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Cosplaying at 25+ edition.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>try to fight the stereotype that lolitas are age players
>girl in comm gets "Yes Daddy" tattooed on her ass cheek
>mfw having to see it every day, and having normies stare

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Give in

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Somewhat related to this fetish shit
>getting more confident about wearing lolita in public, and trying to wear it more than just at conventions
>start to think “yeah I’m kinda feeling more comfortable to do this now”
>browsing on tumblr and Pinterest for inspo
>come across this post
...Annnnd never going out in public in lolita. Men are all disgusting pigs.
I just want to wear my frills in peace and not someone’s fetish.
I seriously hate how ageplayers have made lolita such a sexual thing, fuck

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People sexualize everything. Anything can become a fetish. Relax and do you. And if they stare, stab them in the eye with the pointy end of your parasol.

>tfw one has two con weekends in a row and they were both great and now just enjoying the after-bliss
I love my city and its weeb/nerd community.

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don't stop wearing lolita just cause some idiot gets a boner. I woman could literally choke to death on a half a bite of unchewed steak and a man would get his rocks off to it. Do what you love and if someone gets fresh with you pepper spray them. just make sure your pepper spray bottle is appropriately glitzed up

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>looking to get my bf an ass mousepad for our anniversary
>find this

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Man I just really love cosplay

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The girl in the pic is wearing maid shit though, not lolita. Why do you relate it to you wearing lolita in public? Because some dude might think you're into some degenerate fetish because you're in a frilly dress? Guys do shit like this and worse regardless of what you wear, are you also not going to ever leave the house again?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to upset you further but you really shouldn't be so scared, and this is coming from someone who does wear lolita regularly with few issues. Men are creepers sometimes but they always are, it's not going to stop me from wearing what I love, and neither should you.

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That's why I dab on those little thotties. Lolita is not a place for DDLGs.

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>no cosplay friends
>no lolita friends
guess i’ll die

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you better start wearing a burka then. I'm not joking either.

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Thanks to the fart fetish posts in these threads, I can't even fart without feeling creeped out.

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Have you considered attending a con Anon?

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Women in burkas get harassed and feel unsafe too, though for different reasons. Anon should probably consider staying indoors forever. And not post online either because she could get harassed online too.

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Lately I feel like I've gotten out of lolita. I can't ever find an excuse to wear it and so many new releases just look "bleh" to me. I know the right thing to do would be to just cut my wardrobe down to a bare minimum but I still feel so attached to all these pretty dresses I never wear, especially since I've been in the fashion since 2007 and some of my dresses are ones that I longed for for ages.

I don't even know if this is a bad feel, it's more of an apathetic one.

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>I know the right thing to do would be to just cut my wardrobe down to a bare minimum
If you feel attached to your wardrobe then maybe doing this isn't the right thing for you, at least not right now. How long you've been into the fashion doesn't mean much as what you do with it; if you don't like new releases, don't buy them. The secondhand market is a thing, older pieces are everywhere if you know where to look. If your wardrobe is full of pieces you can't just wear whenever, maybe introduce pieces that are easier to wear.
If you feel like lolita isn't for you anymore that's okay too, these are just things to consider in case you don't want to actually leave it.
>t. a gull who's also been into lolita since 2007 and never fell out of love for it

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I'm in my late 20s. Is it time for me to graduate from con-goer to con staff?

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she didn't even said she was worried about being harassed, just the idea that someone might find her attractive. The horror!

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>the idea that someone might find her attractive
Eh, guys swinging their boners and calling girls sluts ≠ finding them attractive, that's a reach. I do think anon is overreacting a bit but at the same time I agree with her that this sort of attention is disgusting.

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>Eh, guys swinging their boners and calling girls sluts ≠ finding them attractive
no one said it was equal. no one even say anything about the 1st part

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No one did? You did. You literally just did. Or is this post >>9962612 not yours?
Anon posted about some dude slobbering over a cheap maid cosplay and how that apparently scares her off from wearing lolita in public, and you chimed in with "oh the horror someone might find her attractive".

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>Or is this post >>9962612 (You) not yours?
It is, and no where in that, or any post but yours, mention "guys swinging their boners and calling girls sluts"
That anon is literally complaining about men finding her attractive.

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And again I'll reiterate that slobbering over women and how "slutty" they or their outfits are does not equal finding them attractive. Not sure why this is a difficult concept to grasp.

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>slobbering over women and how "slutty" they or their outfits are does not equal finding them attractive.
So calling someone and their outfit "hot" and being "in love" with it... doesn't mean they are attracted to it? Tell me, what does that mean then?

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Yeah, I've been considering switching to more casual looks. It's just one of those things where having my lolita gathering dust feels like such a waste, and it's been so long that I've regressed to the shy "oh no! weird clothes in public!" stage again. Just a matter of getting over it once more. Thanks for the reply anon.

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Just remember that your happiness is ultimately what matters. Whether that includes wearing lolita or not, please keep your best interests at the top of your priorities.

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I'm sorry you are just coming to this realization, but you seem pretty new. Anything you do or wear is some guy's fetish. There are millions of women in the world who have to wear tarps on the most searingly hot days so men don't rape them, and some of them get raped anyway. Anything from the most pure and innocent to the most horrifying and disturbing has thousands or more guys that think it's hot. Men commit almost all bestiality, child rape, and sex crimes. Them getting off on frilly cute shit should really be the least of your concerns and is actually kind of almost endearing.
It's best to learn to ignore them and their thoughts and opinions because they're mostly garbage and their thoughts and opinions are also mostly garbage. Carry mace for if you can't ignore them. If you go to a farm do you worry about the thoughts and opinions the farm animals have? Adjust your expectations.

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She's wearing a maid outfit you retard. Real lolita hardly even looks like that despite the similar elements (dress high socks etc). Stay ita

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>find a very cute girl on tinder, we start chatting for a little
>into anime, manga, j-fash etc
>she doesn't seem that hot on me but I said we should meet up and chat, so I ask her what days she is free
>Tells me that she's never really busy so
>Take this as an implied yes
>few days later (I'm genuinely busy, not just playing games)
>ask cutie weeb girl to rewatch Kimi No Nawa, eat weeb garbage like pocky, ramen, ramune and mochi balls and talk, either at hers or mine
>I am just genuinely happy to find someone to share interests with, don't have intentions of getting physical because I'm genuinely looking for a girlfriend and would prefer things develop slowly and naturally over time
>doesn't even say no or she changed her mind, just leaves me on read
>This is the second time this happened giving me a 100% failure rate on date asking

It's soul crushing. It's hard enough to find someone who's into these things especially because I live in an area where being outside is the thing to do (beach going, hiking, clubbing, drinking, 'adventures' are prime activities here) then it's even harder to find someone who I'm physically attracted to.

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maybe they wanted to chat more? sorry, u sound chill tho

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you sound super chill and I've had literally this exact problem. where are you located by chance?

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I'm turning 25 next year. I don't go to a lot of cons but always wanted too.... Is it too late for me?

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never, EVER, go to /d/. If you do, you'll learn that literally everything is a fetish for someone.

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Never too old unless you make it to be, I am 25 and I still cosplay

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Can confirm. I have a guy in one of my classes who knows I uses 4chan since he's seen me browse it on my phone and asked me if I ever go on /d/. Said no, I just browse /cgl/ and /fit/.

Turns out the guy is a massive degenerate, he's fat as hell, long greasy hair, unkempt beard, horrible skin, dresses like trash. But he insisted that I look at this hundreds of pictures of girls wearing Mary Jane's and also videos of girls taking off their shoes uses their feet. Then he wanted to tell me all about his sub fetish. Basically told him to stop and didn't want to hear about it. Like holy shit and I thought I was a degenerate.

