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Let's cry over the death of Putumayo. Share rare Nana Kitade photoshoots. Show western lolitas that Punk Lolita is not simply slapping a thrifted denim jacket onto any old coord.

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Your hope has been answered. Here I am :D. Gonna make a dumb, if I can find the shorts back I'm looking for.

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I'm kind of anticipating this thread won't be massively popular, Punk Lolita is up there with Ero as one of the most underappreciated and misrepresented substyles, plus good pics can be hard to find. I'm just gonna dump whatever I have saved, others are more than welcome to as well, would love some content I haven't seen before.

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Forgot the image lol. Let me start with the one I had already posted.

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Also I feel like V-kei could be welcome as well, there is some crossover

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So cute, I love this

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cryptkasper is the punk + old school queen

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Not entirely punk, but if you also allow visual-kei, I hope this

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This is a more modern example. not sure if I really like the styling but it's definitely interesting

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>Not entirely punk, but if you also allow visual-kei, I hope this
Excuse me, was for next image in dump lol.

Anyways, I was still typing:
Not entirely punk, but if you also allow visual-kei, I hope this is fine too. It's from Harayuku, but entirely sure what style it's part of. Was tagged as "visual kei fans in Harayuku", but I don't know enough about visual-kei to know if it's accurate tagging.

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Sure, I mean it's on brand for the punk thread to be rule bending, right? Brands like Blabla hospital, sex pot revenge, h.naoto, etc often make things that suit this style so it's fitting.

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Not even someone who wears pink but I LOVE the Miho Matsuda outfit I just found lol

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Gorgeous. Thanks so much for contributing, I'm saving everything that I didn't already have (and trying not to post duplicates!)

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Looks like sweet lolita sitting on a nice motor with a filter to make it look more fitting because of the feeling the desaturated colours give.

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Would love to see some good camo coords, like punkuma and the original metamorphose camo release.

True, though this is one of my favourite lolitas ever, her coords are perfect though I don't seem to have many saved for some reason.

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There's this, which is a rather tame coord but punkuma nonetheless

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I'm kinda on the edge with this one. Everything used looks very sweet, but the styling and how the items are used kinda has a punk feel? If that makes any sense?

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Even though this one is sweet, I feel like it has a punky feel to it

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i think a lot of westerners misunderstand that it's a mix of lolita and punk, so it doesn't have to be a fully punk outfit. it also doesn't have to abide to every lolita rule. not every item you wear has to scream punk. it can be a lolita coord with only a few punk elements.

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I kinda want to see a yakuza*lolita version now. Those fancy weirdly coloured suits with a ruffly skirt. But I fear that would be asking for too much Japanese rebellion?

Although we had a bōsōzoku in BTSSB with a pink bike a little while ago on FB, so who knows.

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The pattern mixing and accessories definitely make it lean towards punk.

This is one of my favourite coords of all time, its what made me fall in love with lolita.

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I think the jacket and hat push it into punk territory. It kinda has a rudeboy feel to it.

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Not all, but most in this image

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ohhh like momoko and ichiko in one!! what an awesome idea, I've always admired the biker gal culture

perfect explanation of what punk lolita is, kudos

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Okay now I want a ska-themed checker coord

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I'm sure you've seen it, but actual bōsōzoku (pic related). The bōsōzoku often work as low-level lackeys for yakuza tho (seems a good thing to know if you admire them). But considering yakuza had a specific look to them with flashy coloured, expansive suits and brightly coloured ties, specific hairdo's, expansive jewellery, etc (at least in the past, I think nowadays most just wear normal suits) would be funny to see it mixed with lolita. gokudō lolita would be funny to see.

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Thanks for the info! I don't really know a lot about them unfortunately, just admired the aesthetic. I've no problem with the yakuza association, it only adds to the DGAF attitude haha

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A punk coord with fantastic dolly!!

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It's rather interesting. Gokudō have both positive and negative sides unlike the average criminal organisation, and are rather complex. Bōsōzoku aren't officially connected, but unofficial they are a lot of the time. I found info looking for tattoo stuff and it's rather interesting yet complex.

Also, found this image trying to find fancy dresses gokudō, not sure how google images connected the two.

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Trying to find some punk boystyle thats not just ouji, is hard to differentiate.

Yeah, from my limited knowledge I know yakuza have connections to the japanese government, and certain codes of honor. I wish there was a documentary or somewhere I could learn more but it makes sense that a shady criminal organisation would be secretive. Seems like the kindof thing VICE would be all over, though.

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There is actually quite a lot of stuff to be found. They aren't that secretive since they are, technically, legal companies. You can start any kind of company in Japan, just not do illegal stuff with it. But if they can't proof you do...

English is limited and sometimes full of translation and interpretation errors tho, both on tattoos as on gokudō. Better to read in Japanese if you can. But even Wikipedia is a good start, funny enough. Explains the basics quite well. After that, look for interviews with traditional artists and gokudō directly, as the change on translation errors and misinterpretations is a lot smaller there, even in English.

