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Share your /cgl/ feels. Keep it on-topic and don't eat bait.

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man i just really love cosplay

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Cursed image

Although Chucky looks pretty good.

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posted this in the last one but whatever
So I'm going into the military and now that I'll be able to have money and a car I want to go to more conventions, only been to one.
However I'm a bit worried about them finding out my shit, I am a dude and I don't know how common it would be to have costumes just hanging in my closet. I know that people do room searches and I don't want to be embarrassed.

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Good feel-I'm starting to run out of room in my closet for all my lolita shit. I'm either going to have to take out the shoe/hat rack or find a better way to store things....

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>Bad news. I gring my cosplay (police officot attested for weaer) in the Free! cosplay but they didn't care movie theatI tried to tell them what I had to say.
Is someone going to translate this?

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My little sister's friend is about to get purple Sharpie ink in the butthole.

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stop trying to ride the coattails of the schizo guy in the other feels thread

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>tfw no cute 16-18yo feminine boyfriend with smooth porcelain skin, soft and firm thighs and pink pouty lips

theres no meaning to life

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Sounds like the guy cosplayed the police from Free! and got bitched at for impersonating an officer.

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You have a prosperous future as a translator, anon.

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Whenever I see someone trying to color something with sharpie I always think of that one con horror story of that girl trying to dye her skin with sharpie in a hotel bath tub for a HS cosplay

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>have fun at con
>return to car
>someone pooped in the cupholder
I wish I'd noticed before I put my coffee down.

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I met someone who was in that hotel room. She mentioned some other BS happened with her and now I forget what it was.

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I want to stop bulking and cut to do pyramid head but I'm not big enough to justify the cut.
I was going to start work on the cosplay but the Dallas Makerspace software engineering team managed to rope me into being a code monkey for a game they're working on. I always wanted to be a game Dev and the team is professional so I jumped at the opportunity, but now I don't have enough time to work on the cosplay again :/

Life is good, but hectic

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what was their thought process through the whole thing???

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I need cosplay dudes to hang out with. I feel like I'm welcome at my mostly female group but I feel like they'd prefer their own company at times and censor themselves around me

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are you cute? do you have porcelain skin, very low bodyfat % and soft but firm arms and thighs?

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really wish dudes and dudettes would stop asking for bfs on here

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military will be rough man. it's a place that's kind of taylored for very average people with nothing out of the ordinary as far as hobbies go, so I mean embrace it and if someone tries to tease you then just be like so what bitch, and good luck

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She's gonna lose serious points at butthole inspection.

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well fuck, thought it would be a bit less bland nowadays. thanks

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What are you talking about? The military is full of weebs

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Have been trying to put in an effort to talk to more randoms at cons, usually exchange insta/snap/fb with these people but I haven't really made any real friends yet, or at least anyone that I really enjoy talking to past tolerating them and I've talked to so many people within this last year. This is starting to get really tiring and discouraging. I'm guessing I'm somewhat likeable though as they do ask to chill at cons and I now hang out with those who live close by.

I don't even remember the last time I had a genuinely fun time or conversation, period.

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Welp, here is the first draft: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/sites/cgl
I'll add more in the morning, unless someone else on the site does so. What else should I add? I figure I should have a section on what an Ita is or ita bag.

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you CAN use sharpie to dye synthetic fabrics, tho, cant you?

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I can't wait for Youmacon. Don't know what to wear.

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Life happens sometimes, that's alright. Do what you have to, anon, Pyramid Head will wait for you. As will I.

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I never realized Pyramid head's footwear, those are some hot boots

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I'm glad to see you're still around, nurse.
I'll keep trying my hardest!

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His actual boots are a lot more plain than that but hey, what can you do. Can't drag giant phallic symbols around on heels.

Same to you, it's great to see occasional updates from you. I believe in you, anon!

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>Waiting on dress in mail
>The tracking from the sender has been checked almost every day
>Said dress is stuck in my country's customs since Saturday
>Cue upset
>Wake up today with a cold
>Moping about on computer
>Still in customs
>Load the tracking number into my country's mail tracking
>It was never stuck!
>It's at my service point today!!
>Turns out the tracking within my country hadn't been forwarded to the sender's tracking site
>Why didn't I realise this earlier?
>Why do I have to be sick when I want to rush and pick it up?

I hope to get well soon. I've got work tomorrow too.

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>tfw no elegant gothic aristocrat bampire romance

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>too tall and lanky to play my favorite characters
>don't know any tall and lanky characters in anime
>clothes are hard as fuck to find

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Ugh that Angelica's outfit is so bad. Dress especially, why would you not wire the hem at minimum or even try a petti with a circle skirt hem dress if you're really desperate

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>don't know any tall and lanky characters in anime
Just pick someone from a Clamp series of One Piece

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My partner of three years, who's a cosplayer, has suddenly become cold towards me. Since he's been getting more popular recently, I've been thinking that maybe I'm not good enough for him or he might have a crush/relationship with someone...?

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*behind my back

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literally just fucking talk to him about it

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I've talked about it with him, but he says this doesn't have anything to do with me. We haven't kissed, hugged or had sex in weeks. He won't even try to comfort me when I'm crying right next to him.

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sounds like it’s time to move on to a boy who ISN’T a broody manchild. you deserve to have your needs met

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Have you tried not crying for attention? It's really unappealing.

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he found a cute trap and you are literally worth nothing to him now, accept your defeat and move on.

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Believe me, I've tried my hardest not to cry, but this situation is starting to take its toll on me.

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anyone have trouble with costume pieces falling apart during con? my friend was cosplaying Yurio and both sleeves fell off his jacket. Wtffff, nice stitching China.

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>buying cosplay pieces from china
literally whatd you expect fucktard

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how much did you pay? 100-200$ costumes should be relatively decent assuming there are no props/boots/armor.

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sure he's fucking another cheap hoe
sorry you aged

>> No.9991143

About tree fiddy.

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At my first con, I was like 16... I was in line at the Bao truck as Miku. I tried to adjust my belt and my whole skirt fell off. Worst part is that my panties had monkeys on them.

Those poor people waiting for their buns got an eyefull.

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Oh they got some buns alright

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My friend split her tights as Tracer once.

Did she wear shorts underneath like I advised? Hell no, that dumbass wore a thong and mooned everyone.

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Just had a big emergency and had to break into my lolita savings to help ease the burden, when all of a sudden, one of my dream dresses pops up. Thanks life.

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Why a cancer site, though? Make a page on ED if you're going to do anything.

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They don’t even look happy, that’s the worst part of this dumpster fire

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You keep posting this, are you okay?

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Their expressions make it off putting for some reason, especially Tommy's.

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found a listing for a dream item on lacemarket and i bought it now even though someone already placed a bid. i feel really bad but i needed it ;___; please forgive me

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just date a fakeboi at that point desu

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I'm glad you're done feigning friendship with me; for both of our sakes. It was always clear to me that you were only capable of fair weather friendship and secret complaint--I was never emotionally invested to show for it.

