresses left at the end. Shameful.

>> No.9999514

Me too. I don't even want to go to therapy. I just want to be skinny

>> No.9999526

I wasn't there, but maybe most of them had already bought beforehand? Or maybe because having 36k yen to drop while travelling is not always viable. I'm a poorfag, so I can only buy Mooitie dresses after saving for a while.

>> No.9999528

It’s being rereleased, everything from hellocon they modelled is a 2018 release.

I am one of those “fans” but I own most of the stuff they brought. A lot of the good stuff was bought by the end, the ones that didn’t are stuff that wasn’t received that well anyways.

>> No.9999543
File: 90 KB, 768x960, loudwaifu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see lolitas at anime cons
>want to get into the hobby
>bf says he'll pay for it if I agree to wear remote-control panties to meets and let him control it from nearby
Should I consider it?

>> No.9999549

If you call your bf Daddy don't.

>> No.9999550

Stay out of meets, creep.

>> No.9999552

No. Work and buy your own frills if you want them.

>> No.9999556

Aw that's nice of you anon. I normally do post in the DD thread, I just forgot to this round and am waiting for next thread at this point. I'm the one with the way too long list but none of them ever pop up anyways hah, classic is suffering. If you post there too I do the same right back for when I spot people's stuff!

>> No.9999572

It's not comfortable though. It's an issue with tulle skirts because they're less opaque the more they stretch. A lot of the fashion I wear does sometimes use tulle skirts opposed to just simply a petticoat. It can also make skirts designed with gathered fabric sit weird. Plus, I hate the marks clothing leaves when it's too tight.

>> No.9999628

Is that him? Lord help you

>> No.9999629

I’ll be honest, if you weren’t going to meets sure why not, but your fucking dumbass realizes a lot of comms have underage members, and that you’d be exposing them to your links. Have more respect for others and yourself anon.

>> No.9999630

I’ll be honest I don’t see myself dropping $350+ for a plain dress with a cross in the front, but it was very beautiful and I considered it until I decided to buy stuff from Wunderwelt.

>> No.9999633

>First time wearing lolita to class
>Get minor compliments from classmate
>Say it's pretty and stuff
>No-one seems to mind that much
>End off class
>Professor speaks up
"I like your outfit today. It reminds me of the Victorian era."
>He gets it
>Best possible compliment of the day
>Thank him and say that's the point
>Drop that rococo is also in the mix
>Don't mention the L-word

I wouldn't say I'm overwhelmed, but wearing this fashion is a lot of fun.

>> No.9999636

What a good feel, I love when this happens. I'm sure you looked beautiful!

>> No.9999638

I think most of the superfans already bought those dresses online. The people who bought a lot there seemed to be the mid-tier fans
>like me

>> No.9999671

with. i'm trying to move out and in with my boyfriend but my abusive mom raised me to basically be completely emotionally and otherwise dependent on her specifically. i'm having to catch up on a lot of life skills now

>> No.9999683

>It’s being rereleased, everything from hellocon they modelled is a 2018 release.

Thank you!
May your life be blessed with good news as well.

>> No.9999692

It was more mundane. There were a bunch of keychain Usakumya with various accessories and I couldn't decide which one I wanted most. I bought the one with a headbow.

>> No.9999702

Whos going to steal the 100k get???

>> No.9999706


>> No.9999710

>im gonna be at work for the 10mil get

>> No.9999723

>wear what i think is normal clothes to class
>get asked why im dressed up as little bo peep
why was i cursed to be such a weeaboo

>> No.9999729

made a nice amount at a con this past weekend, treating myself a yolanda order, the accessories to bunnys herbology and some blouses, i'm excited to finally get them.

>> No.9999747
File: 255 KB, 1647x858, 1477747923632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Really makes you think

>> No.9999753
File: 1.96 MB, 360x193, Godzilla is running late.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My office (2-3 dozen people) is having a Halloween costume contest with a cash prize and I am all flustered about what to wear.
Trying to hit that balance of
>willing to wear for 8 hours of work
is going to be obnoxious. Do I go hard with one of my animes and awkwardly explain who I'm supposed to be twenty times? Do I play it safe with an 80s movie outfit?

Also I usually take public transit but fuck that I'm going to drive on the 31st. Even though I work in a really liberal neighborhood in a really liberal city I'm not in the mood to ride the bus dressed like a maniac.

