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What’s the worst con you’ve ever been to and why?

Spread your salt and horror stories.

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The first con ive ever been to was in a mall in the Philippines. Admission was 4$ equivalent at most, an exhibit full of bootlegged merch and an attendance of 200 at most (The cringe MC of the event announces there are thousands)
To be fair this was way before i knew what an anime/fan convention was

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omg is that like the super expo or something ? I’m vacationing to the Philippines in December and I saw a con happening thats like $4 entry
Tell me more
Oh worst con I’ve ever been to is taikai-con, less than 100 ppl, prizes for “costume contest” was a ribbon

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vgXpo 2007

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Liberty City in NYC. Space was a ghost town, no interesting panels, artist alley and dealer's room were cramped into panel rooms.

I was able to wander into the middle of the convention without a pass because there were no clear indications about where the registration was.

Thankfully it was a local con for me, so after about an hour I just left.

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Anime North Texas. They don't kick out ghosters and at one point there were more people without badges than with. Shitty AA and dealer's room, and they were so lazy and unprepared that they didn't tell people their panels were approved until the week of, and didn't confirm time until the day before. I have no idea how this con isn't dead yet.

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For England, probably MCM Manchester.
A girl fainted in the queue because of the heat and it took 30 minutes before the people around her in the queue were even moved. Poor girl was just on the floor for half an hour surrounded by attendees who didnt know how to help
On top of that they never deal with incidents *inside* the convention..

Safe to say I don't go anymore and i'm not sure if i'm willing to give any other MCM events a try

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Na they kicked spooner out after his 12th separate instance of showing his naked ass pics to underaged girls.

MCM is still a billion times better than ALcon though, jesus fucking christ you cant get any worse than that

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This was in like 2008-2009 when i went, and it was in SM Megamall.

I lowkey want to attend whatever the biggest Geek con in the Philippines currently

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Thought that was Hyper Japan? Did he do it at MCM too?

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Ive only been to animenext,j1con, camden comic con, katoricon and nycc here on the east coast. out of all of those id have to say nycc was the worst, as its a con i wasn't exactly used to, all the other cons were either anime cons or smaller comic cons, i was so tripped up by the con at nycc that I really only got to go to the dbz and star wars meetups, i dont really remember going to any panels because every line was filled.

I will say though that the cosplayers there were fine, but im probably not going to go to nycc or and big comic con for a while

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Animecon Arkansas because there's just no variety, It's a well put together convention, but every year is the SAME. Same vendors each year that sell the same stuff, same location, and there's little variety in panels...what's the point if nothing changes each year? It's NOT worth the $60 weekend pass or $25 per day pass. The convention scene in Arkansas is terrible anyway...

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How was it compared to animenyc if youve been to that. I was considering going to lcac for one day but a few anons told me to not bother with that con.

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Anime Matsuri year 1
Transformers trailer on loop for 4 hours. I'm traumatized.

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I just moved to the UK and I keep hearing stories about this guy. Can anyone summarize what his actual deal is?

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Nihon Fest and Expo. Expo was fine but Nihon Fest utterly pathetic and reminded me of the Fyre Festival

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Randomly approached people showing them inappropriate pictures of himself at Hyper Japan this year and got kicked out
He went again this year and doesn't understand why he was kicked out again

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Hes some black guy with dat ass that keeps showing pics of it to random people.

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Anime Conji, a small local convention. Just not worth the $30 and all the attendees were high schoolers with typical weeb behavior

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Is he an autist, a predator, or both?

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I don’t know about predator but it wouldn’t surprise me

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Omg I remember going to that one last time I was in the Philippines, that exact same year... cringe level was pretty real

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People compete in cosplay contests for the prize and not the accomplishment/bragging rights? lol

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Not an anime con, but tanacon anyone?

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Otaku Yorokobi or however it's spelled, it's literally a case of "we got this school to let us host an event"

Not much salt, I guess, just disappointment at myself for not seeing the obvious signs. I was a newbie to cons, and in some ways, I still am, it's only my first year going to these things. There was almost nothing to do beyond karaoke, looking at the stands (got a few posters out of it, though), and playing games in the tiny gamer section. The gamer section was literally just one room with a PS2 with Marvel vs Capcom 2, Sega Genesis and I think another PS2 with some Naruto game. This is where I learned what exactly can be considered "too small" of a con for me.

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i highly doubt anyone on this board went to tanacon

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I went to anyc but only on Sunday for the Gundam concert, then stood in line for an autograph. By the time I finished it was the afternoon Sunday crowd so it was pretty sparse.

Response was fairly positive from what I saw.

If you're looking for other animecons in NYC, nycc is doing a separate anime thing with animefest in October.

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Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan. Traffic backed up for an hour just to get near the con, with another hour to get in no matter whether you preordered tickets or not, all for it to have one big (continually packed) expo room and four tiny panel rooms, also the highest percentage of neckbeards I've even seen in one place. Going with a marvel thot cosplayer was practically a case study.

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Semi agreeing with the other anons that are saying do not bother, maybe go if you want to talk to randoms or play rhythm games all day or fighting games against scrubs
There is legitimately nothing else to do

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NemaCon. In particular I remember the con booklets were so bad. Each page was a shitty mspaint resized jpeg that was blurry as heck, and they misspelled a bunch of stuff, including one of their guests' names. Badly organised as well, and then they got done for stealing charity money.

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>anime conji

wow, i didnt know san diego had cons that arent sdcc
also found this one and i am interested

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>marvel thot cosplayer

did you misspell Thor ?

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Anime Fucking Expo for these last 5 years. I have been going for 13 yrs.

No badge sales cap cuz they want all the money to wipe their asses with. They want to cram in as many fucking people into the convention center as possible and pretend the air conditioning will be able to catch up. Yeah lets just cram 130k+ sweaty people in oversized and delicate cosplays into one building in the middle of summer.

Impossible to get into panels, shows, etc unless you line up 3 hours ahead of time or buy their overpriced VIP badges. 90% of lines in the hot california sun in 109°+ weather.

Dealer's hall impossible to walk through without getting groped or someone's upperlip sweat being wiped off on you.

Artist Alley aisles even more cramped but they gave half the fucking room size to card and tabletop tournaments no even fucking plays anymore.

Everything is overpriced. Ghosters fucking everywhere, including BNF cosplayers who they refuse to kick out cuz they want the publicity.

AX wants to be Comic Con so bad but they invite shitty guests and bands.

They give shuttle buses to the most unpopular hotels and give a single bus to popular overcrowded hotels and routes.

Best part of the con for me was returning to my hotel to play drinking games with my friends in our cosplays. Fuck anime expo.

Didnt even go this year because i got sick of it. They need to fix some serious issues.

ALA is so much better. Short lines, cheap badge price, good food, nice cosplays, friendly people, interesting panels and shows including cultural ones, collectable ribbons, decent hotels at decent prices, lots of activities including ice cream social, (a not overcrowded) karaoke room, etc.
The only downside is that the artist alley and dealers hall are small. Wish artist alley was way bigger. Thats where the best merch is.

