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Old one hit limit. >>9976364

Post your feels. Keep them /cgl/ related and don't reply to bait.

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It's raining outside and I got rainwater on my ita dress. Also lightning struck so close to some car in my street that its alarm went off, and now it won't stop. I guess the owner isn't home.

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Maybe the lightning hit them.

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> go out with bf
> see ita wearing red holy lantern in cat cafe
> have a good conversation about holy lantern, how it looks like something from hot topic (yes/no), how misty sky is my dream trash dress
> show bf misty sky
> proceed to talk about it

Bf is normie as fuck but he’s so into Lolita and the fundamentals of it versus the actual fashion and it’s so great.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>planning DMC3 Vergil cosplay for a while
>bought fabric and made a few patterns but didn't do much else yet
>suddenly DMC5 trailer at E3
>hype train is at full speed
Time to finish a project for once.

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tfw I have an army of lipsticks for every shade of pink and red possible but I still need that one middle shade and I can't blend it for the life of me.

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I believe in you anon. Get motivated.

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>I got rainwater on my ita dress
A good excuse to throw it in the trash where it should be.

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Hey be nice, people can have nice things they enjoy

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Ita dresses are, by definition, not nice.

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Doesn't give you the right to try to make someone feel bad about it.

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I jumped so had at the Dragoncon rave that my panties fell down. I couldn't pull them up without anybody noticing, so I stepped out of them and kicked them away. Within minutes, some furry ran off with them.

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Were they expensive?

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Thanks for the panties

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Congrats on your weight loss. You should kick off saggy and loose panties just like the garbage your past self was.

New me, new trends. Going commando is the way.

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That's hot.

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No, they were period pants. If they were expensive, I'd bite the bullet and pull them back up.

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>bought a dream dress but not in my preferred colorway
>have to try and incorporate a new color into my wardrobe entirely now
>can't find accessories to go with it, either the color is wrong or the theme is

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What dress is it, anon?

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Hey now, we all have things we like we know are bad

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I have a lot of navy and some lav, but I need to get sax items.

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>things that never happened

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I don’t want to kill a thread especially because it’s only September, but I’m the person who ran the Secret Santa last year. I’m not planning on running it again because it was so much work, but I’d like to pass on the whitelist/blacklist and templates if someone else is interested in running it this year. Email me (email above) if interested in carrying the torch! Sorry for not being feels related.

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>can’t wear a Halloween coord at Uni this year because the classroom I work in gets too dirty

I need to think of something soon...

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The first time I ever tried to do an actual cosplay it involved me sewing my skin. I'm bonkers so I really did it save for the skin on my face and throat, I only sewed on the most superficial layer of my skin so it didn't hurt at all.

Still, soon after I posted my WiP a popular cosplayer started tweeting about how (character)'s cosplayers who actually sew on themselves are "so disgusting LMAOOO unfollow me rn if u don't think it's problematic stop!!! this!!!" and whatever and many people replying agreeing with them and making fun.
What's more, they wound up cosplaying that character ten times better than I ever could.

to this day I'm not sure if that was kind of directed at me or not, it was probably just timing coincidence, but I still felt awful. and in a way, I'm glad they didn't send a witchhunt after me.

but regardless, I don't know why, but I've never been able to cosplay ever again. feels like there's always someone out there to one up me and all my work is to waste.

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Is this b8 or are you actually retarded?

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>Country going through economic crisis since 2014
>A $200 dress here costs 800-900 + tax
>Dream dress costs around 1400 in our currency
>No second-hand seller to be found

I really hope this ends soon.

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I know it's 4chan but I like the people on this board are friendly. They certainly are a lot more than any other board I've seen.

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I can't find it in me to sell my old dresses and revamp my wardrobe. I want to stop confining myself to a "lolita wardrobe" and really branch out. I think I got into this hobby the wrong way, and really did treat it like a costume.

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Why, because they sewed their skin? I hadn’t heard of that in cosplay before but people have done that for like art and things, it appears to be relatively safe and not unheard of, just weird.

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Same feel gullfriend. Curency difference wakes me scream. Europe by any chance?

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Haha, are you serious?


This shit wouldn't fly on ANY other board. On any other part of this site these people would long have been banned and their posts deleted. Not here. Personal fights and insults are tolerated.

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>I know it's 4chan but I like the people on this board are friendly

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>girlfriend and I at dinner, fancy restaurant and all that jazz
>waiter comes over and asks to order our meals as a take away for us.
Confused I say yes and he runs to the kitchen.

I think my gf is seeing someone else, evidence
>out playing gold last night, on hole 5/5, beautiful place, though somewhat small to 5 holes.
>I’m up on 4 strokes and he’s up by 2 so you know who’s winning.
>this golf cart comes driving up to me and the man asks me is this her? Showing me a photo of my girl. It is.
Chinese delivery worker was talking to me on the subway, asking me all kinds of stuff like if i knew a good place nearby where she could show me her delivery. I offered to take her behind the alley and she said yes, but I would need 150 since it was outside. We go around and there she is just sitting there on the ground like she said she would. Now you need to remember that this girl is 23, maybe 27 years old and attractive as hell in her delivery mini skirt. It wasn’t what I was expecting but needless to say I was satisfied very.

>waiter comes back in carrying two brown paper bags and practically starts shoving us towards the door, not wanting tips or money or anything.
>we’re a little scared at this point so we just leave and go home
>get home and see on the news the health inspector is in town, open the bag and it’s full of mouldy food and a note saying “thanks, we owe you one, come round when she leaves.”

Doing zombie fuckers in the gym and this scrawny kids walks up and tells me I’m doing them wrong
Grab him into a headlock and tell him that if he ever finds my wife without me knowing, I’ll admit that he knows better excersises than I do, BUT, I stipulated he must have proof -photo or voice recording- in order to believe it.

Once the girl goes home for the night I decide to see what the note means, so I hop into my car and drove off.
>now of course the car breaks down
subway station next to my and so I run and get my ticket to take the subway.

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That's like half the reason any of us are still here.

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:( I mean for the most part people are really encouraging instead of the typical split second argument. Nobody's perfect but this board seems more civil

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You realllly must be new

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>comic con in my area is coming in November
>probably gonna cosplay for the first time as a starfleet officer
>worried and nervous about it

I know I shouldn't be nervous about it but damn

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What the fuck I don't think I could've written something more confusing if I tried

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I've been here for 2 months, I guess it's relatively new
But I don't think it's worth paying the negativity any mind

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Nope, Brazil.
It makes me want to scream too, though. The worst part is that it just a few years ago it wasn't that big a difference...

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That's super new holy hell. lurk more newfag

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I've been on 4chan for 4 years but I'm new to the board.

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Thanks for doing that anon, it was good fun.

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If you've been on 4chan for four years you'd know to respect my trips you absolute shitstain

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I would if you didn't come off like such an asshat in every comment like it was an excuse for a personality, jeez

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Kafka? Is that you?

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You know you really do come off as entirely new the more you post, I doubt you've been on any board for over 2 months. You should kys

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And why is being new a bad thing? People are here to enjoy and talk about a hobby and here you are gatekeeping and sticking your ugly face in shit that doesn't concern you just so you can bitch about someone being "new" and how you're so superior to them because you've wasted more of your time here like it's something to be proud about.

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>why is being new a bad thing


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please dont reply to that person. These feels threads are full of people like that anon who comes onto this board from other boards, likely doesn't wear lolita or cosplay, and enjoys provoking people. Pretty much the entirety of these "feels" threads are incels who just come here since there's girls on /cgl/. Don't give them the satisfaction of replying. ignore it, report it.

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I wouldn't even expect you to give an argument when pretty much parroting anything you hear on the board counts as "fitting in" seeing as thats all you care about on this board instead of the actual fucking discussion and hobby
I wonder why I even wasted my time acknowledging you

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>And why is being new a bad thing?
Because you don't integrate properly while insisting you're not new.
>getting this booty bothered over being called a newfag

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You sound really new yourself

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You are so boring. If you're going to troll, at least be unique. I doubt you can even do that. Normie crossboarders are so boring.

>> No.9984806

stop projecting

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I'm sorry anon. Most people on this board don't wear lolita anymore, I think it's largely populated by bitter men who are drawn to the board by a female presence. /cgl/ used to be very knowledgeable, but it's really gone down the shitter.

