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Stop ghosting your /cgl/ contacts and just reply to their email already edition

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Man I just really love Chokelate

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Gonna elaborate?

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Man I just really love lolita

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Man I just really hate sweet lolita

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Man I just really hate cosplay

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Is it really that much to ask to find a super cute boyfriend?

Is it really normal that I have to die at the age of 40 just to look good enough for them?

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consider this
>a really cute girlfriend

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cant trust em, not worth the effort,

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Tfw I accidentally pledged my virginity to the comm elders
How tf do I get out of this?

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Imagine being a lad who's interested in cute shit and all the cute girls think you're their gay friend

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>tfw my con crush is a huge thottie but I don't care

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>friend sends me link to hall photo with bad lighting posted to reddit without me knowing, can’t even see half the details
>nitpicking from neckbeards that have obviously never cosplayed a day in their life

embarrassing desu

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Cgl relate: I'm moving my rooms since my roommate moved out so I get to make my lolita stuff the main focus of our room despite the pleading cries of my GF. Feels good to reorganize and reclean and refurbish all my lolita stuff for proper storage!

Non cgl: gf wants a thc break and I'm an incredibly manic bpd and bipolar and ADHD baby and weed is one of the only things that chills me tf out and helps me focus. And helps me actually eat and sleep. Wish me luck. Not sure how long I'll suffer without

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>Finally found a girl at a con that likes me and we both have the same niche interests
>Find out hours later that she is the living embodiment of damaged goods

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Why do you love a scammer?

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Welcome to my experience with women in general

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>tfw damaged goods
Will I ever be able to be in a nice relationship again?

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I'm really lonely

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I'll be your friend if you buy me lolita~

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Tfw six figure salary and wanting a qt patootie

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i feel like a phony. my jfashion friends know me as a nice person and my social media portrays me as a happy lolita with an okay life

but i'm actually an ana-chan with a benzo dependence and no irl friends. i don't wear lolita much anymore, i spend all of my time at work and school. i don't have the energy to talk to the friends i've made and i get nervous reaching out to them again after it's been a while

it feels like i'm keeping 3/4 of myself from my friends and it's making it hard to talk to anyone. the other 1/4 is just lolita, the other hobbies i have no time for, and trying to be supportive when i have the energy. i can't tell them what's actually going on. i'm not nice, cute, or wholesome at all. i'm a sick, grumpy, overworked imposter.

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I am a qt baker loli pls buy me dresses senpai

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I understand anon, it's how I feel too. I'm not dependent on benzos but I was given fentanyl by a friend I had trusted and I ended up hooked. So now I have crazy cravings for drugs and have no way to get them, and no friends to be around me or go out with so i sit and stare at a closet full of beautiful clothing and a shitty drug addiction and feel awful about my life.

If you ever need a friend to talk to about withdrawals or cravings, don't hesitate to drop a throwaway. I'll always let you talk to me about it <3

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I knew people that died from this anon.

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Dude I didn't know when it was going on, I was under the impression it was Rx

Believe me I do too. And it's scary knowing I crave it. I don't talk to that guys anymore and I'm not taking it

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your situation sounds eerily like mine... i brought someone into my life who introduced me to a lot of dumb, dangerous stuff and now i'm paying the price.

i'm not making much of an effort to quit but if that's okay with you, i'll drop my email! i'm at school all day today so my reply might be late. i didn't expect anybody to relate to me so i really appreciate it, thank you for being kind

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>Legs full of bruises (I don't know why, I haven't done anything special)
>Too hot to wear any king of socks
Time to take a break from lolita

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>tfw no lolita gf to do drugs with

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You might be iron deficient
Im not sure if you want a druggy lolita gf

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>uni fucked me over and I'm forced to quit my course or do the year over
>job pays me weeks late every month and when I try to speak up about it I get ignored, removed from work whatsapp group and I guess I'm fired now
>can't find any shitty job for more than 8 hours a week because anything at my skill level assumes you're a student

Get me out of this hell, please. I can't even sign up to start studying again because the deadline for signups for the coming year has passed. All the time in the world is no use at all when I have no money for lolita or events or travel or anything.

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You can enjoy drugs without being a druggie, famalambourghini

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>struggle with body dysmorphia my entire life
>basically hate everything about my body, no matter how many compliments I get I'm still disgusted with it and regularly cry myself to sleep because I loathe my appearance so much
>see reflection in mirror today
>"huh, I think my knees look kinda cute..."

I-I can't believe this. I guess knees are a kind of weird thing to appreciate, but I'm just so happy to feel any kind of positive emotion towards my body.

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>Finally done with school and able to attend cons when the fuck ever because my job is cool
>I'm at least four years older than everyone else in my local scene
>They're jealous I can go to so many events
>I'm jealous the few events they can attend their friends can also go to
Solo cons are kinda depressing after a while

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Darling you have the best knees in the world. Rock them.

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Thank you so much! I've just been super excited about planning outfits that show off my knees now haha. I hope you will have a great week anon!

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To any fatties claiming lolita sizing is ~so restrictive~ and how lolita is a fashion only for skinny people: shut the fuck up. I used to be bordering on overweight and back then more lolita items would fit me than now. I'm at the point where I'm happy with my body at 83cm bust, 62cm waist but 90% of everything I want to buy in lolita fits like a bag on me. Where are all these items only skinny people would fit into? I wish lolita would actually cater to skinny people, instead of getting bigger and bigger sizing over time.

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>tfw walking to the train station from work
>wearing lolita, parasol in hand because the sun is a fuck
>gorgeous guy on bicycle flashes the most genuine smile at me
A few minutes later,
>on train
>stunning guy with piercing blue eyes makes eye contact with me
>tfw I panic and look away
Why am I so socially retarded? I just want a cute bf, gulls.

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Isn't it summer? Is school still on for you?

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Buy older releases/secondhand. Newer releases are big

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summer classes senpai, trying to get some credits out of the way

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Was wearing Lolita and some guy starting singing Mary had a little lamb feels bad man.

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Dude sounds based as fuck

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Nayrt but I'm borderline a size Large, 36D cup, American and I can still fit in some earlier btssb. My biggest issue with fitting in brand is always my boobs, but the waists fit fine. Unless you're an XL or have some pretty fucked up measurements you'll probably fit in it anyways.

I think it's just become such a stigma that ~burando~ is INSANELY tiny.

Also not to say some of it is stupidly tiny (rip my love of AP empire cuts) but it's a lot easier to find dresses that fit chubbier girls, and I've even seen it fit fat girls without problems before.

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If it make you feel better, you're doing better than me

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>tfw already halfway through the month and haven’t spent any money on lolita yet
>feels oddly good
is this what being a responsible adult feels like

Rock those knees anon! My knees are super ugly so I always end up hiding them. Wear all the cute leggy outfits I can’t pull off!

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Idk, knowing that someone is doing worse than me isn't exactly comforting. I'm sorry though, I hope things turn out better for you, whatever it is that's going on in your life.

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>Meet someone at a con
>Add them on facebook after I think we connected
>They block me
I'm not even auts don't know what went wrong

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>tell dad I'm going to NYC with friend and his wife
>he gets excited; thinks I'm hitting the town
>tell him it's for a Vocaloid concert
>his excitement fades
>"Oh... So you still love that ching-chong stuff, huh?"
>he starts rambling about Pearl Harbor

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>"Oh... So you still love that ching-chong stuff, huh?"
Dad is BASED as fuck

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So you say every dang time. We get it

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>mfw I too was at Miku Expo NYC

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Allow me to rephrase. You're doing fine. Don't worry about yourself so much

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>tfw I haven’t listened to Malice Mizer in years but friends from high school still regularly bring up me “listening to that ching-chong music”
>tfw the one friend who doesn’t is now a raging SJW, but she was by far the worst bully back in school, pulling at her eyes and baring her upper teeth to “look Chinese like [my] idols”
Thanks for reminding me that I still kind of hate those friends.

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>mfw knew a friend who was a virtue signaling SJW back in high school
>who made fun of people with down's syndrome
>and did the whole pulling back eyes joke and would loudly say "HERRRRROO" very loudly to my friend and me

Yeah I cut that bitch out of my life. I think she is bouncing from internship to internship after she did cultural studies or some fluff degree and is doing a master's to make herself more marketable.

I'm definitely feeling the schadenfreude that I'm doing way better than she is.

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Oh. Thank you, anon. I wish I felt that I was doing fine though. The lolita life is the life I've chosen and I love it, but it does make me a bit sad that I'm alone and too scared to make any sort of connection with people.
I'm single and sad, basically. I wish my burando could fill the void in my heart.

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I was like that too.

Trust me, if cute guys are flashing smiles at you already, you got this girl. You're already doing better than me, it's only going to be time until some handsome dude sweeps you off your feet in your burando. It'll be unicorns and rainbows I promise.

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Thanks for the encouragement, anon, you're an angel. I hope it does happen as you say.

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just because she's taking a t-break doesn't mean you have to, anon.

i cosplayed this past saturday at a con and when i got back weed really helped relax my muscles and put me to sleep

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I'm sorry your father doesn't support your interests, but holy fuck that's hilarious

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>tfw no gyaru gf

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>Ching-chong stuff

Lol, that's what my mother used to call anime.

>"Are you watching your ching-chongs again, anon?"

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How can you not love Galko? My friend lent me her first two books to read on a plane earlier this week. Hilarious.

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>she did cultural studies or some fluff degree and is doing a master's to make herself more marketable.
I like that people still think doubling down and getting a master's in 9000 genders is going to fix the problem of being dumb enough to get the degree in the first place. Anyway good for you anon!

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I suffer from body dismorphia as well. I hate how I look. I use lolita and make up to feel better about myself. Sometimes cry while doing my makeup because I'm reminded how unkawaii my face is.

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Would you like a hug? I think a great big, warm, soft hug would do you well

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Never forget how beautiful your knees are anon.
Cute knees on an even cuter person.

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We talked and I think we're still buying wax, but we're storing it in our freezer at all times so we don't feel the need to take dabs when we don't need to (like when we get off of work, or before eating, that kind of stuff) so I feel much better about the situation.

