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Last one here: >>>>9989272

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>pumpkin kei

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>Tits out

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Not really ita, but that double chin

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She's got a lot of leg showing too. I'm ok with shorter skirts, but at some point you just have to admit to yourself you're too tall for AP and move on.

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These are pretty yikes.

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This is precious. I want to dress like this when I'm 80.

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This would be cute as fuck if she was like six inches shorter and wasn’t making a terrified derp expression
Can’t tell if saggy skin because old or because ana but either way ew
Oh honey... If this is the least ita thing you can come up with, maybe it’s time to just stop...
Oh fuck you can tell she thinks she’s got the fashion down to a t. Yikes.
Um... I’ve been trying to look at positives and give concrit on itas, so...
I like her boots I guess? That’s literally the only remotely nice thing I have for this.

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Her biggest issue is that nothing she makes fits her correctly. She still needs a lot of practice. But I've seen way worse homemade.

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What in the literal fuck

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don't ask

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god, that skirt makes her look like she's a literal dwarf

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Cirno and Suigintou are the only two here who look half decent. I actually think kigus with anime characters are neat (still kinda creepy tho) if they’re well done

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Like I said, fit is way, way off. IDK if she has some kind of negative body image where she thinks she's fatter than she is or something, but her clothes hang off of her and make her look fatter. Fat already, but still, too-big clothing doesn't help.

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Ita by default on account of being a disgusting ageplayer on top of wearing shit that doesn't fit.

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She’s an ageplayer? Source? I had no idea...
Wow all those filters and she still looks haggard

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Check her thread on lolcow.

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She is, there's an entire thread on lolcow about her shenanigans if you're curious.

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mommy said its my turn on the xbox

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This is a straight up Alice cosplay, was it tagged as lolita?

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Lesbian softball- kei

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I want that skirt, but just the skirt. As an outfit it’s not lolita, and not anything special either.

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I saw so many of this type of ita at San Japan... it’s always this dress in different colors, too.

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Somebody help Amu-chan not look so terrifying, please!!

I actually kind of love these masks, they’re super cute desu

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all con itas are the same, and they always look angry/upset

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Or smug, depending on how little self awareness they have.

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Where's her leg?

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I can kinda see it peeking in the left shot, just behind the leg in the foreground. It's just a very unfortunate pose.

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Puritan kei

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Then it must have been a conscious choice to have such a short dress.

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I bet this one is an ageplayer too

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The thumbnail reminded me of Trunchbull.

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I love this account, she posts normie outfits with a single headbow and tags them all as Lolita

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ditch the hat, front bow, and get the pinks to match and this wouldve been kinda cute desu

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ayrt, just now realized it was emiblush, sorry I’m retarded and bad with faces

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Yeah it’s easy to get her and Chris Chan mixed up

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Naoto was a mistake
That dress is so bad and cheap looking

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brand itas are the worst

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>that caption
at least she's aware she has a lot of work to do. That's more than I can say for most itas.
There's a girl in our comm who's really into the mask thing. She's not ita, and she's been around forever, but I honestly think its pretty cool.

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>That dress is so bad and cheap looking
It's AP, and it's fine, just looks like shit on her.

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She ate it

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Can someone shoop a fedora on her? like she's giving me neckbeard in a woman's body vibes.

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>Date stamp
>Yellow walls

Has Moitie ita moved on to Sheglit? Their stuff looks so lovely normally

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One step closer to hoverloli....

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>searching for a petticoat on aliexpress
>Let’s look at feedback

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for hallolita and halloweeb

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Those poor Liz Lisa clothes...

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Did you expect anything else when you're looking for a petti on aliexpress?

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Ok but where does that skirt come from? It's really cute even though the outfit as a whole is not lolita in the slightest

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There’s something mildly charming about this, it’s either the half-assed goth look or the half-assed pinup look. It’s just so awful I love it.

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She looks like Quasimodo

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I thought this could be helped by simply switching the main dress for a better quality one then i fullsized the image and...Oh, Man.

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Just no. There is nothing charming about looking this bad...

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I had to stare at this for an uncomfortably long time until I realized there was actually dogs on the dress...

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Who thought this was a good idea?

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The colours are disgraceful

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I wouldn't mind the doggy dress if it were well-constructed. But it isnt.

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Apart from the frizzy hair, this is cute.

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I like it, but it might be bias because I love nile perch.
either way it's not ita by any stretch. I always am reminded by people like you posting "nitpicks" or "personal taste" that the word ita has lost all it's weight.

>> No.9994378

just a reminder that to normies, this is what we all look like

>> No.9994379

Is this made out of one of those furry blankets?

>> No.9994396

I love shar peis but this is...no. the piercings look like facial hair...
...shoes are ok
I bought those gloves when i was a kid. At claires.
>Socks over tights
>Borderline drag make up
>Almost dead hair
May Mana have mercy

>> No.9994399

If you wear sweet, maybe. Many normies are retarded but most can tell the difference between pastel vomit sweet (ita or otherwise) and elegant coords, sorry to burst your bubble nonny.

>> No.9994400

P sure that’s mintyfrills doing her sugaryvomit look but the yellow is a bit much for me here

>> No.9994445

None of it matches the dress.i know there is yellow in the dress but that not bright of yellow. It’s all off

>> No.9994449

Not ita.

