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Old thread about to sage: >>9976112

Discuss the state of online lolita communities in general... Or just share your salt about bad RC posts. Remember to block out all names, don't get this banned.

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I don’t get why this person bought it if they were going to make a post saying not to buy it. They obviously knew of the original creator.

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I thought the same thing.

What good is this doing?

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I swear I'm not trying to start shit, I genuinely want to know: why is there such a strong correlation between being fat, a poorfag, and feeling entitled to lolita?

I feel like every time I read a post where someone's whining about lolita being inaccessibly expensive or something, when I look at their profile it's always a fatty-chan, and vice versa. It's way too much to be a coincidence at this point, it's like a general pattern of behavior or personality type that I can smell a mile away.

My question is, why is it this way in the first place?

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I'm not entirely sure. Maybe it's laziness?
Not to say all overweight people are inherently lazy (t. former fatty-chan who's decided to lose weight and put in some effort to earn the frilly shit I loved), but if they sit on their asses all day, not working to be able to afford the shit they want, not working to better themselves, and then demand shit they don't inherently deserve... sounds like laziness to me. Also for some reason they think that lolita is some human right rather than luxury which is bizarre. Maybe no one ever taught them that they can't always have everything they want.

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I always thought it was because they think because lolita is an alt fashion that they'll immediately fit in just because it's not "normie," They expect people to just feed into the delusion, and get butthurt when their delusions are crushed.

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Because that's the demographic that can't access it due to fat and/or lack of money? Someone who is well off and has no fitting issues has no reason to complain or feel entitled since they are already getting the thing. The others want what they can't have so they are upset.

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This exactly

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>The others want what they can't have so they are upset
It is something they can work for though, either by exercising or by budgeting, possibly both. They don't want to dedicate effort to it though, they want it handed to them on a silver plate because they think they "deserve" luxury fashion because it's kawaii uwu

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But that doesn't explain the level of entitlement. In other situations outside lolita, you don't typically see people who want something really badly but can't have it resorting to behaviors as tacky as that of a lot (albeit not all) fat poorfags. The normal reaction is to suck it up and accept that it's unfortunately not for you, not squeeze yourself into a dress until the seams burst or endlessly bitch about it on RC. For example, I'm too big to fit a lot of VM. I'm definitely bummed about it because VM is gorgeous, but instead of whining about it I just move on and wear other things that fit me well. And if I were poor, I would just pick another, cheaper fashion altogether. I get that it sucks to not be able to wear the stuff you want and I'm sympathetic, but that doesn't make throwing a tantrum about it ok. Maybe it's just me being dumb, but I just don't understand why they can't do the same.

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I don't know how to break it to you but a lot of people of all types are completely entitled assholes who think that customer service means they get what they are asking for and if they don't get what they ask for, they will complain and cry all over the internet about how they can't get what they want.

It's not just fatties in lolita. It's all kinds of people everywhere in everything that feel like they are entitled to something they don't actually deserve.

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This is not true. You don't see as much entitlement because other alt fashions have a variety of brands, cater to westerners (who tend to be bigger) and since there's so many brands, many people can get into it. I'm talking punk, and goth, since that's most alternative kids--there are still entitled people though, it's just that lolitas are stuck with smaller japanese clothes that are more expensive, not only in store, but also the shipping fees tacked on too. We can't walk into a hot topic and walk out punk for 100 dollars, and a lot of westerners have to risk something coming in and not fitting, which I get somewhat. buying an item with a fat shipping fee only to realise you look like shit in it, or it's too small.
I worked retail and trust me entitled people exist but they're also very vocal, which makes them more noticeable. We stock up to 4XL and I've seriously had customers come in and get upset because "that's the largest you have?".
I'm not saying the entitlement is just, I think many westerners are entitled and thus think that they are owed things, and if they get angry they will get what they want. Customers here throw fits and it's completely normal, and they get their way most of the time, so they get used to it and think that complaining will get them to have their way. It's bullshit, but it's our culture.

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This screenshot is old but it still cracks me up.

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Oh I'm aware of this, I'm responding to anon who claims that these people have a right to bitch and feel upset because the clothes aren't available to them, as if that's valid. Maybe it is when you're 5, not when you're an adult, which many of these people are, and I'm surprised to see anon defending this behavior.
When I was new and couldn't afford nor fit the brand I wanted, I set out to better myself and work hard to earn my frills; I'd be rightfully laughed off the community if I sat my ass on EGL and cried about being too poor and fat for lolita like these assholes do.

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Heres my best guess at armchair psych
Still outcast of society. Not normal
Clothes dont fit well
Outcast in consumer society
Has trouble expressing themselves through clothing choices cause poor
People are told they have a right to be who they are and these girls devote themselves entirely to being "a lolita" thus obtaining "notlikeothergirls" status, princessey ness (which comes with romantic interests of course in fairytales) and being of a higher status. Higher status has always had higher earning/spending potential so... money....
Everything about being a lolita is everything a fat poor or fat and poor girl is. The entitled part is just them claiming a "right" to their identity as a person. Denying them that right (even lolitas at heart) is like saying they don't exist. Its akin to human rights at that point.

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I know I want to have more Lolita pieces but I'm a poorfag so I don't get them unless I have money. I feel like that's just a really basic concept. It sucks, but it doesn't mean I'm entitled to something non-utilitarian just because I want it.

Also I try to have sympathy for fattychans because even though losing weight is entirely possible, it's hard work. I think there are a lot of plus-sized girls in the Lolita community that just accept they can only wear certain things, and that they have to lose weight if they want to fit into VM or JetJ.

I really do think it's just that the most annoying, entitled people always speak the loudest.

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I agree. I would expound slightly to say that modern Western society really emphasizes inclusivity, body-positivity, and political correctness, and a lot of people-- especially younger people-- have grown up feeling as though they deserve to be part of everything, and that anything that excludes them is "not right".

Social media, in particular, seems to have a dichotomy of meritocracy (or perceived meritocracy) versus a kind of... individualistic exceptionalism... wherein many people believe they have equal merit to high achievers merely by being present.

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1. This is barely similar to the headdresses she makes. It'd be like PepFox getting bothered over someone making a watercolour animal brooch.

2. Shinkurose is shit tier quality. Those sheer overdresses that people fawn over are scratchy and stiff and look awkward in real life.

3. SR designer (pic related). Anons tease that sweet lolita is ageplay because pastels and sweets, but pic related is actual fucking ageplay, this legitimately looks like baby clothes for an adult.

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What does the original look like?

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Really the only thing I could think of when I saw this is "so, they now own copuright to any bad shaped transparent headdress?

I mean, the claire ones is different shape, made of lace instead of plain tule with a lace line outside, not fully round unlike those of SR. They literally only are both batwing shaped and opague...

It looks cheap, don't get me wrong. And that shape on the Claires one is horrible. But I wouldn't say it's an obvious knock-off from some B-indie brand...

pic related I just stole from their FB.

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That reach though. She clearly intended to use this "wholesale knockoff" as a way to promote her friend's indie brand. All she has achieved is making herself and her friend look bad.

>> No.9996152

This is the original?? I've seen countless gorgeous headdresses from gothic brands that are far more likely candidates to be the source of "inspiration" for the cheap knockoff.
That thing is a joke, especially if this >>9996064 is the person who makes them.

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These are some of the better pictures too. Some older pictures it looks not much better shaped than OP's photo.

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Let me answer it from my view, as someone who was once poor.

Because for poor people, it's more easy to cry about being threatened unfairly than actually do something to make life better. And when you get caught in that behaviour, you use that behaviour on everything you do.

Becoming fat is easy because lot of cheap food is crap food so it's more easy to scream people need to like you for who you are than take care you stay on a healthy weight. Because taking care of that would mean you have to think every time you buy food and then actually take some time to cook unless you wanna be stuck in the same few dishes. It's more work. Crying about people having to treat you nicely is more easy.

Getting into lolita is kinda because they see beautiful rich people who look perfect, and want it too. Lolita aesthetic has everything poor people don't and complain about not getting. They forget that most of these photo's are professional model photo's, edited, and/or taking in a specific moment to look as nice as possible. So because they already told themselves they deserve the same as the rest and life shouldn't be so unfair, they try to force it to themselves, often with very bad results.

It's kinda sad that these people are being listened to nowadays. This complaining about unfairness is nothing new, has always been there for as long as humans history goes back.

Honestly, I might have grew up poor. I kinda understand why people do this, but I got no respect for them. Get of your lazy ass. Life ain't fair, crying about it won't change that. Working on a better future instead tends to make you able to become at least middle class. There are generally two kinds of poor people, these entitled idiots who stay generally poor forever, and people who work their ass off, learn from their experience of being poor and use it as motivation not to end back there again. Those are the ones you rarely hear about unless they suddenly make it big.

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I see your point, I hadn't considered other alt fashion and the nature of buying lolita specifically. I was mostly thinking of other non-fashion hobbies that inherently require spending money to get the necessary equipment / items. It might just be my narrow experiences, but I haven't seen anything approaching nearly the same level of entitlement elsewhere.

I agree with >>9996031 in that it seems that unlike other similarly expensive interests (such as say, buying camera or sporting equipment), lolita is more than just clothes or a hobby and is actually a personal identity and marker of "specialness" for a lot of girls. I agree that people do tend to feel a particular sense of entitlement when they perceive they're being denied forms of self-expression or identity.

A lot of it is definitely also the western context of inclusivity like >>9996051 said, where people are just unable to accept that sometimes, things don't work out for some in terms of accessibility, and that that's ok and you have to just deal with it. Altogether, I think that's the attitude that's probably had the worst impact on lolita in general, like with how we feel pressure to include sissies and lolitas at heart in comms. Sadly, I don't see any easy fixes for this, it looks to be a deeply-rooted cultural problem.

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> I genuinely want to know: why is there such a strong correlation between being fat, a poorfag, and feeling entitled to lolita?

Let me explain this to you:
Most fat people are fat because they lack proper impulse control, it's a cruxial character trait they all have in common. Low impulse control means that they live for instant gratification. Instant gratification means they not just binge on a lot of shitty cheap food which makes them fat but also they are poor with money in general. They lack the concept of saving for something that it is worth for, instead they always go for the cheapest and fastest option available because their constant hunger for gratification demands it. They still want the nice things though aka being skinny, or in our case the expensive lolita clothes. The concept of things being not available to them for a long time but then being rewarded with the nice stuff in the end (like losing weight, or saving money to buy stuff that actually fits) is foreign to them because they always had a faster option in their live. That in lolita (speaking of most japanese brands) a "faster" option is not available fucks up with their reaility, so instead of seeking the failure inthemselves they again result to the fastest alternative: whining.