I have a bad dependency but fuck do I love dabbing

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I desparately want to support brands but goddAMMIT can they just release something i want or need? No brands ever seem to have shoes, bags or accessories i want in the correct colourways and in stock (I'm looking at you, IW) and i once again have to keep going to taobao or trawling second-hand markets all the time.

>> No.9944679

This is how I feel. I feel like stuffs always released in different shades of the main colorway and it's impossible to keep up a wardrobe that doesn't have basically the same color scheme. I currently own 5 pairs of lolita shoes, 3 of which are different shades of pink and only one of which matches the pinks on my dresses.

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Keep lying to yourself

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Let me join you, guys.

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>tfw born with manly chest and wide shoulders
>have to starve myself to 8% bodyfat so I dont look bulky
>dont want to starve, but dont want to be bulky either

it really sucks, I feel like a guy version of chloe moretz. its like, your body just naturally has a tendency to be like the hulk

>> No.9944890

Have you looked into a history textbook

>> No.9944895

>That sad feel when no one replies to your situation or a question you asked on a feels thread....

>> No.9944903

Anon who pointed out the old school VM velveteen, thank you! I just bid on one. I hope I can do it justice but thanks for being a generous soul. May Mana bless you with much wearable burando for years to come.

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i’m a qt 3.14 and will be your devoted waifu in exchange for burando
I’m at that threshold between skinnyfat and obese hamchan and have noticed a lot of newer releases are super big on my bust and waist (90/74 cm). Fatties need to fucking chill with that. Actually better yet, they keep bitching and stay the fuck away from lolita

>> No.9944911

god i fucking hate lace market. i miss the days when it was new, you check it once a day to see all the new listings, before the fucking itas, ddlgs, scalpers, & gross fakes who don’t even wash their fucking items before shipping them out!!!

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I know this feel also.

What was your question?

>> No.9944928

my question was if you need to have a sexy body and/or fake tits to be popular in cosplaying.

Like has there ever been someone who looks okay but is amazing at making cosplay?

Also what was your question?

>> No.9944929

Depends on the type of cosplay popularity you are trying to achieve. If it's patreon bux then yes with a sprinkling of nudity. Basically you're selling yourself as a softcore porn model. If it's at contests you need to be a master tailor. Get good at your craft.

>> No.9944931

Sexy body/fake tits give you instant popularity. I don't think it's sustainable and will go away as soon as you stop looking marketable.

Great craftsmanship will always come through, regardless of body type. Obviously this means whatever you decide to wear needs to compliment the body type you have. Not a perfect match, but in the general range.

Mine was more of a feel that one of my friends and I ended up cosplaying from the same series. She is a much better craftsperson than I, and I kinda got the feeling she didn't want to be around me in cosplay, maybe like she was embarrassed? It's not like I was trying to force myself into pictures or anything like that.

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show me your rig senpai

i actually used to regularly buy wax, then switched back to weed, but now will be buying wax again. just lasts me so much longer, i love dabbing too anon

>> No.9944949

That bitch is dirty, maybe when I clean it~

Wax is so much better and more efficient but it really fucking kills your tolerance. I have to take either an insanely large one or 5 small ones to make me as high as it used to.

RIP my tolerance

>> No.9944966

Put your money where your mouth is and buy this qt brand

>> No.9944971

>start dating guy who I actually like
>ends up back at mine, doesn't know I wear lolita
>sees a wig and wig head on my desk
>"why the fuck do you have a wig anon? Are you going to kill me?"
Wig = creepy serial killer apparently

>> No.9944972

That's so weird. It's not abnormal for people to own wigs

>> No.9944973

Should have shown him the skin suit.

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>Buy cute as fuck op from LM
>getting it from England
>get it in three weeks
>contact seller
>Turns out the other user is in the same state as me so I contact her explaining the situation
>Its been a week and a half and she hasent even opened the message
PLEASE god I just want my op

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>Buy cute as fuck op from LM
>getting it from England
>get it in three weeks
>contact seller
>Turns out the other buyer that got my op is in the same state as me so I contact her explaining the situation
>Its been a week and a half and she hasent even opened the message
PLEASE god I just want my op

>> No.9945026

Yes it is

>> No.9945041

I'm guessing he was white. Black dudes seeing wigs in girls rooms is not weird at all

>> No.9945048

I’ve been wearing the occasional wig with lolita for over five years and my fiancé still makes fun of me for it.
>did u scalp little bo peep for that hurhurhur
Sometimes I wonder why I’m even marrying this guy.

In my country it’s very unusual, and associated with either costumes or cancer patients. Fashion wigs aren’t really a thing here.

>> No.9945051

No it's not, especially recently since it's become fashionable to do so.

>> No.9945061


>> No.9945062

Have you been under a rock?

>> No.9945065

Yet again the rude bitch from my comm buys a dream dress.
Yet again she doesn’t fit in it.
I hope she never stops trying, this is too hilarious to me.

>> No.9945066

>Cosplayer I follow posted about weight loss
>They have lost a lot of weight in a pretty short time
>Face is still really wide though
>Can’t tell if naturally wide face or bulimia cheeks

It doesn’t help that they can’t give a concrete answer to how they’ve lost so much weight. I’m worried about them but don’t know wtf to say. I hang out with them at cons sometimes but we’re not close outside of that.

>> No.9945068

I hope the fatty-chan holds onto all the dresses she buys and you have to just sit there with the knowledge that your DD is rotting away in her closet

>> No.9945077

>tfw fantasize about being an efamous lolita but far too lazy to even maintain an active IG account

>> No.9945084

why is she buying dresses that don't fit her in the first place?

>> No.9945092

Maybe she has the same attitude as >>9945068

>> No.9945111

Send it back to the seller and charge back on it. I wouldn't have time for that shit, especially when the seller fucks up that bad to send the wrong item

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File: 652 KB, 1242x1222, 0B06CA6C-B629-4D0B-B46E-9BB37CC018D9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shit mental illness (bpd among others)
>can barely afford college
>only one marketable still but feel like i’m awful at doing it and my future is fucked
>knows my cosplay hobby will never make it anywhere either + always falling behind everyone else
>always fuck up at socializing cause of being an aspie
>live a fake life to my friends because every time i’ve reached out to ask for help they tell me they can’t do shit (not wrong)
when do i pull the trigger anons

>> No.9945129

How is this board related in any way other than you offhandedly using cosplay once?
Take it to r9k or adv if you really want help

>> No.9945132

it's equally /cgl/ related as the druggies posting ITT

>> No.9945134 [DELETED] 

>tfw all the fucking creepers and snowflakes that make 98% of the trans community made a joke out ot real transgenders that just wanna live their life normally
i wanna bang my head on a wall, they sparked so much hate against us. I pass on all levels, I am a well adjusted adult (well,that is up to interpretation) , I recognize it is a mental illness to begin with, and i never mention it unless necessary... but those people throw the 2% of us under a bus. Especially AGPs and those fucking creeps in it for sexual reasons.

I think most MTFs/transwomen just don't look good in lolita anyway. Especially sweet. Either go for gothic or classic desu.

(before you ask me why in the world i am on this board, my gf is into lolita, just trying to learn more so maybe i could try EGL or aristocrat with her)

>> No.9945138

My grandmother and all her friends own wigs and she won't leave the house without hers. She's 60, and not balding. I bet you don't realize the amount of people who actually do wear them

>> No.9945185

I’m pretty sure some people buy these dresses just to rub it in someone’s face. And to hoard obviously.

>> No.9945187

>feels thread
>Anon vents his/her feels

>> No.9945190

It's supposed to be cgl related you twatbooger

>> No.9945200

The majority of older women here cut their hair very short and in many cases their hair is so thin you can see their scalp through it. They’re definitely not wearing wigs. My grandma is actually one of the people who’ve said it’s really odd for me to own natural-looking wigs while I still have my own hair. When I first became interested in wearing wigs with lolita I tried to find a physical wig store so I could try stuff on and see if it matched my skin tone, but the nearest non-costume shop selling wigs was two hours away by train and aimed specifically at black women.

I really think it’s just a cultural difference and wigs aren’t equally common everywhere.

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>have been loosing weigth and finally feeling better about myself
>around 128-130lbs and 5"5 now
>looking good in coord shots for insta
>I like my face enough in selfies and when I look in the mirror
>get some pics back which were taken below me
>mfw I look like a bloated beaver with massive cankles
I'm heavily pear shaped and I look cute and fairly skinny on top but the bottom part is awful. I usually hate my face but it's actually ok in these. I never edit my pics but I feel like my pics taken with phone camera present me in much better way than I actually am. I'm hesitant to post these because I don't want people to think I shoop aggressively. I know it's mostly the angle because I have pretty pics taken of myself with proper camera but still I feel so... Strange.

>> No.9945243

Maybe it is a cultural thing, I've just noticed a large jump of normies wearing wigs and I think I first noticed with my grandma. I have several friends who wear them, and most of them are not black (though my black friends do wear wigs!)

Maybe I've just lived around alt fashion people for too long because my grandma is all about fashion, and my friends push "normie" fashion standards

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>having black friends

>> No.9945248

Sry yr a BITCH susan

>> No.9945316

>tfw thought I wanted a Lolita gf, started working out to be a suitable bf
>tfw grew up some and just accepted that I was idealizing something because it was a meme people were propagating
>lose interest in cosplaying because not interested in impressing the Alaska cosplay community, it looks and feels like a nursery for overgrown kids, most people I see in the community have big problems with themselves and project then constantly
>tfw still working out and cutting fat
Still fat, but less fat. Thanks, I guess, /cgl/.

>> No.9945384

bf is getting fatter by the day and i hate it

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File: 1.94 MB, 540x229, rinrin_doll_lolita_fashion_quote.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you guys feel knowing that lolita was a style about rejecting male gaze and now we have creepy trannys and guys sexualizing the fashion
stop wanting a lolita gf, stop objectifying the fashion and girls who wear it

>> No.9945389

It's only for girls to objectify. Out of the clubhouse penises!

