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"Why am I always the con mom?" edition

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I've got a job interview tomorrow. I really want more con money so I'm nervous.

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I just don't feel like the friendship was meant to be, but if not them, then who?
I guess I'm just massively incapable of friend-having?
(This isn't about anyone from the friend finder thread, just another random attempt at lolita-based friend finding gone sour. I feel like I'll never have a female friend who likes lolita)

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Good luck!!

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>Con friends always tend to ditch me or leave me behind at these cons, forcing me to make my own fun
>Complete strangers are always kind and friendly to me, and if I'm not in cosplay, I can at least talk to people in cosplay
>Non-con friends always act nice with me, but I am universally the last one given attention, and oftentimes just used as everybody else's Feel Good compliment sponge, considering none of them actually listen to my problems or issues
>Constantly feel like the loser of my group of friends, even if apparently everybody likes me
>Whenever I'm with randos, either on the streets just chatting at a bus stop, or at a con in a jacuzzi in my swimsuit cosplay, I always, ALWAYS feel loved and appreciated
>After a while, they want to be my friend friend and hang out
>When they become friend friends, the cycle continues
>When I try to ask why people blow me off and treat me like trash, nobody has an answer, everybody just acts like they don't realize what's going on and plays stupid

I'm sure it's so unbearably hard for you to just give me a "Hello" every once in a while, especially if you guys can hang out with each other every week and coordinate group events without inviting me to anybody. If I'm a fucking asshole, please tell me so. If I'm otherwise unbearable personality-wise, at least gossip about me so I can find out from some nobody on accident that I'm detestable. But this fake friendship horseshit where people keep me in their pocket and only pull me out when it's convenient and they have nothing else to do is absolutely infuriating, and I hate every one of you fucks that pretend you're my friend long enough for it to be obvious you don't care about me either.

For all of you who aren't my friend, we'll probably get along well, because I always wind up doing great with people I don't know. So for future cons, I hope I see you, and I hope we can share sweets and liquor in harmony.

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>girl in the com roasts me for being too fat for burando
>round up a bunch of fatty-chans and T-pose at her
>mfw she shrieks and bursts into flames

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Your friends sound like they might be narcissists, I've had some friends like yours sound that were.
Do your friends seem to collect orbitter/worshipper type "friends" as if they were collecting trading cards or something? If they do, that's a definite sign.

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It seems like maybe they don’t have anything in common with you or it Could be because you have a boring personality? Try being the one that starts the convo / plan the event to do things. If you post a discord or steam I’ll be your friend for a week to try and figure out what’s wrong.

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>chilling with the con family
>friend says we should announce on the count of three who has the most Big Dick Energy
>I’m always behind on these things and start waffling on who it would be
>probably con mom since she has her shit on lock
>or author friend who radiates confidence
>friend tells me to shut up
>3 2 1
>all friends shout my name in unison

I don’t really understand it but
feels good man

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>tried to convince past and current bf to have cosplay sex
>even role playing maid, schoolgirl, etc.
> both say ”anon, that’s weird. you’re cutest as yourself”

it’s not the end of the world but :///

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Maybe you're sometimes being dramatic so thats why they don't want to deal with your feelings? It happens to a lot of people that outside of cons you barely talk and unless you take initiative that stays the same. It does suck not getting invited, and I know what it's like feeling the 'lesser' friend.

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Hi! It's Roommate from Hell anon from a few threads back, and I'm so happy my roommate left my house has gotten so much cleaner and my partner was talking about quitting cigarettes cold turkey and knowing how awful of a mood she would be in because of that I got the guts to say "well, hey, you don't have to quit cold turkey but why don't you stop smoking inside so you notice how many breaks you're taking and regulate your smoking more" and she took it!!! No more inside cigarettes! No more worrying about my brand! And I get to make my new room centered around my wardrobe and I'm so very excited to get a fresh start and not have to deal with disgusting pigs in my house (◠◠)

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Havent drawn anything in a year/two, going to college for mathematics and natural science so wont have any time for art classes.
Won awards in highschool at galleries/was my art teachers favourite/people thought so highly of me and wanted to see me go far with it.
I feel like im letting those people down by not doing anything,
And i feel so not myself not doing anything art realated, id atleast like to keep it as a hobby
Im thinking about maybe drawing peoples ocs for free just to keep myself occupied

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Not a cgl feel but I feel this too. Draw fan art, draw other people's OCs, come up with your own OCs and draw them, draw random shit in your house or on the street. There are always things to draw, you just need to find the time and motivation to do it.

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Hell, there's a draw thread right here on this board, go there and draw some anon's coords.

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Watch kikis delivery service. Entire movie was basically about this feel. In times like this you can do one of two things, paint, or do nothing and think untill youre ready to paint. Both are fine.

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>Cosplay arrived in the mail 10 days after the con is over

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There's some saying that goes like "if everyone around you is an asshole, you're actually the asshole." That's you. Figure out what's wrong with you. From this post alone, I can tell you're already pretty damn needy and that gets overwhelming.

Keep a sketchbook in your purse. Something small. Do a doodle a day. It doesn't have to be good. It just has to be something.

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I asked this question on another sub, but was told to come here.

My boyfriend always attends these anime conferences, and returns home with pictures of him and hot underage girls.

Should I be concerned? I am 29F and he is 35M.

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You never go with him? Anime cons are imfamous for their horny audience. If you are concerned maybe ask him to take you, or consider that this lack of trust is the beginning of the end for your relationship.

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your boyfriend's a fucking creep lol

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Depends on the personality of the boyfriend and the nature of the photos, this doesn't sound like a situation that can be generalized.

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Hey anon, you're the person they've identified as "usable". Interesting people with forgiving personalities attract narcissists like a sponge. I wish I could say it would stop happening if you did x y or z, but it won't, this is probably what you're stuck with unless you dramatically change your personality. Just hold friendships with an open hand and wait for them to prove some kind of interest in reciprocal friendship before committing your own emotional investments so that you're not left hanging quite as much. The real ones will show themselves, but there's a reason most people don't have more than 1-2 close friends at a time.

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If honestly every grouop of friends treats you this way you might be a doormat. Like the other Anon said, if you are constantly facing the same problem, it might be an issue with your behavior. You are the only constant in all your relationships.

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I spend hours a day job searching and rarely even get a reply. I don't feel like I can move on in any aspect of life until I find a decent job but that's never going to happen so maybe i'll just kill myself instead.

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Dump His Ass

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Honestly same
But please don't. Maybe there is more for us out there.

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Some underage b& I met at a con keeps sending me DMs over insta trying to talk
Pls make it stop

I feel really bad for ignoring her, but underage

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I always feel jealous of people who had this life. People who are supportive of your art sounds amazing. My parents constantly yelled at me that I would never get anywhere, throw out my art, and at school my teachers weren't supportive either. Even though I wanted to be, I was never the class artist and my teachers ignored me. Didn't help having a high school teacher who actively threw out "bad" art so she didn't have to hang it in our class. You are really fortunate to have people who love you, anon

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How underage we talking? She could be fair game before you know it. The older you get, the less age matters. Or is she an uguu

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I feel like I should give up on the lolita community. I'm not pretty or involved enough. I'm 24, average height, size 6, not petite or cute. My face isn't pretty or even interesting to look at and I've come to accept that I just don't have a good eye for coords. All my coords are boring or basic classic or gothic. I don't add anything to this community and I drag down every group photo I'm in. No one would miss me if I left anyway.

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She's 17 and a semi uguu, am 24 myself.
Its not even a matter of her being fair game as hooking up with grills isn't really a prospect, I just don't want her to feel like shit cause someone who she thought she made friends with at a con is ignoring her for an unknown (to her at least) reason

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She's 17, she'll get over it. Don't feel bad for not wanting to talk to somebody, especially if that person is being annoying.

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tell me which one is correct. cmon. pretend like you're retarded on purpose if you want, but you dun goof'd

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Honestly she'll be butthurt for like a week tops, you're okay buddy

>> No.9958174

If she seems nice, talk to her.

She won't be too young for you in a year, and even if she is, you can still be friends.

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B& is banned and b8 is bait you retarded summerfag

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Thank you for you insight anon, i want you to take away that no matter what position youre on itll always be easier to look at the other side and think things would be better if youre on it. If your dream is to be an artist please never give up and dont look at my life as something to discourage you. We seem to both be unhappy in our positions but if drawing makes you happy please please do continue it anon! I empathise with what you went through, and would give you supportive people if i could
Having to deal with that mustve been exhuasting, so even coming this far along in life is such a special thing! Weather youve improved a little, none at all or a lot, id love for you to just take a little moment to breath and say you did it
Have a good day anon <3

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Being a lonelita is fun, you might be pleasantly surprised

>> No.9958186

fucking obviously
so a 17 year old would be b8 not b&. Summerfags calling anyone a summerfag just to not sound new. Calm yourself.

>> No.9958187 [DELETED] 

It really sounds like she is clingy and you have no interest at all in her and there will be no redeeming this. Ghost.

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"underage b&" is a commonly used phrase retard

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>o a 17 year old would be b8 not b&.
That would be both, newfag.

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Sorry other anon post was meant for

But now that im here, take a moment to reflect on what would make you the happiest. And then double down on that and think WHY it would make you happy.
It seems like most of your doubts are coming for a place of lack of self esteem, self doubt, and self hate.
How do you feel when youre in lolita, is it something you look up to?
Is it something that takes away your self doubt thoughts, or is it something you THINK will make you feel a certain way?
Either way, i think itd be a great idea to look into talking with someone who will give you insight on improving your self esteem, weather therapist, friend, family, or strangers online.
Little steps anon, dont feel like you have to make some big step and change everything to feel better. It wont work like that, trust me
Youre allowed to feel these things, as long as you take the time to do something for yourself
Please take care anon

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>Being a lonelita is fun

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Your husband is looking for some less ripe peaches, if you know what I mean.

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>finally break love nikki addiction and delete the app
>log into youtube
>check subscription feed
>fairly mainstream beauty channel i follow has just uploaded a video >sponsored by love nikki

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Doing things and dressing to make yourself happy. However you want, whenever you want. Independent of and/or intertwined with any arbitrary lolita (or other) community, to whatever extent you please.

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I think this glittery lolita bath bomb aggravated my butthole.

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Moved to a new area and no matter how much I try, I just don't seem to be clicking with people here like I did in my old comm. I feel kind of out of place at meetups, and even though I have some interesting conversations with people we just don't end up talking afterwards. I know part of the problem is me, I just have no idea wtf to say to them to spark a convo, or when I do, it kind of fizzles out.

It doesn't help that I don't cosplay, go to cons or keep up with current anime, or like kpop. Those seem to be the only other topics at meets besides lolita. There have definitely been times when everyone is talking about X anime, cosplans, waifus non stop and I am just sitting there..

