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dating in lolita? would any of you date someone who wears lolita, or alternatively how does your s/o feel about you wearing lolita?

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Most men I've dated find it fascinating and have been overall accepting of it.

My last relationship: He was as normie as they come. Ex military, handy man, mechanic, not into video games or anime, brooding manly type. He really liked it. He found it interesting and talked about getting a suit to accompany me while dressed up. It was really sweet actually.

Move on from anyone who gives you shit about Lolita. There are SO MANY more people out there.

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He likes it

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the idea of dating someone who wears lolita appeals to my dick but since I've known a couple of you autists, I would say no.

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I currently have two partners: one loves it when I wear lolita and he helps me pick out new dresses to buy; the other is indifferent but he thinks I’m cute when I wear it. I’m pretty content.

My most recent ex was also indifferent.

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My bf isnt crazy about it, but he doesnt care. He says I still look cute in it and he will be seen with me while I am wearing it. He just doesnt get it, but hes pretty worried about looking normal at all times.

he hates being stared at, and I understand that. He only gave me a little shit for it in the beginning but I shut him down everytime and I guess he got over it.

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Mine have been fine with it, both my ex-boyfriends bought lolita items for me while we were dating.

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My last bf was pretty accepting and supportive of me wearing lolita, complimented my coords and we were talking about getting him to try some toned-down ouji, but sadly it ended before we got to that.

I'd be absolutely down to date a lolita, but honestly would prefer if they wore a style different from mine (or ouji). AFAIK it's common for couples to share wardrobes and I would 100% not be comfortable sharing mine or someone's lolita wardrobe, the fear of ruining someone's expensive brand or someone ruining mine would stress me the fuck out and I'd hate to be like "babe I love you but get your hands off my frills please"

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All I want is a lolita wife to twin with. I've had a mix of SOs who liked it and one who hated it, and the latter turned out to be a gaslighting fuckface so go figure.

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>normie dragfag reaction image
Literally why

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Well yeah frills and stuff are super hot.
But if they're as stuck up as they have a reputation for being on here then probably not.
I'd probably prefer somebody who just likes the style of clothing rather than somebody who's into the culture.

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Tfw no lolita gf

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>frills and stuff are super hot
We're not stuck up anon-kun, you're just a creep.

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initially I might've, but after seeing all the collateral lolita posters in my cosplay topics, I pretty much never want to be in the vicinity of one.

Must be a reason why normies dump you so quickly

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I'm a creep for being into frilly lingerie?
Seems like a pretty normal fetish to me.

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My s/o loves it. He thinks it's feminine and cute and that it's actually better than most normie fashion (which is cheap look- and quality wise and unoriginal). I'm very lucky to have found him though, I think that apart from alternative-fags most men in my country are casualfags who want to blend in and wouldn't be comfortable with a girl who dresses too flashy.

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>op talking about lolita
>hurr lingerie
Are you retarded?

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>I'm a creep for being into frilly lingerie?
>Not seeing the difference between frilly lingerie and clothes.
If you fetishize our entire lifestyle you can keep considering us stuck up and gtfo, nobody wants your creepy ass.

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>tfw no ouji accessory bf

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I really want a lolita gf, I dream of having one so we can share our dresses and plan outfits together. One day.

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i know it’s impossible but i wish i had a lolita gf, we could have so much fun coording together ;-;

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>tfw also want a lolita gf
>parents would probably disown me if I came out as bi/lesbian

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My bf is ok with it, he does was a little weirded out at first but now he’s learnt the basics and we can have decent conversations about releases and stuff. He said he likes me being happy and that I’m itself make me happy.

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My boyfriend went to a tea party with me. He was happy to wear his suit and was super respectful the whole time. He's too good to me. <3

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an ex gf got me into this wonderful community

my only complaint will ever be how bad the drama can get which is part of any community imo

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I've only ever had one bf and an element of our relationship I really like is that he isn't into Lolita. He's not hostile or against me doing it; he rolls his eyes everytime he drives me to a tea party. But I like that he's not into it because I've heard so many creepy stories about guys who like it a little too much in the wrong way. My bf will even buy me dresses for birthdays if I literally send him the link. What is "cute" though is over time he has gained a sense of what my Lolita style is. So if I send him a link where there are multiple colorways to choose from, I don't need to tell him which one to get.

Another thing that's funny is he's disinterested in dressing up. Until he notices a fancy dandy or kodona at the tea party drop off / pick up spot. Then he mutters "that guy looked kinda cool maybe i should get a waist coat or something i don't know~"

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Sounds like he genuinely cares not because he likes (or, you know, doesn't like) lolita but because he loves and cares about you, which is honestly ideal. I'm happy for you, anon!

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My boyfriend loves my lolita; the first time he saw me was in a coord and he still loves seeing my outfits. He helps me pick things to shop (and will even gift me something from time to time), and loves to dress nicely to match. I’m in a super happy spot emotionally and with my wardrobe, and i only wish the same on other gulls! There are men out there who love you in it and love you being unique! And not as a fetish thing. Just a genuine enjoyment.

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in my last relationship, he tolerated it but i never felt comfortable enough to wear it in public around him. he was extremely normie and had a normie taste in fashion. for holidays he always bought me clothes he liked that i hated, like leggings and bodycon black dresses. i never felt comfortable dressing up around him.

however i just started dating a really wonderful guy who is constantly asking questions and eager to learn more about the fashion. he’s pretty normie too but has nerdy interests like movies and tv shows. i haven’t worn lolita around him yet but in the future i think i would be comfortable wearing a casual coordinate on a date, we’ll see.

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It has been clear before I dated anyone I wear lolita a lot. I can't imagine dating someone who wasn't okay with it but I generally feel like complaining about so's hobbies is wrong if they do no harm and especially if it's known before hand.

However, both of my ex's shared a similar approach to lolita. They said they loved it and adored it a lot but often hinted "I don't have to dress up". And I absolutely hated it. I have been wearing it for years everytime I have a change to do so not because I have to - I enjoy it. No matter how much time I would spend with their hobbies the hour it took me to get ready to go would be too much and it never occurred to them they could inform me about going somewhere an hour before. And lolita or not I don't want to leave in my sweatpants but somehow it's always the fault of lolita. Generally, I feel like my exes didn't see lolita as a hobby but neither as normal clothes but some princess costume and never treated it like my hobby or normal clothing. My style has never been ott and again, I wear lolita daily if I can.

My current bf understands lolita better and I feel it's because he is into anime and other Japanese popular culture so it's not so strange and weird to him. He understands it both as my hobby and daily clothing and I appreciate it. He isn't into it himself but I think it's nice our interests are kinda mutual and not totally opposites but still a bit different. Still, I could see myself dating someone who was into lolita if we had other strong interests aswell.

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Thank you. :)

Also, I find that asking one or two coord questions to someone who isn't emotionally invested in the hobby helps.
I often ask him to tell me, from a color blocking perspective, which otks i should wear. Again he'll roll his eyes and say something objective like; "there's a lot of red and not a lot of cream on your dress, so you should wear the less prominent color on your legs." It might sound weird, but I think it's good to get feedback from people not really into Lolita sometimes just to keep your overall style grounded and balanced.

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I would never date a lolita

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As a hetero brolita id love it if my gf would wear lolita too. But she hates wearing dresses. Well, at least I can convince her to wear ouji from time to time.