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Nice trips.

And if you're on 4chan and can't handle /d/, you need to get off 4chan

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If you care that much about what degenerates think this fashion isn't for you.

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Reposting because I accidentally posted in the old thread.

>meet cool new person at meet or con
>really click and feel like we can be good friends
>add them on fb or insta
>see "im non-binary, boi, they/them/he pronouns, im a boyyy"
> automatically chuck them into the forever acquaintances category, and know I can never be close or my real self with them.

This seriously happens more often than not with the lolita comm. I think like 75% of the time. I just want to talk and hang out with some non snowflakey sjw mature people, maybe open up about a moderate centrist opinion once in a while without being scared of being called

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>Want so badly to get into cosplay and lolita
>order my first dress, money prevents me from doing too much beyond just owning a dress. Maybe eventually I'll put together a coord
>get some worbla and try to make a prop for my cosplay
>looks like shit despite hours and hours and hours of work going into it and getting as many tips as I could from google and cosplay friends

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I'd suggest focusing on one at a time until you get a steady income :)

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Well, I have a job, I just can't work too many shifts cause I'm busy with college so the pay is meh. I am just focusing on cosplay til I get this one done, though.

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This was from a lolita tumblr blog, forgot to post that part.

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there is so much weird pepe stuff

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YES. Climb that ladder.

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either con staff or vendor/artist. Maybe even panelist.

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I don't really see why.
Wouldn't you want to actually enjoy the con to the fullest rather than work?

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I wish I wasn't always depressed and had some self worth

>> No.9962960

You’re waiting until your late twenties to start staffing?? Man, you missed out.

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Missed out on what? Is staffing fun?

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>Men are all disgusting pigs.
Guess I go back to pretending women don't exist

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>moderate centrist
Problem spotted

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Thanks. I wish ugly men would stop talking to me out of nowhere.

>> No.9963011

Actually, it's usually them making the first move. I wish I wasn't liable have to face abuse, objectification, exploitation of acting in good faith, or women refusing to ever talk to me again, because I was only looking to make friends

>> No.9963019

How does that matter? Other than the fact that sounds ridiculous, what lolita-related tumblr blog would post something like this?

>> No.9963074

Exactly! The trick I've found is to stop looking to make friends and just let it naturally occur.

>> No.9963075

I am seriously questioning your reading ability.

There's a right way and a wrong way to express attraction, saying you get off on women dressing like innocent young little sluts is the wrong way.

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Don't despair anon, nobody's (well almost nobody's) first cosplay or couple of cosplays turn out great. Seriously, it's nearly impossible to get it right on first try because it requires so many skills you usually don't have in the beginning.
Just accept it and try to enjoy it as much as you can, you'll get better with practice.

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Thank you anon, I'll try to keep that in mind.

>> No.9963089

You mean by talking to people you have something in common with already?

>> No.9963118

Are you from the last thread? Did I not tell you to go on a casual lunch date? She probably doesn't feel comfortable letting a stranger in her home or going to a strangers home. Anything in private spaces with locked doors is a no-no for casual first dates. Being a weeb doesn't make you magically trustworthy.

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I'm here just to vent something stupid.
> piece I really wanted to buy some years ago now for sale on 2nd hand.
> Want to buy it, BUT, at the same time, feeling guilty for expending money.
> Doing only freelance stuff because of uni, so I don't make more than 200U$ a month.
> Want it, but don't want to get guilty feelings.

Sorry, I'm so lost that I can't have a real job for now to sustain this damned hobby.

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why is saying that on an anonymous image on the internet wrong?

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>lost around 17lbs
>felt good but wanted to loose a bit more
>decide to just get it done quickly and try to eat one or two times a day
>it works, have lost about 6lbs more
>aggressive disgust towards body becomes more and more frequen
>mfw I feel fatter than ever, almost like a disgusting whale
>even though haven't been under 132lbs for years
>eating has become stressful and I feel guilty afterwards but I love food so it's hard
>lately have opted for vomiting few times and have gotten urges to do exercises all suddenly to burn off something I ate
Lolita should look good on me now but what I see is ugly fat girl. I look so stumpy and gross. Idk I feel like I'm slipping into eating disorder or something because what I see can't be realistic. I just want to be pretty, petite princess pls.

>> No.9963293

Maybe the cuts you're wearing don't flatter you? Too short or too long dresses, knee socks, dark shoes on light socks, etc. are some things that can make you look stumpy and strange. Also imo A-line is a lot more flattering than cupcake shape, bonus points if the dress' waist hits your natural waist which also tends to be a more flattering cut, unlike high waist cuts which don't work for everyone.
In any case, I'm sorry you're going through this and I hope you find a way to feel beautiful and healthy again. Body image issues are a bitch and a half.

>> No.9963304

Yeah, this is how Aneroxia gets started. Maye sure you do eat at least twice a day and try to maintain a body weight before loosing anymore. It might help a bit. Cause your entire post screams "about to jump feet first into an ED"

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Why can't gay cosplayers shut up about being gay? I follow their social media for their cosplay, not to hear about how gay they are. lgbt people are the vegans of the cosplay world.

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Bulmia fucks up your face gull, stick to regular exercise.
Don't let body dysmorphia set in, trust me
>t. /fit/

>> No.9963351

Jsyk bulimia includes vomiting, starving yourself like anon is doing is anorexia.

>> No.9963363

I'm like 90% certain most of those are jokes, at least I choose to believe that

>> No.9963367

Bulimia includes purging through exercise also.

See someone if you can or look into body dysmophia. This can progress and get dangerous very easily.

>> No.9963372

How is not being a crazy fanatic on either right or left a problem?

>> No.9963376

She said she was vomiting recently though

Exercising to death while not eating is anorexia, not bulimia

>> No.9963398

She said she was considering purging, which is why I was trying to dissuade her

>Purging through exercise
You mean working off a heavy meal? As long as you don't work out so hard you vomit it's fine. If she's already not eating though it's bad

Check your BMI Anon. Never go below a healthy weight, also try not to lose your breasts because at that point you'd be entering bodybuilder tier lean

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It's because they're boring people and have no other interesting aspects to their personalities. Like yeah I'm into women too, but that'll never be the first thing you'll find out about me because I don't see it as a vital part of who I am as a person, especially since like half of my social group isn't straight either so it's not like it's unusual or special. I hate it, it's annoying as fuck and also makes the rest of us gays look bad.

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Stigmatizing virginity is as bad as slut-shaming.

>> No.9963450

>"I'm such a moderate centrist I threw our friendship in the bin once I found out you were non-binary. That's how moderate and centrist my views are and you're just too much of a snowflake to handle them."

Nothing better to shut those sensitive SJWs up than a cold dose of reality!

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Good thing men with persecution complexes don't do both.

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File: 40 KB, 720x480, (G_P) Votoms (Remastered) 50(x264)(38084E55).mkv_snapshot_17.09_[2016.05.03_03.36.53].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jokes on you, I lost my virginity ahead of average age to assault

>> No.9963469

Is that something to brag about...?

>> No.9963486

You called me a virgin. You were incorrect

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I can't watch anime about cute kids without going baby crazy. Even Cells at Work platelet cosplayers make me want to cry a little.

Unfortunately my bf is only 29 and not ready for kids.

>> No.9963493

>shitty people do it, so it's okay for me to

>> No.9963497

Chris. This board really can't banter at all

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Isn't this just a rip-off of inside out is a rip-off of osmosis Jones?
They're pretty cute though I'll give you that. Seems like I could cosplay that guy who I'm guessing is a white blood cell

>> No.9963559

>another feels thread
>cosplayers post regular reasonable stuff
>lolitards shitting things up as usual

They need to send you to your own containment board like /mlp/, youre literally the australians of this channel

>> No.9963585

Quit whining, don't you have a patreon you need to shill for?