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Nice meme you got there

>> No.9984813

Yeah I can tell. Which is a shame because i've recently got back into cosplay and a convention is in 2 weeks so i've been preparing.

>> No.9984830

Good, i recommend not coming down to this thread. Cosplay help overall is very positive, makeup thread too, depending on who you'll be dressing as. Stupid questions is generally positive. I find the cosplay side of this board overall much more welcoming and fun.

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I read once that a long time ago this board was actually pretty nice. It's not like that anymore.

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someone is a fukkin schizo

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The glory days of 2012 seem like so long ago.

I want to be young and kawaii again.

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>Me, 14 years old
>Start wearing lolita
>Friends are supportive but not interested themselves
>"Haha, no way there would be other lolitas in this town", I think
>Go to japanese event in my town
>What's this? I see a goddamn lolita.
>I find the courage and talk to her
>She tells me she usually wears boystyle and she's wearing clothes she borrowed from a friend
>Also tells me there's a comm in our town, but it's really small (5 people)
>I don't care, I want to meet and talk to all of them
>2 months later I go to my first meeting

I always remember how happy I was to meet another lolita back then.

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Quick someone post this on lit

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I really wish I could wear lolita every day but I live in Florida and I would melt

>> No.9985015

I wish I be my favorite anime characters, but they don't even exist

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someone should animate /cgl/ feels stories.

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Celia. Nuts to you, try to fly out of with the old other day before and ithey i is the a day that.
An we please don’t have know what you can think want me I just want iis I don’t was want to do be

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>Dad supports my cosplay endeavors even though he shares almost no geeky interests with me and rarely knows/understands what I'm cosplaying
>recently start on an outfit that needs a pretty complex prop
>recruit his help
>Dad is an engineer and consummate handyman familiar with every aisle of The Home Depot, excited to help
>spend weeks constantly messaging back and forth with ideas and suggestions
>work together for hours evenings and weekends
>totally nail it literally the night before
>get tons of compliments at the con, thank my dad profusely
hooray, we bonded

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>tfw still to autistic to go to a con

>> No.9985121

>tfw you haven't spoken to your own dad in 3-4 years because he's a cunt
>tfw you haven't spoken to your mother in over a year because of disagreements

Suprisingly I'm okay despite having zero friends and no family.

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Despite loving meta, I feel like a huge piece of shit for spending like 150 bucks on 2 pairs of wrist cuffs and 2 pairs of socks... (+shipping)

It's not like I couldn't afford it... it was a gift and I was told to spend it on something frivolous~ plus they'll get a lot of use... but damn.

meta always feels so much more exquisite to me than ap/baby though


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Cosplay bf dumped me on Saturday. I feel awful, no drive to finish any cosplay and will likely call off the next couple cons I had planned. I’m so sad, gulls, hold me..

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you'll get over him quickly don't worry

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>not getting over him by having cosplay sex at your next cons with randos

>> No.9985250

I can't wait to have enough money to move as far away as possible from my family and hopefully never see them again. I hate them so much.

>> No.9985253

>d-daddy p-please motice me
why don't you color your hair green or something? might help

>> No.9985275

That's like being too fat to go to McDonald's.

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This is why we date normies and not fellow nerds

>> No.9985289

Her husband sounds based as fuck.

>> No.9985290

Holy fucking shit

>> No.9985293


They both tripfagged on /cgl/ in the past
He seemed ok

>> No.9985305

Be careful who you marry desu, this is why I never shame anyone who casually looks at their s/os phone or email. You never know what tf they’re doing. Also anyone have her username?

>> No.9985331

The default should not be to not trust your S/O.
The guy is a scum bag, no matter how you look at it.

>> No.9985357

That's a little harsh isn't it? I mean lots of relationships are healthy but we don't hear about those. Not really fair to generalize?

>> No.9985367

I'm extremely open with my phone and emails and whatever with just my friends, I can't imagine someone not even being able to open up to a SO unless they were hiding something.

>> No.9985368

??? I’m agreeing with that?? That’s why I said ‘be careful who you marry’

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>at D-Con with my bf
>encounter MeMeMe cosplayer
>he tells her that she looks amazing and asks if she made the dress
>"I made everything but the panties!"
>she lifts her dress and flashes her thonged ass at my bf
>right in front of me
>as if I weren't even there
>mfw when he tells her "Nice!"

>> No.9985429

Yeesh. That's rough.

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File: 968 KB, 3857x4096, cuckoldmario.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LMAOOO and you didn't say anything??

You may as well have grabbed his dick and shoved it into this bitch for him.

>> No.9985451

>my face when when
You deserved it

>> No.9985459

You didn’t tell him/her anything at all??? Fucking dump his ass

>> No.9985466

losing weight does not change your personal worth or make you a better human. please stop conflating the two because you were bullied into thinking your weight made you trash.

>> No.9985467

Lol what? The bf did nothing wrong. At all.

>> No.9985468

... really??

>> No.9985474

ngl, I laughed a lot while reading this. it was too good I had to go through it multiple times.
is this a bot that's making frankenposts from the archive or something?

>> No.9985476

What was he supposed to do? Cover his eyes and scream "Hide those cheeks immediately, THOT"??

>> No.9985478

Idk, how about NOT complimenting a girl who just flashed him her ass in front of his gf?

>> No.9985484

whew, sounds like she married a deranged sissy...

>> No.9985486

>not recognizing the DHA meme
haven't classes started for you already?

>> No.9985487

If it wasn't a thong diaper, then that's just disgusting.

>> No.9985499

I realized I'm most likely a so called "TERF" and it makes me anxious to be involved in any kind of anime/lolita/cosplay community anymore because there's so many transgender people. I've never felt like judging people who dress the way they want but it pisses me off more and more that I should treat biological men as women and vice versa. And it makes me feel like I'm being a bigot. And even more annoying are those who are "neither gender" and because of this I'm not supposed to talk about men and women at all since it can offend someone.

Do other people really think transwomen are "real women" and transmen are "real men" or are they just trying to be polite?

>> No.9985505

This is why I date bi women, she's said "nice" too.

>> No.9985518

>wanting to be involved in cosplay and anime 'communities' in the first place at all
Not worth the headache. Any lolita comm that welcomes trannies with open arms should be avoided at all costs too

>> No.9985524

>treat biological men as women
wait, so you treat men differently from women? you sound like you're prejudiced all around anonny.

>> No.9985529

Men and women are different. Also I'm lesbian and I refuse to acknowledge a man as "fellow lesbian".

>> No.9985540

Oh please, everyone treats them differently on some level, its perfectly normal and does not always mean you are favoring one gender or spitting on another.

Men and women are different and thats OK, we dont have to be exactly the same, and we never will be.

I would also be labeled a TERF anon. I do not get why some women are so happy to lay back and let men take away from what we already have. Oh whos the woman of the year? A man! Whos fracturing the skulls of women in MMA? A man! Wow men make stronger and better women than women do! What a fucking sad time to be a woman.

>> No.9985543

I'm a woman because I feel I'm a woman, not because I was born with a vag. It's possible for you to be sexually interested solely in cis women without needing to gatekeep. no one's encroaching on your identity. until you're the Blessed Monarch of Lesbianism, you don't get to tell other people how to identify or feel about their femininity/attraction to women.

>> No.9985544

You can feel however you want, it just doesnt change facts.

>> No.9985545

I hate that we are supposed to let trans women into "womens only" spaces. It's so fucked. Women need safe spaces, and a lot of trans dudes are just pretending to women to invade those womens spaces.I recall one guy pitched a fit when he wasn't allowed in a safe space somewhere, he looks like a man but wore a dress at times. People called him a "hero" for that. women get shit on yet again.

>> No.9985553

Sorry I just don't understand it. You feel you're this idea you have of womanity, but you will never have an authentic experience what it's like.

Same goes for transmen, they will never know what it's truly like to be a feminine manlet because society still treats them as women.

>> No.9985554

Yep thats how it is now, we as women have to step back and let men become the best women in our fields so they can feel like they really made a difference.

But its just another man who probably would have failed against other men.

>> No.9985560

>I feel I'm a woman
Pray tell, what does that mean?

Stating facts isn't gatekeeping.

>> No.9985563

Anyway I just miss the times we were able to laugh at snowflakes who think they're "non-binary" or whatever is trendy right now. I used to understand what a transgender is when it still used to be about body dysphoria but apparently now anyone can just decide what gender they are and I don't get it anymore.

>> No.9985565

Hate the new look on lolibrary.