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I'm a brolita as well and i would love to date a lolita if given the chance. Dressing up and doing cute stuff together would be like a dream come true.

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If anything it's a plus. Lolita is super pricey but super cute too.

I know a gorgeous girl who is covered in tattoos and wears lolita. I'd love to buy her dresses uwu*

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My SO tolerates it, but only when I wear it at home or at meets. Mostly at home because he gets off on it. I can't wear it with him anywhere or else I get a whole big lecture about how I am immature and don't understand how to dress appropriately for whatever situation and its embarrassing. He doesn't let me wear it out alone either because he thinks dudes might hit on me or rape me. He's also a controlling and emotionally abusive psycho (for serious, not just because he doesn't like me wearing lolita) and hopefully soon I will grow some lady balls and just leave already. My past bfs were all very supportive of my interest in the fashion though!

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Please love yourself, anon.

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It sounds like he doesn't respect you at all. He shouldn't be lecturing you like you're a child, I hope you can leave soon and find someone who loves you and supports your interests even if he doesn't share them.

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>he’s pretty normie too but has nerdy interests like movies and tv shows
>nerdy interests like movies and tv shows
>nerdy interests
>movies and tv shows

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literally just because

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>disown your parents
>live the gay lolita life

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my ex would also buy me those kinds of clothes (a lot of sports wear although i didnt play any sports, and tight and short bodycon dresses). i only realised after we broke up how uncomfortable it had made me.

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Love yourself. Someone needs to post that interview with the group of japanese gothic lolitas and sweet lolitas and they say something like "I would break up with such a man". That really set the standard for me and what I should expect from a partner.

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my bf is indifferent but supportive. he does not necessarily prefer if i wear lolita or other clothes but he is happy for me if im happy (if i find a dress ive been searching for, for example)

i feel the same way about some of his hobbies, i think it is a good balance

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My current girlfriend loves it. She's gotten me pieces for birthdays and gets really excited when I dress up. My one gripe is I wish she'd get into it with me, but she's convinced she wouldn't look good in lolita, and because she's so much bustier than me, I'm worried that if I let her borrow my wardrobe to try out she wouldn't actually look that good and it would turn her off of trying it out even more.

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My husband has always been somewhat into men's fashion himself, particularly historical menswear. It's not his main hobby by any means but he does like to be well dressed. He's also somewhat of a weeb.
Needless to say, he likes the aesthetic of Lolita a lot and usually will try and match outfits when we go out. He's even picked up on a lot of the terms, and could tell the difference between ita and Lolita.
Hell, he could probably make a solid coord if he tried.
It's nice.

If anything ever happened to him or our relationship I would probably go out of my way to date another Lolita or at least someone that was into alt fashion or jfash. I don't think I could be happy in a relationship with someone that just didnt understand clothes at all or was embarrassed when we went out in public.

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I love and support you anon and I hope you can get out of that bad relationship soon!

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I’m just getting into lolita, but I wear jfashion daily. Even though I wear short skirts and frills, he doesn’t like lolita because of the “poofiness”. Going from a short style to a long poofy style is prob just new and uncomfortable for him. He’ll get over it and I’ll drag him to meets.

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Husband has funded most of my closet because he likes spoiling me. I only got into it after we got married so he saw my normie to lolita transformation and didn't give a fuck, he's not the judgmental type and he loves me so I was never worried about it. However since he pretty much grew my wardrobe from the beginning he will actually come look at it and brag about my clothes and I find it really cute. He has zero interest in the fashion, doesn't know styles or brands, but he is very much the "appreciative collector" type, and will proudly tell me that I have a pretty decent closet now! It's looking kind of impressive! (Little does he know that a "big" closet for some people is 50+ main pieces, I have 1/5 of that). He's pretty much my soulmate.

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>I’ll drag him to meets
Why though? I get wanting to show something important to partner but why keep doing it? It have never occurred me to bring my partner to meets but it might be because he have never been curious of them because he knows it's about lolita and he is not interested about it on his own. I find it so odd especially if the partner isn't interested in fashion or even going in the first place at all. I get events or bigger, more event like meets but other than that atleast for me it's my time to speak about frilly shit or keep up with friends and my bf would only feel awkward and out of place. I have personal experience of being the partner dragged to events I didn't particulary enjoy and it sucks a lot. It's hard to keep not spoiling the fun from other when you don't share the same interest and passion for the thing.

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Husband has funded most of my closet because he likes spoiling me. I only got into it after we got married so he saw my normie to lolita transformation and didn't give a fuck, he's not the judgmental type and he loves me so I was never worried about it. However since he pretty much grew my wardrobe from the beginning he will actually come look at it and brag about my clothes and I find it really cute. He has zero interest in the fashion, doesn't know styles or brands, but he is very much the "appreciative collector" type, and will proudly tell me that I have a really decent closet now! It's looking kind of impressive! (Little does he know that a "big" closet for some people is 50+ main pieces, I have 1/5 of that). I love him so much.
Please don't drag unwilling SOs to meets, I hate when girls do this and the guy just awkwardly stands around while the girls are all discussing the fashion with each other. Instead, go on dates with your SO while wearing lolita. That way you can combine the two without making your comm feel uncomfortable. There's always that codependent girl commenting on EVERY event ("are +1's allowed???") I think it's only acceptable when it's an event where +1s are explicitly encouraged. No one wants a random non-lolita there taking up space.

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You mean she will put you in one of those fetish dick cages and cuck you. literally what sneaky (lol crossdresser) does

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O heck I didn’t mean it that way. I would never take him against his will lol.
And would depend what kind of meet it is such as a museum or walk around meet. My comm is always open to brining their boyfriends or husbands as long as they are dressed nice. And we are always wanting someone to take group pics too.
Sorry that did sound rude.

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Where to find a brolita boyfriend sigh

>> No.9953580

Not my cup of tea, stop projecting

I guess there is that few brolitas and lolitas that want a brolita boyfriend. That it just doesn't happen very often. Guess one just got to hope that the stars align

>> No.9953589

>obvious bait
>"I love and support you!"

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why stay with him? love is a two-way thing. don't be afraid to be alone for a bit. you are wasting your time and taking on damage. it'll be way worth it to take some time to heal up and then get a much better SO. you'll be able to spot the warning signs too, if you see any while re-entering the dating pool.

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>tfw you are a gay lolita but your gf is butch af and won't twin with you
I love my gf and I think she has great style and she thinks the same thing of me. She would never be interested in wearing lolita in a million years though.

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I want a lolita gf so bad but all the lolitas in my comm have boyfriends and half already have little rugrats. Doesn't help that my comm skews older age-wise and I'm trying to find a girlfriend in her early 20s amongst a bunch of partnered straight 30-somethings...

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You gotta convince your girl to wear ouji and coordinate with you.

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My partner was initially really awkward about it and didn’t like it at all, associating it with obnoxious weebs or trying to look like an anime/Japanese girl. In particular, they got hung up on one of my dresses, an IW sailor collar dress, thinking it was a schoolgirl look. I tried showing childhood photos of myself as well as old pictures of my grandmother wearing European sailor dresses to persuade them it was not a frilly attempt at looking like a Japanese school girl at age 20+ (which they, rightfully so, found pretty creepy).