>> No.9996160

>it's more easy to scream people need to like you for who you are
This reminds me of the whole movement to change beauty standards where "everyone is beautiful." Rather than saying that maybe beauty isn't that important and that people can be valued for reasons other than being beautiful, fatty-chans just scream about how you're a horrible person if you don't think they're as pretty as the skinny girl they secretly wish they were. There's definitely a parallel with girls rejecting concrit and whining about meanies, because they would rather people praise them and pretend their horrible ita coords are so totemo kawaii instead of taking the effort to genuinely try and improve their coords over time. It's always the easy way out that's going to be more appealing, I guess.

>> No.9996161

>Sadly, I don't see any easy fixes for this
Imo the best way to fix it is to embrace our label of snobby elitist bitches, at least to some degree. Not to say that we should stop helping newbies and reject them all altogether, but we should stop bending over backwards to appease people who are going to bitch about us/use us regardless, especially when these people aren't even lolitas themselves.
Our community has this unjustified reputation even among people who have never talked to a single lolita in their entire lives, so I say we should embrace it for a change.

>> No.9996165

Yeah, that's probably the best way forward. It just sucks that there's so many goddamn itas who refuse to improve, entitled whiners, lolita at hearts, etc. in terms of sheer numbers. Although a lot of that might just be related to lurking RC, I'd like to think that it's not actually that bad.

>> No.9996166

>There are generally two kinds of poor people

There are also a whole bunch of people who don't complain and work their ass off and still stay poor because spoiler alert, not everyone can get a cushy IT job where they earn tons for just sitting on their ass all day. There are also people who work their asses off and still complain because life is frustrating in its unfairness and sometimes you just need to vent. This American attitude of "if you're poor that must mean you're a terrible person and deserve to be poor, anyone who makes an EFFORT can totally get out of poverty regardless of who they are and what social environment they're in" is unrealistic and dehumanizing.

That being said, people who are working hard tend to have their priorities in order enough that they realize they'll have to table their dream of frilly expensive clothes until they can actually afford them, if that time ever comes.

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While we're on the topic of entitlement and laziness:
>Do you any of you think there's been a trend towards being less willing to put effort into lolita and learn about it yourself?
>Have expectations for spoonfeeding and that kind of thing increased in recent years, or has it always been this way?
>Is it an actual change in the community over time, or is it more related to the move to more normie platforms like FB instead of LJ?

I wasn't here back in the day when brands didn't ship internationally yet and when there wasn't nearly as much online information and access to lolita in general, so I'm especially curious about oldfag opinions.

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I'm not saying that if they work hard they instantly go to middle class people with a bit of money to spend. It can take years. But when you work hard and play your cards well there are ways out of being poor unless you're somewhere where the goverment stops you from that, and then you should have whole other issues than fancy dresses...

A lot of people I know and still am friends with ended up doing simple jobs like factory work or construction. But they have a steady income, can save up, and they do live overal happy lives in decent enviroments. They don't life in big fancy houses nor are they anywhere near rich, and they don't have all the luxury others have. But they have stability and the ability to have a hobby or two that cost money, even when they can't go to every fancy event or buy all the newest releases.

Also, venting every now and then isn't the same as whining instead of doing stuff. Everyone vents about the frustrating things in life. It's about the people who coninously complain life isn't fair and that's the only reason they are poor instead of doing something usefull in that time.

I'm not American btw, so I doubt I have an American attitude. I'm just speaking from experience.

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>Do you any of you think there's been a trend towards being less willing to put effort into lolita and learn about it yourself?
I think the trend is more that people who won't look anything up themselves are being spoonfed out of this "you have to be nice and firend with anyone" trend lately, and you're scolled for calling them out because you're the meanie.

>Have expectations for spoonfeeding and that kind of thing increased in recent years, or has it always been this way?
attached to the first point. People are much more focussed on inclusitivity so instead of telling them to do research so they spoonfed to prevent drama.

>Is it an actual change in the community over time, or is it more related to the move to more normie platforms like FB instead of LJ?
It's mordern society in general. Especially Western modern society. You see it anywhere, not just lolita. Heck, a little time ago I saw a campain that people with acne all over there skin had to be found as beautiful as people with perfect skin. Honestly, I feel like all these inclusivity bullshit does is allow people to be lazy and take the easy way out. I would guess maybe because there are way less real problems nearby Western people that they have time to make up bullshit and listen to other peoples' their bullshit.

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This sounds really harsh and I really want to disagree but... yeah. I know a few people who grew up fat because their parents fed them crap and taught them bad habits, and also people who gained weight as a result of medical issues. I don’t think these things make someone inherently lazy or mean they have poor impulse control. HOWEVER everyone I know in these situations who has a good attitude towards bettering themselves in general, managed to change their habits and lost a significant amount of weight. It wasn’t easy but they still did it. The people I know who are unhappy about their weight but haven’t managed to lose any are the ones with bad attitudes, who think they deserve rewards just for showing up, often refuse to take responsibility for their actions (also in other areas of their life) and blame other people or the universe for all of their shortcomings.
Most of the fat girls in my comm have at some point declared that they want to get into sewing and make their own lolita clothing but they all give up at some point. It’s like they’re interested in sewing because it means they wouldn’t have to lose weight to fit brand, but as soon as they realize that becoming a good seamstress takes time and effort too, they drop the idea. It kind of rustles my petti when they call me “lucky” for my sewing skills, as if I was born with them and they didn’t take me many years of hard work to develop. It’s more offensive than when they call me lucky for being skinny enough to fit brand, imo.

>> No.9996196

I’ve been involved in the online comms since the mid-2000’s so I guess I count as an oldfag here.
>Do you any of you think there's been a trend towards being less willing to put effort into lolita and learn about it yourself?
>Have expectations for spoonfeeding and that kind of thing increased in recent years, or has it always been this way?
There have always been people who expected to be spoonfed and used EGL and other communities like some kind of personalised Google service. Some commenters would answer their questions, some would point them to the archives, some just got snarky. Repeat offenders could end up on getoffegl. The biggest changes since Ye Olden Times are that there are now many more people interested in lolita, and that information (along with the clothes) is much more easily accessible in various languages. The latter makes it more obvious that the people asking basic questions like “where do I buy lolita clothes” didn’t make even the slightest attempt to look for this information themselves, because googling that phrase brings up dozens of videos, guides, websites, and forum posts with useful information. My local comm even has a detailed FAQ in our native language stickied at the top of the page that explains everything a newbie lolita needs to know. Yet people still prefer to ask the group “where 2 buy loli cloths???” as if we have nothing better to do than to type out all this information again and again and again for everyone who asks. Sometimes they’re offended and accuse us of being unwelcoming when someone points them to the FAQ rather than write out an entire comment, when they’re just being efficient. It’s pretty frustrating.

>> No.9996197

>Is it an actual change in the community over time, or is it more related to the move to more normie platforms like FB instead of LJ?
I do believe the move is part of it. We’ve become more visible and less niche, which means that more “casuals” are becoming aware of our communities. When I started, finding out about lolita fashion as a westerner and joining communities like EGL meant that you had already done a bit of digging and were willing to explore sources in languages other than your own. Lolita content on YT was scarce and all in Japanese, publicly accessible street snaps were also Japanese while westerners primarily posted their pictures in closed LJ groups, and most English-language information was to be found in a livejournal community with an acronym for a name. People had to search and possibly create a LJ account in order to talk to us. Now all they have to do is log into FB and click “ask to join” on a group that’s recommended to them by the website as they scroll through their feed. It’s no mystery why most people who expect be spoonfed are weebs who are already involved in cosplay or other Japanese pop culture communities. Wether it’s FB or IG or Pinterest, social media has made it so much easier for people to randomly stumble upon our fashion with zero research required on their part.

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Not sure if this applies to other countries but in the US in a lot of places junk food is cheaper and more accessible than health food. Access to medical treatment is also expensive, so if they have a medical issue contributing to their weightloss, such as a mobility or thyroid issue, it may be going untreated. It's highly likely there is a much larger number of poor lolitas that are overweight than poor lolitas who are a healthy weight. Not to mention if they decide to wear Lolita they will have to spend extra money or alterations or custom sizing.

>> No.9996270

It's not just lolita or fat people, there are poorfag cosplayers starting gofundme campains, ko-fi or patreon (the latter requires some work on it) to be able to cosplay instead of getting a job.

>> No.9996275

Honestly I find poorfag cosplayers worse than poorfag lolitas. Most poorfag lolitas at least just cheap out and buy BL or replicas, but poorfag cosplayers whine and cry as if dressing up as their animu waifu is a right that they're being denied.
There are also cosplayers who can afford their own cosplays but beg for donations anyway.

>> No.9996280

That as well, I know plenty of people that have more or more expensive cosplays than me and still cry about not being able to afford their costumes. Or they have a room full of merch/figurines.

>> No.9996347

I know several people who have rooms full of figurines or special plush toys or some other pricey collection hobby who’ll still whine to me about how they’d like to get into lolita but it’s unreasonably expensive and they can’t afford it. Yeah no shit, you’re already spending most of your expendable income on toys. Am I supposed to feel bad for them?

>> No.9996358

>Am I supposed to feel bad for them?
Maybe for their mental state of being retarded, ignorant and bad with money. Otherwise no.

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God fucking damn, this.

>> No.9996364

This is the case with a lot of girls in my comm who whine about being "poor". They're so dramatic about the "kidneys" they had to spare to get their measly pieces of brand that they barely ever wear, while they constantly drop money on weeb shit. I can't take them seriously if I cared to try.

>> No.9996388

Having seen it in person it actually looks pretty good, especially when combined with other accessorises like pearls or clips

>> No.9996411

I'm>>9995983, you bring up great points, and I completely agree with you. I wish comms could kick these people to the curb. There's too many libfems in lolita to do so though.

>> No.9996497

That design looks like you put on a bonnet retardedly. So ugly, like someone crossed the AB bat bonnet with the world's shittiest oversized chiffon maid headdress

>> No.9996574

I know so many people who blow all of their money on things like eating out or expensive makeup and then have the nerve to turn around and complain about how costly cosplay/lolita is and how they never have money for it.

There's a girl I know whose mom gives her money for cosplay in addition to paying for her rent, food, and college tuition, but she blows all of that money on dumb shit and cries about how she works ~so hard~ but can't afford cosplay anyways.