>> No.9985578

I guess I wasn't clear: I have a vag AND identify as a woman.

> they will never know what it's truly like to be a feminine manlet because society still treats them as women
??? you have no idea just how many transmen are walking around you, living manly lives and don't look at all like women. My ex is trans and I had no idea until he told me before we started dating.

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Her butt was out. You missed the chance to spank her raw and tell her to step off of your man.

>> No.9985581

>But its just another man who probably would have failed against other men.
oh my gosh, do you hear yourself? what are you implying about women's ability?
I need a break from this thread, holy heck.

>> No.9985583

Im implying men and women are biologically different, which they are.

With that I am mainly talking about athletics. Cry and bitch all you want but a man is going to be stronger biologically, which means a man who may have been good but not award winning in lets just say basketball, is probably going to do much better playing as a woman against other women because chances are he is already biologically taller and stronger (more endurance and stamina).

Like the man who transitioned and then broke a womans skull with one punch during an MMA fight.

This is why we have split sports professionally, because of this biological difference

>> No.9985585

Thank you, I think you made a good point. I will say this I have not personally dealt with a single trans person in my life and thankfully do not have to worry about any of this shit (so far).

>> No.9985589

endurance and stamina have nothing to do with strength. you also act like another ciswoman wouldn't have broken her skull in a freaking MMA fight. but view things the way you want, I guess.

>> No.9985594

I wish we had the technology to actually treat gender dysphoria and not just attempt to manage it by indulging people's delusions. Maybe then we could avoid all this bullshit.

>> No.9985595

Sure thing kid, well if you ever feel like taking on a man in a fight then have fun because biologically speaking he's probably stronger than you even if you work out more than him.

They are bigger, taller, tend to have more bone density, better time getting muscles, and the strongest female is not stronger than a lot of males.

There are times when this is of course not true, but that is the exception, not the rule

>> No.9985597

>tfw I was banned from a trans subreddit for saying men and transmen aren't the same thing
Some people are absolutely delusional. trans men thinking they are real men are just as delusional as 50 year old women who dress and get surgery to still appear young. "I'm in my 20s just like you all!!!".
Some people just can't except who they actually are and ignore reality.
Also, people irl don't care too much, its just the online lgbt community that gets all SJW about it.
I'm "gender critical" I guess.

no one said they weren't different.

>Oh please, everyone treats them differently on some level
not that anon, but I don't.

>Women need safe spaces
sexist women maybe, but why should I care about them?

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File: 43 KB, 349x349, 084F6239-5B91-4A4A-8F5F-E6438FFACFB7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This does seem like the face of a fucker who would commit such a fucking crime.

>> No.9985606


>> No.9985608

strength and bulk don't win you a fight. Experience and skill can help you best anybody. humans are ridiculously fragile.

I'm also built like a man, skeleton-wise, so I guess I'm an exception.

>> No.9985609

>Literal facts and inherent advantages
>Meh weh neh I guess you can think like that but by the way I'm implying you're wrong
You fucking trans people are god damn impossible to argue with because you never provide any facts in return

>> No.9985611

This, you had the perfect opportunity to assert dominance

>> No.9985622

That's bullshit. Men have all of those over women. There is no excuse to let trans people in athletic events that don't belong to their biological gender.

>> No.9985626

>too cool to hang out with nerds
>not normie enough to hang out with normies

>> No.9985629

>too cool to hang out with nerds
You sound like a nerd to me. :^)

>> No.9985631

But I’m the cool one

>> No.9985632

Be the cool nerd. Everyone wins.

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>cool one
>still too much of a sperg to be able to function on the same social level as your average normie

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Nothing is worse than nerds who look down on other nerds

>> No.9985655
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Should have put your foot up that booty.

>> No.9985670
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I'm going to Hellocon and I'm really excited, but I'm also panicking over it. I haven't tried on my coord yet because I have this irrational fear it'll be too small... My weight is very steady, there's no reason for it to not fit even though it's unshirred moitie. But hey, fears don't have to make sense.

>> No.9985673

Best thing to do is to try it on in advance as much as possible, and have a backup coord or two just in case you find yourself having to make some changes on the day of the event. That said, I hope it works out for you and you have fun!

>> No.9985706

Try it on because at least you will know and will be able to make changes if needed.

>> No.9985746

If I was with my girlfriend at that time, I'd just say "Ah." I don't think i'd compliment anyone doing that.

>> No.9985749

Ew, as a bi girl I'd still tell a girl who's blatantly trying to get with my man to back off. Bi girls aren't threesome machines.

>> No.9985770
File: 46 KB, 450x320, happy-japanese-girl-in-lolita-cosplay-fashion-harajuku-park-tokyo-ct1n84.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw reported some ddlg thot who followed me on Instagram and she got FUCKING BANNED HELL YE

>> No.9985776

You've never been to /v/, /k/, /o/, /g/, /a/, /co/, /n/... Should I keep going? 4Chan is AIDS riddled but /cgl/ is like a light dusting of hepatitis in comparison. Drop by Reddit if this content isn't your speed.

>> No.9985787


Fucking this, i am SO TIRED, esp of others who think we CAN'T get jealous or even feel a bit insecure when someone male or female is trying to hit on your partner

>> No.9985795

I feel the same anon. Sadly my friends are mostly sjws so I have to keep my opinions to myself (they're otherwise cool people so I don't want to offend them and lose friends). I'm polite to the trannies if I have to interact with them, but mostly just avoid them at meets as much as possible.

>> No.9985812

Sounds like your typical Dragoncon thot.

>> No.9985815

Everyone treats men and women differently. Even if you think you treat them the same, it's usually just little things.

If I'm on a crowded train, I'll try to avoid standing next to a girl if I can help it because they might feel uncomfortable having a man squished against them.

I'm more likely to let a woman cut in front of me in a line at the supermarket if I can see they have less things than me.

I'll tend to keep my distance from a girl if I'm walking late at night. I wouldn't give another man the same courtesy.

I've noticed with women I use more open body language subconsciously, whereas with men I'll use more closed body language.

>> No.9985823

why? Your SO isn't property. If your SO wants to leave you for someone else, that is completely his/her choice. If you feel like the only way he/she won't leave is if you shield him/her away from all other people, then you've got issues.

you are sexist.

>> No.9985827

Why even bother getting into a relationship if you're going to cheat that easily?

>> No.9985829

>you are sexist


>> No.9985838

He's not being sexist, you're just an overthinking asshole.
You do the same things and you don't even notice it. Maybe not the same things, but you treat men and women different. We ALL do. Either subconsciously or not.

>> No.9985840


>> No.9985845

Also your SO isn't exactly your property but you owe to each other your love and respect, you're expected to care for them like they would for you.
People like you are disgusting who think relationships are that cut-and-dry simple.

>> No.9985860

>tfw no bi gf who likes me for my masculine disposition and wants me to herself
>tfw no gf at all who genuinely enjoys my personality and appearance

>> No.9985869

>Why even bother getting into a relationship if you think you're SO is going to cheat that easily?

fixed that for you

>We ALL do.
Stop projecting, anon. Stop trying to justify your awful behavior with "everyone does it!!". They don't. I don't.

What you said doesn't disagree with what I said.

>> No.9985880

Go back to Tumblr, you degenerate. You're not welcome here

>> No.9985883

>everyone does it!
Stop making excuses. If anything, this highlights how much of a problem sexism still is today, as it's so deeply ingrained in peoples minds that they don't even notice it.

>> No.9985884

Oh you absolutely do.
I can tell by your self righteous wording how putrid and unlikeable you must be. You've got some fucked morals

>> No.9985886

Treating different sexes differently has been around for fucking millenia are you SERIOUSLY arguing that natural instincts are sexist?
you are unbelievably ignorant

>> No.9985903

I've actually been on 4chan for waaaaaay longer than tumblr.

>Oh you absolutely do.
Why are you so desperate to justify your sexism? Why do you need everyone else to be sexist? I'm not like you. Please for the love of god stop projecting.

>> No.9985909

Treating women and men differently naturally isn't sexism. It's just how you treat sexes differently but naturally. Obviously someone's going to be more gentle with a girl in situations over a guy. And more situations like this guy said >>9985815
I don't NEED people to be sexist. Stop saying sexist, by the way. But it is in our biology and how we are raised that give us a different perspective of gender.