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lmao no it was a black widow thot

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Former autist turned predator.
He used to just say random Japanese comments to people at the cons as well. He used to be a harmless weird guy until the photo showing thing from what I've seen/heard

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Anime Expo gets worse every year and idk why I paid to go this year. But a huge lol to the "No Sitting" signs surrounded by a bunch of exhausted attendees sitting/passing out in the Artists' Alley with no staff even trying to herd them. Good on you.

>walking to a bench area that already has people taking a break on some of the benches
>con center staff just shakes her head and waves her hands saying "No, nuh uh, no" as bitchy as possible
>but other people get to sit there
>"I'm about to tell them to leave"
>well fucking do it?

Like damn I know weebs are annoying but why is it that the con center's staff is constantly in bitch mode, while the AX staff & volunteers never know anything and always look like deer in headlights. Money is a helluva drug, packing the place so tight with such a skeleton crew.

The jesus protesters are the best thing there.

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Canuckian here:

Con No Baka : legendary fuckup.

Got shut down due to non payment, dealers were also screwed over when told to accept gift certificates given to attendees and guests who got screwed over. Cosplay GoH walked out when was announced as being in charge of cosplay events without him even being told. In short a huge clusterfuck. Look it up and drop your jaw.

Kitchener Comic-Con : guy who runs it has his little deluded fanclub and he pulls scams on top of scams, says and does stupid shit like the entitled manchild that he is at this little show pretending to be relevant. This year used logos of BIG companies without permission saying their sponsors, many of his "guests" didnt show up or even knew about being listed, puts up a fake bio of self as a media personality. It was held at City Hall, bonus it was free (not really, paid for with tax dollars supposedly) but not worth hassle due to poor attempts including any attempts competent information or even communication.

Bonus - fucktards trying to represent threaten people telling them to take down their reports of their negative experiences instead of, you know, not being lying incompetent dicksmacks.

Hamilton Comic-Con : held in an airplane hangar in super hot weather with zero airflow. Drive 2 hours to go there and see some actors only to also find even the lines aren't anything that resemble an attempt at organization and literally watch dozens of people jump line ahead of us and given attitude by useless staff. We walked, had to leave via gift shop and they had audacity to suggest we purchase a knockoff flight jacket for super high cost when a real one is available 10 minutes away (and with air to breathe) for fraction of cost.

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>Con No Baka : legendary fuckup.
KEK, I had read about this not too long ago

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It's a small world after all.

Me and another dealer bailed out pronto before someone came into the Con No Baka dealer room with a megaphone shouting stuff.

Someone (staff member?) tried to force those useless certificates on my dealer buddy who makes his own expensive craftwork and literally took guys hand off his property while packing up the last of his stuff before rest of dealers clued in on the impending scramble for the freight elevator.

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Ikkicon in Austin, Tx. Initially, it was a pretty good con. I had a lot of fun and I met some great people. As the years went on, it got increasingly more disorganized and quite frankly...boring. The panels got shittier, there wasn't much to see at AA and DR, you had to wait in line forever just to pick up your badge, and lots of cringe and drama happening all around. There's been quite a few location changes within the last few years too and the locations keep getting more and more cramped. I actually haven't gone the last 2 years. I'm just no longer interested in the con and I keep hearing more and more bad things about it so...

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Probably the year I went to Manifest in Australia in... I can't recall what year, at least ten years ago, probably more. It was held in the Victoria Hotel that year, I didn't even know it was on, I just happened to be staying there for something unrelated.

The entire con was shoved into what was essentially two large-ish conference room, and one smaller room that was used to screen anime all day. It was all packed into the basement of the building, so there was no actual way to get outside other than the single exit/entrance that lead into the hotel lobby.

It was... Crowded. Very crowded. This was back when cons in Melbourne weren't as numerous so there were a lot in attendance.

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>anime conji

Oh wow, I went to that con in 2013
It wasn’t the best but I do think it had potential. The AA was decent and there were plenty of nice spaces to take pics. Cosplayers were also really nice, but yeah a lot of High schoolers running around

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Youmacon, specifically the year before they moved half the con to Cobo. It was basically what happens when you give a ton of money to irresponsible and uncaring people. Overcrowding, few decent panels and events, and so much disorganization that the entire group I was with swore off attending again. There are people who won events that, to this day, still haven't received their awards. Placing handicap individuals on high floor, (which, to be fair, is the hotel's fault), and staff kicking people out of elevators so they could have it to themselves. I don't know if it's changed since then, but this was just an overpriced 'party con' masquerading as one of the Midwest's premier conventions.

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damn im glad im not going anymore, I may look into animefest but shit man, I already have a con I want to check out in September

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Came to this thread just to post LCAC, I went two years ago and it was terrible. All I did was sit around and talk to random people and hung out with friends not worth the price of badges and never went back. It’s a local con for me as well so it wasn’t too bad but I feel bad for anyone who traveled for it.

ANYC was better by a mile I had alot of fun it was spacious and the panels and dealers/artist alley was great. Nice crowd too, can’t wait to go back this year.

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any interesting stories about the Jesus protestors, they sound pretty funny

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Minnesota / Twin Cities convention scene.

I've long been with good people and I had a lot of fun when I first started going.

Later, not so much. Still know good people though.

Anime Detour has been good to nosedive shitfest over the last years I've gone. I haven't liked the SJWs that have been coming around and they are rude and a bunch of pompous entitled shits.

It also doesn't help that the convention scene up here thrives on drama and hipster immature fucktard bullshit in Hipster Dumbass Capitol of the World. The last Detour I went to went like this:

>Went to precon to meet with friends
>alright, good times
>met with two girls, went to their van
>made out with one behind her boyfriend's back (she wasn't getting fond of him), other girl is the more important one, we'll call her Molly
>Molly is cute goth girl who lives in Uptown Minneapolis
>Troubled yet broke, gave her some cash to enjoy herself
>Friday Night comes, girly friend (not in relationship); we'll call her Anise, comes by with a new guy friend; we'll name him Harry
>Harry and Molly have bad blood
>Say hi to Harry, make friends
>Molly is also in room
>They have small spat
>Harry explains that she has problems with him
>after a weekend of being harassed by snotty SJW girls who think they know everything, Saturday night had a party in our suite
>Help out with party, keep everything in line with best buds
>Molly and Harry attend the same party
>Molly's friends eye Harry, tensions grow
>Eventually Molly's friends splash beer all over Harry when he smack talks them,
>I get in crossfire
>We settle shit out
>Anise gets tense because Harry goes off afterwards
>I journey with Anise to find him because she said he gets suicidal
>two hours pass
>come back to room, Molly isn't there anymore, Harry and Anise reunite
>"All is good" i thought
>even gave him my badge because I thought this year of con sucked ass on last day
>friends on facebook with Anise, Harry is also there

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>next few months, we learn that Harry is a sexual hotshit asshole playing loser
>He starts shit with Anise and harasses her for doing her
>I get upset, realize what the fuck is really going on, "Molly was fucking right"
>Anise gets emotionally attacked, I defend her, block his fucking raunchy ass
>next month, Harry goes to prison for what I believe is a sexual assault charge
>We never see Molly again
>I'll never get to apologize and explain myself

Oh, and it gets even better. The hotel that's always used by the conventions up here now has shittier management and refuses to host conventions anymore (but then again, where it's located is where all of the smarmy shithead rich people live, soooo). The last big convention, Convergence, had a shitstorm of a time. People got thrown out of the hotel because the hotel wanted a no alcohol policy, while they peddled out their own shit. I say great, because fuck them, and fuck their business decisions. I hope they enjoy the decrease in profits the next decade.