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I’ll give you most of that, but

>borderline drag makeup

Fucking where?

>> No.9994461

I don’t like the yellow with this, but it’s a nitpick at most and not it’s.

>> No.9994464

This is fucking hideous but it’s a nitpick at worst

>> No.9994474

Everything from the vile piercings to the dress is so hideous. Choosing to be ugly is worse than being ugly sometimes.

>> No.9994477

>socks over tights
literally a staple in fairy kei fashion
>drag makeup
>dead hair
her hair looks fine, it's just dyed and she's braided it (I assume) to make it look wavy.
I'm convinced you don't wear lolita. you're just throwing buzzwords at the wall and hoping they stick. Even if those were legitimate problems, this outfit isn't ita.

>> No.9994487

>That dress is so bad and cheap looking
This is how I can tell some lolitas literally have no idea what ita really is and decides on the spot if something is good depending on who's wearing it.

That's an AP dress. How is brand cheap looking?

>> No.9994493

The dress is fine, it’s her height and lumpy body that makes it look cheap

>> No.9994494

I... Kind of like this actually. Not really ita.

>> No.9994498

This doggo design is cool but the construction is so fuckin bad...
Maybe it’s ita but I think it looks like a cute 50’s housewife
>making your fake freckles look like moles
At least TRY

>> No.9994501

i'm conflicted on this. on the one hand, it's absolutely hideous. a clashing, candybarf mess
but on the other hand, thats exactly what makes it wonderful

>> No.9994508

>Muh precious burando
If it falls above mid thigh, I don't care what brand it is, it looks cheap and trashy. Plus the design and fabric itself looks like shitty offbrand. Not everything brands make is nice

>> No.9994516

Is that not a wig?

>> No.9994532


>> No.9994534

did she delete this? it was on r/lolita

>> No.9994550

Just because it’s brand doesn’t mean it automatically looks good anon

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>how is brand cheap looking?
aaaah, found the normie who regurgitates lolita stuff they see online. I urge you to look at this blog and remind yourself brand still fucks up sometimes. http://what-the-f-burando.tumblr.com/
>inb4 someone says "is it bad that i like this?" because they're so quirky XD


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nah, it's her real hair.

>> No.9994594

She never disappoints as an ita, eye searingly bad every time.

>> No.9994595

I wish the set in that picture looked better because I really like the idea.

>> No.9994653

Hi Minty

>> No.9994654

Side note, I really want that phone case.

>> No.9994655

Bulldogs are not and never will be cute.

>> No.9994656

There's a little too much going on here...I think she would be better suited to fairy kei.

>> No.9994657

The "punk" jacket with a fuck ton of buttons trend needs to go the fuck away.
It's passable for normies, but it will never fucking work for lolita. Itas, stop it. You're not edgy, you're just tacky and tryhard.

>> No.9994659

Literally a staple in fairy kei fashion
Okay??? Your point??? This isn't fairy kei, it's lolita, you moron. Just because it works for one style doesn't mean it works for another.

>> No.9994662

struck a cord, huh?
The reason I bring up fairy kei is because the outfit is clearly inspired by it, and it's trying to incorporate fairy kei elements along with lolita ones.

Also, the last person I would happily defend is minty frills. She's a genderfuck and very blatant about her attention whoring, I generally don't look at or care for her outfits. However the thing I hate more is people who post people who aren't ita in these thread. If the only way you can criticise someones coordinate is with buzzwords (borderline drag makeup?) or your own personal preferences (sock over tights), you're not experienced enough to call others bad. Sorry not sorry.

>> No.9994663

I'm not OP and only the person who made the second comment but alright I guess.
I think she should've just gone for a straight-out fairy kei coord.

>> No.9994670

In that case, Typing??? like??? this??? should stay within tumblr.
I disagree, by the way. A lot of fairy kei type things can work in sweet lolita. Socks over tights was not really uncommon in 2011-2013 ott sweet, which is the era I think minty peaked and drew inspiration from. Nile perch also releases items that can be used in sweet lolita. It's ultimately preference.

The problems with her coordinate lie in her use of unconventional colours and her failure to properly balance them. Being ita is a lot more than just some gripes, and calling everything you don't like "ita" really makes the word lose any weight it previously carried.

>> No.9994671

Honestly I was going to debate whether it belonged in the ita thread.
Then I remembered, "Oh yeah, ita literally means it hurts to look at. This pastel vomit hurts my eyes."
Even if she's following all the "rules" of lolita and isn't making your standard ita mistakes like showing her shoulders or lack of petti, it still hurts my eyes and the color imbalance is rather baffling.

>> No.9994690


This girl is in my comm. Being edgy is her thing.

>> No.9994692

If they did just the yellow socks, blouse, and a diffent headpiece and bag, it'd be a cute soft look. If it were just the tights, and a new pink blouse with the bonnet it would be better for super sweet. Don't like it all together though.

>> No.9994693

I didn't realize it was dogs until you said it.

>> No.9994703

imo it's not really "edgy" it's just retarded.

>> No.9994706

Those are shar peis, so you’re wrong about two things.

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File: 337 KB, 1080x1350, 1537259776695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Why to people get tattoos in unfortunate places and then try to do a fashion that looks worse with tattoos.

