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Thot patrol edition.

Keep those feels /cgl/-related and don't swallow the bait.

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Man, I just really love gothic lolita.

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I love thots

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Man, I just really love gothic lolitas.

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Girly lolita isn’t real lolita

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Congrats on your shita taste.

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The other thread, someone contributed "Traps and Braps" as a weird panel they saw.

I see that and raise you this.

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>tfw finally have plenty of free time to do things for my comm again
>tfw now constantly feel too exhausted to exist and just spend all my free time sleeping
God damnit I hate life

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>go out of the way to give her bloomers in few scenes they are visible
>still have her wear the mini top-hat
What the fuck is wrong with you, anime industry? I mean, it's a progress, but why?

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>no qt or group to cosplay with.
>nobody likes your cosplay.
Pic related

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Ugh, I went through a stressful couple of weeks and wasn't eating properly...now my clothes don't fit, I'm underweight, I feel weak, and I ache all over. And now I'm going to gain it back.

Kill me.

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waaaaaah, I'm going to feel better again, how depressing.

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Master your donger, master your enemy

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Sad thing was I put on about 15 lbs of muscle since then, would look so much better now, might try traditional by the end of the summer

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Clearing my schedule for this.

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Yeah, it is depressing cause I have an ED so I loathe gaining weight

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NAYRT I don’t mean to come off sounding like a bitch but have you seen a doctor/specialist about it?

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Yeah, went through the whole thing--hospital, inpatient, therapy for years...

I'm just frustrated bc I've been doing so well maintaining and not restricting, and then I just went through an incredibly stressful few weeks and lost pounds I couldn't afford to lose. Without getting into details, I didn't have access to my regular food and though I tried to eat exactly as I normally do, I obviously didn't. It's annoying bc I didn't even try to restrict and now I feel like I'm being punished since I have to gain a few lbs and I didn't even restrict!

I'm messed up, gulls

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How old is your mattress?

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This is the third time I've found another girl's wig hairs in my buttcrack. How does this happen?

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This is the feels thread dumbass

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if i ask this dude to couple cosplay with me is it too obvious i have a huge crush on him? i don't plan on pursuing anything cuz i'm ugly and fat but if i can couple cos with him it'd be the next best thing.

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You’re doing what you can, I believe in you ED-Chan! If you exercise with your increased intake, it’ll become muscle and you’ll look even better. You are fueling the kawaii machine, you will be great!

>t. Drunk

Some feels, I got approved for breast reduction surgery today! It’s unlikely insurance will cover it but I can afford the expense and I’m excited. It isn’t the reason ofc, but I’m excited to be able to fit into lolita better. I’m so petite otherwise, this will be a load off my shoulders.

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I ordered this vintage hand warmer that's shaped like a poodle a few weeks ago off of depop, and I was super excited when I saw it arrived today. Went to open it and ..

It's the wrong handwarmer.

It's still super cute and I don't mind paying for it, as the seller is holding onto the poodle for me, but it's just insanely dissapointing.

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>tfw lifts stagnated but I look bigger
It's an abstract kinda feel
Bubble nurse chick if you're reading this I'm getting closer to pyramid head faster than I thought

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Nothing bad can come of it desu. Do it.

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Worst case scenario you're just torturing yourself
Try losing weight, chances are your face will improve

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Five years ago at MTAC, there was a panel called "How to land a slant-eye."

It was for an Asian band called The Slants, but it rustled some jimmies when the schedule was published.

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while I'm really happy I lost all that weight this last year and a half, my wrists have gotten super thin and now all my wrist cuffs are so big that they flip upside down and I have to fix them constantly. I'm not even that skinny (145, 5'2) either.

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youre fat, you just stretched them out when you were even fatter

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>tfw a cos-girl shows obvious attraction to me, but she already has a guy with her... who LOOKS A LOT LIKE ME
It could have been me, gulls. If only I'd gotten to her first.

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Funny, because most of these were wristcuffs that I bought after I lost weight. So I'm guessing the person before me is/was a fatty as well.

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Good job getting cucked, my man

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I meet a hot guy who has obese gf. So jellose.

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I was just driving to Taco Baco today and I found myself wondering what this chick is up to nowadays.


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and this has nothing to do with the board, dumbass

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>cc put up really cute moitie skirt when you were sleeping
>it already sold
>browsing through cc just now because was planning to do an order anyway
>its fucking back up
>buy instantly

hope it wasnt a mistake on cc's part and something with the buyer fucked up, but I never saw that mistake before so it looks like the latter

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This is really nice, thank you!

