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Old feels thread hit the limit.

Post your feels, and don't eat bait.

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All my coworkers are twice my age

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>tfw a Dragon Con thot twerks on your bf with no panties on
It looked like a ham sandwich in a paint mixer.

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They're 24?

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>find by accident video of guy jerking off in pink ranger costume
>get addicted to it
>most of my faps are now thinking of fucking girls in ranger costumes and traps in ranger costumes

I'm a fucking degenerate and i've chosen a fetish with so little content.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>jerking off in pink ranger costume

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Hey, it's Momocon 2017! My friend lost his anal virginity there.

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two of my dream dresses popped up recently, and I was about to snag them up but then ran into unexpected medical drama and I can't exactly spend $400 when I need to pay a $1200 doctor bill. My pain runs deep.

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Man I just really love lolita.

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No, you’re not :P

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Welcome to the robot/helmet fetish fandom. Good times ahead!

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I really, really wish men were banned on this board like they are on the farm.

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But did you watch them they fuck?

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>tfw still too autistic to go to a con

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gross. middle girl needs otks

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Who cares, everyone looks at Mila anyways

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hope you’re well and recovering, anon.

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I'm 20 pounds overweight. Plz help me kms before the con.

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Okay but can you help me too? my hand is fucked up from work and I haven’t received any compensation for it and I can’t quite grip a gun to kms

That and I’m a pussy

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I'd wager a guess that there is a local comm where you live, but the fashion is an uncommon to rare sight depending on how large the comm is, how many girls in it can and do wear the fashion outside of meetups, and where they are when they go outside, of course.
Being a daily lolita myself, I've met only one other lolita "in the wild" so to speak but she wasn't actually wearing the fashion at the time, just told me she was into it as well. You seem like a chill person, I hope you have another chance at an encounter soon.
Alternatively, a better way to form connections is to participate in it yourself. It does depend on the dynamics of your local scenes and subcultures but it's possible that even being into goth and attending goth nights can raise your chances of meeting lolitas, or at least the ones that are into goth music.

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>own something someones been searching on Dream dress thread and WTB for months
>am debating selling it
>its a non main piece but the only thing in this color with the "right" shade that i own and can be used in my closet with a few coords
>slowly starting to change my closet to be coordinating better and attempting to sell the pieces this item goes with the most
>dont know exactly what shes looking to pay but dont want to list it too high to look like a scalper but to replace it for something similar will still cost a me a bit

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Similar story here, i was saving money to visit AP Paris, but my new kitty has a liver issue and needs to be treated *sigh* i sound like a dick but i really wanted to go, and idk lolita stores usually dont last very long. I hope i can go next holiday.
Also the beret i wanted is sold out fml

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>private tea event on Saturday
>it was for a friend's 30th birthday
>talking about new releases, fashion week, and gossip
>10K Anon is brought up
>we start talking about her lingerie choices
>everyone discusses lingerie brands and wearing them w/lolita
>can't contribute anything to the convo
>I buy Fruit of the Loom 3 packs and Aerie bras
>mfw I can't stop imagining my close lolita friends in lingerie
>my perversion needs to stop

First, 10K Anon stunts are spilling into the real world. Second, what's a good lingerie brand to try out? I don't want to spend big bucks on Agent Provocateur atm.

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two different colorways of my dream dress have been available on lacemarket and I keep reminding myself that I have test ( LSAT and GRE) fees to pay and should just give up on owning them for now ..

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Then why are you here? Go back there, whale.

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Everybody's in love with the new Spider-Man game, but do you remember the crappy one where he fought gothic lolitas?


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spider man punching itas is good

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Thats actually amazing.

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Thank you anon, I get that most of it is gonna be time and place for where I see them if I do. I'm sure that there probably is a comm, even if it's smaller. I have attended goth nights with a friend of mine before and I assume that people who are wearing it want to be careful so coords aren't dirtied or touched a lot, because indoor dark clubs might be too confined which is understandable,so they might be more avid to avoid clubs. I'd be surprised if I didn't have another run in at some point as long as I can head to the area's events. I appreciate the feedback though.

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Was this before or after the routine butthole inspection? Cause that's where lingerie really becomes important.

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this. the fastest way to kill your sex life is by forcing condoms. if it's 6 months in and you're still making them glove it, expect your daily action to turn into bi-weekly. had an ex ask me why i don't want to sleep with her but have porn in my web history.

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fastest way to kill your life (period) is with an unwanted pregnancy. :^) Most guys won't just leave a girl because she asks him to wear a condom, and before you say birth control, shit's expensive. I've dated quite a few guys long term who understand my boundaries and don't feel entitled to cross them. If they leave me over it, good riddance. Don't need no fuckboys, and the world is full of good men who I can replace them with.

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birth control has higher effectiveness than condom, and is also cheaper than condoms in the long run. plus if you're in a dedicated relationship with someone and having financial issues with getting bc then they would most likely pitch in to help. even that aside, planned parenthood centers are fucking everywhere unless you live in the bible belt or something. no offense, how old are you? this stuff should be common knowledge for anyone over 18. this is the kind of post i'd expect from someone under 20. "i can't afford it" should be the last excuse anyone uses for not using birth control.

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>IUD - $1000 but last ~12 years
>Condoms - If you're being generous and using about 2 times a week you'll probably average to ~$1800 in the same time frame

Payment plans are obviously an option as well, so it isn't like you NEED to pay upfront. IUD is cheaper than condoms, unless you're literally always going to health centers to get them for free. If you are doing that, may as well ask the receptionist next to that condom bowl if they have plans for lower income households, because chances are they do. The more you know.

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>Most guys won't just leave a girl because she asks him to wear a condom
Yeah, but that doesn't mean they're satisfied with their sex life. Most people love their significant other enough to stay even if they aren't sexually satisfied. Sexual gratification is an important part of any relationship though, and you don't need to be a "fuckboy" to feel like your relationship is being affected by your lack of sexual fulfillment. If sex wasn't an important emotional part of a relationship then people could be emotionally satisfied with just being best friends with one another. It's naive to think that someone is shallow if they leave you out of an ungratifying sex life, especially if you're taking the stance that you refuse to adapt to their sexual needs.

But who am I to lecture you. You go ahead and find your husband who'll be completely fine with using a condom 8 years into marriage and definitely won't leave you.

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I have a con in like 2 months and haven't even started my cosplay yet. How did this year go by so fast?

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>tfw no cute 16-18yo boyfriend with smooth, porcelain skin, and soft but firm thighs

life is meaningless

please post story

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he said "6 months in" not "8 years into marriage". Again I've met many men who are fine with waiting to unglove for years simply because they respect my boundaries.
Also there are many more things than just fucking that separate friendship and romance.
To be honest, I don't have sex often, but I don't see 400-600$ a year worth it if it's just to be able to have sex that's a little bit better, but I also don't really care about sex and it's never been a big part of my relationships.

My point is that it's shitty to shame someone just for having boundaries. It's also crazy to assume every man on earth would leave a girl because she doesn't wanna fuck without a condom, in my experience that's not the case. I know it's crazy, but there are plenty of men who are better than that and who can compromise in relationships.

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Tfw in hurricane and been without power for 4 days and I spend all my phone battery on here while the damp air from the open windows molds my costumes

Pray for electricity, gulls. It hit 87F today.

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Original poster was in a 3 year relationship and still using condoms. 6 months was probably stated as a maximum limit you should still be using a rubber.

You're probably confused because you're not following the replies. OP was worried about their boyfriend cheating on them, turns out they were using condoms still 3 years into the relationship, and if that's the case it's likely he IS cheating because she isn't satisfying his sexual needs. You can "compromise" just fine in a relationship, but recognize that even the nicest guys will have their limits. You could compromise "no sex until marriage" and I'm sure you'll find guys who are willing to compromise with that, but it doesn't mean it won't be that much easier for someone else to offer them what you aren't.

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Original poster was in a 3 year relationship and still using condoms. 6 months was probably stated as a maximum limit you should still be using a rubber.

You're probably confused because you're not following the replies. OP was worried about their boyfriend cheating on them, turns out they were using condoms still 3 years into the relationship, and if that's the case it's likely he IS cheating because she isn't satisfying his sexual needs. You can "compromise" just fine in a relationship, but recognize that even the nicest guys will have their limits. You could compromise "no sex until marriage" and I'm sure you'll find guys who are willing to compromise with that, but it doesn't mean it won't be that much easier for someone else to offer them what you aren't.