Looks like for me, I'm going to have to hit Anime LA (thanks thread, never knew AX was also going down the shitter).

Pray for all of the people going to Otakon though, I hope security is fucking tight and the shitfuckers from the White Supremacist rally don't send their asses down either.

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That's where they fucked up

>> No.9953997

Sounds like something a neckbeard white knight made up. What anime convention going weeb owns a "van"

>> No.9954003

Sounds like someone doesn't get out enough.

>> No.9954015

its the fire marshals that are to blame. they are the ones that require things like no sitting signs and the enforcement of. as you can see most staff don't really care and only care because the fire marshal cares.

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Not entirely impressive, but SakuraCon. Which is made worse by the fact that I flew from Georgia to Washington to attend because online friends were going. I really, really had fun with all my online friends, but the con itself was a shitshow of disorganization. I got in line to have some blu-rays signed by a seiyuu, only to have the people come out five minutes after opening to announce only merch from a specific franchise would be signed. Outside the con were a bunch of homeless people asking for money which was frustrating as they would follow my group.

Other than that, had fun with my friends, but it's not a con I would really put on any must attend lists. It's a shame because I really do love Washington state and Seattle for the most part. It was fun exploring the city. I'm kind of ashamed I'll probably be going again this year because friends from Australia has decided to go, and they never come to the States.

It was surreal that I enjoyed the actual con for panels at MomoCon later that year as I normally just go there to party with friends. I will say I also enjoyed the cosplay at SakuraCon more, and I really loved the Winter climate for heavier cosplays. I wasn't sweating my ass off just walking around town.

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Cos-losseum in Atlanta last year. Took up like a quarter of one floor of a hotel room, most of the panels were run by the same 5 people, dealer's room was full of bootlegs, and I got hit on by multiple creepy old staff members. That's not to say it was a horrible time, it was just the worst I've been to. It was the first or second year of the con and a lot of the proceeds went to Make a Wish, too, so it had good intentions and I hope it grows into something better

>> No.9954023

**one floor of a hotel

>> No.9954034

I think it was called like... Sukoshi con or something? Anyway there were like 4 panel rooms and 5 dealers, paid around $40 something to get in, saying there were 30 attendees is probably generous, spent about 20 minutes in the venue before getting bored and deciding to just get lunch instead, got in a car accident on the way home.

>> No.9954058

if you just want to hang out then AX is not your con. well, people still hang out but it's not the main attraction.
without all the people AX today would not have all the big guests and events. companies bring their A game to AX because they'll get the best ROI in terms of butts in seats and people seeing them. AX before it started reaching for 100k had a much less impressive list of things to see. you'd get a couple of music guests. now you have a whole slew.

>> No.9954059

I smile in glee that the convention that I help run never shows up in these kinds of threads.

>> No.9954082


beware the ides of march

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Naka-kon in Overland Park, Kansas is all right except for the fucking FURRY CONGA LINE that happens almost every year
pic related its me every time

>> No.9954237

What the fug my man why were you even checking LCAC out if you're all the way in Texas

>> No.9954258

The con I help out has been talked up on cgl. It's never been so bad that it shows up on these kind of threads warning others to stay far away.

>> No.9954288

SC Comiccon. I'm sure everyone else who has gone feels the same way as me, but there was fucking nothing there. I had gone with two friends of mine, and there was nothing that really caught my attention. There weren't really any panels, just a gigantic convention center that had a small runway, dealers space full of bootlegs, and some cars from pop culture. Really not worth going again, for anyone who thinks it'll improve.

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this shit show.

> held on a single floor in an overcrowded, already tiny hotel.
>all the rooms being used for panels were in a single hallway and the lines were fucking insane. getting through that hallway was impossible. good luck if you needed to use the elevators.
> the "dealer hall" was the size of a small bedroom with only four tables and they only let about ten people in at a time, causing yet another massive line in the same hallway.
> cast and crew members of the show charging up to $100 bucks for autographs and pictures together. not that unheard of for con guests i know but for fucking invader zim?
> same edgelord cast and crew judged the costume competition and shit talked a few of the kids that entered when they were on stage.
> only people who showed up to the con were cringy ravers, scene kids, and furries- not surprising at all.
> got to meet the guy who was running it while in line for a panel; one of the most stuck up, obnoxious people i've ever talked to. constantly blew smoke up his own ass and he apparently runs more cons. can't help but wonder if they're any better than this one.
> just ditched the con halfway through day two to go to downtown atx instead.

they're talking about bringing the con back cause of the new invader zim movie and i pray they just don't come back to texas. we don't need more shit cons and this one was pretty much dashcon: hot topic edition.

>> No.9954325

Tom Croom is the guy who runs it. Notorious pompous ass. A galatic sized ego.

>> No.9954331

the super ambitious failure of TCEG Con, will go into more detail if anyone wants.. but basically a delusional guy who somehow had big investors.


>> No.9954371

i've seen that name mentioned in the florida threads a couple of times before. does he really have that bad of a rep?

>> No.9954380

Oh boy, I went to Manifest six years ago and I'm not sure if I can even call it a con ? I only remember a room with the AA and dealers all mixed together and a room where they streamed stuff (no explanations anywhere of wtf it was)

>> No.9954400

Yes. He currently has a big hand in Fan Expo shows so he's gotten much worse on the ego. He walks around thinking he's hot shit all over the world.

>> No.9954413

They're the same lot I saw last year at the Santa Monica Pier on a random day when I was in Los Angeles. They don't even have a real message, just that people need to be saved from hell without elaborating on why random people at arbitrary social spaces are all going to hell.

Califags like to shit on us Southerners as overly religious, but I've only seen these kinds of people in Los Angeles.

>> No.9954422

You’re gonna give Naka shit in the same city that hosts Sausomecon?

>> No.9954453

>>Kitchener Comic-Con : guy who runs it has his little deluded fanclub and he pulls scams on top of scams, says and does stupid shit like the entitled manchild that he is

Ron Hoppe is a gigantic piece of shit who scams his friends, lies through his teeth and throws manbaby tantrums blaming everyone else but himself when he keeps fucking up.

His Kitchener Comic Con has been a source of one disaster of his own doing after another since the first year it ran. The first year his reply to someone who complained about him wrongly telling people parking is free was saying the girl who complained should eat a dick. Not to be outdone some wannabe legal bitch kept trying to whiteknight and convince that Ron wasn't speaking for Kitchener Comic Con. Last year he begged for money saying they don't have enough to run the show but had enough cash for a private hotel party. This year he probably went too far because several organizations are really curious about false advertising and the like, apparently he was even told by a major publisher that he fucked up and needs to stop.