>> No.9945407

As a guy who fell for the meme, just because it's old fashioned alt fashion, I found it means jack shit for my actual interests, I was just immature and lonely. I always thought that Lolita was about breaking away from the boring trends of modern female fashion, however, and the suggestion that it's to reject the male gaze makes it sound like you personally dislike men.

>> No.9945408

I would message my new contacts but they haven't been online

>> No.9945409

>Little Bo Peep
>Girl in the raisin box
>Little miss moffat

Fuck normies. srsly

>> No.9945414

>modern female fashion
>hating men
get off the internet, dude. most women don't hate men-most women are fucking men, for god sakes. No, I don't hate men, I just hate men that objectify me based on my clothes. Like i said in the first post.

>> No.9945423
File: 87 KB, 633x957, FB_IMG_1500764950256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>currently at exclusive con
>too dead inside to enjoy it
Advice please?

>> No.9945425

I'm agreeing with you, so forgive me for taking an argument of my own, I felt like your post was a bit more aggressive than intended and foolishly took it the wrong way.

>> No.9945428
File: 269 KB, 505x566, Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 22.39.55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kanzaki came out with the cutest racing Miku ever and an even cuter swimsuit ver. of his racing Miku design and my roommate agreed to take my commission for it!! It's gonna be so fucking cute I'm screaming, I haven't cosplayed Miku in years and I'm so happy to have her in my lineup again!

>> No.9945429
File: 231 KB, 572x325, 1480953425689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>see amazing auction deal that's not that easy to find
>of course someone just has to post the damn link all over the board
Every single time.
>inb4 poorfag
I always win anyway, so those bidding wars are completely unnecessary.

>> No.9945433

brother you need to learn how to properly articulate sentences.

>> No.9945453

Similar feel when I first dated my boyfriend
>He doesn't know about lolita
>Comes back to my place
>Sees pastel frills hanging up
>Sees a bunch of bloomers peeking out of my clothes drawer from when I was rummaging in them for something
>Asks me if I'm one of those "girl pedos" who kidnaps little girls to dress them in cute clothes

D-do these look like they'd fit a little girl? This was before I told him that I bought To-Alice youth dresses for my little sister....

>> No.9945456 [DELETED] 
File: 24 KB, 640x640, FB_IMG_1499190641806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wearing coord at Waffle House
>homeless woman reaches under my dress
>"Any panties under here??"

>> No.9945461 [DELETED] 


>> No.9945464

you'd think that, but scrolling through posts on here and the farm, a huge chunk of the girls here have some serious issues with hating men.

>> No.9945469

that's only a problem if you want to date a /cgl/ girl, or you're attending meets in normie clothes. If you objectify us for our clothing or sexualize us, of course we won't like you.
please, god, don't be the guy in the anime shirt that shows up to lolita meets to prey on us .

>> No.9945473

Miku is for weebs
Racing swim wear miku is for attention whoring weebs

But I hope you have fun I guess.

>> No.9945479
File: 20 KB, 419x427, 1525420623390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to post my first coord somewhere and get some feedback, but i'm not part of a comm and the picture is potato quality. No where to post and no feedback means fuck me i guess.

Just explain that you misunderstood and that you don't feel comfy doing that. If they press you on it, jump ship. If they're the type to press, then they're the type to cause some kind of drama of become the "crazy bitch" a mother warns her kid not to marry.

>> No.9945480

>bitching about weebs on cgl

>> No.9945483

if you have Facebook there are a few groups open to all lolitas

>> No.9945492

It’s her dream dresses (AP prints), I’m more of a Mary Magdalene/Victorian Maiden fan. But nice try, fattie-chan.

I honestly don’t know. Maybe she thinks it’s gonna fit but they never do, or she’s a hoarder like >>9945092 said? Either way it’s pretty pathetic and entertaining to me.

>> No.9945497

Maybe sticker your face up and post here? There’ll be some salt but some people are genuinely helpful.

>> No.9945502

Then why do you care? Also
>implying I'm a fatty-chan

>> No.9945510
File: 80 KB, 565x604, 1500885405413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We can be damaged together fren

>> No.9945511

>Mary had a little lamb

Man why do normies always go for boring obvious jokes? And then they all chime in with each other as if anything they say is funny. I hate dumb unoriginal normies

>> No.9945513

quit being anal desu

>> No.9945514


>> No.9945515

Fuck off to another board if you don't want to post cgl related things

>> No.9945522

Like motherfucking I'm not even wearing a bonnet.

>> No.9945524
File: 3.00 MB, 1198x2260, IMAG1046 b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No facebook account, but fuck it.I'll just post the shitty picture here. Mods can move it if it's in the wrong spot/gets enough salt. Feedback is very welcomed.

Also yes, my hair is a mess, I know.

>> No.9945525

If you can handle being called some oversatured meme words like fat or ugly, you should post here or on a discord server for lolita.

>> No.9945526

I am so pissed off that the same damn people that made fun of us listening to Jrock and Jpop now love Psy and stupid copypaste kpop.

>> No.9945527

Hard to tell from the image quality, you were right about the potato thing.. It looks fine but the skirt (?) has a weird cut at the top.

>> No.9945533

There's men out there that will objectify and get turned on by anything.
Doesn't really bother me, plus I kind of hope they do finally get their lolita gf and realize that they are 1) human and 2) are pretty horrible lol.

>> No.9945535

First take a non potato pic. Cover up face and everything with stickers and post on the Big Sisters group on FB. Do not post of Rufflechat.

>> No.9945537

Oof anon. I don't want to be mean to you because you really put yourself out there.

The skirt is completely not lolita, this outfit would be more suitable to be called gothic or aristocrat. Also the waist of the skirt is not nice. I suggest a corset or a vest to hide it. Also, don't forget that shoes, headdress and bag round out a good coord, so try to have those visible in your future coord shots. Sometimes you can have just a basic coord but something like headdress or interesting bag is what makes it pop.

Keep going, you will improve fast since you are so open to critique, and you will look amazing.

>> No.9945539

Looks more aristo than lolita, if you were aiming for that. I was about to comment on the "blouse" but then- Is this a one piece? If it's a blouse+skirt I'd suggest finding another blouse instead, this one is baggy and not very flattering, and something about the neck (the collar? the jabot?) looks awkward but I can't quite pinpoint why, possibly because of the picture quality. There are plenty of blouses that can suit aristocrat, if you look.
Whether it's a skirt or OP, I suggest getting a bustier/waist cincher of some sort to cover up that elastic? at the waist, too.
I'd suggest something for your hairstyle or makeup but I can't really see what you did with those so I won't comment on them.

All in all I'd say it does look like a beginner coord, it does require some tweaks, but it's not bad for a first try.

>> No.9945550

Alright, thanks for the feedback. It is a skirt and blouse. Yeah it's more Aristo than straight Lolita. I guess it's pretty apparent that I am coming into Lolita from Goth. There are shoes under there, I promise.But the skirt is for people taller than me so even with heels, they're completely hidden. I'll be sure to lift my skirt a bit if I wear long ones in the future. My hair was just loose so any thing you can recommend is welcome.

>> No.9945551

I mean this looks fucking awesome for a first attempt. I don't know if I'd call it lolita, but it's definitely a cool aristocrat outfit.

>> No.9945552
File: 346 KB, 501x584, 17081001001-s.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or you could wear taller heels or platforms with it, pic related.
As for hairstyles, personally I associate aristo styles with updos - Is your hair in dreadlocks? I think you can still put it up elegantly, especially if you top it off with an elegant accessory like a canotier.

>> No.9945554

Commenting again to add that it's perfectly fine that you're coming into lolita through goth. Imo that's actually welcomed and encouraged; better than people that come in through anime and think that lolita is another form of cosplay.

>> No.9945658
File: 996 KB, 500x268, Cry 002.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I was in middle School I had a friend I met through an anime and manga club. We started going to cons together, cosplaying together. We became best friends. We had been inseparable for over 7 years but then she starts dating this guy and it starts to get weird. We almost never fought about anything, but we had one dumb fight and now she won't even see or talk to me and it's been months. Our very first con is coming up and we won't be going together for the first time. It's hitting me really hard... I miss her.

>> No.9945666
File: 61 KB, 1223x1240, 1503191086453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>first cosplay this past saturday
>amateur photog takes a few of my pictures
>swap facebook to receive them later
>he tags me in an album of pictures, all of them are pretty clean, not any noticable harsh editing
>my photo is the only one harshly edited out of all of them, and it's only on my eyes
>fucked up blurring the wall in the background
>made the top of my wig shine when it was 6pm with a setting sun (surrounded by shade)

why? the raw pictures he took on his camera look great, there was no reason for that much editing - he posted 2 of my friend who was cosplaying with me that look beautiful with barely any editing, and posted the one with her boyfriend

i'm? my friend tried to reconcile the edit but i just removed my tag on facebook and messaged him for the raw pictures, given it wasn't a scheduled photoshoot or anything.

i'm embarrassed, cgl. i can share a picture of my cosplay unedited but i am straight embarrassed right now

>reaction related, the compression made the photo 10x worse on facebook

>> No.9945668
File: 70 KB, 540x450, tumblr_ni6zvgVdf21qb3m3yo1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw no gyarusa in my country

>> No.9945669

Hey anon that really sucks, how can that happen? Is the bf a douche? What was the fight about? If you're really close one fight shouldn't be enough to mess things up. Are you waiting for an apology and them to reach out? Sometimes you gotta be the bigger person and put your feelings aside and just agree to disagree, it's better than ending a friendship.

>> No.9945679

It's a really long story.... Alot of it was through text. I keep trying to meet with her in person to talk but she won't see me. Tells me it's too soon even though it's been months. I told her if she ever decides she wants to be my friend again I would never close myself to her, and that I would forgive her in an instant, but so far it's been silence on her end. I don't know if her bf changed her or what, but we never fought in the past. It just feels like it's over and she is going to awkwardly avoid me at the cons we used to attend.

>> No.9945715

>tfw love nurse lolita but dont want to be a nurse because of gross work

>> No.9945724

messaged a seller to see what blouse they were using in their sales posts
>its from taobao
ask what brand
>no response
bitch what the fuck?