I hope you can find friends who are more tolerable of your use and abuse; or that you grow to become more than the needy child who assumes herself to have an all seeing eye and infallible judgement. Your vision was comically foggy; but you did let me know about someone i didn't realize i'd hurt; and im glad i was able to apologize to them as a result of your tantrum. I find no reason to apologize for my transparency about my mental health, especially sinceit garnered you cutting ties.

All in all, you've given yourself more trouble than you realize by waiting this long. Your life is inexorably marked by our interactions--for example, I hope you don't associate your tattoo with me; so you can still enjoy it without the pangs of your hatred towards me. It's good that you got solo Natsuki photographs at the group shoot; since you chose to walk away from Sayori, too... I wonder if you and Yuri will remain friends?

I won't lie and say that i'll miss you; or that i care that you're gone. I will admit, I am surprised it was you who decided to cut ties in the end. It is convenient though; as those who are able to be fooled by your manufactured narrative will surely follow along with you.

I hope you find happiness, and something real to hold on to.

All the best,

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tfw you match this description and all you want is a cgl gf ;_;

>> No.9991279

Underage b&

Monika a bad

>> No.9991298

A-anon, I'm a guy

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Stop being a pussy. if it was important to them, they would have hit BIN.

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Yes. Had some big ass white boots for a cosplay of the barney show (kill me i was 16) and the zipper on the side broke. Was so sad, and I had to bus home barefoot.
let women have feelings, r9k-chan

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>be me, absolute social retard
>get dragged to fancy gathering by parents
> the location/mansion is in an overly ornate style, so OTT classic lolita it is
>a lot of (positive) attention from guests
>almost everyone is over 50 dressed with big feathery hats or other old fashioned fancy pieces
>get treated like a cute doll on a string
>lots of pictures and compliments
>having my rufflebutt patted by middle aged women complimenting the ruffles or lace
>go to quiet bathroom at second floor ( private bathroom, near the former master bedroom)
>I have been there at other events, I know nobody goes that far
>plan to stay there to calm down
>open door without checking
>guy dressed like Louis XIV, including fur cape, sitting with his legs crossed Turkish style on the floor smoking and playing Sudoku on the phone
>"Aaahh, interested in the bathroom club, young lady? A very elegant choice. "
>bow and slam door shut
>run downstairs
>sit at the bar and drink
>Louis shows up at the bar after maybe 1 hour and sits 2 chairs from me
>looks at me, waves and smiles
>I smile and walk away

Looking back, it was funny. But at that moment it was creepy, unsettling af. Mostly because that man looked so much like the character, down to the hair, it was almost surreal. Pic related is the closest outfit reference I could find

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I want iron gate so fucking bag but I'm bugeting and saving for other shit

>> No.9991386

>this bitch finds louis XIV and doesn't even befriend him to steal his fortune

>> No.9991397

>sitting with his legs crossed Turkish style

>> No.9991438

"Criss cross applesouce" is a better English translation I guess.

>> No.9991442

Oh you mean Indian style.

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no, i will never be happy as long as i dont have my bf

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Will you take me anon? I'm a little older than you want though.

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>he says this doesn't have anything to do with me.

Just gotta say, this is some bullshit. If you've been with someone for that long, anything which is clearly effecting you to that degree BECOMES your partner's business. That's what 'partners' means. Your happiness and wellbeing is always going to be important to your partner and it's the most basic, important thing to include them in.

Either he is fucking around behind your back and doesn't respect you, or he really is just going through some shit and doesn't understand how to deal with a relationships like an adult. Give him the benefit of the doubt and let him know why it's important to talk to you.

>> No.9991550

Anyone have solo con advice? I can't rely on making new friends at karaoke every time.

>> No.9991553


I was dating someone like that, and believe me, it's not worth the effort to be neglected like that. I'm not someone who usually says 'd u m p h i s a s s' but it's warranted for a case where someone is so emotionally stunted that your emotional needs are not being met.

I'm with someone who is much more responsive to me now, and I'm much less depressed and anxious. Please do yourself a favor and find someone else who respects your feelings more.

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Two words: hotel bar

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>> No.9991564

not with those nasty socks

>> No.9991565

you're goddamned right! suit in my height is still expensive tho

>> No.9991583

anon, do you think you're in a karmic relationship? I wish you the best

>> No.9991587

They're low cut socks...What's wrong with them?

>> No.9991592

Genius thank you

>> No.9991631

>tfw no cosplay/lolita gf

>> No.9991641

close enough. i'll take it

>> No.9991649

these dudes look like theyre about to drop the dankest album o the year

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Nayrt but that's some nice muscle definition you got there. I'll take you anon

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how is know your meme cancer?

>> No.9991686

I can pretend to be a girl if you want.

>> No.9991687 [DELETED] 

>Gf organising her dresses on the bed in her underwear
>Get horny
>Grip her from behind
>Start fucking like rabbits
>Have an impregnation fetish but gf always asks to cum outside because she can't use contraceptive
>See her dresses laying right next to us
>Get an idea
>Tell her I'm going to cum but she has to make a choice, either I cum inside her and get her pregnant or I cum on her dresses
>She gets this worried "I can't tell if you're serious or not" face and tells me to stop joking
>Tell her to hurry up or I'll choose for her
>She's begging to just cum in her mouth rather than either of the two
>State to her, that's not an option
>She chooses to let me cum in her

She sure loves those dresses.

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What the fuck?

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Please love me.

>> No.9991727

Man I would've loved to go to this party. Old people getting excited about your strange nipponese clothes are the best

>> No.9991728

I love you anon <3

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Man, I just really love lolita.

>> No.9991737

see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrSS058pjWw

>> No.9991742

thanks anon, I love you too

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why is every single afab person whose in the con scene like this. is definitely not just an aus thing though i've seen a lot in the con scene here in recent years. i blame americans for spreading this stupid mindset of fakebois

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Hey anon, I also dated someone like this. Long term, almost a decade together. I spent a lot of time anxious about what I did/didn't do, crying, and frustrated. Like you, I could be crying right next to him and he'd ignore it or at most sigh and complain about how he's not going to "indulge this behavior" anymore. I ended up breaking it off with him because, while I did catch him cheating a couple times, more than that I just felt like I was in this incredibly toxic dependence on him and being neglected emotionally. I took the lessons I learned both as a result of his behavior and my own and tried to do much better and be open and level-headed in future relationships, and now I've been in a long-term one that is much healthier and more emotionally stable. I'm not trying to say "gooooorl dump his ass" but you need to evaluate what the issues are from both perspectives and if this is something you can resolve or if it's something you can only learn from. Good luck anon.

>> No.9991773

It's the current incarnation of the "I'm not like other girls" phase. Being a nerd isn't special anymore and neither is wearing alternative fashion or cosplaying, so now they walk around fully presenting as girls while claiming to be uwu kawaii bois.

>> No.9991777

i guess i just want to know why. it seems like such a weird attempt to grab for attention but i guess it's easier than pretending you're chronically ill or some shit since nobody can "disprove" them

>> No.9991778

Perpetual victim comple.

>I dress like a girl
>I look like a girl
>I act like a girl
>I speak like a girl

It's just an excuse to garner authority over people and feel good because the victim can never be wrong and any punishment given should reflect the damage upon the victim. So the more victimised they act, the more power they have to hurt others.