*50's house frau
*20's flapper
*victorian era
*edwardian era
*regency era

Either get tats you can cover up or tats that are tastefully sized so they don't take over your fashion.

She has that look I associate with people who aren't great at long term decision making and thus can't dress herself let alone choose good tattoos.

>> No.9994768

not lolita but this is cute

>> No.9994789

>Naoto was a mistake
Take it back

>> No.9994801

I actually think this makeup is cute but that wig absolutely kills it

>> No.9994813

It's amazing how she's as greasy irl as she photographs. She should stick to her edgy shit.

>> No.9994814

I'm offended by all of it. Perhaps most by her eye makeup, her eyes are already close enough together as it is. And is there a mustache or eyebrows peeping out in the decolletage?

>> No.9994815

Burn the witch, warts and all.

I was also wondering for way too long if those were some rude body parts.

>> No.9994843


>> No.9994870

>nice soul patch bro

>> No.9994885

Ita aside, the photo composition makes me uncomfortable with those long as arms.

>> No.9994900

I think it belongs here well deserved. Literally the only thing all items have in common is that they are pastel coloured sweet stuff. But non of it actually matches,

>> No.9994902

I remember this from life journal and never figured it went on to Tumblr. Just kinda sat here hoping the topic would come back someone else one day. Thanks!

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File: 732 KB, 750x931, 508F82F5-F2C6-489A-B7CC-E933234BEBC8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9994917

she looks dirty as fuck

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File: 252 KB, 960x960, 17D81C47-47E8-4690-B4FD-6BE1EB91276D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9994937

I can feel that lace scratch me through the screen. Those uncut bangs call to me as well...

>> No.9994945

Marie deserves so much better...

How do you fail so hard to match a lip color

Ah yes let’s take a fashion pic in gamestop. Even a parking lot would be better

Trying to pinch one little hamfinger in an attempt to be cute...

>> No.9994950

Nice vendetta. She didnt even tag it as lolita. She just called it a "princess yukata dress".
You dont have to like Venus, but try harder to hide your hate boner.
Yes it is. It was a sponsored pic by Yumetenbo.

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File: 1.49 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180918-142202_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropped pic

>> No.9994971

>Ah yes let’s take a fashion pic in gamestop

But how else will the interwebs know that she's a gamhur gurrrrrl?? #notlikeothergirls

>> No.9994975

Eh, nitpick. She has a cute face despite being overweight and I actually like the coord from the waist down, even if the design of the skirt is a little weird. Her colors work well together.

>> No.9994976

She needs a headpiece and the skirt is a bit short, but otherwise not ita.
>green hair
It's not ugly, frizzy, or dead
>Solid white tights
Most of you would give a skinnier girl a pass on that
>what are thoooooose?
Probably ankle braces, which some people need to have even for non-fat-related issues
>Pinching finger
Yeah, not sure what that's about, but I bet about a third of the girls on this particular ita thread would look a bit less ita if they learned how to pose themselves.

>> No.9995106

that's nice but the skirt is still fucking ugly lmao

>> No.9995120

What is this dress?? It has appeared like three times in just this one thread

>> No.9995146

Yea those masks are great if you are looking to raid a FEMA food drop during the next natural disaster.

>> No.9995148

She saw one of those epic hot punk disney princess art pecies on facebook. She is also edgy and you can't contain her but she is a princess too!

>> No.9995149

Confession, I love Naoto Steam. I just don't like Frill or Blood

>> No.9995174

I wouldn't say this is eye-bleedingly bad, but it's a tragically basic coord. That blouse is absolutely not good for lolita, the whole coord is so incredibly bare-bones, and she could do with learning how to style that wig better.

>> No.9995177

I feel like ive seen this disaster of marie and a denim jacket before

>> No.9995204

You probably have.
Like I said, the "edgy" denim jacket with a fuck ton of patches and/or buttons has become a little too common among itas.
And as much as I love Marie I feel like the dress is an ita magnet.

>> No.9995207

>Marie deserves so much better...
If you mean the cartoon marie, yes, she is cute and I would pet her. the dress is disgusting and deserves nothing, though.

>> No.9995230

Where the fuck did this dress come from? I see it everywhere now

>> No.9995241
File: 94 KB, 730x730, imgrc0068057340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is yet another And Romeo replica. Welcome to hell.

>> No.9995315

She's doing cultural appropiation anyways

>> No.9995371

That's it anon. Keep reaching and stroking your hate boner.

>> No.9995374

>tragically basic
Still =/= ita

>> No.9995388

A frilly collared blouse with an OP with a frilly bib is difficult in the best of circumstances, this is awful. No petty and Pocahontas hair...

Right? Buttmad jellies.

That's bad.

Next you'll start about miscegenation laws like some old timy southern kkk member.

>> No.9995411
File: 507 KB, 1217x473, oiha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bids start at $90

i think you mean $0.90

>> No.9995481

Steam is great desu I don’t see the hate on that one. Frill is ok, honey is top tier

>> No.9995523
File: 74 KB, 638x960, FB_IMG_1537373054487.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>who are you to decide Bodyline clock dress is an infamous ita magnet? Did you do an in-dept study? Or do you just declare your own opinion as fact.
Oh, so much fun when itas proof your point by trying to unproof it.

