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Can't go 2 posts without fucking up the thread edition

old thread: >>9930267

>post accounts you follow
>ask for/share advice
>keep it civil

>act like a retard
>insult other people

*don't self-post if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defend yourself

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rhys _cosplay

I post an assortment of different stuff from cosplay to table top games/rpgs as well as pics of my dogs. I have a lot of new cosplay pics on the way over the next few weeks too!

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Anyone here know any good gyaru instagrams to follow?

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Those are the only ones I follow

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Requesting lolita instagrams to follow. Preferably accounts with no random stuff in their feed. I don't want to scroll past 999999 pictures of cake.

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Following for dog pics

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Out of curiosity, how much is too much non-lolita content? My account is probably 90% coord shots but occasionally aesthetic stuff or my pets. I always worry I'm too spammy when I upload, like, a picture of a nice tea set or something.

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I won't disappoint.

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As long as it's not the same picture 3 times in a row or more than half your feed, i think it's fine. The occasional unrelated content is kind of nice, because it makes you more human, like you have interests beyond lolita. Just my opinion, though.

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Posting some under 1000 lolita and jfashion accounts--mainly classic and otome stuff:


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I don't mind the occasional non-lolita post. I'd say if you post 1 non-lolita post for every 3-5 lolita related posts.
By lolita related, I mean posts like dress details, accessories shots, meetup photos, etc. as well. It doesn't have to only be coord shots.

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My IG is all Lolita and I like creating coord polls regularly.

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Mariahmallad has a great ig

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What I do with my non lolita content is relegate it to stories. That way, people who are interested in whatever food I like to stuff my face with can opt in, and people who don't like that shit can opt out. It works. Since I focussed my IG, I got some more followers, just reached ~2000 now. It's not a whole lot compared to others, but it's grown quite a bit since I honed my content compared to before and especially since I don't constantly goad my followers to 'participate.'

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I’m debating on cleaning up my instagram profile and making it mostly just lolita. Should I just make a new Instagram or clean up my existing one? Right now I kinda post lolita, cosplay construction updates and dnd stuff. But I don’t really have many followers and they are all mostly people who are spam bots following me/ weebs obsessed with Yuri on ice. don’t even have any thing anime on my insta but I get all these Yuri on ice fans randomly.

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Anyone got any good cosplay Instagrams to follow? I need motivation to get back into cosplay.

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>Don't post a coord for 3 days
>5 or more people unfollow me
Every fucking time. What the fuck?

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Is it people or companies/bots unfollowing?

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I'm not sure. I hope it's bots, but my engagement always tanks too so it might not be.

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I'd just make a new one, starts everything fresh, you can choose a fitting username and it gets you that little "New to Instagram" rec boost

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>no random stuff in their feed
do you even know what this means? there's random food crap even in the screenshot you chose to post, and then the second you scroll down on the actual profile like half your content is food and normie vacation photos, hard pass

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What are your guys' favorite apps to upload pictures at a scheduled time? I don't like latergram because I have to do it off the computer and I like editing on VSCO, but the ipreview app doesn't really work either for me. Looking for iphone options specifically.

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I challenged myself to find about a dozen decent lolita accounts under 100. Most are japanese or chinese lolitas that don’t use a lot of tags and such and/or just started out.


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Buffer and IFTTT are both pretty good. For layout planning I use UNUM.

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Can someone explain the reasoning behind scheduled posts? I use Instagram regularly but not too deeply so I’m unaware of a lot of its ins and outs in this aspect.

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idk about everyone else, but i'm busy at work or at school from morning until night. if i post when i'm actually available it'd be the dead of night in freedomland and that's not very useful.

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Has anyone else had issues with rayofhina on ig?

She’s followed and unfollowed me 4 times in the past month. I get that there are a lot of people that follow to get you to follow back and then they just unfollow and I usually just ignore those people. But 4 fucking times in one month?? This is getting ridiculous. I don’t know whether to ignore her, block her, or straight up confront her on her bs. What do you gulls think?

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lol why do you care so much if she follows you or not?
seems something so trivial to get mad over.

chances are she just follows a bunch of random cosplayers but then later goes through their list and unfollows random people, then goes back to follow a bunch of other random cosplayers not realizing that some of the people she followed again were the same people they unfollowed.

if its triggering you so much then just block her. god damn

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Nayrt but you seem to be the one mad about someone asking if any one else is having the same situation with the girl. It was a general question not a cry for desire to have someone follow them.

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How about you stop shitting up the board with your garbage thread? Have you considered that?

/cgl has too much of a stick up their ass to make this functional.

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And here >>9945641 we see a fine example of irony. That's our lesson today kids!

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All past Instagram threads have had the same fate. People being salty about self posts.

I ain't ruining the thread, but that's soon to become truth once someone actually posts their shit.

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Thank you!

Sometimes I'm busy and I forget to post, and as >>9944780 mentioned if I don't keep a steady stream I start losing followers and engagement. Post times are also important so I try to keep a consistent time in which I post things.

I miss when I could just queue posts on tumblr and not have to think about it as much. I mean, I guess it destroys the point of INSTAgram but really whose curated feed is instant anymore?

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just because your self post wasn't well received doesn't mean this thread is doomed.

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Assuming it's my post personally that makes me say this, and not what has happened since like January....

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>ignoring the <100/<1000 follower challenge and lists of relative unknowns
>ignoring the budding discussion in the thread to whine about 'muh self post drama'

Yeah smells like the ocean.

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Ok the 'less than 100 followers' challenge that I posed last thread took off quite well, but a lot of the accounts only have one or two posts.