A few years have passed and they have gotten around warming up to the fashion in general. I really love dressing up in lolita on our dates now. I never put as much effort into looking good on a regular date before, and it makes me feel put together and pretty and precious. My partner is pretty strong (and you can tell) so I feel safe walking with them, too. They are really good at giving me the kinds of compliments I like to hear wearing it, too.

They still HATE sailor collar dresses on adults with a fiery passion (even if they don’t remotely look like the blue/white pleated two-piece) and I wish they would relax a bit about it. It is a great source of nostalgia for me and I would love to own one (I had to let the last one go bc change in bust size). Pic related but not from my family.

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If i end up never being in a relationship, i'm sure it would be to do acting like a sperg rather than lolita. I can't help it.

>> No.9953720

I really want a lolita gf, and I want to buy her nice things. Also, I would be hecka down for twinning with her or also dressing up

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anon-kun I'm here for you

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I know this is not a great place for advice, but I need help.

I'm a brolita who's attracted to women. I'm creating a dating profile. How should I go about explaining my fashion style to prospective women?

>> No.9953811

I guess you don't need to put that on your profile unless you're a full time brolita?
If you do, just remember to state your sexual orientation and / or write that you enjoy wearing a Japanese Alternative Fashion, maybe.

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I'm actually working on coming up with a solid plan for leaving. It's just scary desu because I've been completely reliant on him for everything and becoming independent won't be easy. But it will be worth it. And realistically I won't even really have to be alone if I don't want to, there's someone else who has been really sweet and supportive who wants to be in my life once I get out of my current situation and feel ready to trust someone like that again.

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>All these sissy fetishists in the thread

i could also use a lolita girl to humilate me

>> No.9953943

The one guy I'm like fwb with likes it and thinks it's cool but i would never take him to a meet or like try to introduce any of my lolita friends to him, we both do like fetish parties and shit like that, but just the general dom/sub shit, I'm not a disgusting ageplayer, and like he thinks that it's weird that I choose to separate my like sex life and my hobbies, and maybe i haven't explained it properly but that's like the biggest thing I don't like about him, but other than that he's chill

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I want a lolita gf too!! But I'm a goth lolita so I'd love to have a sweet or classic gf cause the contrast is cute as fuckkkkk!!

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i kindly had told him that those clothes weren't my style. i'm chubby with a boxy shape and a tummy so anything bodycon is a nightmare for me. same with leggings. but he insisted on buying those for me, he said i looked good in them. but i still wasnt happy with them. i would never force him into an ouji outfit or something he didnt like just because i found it attractive. men can be so self centered. im sorry you had to deal with that anon.

i dont think watching marvel movies or game of thrones makes someone not a normie. hes never cosplayed, doesnt collect anything, and has never attended a con or fan event so thats normie to me. but his taste in media is a bit nerdy, theres overlap there.

>> No.9953951

Ugh that sucks. I love my activewear as much as my frills but I'd be really annoyed if someone did that despite me saying it made me uncomfortable - it's kinda like forcing your boyfriend to go from t-shirt and jeans into ouji accessory if it's really not their thing. I think it can be tricky though to say stuff sometimes because you don't want to appear ungrateful/unappreciative when someone has bought you stuff.

>> No.9953965

Aw. Well, maybe a Nana type situation is ok.

>> No.9954087

I'm sweet and want a gothic gf where are you?!

>> No.9954098

Texas lol

>> No.9954166

Cute, got a good thing going there

>> No.9954170

Only if they didn't have irritable bowel syndrome...

>> No.9954220

My biggest concern would be the money involved. As long as she managed it herself and we still had enough to do things together, I wouldn't mind. It'd also be a little weird if they were super into their local community because it'd be difficult to do social things together, I suppose.

>> No.9954230

Why is a girl having IBS a dealbreaker for you? People with IBS are just like everyone else, what the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.9954238

>I love my activewear as much as my frills
Get out

>> No.9954240

I'm sorry but I don't want to deal with someone shitting themselves or almost shitting themselves on a semi-regular basis, it seems disgusting even if they can't help it

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Be yourself and surround yourself with positivity. Blood tends to hurt blood and use 'family can do no wrong' as an excuse.

>> No.9954246

my bf is the turbo-normie dudebro type and he supports me wearing lolita. he isn't super interested in it, but he thinks it's cute and likes that i have a sense for quality. he only wears high-end normie clothes himself so at least we have expensive taste in common.

i'm glad that he isn't as into the fashion as other guys i've talked to. some people who act really interested (and aren't into alt fashion already) can seem disingenuous because they just want me to be their lolita gf. he treats lolita like it is, just clothes, and that's fine by me.

>> No.9954248

I crush on a girl who wears it but actually I'm not sexually attracted to the way it looks or anything, I just find it aesthetically very attractive

>> No.9954257

are gay lolitas accepted in your comm?

>> No.9954261

I am not part of one. I like lolita, but as a fashion, not for the community. In my experience, either too much drama, or too much of the hugbox mentality.

>> No.9954290

nayrt but on my comm I might be the only het. There are almost 15 active lolitas, and all of them are either bi or gay

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>tfw I went on a date yesterday with a cute lady and we were both wearing lolita

>> No.9954317

I'm fine with it as long as she doesn't steal my petticoats.

>> No.9954321

Wow this is exactly like my bf too. He wasn’t a fan at all at first and didn’t see why I would wear it - he thought I didn’t look like myself in it - but he has definitely warmed up to it now and often says I’m cute when he sees my pictures of me all dressed up.

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I have a fairly poor view of lolita from my experience dating them (by circumstance) but I've found that itas lack of effort is a carryover from the rest of their life.
Or, that their ita status is a symptom of their personality rather than a lack of knowledge or capability to not be ita.
I was also hesitant to believe the memes about certain types of lolita but have found them to be accurate to an uncanny degree in many cases.

Without getting into specifics, truly I wish that an obsessive interest in sweet lolita did not correlate to diaper fetishes, and pet/age play.
I have watched dabbling sweet lolitas step closer to the edge of a cliff under the guise of irony, only to have them jump off at the last moment plunging deep to the bottom of meme status.
You don't know how awkward it can be to stay friends with someone and watch them go from casually mentioning, "I wish I could be a teenager forever", to dating middle aged men and shitting themselves in adult diapers to spice up their sex life.

Despite having every relationship with a lolita end terribly, I'm still open to the idea of it.
I do not learn from mistakes, and have found that dating someone who turns a type of clothing into a lifestyle is precarious.

>> No.9954327

Dann that’s unfortunate. I’ve never met a sweet lolita that’s into diaper play, the sweet lolita I’ve met usually are into bdsm though and by usually I mean ever sweet lolita I’ve met. But I’ve only dated japanese sweet lolita maybe they are different from sweets from other countries? Although I feel like non Japanese sweet Lolitas hate ageplayers with a passion since it’s ruining their image

I do agree completely about itas though but they are also great ons

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Wait a minute, so that rumor about sweet lolitas being ageplayers is true...

Fuck I knew it I swear to god.

>dating middle aged men and shitting themselves in adult diapers to spice up their sex life.
Did this really happen? it sounds so disgusting that you must be making it up... No one would really shit themselves in diapers while wearing expensive brand on purpose right?? Did they at least have another set of cheaper clothes to wear while doing that weird fetish stuff?

>> No.9954558

You might have just had bad luck, I wear sweet 95% of the time and I am a giant fucking prude.

