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With the death of blogs, it's been harder to find good (and non-sponsored) reviews, so let's try to fix that! Post:
>Reviews of items you own, or (especially lesser known) brands
>Request reviews of brands / items you're interested in
>Request info / photos of details not typically listed, e.g. whether something is lined, color fastness, closeups of the lace, etc.
>Review services, e.g. brand customer service, shipping times, experiences with an SS, etc.

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Requesting a rosa bianca review! Any of their pieces will do, I'm interested in their newest floral release.

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Starting with a review of MILK's metallic heart bag, which is still available in case anyone's interested (20,520JPY).

The appearance of the bag is accurate to the pictures on MILK’s site. It’s large and can fit a lot (in comparison with the average lolita bag), including all my usual stuff like my wallet, makeup bag, phone battery, and giant over-ear headphones, with room to spare. There is one inner pocket that doesn’t zip up, which comfortably fits my phone.

The stitching is neat, and the pleather is smooth, high quality, and doesn’t appear prone to flaking. However, the major downside is that the material is super delicate, and is VERY easily scratched. The two heart faces are also ‘squishy’ and vulnerable to permanent denting. This is definitely not a daily bag. I don’t consider myself to be rough with my belongings, but it’s only been a few wears and the bag has already developed some small but visible scratches and damage to the finish. I imagine the matte bags would hold up better, but I can’t say I recommend this bag, for this reason. While it might be worth it at a used price point, it’s so easily damaged that by the time it’s reasonably discounted, it would be in visibly bad condition. I wouldn't buy it again, although I can't say I regret my purchase because it was for a specific coord.

MILK did ship out really quickly, and it arrived at Tenso about 36 hours after my purchase. It was well packaged, although in maybe a slightly larger box than necessary. They sent it with a lot of extras, including hard candies and a catalog for that season. I should mention that it did get dinged by customs despite me having it marked down below the limit, but this seems to have been a fluke and not related to MILK.

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This is a great idea but I'm not sure posting here is a great way to archive these for posterity. Maybe someone should make a blog and reupload the reviews posted here onto it?
>if only lolibrary pages had a comment section and we could review things there

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Unfortunately people don't really seem to read or keep up with blogs anymore, which is why I posted here to begin with. I know it's not the best, but at least we can always search on the archives, if this type of thread ends up taking off.

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Some blog reviews I know, some are not in english

MMM Archangel, Alchemy and Harpschord

Ista Mori nameless poem

Haenuli Sleeping Beauty

Dream Holic Hime Ringo in Chocolate Wig Review

MMM Alchemy Print

SouffleSong Choosing JSK

Moitie Braided Ribbon JSK

AATP Tarot Card JSK

JetJ Amour D'amants

MeLikesTea Petticoat

Lady Sloth Stained Glass Skirt

Resailan Jewelry Print

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Review: Loris Cross Bat Bag Review (Moi-même-Moitié Replica)

AP Whipped Cream Kitty

IW Lace Millefeuille bolero

AATP Sheherazade

Magic Tea Party Bears Paradise skirt

Review: Shiny Unicorn Star Bag - Cotton Candy Feet

Melissa Rocking Horse Shoes - Vivienne Westwood

Écailles de Lune "Shadow Garden" JSK

Krad Lanrete's Transilvania Moonlight Skirt

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We have cgl archives. warosu.org/cgl/ and archive.rebeccablacktech.com/cgl/ (down atm)

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>Review services, e.g. brand customer service, shipping times, experiences with an SS, etc.

>Angelic Pretty San Francisco
Really love how they pack everything very securely. I've shopped in-store and have ordered online. They have a great pick up in store option with a generous window; If I know I'm going to SF within the next week, I usually set it up for pick-up so I don't have to pay any shipping. Always a good selection of the more general items for matching back to stuff you already have. It also helps that they are sharing space with another J-fashion store that Carries Q-pot, Enchantily and Atelier Pierrot.

>Babyssb San Francisco
The shop girls are less involved and leave you to shop on your own unless you ask for help. I feel like there's less basic stuff, but they are always well stocked with main pieces. One of the biggest selling points is it is right upstairs from a fantastic tea shop; so it's an easy choice for a get together with other Lolitas.

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I read blogs and I still post to my old lj

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>Angelic Pretty Paris
Very small shop, can comfortably fit about 4 people, uncomfortably up to 7. Customer service amazing, staff speak at least French and English. There's an obvious mark-up but it makes up for shipping if you buy in-store. Really attentive and let you try things on, honestly the nicest service I've ever had in a store. Chatty but not overbearing.
The selection is just whatever they have that's in season, but you might get lucky if you're looking for something from last season. Don't keep loads of stock, and they don't keep lots of duplicates for returns.

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Blogs are still around, in fact I have one. You just have to search for them.

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I have a lot of taobao releases so maybe I should do this. The only “blog” I have been using is amino tho -_- maybe I’ll set up a tumblr just for taobao print reviews? Would anyone be interested in that?

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I wouldn't be interested in taobao, but if someone set this up for brand it'd be awesome

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I guess I figured taobao because we know the least about those brands. Brand quality is usually pretty consistent save some misses or size wonkiness

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I'd be interested anon! It's definitely way harder to find reliable reviews for Taobao pieces, especially in English.