>> No.9996818

This is a straight lie. Junk food isnt cheaper and there are plenty of ways to get healthy food. People just don't want to. People are lazy and thats an unfortunate fact. Now health care accessibility is another issue i wont refute but the sheer amount of overweight lolitas in an overpopulated urban area where theres not a grocery store for miles (also take the bus get your groceries and go back home) that have a thyroid issue or other medical issue that causes them to gain weight easily is a very small group. A thyroid issue or something like that doesnt account for 50+ lb weight gain. Body weight excersise is also doable and free btw.
It's mostly excuses sorry to say.

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>Having seen it in person it actually looks pretty good
>pic related for some worn pictures I found on their FB.
I highly doubt it. The only pictures that looked decent where either very OTT outfits that are so busy they draw attention away from the headdress, or they where photoshoot photo's that look edited to look beter (which is fine for photo shoots, but doesn't make the actual items better).

>> No.9996842
File: 1.01 MB, 972x956, temp 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bonus doubts for the owner looking like this. Someone who looks like they belong in the ita tread isn't very likely to make great quality items. Just look at the lace around that bonnet. And I'm not even gonna start on the right picture.

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File: 748 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180921_151007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would you scalp something this high and show the tag of the original price?

>> No.9996858

ehh i wouldnt call this a straight lie. fast food across the board is extremely cheap (ie. dollar menus etc). Healthy food is definitely more expensive, eating healthy is not. There is a difference. When you go to the grocery store, the items being marketed as "healthy" are organic, etc and are more expensive. It comes down to education. If you dont know what a balanced diet is, and only think of healthy food as what is being marketed to you, it is intimidating and expensive. Considering brand name allegiance (like Kraft, etc). most people who are overwhelmed by the idea of eating right will stick with the comfortable familiar. Obesity from overeating is an eating disorder. It's much more complicated than "being lazy"--- and I'm saying this NOT as a fatty chan, but actually as an anorexic.

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also regarding OP this just got posted on Chinese Lolita Updates so OH NO ANOTHER RIP OFF

>> No.9996862

This one looks better than both RS and that claires one together tho.

>> No.9996863

On the topic of being poor- I am pretty poor. I can still afford to get brand.
I work my butt off, budget, don't spend shit on shit I don't really need/want.
If I splurge, I'm splurging on brand or something eqaully nice for myself.
I know how to shop deals and know what's a good price and what isn't.
If I knew more about getting rid of stains and sewing, I'd by cheap wunderwelt and fix it myself.

>> No.9996958

Agreed. Basically what >>9996497 said. I've seen various people wear this headdress in person and it never looks good.

>> No.9996977

jeez, someone has the link for that store? reverse search only gave me cat ears

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>> No.9996990

yeah you can buy one burger for one dollar that lasts one meal, or 2 lbs of bananas (as an example) for one dollar, that will last more than one meal. Also, you can get a big bag or rice or a container of oats for a few dollars that will last several meals.... fast food might feel "cheaper" but actual food is cheaper... most fat people are just lazy. I used to be fat, and I used to eat shit food, but once I started trying to eat healthy, making my own meals, and working out, I actually did lose weight. Sadly, I am still on the high end of average and no matter what I do I can't seem to lose any more, but I have hypothyroid and losing in general is pretty difficult. But it can be done, and neither food nor disease is an excuse.

>> No.9997001

I agree that eating healthy isn't as expensive as people make it out to be but 5 bananas is not a meal

>> No.9997002

no, it's 5 meals anon. When I was thinner I used to eat a banana and coffee for breakfast every day. I should probably start doing that again desu.

>> No.9997003


I eat an egg and coffee. I hate bananas. It's cheaper, also dat protein is enough to keep me going until lunch.

>> No.9997004

As someone who has been losing a lot of weight, education about nutritional value, calories, and portion size is super important but very uncommon. There were a lot of times I thought I was eating healthy, but actually wasnt. It doesn't matter how many veggies you throw in your homemade sauce. Just having a "bowl" full of the pasta is gonna be pretty much all of your caloric intake for the day. A PB&J is not a safe alternative to a hamburger. Tortilla crisps aren't better for you than potato. Juice isn't better than soda.
Unfortunately for me, my school's nutritional education didn't say much more than avoid junk food and sweets. I'm sure there are many people still out there with the same impression. Getting fat off of non-junk because they fill their glasses, plates, and bowls completely, because other than prepping, why would anyone think to use kitchen scales or measuring cups?

>> No.9997006

I agree with this. I took classes in food and nutrition and the ACTUAL problem in most first world countries isn't access to food, it's the lack of knowledge of how to attain and prepare it. They don't teach you how to fry and egg, boil a potato, open a can of fish or find a fucking farmers market in public school. Additionally, fast food is severely lacking in nutrients, so you can eat a burger and fries and still feel hungry because your body hasn't received what it needs. So for someone to actually become grossly fat from junk food, they would need to eat a LOT of it, and at that point any argument about the cost of food is moot.

>> No.9997007

A banana is less than 150 calories, and even if it were more bananas aren't a meal
You could eat 400 calories of just peas and a coffee and call that a meal but that's not a fucking meal, same goes for bananas

>> No.9997009

Mediterranean fag here, it's better for your health to eat a big breakfast and big lunch and just skip dinner

>> No.9997016


>> No.9997021

Found the fatty

>> No.9997026

That may be, but my SO likes to go out to eat for dinner often so I gotta eat almost nothing during the day so I don't get fat eating out all the time.

>> No.9997034

>more bananas aren't a meal
don't tell that to Freelee the Banana Girl. She banana loads. Look up the Banana Diet. Totally bizarre.

>> No.9997039

When you are on /fit/ for enough time you see enough threads and anons autistically breaking down macros and prices and what not. This argument of fast food is cheap blah blah has been proven false time and time again. Fast Food tends to make you hungrier more often so you eat more and that causes the food to be overall more expensive. And i feel like the argument that was made that it was more of a societal issue than a personal issue and now its "people are overwhelmed". Having the internet accessible and much information at everyone's fingertips its hard to keep passing the buck on this.
Obtain information. Make better choices. Don't let excuses get int the way of your dreams.

>> No.9997082

Because there are actually sad little shits who will still fall for that.

>> No.9997091


>> No.9997144

I hate fatties solely for the fact that they can do something about it to fit into lolita. I'm tall and skinny but there's just no way I will ever be able to fit in many dresses because I'm just too tall. There is no solution. It fucking sucks, honestly.

>> No.9997151

Right! Every dress I get has the waist band hitting me 2” above my actual waistline and it makes me look and feel like a balloon. I look at girls on fb and be like “that girls so much heavier than me but she can fit into that dress and I cant”

>> No.9997159

Only 2"? You're luckier than you realize.

>> No.9997182

you eat 450 calories a day?

>> No.9997189

this was me like 4 years ago and then i got fat and am still tall and fit even fewer things. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES. EMBRACE THE LEGS. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

>> No.9997191

I really think that it comes down to the idea that fast food seems less expensive in the short term, but people don't realize that home cooked meals are less expensive in the long run.

Food that is healthy and good for you (rice, beans, fresh produce, meats, ect.) take time, effort and knowledge to prepare. It's really easy to peel a banana and eat it for breakfast, but it takes some sort of effort and knowledge to prepare a nutritionally substantial dinner.
I'm not saying that making healthy food is too hard, not at all. I am both disabled and a full time student and I still prepare 90% of my meals. However, there's a shitton of people who never learned what proper food was and additionally, never bothered to learn how to make anything that's actually good for you when they moved out.

So we have time, effort and knowledge counting against people. I think that knowledge especially falls into two huge facets; knowing how to prepare food, and knowing what food is actually good for you and provides the most nutrition for the least amount of money.

I think this tumblr post is honestly the best example. Eliminating the very real problems of food deserts in the US, we see what the real issue here is: a lack of education. Who the fuck buys a whole pineapple and grapes? People who don't realize that apples, oranges and bananas will give you more nutrition at a lower price. Also, the teeth-rotting sugar water that is soda. People spend so much money on fucking soda.
Again, people depend too much on pre-packaged, expensive crap because the only thing they know of "real food" is handed to them from a drive-thru window.

Fast food, take out, and restaurants should not compose the majority of your diet. People will just end up fat, malnourished and broke.

>> No.9997192
File: 71 KB, 400x567, tumblr_oublehA8Ij1uv6gfho1_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it's time for bed because I dropped my file.

>> No.9997197

NWYRT but no, I eat 1200 calories a day and still maintain 110-115 lbs @ 5’3.

>> No.9997204

that's fatty-chan territory, desu

>> No.9997205

Hello ana-chan

>> No.9997241

thanks a lot for the help

>> No.9997245

>They don't teach you how to fry and egg, boil a potato, open a can of fish or find a fucking farmers market in public school.
Because this is your parents job. School should prepare you for work, teach you what you need to know to get a job and be productive in it, it's not there to raise you and teach you how to be a responsible adult. Parents failing to do their job isn't the fault of the education system. Same for the often made complains about not learning how to do taxes, knowing nothing about political parties, your rights and laws that are about your private life, etc.

>I really think that it comes down to the idea that fast food seems less expensive in the short term, but people don't realize that home cooked meals are less expensive in the long run.
This is true. This is also why a lot of poor people we see complaining are fat in comparison to others. Often, those who keep complaining aren't the best at thinking long term in general. Poor people who think long time tend to get somewhere. Not necesarily rich, but they work on something and get somewhere, and there don't complain because they are first bussy getting there and then are less poor so they know it could be way worse. Other than general fending everyone does, you generally won't hear them complain like the entitled ita's the conversation started about. Ita's spend money on crap instead of saving up because it get's them something now, and it's somehow hard for them to grasp that if they save up instead, they could have nice things people wouldn't laugh at them for.

>> No.9997246

>tfw I can't even eat 3 days McDonalds of that money because McDonalds is fucking expansive here and a luxury marketed towards children wanting it so bad parents take them to it. I spend 10-15 euro if I want an adult meal...

>> No.9997247

>Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
Please go back to Tumblr.

>> No.9997400

Ay,same! Although due to depression i'm at 1500 and 120lbs. I'm a fatty

>> No.9997424

Saw this on Facebook and wanted to punch the OP. SO.MUCH.BULLSHIT in one post. This is a huuuuge lie!

>> No.9997509

Yeah this is so fucking false, not to mention those aren't even super healthy fruits...no vegetables, really?

>> No.9997510

that looks so cool, actually.

>> No.9997523

Those items are expensive af in my area. Need to shop seasonally and not buy a specific fruit item if it’s too expensive. I can get apples for a great price in summer but in winter they are 5x that. Wonder why...

>> No.9997532

This is hideous. It looks like a tatty Halloween accessory.