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You've reminded me of the seagull who made coffee bath bombs to sell at con, and they looked like tub poop.

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I really miss my friend. We gradually fell out of touch, and it was mainly my fault because muh depression (no excuse), but she was the only one I could have proper conversations about anime with, plus she was a really amazing person in general. I'm not going to try and get back in touch though because it looks like she's moved on, and I don't want to drag her back so I'm content to just watch on and be happy for her.

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I have a friend who this happened with (she was depressed and we drifted apart) and I literally think of her every day. Not even exaggerating. We weren't even super close but I still miss our long conversations on the library steps. I can't contact my friend, she moved to another country and then deleted her social media. I would give so much to talk to her again and just know how her life is and if she's OK. Please get in touch with your friend, anon. Don't assume you know what's best for her or that her life is better without you. Chances are she misses you just as much as you miss her.

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>started selling in AA last year with s.o.
>broke up
>wanna start selling again
>idea of AA reminds me of how much I miss them
>can't bring myself to apply to cons
>their art was better anyway

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>Coldstone is open
>Decide I really don't want to "eat" something right now, but really craving super sweets
>Reason a milkshake would be best for this situation
>Order the cake batter shake because I love the ice cream
>Expect them to just blend some ice cream into some milk and call it a day
>Lady comes out with a slab of fucking cake
>Just BLENDS the cake into a pitcher of cream
>"Whoops, I made too much. I'll give you a Love It but charge you for a Like It."
>Look at menu

Goodbye, sweet brand. It was nice fitting into you while I could.

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Holy fuck like an actual slice of cake goes into the milkshake? That sounds amazing.

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>Used to have a stalker
>Could probably fill up a weeb horror stories thread about her antics
>She finally got arrested earlier this year after something she attempted to do to me at a con
>Went to a con this past weekend
>Kind of missed the fear/anxiety/drama she'd bring me
>Con felt kind of boring without her ngl
It's a weird feel and not really one I can tell my friends about.

>> No.9958495

I want to say you're baiting, but in the off chance you aren't... the main characters of most anime and manga are girls. People go to conventions to enjoy anime and manga. Many of the costumes are going to be worn by young girls. It's very normal for people to take photos of themselves next to someone in a costume they like. If you go to a convention and take pictures of people in cosplay, a large number of those are going to end up being young girls.

You're likely worrying way too much about this.

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>Be me
>asked a girl out
>find out she has a bf now
>tfw get rejected
I can only handle so many rejection guys.... I am crashing.....

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Yes, an actual full slice of fucking cake.

>> No.9958509 [DELETED] 

every time i see this it really does look like someone took a fat shit in a tub and it cracks me up

>> No.9958520

Happens to most people after their stalkers are gone.
After all you both had a strange and fearsome but very deep relationship and your head just recognizes that something you have been used to left. Most people just dont like change by instinct. Especially when it comes to bonds with others.
Loonies who are tortured by their voices and halucinations also often miss them the first time after medication.

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>go to con
>see ex happy with new guy
>see other ex happy with new guy
>see loads of girls I'd date if they didn't have a guy hanging off them
Also, a bum tried to piss on me.

>> No.9958555

>find dream dress if 7+ years
>Have passed it up before, but it's pretty rare
>Passed it up due to being poor
>Can pretty easily afford it now
Why am I not excited? I've been holding onto this dream for so long, but now I'm not sure if I want to buy it.
It's not a big deal to buy it but I feel almost... Obligated to, when I'm not that excited.
I already own multiple colors and cuts besides this particular one, and it's an op, which isn't my style.
But it was a dream for so long and it would be somewhat gratifying to get it.

>> No.9958594

I'm secretly jealous to itas desu. Making really good lolita coord is a struggle, one have to go through a lot if shit to have it all neat and matching. And these come up sporting their shitty stuff having some normie things shoehorned, and still looking all happy and proud with what they wearing. This is just unbearable! I know, lolitas usually say like at least you don't look like shit or something, but it really means a little. But at another hand I don't feel like slowing it down, because it feels like a step back. Ugh, but I'm still jelly for being that simple.

>> No.9958600

>Making really good lolita coord is a struggle, one have to go through a lot if shit to have it all neat and matching.
That's... not really what lolita is about. I mean it can be, and the matchy-matchy looks you often see online only amplify this, but you don't actually have to look perfect at all times, unless you only wear lolita to interact with your comm and your comm is judgmental, in which case you have my condolences and maybe consider wearing lolita on your own sometime.
I find that this fashion is what you make of it, and if you take it too seriously as if you're constantly judged on some contest rather than a fashion style that you wear to make yourself happy, then this is what you end up with.
I've been into this fashion for well over a decade, I'm a daily lolita and barely interact with my comm, and putting together good, cohesive, and comfortable coords is as simple for me as it is for you to throw on a t-shirt and jeans when you feel lazy. You don't need to be ita or be jealous of itas to feel carefree and to sincerely enjoy lolita fashion; you just need to readjust the way you approach it.
TL;DR this is a you problem and it's something you can fix.

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I want to know how women feel about the idea of being impregnated

>> No.9958611

Would much rather focus on the things I love than recreate the chestburster scene, thanks.

>> No.9958612

Some anon has shared here a story about a girl, who's got blindfolded and ganged at con. She gave them a sharpie, so then they were done they left a mark on her hip. I secretly want to be fucked like this.

>> No.9958618

me 2

>> No.9958624

Idk if I want it to happen for real but that's like my #1 fantasy
So jelly of girls who actually do it

>> No.9958654

Fellas, we have confirmation that gulls want to be gangbanged. Don't forget to ask (nicely) at the next con. meetup!

>> No.9958660

I know one of these, and everyone ditches her because she's a hugely negative person. Hates all other women, constantly starting drama and rumours, woe is me me me the whole con. You should look at your actions and see what's putting people off.

>> No.9958662

What does that have to do with the anon's post at all? Other than give you an excuse to post your almost completely unrelated fetish?

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I haven't had the semblance of a girlfriend or any female friends for at least 7 years and it's depressing.

I don't know anything about fashion and just get what I think looks pretty.

I really don't know how to be a girl but I like looking at girly things-they just, well, I don't know. Feel like something I don't know how to do. I come here so I can feel like I'm hanging out with other girls again.

>> No.9958671

I'm a weeaboo lesbian wirh weeaboo lesbian friends, wanna swap discords?

>> No.9958672

Oh no, anon. This made me feel really sad... What happened to your female friends? Why don't you have any? Also where in the world are you, maybe we can be friends

>> No.9958674

Same here, but I don't have any friends at all, I'm pretty much a recluse at the point. And I don't feel compelled to change this.

>> No.9958678

That girl ended up being pregnant and decided to keep the baby. Anon mentioned pregnancy on cgl, so it was the first thing that came up to my mind.

>> No.9958680

Sounds fake, caps?

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Don't ask me why I have this saved.

>> No.9958725

oooh so she decided to keep it.. she should have been on bc or used plan b the next day, but she low key might have wanted a babbu

>> No.9958730

Fap inspiration, I bet. I know I saved it for that.

>> No.9958736

Wow, I really wasn't expecting actual help on /cgl/ of all places. Thank you, anon. I was really feeling like some sort of sick freak there. So it's normal. That's a huge weight off my shoulders.

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File: 100 KB, 640x480, tumblr_pcm31mjiBu1vct3zyo2_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sure, why not.
I never really had friends and after high school everyone dropped off. I really don't have any IRL friends these days. I just.. hit that age where I realized I missed that stuff and wish I had some sort of female companionship. the closest I get are cute girls at work that are younger then me.

>> No.9958743

I've always liked lolita fashion and cosplay since I was in middle school like ten years ago. Could never afford it because three other siblings + parents don't make a lot of money, so I would never have asked my parents for the money. Now that I'm an adult person with a pretty good full time job I finally have the funds to do both and I'm in heaven. Can finally do cons and am working like a maniac on cosplays that I never dreamed I could manage.

That being said, after con season I am finally going to fulfill a decade long dream and start putting together my first full lolita coord with no limits on the price(aka not having to scroll through ebay sighing over crappy ita dresses like I used to do) and my tiny little toes are curled up like rotini pasta.

>> No.9958748

I feel you. Only got dumped about 10 months ago from a 4 year relationship. In that time I've tried to ask out two girls, got rejected twice. Going to try and ask another one out tomorrow.

It's heartbreaking because I'm the type of person who really needs to build up courage and motivation by imagining all the cool things we could do together and how good I would feel with them. Then to have all those thoughts and feelings crushed is just exhausting.

Wish me luck anyway.

>> No.9958758

at least it means that on butthole inspection day you can get away with having a less than ideal pucker since you're the one doing all the checking

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>tfw none of your IW bordeauxes match

>> No.9958766

Congratulations anon! I always felt sorry for you, but it seems like your living situation is finally turning around. Good luck supporting your partner in cutting down on cigarettes!

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I showed this to my sister and we're both screaming

>> No.9958775

I love this image because in my southern US town, we have (female) cosplayers that actually do look like Peter Griffin trying to be kawaii. It's hilarious.

>> No.9958787

mirin bulk

>> No.9958812

I fucking hate fat people

>> No.9958816

That explains your self-hatred then.

>> No.9958822

Nice try but I am literally Skeletor

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Damn girl, you're hench! But hench is still fat for lolita, so...

>> No.9958831


>> No.9958913

Sounds like one of the people I go to a-kon with yearly and his wife. She doesn't watch anime and talked herself out of going with us with the line "we don't have to spend the WHOLE weekend at the convention."

A) Don't look to 4chan for relationship advice
B) The con hookup culture is filled with really gross people

>Con friends always tend to ditch me or leave me behind at these cons, forcing me to make my own fun
>none of them actually listen to my problems or issues
It takes quite some time to transition from fandom/hobby friends to "real friends" and until then most people don't want to hear about your personal problems. It may seem harsh but your cosplay group isn't your personal support group. If you have personal problems/issues that you need someone to talk to about, a convention is neither the time nor the place. Everyone is on a trip to have fun and that's an immediate bring down.