>> No.9999756

All I do is work and look forward to a few conventions a few times a year. While shitposting here is admittedly a poor usage of my time, I just feel like by the time I'm finished with my work week, I just want to sleep and use those two off days to take care of my house and maybe watch a movie. I'm... Successful? But I've never felt more lonely and like I'm going through the motions.

>> No.9999763

Have you never done 8 hours at a con before?
and it's halloween. Normies aren't going to bat an eye at someone dressed up.

>> No.9999786
File: 102 KB, 419x427, guessilldie_lolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I stopped hearing back from a lot of community groups I help out with all at once. It seemed weird because some of these groups have, in the past, wanted my help so badly that they've paid me to show up when it's suppose to be volenteer work.
But now I know what happened, because someone came out and told me; Because I wear Lolita and I moved in with my Dad after my Mom died... Everyone thinks I'm f***ing my Dad for money to buy the "weird little girl clothes". This is a small town, I've started asking around more... It seems like everyone over 30 is convinced this is true and everyone under 30 is enough of a weeb to know it's not true.
What do I do? I have a boyfriend, we are saving to buy a home, we don't want to waste money in the meantime so we're both living with our respective parental units... I literally buy a second-hand dress maybe once every six months, I'm not running around town in new brando... Do I just stop wearing Lolita entirely (I wear it once every other week or two)? Do I make some weird rant post on face book out of the blue about rumors of incest not being true? I can't believe liking a style of clothing did this to my life.

>> No.9999797

Daily reminder that these threads are created and organized on r9k discords by predatory incels

Dont fall for it seagulls

>> No.9999806

No, ignore idiots spreading rumors and live your life, keep saving up for a house and do you. Anytime you address rumors it confirms in people's minds that it's true, or that you're being suspiciously defensive, or you let more people know about the rumors when they may not have even known. Whoever wanted to damage your reputation, you are not going to change their minds. They don't like you for whatever reason and if they don't want your help in the community then it's their loss. Sorry anon, small towns suck. Also, losing friendships with judgmental 30+ year olds is probably a blessing in disguise

>> No.9999818
File: 93 KB, 364x370, C00AE2C0-D6AC-4BDF-803E-B919AD200B35.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have has weird fluctuating weight since puberty
>Alternate between being chubby and skinny
>Went through a 3-year period of being a lardass, feelsbadman
>Randomly dropped 50lbs over a 6-month period without any lifestyle or diet changes
>Can finally fit into my old dresses
>Start going to meets and making friends in the local comm
>Get compliments based on my appearance for the first time in ages
>Genuinely happy, confident, and social
>This goes on for about a year and a half
>Starting to gain weight again
>Can feel myself descending into the hell of not fitting burando

It was fun while it lasted

>> No.9999879

>Have you never done 8 hours at a con before?
It's different, I guess. Like something that's fun to walk around isn't as enjoyable when you're sitting and typing, and I dunno how dressed up I want to get if I'm going to want to take off gloves/jacket/wig so I can focus on work.

>> No.9999882

this sounds like a hormone issue, anon. have you talked to a doctor about it?

>> No.9999897

I would have thought the thing would concern you most is your co-workers get shitty at you for being a quasi-professional costume maker and btfoing them and their $2 wigs made out of shredded plastic bags and pipe cleaners.

>> No.9999910

They already know I cosplay (there were jokes that I would win as soon as it was announced), I just don't know how hard to stunt on everyone.

>> No.9999912

Well then go all out I say. People are going to expect something big but most normies don't understand how professional some homemade costumes can look.

>> No.9999934
File: 1.42 MB, 1439x2008, Screenshot_20180926-100006_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9999979
File: 22 KB, 580x454, sad computer noises.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>few friends are at opposite ends of the country
>have to go 50 miles out of town to see limited run chinese cartoon movies

>> No.9999993


>> No.10000005

That feel when you rark too hard in your shitty cosplay and wake up with blood and puke stains on it

>> No.10000089

I would date the fake geek girl

>> No.10000090
File: 1.72 MB, 393x268, 1452362739611.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> tfw no cute lolita gf
> tfw no cute cosplay gf
> tfw no cute tomboy gf

So who do I cuddly cuddle now? This is horrible, gulls

>> No.10000093

are you, a woman?

>> No.10000102

Hello, it's me, the fake geek girl.

>> No.10000103

godd, where do you life?