How about under 200 follower challenge? I guess that means the people in that bracket are more likely to have more posts.
Self posts welcome.

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Did anyone follow a girl called keyboardbunny? I really liked her coords and handmade accessories but maybe she deleted her account or changed her @ so I can't find her now. If anyone knows her current @ or other social media I can follow please tell me!

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I also enjoy less than 1000 follower challenge. It's easier and I really have liked the accounts with under 1000.

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When do you find is the best time to post?

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I haven't found a best time. If you're looking into demographics your best bet is googling what's the best time in the area you want to target and going from there. Sorry I'm so vague, but it's more that I post at a consistent time it seems than trying to post at popular times because doing the latter might actually drown you out instead of getting engagement.

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Whenever your followers are online so that you can get a lot of likes quickly. Its really trial and error.

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I followed her! Jo right? She was very cute and the bam her page dissappeared. She seemed off somehow though.

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Well, instagram tells you what days and times your followers are most active , so of course you’d want to scedual to post to when most people see them. Some days I don’t post at all because it says not a lot of people use insta that much that day... and when I post anyway I barely get any likes so it’s accurate.

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Yeah, it was hard to find under anything 100 followers that wasn’t a completely new account (>>9944974 here).
I mostly used the reccomendation system instagram has and it boosts new accounts and such.
I’ll work on an under 200 one soon. I love this kind of challenge.

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This thread is actually doing pretty well for an Instagram thread. Fuck off.

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Understandable. I’m often busy with travels and school myself so I can see that as being useful.

Really? I had no idea about this. Does Instagram itself do this or is another app required for telling you when high activity is at?

Like I said before, I’m not all that great with the ins and outs of the app itself but I would definitely like to be in the near future when I have the time so thank you for the insight, anons.

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It’s instagram itself that tells you the info. You have to set your account to a business profile to get it.

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Can you just leave ahegao thot? People shat on you because you couldn’t handle advice.

>> No.9946314

Don't shit up the thread further, anon.

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What are the differences between a regular account and a business account aside from being able to see statistics like this?

>> No.9946329

Having a business account means that you need to link it to a FB public page (like a page that fans can go like) and it'll list what kind of page/business you are on your profile based on your FB page (e.g. if you set your FB page to "public figure", IG will display "public figure" as a title beneath your name).

It looks like the main draw is that you can see your statistics, but you can also set up your account so that people can contact you through your profile via email or phone, that you can promote your posts, and that you can add links to your story.

IMO it's not really worth it unless you're trying to gain a ton of followers and attract them to your Patreon or store or something.

>> No.9947048

Ah, thank you so much for the explanation anon! Being able to see statistics is neat but Instagram isn't something I'm trying to do super seriously or anything so a business account isn't for me.

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This might sound like a really dumb question seeing as it's probably the main way most people use instagram, but how bad is it to combine jfash, artwork, and occasional food/pet/hobby posts in one account? Assuming they mostly have similar/compatible aesthetics. Most popular accounts seem to focus almost exclusively on one of those things. I'm not trying to be famous so it seems tiring to maintain multiple accounts for different interests (plus, I don't think I'd have enough content) but it would be nice to have more than 20 followers, so if it's actually offputting then I could probably stand to curate a bit more.

>> No.9947187

bad unless you already have a following who loves you for who you are/your personality (like youtubers with cult followings)

>> No.9947203

The issue is that it’s different type of people for those things, so someone who likes jfash may not care about your artwork at al.I usually use stories for some out of theme posts instead.

>> No.9947455

>how bad is it to combine jfash, artwork, and occasional food/pet/hobby posts in one account?
Idk about other anons but I'd rather see a variety of photos than someone taking a bunch of samey pictures in the same/similar outfits and posting all of them so that they have content to post.
If you draw jfash related art, I don't see why you shouldn't post it on your main account. Lolitas take pictures of food from tea parties all the time too.
I'd say post pets and non-jfash related hobbies on a side account or stories though.

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I don't mind it for lolitas simce I expect those to be more personal/lifestyle accounts, but I'll unfollow a cosplayer if the post non-cosplay things.

>> No.9949837

I don't mind when cosplayers post merch or fanart, it's somewhat related

>> No.9950773

Seen any neat coords or otherwise /cgl/ pictures you'd want to share here lately?

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Not here often (or at all really) but I do a lot of Fate stuff, and if anyone else specifically does fate/extra I will probably cry

>> No.9951459

Agreed - if it's lolita relevant then I think it's fine (eating out at a meet, tea party, sewing, concert outfits etc) and I prefer that to "3 views of the same outfit" although I'm probably in a minority there.

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Just curious, why do you want ones with few followers? I’m the opposite, I look for high follower accounts. Maybe I’m just jaded.

>> No.9951886

People already know the big Lolita’s. No one wants to hear you shill out Claire and Kate. But there are some new ppl or those who don’t appear in your feed that are good, but they need to work a bit more to get there.

>> No.9951905

Personally, I'm (just barely) over 1000 but I'm virtually unknown, not "big" at all. Not saying I'm worth posting or selfposting or anything, just pointing out that it's not all about the numbers.

I'm liking the "under X00" lists though. Please keep them coming if you have more!

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I took a very nice photo of my tea lunch. I bought my first dress but can’t wear until have, well, everything else.

>> No.9951920

no one cares

>> No.9951944

No cares about my tea? Aw.

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Slowly but surely I'm getting more into the habit of regularly posting my more detailed non casual coords.

>> No.9951972

I love your coords and already follow you but keep it up!

>> No.9951997

Im looking for more classic Lolita accounts to follow, please give me your recs!