>> No.9991806

next weekend is the first convention in a while where all of my cosplays are actually finished... it feels so great not having to rush anything!

>> No.9991854

He cheated on you and you stayed with him???? What is it about you gulls that makes you afraid to just leave someone if they aren’t treating you well. They don’t have a legal bind on you (assuming you aren’t married). Life is grand and full of wonder and you decide to force yourself to stay with crappy people because ‘no one else will love me hurrr’ maybe if you loved yourself or realized there is more to life than dating you’d be happier. Inb4 single anon doesn’t know what they’re talking about. My father was a deadbeat asshole and I told myself I would never let a man treat me like that. I’ve been in a good relationship for years now.

>> No.9991855

Yeah I don’t get how someone who willingly dresses feminine, wears makeup, Lolita, still basically does all feminine things goes off and removes their breasts, female organs, and wants to be called a man while dressing feminine.

>> No.9991861

Thats some very blatant internalised misogyny. Why is being a girl an insult to these people? Oh right, because they hate women and themselves. Fuck off with your "not like most girls" complex.

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I hate shipping in my country. If i want to ship a tshirt from my house to literally anywhere, even within my own city, it's 10 bucks. if i want to ship a shirt to america, it's 20. Everybody always backs out once I drop that dirty canadian shipping quote. I have to mark down items simply because no one wants to pay the shipping on top.
I hate it, bros.

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>Worst part is that my panties had monkeys on them.
Should've worn your thong diaper.

>> No.9991874

how you dress doesn't even determine if you are male or female, your biology does.

>> No.9991877

i mean, at that point that’s just a drag queen/crossdresser. i don’t see a lot of people shitting on fully transitioned dudes who wear chick clothes because if they were fakebois they would’ve gotten hit with waves of REAL dysphoria two weeks into hrt

>> No.9991878

I think I may have seen a lolia in the wild yesterday

>> No.9991887

Lmao the racism is strong with this one
>posts only Asian boys and has a fake Asian name
Fucking weaboo

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What was the most last-minute you've ever been for cosplay?

I roomed with a guy last year who brought his sewing machine to the hotel and tried to make his whole costume the night before.

>> No.9991964

i put an entire dress together (everything was cut out, just not sewn) the night before a con. got everything done except the hem and it was a knit

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>get email from dad
>"hey anon, I got this email. Should I delete it? I took a look and It seems like spam from that website you wanted something from"
>look at email
>it's from bodyline
>remember that dad once ordered something for me ages ago off of bodyline
>scroll down email
>there's a pic of the mr. yan body pillow

>> No.9991972
File: 64 KB, 617x165, cosplayblkk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't even

>> No.9992057

Maybe it was me.

>> No.9992061

What don't you get?

>> No.9992062

they're talking about whiteface i think? basically 'if you paint yourself white to be accurate for a cosplay, you're saying black people who DON'T whiteface are inaccurate'

>> No.9992095

Do you have a vanity plate

>> No.9992147

yes, what state?

>> No.9992155

I don't think they even know what the word racism means anymore.

>> No.9992163


>> No.9992247

Today at work we got an email from HR about the some Halloween crap and a costume contest they're going to have at work. My company has been on a teamwork kick recently and suggested every department pick a theme for costumes. This made me groan because everyone in my department knows I do conventions and cosplay at this point. So to try and nip it in the bud, I send out the following message.

A: I am not making ANYONE'S costume for them. B: I'm not going to participate in this C: Any inquiries about costumes will be done on company time. Don't talk to me about this during lunch/breaks.

So of course there's immediately a message from someone who has a wonderful idea that they think EVERYONE needs to participate in. I send them a qm to tell them that no one is actually going to do any work and is going to sluff off whatever to the few people actually interested in the idea and expect costumes to be made for them. So yeah, I get told that I'm being "negative." Not to mention that the costume contest has traditionally been an ass kissing contest where company VPs get awards while putting in minimal effort with store-bought costumes despite having more money to spend than us working people. Seriously. NOT INTERESTED. Over the day I get people asking if I can make their costume for them or why don't I want to participate when I make such good costumes. People just don't understand that I'm a professional who makes more money than I would as a costumer. This is my hobby and I do it for fun. You're trying to make me work for work outside of work hours.

Really got me bummed and drinking tonight. Just thought I'd share.

>> No.9992257

You sound like a drag.
no wonder HR emailed you.

>> No.9992265


"Ah. I really want to particpate but I'm fully booked all the way until <date>/preparing for X, I don't even have enough time to make a costume for myself. Goshdarndiddlydoodly, if only I'd known about this event earlier, but I can't make anything without blowing off my mate who has seen me through three breakups and five car wrecks and has cancer and may die sometime soon so I can't just blow him off for this."

I'm nowhere close to being a sociopath but company "teamwork" shit brings out my inner lying twofaced backstabber demon just so I can be left alone. I swear, it's a conspiracy for the laziest asses to dump work on the unsuspecting kindly souls and overload their kindness until it dies out, so society as a whole will eventually only consist of mentally depressed people and the sociopaths who manipulate them.

(Obviously, replace the details with whatever sounds plausible for you. You can milk the "my friend is dying and I don't want to talk to anyone/how dare you bum a free costume off me" angle as well)

>> No.9992270

I mean, you are being negative. You can say all that shit without being an insufferable cunt. It people don't get it after the first time, you can just ignore it. Or, you know. you could join in and make your own costume, and everyone else can make their own, like everyone should be doing in the first place. You're under no obligation to make anything for anyone else, but you don't have to be such a jackass to your coworkers either.

>> No.9992284
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>tfw when I just spent $150 on socks

>> No.9992293

I just dropped a huge amount of money on moitie yesterday and then my dream dress pops up and it's ending today FUUUUCKKK

>> No.9992299

One pair?

>> No.9992306


SecretSanta2017 Anon! I saw your reply in the last feels thread and have sent you an email regarding the Whitelist/ Blacklist! I have dropped my email for this year as well!

>> No.9992313

I sometimes have that "not like the other girls" syndrome. I feel kinda bad about it because if some girls wanna be "sluts",have plastic surgery,and age faster they can and it's fine. Yet I feel superior for some reason.

>> No.9992315
File: 55 KB, 220x234, tenor (2).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just found out my fiancé is a fucking hebephophile.
he says it's mainly toward anime girls and he would never do anything to any real girl. also said he used to be kinda into loli and the likes because he just loves petite bodies and being with me (having a similar body type and being small) fueled it.
i know he feels bad about it but i'm feeling sick in my stomach to know he had a boner from a dream about a 14yo looking girl rubbing on him. he was perfect,he even supported me cosplaying and went to cons with me but now i just don't know.
why are men such fucking disgusting pigs? i thought he was different but i was wrong it seems

the reassuring thing is, he also like thicc and curvy girls and finds them just as attractive so it might just be a specific attraction to petite body types...right???

>> No.9992334

you sound like a jealous fattychan, are you nearing(or at) your 30s as well?

>> No.9992337
File: 408 KB, 483x713, AE589CC2-30B4-4A52-8A5E-4B385710F97C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey Op, don’t listen to this retard. Not to be that bitch but dump his pedophile ass.