There have been multiple times where journalists would get into contact, and sometimes traditional tattoo artist also talk about them. It takes quite some time of negotiating to get into contact with them (although some have been allowed to walk with the family for a few year to report, so it's worth it). I doubt companies like VICE will do that much trouble for an interview tho, they are too much from the easy to get, quick information.

>It's getting hard finding pictures but I don't want to get off-topic talk without at least an on-topic picture XD

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The tattoo angle is interesting, they're still illegal in japan, right? Yet they have such a prevalent body modification culture. There's one Kawaii Pateen video with a girl discussing how she split her own tongue and how her self-harm scars are cute, and I just about fell in love.

I'll definitely look into it more, you've given me plenty to start off with, thank you. I'm also running out of stuff to post so I might come back to this thread a little later, it's been so great sharing the punk lolita love though!

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One last Novala for good luck. Praise Him. May He bless this thread.

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I'm sure some people might say this girl's coords are ita but discovered her blog a while ago and I love them. Wish I'd bothered to save more

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I really like >>9969178
I think the casual tee is cute and nostalgic, its that khaki/olive green colour that was everywhere in the late 90s-early 2000s. Her hair styling isn't the most flattering, she needs some side pieces to frame that striking jaw of hers, but this is looking through a modern lens of course. Also the tiny file size reminds me of old purikura on myspace and stuff, haha.

Do you have a link? If it doesn't exist anymore, it could be archived.

>To Lolita or Not Lolita, that's the question

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>they're still illegal in japan, right?
Yes and no. It's not illigal, but you need to have a doctors degree to set tattoos which obviously most artist don't have. It's illegal to do business with gokudō tho, but no one needs to know your job if you make an appointment, and what the police doesn't know... In fact, already when it was still illigal the governments let's a lot pass on tattoos because of the tourists, unless they know of active dealing with gokudō.

>prevalent body modification culture
It's okay to have body modifications, at least compared to tattoos. It's bad more because you should be "normal" and because Buddist teachings (but that last one isn't really a huge issue with how most Japanese don't care that much for religion). Long history, but here's the short, simplified version. It once started as something nice. Then got used to mark criminals. Then went back and forth between art and criminal mark, then became illigal because the Japanese didn't want to look to weird to Westeners, then the gokudō made it their trademark, it became legal again but still holds many stigmas up to today. Funfact, gokudō get's less and less tattoos because and streetfashion get's it more and more, but the stigma doesn't really change. Also, traditional tattoo and modern tattoo sometimes seem like to different cultures, where traditional have very different values from Western tattoo culture, seeing it as something personal and see a beauty in the fact it's hidden to all beside those closest to you (among many differences), and modern like to show off more like Western tattoo culture.

I really like this conversation. Hate how I'm getting out of pictures. I don't often get to talk about my interest for tradition tattoos and organised crime XD.

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Exactly, I find her style so charmingly 90s/early 2000s. I have a few more of her coords saved which I'll share, though some of them might be debatable whether they're lolita. I actually got these from a waybackmachine link to her blog, I'll have to find it again to share, and so I can save the rest of her coords

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send me an email at babycham[email protected], I'm about to pass out so probs wont respond for a while but I'm very keen to continue this conversation as well

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>It's illegal to do business with gokudō tho
In many area's at least. I think it's not even illigal everywhere. They are companies, and can be found in the phone book. I think it's illigal to be part of them tho? Like I said, kinda complex. I guess complexity is what you get from a country that allows mafia to exist by law, as long as they don't do anything illigal. Kinda asking for weird structures so they can do what they want without consequences.

Also, back to >>9969149
They have connections in the goverment I believe, but not in all parties. There is enough against them as well. They also infiltrate legal companies by buying enough stock that they can lobby with them, and then manipulate things (undoubtedly not in the nicest way to lobby). It's not just goverment they are. They also do a lot of real estate, next to the less legal gambling, hookers, hosttess, blackmailing, extorsion, and other typical mafia business.

But they also help in times of big natural disaster, more than the goverment does.

Funny enough, most of the Japanese, even young ones, thing the gokudō should be allowed to exist.

Gotta make myself a fake mail without my name then hahaha. Give me a sec XD

>> No.9969215
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>> No.9969221

ahh thats such a cool example of the seedy underbelly of japanese culture, yet how they are also quite conservative and try to portray themselves as such. it's fascinating. gokudo sound like such antiheros.

if you have my email address imma delete that post now cos its quite risky putting it on here. it's a side account but still.

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Here you go anon, found the link

>> No.9969233

Aight. got it and working on mailing you now so I don't forget lol.

>> No.9969234
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thanks!! her writing is very funny, I have a feeling I'm gonna be scrolling through this for a while. This entry stuck out to me, definitely a premonition about the future lolita community~

>> No.9969303

This is beautiful, I need that MM top now

>> No.9969540

Ooh, it's nice to see something current! I'm super into punk lolita but never see anyone wear it anymore. Makes me afraid that I'd look super ita if I tried my hand at a coord.

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