>> No.9952000

I don’t use instagram but if I do end up getting one I’ll definitely follow you, your coords are so cute!

>> No.9952035

Any European lolitas? Especially if there are coord pics with aesthetic old buildings

>> No.9952064

I just found someoneinrussia and she looks pretty neat. Not many cool background but she and her friend do have some cute outfits.

>> No.9952067

Thank you! I'll try my best to keep it up.

>> No.9952129

As a personal pet peeve, I don’t follow IGs that always cover up heir faces with heart or flower sticker. So annoying. You ruin a lovely photo of your awesome cord when you do that.

>> No.9953094

What tags do you all use for lolita?
I usually just use 'lolitafashion'
But thinking I should up my tag game.

>> No.9953104

#[insert substyle]lolita
#[insert brand name]
#[insert print name]

>> No.9953107

I follow good number of Canadians.


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>> No.9953447

How can you follow both Cadney and lalapinemerveille who abused her? No taste and no shame.

>> No.9953457

Not this shit again. Take it to a different thread.

>> No.9953458

Nayrt but I didn't know this. I'm not from Canada either though.

>> No.9953475

I guess some people are self conscious or don't want to be recognized, but still want to participate?

>> No.9953476

lalapinemerveille got banned from their comm for being abusive to multiple people in that circle. I don’t want to get more into it than needed but I rather we don’t feed into the ego of a manipulative person.

>> No.9953504

Nayrt but some lower number accounts are like hidden gems. I’ve seen gorgeous coords on a few accounts with less than 500 followers. I’m all for beautiful pics w no drama.

>> No.9953509

isn't lalapinemerveille trans now? disturbing

>> No.9953528

I do this because the lighting where I take coord shots is odd. The lighting looks great on my coord but casts ugly shadows on my face. I tried borrowing my friend's softboxes and ring light to see if that would correct the problem, but then it ended up washing out my coord instead.

>> No.9953600

I actually love it. It's cute, more anonymous.

>> No.9953613

ive followed ones that cover their face and had to unfollow when they started posting their face. Japanese girl with horrible makeup, horrid wig and bad facial expressions,

>> No.9953623

best girls

>> No.9953682

Are you Carly or Annie?

>> No.9953792

I'll bite. What's the story with this one?

>> No.9953794 [DELETED] 

Probably Carly

>> No.9953833 [DELETED] 

Isn't Annie the girl Voldiee had a huge crush on until they had a falling out over the AP show? Or is that the one voldiee had a huge melt down and yelled at online because she thought the girl did something that she didn't?

>> No.9953836 [DELETED] 

Is this when voldie got salty she wasn't chosen to model because AP thought she was fat?

>> No.9953903

She's a whiny cunt and a thot

>> No.9954278

Got any specific examples? I get bad vibes from her but idk if she's actually done anything.

>> No.9954282

NAYRT but I used to follow her because she posted cute coords, but now she's one of those people begs for donations for their cosplays despite that she can buy cosplays herself. She basically does the same thing as Patreon thots but without any of the Patreon perks.

>> No.9954283

Sorry for samefag but I forgot to add that I don't think she's really done anything milky. She just begs for money nowadays.

>> No.9954361

And don't forget that she shills kawaii crap and hopped on the ahego trend.

>> No.9954392

She shills kawaii crap because her friend fawnbomb owns the shop that she promotes. She hasn't done ahegao pics though.

>> No.9954394

just another kawaii-wannabe chink who lies about using meitu and photoshop and begs other people to fund her hobby

>> No.9954457

She had them when she was trying to get people to watch her twitch. Must have deleted them out of embarrassment.

>> No.9954472

Did she even stream on her twitch more than twice?
She doesn't seem like the kind of person who actually plays games and just buys costumes from popular games to prove that she's omg like totally a nerdy gamur grill, guiz! XD

>> No.9954638

I do it on my IG because I read cgl and know how mean people can be. I wouldn't mind if people ripped into my coordinates (that's what you put yourself up for when you post them online) but I don't really want to deal with personal attacks. Stickering my face means my only my style is up for criticism, which is fine with me. Just my personal comfort level, I guess.

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File: 237 KB, 1025x1224, IG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really like @vertvixen cause I'm really into digital fabrication, but I might just be really late to the game in finding her out cause she's got 61.3k followers.

I just started converting my account to cosplay-only since I didn't use Instagram for anything else anyways. ( @f0r63)
I have about 25 posts in queue to go with this overhaul, but these 9 are in the direction that it's going so far.

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File: 137 KB, 1440x564, Screenshot_20180731-005810~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To continue with the discussion from last week: oh the shade of it all!

>> No.9957161

Does she have Asperger’s? Serious question. I’m not sure if she’s just slightly retarded and doesn’t know when she comes off as rude or just doesn’t care

>> No.9957175

We should probably take this to the lolitas general thread on lolcow

>> No.9957718

I don't know which one you're talking about desu

>> No.9957798

Who do you think dumbass?

>> No.9957804

Anon is trying to say they're both cringey. Learn to read.

>> No.9958005

I don’t see the issue here. I don’t know their relationship but I’d hate for someone to lie and convince me to get something that’d look like shit on me just to protect my presh feefees. Quit trying to pull shit out of nothing.

>> No.9958011

quit blowing around peoples goddamn business lardass

>> No.9958018

when someone is abusive, that should be pointed out. Abusive people need to be known. That's not being in others business, that's punishment.

>> No.9958271 [DELETED] 
File: 311 KB, 750x1000, 1A0B2BD2-EE77-4103-BA13-FF3554636A3D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kek fuck off Annie.