>> No.9992340

you can always just make up shit about personal things keeping you completely occupied and stuff, didnt have to be a a cunt about it right off the bat

>> No.9992341

ask him how he feels about shinobu/ kiss shot and you’ll have ur answer

>> No.9992367
File: 107 KB, 369x471, Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 12.52.50 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just found out my fiancé is a fucking hebephophile.
>also said he used to be kinda into lol
dump his ass, anon

>> No.9992368

Dont need to be an old hag to think its weird that your bf wants to diddle kids, pedo-kun

>> No.9992375

its just a cartoon christmascake-anon, i mean, i dont actually want to fuck genetically spliced cat/human hybrids in real life.

>> No.9992377
File: 16 KB, 329x406, DnAh28RVsAAlE1X.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>From overseas
>Got the first taste of an anime con in the United States
>Loved it
>Should have taken more chances to talk to people there
>Return home
>Big plans to go to AX next year and live it up
>Call my boss an incompetent asshole the next day
>Get fired
>Future plans in jeopardy

At least I feel I stuck to my principles calling out that immoral and unethical fuck. Now I really need to clench my cheeks to be able to fly next year.

>> No.9992390

>he would never do anything to any real girl.
so whats the problem?

>> No.9992395

a pedos a pedo, anon. sure, he’s not doing anything illegal (assuming op is us based at least), but even having the desire to fuck little girls is something that can affect a relationship pretty heavily. especially if she suspects he’s only into her bc of her physical resemblance to a child

>> No.9992396

I fail to see the problem gull
Don't dump your bf for thought crime, instead be happy that you come so close fulfilling his fantasies.
Most guys are hebephiles, they really can't help it and it's entirely natural. That doesn't mean they're allowed to actually act on it, but it does mean "look, don't touch" is absolutely allowed.

>> No.9992399

Good for you Anon, now get a new job (and don't list your old employer as a reference unless you need to)

>> No.9992402

Anon said hebephophile, not pedophile. finding a 15 year old isn't even weird considering many 15 year olds look ~19 and many 19 year olds look ~15.
Anon also said its mostly anime characters which aren't even real. Like saying because you enjoy killing people in GTA V, you must be a psychopath.

>> No.9992404

I dunno why everyone's ragging on you about this, it's not like that bitterness wasn't cultivated by your workplace in you to start with, from the sound of it. Maybe you could've worded it better, but you're not wrong to feel how you do. I'd be the same.

>> No.9992405

anon ALSO said ‘petite bodies’, e.g: looking like a child/young teen. not a 15 year old who happens to look 20

>> No.9992408

There's nothing wrong with being attracted to a certain body type. The issue lies entirely with the developmental state of their mind.

>> No.9992409

ok? Almost everyone who finds women attractive like petite women. I'm male and had a 20 year old female friend that I found very attractive. She, on a few occasions, has been mistaken as a young boy. Does that mean I'm a gay pedophile?

>> No.9992417

>be white girl
>date asian guy
>need advice that is particular to our cross cultural relationship
>get called a race fetishist koreaboo irl
>get called a asian masculinity larper online
>don't even feel unique anymore since kpop and kdrama is normalizing asian guys as romatic partners
>have to depend on youtube girls that date asian guys for advice
>they are all prettier and thinner than me
a-a-a-any of you girls dating an asian guy in college, too?

>> No.9992418

>almost everyone attracted to women likes girls that look like kids
wew lad

>> No.9992422

petite =/= looks like a kid. That literally my point. You are worse than the people who think any woman who has short hair is a man.

>> No.9992424

Seriously, what is this idiot on about? Tall girls with thigh, athletic bodies are far and away the most attractive

>> No.9992426

How about you treat them as a person first, dumbass?

>> No.9992428

What in her post suggests she's doing anything else?

>> No.9992432

>advice for dating asian guys
People have personalities beyond their fuck ethnicities and skin color. Let's begin with what kind of PERSON they are and leave all of this race baiting be.

>> No.9992434 [DELETED] 

>all these cosplays I want to do but can't because I need to use all my free time in my thesis

>> No.9992435

>need advice that is particular to our cross cultural relationship
Stop jumping to conclusions. She could have a valid issue.

>> No.9992439

Yes but there's a way to do it that's not just coloring the fabric

>> No.9992442

>be at local convention
>see ex
>we make eye contact
>see visible fear on their face
>they avert their gaze and cover their eyes
>never see them again at convention for my entire stay.
I wasn’t expecting to see you and I’m sorry I unintentionally ruined your time.

>> No.9992443

All guys are inheriently disgusting and you should just go gay by now.

C'mon anon, everyone in your coord is doing it. As a lesbian you gain full knowledge of all things that have happened and all the things to come.

>> No.9992445

Why did you say that to him? Give me the beef anon.

>mfw ive been unemployed since late June because of something pretty similar

>> No.9992446

I hope she only has one person in her "coord".

>> No.9992453
File: 56 KB, 446x400, 1446403794512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everyone in your coord
Roleplayer spotted

>> No.9992455

>not hiding your bf in your petti and getting head under the table at the tea party

>> No.9992456

>everyone in your coord
stay thirsty

>> No.9992457

I'm more and more coming to the conclusion that I'm going to kill myself one day. Probably not today, maybe not for several years even, but one of these days I'm going to have a low that's deep enough that I actually go through with it. Everyone kept telling me I'd "get over" feeling like this when I got out of my teens, but they were wrong. The lows are further apart, but they're deeper when they hit.

>cgl related

I'm a lonelita and no one I know knows jack shit about the fashion. How do I make sure that my family can cash in on my burando? I have a lot of money tied up in these clothes and it'd be regrettable if it was all just wasted after my death

>> No.9992459

I wouldn't mind it but the proselytizing bull dyke might get triggered by that.

>> No.9992465


>> No.9992475

i used to love lolita. lolita was everything. i only made friends through lolita. i was so happy.

then i dated somebody who started off amazing but became abusive, started dealing drugs, got me addicted, forced himself on me a few times, and cheated on me too.

i used to be happy. now i'm just an addict with an eating disorder, a disappointed family, and no drive to wear lolita or do anything i like. i want out. lolita just makes me sad now because i feel disgusting and unworthy of everything i have. i want out of all of this.

>> No.9992476

>the reassuring thing is, he also like thicc and curvy girls and finds them just as attractive so it might just be a specific attraction to petite body types...right???
might be the thing

but I am hebephophile myself, so who am I...

>> No.9992485


>> No.9992488

>want to cosplay for the first time
>finding a snakeskin-patterned jacket that looks even remotely like the characters is impossible for me

this is suffering

>> No.9992489

>tfw no gf to help with cosplay
It would be fun to have one to dress me up. I'm no good at sewing, and I could only cosplay as Dale Gribble, which would be odd since the only event I'm interested in is Japanese themed. I'd really just like a femdom gf though. I don't seem seem to attract anyone my type. I could land a cougar though...