I love to exercise, so I'm hoping if I put on a couple lbs it will mostly be muscle. Fingers crossed!

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You're right. It was a buyer fuck-up on my part an incorrect order information. They canceled it and then put it up again to buy with the correct info but you were faster. Congrats anon, please double enjoy it for me.

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>Admired gyaruo since I was a teen
>Parents wouldn’t let me grow out or dye my hair, and were against alt fashion
>”You can dress how you want when you move out, anon”
>Move out for uni
>Too poorfag during first few years of uni to afford anything but the bare essentials
>Finally financially stable and have money to piss away on clothing hauls
>Keep seeing the same fags in all my required classes for my major
>My classmates and professors will question it if I suddenly, drastically change my style during senior year
>I’ll have to give up the fashion anyway when I graduate and try finding jobs because it’s not a “professional” look

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I'm fucking mad that mori kei is dead. I'm mad that I've never seen a white girl do it properly. Fuck. I'm fucking mad that it got taken over by tumblr "witches" and shit.
Stupid shit to be mad at.

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My friend who has a teenage daughter has a friend that lives next door that is 16 and I find her attractive. She seems to have a sense of humor, is cute, cosplays, and I would ask her out, except, I am 29. Is this too young? Is the age gap too big? In my state, its completely legal, but does it make it right, or even socially acceptable?

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Nice non b8 /cgl/ related feel you nonce

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My ugliness is incurable I’m afraid. I feel kind of done going to cons and meets since I feel like my ugliness might be holding me back.

It could be a combination of me having poor social skills combined with years of bullying, but I often get the impression I’m not wanted around.

When I get compliments, it tends to be along the lines of “Nice coord” or “Beautiful photo” never a “You look cute/beautiful.” It’s terrible that I want that attention from strangers but that’s where I’m at.

Even old boyfriends would tell me that I looked like a grandma. Time to become a mountain witch, I guess.

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>mistaken for nun instead of ageplayer
>tfw this actually happens to me

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I think about 10 years old, maybe a bit less, why?

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Jesus anon. If it's memory foam, it's totally fucked. Maybe I'm just sensitive to it but if my boots/mattress start to go I feel it really hard in my energy levels. Even for a spring mattress, 10 years seems like a lot.

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Somehow I doubt you have much of an idea how mountain dwellers tend to look and dress, and what actually goes into living off the grid.

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I'm here, anon. Proud of you.

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It's not truly dead as long as people wear it. If you want to wear it yourself, you should go for it regardless of whether it's popular or not, is what I mean.

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I mean, I don’t. That was a side comment more than anything on how I feel too self-conscious and ugly to be a part of society. Maybe “become hikikomori” would have been better.

>> No.9937740

Well anon, I don't know what to tell you then. Maybe there's therapy to help you with your social skills somewhere. I haven't found it myself. But withdrawing and becoming a hikkikomori won't help you unless doing that makes you happy, and that doesn't seem to be the case.

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people in my cosplay comm always bring me up as a joke and what not to do. I try my best to improve but just once I'd like to be considered a "real cosplayer" by people and not always be the butt of their jokes.

>> No.9937746

I'm making progress at the gym, but I'll never be one of Diomedes's Argives, Alexander's companions, or Chennalut's pilots. What is even the point?

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Well shit. I don't think it's memory foam, but should I have it replaced? I actually sleep just fine, I'm just perpetually tired regardless.

>> No.9937766

Yeah that's the thing with me. I'll think I've slept fine but I'll be sore and just have no energy regardless. I just realized I never rotated my mattress for the last two years and there's an imprint of me in it because it's memory foam. I flipped it around and suddenly I had my old energy levels back after a couple nights. It's pretty easy to tell what you have, if it's bouncy it's a spring if it just feels dense and solid when you smack it, it's memory foam. If it's bigger than a twin and you've never rotated it, try sleeping on the other side for a few nights.

It took me a month or so of being constantly exhausted to realize it, I used to be able to get by on 5-6 hours and some caffeine pretty well but it got to the point I was completely destroyed even after 7 hours with caffeine. I flipped it around and I've been much better since. Pay attention to the things you use most often, shoes and mattresses wear out faster than you think and they're both very important to your quality of life. I replace my boots once a year for similar reasons since I put so many miles on them at work.