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I dont wear cosplay or have any inclination to do so. I just like going to cons and seeing the neat costumes. Am j a nerd?

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>> No.9963605

I am getting some major deja vu from these posts

>> No.9963606


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>implying only sjw are nonbinary
Dude you have a big storm comin

>> No.9963622

>Oh I could do this characte-
>Well, my legs aren't good enough for that
>Oh I know, this on-
>No I'm too tall for an anime girl like that
>This cosplay should be easy!
>Actually my facial structure doesn't match at all...

How do you come to terms with not 100% matching a character and just do it? This autism is frustrating me

>> No.9963623


>> No.9963624

How do you know when you have a shopping addiction? It's hard for me to tell because I feel some level of guilt for all non-household purchases and the people closest to me aren't particularly good with money and will usually just say "treat yoself." I'm suspecting that my spending is starting to get out of control, but it hasn't actually caught up to me.

>> No.9963626

Surely there has to be a character who matches your face and body close enough? Might be hard if you're only looking at anime, though.

>> No.9963628

Are you me? I feel the exact same way!
What I'm trying to do is to put a limit on my lolita purchases monthly. Sticking to it is very hard for me, but at least I feel like I'm controlling a bit myself.

>> No.9963629

I didn't, I'm not even that anon.

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At least you're trying, anon! I haven't been able to bring myself to set a limit yet, especially since dream items have been popping up a lot recently. I really need to stop making weak justifications for my spending, like how I don't go out much from anymore and save money from that. There's probably enough of us to form some kind of support group. I've seen a lot of those no-buy communities for makeup and skincare, maybe we need one for lolita.

>> No.9963685

I just got back from my first day of therapy.

Soon I'll be non-depressed enough to enjoy cons again.

>> No.9963687

>Tall cosplay chick
Mountain lady?

>> No.9963698

>no-buy communities for makeup and skincare
Never seen those!
What is it, is like... DIY for makeup? so you can make it yourself instead of wasting money on something very expensive?

>> No.9963699

Not the original anon but it's more to do with limiting your spending and has nothing to do with DIY.

>> No.9963744

When did 4chan become Tumblr?

Why is it wrong to be tired of people constantly changing their genders and non stop posting virtue signaling shit about lgbt and racism. I don't care if someone is actually gay or wants to live as a different gender but let's face it that everyone labeling themselves that in the lolita and cosplay community are doing it as a trend and it is just tiring? They don't have anything else interesting going for them so they stick to that.

If you present overly feminine 100% of the time I don't want to deal with your non binary and male proonouns.

>> No.9963803

Job-purse anon from other feels thread.
I'm so close.

I called the business today despite feeling like a pesky idiot. Luckily the manager didn't seem put off. He actually thanked me for checking in and laughed. He said he will let me know either way by the end of Thursday. Hopefully tomorrow. I'm now wondering how many candidates they are choosing from (I didn't know the number would be large enough for them to delay picking people) and driving myself crazy over all the wrong things I might have said.

The AP purse I want is still available and I check up on it every few hours. Last night I was so stressed out about the whole situation that I cried and my boyfriend, who doesn't exactly like my habit of throwing money at dresses, told me if the purse made me happy, I should get it. It was a profound thing for someone like him to say. I think he understands how exhausting these small steps are for me, and how important the advancement to a nonretail role is to my self-worth.

I'm really trying to hold out though. I want that purse as a mark of "Hey, I did it. Remember that." I just hope it comes true.

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>be tall guy
>go to con in rough area
>mfw con girls I barely know ask me to escort them to their cars

>> No.9963991

>girl on my fb buy a wedding dress and called it lolita

>> No.9963992

>worked a rough week at work
>"ill treat myself!"
>window shops til 4am
>exhausted but suddenly see dream dress on LM for a steal.
>damaged by stains but I can work with that
>wake up next morning super proud of myself.
>realize I'm a Fucking idiot.
>Thought it was the Dream Sky first release Jsk.
>its the La Foret Sugar Hearts jsk.
>same cut, same shade. My sleep deprivation has fooled me.
>not too mad since I love that series too...
>just kinda sad it wasn't what I thought it was lol

I am still excited for it to come in so I can fix it up. And it was only 80 bucks. I'm just bummed I didn't sleep on it.

>> No.9963997

Didn't think it'd be that big of a deal if I'm honest. I'm not very big other than my height (on the lighter side of a healthy BMI) and I have more of a cute face rather than manly so I don't come off as threatening.

I think I was just aiming out of my league and when the time came, she realised she just didn't care enough to put in the effort.

>> No.9963998

>I don't come off as threatening
>being this delusional
You're a man, you're threatening by default, especially if your first suggestion to a girl you've never met before is to meet up at your place. I'm not saying you're definitely a rapist or murderer, but you need to have some perspective of just how careful women have to be while dating and not just think about how non-threatening and Nice Guy you are.

>> No.9963999

I fully understand. I'll change my approach in the future.

For me, just relaxing, watching a good movie and talking about our interests seems like a lot more fun and there's a lot more to spark conversation than how procedural and limited lunch dates are.

>> No.9964000

In addition, I've been told by female friends I do come off as non-threatening at least compared to most guys. So that's kind of stuck with me. I haven't done dating in almost 5 years, so this is all new and novel to me.

>> No.9964002

Not even a dating-only precaution. I wouldn't be comfortable meeting for the first time any internet stranger for any reason in a space that wasn't public. That's just asking to be chopped up and stuffed into a suitcase.

>> No.9964007

Because centrists are pussies and most people into anime/manga are liberal as fuck, or batshit crazy alt right people.
I'm not saying pick a side, I'm saying people aren't going to want to listen to you in this community either way.

>> No.9964029




>> No.9964044

I'm libertarian. Am I a unicorn now?

>> No.9964045

Can I jfash (excluding the obviously aimed at 16yos tumblr styles) at 25>=?

I was postponing jfash my whole university career (for good, I graduated with 5 on diplomas and even got some money out of it). Luckily, too asocial for cosplay and the whole anime culture.

>> No.9964048

You have an eating disorder. Please seek help.

>> No.9964050

Yes, at least with lolita many people are 25+ because it's so expensive.

>> No.9964063

Dude. Make up and plain shoes. Who cares if youre a little taller than a fictional character? Nobody.

>> No.9964076

Fashion has no age limit, anon. Some styles may flatter you more than others based on your appearance, but otherwise just wear what you want.

>> No.9964086
File: 27 KB, 1092x1037, 5845cd230b2a3b54fdbaecf7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was image searching brolita stuff and I found pictures of myself I posted on /cgl/ 5+ years ago on some sissy Pinterest. This is why I don't wear pink much anymore.

>> No.9964090

I'm sorry that happened to you. Girls in lolita get their content stolen by sissies and similar degenerates all the time, they're scum.

>> No.9964091

What gets posted on the internet, stays on the internet forever.

It's why I very rarely ever update social media anymore. I just pray to God that all the things I posted when I was 13/14 stay buried forever.

>> No.9964093

I don't like boy or girl pronouns. I also don't give a fuck if someone I'm not friends with misgenders me either, but if you're my friend I want you to respect it because it's my life and as my friend id like to think you would do that as I'd do the same.

Idk it's annoying seeing transtrenders who give nonbinary a shit label

>> No.9964094

>/cgl/ - Cosplay and Mental Illness

>> No.9964096

You are either a boy or a girl, not both, not neither, no sometimes one or the other. I hope you get help for your mental health.

>> No.9964097

Not person you replied to but biological sex is not inherently linked to gender.

It's possible they have mental illness but refusing to be nice to someone and accomodate a small nicety which they have politely asked you to do to keep them from being further stressed until/whilst they seek help is just a dick move.

