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Been a while since we had one, show us what you're working on!

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My finished Strike Gundam helmet from the last thread if anyone was interested. Lights fully installed. Its now with its owner who was very satisfied.

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The positive reaction of the recipient of the Strike helmet encouraged me to open a small run of commissions. Currently working on 3 separate Wing Zero helmets with a RX79 and Mazinger Z to follow.

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I've seen that. Nice work man. After Nethergundam I was so burnt out I didn't make anything for a while. However, I've got my mojo back and am working on a birthday present...

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Rad as hell.

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My prop gun now looks enough like the real thing. I used this as the base:

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I finished it by the way.

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Beautiful work. I hope the recipient is thankful to be gifted such a clean well made prop.

Very nice!

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He was over the moon. He loves it. It was great.

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Your imagination is only as creative as your perception!

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>not even 9's
Absolutely BAKA

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t.b.h. talent is real that's the dark reality they don't want you to know


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baka baka

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Nice get!

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Impressive get

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nice GET

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Still at it.

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wholesome get

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Anyone cosplay as Cirno recently?

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Thank you for your blessing, but I see you missed the 9 get :^)

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I'm planning on doing Marisa, but I'm switching out the fabric from the canon design and doing the skirt and bodice as separates.

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Should have posted kirino, what a waste

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Working on my Hannah Alexander version of Mercy. It's been frustrating getting the materials I need that I can afford. But it should be ready for MCM in October.

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A more recent pic after I painted the wings just before the sealing coat.

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Progress on the Wing Zero helmets for anyone interested. Nearly done just need to add the 'ear' wing and vinyl details. The other two arent lit up because I didn't have enough batteries around.

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what material is that? some kind of plastic that can be easily bent?

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1mm sintra. It can be scored and bent into shape or formed with boiling water. I buy it in large 4x8ft sheets.

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Enjoy coughing your lungs up out your ass if you ever breath that shit in. It's toxic as fuck.

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No more dangerous than MDF or Fiberglass. Just wear a mask around dust and make sure its thoroughly cleaned up. Only other thing of note to avoid is extreme heat like laser cutting since that can make dangerous fumes and can actually damage the laser.

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Finished. Moving on to other commissions sometime next week.

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They look siiiick

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I'm hopping on the bandwagon with this, but I really like Goblin Slayer's look. I finished constructing his helmet last night excluding the trimming and the broken horns.

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Finishing up another comission. This time an RX-79G. Still needs clear coating a few extra bits and vinyl details as well as padding and a chin strap but Im happy with how it looks so far. Really trying to up the clean factor for these commissions as Id like to do stuff like this more.

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i hate to ask this but was this from a pepakura template? if so, mind if you share it?

i dont plan on cosplaying as goblin slayer but im kinda interested in just building his helmet just as a prop for my shelf.