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>Rooming with friend of a friend
>Agree to give her a ride to the con
>She claims she’s too poor to help with gas and parking
>Claims she’s trying to save up to move out of her abusive parents house
>Decide to be nice and drive her anyway
>We get to the con and she dumps tons of money on delivery food and yaoi doujinshi

This woman is 25 by the way

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I've actually flipped it over once a few years ago and had to flip it back again because it was so stiff it hurt my back. That makes sense though. Thanks, anon!

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To be a healthier happier you.

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Just do it. I was in the same boat. As for hair, I just invested in a really good wig-I recommend RockStar wigs for their density honestly. They have gyaru styles too. I have a small closet of brand stuff and I dress up on weekends or free evenings or cons and it's really nice. I look like a totally different person (really the hair) and it's a nice way to get it out.

Depending on where you end up working, you could subtly make changes. I incorporate what I can into my normal clothing choices and I tend to overly accessorize anyways. I work in a place where looks aren't super heavily important which is a blessing, but I totally get the stress. Don't give up your dreams, anon! Be the gyaru you always wanted to be!

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I miss my early cons, before I knew this hobby was full of creepers and thots. Ignorance is bliss.

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As do I. I miss when everyone seemed so happy and truly enjoyed being at the con. Now it's patreon thots there, incels down yonder, creeps around the corner, weebs crying and screaming all around. Maybe it was ignorance in the past not sure. The illusion surely is that everything was better back in the good ol' days.

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If the bitch can afford to buy that shit, she can most definitely afford to pitch in. Sounds like a lolita in my comm who pretends she cant afford anything and uses people to buy lolita and food

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keep your options open anon, most people have a "type" and you never know, maybe their relationship is close to ending. it could be the case that you're next on her menu

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>tfw entered bedroom and saw a moth sitting on an OP on clothes rack
>didn't fly away when I swatted it and just fell onto the bottom of another dress, looked kind of fuzzy but couldn't tell
>freaked out, cleaned the room, and shook all my dresses

I'm so worried it's a clothes moth and that it laid eggs especially because it didn't fly. I don't know why I'm so paranoid, all of my pieces are cotton or polyester and the larvae only eat wool. It was most likely just a random moth but I'm still really scared, mostly because I saw a different moth in the house just the other day

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Gb meme gf pls

>> No.9937989

Wait a couple years if you really like her. I got together with my boyfriend when I was 19 and he was 32. Same age gap but feels different to me. 16 is pretty young.

>> No.9938055

i've actually lost over 50lbs since the start of the year (still going though) and my self esteem is far better than it used to be but this dude is short and skinny and i'm pretty sure even with the weight loss i'd crush him.

>> No.9938056

Chances are he would like the challenge to show he is strong.

>> No.9938066

relax anon a moth boi just flew in and found what looked like pretty flowers to sit on for a nap

moths won’t touch polyesters (or most cotton at that) and it’s the wrong time of year for eggs

That being said put your clothes in a fucking closet, don’t leave them on a rack exposed to the elements like that

>> No.9938074

Clothing moths aren't fuzzy and they do eat cotton or polyester if there's nothing else to eat. If you want to be safe, clean and desinfect your closet with anti insect solution and wash all your clothes again. These fuckers are really fucking stubborn.

>> No.9938093

That's pretty mean, do they know it bothers you? It might seem like a no brainer to you but you should probably let them know you don't like it. If they're just joking around with no intention of hurting you, they'll stop.
Why are they making fun of you in the first place?

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>character has a very unusually shaped, very large buckles on his armor
>scour the internet, closest thing i can find are $20 a piece buckles that aren't the right color or size
>fine i'll make my own since they don't need to be functional anyways
>come up with plan to make a mold from a 3d print and then cold cast polyurethane resin replica from it
>realize even with cold casting that they won't have a chrome finish and might not be bright silver enough due to available metal powders
>look into diy chroming systems
>very expensive, start at $500-700
>not willing to drop that much for two buckles
>look into chroming services
>can't find clear information on whether or not it's possible to chrome polyurethane
why did i get myself into this mess

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> Tfw finally buying my own car and have to get my own insurance
> Tfw have to set up an appointment with a doctor since I have a job with insurance and I need a physical to get a cheaper rate
> Tfw I hate having to do new things and it makes me feel like doing pick related
> Tfw trying to psych myself up by posting in a feels thread to keep me out of the BST thread cause I'd rather blow money I should be saving on frills
> Tfw this would be so much easier if they let me set up appointments on line, but they don't and I have to call
> Tfw I hate talking to people on the phone, wish me luck, I hate adulting