Source: I boycotted going back and my friends showing me all the problems he's caused is enough to make me want to vote for mandatory sterilization for stupid people like him.

>> No.9954480

What a fucking autist. Really hope I don't run into him again at Fan Expo Dallas by unfortunate chance lol. Thanks for the info, anon.

>> No.9954497

I miss going to AX, but I haven't gone since 2016. I was already seeing that the whole experience was becoming less and less enjoyable and 2016 was the first year where I started to feel like I was "too old". Not only that, but the staff wore their lack of organization on their sleeve.

>waiting for Cosplay Chess
>some fan panel is before us and the organizer doesn't show up
>wait 45 minutes for the guy to show up before canceling panel
>the Cosplay Chess group has grown to over 300 people just milling about
>they're milling about because the staff have disbanded any line they created THREE TIMES
>line turns into a mad rush when they say "go" 5 minutes after panel is supposed to start

I asked a staff member about it when it was happening and he pointed out his superior who was making the calls because he was basically power-tripping trying to get 300 people to ambiguously wait out in the sun in no particular area with no information on when to line up while constantly being told they're "in the way". There were literally 20 people waiting on the tape for the panel prior to Cosplay Chess, but they didn't even try to use the 90% unused tape to start the next line.

>> No.9954514

Schoolcons aren't that bad if you know what you're getting into. Its a smaller venue and you can just casually chat up fellow animefans and such, not something worth traveling for but if its in your local area it can be a fun time.

>> No.9954554

Any of the Amecon before they moved venue, especially Amecon 08. Absolute shit fest that was so poorly managed

>> No.9954577

I love that ALA is in January. Don’t have to worry about heat strokes when I go to gatherings.

>> No.9954581

>former autist
How does one get rid of autism?
In all seriousness; this guy is weird AF. I've never encountered him myself, but I've heard enough consistent stories about him to know you'd rather not hang out with him.

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Anime Conji was pretty ok before the AX people bought it out. This year and the year before were a total mess. There’s another group of people trying to start another SD con called Fangaea but based on the staff members I know I have very little hope for it.

>> No.9959149

I once attended a con that was super cheap, like a dolar cheap. It was three stands made out of school tables selling bootleg shit and handmade garbage. There was also a classroom full of smelly weebs watching Bleach. Darted out of there within the first five minutes and spent three times the entry fee in a taxi to go back home

>> No.9959190


you'd be surprised how many parts of California is actually more conservative than liberal desu

>> No.9959194

I don't consider sausomecon a valid con

>> No.9959203

gtxkc. Barely anybody was there, probably because of the snow.

>I actually like sausomecon for the guests

>> No.9959240

You sound like you're 10-15 years older than everyone on that story

>> No.9959249

This. ANT was completely ruined by people ghosting/normies crashing the party, piss-poor preparation and scheduling for panels and guests, and the tiniest, shittiest location ever.

Literally no walking space and absolutely nothing to do. I've seen libraries with more con space.

>> No.9959288

Got a couple:

Rocky Mountain Comic Con 2016. I was AA there, barely made enough for cover table and a little extra on profit.

and Animeland Wasabi after 2014 as AA (except 2017 I was an attendee and that was the last year it ran)

>> No.9959297


It's shit because the person who owns it is also a shit. A lot of staff jumped ship because they refuse to pay the upper staff.

>> No.9959330

"only merch from a specific franchise would be signed"

that;s not something new, a lot of the larger cons with industry guests have the same rule

>> No.9959396

A local library tried to have a one day event that they billed as a “con”, they expected that maybe 20-30 children would come so they didn’t plan anything. Cue around 200 weebs showing up with no events planned. A few of us started trying to organize things like pannels, a cosplay contest, and a place for the three dealers that had come to set up their tables. We were literally doing it live trying to find anyone with pannels they could run on short notice and people with judging experience. Hats off to the groups from the SCA, the 501st and the Royal Manticoran Navy for having effective command structures we could piggyback off of. It was a mess, an epic goat rodeo, but for what we had to work with it wasn’t bad. We even made it into the paper, some guy cosplaying Anakin that day gave them a perfect quote when asked about how big the event was: “they underestimated our power!”

>> No.9959435

Genericon in Albany. Its not the worst thing in the whole world, relatively competent staff thats been doing it for almost 30 years. One of the few cons I regularly attend, its still fun but has had some bad runs. This tranny thats gone for the last few years makes some pretty high effort costumes tho

>> No.9959638
File: 21 KB, 472x472, 37598936_1891090137684653_1559783498858889216_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

went to a small "con" downstate because a friend got roped into vending and wanted me to come visit
>$15 admission
>sure, why not
>four hours later, in traffic: instant regret
>get to the venue
>shitty windowless shack on a golf course in the middle of nowhere
>oh look, they still haven't finished setting up
>wait 1.5 more hours to get badge
>inside is boiling hot and packed with sweaty nerds
>every attendee would be right at home on People of Walmart
>friend can't leave table, can't hang out until after con, can't talk without boss breathing down her neck
>qt Spider-Gwen hugs me; the only nice part
>only thing in the "game room" corner is an N64 hooked up to a 13-inch tv
>white guy hogging Super Mario 64 keeps screaming "EEEEEEYYYYYYY! I dindu nuffin!"
>get hungry as fuck
>google says the nearest place to get food is a gas station 25 min away
>ask around to see if anyone knows where to get lunch nearby
>"oh, lunch is included with your badge! they're setting up the buffet now!"
>wander over to "buffet" on far end of room
>a man is making a small pot of vegetarian chili and reheating frozen chicken nuggets on a hot plate.
>give zero fucks at this point, get in line for food
>wait half an hour
>people keep cutting in line
>mob grows restless
>volunteers keep stealing cups of chili and plates of nuggies, so the guy has to keep starting over with more frozen shit
>suddenly horrible smell
>the toilet has flooded and turds have floated into the hall
>children start playing in the toilet water; no parents appear
>rabble rabble rabble
>and then they ran out of food after the first six people were served.

at least I got chick-fil-a afterward.

>> No.9959662

Jafax in Michigan

Awesome con to hang out at when it was at the Allendale campus, they switched to a bigger venue and started charging for shitty events, lack of proper viewing rooms,and panels ran by 15 year old kids. I went once at the new venue and it was so spread out that I barely interacted with or saw other attendees. The whole event has no soul now, it's really sad that a successful event i've attended since 2001 has fallen so low to appeal to the common denominator.

>> No.9959670

Gonna have to agree with you.

It's not like the con doesn't try or doesn't have their shit together, but I feel like they bit off more than they can chew. They're still in the denial phase and refuse to ask for outside help for their events/social media presence and it's really, really hurting their appeal. Attendance dipped almost in half from when they were at GVSU, (even after several years), and location, price, and disorganization is the trinity of failure they haven't crawled away from yet. (Base $35 on top of parking on top of one of the most expensive hotels in Michigan being one of the only hotels within a 5 mile radius? Yeah, who's bright idea was that from a once free convention?) I REALLY want them to succeed, but at the rate it's going I'm not sure if they can.

