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Is there a way to make kilts into male lolita fashion?

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why are you asking

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You know why im asking.

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Because gross hairy overweight white guys think kilts make them look manly. For god knows what reason.

*also skinny hipsters with manbuns and pube-y beards.

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This thread was funny until you posted

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who hurt you?

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>tfw youre a hairy white guy who owns 6 kilts and wears them on a daily basis for comfort in hot weather

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>unironically posting a picture of yourself
you look disgusting

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Thats because I intentionally took the picture to look disgusting.

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Its the /k/ommando artist! Hi guard!

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Thats because its smooshed around my face.

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post pics of kilts and then we're talking (maybe).

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The real question is whether or not it would be a tartan kilt or one of the more modern utility kilts. If its a modern one. You have a lot more colors you can work with such as tan, black, and brown. While tartan can be problematic to pair with colors

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Nayrt but I agree, someone could work a utilikilt or solid color kilt into ouji. A tartan kilt might make nearly any outfit look like an "edgy modern take" on a Prince Charlie Tux.

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Not sure about utilikilts. They have pockets and such that may detract from the look

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Kilts can go with damn near everything, including anime shirts as ive found out. What kind of Ouji tops would go well with a man-skirt?

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Doughy face, pasty skin, unkempt and nasty beard.

Yeah, this guy totally owns a collection of kilts.

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>Kilts can go with damn near everything, including anime shirts as ive found out.

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Aha nice bait anon. I ain't given you anymore selfies

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No it's because it looks greasy, tangled, and like pubes

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Anything you'd normally wear with ouji, I'd imagine... Just be careful when it comes to things like top hats and capes or you'll look like a vampire larper at a goth club

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Hmmmm what if its something simple like the old soft traveling caps or a driving cap?

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If youre going down in a thicket like that, you need to tell your partners to trim.

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That could work, although it might wind up looking very 1920s. Which is not a bad thing, but depending on how you accessorize could lean more towards dandy than ouji. Also not a bad thing.

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This is what vagina repellant looks like, goddamn.

Shave, lose weight, and go outside once in a while, holy crap. You look like that creepy guy that hangs around the drama club and tells girls what anime character they most resemble.

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