>> No.9958917
File: 1.72 MB, 393x268, 1452362739611.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> cute girl comes up to my comm's meet for a first time
> her style is pretty much alike to mine, she likes same animes and doramas as I do
> "oh anon, we should hang together. let's go watch movies somehow"
> writing her back on fb, no reply
> she already ghosts me for second week


>> No.9958976
File: 55 KB, 685x576, 1528685724273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 26 year old dude
>went to first con alone
>wear some shitty half assed thrown together simple cosplay of a literally who character
>chilling in the seating area
>girl sits next to me, she has a pretty good cosplay of well known character
>have a pleasant conversation with her, she's there alone too
>we end up walking round the convention together for most of the next day
>genuinely nice person and we talk about all sorts of shit
>she turns out to be 15
>mfw I legitimately didn't have any intentions other than to just be friendly
>mfw realizing how this probably looked to other people

>> No.9958986
File: 253 KB, 400x300, 1b0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>first day of con, make friends with someone, hang out for a bit
>second day of the con make friends with someone else, hang out for a bit
>third day, hang out with both of them, have a good time say our goodbyes
>week passes by, find out that they are now dating
>this is the sixth time it has happened
>worst part is they ignore me afterwards

>> No.9959049
File: 2.69 MB, 336x188, JSv6FDx[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

life is cruel

>> No.9959088
File: 44 KB, 339x253, ED85399C-BA8B-4ADB-9831-9DF57EC660EA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Join convention’s discord
>Hot ouji I met at the con’s tea party is posting tasteful lewds in the NSFW channel
>Mfw he’s still really handsome without the frills

I wish I talked to him more at the tea party. I want to talk to him on discord but I don’t want to sound like a creep or an autist. Plus it’s hard to tell if he likes guys or girls and I don’t want to make him uncomfortable if I guess wrong.

>> No.9959091

Just push your boobs into him the next tea party, look into his eyes, and you'll know your answer.

>> No.9959114
File: 21 KB, 401x401, FB_IMG_1505612658385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con friend is the typical fancy gay dude who thinks women have no value to society
>he has a million favorite anime girls

>> No.9959121
File: 492 KB, 500x214, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my area hasnt had a meetup in years
>decide to make one
>super excited,everyone is as well
>then two days before
>bam,horrible bowel obstruction causing me to cry in pain,puke and faint
>can barely walk today
>has to see everyone having fun at the meetup i made but without me
>tfw girl i really wanted to see joined and i even gave her money to help her attend since she's coming from far away
i'm so salty rn and the fact that i'm in pain makes me rage even moreat least i'm glad they had fun i guess...

>> No.9959124

Why do roleplayers always have to randomly claim they've been in the fashion for a decade? This was good advice up until you started bragging about your power level

>> No.9959132

Believe what you want, I'm not bragging about my "power level", just showing anon that lolita isn't actually a "struggle" like she thinks it is and that it's entirely possible to be involved in it for a very long time and enjoy it.

>> No.9959139

2D > 3D

>> No.9959153

Oh my pleasure anon.
It will fade after some time.
I dont know how deep you are in there emotionally and I surely dont want to make you insecure again but if you ever feel the need to contact this girl, for whatever reason, don't.

As I wrote this emotions are totally normal but sometimes things that are just normal still hurt us and I absolutely dont want to be the guy that took your fear but also your awareness after you finally after a long time (as I guess) escaped from that shit.

>> No.9959160

It's okay to be friends with a younger person as long as you have pure intentions. I know it's not a lot from a girl but I've regularly taken 15-16 year old girls and sometimes boys under my wing and will hang out with them.

In my eyes as long as you're a good influence or you give them a space to SAFELY do things that they'd normally be doing (i.e.: I had a friend who was 16 when I was 20 and she smoked pot and drank and instead of letting her be around her fuckhead friends who would get her into fucked up situations, she'd come hang out with me and we'd watch movies and get high) it's perfectly okay.

Tldr; be a safe space for her and keep being her friend

>> No.9959171

>It's okay to be friends with a younger person as long as you have pure intentions.
no, not really. sorry, orbiting teenagers is creeper af. if a 16 year old actually has something to offer you in a relationship, even if you claim it's platonic, you probably need to grow up dude. but more importantly you don't have anything good to offer a 16 year old kid as a friend. and sorry, maybe there are people hanging out with kids as friends (i'm not talking about coaches and teachers where there are very clear boundaries) who have pure intentions but most of them don't. almost every time i hung out with friends in high school and their older 20+ bfs there was something shady about it.
it doesn't sound like you did anything wrong but your first reaction of worrying that people would think you were perving was right, anon.

>> No.9959178

Can't find the SQ thread so I'll ask here:
Did the fatty thread disappear because of shitposting and vendettas and arguments?

>> No.9959199

The Lolitas of Instagram thread is gone too but I can guess who is to blame for that one

>> No.9959204

That one made it to autosage

>> No.9959206

I'm not saying to orbit teenagers and I am super against anyone over 20 dating someone that's even 18 (I know it's legal but theyre still just out of HS and don't understand real world complications). I don't have only teenager friends either. Maybe it is different as a woman but if you're not some fucking weirdo it's possible to be someone's positive influence and safe space to be themselves. If advances are made, that's when you cut it off because as an adult YOU have to make those decisions.

I'm 21 and am fiercely protective of my baby friends, and will actively harm anyone trying to diddle someone much younger than them.

>> No.9959211

The previous one is still alive >>9955618

>> No.9959254

Don't worry about it. If they want to spend time with you, it should be okay.
I spent a whole day at a con with a 14 year old when I was 25, I did notice the age gap but why does the difference matter if you have fun together?
I also regularly talked to and spent time with 13-17 year olds (with a few older people), it's cool, I know it's easy to start worrying, but it's their choice to make, if you want to spend time with them and they want to spend time with you just do it.

>> No.9959263
File: 52 KB, 800x800, 43018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have awesome friend to share my hobbies with, including cosplay and anime conventions
>he always liked me
>I suddenly started to have feelings for him after 2 years of friendship
>started dating
>had awesome time doing all the couple cosplays I have ever wanded to do with my bf
>supported each other all the time
>suddenly he wanted to go study abroad
>got accepted into university based on another continent, thousands of miles away
>we broke up, because I don't want to suffer in long distance relationship and can't move with him because of money and important family issues
>haven't spoken to each other for almost two months
>I'm okay with him leaving
>became friends again
>he's told me recently he still has feelings for me
>he will leave in one week
>I realised I'm still in love with him, but he'll be far away for 2 years or longer

>> No.9959267

they've said as much that they think you're compensating for something.
Just go out with it and tell them that you have a fetish.

>> No.9959268

sorry, a grown up hanging out with 15-16 year olds as a peer is weird, regardless of your intent or your gender.

>> No.9959270

made me cackle, thanks

>> No.9959274

Sounds like you should at least try the long distance thing. Otherwise, the two of you will spend the rest of your lives wondering 'what if'.

General Advice:
- Communicate often, even if it's something as small as sending a text or a silly meme you found
- Work on your sexting game
- Want to watch a movie with them? Try watching the movie together over discord

Long distance sucks, but it's doable.

>> No.9959275

My gf got me into this. I didn't even know dildos that shoot goo existed til i met her.
I used to think it was gross but uh...being pounded by a cute girl then filled up with something warm is actually kinda nice...i'm a degenerate.
No idea what the real deal feels like and dont wanna know for obvious reasons

>> No.9959277

You can say whatever you want but at least my baby friends are safe with me instead of being abandoned in the middle of the night while drunk because their "friends" couldn't be bothered to take them home. A positive older role model is what a lot of kids need and they sure as fuck aren't getting what they need if they feel like they need to reach out to older people for security.

>> No.9959280

It's almost like men are garbage no matter their orientation

>> No.9959283

Non cgl related feels but I'm the anon who calls their cat fatty chan and I've upgraded to calling her hambeast prime whenever she starts begging me for food and I don't think I've ever been more amused than by calling my cat random insults I see on this board

>> No.9959286

As someone who regrets saying no to a long distance relationship, I suggest you try it. Especially because it sounds like both of you want it to work.

To this day I still regret saying no. It's been 8 years. Don't let it happen to you.

>> No.9959293

Anon, don't let him go, at least not without giving long distance a try. You'll both regret it if you end things like this. Two years isn't as long as it seems. If you can last through it, you'll look back one day and feel like it was nothing.

>> No.9959298

>abandoned in the middle of the night while drunk
i get the whole big sister thing but maybe it would be better if they were forced to call their parents and had to face consequences. everything you say sounds really nice, being a role model and everything, but there's a reason that mentor type relationships have very clear boundaries.

>> No.9959300
File: 149 KB, 3733x3067, mascot-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think cosplay is neat but I'd never wear a costume. I just like conventions, that's all.

>> No.9959305

It's cute. Don't ever change.

>> No.9959354

I was in tge same biat but I think I did the right thing. I have plenty of money to support art as a hobby niw. I even used to have a girlfriend who was an art student and we would work together.

>> No.9959383
File: 38 KB, 400x394, tumblr_pcrtmnkiBb1u5ziezo3_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have no car or money but all the free time for cons in high school/college
>now i have a FT job, car, and spending money but no time

why is life so cruel

>> No.9959491
File: 77 KB, 225x199, 1531225728659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Getting real tired of seeing this blackface shit popping up in my insta stories

>> No.9959501

Women arent friends with other women, they form hunting parties and use each other like business partners.

>> No.9959512
File: 102 KB, 545x393, Strong Bad with an expensive light.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really like building cosplays, in fact I think I have almost as much fun in hunting, finding, and assembling all the component parts as I do actually wearing it to a show. But because I only go to two or three cons a year typically an outfit only gets worn once or twice before it being pushed out of the rotation by newer stuff. I remember last year I went to as many Halloween parties and events as possible just to get more mileage out of my outfits before they were just closeted away.
Sometimes I start to feel guilty about how much I spend on outfits with that in mind. In my day-to-day life I'm thrifty verging on cheap and I'm still really loath to spend over $50 on any individual part (I think my most expensive cosplays have been just barely over $100 all together) even though I can definitely afford it.

>> No.9959537

Same. Fucking SJWs ruin everything, not everything revolves around your feefees deal with it.
Although it just looks like shit in general it's not like shit

>> No.9959538

/it's not like it was actually racist

>> No.9959552

>Will inherit grandma's shoe collection
>She size 41

>> No.9959554

Well then I want some more cute business partners to go hunting with

>> No.9959567

It seems like every week some thottie in the community is doing bad shit and everyone feels the need to virtue signal about it.

But nothing ever comes of it. Momokun was relatively unharmed by the revelation that she loves molesting.

>> No.9959604
File: 61 KB, 534x712, 20768017_494266347587565_4898221894537279399_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend is getting married at the con.

What's a non-cringey way to ask if one of my little sister's hot /cgl/ friends will be my wedding date? Hold open auditions on Instagram?

>> No.9959614

Give me.
This feel has no context without mentioning your own foot size. Are you bigger than us? Or do you have blessed tiny tappers of >40?

>> No.9959618

>tfw i work a shitty job and still blow 80 bucks on pizza and drinks
I do not share that guilt
Im incredibly irresponsible with money

>> No.9959646
File: 632 KB, 819x639, 1496066652906.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try to slowly fight shopping addition
>grandparents start giving and sending me money for lolita because they'd rather "gift with warm hands"

>> No.9959661

Don't wanna start a thread for this so i'll post it there

Recently I came up with an idea: cosplaying at (free) parties.