>> No.9959678

Rhode Island Comic Con. Havent gone in recent years, but 2014 was absolute shit.
>oversold tickets and went way over capacity
>raining outside so no one wants to leave in cosplay
>people who do leave to go get food arent let back in
>cue panicking parents that left their kids inside to get food for them and are now separated
>fire marshalls come to kick out nerds
>cant get in because too many people surrounding the venue
>get news someone passed out or had a seizure or something
>EMTs called but crowds dont disperse

An absolute mess. This was also the time that i was leaving the venue for my own safety, so idk what happened to whoever passed out or whatever. Hope theyre ok.

>> No.9959774


MCM Manchester was FAR better than MCM London. Then again, that is like comparing different shades of feces.

For me, the worst con was a tossup between LAGC in London and Alcon in Leicester

>> No.9959814

It doesn't help their end that its one if the easiest cons to ghost that I've ever seen. The staff just doesn't care. It was my first con back in 09 and its sad to see it fail.

>> No.9959840

Not sure if it counts on here since it was a gaming con but GamerCon 2017

>hyped up gaming con
>get in after waiting two hours in queue
>just in time, they started turning people away at the door in the pissing rain because the venue was "at capacity"
>venue capacity 9,400, they sold 12k tickets
>venue full to bursting
>kids everywhere
>shitty gamestop-style merch stalls with the same stuff everywhere
>some stall selling pornhub shirts
>weekend passes
>horror stories emerge
>volunteers worked 15-hour shifts
>no food supplied
>loads of ticketholders were never let in at all

There was a huge uproar about it in the media too, the organiser apparently never paid most of the suppliers. There were mass refund requests afterwards, but I never heard if they got sorted out, I left it too long to request one I think.

>> No.9959974

What the fuck, where was this

>> No.9960007

Furry conga line? I've been going there for like 8 years and this is the first I've heard of it.

>> No.9960027


>> No.9960028


>> No.9960035
File: 85 KB, 400x250, galko.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>white guy hogging Super Mario 64 keeps screaming "EEEEEEYYYYYYY! I dindu nuffin!"
I scream-laughed.

>> No.9960085
File: 142 KB, 208x327, RAMSAY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last year's October MCM London was the worst for me personally, heads up bc I'm beyond fucking salty about it

>Artists Alley shoved all the way to the back of one hall bc they needed room for the corporate sponsors
>Uneventful panels full of the same guests they always have
>Dealers hall reduced to exclusively resellers and Funko/Marvel
>One half of the main hall is just open space with 4 MCU themed statues in it??? Bc we deffo needed more fucking Marvel at this event
>I was literally cosplaying Dr Strange and I was sick of seeing Marvel stuff by the end of Saturday
>Ungodly number of normies to the point that the weebs and neckbeards were severely outnumbered
>Group of teenage boys playing "jump on the cape/dress" wherein you jump/tread on the end of a cosplayer's cape/dress, despite numerous people telling them that they are ruining peoples property or flat out strangling them
>Various suburban mom types throwing their children at cosplayers for photos and having zero regard for wether the coplayers wanted it or not
>Parents thinking that "jump on the cape" is just a game people play at these conventions and encouraging their kids to do it
>Too many people crammed into the walkways and none of them give a single fuck about how fragile your props/costume are

Shout out to the Rose Quartz I saw sobbing on the ground outside bc her dress was torn to shreds by cape jumpers and also to the capeless Superman who had a lovely red mark on his neck from being strangled, also by cape jumpers. Also a massive 'go fuck yourself' to the woman who told her son to jump on my cape and got mad at me for asking her not to do that.

>"Well I thought everyone was playing this game, its not like you really need this costume again is it?"

Eat my whole fucking arse with a side salad of Get Fucked, you wretch of a woman, and take your milkybar kid looking spawn with you

>> No.9960090

some people have zero house training

>> No.9960097
File: 27 KB, 298x500, vONxgZU[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

children are yuck city

>> No.9960169


>Shout out to the Rose Quartz I saw sobbing on the ground outside bc her dress was torn to shreds by cape jumpers and also to the capeless Superman who had a lovely red mark on his neck from being strangled, also by cape jumpers. Also a massive 'go fuck yourself' to the woman who told her son to jump on my cape and got mad at me for asking her not to do that.

I uh what? I dont even know how the fuck we have any of that in 2018. Does anything like this happen anywhere else in the uk or the states?

>> No.9960244
File: 2 KB, 125x65, 1516124171603s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtf was con security doing or rather regular security for that matter?

>> No.9960249

owo wats this??

>> No.9960274

Not mine but http://twogargs.com/c4-winnipeg-worst-convention-ever-attended/

>> No.9960567

Anyone remember that one con where they put the artist alley in some sort of parking garage that was also leaking water.

>> No.9960577

>live in UK
>MCM is normie shit for the most part, too many fucking retards(literally mentally disabled) or wheelchaired people
>other cons have like 1000 people in it, fucking dead

I mean, dont get me wrong, if you were a marvelfaggot or a DCuck or even a rick and mortie/insert super entry level cartoon or anime here MCM would probably be pretty good, but fuck me its awful for real weabs.

>> No.9960784

was it dripclave

>> No.9960786


>> No.9960788

i see lots of legit disabled People in SDCC , its to be expected when an event is family friendly

>> No.9960877


>held in a small trucker hotel
>badge lanyards weren’t lanyards but shoestrings
>dealers room was 1 girl selling nendo petites and card sleeves. Another selling crochet scarves
>somehow managed to rent a steamroller to crush a bunch of bootleg merch in the parking lot and was an absolute mess to clean up

>> No.9961084

Comic conventions all seem to be shit honestly. Maybe it's just because I prefer anime, but it seems like anime conventions have so much more programming and fun events whereas comic conventions are just about selling shit and nothing else

>> No.9961085

>Homeless people in the States

Don't ever, ever give these people money. Many of them aren't homeless and even if they are, we have charities that give them food and clothes. They panhandle for drug and alcohol and are a plague on this country

>> No.9961088 [DELETED] 

Why are you naming the characters in your story Hairy Anus?

>> No.9961092

more like comic cons are more focused on tv shows

>> No.9961093 [DELETED] 
File: 90 KB, 1023x886, depositphotos_66633763-stock-illustration-cook-gesture-delicious-food[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cape jumping

>> No.9961094 [DELETED] 

more like stop fucking correcting me

>> No.9961097
File: 20 KB, 419x427, 1525420623390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, CONvergence got fucking raled by the hotel this year. I love the layout of the old hotel and hate going to the city for cons, but if it means never dealing with this horseshit again I'll put up with it.

Anime Detour's descent into garbage is kind of sad for me. It was my first convention. Seeing it go to rot is pretty disheartening.

I hope fusion is at least decent this year.

>> No.9961100

Railed, not raled.