>> No.9964098
File: 67 KB, 729x582, 1529582440108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>keep them from being further stressed

>> No.9964102

As much fun as it would be to do that. They would probably be more comfortable doing something in public.

You said that there were 'adventure' type things to do in your area, maybe try looking for something that's related to what you guys like, or, even better, you make it related to something you guys like. Go to a nerdy cafe/bar. Dont have one in your area? Go to a regular cafe/bar with your ds and a couple of co-op games to play, or go to a park and have a picnic of sorts. Save the at home stuff for later. Much later.

>> No.9964104

Asking someone to pander to the delusions of a mentally ill person is just stupid. They need help, not to be enabled.

>> No.9964105
File: 303 KB, 583x199, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw Closet Child takes your favorite item out of the order

>> No.9964107

I'm schizophrenic. The worst thing you can do for me is tell me I was right about my paranoia or my delusions of grandeur that I can predict the future or that I'm the star of a TV show without my knowledge. We can't live in fantasy land when we're mentally ill. We have to buckle down and live in objective reality.

>> No.9964110

If you really want to have a child with them. and they keep saying that their not ready, then you guys should really sit down and have a talk about where your future is headed. Theres the potential that the two of you could be on completely different pages. I only say this because 29 is beginning to push it, baby making wise.

>> No.9964112

Oh, I see. That would be very nice to have in the lolita community. I feel like usually it's the contrary inside the comms: we're praised for spending a bunch on very expensive and limited items.

>> No.9964113

Are you the one helping them? Nope. You do what you can to make their lives easier whilst encouraging professional help. You would tell a depressed person to seek help but you wouldn't tell them to shut up, get help and then shun them when they say they'd like you to adjust some behaviours around them if you'd like to stay friends in the meantime.

It's not an ordinary persons place to determine what the best treatment for someone with a mental illness is. It's their place to assist that person in seeking help and keeping them from hurting themselves in the process. Yes, with schizophrenia it's a good thing to avoid playing into their delusions because that will eventually harm them. Whereas someone with gender dysphoria or some other gender/sex mental disorder I can't see their being much assistance in refusing to relieve the stress of the person by using some different words when referring to them. If their psychologist recommends that they refer to themselves by their normal pronouns, they'll pass that information onto family and friends.

I'm borderline, I know this too well.

>> No.9964115

29 isn't even close to being the end of when you can have kids. My parents were almost 40 when I was born and people can have kids way up until their 50s and 60s. Menopause is basically the only limiting factor

>> No.9964120

Ayrt, since she doesn't know you yet she can't determine if you are threatening or not. I highly doubt she thought she was out of your league. Even if you're small, you may be a lot stronger than her and nice guys aren't always so nice in private. My weeb boyfriend would take me on casual dates to the park to watch anime as we got to know each other. He'd save shows or use a portable wifi router because he knew I wasn't comfortable being alone with men. We'd pack a picnic or buy something from a local grocery store, find a nice place in the shade near flowers, and enjoy our shows. But it really is better to just take her to a restaurant and offer to buy her lunch the first time.

>> No.9964124

>I don't feel comfortable around my own boyfriend
Sounds like a you problem

>> No.9964125

>i'm borderline

We can tell. Look, if you can't even put two and two together to see that delusions and depression aren't the same thing at all someone should probably help you by taking you out back and shooting you in the head

>> No.9964128

Gull, no amount of salty bloomers or therapy will change my gender. Sex, yah I guess, but my gender? Fuck u Karen

>> No.9964129

>what is reading comprehension

>> No.9964130

I'm also schizophrenic, and what you're talking about has nothing to do with schizophrenic delusions. With that logic, every religious person should be locked in the crazy bin. There's a lot that goes into determining if something is delusional thinking. What you all are talking about isn't considered a delusion.

>> No.9964131

>My boyfriend and I have dates in public because I'm afraid of being alone with men
I read it just fine

>> No.9964132

You are mentally ill. It's actually proven that therapy and working out your problems helps but in this day in age it's too controversial to hurt someone's feefees so this doesn't get attention. People who have their delusions pandered to, especially when it comes to dysphoria or confusion with your body, has high rates of suicide and self harm. You wouldn't tell an anorexic to fix her problem by getting thinner because then she'd fit her ideal image. You shouldn't pander to someone with obvious mental illness about their gender either

>> No.9964133

Friendly reminder that girls are still girls even if they aren't feminine, and guys are still guys even if they aren't masculine. You're not pushing the definitions of gender by saying "well I don't like dresses, I must not be a girl then", if anything you're only enforcing traditional gender stereotypes and setting us all back.

>> No.9964135

Whomst are you quoting newfag?

>> No.9964137
File: 30 KB, 250x292, eerwq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I do feel a bit stupid and dumb now that I messed up that chance but hopefully I can find another.

I'm not much of an outside person if I'm honest, it's why I was excited to meet her because she seemed like an indoors person too. The most outdoors thing I do is some running to and from gym (used to be anorexic so I'm still small but putting on weight).

I know better for next time I suppose. I genuinely did have pure intentions but in retrospect, I can understand this perspective and why my approach may have caused worry or been off putting. I was being naive.

>but she was out of my league. I am adamant about this. I'm not bad looking by any measure but she was an absolute doll

>> No.9964138

>My weeb boyfriend would take me on casual dates to the park to watch anime as we got to know each other
>as we got to know each other
As in when they only started dating, retard.

>> No.9964139
File: 56 KB, 446x400, 1446403794512.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>calling someone else a newfag when you don't know how greentexting works

>> No.9964142

Or, just maybe, they end up committing suicide because of the treatment and reactions coming from people such as yourself.

>> No.9964143

No shit. I wear lolita I love pink frilly shit. gender dysmorphia isn't something that needs to be treated or shooed away, even if I label gender nonconforming or whatever.

Also how does this affect u in any way shape or form

>> No.9964146

It's almost like ostrasizing people and telling them something that you don't understand is fake is harmful

>> No.9964147

This would be true if the suicide rates dropped drastically in recent years due to the shift in what is considered socially acceptable. lately there is such a strong favor towards protecting and pandering to those with gender related mental illnesses, yet the rates haven't dropped. If what you are trying to say was true they would have.

>> No.9964148

How would you diagnose me better than the multiple psychs I've seen then? The Invega and Latuda make it manageable which only work on bi polar and schizophrenia. I'm not bi polar because I don't have the mania. I didn't delve into the paranoia near as much as the delusions because I thought paranoia is self evident. I have constant thoughts that people would kill me if they knew where I was so I stay inside. Luckily no voices. I have enough constant thoughts of anxiety without have to hear that. I don't even know what I'm trying to prove by writing this post besides to belay your doubts about my condition on an anonymous Mongolian pretty dress board. I'll stop posting now.

>> No.9964151

Most of the trans people I know grew up being bullied and harrassed by their classmates, that's already a predisposition to a tough start in life. Discovering yr real gender is like a lot of thinking and feeling weird until one day u realize what's up n it's like cool. But then there are a ton of ppl like u who like to argue with my existence like I was bothering you like

What's your damage

>> No.9964152

This is a big feel, I'm just really high, bored and tired of the same arguments at my life

>> No.9964155

You are insane, and other people can see it. This isn't like homosexuality, gays don't mutulate themselves in an attempt to quell their delusions. Gays don't force everyone else to call them by the wrong thing, or some made up fefifofum bullshit. Gays don't screech for us to change facilities so they can flash their penises at little girls.

>> No.9964156

What are you talking about? I didn't imply anything about your schizophrenia. I said your schizophrenic delusions and the gender thing aren't comparable from a clinical standpoint.