>> No.9997547

Maybe this person lives on an island.

>> No.9997569

I disagree anon. School should add onto and reinforce what you should be learning from your parents (responsible adulting) because why the hell not? It's better than letting idiots take 5 gym classes in high school because it's an easy A as we do in America. But look at our school lunches. They reinforce the same bad eating habits most families already have.

>> No.9997578

>because why the hell not
Because you can't do everything, and time spend in making up for bad parenting is time not spend on making you ready for the future. If it can be done, nice, but it isn't their primary concern nor the reason they are made. They shouldn't get the blame when the one responsible fails.

>It's better than letting idiots take 5 gym classes in high school because it's an easy A as we do in America.
I never said American systems are great. I'm not American and I don't know everything about their school systems. I'm just talking about the use of school vs the use of other things in life. Same counts for lunches. In my country people bring their own lunches, and if there are lunches sold, my schools always had many healthy bread based option with healthy things on them. Many options for reasonable prices.

Like I said, if they CAN teach it next to their regular classes without making those classes suffer under it, it's nice. But they shouldn't be the one who get's the blame when the people, this case parents, failed their job because schools are for education and you didn't learn something. That is a very big simplification of what schools are for and blaming the wrong group.

>ibf but I never use most of my classes after I finish them
No one uses all of them. But they have a use. Partly it's to teach you to think in a certain way, train your brains for it. You don't use weird formulas, you do use mathmatical thinking every day when shopping, when calculating stuff for a new house. Until you get to college/university, you're generally not sure what you want to do. You can choose classes in order to make it a bit towards the right direction, but rarely do people know it for sure entirely already. Schools before university/college give you a basis that allow you to have options. Yes, I actually do use all those weird formula's you learn with mathematics for example, which is the most typical example of stuff people say they never endup using

>> No.9997579

>time spend in making up for bad parenting is time not spend on making you ready for the futu
I meant for your future job

>> No.9997625

I never said make up for bad parenting, I said add and reinforce, nor am I blaming the schools for parents failure. I get that you can't do everything, but something is still better than nothing. I'm speaking from an American perspective though, so you might just not realize how bad it is here.
Our school lunches are unhealthy, no open campus, and bagged lunches are very unpopular (only if you're poor and you don't get discount lunch). You also only have 30 minutes to gobble your food down and get back to class. You also have the rich kids getting money from their parents to eat at basically junk food stands with crap like pizza and nachos. Vending machines filled with pop/soda and sugary drinks.

If healthy foods were available and actually tasted good, kids would be more interested in learning to make it on their own.

>> No.9997629


I'm sorry but my mandatory home ec class sucked and I do not want a whole year of that added to my future kids' syllabus as another class to bog them down on top of mandatory PE, which is nice in concept but a joke in real life.

>> No.9997659

Really? I can get enough food for a day for $4 at mcdonalds.
It still works out cheaper to buy whole food and cook it, but the difference in price varies a lot based on where you are.

>> No.9997962


My home ec classes sucked too, teacher goes straight to "everybody start cooking now" and then scolds us later when it turns out some of us have never seen boiled fried rice. Still, at least I know how to cook some basic food as an adult. It may be a pain, but I think if home ec sucks that bad, then the right response is to fix it so that it gives actually useful information, rather than scrap it altogether.

As for the "school should prepare you for work" angle, you'd get better, more productive workers from someone who can feed themselves instead of someone who pigs out on junk all the time. Plus imagine the waste of taxpayer’s money — all that money spent educating a worker bee but its productivity is way below par because it’s depressed because it’s fat, and it’s fat because nobody taught it how to cook, and then to top things off it’s so fat that it dies from a heart attack barely a few decades into its productive years. That’s so inefficient. Sure, if you teach them to cook maybe only half will take to the lesson, but at least that’s a 50% QC pass rate rather than 90% fail rate.

>> No.9998054

>I never said make up for bad parenting, I said add and reinforce, nor am I blaming the schools for parents failure.
But you disagreed to my point that school's shouldn't get the blame because it's not their job to teach you that, and that I'm kinda tired of people continuously blaming schooling for not teaching them the stuff someone else should have thought them. I'm not saying there aren't problems, I'm saying this specific problem isn't the schooling systems fault.
>Our school lunches are unhealthy, no open campus
Maybe they then need to fix the canteens, but that's not the education itself. Having decent food options is a different thing than changing classes to food education, and honestly, I think any place people are pretty much forced to eat should have healthy options in the first place, school or not.
>bagged lunches are very unpopular
This is still a cultural problem and not a schooling system problem.

>you'd get better, more productive workers from someone who can feed themselves
True, but that doesn't make it the schools job to teach you to feed yourself or make nice meals, unless you're studying to be a cook. It's still you parents job to teach you this. If they are failing, there are problems. But the problems aren't the schooling systems fault.

My point is, to both of you, there are problems. I'm not denying that. I'm saying these specific problems aren't related to the schooling system, but to cultural problems, parenting problems, and overall over-capitalisation allowing big companies to market unhealthy food without much rules. Blaming the wrong source just makes it harder to get proper solutions. Better look at the actual source and fix that than search for a fix make up for the original problem, yet keep that original problem around.

>> No.9998062

Where I life laws about quality of food or higher than USA, which results in them having to make the crappy food a bit less crappy. It's also a reasonably expensive country so people are used to pay a lot. I can buy a microwave meal for 3 euro that's much more healthy than McDonalds tho. Most poor people live on such meals here (or simularly bad ones), or they make food themselves. But then, overweight isn't a big problem here either, not even for poor people. Overall health is tho, they don't eat or live that healthy...

Here the McDonalds is marketed to kids wanting the Happy Meals so parents buy and people having a nice "family day", as well as being marketed to young people who want some cheap food during shopping and going out to cafes (most cafes only have snacks, I was so suprised seeing them as whole restaurants in the USA). They also try to market it as enviourmental friendly but everyone knows they're not. Going out for dinner is exapnsive here. McDonalds is still one of the cheapest options with 10-15 euro a meal a person.

>> No.9998107

No, I disagreed in general. Especially your point that school is only to prepare you for work.
>fix the canteens
Yes, they should. Classes could add to that, but that's the main issue. I never said anything about classes, but you assumed what kids eat doesn't teach them about food.
And why is not having bagged lunches a problem? I don't see anything wrong with it. The only reason I can see to use it instead is if the school lunch was unhealthy (which is why the school lunch should be fixed because it's more convenient to eat school lunch).

I agree parenting is a problem, but schools do not help with the situation, with having several snack times during the day for small kids, and only 30 minutes to finish their lunch, no wonder they can't eat a proper meal.

>> No.9998128

>but you assumed what kids eat doesn't teach them about food
I didn't, I said it's wasn't the education system but rules around what can be served where. I said the education system isn't to blame for people not knowing about food, and the canteen isn't education system, it's facilitates and laws on who can sell what where. Education system is what classes you should get, and keeping those classes on a certain level. Also, the way things are thought and tested, and the way you proceed trough schools (primary, high school, college, etc. In my country, there are countless of types of schools much more than those 3)
>Especially your point that school is only to prepare you for work.
This literally is the point of school. It's my problem people miss it and blame anything they don't know on the schooling. School teaches you how to do a job, parents raise you to be decent people. Cooking, taxes, etc are parents things to learn. If too few people in a country can do that, there are bigger problems somewhere else. It could be marketing keeping peoples stupid, it could be accessibility, it could be many things. But school is still not there to teach you how to make a meal and not be fat. That's part of being a decent human being who can do basic survival things. Parenting...

>why is not having bagged lunches a problem?
It's not a problem, but looking negative at people who bring their own lunch is. I see no reason why I it would be bad if I bring my own healthy lunch from home.

>I agree parenting is a problem, but schools do not help with the situation
Honestly, I can easily eat a meal in 30 minutes. Especially since it's already prepared either at home or by canteen people. Considering the times schools work on, one break should be enough. Heck, I would even eat bread in the small breaks you call snack breaks. No one says you need to snack in them...

>> No.9998138

You do in BJD, but that’s another can of worms desu

>> No.9998143

Stop spreading bullshit anon

Junk food maybe mot be cheaper than healthy food, but it’s already pre-made and easily available. Look up food deserts, it’s a real thing

And when you have $5 to spend and an hour left until you start your 2nd job, are you really going to spend it on on shit you need to cook?

Not to completely defend poor fats, but being poor and fat is a hard trap to get out of.

>> No.9998169

We obviously disagree on what constitutes education and what doesn't. As I said, America does not work the same way. Governmental regulations control what is served at school as well as what is taught in classes.

And we disagree that school is purely for work. You can't just argue that it's the point of school and expect me to understand why you think it's the point of school.

>bagged lunches
Okay, but that doesn't add anything to the health argument, I mentioned it as a cultural difference so you could realize the majority eats school provided food.

>Honestly, I can easily eat a meal in 30 minutes.
That doesn't make it healthy. There are plenty of studies you can look up on this. For example: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21802566
And kids should not be given small breaks. Instead they should be given enough time at lunch to finish their meal. Children eat slower than adults, so why not give them enough time to finish their food?

>> No.9998191

Please tell me more anon.

>> No.9998684

>Governmental regulations control what is served at school as well as what is taught in classes.
That's also. And if they do, than the goverment should altered what is served in school. But considering USA, I expect big companies having quite a say in this. Even here they make deals with the goverment, and we're not nearly as capitalised and money bound as the USA. If you think big multinationals have no say in politics you're really missing a lot.

>You can't just argue that it's the point of school and expect me to understand why you think it's the point of school.
But it's simply a fact. And I'm horribly annoyed that people say "why don't I learn that on school while I did have to learn all these useless thing I never use" when that's not what schools are made for. That people keep screaming that is caused by ignorance. Maybe you want schools to teach more, but schools are made to teach you stuff needed for jobs, only exception the past they would teach woman to be housewives, because that was all a woman was allowed to be (that was pretty much their job). It's simply what they are invented for. Asking to explain that is like explaining why a fork was made for eating and not brushing your hair like Ariel does in the little mermaid.

>bagged lunches
I just mentioned it because when bagged lunches wouldn't be looked down upon as a poor people thing it would be easier to decide to bring your own healthy lunch when there are only unhealthy options. Nothing more. I still think there should be healthy options in general, but it was just a simply side notion.