I have no interest in cons, but I love dressing up and i party a lot. As a lolita, I want to get into sewing, but I know that i'm not going to make high quality garments at first, so making cosplays for silly purposes could be a good practice for me.

So i thought that parties might be a good occasion to wear a cosplay and have fun. I was wondering if it's a thing somewhere outside of cons """"raves"""".

>> No.9959665

no... it isn’t.

>> No.9959680

You're thinking of theme/masquerade parties, which, unless they're run between friends, are basically one-night cons. There's also beach parties/picnics, but they're usually organized by con fan pages or regional cosplay groups.

Wearing cosplay outside of said events is weird because it's a costume. Lolita, albeit sometimes outlandish, is just fashion/normal clothing. Please don't be one of those weebs that run around the mall in cosplay.

>> No.9959685

Yes that why I was asking. I thought free parties could be OK since people are usually too wasted to judge you there. I enjoy some video games and anime but i have a strong disdain for weebs.

>> No.9959692

... anon it's called a costume party but call it a cosplay party

>> No.9959698


Actually the relationship had its downsides as well. His family hated me, because they thought that I force him to cosplay and going to conventions They wanted their precious son to spend all his free time being at home studying. And he didn't ever tried to stand up for me, because "they would be mean to him". Needless to say that it was him, who always asked me if I could help him with wigs, makeup and sewing. It was always me trying to get things work out. He was breaking his promises more and more and I just couldn't bear watching him change over those two years we've been together. Yes, it's true I love him. It's also true that he wants to be with me. But honestly, I don't want to get hurt again by him not contributing to our relationship again. And by his parents hating me for whatever shitty reason they come up with.

>> No.9959707

It's the European size.

>> No.9959709

Nayrt but I ended my last relationship just like this because he relied on me so much and I was emotionally exhausted by my own stuff plus his shit and it sucked.

>> No.9959712

Maybe a con is not a place to dump your problems on so called friends? If your relationships always go south when they get close, you may be a stage five clinger or have BPD.

>> No.9959713 [DELETED] 

https://jamiemataac1.blogspot.com/2018/04/introduction.html List of all blogs for Programming, English, Engineering, Storytelling..etc......

>> No.9959719
File: 427 KB, 800x1000, 1533145628718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Look at some big name cosplayer/photog's Facebook post about this
>The only people complaining about making your skin darker and legitimately wishing death to said cosplayer are all Americans who are either, fat, black or resemble the stereotypical Tumblr SJW
top zozzle

>> No.9959795

>browse DD thread
>actually have a few items people are looking for
>considering helping them, wanting to change my style/buy some new stuff anyway
>still havent set up new bank account/paypal because its a pain to get a bank account here
>want to help them reach their dreams
>dont want them to think im a scammer and even if they agree, i cant buy anything because paypal wont match shipping address.

>> No.9959817
File: 88 KB, 310x464, 1474868292252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your coord plan on floor get tons of likes, but when you wear it it hardly get even half of the amount

>> No.9959820

when you make a PayPal account, you can add multiple addresses

>> No.9959821

not for different countries you cant.

>> No.9959835
File: 67 KB, 349x326, A59668A5-0952-4243-90CA-5E131EFFFE12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>grail appeared on CC
>just had enough spare cash to buy it
>don’t actually know if I’ll look good in it or not until it gets here

I don’t even know why I’m doing this since I never go to meets or conventions

>> No.9959837

Do it for you, anon. Wear it to feel beautiful for yourself. Be happy that you found your holy grail, you'll find a reason, a place or an occasion to wear it to eventually. I hope it fits you well and that you enjoy it!

>> No.9959878

I think you should let him go, and find someone with a backbone. Long distance sucks, and you definitely don't want a partner who won't stand up for you (and it'll definitely worse with his family if your relationship grows more serious).

>> No.9959926

Getting married at a con is the ultimate cringe

>> No.9959929

Well you could always ask anons straight up if they'd want it. You could always send pics for proof and honestly I'd love it if someone bought me my DD (even if it's a random person on 4chan)

>> No.9959930

Sorry to samefag forgot to add, you could always message the seller with the correct address! Usually sellers are pretty cool about changing the addresses if need be

>> No.9960106

I still want to be with a QT arm candy.

>> No.9960109

Bitches be like that.

>> No.9960131

>FINALLY buy first piece of burando
>it's the MmM scrunchies because my boyfriend convinced me i didn't need the 40000 yen shopping cart from wunderwelt to save for our trip to tokyo
>happy im saving money and got brand but im also terribly impatient so it's so difficult to wait for the trip! i just wanna buy a full coord!! but i guess on the bright side so many thrift and second hand lolita shops in tokyo

>> No.9960135

I used to feel the same way, but then heard something that put it into perspective. Consider what other people your age are doing in their free time - over, say, a weekend. In my (mid-20s) case, they might go out for drinks, see a movie, go shopping, go to a concert, etc. Even picking just two of those activities, that still comes to about $40-60 of "normie" activities over a weekend.

Your most expensive cosplays have barely peaked $100. That's two or three "normal" weekends' worth of activities .....but they probably took you much longer than that time to create. So you're finding ways to occupy your time at a *much* lower per-hour cost than the standard options for consumption.

On top of all that, you're also practicing a craft/skill and bettering yourself! At the end of a night out on the town, you get a hangover. At the end of a cosplay bender, you have a completed product that is actual physical proof of work, effort, and improvement.

I still go out with friends sometimes, but I don't feel bad about turning them down to spend time to work on cosplay, and I feel less bad about spending money on materials now. If you're concerned about the "mileage" you're getting out of outfits, contact some quality photographers to commemorate your experience before the costume gets dusty.

>> No.9960142

I would say congrats on your first brand but its a scrunchie.... You could have gotten an actual headdress or socks for that price.
Just don't let the bf talk you out of dresses when you're actually in japan.

>> No.9960143

>tfw hanging at con by myself
>Girl approaches me
>Looks around my age
>Just talking and chatting, having a good time
>Immediately take a liking to her
>Exchange social medias
>She has a quick flick through my IG
>"Wait, how old are you anon?"
>>"I'm 22."
>"Woah, you're the same age as me. I thought you were like 16. You have such a cute boyish face."

I don't know what to think. I know I have a more cute face and I look young but I don't understand her intentions anymore. Did she just want to big sister me because she thought I was young and I was alone? Did she want to be romantic with me because she thought I was underage? Did I just hang around with a potential statutory rapist?

>> No.9960147

What does it matter? She likes your aesthetic no matter how old you are. Are you going to go in that cunny or not?

>> No.9960152

I don't know if she's interested in my anymore now that she knows my age. She seemed disappointed to find out hold old I really am. I thought she might have guessed my age naturally from just how I act. I don't act 16. I'm shy but I act my age.

>> No.9960153

If she's disappointed rather than pleasantly surprised then she's a pedo and you don't need to waste the brain power thinking about her.

>> No.9960154

yea yea i know i just figured i could use the scrunchie now instead of a headdress or socks i would have to wait to wear. that's where i was logically. and yea i plan on splurging in jpn so that boy can't tell me anything

>> No.9960155

this is exactly what im thinking....
something tells me you think a lot about meaningless interactions with people.

>> No.9960157

Ah, okay, if there were major reasons other than the long distance, that's a different story. I know how uncomfortable it is to be with someone whose family doesn't like you, and I'm sorry you had to go through that. If you really love him and feel like he's worth it, I think it would still be possible to work through things if he tried to change things on his end. But either way, I hope you come to a decision you're happy with.

>> No.9960218

Get out smegma poster

>> No.9960232

i'm 22 and i've exchange social media with a few men and women who are between 14 and 16. Not really weird or unusual. Though, i'm a cosplayer and it is usually them wanting to see more of my cosplays.

>> No.9960347 [DELETED] 
File: 177 KB, 500x375, 4352345234.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know this isn't /cgl/ related by I need a girl's (female) advice. So any help is appreciated. I'll try to make it quick

>Trying to date again for the first time since it's been about a year since breakup with gf of 4 years
>On recommendation get tinder
>Find girl I find very attractive, out of my league levels attractive, she likes anime, manga, plays some video games, she draws, likes j-fash, japanese food, writes and speaks a little japanese
>All things that I like as well (study university level Japanese)
>Says in her bio that she doesn't check tinder often and it's a better idea to message her on IG
>I swipe right anyway
>Message her on IG
>She seems aloof but she's replying, just short answers and not returning questions
>Didn't ask anything super personal, just about how she learnt japanese and comments about her art
>Think to myself that she's just being polite and I should let it go, she's out of my league anyway
>Then midway through our conversation she matches with me on tinder

Now I'm confused. Does she like me? Does she not? Do I ask her out? Do I not ask her out? Do I keep trying to talk to her? Do I ghost her and see what she does? Would she be the type of girl who would prefer to do something indoors like watch Kimi No Nawa or go out for some Japanese food? Or both? I just don't know. My ex was literally in highschool when I met her so I don't know how dating adults works.

Any advice or insight would be helpful. Sorry for shitting up the thread.

>> No.9960348

Just ask her out/how she feels?

We can't read her mind either.

>> No.9960359

Ask her out for lunch (casual) or dinner (more romantic and could lead to a sexy evening) at a Japanese restaurant and make sure there is somewhere to walk around nearby afterwards, like an ice cream shop or comic book store. You both may not like each other as much when you meet in person. Just give yourself a chance to get to know her and vice versa in a safe, public settings. And while it is polite, I get turned off if I meet a match and the first thing they nervously say is how beautiful I am. It makes me feel like they only met me to look at me instead of get to know me, and it makes me feel bad because I don't think I'm pretty at all. Keep your compliments personality based or skill based until you get to know her.

>> No.9960410 [DELETED] 

she matched w you even after you reached out on ig which I think is gross personally. what's the confusion? just ask her out

>> No.9960470

Leaving loose ends won't end well. If you two still mutually feel for one another, then it will pain as a lingering thought on the back of both of your minds for a really long time. Give it a try. It may hurt, but if things naturally die on their own then you'll have more closure and be able to get over it easier. If you leave things the way they are now, it may be easier for you to have the thought in your head that you never got to "actually see things end" but really we NEED to see those uncomfortable things to get over them. Give in a try. If it works, it works, if it doesn't then you'll experience some pain but you'll grow from it and be able to put it past you. As things are now, you'll hamper your own development and torture yourself mentally in the long term over the chapter of your life still left unfinished.

>> No.9960471

Bro, she's negging you. Learn to play the fucking game. You had to neg her back.