>> No.9964156,1 [INTERNAL] 

It really was, but he was sensitive enough to not push it. Now I'm happy to spend the weekend playing games at his house. All the guys I've dated have pushed incredibly hard for sex the moment we're alone and usually the nice ones were the ones who would try take it even if I told them no. It's made me cautious.

>> No.9964183

>32 year old cosplayer
>still have friends around my age that goes with me to cons
>every new cosplayer i meet and be friends with are almost always in their early 20s

i feel like at this point i will never meet another new cosplayer or even con-friend for that matter thats around my age.

>> No.9964195

>people can have kids way up until their 50s and 60s
And those kids will become autistic/retarded.

>> No.9964290

The makeup ones tend to ban product links and discussion of sales so that you're not swimming in temptation. I imagine the lolita equivalent would be a rule on discussing new releases or something. I guess it's hard when consumption is an inherent part of the hobby, but I think it would be a good thing to try?

>> No.9964303

literally no one outside of the lgbt community cares about """"gender""""

>> No.9964322

Do you mean the chance of a birth defect goes from .5% to 1%?
There's not some ticking time bomb anon, people can definitely have kids when they're ready

>> No.9964325
File: 4 KB, 241x198, 1525719519524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't care if someone is actually gay or wants to live as a different gender
Yeah you do, you just literally just told us that you dumped a friend you immediately 'clicked' with purely based on that fact. That was literally your reasoning and now you're pulling out your big old fedora out and blaming le tumblr boogeyman for it while claiming to be 'centrist'.

Quite funny how you call other people out for 'virtue signalling' because they're not racist or transphobic as though that takes any sort of conscious effort while you sit there turning people away for their gender identity as though your morals are superior. That is the definition of virtue signalling - You're making a concerted effort to exclude people based on your morals and then publicly telling everyone on 4chan. You could not possibly get more 'virtue signalling' than that.

>> No.9964329


>> No.9964333

4chan was never and still isn't Tumblr
When did 4chan have to be "let epic final boss if le internet's"?

>> No.9964334

>When did 4chan have to be "let epic final boss if le internet's"?

I don't know how new you can possibly be, but it's had that reputation pretty much since the beginning.

>> No.9964335
File: 663 KB, 693x492, 1314620842783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9964342

Kinda sad how most self proclaimed "centrists" always make politics their entire personality. I'm pretty liberal and am friends with some right-leaning people; we're just mature enough to keep politics out of the way and be respectful when it does come up.

In my experience, people who go out of their way to identify centrists are always the ones who think they're above everybody else and proclaim "everybody else is stupid but me!"

>> No.9964346
File: 41 KB, 539x402, 1497106387598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9964368
File: 1.47 MB, 400x224, FragrantThoughtfulAmericancurl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Worked a fan expo for years and was decently good at it
> Got a promotion and was excited to improve on the event as a whole as well as my division
> Wasn't as prepared for the promotion as initially thought and found myself in way over my head, even though I was trying as hard as I could to make it work
> Through a series of events mostly out of my control (though some were definitely my fault), fucked up badly and crashed hard in the position despite trying my damnedest to stay afloat
> Had an extremely turbulent time in the role and went from feeling close to colleagues I had known for years to feeling like the black sheep that everyone disliked and cared about the least
> Hardest part was thinking about how I let my team down despite my best efforts
> My sense of self-worth and my emotional state plummeted to the point that people recommended that I sought professional help.
> Lots of other shit happened regarding the position and expo that I won't go into
> Felt hurt, betrayed and burned by the whole experience
> Made the hard choice to quit working that event, or at the very least to take a break.

It really stings, lads. I have a deep love for that expo, but after all of the shit that went down I don't think it's healthy for me to keep going. A lot of my mates still work it, and that seems to be almost all that they talk about -in person and online- so I can't fully escape it, and honestly it's driving me mad.

I still find myself obsessively thinking of ways to improve the event, but after being stepped on, talked over, pushed aside, disregarded, belittled and ignored, I have kept my mouth shut regarding suggestions. What's the point of trying to help if you're just going to get pissed on?

I wish I wasn't so fucked up about this. I want to get back to feeling happy and positive about the expo, and I know that will take time and distance, but it's been so hard, especially because of what a big role it plays in my life. Feels bad, man.

>> No.9964371


>> No.9964372

tl;dr: Crashed and burned as a fan expo employee after a promotion. Left with deep scars over the event. Constantly reminded of working for the event and can't turn off staff mode. Can't escape, but needs to get away for my own mental well-being.

>> No.9964449

I would never meet someone for the first time at my house or their place. I agree this is were you messed up. It doesn't matter how 'non-threatening' you look. I'm not going to do that.

>> No.9964459

When you’re a girl and a guy invites you over (especially this early on) this 100% screams “I’m going to try and fuck you.”
No wonder she ghosted you, going to someone’s house to “chill” is a very intimate thing to do in this day and age. The term “Netflix and chill” exists a reason.

>> No.9964467

I'm sorry but this is the most delusional response I've ever gotten.

I'm not looking to "mutilate" my body, and believe it or not trans women are:
A: not looking to flash their dicks at every Cis-woman that walks their way
B: not looking to "rape lesbians", in fact a trans woman would never date a TERF? Like what would that do for them besides get them hurt
C: did you know that at one time people thought being gay was a sin and labeling yourself that was considered wrong and made up, a "mental illness" up until several years ago
D: also not the only trans people that exist, and surgery isn't a requirement for being trans.

So point of this is that just because you don't get what others go through, doesn't mean it's not real. It's literally not up to you to dictate people's bodily autonomy. If someone says they're a boy and they look like a girl, and they're respectful and nice, then fucking respect them. It's common decency. And if you become friends with someone and they come out to you as trans, be there for them and help them blossom into their true selves because all the anxieties and dysphoria feelings go away when you're in a supportive environment.

So eat my ass and die Karen

>> No.9964469

Good so it shouldn't be an issue when I say I'm nonbinary

>> No.9964471

not even a girl/guy or dating thing. I'm a guy and I'm put off my someone I hardly know asking me to meet at their house. Its so much harder to just walk away when you are somewhere private. Its just awkward.

>> No.9964472

please refer to >>9963334

>> No.9964479

Fuck u I'm gay and trans and I'll talk about all I want since y'all wanna talk about how pure and pristinely Cis u all are

>> No.9964484 [DELETED] 

Look, everyone that isn't your hug box knows you're mentally ill. The acceptance is just a front to not sow public discord over a snake group of people, like how you don't see people calling to eliminate the mentally ill who sleep on the sidewalk and yell nonsense at you as you walk past.

>> No.9964488

And everyone knows you're transphobic and want homeless people to die Karen

Don't worry we won't ruin your precious burando in the process

>> No.9964489

people who talk about how straight they are are just as annoying, but that isn't much of a thing in the cosplay/lolita community. Most straight people in the cosplay/lolita community don't plaster their sexuality all over their self or social media.

>> No.9964495

listen i dont even disagree with you but youre acting incredibly retarded. saying shit like this on here is like going to a steakhouse and flipping out because they dont have vegan food. nobodys going to change their views on here no matter how much you speak, go yell about it somewhere else

>> No.9964541

Congratulations, you played yourself and you haven't even figured it out yet.

>> No.9964545
File: 56 KB, 574x407, 1527871008941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Men are all disgusting pigs
I used to think this, until I started going running with my shirt off

women are perverted as fuck

>> No.9964554

>"Just FYI guys: I, by which I mean me, Anonymous - have a nice body. Pretty unusual for a guy on 4chan, right? It's so nice that women comment on it when I run past them topless (Yes, I really do this because I'm an alpha male unlike the other guys here). They say some perverted things sometimes because it's that nice. It's really, really nice. I look good. Anyway, that was what made me realize that men aren't disgusting pigs. Thanks for listening to my post and I hope you have a good impression of me going forward and understand that I'm not like the other losers here. Best regards."