>> No.9961117

Tokyo In Tulsa.
Artist Alley was somewhat better this year than previous years but only because SkeletonGyaru was there, Miss Octopie also had cute stuff at her booth in the Dealer’s Room. Jfash guests weren’t worth it imo, the stuff they produce comes off alot closer to steampunk and cosplay than it does to lolita or other jfash. Tea party was an ita clusterfuck, fashion show sucked, same crappy no-one cares about tier cosplay guests, sucky venue, etc. only plus sides were the rain on Saturday that cooled it down real nice and Datura. Overall just not worth ticket prices imo.

>> No.9961277


this, anime conventions are a lot more social and I feel like theres a heavier emphasis on community made panels as well as industry panels but It feels like comic cons are more industry based first and community second and in general a lot less social.

I think as a whole it has to do with how easy it is to get into anime/manga compared to how hard it is to get into comics, barring the newer non dc/marvel comics and a lot of tv shows like game of thrones, stranger things and the walking dead.

>> No.9962309

>There’s another group of people trying to start another SD con called Fangaea but based on the staff members I know I have very little hope for it.
Which members? I know a few of them too.

>> No.9962319

Currently the biggest one is Asia Pop Comic Con imo, though that happened a week ago so you're gonna have to wait another year if you're interested in going to it. It's pretty legit (I think they have Netflix as a sponsor?). Rule of thumb generally is not to expect much from cons at Mega, but come with high hopes for cons at the SMX Center in Pasay. Sorry if this sounds like a brain fart, had to call in sick at work today because of a night high fever.

>> No.9962357


I can't say NYCC is the worst I've ever been to, as it was fun in the beginning of things. As a youngin I was excited because we had two chances to get involved which was NYCC and Anifest, and the year they did both at the same time was pretty exciting as far as turnouts go.

If I have anything to be salty about by now it's the fact that you can no longer walk into a comic store and just buy badges now that NYCC is trying to be SDCC nowadays. I hear the whole thing is ridiculous at this point. Even with DragonCon's expensive ass entry fees at least it's still easy to get in if you have the money to pony up. I don't quite understand this. As a native New Yorker this still disappoints me.

>> No.9962359


Does he really have dat ass tho?

>> No.9962611

I've been to ALA twice and had a fucking boring time both years. There was nothing to do and everyone was obnoxious/high school age.
I understand comparing ALA and AX because they're both SoCal cons, but shit, they're completely different. AX has big-name guests and bands, industry panels, etc, because of all of the corporate backing. ALA looked like it would be a blast if you had a fuckton of friends in different cosplay circles. It was incredibly clique-ish for me personally, though.

The worst con I've ever been to was either ALA in 2013 or Anime California in 2015. I was bored as fuck. For Anime California, my group just wound up leaving after an hour and going to Disneyland.

>> No.9962791

I fucking hate ax now. I been going since 2004 and its been so bad since 2012 and on. I do not know how a con can get worst every year and never learn from their mistakes.

I do agree with you though, they want to become like SDCC and more and their greed just keeps fucking people over even if you have that overpriced VIP badge. Like what is the point of having it if staff do not know I can literally go in to the panel atleast 10 to 15 mins before, which is even stated in their list of perks. I lined up 30 minutes before this year for the jojo panel and they told me I could not line up because the general line is capped and I was standing there looking at these idiots.

The worst part of AX is their lack of crowd control and no cap on their badges. There is a limit on 4 day badges iirc but they have no limit on day badges so there really is no cap on the con even if they want to say they do. Sooner or later, I am sure someone will die or get seriously hurt/damaged at the con due to the overcrowding, lack of crowd control, people getting sun burned and having heat strokes or even die and that is when AX will get in trouble and sued for their stupidity

Ax also needs paid staff so they aren't in a shortage of volunteers. No one wants to work for free for a shitty con like AX and have no line perks or benefits other than a free badge for yourself and a friend.

ALA is so much better, little to no lines, the whole ribbon game is fun, good variety of panels, the night life at the con is great too. The season and location of the con is nice too because it is during winter and not hot at all.

Last year, they brought over the WHOLR CAST of cowboy bebop and it was amazing to get every single VA's autograph without waiting hours and hours for it. ALA is for sure my favorite con overall.

>> No.9962820


>> No.9962821


>> No.9962863


>it's the fact that you can no longer walk into a comic store and just buy badges now that NYCC is trying to be SDCC nowadays.

damn that sucks, especially living in nyc, Id bet theres still a good amount of comic book stores still alive in the city.

overall nycc wasn't a bad con necessarily, it just wasn't my taste and I was unprepared overall

>> No.9962887

>they want to become like SDCC
wow SDCC really is the endgame, but its probably because the biggest city in the USA also needs to have the biggest con in the country to compensate

>> No.9962892

Colossalcon. The halls were too crowded, there were too many drunk people in the pools, and the programming wasn't that interesting.

>> No.9963112


There are a few left but I've been around long enough to see some of my favs fall to the wayside, that shit is soul wrenching. I should have known something was wrong when panels for 50 Shades of Grey were announced, making badges sell like hot cakes

Either way I'm grateful for the con scene down south. There's literally three big conventions here and the only one I have yet to get to is momo, something I intend to fix one day soon

>> No.9963266

Big Nude Furry

>> No.9963330
File: 133 KB, 900x506, 41504596-sac-anime-092016-1-jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


For a con that so many people go to I was expecting it to be fun but it was con with such a low quality of everything. Artist alley looked like half the artists just got accepted because Sac wanted to fill the room, cringey teens at every turn with tons of au cosplays, many tumblr panels, and the only guests were cartoon voice actors. My friends and I were bored out of our mind even though we hunted for something to make the ticket worth it.

Lately I assume people only go there for the overwatch VAs.

>> No.9963345

Thank god anime cons are never going to get to that point of mainstream popularity. Went to NYCC last year and the amount of normalfags and middle aged parents with their little shits flooding the con was awful.

>jump on the cape game
What the fuck

>> No.9963729

I doubt you do much of anything to help run any con.

>> No.9963750


Children are the fucking worst man, shit.
And they'll do it specifically because they know it fucks with you too. Had a kid jump in my way while trying to push a wheelchair few years back but try as I might to avoid him he got right in my way dancing his little retarded dance until his mother snatched him bald. Little fuck.

>> No.9963848

I saw a girl at a Houston con have her dress ripped off that way. It was pretty horrible to see, she was probably about 20 and chubby and she was trying desperately to hide her Hanes period panties while a bunch of people laughed at her. She was crying and everything, my friend got a blanket or cape or something from a bench and gave it to her to wrap around herself. But for like a good minute or two she was standing there basically in bra and panties crying pathetically where hundreds of people could see her.

>> No.9963857

That poor girl. Shit like that can make you never want to ever leave the house again, and all because of some stupid kid.