>> No.9992494
File: 228 KB, 1920x1080, Yakuza0-11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why don't you wear a tuxedo

>> No.9992496

>On vacation with family (we're all adults now, but we still do family vacations) in Charlottetown, PEI.
>Driving downtown, I'm working maps on my phone
>"look at that woman"
>"must be a Victorian costume
I feel like I missed my first wild lolita sighting. Or maybe she was just actually wearing a Victorian era dress costume. I'll never know.

>> No.9992499

Yeah, like a tiny penis

>> No.9992501
File: 210 KB, 1000x1559, portrait of a seagull.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you allow your boyfriend to buy prints from cosplayers?

>> No.9992506

not if they are thots

>> No.9992515

I just want a lolita online friend to bitch about stupid bitches in my comm about.

>> No.9992518

Make a bitch finder thread. Find your soul bitch and live of salty dramu till you die of OD.

>> No.9992539

good idea... I don't think it'll last for a thread, so I'll just make a call out here.
Salty bitch of my dreams who wants to hear about my comm drama while she tells me about hers, where are you?!

>> No.9992542

I was literally overseas at a us navy base and they had buses filled for trips to the local con. My cb friends actively cosplayed. Not super crazily or cross play but still
Don't worry, the military is full of nerds

>> No.9992584



>> No.9992589

I wouldn't control someone like that, that's stupid. That said, I'd probably not date someone in the first place who thought buying cosplay prints was a good idea. I think they're dumb. No one's a celebrity, theyre just the same geek as you, so just buy some fanart.

>> No.9992590


Cosplayers are celebrities.

>> No.9992597
File: 123 KB, 900x506, kill05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9992609

I hate to be that person, but yeah? If I had a blonde character and used my black hair, it's inaccurate. If I did brown eyes for a character that has red eyes, it's inaccurate. If there's a white-skinned character and you have black skin, it's inaccurate. The reality denial is the worst with these people. I think it's fine to not switch up your skin color since it's a heated topic for the foreseeable fucking future thanks to people like this, but saying you look more accurate than a white person doing it is just putting your head in the sand.

>> No.9992613

I wouldn't want that shit on my wall if we lived together.

>> No.9992614

Calling them celebrities is a stretch.

>> No.9992628


A big stretch.

>> No.9992656

See... It’s not so much accuracy, but that every skin colour should be considered ‘standard’. For example, white people cosplaying anime characters with Asian names are somewhat inaccurate since they do not look Asian. But it’s still acceptable because the features they are born with are ‘standardized’; we still recognize them as the character they’re cosplaying. We won’t describe the cosplay as ‘White Sakura Haruno’, it’ll just be ‘Sakura Haruno’.

Another analogy could be noses. Some characters are depicated with small nose (or no nose). If someone with a big beak nose cosplayed them, their nose would might not be accurate but it would still be ‘standardized’. So no ‘Big Nose Sailor Uranus’ or whatever, just ‘Sailor Uranus’.

The same courtesy should be awarded to darker skin cosplayers imo. If they decide to cosplay a character, they shouldn’t have to jump through loops to be considered as cosplaying as X character (vs cosplaying as Black AU version of said character). By darkening your own skintone beyond your natural range is just adding on to the idea that skin tone is a thing that people shouldn’t suspend their disbelief over. My opinion would probably change if the global culture changes (so if skin tone has the same cultural baggage as eye colour, then you can go ham and do what you want).

>> No.9992660

Who else/exercisedependency/ here?

>> No.9992676


When they get to the point where even non-cosplayers know their name they are beyond a normal geek. Especially if they end up voicing a character for a cartoon series and having a videogame character modeled after them.

>> No.9992690
File: 167 KB, 599x635, Ceasar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9992702


>> No.9992743

"You thot me" is right.

>> No.9992750

This ain't it.

>> No.9992752

I'm just going to go ahead and say it....
I see a lot of POC cosplayers who have shitty costumes that wouldn't get attention on anyone who then blame it on being a POC.
I'm not going to judge someone for being the wrong race for a character, because most people in the US are the wrong race for anime characters. But if your costume is shitty and lacks effort, I'll judge the same as I would anyone else with a half assed costume.
Don't blame racism for your laziness.

>> No.9992755

>check long inactive tumblr for shits and giggles
>literal right wing nationalists following me
>I'm not even white

wtf tumblr.

>> No.9992765

nonwhite right wing nationalists exist, anon. are you japanese?

>> No.9992767

>>I'm not even white
judging by /pol/ meetups, neither are them.

>> No.9992771


He's definitely an Austrian right wing nationalist. No, I am not Japanese, but I am Asian and dress in lolita, so he may have taken it that way.

in any case wtf.

fuckin hilarious

>> No.9992779

Throughout the vast majority of human history women have been considered sexually active and desirable once they begin menstruating, average age being 12.

>> No.9992782
File: 39 KB, 600x759, coreycantbereal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been seeing my bf for six months and he still introduces me to con thots as his "little sister"

>> No.9992784

throughout the vast majority of history, women matured much later and died much earlier due to poor nutrition and overall living conditions

>> No.9992792

Your love is true and deep, it can be felt from your words. Send him that message, he'll understand and accept. If you play your cards right you might be able to win him back.
If he doesn't answer, maybe it's because his wife is telling him not to, so in that case you'll have to tell him in person.
Good luck!

>> No.9992801

A stretch mark, even!

>> No.9992804

>let women have feelings,
You're supposed to have the feelings of an adult, not of a child.

>> No.9992807

>It’s not so much accuracy, but that every skin colour should be considered ‘standard’.
But they shouldn't. In this regard, skin color falls into the same category as gender - 'Genderbent X'.
>We won’t describe the cosplay as ‘White Sakura Haruno’, it’ll just be ‘Sakura Haruno’.
We absolutely would describe it as 'White X', if the character in question had dark skin.

>> No.9992812

>japanese name
if it aint a cute japanese chick cosplaying, its automatically racebending. are you saying it only counts when black people do it?

>> No.9992815

Of course I could have been nicer about it but then I would have been harassed even more. The only way some of these people will ever drop something is a stern and repeated NO.

These two get it. If you take on extra work, people will just keep dumping more on you until you can't handle it anymore. Right now in my department we've recently had 5 people leave, two project leads and 3 L3s. That makes zero L3s and Project Leads for 3 months and no one getting promoted into the position but doing the work for less pay. Today in the team meeting the department head said we were handling workflow fine and didn't need any new hires to our department. So I'll be looking for a new job. The costume thing just helped me realize how bad my mental state was getting working there.

>> No.9992816

The name has nothing to do with the character's appearance.

>> No.9992819

you trying to argue that sakura is white? lmfao

>> No.9992821
File: 91 KB, 300x224, HarunoSakura.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What color would you use to describe her skin tone?

>> No.9992823

I'm saying you belong in the toilet lmoa

>> No.9992828
File: 80 KB, 914x892, untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw was buying pretty much every lolita piece I liked for a while
>felt pretty happy but also bummed out because worried I was developing a shopping addiction
>started marathoning dragon ball
>it's kept me so preoccupied that I don't have time to window shop anymore
>have only been focusing on hunting for dream pieces
thank you Goku

>> No.9992829
File: 161 KB, 776x528, typicalteaparty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think my comm president is getting impeached. There's a rumor that she got pinkeye trying to lick herself out.