Plus your math is really off. $1000 / 12 is $84 a year. Do you think that's worth it for better sex for both you and your partner?

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i've been trying to plan for a cosplay next spring since July, and I haven't made any effort to even pick someone. I understand

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Why wouldn't the guy just tell her that she's not satisfying him & break up with her instead of cheating? Cheating is never justifiable. I know we're normalising it these days but it's still pussy shit

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Not saying it's "justified," at all, I'm giving reasoning behind it. If he's cheating he should have just broken it off like a man before jumping ship, but it doesn't mean we can ignore that there was a reason for why he would cheat right in front of her face. She can learn from her mistakes moving forward if we point them out, but can't if she ignores them.

>> No.9994525 [DELETED] 

There's never a reason good enough to justify it. If someone can't tell you what's wrong and give you the chance to improve they are too scared to handle a real relationship.
Also you said "nice guys have their limits" implying he could still be a nice guy. Nice guys don't cheat.

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Is sex with a condom that much worse than bareback sex? Seems silly that a guy would see that as a dealbreaker. I can see leaving someone if they refused to have any kind of sex. That’s just incompatible values. But just because they wanted to use a condom? To be honest, I wouldn’t want to be with a guy prioritzes his tiny bit of extra pleasure over my (our) safety. Guys have the ability to duck out if pregnancy happens, but girls are stuck with the consequences 100% of the time.

>> No.9994531 [DELETED] 

Y'all just gonna ignore the shitty side effects that come with birth control too? A condoms issues are temporary to the moments that it is in use.

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This is why we can't have feels threads. Ya'll shitting it up over nothing.

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And deal with a guy potentially sheathing it wrong and causing pregnancy with a shitload of side effects? No fucking way dude.

Also, speaking of side effects, I haven't had a period in over a year. Getting an IUD the most liberating thing I have done for myself.

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Plenty of people don't talk about the problems they have in their relationships. In a perfect world, everyone would talk about what's bothering them and resolve their issue, but we all know that doesn't happen in every relationship. People get into the incorrect mindset that their partner should "get" them without words and "understand" what the issue is, or maybe hit at the problem but be too scared to actually discuss it. Almost everyone does this at some point. It doesn't excuse him for cheating, but it also doesn't mean that she should ignore such a glaring relationship issue.

Put on a rubber glove and rub along the roof of your mouth and lick it a little. Now do the same with your ungloved hand. Come back and tell me if it feels significantly different sensation wise. It definitely shouldn't be a dealbreaker, but the discussion is about killing your sex life.

>Guys have the ability to duck out if pregnancy happens, but girls are stuck with the consequences 100% of the time.

Nobody is saying to never use any form of birth control. You know that other contraceptives have higher rates of success than condoms, right? Plus you're trusting that they don't put it on wrong or that they pull out when they're done to replace it, or that they call out when they feel it broke, etc. You're not making a strong case for your argument if it hinges on "I want to be safe from pregnancy and don't trust guys."

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>friend recently makes a homestuck character
>its really cute
>She makes a character for me
>also super cute
great, now I want to cosplay as a homestuck OC. The fandom is mostly dead now though, right? So it would be acceptable for me to do?

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Sure, it feels different. But not enough that I would compromise our relationship over.

>Nobody is saying to never use any form of birth control.
Of course. I'm just saying that using two methods of contraceptive is more secure than just using one. Which you agree with, right? On the flip side, guys don't want to be stuck with child support,but yet they are trusting women to take their BC consistently. Why not take contraception into their own hands? It's like men just assume women have it all under control when contraception should be a joint thing.

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I honestly believe that a lot of people are brainwashed by media and porn to think relationships should be about sex and sex performance.
There are many great wonderful people on this planet. I think it's a lot harder to find people (especially young, western people) who want a relationships where the foundation is genuine love, but it's not impossible. Not all men will duck out or consider fucking as important, my experiences do attest to that.
Just date guys who are obsessed with social media or 4chan, those are red flags that hes an incel or an asshole

>> No.9994575 [DELETED] 

>don't date guys who are obsessed with social media or 4chan, those are red flags that hes an incel or an asshole
sorry, this is what i mean.

>> No.9994576

If I can dress up as Germany from Hetalia without having a squealing land whale choking me out, I am sure you can do homestuck without any hassle

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Happened before with the "men and women are equal/not equal a thread or two ago:

I like the idea of a feels thread but people here just cannot let anyone disagree with them jfc

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>Fruit of the Loom 3 packs and Aerie bras
I know that feel anon. I'm a grown adult but I still buy the fruit of the loom packs and the playtex bras that old ladies wear. I was raised by my grandparents so I have no idea how to go about lingerie, or even cute undie shopping, without feeling weirdly embarrassed even though it's a relatively normal things for women my age to do.
To keep this on topic though
>reserved an item straight from Innocent World for the first time
I've only bought second hand IW and the item is perfect to me so I'm very excited!

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I think it's largely because outsiders like to post here, and in order to feel included they post stuff unrelated to cgl to provoke conversation.It's not about disagreements, but i wish these threads would get nuked more because of how off topic they get.

I'm sad because I love the letter doll cutsews hoodie type cut so much, but that print is just so bland.

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That sounds promising.

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My next con is going to happen at the last weekend before uni's semester ends. Hopefully me and my friends can go.

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What con anon?

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Start by measuring for your actual size - abrathatfits on reddit is probably one of the more helpful places there. Asos has a great returns policy if you are hesitant about going shopping in person and also carries decent brands/reasonably cute bras. If you are reasonably petite/small band and cup, tutuanna and aimerfeel (but be warned that the cups can run small)

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tfw no thicc dominant bi cosplay gf to do kabedon couples' cosplay shoots with

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That's really fucking awkwardly specific man

>> No.9994642

>idle fantasy is awkwardly specific
no shit

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Get your claws, Honey.

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I could use a hug

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>be 18
>still in high school, a year behind
>can’t sew, but want to design cute clothes and costumes
>genetic bags under eyes
>pink is favorite color
>poor social skills

Someone help, I’m scared of becoming Pixielocks

>> No.9994674

That's impossible since you have awareness.

>> No.9994677

you can solve the third one very easily. print out some free internet patterns, get some bedsheets (or whatever cheap fabric you can find to practice with) and just learn how to sew

>> No.9994707

You should definitely sell it!

In regards to fair pricing, get a second opinion from other Lolitas in your comm on what would be a fair price, factor in how much you paid, etc

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The /facgl/ discord keeps making fun of me for having a crush on bubble nurse-chan

>> No.9994730

Bless your heart, anon. I don't mean to rain on your parade because this is very cute to see, but you should be careful with your feelings for anon. Even if she does cosplay the nurse exactly as she says, the odds you'll actually meet or even come off anon are minimal. Again, not trying to be mean to you, just suggesting that you keep this in mind for your sake and hers.

>> No.9994734

How are they making fun of you?

>> No.9994735

Chill bruh I don't take it that seriously it's just really really fun to feel this way.
I have realistic expectations (I'm not a dumbass) but it's really nice to go through the motions.

>> No.9994736

Oh don't worry it's very light hearted. It's just a new feel I'm not really used to. It's playground stuff... but it's still a feel.

>> No.9994739

Everyone on CoF posting Eternal Twilight coords and I'm here at home naked eating chips and hating my life

>> No.9994752

Dream dress is on Lacemarket, but it's slightly too expensive and the exchange rate of Euro to Pound means it's so expensive.

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This is very cute.

>> No.9994790

Most of my online communities I’m in where they do price checks, she is also in and my local Lolita’s are cheap and mostly only care about very popular prints or taobao.

>> No.9994795

Please, you hardly count as a woman

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I turned down the chance of doing kabedon with a cute ouji because I'm scared of getting too close to people and making them uncomfortable

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I turned down the chance of doing kabedon with a cute lolita because I'm scared of getting too close to people and making them uncomfortable

>> No.9994824

It's >>9994803 here. M... Maybe we should meet up and do the world's most awkward kabedon together?

>> No.9994842

>wants to dress cute
>have to be near my thirties if I want to get to weight goal without going bulimic

>> No.9994876

M-maybe...depends on the last rating you got during inspections.

>> No.9994896

is product placement on skirt considered lolita?