>> No.9945734
File: 215 KB, 500x500, tumblr_p6ypq9OrEO1x0tyluo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i messaged him to get the raw photos (at least ONE of the few shots he took), and he sent me one with less editing, but still had his shitty watermark and TERRIBLE saturation/color and terrible compression (not even a usable photo)

i commented in the album asking to kindly remove the photo or upload a less heavy edited one due to the album being shared already, but he's being very difficult and has not yet removed it despite being online this entire time

am i wrong to ask for these photos? this was not a paid shoot, he came up to us and posed me and got a few shots and told me he would send them to me in person

i don't need this shitty edit of my first cosplay getting shared, this is my first time dealing with any photographer ("photographer" for this guy, straight amateur and shitty editing)

>> No.9945745
File: 198 KB, 500x500, just right.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when your new petticoat fluffs out your dress just right
I feel incredibly graceful right now.

>> No.9945746

>dieted like crazy to look good in cosplay
>finally managed to lose weight
>always gets period during con
>always gets bloated during con

Why do I even bother losing weight when my female body is gonna fuck itself up anways

>> No.9945776

Why??? Is he overworked supporting you or something? Otherwise he just needs to fucking work out and eat smarter, wtf.

The social aspect is definitely a part of my interest in this but really? You don't like the clothes? Heck, I'm thinking about making a BJD just so I can sew pretty girl clothes.

>was a style about rejecting male gaze
what the fuck are you talking abou-
>>>male gaze
oh right i understand now

Talk to someone? Try to get in touch with someone who is at the con online and tell them you're having a terrible time? You might be able to meet someone nice. Unless you're just literally so dead inside you can't enjoy anything at the moment.

No, not at all. It reflects poorly on your persona, but you can always just state that you don't want to be associated with that shoot or something.

It's not that hard to just hand over the raws - at least some of them. If he wants to keep a few bad ones to be able to prove that he took them that's fine.

That must be a nice feeling. Is it warm or breezy or like... how does it feel?

>> No.9945778

>Is it warm or breezy or like... how does it feel?
lmao I don't mean the physical feeling of it, I mean the beautiful, even poof that it provides. Though I guess it does feel breezy because it's lightweight and it lifts the dress properly, which is a blessing in this heat.

>> No.9946050

i woke up this morning and he has shared the album 2 more times, ignoring my comment and message asking him to take it down/send raws.

do i report the post? do i make a public post about him? do i comment on the album so others see? i don't really know what to do here for the best outcome, i've never dealt with this before and this guy is a cocksucker clearly

>> No.9946071

>Person does their first cosplay ever
>Free photoshoot
How does this happen? I've been cosplaying for 2 years now, and made a decent chunk of cosplays, and I never get asked more than once or twice per con for even hall shots

>> No.9946074

it wasn't a photoshoot, it lasted maybe 5 minutes. he approached me and my friends and posed me for a few shots, and my friend for a few, that was it. i talked to him a bit afterwards and he said he would send me the photos, he's ignoring me on facebook keeping the VERY heavily and shittily edited one up. and my cosplay was bought/commissioned on etsy, i just bought/styled the wig and my makeup.

he was taking shots of a lot of cosplayers because he told me he was an amateur photographer trying to get into the hobby

this is my first experience dealing with a "photographer", so i don't think you should be too upset about this "free photoshoot"

>> No.9946297

That guy you speak of is exactly why I won't even post my mug up here anymore. I realized I was turning into a petty attention whore because I felt lonely and more insecure than I acknowledged, so I let the memes take over and stopped thinking for a minute there. I'm lucky I channeled my energy into a fitness blog that counts as my school project too, because I'm still riding that wave. I also learned about how to do my hair right, and the importance of skin care and how to use cleanser right, so all in all, despite my idiotic desires, I gained a lot of helpful life advice from being a lonely shitposting on here, so I felt it appropriate to say thanks to you and other anons who picked me up when I was down.

>> No.9946298

I gained a lot of advice despite being a lonely shitposter*

>> No.9946354

I bought the Juliet OP in size 11 because Moitie size 9 felt a tad small and it's too big for me.

I'm not sure if I want to buy one in size 9 and sell this one later or attempt to trade with someone. I'm worried that size 9 might end up more uncomfortable.

>> No.9946362

If your body isn’t too sensitive try taking birth control pills, keep track of your menstrual cycle, skip the placebo pills and just continue taking the actual bc pill to skip periods that would occur during cons. I have an IUD but since I still get periods I always ask my obgyn for a pack of bc pills to skip my period if I have a trip to go to.

>> No.9946390

Thanks for posting anyways anon!
I think you look great, but not very lolita. My inner 14 year old vampire wannabe loves this to death.
Ballroom lenght skirts are kind of “too much” for lolita, but I won’t repeat the others, I feel like all useful advice was given already.

>> No.9946392

How big is too big? If the measurements are accurate on the 11, how close are you on the 9?

>> No.9946409

Good for you. I think a lot of guys come on here and get interested since there's a lot of girls, which is nice to you guys. I don't blame you, it's nice to talk to the opposite gender sometimes--but sometimes it's too much. If you're picking up interests just to talk to girls on the internet, it's unhealthy. I hope you manage to do well with your fitness, work on yourself, and date a girl you love for more than just her clothes.

>> No.9946420

Ignore it.
It'll feel weird because it's your face in a ""public"" place, but ignore it. How many people are even looking at the Facebook page of a starting-out amateur photographer?

If you make a public post about it, you're giving him the attention he wants and stirring up drama (which is a bad look for working with future photographers).

You've already removed the tag, so that's the one identifying trackback feature for a third party. If you've commented in the album, it's your choice to decide whether you want to remove the comment (to further cut off your association with the bad photos) or leave it there.

Write the raw photos off as a loss. If all the photos you've gotten back from him are terrible, don't share any on your own social media. At this point, it sounds like the potential cosplayer-photog relationship has deteriorated down to a no-go. Wear the cosplay again to a future convention if you want more photos, and consider privately contacting other photogs for shoots of that outfit.

>> No.9946430
File: 50 KB, 500x383, FB_IMG_1493776032171-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That 19 year old boomer who can't pass anus inspection

>> No.9946431

And some advice for future interactions of this ilk:
I've worked with photographers like this in the past - one notable incident happened at a local cosplay gathering. The photographer had me facing into the sun and then bumped the contrast so high that my face turned into an oversaturated pancake with slits for eyes.

I wrote a comment thanking him for taking the photos and made some remarks on how fun/graphic/cool the edits were. The photos are still in the album, but I removed every single one from my profile: Facebook has an option where you can prevent the photo from showing up on your personal timeline but leave your name tagged in the photo itself (understand this -- if a person is visiting a photog's page and sees a badly- and obviously-edited photo of a cosplayer, they'll recognize that it's the photographer's editing job and no fault of the subject)

That was two years ago. His portrait and con shoots in the last few months have shown a definite improvement in quality - good depth of field, use of studio lighting, capture of movement. This isn't an eroded relationship, and I would actually look forward to shooting with him again.

>> No.9946433

>a lot of guys come here to pick up women
way less actually do that thea you think, judging from past replies

>> No.9946444

Truth be told, it's not to pick up women, but because (at least in my experience), this is a good place to go to actually get reliable girl advice, as a guy. It's probably more what I made of it, than anything else. Speaking of which

>tfw you are crushing on a girl at work and are struggling just to talk to her, let alone ask her out

I hate being a man sometimes

>> No.9946451

To expand on that more, I only see her because I run up to her workstation to pick a bit of mail up. I say hello and she's busy working. It's a shared space with other women, so I feel like I'd be a sperg just to try and start a conversation if she's busy with something else. On the other hand, I feel like just asking her to come with me somewhere, fucking anywhere, so I can actually talk to her at an appropriate time. I feel worried, because I don't feel like just saying "Would you be interested in going out to dinner", would do anything but cause her to reject me. I don't have an easy way to talk to her, but I don't want to be a loser and just give up without trying. I'm done with being the loser who just assumes that attractive girls are out of my league and never even tries to ask. That feels like what incels do, is just give up on themselves and cry about it online.

>> No.9946454

>live in Texas
>90-degrees F today
>use parasol to keep sun off me
>every fucking moron and their mother: "It's not raining lololol"

My parasol isn't even flashy.

>> No.9946462
File: 167 KB, 430x413, DEE4FAC6-EC43-4ECF-9A75-CF184655E8F7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel you anon, I have very pale skin so I use an umbrella whenever it’s sunny outside to avoid getting a tan and people jeer or give me weird looks.

>> No.9946463


Like...melanoma is expensive and ugly. Wtf is wrong with everyone.

>> No.9946475
File: 61 KB, 400x429, IMG_6490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I ran out of my medication almost three weeks ago and my pysche office set my appointment up really late, but she sent me home with two extra refills on my bottles so I don't have to worry about this kind of situation again and my dream dress just got shipped to my SS and I ordered 200 dollars worth of stuff off of depop, fril, and j.mercari, and I'm so excited to have new accessories! It's my first time ordering from fril or Mercari so I'm pretty nervous/excited!

I'm going to chill the fuck out on my spending after this but I got some really good stuff, and I plan on refurbishing anything damaged I'm getting

Feels good

>> No.9946477
File: 17 KB, 480x369, FB_IMG_1489219634251.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I worked damn hard to gain good standing in my comm and now my big brother (who's nearly fucking 30) is going to ask the comm elder for permission to bang his daughter when she turns 18. Wtf do I do?

>> No.9946478

Punch him or disown him

>> No.9946482

I wasn’t even thinking about melanoma but you’re right anon. I want to be kawaii, not die a slow and painful death

>> No.9946483

What's the problem as long as your parents pay the dowry?

>> No.9946485

i guess this is a nice change from all that thong diaper and butthole inspection you constantly post about

>> No.9946492

Yeah that's a terrible setting. Perhaps try to talk to her if you feel like it? Also, I think online dating is pretty decent at times, try talking to people online too. Being lonely is hard, but being weird pays off sometimes.