>> No.10000104

Yup, and cute one.

>> No.10000105

are you also into men?

>> No.10000106

That's nice anon!

My professor told me I'd look better with less layers of clothes on since I am still young.

>> No.10000107
File: 837 KB, 970x545, CR-FI-970x545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10000108

ok, that's a little bit too far away from me

>> No.10000109

Well darn

>> No.10000112

Not sure if it has something to do with me missing cute gf.

>> No.10000115

I only wanted to know if a man is fine too

>> No.10000116

Fuck off. >>>/r9k/

>> No.10000117


>> No.10000120
File: 20 KB, 232x249, F37425DC-6C2E-496B-83AC-8CFAF07DF492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Got to campus early
>Playing Love Nikki before class starts
>Classmate looks at my phone
>Says “The hell kinda gay shiiiit ahaha”

Fuck off. I’m playing a dress-up game, not sucking dick.

>> No.10000126

I support your dress-up game playing ways, anon. Guys are allowed to enjoy cute shit too.

>> No.10000127

Got invited to a normie Halloween party but haven't even come up with a costume. Don't want to wear any of the cosplays I have because I doubt they'd know any of them.
I feel like it should be easy to make something but I just have had no motivation.

>> No.10000135

put on a black dress, get a pointy hat. easy witch costume

>> No.10000170

I'd normally call this comic incel bullshit but then again I've seen those two at the bottom shittalk each other here countless times

>> No.10000177

Both happens regularly. Incels think all men are pure angels.

>> No.10000264
File: 3 KB, 225x260, Screenshot_2018-09-26 Anthro Southeast Oct 11-14th Chattanooga, TN Events(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to a furry con
>look at schedule
>see this

I'm not sure if I'm ready for this.

>> No.10000275

>going to a furry con
you brought this degeneracy upon yourself

>> No.10000289
File: 6 KB, 145x145, sadloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>walking through AWA with bf
>see some chick dressed as the THOT Patrol
>bf: "Look out. They're here for you."

>> No.10000290

>Meet and Squeak


i love that

>> No.10000291

how rude

>> No.10000294

Well, is he wrong?

>> No.10000295
File: 405 KB, 696x576, 1531642687433.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just want a simple jacket from a show that has/had enough relevance that surely someone has made it
>only place that sells it is chinese imports which I have no way of guaranteeing the quality of
>there was an official one sold closer to when the show aired but I somehow completely missed it

>> No.10000300

Thot destroyed.

>> No.10000349
File: 968 KB, 500x209, 1529940917087.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Finally watched Kamikaze Girls

That movie had the perfect blend of loads of laughter with a bit of tears.

Let's stick together gulls, I actually love all your anonymous asses so much.

>> No.10000364

>chick dressed as the THOT Patrol
was she also...
...a thot?

>> No.10000369
File: 258 KB, 500x281, 1407075519735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That movie made me realize my true goals in life.
I love you too, anon!

>> No.10000370
File: 35 KB, 680x383, 20A8273A-6A7C-44C8-853D-CEB9E2733793.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10000374

My husband told me last night it would be super hot if I wore cat ears with my lolita dresses.

>tfw your husband is an ita

>> No.10000380

>super hot
I think your husband is into frilly cat girls so likely a dirty weeb than an ita.

>> No.10000385

>loads of laughter
out of curiosity, are you English?

>> No.10000389

No. Tired English as a second language speaker who has a bit too much confidence.

>> No.10000390

I'm sick of the fairy kei sweater obsession. People who don't wear any Jfashion and already have dozens of sweaters telling me to let them know first if I sell one then trying to friend request me on my personal facebook so they can pretend to be my friend and stalk my posts. Or trying to get me to give an item to them after someone else bought it. They only like mine and everyone elses posts if there is a sweater in it. I'm not fueling your crazy hoard. You can buy as many old ass sweaters as you want but you still dress like shit and annoy everyone.

>> No.10000392

I once had someone at my work see me playing it and say "Is that a fucking dress up game?". Love nikki is worth the shame, so damn fun

>> No.10000418

Ah, I was thinking about your sense of humour. I watched the movie some times already but I just can't see myself laughing at the non-sense jokes. I like it, but most of the jokes makes me think of the British humour (which I also can't really get).

>> No.10000422
File: 109 KB, 480x542, 1502229526038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any other gulls heading to Wacken 2019?