>> No.9994918

keep it up anon. You can do it. Being close to 30 isn't bad, not only am I prettier than I have been my whole life, I'm thin (finally) and have money! it's not all bad.

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Nurse-chan <3

>> No.9994959

I was late to a panel and a fan wanted a picture, but I apologized to them and said I was in a hurry, then they got mad and shouted "No wonder Matt cheats on you!" as I speedwalking away.

>> No.9994999

I broke into S-tier this year, but I wasn't top of the whole comm because I... Well... I have very soft, sensitive skin so I don't bleach. I hope that's not a deal breaker...

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Just got power back from the hurricane and now I'm washing all my costumes and dresses hoping the damp air didn't ruin anything.

I'm so glad to have AC and WiFi back. I missed you all.

>> No.9995021

omg good luck senpai

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Thank you. It was 89F outside, 84F in the house and 2 hours later my AC has knocked it down to 80F and I've got the doors to my closet wide open to accept it.


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Sounds great anon!

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>everyloli I know tells me to join local comm
>join local comm
>get kicked in the crotch and dabbed on
At least I looked kawaii.

>> No.9995059


i'm so glad you're safe and for the moment your costumes and dresses are too! Wishing the best of luck to you and your outfits.

>> No.9995062

Interesting. Do tell more. What led to the dabbery?

>> No.9995087

>Hot day
>Feel like summer holding in her last breath
>It's not meant to last
>Spend the day outside
>Normie clothes to beat the heat
>Reminisce about summer
>This season I bought my first lolita coords
>Excited and stubborn I wore them outside
>The joy mingled on my salty forehead
>It made my whole summer sweet
>Sigh in the shade of days gone by
>Look forward to lolita friendly temperatures
>Daydream of chilly, yet elegant days
>Feel a bit frustrated my wardrobe is still small
>Further frustration that I can't expand or improve it
>Budget has tightened up recently
>I have to wait
>Probably all the way until spring
>Seagulls are crying by the sea
>Like summer I will be holding my breath.

>> No.9995095

Thank you!

>> No.9995096

I punched my friend's sister in the crotch for calling me a "fujo faggot"... I am still not baned from their hotel

>> No.9995100

Wait, what? Someone kicked you? What the fuck happened?

>> No.9995116

Probably kicked her for saying "everyloli"

>> No.9995132

>be male
>Want to cosplay a genderbent character
>there's so much cleavage in the source material its impossible to design around while staying true to the character

>> No.9995138

Why not just translate the cleavage then? Or take off the shirt completely idk, depends on who the character is.

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File: 49 KB, 1000x1302, Zazie-Beetz-Vest-Deadpool-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm still trying to figure out how to translate the cleavage.if I just make it a vneck, it'll look like shit. If I remove the shirt entirely and go with making a leather jacket, it looks like a generic "badass dude" with her make up

>> No.9995167

>if I just make it a vneck, it'll look like shit
if you have pecs it'll look good

>> No.9995171

>expecting a man who sews and spends his free time on a Turkish Upside-down Bowling forum to have muscle

>> No.9995215

>tfw no lucky vitiligo gf

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>what's a good lingerie brand to try out?

>> No.9995306

I feel this guy's struggle

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>go to Disney
>mfw some of the official costumes look worse than cosplay

>> No.9995318
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>reverse image search this pic
>"Best guess for this image: disney hambeasts"

>> No.9995348

Oh... That was kind of beautiful, anon. Nice greentext poetry

>> No.9995401

> DreamDress is Star Money by Jetj
> Size 1 is too big for me.

I die a little everyday. Can't alter it without taking part of the print away.

>> No.9995404

Serves you right, ana-chan

>> No.9995424

To be fair it looks like a tent even on girls who do fit the measurements

>> No.9995426

I'm not. I just don't have enough to chest and I'm small. People tend to have different body shapes, anon.

>> No.9995430

>on /cgl/

>> No.9995439
File: 210 KB, 1294x1910, archer and rin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

NAYRT but I think a vneck will look good. How well built are you? You could always hit the gym until it's con time.

>> No.9995453

Be me
>Go out in lolita three days ago
>Gee the weather looks like it's going to rain
>Wear coat
>Half an hour in
>Fucking boiling, palms sweaty, pits sweaty, everything sweaty
>moms spaghetti

>Go out in lolita yesterday
>ok well I'm not making the same mistake
>Looks like it's quite warm, not going to wear coat
>Windy as fuck, I'm wearing sticky lipgloss
>Lipgloss all over my face already
>Freezing my bloomers off
>Why even live

Fuck my LIFE

>> No.9995502

>stinky lolita

I wish i was there to take pictures.

>> No.9995583

> be unable to wear lolita until I'm in my thirties, when I have a decent pay job to afford stuff
> work really hard on making some small, but cohesive wardrobe
> my mom keep droping hints that I should sell everything and focus on finding husband and giving a birth
> does it really discrete, so I can't even call her out
> never lets me to reply and defend my lifestyle

Just halp! I can't move to more distant town right now, but it becomes unbearable. I know y'all say, just do whatever you want, but I don't want to completely break any relationships with my family.

>> No.9995587

Why is your mom bossing you around when you're 30?

>> No.9995591

Because she can. It's not that rare tho. She was basically making all my life decisions till now, not sure if I can survive complete separation.

>> No.9995593

Anon, darling, you're an adult, you can and should separate from her, it's unhealthy otherwise. You don't have to completely cut her out of your life if you don't want to, but you're way past the point of allowing her to tell you what to do, not to mention hide your hobbies from her. She doesn't have to approve but she has no say in the matter, either.
Do you work? Are you still living at home?

>> No.9995594

>not sure if I can survive complete separation.
You can and you should try to be your own person not your mom's doll.

>> No.9995597

I do work and I live in apartment she made me to buy for my own funds.

>> No.9995598

She made you buy an apartment that she chose for you, with your own money?
Listen, I don't know anything about you or your mother but she sounds controlling, it's unnerving.

>> No.9995603
File: 24 KB, 600x600, 3946632649700.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't say whether we'll ever meet or even just come off anon, as >>9994730 said, but I'm happy to see your mature attitude about this and if nothing else, I'm glad to just motivate you to be the best PH you can be. Keep doing your best, PH-kun, I'm rooting for you.

>> No.9995618
File: 101 KB, 358x382, Trash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kiss a Zero-Two cosplayer last con at a rave
>Turns out she's getting married soon
>Finds my FB and prancingly tells me about how I absolutely can't tell anyone ever ever
>I didn't even know who she was, she just gave me access to speak to her fiance if I wanted to
>Tell her I'll keep quiet if she lets me have a night of fun
>"Okay but just once, and no telling"

Man, I wasn't expecting her to say yes, I was just joking man. I feel like saying "lol jk" and capping it to send her fiance but I kinda don't even wanna get involved. She's cute though.

>> No.9995622

Yeah, exactly. I needed somewhere to live and it was really nice deal. It was small, completely unfinished apartment, so it came quite cheap. I mean, it was quite good decision, but idk I used to consider it as temporary place and wanted to make wery basic restoration, but then my mom buys me a lot of expensive furniture I didn't asked her (sometimes asked against) and now I'm kinda tied to this place.

>> No.9995635
File: 94 KB, 923x548, F9E8151B-18B2-45D0-B9A8-5A330A12C65F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking yikes

>> No.9995686

Definitely send it to her fiance. He deserves to know.

>> No.9995688
File: 103 KB, 500x450, pyramid_head_and_bubble_head_nurse_by_irosyan-d5s8i12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know BN-chan... I know
I'm really glad to hear you're happy too though, let's make sure that no matter how things go we end up better for it. It would be great if everything we were hoping for really did happen, but we're both mature enough to realize that it's a bit of a longshot. I still want to try though...
Thanks for everything, really.

>> No.9995691

She doesn't sound cute.

>> No.9995698


>> No.9995716
File: 12 KB, 204x283, squidcancer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw hotty thotties are always trying to kiss my friend and he just turns them away
>mfw I would kill for any of them
>mfw I'm pretty sure he's a virgin at 27
>mfw I would fuck every night if I got the hoes that throw themselves at him
I wish I were tall. Baka doesn't know how good he has it.

>> No.9995758

Does her name start with T? She's been acting weird for a while now. I'm going to fucking kill her if this is who I think it is.