>> No.9946513

>implying that's just one person
Thong diapers are a board tradition.

>> No.9946518

The crux of my challenge is that I need to initiate conversation, but I've been erring on the side of acting naturally, which entails waiting on a reason to talk to her. I'm not complaining, I care a lot simply because I'm crushing on her big time, and because I feel like giving up and moping about tfw no GF isn't an option anymore. I'll fail and learn from it, without regret, or I'll succeed and have a dream gf.

>> No.9946530

This real???

>> No.9946534

I think the problem is exactly that the parasol is not flashy. The more stupid frills it has, the more it looks like an accessory against the sun rather than just a plain umbrella.

>> No.9946538 [DELETED] 
File: 192 KB, 790x700, 1515987934063.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be a 24 year old with an objectively attractive face, intelligent and knowledgeable
>no gf because huge social retard autist intp

>> No.9946543

Yeah, i think if you say something she will appreciate it. Don't think too much about her or it'll be awkward though, just chill on it, and then when it happens, it happens

>> No.9946547
File: 199 KB, 1200x1332, 1446791851078.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's a familiar feel

>> No.9946550
File: 47 KB, 447x589, 1522063020705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've already given up on finding a girl similar to me, the bar is already set so low it's scary.

>> No.9946557

How do I stop looking high? I feel like this gets in the way in cons. I never smoked weed.

>> No.9946562 [DELETED] 

>Used to like listening to music, dancing and karaoke
>Suddenly lost the urge to want to dance or karaoke
>Listening to music went from an engaging activity to one of passive annoyance
>Now have cut music out completely for myself as it makes me feel sad listening to it.
>It's been at least 3 months since I've stopped listening to music and while I feel bad for losing such a vital part of me I feel worse trying to claim it back

>> No.9946574

I feel ya. I'm a genuinely handsome man, but I just can't do it

>> No.9946599

I've always been petite, but I've noticed a lot of my JSKs and skirts have been getting baggier on me. I assumed it was due to most of my wardrobe coming from the secondhand market and getting worn previously. Then I worried maybe I'm just too small. I don't like how small my body looks, but my boyfriend still thinks I'm beautiful so I assumed I was overthinking it. I completed a physical for work and my results told me I'm 88lbs. That's too small for an adult. I know practically I can eat more and try to work out to gain more muscle, but I already eat and exercise. I'm not sick, just too small.

>> No.9946610

My measurements all fall under size 9, except my bust at 85 cm.
The shoulders being too wide and the back panel being loose were the main issues.

>> No.9946612
File: 122 KB, 500x500, 1522634565328.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right? And once the bar goes low enough anyone under it will just fuck your shit up and be a general waste of time.

Been trying to make friends beyond the couple online irl friends I have and its been going well enough, but can't wait to aspie out when it comes to any girl potentially worth half a damn

>> No.9946624
File: 87 KB, 600x373, 1505481529792.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have a few convention acquaintances
>not close enough to ask them if I can room with them for a con
>not rich enough to get a room for myself for duration of the con

>> No.9946649

>entire con room plans collapse
>now stuck with a reservation for just me
>other friends all have their own rooms
>other friends' rooms are all full
>refuse to just not go to the con out of pure spite for the people I used to room with after they tried to cut me out of going to cons

I *really* do not want to skip out on one of the few opportunities to be social I get every year but I also really, really would prefer not to drop $400 on room fees for myself.

>> No.9946650

Nayrt but I have the same problem as the op - My parasols are from lolita brands so they're fancy and I have several to match my coords, and I always get stupid comments like that. Where I live you can see quite a few older ladies walking around with umbrellas when it's sunny and no one says shit to them, but apparently when I do it I'm a retard who can't tell the weather.

>> No.9946651

>works full time
>saves a small amount of money
>goes to big con outside of country
>stay is fucked needs to get new one
>expends to much on random shit.
>need to get driving licence ASAP
>savings are almost gone....
Why do I do this?

>Got enough materials for cosplans lefts
>a few weeks to go for the next con.
>getting some motivation back.

Feeling 60% happy

>> No.9946661

Honestly, my life is just going on as normal, so after a lot of consideration, the best thing to do is be patient and let the opportunity come to me, at least in the short term. I can capitalize if I get a chance.

>> No.9946670

400$ isn't a lot really. If I were you, I would go solo.

>> No.9946713

From the time I was a teenager I would fantasize about going to Japan and finding a cute boyfriend who likes anime tits and looks like a model and doesn't care that I'm a fujo who likes anime boys too
That dream eventually died and I realized I'd never get to go to Japan and that I should just go gay because there's no boy like that within my reach
So I only dated girls for a while but they all turned out crazy

I now have a bf who is part Asian and everything I've ever wanted but now I'm stumbling trying to get serious learning Japanese and I worry I'll make myself look like an idiot in front of him when we finally get to meet up
He knows I'm studying and it's not my native tongue but I still don't want to fuck up it would be too embarrassing

I'm attractive but I'm not confident due to a lifetime of trauma and because I was fat for a brie period of time as a teenager, due to being trapped in a place and forced to over eat
I lost it quickly and I am naturally small but those few months scarred my body image

He plans on going back to Japan when he's done here and taking me with him but I'm really scared of the culture shock
I hate America so I have no qualms about going
But I've never been out of the country before
I worry Japanese culture won't accept me
I catch myself worrying about it a lot and already feeling guilty if Im not able to make my own money
He says I won't have to contribute but I'd still feel guilty because I'm so used to having to provide for myself and take care of myself...even though I don't like having to take care of myself financially.
it's just what I'm used to.

It's hard to accept good things happening to me
It's hard to accept good things in my future when my life up until now has been so hard
But I don't want it to stay difficult
I don't want things to remain awful just because that's what I'm used to and some part of me found complacency in misery

I'm trying
I'm trying so hard

>> No.9946720

This has nothing to do with /cgl/ and there are some red flags imo. Make sure you can afford a return ticket from Japan, assuming your relationship gets that far.

>> No.9946749

Or she gets Anon fired for sexual harassment.

>> No.9946762
File: 517 KB, 876x720, 1530557242709.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to try cosplaying and go to cons with it
>there is basically no scene here
>there is 1 event and it's mixed with comics and videogames once a year, and that's pretty much it
>went there alone and it wasn't as much fun, people were in groups together and I just felt like I would be a bother trying to talk to them. Too many Fortnite/Pubg booths aswell.
>another event got cancelled because too little ticket sales
>none of my friends is interested in it so I would have to travel out of country on my own again without anyone
I just want a cosplay buddy to have fun with at events. Seeing how americans on /cgl/ have it easier makes me kinda jealous.. I wanna go to AX once for sure, but again gotta find someone to go with.

>> No.9946985

400 is cheap in terms of cons. If you can't afford it, there are a huge number if cheaper hobbies to get into

>> No.9947035

assert dominance and bang the daughter before he can.

>> No.9947170

Not gay tho.

>> No.9947174

yeah this is good advice, he actually got back to me finally and removed the photo from the album and said he would send me the raws when he gets home monday and to remind him, so i'm not going to burn the bridge

like i said, all of the other photos in the album looked great, but i guess he made my picture his "pet project" and went all out with the editing, i just wish i knew the reason why

>> No.9947192
File: 496 KB, 500x281, cmon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From someone in a similar situation, it definitely gets better! My country used to have 2 cons per year in school gyms, and now we have a full calendar of events which are slowly expanding. As for friendships, try to check tags which are specific to anime in your area, and you'll probably be able to at least make some accquaintances
Americans have it super easy , so it's normal to get jealous. Keep supporting your scene and it'll grow before your eyes!

>> No.9947194

Her design this year is super cute, I hadn't seen this version. Good luck anon!

>> No.9947224 [DELETED] 

You won't get anywhere with that attitude. Let me give you some personal insight on the matter.

I've been with my wife for 10 years now. We met in high school, and I got her pregnant.
She is and always has been a lazy person and a shit cook. I wouldn't even mind eating shit food if she at least made it on time. But she rarely did.

We'd get into screaming arguments constantly about how lazy and worthless she was. I felt like an asshole for it, but goddamn she was a real piece of work. The only reason I dealt with all this was for the kids, and also because the sex is great.

But one night, I got fed up. Not only did she get drunk, neglect the kids, and made me top Ramen for dinner, but she decided to give me attitude too. She was being real fucking bitchy. So I told my grandparents to keep an eye on the kids and told my wife we were going to go out and have dinner together. I drove maybe 3 blocks to a quiet area (we live in Oregon, it's not hard to find a quiet field) and I got out of the car, went around like I was going to open her door for her and let her out, and I just beat the shit out of her while she was still seatbelted. After a few punches, I asked her if she wanted to go back to her parents. She started screaming and yelling and said yes, so I beat the shit out of her again. Then I asked her what she wanted to do. She finally got smart and said she wanted to go home. So I took her home and dared her to start trouble. I even handed her my cellphone and dialed her mom's number on the drive home. I made her talk to her mom, while daring her to fucking say something.

Before that incident, I had never laid a hand on her. But I had always threatened it. I told her "one of these days, if you don't straighten up, I'm going to lay hands on you."

All my meals have been on time, and she just recently tried to make a meatloaf. It was mediocre, but I was just thrilled that she tried.

Do with this information what you will.

>> No.9947235

Just about everything is inherently survival based and sex is a part of survival. You will never be able to get away from being sexualized because there will always be someone who finds you sexualy attractive even if they don't say it or you never meet them.

>> No.9947242

>avoid male gaze
>dresses in cute clothing and even attempting to be cute to fulfill avoiding male gaze
How many men does she speak to on a personal level/ how little braincells does this brainlet have??

>> No.9947248

It's possible to want to be cute and actively dress cute without appealing to men. Lolita is actually largely unappealing to men, by their own admission, especially in Japan but in other places too.
Not everything is about your dick, anon-kun.