>> No.9960478

>tfw shoe size 45
>tfw gf is a 36
and every time i see my feet next to her i feel so bad. I'm happy to be goth and shit, but sometimes i wish i could be cute and sweet like she is y'know. Doesn't help i have very androgynous features due to some hormone imbalance (big hands,strong jaw,got asked if i was trans once or twice before).
Why must i suffer.
Thank god, being gawf makes it easier than if i was a dainty princessy sweet lolita but fuck

>> No.9960481
File: 324 KB, 1080x1069, 1520113180412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody here can know, honestly. You're an unreliable narrator. Don't take that personally, most of us are, because our perspectives skewer our stories. You obviously have negative self confidence (again, don't take personally, this isn't an insult) judging by how you immediately find her out of your league, think her messages are just being "polite" and are flabbergasted by her matching with you to show even a hint of mutual interest, There's no way to tell if her messages were actually disinterested, or just nice, because the only way we "know" this is because your mind has filtered them out as such and relayed it to us in that manner. If someone else took a look at the messages with a fresh perspective, they may say that she actually is showing decent interest.

In any case, just give it a shot. Don't be hard on yourself. If you have a lot in common, then just stick to that for now. Like someone else suggested, start small and ask her if she just wants to casually have lunch at some time at a Japanese restaurant. Keep it casual as lunch if you're actually looking for long term - if she is too then she most likely won't be in a rush for anything romantic but would want to build up an actual understanding of who you are before proceeding.

Don't put her on a pedestal either, which I can see you doing right now. It isn't good for either scenario. If you get together with her then the dynamic will be terrible as you worship the ground she stands on and eventually make her uncomfortable because she'd feel that she needs to try hard to meet the high expectations you have for her. If you don't get together with her, you'll torture yourself over imaging how amazing she is, how you'll never be able to be with someone as wonderful as her, and how you'll inevitably have to "settle" for someone less. Don't do that to yourself. Try to take time to relax a little, re-evaluate your emotions, take it slow. Email me if you want to vent out your thoughts a little more.

>> No.9960501

>I know this isn't /cgl/ related
>I know this isn't /cgl/ related
>I know this isn't /cgl/ related

>> No.9960504

To be fair, I'd much rather help someone who was up front about it and at least had a vaguely /cgl/ related post (weeb dating kinda comes with the territory of conventions) than someone who flat out just expects help with a completely unrelated post. There's tons of non-cgl related posts in these threads honestly, and he could have easily RP'd this post to say he met her at a con or she's a cosplayer or some dumb shit like that and easily have catered it to be "board specific" with just those lines. I respect the fact that he was up front about it.

>> No.9960516

>summer cons ended, next ones are end of october

anyone here want to just fall into a comma for the next few months? i cant imagine the thought of going through this meaningless existence

>> No.9960799
File: 17 KB, 222x227, 925362BE-9CBE-465C-9FCD-9952BB55C384.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Make post trying to find a photographer for a project I want to do
>Photographer who put a bigass watermark over my face in one shoot and never returned another shoot comments saying they want to do it

>> No.9960803

I am such a degenerate because this is such a fantasy for me because logically it’s fucked up, but damn...

>> No.9960808
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>tfw convinced my friend to buy his lolita gf a dress he didn't know she really wanted for her birthday

>> No.9960809

>There's tons of non-cgl related posts in these threads honestly,
that's the problem with these threads

>> No.9960821
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>mfw check a thirsty lolita's likes on her posts - she has 6400 followers supposedly
>mfw she only has 200 likes on each post


>> No.9960838


I mean that's what sexual fantasies are for right?

Like my fantasy would to be kidnapped and raped and all that fun stuff but IRL it would probably suck hardcore. Sexual fantasy is about acknowledging the fantasy portion of it. I don't think people are degenerates for that, it would be a degenerate thing to deny that anyone has that rather or to say that it should happen IRL.

>> No.9960841
File: 65 KB, 720x480, (G_P) Votoms (Remastered) 45(x264)(6FEE2B21).mkv_snapshot_21.26_[2016.04.26_00.45.53].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>grandmother dies
>can't go do full gym routine
>end up straining my bicep trying to compensate
>eat unhealthy food
>drink alcohol to excess with family
>end up less depressed than before all of this happened

>> No.9960886

>people putting down my art when I was younger scarred me
>older now, looking to start selling charms and stickers of my art
>realize that means I’ll have to actually show my art to people again
>not ready to put myself out there
>feels like I’m running out of time because I’m older

>> No.9960890

>happily orders a bunch of stuff from mercari through japonica for the first time
>sees the total
>okay this is fine
>gets the final invoice
>140 dollars in shipping and commission fees
REEEEEEE I had no clue it would be that expensive and they took so long to get back to me for an invoice that I paid all my bills first and am now literally 20 bucks short to finish my order.

I'm selling some stuff, and trying to do commissions but god damn I feel like a moron for not expecting this

>> No.9960908

What did you order?! My largest final invoice from Japonica has only ever been around $70.

>> No.9960910

congrats on growing up.

>> No.9960915

I ordered a dress, a cutsew, two shoes and a bunch of jewelry ugh. It was quiet literally 288 dollars worth of stuff but holy shit I was expecting it to be closer to 70-80 instead of 140! I should have looked at other SS rates and compared first, I just got too excited

>> No.9960922

You're not running out of time. Seriously, if this was about anything else I may have agreed but you always have time to improve your art and learn new things. Now I don't know what your art is actually like, it may or may not be amazing, but I suggest you show it to people first before you start attempting to sell it. Good luck, anon!

>> No.9960976

The great thing about art is, unlike modeling, it's not reliant on youth. You can be 40 while making good art. It's not tied to your age. You're selling art opposed to your look.

>> No.9960978

>I like looking at girly things. I just get what I think looks pretty.
Well, that's a start. Assuming you are actually willing to take advice, there's plenty of people out there who will help you. Ask questions in the makeup thread, browse YouTube tutorials, join Discords related to fashion, or join a group on FB. You can make an IG account, and follow people who you can determine have a good look. Inspiration from people who dress well is a valuable resource. Start small, and build yourself up.

We all start out clueless, and we all make mistakes. Some just take longer then others to 'learn'. It won't help you make friends in real life, but you can at least learn to dress in a way that you enjoy.

>> No.9960980

It is a brand scrunchie though. We can throw them some celebratory confetti if we can't give them a cake. You know that damn scrunchie, small as it is, makes them happy.

Your post cracked me up. I don't know why, but I died reading, "I would say congrats, but it's a scrunchie."

>> No.9960983

My girlfriend'd super sweet and I love her to pieces but she's really letting herself go and I hate that it's effecting my attraction to her and our intimacy and it makes me feel like a shallow asshole.

She's in frumpy mode with a sweatshirt and sweatpants, unwashed hair tied up and no makeup whenever we go out. Two or three times a year she instead spends four/five hours "dressing up," tweezing, makeup, straightening hair, juggling old outfits to find something that fits and ends up overdoing it.

The soft approach of inviting her with me to work out got nowhere because she hates exercise, and trying to eat well is a constant commitment but she just can't do it for more than a week.

When I talked about her with it and why I wasn't being as intimate with her, why I wasn't getting off in the once-a-month attempts where we finally had sex... I was honest while also giving it to her as sugar-coated as I could without lying, and it devastated her and blew up in my face. Now it's just kind of a taboo thing to even hint at.

I feel like she's incapable of change (or even remaining where she's at now) and she just keeps putting on more weight and I hate it. Part of me thinks she's just expecting me to give up on her so that I can move from the "boyfriend category" to the "asshole ex I can bitch about" category, and I hate that, too.

I hate that I can't save her from whatever this is she's going through and I hate that I can't take things back to the way they were in our first year of dating and I hate that it makes me feel like such a shallow asshole.

I hate it.

>> No.9960988

Maybe she's depressed.

That or she's just finding that she doesn't care to stay thin and look conventionally pretty anymore and only felt forced to in the past.

Ask her if your suspicions are correct about her waiting for you to look like an asshole ex.

If it's not something that you can help with like helping her get help with mental illness, then just break it off.

>> No.9960989

>I hate that I can't save her from whatever this is she's going through and I hate that I can't take things back to the way they were in our first year of dating and I hate that it makes me feel like such a shallow asshole.

Man, I so feel for you. I was in a similar position too.
It isn't shallow of you to feel this way, on the contrary you got to know her when she wasn't frumpy. I guess this is a bit of a reality check for you as the honeymoon period has worn off for you both and maybe this is what she's really like as a person?
There isn't anything you can do and you need to remember that without punishing yourself for it. If she's unable to communicate with you then she needs to realise the risk of you becoming resentful and that then souring the relationship, which could mean little chance of it working out desu

>> No.9960992

If you order from multiple different sellers it can rack up really quickly, since you get a discount on the commission if you get multiple things from one seller.

>> No.9960993

I'm happy for you anon, enjoy your trip!

>> No.9960994

Is she getting older? Sometimes ladies get self-conscious as they get older, and feel it isn't worth putting in effort. Alternatively, this could be a huge indicator of clinical depression if she generally put a lot of effort into her looks prior to 'letting herself go'. It very well could be that the days she spends doing a total overhaul are the days she isn't suffering depression.

One thing you could do is remind her that, even though she's getting older, she's still beautiful, and you both notice and enjoy when she puts effort into her appearance. You can also approach her to say that you're worried she's getting depressed, and ask if something revolving around her home or work life is getting her down then go from there. She may need a change of jobs, a break from her job, a different enviroment, or even therapy.

As someone who suffers from depression, and lost a long-term relationship partially for the same reason, I can't say you're shallow. Don't get me wrong, I'm feeling better these days, and I am putting effort into my appearance again. However, I can get why this may be an issue. It isn't your job to fix them. It isn't your responsibility to take care of whatever might be affecting them, but you can make the effort to try helping if you feel the effort is worthwhile.

>> No.9960999

>Is she getting older

No, she found the fountain of youth and hasn't aged a day since

>> No.9961003

Then she seriously might be depressed. I'd consider the advice I wrote regarding depression. For me, it was a variety of factors: situation going on with home life, a extremely sick, beloved family member, making ends meet with increasing utility and rental bills, and the fact I do suffer from a diagnosed illness prior to all this. The icing on the cake was when I lost my career due to an occupational illness. All of this led to me suffering from a deep depression, and I just completely let go of my appearance. (Important note: when I say 'home life', this was stuff that had nothing to do with my appearance. Again, I don't think my ex-b/f was shallow for cheating on me because my appearance went to shit in the end. While 'home life' involved the boyfriend, it was nothing to do with appearance.)

What helped me, although it took 2 years, was a change in living situation to a cheaper apartment, going back to school which filled up excess time in my day, provided a social outlet, while also fulfilling financial need, (in a strange way) the break-up which got me out of that situation unrelated to my appearance, and, finally, therapy. Prior, I was unable to afford the therapy sessions, but was finally able to access treatment about 6 months ago.