>> No.9995827
File: 9 KB, 130x167, astounding.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Feel bad because I'm 15lbs overweight. Meanwhile, there are TLC-sized bitches running around the con like they're models. Jealous.

>> No.9995828
File: 48 KB, 428x413, 1488277498220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9995832

Just do whatever. If they're doing it then you can't be the worst one.

>> No.9995836 [DELETED] 

/d/ here. I don't know if this is a feel, but it is a confession that cannot be shared with anyone IRL, and I hope someone here knows.

I am ridiculously into the idea of being a doll, and of seeing other people become dolls. I feel like that might be absurdly creepy but it's not like I'd hurt anyone over it.

But it has basically consumed a lot of waking time. Imagining how I'd (keep in mind i'm 6'4, 235#, dude) look as an adorable Bloodborne-Plain-Doll style doll complete with ball-joints and an empty head full of placid calmness.

I feel like this is a metaphor for something deep-seated and disturbing I experienced in my childhood, and my brain is just dealing with it this way. I can't afford the necessary accouterments to live this fantasy out, but I am running every day to lose a fuckton of weight. Maybe I'll hit 200 (beanstalk-aesthetic lol) and try it. I don't want to look like the people who just fail-spectacularly dressing up.

Forgive me for I have sinned.

>> No.9995845

I'm into this, where are you located?

>> No.9995848

The United States. Go to the 4chan discord cgl section (yes it's super cancer but still) and i'll say more? Personally identifiable information is not my bag, and i'd still like to talk to someone who shares this.

>> No.9995850

Oh thank fuck you're in the US, I'm not into your weird doll shit but I thought you were someone I knew.

>> No.9995853
File: 156 KB, 362x259, dollars.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was wondering where you were going with that question
rip that guy

>> No.9995855

There's someone for everyone.. especially on /d/.

>> No.9995868

Didn't know what I'd get when I visited here. I thought I'd get fashion advice but I got something so much better.

>> No.9995873

>implying you'd get fashion advice for your fetish on cgl
Wew lad

>> No.9995879

I'm tempted to do cosplay lewd for a lot of people who have asked but i'm not sure how I should do it if I decide to.

>> No.9995886
File: 95 KB, 300x300, agitated airbender.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fall right between the Small and Medium when trying to order shirts or tops for cosplay
>Always end up needing to buy both and return one if possible because different manufacturers size things differently

>> No.9995887

>turning 30 tomorrow
>just a few hours until middle age
If I didn't have a con this weekend, I'd kms.

>> No.9995915
File: 265 KB, 930x930, ticklepickle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just saw this shirt advertised on Facebook. Wtf are targeted ads even.

>> No.9995918

In my current financial flow i need to pick lolita or cosplay

>> No.9995919

Correction i need to pick which one i want to work on first.

>> No.9995926
File: 205 KB, 634x758, 1528926012423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please don't kill yourself it would make me sad.

Gonna post some unsolicited advice because I've been in a vaguely similar position before, and an anon helped me out and gave me good advice that actually worked.

Just eat less. Yes, that's literally it. Count your calories and eat like 1200 a day. I recommend an app like MyFitnessPal; it has a nice barcode scanner built in that makes it very easy to track the things you eat. Don't try to account for exercise and add additional calories or anything like that; that'll just fuck up your numbers since 99% of people can't estimate properly. Additional exercise is always good, but not absolutely critical for losing weight. The most important thing is to always be honest with yourself about everything. If you have to estimate a calorie number for what your just ate, try to overestimate it.

If you have an ounce of willpower its easy to lose weight as long as you're not following misinformation or doing some meme fad diet.

>> No.9995927

they can sense your autism and desperation.

hit the gym loser

>> No.9995929

>guy turning 30 but can easily pass as 22, esp in shithole UK

im pretty much just telling people im 23 if they ask(always askin if im a fuckin uni cunt), i wonder how long till i legitimately believe my own lies

>> No.9995930
File: 369 KB, 1448x1116, 1531167307909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no crime comm to take hostages for meets in abandoned warehouses

>> No.9995946
File: 657 KB, 500x375, yada yada 2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw a cosplayer you kinda admire lives closes to you
>you tried reaching to them but they seemed to want to keep their distance.
Nothing you can do about it, I guess.

>> No.9995948

>get kidney infection and put on antibiotics for it
>antibiotics destroy appetite

At least eating <600 kcal a day for a few weeks means I'll lose some weight. Maybe I can get off the last couple cms so I can actually fit into my VM.

>> No.9995949

pick a lolita anime character.

>> No.9995950

>tfw job hunting and trying to wear lolita as much as possible because I know soon I won't be able to except on weekends
>saying goodbye to my life as a daily lolita
>saying goodbye to my youth

I know I'm probably just being dramatic and should just suck it up like everyone else, but the thought of being surrounded by normies for most of my waking life makes me wanna kms. I guess it's more brand $$$, but what's the point if I don't even get to wear it most of the time? I regret not going into a more creative field so badly.

>> No.9995959

i know how you feel. being sorrounded by worthless NPC normies is a fate worse than death

>> No.9995961

>Please don't kill yourself it would make me sad.
Thanks, I won't.

I'm just using "kill myself" in the millennial way, like "I'm feeling kind of sad"

>> No.9995963

>finished sewing my own cosplay for the first time
>pretty simple design
>not the cleanest seams if you look too close
but i did it, gosh darn it

>> No.9995964

Pick lolita. If you don't like it, sell your dresses to fund cosplay.

>> No.9995970

way more fun and creative than patterns on a dress
I like lolita but cosplay is much more fun with crowds and differs further from typical fashion depending on the character you pick

>> No.9995982

I know what you mean Anon, it's not you though don't worry. Sometimes people just don't want more friends.

>> No.9995989

Perfect opportunity to get more casual lolita or j-fashion outfits that you can wear during the week.

I wonder, is it easier to sell lolita dresses or cosplay outfits?

>> No.9995990
File: 171 KB, 362x447, 9098A471-0998-45DF-A997-4116FAF5593C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a Turkish Upside-down Bowling forum
When I see people call 4chan stuff like this it always makes my day better and I think about it for a couple of days.
Last obscure name I came across was “A Taiwanese stamp collecting forum” or something like that and I think it’s literally the funniest thing in the world to hear people come up with these names.
It gives me the exact same feeling as finding a $5 bill on the ground.
Thank you anon.

>> No.9995993
File: 55 KB, 497x370, EAB30F33-5368-4678-96D0-E30FF0ACE8DA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9995996

Lolita's secondhand market is quite strong, the concept of buying these clothes secondhand is very popular and often recommended to newbies and otherwise, and while sizing varies, people who buy specific brands know what to expect and can often tell what will or won't fit them, so buying lolita secondhand is easy and worthwhile, assuming you deal with sellers that are reputable of course, but that applies to any transaction, not just in lolita.
Admittedly I have no experience with cosplay, least of all buying it secondhand, but I imagine that selling a piece that was made to one's specific measurements is more difficult than selling one that has somewhat standardized sizing, like in lolita.

>> No.9996004
File: 2.17 MB, 2100x1100, Just Mew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope you're right. It can't be helped, I guess.
I kinda wanted to ask for cosplay advice but I'm not going to force things. Gotta respect each other's space

>> No.9996010
File: 48 KB, 490x338, Sailor-moon-guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at con
>see obese sailor moon cosplayer
>OK, she's fat, but the cosplay actually looks like it fits her properly and not badly made
>think nothing of it
>later in the day, hear some guy say something to that cosplayer
>"Hey, you look kinda like that fat sailor moon guy on the internet"
>awkward silence
>*did he really just say that to her??*
>cosplayer's friend starts to angrily tell him off

I talked to the guy who said it and he couldn't figure out why telling a serious female cosplayer how she looks like a man wearing a joke cosplay would be mad.

>> No.9996027

Thank god today is over

>> No.9996030

>First wave of Attack on Titan cosplayers in 2014
>By summer 50% are cosplaying some AU

That ruined the whole thing for me. Its so god damn stupid

>> No.9996045
File: 68 KB, 459x480, fullsizeoutput_8e4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really love Lolita. I've been into it for almost seven years now, but I don't have the closet that should reflect that.

I sold all of my sweet pieces down the line and I'm basically trying to build a Classic wardrobe from scratch. I want to invest in beautiful, elegant, well-made pieces, not whatever is cheap or on sale.