>> No.9947251 [DELETED] 

>see lolita in street
>never seen the clothing in person and it's quite awesome
>stare for a bit making out the details in skirt and the drawings
>suddely she starts screaming at me out of the blue calling me a creepy rapist and starts ranting shit
>me and my friend have to get the fuck away from there asap
>people might actually have believed we were sexually assaulting her or something

Maybe not all of them are fucked in the head, but goddamn, some really want to "avoid" male gaze.

>> No.9947253

Switzerland is a cursed country. It's heaven on earth, but some things i'd really like to have are just not a thing..

>> No.9947256

Damn when did the retards form /r9k/ and /fit/ show up?
Just a bunch if incoherent rambling about women lately

>> No.9947262

"Male gaze" doesn't mean "men that look at us" lol, it means things that are generally considered appealing to men. Genuine lolita fashion generally doesn't appeal to men, while "sexy lolita", like the kind you see in anime etc., is specifically made to appeal to men's sexuality with shorter skirts, revealing tops, zettai ryouiki, and so on.

Assuming that anecdote is true and not something you pulled out of your ass (sorry anon but it sounds fake or at least exaggerated), that girl sounds incredibly insecure and it has nothing to do with you and how you looked at her. Girls that bitch about stares while wearing lolita are either insecure minors or retarded.

>> No.9947266

wew lad

>> No.9947268 [DELETED] 

>"Male gaze" doesn't mean "men that look at us"
My bad then.
>Genuine lolita fashion generally doesn't appeal to men, while "sexy lolita", like the kind you see in anime etc., is specifically made to appeal to men's sexuality with shorter skirts, revealing tops, zettai ryouiki, and so on.
It honestly does the opposite to me, the slutified versions of lolita just makes me think about sluts with no dignity and reminds me of patreon cosplayers milking raw their human wallets, prostitutes and bad stuff in general
>inb4 fedora
while the non-sexual stuff makes me genuinely curious or at least did and that's why I stared at her, and yes I'm not bullshitting, it happened, we weren't even close to her or invading her space, I was just staring at her dress while sitting in a bench while she stood up talking with another girl a few meters away. and once she caught wind of it she started ranting lmao. I'm aware these communities are full of girls with questionable mental health so I told my friend to get the fuck out before someone calls the cops or something.

>> No.9947270

Sluttified versions of lolita aren't actually lolita faggot

>> No.9947274

>these communities
Well you didn't encounter an entire community, did you? Just one girl that lost her marbles at virtually nothing. Sorry that's the impression she gave you but like I said, girls that make a big deal out of people staring at them while they're wearing their silly frilly shit, are retards. And I say this as someone who wears lolita regularly and is used to the stares.

>> No.9947278

>Inb4 fedora
That doesn't work if you're the prime example of a fedora tipping faggot

>> No.9947286
File: 53 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m6u8m7u63D1r1n7ck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>looking for a job
>gaining weight

My husband is willing and happy to take care of me, but I don't let or like him buying me cute shit or cosplay stuff.
Not having some level of independence is really bringing me down. I've gained weight and don't look cute in lolita anymore (imo) and that's brought me down even further.

>> No.9947295

I think the last thing men think when they see me in lolita is that they want sex, dude. I dress cute in a way that men don't see as sexy.
As previous anon said- it's not always about your dick

>> No.9947297

What the fuck did I miss

>> No.9947300

Anyone who knows me irl will know exactly who I am and who I am talking about but idgaf anymore. I'm at the end of my rope with someone and I want to vent to people who aren't my circle of friends because they need a break and I need a reality check.
Time to greentext my grievances:
>friend B is nice to this girl, who I'll call V
>V is a bitch behind B's back
>don't like V because of this and other mean things V does, but am civil because I don't want to start shit
>V idolizes me, probably wants to wear my skin
>namedrops me to comm members as "my friend who modeled for [big brand]"
>made it her goal to model for same brand
>for context, I have seen V at 2 meets at all, the rest of our interactions are online
>I express an opinion, she immediately agrees even if it directly contradicts something she said 2 min prior
>I buy an expensive AP MTO dress, V finds out and then goes around saying it's her dream dress, despite not caring about it at all before finding out I own it
>I make a joking comment about my friend H getting to have my brand if I die, V takes it seriously and insists I sell her my MTO dress if I'm dying for real
>no V, that dress is special and would go to a family member and I'm not even dying ffs
>"but anon I'd pay $5k and it would totally pay for your funeral"
>she was dead serious
>this bitch will murder me for my brand

I honestly want to go nuclear and block her on everything now. She makes me really uncomfortable and a little afraid. I'm kinda worried about backlash though, as V has been known to launch smear campaigns against people who "wrong" her in some way. Best course of action?

>> No.9947301

Someone dropped their theory on women and the male gaze in here with a >inb4 fedora. It's like the rest of the last 20 posts where there's half baked posts about what women are REALLY like

>> No.9947312

ask them anyway and pay them maybe like ten bucks a night or something. Money smoothes over stuff like that

>> No.9947316

You may think that and that may be true for the average male and female but there will always be someone who finds you attractive. Whether or not Somone finds you attractive is not something you have absolute control over, to belive you do is delusional.

>> No.9947323

No one is claiming that lolita is never attractive to anyone though. No one said this, no one thinks this. What we are saying is that lolita is, in general, considered unappealing to men. And it's not made up, iirc there's an article about some "research" done on public opinion on lolita in which they placed a girl dressed in it at a train station, I believe? And then questioned men who has seen her on whether they found it attractive. Guess what? They did not.
And I can tell you from my own experience as someone who doesn't live in Japan and wears lolita often, that men not only don't flirt with me, most of them don't even approach me; when they do it's almost always just to ask why I'm dressed up, not because they think it's hot but because they're curious. Most of the compliments I get are from women, btw. Many other lolitas' experiences are the same.

>> No.9947341

Shit, dude, that's like half of what I pay for a 1-bed room every year and having a room to yourself is nice. I almost guarantee that you'll want to do it again if money allows.

>> No.9947346

Talk to your comm mods this sounds like something they should know about if she's freaking you out that bad. That sounds like a fucking nightmare anon

>> No.9947348

The comm mods won't do anything unless she harasses someone at a meet or on the comm page. She's already harassed someone in PMs and they said they couldn't ban her for it.

>> No.9947351

>being kicked out of a facebook cosplay group just because a few people having issues with you outside of the actual cosplay group

I already heard about how bad the fandom im in is but this is getting really stupid! It makes me not want to cosplay from that fandom again (or at least not in this country).

Is there any tips on avoiding toxic people in cosplay communities?

>> No.9947353

Can you give me some insight on how weed helps with your ADHD? I’m ADHD as well but pretty recently diagnosed, so I’ve not tried yet to see how well it could help as I’m neurostimulants currently.

>> No.9947358 [DELETED] 

Maybe if you try to look past this flaw and help lift her up, she can overcome whatevers making her ~damaged goods~?

Sometimes people just need a push from others to help them overcome their hangups. Invest in those that you see quality in, you might be surprised.

Agreed. Plenty of us do things recreationally without it becoming a dependence issue. It’s not hard to catch on when someone is an addict.

>> No.9947371

That's super fucked up anon I'm so sorry. I would suggest asking her to back off politely and if she doesn't you need to stress to your mods that you do not feel safe and won't go to events with her anymore. If she keeps harrassing you, block her messenger so you can see if she's going to the same events you are

>> No.9947374

But how much of that is disposable income?
Are you a home owner?
Cars paid or mostly paid off?
How’s your insurance situation?
How much debt are you in?
Do you have anything invested in stocks or 401K?

A six figure salary isn’t all that impressive just on it’s own.

>> No.9947375

I use it before doing a task, like if I'm drawing, exercising, doing chores. I have to tell myself "hey, you need to do this and you're going to take a dab and get it done" before I do anything because otherwise it won't get done. Weed slows me down, and even if my thoughts are still jumbled, I calm down and think it through a little more than if I wasn't high. I can't say this will work for everyone, but it's much easier to continue a task without distraction when I'm high and I really do hope it'll work for you too. Don't overdo it though, smoke a pea hitter or two before if you don't have a high tolerance and smoke a little as you need it thru the day if it's a longer task.

Honestly I take weed to go with me to work and take small smoke breaks throughout the night because I'm a baker and it helps me focus on the amount of garbage dough I have to work with. Also it's fun to bake and bake lololol

>> No.9947381

Agreed. I’ve had a few crap experiences, mostly from other women, but in general men seem to only approach out of curiosity. At most they may say it’s cute but typically only if their an older man accompanied by their wife or are someone with some very basic idea of what cosplay is. Never had anyone go as far as flirting tho.

>> No.9947385

NAYRT, I think you're trying to ask about net worth.
Also six figure income below 30 is impressive, despite the memes it's more than enough to live on and provide for a family.

>> No.9947386

Alright binch

Rent apartment in not Silicon Valley
Car paid off
Insurance provided full coverage on medical, life, vision, dental, auto
Student meme debt that's paid off within half a decade
Stocks in company, max out my 401k and employer matches my investment

It's six figure in raw salary. Calculate perks and bonuses and I get more.

Thinking of getting into nanchatte myself and getting a brand skirt

>> No.9947389

NAYRT, but introducing yourself with YEAH I MAKE SIX FIGURES gives the impression that you're a really boring person.

>> No.9947390

>disposable income
Enough to buy chink shit and a ton of computer parts. Flowing it into cute clothes now

>> No.9947392


ugh maybe i should have just gone into a full time job instead of trying to pursue satisfaction in my career with more training.

>> No.9947394

>not rich enough to get a room by myself
you can't afford 400-500 dollars at a con?
people spend double or triple that on just cosplays, it's an expensive hobby

>> No.9947399

Thankfully she's moving away soon. I just have to wait it out and hope she doesn't come back.

>> No.9947411

No it’s not if the first number is in that figure is a 1 or you live somewhere shit. It’s not enough depending on various factors to provide for more than yourself and a spouse unless that spouse is also making a decent living.

Not bad then, anon.
Hope your stocks are at least diversified tho. Idiots who invest everything in the company they work for are absolutely brainless.

Hope you find yourself a cute girlfriend otherwise, anon.

