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Hello, seagulls.
A thread was created last week to see if there was interest in having the /cgl/ team take part in the 4chan-wide meme football competition known as 4CC.
Being that there was some interest, please take a moment to vote on your favorites for roster placement and confirm that there is board interest.
You may also use this thread to make other team suggestions.


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All the people who posted in the last thread, please do the same here if you are still interested!

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>there was some interest
you posted a strawpoll with over double the number of responses as IPs in the thread

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There have been nine responses so far.
To alleviate the concerns of Anon who doesn't believe that anyone on the board cares, I will let everyone else bump the thread if they wish, or let it die.

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As much as I would like to vote based on my enjoyment of the cup I think I should abstain since I only come her for a few specific threads and am not up on most of the memes.

That said, from the experience I have following other boards teams this poll seems a bit mismanaged.
Usually even bench players would be up for cuts or promotions and most boards have a few, for lack of a better word, gatekeeping questions about board culture to weed out crossboarders.

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The add/remove list was populated from suggestions in the former thread, but I'll add the entire roster since that makes sense.

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Bless you OP and bump

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I miss the old days where PT,Kooter,...and the likes were in the team. I don't keep up with new cgl relevant personalities i only know of Moomookun

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Reporting in.

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There's not much is there? That side of the board has mostly migrated to the farm. There is no more dramu, only salt and bitterness.

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Voted! I’m glad telephone-chan is an option to be added

>Holy Hell Not Again

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Who is telephone chan??

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Might as well enlighten the masses

Telephone-chan is a member of the board who is most well known for her posts in the Dream Dress thread, a thread where we all post dresses we dream of and try to help each other get them when they pop up. She's been posting for...gosh has it been years? At least a year. Time is kind of blending together. One specific dress, Metamorphose's Telephone Print Salopette. She's always so nice and several times barely missed out but always has been a positive force in the threads. She pretty much became a meme and the patron saint of the thread, I still remember that Wolverine meme.

Many anons over time swore that if they ever saw it they would buy it and mail it to her directly so she would no longer keep missing out. Like I would have happily done so, I kept my eye out when I would visit Japan.

Very recently her dream was fulfilled thanks to the help of a gull, and much celebrating was had. Probably the largest happy moment on the board in a very long time.

Image is a collage an anon made, thread where she got it is here:

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Bump for FREE MY LONELITA /cgl/

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Well anon, as a manager of another boards team i can tell you on slower boards you need as many votes as you can get as gate keeping is only really important on faster boards.

Same but this board has changed quite a bit while I've been here so i guess its to be expected.

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Hospitality doll though. And then the aftermath is fitting for cgl.

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I voted, yay

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Can I suggest some music changes?
Change the anthem from OGL to Cynics and Critics by Icon For Hire.
Make OGL the goalhorn for all players with Lolita ties.
Just Dance might also be a good song for the cosplay side.

Would also recommend Tatiana's The Same Parts, but it's RPDR and there's no good remix.

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I'd like to see Throw it in the Bag - maybe an alt goal horn, or anthem for a shutdown?

Also this thing is floating around, might be useful as a goal horn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKY_vTnpP7I

Good luck in Autumn!

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What kits would you gulls like to see? I just don't want those blood splotches ever again.

Since /u/ has players with skirts, maybe lolita fashion might make it debut on the pitch?

>Implying that we'll get new kits at all
>Implying that we'll even play at all

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So that's what became of her. Was high key always laughing at her missing the dress, though

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I would love to see lolita inspired kits! An oldschool kit would be easy to pull off, since the skirt design would be fairly simple like the skirt in pic related). I would also like to see Holy Lantern kits. Just the HL print all over the shirt and shorts, and the socks could look like the HL OTKs.

I don't cosplay so I'm not sure what a cosplay-inspired kit would look like.

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dropped pic

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seconding holy lantern.

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>I'm not sure what a cosplay-inspired kit would look like.

What if me made them all Harley Quinn?

And maybe a token Yoko kit for the keeper

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Will the survey results be released?

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Yeah. Just waiting to see if people are done voting. I'll check later today.

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I ended the polling today at exactly 50 responses.
The attached image is the results formatted into some nice charts for you all.
The raw data can be found at: https://my.mixtape.moe/jrxsad.csv

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>telephone chan gets a medal
>fluffy usakumya GK

Absolutely based

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The actual placing upon the roster can be a bit subjective, but I propose removing all the players that scored in the double digits in Remove, and replacing with the highest voted players to be added in Add question (which were mostly all the double digit players in that question). These changes would be as shown in the picture.

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Oh, there is also the Captaincy to award, which i forgot to make a question about. It can either stay with Dramu, or move to someone new, like the player who replaced Dramu, Mana-sama.

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Mana-sama as Captain makes a lot of sense. I can't see anyone having an issue with that change.

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We're in a good timeline, gulls.

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>/cgl/ getting revived
I wish you all good luck!
t. /cgl/ fan

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>no kawaii footwear

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this is gonna be good
i'm always hyp for this stupid simulation shit, it's like my version of sports fandom

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Bump for Holy Lantern kits!

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Kawaii indeed

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Those OTKs. I love this, anon.

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Holy shit with kits this good it's gotta be /cgl/'s year

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Ohh shit I used to manage this I did a shit job.

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We still need a manager if you'd like to step forward once again. It's currently autopilot.

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Nah I forgot my tripcode and I had to make a Skype account and shit to get verified which I forgot too.

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I'm not trying to convince you here, but you could just use a new tripcode, and Skype isn't used anymore.

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/cgl/ will be playing in the Autumn Baby Cup Qualifiers, with the potential to move to the Autumn Babby Cup proper if all goes well.
The dates and times for the /cgl/ matches will be listed here once the draw is done: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/2018_4chan_Autumn_Babby_Cup_Qualifiers

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When will the draw be held?

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Nevermind, just saw the link. It's on 10th Oct, if anyone else is interested.

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/cgl/ will be playing against /co/ at 17:00 UTC.
For more details on where to catch it: >>>/vg/230008312

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The Qualifier matches have been scheduled.

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Don't feed the birds!

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The first match will be today at 19 UTC, 3pm EST, noon PST against /y/. There will also be a match against /mu/ at the same time tomorrow, and a match against /o/ at the same time Sunday.

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The match will be starting soon.

Link in red at the top of the page: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/2018_4chan_Autumn_Babby_Cup_Qualifiers

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Conditions are up

>> No.10010643

Match has started

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Mana Goal!

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well that could have gone better

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/cgl/'s defense is getting diced

>> No.10010656

HT /y/ leads 4-1

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Telephone-Chan gets /cgl/'s 2nd goal

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FT /cgl/ loses 4-2

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I got super excited during this match and my dog kept barking lol

>> No.10010669

Besides the 3 in a row goals the defense gave up late in the 1st half, it wasn't a bad game. Hopefully /cgl/ can get past /mu/'s boosted GK