Unfortunately, I am a full-time student in college and I'm disabled to boot. I can't juggle having a job and going to school at the same time. I'm dedicated to finishing my degree, which should only take about two years. But being dead broke really gets old.

I still browse the sale sites, browse /cgl/, and wish I could attend meetups. I wish I had the money for Lolita. I know it's a luxury, not a right I should be given. But it still makes me so unhappy to know that it's all out of my grasp.

Also, I'm eating less than I ever have been in my life and yet I'm still fat. Fuck.

>> No.9996053

It's supposedly going to rain on the day our convention starts.
Hopefully a cute girl will stand under my umbrella with me.

>> No.9996055
File: 121 KB, 241x234, icecream.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Planned to go to a Japanese Festival with my boyfriend
>Get dressed up in Yukata, excited to eat Japanese sweets and do traditional dancing
>its a bit late, but if we hurry we can make it to the end of the festival
>boyfriend picks me up, tells me he has to do something real quick in that direction
>he takes me to a mall where he made a large poster order
>I beg to stay in the car since I'm in my Yukata
>he promises me it will be quick
>we go to the mall, all eyes are on me oh god
>we walk into a weeb poster/weapons store
>store owners see me in a yukata and keep asking me what I'm cosplaying
>they try to get me to buy a samurai sword to go with my "costume"
>explain there's a Festival in the area and I'm dressed up traditionally for the occasion
>they don't understand and keep insisting I buy cosplay weapons to match my outfit
>kill me
>literally 3 hours in the store later
>festival is over
>boyfriend apologizes, buys me ice cream
>on the way home he admits he wanted me in the mall with him in something outlandish like a yukata due to his humiliation fetish

>> No.9996061

what the fuck

>> No.9996068


>> No.9996070
File: 70 KB, 431x493, 1525618965896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm pissed off just reading your post

>> No.9996076
File: 306 KB, 1000x641, DFF22561-49FA-4245-86B5-D2002E8C7AE0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please remove your boyfriend from the gene pool

>> No.9996088
File: 45 KB, 600x456, timetodie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>on the way home he admits he wanted me in the mall with him in something outlandish like a yukata due to his humiliation fetish
Did you murder him? Because I would have.

>> No.9996109
File: 703 KB, 245x184, 1473385125346.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9996113
File: 47 KB, 500x337, tumblr_inline_p5o1rf6j1w1rv11y4_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pls anon dump that piece of shit you have for boyfriend

>> No.9996120

Kick him in the nuts really hard and then buy him ice cream and tell him you just wanted to indulge in your ball-busting fetish

>> No.9996135

What a piece of shit could’ve taken you to the mall after the festival at the very least?
Strong Agree

>> No.9996149

>weebs are actually socially retarded
You're surprised?

>> No.9996162

>casual lolita
That would be nice, but I expect that the type of job I get will be the kind where I'll be in a pencil skirt and button-up level of formality at the very least, so I don't think it would fly. For any of you lolitas who have to wear suits and shit to work, have any of you successfully managed to incorporate things like small brand accessories without getting negative attention?

>> No.9996163

If I were you I would pick lolita. Unlike cosplay, you can wear it daily, and should your financial situation get even tighter, it would be easier to resell.
What a selfish asshole, I'm so sorry anon.

>> No.9996170
File: 132 KB, 500x613, tumblr_inline_p41mb1JQUF1u63q42_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thought I had given up on Lolita, especially now I have moved to Japan
>Friend messages to tell me that my ultimate dream dress is being given an MTO
>Been wanting AP's Drink Me JSK since I started wearing lolita
>Immediately messaged a shopping service and got a place on the list
> It's going to cost me so much money but holy shit I'll finally have my dream dress!!!!

>> No.9996181
File: 12 KB, 236x251, 130985af6b873cb3e86bac92dadb2fb2uglyfacesmangaart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been losing weight in the past couple of months and I'm itching to get back into J-fashion. I wish this weight can slide off faster so I can live my dream of bring a cute gyaru in the snow.

>> No.9996182
File: 46 KB, 290x290, luvia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a fucking plot twist.

>> No.9996183

Hey, that's pretty nice. Are you also working out, anon?

>> No.9996188
File: 646 KB, 900x1200, dontswear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Constipated. Parents won't let me go to the con until I take a dump.

>> No.9996192
File: 270 KB, 606x330, that&#039;s bd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9996195
File: 304 KB, 1280x1242, yangpunt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get kicked in the crotch and dabbed on
How this happen?

>> No.9996202

I missed out on a super cute skirt on LM yesterday.
I wanted it but wasn't sure whether I really 'needed' it, so I waited a few hours. Someone else bought it and now I'm sad .-.

>> No.9996214

That's the world telling you that you didn't really need it.

>> No.9996217
File: 70 KB, 960x498, B6690353-0A1D-43AB-B4B3-E35EB478955D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what the fuck is wrong with him

>> No.9996219

mfw 15 lbs underweight. can I have your fat or something lol

>> No.9996224

Your bf sounds based as fuck

>> No.9996226
File: 975 KB, 723x677, 1534084847372.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have contacted 3 people from /cgl/ over the years who I think could've potentially been really great friends
>one ghosted
>think one could legit be dead due to their circumstances prior to last contact
>one deleted their Discord username completely potentially due to drama we discussed beforehand
I hope you're all doing good wherever the fuck you are, gulls. Stay safe out there

>> No.9996229

I dont know how to balance my desire to be traditionally masculine but dress as a cute girl. Am I doomed to always be mediocre at both?

>> No.9996231

Me and half of the gulls on here probably think theyre the one who ghosted.

>> No.9996234

I have/had a similar problem. Ever since teen years I've been a tomboy who hated skirts and the color pink with a passion. Nowadays I'm into sweet lolita and wanna buy all the tooth-achingly sweet AP dresses.

My teen self would be appalled, but desu I just don't give a fuck anymore and do want I want. Gonna get me all the frills.

>> No.9996236

For some reason it took me reading half this thread to realize I was on /cgl/ not /lgbt/ I'm not even gay

>> No.9996238

As long as you fit into it, I think you're good. I bought a few blouses, but working out has made a lot of things start fitting way too tight and I don't think I can fit into anything.

>> No.9996243
File: 81 KB, 379x364, 1533749818899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Confess your ghosting sins, gulls

>> No.9996254

I have a friend like you two. She wants loves lolita and wearing dresses and whatever, but at the same time, she wants to look like a guy and present more masculine. She looks so much like a brolita its scary.
I get it though. I hate femininity (and masculinity), but love lolita and fairy kei. I just want to be completely androgynous though.

>> No.9996283

Why is there such a stigma against wearing opposite styles? I think it's completely natural to wear lolita when you feel like dressing more fancy or go back to tomboy things when you get tired of opulent things.

>> No.9996288

I used to be a bitch and just told people that I didn't like them and didn't want to be friends with them anymore because I though honesty was GOOD. As it turns out, honesty can sometimes be extremely hurtful and now I just ghost people. Sorry, sometimes I just don't want to be your friend. You didn't do anything wrong. I just don't like you.

>> No.9996292
File: 52 KB, 444x287, wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I hate femininity but I love hyper feminine fashion styles

>> No.9996298

>want to join a comm
>Too scared to meet new people

>Always feel dumpy and unattractive wearing lolita or just too scared to wear it out

How do I stop these feels, I just want to feel cute.

>> No.9996302

I know, I don't get it either.
I think its because its "cute", and western femininity is usually "sexy", which I dislike.

>> No.9996303

Why do you feel dumpy? Do your clothes fit you properly? What cuts and lengths do you usually wear?
My frills make me feel infinitely more beautiful than anything else I've ever worn so it's possible you don't wear things that suit you.

>> No.9996304
File: 76 KB, 233x255, 1523218388274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chaotic Neutral option: Fuck her then send proof to the Fiance afterwards

>> No.9996305

you can hate something on yourself but appreciate it on others and wish you could pull it off

>> No.9996306

I'm quite petite so everything fits me fine with a lot of room to spare with some brands . Like my frills make me so happy it's just when I put them on I just feel like they don't suit me.

>> No.9996307

Hey, might want to be careful with that one pal. Depending on how you worded it, she could take you to court for blackmail over the texts. Best bet is to immediately back out. Send texts to Fiance if you want to do a good deed.