>> No.9998685

>That doesn't make it healthy.
What kind of meal do eat? As a kid finished my breakfast in 5-10 minutes if I ate calmly (now as an adult I tak 3-5 minutes), which results that even in the small breaks I would be bored waiting for class to start again. Same for lunch. Preparing takes more time, but you don't have to do that. Dinner might take 30 minutes, but you don't eat dinner at school. Honestly, most people here use 30 minutes breaks to sneak of school grounds, go buy unhealthy crap at the supermarket because it's not for sale at the schools, go back to school, and eat it. If you need more than 30 minutes to eat a simply lunch there is really something weird going on... I literally don't know anyone who can't eat a lunch in 10-15 minutes...

Beside, the small breaks are extra. Considering a normal balanced eating habbit would generally be breakfast, lunch, dinner. Breakfast before school, big break for lunch, dinner when you're home. The small breaks are extra, and so is anything you eat. There is no reason to need more time off, or to even snack in general.

>> No.9998748

Sorry to break it to you anon but im not spreading bullshit. The amount of overweight thyroid damaged poor lolitas in a food desert is an unbelievably small number.
Even still public transit is a thing. Walking to a grocery store is a thing. Walking several miles will suck but wont kill them. Spending their only $5 and starting their second job is this crazy scenario that is fixable with planning out their life. It may suck but its doable. There are public assistance programs as well if they cant afford food. There are so many things people can do to help themselves but they just dont because it doesnt come easily.
If someone is indeed that poor maybe they should also not be getting into a luxury fashion as well. Thats also an idea.
And to top it off i walk almost 2 miles in florida heat myself to get groceries so it's not like im sitting in some ivory tower telling people to do shit while i live some comfy life.
It may suck but having a better life requires planning and doing things that are shitty and uncomfortable.

>> No.9998751

I agree with you anon. You're not spreading bullshit. Poor people in the US complain so much about everything instead of taking literally any kind of initiative to fix it themselves. Nobody is making them eat McDonalds. They can eat rice and beans like poor people in the rest of the world, it would be much healthier and walking to the food store wouldn't hurt them either. But they don't WANT to, so they blame their problems on everyone else and stay fat and poor forever.

>> No.9998761

>If someone is indeed that poor maybe they should also not be getting into a luxury fashion as well.
This so fucking hard. If you have the possibility to get into some fancy luxury fashion, you could also use that time and money to get proper food and your life on track. It's about making the right choices, not the easier choice and then complain life is so unfair.

>Poor people in the US complain so much about everything instead of taking literally any kind of initiative to fix it themselves.
You have these people everywhere. I'm from Europe but growing up poor I saw this people all around as well, making dumb choices keeping them poor. Although it does seem that the ones in the USA are the most extreme and the loudest online.

>> No.9998788

Some people eat slow and have bigger lunches. It’s not weird to eat differently. And some people don’t gave the luxury of packed meals as kids.

>> No.9998799

Americans seem to think they have a 'right' to everything. I don't get it even though I've lived here my whole life. I guess I should be grateful I had decent parents who didn't raise me to be an ungrateful twat. Makes you wonder what all those poor sweatshop workers living off of rice and lentils think when they sew 5XL tentlike shirts for entitled Amerifats.

>> No.9999036

I don't know about those big sizes specific, but I remember seeing someone go to a sweatshop in Asia where some expansive jeans where made. They didn't know what to do but laugh in a "wtf is wrong with these people" kinda way after being told the retail price in Western countries. They had no clue, where completely flabbergasted.

>> No.9999047

Again I didn't say you need to have packed meals, learn to read. I only said looking down on people brining their own meal isn't helping, especially not when it's one of the few ways to get healthy food.

How is that luxury anyways? The first point was that it was for poor people and therefor looked down upon so people didn't do it much...

If you reply on me saying you don't have to prepare it, I already said, and it should be common sense anyways, that you prepare it at home before going to school, or buy it at school, both ways it's already made far before lunch starts so it's not costing you time in your 30 minute break. Most pre-packed food contains stuff less healthy than lunches you can make yourself anyways.

It's not weird to eat different, or slower. It is weird not to be able to eat a normal sized lunch in far under 30 minutes. Getting oversized portions isn't helping the fat problem either. Even a slow eater should be able to eat a few sandwiches in 30 minutes, or any general lunch related dish. If you try to talk about specific dishes that really needs longer, perhaps bring something else to lunch when you know the schedule? There is a lot of healthy and tasty food that can easily fill even a big eater in far under 30 minutes. You don't need a full 5 course dinner as lunch... If you truly believe people need to eat so much they can't finish lunch in 30 minutes, you're just showing part of the problem why so many people are fat. There is clearly something going wrong in the way you think about food... And that's something your parent should have thought you better at, not school, before you start blaming that again...

>> No.9999052


I think what needs to happen is a decrease in readily available and unhealthy food which is what the US excels in. I went overseas for college, and I often cooked instead of going out to eat because simply speaking it was cheaper by more than a factor of 4-5. Comparing this with my boyfriend, who stayed in the US for college, he often went to eat out because it was more efficient and while slightly pricier, paid out in that he had more time to study/hang out with friends etc.

I was crash course taught cooking in less than 2 days by my mom. I learned the rest of cooking over youtube, including more advanced cooking techniques. Cooking is not hard. I don't consider myself a good cook, but I know how to balance a meal and make it palatable. Cooking nutritiously is not hard. There are an overwhelming wealth of resources and quite frankly I don't think a course in high school will sway much in the way of people making better decisions. In fact, actually, I had health class in high school, which was a disaster and you still saw kids sneaking off in droves to the local Wendy's 10 minutes later to grab fries and shakes. The question is whether they want to apply that knowledge or not, which frankly I think the majority didn't.

>> No.9999092

>food deserts
it is genuinely fucking wild how many people in this country do not realize what a serious problem this is. i live in socal so there's literally no place in the developed world where a wider variety of fresh foods can be had for a cheaper price, but the fucking ignorance of some of the people around here to assume it's that way everywhere??? how do you fucking tie your shoes in the morning??

>> No.9999119

Same here, people criticize the south of the US for being overweight but I’ve literally been places where the only place for 45 minutes is a convenience store that sells basic stuff and junk snacks. My partner’s family lives that way, but they farm because they have the land to do so. It’s really shitty. Mind you though, people who tend to look down from a pedestal also tend to have no formal extended education.

>> No.9999154

This is America. People love their shit tier food. If there's a demand then a company will supply it. If people want more healthy food they need to stop buying junk. No small town grocery store will start stocking up on healthy options nobody will buy but should buy. No giant grocery store will do the same either. If people ask for good food they will get it. Everyone's so eager to tell a company to kill itself and lay off all the workers within the company (nestle for chocolates or something like McDonald's) cause its fattening junk- simply because if its not around people will be healthier! Surely its the right thing to do- but everyone keeps shoving their face full of those products.

>> No.9999161

>No small town grocery store will start stocking up on healthy options nobody will buy but should buy.
It's not even that. Even if people did buy it, healthy foods tend to be perishable since it's not loaded with salt/sugar/whatever other preservatives. Why risk losing income because your stock rotted?

>> No.9999268

First of all, "a couple of sandwiches" is not a healthy lunch. Bread is filler food that usually has quite a lot of sugar in it. Secondly there are a LOT of health benefits to eating slowly. One that's particularly relevant to this topic is that if you don't wolf down your food you can actually start to feel when you're full, which makes you less likely to eat as much. Taking a break from your daily activities to actually savor and enjoy your food is good for you mentally, good for your digestion, good for your overall health. Lunch breaks are not supposed to be some entirely utilitarian pause where you just shove all the food in your mouth so you can keep going, it's supposed to be an actual BREAK. You have to actually get to the cafeteria (which, depending on your school might be far away from your classroom), you have to stand in line to get your food (which also might take a while depending on how crowded it is) and you have to walk back to your next class in those 30 minutes. You're the one with a warped relationship to eating if you think that's "plenty of time" to eat a full meal.

>> No.9999285

OK but if I eat udon or pad thai every meal, how bad is that for me?

>> No.9999287

Imagine being this delusional.
This cracks me up too.

>> No.9999290

That’s way too much natural sugar for that poorfag.

>> No.9999297

>Bread is filler food that usually has quite a lot of sugar in it.
Get better bread. Good bread is healthy.

>Secondly there are a LOT of health benefits to eating slowly.
There is a difference between slowly and needing 30 minutes for lunch. Even slowly one should be able to eat lunch in 30 minutes.

>Lunch breaks are not supposed to be some entirely utilitarian pause where you just shove all the food in your mouth so you can keep going, it's supposed to be an actual BREAK
I'm pretty sure the name already says it's a break to eat lunch. Never the less, I'm a slow eater and I still got 20 minutes left after eating my full lunch slowly in a 30 minute break.

>You have to actually get to the cafeteria
I doubt that's a 30 minute walk. And again, if there is no sale point for food nearby, maybe bring your own? Nothing wrong with that. There is no rule you have to buy food...

You either eat too much, or eat things that aren't suited for lunch time. And it's not a big vacation or free time. You can do fun stuff after school. A break of 30 minutes is more than enough. Schools and jobs all over the world hold to it for a reason. It's a good balance and you're just idiotic complaining. Honestly, you sound just as stupid as these fat people complaining they don't get stuff for free instead of looking at themselves for a moment. You're not right. Almost all the world doesn't agree with you. People all over the world are doing fine with a 30 minute break.

>> No.9999335

Because hopefully enough people bought stuff to offset the cost of lost income from spoiled produce. Even a small mom and pop grocery store a 15 min. Walk from my house as a kid in a town with roughly 24k people in it had a small amount of produce available. Small but still something available.

>> No.9999347

Menhera here, there's a lottttt of weird entitlement here too with some people who want to wear menhera but want to 'experiment' and break the few fashion rules there are.

>> No.9999393

Don't bother arguing with them anon. I gave up because they won't even read what you have to say let alone comprehend it.

>> No.9999406

Ew I hate this. It's so saggy inside and kinda looks like they're wearing a garter belt on their heads

>> No.9999492

There’s that complete ignorance I mentioned.

>it was this way in the one place I have anecdotal experience of therefore everyone who doesn’t do what I say is just lazy!

Fucking retard.

>> No.9999504
File: 187 KB, 720x1069, IMG_20180925_200941.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That totally happened.
If you're going to make up stories make them believable

>> No.9999513

Hey, Mediterranean fag here again, but the healthiest way to eat is to 1. Have lunch as the main meal of the day and
2. Have a short rest afterwards. I went to school in Canada, and my family treated the scool "lunch" breaks as snack breaks and I would eat the second I came home, or my family (when we lived close enough) would have me walk home to eat during the hour for lunch/recess.
This is the way most of southern europe eats, and I've been to places in northern China that do the same.