>> No.9963889


>Thank god anime cons are never going to get to that point of mainstream popularity.

this, I would rather go to an anime con rather than a comic con right now in my life just because a lot of anime cons dont feel so polished and a lot of anime cons I've gone to have felt pretty personal too

>> No.9963920
File: 35 KB, 462x295, 1093545871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Parents, especially suburban scum that left reality decades ago, who bring their deranged dirtbag kids to any enviroment that requires a certain amount of decency should be hanged infront of the area they dont belong and their orphan breed sold to the coal mines.

>> No.9963921

Oh jesus. I also am from MN & fucking ditto on being pissed off about the SJWs at detour. For some reason the worst ones are always the ones with the pride flags wrapped around their necks. Yeech.
I don't really talk to anyone at cons though & I don't cosplay often (very shy & actually an autist) so the idea of cosplaying again at detour kind of scares me though because some people there still like to """"glomp""""" people cosplaying characters they like. The worst people are the SJWs and the glompers imo

>> No.9963958

did u 2 fuck or what?

>> No.9963961

Jesus, are people still Glomping? I thought that stopped in 2012 at the latest. I was convinced it died with yaoi paddles until you said this. Were the fuck in MN are people glomping? Is it fusion, if so i'm cnacelling my plans.

>> No.9963970
File: 206 KB, 642x330, moonvcrystal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I saw a Miku with her skirt tucked into her thong and said nothing

>> No.9963976

Go!Daikocon, hands down.

>be maid, our cafe is seperate from the con and we work various conventions
>always work godaiko for some shitfuck reason
>2017, thursday of the convention, setting shit up
>volunteer worker rushes into the room
>"all the staff have quit"
>head to staff room, lo and behold there are no staff
>only small handful of volunteers and the maids left + conchair
>pester conchair but get no answer on why staff quit
>realize staff was doing more than 80% of the panels
>all the maids come together and bullshit panels for this fucking convention
>friday comes around have limited maids because half of them are running panels at any given time
>probably 200 people max on friday attending
>maid cafe liveliest place in the con
>artists getting pissed cuz they can't sell shit
>saturday rolls around, cosplay beach party is also happening this day
>attendance numbers in decline cuz cbp is so much better
>conchair is an asshole and decides it best to advertise godaikocon at cbp
>second-hand embarassment
>artists do a walk-out cuz they haven't made table
>sunday is shit and we're all pissed
>find out after convention ends that staff left due to the conchair being brought to court for sexual assault charges
>at least I got to eat melon bread

>> No.9963978

>somehow managed to rent a steamroller to crush a bunch of bootleg merch in the parking lot and was an absolute mess to clean up
This is the funniest goddamn thing I've read in weeks

>> No.9964017
File: 5 KB, 153x199, tf2 heavy laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>yaoi paddles were a thing

>> No.9964167

I'm in a wheelchair, and holy fuck. the amount of kids i've hit because they're little fucks is astounding.

I've had to push them off of me because they seem to think that my chair is playground equipment.

>> No.9964370

APCC already happened and it was really great, but if you want more weebshit there's Cosplay Mania on Sept. 29-30 at SMX. Just be mindful about the lines and buy tickets early.

I don't really give a shit about cons at Megamall anymore. They're cramped and there are always complaints about maintenance banning cosplayers for using restrooms.

>> No.9964375

Try to visit Cosplay Matsuri(SMX) if you're still around by the end of December. It's small compare to other cons but still gets a lot of traction.

There's also Ozine Xmas Special at SM Megamall right after Christmas.

A lot of cons have been hiking up their entrance fees. I still remember the time where tickets costs 2-3 dollars. Now we get really large cons that costs 12-15 dollars.

>> No.9964401

Shit I remember this, I remember tumblrinas making a PSA not to buy them/use them at cons lmao

>> No.9964413

thats some pretty fucked up shit since the average income of office drones there is practically nothing

t. lived there with expat parents for 25 yrs

>> No.9964457

What the fuck is with Canadians not being able to formulate sentences correctly? I swear half of every Canadian I've come in contact with talks like a 6 year old foreigner trying to speak English.

>> No.9964501


how bad did it get since, I came from a time where yaoi paddles and glomping weren't a thing or at least when I first started going to cons, I never witnessed a yaoi paddle or someone being glomped

>> No.9964505

>yaoi paddles and glomping

How didn’t people realize these are technically ‘assault’

>> No.9964509

Megamall is just a reall old building

>> No.9964948
File: 205 KB, 1140x1212, minionquotes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because they thots.

>> No.9964954

I agree, but truth be told I haven't been to one since they've moved venues. They've had a bunch of great cosplay and I've heard the organization and contests have improved a bunch since Katie Bair fucked off

>> No.9965392

>What’s the worst con you’ve ever been to and why?
Anime Los Angeles. Shitty con in a shitty location with a shitty excuse to dress up, get drunk, and nothing more.

>> No.9965418

It was actually great, but it was the only con I've ever been to, so it was techncially the worst con I've ever been to.

>> No.9965443

The very early days of Atlanta's momocon used to be a free for all cluster fuck. Insane Clown Posse kids would show up, tons of bad cosplay, lots of inner city kids breaking shit, just all around the worst of anime humanity showing up. I'm glad it's an $80 a pop con now because it's better, but my god it used to be so fucking terrible.

>> No.9965507

I ghosted it *because* it was so shitty. Too small ans cramped and the panels looked awful. And then they picked a terrible new location. I was going to buy a badge but it sucked worse so I spent it at the bar instead.

>> No.9965539

Holy shit I'm laughing. I went to ACA this year because I just moved into the LR area and I was stunned at how bad it is. They're doing a 1-day for Halloween and I'm going to pop in but I'm ready to be underwhelmed.

>> No.9965589
File: 115 KB, 720x960, Mall Conventions Were A Mistake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Worst Con?
Anime Boston. It really just has the worst fucking people.

Most dreadfully boring/depressing con I've been too is "New England Comics & Collectibles Extravaganza!".

So, first year, I think it was March of 2017. It was held in the former JC Penney space in the Hanover mall. Get in, kinda dingy, but it's not bad, see some friends, the venue's pretty full of dealers, I grab a few G1 transformers for really cheap, got Taco Bell afterward.
Fast-forward to the Winter one, and holy shit; the space is, legit, 60% empty. There's barely any dealers, all the dealers are selling genuine garbage, everyone there looked miserable. The only bright spots were having Jennifer Cihi sign the mag of my prop AK, hi-fiving the girl who played Cally on BSG and talking shit about the last season with her for a few minutes, talking Soviet MilSurp with a mall Santa (pic related), and getting a sealed pack of Soviet cigarettes from '73. They weren't bad.
Spring of 2018, the Con got moved to some hotel in Boxboro. It was even more depressing, though my girlfriend was absolutely obsessed with the venue, couldn't figure out why.
Apparently, the guy who runs it is an asshole, doesn't know what he's doing, and is trying to reclaim some of his "Antiques Roadshow" "fame".

>> No.9968988

True, but people would still save up for them as well as spend up to 100 dollars for a quality costume. And most of the congoers are generally in the upper-middle class but I've been with people who only make minimum wage and still manage to attend cons.

>> No.9969591

Uh, do you mean NorthEast Comic Con? It tried to originally debut as Boston Anime Fest before it got sued by Anime Boston.