>> No.9996308

Are you also short, by any chance? Sometimes dresses that go below the knee or down to one's calves can make you look stumpy in a not cute way, is why I'm asking.

>> No.9996310

Nah I'm 5'5 so pretty average. But I've enjoyed wearing more normie acceptable jfashions in the past, I think it's because Lolita is a little more out there so my mind keeps thinking I look out of place despite my love for the fashion

>> No.9996312
File: 147 KB, 850x869, 1537456692359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9996313

Oh that might be it. In that case you probably just need to get used to it, maybe get dolled up just to sit around the house occasionally or something.

>> No.9996316
File: 87 KB, 500x600, 1512621978369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Meet really sweet guy here
>He's interested in lolita in a non-fetish way since he just appreciates jfash and does mori himself
>Tall and lanky but definitely fits the "kindhearted forest man" look
>After a few months, tell him I like him
>"Sorry, I should have told you I'm gay"
>Too embarrassed so ghost

I'm sorry...

>> No.9996317

I'm starting to find my soon to be wife less and less attractive.
Due to an issue in the womb involving testosterone, she has some pretty guyish features but not to the point where she looks like some obvious tranny or a sissy.
But lately,she's been cutting her hair shorter and stopped wearing makeup and she looks more like a boy. To the point where a girl in my comm asked me about my "boyfriend".
I love her and it's the best relationship and only healthy one i had so far,but i'm starting to really feel as if i was going out with a tranny at this point.

Sometimes I think I could find myself a girl who looks 100% like one. But if I were to leave her it would be a disaster for me financially speaking. And I couldn't forgive myself as I promised her to never leave and she's been hurt too many times.

She even accepts and love when i wear lolita,i don't know what to do gulls.

>> No.9996318

Dump him, or maybe kill him.

>> No.9996322
File: 175 KB, 482x475, 1490649337933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9996325

How about you get over yourself and stop questioning your masculinity so hard? I identify 100% as a girl but I like looking boyish a lot of the time. I also like to dress up. If you're engaging in lolita with her, and she isn't questioning you or your looks, you're a complete hypocrite and an asshole to boot. People aren't black and white like this. The issue here is your insecurity and vulnerability over what other people think, not how she looks.

>> No.9996326
File: 206 KB, 1165x1155, gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where does he live anon?
I just want to talk. I promise.

>> No.9996329

Dump him.

>> No.9996330

I'm a girl anon

It's a girl, anon.

We're lesbians. Both girls.

>> No.9996331

>stop questioning your masculinity
>implying op is a guy
Sounds like a femme lesbian who wants to date another femme, at least to me. Why are you so angry about this?

>> No.9996332

Dump him anyways. I don't want anyone in a relationship here. Relationship free zone.

>> No.9996334

Chaotic Neutral-er Option: Fuck the fiance, send her the pics, then ghost them both!

>> No.9996335

Promising to never leave was a mistake on your part. I understand where it may have come from but it's just not a promise you can guarantee to keep. But that's already done so it's irrelevant.
Have you talked to her about this? Not in a
>Hey X why don't you grow out your hair and wear makeup anymore?
way, rather ask her how she feels, if she's alright, etc. You can say you're concerned for her, and honestly I would be if my partner suddenly cut her hair short and stopped wearing makeup without reason; I'd suspect depression of some kind but you don't have to ask her if she's depressed.
Do you understand where I'm getting at? If she tells you she suspects she might be trans then you can think that over and see what you can and should do then, but first just talk to her about what's going on because that might not be it, either. You say your relationship is healthy but you feel financially dependent on her, while she's apparently emotionally dependent on you, and you don't sound very happy; doesn't seem like a healthy relationship to me, sorry to say.

TL;DR: Just talk to her. Figure out what to do after you figure out what's going on in your relationship.

>> No.9996338

Fair point, sorry. I definitely should have considered that could be the case.

>> No.9996348

I want a lolita gf to dress up so I can be a lolita vicariously.

>> No.9996363
File: 215 KB, 500x647, 1527320831900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Boyfriend of a lolita here - there's no greater feeling than this. Someone else understands. I would never look good in those frills, and I'm not going to embarrass myself or others by even attempting to. But she does, and I love supplementing her wardrobe with stuff I'd wear if I was a girl.

Posting an image I know she hates in hopes that she stumbles on this post. Love you~

>> No.9996372

That’s the absolute cutest thing anon! She’s one very lucky girlfriend

>> No.9996374

I wish I were so lucky. How did you do it?

>> No.9996380

Why didn't you reee at the two gushy anons further up in the thread literally using it to get on each other?

>> No.9996381

I did.

>> No.9996385

You mean telling that Silent Hill couple to be careful? Honestly I wish they'd just fuck and stop littering up these threads.
It's been a while since we've had a cgl couple though.

>> No.9996389

No. No couples. If I have to be a bitter, fat, ita with borderline personality disorder alone the rest of you are coming with me.

>> No.9996404

>being this bitter
Wew, no wonder you're single.

>> No.9996405
File: 79 KB, 800x800, __kirby_kirby_series_drawn_by_torima__bb1110e856ac6acccc37d9d41bb0d73e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Overseas anon who lost his job by calling his boss out for terrible behavior here. I am underway to get a new one right now and I think it's gonna go smoothly. I'm gonna be writing for a pretty big online publication that pays a good salary.

With this, I might actually make it to AX next year... I really want to get to know some cool people that share my interests. Where I live the community is dried up and dead.

>> No.9996407
File: 271 KB, 393x383, pep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9996408

>Go out in lolita
That's your mistake right there

>> No.9996420

Im pretty sure those r different ppl

>> No.9996425
File: 878 KB, 720x629, 1497982019499.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been going to cons to try and meet new people and make friends
>talk to nice person at cosplay event last weekend, they were in a really neat suit Genji cosplay
>wanted to ask for their contact info after we played Taiko for like 30 minutes and had a nice conversation throughout
>didn't get a chance because a guy suddenly joined in, sat between us and i wanted to be nice to him and explain the game and the Genji left
>only saw the Genji again at the end and was too scared to ask for their info because they were with a bunch of friends

>> No.9996426

Does it matter? They're both hilariously bitter.

>> No.9996427

>wearing clothes outside is a mistake

>> No.9996429


>> No.9996465

>t. Bubble nurse trying to hide her /cgl/ nature

>> No.9996469

Seeing all the Hellocon coords on Instagram is getting me down. I wish I could have gone and met Mana-sama too. I'm so jealous it's eating me up inside

>> No.9996507

>save up for months to go to Japan with husband
>suddenly people messaging me left and right to help them get items from CC/AP/Disney because I'm "nearby"
>"teehee you can send it via ems if you don't want to carry it back!!!11"

Right, and I paid a good chunk of money to navigate a Japanese post office instead of enjoying my late honeymoon...

>> No.9996510

should have said no

>> No.9996517

I did say no anon, but the fact that they thought that it was okay to even message me on my honeymoon to ask to buy them things because they didn't want to pay someone to go in and buy it for them. I didn't suggest anywhere on fb that I was okay with it.

>> No.9996524

Why would you even bother with fruit of the loom? VS has the sales and coupons and their stuff lasts a long time if you don't put bras in the dryer. People bitch about being weird sizes but if you aren't a mega whale or completely flat, you can find decent stuff at VS for cheap.

I used to wear their pushups under some cosplays and they're great

>> No.9996534

VS is overpriced garbo, aerie is where its at

>> No.9996562
File: 60 KB, 1024x1004, 1525014619058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9996599

who the fuck hates moths
they're adorable
your girlfriend is a terrible person

>> No.9996600
File: 36 KB, 179x318, BETA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been going to cons for over five years now
>still suffer from extreme awkwardness when meeting guests
>only talked to other attendees (beyond "can I get your picture?") once, and it was someone I knew from online
>usually think of a compliment or something I liked about a comic when it's getting signed but can't start a conversation
I don't think I'm even incrementally getting better. Last convention I went by the Mega64 booth THREE TIMES, once to look at things and sweat, once to get a photo with them, and then once to buy shirts.
At least I still have fun, I guess.

>> No.9996604


After three years of putting up with an incredibly toxic person at work, I cut ties and just ghosted her right after work ended and I finished all my obligations with her. Managed to ghost her right through a mutual's wedding. I am impressed with myself but mostly holy shit I am FREE. It wouldn't have been worth it to talk to her about the reasons I didn't want to talk to her anymore because she always manages to twist it back onto me, and I ain't got no time for that.