>> No.9992831

>>9992784 is correct, average age of menarche now is ~12, but in 1860 it was just under 17. Blame the availability of balanced nutrition, artificial lighting, and hormones in food.

>> No.9992836

Yeah. I'm not going to use the term POC because it's not so much a person's race/ethnicity that the cosplay community discriminates on, but skin colour (Asians are POC, but are almost revered by the community). But yeah, I agree, I really hate it when dark-skinned cosplayers get boosted, but it turns out to be some shitty closet cosplay. It's like they got traction only because SJWs wanted to feel good about themselves. Performative 'wokeness' is pretty gross and make people look like fetishists.

On the other hand, it's also dumb to play "I don't see race, I only see skills" because black/brown cosplayers objectively get less attention than their peers. It takes effort and time to build up your craftmanship, but if you get no feedback for your efforts then you're more prone to quitting. It's not a matter of laziness, just being realistic about what you spend your time on. The reality is that attractiveness plays a big part of how good people perceive your cosplay as and how much people interact with you on social media. If you want more good POC cosplayers, then you should encourage the newbies who have potential. But alas, among the sea of newbies with similar skill levels, even I would rather follow the ones whom I found more attractive.

Genderbents are different. That's people willingly doing an AU version because they think it'll suit them better. If you want to talk gender, then let's talk about crossplay. Generally, people who crossplay want to be perceived as said character and not X version of said character.

>We absolutely would describe it as 'White X', if the character in question had dark skin.
Which sucks and is counterproductive, imo. Though I believe the reason for this stems more from the fact that there are very little characters with dark skin in the media and blackness often portrayed as a 'special trait' kinda. If the character is standard enough (like Casca from Berserk), then no one really calls it 'White X'.

>> No.9992837

Pale skin =/= white. You knew what they meant lol.

>> No.9992913

Probably browsing btb desu

>> No.9992917
File: 36 KB, 680x578, 6c29b9bd7c41ca6002481de72f85072e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>always been pretty excited about cosplay / lolita
>fast forward, dad passed in p bad circustances, got more focused in work / college in order to not sink into depression
>lost interest in things I used to love doing
I don't know myself anymore, even if now that I'm financially stable and like seeing well done costumes I can't get that 'special feeling' from going to cons or even wearing cosplays. How to feel again?

>> No.9992918

Don't bang your Onii-chan. That's forbidden love.

>> No.9992931

I recently discovered that my boyfriend's "little sister" is actually his ex...

>> No.9992955

Your bf sounds based as fuck.

>> No.9992973

uhhhhhhh, don't? end result of dating is marriage or breakup, and you don't want to deal with pushing out a hapa child. They're oftentimes complete wrecks, and you'd have the distinct knowledge of knowing you did that by giving them an asian father

>> No.9992995

OP here, update on the situation:
I just got back at my boyfriend's place, but he's not home. He won't pick up my calls or reply to my private messages despite being online. I also noticed that the condoms we keep in the drawer are missing. I feel like dying right now, gulls.

>> No.9993000
File: 81 KB, 379x364, 1533749818899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>partner of three years
>making him use condoms
You did this to yourself, gull

>> No.9993017
File: 53 KB, 500x366, weebs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying nazis don't have yellow fever

>> No.9993020

>10 years
>I'll treat your daughter as if she were my own
>that emotional blackmail
Jesus, fuck off you creep! Leave them alone.

>> No.9993021

Don't worry, he's with someone better now

>> No.9993053
File: 41 KB, 460x460, 2017-11-19_he-is-not-the-cuck-we-deserve-but-the-cuck-we-need-bike-cuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9993097

I had the opposite situation. I was with someone for 5 years, and we never used condoms. I started finding condoms in their nightstand. I tried ignoring it, but that only came back to haunt me.

On an unrelated note, I really like a guy right now, but they like sexy women. I'm over here in baggy shirts and thigh highs. I mean, I'm not changing the way I dress just to appease them, but damn... huh. I need to lay on the sex appeal, but I instead just look like a pink marshmallow. Maybe my marshmallow self can woo them. I dunno'. If not, guess I dodged a bullet.

>> No.9993141

I feel your pain, I’ve got a woman who will never see me again and if they do, it is a sobering realization that no matter what I could do, she’ll always hate me. But you’ll only hurt yourself trying to intervene, especially if they are married now, the ship has set sail, they’ve got a new life and you won’t be a part of it. But damn do I know your pain.

>> No.9993162

why not say he or she?

>> No.9993197

holy shit that's fucking hilarious

>> No.9993250

Not that anon, but honestly, I don't like using gendered pronouns in general. So even if I indeed do know if the person is a he or she, I'll sometimes still use they. Very little people are offended when I refer to them as, well, them unless they get offended over pronouns in the first place.

>> No.9993258
File: 1.88 MB, 250x277, 1532198211317.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't like using gendered pronouns in general

>> No.9993259

Maybe I never got used to it because I was brought up by 4chan.

>> No.9993330

>Petite means looking like a kid
Are...are you serious, anon?

>> No.9993331


ngl going to a party with older people dressed in rococo outfits sounds like a blast. Please take me with you next time.

>> No.9993332

Its horribly grammatically wrong.

>> No.9993349

I'm a salty bitch and I'll be your salty bitch friend! But I don't have a whole lot of comm drama, they're pretty chill.

>> No.9993355

Somewhat related, I often see black lolitas in terrible coords get lots of praise and I'm pretty sure it's just sjws who somehow think praising itas is fighting racism. Sigh.

>> No.9993358

There is still hope for you anon. You deserve a happier future and to feel good about the things that used to make you happy again. Im sorry your family isn't being supportive. Remember that you are not your addiction, and you are worth more then the abuse you suffered will lead you to believe. You should try to find some local programs in your city that can help you get clean and find a therapist. There are people out there who will help you. You owe it to yourself.
Good luck, anon.

>> No.9993361

considering op said “he used to be kinda into loli and the likes because he just loves petite bodies”, it’s pretty damn clear what context petite is being used in

>> No.9993365

>first year at college
>still haven't made a single friend
>my last resort is cosplay club
if I dont make any friends there I might an hero tbqh

>> No.9993366

Also, that's simply not true.

>> No.9993367

>oh no, someone lost their phone
>oh no, someone lost his or her phone
I’ve never heard someone use the latter and it sounds stupid anyway.

>> No.9993371

There is not a single english langauge grammar book in the world that say using "they" is correct when referring to a person, especially when their sex is know.

>> No.9993373

>[book] that say
>is know
ESLfag spotted. Do yourself a favour and google 'singular they'.

>especially when their sex is
>when their sex is
>their sex
Do I need to point out the irony or

>> No.9993379

OP of the Dieselpunk thread here. We've hit the image limit but I'm shocked at how well it was received! I was worried I was gonna get vitriol that'd make acid jealous but got good reception.

I was going to post the thread in /fa/, but was advised otherwise.

I'm liking this board. This is a good bard.

>> No.9993380

Board, even, if I could type better than a capuchin monkey with AIDS.

>> No.9993381

I don't know what that means

>Do I need to point out the irony or


>> No.9993382
File: 398 KB, 878x767, rubypreg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking lol.