>> No.9958289

Dude chill your hateboner

>> No.9958318

Way to be defensive as fuck.

>> No.9958324

Honestly who cares? She got accused of shit and she's explaining what's going on so rumors don't spread. I'm going to wait until she actually does something shitty before i start to care

>> No.9958458

Just making excuses when she gets called out on shit.

>> No.9958462

a spat between people isn’t abuse please quit slinging that word around like you give a shit

>> No.9958476

These aren't even excuses. She's got valid responses to all of anon's points.

>> No.9958484

someone's lurking, kek

>> No.9958485

Peachii shop seems like a reseller so no wonder people were thinking she was a sellout for cheap Taobao shit.

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ITT: One anon hating a person for no legitimate reason other than being jealous.

>> No.9958774

She is pretty, but no one is jealous of her personality. Yuck.

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>vagueposting this hard
You're really running out of cards to play against this chick, aren't you.

If she's got drama, let's hear it. I'm here for the gossip.
Otherwise you're literally just trying to start shit from nothing.
Sounds like a really sad and jelly personal vendetta to me lol

>> No.9958908

Nayrt, but I remember her bitching in the DD thread a while ago. Not much tea, but it turned me off from her entitled attitude.

>> No.9959273

@sliced_cosplays is mine. It's shit. Idgaf.. fight me

>> No.9959308

She posts pretty frequently on cgl. I followed her instagram because she posted in an old thread.

>> No.9959468

Stop defending yourself; you’re just digging yourself a bigger hole

>> No.9959486

TF is wrong with you people? Lalapinemerville has moved on, as has Cadney.

LLM is trans, yes but that has NOTHING to do with this??? They're a sweet person that is still dealing with the shit her old self put a LOT of people through (including myself), friends and family...

I respect C so I never post about LLM or if I do I try to block them from the post as to not trigger them. C doesn't want to be reminded of them, and LLM is trying their best to stay off her radar but C has a bunch of shitty friends who have no fucking life and stay stalking LLM bc they have no lives or actual hobbies outise of getting dressed up to eat macarons and sing shitty K-pop karaoke...

Y'all need to leave them both alone and grow TF up. These two women have.

PS: y'all are so ugly and transparent coming for people like xiyuu and fawnbomb. SOL is madd toxic and y'all need to do some deep self reflection on why you think your behaviours are inexcusable

>> No.9959499

Wow way to wk as many ppl as you can in one post.

>> No.9959504

Damn this Canada salt. This troll going off on SOL is probably just a teenager, mad jealous of the friendship they have going on, was left out once or twice, or doesn't even wear the fashion and just lurks all the time.
Regardless, Toronto lolitas are cute, I'm not from there, but this whole shebang is super petty and sad.

>> No.9959506

You calling SOL toxic but saying C’s friends are shitty and have no lives seems kind of hypocritical, no?

>> No.9959514

The irony is probably lost on them anon.

>> No.9959562

Yeah whenever I see pictures or videos of their comm they look like they're having a lot of fun, they're one of the comms I'd like to visit (alongside Melbourne and Ireland).

>> No.9959932

The irony isn't lost on me, ya dink. I'm close enough to people in the comm to hear the talking, I just keep a quiet and safe distance bc I've seen what folks are capable of doing.

The whole of SOL isn't toxic, I take that back... But a large majority of the more "popular" members are putting on a front. Sweet to your face, salty in the shadows... I've sat there and feared for the kind of shit they say about me when I'm not there after listening to them crap on others, as well as reading the salt on here...

>> No.9959943

Implying that you're even important enough to talk about lol

>> No.9959988

I think you don’t get how abuse works, you don’t just get over it. It is something you have to deal with for a long while. Especially when snakes like you are still friends with the abuser. Do us the favour of unfriending us if you side with LLM. I’m not interested in their fake pity party, as I have dealt with that from them for years.

Nah I would talk to you just the same if you asked me in person. Again if you are close enough to hear me talk about the abuse I have seen and heard in this situation, unfriend me. Stop going to my private hang outs. Stop inviting me to yours. Stop being fake. I’m not putting on a front when I bring up how I’m hurt.

>> No.9960061

>I’m here for the gossip
>literally starting shit from nothing

You know that’s pretty much what gossip is, right?

>> No.9960064

SOL comm is pretty toxic actually. It didn’t always used to be this way. I personally feel there are several newer people who go ahead and WK all over the place by turning ppl against eachother with gossip and rumors for the sake of whatever popular members they obsess over. You hear too many of the newbs gossiping about shit they weren’t even around for so shit just keeps going and the atmosphere stays heavy.

>> No.9960067

>act like a retard
>insult other people

RIP this thread and all future Instagram threads. May we never have Instagram threads again.

>> No.9960096


I vote we just collectively ban the SOL and any other drama garbage comms. They clearly haven't kept it together and maybe a few weeks off this site will clear their salty heads.

>> No.9960098

How do you ban an entire comm?

>> No.9960099


I mean therein lies the rub. But let me have my wishful thinking.

>> No.9960170

that's sad to hear about. I hope those people eventually leave. toxic people like that eventually get exposed and leave.

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File: 531 KB, 933x605, luckofthelion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shes a beauty on insta

>> No.9960927 [DELETED] 

find us :

>> No.9960940

You better give deets or shut the fuck up.

>> No.9961026

fuck outta here with your normie ass thot attire

>> No.9961042

This is ugly.

>> No.9961065

This isn't even related to the board
Fuck off roastie

>> No.9968116

Any more lolita recs?

>> No.9968121
File: 127 KB, 720x900, IMG_20180810_230806_259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will turn this into a funny/meta (is meta the right word?) Cosplay account.