If it's depression, she can definitely bonce back, but it takes communication, introspection, change, and, often, therapy.

>> No.9961010

She may be depressed, but I don't know what can make her happy at this point. She wants a house and a dog and not to work, but I'm poor and she's in massive debt and between us we already have four cats, her two and my two.

Her mother and family all seem to hate me since I'm not the provider I should be to them, but my gf always sides with me instead of them. But maybe subconsciously just wants me to provide the house and life she needs?

Two years ago I think I would've taken a loan and tried to get a house and married her, but now all of those ideas make me anxious as hell. I dont love her less, though, at the same time. If that makes sense.

Feel like I'm waiting for her to have some sort of revelation and big change or something that probably will just never happen.

>> No.9961032

Well, if she is planning on having children, there is the issue that you would need to temporarily be a provider during the later stages of pregnancy and the first months of child rearing. If children are not something either of you are planning on then she may be upset that her career isn't leading to the financial gain she desired. The debt is likely a huge factor into her melancholic state; she cannot afford new clothing or makeup without stress, debt looms, and she can't enjoy anything that requires expense without feeling guilty. There are people who work with those in debt, and it may be worthwhile setting up an appointment to get her out of debt.

If you're sincerely waiting for a revelation or big change, it won't happen unless the two of you make it happen.

I've never been in debt, but it's true that lack of finances, on top of the following depression, partially affected me 'taking care of myself'. I felt uninspired since I couldn't go shopping, I couldn't buy anything I liked, and it was either 'pay this bill or buy that makeup I'm out of." Obviously, the bills won.

If you both work on a better career, and you convince her to seek professional help addressing debt then her depression may alleviate. It may still take therapy and debt counselors to gain a helping hand.

>> No.9961037

Also, adding to what I put in >>9961032 to clarify: it's important to remember that any woman who puts *that* much appearance into her fashion, makeup, and the ilk is doing so as a genuine hobby. The shopping, the looking at brand, and the application is enjoyable. It's the same as... a person who has a genuine love of gaming. When they are unable to afford or do these things, it's upsetting. It's not so simple as: well, it's just clothes. Their clothing and makeup is is someone else's reading material, movies, favorite show, or outdoor activity so to speak. To be unable to do so due to guilt related to debt or finances is to have that hobby ripped away. It doesn't cause depression, but it's a contributor.

That's a better description of what I was trying to explain in that third line break.

>> No.9961038

That much effort into her appearance, etc.* Whoops.

>> No.9961055
File: 64 KB, 701x610, nomoretrukids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I worry that I'm only still going to cons because it allows me to get attention and be surrounded by cute girls. I've lost my love for the craft.

>> No.9961059

Packing for otakon and Im starting to realize how much space Im taking up.
Two backpacks, a large make up case, a large suitcase, a large winter coat, plus props....
I'm only bringing 4 relatively simple cosplays.

>> No.9961060
File: 152 KB, 1080x780, 3ca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order important bit for my cosplay
>placed order in June
>con is at the end of august
>seller is ignoring my messages

I'm having the very bad feeling that its not gonna come in time....

>> No.9961109

dipshit if someone said I looked 6 years younger than I am I would totally take that as her wanting to fuck

>> No.9961114
File: 60 KB, 1024x1004, 1531320611146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>best gullfriend has gone off the grid for the past 2 months
>hasn't replied to any emails
>hope she reads this thread, sees this post and gets in touch
I hope you're alright M and getting the help you need. I miss ya

>> No.9961190

That's really good to know for future reference thank you so much

>> No.9961203

I feel like I can't get rest for my soul unless I defeat one girl on Instagram in followers. Right now she's 2k ahead of me but as I keep gaining followers she does too. Is it impossible?

Or should I just kms because I'm an idiot who thinks followers matter.

>> No.9961239
File: 16 KB, 267x200, firmly feel it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gothic lolita gf

Hamilton is such a shit city

>> No.9961265
File: 1003 KB, 674x833, Pls dont.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw too poor to buy a lolita gf.

>> No.9961326
File: 220 KB, 1080x1920, 21273676_10213971775990245_8543559917378830791_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanna go to Dragon Con but I hear it's crowded as fuck and full of normies.

Should I just wait for AWA?

Or go to Dragon and risk getting killed by a chair? Pic related.

>> No.9961333

tfw binge/purge cycles getting worse and worse
last week i averaged about 3.5k cals a day and this week i haven't had more than 800 a day

>> No.9961371

What taht?

>> No.9961435

I rarely see any lolita coords that i like anymore. Everything looks like a disaster to me.

>> No.9961463

Not healthy to idealize another person. Don't blind yourself to a potential partner's flaws.

>> No.9961507

> Be sad fatty Chan
> Decide to finally lose the weight
> 1 year and almost 100 lbs later
> Finally not obese anymore
> Not even an overweight bmi
> Smaller then I was in highschool
> Able to buy brand and other cute clothes
> And yet I still feel fat

I've never been this thin and yet I still feel like I'm too chubby and not skinny enough. I have alot of stubborn fat on my thighs and it drives me crazy. I get worried that I'm getting dismorphic. I'm wearing my dream dresses and yet the girl I see in the mirror is still a tubby moo cow...

>> No.9961510

While I do like some of the new coords I see, mostly because I've taken the time to follow people whose style I enjoy, I do relate to this.
What do you like, anon? If no one wears the style you prefer, you can always go back and look at inspiration from a few years back.

>> No.9961513

Typical guy thinking. Women don't approach all guys as sexual partners or some other weird reasons like guys do

>> No.9961518

I've been waiting to hear back from a job for several days. I've been telling myself that if I get the job I can buy a stuffed animal AP purse (something I usually would never buy because it's expensive and kind of useless).

It's making me sad because they were supposed to get back to me by today. I went through a 3.5 hour interview for basically a state minimum wage job in my field. I can't stop myself from wavering between anger and indifference because the interviewers said I had performed the best out of all the candidates so far, yet they also tried to haggle about hours and days with me that weren't on the job listing and were previously assured I wouldn't work.

All I want is to avoid the hell hole of retail that I always seem banished too, despite my 1.75 college degrees and high recognition and scores. I just want to create a small fund for this fashion so I can keep growing and enjoying life. I just want this stupid AP bag. Please give me a break just this once, world.

I waited this long to post just because I'm ashamed anyone might read this and just tell me how stupid I am.

>> No.9961519

You'll always feel that way. A large portion of people who used to be obese do because the body is conditioning you to be afraid of being unhealthily fat again.

>> No.9961521

Tfw finally employed, waited three weeks to get paycheck, but paycheck was only from the first two weeks of work.

gdi this no-buy thing have gone on too long - I haven't bought lolita in months.

Btw, anyone getting Bodyline ads everywhere? They're getting hilarious showing up with normie clothing store stock images, but frustrating that Yan bought ads yet haven't bothered stocking shoes


Oh man. I've always wanted to make and sell soaps with little trinkets (like Pokemon figures) inside to encourage con goers to shower, but I suspected that they won't anyway.

>> No.9961524

You have put it out into the universe. You’re going to get that job and your going to get that god damn AP purse!!!

>> No.9961525

Yeah... Your girlfriend sounds like she wants a lot of things and doesn't want to work for them. She wants a house and not to work. Um ok it isn't the 50s and she's not bearing half a dozen of your kids in place of a job. Her family sounds old fashioned. Can you imagine some girl posting about how she feels she needs to provide a house for her boyfriend that doesn't want to work? He'd immediately get called a deadbeat. Women traditionally were homemakers because they were busy with house hold chores, raising kids, and frankly looking good for the hubby. People used to have a lot more kids and fewer modern conveniences, making that a full time job. She's not even doing the looking good part either. What's the point then?
She may be depressed if she wasnt always like this. What's her plan for having the house and no job? Does she have any dreams?
If she doesn't have dreams and isn't depressed she is probably just going to get worse, at least that's my experience with these types. What is her debt from?

>> No.9961527


That would be the top of that girls bleeding head that got hit from a fucktard throwing a chair off the 17th floor of the hotel railing. People where amazed she didn’t die.

>> No.9961528

From a guys perspective it doesn't make a huge amount of sense for why else she would approach me. I wasn't in cosplay, I was looking at anything in particular. She just came up to me and started talking.

Surely if she just wanted a friend, another girl would be way better. If I was looking for a friend at a con, my first bet would be with other guys first. Don't get me wrong, it was fun to hang out with her and she was flirtatious. I was just conflicted that she may have wanted to rape somebody.

>> No.9961530

Thanks, anon. Your words help wonders in this painful waiting game.

>> No.9961531
File: 51 KB, 444x399, 1531011712489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any grills here wanna explain the thought process behind this? Not questioning her judgement but just wondering how a woman reaches a decision to keep a baby from some thing like this. I can understand someome wanting a baby bad enough try an unprotected fling but to keep a baby reulting from something like this? Is it a by-product of her religious upbringing or just something she decided after finding out she was pregnant?

>> No.9961533


We believe in you. When you get that purse, post it here and show us how little you can fit in it. Stupid thing can’t even hold my car keys in it if I put my phone and wallet in there’s but I still love it lol. You’ll get yours soon!!

>> No.9961539


Yeah so as a lady I can confirm that I have mind reading abilities for all the women of the world and in this case she decided to keep her baby because in the event of an apocalypse babies are good food as they cannot run and turn to mothers as a source of comfort.

Anyways, good luck interacting with humans since you believe half of them have hive mind opinions about certain things.

>> No.9961542

I'm thinking the woman who wanted to get fucked unprotected by a bunch of random guys she couldn't see may have poor decision making skills and be willing to do dumb things to fulfill fantasies she has.

>> No.9961543

t. I hate men

A more reasonable explanation is that she didn't know she was pregnant until a little while in and then by the time she had to make the decision to abort, maternal hormones had already kicked in.

>> No.9961545


nah i just hate people who assume that a rando can speak for another person. You research enough to guess what the other person may feel, not ask a filipino laundering board what they feel because who the fuck knows I made myself sterile for five years.

>> No.9961546

They weren't assuming. They wanted to know if another girl could shed some insight since this is a somewhat common theme amongst women to keep a child despite the father being out the picture and it being against the best self-interest of the person.

You can research biologically explanations but that won't tell you the feelings and emotions behind the decision.

>> No.9961549

>Assume what a woman was thinking as a man.

How dare you! You arent a woman! You dont understand! My body my rules, reeeeeeeee!

>Ask another one to help you understand.

How dare you! Stop generalizing!

Men - we dont know what we did - The Movie.

>> No.9961551

I'm going to contact the job Monday and hopefully I get a positive answer. If the purse hasn't sold by then, I'll snatch it up. So, fingers crossed. It's so hard to wait. It feels like ages. I'll post it here for you if it happens. Pray to the jfashion gods for me.