>> No.9993383

I also have a birth control implant, anon.

>> No.9993386

My friend from comm lost hers when she sneezed once. Ripped a hole straight through her bloomers.

>> No.9993387
File: 858 KB, 200x267, 1530220353981.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9993391


>> No.9993399

Finally finished cleaning up the apt after prep + packing for a big con, got rooms for next year booked, now I just feel sort of empty.

Also, I'm afraid to start early work on costumes as I got burned this year by "oops you started lifting and your shoulders got bigger than you designed for" which caused last-minute stress. Or maybe that's just the procrastination talking. What do you do about body uncertainty versus actually getting to work on sewing stuff?

>> No.9993419

am I the only one, who was thinking about Planet of the Apes?

>> No.9993420

what is, if they are his little sisters?

>> No.9993426

JJeebus, asian women are trulysuperior to white piggus.

>> No.9993428

>He's definitely an Austrian right wing nationalist.
Is it perhaps Martin Sellner?

>> No.9993435
File: 115 KB, 894x457, 115425-final-fantasy-xv-1024x576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have really wanted to do a group cosplay for a while now
>going to be in an FFXV group later this year
>I've only played the demo, can't spare the time or money to pick up the full game (plus I've never played a Final Fantasy before)
feelin' real conflicted

>> No.9993436

>I've only played the demo
I guess that counts

>> No.9993437

>later this year
Sounds like you may have time until then, right? If that's not the case and it doesn't work out, there are playthroughs that you can watch if you're desperate; far from ideal but at least you'll be acquainted with the thing you're cosplaying from. Or, you know, wait until you actually play the game to cosplay from it.

>> No.9993447 [DELETED] 

Honestly, prior to 2015, no one ever cared that I used 'they' or 'their' when speaking. It's only recently that suddenly people comment on my use of those pronouns.

It's out of habit since often I'm typing with anonymity.

>> No.9993448

Honestly, prior to 2015, no one ever cared that I used 'they' or 'their' when speaking. It's only recently that suddenly people comment on my use of those pronouns.

>> No.9993456

ESL means you speak English as a second language. You would do well to check in with >>9993373 advising you to read more about 'singular they'.

However, that would be giving myself too much credit. 'They/their/them' is commonly used among speakers in the Southeastern United States, especially among rural populations (e.g. "Did Bob come over?" "Yeah, they stopped by to pick up their textbook earlier."). It's a regional dialect thing. That's not really important, but it's something to remember if you do have to speak with people from that part of the U.S or when reading literature.

>> No.9993459

>tfw hapa with asian father and white mom
>tfw pretty well-adjusted

maybe it's different with male hapas (hello rodger) but in general i'm treated like some kind of a genetic miracle. it's weird but it's done me way more favors than detriments.

>> No.9993490

Then you doubly deserve it. If you have a fucking implant there's no excuse for making him use condoms for years.

>> No.9993504


>> No.9993509

Or the guy wanted to use them? I'm on bc and my bf likes to sometimes use condoms bc less clean up so we can easily cuddle right away even if he came inside me and he likes the feeling. Atleast I understood anon's post like that.

>> No.9993526

why are gulls so fucking disgusting and salty?

>> No.9993527

watch a lets play.

fuck paying for the 60bucks for a singleplayer games.

you also get to skip the shitty parts

>> No.9993529

>guy willingly wanting to use condoms for 3 years straight to avoid cleaning up
Yeah, no

>> No.9993531

I don’t know if it still is right now they lowered the price to $20 at some point but he could’ve just been for a sale

>> No.9993538

Anon didn't imply they used them everytime. We don't use them everytime and still have them in the drawer and I would notice if they went missing.

>> No.9993539

>tfw missed out on the Classical Doll reservation on all preferred colourways

>> No.9993554

>discover lolita from a cracked.com article in like 2007
>enamored, but literal child, can't afford it
>years later, high school
>part time job
>buy my first coord
>too shy to wear it to school
>friends move on from me because I'm weird and embarrassing
>drop out of high school
>full time job
>internet friends
>dresses dresses dresses, buy buy buy, wear wear wear
>get ldr bf
>eventually he moves to see me
>discovers that I actually really do wear lolita irl
>immediately strains relationship
>stop wearing lolita
>start selling wardrobe
>give up on dreams
>fight with bf one night ends up violent, he moves away
>internet friends side with him, leave me too
>alone again
>nothing to stop me from dresses at least
>dresses and work
>old friend from high school reaches out, apologizes for dumping my shit years ago
>hang out with him
>shit seems cool
>hang out more and more
>he's embarrassed to be seen with a lolita irl
>relationship seems to be getting serious so I respect his wishes and stop wearing it again
>eventually make it to the point that I think we're basically dating
>turns out no, no we are not, he says
>lonely and sad in life, so stay anyway because there's no one else in my life
>five years spent like that
>getting older now, starting to get cellulite and crows feet
>can't wear the whore clothes that not-bf wants me to wear
>not-bf starts coming around less and less
>not-bf says I just don't look as good as I used to and I can either fix that or he'll fuck off
>"Are you my boyfriend?"
>"Well then mother fucker, I guess I don't need to do shit that you say, do I"
>tell him he can fuck right off
>start wearing lolita again
>lolita never let me down
>lolita has always been there for me
>lolita never said I was an embarrassing creep
>be now
>lolita all day, every day
>finally happy

>> No.9993558

I'm glad you found your happiness.

>> No.9993559

>tfw no lolita gf to be seen out in public with
Those faggots have no idea how good they had it, gull.

>> No.9993564

>prior to 2015, no one ever cared that I used 'they' or 'their' when speaking.
yea, because prior to then, no one did it when the sex of the person was known.

>'They/their/them' is commonly used among speakers in the Southeastern United States

I live in Alabama, I never hear they unless it refers to multiple people or someone of an unknown sex.

>> No.9993608

those aren't gulls, just creepy normies who crossboard and like to speak with females

>> No.9993611

>le everyone with an opinion I don't like is a crossboarder
I've been here long enough to know there's a stupid cunt like you in every one of these threads

>> No.9993636
File: 26 KB, 640x467, pleasedont.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>find KYM article on /cgl/
>it's all about thong diapers and butt inspection

>> No.9993639
File: 614 KB, 440x237, momoko tell em.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh wow this is a damn feel. Controlling men are full of shit, don't ever let anyone tell you what to do, anon. Wear lolita to your heart's content.

>> No.9993646

a kym page is about board memes, whoddathunk it

>> No.9993665

What >>9993646 said
I'm going to write more to the article, but some things require more research like the connection between /cgl/ and lolcow. There is obviously an overlap between the two, but I'm not sure the specifics or how to exactly explain the relationship.
If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

>> No.9993670

I'm rooting for you, anon. I hope your dresses continue to make you happy every single day.

>> No.9993673

lolcow was founded because we weren't allowed to have threads calling out specific people or "bullying" on cgl anymore
The reason lol cow's lolcow board is /pt/ is because the original lolcow that cgl followed was PixiTerri
Lolcow grew from there

>> No.9993680

Why did he even think he could make that demand?