>> No.9995529

the lolita pictured is really sweet and does really wonderful coords, I am bummed she took the bait on this one :(

>> No.9995531

The only use for this trash is to polish a car or something.

>> No.9995532

This is the first time I have seen the clock print look ok.

>> No.9995537

I don't recall other coords so quickly so I'm not gonna judge that. This one tho, looks like a mess imho. Why would you think to wear a skirt without petticoat with then a hoop skirt over it? And that hairstyling + headdress doesn't do her forehead any good, looks huge in a bad way. Not to forget that headdress would look much better if the hair is any put tightly back as it now looks a bit random put on top. The blouse, caplets, skirt, tights are all slightly different colours, if at least the Cape was also black and not dark brownish it would be better I think. It's like almost there but also not at all.

>> No.9995538

Not to forget that headdress would look much better if the hair wasn't put tightly back as it now looks a bit like it's randomly put on top without something to balance it out.

>> No.9995542

Been seeing this lately, showing the crenolin/hoop skirt. Saw one on CoF on FB recently--she called it ero lolita, but it just bothers me. Is this going to be the new halo crown?

>> No.9995579

The exposed cage skirt has been an ero staple for a long time, and normally it’s one of the few ero looks I like. This is the first time I’ve seen it just over the skirt though and to me it just looks like she put them on out of order and didn’t notice.

>> No.9995613

needs at least a barrette or something to stay lolita, however casual. I like this, it's cute.

>> No.9995679

Okay but for a Victorian maid costume or head maid at a cafe/tea room this would look so great. Meta does release non-lolita items sometimes, like mini-skirts and such. Even if it’s tacky, at least it’s tacky at decent quality.

>> No.9995702

Doesn't even look like lolita at all.

>> No.9995712

I just feel like I'm seeing it more lately. And it's a look that drag queens have been doing for decades, so imo it looks a little drag-y, maybe that's why it bothers me in this fashion. I'd rather see peeking bloomers than an exposed cage skirt. But that's just me, I guess.

I didn't post >>9995523. Just saying my piece. I've seen Antique Clock look a lot worse.

>> No.9995747

>Tricorn with pigtails

Time to fucking stop, what an abomination. The skirt is too short also and makes her legs and feet look very weirdly proportioned

>> No.9995759
File: 32 KB, 207x400, SCAN0408c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those skirts have been around in Lolita for a long time and brands have made them, but that doesn't excuse her awful coord.

>> No.9995760

wtf size is that? it looks so short and wide, like its made for a giant toddler

>> No.9995770

Did she run out of fabric halfway through?

>> No.9995785

You probably aren’t too far off

>> No.9995787
File: 233 KB, 540x900, 1D810503-5240-4E01-B5BA-0AF9A7F6D700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are some pieces you consider to be ita staples? It doesn’t necessarily have to be an ugly piece, or one that is never coordinated well, but it has an unfortunate association with newbie failures or is difficult to coordinate well.

I think clock dress is an obvious candidate. Cheap and easily sourced, sizing that goes pretty high, and a vaguely steampunk design. Pic related is someone actually doing it some justice, but I don’t think it can escape the black hole of ita-dom.

>> No.9995790

>literally the online communities thread topic

>> No.9995794
File: 154 KB, 700x1200, ba92ad27f51511df76d099886d8fa4c2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not only do land whales obsess over this dress, and it comes in a 4L, they still complain it's too small

>> No.9995821

i actually really love this except for the awful hair (although my monitor isn't showing the cape as brown like >>9995537 described)

>> No.9995822

There’s nothing fine about that headbow.

>> No.9995823

It's almost easy to miss since it blends in with her hair so much. It is awful though.

>> No.9995825

Anon who posted her and posted >>9995537. Let me clear this up. I don't mind a showing hoopskirt. I think it can look great in certain gothic and ero coords. I mind having a lolita skirt without anything that gives it poof making it look deflated with a hoop skirt over it.

Generally, either your skirt has poof underneath and the hoop skirt is for show, or they have an half open overskirt over it and bloomers underneath. Not a petticoat less deflated lolita skirt.

>> No.9995834

literally not even a single frill or scrap of lace. I can't figure out what they thought they were doing. I don't think the fabric could have cost that much so they're trying to make a profit off a mistake?

>> No.9995835

On my screen it's a dark brown striped cape with black lace, a black blouse, greyish-purpleish tights with tights with some brown pattern and an odd shine, purple cour way of the skirt, hoopskirt looks like black but less deep black than the blouse, black shoes, and a black hat with what looks to be a greenish glow over it, but that might be lighting.

It's why gothic needs to match their blacks just like how sweets need to match their pinks. Not all black is going to be fine together, because of the different untones they're made from. Literally every piece of fabric has a different undertone, even the purples and browns are slightly different shades. If it would match better I might mind it less, but not it looks messy.

Also, her sleeves are obviously too short on her. The wrist cuffs on a blouse should hit your wrist.