>> No.9947424
File: 63 KB, 499x280, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_filename_640[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My week of feels:
Making some friends with very talented cosplayers and crafters, I'm always amazed with the work they put out and inspired to do my best.
Got a great paying job and great hours, so money to throw at lolita and cosplay but also time to enjoy it too.
Depression is lifting for the first time in years, I am a whole human being for once and buying items is no longer a way to fill an empty hole but a way to invest in myself.

But I've gained like 15 pounds since the last time I wore frilly shit, and I wasn't tiny before. I'm not overweight but still fat or at the very least chubby. I know some of the dresses will fit fine because their max is something like 110 bust, but I've been loath to try them on. I also don't wanna make a nice cosplay because I'd like to lose some more weight (i have lost 5 in the last 2 weeks, on average) and then lose weight and have it not fit. Something fancy can be taken in but most of the cosplays I want are a little more simple like street fashion (think persona styles).

Part of me wants to whine and part of me wants to make a decision. I feel like as long as the dress fits (REAL fits, not sausage in shirring), I can still wear it, but I'm not sure about cosplay. Has anyone else contended with this issue of weight change and cosplay?

>> No.9947426

Don't know what you're smoking but here in the states, on average 100k US yearly pretaxes under 30 is pretty damn good. If you're in someplace like San Fran or Manhattan, then that's not so much.

>> No.9947432

There must be some error in wording or interpretation of the words "live on and provide for". God there must be people only making 90k/year dying in the streets all over SF.

>> No.9947449

As someone who lives and dates in Japan, I'm going to give you your reality check. I've met a lot of young women who moved here to be with their boyfriend thinking they could depend on them, but they break up in a few months and these women have to find jobs and apartments (which are crazy expensive) alone. Then they hop from Japanese guy to Japanese guy to try to find a new boyfriend to take care of them, but these men don't like desperate women. Don't do this. If you want to move here, study, get a job in Japan, and support yourself. You'll be happier.

>Good news
You should Skype with him and practice your Japanese. If you have a native speaker it's a great learning tool.

>Bad news
If this guy is half and was born or raised in Japan, definitely cut your loses. The ones that date foreign women only do so because Japanese women don't want them. The guys usually feel entitled to your time and body, even if you communicate what your boundaries are. Plus, you must have a legal visa to reside in Japan. If you don't have a university degree you probably won't be able to legally live there. If you don't have a job, who will pay for all your trips to cute cafes or shopping adventures? Don't expect him to. You're an adult, provide for yourself.

Japanese culture will never accept you if you look foreign. It doesn't matter how strong your Japanese is, people will still treat you like a tourist and men will still treat you like a trophy girlfriend.

>> No.9947458
File: 529 KB, 612x678, 1530011333580.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cute crossplayer which seems to be REALLY into Sentai/tokusatsu
>small patreon with 5 patrons
>facebook and other social media pretty abandones/without fans
>thinking of dumping some money to him, his english is quite poor but I see sincerity in him

Oh god what my life has become.

>> No.9947469

Block them on social media, ignore them if you ever see them

>> No.9947483
File: 20 KB, 228x230, that skins feel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no lolita gf to listen to gogo and eat shoftsells with

>> No.9947492

NO ONE is saying men don't ever find us attractive. The problem I have is that there are people out there sexualizing a fashion that isn't sexual at all. You can find a lolita attractive- hell, you can find the fashion attractive. You don't choose what you find attractive. But when you invade our space either as a man who wears the fashion for sexual reasons or wants to fuck a lolita- you're a creep.
The only people who are getting angry about this are guys who i assume are creeping on Lolitas or people who don't understand "male gaze" isn't just staring at someone or having a crush on a lolita. If you're overtly going for girls who wear lolita and not just girls who you like, you're a creep.If this offends you, you need to step back and think about how you act around us.

>> No.9947494

Someone can find me sexually attractive, i don't give a fuck. Its when people sexualize my clothes, invade my comms, call themselves lolitas when they're sissies. That's a problem. Date someone for who they are, not the clothes they wear. Don't creep for a lolita gf, creep for a girl you like.

>> No.9947523

lolita CAN be sexual, but it isn't inherently sexual. Something like bondage gear is inherently sexual. Something like high heels isn't, even though loads of people have a fet for that

>> No.9947530

Okay, so lets say someone has a high heel fetish. Would it not be creepy if he showed up to high heel meets trying to get with the girls there? or even wearing the shoes with them because he finds it sexy?

>> No.9947539
File: 34 KB, 480x542, sweatburr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your brother a creepy!

>> No.9947549

>Find a cute girlfriend
Last cute gf I had hurt my feelings pretty hard to the point where I used workaholicism to force myself into college and get to the financial status I'm at now.

Feefees are rough shit but looking at qt314 clothes and the depth of fashion after being a tshirt jeans lad forever is some good shit

>> No.9947552

Only if you’re in a shit location.

Your point?

>> No.9947553
File: 66 KB, 560x860, 1528692737675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right but there isn't a strong set of interests associated with high heels. There is for lolita. Being a lolita almost always means having an interest in Japanese culture and media, because this is how they become exposed to the fashion. Having the dedication to daily lolita is a fairly large commitment, and it's reasonable to assume their adoption of the surrounding culture doesn't end there. Wearing lolita is communicating your interests the same as wearing a band t-shirt or any other niche alt-fashion, so it's strange to think those interested in it only have a sexual fetish for the frills.

>> No.9947572

I assume the reason why you're so sensitive about this is because you are one of those guys who shows up to meets and flirts with the girls there. Let me tell you this now- You're really creepy if you do this.
If a man who doesn't wear lolita is interested in lolita, but only in a passing light, that doesn't matter. However, when a man is attending meetups and going on facebook groups, that sends me red flags.
also "Wearing lolita is communicating your interests the same as wearing a band t-shirt or any other niche alt-fashion"
False equivalent. Wearing lolita is one aspect of japanese culture, sure. But it doesn't automatically mean the person cares about the surrounding culture in japan, it means they care about the clothes. The fashion. When someone wears a band tee, it communicates they like the band. Lets say someone says they like the shirt, because it's a band from the same genre they like, however they don't listen to or have any interest in listening to that band. does that mean they could hold up a conversation about that band? No, they can't. Does that mean, if they go to a show of that band, they'll be able to talk to the fans of that band about the band? no, they can't. Just like how, just because someone likes japanese culture, it doesn't make them completely okay at meetups and not seem completely out of place. It's fucking weird.
Don't come to our meets or invade our boards just because you're "interested" in meeting lolitas. we all know why you're there. You're there because you are trying to snag a date, fuck off

>> No.9947575

>I assume the reason why you're so sensitive about this is because you are one of those guys who shows up to meets and flirts with the girls there. Let me tell you this now- You're really creepy if you do this.
Thankfully no, but I could understand approaching someone wearing lolita the same way as someone wearing any other alt-fashion.

>But it doesn't automatically mean the person cares about the surrounding culture in japan
But that's what should be reasonable to assume, and I'd be right most of the time.

You're really trying too hard if you're arguing about how lolita is completely different than every other alt-fashion. It's just another alt-fashion.

>> No.9947582

I never said that lolita was different than any other alt fashion. If a dude showed up at a punk meetup , not wearing punk clothes or knowing any punk bands but just wanted to be there, that would be weird too.
I'm not even sure what you're trying to argue with me. I agreed with you that a passing interest-like showing interest in a lolita walking down the street is fine. However attending meets and creeping on people for their clothes is weird and not cool. I assume by you saying thankfully no, you agree that shit is weird. so what are you trying to argue for?

>> No.9947589

Nayrt, I feel that anon wants a qt lolita gf who will share his interests in Japanese culture/pop culture. That in itself is fine but he doesn't understand that he shouldn't invade our space to do this.

Hey anon, if you want to meet lolitas at an "open" space that isn't a meetup, and you don't see lolitas in public regularly - Go to a con, you'll most likely see some there. Be warned that if you have no knowledge on the fashion it's possible you'll 1. end up with an ita; or 2. be rejected anyway because they'll likely assume you're creeping on them/fetishizing them rather than showing genuine interest in their hobby.

>> No.9947596

I feel like this guy genuinely doesn't creep on girls. He's more like one of those brainwashed guys who goes on r9k/watches mgtow videos and believes all women are evil feminists out to get men, so even when a women is making a point about a specific type of man, they have to swoop in and defend themselves/that man. Like those guys who defend rapists even when there's proof the guy did it. He said that he doesn't attend meets or creep on girls, so why is he out here being so defensive? I can't help but feel like he's just picking that side to "own" anyone who doesn't feel like everything revolves around dicks and sex.

>> No.9947599
File: 59 KB, 800x530, 1531205818861.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I should have specified that I wasn't this anon.
Was only trying to explain that someone having lolita as a hobby could mean similar interests for that person, in a not inherently sexual way. All these (you's) though...

>> No.9947610

What if I like you for who you are, but I also want to dance with you to Experience Unlimited and Chuck Brown and eat softshell crabs with you while you wear a suitable coord?

>> No.9947613

This is the cringiest thing I've read in a while, but if you want to do that, i don't care, just please don't date someone because you're one of those "goth/alternative gf" normie dudes

>> No.9947622

What'd you have to go and hurt my feelings for?

>> No.9947628

thing is guys can't wear lolita fashion, so its not reasonable at all to expect them to know much more than the absolute bare bnes.

Granted if a guy just wanted to date a lolita because of how they dress, that is shallow as shit anyway. I mean, if he was like "oh you like japanese shit too? balhblah thats cool whatever" then that would make sense, but actually going to meetups and groups is a huge red flag.

Why the fuck would a guy attend a lolita meetup anyway, if hes legitimately interested in it hes a mega fag and no woman would even display interest and if hes not hes just some predator fuck.