I never ghosted a lolita friend though. They're too precious to come by.

>> No.9996607

>meet someone new
>they think you're cool at first
>take a little while to war up to them
>they start to figure out what a weirdo you are
>feel embarrassed
>drift away

>> No.9996609
File: 83 KB, 688x1000, __common_raccoon_and_fennec_kemono_friends_drawn_by_kotobuki_tiny_life__d280be7f717411aa2281952cc893f0d6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cute girls in cute cosplays at cons
>want to compliment both the person and the cosplay
>dunno if I should pick one or the other to compliment
>maybe both?

What kind of compliments do you like gulls?

>> No.9996615

usually 'aw, you're so cute!' suffices, and it doesn't really matter if you're talking about the outfit or their face at that point. Even simple stuff like that makes my whole day

>> No.9996621
File: 101 KB, 1080x1101, 1501344207794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be guy
>go to convention
>compliment a female cosplayer
>say "Your cosplay looks amazing!" because I feel like if I say anything about the person, I'll come across as a guy trying to flirt and just being a general creep
>but also feel like I'm not complimenting the person even if they're part of what I want to compliment
>hang out with female friend the same day
>she says "You look so cute!" to random female cosplayers
>they give her hugs and act like she said something amazing because most people only compliment the cosplay
>two of them even cried

>> No.9996635

>coord looks kawaii af
>face full of pimples, hair is a flat greasy mess
I want to die

>> No.9996638

Get someone cute to wear it for you.

>> No.9996639

Do you know the cause of your pimples? Do you drink enough? Do you eat a lot of dairy products? Do you impulsively touch your face? Is it a hormonal thing?
I feel that no matter how cute your coord is, if your hair isn't styled and you're not wearing even a bit of makeup, then the look won't be complete and you'll look a bit awkward; I see this every time I get dressed, actually, and how I don't become truly cute until after I'm done getting dressed.
I understand the frustration but it's fixable, don't lose hope yet.

>> No.9996641

>Do you drink enough?
Just to clarify, I mean water.

>> No.9996645

>no matter how cute your coord is, if your hair isn't styled and you're not wearing even a bit of makeup, then the look won't be complete
this is exactly what I mean
I'm not really sure how much is "enough", I have this water bottle I bring with me to class, I usually try to empty it twice before the end of the day.
I also try to drink enough at home, mostly (green) tea.
I'm not sure what causes my pimples, though I think it's a combination of multiple factors, not just one thing I have to tackle; I really feel like things such as how often I change my pillow case/bed sheets and towels, and eating a lot of sugary foods have some influence as well.
I have no idea how to fix the greasiness of my hair, though, I am already using a shampoo that doesn't contain sulfates, and I usually wash my hair once every three days.
i just wish I could slap on some unicorn blood cream and be done with it ;_;

>> No.9996646

Pimples are always confusing to tackle, but dry shampoo might help with the greasy and flat hair! I have overly oily hair which usually gets already a little gross after 1 day of not washing, but dry shampoo used sparingly has honestly saved my ass. Would recommend spraying it in the night before and sleeping with your hair up so it has time to soak in and you don't have to battle that dusty white look in the morning

>> No.9996665

Don't worry friend.
Although a lot of guys assume so, girls don't assume men have an ulterior motive behind every nice gesture.

>> No.9996674

>suicide attempt last week
>mom decides to visit me
>then dad decides he wants to come too
>happy he even thought of coming
>however he absolutely hates lolita and my small apartment is dripping in it
>no where to hide the shit, barely any energy to stay alive
>will probably be shouted at yet again despite being financially independent and 11 years into this fashion already

Honestly I’m feeling too fragile to deal with this right now. Wish me luck anons.

>> No.9996676

He loves you more than he could possibly hate lolita

>> No.9996678

If he seriously yells at you over wearing clothes he doesn't like a week after your suicide attempt he can honestly go fuck himself

>> No.9996679

I dont think the parents know about the suicide attempt

>> No.9996681

Oh. I got the impression that that's why they were visiting in the first place.

>> No.9996693

Stay alive for your burando, anon. They need you

>> No.9996722

Have you used adapalene yet?

>> No.9996729
File: 902 KB, 640x960, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m not sure if I can really call this a dream dress, because it’s not rare nor out of stock nor super expensive nor even burando, but I’ve been looking forward to buying this dress and have been eyeing it for a few months now. It’s probably the closest to a dream dress that I’ve had so far in my short time in lolita fashion, so my good feel is I finally bought it yesterday and I’m really excited. I really love bunnies and I’m really happy I’ll be able to wear this cute dress with lots of them on it. I’m just a bit worried about the collar and how it’ll work with a blouse but I’ll figure it out, I guess. If anyone has any tips on what blouses to wear with this though I’ll happily take them!

>> No.9996732
File: 413 KB, 500x600, 76085583388993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think it qualifies as a dream dress, all things considered, but hey, congrats! For a blouse I'd suggest one without a collar, either a square neckline or otherwise, like pic related. You should be able to find one quite easily but if you want another option, you can also wear it with a bolero on top instead of a blouse underneath.

>> No.9996733

Man, doing housework in lolita is a 10/10 feel. I feel super cute flitting around the house cleaning things.
My house shoes are even cute.

>> No.9996734
File: 166 KB, 1205x624, want.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>diet has been shit for 2 weeks
>only way I can possibly have the body I want for the con end of next month is to only eat 1000 cals a day(-2000 deficit)

Life is going to be so shit, but this is the only thing that makes life barely worth living for me.

>> No.9996742

Cosplayer I like used to go to tge sane uni as me. Both graduated. See her at cons sometimes. I'll probably never speak to her.

>> No.9996743

>girls don't assume men have an ulterior motive behind every nice gesture.
Some sure do. I use to be friends with one. We were at a store and a guy walked by and complimented her ear rings. He didn't stay to chat or anything, literally just said it while walking by and she turns to me and starts ranting about how men are trash because they just flirt with women to get sex or whatever. Sorta awkward since I'm a man...
I don't talk to her anymore. Kinda hate it though, I compliment women who I think are dressed nice, but I always have that small fear that they might be like that friend I had, who will get angry at compliments.

>> No.9996744
File: 66 KB, 1280x720, ewwwwww.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The cosplay looks cheap as hell.

>> No.9996746

I feel you, anon. I am a girl and a cosplayer, but I've noticed similar things happen to guys or male friends at cons and I think it's unfair.
It's either a stupid double standard or the girls simply didn't notice how their reaction affected you.
It always makes me a bit sad too and want to hug the guy. I'd happily thank you if you complimented me, anon. Don't give up!

>> No.9996748

You knew what she looked like before you dated her. Wtf is wrong with you.

>> No.9996749

its cheap because the dress itself is cheap to make you brand bitch

>> No.9996750

I seriously don't understand girls like that. As anon said, not every guy tries to flirt when he compliments people. It's a really nice and kind thing to do and it should make a girl happy.

>> No.9996751

> having a group of friends that are quite active in chat
> outside chat they are not social to anyone else
> realize all friends have severe mental problems
> realize everyone in the hobby is mentally retarded or acting way too young for their age
> want to ditch everyone but do not want to look like a total ass

I feel like I am probably the most normal and mentally healthy person in my group. I get so tired sticking with them.

>> No.9996753
File: 141 KB, 471x400, kekek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just because it's cheap to make doesn't mean it should LOOK cheap.
>Brand Bitch

>> No.9996754

Ghosted a toxic friend too, I put up with her BPD shit for too long and finally just cut all ties cold turkey. She tried sending me messages begging me to forgive her but I'd had enough. I feel bad for it every now and then but it was definitely for the better.

>> No.9996768


>> No.9996770

Do you really think that they have mental problems or are you assuming that they all do because of their severe social anxiety?

>> No.9996772

OTC acne medication in the US that just recently stopped being prescription. Really cheap, especially for how well it works.
It's like topical accutane and takes about 3 months to work but boy does it.

>> No.9996776
File: 67 KB, 561x889, DKReuWrXUAEDZwP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1000 cals a day(-2000 deficit)
>3,000 cal maintenance
What the fuck are your daily activities if you can maintain at 3000 yet manage to pull off Felix?