>> No.9954563

Damn I'm way north by the lakes haha

>> No.9954572

Considering that many sweet Lolita’s are middle aged women is it really that strange? Also no I think a sweet lolita being into scat is about as rare as finding people that are into scat in general. Either anon had massive bad luck or it’s a straight up lie.

>> No.9954755

My ex really loved it. He would help me pick coords, sort of dress up nice for meets, and was completely supportive. It was great having him be so supportive of my hobby.

Now the guy I'm talking to doesn't know much about it. He's a total non-weeb but likes I lot of geeky western stuff. To be honest I was afraid to bring it up to him or even show him photos of me in it, but he's on my insta and will occasionally make comments like, "Oh, are you going out with your friends who wear the fancy dresses?"
He's said to me that he thinks it's really cool and interested, but I'm still a little shy about it with him, so as we get to know each other I'm sure I'll open up more and he'll continue to like it. He said a couple of his friends creeped my insta and told him they thought it was really cool and never saw anyone do it before (I dress only in gothic).

>> No.9954767

My husband supports my interest in lolita. As I'm a stay at home mom I don't have my own budget to put into lolita. When I got my first dress he had been saving for awhile and gave me a large sum of money.He even helped me pick It out. He often enjoys listening to me talk about lolita as it makes him happy to see me be excited.

>> No.9954954

how to find s/o who will spend money on you and lolita ;-;

>> No.9954956

>Did this really happen? No one would really shit themselves in diapers while wearing expensive brand on purpose right??
Not while wearing burando, they just wanted to be treated like a little girl and that involved being "cleaned up" by their partner. The diapers in burando thing was real, as they were not at all sober telling me about all this. I don't know if they shat themselves in public but I'm hoping they didn't. They are the exact type of person that would have flipped a dress they shat themselves in.

>You might have just had bad luck
I have very bad luck with selecting partners in general so I'd hope this to be the case. If it matters, the lolitas weren't the absolute worst people I dated. They were just all very eccentric.

>> No.9955502

Mine loves it because he knows it makes me happy. He loves my reaction to getting a new dress and even gives me a monthly budget for lolita, even lets me have entire room in our home to myself for my wardrobe.

Best of all, he’s the one who encouraged me to join the fashion when I first started expressing interest in it and continues to encourage me when I’m feeling indifferent towards it. He helps me rekindle my love for it. He understands just how much the fashion means to me and his parents are also very supportive of it as well. I’m so lucky for him.

>> No.9955573
File: 198 KB, 1080x1349, 1504125915614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I legitimately love the fashion for non-fetish reasons to the point where many people I interact with online assume that I legitimately am a girl who dresses in the fashion. I've been into it for years, and probably the closest to a legit "lolita at heart uwu" most people will ever meet simply out of accepting that I'm too masculine looking to pull it off with any justice. I have my own style that I attend to, but really love keeping up with lolita news, windowshopping for dresses, giving recommendations to others, making coords up in my head, etc.

I actually enable my gf too much when it comes to lolita, since sometimes she wants to sell a piece but it'd be one that I personally enjoy. She doesn't sell it out of need for money, just trying to trim some excess from her huge wardrobe, but I enjoy how large her wardrobe is. I even make it worse by buying her lots of dresses and letting her borrow money without hesitation when she needs a personal loan (she pays me back, not taking advantage of me or anything).

She's always had an interest in the fashion but when we first dated I encouraged her to have more confidence in her ability to pull it off and it's come to great success on her part. At this point I think it's actually pretty hard for me to fully enjoy dating someone if the DIDN'T like lolita simply because it's a hobby of mine that's really easy to have in common with someone of the opposite sex. It's kinda like how I really couldn't see myself dating someone who doesn't at least casually browse 4chan. But that's probably because I've spent over a decade of my life on this miserable shithole of a site and can't leave so have personal cultural upbringing tied to it. But that's a bit off topic.

>> No.9955694

Dating middle age men doesn't make you an age player

>> No.9955714

If this isn't just someone roleplaying, it's honestly a sweet dynamic. What's the catch?

>> No.9955723

My husband thinks it great. He loves seeing me dress up. He's yet to buy me anything though, but he super encouraging. Annoyingly so sometimes.

I live in an area where I'm not really allowed to wear it, but he's insistant that I don't give a fuck and just do it anyway in my local area. Ive told him that I have plans to wear it, just not to somewhere that literalIy everyone in my community goes to.

He also is very encouraging about me going to a meetup. My local comm looks to be pretty much dead though, and I dont want to shell out a fuck ton of money on something people wont go to. I really wouldn't mind it if we just went out on dates together with me in frills.

I think that it's great that he's so supportive, but it's super annoying at times that he's so pushy on things that I really dont feel comfortable doing. I understand where he's coming from though, and for that I cant be too mad at him.

>> No.9955737

My husband isn't into it, but accepts that I'm into it. Though he'll joke about me selling dresses. I don't get him involved in the fashion and I don't wear it with him, except when I'm at conventions and I decide to wear a coord instead of cosplay that day.

He has interests that I'm not into and he doesn't take me along to be involved in those.

On the other hand, he's been to Japan and NYC and has seen more brand stores than I could ever hope to and he'll get things for me. I'll usually put together a list of things and he'll get them. I couldn't travel with him because of my job constraints.

That said, you don't have to share every interest and hobby with your s/o. Variety makes things great and keeps things interesting. We do share many other interests, so I'm not bummed about lolita.

>> No.9955944
File: 112 KB, 558x722, 1529940259261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She makes me scratch her back and wanted me to make this post with one hand. Does that count as a catch?

>> No.9957060

I understand this post, bro. I've dated several lolitas and the sweets always start with their ironic age/pet play before "jokingly" buying a pack of diapers or a pacifier and expecting me to react positively when I see. Though I'm not too much better, I dated a goth lolita who was totally dominatrix and actually enjoyed that a lot. Probably why I didn't like the ageplay much...I'd rather be the one tied, stepped on, and used up until I'm a dried out sore piece of meat way past his limit.

>> No.9957298

My boyfriends kinda the nerdy type, likes video games (we always play Mario Kart together) and I make him watch anime with me (specifically Madoka Magica and ghibli movies), we have a lot in common, we like the same games and the same music and we were friends for a long time before we dated. He thinks it’s really cool that I wear Lolita and when we go out together he always wants to get mad at people who are rude to me (even though I tell him to ignore it). Overall it’s just very wholesome and I love him so much

>> No.9959545 [DELETED] 
File: 1.73 MB, 500x396, tumblr_nbwy9g0uUY1rz0f3vo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My SO is a punk rock/goth girl who hated super pink,cutesy,girly girls and only dated girls like her but she confessed finding me absolutely adorable and falling in love with how pink i was ( and liking pink and cute things more ever since). I She even tried gothic lolita for me. I also tried to be ponk and wore her jacket (ngl i stole it because it smelled like her) and all.
I'm really lucky desu.
>tfw she calls me her princess whenever i wear it
/blogpost but i never had anyone besides my friends accepting the fact that i wear lolita (not even ultra sweet btw) and my ex used to call me embarassing and wouldnt walk with me if i wore it so i'm so incredibly happy

>> No.9959547

Same. As a sweet i despise ageplay.
Petplay is a different story and i'm ok with it to some degree but nah,ageplay is gross

>> No.9959549

Gf is punkrock/goth and used to hate any cutesy,pink,girly girl and only date girls like her. Apparently fell in love with me even though i'm a pastel blob who only owns two black shirts and pants.
She even tried gothic lolita for me (and i tried goth/punkrock for her). She's supportive and, pokes fun at me for being so pink but it's all in good fun. I'm very lucky considering my ex told me i was embarassing to walk with when i'm not even pastel vomit sweet.
>tfw current gf will stand up for you and pull you close if anyone is rude

>> No.9960081

I really like it and would happily date a girl who wore it daily. I got my ex into lolita and she enjoyed it, but only wore it to cons etc. I haven't met many lolitas that I actually feel like I'd want to date, though, and the exceptions have generally already been in LTRs or were married, usually to guys who didn't give a shit about it too.