Sexism implies prejudice or stereotyping, when this type of NORMAL behavior isn't any of that. Why do you insist it is "Sexism?" Give me valid reasoning why you think ANY of this behavior is sexist.

>> No.9985910

Stop perpetuating the idea that sexism is "normal".

>> No.9985912
File: 2.51 MB, 286x258, 1501756726333.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You didn't even fucking read the first sentence.

>> No.9985914

If it's not normal, then why do people freak out when a girl is hit, but not a guy?

>> No.9985954

I actually agree with the SJW. I feel dirty.

>> No.9985958

The one thing that annoys me the most is that there's so many of them. Yeah I don't find transgender identity unbelievable at all, when we're talking about very small minority. But when like over 50% in the same comm are supposed to be trans or non-binary? Totally not because they're doing the same thing their friends are doing. And they always have to make every hobby about themselves and LGBT issues.

It makes it hard to discuss anything, especially more controversial topics. I miss the times when lolitas and cosplayers were a little bit elitist and held high standards so people would always try to improve. It's what made me improve. This new generation seems so soft, like they will break from every little thing.

>> No.9985960

>Treating women and men differently naturally isn't sexism
It absolutely is. Thats the very definition of sexism.

>Obviously someone's going to be more gentle with a girl in situations over a guy.

Why? I'm not going to. How I treat someone depends entirely on each individual person. I don't treat someone differently just because they have a vagina.

>Give me valid reasoning why you think ANY of this behavior is sexist.

You are apparently treating people differently based on their sex. That is sexism.

>> No.9985963

>You are apparently treating people differently based on their sex. That is sexism
The dictionary definition..
No wait, Let me give you MULTIPLE.

Wikipedia: Sexism
prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

Webster: Sexism
prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women

Britannica: Sexism
Sexism, prejudice or discrimination based on sex or gender, especially against women and girls.

Being gentle with a woman is natural. It is not based off of prejudice, discrimination, or stereotyping. None of it is mean-spirited.
You still haven't argued facts. You've argued personal definition and that means bullshit.

>> No.9985965

>Being gentle with a woman is natural.
What do you mean "its natural"? What reason do you have to do that that isn't "based off of prejudice, discrimination, or stereotyping"

>None of it is mean-spirited.
It doesn't have to be to be sexist.

>> No.9985971

lets play along by your definition of "sexism".
it is VERY clear as day that natural treatment of women is different from males but not usually in a negative light. Examples; Holding the door open for a woman. Letting a woman enter first. Preparing her chair. In emergencies, women and children are prioritized. Typical chivalrous activities.

It is in human nature to value women. They vastly VASTLY differ from men and we all understand that. By your definition, we could never treat either gender the same, because there will always be differences between each other that each side understand and naturally respond to.

to sum it up you're an idiot looking to be offended for no reason.

>> No.9985981

>Holding the door open for a woman. Letting a woman enter first. Preparing her chair. In emergencies, women and children are prioritized. Typical chivalrous activities.

I don't do any other that for someone based on their sex. I'll hold or not hold the door open for someone regardless of sex.

>It is in human nature to value women.

omg, I think I get it. Are you one of these """nice guys""" types who think women are some special gift from god made just for you? Just fragile beings that need some big strong man to help them with everything?

>> No.9985983

I didnt ask for your definition of sexism. Maybe you should read my previous post of numerous, cited, and wide-accepted and understood definitions.
Also, no. It's human nature. Thank you for not understanding that and assuming even more baseless trash to go with the pile of assumptions you've made today.

>> No.9985985

Its discrimination. If you are treating women better than men, then you are discriminating against men.

> It's human nature.

Its human nature to murder each other. Ok, and?

>> No.9985987

>Holding the door open for a woman. Letting a woman enter first. Preparing her chair. In emergencies, women and children are prioritized
That's discrimination against men based on underlying sexist beliefs about women and gender roles.

It is not human nature, but the result of being brought up in a society where these beliefs are deeply ingrained.

>> No.9985989

Of course it's not human nature to hold open doors but society has developed it from the common understanding that women are perceived different and deserve a different kind of respect. Because they are different. As in, something biologically different. That requires different respect and behavior. That you find in almost every other living organism on earth. Because it is biology.
Nice strawman.

>> No.9985990
File: 1.20 MB, 600x338, autist party.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, please

>> No.9985995
File: 108 KB, 491x515, 1464748781401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So at least half of the people ITT are okay with women getting punched/severely hurt by men in fights/sports?
None of you would say that "You can't hit her, she's a girl" line that even self-proclaimed feminists do? Just wondering if your views are actually consistent compared to others.

>> No.9985999
File: 60 KB, 1024x706, 482FF405-33AF-4267-9276-3FAFC6A2F2DE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>join thread to sympathize with my struggling homies
>political shitflinging instead

>> No.9986001

As a girl who has had their fair share of fist fights with guys in the past I honestly think the mentality that you shouldn’t hit a woman (granted she assaults you first) is completely idiotic. However, just because she slaps you doesn’t mean you get to punch her teeth out lol

>> No.9986004

>Holding the door open for a woman. Letting a woman enter first. Preparing her chair
Pray tell, what biological differences necessitate such cultural protocols?

>In emergencies, women and children are prioritized
>Sexism: prejudice or discrimination based on sex
>Discrimination: the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex
>Unjust: not based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair
>Fair: treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination
Since you love definitions so much, explain how this is not a manifestation of sexism.

>> No.9986006

What if I want a girl to punch me? Like really drive that hip through on a well place shot on the lower ribs?

>> No.9986009

Sexism is the negative treatment of the opposite gender. I used those as examples of our world's habits.
The treatment is not unjust. Treating a woman like that is considered morally right and fair.

>> No.9986011

>So at least half of the people ITT are okay with women getting punched/severely hurt by men in fights/sports?
If they choose to engage in competitive sports that are not divided by gender, they do so at their own risk. Note that there is a difference between competitive sports and social sports.
>None of you would say that "You can't hit her, she's a girl" line that even self-proclaimed feminists do? Just wondering if your views are actually consistent compared to others.
I wouldn't, but if I did I would acknowledge the underlying sexism behind the comment. It shouldn't come as any surprise that many feminists are hypocrites, since the term refers more to a social movement than an ideology these days.

>> No.9986017

I gave you the definition of fair. How is that equal treatment?

>> No.9986018

They are being treated equally in the way that society has always run. Only now have people "found a problem" with it. If it wasn't fair or equal, the backlash would have happened over centuries ago.

Why the fuck are you so dense? Holy shit. I don't get why some girls can't grasp it.

>> No.9986020

>They are being treated equally in the way that society has always run
Do you need me to define 'equal' too? Protip: it has nothing to do with historical conventions.

>> No.9986021

The whole fucking argument is protecting and defining the fact they are treated differently and that's okay you jackass, are you seriously this blind that I have to repeat it to you in every post? I'm seriously done. Even other people don't understand you this is so pointless.

>> No.9986027

Then you should be arguing sexism is okay, not that obviously sexist attitudes are not sexist.

>> No.9986042
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Time to get the thread back on track
>tfw no conservative military lolita gf

>> No.9986043

ooh nice. :-)

>> No.9986089
File: 728 KB, 320x180, 1450252451848.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> see my DD on sale
> coveted print I've been wanting for years in crispy new condition
> pretty pricey, but okay
> overspent as shit, need to count every penny now
> my ss mails me they missed on it
> my banks freeze refund in case if there's fraud

No dress, no money, good luck to me buying it ragged for scalper price next time.

>> No.9986102

Like the other anon said thanks for the work and for replying to my emails and being a good sport
If by friendly you mean bitchy and catty...that's a fun type of friendly

>> No.9986103

>Husband can only get off by pretending to be his wife, pretending to get fucked by other guys, behind his own back.

What is this, 4D cuckoldry or something?

>> No.9986104

>It absolutely is. Thats the very definition of sexism.

Then therefore sexism isn't an inherent evil and you just destroyed any power the word has to address real sexism.

Absolute retard.

>> No.9986107

To end this whole "Is it sexist to treat women as more valuable then men?"

It's sexist by definition but it's natural. One man can procreate with many women. However one woman can only procreate with one man every 9 months. Therefore for the longevity of the tribe you will want to protect as many women as possible because even if you lose every man but one, the tribes existence is ensured. If you lose most of your women, it will take an extremely long time to recover and your tribe may be wiped out.