>> No.10000427

I finally bit the bullet and found a bus that would get me there. Just making a day trip of it since the bus gets me there ten hours early. When I run out of entertainment I'll find a restaurant or coffee shop to chill out in for a couple hours.

Only part that really bites is taking a 1.5 hour lyft home in the middle of the night.

>> No.10000429

That makes sense. I do enjoy British humour.

>> No.10000471

In 2 months, if I do my absolute best and stop slacking, I'll be able to get into university (hopefully overseas) and buy more brand. It's just 2 more months but right now I feel like absolute shit. I've been through worse, but this feels like the end. My head hurts, there's been this mental block that has gone on for days and time is running out. I don't want to die, but I don't feel like living either. It's shit.

>> No.10000561

I went to the BNHA movie with some of my cos friends. Midway through a guy started crying because he broke his vape.

>> No.10000563

I'm about to buy Holy Rerelease. Please convince me to not do it. Give me some good reasons to not buy it. I'm begging you

>> No.10000602

Do it

>> No.10000608

Can't argue with that. Hopefully I'll get the one I'm aiming for.

>> No.10000614
File: 303 KB, 500x377, 1520527292321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every time I start to feel frustrated with lolita, I fall in love with it again thanks to my comm and friends. I'm really thankful I have all these great people in my life. Sure, sometimes groups aren't perfect and don't get along, but overall I love my comm and the general lolita community. I hope I'll be a part of this for a very long time.
>Man I just really love lolita

>> No.10000625

which one are u planno

>> No.10000629
File: 337 KB, 450x570, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I really love rabbits and a sweet lolita
>tfw want dresses with rabbit prints
>tfw I think rabbits are the absolute cutest in real life just as they are and don't like extremely detached from reality cartoonish depiction of plush rabbits
>tfw AP and most sweet brands only draw rabbits in the latter way
>have to sift through so much overly cutesified plushy goofy "bunnies" stuff


I've had some luck, with this new IW release, pic related, and Emily Temple Cute has quite a few as well (though the colors and styles are a bit too dull for my tastes). I want to start getting more real Japanese burando but damn it, Taobao brands seem to be the only ones who have realistic bunnies AND other cute prints. Special shout out to Enchantic Enchantily for the most adorable accessories and the Queen Rabbit OP, though. Souffle Song's rabbit print is still the number one for me.

>> No.10000635

Awww, thank you, anon, for this comfy posting! You deserve all the cutest dresses and sweetest meetings! I love you too <3

>> No.10000640
File: 61 KB, 640x640, 254500476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Leur Getter has more realistic (but still cutesy) bunnies, as well as Peppermint Fox's Bunny Voyage release. Haenuli's Gardenberries series also features the most adorable bunny loaf.

>t fellow bunny lover

>> No.10000646
File: 13 KB, 347x384, 5b1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10000647

Hello I am a woman

>> No.10000648

>hungry for women
what was the point of the bc then

>> No.10000658
File: 95 KB, 420x560, 3008692_CIMG0043_副本_副本.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Navy baby!
>plz no snipe friendo

I feel you, anon. I know it's not really sweet, but have you checked out JetJ's prints with rabbits? There aren't many but they're adorable and realistic, and I have seen some people style their dresses a bit sweeter before.

>> No.10000666

cramps? that’s why i take mine

>> No.10000669

Woke up at 1am (an hour ago) due to ridiculous stomach gas pressure/pain.

Every time this happens, I’m just reminded that my IBS affects me wearing Lolita and it makes me even more sad.

>> No.10000671

my phone fucking died today and now i have to fork over my precious burando money to samsung who doesnt need it.

>> No.10000674

I usually just recharge my phone when it dies but you do you.

>> No.10000677

no it died died! the display has coughed its last pixel and i don't want to bother getting it repaired again

>> No.10000725


>> No.10000759

I'm lonely, tanking through a panic attack, and nothing at work is operating properly right now. I've also been set back potentially a whole year for my project due to being robbed and not having enough money/materials/time to continue. I think some one stole the rest of my gear too since it's the next town over and I can't get over to handle it often.

>> No.10000771

What a lovely anon.
nayrt but they always are
There’s also a storyline. But seriously fuck anyone who’s rude to you for playing a phone game.
Japanese people love nonsense humor, just watch GNT. Especially fucking Happy Boy, I used to hate him and now every time he comes on screen, I’m howling. I guess I lived in JP for long enough that my humor evolved. >>10000669
Relatable. I have Crohn’s.