Also, I don't like the pastel sweet stuff, so that really limits the "pool" of potential lolita GFs since that seems to be the most popular these days. I'm mostly into classic and also like goth if it's not full on VK stuff.

>> No.9960292

my gf and I are both lolitas, we don't really share a wardrobe or anything like that but we bought dresses to twin together! I tend to only date other people with similar hobbies and I really love that lolita/jfash is one that we share

>> No.9960293

>tfw I'm a daily classic/gothic lolita
Nice. Chances are we're not even in the same continent, but it's good to know I'm theoretically dateable.
Good luck finding your elegant lolita gf, anon.

>> No.9960294

I'm a guy and married, been dating the same girl forever, got into lolita/ouji partway through. She gives me lots of shit for it (accuses me of being trans/gay) but tolerates it. Honestly I sometimes wish I would have dated a qt lolita girl instead so we could share a hobby, but oh well.

>> No.9960488

:( that’s really fucked up anon. When will people understand clothes do not equal sexuality/gender. This isn’t even sjw logic this is like basic logic. It’s fucking threads.

>> No.9960496

So my boyfriend isn’t the biggest nerd out there but he’s a software engineer and is heavily invested in crypto currency/bitcoin but is otherwise pretty normal. He’s a pretty open guy and slowly I’ve been getting him into anime/j fashion. When we first started dating I told him about Lolita but never wore it. Now I wear it and he was at first eager to take me to meets etc., and now it’s to the point where he knows brand names, prints, and what looks good in Lolita and what may come off as cosplay. He criticized AP’s toy box bear ears and called it cheap looking and said it looked cosplay quality. Whether right or wrong the fact that he’s getting involved like this melts my heart.

>> No.9961252
File: 798 KB, 500x281, anime-fangirl-gif-6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

100% bragging and not even trying to hide it:

My boyfriend loves the fashion. Any time we plan a date, he asks if I'm wearing lolita so we can do something that matches my outfit.
He tries his best to match me as well, but he dresses pretty normie.

He often talks about letting me have my own lolita space when we buy a house, and he has goals to buy me a really expensive limited dress to wear out with him someday.

For as much as he loves lolita, he never fetishizes it. He knows that me being in lolita means no funny business at all (I'm not comfortable with it) and he has never tried to push that line.

He helps me coord my outfits and is really good at tying waist ties. He never let's me forget to take a few outfit shots before I change too. I'm so blessed and love him so much

>> No.9961367

just wondering if theres a high ratio of queer lolitas in the community? one of the (kinda) well known lolitas came out this week and it got me wondering

>> No.9961384

if you're talking about kate, she's not really out, she's faking it as a tantrum way of sticking it to her husband.

but generally I find it's the same as with any hobby.

>> No.9961399
File: 104 KB, 601x508, 42E170FE-69C9-4808-B7D4-2CD100862423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Give me a Gothic Lolita gf right now! I love the fashion so much, even though im a poorfag I wanna help her become the doll shes always wanted to be!

>> No.9961414

there's a problem in your logic there fag

>> No.9961500

Everything about this post is pathetic, almost impressively so.

>> No.9961575

I had an ex who was into it. I thought it was cool, especially how passionate she was about it. Relationship ultimately fell apart for other reasons.

>> No.9961593

I always thought my bf felt it was kind of a silly hobby and felt indifferent, but he just preordered Holy Lantern in my fave colour for me. I think it helps that his best friend has a lolita gf too.

>> No.9961719

not kate but yeah I agree

>> No.9961763

My husband loves when I take the time to dress up Lolita or otherwise. His exes were all slobs and he appreciates that I not only take care of myself but I take it we time to dress up and look nice. He always tells me I look like a princess and says he likes showing me off when we go out

>> No.9961772

I wear classic, and most of my coords are honestly more otome than lolita. My fiancee likes it, but his family loves it. His mom is always showing me photos of the dresses she wore back when she was younger and she loves taking photos of me to send her friends.

>> No.9962392 [DELETED] 


>> No.9962397

ever day you can meet someone, who has better intentions for you, than someone whom you have known for your entire life

>> No.9962398

This is sweet as fuck.

>> No.9962426

Awwwww that is goals right there

>> No.9962585

Boyfriend finds it cute because he's into anime shit, and is always happy and encouraging for me to wear it. He doesn't fully understand why I spend so much on it, because it's 'just clothes', but seems to like cute/soft styles on me (except for my RHS. He hates those.).

His mom likes it even more, which is pretty great. She's Japanese, and a big fan of Sanrio,and other character lines, so finds the aesthetic cute. They're currently in Japan with family, and she took names of my favourite brands (and closet child) so she could try and pick something up for me. According to BF, she's been showing their family over there all my coord pictures.
Last year, she went to Paris and got me some Laduree macarons and some little AP trinkets, which means a lot to me because its just so thoughtful. I had only met her once before that!

I guess I'm really happy to feel accepted by my boyfriend and his family, because I've heard so many negative stories!

>> No.9963845

Definitely wouldn't hold it against you or question your spending habits too hard. It's at least embracing a fashion that isn't completely vapid like "normie" fashion.
On the other hand, it's not something I would actively seek out in a partner. Completely different circle from my own interests.

>> No.9970328

You struck it lucky with an adorable mum of the boyfriend

>> No.9970331

Ah, one day I hope my boyfriend & I will be in that place.

>> No.9970337


You guys should msg each other. Life's too short.

>> No.9970373

Seems insane asking a cosplay/lolita board if they would date someone who does lolita.

I only cosplay but I'd still love it given the crossover and most cons catering to both.

>> No.9970389

People with IBS don't shit themselves randomly. I was diagnosed with it last year and my body has difficulty digesting food some days. In my case (since there are several types of IBS), half the time I'm constipated and the other half it's stomach pains with watery stool. It sucks but you don't have this perpetual stream of shit coming out of you.

Sage for blog bc I'm pissed over idiots with this misconception. My ex would nag at me over my symptoms and there's literally nothing I can do

>> No.9970470

As a previous sufferer of IBS, it won't last forever. Just like you.

>> No.9973547

Lolita seems pretty damn cool. I would be worried a bit since cattitude seems to run rampant, but otherwise yeah. If they're cool and hot and happen to wear frills then ok. Also, you just made me think of my bf in a fucking Lolita coord thanks /cgl/

>> No.9980064

Brolita - Its been my experience that most guys who are into lolita fashion but don't wear it themselves sexualize it too much. Even girls who don't wear it can't seem to understand not wanting risk getting "fluids" on my dresses or wigs. Older stocking or socks are okay if they are starting to wear out, but everything else is off limits.