>> No.9970234

For me in england; any anime league event ever.

>> No.9970238

Oh let's not forget how horrible Lscc has gotten? 2017 was such a downgrade from 2016 how does that even happen?

>> No.9970243

Tldr: he's autistic and he doesn't have anyone to monitor him in public so he does whatever he wants. It's just kinda unfortunate

>> No.9970252

I've gone to mcm once in 2016 & it was awful. Legit haven't ever gone again. This is why I refuse to go to "Comic Cons" too many normies and people with kids. And shit like this happens when you're at a con where there's lots of kids.

>> No.9970256


>> No.9970572

Autographs usually have some dumb shtick to them at SakuraCon, like "these series only" or "official merch only". It's corporate and law shit but the voice actors themselves don't care so you can usually get away with the latter. They also find some way to seriously fuck up the lines sometimes, like accidentally making two and then one is put in front of the other.
Aside from autographs, I think they're usually pretty good about organization though.

>> No.9970583

looks like it could be a decent video game get together if it wasn't just mostly smash?
feel bad for those dealers. I'm also confused by the rocks and inflatable play place.

>> No.9970590
File: 27 KB, 400x400, 1534355949371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ALA sounds like a grand old time from what I've read in this thread. It makes me want to go.
But I'm afraid that by the time I do it'll crash.
Good things just don't last forever.

>> No.9970595

Oh shit neno, I think the worst con I've ever attended was Hobbycon 2018, A Coruña, Galicia. Do you know Spain and Galicia are "the countries of subpar conventions"? Well, just imagine how bad it was when I step into it and the first thing that comes to my head is "neno this is emptier than the Dashcon, shit neno I've wasted my time". Have some footage here, it's in spanish but it doesn't matter, just see the event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2389&v=NsOt6N9K4BA

>> No.9970628

idk. ala is always fun, even with the changes so

>> No.9971270
File: 122 KB, 284x281, Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 3.56.59 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anime midwest was fucking sad, man. There's no way you can't not compare it to ACEN, given they share the same venue only a couple months apart. It's so much smaller and the game room sucked. no good panels, and the CEO is a fucking scumbag. It's pretty much just a con for people who missed ACEN that year.
Only thing it has on ACEN is consuite, which even in itself was just cheap cup ramen and white rice

>> No.9971288

MiniMinicon. Free entry, so TONS of loud, obnoxious teens and tweens. Saw lots of tumblr cringe. But hey, the maid cafe and GG Paida performances were good (although there were technical difficulties).

>> No.9971289

Nah, it's outright "Northeast Comics & Collectibles Extravaganza"

>> No.9971293


I still love motor city but I agree. They really need to rent out a bigger space.

>> No.9971302


It's changed a ton. They police the elevators for starters so only,hotel guests can use them (thank god). All registration is done in cobo,and they have 14 people givng out badges so the wait,is never long. Big guests are in cobo while game,room and smaller pannels are,in ren cen. It's smooth as butter now.

>> No.9971318


My inner /pol/ is not surprised by this at all.

>> No.9971319


Colossal con has become way to big,and,infimus for it's own good. The,fire alram kept,going,off this year and no,one is,sure,if,it was cause,of some asshole or cause,of how hot it was.

>> No.9971330

Are you okay anon? That use of commas sounds like you're having a stroke.

>> No.9971417
File: 2.92 MB, 1453x1041, 11009459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You want to talk bad experiences with voice actors. I once had to remind a voice actress of what part in a video game she played when I took a copy to get signed.

She was the main character in the game.

>> No.9971428

Believe it or not but sometimes actors are actually just acting (mind = blown) and even this just for paying the rent. They maybe dont even like video games or movies and thus rightly dont know shit about it (enlightenment level: complete overdose)

>> No.9971439

>Came to this thread just to post LCAC, I went two years ago and it was terrible. All I did was sit around and talk to random people and hung out with friends

You're describing what a con should be when it's not run entirely by corporations and just all about the dealers room. I thought Liberty City was great.

>> No.9971446


"ACen" Midwest's do drugs, get high, and wait in line convention.

DESU I'm goin

>> No.9971454

Dafuq is neno

>> No.9971466

Okay I live in KC and I know about Sausomecon (met the organizers even....), but i've never heard of this one.

>> No.9971499

I heard a story here where someone got hit by one of those things and had their camera damaged by one of them.

>> No.9971521


Amechibi. It was an absolute shitshow.

In between the panel rooms being split between different floors (some where on floor 11) and the elevators being broken, the Wifi sucked ass and the building was literally falling apart. One of the windows fell out and nearly landed on the chairman below.

The hotel itself was incredibly outdated in its decor and hadn't seen a fresh lick of paint in decades so there wasn't any good places to shoot pictures. Most of the usual suspects weren't there so it felt like a ghost town too.

>> No.9971595

Youmacon. First time going and it was no-pamphlet no-signage wristbandgate year. On top of it, was helping with panels and had no clue where to go. If it wasn't for our panel moderator, a total bro, we wouldn't have had a clue what rooms were ours. The fact that the showrunners didn't give a shit about our concerns afterwards cemented for me that they do not care about building a better con for their attendees.

>> No.9971598
File: 70 KB, 1024x512, DEjixmSVwAAw6hS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TwitchCon 2016/2017 was really bad, even with all the exclusive stuff for partners and such it was boring as all hell. Not to mention the disastrous official "horror boat party", heard bad things about lines comparatively to other parties, disorganization, and the activities on the boat themselves were bland and bad.

I love Twitch, but I recommend staying away from TwitchCon. Some select partners think they rule the place, it's just a bunch of people liveblogging (even if they have 0 viewers), not to mention Twitch favoritism. There is a small chance you may see that broadcaster you really like, but fat chance.

TwitchCon is a party con, if you like traveling and drinking for a few days in a row, it may be for you.

>She was the main character in the game.

Sometimes they don't get told what part, character or even game they are working on and won't find out until you or I do, at which point they may have been knee's deep in other work.

It happens. We're all human. Voice actors are generally treated not great and get yanked around a lot. This is just my experience working at a popular game publisher that was trying to save pennies on VA though.

>> No.9971654

Did anyone here to to dashcon? I'd love to here more stories about it.

>> No.9971988


I have FAT SAUSAGE FINGERS and a small,phone. I gave up correcting myself.

>> No.9972161

It's because of shit parents who don't teach their children to be compassionate and respectful, and instead let them run wild and become little asshole tyrants

>> No.9972216

lmao is this response copy pasted cause I swear I’ve seen this exact response

>> No.9972261

Tsubasacon for sure. I've been going for years now and it never gets better. They never have good guests, the rave and masquerade ball both suck and have shitty djs, the vendors room is always the same booths every year selling the same old crap as the last few years, all the panels are morning cartoons, match game, or Steven universe themed and they never accept ideas for new panels.
The food is shit quality garbage that's too expensive for what it's worth and you can't bring any outside food or drinks into the con either. Literally the only thing the con is good for is to see your friends and sit around and talk for three days straight.