>> No.9999518

when a girl straight up lies about something that didn’t happen it really makes difficult it for the people who are dealing with actual racism.

She’s more than likely misconstruing what “happened”; it was probably lolitas calling her a hamplanet ita but being a fat fuck ita isn’t oppressive enough so she had to make it about race.

>> No.9999531

>The White Peacock
Wasn't that a notoriously ita brand? lol

>> No.9999539

This. I hope someone calls her fat ita ass out on BtB. She def got called ita or fat but given most lolitas wouldnt start shit irl and even avoid calling anyone ita irl i hiiighly doubt it happened. Also it makes no sense.How would that be looking like a slave? This is a r/thathappened tier post

>> No.10001732
File: 84 KB, 1080x581, Screenshot_20180928-151356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bawleted already but thought I'd share.

>> No.10001745

>dream dress
Wouldn't they want the original then?

>> No.10001747

She's either cheap like most replica chans, or retarded and doesn't understand what the word "replica" means in this context. I've seen it happen before.

>> No.10001749

lmfao what. Does she really think people are gonna belive this shit? "look like a slave" in a fancy frilly dress yeah OK.

>> No.10001828

She's probably one of those "muh brand are evil and should make stuff accessibly for people. If they would just be cheap and in whale size I would have bought but it's their own fault I need a replica because I love the print and am entitled to own said print" kind of people

>> No.10001832

my guess is too fat

>> No.10001850

Most fat people in america can and should do something about their weight. A few food deserts doesn't change that

>> No.10001964

>break the few fashion rules there are.
which are what exactly?

The problem with that fashion is that people keep treating it like rules when it's really just about themes. if you are on the right subject of menhera, then you're on the right track.

If someone is dressing in fairy kei and calling in menhera, that's something different.

But you're probably referring to the stupid made up silhouette rule. But there is no ONE silhouette. you can wear skirts or long shirts in menhera.

>> No.10002053

There are no food deserts in my country, healthy home cooked food is cheaper than takeout and gym memberships are practically free for students. All the fat girls in my comm eat like crap but claim they deserve it because self care uwu (which means speaking against it is emotionally abusive), yet they still act like it’s the universe’s fault that they’re fat and whine about brands like VM not catering to them and COF not giving them enough likes when they clearly don’t fit into their clothes. They constantly insist that the rest of us are lucky for having the discipline to eat right and get off the couch once in a while.
Like I get that there are some legitimate reasons that make it difficult for certain people in the world to lose weight, but none of them apply to the people in my comm. One of them blamed everything on her thyroid and threw tantrums every time her test results case back proving that her thyroid was perfectly fine. Fuck these people.

>> No.10002064

nayrt, they're probably talking about people who wear elfgutz style makeup and style their menhera more like they're attending a rave than wearing something that looks comfy which is one of the only 'rules' there is

>> No.10002126

>elfgutz style makeup
how is that not on theme?

>style their menhera more like they're attending a rave
I don't think I've ever seen this. Would that be more on par with decora?

>> No.10002128

>elfgutz style makeup
>how is that not on theme?
Nayrt but menhera makeup typically isn't very heavy, or at least not that heavy. "Sickly" makeup (byojaku) is a heavier-than-usual use of blush near the eyes but it's not full on white eyelashes and fake nosebleeds/tears like what tumblr would like you to think.

>> No.10002138

Menhera is about themes and ease of wear, but people will clash motifs and got OTT

What theme exactly is there in elfgutz style? There's no vent theme, it's just glitter gore. Additionally menhera by definition is supposed to be easy to wear so make up should be kept light.
This exactly

>> No.10002146
File: 581 KB, 750x900, E311567F-FFCD-45DB-8E82-70BCAAEA1506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I may be late for the party, but she has a whole account dedicated to lolita and dd/lg... together. Yiiiikes.

>> No.10002152

Atleast be cute oh no god

>> No.10002157

She’s notorious, and she tags all her overt ddlg pictures with Angelic Pretty so there’s a chance that the designers have seen some of them.

>> No.10002158

She's infamous and gets posted in the ita thread occasionally. I genuinely feel bad for girls who like sweet when I remember this goblin exists and actively tags AP on her fetish shit. Pig disgusting.

>> No.10002162

Has anyone directly called her out on her behavior? I know it shouldn’t have to be done, but damn she needs to be talked some sense into. She seems like she doesn’t realize how wrong what she’s doing is.

>> No.10002186


Thank you for posting something that is NOT an argument about "healthy" food.

>> No.10002187

I don't know if she was ever called out for it but
>She seems like she doesn’t realize how wrong what she’s doing is
Judging by how smug she often looks in her posts, she's probably very aware of what she's doing.

>> No.10002190

A few months ago she posted to rufflechat about brand socks (tried saying they were low quality and ripped, but thats probably from her baby crawling desu). I called her out for being a public fetishist and her opinions dont matter here. A few others chimed in as well, so not only was she called out but on facebook under her real name.

>> No.10002208

Please tell me you have caps.

>> No.10002239

Anon, there's no point in arguing with fatties online. Just go read fatpeoplestories and get acquainted with the kind of excuses these people use for everything. There's no point in trying to reason with them. They want to blame other people for their problems.
The best stories are where some other fat person starts doing logical healthy things the other fatties were complaining were impossible, starts losing weight, and the other fatties get angry and shun them.

>> No.10002336

I feel sorry for whoever will buy this dress if she sells it

>> No.10002357
File: 107 KB, 900x900, 3F489CC0-6223-4ED0-9A03-9951B98461C6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks for assaulting my eyes anon

>> No.10002469

I remember that-- bless you anon!

>> No.10002472


You can see her vagina on Fetlife if you want.

>> No.10002482

I think we're good anon.

>> No.10002521

I live on an island and yeah that amount of fruit does cost that much..but that's why you only buy what's in season or on special instead of being an idiot like op

>> No.10002529
File: 18 KB, 549x414, FB_IMG_1526776842265.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This mentally ill goblin and her equally gross "daddy" (read pedo in disguise) are so disgusting.

I hate her like many other sweet lolitas and i am so goddamn tired of seeing her disgusting ageplay shit when i search for AP in the IG. Pig disgusting. Anyone into DDLG should honestly be gassed

>> No.10002530

Oh god I remember this. Does anyone still have caps? It was so good to see her called out and I can't wait to see it happen more to those degens

>> No.10002635
File: 1.35 MB, 3464x3464, 0395DBC9-452A-4466-A6E9-A86A5DEC506E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had to dig for these caps, made some edits though she has since left that group I think.

>> No.10002637

Beautiful. I wonder if she still uses our tags on her posts. Regardless, thank you for providing, anon!

>> No.10002649

She at least is open about it, I find the hidden ones are much worse

>> No.10002673

Thanks for calling her out, anon.

>> No.10002690

honestly I find it worse to be open. the neat thing about being hidden means no one knows about it, which is exactly how kink should be. hidden away and private with no one involved except consenting partakers. as soon as its made public you are involving total bystanders who did not want to be part of it.

sage for ot, i don't want this thread to become another "muh kinkshaming" bullshit

>> No.10002711

Yeah, the issue with having a kink isn't having it, it's involving nonconsenting strangers. So no, the hidden ones are not worse.

Besides, once you find out about their kink stuff, it's not hidden. Properly hidden kink stuff you never, ever get to see unless you're part of their community. The ones who wait until they've gained your trust and suddenly dump all their kink shit on you and get angry if you don't like it... aren't actually 'hidden' kink people, they're just using emotional manipulation to break your boundaries down.

>> No.10002718

Well, that makes sense.

>> No.10002727

I know a lot of tall girls who have trouble with blouses and JSKs/OPs not fitting properly in the torso and shoulders and of course with skirts, sleeves and socks being much too short. They complain about it occasionally but I’ve never met a single tall lolita who was so entitled as to call the brands “tallphobic” or otherwise closed minded or bigoted for not catering to them. They just buy underskirts, learn to sew or get their blouses custom-made, buy shoes from Taobao or normie stores and get on with their day. And tall people don’t exactly have the luxury of being able to shrink by working on their diet and lifestyle.

>> No.10002919

Good point

>> No.10002932

I'm tall, and yeah sometimes it's disappointing to get a dream dress and it barely covers my butt because the straps aren't adjustable or something, but I dunno. like you said, the difference is fat people actually CAN change and potentially fit, they're just lazy.

>> No.10002937
File: 67 KB, 400x227, ohforfuckssake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10002943

fake nosebleeds aren't time consuming if you know what you're doing, just like with any other kind of make up. I haven't seen anyone using latex with it yet so... I'm not sure what this explanation regarding time is.

menhera specifically is about the theme and people who are doing guro kawa are doing something different and then calling it menhera because macabre is macabre.

I wear menhera to work actually but I don't even use make up. For me make up is something to do for fun or to look a certain way
I think you can wear the fashion with or with out it. Think about all those selfies where you can't even see the persons face because they put a sticker or use their phone to hide behind. it's about the clothes, not make up.

>> No.10002950

>bitches about someone being open with kinks
>posts about their kinks when they werent being open about it, thus making more unconsenting people aware of said kinks

good one. while I don't agree with ddlg or people being open about kinks, the shaming stuff belongs on stuff where the kink is actually being displayed, not on shit like this.

>> No.10002953

Nah, she deserves to be openly shamed like this for the shit she does.

>> No.10002992

Great call out.

>> No.10003203

FUCKING THIS. If you gulls want to argue about food choices and fat lolitas make another fucking thread to contain your cancer.

>> No.10005407

>grow up broke
>have to drop out of school at 15 to help support family
>can't get a respectable job with a GED
>too dumb to go back to school
>been saving every dime that didn't go to my family since I started working
>get decent job as lunch lady
>still live at home
>never bought a car
>buy the frilly dresses and stay poor but be happy

life good

>> No.10005418

You sound sweet, anon. Wish we were friends irl, I like buying my friends dresses. I wish you best of luck in your future.

>> No.10005421

Thank you, you're a nice person

>> No.10005441

17 years ago I made a headress pretty much just like this, obviosuly not the same lacey pattern, but same shape and such. I demand that this Rose person and Claire's apologize and pay me damages. It was completely my idea and I did not steal it from a zine back then.

>> No.10005447

Hey gull I have a similar life story and I wanna say bless you. Keep on going little gull. I hope we'll be richer someday

>> No.10005459

Thank you, anon, we're rich in happiness now, and I'm glad for that

>> No.10005471

anon now a days it’s very simple to get your GED online. Do it!