Women by nature are just more valuable to the tribe and men are more disposable because of our biologies. It's because of this biology that we developed attitudes and social beliefs that attempt to protect women.

>> No.9986139
File: 222 KB, 351x319, chinesevanellope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meme character presents for your boyfriend
>don't even say anything
I'm dead.

>> No.9986142

we don't live in the stone age anymore, anon
barely anyone in the west has babies nowadays anyways - the natives of most european countries have birthrates far below replacement levels
you can't take biological givens of the stone age and use them to justify modern politics ot attitudes, that's a traditional fallacy

>> No.9986147

Yes I can. Because it directly influenced our evolutionary psychology. Those tribes which adopted attitudes to defend women survived because they realised the biological value of women, those which didn't perished. It's deeply ingrained in our psyche and that's why all cultures in the world perpetuate the social belief that women should be a protected class of people, either consciously or unconsciously.

It's not a tradition fallacy at all. I'm not saying if it's right or wrong. I'm explaining as to why things they are the way they are. Whether or not you like it or you think it should be changed is a totally different thing.

I am annoyed by people who have this idea that humans are all blank slates at birth and we are so easily impressed upon that our entire personalities are just made up of external influences from family, friends, society and the media. Pretending as if we don't have personalities at birth and the only reason we treat the sexes differently is because we're taught to. As if our 200,000 years of development as humans has nothing to do with what it means to be human and how we interact with other humans.

>> No.9986153

those tribes had a reason to do so, anon
like i said, in our modern society the average woman has her first child around the age of thirty, and then maybe another child, just maybe
if women actually had the same biological value they did during the stone age (which is pumping out a baby every 9 months) then you could use that argument to justify why they deserve special treatment
but they don't, so you can't take something that applied hundreds of years ago and use that to try to shape modern politics or public opinion
if it's engrained in our psyche, so be it - then it's time to get over this biological limitation and start treating people equally
racism is also a natural reaction engrained in every human; the fear of the unknown was necessary for survival a long time ago - doesn't mean that people nowadays have a right to be racist when that doesn't apply anymore.

>> No.9986159

You're really dense aren't you?

Yes those tribes had reason. That reasoning kept them alive. Those who didn't have that reasoning died off. It's an evolutionary trait. It's not something we perpetuate because we are told to. We perpetuate it because that's what we are as humans.

> to justify
You are really, really dense. I am not justifying it. I don't care if it's right or wrong. I am explaining why it exists and why nature is sexist.

> why they deserve special treatment
I am not justifying why they deserve special treatment. I am explaining why things are the way they are. Not whether it's good.

>if it's engrained in our psyche, so be it - then it's time to get over this biological limitation and start treating people equally
You really don't understand evolutionary psychology, do you? It's not something you can 'get over'. It's like getting over the will to live, getting over protecting your children, getting over the want to procreate. It's not something you choose. It is just something that is. It exists because that's how we are, not because we choose.

>racism is also a natural reaction engrained in every human; the fear of the unknown was necessary for survival a long time ago - doesn't mean that people nowadays have a right to be racist when that doesn't apply anymore.
People have every right to be as racist as they want. If someone doesn't like someone because they're white, black, yellow, that's their choice. Everyone is racist to some extent through subconscious bias. Whether or not racism should be apart of law making decisions is a totally different topic.

You are so damn dense and are trying to argue against a point I never made. The point is not whether or not natural sexism is wrong. I don't care about that point currently. I care about proving why it exists.

Whether or not you believe it is right or whether you believe it is wrong is totally irrelevant to my point of proving it exists in nature and explaining why we have it.

>> No.9986160

fortunately we aren't cavemen anymore so instead of blindly listening to some instinct that survived from an age long past we can make rational decisions and treat people equally instead of running on instinct like literal animals

>> No.9986167

>fortunately we aren't cavemen anymore so instead of blindly listening to some instinct that survived from an age long past we can make rational decisions and treat people equally instead of running on instinct like literal animals

Explain to me this. Why should I treat people equally? It's completely irrational for me to actually treat others equally. I should act in my own best interest at all times because that's rational. However, I don't do that. I offer my train seat to pregnant women and the elderly despite the fact that it doesn't benefit me at all. I keep my distance from women alone at night even if it takes me longer to walk home. I don't talk to unaccompanied children, even if it would serve to benefit me.

Surprise, humans aren't rational at all. We are emotional creatures, driven by subconscious forces which are then rationalised in our heads. Humans make decisions with emotions first, then use logic to rationalise our purely emotion driven decision.

I am going to guess and I mean no offence in this, you are young. You haven't experienced enough of the world yet. You think everyone should be a utilitarian, genderless, grey neutral slate that doesn't acknowledge that other people are different because you're scared of offending others and you're scared of difference. You just end up being the worst type of person, boring.

It really is okay to be different and acknowledge the differences in people. It's what makes the world a wonderful place to be because despite our differences, we can make peace that someone can live a life a different way and be happy about it.

>> No.9986168

Oh my God you are so fucking stupid.
He listed out absolutely every valid reason and youre just repeating yourself with no counterpoints.
I'm not even going to point out your fallacies. You're just so dense and ignorant.
I hope it doesn't come to you as a surprise, but we are still "literal animals". God.

>> No.9986169

You make a good argument. I going to treat women just as poorly as I treat men.

>> No.9986172

I like to make male characters in video games to get away from these door-holding "nice guys."

>> No.9986174

How about you explain"Why" if you can't prove anything else. Why should we be different now? And please don't tell me it's because your jimmies are rustled because a man opens a door for you.
Or perhaps they don't open the door for you, and you don't want anyone else to know the kindness like you.

>> No.9986197

because when you don't treat people equally one group gets the shorter end of the stick, meaning they get discriminated
similar to how people only tend to notice how shitty racism is when they experience it firsthand, people only realise how shitty sexism is when they experience it on their very own skin
>why should we be different now
because the reasons for why we used to be like this aren't valid anymore, they don't apply
women don't have the same biological function they did back then and tribes aren't a thing anymore
modern society is fundamentally different
you don't see us defecating in forests, or, god forbid, on roadsides, even though it was natural to do so only a couple of hundred years ago (and still is ins some countries)
people have moved on, and things that could have justified this behavior aren't a thing anymore

>> No.9986199
File: 147 KB, 1366x768, A712988A-6FAB-4103-9A1D-364DE7DA0B34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sold item on EBay
>used the global shipping
>get response from buyer 11 days after shipping about not having any updates in a while
>also have not received an e-mail notification that the item is overseas yet
>checked my account, the last update was 7 days ago, and each update says the same message (arriving at facility)

I don’t know what to do, this has never happened to me with the GSP before. I think we’re both protected if the package is lost but I would feel bad if they don’t get it since it was expensive.

>> No.9986200

Habits =\= Natural behavior.
Many things aren't a thing anymore. But some things just are always going to be a thing.
I suggest you learn to cope, because it won't change ever.

>> No.9986210

You live in a bubble. Seriously. For example. Take my train seat example.

Are you suggesting I should not for any reason give my train seat up for someone who is elderly, pregnant or disabled? That's equal treatment right?

Or maybe we should just get rid of train seats altogether and everyone can just stand in pain, right? But that's not fair, because for some standing is much more difficult than others. Such as the elderly, pregnant women and the disabled. Oh look, human differences mean that we can't treat everyone the same because equal action doesn't actually give an equal result.

You're being incredibly naive. If women were to treat men the same as they do women, we would see women being abused and assaulted a lot more often because humans are not perfect. There are evil people who will abuse the goodwill of others such as a woman trusting a man who handed her a drink because she should treat everyone equally and if her female friend handed her a drink, she would trust it. So therefore as to avoid discriminating against this man who is a stranger she will ignore any sense of distrust and drink it anyway. Wouldn't want to discriminate now would we?

>> No.9986217

I honestly want to see their response. No amount of asspulling can best logic.

>> No.9986218
File: 398 KB, 878x767, rubypreg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did they at least let you watch them fuck?

>> No.9986221

>okay with women getting punched/severely hurt by men in fights/sports?
I'm not ok with *anyone* getting hurt, men or women.

how is that not bad? Just because there are different levels of sexism, that means sexism is never bad? I don't get it.

we got a winner

>Why should I treat people equally?
because we live in a society. You can't make it on your own, you absolutely rely on everyone around to you make it. Unless you are telling me you hunt for your own food and produce your own electricity.