Im looking for pure lolita accounts as most of the ones i follow either post rarely/post too many normal pics/don't name their brands and pieces


>> No.9968293 [DELETED] 
File: 449 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180813-235412_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this booty

>> No.9968514

man, what's it like to be so stupid that you can't interpret emojis correctly?

>> No.9968539

I saw you walking around this weekend. I was the pirate looking guy with the mismatched socks

>> No.9968937

That's the grimace emoji, not sure whether you're talking to anon or IVB, either way you're a bit late.
So...yeah? It's still pretty rude, at least to an outside perspective.

>> No.9969314
File: 1.16 MB, 623x839, raf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


hi, aussie cosplayer and lolita here, i'm hoping to find mutuals to be friends with because my own feed is 99% people from my state. follow/message me if you're from cgl?

>> No.9969325

fuck. looks like hardly anyone else posted their insta this time around... is this what insta threads are now?

>> No.9969363

People don't like posting anymore because anons get really mad about it for some reason.

>> No.9969366

This. Posting your Insta here is pretty much asking to be ridiculed or ostracised

>> No.9969369

@sleepyclaudie for lots of idols

>> No.9969385

It's unfortunate. It used to happen sometimes, but now it seems like everyone who posts gets a bandwagon of hate. It used to be a nice way to make friends or get a couple follows, but /cgl/ has gotten a lot grumpier about selfposts.

>> No.9969701

sorry i could hardly see out of that thing, send me a dm on ig bro

>> No.9972268

Glad to see you learned not to post a screenshot of your thirsty ig page.

>> No.9972275

I feel like a damn fool because I just now got the joke, "I'm not flat." Could I be any more daft?

>> No.9972313

Yet just upthread a girl got nothing but compliments for her insta. It's only instathots and itas that get criticized

>> No.9972529

Gross, I hope they block you.

>> No.9972533
File: 326 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180819-075703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Self post ^ I cosplay alot and post regularly haha or try to..

>> No.9973876
File: 1.07 MB, 1066x1698, Screenshot_20180820-184014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was just about to do a gyaru selfpost since I looked at my feed and thought I improved again the past months!


>> No.9973892

@makkuma_ (only has 200followers but so worth it)
@keicham00 (haafu in blackdiamond)

>> No.9974168

Has anyone ever hit a point where you basically stop gaining followers? My jfash account was growing at a pretty consistent rate up until recently, but when I reached what seemed like a decent number, I suddenly started seeing a major dropoff in followers. The turnover is so fast now that my previously steady growth rate has dropped to practically zero.

I know we're not supposed to care about these things but it's starting to make me worry I fucked up somehow. I have no idea how though. All my recent posts have gotten good engagement and I've been posting consistent content and at consistent times. I haven't really changed my style or anything either. I'm so confused.

>> No.9974175

likely a bot purge?

>> No.9974195

That could be it, but I've never experienced anything like this before. With bot purges, wouldn't this be happening every few months? Plus, it's been happening steadily for a while, not all at once. In fact, I just checked and I lost some more today.

I've seen followers drop off in small numbers here and there but would always get more real people following me to make up for it. Now it's like there are no more incoming real followers at all, it's really weird and worrying.

>> No.9974198

you're not going to be seeing any new stuff from her for years now, since she got arrested by the Jp cops for a fake marriage visa

>> No.9974204

I'm thinking about archiving all my old coords and starting again, since I've gone through a bit of a glow up recently. I'm nearing 1000 followers, do you think restarting is a good idea, or should I leave my older but lower quality pictures up?

>> No.9974217

recreate and improve the pictures you like, archive those you don't

>> No.9975278

I hope the typo in your bio is meant to be there.

>> No.9975359

This happened to my account too. I think it’s a combination of bot purge plus Instagram bugs. I’ve had multiple people message me to say their account unfollowed me on its own and they were really confused. I also started noticing my account unfollowing people when I didn’t do it. I’ve just been trying to up my content and keep a consistent post schedule and I’ve finally started gaining more than I’m losing.

>> No.9977214

your coords are amazing, please keep it up!

>> No.9977709

Yep, I think new followers would appreciate seeing your progression. And as someone struggling to crack 500 followers, I wouldn't start from scratch - 1000 is a good following to hang onto!

>> No.9978011

why though?

>> No.9978467


>> No.9978468

Lovely coords! I gave you a follow as well. Sorry for double posting

>> No.9978825

Follow the best photographers in the cosplay scene. All the other photographers are learning from them


>> No.9979702

How do you interact with commenters without just spouting off "thank you" again and again? I'm a huge autist but lately I've been getting a lot more attention on my insta than I normally do and I'm trying to figure out how to respond to the people commenting things like "so cute!" and "i love this!" but I feel like anything too much more expanding on the outfit than a thank you seems self absorbed, but just saying thanks again and again seems disingenuous.

>> No.9979992

That's easy. In the next post just write "thanks for the love on previous posts" or whatever floats your boat. That way everyone will read it and no one thinks you are rude or you dont read comments.

>> No.9980002

If you don't have anything to say in reply, just 'like' the comment

>> No.9980234

What ^ said. People get good feels just from seeing the "liked your comment" notification. I know I do the few times it happens ;_;

>> No.9980277

Are there any actual lolita instagrammers who use it as a form of income?