>> No.10005837

God she's disgusting, she showed up on my instagram feed when I was searching worn pics of a dream dress, and when I think about that dress now the image of her floats into my mind too.

>> No.10005841

>I've stopped using tags
>still clogs up fashion tags with her shit
I hope her brand burns along with her

>> No.10005952

This cunt is the reason why I feel like I shouldn't wear sweet

>> No.10005957

Screw her, wear what you want and what makes you happy.

>> No.10010866
File: 286 KB, 757x583, Sketch (8).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4chan is the dark web

>> No.10010891
File: 707 KB, 316x162, 1497598097005.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lolita dark net culture

>> No.10010893

I like how she listed “fatphobia” before homophobia and racism, because it’s totally the worst out of the three.

>> No.10010911
File: 38 KB, 471x400, E4C9A4C8-AF30-4206-B15D-748425255877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek, someone wrote “sorry you got posted”

>> No.10010923

This is the most glorious post I’ve seen come out of RC in a while

>> No.10010974
File: 421 KB, 1222x2210, Screenshot_2018-10-13-07-34-35-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was surprised, the comment section is actually... Sane? For the most part? More people are disagreeing with her than supporting her. Anyways here's someone's response.
>"just a fashion" is the last line

>> No.10010993
File: 63 KB, 518x725, thewholething.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the whole thing

what the fuck is this even lmao

>> No.10010997

It might get deleted if anyone wants to screenshot any tasty bits

>> No.10011003
File: 131 KB, 1079x346, uri_mh1539437503001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10011009

>it’s likely these people don’t engage with the fashion at all except online, and not the ones who show up at your local meet
My entire comm posts here, but okay.

>> No.10011011

She should calm down.

>> No.10011012

There is no such thing as fatphobia, people are naturally disgusted by fat people. Quit being fat and it’ll stop, it’s not some unchangeable aspect of your identity.

>> No.10011013

>so many plus size lolitas who pull it off better
Bitch where

>> No.10011015

Aaand its bawleted.

>> No.10011016
File: 18 KB, 499x209, f2e6c78c4d7171c502cd8c1d80994008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She couldn't take being called out on her own idiocy anymore.

>> No.10011018

Wanted to do so but had switched pages for a second and it was gone. I have nothing for you I fear

>> No.10011020


i'm here just for the dresses not the people who are 80% shitty

>> No.10011030

>"take it with liberal pleasure"
Wew and I thought cgl was salty

>> No.10011035

If she is really a "student of studies" she might need to study harder bc it seems like she's just looking for an echo chamber

>> No.10011036

both threads bawleeted

>> No.10011039
File: 36 KB, 384x373, presumptuous_little_goose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I grabbed a couple of screenshots on my phone

>> No.10011040
File: 39 KB, 361x309, winner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

part 2 ... I missed the decapitation comments I guess, the fuck was that about?

>> No.10011041

I will never understand why people get into discussions like this with their real name and face attached. I didn't read the rest of this, but the person complaining about cgl sounds whiny and the person in this picture sounds like they're trying to be one of the "cool mean girls".

>> No.10011043

>they're trying to be one of the "cool mean girls".
That's pretty much everyone in that thread who's shitting on her. I always find it funny, it's the ugliest, most average lolitas who try to shame people like that with their name attached. How can you make fun of people when you yourself are so unfortunate looking? Her and the "shame you don't dress like it" person. Focus on improving yourself

>> No.10011049

The irony I am appreciating most, given OP's original topic, is that we anonymous people are being (for the most part) sane and reasonable and it was rufflechat where the nasty shit went down

>> No.10011050

like we'd block our source of cheap entertainment

>> No.10011057

Only thing I saw before she deleted it was her saying "I get wanting to kill someone" in the edit of her post (point 3 in her "clarification" >>10010993) but not specific decapitation. But maybe I missed it.

>> No.10011059

This. She also commented on her original tread that if we didn't want it going on, we could just not react. So much fun when someone just tried to explain the "only say good things, never say you even remotely disagree with someone" attitude isn't great.

Like, you're and idiot then mad people call you out? kek

>> No.10011074
File: 548 KB, 1152x2048, 626CFE94-D28B-4AEA-B6C4-1BA502309210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean...they’re not wrong though...

>> No.10011077

Actually I just took a quick look at the girls profile and she looks cute as heck so I’m not really sure what you’re talking about.

>> No.10011080
File: 45 KB, 495x510, Screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I especially like how after deleting her RC post she now posted on her own FB wall (publicly of course) how people who disagreed with her are "distasteful subjects of a humanoid nature". What a sign that she is clearly not bothered by the comments at all...

>> No.10011083

>cute as heck
>anon before you posts this taken from her FB account >>10011074
Sorry anon, you can't win that one.

At least she's sure after this drama that her photo is taken and placed on /cgl/. Altrough she doesn't want to know nor care ofcourse. It's just all about ethics for other people who might feel sad about it. She's strong enough not to be offended! And very calm!

>> No.10011084

Ah i was just about to post that... The aspect that really got me was that there's a lot of stuff on her page talking about racial equality and how important it is to support POC and then she is also here calling rufflechat members subhuman. Also a moment of silence because she was complaining about people stealing private data from the internet but all these posts are public.

>> No.10011087

>American's their topography sucks
>totally related to people's reading comprehension.

I mean, both could be a result of low educational skills or low development in knowledge in general, but that is a very far apart thing to combine into the same argument without any further context or explanation. No wonder she's this butthurt if she hangs around people that fetch so far to agree with her.

>a lot of idiots
>that I won't call idiots
>but distasteful subjects of humanoid though not human nature
>because if I admit humans can disagree with each other naturally I admit I was wrong
>so I shall politely and respectfully stay a moron who can't accept she's wrong

>> No.10011090

Should have taken screenshots. It was a response to a comment. It said (more or less) that she shouldn't put a blanket over a group of people. Lolitas are all individuals and you will get racists and homophones, but you'll also get people who aren't those things (stuff that half the people already said). The comment ended with "Do you cry at night over meanie cat owners too?" though, and she decided to give a really weird response.

It was basically along the lines of "No but I do think about decapitating them. Would you like me to describe? Please say yes"

Needless to say, people found it weird and called her out on her bs. Her defence later was that she was just *something* flirting. Can't remember what the *something* word was, but talking about decapitating people is apparently a type of flirting :')

>> No.10011093

How would you do that if the post is gone? How would you even know who commented? Nice try

>> No.10011097


>berates others for shitting on people
>goes on to shit on people

>> No.10011104

>talking about decapitating people is apparently a type of flirting
So that's what I've been doing wrong all this time. It seems so obvious now that I've been told.

>> No.10011107

When you shit on people it's fair game.

>> No.10011108

There are a handful of consistently well dressed fatty-chans (though not obese-chans) but all of them would still look better at a healthier weight. There is really no reason to be jealous of fat lolitas as a group.

>> No.10011109

The racists are awful but it's those fucking homophones I can't stand. How dare they sound the same. They don't even look alike. Fuck 'em

>> No.10011112

How can you say all homophones sound the same? That’s racist, anon.

>> No.10011146

So stop buying produce that’s not in season?

>> No.10011160

This shit triggers me so much as a fatty and poor person trying to lose weight and be healthier.

Fruit is just sugar! No one buys two bags of grapes, one whole pineapple and all that shit when they try to eat healthy!

Like >>9997191 already said, rice, beans, veggies, meats, thats what you want to eat and you can get that shit cheap.

A huge bag of rice and beans will last you a long time, buy leaner and cheaper meat like turkey and chicken, buy the meat that is close to its bad date and use it that day, that meat is always cheaper.

Buy a bag of frozen veggies for stir fry, frozen isnt the best but its much better than nothing.

Buy tuna, cheap and great protein. Its so easy.

Everything in her stupid post is a snack, not a meal

>> No.10011213
File: 58 KB, 746x296, B425CDCB-773D-46CE-A55F-94245B419748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Quality comment from the girl that only buys replicas

>> No.10011215

it turned from what might have been a healthy, interesting debate into OP defending herself for... expressing her own opinions and knocking down everyone else's opinions. Like. yes we all hold opinions. yours isn't better than anyone else's. And I doubt her horse stands actually as high as she thinks it does.

>> No.10011219
File: 294 KB, 500x375, gurrrrrrlll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10011222
File: 1.26 MB, 245x235, good lord.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10011226

Oh daaaaaamn

>> No.10011233

RC was wild today, Jesus Christ. I'm so glad i managed to witness this before the thread got locked off. I feel blessed.

>> No.10011235

>No one buys fruits when they try to be healthy
>fruit is just sugar
Are you retarded?

>> No.10011252

>ignoring the rest of their post
fatass detected

>> No.10011259

I posted both of those. The anon earlier said that the girl who told her that she didn’t dress like she had been around for 10 years should shut up unless she improved herself. Her profile picture is ugly but she had some photos in Lolita and she was quite cute.

Because i hadn’t refreshed the page and could still view the comments? Are you the girl that got called out? Sorry you look like trash and another well dressed Lolita called you out

>> No.10011432


>what did that thesaurus ever do to deserve this?

>> No.10011448 [DELETED] 

Nice projecting anon. How's that weightloss going?

>> No.10011460

>Sorry you look like trash and another well dressed Lolita called you out
who called me out? Nice try, anon. sorry I hurt your feels but her coordinates aren't worth defending, they were average at best, she's not cute enough to be talking shit and making a fool of herself.

>> No.10011465 [DELETED] 

i'm not fat, and i'm not trying to lose weight but ok fatty

>> No.10011471 [DELETED] 

2/10 but nice try

>> No.10012434 [DELETED] 

Are you? Fruit really isnt the most healthy thing you can eat, its definitely healthier than candy or junk food, but it should still be treated as a snack food, not a main meal type of thing.

Natural sugar is better than fake but its still sugar and obviously fruit isnt only sugar but I was just being passionate. Fruit has other benefits, but you dont need that much fruit in one grocery outing.

Fruit needs to be in moderation just like anything else.


>> No.10012436

Are you? Fruit really isnt the most healthy thing you can eat, its definitely healthier than candy or junk food, but it should still be treated as a snack food, not a main meal type of thing.

Natural sugar is better than fake but its still sugar and obviously fruit isnt only sugar but I was just being passionate. Fruit has other benefits, but you dont need that much fruit in one grocery outing.

Fruit needs to be in moderation just like anything else.

No one trying to be healthy and lose weight buys that much fruit in one outing. Stick to a bag of grapes, or some apples, or a bunch of bananas.