>> No.9964577

holy projection anon

>> No.9964579

Nayrt but they just stretched out >>9964545 's comment into some weird greentext RP

>> No.9964591

Why are you getting embarrassed? I'm just explaining the joke in your post to everyone.

>> No.9964615
File: 743 KB, 500x250, 7b14e9959ac30210517f3fdba3247bb645fefdee_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order from Bodyline during sale
>super cheap so I can splurge on EMS shipping and not have to worry about package getting lost in mail somewhere
>ofc gets delivered when I'm not home, being held at the purgatory that is the postal annex
>ok fine i'll go there on my next free afternoon, post office holds packages for a few weeks
>finally get to office on my day off
>they search around for my package for fifteen minutes
>finally come back to me "yeah because it's EMS we only hold it for five days before sending it back"
>"Will Hold Package Until:" section on delivery slip was left blank
>Have to repay for shipping on this cheap ass dress
>At least, by some miracle Bodyline is actually being really helpful and replying quickly to me

Partially my fault, though I'm still salty I wasn't given any notice about how short the hold time is, especially given as they don't attempt to redeliver at all.

>> No.9964651

I'm so sorry that happened. My local post is really nice, and they actually give me a call when my EMS packages arrive to see if they should bring it by the apartment or if I prefer to stop by for pickup. I live in a tiny town though so it's not everyday something arrives via EMS from Japan.

>> No.9964659
File: 267 KB, 727x694, 1512422682940.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to cosplay pic related, but I'm short as hell and have thick thighs/wide hips. Feels bad man.

I'm trying to lose weight and hope that and the high heels will help. Praying I won't end up still looking like a squat stuffed sausage.

>> No.9964697

I'm not saying that it can't happen. My mom was around the same age when she had me an my younger brother. I'm just saying that there are risks involved with waiting until later in life.

>> No.9964714

It's a larger percentage than that.

Never said they were a time bomb.

Never said they couldn't have children when they're ready.

It's not only birth defects they're going to have to worry about. It'll be harder to get pregnant, they're more likely develop gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, more likely to miscarry, and are at a higher risk of getting a c-section.

If the pro of waiting until they're over 35 (if they even decide to wait until that point. They never really said) outweighs these cons for them, then power to them. I hope that its a damned good job that'll pay for any extra expenses that could come up.

Also, there are people in the world who want to have a family at a younger age, like the original poster. Theres nothing wrong with wanting a baby sooner rather than later. I was saying to the OP that they should talk to their SO to see if they're still on the same page, family wise. Not to hurry up and fuck like rabbits to have them bebes.

Wanting a child is a perfectly valid and healthy life choice, as is not wanting to have a child. If theres a conflict, they need to get to the bottom of it and figure out if they can either work it out, or they need to part ways, lest one of them make a decision they regret.

>> No.9964751

>Trying to argue with somebody who literally said they're borderline
Literally just a waste of time

>> No.9964754


lol no wonder they're '''''trans'''''

>> No.9964757

Sorry anon but if you think I'm the same as the bpd anon you are sorely mistaken

Also bpd or not, my gender is still valid. Get more triggered about it

>> No.9964760


so are 90% of bpd people.

Come back when the hormones fuck you up and you regret your decision later in life.

>> No.9964773

>hormones are clearly the cause of trans people's depression and not the horrible stigma and transphobia that actively works against them in society
Never seen someone so committed to shitting on trans people for no reason. You're nuts lmao.

>> No.9964790

bpd anon here.


>> No.9964862

> not reeeing about politics is a bad thing

>> No.9964928

>follow local cosplayer out of obligation
>fake boi
>cosplays nothing but female characters
>anon messages them that one of their cosplays is sexy
>they get mad and accuse the anon of looking for lewds
>goes on to say they have no idea why the anon thought the cosplay was sexy because they were “covered up”
>the cosplay has a short skirt and also shows off chest area

This fucker is completely delusional

>> No.9964935

Genuine question, why do all troons type exactly the same way? Is it because you all got your social contagion from the same insular communities on the same website?

>> No.9964936

Fakebois are awful. I say this as a trans guy who's four years into his transition, hormones and surgeries and all that. They give us a bad name and I'm glad I'm at the point where most people think I'm cis and don't even associate me with the trans community. I'll never understand why male identifying afab people yell about being misgendered when they only cosplay girls and make no effort to present as male.

>> No.9964938

I am in my mid 30s, and I have been attending cons regularly since the late '90s. I applied to the last four cons I attended to be staff due to my experience, and I was rejected each time.

How do I become part of con staff? I mean it's not like I am looking to get paid....

>> No.9964943

Victim complex.

>> No.9964945

What exactly is a fakeboi?

>> No.9964952

>only cosplay girls and make no effort to present as male
The person I was talking about not only cosplay stuff girls but wears nothing but femme clothing irl too. It’s pretty ridiculous

Also I’m happy for you that your transition is going well

>> No.9964977
File: 73 KB, 538x660, 1533812482580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hey sweet cheeks

>> No.9964997

.....that is a real doll, right?

>> No.9965003

Oh lord has this place gone to shit...

You girls are on the same level of delusion/bitterness as R9K. Also clinically androphobic.

Just go outside and away from the internet.

>> No.9965007

>using worbla as a beginner.

I would gues that you can't even work foam/wood/PVC. Don't even think about using worbla before you got these down.

>> No.9965014

Imagine getting this worked up about a purse.

>> No.9965054

Off topic, but I have always hated BJD's like these. Imagine a full room of this shit.

>> No.9965057

At another hand you can't blame them for being not serious enough about fashion

>> No.9965061

That's a BJD? Shouldn't it have ball joints though?

>> No.9965062
File: 252 KB, 500x429, 1515457914777.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9965079

I don't know what I have to do. I just can't break past 2pl8. I've upped my calorie intake, and switched it up to 240 grams of protein a day now for a month. Flat bench, declined, flies stepped up my volume on all.

What should I do, /fit/?

>> No.9965087

You should go to /fit/.

>> No.9965093

What con (or what region) and what position were you applying to? Most cons will take anyone with a pulse because they always need line control, gofors, etc

>> No.9965098

My fucking bad dudes, I'm an idiot.

My feel is
>Trying to make a set of Zaku 1 armor
>have all the scrap metal I can want
>furnace still needs bricks to line it so I can begin melting
>too brainlet to find the company for my grade of bricks
>barely any free time to even put in the effort
>everyone keeps calling me stupid for wanting to melt and forge a self fitting zaku suit
>already put in so much effort, time, and money to get this far
>feeling like it wasn't worth it
>can't give up

>> No.9965100

Then don't give up. Ganbatte.

>> No.9965111

Thanks anon, nice digits.

>> No.9965118
File: 18 KB, 207x219, C6844517-1EDF-4329-A7CD-F9037BCCFD43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have a job that pays pretty well
>Apparently I’m pretty good at it
>Management piles work on me because they know I’ll do it
>Hours over the summer have been batshit insane
>Tell my manager that it’s my senior year and I really need to focus on school, give him my class schedule and everything
>He promises me that he’ll cut back my hours and give me days off on the days I have class
>Look at the schedule and notice that my hours are still batshit insane after school starts
>Have a meeting with my manager and confront him about it
>”We can’t cut back your hours anon, we really need you.”
>On top of this, my supervisor has been consistently a bitch for the past few months, talks to people like they’re a child or an animal or a robot.
>Lately I’ve been getting most of my supervisor’s rage because she expects me to babysit my coworkers, and there’s this group of white-trash autists that won’t listen to me
>Highkey considering quitting my job, focusing on school, and living off my financial aid and savings until I graduate and can get a real job.
>If I do this, I won’t be able to afford to do anything fun, outside of maybe going to $1 pint night with my friends
>Mfw no more conventions
>Mfw no more tea
>Mfw no more meets
>Mfw no buying new fashion, I’ll probably actually have to sell some of my wardrobe

>> No.9965119

If your coworkers are retards and they really can't function without you, then use the threat of leaving as leverage to put yourself in a more favourable position

>> No.9965124

Not a bjd
Just a gigantic hunk of silicone

>> No.9965126

You're being taken advantage of. Give your boss the ultimatum: cut hours or you walk. It's basically a last ditch effort to keep up the bargain you struck earlier. If they're serious about keeping you they'll concede and if they don't you're back to where you were to begin with. Don't let your career suffer for your job.