>> No.9995884

clearly that awful pink dress half the itas in this thread are wearing

>> No.9995916


>> No.9995935

Lel. The price reminds me of that Shit Lolita Says skit where Lor tries to sell a flower crown for 500$ because "she made it"

>> No.9995992

did she photoshop the background in? I don't know why people are defending this mess, or saying it looks good, that's the state of ita thread on cgl i guess

>> No.9995995

you're so quirky XD

>> No.9995998

It's "prove", you dunce.

>> No.9996008


Pretty much most of Bodyline is ita magnet, heck, you might even say Bodyline itself is the ita magnet.

Half the issue is that Bodyline pieces themselves sometimes are subtle in the way they suck, so newbies might buy, say, the Alice jsk, without realising that the border print is too narrow so it throws off the balance of the dress, and it has unconventional, bright colours that aren't easy to coord. So they end up being stuck with a dress where every other advice doesn't really work for coording it, and being unable to figure out why it doesn't look good.

The other half is that Bodyline is cheap, or has the rep for being cheap. So you're always gonna get the broke ones and the young ones who manage to buy a few Bodyline things and then match it whatever shirt they find in their closet and a bunch of obviously cheap children's jewellery from the kiddie section of their mall.

>> No.9996096
File: 106 KB, 960x960, 42116628_10212492063912183_2995475600010903552_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9996110

Why is this here? The one on the left is perfectly fine and in the right one I would only ditch that mismatched shawl.

>> No.9996115

agreed. Sometimes it feels that if you're not fat, an ageplayer, wearing a replica or obviously wearing a costume you'll get a pass nowadays...

>> No.9996117

I don't like her face because it looks like those stereotypical rich peoples'
"I'm better than you" faces here, but the coords itself are nice. Not ita.

>> No.9996201

>stereotypical rich peoples' faces
What? It's classic resting bitch face. She probably needs braces.

>> No.9996203

I think she's wearing the veil on the left wrong, that strap is supposed to go under your hair, not under your chin. The coord could use some other tweaks but it's not ita, neither of these are.

>> No.9996218

I think maid coords and nun coords bother people because of the costumey feel. Maybe that's why.....? Maybe a Catholic lurker is offended.

>> No.9996257

It's a snobby resting bitch face. Especially on the nun one where she's looking down, as if looking down on someone or something else.

>> No.9996340
File: 474 KB, 740x824, 809BA25D-4CAF-4F04-9C9D-6652512A19E1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone please tell this girl that her “handmade lolita” is horrible?

>> No.9996349

her make-up and choice of piercings isn't much better. I like piercings, but she somehow managed to make even those look clunky. Not to forget the dead looking, outgrown, faded hair. Why do people keep dying it weird colours and then not take care of said colour?

Conclusion, I doubt telling her will do much as she seems to either be delusional about her appearance or just not caring. Or she must be going for looking as bad as possible by having everything purposefully look as bad as possible...

>toilets aren't the best place for pictures unless they are fancy toilets so it'll look like an expansive place.

>> No.9996352

Are you disabled
>posting Moitie’s nun op in the ita thread
I hope Mana smites you.

>> No.9996387

He’s short and thin I’m pretty sure most of us can just sit on him lmao

>> No.9996418

is this the same girl? >>9994346

>> No.9996422


>> No.9996440

I hate to say this because I love her work but Sweet Mildred's OP's. I own a few, they're nice and cozy. But because she vends at conventions and has lots of items, everyone buys them including non-lolitas, beginner lolitas, lolita interested, cosplayers wanting to cosplay a lolita... etc. I think it's an impulse buy.

I see so many people at one con wearing the dress they bought with sneakers. The next local con, I see they've added a twintail wig and a pair of high heels and usually a plushie bag of some sort.

>> No.9996456

Ita staples.... replica Grimoire tights, a Diamond Honey dress (either the bunny hospital one or the Halloween one with the bats and the coffins), Sugar Hearts JSK for sure

>> No.9996515

Nun lolita is automatically ita, sorry.

>> No.9996522
File: 268 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_pf9uqip9yD1tgebfe_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9996523
File: 285 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_pf9uqivOu11tgebfe_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9996525
File: 579 KB, 1280x1470, tumblr_p71fitXjtO1rtv2tbo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"my first lolita coord!
as you can see i dont have a petticoat, this is my highschool uniform shirt cuz i dont have a blouse, i dont have a hat so i used my love live cosplay hat, i dont even have accessories…. but im getting there!"
This isn't a fucking coord and you obviously know it.

>> No.9996527

You are the only one feeling so attacked by her face. Is it because you regularly receive such looks?

>> No.9996528

The way she’s wearing it, it looks like a sexy nun costume she bought at a Halloween store so it belongs here.

>> No.9996532
File: 195 KB, 720x1191, tumblr_ofn95uhmlk1vrz6y9o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9996533

> no petti

>> No.9996563

She has a man chin and this bothers me.

>> No.9996581

Painful though it may be, I adore this

>> No.9996596

This isn't lolita in the slightest, but it's amazing and I love it

>> No.9996608


Ah, to be young and clueless again, and so excited about your first lolita dress that you'd put it on and post an incomplete coord to the interwebz, messy room in the background and all.

Her non-coord still turned out better than >>9996522 anyhow so whelp.