>> No.10000787

I have been really surprised to find that a few odd guys are interested in my coords because of the current normie standard of sexy. I think it's the high effort, as >>9997430 said, but also that I'm not showing my bits.

A guy I was having an honestly platonic conversation with, or so I thought, later told me he found my coord very exciting: either because he was surprised and tantalized to hear there were so many layers involved, or maybe he's into gothic/sinister aesthetic, which is what I was wearing...

I'm honestly pretty disappointed because I don't like to garner sexual interest. I like to alienate people lol lolita is my armor and I'd like to keep it that way until I meet a nice guy to be my partner. I would love for my future partner to appreciate lolita and find it beautiful.

>> No.10000790

I would guess because lolita is basically femininity turned up to 11. It's unmistakably female and it's also that lolita is conservative in the amount of skin it shows and of course, people want what they can't have.

>> No.10000810

but then why go off it

>> No.10000823

Pluto. hands down.

>> No.10000864

so, i wanted to get into doing some handmade lolita pieces via the ons models.
a friend of mine says that lolita is good when you're in your teens, as when you older, people will start looking down to you.

what i should do?
i'm fan of the fashion since years, but only recently i started feeling that i need to do something for stop being a lolita-at-heart. buyingstuff, be new or secondhand for now is not possible, as i still live with my parents and they have a small budget that can't be blown on this.

>> No.10000919

ur friend is telling u bullshit and she sounds like a know it all wannabe

>> No.10000921

Your friend is full of shit, there's no age limit on fashion - The average age of lolitas is early to mid 20 but women older than that wear it too with 0 issues. Dress well and have fun.

>> No.10000923

I'm sorry anon. I can relate in ways

>> No.10000936

Lolita is atrocious in your teens. Your skin hasn't evened out just yet, you haven't quite grown into your body, and it's just an awkward period, even for the pretty girls, because you're feeling awkward and that shows when you're wearing something as flashy as lolita.

Do what you want. Stop letting other people make decisions for you. You're a grown woman, so act like one.

>> No.10000940

thanks gulls, you made me feel better.
i'll start looking for some decent fabric, then.

>> No.10000965

What kind of distorted view of reality is this.It is like I'm reading the thoughts of a disney movie princess.

>> No.10000988

I feel you, I lost two dresses becouse of them, one beeing a dream dress, pink Vanilla Chan

>> No.10001011

Yeah, upper 30s lolita here. Don't let age stop you!

>> No.10001012

Nayrt but what's wrong with it? A lot of lolitas are like that.

>> No.10001028

IBS lolita here. Party on, niggies.

>> No.10001053

Lolita can never be cool, because being cool requires some sort of masculinity from person. Something that makes you look active and energetic. And what kind of activity do your kiddo dresses symbolise? Eh...

>> No.10001059

>a few odd guys are interested in my coords because of the current normie standard of sexy.
what. by what standard is lolita normie sexy?

>I would love for my future partner to appreciate lolita and find it beautiful.

what world do you live in where people don't appreciate something they find sexually exciting?

>> No.10001147

She expects to meet the right guy by being on guard with her lolita “armour“, doesnt see the guys taking interest in her as potential guys, which is fine, but considering the first point she probably has insane standards(prince charming) and maybe a hard time evaluating herself. You cant expect something GOOD to just fall into your lap, because that kind of stuff is mostly dreamt up and fiction. Dont shatter your unrealistic expectations after being together with “the right guy“ after 3 months.

>> No.10001158

having high standards isn't a bad thing, anon.

>> No.10001159

>80 years old, in a 'Baby' dress, dying alone in my apartment

>> No.10001163

Thats not having high standards, its having unrealistic standards.
She wants to keep men away by wearing lolita, but she wants wants a man who likes lolita, BUT she also doesn't want a man who likes lolita too much? It doesn't even make sense.

>> No.10001230
File: 33 KB, 225x350, 1515989630871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to showing advertised as subtitled
>movie starts, and it's dubbed

>> No.10001234
File: 1.09 MB, 650x1200, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bless you both so much, especially the image first anon posted, the full thing is just so darling. I l o v e it. I almost always prefer getting JSKs over OPs but this is the cutest OP, aaaaaa.