>> No.9980079

>guys who are into lolita fashion but don't wear it themselves sexualize it too much
>proceeds to talk about having sex in lolita
>in a thread about dating
All guys are the same, more news at 8

>> No.9980085
File: 27 KB, 1058x544, 40122636_2222331007796493_3973502827984060416_o.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aw. That's harsh.

>> No.9980188

People used to think, that lolita is men repellent, although I rather feel it actually caters to them. Lolita makes girls look cute, modest, feminine and quite passive - isn't it typical men's expectations of females looks.

>> No.9980193

My husband is a goth and likes lolita. He knows all the big brands and enjoys the secondhand online comm drama. I still want a lolita gf but we live in bumfuck so good luck with that.

>> No.9980197

Lolita does not make women look modest and passive. Modest in the sense that they're covered up, sure, but wearing strange, outrageous frilly dresses when other people are wearing jeans and tshirts is very attention-grabbing. It could be considered showboating, which is not something that passive and modest girls do.

>> No.9980207

What >>9980197 said, also depending on your substyle you may be even more repellent to men, like sweet lolita - It's aggressively feminine and not demure or passive at all, it's actually very in-your-face. Some people may mistake it for a fetish thing, as some normies think anything out of the ordinary is a fetish, but many are actually intimidated by it and would rather yell at us from afar than approach us.
Not to say that no men at all ever find lolita attractive, some do, but it's been proven time and time again that the majority of men don't like it, and it's not exclusive to Japanese men either.

>> No.9980211

You are killing it. expand the harem moar

>> No.9980225

I'd date a girl who wears lolita, assuming we match personality-wise

>> No.9980230

Are you into any cgl-related hobbies yourself, anon? Of course I agree that compatible personalities are very important, if not one of the most important parts of a healthy relationship, but having some common interests is a great basis.

>> No.9980297

I am a dude and so male lolita. I've been very gradually trying to convince my non-weeb longtime gf to get in to it but no success yet.

>> No.9981265

Don't worry sweetie, you're doing a great job humiliating yourself without help

>> No.9981305

My gf loves it, sometimes she helps me make coords. She's not a lolita though, she's heavily tattooed and has more of an 'art ho' look.

>> No.9981461

Honestly off topic but this shit annoys me. Like no girl wants to date you and by extension your crusty af husband.

>> No.9981480

what the fuck are you on about, lol

>> No.9981495

Not that I dislike the fashion, but those who wear it are fucking insane.

>> No.9981512

>My husband is a goth and likes lolita. He knows all the big brands and enjoys the secondhand online comm drama. I still want a lolita gf but we live in bumfuck so good luck with that.

>> No.9981517

my significant other doesn't care.
not as in 'he doesn't mind' but unless i'm in a miniskirt and lingerie or whatever then he doesn't give a shit. i tried to show him one of the dresses i was bidding on the other day (and really excited about, it was so beautiful) and he was like, 'i don't really care about dresses.'
which stings, because i try to get excited and show interest in his hobbies even if i don't know anything about them/wouldn't be interested normally, but it's like he pretends mine don't exist.
it bothers me because he dresses like a slob himself, and could really benefit from some fashion advice. he can get away with it because he works from home, but it's kind of embarrassing and i would never be able to bring him to a meet-up because of it.
he bought a pair of those sweat-pants that look like jeans and tried to wear them out in public as though nobody would notice. they have a fucking drawstring, man, you're not fooling anyone.

>> No.9981530

That's the strategy, maybe someone will date you out of pity.

>> No.9981749

So which one is sustaining your habit and do they know each other?

>> No.9981750

>shut him down
>guess he got over it
You bullied him into it.

>> No.9981756

Would never date anyone on here, too many stuck up drama queens that are in it for money and fame. I like the look, and I'd be fine going anywhere with it, but not if she adopts the 'culture' that comes with it.

>> No.9981781

I'm seeing someone new recently and yesterday I met his friends. It was a bit of a last minute thing and I didn't feel like changing, so I met them in lolita.
The guy himself knew about lolita from the start, but since we started seeing eachother in the summer he didn't get to see me dressed up until earlier this week. Luckily he really likes it! He let me ramble about my dress a fair bit.
His friends mostly didn't say anything. One knew the style and complimented me. His best friend appearantly told him I was a bit strange, but in a really good way. So all went quite well I think.
Can't wait for the point where the guy I'm seeing starts recognising my dresses and having favourites.

>> No.9981789

Anon, unicorns don't exist, us bi girls with male partners already know, as she stated in her post.
Maybe she was fishing, but honestly? That's really doubtful.

>> No.9981908

>my partner
I hate when people say this, we get it you're a faggot

>> No.9981916

>bullied him into not giving her shit

>> No.9982131

>this thread
Now I remember why I don't talk to anyone ever

>> No.9982561

You arent missing anything. Less time talking is more time for hobbies.

>> No.9982563

Shit I didn't even read this thread. I meant to post here >>9980852

>> No.9982581

literally retarded

>> No.9982587

Agreed. The only kinds of people who say this shit are always gross. Probs why they're together in the first place. Crusty is a good word for them ew
I'll hedge my bets they were fishing

>> No.9983149

That's what men say, but not what they actually want. Its an exact parallel to women 'wanting a kind emotional man'.

>> No.9983154
File: 82 KB, 576x278, lolita fashion is rowdy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Fujiwara-san just made a quote relating to this.

I love her.

>> No.9983160

bf isn’t really into fashion in general, but we’re both chan/net culture vets and met through chan related groups so we click pretty well- consequently he already knew about jfash/lolita and cgl before we started dating and thinks i look very cute, likes it when i dress up and realizes that it has nothing to do with sexual fetish stuff

my favorite thing is going to a con with him and quietly talking shit to each other about itas and bad cosplayers we see in the halls (or complimenting and pointing out good ones)

he might not know much about fashion himself but he knows just enough to talk shit and it’s wonderful

>> No.9983182

Men like women who present themselves as sexually available. In reality, they like whores, but don't want to admit it.

>> No.9983187

This, but they still demand that she be a virgin.

>> No.9983338

A virgin with the skills of a veteran prostitute, don't forget she has to magically enjoy sex to make him feel like a man even if his idea of foreplay is using her boobs as stress balls.

>> No.9983345
File: 48 KB, 640x480, 1499167063648.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course you should date someone into this. I mean, I would.
I always respect someone so passionate about their hobby, especially if it's very expressive. It's very attractive.

>> No.9983411

Its just expected in a relationship, if you aren't willing to have sex they'll reject you right away. Its not just men, its anyone in the current dating scene.

>> No.9983446

Are you retarded?

For some reason I always end up with girls with some sort of disorder surrounding their gut or food. First gf was diagnosed with Crohn's and lactose intolerance, second gf had IBS and celiac disease, third gf was bullumic and allergic to almost all foods. So I've gotten my fair share of food related problems combined with girls.

I've not once had a girl shit themselves. Ever.

>> No.9983447

I was commenting on anon's need to bring up sex in a thread about dating, immediately after complaining about how guys that aren't into lolita sexualize it too much.
Newsflash, brolita-kun, you're just as shit as those guys are.

>> No.9983448

Had a lolita gf who dumped me because she thought I was a fetishist because I'd constantly molest her even when she was in lolita. Or more so especially when she was in lolita because she looked very pretty. Tried to explain to her it had nothing to do with her being in such clothes, I just want to feel her up because I like to touch a pretty looking girl and she looked her prettiest when she was in lolita.