>> No.9980284

P-pls post other photogs to follow thx

>> No.9980298

Thanks for your suggestions. I don't want to not comment desu because I really appreciate all the support I'm getting, I'm just not sure how to go about it because it's happening sort of suddenly

>> No.9980308

Good fairy kei/spank kei accounts to follow? Looking for recs

>> No.9980316

go back to facebook

>> No.9980317

spot the newfag

>> No.9980480
File: 1.02 MB, 1920x1080, I still find it funny.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Mostly dumb cosplay photos and weird selfies. I recently did a Geralt cosplay based on the Witcher Noir fan art I've seen knocking about. Come dm me if you don't like my stupid face or something.

>> No.9980484

Looking for mori/natural kei/dolly kei accounts to follow. Already follow some people who I know frequent cgl but I'm always looking for more people still into these dying fashions.

I'd post mine but I only share nature photos for the most part.

>> No.9980655

Use the Instagram search bar, #cosplayphotographers

There's better people out there than these two

>> No.9981580
File: 40 KB, 1080x1080, 39754867_263533097599369_244848887179771904_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



The first two are probably the most technically adept (but the guy posts infrequently, but is also a professional), while the last is a a bit of a thot she shows some promise.

>> No.9981593

I prefer responding to comments because it feels more genuine. If I answer a question or try to engage in a discussion, it's a kick to the gut to see the OP only like your comment. But I'm also running out of things to say. I don't want to sound artificial like chiffon, seannyboy, spiro, batty, laurasuzanne and that entire group

>> No.9981605


I am also terrible at replying to comments. If you 'reflect' off of what the comment is saying I think it will really show the person that you're paying attention to it. Not like those fucktards who ask questions and then barely reply a comprehensible comment. The fact that you care will probably show in the comment already, no matter how robotic you feel.

>> No.9982334

>asking for advice

My IG is 80% lolita and the rest is food/vacations/daily life. I've had a steady growth for a year but there's also a number of sissies, ddlgs and fetishists who try to follow me. They leave comments calling me baby girl or sexy and I delete those right away. Sometimes I ban an account if they look like they're following me for the wrong reasons

Has this been happening to anyone else? What do you do?

>> No.9982339

Yep! My feed is only lolita and I run into those sickos quite a lot. I block them as soon as I notice their existence.

>> No.9986265

I block those and I also report spammers who follow and unfollow me.
Instagram just took down one account with 12k followers because I reported them, take that bitch.

>> No.9987185


When I was new to Insta there was a guy that did the follow/unfollow thing to be three times. I kept follwing him back before I got wise. Now, he keeps turning up a a new follower from time to time (i think he's done it 6 times now?). Didn't know this was an option.

>> No.9990628

You can just report the account as spam, they’ll get taken down. I always do it these days as it’s annoying to have these weird accounts follow and unfollow me.
On another note, my follower count has been stagnant recently. How do you keep your followers growing?

>> No.9990636

followed and messaged you

I run a pure lolita IG, but post infrequently. I can give more recs over IG.

>> No.9990692

>leading a creep to other lolita accounts
I hope you get outed and shunned by actual lolitas.

>> No.9990768

Same, if I see male normie followers I usually block them immediately.
Fucking creeps.

>> No.9990771

lel if I didn't know this guy IRL then yeah sure I'd just block and move on
you can use water to lower your salt levels anon

>> No.9990820

Complete Insta noob here what's the best distance to get full coord shots at? Instagram keeps cropping my pics cutting my legs off

>> No.9990824

This question is better suited for the stupid questions thread.
Change your phone's camera to a squared frame, or when taking the photo, include enough of the background on the sides to crop it into a square. You need squares for insta, not rectangles.

>> No.9990883

thiiis, how dare these creepy gross m*n dare to follow me on instagram, ugh -.-

>> No.9990904

That’s exactly what I do ya cunt
Enjoy getting weird comments from pervs then

>> No.9990911

I already follow you, but just wanted to say that I appreciate both your coordinates and the floordinate composition... Plese keep the good stuff up!

>> No.9990918

thiiis, fucking creeps commenting on my pics, ugh -.-

>> No.9990987

Same desu. I don't care about my number of followers - I just want to share with jfash people and not general creeps

>> No.9991369
File: 579 KB, 750x1185, DD495203-CFD4-4B3C-983C-E6D521ABFBDF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Taking about creeps, I have a block suggestion to all lolita accounts. This person comments on every single picture with emojis. This account follows a bunch of lolitas and I can’t even tell if it’s a man or a woman. The blog link on their profile is also full of incoherent rambling.
If anyone has other blocking suggestions I’ll take them gladly.

>> No.9991698

How many tags should I use?
Pls resbond, I've been using 30 on all my posts

>> No.9991706

As few as possible
Read up on shadowbanning on insta

>> No.9991746

They just commented on my post, thanks for the heads up!

>> No.9991753

That's not even a man. Why are you lot so mean? So what if she comments on your pics?

>> No.9991908

This person comments on mine a lot, never DMs, though, seems harmless? Just ita I guess.

>> No.9992180
File: 149 KB, 1080x2076, IMG_20180911_215016_642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just cosplay stuff, corgi stuff and anything else I feel like posting.

>> No.9994004

It’s weird when someone comments on every single post and story you make and when you try to strike a conversation only responds with emojis and “:) :) :)”. But if that doesn’t bother you, just don’t block them.

Not even lolita, actually.

>> No.9994064

Hey so this is a little off topic but how do you such great floordinates? I really would love to do some but when I take the picture they look like crap. I have a nicer camera too.

>> No.9994076

Why do men act like creeps to women on social media?

>> No.9994085

Rip, they're never gonna reply to you now.

>> No.9994097

cgl harassed that girl for posting examples of her wealth, I doubt she will ever come back to tell you how she does it. it's a shame

>> No.9994099

nice samefagging
sorry your feefees got hurt

>> No.9994102

>everyone who sympathizes with another person is samefagging


>> No.9994106

Can you take your vendetta back to lolcow? Some of us enjoyed her coordinates and are sad she's gone.