>Are you suggesting I should not for any reason give my train seat up for someone who is elderly, pregnant or disabled? That's equal treatment right?

someone who is elderly, pregnant, or disabled is in physical need and needs extra attention. being a woman isn't a disability.

>> No.9986226

>I don't get it.
Because people aren't born equal. Men are stronger than women. Old people are weaker than young people. Children are dumb compared to adults.

You are assuming that if you ignore the differences between humans, that they will magically go away and we can all live in the Garden of Eden, experience no pain, hunger or hurt. We are not and never will be equal. That's what we are. Because of that our societies have built systems and perpetuated attitudes which help and protect those who need it. You think that if we deconstruct these embedded systems (which is impossible) that all the difference will go away. Not the case. Removing those systems only harms the most vulnerable in society, the people you so desperately want to be equal to everyone else.

> You can't make it on your own, you absolutely rely on everyone around to you make it.
That doesn't explain why I should treat people equally. If I'm a purely rational being, I should only ever treat people equally if it's convenient for me to do so.

>Unless you are telling me you hunt for your own food and produce your own electricity.
What does that have to do with treating others equally? I pay you money to get me food. If I can steal the food from you without being caught, why wouldn't I? That's what a rational being would do. I only care about myself if I'm a purely rational being.

>someone who is elderly, pregnant, or disabled is in physical need and needs extra attention.
So you admit that humans are different and that we should acknowledge those differences. Therefore not having a purely equal society since I'm being discriminated against for having a working body.

>being a woman isn't a disability.
Neither is being old or pregnant. It's not a disability, it's a protected class.

You are so over the place in your thoughts, I have actual zero clue what your position is. You think I should treat people equally, except when I shouldn't because of an arbitrary definition you made up?

>> No.9986230

After a meetup, I always obsessive comb over cgl to see if anyone calls me an ita, or thinks I'm annoying, ect. I'm always worried I'll be coming off badly without knowing. So far, no mention of me at all but still always that feeling.

On the good side, I've finally gotten closer to some of the girls in my community, when i use to always feel like an outsider. I'm doing what I promise myself I would do at the beginning of the year, which is to be more active.

>> No.9986231

>Men are stronger than women
not all men are stronger than women. Your sexism is showing.

>That doesn't explain why I should treat people equally.

Because if you don't treat them equally, why would they treat you equally?

>So you admit that humans are different and that we should acknowledge those differences.


>Neither is being old or pregnant.

"A disability is an impairment that may be cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, sensory, or some combination of these."
So yes, being very old or pregnant does impair you.

> I have actual zero clue what your position is

Don't treat women like they are all disabled. Not all women are the same.

>> No.9986234

But treating some people with additional courtesy doesn't mean you are treating other people badly or are discriminating against them, it just means you have empathy.

>> No.9986236

>not all men are stronger than women. Your sexism is showing.

Jesus Christ. I'll respond once more even though I know this is bait.

>because if you don't treat them equally, why would they treat you equally?
I don't need them to treat me equally. I am in a position of power in society above them. They need me more than I need them. Therefore since you encourage rationality so much, I should abuse them to improve my position, right?

>So yes, being very old or pregnant does impair you.
Not all old people and pregnant women are impaired. Your discrimination is showing.

>Don't treat women like they are all disabled. Not all women are the same.
But not all women are abled. Your sexism is showing.

>> No.9986237

I'm proud of you for getting past your hardships, anon, and I can understand the worry about what people may say about you behind your back. If it makes you feel better, consider how you would react in the hypothetical scenario when someone from your comm does post you or bitches about you or your behavior here.
What's the worst that could happen? Being called an ita isn't a death sentence, or if someone makes up a wildly exaggerated story about something you supposedly did at a meetup to make you sound bad, it just reflects badly on them and says nothing about you.
I don't know if I'm making sense here but I'm trying to encourage you to think things through in a logical way so you might worry less about this. Coming home from a meetup and obsessively looking through cgl to see if someone shit talked you isn't a good feeling and you shouldn't put yourself through that.

>> No.9986238

Men are stronger than women. It is written in genetics. Obviously it isn't a consistent case, because genetics are always different.
Explain to me why the male dead-lift record is several hundred pounds more than the female's record.

>> No.9986243

>Are you suggesting I should not for any reason give my train seat up for someone who is elderly, pregnant or disabled? That's equal treatment right?
Those people would be excessively inconvenienced by standing. Your decision to give up your seat would be based on their individual situations, not sweeping generalizations about an entire gender.

>> No.9986245

>Your decision to give up your seat would be based on their individual situations, not sweeping generalizations about an entire gender.

But men and women are defined by their generalisations.

>> No.9986248


>> No.9986250

No they aren't. People are individuals with their own sets of circumstances.

>> No.9986251

Do you believe men and women are different in any shape or form?

>> No.9986253

>I am in a position of power in society above them. They need me more than I need them.
You have more power in soceity than, say, Susanne Klatten, a women with a net worth in the billions? Yea, ok.

>Not all old people and pregnant women are impaired.

They scientifically, biologically, physically all are. Find me a 90 year old or 8 month pregnant lady any physical activity for any amount of extended time.

>But not all women are abled.

Never said they were.

>Men are stronger than women.

you are delusional if you think not a single woman on this planet is stronger than any man.

>Explain to me why the male dead-lift record is several hundred pounds more than the female's record.
Because men genetically have a higher **potential** for strength. It doesn't mean every single man is stronger than every single woman. If every man on earth was a body builder, that might be true, but they aren't.

>> No.9986255

Obviously. Furthermore, every man and every woman is unique.

>> No.9986259

You have just explained to us that men are generally stronger than women, and therefore capable of different tasks.
I don't need to speak further.

>> No.9986260

So you beleive that men and women aren't defined by generalisations but you still believe that men and women are difference.

So you are displaying cognitive dissonance. You simultaneously believe there are no generalisations which define men and women but there are generalisations which define men and women.

>> No.9986268

>You have just explained to us that men are generally stronger than women
*****potential******. In reality, they aren't.

not that anon, but he is right. men and women are different, along with every person individually. You treat people differently based on their needs. There is nothing about having a vagina that impairs a woman from opening a door. Opening a door for a woman isn't sexist, but *only* opening doors for women is.

>> No.9986269

Ageism. Dont assume the elderly need seating, they might be healthier than you! What if the lady is just fat and not pregnant? That's discrimination.

>> No.9986270

I understood "But men and women are defined by their generalisations" to be referring to individual men and women, not the method by which people are classified into sexes.

>> No.9986271

They might not, but being old and being pregnant impairs you. Being a woman is not an impairment.

>> No.9986272

The jokes I could make..
Yes, they are. I guarantee you would never gamble on a woman in a fight between a man and a woman. Potential technically yes. But the fact the potential is there proves that men and women can be capable of different things better than each other. Because they are different.

>> No.9986274

I feel like this conversation has completely gotten out of hand.

>> No.9986280

Men and women are distinctively predisposed to be less or more abled at certain tasks which is a massive factor in determining individual need. Men and women also take on different roles which may require different assistance.

I am more likely to offer my seat on a train to a woman because she is wearing heels. I am less likely to do the same for a man wearing heels because that's fucking weird.

I am more likely to offer my jacket to a female friend when I am out if they are cold than a male friend because I have an instinctive feeling to protect and comfort women a lot more than men. My male friend can suck it up, the massive fucking pussy.

If I see a man struggling with bags, tough shit he's a man and he can sort it out himself like I would. If a woman is struggling, I would offer help if appropriate.

Stop ignoring the distinct difference in men and women. Men are predisposed to want to care for and protect women. As a male I can testify to this. I never had these sorts of feelings until I was about 20-21 and then I guess a hormonal or a brain change occurred. I am protective of female friends and female friends find protection in me. On more occasions than I can count we've been out drinking and they come up to me and say "Put your arm around me and pretend to be my boyfriend, some creepy guy is hitting on me."

We do the things we do not because we are told by the media or by politicians. We are the media, we are the politicians. We do them because they feel right and they natural.

That'll be my final comment on the issue.

>> No.9986288

Tell em friend

I second everything he says, because I believe I'm nature and biology. I also believe in society and law, but to a degree. No matter the government or society or culture, natural behavior can't be changed.
You can want it so badly, provide facts or reasoning, but nature don't care. Why should millennia of evolution care about what you have to say? I don't.
Your change won't happen, because you can't change it. It's impossible.