>> No.10013494

This girl annoys me so much. She's been called out so often. Both in local com and personal FB as well as on international groups. Why doesn't she just get it? Why does she keep creating this discussion and post these comments? By now I think she does it on purpose just to create drama. Either that, or she's really stupid. Like, if so much people call you out, there might be a reason for it...

>> No.10013508

You mean beside getting overly butthurt about how all lolita's are meanies, making a big RuffleChat post about it, then when people didn't agree to that deleted the post before admins went in, made a new post just to let us know how she didn't care about this at all and only deleted it because of us (after way too many defences and updates about how she didn't care and was totally calm about it), then deleting that one as wel and made a new post on her account just so she could complain more about what a meanies we are, pushing any opinion that told to her not all lolita's are horrible people away like it was the devil, and making a huge drama out of all of that ending in calling us idiots and distasteful humanoid species, and saying we're acting worse than animals (because apparently that's logic after making a big drama that people need to be nice and respectful to each other) because we don't think every lolita ever is a big meanie who just bullies others?

Not to forget that posting a photo someone puts online is very bad. But then she starts making comments about wanting to behead people and such like some kind of edgy "psychopat" because she can totaly understand wanting to kill people in bloody ways. But after apperantly a full study of human behaviours she can't grasp not all humans agree with her view on how they should socialise and act and not everyone is nice and she just can't understand why they wouldn't think the same thing as her.

I mean, this was an uncommon big and stubborn level of the "all lolita's are meanies/elitist" stereotype combined with a strong SJW and Special Snowflake syndrome. And she wouldn't stop when people where politely talking towards her, but instead made the drama even bigger then deleted when she couldn't win. She's the one who started drama. Why would you even wonder how she deserved it? Did you even read the comments about it?

>> No.10013512

Nayrt but do you know what a thesaurus is?

>> No.10013523

I think she does it for drama too, or because she really wants to be a victim. Look how all these mean elitist lolitas are dogpiling her just because she's poor!
I'm a bit worried because she's a cosplayer and according to my friends who cosplay, we already have a bad reputation for elitism and bullying in the cosplay comm. Is she going to report back to the local cosplay comms telling everyone that lolitas bullied her for no reason? I've already had comments from cosplayers that they expected me to be a snobby bitch based only on the fact that I wear lolita.

I think anon was making fun of her vocabulary use.

>> No.10013542
File: 52 KB, 400x300, 1534940014196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she doesn't know what a thesaurus is...

>> No.10013575

If anything SR is ripping off Antique Beast's ideas/style in the first place.

The picture you posted is disgusting; who would wear something like that in public, much less post it online?

>> No.10013885

She is one of the reasons I don't indulge into Sweet as much as I used to...

>> No.10013894


>> No.10014020

Had to google. What I found it was a reference work to find synonyms and words that are almost synonyms. Thought you meant it as the person synonym to who wrote the post you replied to, and where some friend of that retarded OP on RC making the drama trying to call us out (or maybe herself, who knows). Sorry for my misunderstanding. My fault.

>> No.10014036

Are you ESL? That's a reasonable mistake to make if English isn't your first language, I think.

>> No.10014135

Yes, it's my second language.
What was it supposed to mean, if I may ask?

>> No.10014545

nayrt but "what did that poor thesaurus do to deserve this" is a snide comment meaning that the girl in the screenshots seems to habitually use a thesaurus to replace simple words she knows with loftier words she doesn't actually know.

This kind of joke often hinges on the fact that if you don't actually know how to use a word you find in a thesaurus, you may unknowingly use a word with a VERY different connotation or colloquial use than you intend. So instead of looking smart, she looks like an idiot.

Basically, they're saying, "this girl is obviously trying to make herself look smart by overusing a thesaurus, but she looks stupid instead," with feigned sympathy for the poor, overused thesaurus.

>> No.10014682

It’s one thing to be disgusted but another to tear down a person online and bash them.

>> No.10014813

Thanks anon!

>> No.10014814

Why? Normally, when people are disgusted they either think horrible things in their head or talk to close friends and laugh behind their back.

Just because said person is now able to see how people really feel about them it's worse? You want to hide truths from them and make them life in a bubble thinking it's fine instead? If they're fat, they should do something about it. Ever noticed how there seems to be a link between countries where people are being open about disliking fat people, and the amount of fat people. Giving people a little bubble to not hear what they know deep inside just gives them a change to deny it and lie to themselves.

Beside, they could just NOT go to places like 4chan if they can't take simple facts like "fat people are ugly" and instead stay on places people have to be careful not to loose face.

>> No.10014821

nayrt but honestly if you're asking why you're hopeless.

>> No.10014898

My partner and I spend $40 on a week's worth of food for two of us... And we shop at fucking trader Joe's and shit, not even the most inexpensive places. What the hell is this person doing buying two bags of grapes and a pineapple? How are they even gonna eat all that before the fruit goes bad???

>> No.10015414


Person in the post is obviously a fat idiot and a perfect example of dumbass fat logic from someone who doesn't know how to eat right. (soft drink? really?)

But just to add. There's certainly a thing called a fruitarian diet. Although it's kind of faddy, and instead of a diet it's really more of a cleanse that you should only do for one day, if you're constipated.

Because by "cleanse" what I mean is you're gonna be experiencing the toilet very intimately, like you're gonna feel as if you're constantly pooping your entire insides into the bowl -- if you don't, you're doing fruitarian wrong. I don't think anyone is up for doing this more than a day a week.

I mean, I doubt that's what the person in the pic is doing, she just seems more like she has no clue. Just putting it out there that a fruitarian "diet" is a thing.

>> No.10021727

There's this SJW bitch getting out of hand and I don't know how much longer I can bear with her.
>whine about how one of my friend only share pictures of thin white lolitas (they were asian on the pic she whined on and then said "but they're still white!1!")

>> No.10022231

You're clearly from some ass backwards country where people think its ok to hate a group of people out existence.

>> No.10022239

Ntayrt but fuck off, fatty.

>> No.10022260

No need to bring the country into the equation, they're simply a shitty person when it comes to this topic

>> No.10022477

cool generic cgl comment.

it's true though.

>> No.10024287

What is this fucking comment ??

>> No.10024329

>hate a group out of existence
>hate fat people out of existence
Do they fucking disappear? Are they murdered?

>> No.10024332

Don't you know how genocide starts? Starts with the hatred of a certain group of people.

>> No.10024336
File: 58 KB, 654x643, 1539737752634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10025445

Confirmed for ana chan russian

>> No.10025487

That’s actually most of the world

>> No.10025495

It's she npc speak. Nobody is actually trying to murder fatties so they talk about how bigots are "erasing their existence" by not having fatty supermodels plastered in ads or whatever.

>> No.10025768

I unironically love this. Just being unattractive to people because of their weight or because of gross behavior is the worst thing in the world to fat people. Literally like being murdered in the streets. Set on fire. Exiled from society. The absolute amount of retardation and hysterics is laughable.

>> No.10025788

Because it's easier to whine than to lose weight.
Ngl I bitched and whined a lot a few years ago when I was really unhappy with my face, but it was more because it felt better after I got it out of my system. Not like this though lol

>> No.10025790

I'm not homophobic, racist, or sexist. But boy I do hate fatties

>> No.10025881

anon don't take the bait

>> No.10025912

Fatties are already killing themselves from eating too much, so if anything it's self-genocide/self-hatred.

>> No.10026668
File: 76 KB, 640x186, 6629790E-97D4-4F89-88A3-75CC8436F0FF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10026669
File: 287 KB, 594x760, 3E96AF28-12DF-4EF4-9439-3D76EC4A1C14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't people ever get tired of reading these racebaiting pity parties?

>> No.10026670

I actually don't doubt it's happened, but I wouldn't call it gatekeeping. Non-lolitas tend to be retards about the fashion and spout stupid shit like this. Plenty of them think that only Asian girls can be lolitas, some even think that "the only real lolitas" are 2d.

>> No.10026671

Lol where? Nobody says that.

>> No.10026673

I see it occasionally on social media and Youtube comments. Not the best sources of information, obviously, which is why these types are free to spout their bullshit to anyone who would listen; but again, it's not gatekeeping, just randos spouting bullshit.

>> No.10026676

>a well known lolita herself even said years ago that "paler skin was more kawaii"
Ah yes, that time Misako referred to *tanned* skin and the fact it suits gyaru more than lolita, she never said that natural dark skin "isn't kawaii". I'm so tired of this simple statement being twisted to suit people's victim complex.

>> No.10026684

Seconding >>10026673
It's only ever people who aren't into lolita or jfashion though, just stupid weebs

>> No.10026692

Kinda sounds like those idiots that non-asians wearing lolita is cultural appropriation lol

>> No.10026694

Yeah, it's a similar school of thought. As was said before, non-lolitas usually have retarded opinions about the fashion. Anyone who takes opinions like this seriously enough to call it gatekeeping is an idiot themselves though.

>> No.10026698

Lmao not the op but y'all on cgl used to give me shit like this so doing say it doesn't happen

>> No.10026701

there are roleplayers and racists on /cgl/ too. do you take everything everyone says here seriously? use your brain

>> No.10026808

It went something like this
Announcer: is tanned skin (aka specifically GYARU) not great for lolita?
Misako: *nods*
SJW: spergout Misako said black people cant be lolita burn the witch look at her ugly frog face gonna shank that disgusting bitch 500 tumblr posts of Misako hate

same SJW a few months later at an event with Misako: Misako-chaaaaan I love youuuu let’s take a million selfies together eeeee Misako said I was kawaii!! The only JapaneseI know is kawaii and konnichiwa but I was Misako’s translator I love her uguuu BFF forever

>> No.10027164

I do. By now I just skip them without reading further. We get it. Racists exist and still happens. No matter if its true or not, we don't need to hear that story every time you have an opportunity to tell it. Doesn't become better if half the stories aren't the most believable (Altrough these two could have happened like others mentioned, we've seen some outrageous bullshit in the past).

Imagine if every lolita would feel the need to make comments or tread somewhere in online com every single time someone told them Lolita is weird, or did something else negative based on their clothes. It'll be a mess. Racism isn't good. Taking any opportunity possible to play victim card isn't either. Then it'll just looks like attention whoring instead of having an actual problem.

>> No.10027229


Lemme rephrase:

1) There is such a thing is a fruitarian diet where you only eat fruits
2) It's a weird diet where you basically poop your insides out, so I don't recommend following it
3) Despite this being a possibility I still think person in screencap isn't actually on fruitarian and is just another dumbas fatty

Is that clearer? Was difficult trying to balance "hey this is actually a thing that exists" together with "but that's still a dumb person and I don't think they're on the fruit diet".

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