>> No.9996655

i respect the fuck out of sweet mildred because she must make SO much money off of itas lmao, her prices aren't brand prices but they aren't bodyline either, her jsks and OPs are in the three-figures and con itas are spendy as fuck. she's living the dream honestly

>> No.9996656

avante garde chan wishes she could be this girl

>> No.9996657

Speaking of ita staples, how about HL because sheer numbers (everyone and their dog has it, including a bunch of brand itas and replica whores).

>> No.9996661

I saw that irl
She went to meet Mana in that getup and i think she looked awful

>> No.9996662

If she were fat you wouldn't tout this as "doing some justice". Shitty Claire's headbow, shiny ebay wig, no accessories, meh legwear (I don't mind plain tights but she has nothing else going on anywhere so they look especially drab)... I haven't seen a single coord with this dress that's high-tier or even good. If that's your friend then she can do way better with a figure like that.

>> No.9996724
File: 274 KB, 1587x1587, 1532254542595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9996727
File: 77 KB, 640x640, 38758133_2041558826158103_1494841377140244480_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this ita?

>> No.9996728

Yes it is, baito-chan.

>> No.9996767

This has already been discussed to death

>> No.9996773

>sees shoes

>> No.9996781

Where? I checked the old ita threads but I couldn't find it.

>> No.9996790
File: 158 KB, 312x331, no.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was looking for white wristcuffs on etsy
Saw these monstrosities. Even if they don't look like theyre the worst.
The name alone is the most ita thing Ive read.

>> No.9996813

How are wristcuffs sexy

>> No.9996820

Sissies see anything remotely frilly as humiliating to wear and thus sexy.

>> No.9996821

check RC, i think that's where that thread was.

>> No.9996831

It doesn't look like it's intended to be lolita, just regular steetfashion and it looks like this was a purposefully photoshoot outfit, not a let's wear this outside outfit.

If that's the case I don't hate this. If it was actually tagged as lolita I'm gonna say it's shit and sad that that pretty face dresses so badly. But for random streetwear photoshoot I like this.

>> No.9996850

Someone hoverloli this.

>> No.9996854

The whole title is "sissy adult baby sexy white lace wristletts wrist cuff or ankle cuffs or both optional bells tv cd fancydress lolita kawaiifetish burlesque"
And jesus the reviews are full of sissies.

>> No.9996894

jsyk 4L doesn't really run that large. It usually affords up to 100cm in bust.

>> No.9996897

>100cm bust
>not that large

>> No.9996899

no. I love this. the aneaks are an edgy departure point that I appreciate. I'd like to see more weird lolita-return-to-streetfashion choices.

>> No.9996900

you have a different definition of landwhale than I do.

>> No.9996906

>wearing sneakers with lolita is edgy now
Better tell the lazy itas they're being innovative and fashion forward.

>> No.9996960

Sometimes a girl got a body that don't quit and no amount of petticoats can hide that.

>> No.9996991

i like lolita with "edgy departure points" but this just looks disruptive for the sake of looking disruptive.

actually, it looks like the reverse version of those girls who are like "i just got this JSK and i'm so excited so here's a picture of the internet, i wore it over my prep school polo and with my vans and crew socks"

>> No.9997017

Not her though

>> No.9997155

As much as I like MmM, that really just looks like a Halloween nun costume - a more expensive nun costume, but still a nun costume.

>> No.9997171

her leggings say Christian but her outfit says hell

>> No.9997271
File: 192 KB, 1080x1350, 1537612905616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9997281

Is this a joke

>> No.9997283

this is a fun clown costume, it's not lolita but it's welldone

>> No.9997286

I'm an A cup and my bust is 88cm. A 34C, which is pretty average, is about 98cm, 100cm isn't that large ana-chan

>> No.9997290

+1 for a clown costume it’s really cute and well done but not lolita

>> No.9997295

That isn’t how the measurements work...

>> No.9997307

Really? Because after losing 40 lbs I got stuck with the same bra size (38 C/D) even though my bust is 90 cm. I calculated my bra size and I’m supposedly a 36 DD, that band size is much too tight. 98-100 cm isn’t average unless you’re an Amerifat.

>> No.9997353

This is adorable, like, circus-kei meets fairy-kei. I'm not going to chime in about lolita/not lolita, but not ita imo.

>> No.9997359

I'm a 34C and I'm only 92 cm in the bust. Even at my fattest I was about 96 cm in the bust. You have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.9997377

Your lack of understanding of how bra sizes works leads to the inevitable conclusion that you have no tits, ergo you are either a man roleplaying as a bra-wearer, or are a completely flat-chested woman roleplaying as an A cup

>> No.9997381

Lmao okay keep at it roleplaying chan

>> No.9997384

stay mad fatty

>> No.9997437
File: 114 KB, 540x1218, 1537123204505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Quickly fixed it

>> No.9997438

I have a 96cm bust and a 66cm waist. It just depends on proportions.

>> No.9997440

She looks like she calls her boyfriend daddy.

>> No.9997441

Is this Puvithel or whatever? Girl, do something about that hair and put on some makeup.

>> No.9997458

Same measurements, same cup size. Fluctuates between about 89 to 92 or 93 depending on time of the month and diet but not enough to change bras

>> No.9997471

>I'm an A cup and my bust is 88cm
And I'm a D cup and 88cm. You must have a huge underbust measurement if you're really an A cup, either that, or you wear the wrong bra size. If you aren't some idiot just sprouting bullshit to begin with.