>> No.9994146

A harmless cat lady with autism. Leave her be.

>> No.9995051

does anyone have any recs for makeup accounts that aren't fugly instathot looks or reposts? more geared towards looks found in jfashion, even? i know this is a longshot

>> No.9995056


why though. I'm looking at >>9951968 and overall isn't wowwing me. The quality isn't very good, and some of the pics look like they were taken with indoor lighting which I don't really dig. The coords themselves are ok I guess? Bottom right the shoes look too pink for the more muted pink of the tights/blouse/headbow, and the shoes themselves look like they really don't suit bottom left - retro vibes aside, those aren't really the right shoes for the vintage feel she's trying to get.

I know I'm being nitpicky but for all what anons are saying how great her floordinates are, they aren't flooring (lol) me.

>> No.9995061

She's dm'd me multiple times, sometimes it's heart emojjs

>> No.9995080


>> No.9995085

She used to comment a lot on my posts. Every time the same hearts.

>> No.9995091

Can you stop defending yourself for once? Just because anons shit on you doesn’t mean they have a vendetta.

>> No.9995110

They aren't your taste, and as you said, you're nitpicking, and nitpicking really hard acting like indoor lighting is bad for indoor floordinates. Before she left she was getting 800-1300 likes on some, so clearly it's not just a few people who like them. I think she does a good job, she has a lot of pieces I like, and asked for input consistently. I'm sad that someone who was posting weekly things I like is gone. I'm sure if there was someone who posted weekly stuff you liked and they just up and left you'd be upset too.

>> No.9995118

Please stop defending yourself.

>> No.9995119
File: 786 KB, 750x750, 36E270A4-DBFA-421A-8069-85E8F6FC3242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self post

>> No.9995121

I'm not her. You can try and say I am again and again but as far as I have heard she's gone pretty much completely MIA. People can be upset about this situation without being her. I know that you don't like her, burn other people do and trying to pretend like that isn't the case makes it look like you have an actual vendetta against her vs just not liking that she selfposted.

>> No.9995158


I didn't accuse you of selfpost, that was another anon. But you need to chill with the WK. I was just expressing wonder at why, if she even had as many likes as you remember. Clearly, I'm not going to get the answer from people like you so you don't need to reply.

>> No.9995159

I don't know or care about this girl. I'm not even the same anon you're replying to. No one is actually paying enough attention to your photos to keep track of how many likes you get on each on besides yourself. Just quit the bullshit and stop embarrassing yourself by defending yourself

>> No.9995162

>No one is actually paying enough attention to your photos to keep track of how many likes you get on each on besides yourself

NAYRT but this all around isn't true, especially if you're into keeping track of growth rates of instagram accounts you follow, especially if it's a fast rate of growth or you want to discuss the topic of if someone's buying followers and likes or not. Inb4 somehow I'm also this girl, just clarifying a false statement.

>> No.9995180

That makes sense if this was someone who was a prominent figure in any way, but this isn’t the case. I mean that no one is paying attention to her specific likes, because she’s literal nobody, not that no one would keep track of photo interactions in general.

>> No.9995186

Real talk, some followers probably would. A good chunk of people who followed her seem to be here too, at least based on upthread. If it's true that she got up to that many likes, it wouldn't be surprising for people to keep track especially if it was happening suddenly. It really isn't all that uncommon even at 200-300 followers. The likelihood goes up as followers increase too obviously but it's far from impossible for people to have kept track of her more recent posts. I'd give a bit more credit to the idea if this weren't the instagram thread where people post their instagrams and discuss ones they like. People here are more likely to keep up with other accounts in that way.

>> No.9995202

But it's great for engagement anon! ;3

>> No.9995239

What app did you use for viewing your account in this screencap?

>> No.9995258

>a good chunk
its literally the same anon defending herself, she did the same shit in the rich lolita thread with the exact same phrasing

>> No.9995264

Can you go complain about it somewhere else and stop derailing the thread please? I'm tired of everyone derailing tons of threads over some insignificant shit that happened last week. The girl has deleted her insta, you guys have other places to talk about her. She is no longer relevant to this thread and dragging it out like this is annoying to people who actually want to discuss instagram in the instagram thread. Fuck off with the WKing and the vendetta bullshit, there are plenty of places for you to take it besides here.

>> No.9995268

Someone post the cap where an anon admits they go to threads and accuse people of samefagging to stir shit or when they know they are losing an argument but want to have the last word. It seems pretty relevant to what's happening to this thread right now.

>> No.9995289

Except no one is wking her or vendettaing her. You can call out obvious samefaggingn when the supposed wks are providing excessive amounts of detailed information about her for no reason. It’s not like she was attaching her name to her self posts in the first place, she just likes getting attention from anons. She isn’t relevant, you’re right, so she should stop trying to keep herself relevant by furiously selfposting.

This is the most embarrassing defense that someone always brings up when they’re trying to insist they’re not selfposting, figures.

>> No.9995438

why would someone delete all their social media accounts and still try and be relevant? that's just dumb anon.

>> No.9995455

Because thats what fits this person's hate narrative.

>> No.9995546
File: 533 KB, 1242x1794, 024A8BA5-ABA0-4194-932B-B1EB083C22C1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does this bitch do anything besides complain and seek validation? I just unfollowed her because of how fucking whiney and negative she is

>> No.9995557

Honestly...me too. I followed her cause I like her coords but she just radiates insecurity and need for validation. I know it’s part of the reality of social media, but I find it grating when people are too obviously seeking engagement and followers, etc.