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I can make a Tumblr and reupload the reviews when I get off work tomorrow.

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Found some extra time.
I can promise I won't just up and abandon this unless it just doesn't get any interest. Submissions are open so if you want to send your own review or link to someone else's review on Tumblr. I won't be reposting from actual blogs like >>9969838, since that's kind of skeevy.

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this account on insta has some high quality ohotos of peoples wardrobes.

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You can link to other blog posts on Tumblr! It's a whole type of post I think. That way they get the credit and the views, you'll just be funnelling traffic towards them and sharing relevant content with your followers. Everyone wins!

That was me. I kinda gave up because of a bad depression low and then some big changes in my life... Now I'm doing OK again I'd like to restart posting. I see there's still interest and that makes me feel very happy. I'll try to get more pictures soon

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Same, I should probably do it for my own pieces.

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Yes, >>9969973 is right. I have a translation blog and usually tumblrs get a banner pic and then link the post on my blog. Check it here how it's done: http://dramacdtranslations.tumblr.com/

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Oh, I didn't know that! That's really convenient, so I'll probably link a blog or two a day until more anons start posting reviews. For banner pictures, I'll just grab a something from the actual review, I guess. Thanks, anons.

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Ok well I think I am going to attempt to review the pieces in my wardrobe. Started with this taobao dress. Open to feedback about if it’s too much/not enough info/ what kind of info you’d like out of a review. Feel free to reblog if you have a review tumblr too.

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Does anyone know what’s going on with lolibrary, like are there any updates at all? The fact that I can’t access my wardrobe has made me not want to participate in wardrobe posts for the past few years...

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Guerilla Cat (you know, the Taobao dresswith cats in military outfits). Diamond Honey Nurse Bunny jsk. Dolly Cross Hospital Jsk. Any Listen Flavour cutsew in black with pink/light colour print.
Please and thank you

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Tangentially related: anyone have any thoughts on pillowfort as a platform? They mix features from Tumblr(dashboard and blog,reblogs...etc) and Livejournal(privacy setting and string comments)
I think the Kickstarter ended today?? If they end up being a good service,I might make a blog there for Lolita stuff

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It seems like an even bigger hugbox than Tumblr, so I'm probably going to have to pass. Wasn't their entire thing being more of a safe space than Tumblr?

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Tumblr only seems to have 2 modes: hugbox or harassing people to an extreme.
But I liked the "rythm" of it. It's not as volatile as twitter or ig but also has the customisation of a blog and also being able to consult past posts

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Requesting reviews for L'Armoire de Versailles. I'm especially interested in their Count OP but I've been eyeing some blouses too.

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Darn I had one of their dresses but I sold it. The fabric itself was a very nice weight jacquard and the printing was well done, but it was not lined and that was a disappointment.

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Last time I made noise about it, the page curator said that there's a backlog of behind the scenes programming to do to make the site search functions work they way they used to, after that they'll start fumbling around with the security issues that need to be dealt with, then the reinstating of the closet/ user tools might be worked on, but it's like literally the last thing on their list.

It's a shame.
Lolibrary was the primary tool I was using to keep track of my wardrobe and wishlists, nothing else works nearly as well.
With the way the search functions have changed too, it's pretty much not in the cards to rebuild those lists I made, I'd have to just slog through page after page of unrelated items to find the ones I can only half remember.
And it's not like getting snapshots of our closets to remake them elsewhere is a possibility, since you can't browse, search or see user closet data unless you're logged in.

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The Guerilla Cat JSK is really nice. That material feels much higher quality than a lot of the Taobao stuff I've tried. It's very soft, the print is clear, and the straps are easily adjusted for fit- it's a great dress quality wise.

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I would kinda disagree? It’s like ok for taobao but it’s missing some basic stuff they would make it great.

- I’m not that tall but I needed to redo the button to the bottom of the strap, it would be hard to see ppl who have long torsos wear it. They should have made the torso longer but at the very least a longer strap would have helped a bit.

- no clasp at the zipper which makes it easier to put on especially since it’s full back shirring. A big design mistake to not think about with the shirring being all the way to the zipper. The zipper stops a bit too high too.

- the bow is glued on with a few points of thread to keep it down, likely will break first


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Could review The Raven and the writing desk and Spring of Europe JSKs from Magic Tea Party if anyone's interested.

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I have one of the original "printing error" green guerilla cat jsks. The fabric is a slightly slubby bamboo blend, and the "printing error" is just some occasional white streaks I think are due to the dark color on the textured fabric. I have a 84cm bust and bought a size M. It's very cool and I'm really happy with it but I know the fabric annoyed some people, which is why they re-did it completely. The C-grade stock still available on their taobao store is probably the same or similar as what I have. I have a long torso and it's not as high waisted as a lot of dresses, but I'm also flat chested. It would probably be unflattering on a tall busty person..

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Dang, sucks to hear it's not hardy enough to be a daily bag.

Thanks for the review!