However even when she was out of lolita I'd still constantly touch her. Maybe it was just a convenient excuse to dump me? Shouganai.

>> No.9983449

Men like whores to have sex with, not to marry and have children with. Two different goals.

>> No.9983493

What you need to realize is that normies not familiar with /cgl/ culture tend to assume your outfits are some sort of fetish thing. The juxtaposition of lace, which is generally associated with lingerie in the modern era, with the innocent/childlike style of lolita dresses is going to seem really lewd to a lot of people.

They're don't think that hitting on you is being creepy because they think you're openly advertising that you're into some kinky stuff.

>> No.9983495

My boyfriend loves it, he's over 6ft and wants to dress up as a bodyguard/butler to look nice with me.

>> No.9983529 [DELETED] 

This. Speaking as a guy something about it just seems very erotic. It makes me want to fuck that girl down a darkened alleyway.

>> No.9983534

>lace, which is generally associated with lingerie in the modern era
Modern clothes for women have lace on them, what the fuck are you talking about? Do you think lace is only for lingerie?

>They're don't think that hitting on you is being creepy
You'd be surprised because most men, when questioned as to whether they find lolita appealing, say that they're put off by it. It scares them, intimidates them, they don't think it's sexy and I can tell this when I'm out and about in my daily life. Frankly I'm thankful for it, the less your kind breathes on me, the better.

>> No.9983563

I wish there were same kind of lace used in lingerie that is used in lolita. And btw the lace used in lingerie is commonly refered as "lingerie lace" - and that lace isn't used in lolita. Also sorry but anyone going to total strangers in the streets to ask them about their sex life is a creep no matter what the person they think is kinky is wearing. It's like saying women wearing shorts or short skirts are open to random sex offers and like it's ok bc their clothes were signaling such a thing.

>> No.9983570 [DELETED] 

based incel posters

>> No.9983571 [DELETED] 

No matter how hard you try, your real father still couldn't give two shits about you

>> No.9983579
File: 260 KB, 550x400, 16975421498_7e797bfa64_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yeah man, lace is a turn on and basically fetish wear.

Look at this skank wearing an Ann Taylor work appropriate lace skirt that is meant for work. What a slut.

>> No.9983580

I'm not talking about lace specifically but the whole Lolita aesthetic. To me it's very sexual. Part of that is because I've known a couple of femanons who were into it who used to send me nudes and I know how dirty minded they were and how common that sort of fetish and kink is in the community in general.

>> No.9983603


That's your fucking problem, not the world's. No to mention that >>9983493 specifically mentioned lace as 'sexy' so I pulled a pic to show otherwise.

>> No.9983618

It can be extremely irritating to be "constantly" touched.

>> No.9983658 [DELETED] 

>Dating multiple people at once
Wow what a whore.

>> No.9983680

I have a bf with IBS and i don't understand why that would bother anyone at all? Like, do you have to pay for each flush of the toilet or something? Like really, do you have assburgers or something?

>> No.9983723

Please dump him and find someone that cares about their appearance and respects your hobbies and the things that make you happy. If he can't even share a smile with you over something that excites you, he is worthless. You deserve better.

>> No.9983728


>> No.9983733

ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew
oh my god ew. Why do people like this have to see my clothes as sexual? I just want to be cute, please let us be cute without bringing sex into it.

>> No.9983751

I used to date a lolita. I bought 2 outfits so I could join her at meets. It wasn't really my thing (I'm not that dainty so my loud mouth stood out from the crowd) and looking back, I wish I had gone for ouji instead, but it was fun.
Through her interest in japanese fashion I discovered gyaru and haven't looked back since so I'm grateful.

I do remember she had so much brand, her door couldn't close because there were about 5 dresses/skirts hanging off of it that didn't fit in her closets or on her clothing chairs so privacy was a bit of an issue, but I know all to well how brand is the nr.1 priority.

Would I date a lolita again? Yeah. If they can respect my gyaru style I can respect their lolita 100%

>> No.9983756

loud, strong gyaru gf would be a dream come true. The idea of a gyaru and lolita is cute as heck, too. Sounds real cute.

>> No.9983764

Yeah, too bad I'm not in touch with the local lolita scene anymore, and don't really know much about bi/lesbian girls in my local J-fashion scene in general either.

>> No.9983772

Aww, I hope you find another lolita to share a meaningful connection with. Gyaru girls are really cool in my opinion and I'd love to date one. I might be too introverted and shy though...

>> No.9983815

male here
I think lolita-fashion looks beautiful, so yeah, I wouldn't mind it
>tfw no lolita gf

>> No.9983857
File: 1.25 MB, 200x142, 66C8315B-DB47-4F2E-92A5-005E36478435.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9983866

I actually got into lolita because of an ex-gf (she just loved seeing boys in frills, I guess) and I really fell in love with the style.

Introduced my current girlfriend to it and while she thinks it's cute, she doesn't like it enough to start buying her own pieces. Working on my next coord, I wanna see if I can get her a matching-ish Ouji outfit, which is a style that appears to be more her speed.

I don't think I could date someone that disapproved of my lolita stuff.

>> No.9984095

Sounded more like they were just frustrated with getting fetishized in lolita and trying to offer compromise to potential partners.

You're disgusting, please do not touch people who don't want you to touch them. Especially if you are in a relationship.

>> No.9984113

>You're disgusting

Not really. If someone doesn't like a lot of touching they're not the right person for me. I have no issues with that.

>> No.9984121
File: 53 KB, 480x626, tumblr_mdbzuxhBcq1r6su4v.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thirding this, an assertive gay gyaru or fellow old school gf is my dream. There's a lot of wlw in J-fash but so many are doormats, posing for tumblr points, or hunting for unicorns. Wishing all y'all luck.

>> No.9984135

I'd be all for it. I think having a way to express yourself is really important and being passionate about something is really attractive.

>> No.9984139

Of course of love it when my partner can express themselves, I’m in love with kamen rider and if I had the time I would cos most of them

>> No.9984163

Fix yourself incel.

>> No.9984173

Are you offering?

>> No.9984321

It's difficult to persue people in small communities like this without making it awkward. I would even be up for long distance but it's hard to connect on such a level when you only know them superficially. Hence why I am not actively searching anymore.

>> No.9984369

Time to move on from that toxic family anon. Value your life and happiness instead of expectations.

>> No.9984400
File: 338 KB, 736x981, 1515706177038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly same. If anyone decent asks I'll definitely try it, but both communities are so small it's almost easier to convert someone you like into J-fash then find someone already into it. Still if several e-famous lolitas can get non-normie gfs it gives me hope too.

>> No.9984409

I just notice that at least in my comm, lpeople see each other as conrades rather than potential. "I wan't a j-fashion partner" and everyone comments "same" "how are you still single? you're so hot!" but noone stops to think that maybe that friend could be a match.

>> No.9984410

They're probably both thinking it and waiting for the other person to make a move, or the compliments are insincere.

>> No.9984430
File: 113 KB, 502x387, tumblr_o3yj1f03HP1s9hxveo1_raw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean straight girls say that almost constantly, especially if they know you're gay. Unless they're open about their sexuality I wouldn't take it seriously. If they are and seem sincere then I'd definitely make a move, but they still have to be someone I'm interested in. As much as I want a gf I'm not going to date someone I have nothing but fashion in common with.