>> No.9995561

She seems way too focused on engagement, gaining followers etc. like it consumes every second of her life. she also seems like she leads a very privileged life yet all she does is constantly COMPLAIN

>> No.9995711

This is the 2 faced bitch with the 4th of july Twitter/Ig inconsistency, right?

>> No.9995713

>>9995546this post is nowhere near as bad as some of her others, a creative slump I can understand but not when you're a trust fund baby

>> No.9995748

It's not like she started selfposting with her SM attached in the first place anon. You can enjoy attention anonymously (which plenty of seagulls are guilty of) without wanting it to affect social media.

Case in point, her trying to insist that any criticism is people "hating" on her.

>> No.9995791

i have a question for you, why are you so convinced that every single post defending her or not completely criticizing her is her? i see this a lot with people new here, that acting like everyone who is of the same conflicting opinion has to be one person.

>> No.9995806


>> No.9996118

Can this go in the ita thread? Those mismatched navy ribbon socks and shit tier Amazon shoes belong in the wastebin

>> No.9996153

Ita means "so bad it hurts to look at"; this is far from that.

>> No.9996190

More nitpick territory for the ita thread, but I agree those socks do not match at all. And then of course you have her IG pod ass patting her.

>> No.9996193

Yeah, those tights are so bad it’s hard to look at.

>> No.9996222

My final straw is when she posted a super whiny blog entry about “what’s she’s lesrned living on her own for a month”, like it was this huge tragedy. Like I get feeling lonely if your SO is gone but jeez, a month ain’t that big a deal.

>> No.9996277

You already posted this on lolcow. No need to repost this everywhere.

Omg anons stop! Her life is so hard. No need to nitpick her socks!

Tbh if she wanted a SO who would spend all of their time orbiting her, she shouldn't have picked a military guy who would need to be gone for training, if he needed to be deployed, etc.

>> No.9996393
File: 884 KB, 2048x1472, Screenshot_20180920-165659.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao her hashtags

>> No.9996439


>desu if she wanted a SO who would spend all of their time orbiting her, she shouldn't have picked a military guy who would need to be gone for training, if he needed to be deployed, etc.

Yeah it's not like she's known for making commitments then whines about them as nauseam.

I appreciate you probably are her friend but WKs make things worse, not better.

>> No.9996566

I have a question for you, why are you so convinced that every single post calling out an obvious selfpost is one anon? I see this a lot with selfposters here, that acting like everyone who is of the same conflicting opinion has to be one person.

>> No.9996570

How was that a wk post anon? Their whole post was criticizing her.

>> No.9997567
File: 430 KB, 1080x1845, _20180922_123202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9998776
File: 105 KB, 365x657, instagram_selfpost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hello! as you can see my instagram is very, very small. This is partially due to me having made it a private account, and it being relatively new. For me, it is simply a place to post images of my outfits : ) I would very much like to find people to enjoy nanchatte and cute fashion in general with. I also do lolita and some vintage inspired things. It can vary greatly! In the end, it is nothing professional- so please do not be offended by the quality of some of it! -, just me having fun with cute clothing and sharing/finding inspiration..! I would very much like to become instagram friends with you if you believe your interests are similar! Any fashion is welcome really..! thank you for reading and I hope I was clear enough and such..!

>> No.9998794

I cannot seem to find your account..!

>> No.9998925 [DELETED] 

She deleted because she was outed for selfposting in a different thread and samefagging.

>> No.9998939

what a cheap whore

>> No.9998943 [DELETED] 

Nice vendetta. You forgot the part where she was harassed.

>> No.9998944 [DELETED] 

>telling events is vendetta
k, keep that paranoia going

>> No.9998945 [DELETED] 

It's a vendetta when you spread false information as to why she deleted her account. she selfposted but if you looked around or read what happened you would know that's not what caused her to delete her instagram.

>> No.9998951 [DELETED] 

"she" was being harrassed because "she" was outed for selfposting and samefagging. stop trying to defend so hard, christ.

>> No.9998956 [DELETED] 


are you trying to say she's a guy? the stuff being said about this girl even though she's not on social media any more to stir shit just gets more and more stupid. someone selfposted! big deal. get over it and stop trying to extend drama that's already old news. i'm tired of people coming in with their vendettas and i'm tired of people coming in defending her against the vendettas. this girl isn't on instagram any more. there's no more to the story. move on. you are all so goddamn annoying.

>> No.9998963

Can I add you

>> No.9998970 [DELETED] 

"She" is in quotes because it's painfully obvious the girl is selfposting again to defend herself, just like she's been doing every time she's been mentioned. No one cares enough about her to have a vendetta, it's just cringey to see.

>Everything I don't like said about me is vendetta!!!
If you just stopped replying to posts about yourself, people would stop talking about it.

>> No.9998975 [DELETED] 

>No one cares enough about her to have a vendetta

great! so stop trying to insist everyone is her. i got accused of being her in another thread for trying to tell people to move the fuck on so i don't buy into the story that everyone else who is accused of being her is her. i'm so tired of people talking about this girl like she or what happened is anything special. take it somewhere else.

>> No.9998994 [DELETED] 

There’s a ton of people calling her out for selfposting and samefagging, anon. Again, I’ll give you the same advice I just gave her: if you want people to stop talking about her then.... stop talking about her. No one is going to forget her selfposting and samefagging after she was outed because she keeps crying vendetta on every little thing and making it relevant instead of letting it die, same with you.

>> No.9999012

Yes, you may! Just send a request eheh

>> No.10000038

Thanks btw

>> No.10000076