>> No.9986299

I don't agree that it's inherent. I think it's the result of deeply ingrained culture. Regardless, as has previously been explained, it being a biological instinct wouldn't make it any less sexist.

>> No.9986302

We've just gone full fucking circle.

>> No.9986303

You're fucking stupid. Oh my God.

>> No.9986306

>I don't agree that it's inherent.
>deeply ingrained culture.
>it being a biological instinct

Just how stupid are you? The reason it's ingrained in culture is because it's a biological instinct. JESUS CHRIST HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU PEOPLE?

>> No.9986307
File: 80 KB, 678x676, image-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus christ, just let it go. Y'all spent the entire thread on this you autist

>> No.9986310

>I guarantee you would never gamble on a woman in a fight between a man and a woman.
I would bet my entire life savings on the woman in a fight between Valentina Shevchenko and christopher poole

>> No.9986313

>what is a standard distribution
Are you unironically a teenager?

>> No.9986315

no one said anything about the man and woman being randomly chosen

>> No.9986316
File: 8 KB, 569x27, EntireThread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>entire thread

>> No.9986320

Noone respond or fall for this bait
Let them wallow in their autism and scream from their cradle
Let us all hope they grow up

>> No.9986328
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can't we go back to the usual about how lolita poop their diapers?

>> No.9986332

>They need me more than I need them.
My sides. This is the type of guy that caters to weak, needy bitches and then complains that all women are weak, needy bitches because that's the only kind he's ever attracted.

>> No.9986336

What is with you men and your weird ass fetishes?

>> No.9986340

What's the best thong diaper brand? I want to get top notch burando.

>> No.9986352

>tfw /pol/ invades us again and mods will never ban a single soul


>> No.9986360

>every single post I don't like is le crossboarders

>> No.9986395
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>make some online friends because of new weeb hobby
>find out they browse here and lolcow
>It's great at first but then slowly realize how kind of crazy some of them are
>realize why they don't have many friends in the first place

Sucks because they can be fun but when the salt hits it's really awful and some of them drive people away from the hobby.
just wish some of them would get some help

>> No.9986396

you sound like a shit friend lmao

>> No.9986481

Next year will be ten years since I first started cosplaying, and I have absolutely nothing to show for it. I took a break for a year or so at one point because I was just so burned out from making a bunch of costumes and hanging out with people who could only talk about cosplay, and it took a while to finally get to a comfortable pace with cosplaying again. However I've really only made one or two new costumes (which were often really simple) per year after that, and because I got super invested in Artist Alley stuff (not to mention moving out and attending college) I really don't have the energy to do even one per year. I just finished my last cosplay for the year and even just thinking about doing another one makes me somehow super sad because I get so tired and stressed due to not having enough time to spend on costumes to make them look as good as I'd like, and because of that I lack the motivation to get better because the progress is so slow compared to something I usually do daily like drawing or stuff. I feel a bit ashamed to tell anyone how long I've been doing this for since my skill level doesn't reflect it at all. But whenever I think about taking a break again or just outright quitting I get so sad because it's such a huge part of my life and I do sometimes have a ton of fun, but the reality of how good the costumes will be or how good I'll look in them is always so different from how I'd imagine it to be when I'm planning a cosplay that I get super discouraged every time.
I just don't know what to do with the situation, but I feel like I'm starting to slowly reach the age where I don't have time left to just let things be for a while and that I should decide on it now instead of wasting away precious time. I guess I just need to finally admit >tfw no cosplay gf and start to find joy in other things that don't leave me so utterly burned out every time.

>> No.9986502

Start wearing lolita friendo

>> No.9986515

>As a male I can testify to this. I never had these sorts of feelings until I was about 20-21 and then I guess a hormonal or a brain change occurred.
Why do all the people who go on about biological differences suck at biology?
I'm not even arguing with most of what you said but this is really retarded and it's clear you aren't sure what you're talking about.
It snacks of someone who read a pop science article about something similar one time and decided that was the reason he feels a certain way. Then you go on to assume other men are the same. Men honestly suck at protecting women. Where's this magic protect women brain hormone when men beat their wives, the mothers of their children? Nowhere, because you're full of shit.

>> No.9986520

well, I am a man, so I don't know if I am the best for that problem, but just only thread men who think are women, like women (and vic versa), as long as they don't brag about it (hell, if they are fully transisted, there might be no evidence, that they were men or women)
about the ones who are neither, yeah, that's different topic

>> No.9986521

You don't need to be so offensive about his life experiences, jesus he musta hit a nerve in you

>> No.9986536


at least learn some english before you try your hand at debates

i mean i get you probably don't have friends you can have discussions like this with irl, but if that's a case, join a forum that's in your language. your english sucks.

>> No.9986542

Yes he absolutely struck a nerve
he used logic and she can't even argue it
i mean look at this right here >>9986536
They aren't even arguing your point. They're just insulting your english.
Also, your english is fine.

>> No.9986544

hey is it true that devil may cry 2 is the worst one

>> No.9986545

I wouldn't know I've never played devil may cry

>> No.9986547

this may be tthe most genuine reply I've gotten so far, thank you

>> No.9986549
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Why didn't you mount her yourself?

>> No.9986551

Guess it's time to accidentally poison your bf's food

>> No.9986553


Honestly? I'm not even in this stupid 'discussion,' but I saw the word 'transisted' and while I figured it out from context, you probably could express yourself a lot better once you have a better grasp of the language. But have fun I guess, and good luck.

>> No.9986556

What logic? Just saying "it's biology," is not a logical argument.
If you have some articles to share backed by studies showing there is a hormone change in men in their early twenties that suddenly makes them more protective of women I'm happy to read it.

>> No.9986560

Biology is factual. Are you arguing biology isn't real? Do I really need to provide you studies that men are different from women, and that women are treated differently by men? You've experienced it firsthand. Fuck off.

>> No.9986568

Anon just ignore them, it's clear people come here just to start shit lmao

>> No.9986575

I'm arguing that just saying something is biology is not a logical argument. You can say that about anything.
For example, I could say "men love pepsi and women love coke, it's biology." is that true just because I invoked biology when clearly I have nothing to back that up? Is it better if I add that guys I know all love pepsi and all my female friends love coke?
He's arguing that his personal feelings apply to everyone and just throws biology in on top. "I had a brain hormone change I guess" That's the opposite of a logical, rational argument. It's literally feels are reals.
I actually don't think he's that off course, that men generally want to protect women. But his reasoning and argument are awful.

>> No.9986579

Where did I mention personal feelings? I say biology because it's pretty fucking apparent and clear that men treat women with a kinder tone.
In other animals and species you see almost all treat females differently.
But suddenly when this ass-hat storms the thread and starts ripping on some guy for being polite and calling him sexist? That's fucked. Fuck them.
I honestly didnt realize you needed a source because anyone who's been outside before has witnessed this shit.

>> No.9986587
File: 20 KB, 500x320, Intimate_partner_violence_500px.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If men are so nice to women, how come over half of female homicides are committed by their male partners?
Domestic abuse rates also vary by country. So I would think society is playing a bigger role. But I dunno, anon opens doors for women more often. Clearly a complex issue

>> No.9986591

funny how the most active thread on /cgl/ is about everything EXCEPT cosplay and lolita

>> No.9986598

>I honestly didnt realize you needed a source because anyone who's been outside before has witnessed this shit.
What if I live in Afghanistan and have to go outside with a tarp on or else men will rape me and then stone me to death for getting raped? Where's the kind tone there?

>> No.9986607

Come on you know Afghanistan's a completely different show. It's one of the most recognized hotter topics in recent years. Keep that out of this please. Everyone already knows what happens there and the radical differences. I'm not even sure its fair to argue Afghanistan when the whole argument is about sexism in chivalry.

>> No.9986610


Afghanistan is probably the closest the modern world will come to hardcore biology with high childhood death and age population charts that resemble the animal kingdom's with the average life expectancy at 46. Dude was arguing that it was innate biology. Well there's your answer. It either isn't because there are glaring disparities in how men treat women globally, or it isn't and it's the complete fucking opposite.

>> No.9986622

Didn't say I was good at biology. I am going off my personal experiences and what I've been told by most men I've met, not all, have natural protective instincts of women that begin in their early 20s. Just like most women have protective natural instincts of their children. This is the result of tribes natural evolution to value women as higher than men. The men who had these instincts created successful tribes which procreated. Those tribes which didn't want to protect females, died off.