>> No.9961556

Why would you ask random other women what one specific one thinks?

>> No.9961564

>She's in frumpy mode with a sweatshirt and sweatpants, unwashed hair tied up and no makeup whenever we go out. Two or three times a year she instead spends four/five hours "dressing up," tweezing, makeup, straightening hair, juggling old outfits to find something that fits and ends up overdoing it.

Not to be rude, but why would you like her to dress up and wear makeup, if you're gonna see her all unpoloished when you get home. Anyways you know what does she look like without all of that gaud.

>> No.9961565


Which purse btw you looking at?

>> No.9961582

Nothing personal, but I don't want to give away the exact purse here in case someone feels smug and buys it for the hell of it because that would ruin my week further.

It's just one of those cute stuffed animal AP bags that has next to no space in it, that I swore I'd never buy, but have secretly always wanted one of. I'm not even sure how popular this one is, but it's the perfect colors for my whole wardrobe.

>> No.9961591
File: 12 KB, 185x82, ohgosh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Lost over 50lbs
>More than 20cm off my waist
>still chub but most of it in thighs and hips so not a big deal
>can now squeeze into some burando
>Him: "I got you an early birthday present. I'll give you a hint. Two words. First word starts with H. Second starts with L."
>he always jokes about getting me horse/dragon dildos
>Me: "Horse...Lubricant?"
>Him: "Uh. It's lolita related."
>Me: "..."
>Me: "Holy Lantern?"
>Him: "Yup."
>burst into treats
How did I get so lucky, gulls?

>> No.9961596


>burst into treats

Fitting, because HL is a halloween print lmao.

I'm so happy for you though, it must be such a nice surprise.

>> No.9961598

so many holy lanterns around, horse lubricant would be so much more original

>> No.9961600

>tfw no lolita gf to buy dresses for and make happy


>> No.9961607
File: 1.38 MB, 1217x1507, 20180805_020155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 18 and dumb
>be a casual cosplayer
>take ldr boyfriend (at the time) to his first big convention
>he knows i make cosplay
>we want to try wearing couple cosplay at this con for a day or two
>video game con, so we decide on game characters
>my choice is Automata's 2B and Adam
>eh, i can buy 2B's costume and closet cosplay Adam's; it's whatever
>his choice: Dark Souls. specifically the DS3 dlc, as Slave Knight Gael and the painter girl.
>have never made armor or weapon props before
>don't know the first thing about EVA, Worbla, whathaveyou
>never handled a wig longer than my natural shoulder length
>am a completely casual and for-fun cosplayer who only really does alterations to thrift store finds
>"anon, the sword is probably the one piece that could tie that costume together. you gotta make it!"
>anime sigh
>"alright bf-kun, i'll do my best."
>purchase/modify Automata costumes, get the clothes done within the week
>still have to make 2B's katana
>put it off like a smart person
>get started on armor for Gael
>mess up a big piece at least 2 times
>ends up taking three weeks of working at least 5 hours a day on this one costume
>endlessly frustrated
>want to give up
>little sister gets hyped for con
>she'll join us as 9S and Sister Friede for a small group cosplay
>she handles her own costumes and says "just focus on making yours amazing"
>her enthusiam helps motivate me
>the armor is complete
>looks great!
>spoiler: no it doesn't.
>it's painted foam on shaped cardboard. looks like an amateur job.
>give up improving armor and move on to weapon making
>decide to use wood
>dad helps bring out his machinery so i can carve and shape weapons
>goes very smoothly
>great, even!
>make 2B and 9S's katanas and Gael's greatsword
>they geniunely look pretty good - but especially the greatsword
>sister gets her costumes all done and everything looks good when tested
>things are looking up


>> No.9961608 [DELETED] 

Going to go with other anon and I think you need to get checked and see if you have BPD. What you just said is the classic "woe is me" BPD statement I swear I've heard over and over.

The problem is clearly you and I'm sure you don't want to hear that. You told us nothing of what happens after the initial fake "kindness" (read: they're just being friendly social people, not necessarily your friends). You're not picking up some kind of social queue here and you're ~woefully~ brushing it off on others with your last cringe-worthy statement.

>> No.9961610

Going to go with other anon and I think you need to get checked and see if you have BPD. What you just said is the classic "woe is me" BPD statement I swear I've heard over and over.

The problem is clearly you and I'm sure you don't want to hear that. You told us nothing of what happens after the initial fake "kindness" (read: they're just being friendly social people, not necessarily your friends). You're not picking up some kind of social queue here.

>> No.9961611

Is he good looking for his age? He's clearly doing something highly fucking illegal.

>> No.9961613

I would harass this man with feminine energy until he jumps into an electric chair. You should, too.

>> No.9961616
File: 311 KB, 540x638, 20180805_020616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at the convention:
>Automata costumes are popular of course
>sister has great fun and looks like bf is enjoying himself
>maybe tomorrow's DS costumes will be good too
>go to con next day with bf decked out in armor and sword, sister in an awesome outfit and scythe, and me with... a paintbrush
>people who recognize us nearly flip
>feel happy at least it looks like something someone can discern
>a DS3 Firekeeper cosplayer stops us and wants our photos
>she says we all look great
>notice armor is flaking and falling but it holds out through our amatuer photoshoot
>have a fantastic day regardless. have a wonderful con weekend.
>bf takes his plane home
>slowly put away all the costumes
>box up the clothes and stow the swords in the corner of the garage
>wonder if i'll ever use them again

>bf and i have a messy, horrible break up
>long story short, it ends with me being professionally diagnosed with depression after i already suspected it for years
>parents just didn't believe me until after i did something incredibly stupid
>blah blah sob story

>seven months later
>end up getting a job at my favorite local retro game store
>manager's favorite series is Dark Souls
>mention i cosplayed it once. show photos.
>he turns ecstatic and we bond a little bit over the series
>ask if he wants to see a sword from the costume
>he says if i bring it in, he can put it up on display
>there's other trinkets that local artists make and sell there
>i say i just want to give it to the store - no payment or anything
>he's reluctant, wants to have at least some kind of favor, but says alright
>dig out sword from the garage
>look at it a while
>feel sad looking at them, thinking about who i made it for
>question if i want to really give it away
>it's one of the best props i've made and i'm honestly very proud anyway
>say fuck it


>> No.9961619
File: 146 KB, 399x360, 20180805_023344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>bring both katanas and greatsword to work the next day
>manager gives me a big smile
>and slides me a copy of a game i was talking about getting earlier in the week with a gift reciept
>he puts a finger to his lips
>wtf i love my boss now
>puts them up as soon as he has the time
>i go on break
>i see him talking to a customer about the swords then points to me when he spots me
>wave at customer and manager
>a little embarrassed, but feeling a little proud too
>realize its the first time i felt glad about showing those props to anyone in a while
>also realize ever since stowing those costumes and props away, i've grown as a cosplayer with new skills, and as a better person from a rough time
>have to see the swords everyday at work now
>don't feel reminded of bittersweet times
>able to move on
>able to become happier

kind of a really disinteresting story of cosplay feels - but they're my feels and goddammit, i will have them. i haven't really told anyone else this, but its been something that i noticed as time has passed and i'm really proud of achieving after what felt like a forever since getting back on my feet. thank you for reading.

>> No.9961626

Happy for you desu. I don't think I would have ever been able to part with something like that.

>> No.9961630
File: 1.12 MB, 1937x2689, TOONTIXWHENLA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>eating dnp now, as well as 4x more thyroid pills than you should, and oral anabolics
>currently getting burned alive and eating only 1000 cals a day
>but its ok since im on holidays the next 8 days

I'm at 5500 calories burned a day, if I finally drop to 8% bodyfat will I finally get a boyfriend?

>> No.9961637

Please stop. As a guy who uses steroids and cutting agents. What you're doing is textbook article headline material that I see all the time.

>Retarded girl found dead in ice bath - takes 2g of 'skinny pill' and cooked her insides

The only people who ever die from DNP are always girls who want to be as skinny as soon as possible and think 'just a bit more won't hurt, I hardly even feel hot' without realising that DNP takes time to build up to saturation in your system or don't realise DNP comes in two forms and depending on which form you get, if you dose it wrong by just a few mg means you will die. Also girls should be acutely aware of getting cataracts since it only ever appeared in females who were exposed to it.

Also girls should be a bit soft and squishy; 8% is far too low for a girl, it's also unhealthy. That's coming from a guy who likes really small thin girls, I still like them to be soft and not bony. You should look at your frame and see what body type fits you. It pains me to see girls with frames and body shapes which just aren't meant to be thin. Their ribs jut out, their skin looks taut and damaged, their faces are ridiculously gaunt and they're very vascular for a girl. It's unhealthy and looks bad.

tl;dr don't kill yourself, don't get cataracts and please stay squish

>> No.9961638

Yeah, I always wanted the Black x Silver JSK, but it never got rereleased in all the MTOs. Saw on LM not too long ago, but it got snagged. As soon as I saw the new green colourway, I lusted hard. I love forest green/teal. It's his favourite colour too. Mentioned I liked it in a comment on facebook and I guess he noticed. What a champ.


There are so many gulls here desperate for a sugar daddy tho

>> No.9961639

im not a girl, also taking 400mg dnp a day, not 1000 which is guaranteed death for a lot of people.

>> No.9961640

Oh well then. Kill yourself faggot

>> No.9961645

look at the angry incel, having wasted his time on what he thought was a girl, LOL

>> No.9961647

Kill yourself faggot

>> No.9961650


There's something really off about the way you describe your preferences. Like everyone is allowed to have them but something about the way you convey it is especially creepy.

>> No.9961652

hes a gymcel incel cross boarder, ignore him.

>> No.9961655

nayrt, but I don't see anything wrong with it. guy seems to just be honest and actually gave reasonable advice.

>> No.9961660
File: 150 KB, 710x403, Screenshot_2018-05-27-04-22-35(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just found and bought my dream dress! I'm so giddy and happy I could squeak around all day!

>> No.9961664

>As soon as I saw the new green colourway, I lusted hard. I love forest green/teal. It's his favourite colour too

It's replica, man. Look it up, teal Holy Lantern was never a thing.

>> No.9961672

It wasn't an official colorway but now it is.

>> No.9961673

Oh, wait, I just realized that unless anon's bf went through the trouble of finding an in-store ss during the grand bazaar sales to get one of the special new colorways, that most likely is a replica. My bad, you're probably right, anon.

>> No.9961675

AP USA store. He's not that savvy.

>> No.9961676

Huh. I had no idea the new colors were available at AP USA, I thought they were exclusive to AP Tokyo.

>> No.9961683

I would be extremely disappointed in him if he got me a replica. But thankfully, he knows better than that.