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Thank you anon, this is really helpful! How good would you say the actual construction was? A lack of lining is a bummer but it's not a deal breaker, it's actually kind of a godsend with how hot it gets where I live.

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Grimoire Verum tights: don't wash them at 40 degrees C, damn it. My cat tights look more or less fine, but the black/brown kittens have turned greenish :/

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Nayrt but I have donated and I'm starting to regret it because I think they will just abandon lolibrary. They don't really update us on what they are working on and I don't see any progress at all. If they are too busy or can't do it I wish they would just admit it already. I admit I don't know anything about building websites but I don't understand why this is taking so much longer than the first time they made lolibrary. I always liked hellolace search better too.

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I sometimes forget that it's been like 2 years

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Anon, were you 100% sure they were original? I got a replica as a gift and didn't know it was a replica. I wore it on a very hot day and the print melted into a greenish blob.

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Are you a patron? They explained that they aren't the same people who created the website, they just scraped it and the owners didn't have a developer anymore so they happily passed it on. The developer now that did all this work is definitely making changes, but unless you're in the slack channel, you can't see them. I'll ask if they can post a few more updates to patreon so people can know what's going on behind the scenes.

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Can you ask them to update their twitter?

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Would you be willing to post some pics of this, anon? I've been wanting this print for the longest time and would greatly appreciate it!

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Requesting my lolita dress shoes reviews!

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MLD is a reseller so unless they're selling their own shoes, you're going to be more specific.

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anyone have deets on this shop https://lolita-cattery.ocnk.net/?

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Yep! They just posted an update, so hopefully those looking for it have seen it.

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I'm guessing you mean closeups of the fabric, just took some and made you a little gallery. It really doesn't bother me but I know it bothered some people (including the store) enough that they did a whole new run of green on different fabric. https://imgur.com/a/z3FlpCy

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thank you so much, yes this is perfect!! and your captions are super cute. I agree, the damage is barely noticeable, especially when worn, I imagine.

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You are very welcome! Yes, I think it's really not noticeable when worn. It's such a fun dress and kind of iconic.

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Yes, bought them in the original packaging in a closetchild shop. I washed my printed JetJ OTKs in the same wash, and they were just fine, fortunately. The strange thing is that the other black/dark tone in the print is fine, the ribbons and the words, it's just the cat, although the white cat alson looks less defined than in was now that I look at it. Trash. I've never had manmade fibers gone the way of the dodo in the wash like this, bummer.

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Seconding this. Are any anons planning to buy or bought anything from them yet?

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Overpriced as fuck, but somehow they had my email address and sent me a link to the shop. I wondered if that was from usagiyouhinten closing down...

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To add to this:
They are very nice on facebook, will answer any questions and even provide information such as measurements for upcoming releases. You can even reserve thing before they get them.
They customer service is very nice. They even noticed a change in my name.

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That's a pity, I'm sorry. Have you given up on them? Maaaybe washing with some oxyclean could help ease the green and make it wearable again.

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Looking to see if there's a review on chess story's chocolate JSKs, wondering if they hold up after being washed or they snag?

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I actually like the fabric there! Dense fabrics like this are very nice looking in my book

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Isn't this a total rip-off of Lady Sloth's chocolate JSK? The print looks identical and cut is simplier.

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Chess Story's was released first so if anything Lady Sloth's is the rip-off.

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Ive managed to wash mine in the washing machine fine. The material is easily snagged however, I have a small mark on mine from just catching it on my nail.

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Reviewed a Crucis OP on my blog. Trying to decide what to review next. Any particular Taobao brands? Burando?
I think I like doing review posts a lot better than videos because I don’t have the attention span to watch someone ramble on a video.

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Anon I'm sorry, the quality may be good but that dress is hideous by design.

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Sorry! I'm interested in this boots:

>> No.9976029

I owned this and I really wouldn't recommend it unless you /absolutely/ love the design.
After maybe 2 washes I could see little white dots around the stitching where I guess the print was rubbing off and it already had some light piling around the chest. It holds almost no petti and was too short on me (5'3") to really use for lolita. It was pretty cheap, with shipping and everything it probably came out to about $40, and I still completely regretted my purchase.

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Does anyone here own a Queen Been pair of shoes? I'm interested on hearing about their comfort and quality.

>> No.9976233

I guess that’s your personal taste because I love it so /shrug

>> No.9976236

I have a pair— they have been good to me so far! Nice quality insole, I’ve worn them all day and been fine. Lost a shoe clip though :(

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Posting the hat I got from Faerybird Tale that photos were requested of in the mail thread. It’s simply stunning, I love it. The materials used are fantastic and the construction is superb. All parts are removable which is a big plus for customization and it had the nice surprise that the under-chin ties can snap out and be moved so you can do two styles with the hat. The only downside was the wait time, it shipped two months after the scheduled date but was well worth the wait. IRL it’s a little smaller than expected, but my expectations may have been skewed since I have one of the insanely large 3F Edwardian hats. This was my 2nd order to her and I look forward to doing more.

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Does anyone have / know of any reviews for recent Lief pieces? I know they had issues with quality in the past, but I haven't been able to find much info on them corresponding to the last few years.