Follow your dreams anon.

>> No.9993684 [DELETED] 

In TN, people use it all the time, especially in the Appalachian mountains. Prior to 2015, people weren't involved in some weird Tumblr witch hunt.

If you're asking if I use it out of some weird ploy for 'gender neutrality'. No. I'm sorry to disappoint you. That's not the reason. You've put way more thought into my use of 'they/their' then I have.

>> No.9993692

In TN, people use it all the time, especially in the Appalachian mountains. Prior to 2015, people weren't involved in some weird Tumblr civil war involving pronouns. If you're asking if I use it out of some weird ploy for 'gender neutrality'. No. I'm sorry to disappoint you. That's not the reason. You've put way too much thought into my use of 'they/their'. I deleted this to add something so you realize I'm not being bitchy toward you:

It's just really weird because in the past year or two, I've gotten a lot of people like you who ask about it negatively. Alternatively, I have people stop me to go, "Oh, are they 'agender'?" I'm always like, "What the fuck are you are talking about?" "Oh, well, you used 'they'." It's really weird. No, I'm not referring to someone of some atypical gender identity. I'm just a hick, that's all. I apologize for causing confusion.

>> No.9993699

The anon in >>9993673 is right. It involves information outlined in the sticky. /cgl/ use to be really bad for picking on particular people, keeping up with e-drama, and that sort of thing. In fact, sometimes people would get doxxed as a result. So, the mods had enough, and decided that discussing the personal lives of singular people was no longer allowed on /cgl/. You can discuss anything related to fashion regarding a singular person, but no more gossip about people's personal lives. So, therefore, lolcow was born from those people who wanted a place to gossip about people's personal lives.

>> No.9993715


So /cgl/ is known for diaper thong lolitas, butt hole inspection, and bullying people.
Is... is there anything actually *good* I can add to the article? This board introduced me to lolita and j-fashion, so it had a positive affect on my life, but what about internet culture as a whole?
Did cgl have anything to do with the creation of lace market?

>> No.9993724
File: 507 KB, 2048x1337, 1380778048508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think so re: lacemarket, but there's Derpy-chan which imo is one of the more wholesome things to have come from this board.

>> No.9993735

The feels thread might be known for those things, but that's not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of /cgl/. If you use the site like you're suppose to, it's where you can learn about new brands, hair and makeup, and different styles. You just gravitate toward the shit, that's all. Most ignore the blatant trolls.

>> No.9993742

Sure, I know this board isn't totally bad, I've enjoyed it for ~5 years. I've met 3 people who use to browse /cgl/ and all of them stopped because of bullying though, so this board does have its problems, specifically on the lolita side.

>> No.9993770
File: 341 KB, 2048x1152, 18836885_10207249114586513_5488377635438567875_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are all the board memes butt-related??

>> No.9993777

Because /cgl/ is a bunch of silly gays rping females so as not to be called sissies.

>> No.9993808

you know, the worst kind of newfags are the blatantly ignorant, yet superior-than-thou newfags
lurk moar

>> No.9993811

prove me wrong.

>> No.9993812

>Have a super fun weekend away from home
>Felt the best in long time while experimenting with something new in lolita
>Got tons of positive attention including some males and especially one I was super flattered and amazed about (not because I would be interested in him)
>Still waiting to get home to cuddle my bf and he comes to my mind a lot bc we haven't had much time together lately and he promised to pet me when I'm back
>Arrive home and excited to tell him about the stuff I did and show him pics etc
>He barely notices my arrival
>As disinterested as he could be
>Games loudly late despite knowing I'm tired and have to get up early
Idk why I'm so disappointed. I'm probably too tired but fuck I'm so sad. Yet he is wondering why I'm not silently sitting on the other end of the couch while he watches some anime I haven't seen half of.

>> No.9993814

jesus, why are half the relationship posts here like ‘my bf ignores my feelings and/or openly mocks the things i like and im utterly miserable, cant dump him tho’? is there a single straight bitch on this board who ISN’T emotionally dependent on a shit-tier normie man?

>> No.9993828

I wondered who that weird Fl***ershy was.

Are we allowed to mention My Little Penis here? Censored just in case.

>> No.9993846

I'm emotionally dependent on a supportive weeb man

>> No.9993866

survivorship bias anon

>> No.9993868

What the fuck part of "lurk moar," do you not understand, retard? Fucking ew

>> No.9993874

Incredibly deep observation, sir.

>> No.9993881

The real question though what do you guys think of trannys in your comm.

>> No.9993894
File: 71 KB, 1300x668, tom nook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>At a downtown festival
>See girl dressed in Lolita
>It looks really nice
>I want to go tell her how good her coord looks
>Pussy out because I don't want to seem creepy
>She dissapears

Is it weird for a guy to be into lolita/jfash and want to be friends with people who wear it? I just think it's really cool fashion. I'm not a fucking loser who think's it's fetish stuff or "sexy". I just don't want to come off the wrong way.

>> No.9993906

>met my favourite indie designer
>she has a really weird voice

>> No.9993912

Not weird at all. Next time you see a lolita in public just approach her, assuming she's not busy. Be polite and asses the situation before you talk to her to make sure that it's fine, and you'll be okay.
>Excuse me, hi, sorry to bother you, I just wanted to say your coord is lovely, you look beautiful, I love lolita fashion
You don't have to say all of this but this is a good way to approach us, at least in my opinion. Yes, use the word "coord" and namedrop the fashion, namedrop the brand she's wearing too if you recognize it. You may not immediately make a friend out of an encounter like this but you won't come across as creepy if you just say something nice and make it clear you recognize the fashion for what it is.

>> No.9993914

as long as they’re not sissy creeps and make an effort to pass I’m cool with them

>> No.9993919

>con in 2 months
>costume has 2 relatively complex pieces left to make
>getting the energy to grind it out is painful

Side note, I live an insanely far distance from campus now (1 hour commute each way) and the only thing that keeps me going is the thought of th $1200 I save over these 4 months.

>> No.9993929

Disgusting in all cases.

>> No.9993983

Alright thanks, I've only seen a couple not at cons but I love seeing people do it confidently in public. I really wish I saw more people with it but I have no idea if there's even a comm in my college's area. It really is lovely fashion, and it honestly is so cool to me seeing people wear it.

>> No.9994056

Not just this board, its everywhere. Its unbelievable common for these people to think "well, maybe if we have a baby, he will start loving me more!". They just like being with abusive people I guess.

prove me wrong.

>> No.9994382

Im fine with people approaching me but please don't approach people if they obviously have headphones in or are on the phone. If you make me take an earphone out, I'm not going to be happy with you

>> No.9994401

I mean, they could have been an ita

>> No.9995078

idc as long as they dress nice and aren't creeps. my boyfriend is ftm so i don't have any kind of dislike for trans people in general

>> No.9999207
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>after years of being fat, start eating healthy, cutting calories/carbs/sodium, not eating 5 hours before going to sleep
>start feeling dull pain in legs, all symptoms pointing to the beetus
>start going to the gym and doing cardio
>wake up with tendon swollen, I can feel it stretching when i move my foot
Why is it when I try to fix things I make them worse!

>> No.10002251


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