>> No.9961685

I was gonna suggest you give it a try since I personally am on a LDR that's been lasting for 7 years but if he makes no effort towards you, it would never work. I'm sorry to hear he didn't contribute to the relationship and even tho family can be ignored, it makes it harder/hurtful anyway if his family hates you and blames you of stuff that isn't even your fault.
It's gonna be shit for a while since you still like him but I hope you can sort things out and remain friendly even after he leaves, just don't seek/let him try to pull you into a relationship with him again (been there).
All the best for you

>> No.9961704

>Tfw finally employed, waited three weeks to get paycheck, but paycheck was only from the first two weeks of work.
Isn't this how basically every job works? Pay period is two weeks, check usually takes another week to come in.

>> No.9961729
File: 119 KB, 1224x689, 23550998_1585260081540447_8432508633131029422_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitches be like that.

>> No.9961773


Love to check out these female-/r9k/ threads from time to time, when I got nothing else to do with my popcorn.

>> No.9961805

Jokes on you. This thread has always had incels and r9k crossboarders. You only need to read up to see it’s male dominated.

>> No.9961812

who hurt you

>> No.9961819

Tried to organize a meet but only one girl marked going. Convinced myself that a two person meet with a girl I didnt know could still be fun. Then on the day of the meet she posted she was bringing her dad, leading me to believe she was a minor; I’m 26. I felt bad canceling, but was so nervous about how things would go. But surprise, it was awkward but still fun and not too painful! And I realized I am nowhere near as socially awkward as I used to be; I managed to hold my own in a situation that in the past I’d have had a breakdown during .

>> No.9961821

Nothing that's just your average college educated white girl opinion. Actually scratch white from the record.

>> No.9961823

>not wanting to cuck her by getting her dad drunk and fucking him in front of her
Prude af

>> No.9961867
File: 40 KB, 510x391, C941A8D4-BBC8-4567-B002-E833BB33AFB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9962017

Grats!! May I ask which dress it is?
I will be picking up my ultimate dream dress from the post office in 2 days and I'm beyond excited

>> No.9962020

I'll take one for the team anon

>> No.9962026

Calm down thot.

>> No.9962056
File: 69 KB, 322x340, gatsu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to be berserk man

>> No.9962073

Don't worry, we can still cosplay as Schierke :^)

>> No.9962080

You could craft your cosplay and sword as young guts. You might be raped in the ass by Donovan but it could work.

>> No.9962129
File: 286 KB, 599x427, kantaicrack.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitches be like that.

>> No.9962141

Can I have them??

>> No.9962145
File: 640 KB, 2048x1152, 20180805_220033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do it pussy

>> No.9962190

not op but it's putting in a little effort, and it's nice to look good and feel good. if you're wearing sweatpants outside the house and such when you didn't used to you're probably feeling a little low and self-conscious, it's not about what she "really looks like", i don't think. it's about how she feels about herself.

>> No.9962199

I was in your gfs position at one point because of depression. It's likely the reason she's so willing to put on weight is because she's depressed, but I wouldn't know.
It's a taboo subject nowadays but I think you should talk to her, it will be hard for her at first, but it's really important she takes care of herself., ask to go on short walks, make her smaller dinners. I understand why you feel like the asshole in this position but you're not. You are worried about her, and even if you feel like it's shallow, it's really sad watching someone go down like that.
I wish you the best, but you're really in a shitty situation.

>> No.9962204

>Rose toilet
I'm dying

I know it's hard, I'm in the same position. I know this is a temporary message and won't make you feel better long term. But good for you, being able to wear the clothes you love finally, working hard to be where you are, you accomplished something that not everyone can, and you should be really proud of yourself for that achievement. You're obviously not tubby anymore, and you might not believe that. But you should always be proud of what you've done for yourself.
I've never gotten a job for any reason beyond buying more clothes. It's kinda sad, but any reason to get working is worth it imo. I hope you can get out of retail hell and get your purse (I'm currently saving for usakumya, even though I swore myself out of buying useless pochette bags. which one do you plan on buying?)

>> No.9962213

Aaaahhhh!!!!! YES!!! Ive been away from home all freakin day and I come home to see a huge box for me in the mailroom. And what is it!? My very first BTSSB Bunny bag!!! Fuck I’m happy. Her burgundy bows are going to match perfectly with my first coord. Ahah!! So happy. So happy!!! Shouldn’t be this happy over a stuffed plush as im a grown ass women. But I can’t help it. Feel the joy, Gulls. Feel it!!!

>> No.9962216

It's an usakumya you uneducated fuck

>> No.9962217

Oh. Uh...Still happy!!! Yeah!! Usakumya!!!

>> No.9962223


God this board makes me laugh so unironically. I love it.

>I’m new! Excitement!
>Fuuuuuuuuck yooooou

I hope one anon is in sweet coord and the others a classic one.

>> No.9962224

I can't wait to get mine as well, gotta wait a while for a couple more paychecks. I'm happy for you!

>> No.9962225

Anon did you know usakumya is actually a bear? And did you know that you can take off the bunny hood? You’re mind is about to be blown.

>> No.9962226

>HER burgundy bows
jesus christ i fucking hate newfags

>> No.9962229

We all must learn. It’s ok. Don’t piss your petticoats.

>> No.9962232

Holy shit. I don’t have the right words to describe the joy I feel right now. This is what King Auther must have felt like when he found the Holy Grail.

>> No.9962234

Wait. usakumyas a boy? I didn’t know that and I’ve been doing this for about two years now. Interesting.

>> No.9962236

Your bf a chad.

>> No.9962251

>King Auther
Please pick up a book sometime, you sound uneducated.

>> No.9962275

Hey anon. Thank you. I'm currently sweating over tomorrow because I'm sending the company an email to find out what is going on. So the next 48 hours could be great or suck a lot.

I took a break from retail because it made me extremely depressed. The way customers treat retail employees is horrid and I never enjoyed holidays because it was crunch time and I was always left exhausted. I haven't worked in awhile but I'm ready to again, just not retail.

As I told another anon, I don't want to state the exact purse because I know there's thirsty gulls out there looking to flex by buying up other's wishlist items. All I can say is this particular purse matches my favorite colorways. If I get the job and the purse isn't sold out, I'll definitely post it here to wish others goodluck.

>> No.9962384
File: 2.70 MB, 4032x3024, D90393AB-3F3E-4030-A296-7D9C4022E51A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know what company I'm supposed to contact in order to purchase firebricks that can withstand 3000F and such grade? I'm trying to finish assembling my furnace and such after I manage to restore this anvil I picked up in CO later this month.

I have everything I need, barrel for frame, assembled hose feeder for gas, and assorted tools and enough scrap metal to build a house. I just for the life of me can't find or remember the specific company or video where the guy explains where to get his. It's starting to get late into 2018 and I'm worried I won't hit my 2020 deadline for my armor /diy/. Secondly, has anyone gone through the practice of actually smelting steel out of iron? Every time I try to find references I just see nerds heating up and reshaping steel rebars and what not.

>> No.9962389

What are you more into? Anime or western stuff? I always go to AWA because I am much more into anime.

>> No.9962391

I've cosplayed to Halloween parties before. It just resulted in every other drunk normie thinking I'm Sailor Moon because sailor uniform. I'm totally doing the same thing as you though! I've been sewing cosplays to get good enough to feel comfortable sewing lolita! I wear them to cons too though because I like cons.

>> No.9962436

>tfw the multiple people in my life who criticize my emotional unavailability and low self worth are the same people who caused and contributed to those traits

>> No.9962439

>implying you aren't just attributing the blame for your faults onto people who are intolerant to your behavior to cope with the fact that they were right, and avoid the responsability of being a better person.

>> No.9962442

so i discovered today my internet provider has blocked 4chan, imgur, myfigurecollection and who knows what else. i can live without this shitty hell but not mfc. i’m fucking pissed. i disconnected from my WiFi and unfortunately was able to get back on here to complain

>> No.9962446

What sort of ISP do you have that denies you services that you pay for?

>> No.9962504

I work in retail now, as well. The coworkers are the problem, not the customers. They're all very gossipy and vocal about hating their jobs. I haven't worked over holiday season in a while though, I'm not really ready to, but i'm probably going to have to.
I hope you get the job, but of course, if you don't, keep trying and I'm sure it will work out. Good luck on the bag too. I specifically don't post in DD threads so I don't get flexed on.

>> No.9962664

I’m checking this board now to see if jobanon got the job...

>> No.9962677

My coworkers and management were fine in retail because we all knew how crappy of a situation we were in. I hope you don't work over the holidays. I got to the point where ads that mentioned fun weekend events made me cry because the weekends were the most stressful time for me and I felt so alienated from the 'normal' working class.

I emailed them. No answer. Tomorrow I call. I'm so sad right now. The company is super small. I literally talked to the manager and the owner of the entire business. The day I sent my resume in I got a call 2 hours later. That's why this lack of communication now makes me so upset.

Which job anon? There's several on this board. Myself included.

>> No.9962691

Oh? I meant the one who will buy the bag if she gets the job. What job are you waiting on?

>> No.9962796

>meet cool new person at meet or con
>really click and feel like we can be good friends
>add them on fb or insta
>see "im non-binary, boi, they/them/he pronouns, im a boyyy"
> automatically chuck them into the forever acquaintances category, and know I can never be close or my real self with them.

This seriously happens more often than not with the lolita comm. I think like 75% of the time. I just want to talk and hang out with some non snowflakey sjw mature people, maybe open up about a moderate centrist opinion once in a while without being scared of being called transphobic or a nazi and having a hate bregade against me.

>> No.9962840

That's me. I didn't hear anything today and there was no response to my email. I'll call tomorrow, but I feel shameful. They were so good at communicating but now they are ghosting me.

>> No.9965434

i can't go to really big cons because i have had severe anxiety and panic attacks in crowds since i was young. i've come a long way but i'm still in a perpetual state of borderline mental breakdown if i go to a very crowded place, so long story short, i can't do big cons. just not worth it for me. problem is, the only cons my friends go to consistently are the big ones. if we plan to go to a small one everyone inevitably backs out every. single. time. this time i put together three new cosplays and they all backed out the week before. i'm still salty about it but trying to move past it.

>> No.9965510

Have the exact same problem, I know so many people that I can basically never act myself around I've met at cons, I know like one person who doesn't act like that I've met at cons, but I completely understand.

>> No.9965862

Chess chocolate OP
Did yours arrive?

>> No.9966360

what color was the pee?

>> No.9966480

White and it came in spurts.

>> No.9966632

Vamplettes is that you

>> No.9966834
File: 25 KB, 480x320, 1506234105806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Bitches be like that.

>> No.9967022

I call my fat bastard or failed abortion.

>> No.9967024

I forgot say cat, DAMN IT.

>> No.9968957


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