Yes obviously modern male-female relations are a lot more complex than simply just a protective instinct. I never claimed otherwise. I was explaining a single point and used our biology to explain why. Using outliers such as domestic abusers doesn't fault the general attitude of males to protect women. Why do you think that we take domestic abuse of women as such a serious crime and not the domestic abuse of men? Because as a society we have a desire to protect women more than men. Why has it always been men who fought in wars and not women? Why today are women still not allowed to serve on the frontline? Because of male protective instincts. Men are more likely to put the mission and the lives of other males in jeopardy to protect their female counterpart.

I could just as easily claim women have zero protective instincts of their children because of the women who murder their children. They are outliers.

>> No.9986624

I like how eventually the thread came back around to Devil May Cry.

>> No.9986635

This is basically the dumping ground. Its the thread that keeps all the other (non-ita) threads from evolving into chaos. Its a necessary evil.

>> No.9986638

DMC is pure, also 2's Dante is the most stylish out of the cast

>> No.9986640

Dude just look into femicide rates, female infanticide, and domestic abuse in less developed countries. India, China, and Pakistan have fucked up their gender ratio because they abort and kill female children at alarming rates. Are they valuing women? Are they in danger of dying off? There's about a billion points of evidence right there since those are three of the most populous countries in the world.
You're basing this off your experiences in a first world country which is as far removed from a tribe as you can get. Afghanistan literally still has tribes and tribal governments but just ignore what they do to women there for some reason? lol ok. Many places, possibly most in the world, don't take domestic abuse of women seriously either. It's actually legal in some places. You live in a bubble dude. Talking to your other guy friends over onions lattes at Starbucks about how much you respect m'ladies isn't a generalized experience.

>> No.9986643

India, China and Pakistan have poverty issues you absolute fucking monkey. You think they want to kill their female children? No of course they don't but they have to accept the reality that a female child is mostly a burden since they can't do the work of a male child and the family would starve.

>> No.9986651

DMC2 Dante is definitely most stylish Dante, though I like Nero and Vergil a lot too.

>> No.9986666

anyone year of university, the only year im literally the only person who doesn't dress normie. Tried to wear a casual lolita coordinate today, barely over the top at all, and people just stared at me and ignored me. I hate this boring place.

>> No.9986669

Where do you live?

>> No.9986675

We do find you annoying. Leave us alone.

>> No.9986678


>> No.9986700
File: 25 KB, 336x506, d5d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We get to see the reunion of gramps Dante and vergil, dad Nero and his two kids in V

>> No.9986755 [DELETED] 
File: 129 KB, 768x783, 1536269852533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw gayfrogs


>> No.9986777
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Bless you, Mr. Jones

>> No.9986791
File: 93 KB, 1000x435, pol2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was beautiful

>> No.9986805

Mostly this. Historically, in the countries mentioned, India, China, and many other more tribal cultures, having a female child or having many well fed, well treated brides is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
>Look at me fggts, I have enough money I can feed and adorn my useless sacks of meat and give them good lives. Can't work em but damn they look pretty don't they?
There are cultural differences at play here that don't seem to be considered, most feminists want to white wash it, but, let's take Islam as an example.
In Islamic practice, a woman has no obligation to provide for the family, even if she has a job whereas her husband does not.
She has received an education and is in the workforce, she has two children. If the children starve, it is the husband's fault.
A man did not receive an education because she did. While yes, it's very possible she will share her earnings anyway, there is a different mentality there.
In China, a male heir is expected to hold up the family, take care of the parents when they are old, live with his parents until they pass or at least contribute monetarily so that their quality of life doesn't change. If they have a farm or a business his desires are completely submissive to keeping that family business or farm running even if every reason in the world exists to end it.
A female heir is expected to find a good man to marry. Nothing else. Just to get her out of the house so she's not another mouth to feed. Her husband might be expected to fill the male heir role in some cases if no blood son exists.

There are cultural reasons for why things are the way they are, to expect whole nations to change, their religion, their centuries old practices, you must truly be delusional. Or white.

>> No.9986826

To that person in the friend finder thread that first contacted me a year ago: I want to talk to you again, I didn't mean to stop I just got busy with school projects and now that I have my degree/more time I miss talking to you

>> No.9986829

Make a new friend finder thread if you miss them so much.

>> No.9986830

>need to be even slimmer so i can finally be worthy of getting a BF


>> No.9986851 [DELETED] 
File: 111 KB, 300x300, reaction-image-listen-here-you-little-shit_fb_6711273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a bunch of retards in one of my college courses and they're just 'tarding up the class.

Like wtf
>Raise your fucking hand
>Stop trying to constantly insert "witty" comments after the teacher says something remotely "funny"
>Stop trying to have a fucking one-on-one conversation with the teacher WHILE THEY'RE TEACHING jfc

Did I join the special ed class or something? Aside from them there's a bunch of immigrants who clearly don't belong in that class

>Literally one of them had to ask the different between slavery and servitude
>WHY are you taking a US pre-Civil War class then????

>> No.9986871

just message them again

>> No.9986880


>> No.9986881

sometimes i'm so glad that i don't live in the us

>> No.9986936

Let me live with anon OTL

>> No.9986942

nice thread

>> No.9986991

You can do it!

>> No.9986992

none of these things are because of biology. these are all societal because, whereas men can be normal people, women are always tied to sex in our hetero male-dominated society.
you are constantly trying to assure women around you that you are not a predatory threat. you do that because predatory threats are a real day-to-day danger that women live with.

I don't understand the grocery one though. wouldn't you let anyone with less stuff in front of you? women aren't children, and everything that you do to them is learned. not natural.

>> No.9987021
File: 182 KB, 311x300, hanklaugh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9987058

I will once again reiterate the point I've made about a million times already. Biology and culture are linked. Strongly linked. The reason we have a society that we do is because we have biological instincts. We have then developed beliefs and attitudes based on those instincts. From there we create culture and law.

Humans are a product of nature. We are not blank slates at birth. We have natural preferences for certain things. We call that instinct. But for some reason you think that it's pure coincidence that almost every culture in the world attempts to keep women as a protected class. That it is just somehow a learned thing across even the most remote and isolated places in the world.

I have a natural instinct to protect women. Ask almost any man if he's ever had a weird gut feeling, almost an on edge/anxious type of feeling but sort of different when he's been the only guy in a group of female friends when outside. Or when he's been walking with a girl at night. That's when the feeling is most noticeable. They will say yes. I think it's a ludicrous statement to think that all men have someone been programmed to have a feeling, not even a behaviour or action but a specific feeling.

Maybe it's just not something women will understand because you don't get the same feeling.

The behaviour I express are a product of that feeling. The way which they are expressed in my day to day life is informed by outside influences. I understand that a women would feel safer walking alone at night rather than having a man walk up to her and say he's going to walk with her to keep her safe. Both can be interpreted as protective but the society which I live in sees one as okay and the other as extremely fucking disturbing.

>> No.9987284

I want BURANO NOW. Plz god, send it to me.

>> No.9987331

It's been pointed out multiple times that lots of cultures in the world don't do this. I don't know how you can keep being this dense.

>> No.9987356

Which cultures don't attempt to protect women? The only time they don't is when extenuating circumstances prevent it.

>Domestic violence in Afghanistan
They don't view it as domestic violence. They view it as protecting women from their own decisions.

Like I said. How male's express their protective feelings is informed by outside influences.

>> No.9987612

you're such a pathetic pseudo lmao

>> No.9987618

Whatever will I do? Someone insulted my intelligence on the internet, oh fuck.

>> No.9987774

Terry A. Davis is alive after all and posting on /cgl/.

>> No.9987820

Is it hard to sleep at night when you glow in the dark?

>> No.9987835

If that happened to me and my husband I would've sniped his nice with "you know they don't have panties later in the video"

>> No.9987947

Went to a con, and saw my favourite cosplayer. I approached and said im a big fan, she glanced at me, said "thats nice", and walked away. Im not owed her friendship or anything, but it felt harsh. Guess i must have come off weird or something. I just stopped following her shortly afterwards, and kinda grew bitter towards any cosfamous folk.

>> No.9989686

>There are cultural reasons for why things are the way they are, to expect whole nations to change, their religion, their centuries old practices, you must truly be delusional. Or white.

Asian male detected.

>> No.9990362
File: 44 KB, 333x499, 51s5Je-MYyL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Didn't know Burroughs was into cosplay

>> No.9994003