>bra sizes are measured in the difference between underbust and bust size. Bust size alone doesn't say that much about bra size.
>that's also why some clothes still look bad even when you technically fit the measurements. The curve between underbust and bust is rarely taken into account and most lolita dresses with larges bust sizes aren't made with enough curve in them to fit well around bigger breast.
>I found Asian clothes in general have problems with this. Chinese less than Japanese, probably because there are a bit more woman with curves there. Although it's still a regular problem.
>boobloaf on woman with breast is often caused by patterns that aren't made for curvy woman and can be avoided by getting stuff made to measure or also looking at cut and not just plain measurements. So I will still shit on any person with huge boobloaf as it looks really bad. Idc if they like the dress and don't feel like putting effort into finding stuff that does support curves properly. I know from experience they exists.

>> No.9997477
File: 44 KB, 500x500, s-l500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>green hair
>It's not ugly, frizzy, or dead
Anon that's clearly a wig...

>> No.9997480

Also, after I posted I found a photo of her complete coord and it looks pretty good, so there's that.

>> No.9997482

I look in tumblr's "Lolita fashion" tag to find itas for this thread. That's how I found this. So yes, it is ita.

>> No.9997491
File: 66 KB, 720x960, 41334928_2098448070199754_4160041362252627968_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To her credit she did say this:
>I think I will be wearing a wig or doing my hair properly. Could I please have some mild and helpful concrit about it?

But sadly she needs more than a better hairdo and some mild concrit. Why not start with burning the dress as Souffle Song has very mediocre quality and the boob part can only cross half her boobs. Then after you get a fitting dress (unless it's very well made to measure, and don't expect Asians to be used to working to that body type until you lost some serious weight), start by adding a petticoat, a lolita blouse instead of a normie blouse, add a headdress.

Trowing on an ill fitting dress and some normie stuff and asking for mild concrit while also being fat is hardly trying is it? People are dumb...

>> No.9997495
File: 127 KB, 720x960, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't stop seeing this happy-sad thing

>> No.9997496
File: 113 KB, 768x1064, Amino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9997497

> just let us purge

>> No.9997536
File: 311 KB, 402x624, 0DEAFF1F-7CED-436E-AEED-2D882322E0D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9997539

Better styling, hair accessories, and some makeup is all they need.
Girl on the left just has an unfortunate face, but most of her coord is fine.

>> No.9997544
File: 145 KB, 1080x1080, 1537612799175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9997546

The girl on the left has such an unfortunate face but it’s kinda cute in a way? Can’t really describe it.

>> No.9997548

left girl would be fine with a hair accessory, right girl would be fine if her shoes matched and her hair wasn't so greasy

>> No.9997549

Her face reminds me of my Japanese language teacher so I'm getting a bit biased about liking her. I hear the happy Japanese sound she makes when I answer correctly in my head when I see this.

>> No.9997563

She's cute and charming. It's not really proper lolita, but I think she looks good.

>> No.9997597

Can a concept artist anon please draw them? The would be perfect cartoon characters. Their proportions scream 11 minute cartoon series.

>> No.9997618
File: 41 KB, 520x732, concept.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here you go, just a 2 minute pencil sketch

>> No.9997633

She looks like a fatter and worse dressed Daniela

>> No.9997653

Found the fatty

>> No.9997695

Girl on the left looks like she might have Marfan Syndrome or something; it would explain both the awkward posture and face, and how come she's so lanky and thin. She's not badly dressed, just disproportionate. Girl on the right looks like she's wearing a normie blouse, can't match her pinks, and has weirdly gelled hair in a non-Lolita style.

>> No.9997730

once again asian worshippers are calling asian itas "cute" even though they'd say nothing if she was white. spicy

>> No.9997741

azn or not I love her hair cream cones and I would love them on a fat white person too

>> No.9997742

Switch the blouse and this would be cute. It’s the bizarre use of that ugly yellow that makes this ita.

>> No.9997765

This is too funny anon.

>> No.9997878

Always interesting when a heftier person owns a bunch of skinny dolls.

It looks like they have barcodes on their chests. Also, emo haircut on the left? Girl, this ain't 2002.

I adore Olive Oyl. Her coord is fine.

>> No.9997903


Olive Oyl here lol. Thank you. I'm looking for the matching headbow since this shade of pink is hard to match. Pardon how dead tired I look here. I'll try and wake up earlier to put on makeup. As for the person who asked why I'm lanky and thin, extremely high metabolism and genetics. Been keeping a food diary so I can try to gain weight. I'd also like some advice on how to get rid of puffy eyes (asides from the obvious sleep). I'm totally open to concrit and health advice. Also, that drawing totally reminds me of Betty Spaghetti. I love it, haha.

>> No.9997909

ita on the right here, this drawing saved my life, IDK WHY I PUT LEAVE IN CONDITIONER

>> No.9997914

Sauce on everything in this image, I fucking love it.

>> No.9997915

Hey Olive! Do you have trouble with digestion? I went from a 14.7 BMI to 18 by changing my diet, now going to the gym to build muscle. Not anorexic either, just Crohn's disease.

For undereye puffiness, do you sleep enough?