My maintenance was around 3,000 cals when I was 250lbs as a 5'9 guy with exercise every other day.

God damn I want to do a cute girly cosplay but even now at 165lbs I still need to lose a shit ton more to even have a the body to try to say nothing about my awful face.

>> No.9996807

They actually have mental problems and often talk about it and almost all of them have social anxiety.

>> No.9996808

Some cosplay boyfriends are very protective, especially during cons.

>> No.9996815
File: 129 KB, 482x800, Eiri.full.236117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just cut a pretty drastic hime cut, let's hope I don't hate is tomorrow gulls.

>> No.9996817

lots of oral steroids(no bloat/bulkiness) and lots of t3.

im 5'8 167lbs

>> No.9996819

as someone who frequented cons, if you're a guy don't worry about compliments like "you look cute" and whatever. the reason some girls are wary is probably because they had a bad experience with a guy at a con. If a guy tries to talk to me, sometimes i feel wary because I've been stalked at cons by random dudes a couple times. If you come off as confident and just say a nice compliment without expecting anything in return, it's not a big deal. I feel like you're scared of the idea of the reaction, like you think women will get mad- if they do they're a cunt, the worst that will happen is that you'll get glared at, but you're not gonna get kicked out a con for it.

>> No.9996822

>At Forever 21
>Gf shows me a pair of ballet flats
>Not even the kind with a heel, they’re completely flat
>”Look, these would be perfect with your coord!”
>Smile through the pain
>Genuinely happy she’s thinking of me, because I have bigass feet and am always on the hunt for offbrand loli-able shoes
>”Those are really cute sweetie, but I don’t think they’d work for lolita”
>Can tell she’s disappointed
>”I-I’d wear them normally though”
>A few minutes later, she asks
>”Why are lolitas so picky?”
>I ask what she means
>”There’s so many rules. You should be able to wear what you want.”
>I explain that I do wear whatever I want outside of lolita
>And even within lolita, I have a lot of freedom
>Like, I always pick prints, colors, and styles that I love
>”But still, it’s mean that people would judge you over shoes.”
>Explain that with shoes, it’s not even just about rules
>It’s about tying the outfit together
>It’s about proportions
>It’s about elegance
>Plain ballet flats would be overly casual
>If I wore a pair of ballet flats with a big, printed skirt, it would make my calves look stubby and make it look like I don’t have feet
>And I’m not even worried about other people judging me, it’s about what I personally want
>End lolita spergout
>She’s listening but I can tell she lost interest halfway through

I’m happy that she tries to be interested in lolita, but talking to her about it can be such a hit-or-miss. And she’s so easily swayed into the “why are lolitas meanies?” mindset.

>> No.9996827

>Buy AMD stock a year ago
>up 200%
>really want to just sell all (or half) my shares so I can buy so all the ouji and j-fashion clothing I want.
Don't many (non-taoboa) ouji and j-fashion pieces keep their value or even go up over time? So it wouldn't be like tossing the money out the window like, say, using the money to buy a new car or eating at a restaurant, right?

>> No.9996828

Does your girlfriend always make a big deal over nothing like this?

>> No.9996829

>she’s so easily swayed into the “why are lolitas meanies?” mindset
Most people who have the preconceived notion that lolitas are meanies are like this, sadly. Happens to me occasionally when talking to my non-lolita friends. Anyway, it's cute that she's thinking about you but she needs to chill the fuck out with her reactions and not take it so personally.

>> No.9996830

The value might go up, or just remain high, depending on the brand; Moitie is often like this, for example.

>> No.9996836

Completely different anon but I'm short and petite and so many dresses fit like goddamn bags on me, it makes me angry. I've pretty much had to transition into only wearing old school, skirts or corsets over things and it makes me salty. If only I had stick legs too.

>> No.9996839

You can have your pieces altered, making clothes smaller is infinitely easier than making them larger.

>> No.9996841

Severe social anxiety is a mental problem, anon.

>> No.9996847

It's possible, but it adds a big cost to any dress I want to buy, on top of reducing the resale value to pretty much nil. I'm not that rich yet, and I have no clue how to find a seamstress I could trust in my area.

>> No.9996849

Fair enough. Good luck with your diet.

I should probably look into actually shaping my body decently before doing any specific cosplays. I'm 165lbs down from a whopping 285lb starting weight but my body is misshapen as fuck since 90% of my exercise is jogging. It's left me with a THICK legs that are both muscle and fat, a reasonable remaining gut, and twig arms.

If I can at least get rid of the gut some more I'm considering Gillian from VA11 Hall-A for a con in a few months though.

>> No.9996857

i have this same problem too :< i look back at my pictures and im like... dwarfed by the dresses. cant even see my damn legwear print whats the point

>> No.9996864

I feel you. Half my friends are otherkin.........

>> No.9996879

Yeah but it's the most normie mental problem out there

>> No.9996909

This genuinely made me feel better anons. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You both are right in different ways.
My mom knows I'm feeling really bad right now, but not that I tried to kill myself. I just told her I was crying everyday and decided to start meds with my doctor. I'm not sure how much my dad knows.

They're arriving in a couple of hours. I'm really nervous.

>> No.9996968


I mean it was a bit of an overreaction, but I don’t think she was being assmad because I didn’t want the shoes for my coord. I think she thinks that bullying and elitism is a bigger issue than it actually is in lolita, and whenever I imply that I can’t wear something, she sees it as me being oppressed/bullied and gets really concerned for my well-being.
I probably don’t help with her anxiety by joking about “being forced to sit at the ita table” and “being smacked with the ita paddle.” And my comm does have a few snotty girls (just like any other social group) and I think she worries that everyone is like that and that I’m being bullied (despite the majority of my comm being really chill and nice.)

>> No.9996972

If there's anyone here that saw my old Dieselpunk thread, would you be interested if I made a steampunk/victorian thread?

>> No.9996975

I'm 5'6", weigh 57kg, and look like a bloated mountain. Fuck my life

>> No.9996976
File: 1.30 MB, 640x960, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you! And thank you for the advice, too! I also saw the model for that dress wearing a neck hugging collared thing blouse, that would work too, right?

In the end I'm probably going to go with a bolero since I don't want to detract from the cute big peter pan style collar too much, but when it gets chillier it'll still be nice to know.

>> No.9996979
File: 77 KB, 1024x812, DnCdON1XoAAlMhQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, one day she found a moth in her wardrobe crawling on her dress. She quickly killed it but couldn't identify if it was a clothes moth or not. She was scared for the whole week that she'd find holes appearing in her dresses. She started shaking them and steaming them, but she has so many that it would take too long to "sanitize" them all. In the end, it wasn't a clothes moth, but she still hates them because she was so scared.

I just tried my best to reassure her that I don't think it was a clothes moth and that they don't like to eat the fabrics that brand uses if it was one. I didn't make fun of her or anything, just tried my best to take her fear legitimately and help her work through it even if I was confident that her wardrobe was safe.

>> No.9996981

A high neck blouse like this could work too, at least in theory, but it's less sweet so it wouldn't work as well aesthetic-wise.

>> No.9996983


>> No.9996987

New bread

>> No.9996997

Moths don't eat clothes, the larvae they lay do

>> No.9997201
File: 274 KB, 1024x724, 1460138998736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>only eat 1000 cals a day(-2000 deficit)
Your diet is shit and so is your math.
This is why you don't have the body you want, not the last two weeks

>> No.9997223

stop killing yourself
there is so much to do
>move to another country
>try some weird drugs
>play russian roulette
nothing to lose

>> No.9997227

Yeah, the shaking and steaming of clothes was an attempt at making any possible eggs laid shake off. I should have made that more clear - the worry wasn't that the moth had eaten some clothes already, it was that the moth was laying eggs on her clothes before she killed it.

>> No.9997235

I don't live in the US so I don't think it's an option.

>> No.9997269

It's like $25 for a bra on sale there and the foam isn't lumpy and weird like aerie...

>> No.9997360

>your hobby and one of the biggest parts of your life is his fetish

dump immediately

>> No.9999462

>Actively searching for MMM's Silent Moon.

>Yesterday got sick and couldn't use the computer.

>Log in today and find that one was sold on mercari for 16k yen.

Kill me plz.

>> No.9999548

>your bf with no panties on
Dose your bf normally wear panties?