>> No.9965135

>being poor now vs being poor forever


>> No.9965152

By your own damn ideology "Fakebois" are boys. If one can just "Identify" as another "gender", then it doesnt matter what their fashion choices are, they ARE that gender.

This is how flimsy and permeable your nutcase headcanon is

>> No.9965154

Maybe its your two X chromosomes, but I just see delusion

>> No.9965155
File: 19 KB, 483x277, 7845689834231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9965156

I wasn't paying attention to that. It does look like some weird sex doll now that I think about. But my original point still stands because I have seen way too many BJD's that look exactly like what ever that thing was.

>> No.9965158

If you make up a fanfic in which you are heterogametic when in real life you are homogametic, its a headcanon

>> No.9965162
File: 127 KB, 960x880, 9CB87482-0738-4C8C-A182-4C7D6F850DB6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no one where I live who's too interested in what I am interested in
>conventions too far away and no free time anymore
>not living alone anymore
>because I'm not living alone anymore I can't call my internet friends when drunk and sing songs with them
>mfw I just want to sing
>mfw I just want to be a rowdy goon
>mfw no gf

>> No.9965200

As someone who was in the fashion (badly) since high school for similar reasons and focusing on school, just bite the bullet and invest in your future. My wardrobe and fun activities really took off after graduation and getting a career job. Plus you will ideally be making more money in your career job than in this crappy job. I know it seems like forever but college is just a few years. Don't listen to the people that say college is the best time of your life and the only time to party hard. People like that usually live cushy jobs with parent support. It's great that you already have a wardrobe so you can still wear lolita. Invenst in your future for just a little bit.

>> No.9965212

Confession ahead

> Sometimes, when I spot a bad constructed handmade, I feel like making it by myself just to show off.

>> No.9965214


>> No.9965236

It's the new "I'm not like other girls", except this time they have nothing to distinguish themselves by so they just decide to dump the gender all together while literally being like another girl.

>> No.9965349
File: 22 KB, 400x477, dyingnoises.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>open new tea parties
>mfw there's a pube on them

>> No.9965355

25+ anons. Do your other 25+ friends still cosplay?

>> No.9965357


>> No.9965364

>25+ friends
I wish I had that many.

>> No.9965371

What if it was actually an armpit hair?

>> No.9965454

I know a couple guys and one woman in their mid-late 30s who still cosplay sometimes, and one dude who just turned 50 and cosplays. 50 year old mostly cosplays western stuff, whereas the others are total weebs.

I myself just turned 25 and am thinking about stopping in a few years though, I just can't see myself going to cons at 30+ years old. I feel old enough going to cons at my current age, even though I've been lucky enough to meet people my age and even older.

>> No.9965466
File: 210 KB, 1000x1559, hmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lay on boyfriend's bed
>he has a signed print of a cosplayer on his wall

>> No.9965468
File: 34 KB, 371x300, D262454C-76FB-4CAC-94C1-33BA08C3E6BC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ex...cuse me? I think we're talking about different things, lol.

>> No.9965472
File: 394 KB, 338x656, vinose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was looking at old (2015 or so) con pictures on my phone, and then started scrolling up, back to the present day.

It was like watching my life crumble in fast motion.

>> No.9965607

Some, not a lot. I do think 23-25 seems to be about the point where "still cosplay" ceases to be a thing though, either because people's lives start taking up more of their time, or because your friend circles shift dramatically.

I went from being surrounded by weebs to having few people at all around me right after I turned 27, and since then just casual semi-closet cosplay that I still do is enough to make me stick out like a sore thumb around normie friends.

>> No.9965729

25-40 seems to be the age where weabs kind of stop, but jfc are there a lot of westernshit cosplayers at that age range.

>> No.9965733

Underrated post :D

>> No.9965780
File: 237 KB, 410x391, tumblr_nalaxlq1NC1rqpk9xo2_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When the problem with finding dresses isn't your breasts or waist
>It's your goddamn ribs

>> No.9965782

Is it really a problem? Shirring is made to stretch sideways, I'm pretty sure most shirred dresses are better designed to accommodate wide rib cages rather than large busts, unlike what most girls seem to think.

>> No.9965798

I'm a bit hyperboling (is that a word?) because I'm annoyed that the dress I bought at a swap-meet won't fit over my ribs because it's a button up without shirring, it's not a big loss because I got it for roughly $25 but it's still frustrating

>> No.9965802

Oh I understand what you mean, button-up OPs can be troublesome. It's ok anon, you win some, you lose some.

>> No.9965803

Ugh I feel you so hard. I'm 84cm bust and 65cm waist-- but because most dresses hit me with the dress waist at least 10cm above my natural waist, it is deep into ribs territory, where I measure close to 80cm around. So I can be well within listed measurements and a dress still won't zip.

>> No.9965814

I think I got misinterpreted here. My very first post (not on this thread) was about the stress of not knowing about the job. Me crying = stress about waiting. The purse was just something I wanted which makes it cgl related. I can buy the purse just fine with or without the job.

>> No.9965827

>be guy
>making a tight fitting cosplay
>the con I want it to debut is in November
>I'm working out regularly to get to a stronger body, and I'm worrying regularly that it's not going to fit.

this is rough

>> No.9965843

Should've read the sticky, m8

>> No.9965845

>tfw conventions are my only hope of finding a skinny pale/pasty white nerd gf
>tfw no conventions around and no time to go anyway

I just wanna manhandle a princess, man.

>> No.9965846

date a cute boy, you wont regret it

>> No.9965847
File: 20 KB, 373x446, 1452402052852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I just wanna manhandle a princess, man.
If you drop your standards you could probably manhandle a princess man.

>> No.9965850

But I'm such a beautiful man

>> No.9965851


>> No.9965853

>go to a con alone because my friends aren't weebs and interested in it
>talking to people is hard because it feels like I would just bother them and a random stranger just starting to talk to them
>can't find people with similar interests to hang out and talk to
I feel like I can't break out of this circle. Does it bother you when someone just starts talking to you? I like to compliment peoples cosplays but I am afraid to go further than that to get over creepy.

>> No.9965859

From a personal anecdote. I fucking HATE speaking to people. The sounds of another person's breath drives me to a bundle of self contained frustration.

But if I go to a convention, I'm dressed up and I put effort in that. People come and say "hey, you did a nice job on that." That's a completely different setting, and I'm in a completely different mood. Talking to people and generally getting to know them is perfectly fine, and I'm open to it if anyone started talking to me about stuff. It's when they demand your time, get clingy, or don't know when it's an opportune moment to shut up that things get weird. Long story short, even anti-social assholes who go to conventions should be willing to speak and potentially hang out with you. Only absurd elitist cunts or people already in huge groups would be against it.

>> No.9965879

Huge groups is what scares me the most, I feel like I would be invasive even if I just wanna compliment someone or ask for a picture. But thanks for your opinion. I still feel anxious about it, like what if I fuck it up by saying something stupid or don't know enough about something or am clingy/demanding without realizing it?
I have no problem socializing with strangers, but in this setting with the idea to try to get to know people for maybe more than just a day or like a work related thing, I feel like the pressure gets me.