>> No.9997917

Request anon here, thank you for blessing us with your art. I hope the anons posted took it in good stride, because I honestly think they're cute.

>> No.9997924


Yes. I also think I'm not getting the right amount of calories at the moment. I'm not as active as I used to be in terms of exercise so there's that too. And no, the night before this meet I slept maybe 4 hours since I've been struggling with insomnia for a while now. Hence my ghastly face and weird posture here lol. Tbh I thought I was gonna pass out today, so I definitely gotta work on improving my health.

>> No.9997929
File: 21 KB, 325x500, 90sBettySpaghetty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


And yes, I enjoyed it because it reminded me of pic related. I know I'm a bendy noodle hahaha.

>> No.9998030

Lmao okay excuse me for being 5’11’ 150lbs. I literally stood next to him, I could easily swing him.

>> No.9998076

>worshippers are calling asian itas "cute" even though they'd say nothing if she was white. spicy
I don't think mentioning wanting to give someone a pass for the fact they remind me of someone I really like and that's really kind and charming is Asian worship. If anything, it's ignoring the whole outfit all together because she remind me of something completely unrelated but nice. In this case I guess sorry the thing I'm reminded of is my an teacher who's very kind and charming because she's Japanese? Her face and facial expressions are just very alike. Doubt you would have hated on it if I was reminded of positive memories from some of the other teacher or some close friends I met over the years, most of which where far from Asian...

>> No.9998080

I have huge undereye circles/puffy eyes. Turned out bad genetics. It's mainly caused by the shape of my bones and a lack of fat. I get it surgically fixed soon. I would say, go see a doctor and have them determent the cause. It might be something you can fix, or genetics.

I also have underweight for a long time, can't really hold fat. Getting on birth control made it better appearance wise but I still struggle with health issues from a lack of fat. Doctors can´t do anything about it they say, gotta learn to deal with it.

>> No.9998083

God I thought this was shoop chan and her girlfriend before I scrolled up thread

>> No.9998084

Things like pots of cream cheese have a high amount of calories. For sleep, have you tried melatonin?

>> No.9998089


Oh yeah. I'm way behind on doctor's appointments. It's probably for the best I schedule an immediate appointment since I've been having multiple health issues. And idk if you're still the same anon, but whoever called me Olive thank you. Been called that for years and it finally inspired me to do an Olive Oyl themed coord. It's gonna look a little quirky, even if it is brand haha.

>> No.9998092


Love cream cheese and yeah I've tried melatonin. Didn't work out too well.

>> No.9998131

No I'm a just chimed in anon. I hadn't replied yet. Just wanted to be kind and help, not call you names.

Like I said, it doesn't need to be that. But it can be so much the only way to be certain would be checking with a doctor. Especially since nothing you do might have effect depending on what is causing it.

>> No.9998134

Literally any of thr BL prints

Their solids are a bit better, but I gave up on their prints

>> No.9998146

I'm the one who drew the sketch... It really was intended all in good fun and with no malicious thoughts whatsoever. It's a concept for how they might look as cartoon characters (as requested), not a real caricature.

>> No.9998149

This thread is kinda wholsome.

>> No.9998151

(ita on the right here) no worries friend, it had me literally crying laughing i'm in love

>> No.9998159

Try Valerian root for insomnia. My mom swears by that stuff.

>> No.9998163


Olive Oyl again. Nah, I'm not mad. I thought it was funny as hell hahaha. The two of us had a good laugh. And thank you other anon! I hope it works for me.

>> No.9998399

OP is AP's Toy Drops. I own the JSK in white and it's my favourite piece from my wardrobe.

>> No.9998417

Is Souffle Song that bad? I adore some of their prints and recently acquired one of their dresses with a print I really love that I've had a hard time finding something similar of elsewhere in burando.

>> No.9998433

A cartoon version of shoop chan would constantly be surrounded by eraser marks and smudges

>> No.9998677

I own one dress myself and yes it's bad and I'm glad I didn't pay full price. It's a cheap thin synthetic stretchy fabric (even the fabric of H&M t-shirts feels nicer), the print has weird lines in it after which it's darker randomly, some parts of the print are blurry while others are sharp, not to forget they didn't send the back lacing nor broche. It's wearable but that's where it ends.

Next to very questionable quality. One of the designers (Tanyue) is horrible as well, and banned in a lot of Chinese comms from what I hear. Think working for Milanoo and talking that good. Saying (before the Chinese trend) lolita's had to accept they're adult woman and stop dressing like little kids. Then suddenly see the light, but be rude to friends of some other Chinese designers for no good reason. Stealing stock photo's of better brands posting them on Weibo, then say they want to make something like that and come up with a cheap-looking lingery line they call "ero lolita". On Weibo they did the same with maid uniforms, but I haven't seen the them actually release a maid uniform brand yet.

Versailles Closet, Souffle Song, Neverland Lolita and a few others are all from that designer btw.

>> No.10001291

SouffleSong is like the Forever 21 of lolita. Mediocre designs that only look good on mannequins, and mediocre fabrics. Trendy, I guess. Their accessories can only be matched with certain dresses. I've had two of their dresses and hated the fit and fabric, and they were both completely different pieces. I don't recommend them.

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