>> No.9947629

I completely agree, thank you.
Sorry, but I ain't fucking a guy because he thinks i'm totemo kawaii

>> No.9947632

>guys can't wear lolita fashion, so its not reasonable at all to expect them to know much more than the absolute bare bnes
Not true. Guys can wear ouji or aristo, and lolita too assuming they can pass, so they definitely can immerse themselves in the fashion and subculture - Assuming they have a genuine interest in it, and some do. The ones that are genuinely interested in the fashion are easy to spot because they look good; meanwhile there's an ouji who's quite infamous, rumored to be into the fashion just to score a qt lolita gf, and he looks grimy and disgusting regardless of how much brand he wears.

>if hes legitimately interested in it hes a mega fag and no woman would even display interest
Again, not true. I've seen several guys into aristo who are very handsome, I'd be interested in dating them if they were single and we lived in the same continent.

>> No.9947633

I never said anything about that. I just want to dance and eat good seafood.

>> No.9947634

we're not really talking about the guys who wear Ouji or aristo- just guys who are normies/anime guys and show up to meets. But yeah, there are a lot of "aristos" who look like trash and wanna score too.

>> No.9947641

Thanks for repeating the beginning of my post to me in 15 extra lines of text.

>> No.9947645

>The problem I have is that there are people out there sexualizing a fashion that isn't sexual at all.
>You can find a lolita attractive- hell, you can find the fashion attractive. You don't choose what you find attractive.
Is being retarded a requirement to wear Lolita?
Also why does it feel like all the people I've seen wear the style have a feminist lean and it's to "avoid the male gaze" like as if their the lefts version of fucking info wars, last time checked Lolita was supposed to be all about looking cute by "capturing the look of youth" or whatever gay shit. This reminds of back when everyone started using waifu and then some fags started to use it more literally and started to become obsessed over their waifu. This shits getting more retarded by the day. Please an hero

>> No.9947646


I just find this really ironic, because at the moment girls are posting chinese taobao dresses to the coord help thread, and someone wants to rename casual jfash to a chinese term. That's CHINESE, anon, not Japanese.

These days girls who dress up cutesy aren't really into Japanese culture/media anymore. Your hunting ground is actually populated with girls who saw some cute shit online and want to dress up in it. They aren't even looking to Japanese trends to see what's "in" anymore, why bother when your comm is local and doesn't follow Japanese trends anyway.

Can you see it? You think you're aiming for the place where the Japanese weebs gather, but in reality you're singling out the one population that's very likely to distance themselves from you because you won't shut up about the Japanese shit you watch and play, while all they want to do is buy Chinese shit and dress up. lol.

>> No.9947650

Like it’s not possible for people for people to have different motivations for doing the same thing.

>> No.9947651


>> No.9947653

It's evident that I was trying to talk about generalities relating to the post I'm responding to, not every little possibilty out there.

>> No.9947654

Why do men want to fuck anything they can stick their dick in..?

>> No.9947655

You're literally mentally handicaped

>> No.9947657

Hurr hurr this is the best insult I can come up with

Go fuck yr shoe

>> No.9947672
File: 613 KB, 680x218, E66EA34B-CD72-401F-A356-6ACEDD5AF11E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reading this made me remember that one of my ex-boyfriends has this fetish

>> No.9947676

yeah and girls can also go to the pub, be an obnoxious bitch and shout all day at the football game, belch and fart all day and eat that bigass platter of tacos and chicken wings with sauce all over her clothes and face, but that doesn't make her attractive to sports fans.

>> No.9947693


you're seriously underestimating how much guys will want to fuck someone with remotely the same interests.

If she's hot all of the above may be acceptable and even a turn on.

>> No.9947694

Shitosting isn’t fun anymore :(

>> No.9947701

I guess bottom of the barrel white trash pasty fat fucks in wife beaters who spend their entire life in the pub probably wouldn't.

just as im sure some ita with no standards would pick up a creeper who goes to lolita meets and groups

>> No.9947705

>just as im sure some ita with no standards would pick up a creeper who goes to lolita meets and groups

I've seen very well dressed lolitas drag their mouth breather boyfriends in laughable ouji to meets. Just look at Closet of Frills. Way more common than you think.

>> No.9947717

>steadily lose weight, almost at my goal weight and so close to being able to wear the fashion I like without feeling too fat for it
>measure my shoulders for the first time and realise they're really broad for a woman
I've always had such bad issues with my appearance and I thought I could finally feel cute, but there's nothing I can do about my bones. I keep re-measuring my shoulders and hoping I made a mistake but the result is always the same, and there is no way I can fit into any j-fashion with sleeves. It makes all my efforts seem meaningless.

>> No.9947721

The anon you're responding to isn't a lolita though so if anyone is retarded it's you lmao

>> No.9947722

Ayrt, I did specifically say that I'm attracted to and would date guys that are into aristo, are you so angry and delusional that you can't read?

>> No.9947728

Late to the reply but...I'm sorry anon. We live on different continents. You might think you want what I am, you really don't.

>> No.9947730

yeah that's what i've mainly been doing but just the other day my best friend tagged me in a photo with her and some others and everytime i meet my best friend at the con her bf keeps bragging on about the person so he can get me angry or annoyed

>> No.9947734

This is a mood Soup

>> No.9947735

>tfw parents constantly arguing and bickering all the time
>deliberately spend every waking hour I can out of the house at school or work
>being home stresses me out
>can't work on any projects because I just want to get in and out as quickly as possible

>> No.9947740

Different anon but geez wouldn't pay 400+ for a room for a weekend. Airbnb that shit and get a private room for like 50 a night. Most recent con went in with like 8 people on a suite only cost like 100ish total, nobody snored, and everyone one went to bed around the same time. I can't believe how smooth it went with that many people.

>> No.9947741

I've been there. Moving out comes with its own stresses but it's been worth it.

>> No.9947742

Agree anon please airbnb it if it's going to be that expensive. i saw some for as little as 40 bucks a night and if you're not weirded out by staying in people's guest rooms those are the cheapest

>> No.9947744

I just can't justify the cost.

>> No.9947808

This reeks of an Asian fetish. I know it's to be expected from this type of community, but I really wish people would just cut it out.

I'm an Asian lolita and recently I've found that I keep getting creepy comments about me being Asian from white lolitas. I don't know if it's thinly veiled jealousy or just plain old stereotyping / racism, but I'm just so tired. It's getting really uncomfortable, and calling people out doesn't really work. Please remember that above all, Asians are just people like anyone else.

I need better friends.

>> No.9947824

Are you sure you're measuring correctly though? Only asking because when I first measured my shoulders I thought you were supposed to measure all the way out and was completely devastated about my apparently ridiculously broad shoulders, only to realize what an idiot I had been when I found a shoulder measuring guide

>> No.9947827

One of the weeby girls at my high school called the South Korean girl in my class an Asian slur (means "yellow", but I guess the English equivalent would be "chink" or "gook" or something), and when she rightfully got upset the weeby girl was like "well I didn't mean it in a BAD way, I think asians are actually better than people"

She was mad jelly she wasn't a kawaii Asian and I'm betting the people around you are too

>> No.9947855

>lacemarket is down

>> No.9947884

>randomly getting mad at the left
my god, you are brainwashed.

>> No.9947888

Ew lmao. Please get better friends.

>> No.9947889

Yeah, the stuff they say is in a similar vein, like comments about how stuff that would be ita on a white girl is cute on an Asian, etc.

Honestly I see a lot of it on here too, with people often making comments about uguu kawaii~~~ smol Asian sizing and even though it's not outright offensive like a slur would be, it still gives me a bad vibe. I'm not sure where it comes from exactly, do you think it's anything to do with the hate for Chinese lolitas, or just general weebiness?

I normally ignore it but it's hurtful when it comes from people I know irl.

>> No.9947903

>asians are actually better than people
I really hope this is what she said and you didn't just forget a word

>> No.9948017

You’re right :0

>> No.9948072

I think some people just kind of have a weird inferiority complex or something, because the fashion originated in Japan and a lot of people got interested in the fashion from looking at Japanese street snaps and such. So it's like they're trying to live up to some "kawaii azn" ideal instead of just accepting that they look different (not necessarily better or worse, just different) and they get unnecessarily salty about it. If I were you I'd probably be snarky back at them, but I realize that's probably not the most diplomatic thing to do.

I didn't, that actually was what she said - because asians aren't people according to her I guess. We had a good laugh about it at her expense afterwards at least.

>> No.9948123

If my current approach keeps not working, I probably will just end up being snarky in response, yeah.

It's sad because there's plenty of white girls who look just as great in lolita, and who have even been picked to model in brand ads, so it's not like you even have to be Asian to be a legit lolita. It is influenced by European fashion, after all.

Blogpost, but I guess part of the reason I'm particularly upset about it is that an ex turned out to only be interested in me because of yellow fever. I'm not even Japanese or Korean, and I imagine they must have it even worse (especially since kpop is getting increasingly popular in the west these days).

>> No.9948355

Who the fuck said I was sexualy into shoes. Nice job making false assumptions.

>> No.9948357

Never knew there were so many spastic Lolita. Now I know who to avoid talking to fucking crazies turning a fashion into a hive mind cult of sorts .

>> No.9948437

Tfw you're legit interested in the fashion but girls think you're a sissy fetishist
Guess I'm keeping all the brand to myself

>> No.9949401

ur made lamo

>> No.9949593

>brining up a fetish that has even been memed by mass media means you have that fetish
What kind of low-logic being are you?

>> No.9950316
File: 1.36 MB, 260x260, 1472442272358.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who cares?

>> No.9951042


>> No.9951391


y to you have juice and why powder. are you a dude

>> No.9955715
File: 1.56 MB, 485x360, 1491424694537.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Broke up with my cheating ex girlfriend last year.(cheated on me with a friend of mine when we both were at my place in-between a con) Been in shock ever since then.

Been talking to a girl that I liked since university. Been trying to hang out with her, but only a poorly planned cinema time together without a date was brought up. Met her yesterday at the same con I broke up with my ex.
Wanted to talk to her alone and confess my feelings, but she didn't have time cause she needed to head home after 1 event. Wrote to her today and confessed. Friendzoned like no tomorrow and the plan got canceled.

>> No.9956124

You have waited until after the movie b. Gg feelsbadman, good luck on the next one. Remember don't rush into it, you gotta give it time.