>> No.9965890

If you ever mess up just say "my bad, I'm nervous here." No normal person goes to a convention to be mean, my dude.

>> No.9965903

I don't think finding a cute boy is easier than a cute girl.

>> No.9965905

Why did anaphrodisiacs go private

>> No.9965907

I'll give my best next time

>> No.9965908

I believe in you anon! Get that job and get that burando!

>> No.9965909

At a con all the cute boys are actually crossplaying girls.

>> No.9965926

any gulls want to be my e-gf? I promise I'll probably get bored and neglect you after like three days.

>> No.9966030
File: 112 KB, 640x640, BD018484-EF1C-4DA9-A0A4-879DE6979638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Recenntly found out what Lolcows are, started reading about them
>Asherbee fascinates me the most
>Realize her recent stuff isn’t even that bad, just mediocre
>Realize her and I have close to the same sewing skill
>Realize my makeup and wig styling is only slightly better than hers
>Wonder why tf I receive moderate praise and attention while she gets ridiculed
>Mfw I realize it’s because I’m skinny and Asian

>> No.9966031

What a charmer.

>> No.9966037

As long as you buy me at least one dress then sure you have yourself a bonified /cgl gf

>> No.9966062


Alright sure, sounds like a fair trade.

>> No.9966064

No one likes fatties anywhere. It's quite a downer on the soul that we have to be proud to not be fat.

>> No.9966074

>>Wonder why tf I receive moderate praise and attention while she gets ridiculed
does /cgl/ or lolcow farm know about you? They'll ridicule anyone.

>> No.9966098
File: 52 KB, 593x601, B10646AF-94A1-442B-A531-6C3CE67BCAB8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf reeee!!! I want a seagull gf!

>> No.9966104

Out yourself, I'll happily ridicule you. Asian or not, I'm an equal opportunities vendetta-chan.

>> No.9966106
File: 85 KB, 1023x682, depositphotos_13375296-stock-photo-angry-japanese-lolita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy me a dress and I'll be your e-gf for a week or so
Heck I'll even send you a used sock or panties if you want

>> No.9966108
File: 54 KB, 970x644, 1511593913655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only if you're
>not fat

>> No.9966116

High standards there, incel-kun
My butt is a virgin though, does that count?

>> No.9966119

shh, nobody tell him that virgin girls are fucking wet blankets in bed, and that most girls he meets that know a few tracks had to learn them somewhere

>> No.9966120

Drop that throwaway boys uwu I'll let you spend your cash on all my burando just so you can have your meme

>> No.9966123

This is all me except I'm Asian. Guess I'm not good enough...

>> No.9966139

>wig looks great, smooth as fuck, took hours to style
>1(one) person with the electricity current of a small town brushes up against me
>static city

>> No.9966149
File: 64 KB, 615x262, MuMnRFz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>first cosplay with 16
>best cosplay years in my early 20s
>got a lot recognition and very positive feedback for my cosplays
>lost interest in cosplay in my late 20s
>now already in the 30s and want to be a drawing artist
>"cosplay was a mistake"
>"2D > 3D"

>> No.9966156

I feel you. Spent my early 20's with something that I completely lost interest by now and wish I would have done what I do now.

>> No.9966162

I don't see the problem. If you'd been drawing in your 20s and now want to cosplay it would be a bigger issue. But you can always draw. You have plenty of time ahead of you anon.

>> No.9966170

Not everyone came here for porn, anon

>> No.9966175

lol that’s not what they’re talking about

>> No.9966177
File: 107 KB, 672x672, 1418147248631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going to a con solo tomorrow and I'm kinda nervous as I'd like to try talking to people and make friends.
Tell me I'm going to be alright gulls.
I'll be in some simple cosplay (Gym uniform BnHA character and a platelet).

>> No.9966179

Show your costume, vro.

>> No.9966185

My active cosplay time was pretty good and had fun and get some very good friends. But somehow I regret that I haven't drawn all these years.

>If you'd been drawing in your 20s and now want to cosplay it would be a bigger issue.
Yeah, this is true. That is at least a small consolation.

>But you can always draw.
Really? I have often worry it's too late for me to get good at drawing. I know so many popular artists, they are in my age (and often younger) and already pros. And it feels very bad when youngfags already damn good and I draw still like a noob. To be honest, drawing is much more harder than cosplay.

>> No.9966190

>Looks through Jfashion tags for inspiration
>Completely random, non related pictures
>Wearing pink, cat ears or using a snow filter so I must be kawaii type pictures
>So many resin hearts
>Kink bullshit
>People who can't even figure out how to properly dress the specific style they keep tagging themselves as
>Now less inspired and hating people

>> No.9966194

Someones fetish is black sweaters, someone fetish is sundresses :^} someone fetish is braided pigtails. If thats gonna stop you from wearing what you want then you're a pussy desu.

>> No.9966197

Ive been doing that for years and so far I'm friendless lol.

>> No.9966201
File: 15 KB, 354x286, 1508100421978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.9966203
File: 56 KB, 376x349, 300C589D-83BE-4A10-9383-62D6C47B84E3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9966204
File: 37 KB, 625x625, 1525132594957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9966210

don't know if it helps but anon, I learnt to draw from zero and passed exams in the top tier architecture university in my country. It took me a year and a half but I was really into it drawing for eight hours per day every day. And I didn't draw for fun like making fan-art pieces or something, I actually spent the whole time studying academic basics and so.
Too bad I lost all passion during studying but it doesn't matter. I just wanted to say that you actually can progress really fast if you are actually looking for progress and take it a bit more serious than a hobby! Hope it will inspire you to do what you want to.

>> No.9966212

>some dipshit booked their holidays om the friday of the con.. 2 months in advance

guess ill just call in sick,. fuck i hate this shit

>> No.9966213

>have no friends
>start cosplaying
>meet pretty nice people
>try to do small talks
>find some group projects and successfully complete it, go to a con, have a shoot, mutually follow each other in twitter and so
>repeat few times
>still no friends and every cosplay relationship is more "business type" where people invite me to groups and sometimes drop comments on twitter/instagram but nothing even close to hang out casually outside cosplay projects
>ask my psychiatrist what the fuck is wrong with me I did everything as people normally do, why can't I close that gap
>they say that I am sociopathic that's why

I don't really understand what I am doing wrong, it seems that everyone is okay with working with me and no one actually hates me but never think about me as a possible friend

>> No.9966216

Try internet friends. May be an easier place to start. You also may be ugly, have you checked?

>> No.9966217

Lousy psychologist. Sociopaths don't really care about making friends. Even if you are sociopathic, your psychologist should give you ways of working around that.

>> No.9966220


>> No.9966225

Try #eglcommunity, tends to be a bit better. Or brand tags, itas can't even spell Millefleurs or Moi Meme Moitie

>> No.9966226

kill him

>> No.9966231

New thread >>9966229

>> No.9966238

nah, if I really was that ugly they wouldn't want to cosplay with me? I'm not the prettiest girl in the world but I would say I'm pretty mediocre. Also I don't know, I talk to people in social networks and try to be friendly but it's even hatder than irl.

They said that I don't understand how this "become closer" thing works and I should think more about it. But for fucks sake I've read a bunch of "how to make friends" books and still have no idea what's wrong. I also often think that this is not even a problem that big because, ugh, a friendship shouldn't be forced and one day it will come naturally? I don't know I just feel lonely today.

>> No.9967274

dump him

>> No.9971370

This is such a trash board

>> No.9971371

sick blogpost

>> No.9971373
File: 71 KB, 953x1282, 1522017413715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That title became a joke because of people like you.

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