Anyway, thank you both for the recommendations. I had a skim through their selections on lolibrary (oddly, the dress in the pic- "Little Rabbit"- isn't on there) and while I'm super happy with the drawings of the buns I just wish there were sweeter and brighter colors and designs ;_; I'm being nitpicky, I know, but I'm trying to find what could amount to a DD for me haha. Common theme I'm noticing is either there's a very very busy/crowded print or design, overly floral or gingham/plaid in bright colors usually, which I'm not a fan of, or the colors are too dull. I like my pastel pinks and pinks and whites a lot, which is my nitpick for Leur Getter's and Emily Temple Cute's otherwise super cute bunes.

But I must attribute this find of Little Rabbit to you, dear anons, so you have my heartfelt thanks.

>> No.10001425

Sexualizing lolita is different from just liking lolita a lot. They're two different ways of liking something, liking it in a sexual way doesn't equal liking it "more." What she's saying is that she wants someone who enjoys it for the aesthetic, but doesn't get off to it.

>> No.10001510

I guess i'm just weird then because everything I like in a sexual way, I also like in an aesthetic way. Why would someone showing interest in a fashion I like not be a turn on?

>> No.10001615

>everything I like in a sexual way, I also like in an aesthetic way
I'm pretty sure that's how everyone else is too. What would be weird is liking everything you find aesthetically pleasing in a sexual way on top of that (so the reverse). That's why she's upset. She wants someone to think lolita is pretty, but not get off to it too.

>> No.10001629

>She wants someone to think lolita is pretty, but not get off to it too.
but... why? What does it matter?

>> No.10001637


>> No.10001672

Think about the history of lolita. For a lot of women, it's about dressing for ourselves in a way that's not meant to be pleasing to horny men, because the rest of the time we're constantly being ogled by horny men. And then it's all ruined when along comes yet another horny man who happens to get off to lolita. How is it this hard to understand that many women just don't want to be sexualized sometimes? It's just like with cosplay, it sucks to put in a lot of effort crafting a cool prop or something and then be recognized only for your tits. Some of it might also just be plain personal or aesthetic preference. Like I would much rather my bf called me cute than sexy.

I'm guessing there's a good chance you're a man. They tend to think getting sexual attention is a good thing because most of them are really starved for it. Meanwhile, women are getting loads of unwanted attention and we're fucking tired of it. Just stop thinking with your dicks for one second, jesus.

>> No.10001682

>And then it's all ruined when along comes yet another horny man who happens to get off to lolita
what is ruined and how?

>How is it this hard to understand that many women just don't want to be sexualized sometimes?

Because I can't. How is it a negative?

>It's just like with cosplay, it sucks to put in a lot of effort crafting a cool prop or something and then be recognized only for your tits

But in that case the problem is they aren't sexualizing your cosplay, but your body.

>we're fucking tired of it


>> No.10001686

Reading >>9997365 and similar complaints from previous threads, I guess I must be one of the few guys who aren't sexually attracted to lolita at all, then. It'd be like being turned on by jeans, I guess. Clearly, nobody's trying to look "sexy", so I wouldn't consider it that at all (well, except the itas and ddlg's who try to incorporate fetish gear, but that's just weird). Like, I'd call it "pretty", or "cute", or at most "beautiful" if it were my girlfriend wearing it, but in that case it'd be more directed towards the person as a whole than just the clothes, y'know?

If anything, I'm far too fascinated by and appreciative of all the work that goes into making the style look good to the point where painting it in a sexual light would just be insulting, kind of like what you said with the cosplay props.

>> No.10001946

>t. Most average looking woman on the planet

>> No.10001950

>t. Had 3 boyfriends and it never worked out
>t. Had a boyfriend in highschool who dumped her. Refers to him as “the one that got away“

>> No.10003709
File: 65 KB, 709x510, 1534728363776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have high standards
>Don't find anyone that interests me
>Just stick to 2D until I eventually do
>If I don't, not really my loss because I wouldn't fully be enjoying the person I'm with anyway if I had to lower my standards for them

And you gulls wonder why your mothers end up in deadbeat marriages with men they obviously just settled on and probably weren't too into at the start of the relationship anyway. How thirsty can you fucking be that you can't just hold out a few years for someone to actually meet your standards? Fuckin put a cork in your cunt, god damn.

>> No.10003978

>ends up alone due to overestimating their value compared to their high standards.

If you have high standards then you should match.

>> No.10004176

Would you bee my girlfriend?