>> No.9984432

I used to have a girl in my comm, we were both mutually flirting but decided last minute that it would be better if we were best friends, since we were so close and liked hanging out, if a relationship would make it awkward we would be so sad.
That's why I agree, it might be easier to convert someone into a fashion than to date someone already invested. Unless you are willing to take a step back when you break up.

>> No.9984445

Actually I think my first post belongs in this thread too

>> No.9984546

Not everyone likes to get felt up 24/7 anon. It's getting just annoying at some point.

>> No.9984623

My girlfriend doesn’t like it, but she has plenty of hobbies I’m not a fan of either. You don’t have to like everything your partner does. Definitely had to shout her down a couple times when she stubbornly claimed (in the beginning) that lolita is based off of children’s clothes. I eventually lost my temper at that one (because one of us-me-clearly knows more about the fashion) so now she only brings it up as a joke/when she wants me to not talk to her while I stew at her.

>> No.9984692

literally a trap

>> No.9987582

Guy here.
Open to the idea, but not sure how it would play out. But honestly, I think I’m more inclined to sub-conciously fetishize, as it’s nonexistent in my country and hence the lifestyle is alien to me.
This thread was enough to spark my curiosity though.

>> No.9987607 [DELETED] 

Male here. I find it sexually attractive. I know I'll be called a troll but I find it arousing, it makes my dick hard, it makes me want to have my way with her because it's a sort of heavily sexualized, albeit subtly, implication. What with all the elaborately feminine stuff and make up and the implication of what's underneath all of that. I would love to meet a lolita who is into stuff like rape, abuse, degradation, violence, masochism etc.

>> No.9987800

Would date generally, mostly because lolitas seem to have more interests in common with me than normies. However, it depends on where the balance between lifestyle and hobby lies. I really couldn't date someone that sacrifices financial stability and career future for this hobby.

>> No.9987841
File: 983 KB, 480x270, 1522958494181.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw my bf thinks lolita is "little girls" clothing
>tfw he just goes on and on about how adorable i am when i wear it

>> No.9987862

>tfw my bf thinks lolita is "little girls" clothing
What if he's just busting your chops?

>> No.9988289

Yeah I would, maybe they could even help me with my cosplay I'm being lazy with. Though I'm not sure where they even congregate in real life so it's a hypothetical pipe dream anyways.

>> No.9988293

I'll say this: as a man, it seems appealing at first, but I know you bitches are insane despite appearances, perhaps moreso than normal girls.
Honestly I'd rather a tomboy who'd be into messing with me than a girl who needs me all the time.

>> No.9988320

>dated two lolitas
>one had strong autism and would throw hissyfits and stomp her feet
>the other was a picky eater and only ate tendies and kebabs
Are any of you actually normal?

>> No.9989100
File: 716 KB, 572x576, AAAAAAAAA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no autistic gf

>> No.9989254

The only reason I wouldn't date a girl in lolita is because I'm already married.

My ex was into sweet lolita (and probably still on here), and I was always very proud to be seen with her when she wore her dresses. Frankly it baffles me anyone would feel otherwise.

Maybe I'm eccentric. Some have described me as such. But I've also been vehemently described as "Chad". So weigh my opinion however you will based on that.

I should probably lurk moar on this board before replying to this. Its probably just a troll.

>> No.9989781

I want to fuck a girl while she wears her most dear and expensive coord, in missionary position while holding hands.
But then I would be too afraid of getting my cum on her coord to properly function.

So yes, I would date a girl in lolita, but I would be terrified of getting her coord dirty.

>> No.9989805

Just don't fuck in her most dear and expensive coord, or do it and then get her a dearer and expensiver coord.

>> No.9989833

That would be a really expensive fuck.
And I don't know how she or any other lolita would feel about it.
Prefer to appreciate her beauty in lolita with the occasional hug.

>> No.9989847

you're talking about this like it could ever possibly happen. sorry creep-o, but lolitas don't go after fetishist weirdos

>> No.9989849

That's why I'm an anon and I hide my powerlevel.

>> No.9989876

If you saw a lolita and started talking to her or attended a meet, i'm pretty sure you'd just look like a total creepo. You'll never get the chance, now please stop fetishizing our clothes like the other normies on this board.

>> No.9989891

>If you saw a lolita and started talking to her or attended a meet,
What part of "hide my powerlevel" don't you understand?

I never go to meets and I only talk to lolitas that are actual nice people to be with. 70% of lolitas are in some place on the autism/bitch spectrum. And I will never stop fetishizing whatever I like, my dear bitchlita.

>> No.9989905

yeah neither will the disgustingly large amount of men who think everything different is about their dick. So tired of normies making everything about sex, let people wear what they like without making these uncomfortable sex posts that no one wants to see.
I doubt you talk to many lolitas, and the ones that do probably find you boring and disgusting. Sorry being honest with you makes me a bitch.

>> No.9989916

> So tired of normies making everything about sex, let people wear what they like without making these uncomfortable sex posts that no one wants to see.

>OP's literally asking about dating lolita and how you or your your s/o feel about it

>hurr durr the sea is wet
>fucking normies REEEEEEE

>> No.9989925
File: 151 KB, 892x590, 1536027535821.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you didn't mention anything about your apparent s/o or give any details about your relationship, didn't even say you'd date one, which is the main question in the thread. just brought up your sex fantasies randomly. Maybe when you stop thinking with your dick you'll figure this one out. boring, sex addicted normie

>> No.9989945

I think I left very clear that I wouldn't mind and I don't dating my gf when she's wearing lolita, just spoke my only gripe with it, that is generally getting dirt on her coord.
But of course you need to belabor about the sex part and how gross normies are REEEE.

>> No.9989978

you sound like a super autismo

>> No.9989981

are you really trying to change what you said because you got called out? Also you're really this upset by getting called a normie?

>> No.9990318

To weigh in on the opposite perspective: I'm a lolita myself and would be happy to date another lolita, or a cosplayer. Cynicism aside, I think that cosplay is an art form and those that work hard to bring their favorite characters to life are admirable, so I can definitely appreciate the effort and skills required to doing something like this. If the cosplayer in question happens to cosplay my husbandos it's a bonus but not a requirement; so long as my date respects my decision to wear lolita as a daily fashion and doesn't expect me to be into some bizarre fetishes, we should get along just fine.

>> No.9990478

I used to date a girl who was both into lolita and larping. She was more into me than the other way around at the time, and I broke up with her 8 months later because I was an introvert addicted to video games and the whole "not getting muh vidya play time cuz gf wants 2 cuddle" thing was making me anxious. To be honest she was super controlling to the point she made me a schedule for my whole month (including work) at some point.

Still, despite her being pretty chubby, she was still wearing coords pretty nicely. This and her coming to larps I went to pretty much carried the whole relationship for the whole 8 months. She quit both larping and lolita to focus on her studies after the breakup, so I can't help but feel bad about it. And honestly, if this relationship had been 8 years later I'd quite possibly be still with her.

>> No.9990517

I'm really not sure what my bf thinks about me wearing lolita. He's pretty much a normie in dress, and before lolita I was super western goth, but got into lolita before getting together with him. We have an ldr though, sometimes I feel like a weirdo compared to him but I think he likes it. Every time I show him pics of my outfits he says I'm cute or pretty, etc.

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