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My friend was a super normie until she got into cosplay a few years ago, and I really want to support her and her enthusiasm. She's got almost 10K likes on her pages, which is great - except she won't stop telling me about them. She has to tell me every time one of her videos gets a new milestone, every time she shares one of her photos to the dozen or so FB groups I also follow (so I constantly see her updates multiple times a day on my feeds) and has to tell me every time a random person messages her to compliment her on how much better her costume is than theirs. I know she's still new to the cosplay scene and still in the sparkly-eyed hype and enthusiasm of it, and she wouldn't to this stuff maliciously to rub it in my face or anything (she's a really nice person and super friendly to everyone) - but it's kind of getting old, constantly having to congratulate her on her latest set of asspats. The last time I tried talking to her about maybe toning it down a little, she got HUGELY offended and went on a giant sad about how she was trying to share her excitement with me and I'm bringing her down.

Idk maybe I'm being petty or jealous of her thousands of likes or that she's eclipsed me so hard and fast or whatever, but I feel like she's constantly getting praised on a daily basis by everyone, and I'm tired of having to keep saying 'that's great!' every time something happens that I once again have to offer even MORE congratulations for.

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>be me, 30yo boomer
>friend's 13 year old sister has developed a crush
>goes out of her way to play fight with me
>sometimes just grabs my arm and holds it for like 30 seconds while laughing maniacly
I don't know what to do

>> No.9938202

This may be a stupid question but can't you just use car paint on them once they're cast? There's chrome spray-on paints.

>> No.9938210

They were at first because I used to be really bad at wigs and buy AliExpress cosplays to practice makeup and wigs. A few people in the comm used to roast pictures of me. I posted in here a fewonths ago about one person in particular who walked around with me at a con and asked "real cosplayers" to take pictures with me so he could show me and other people what real cosplay looks like and roast me. He drug me to a series shoot too and roasted me and my poses because I didn't know how to pose and ended up in the center a lot.
I usually would just brush it off, but being the butt of jokes over and over for a few years just gets really old, sometimes you just want to be appreciated for what you do instead of people saying your stitching makes then want to puke when you show your practice strips

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>Makes me feel like pic related
Must feel magnificent.

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>100+ views and 20-30 favs on most of my items

>> No.9938241

You are not being appreciated it. You are being paraded around as a novelty or a joke. Don't force yourself to be part of this comm if you value yourself. It's not healthy.

Distance yourself from these people what the fuck

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>lost 30 pounds in the past 2 years
>threw a cosplay I haven’t worn in a couple years in my bag without trying it on first
>put it on at the con, it’s fucking huge on me
>have to use safety pins and fashion tape to make it wearable, still have to keep pulling it up
>it’s a skimpy, sexy cosplay
>wonder why my friends let me wear this on the confloor when I was such a lardass
>wonder how I didn’t notice that I used to look like a lardass in this cosplay

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The age of consent doesn't mean is legal if you're much older. It's still rape.

>> No.9938305

That's not how that works, you're thinking of those Romeo and Juliet laws.

>> No.9938309

There is also chrome nail powder topping you could use on top of the enamel, I'm sure if you set it in you'll be okay

>> No.9938320

>large buckles on his armor
Are you sure you have the material right?

>> No.9938321

I know this feel all too well.

>> No.9938328

Some good feels for once.

>tfw getting jobs right after graduation so I can afford moving and dresses again
>tfw my bf is gradually getting more use to my lolita looks even though he doesn't personally get it
>tfw he even says im cute when im wearing it and will take some pictures of me
>tfw we are going to split a gym membership and start working out instead of just dieting

Everything is going to be daijoubu

>> No.9938377

you can be cordial, and even lightly flirt, but you better not even once try to enter into a physical relationship with this high schooler.
imagine yourself as her at that age. she deserves to be with people on her underdeveloped level. no matter how gentle and considerate you think you could be, you will always be taking advantage and priming someone who can't help but view you as an authority figure/someone with more power.

find a cosplayer your own age.

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>tfw two different answers
Ty though anons. If I see any sign of holes or larvae everything is going to the dry cleaner.

I'm still terrified. It was only two moths, one a few days ago and one last night. The lights were on both times too. It'll be ok, they probably just flew in, r-right?

>> No.9938463

probably ignorance because incels, creeps and obnoxious weebs have been part of the con scene since forever

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>showing mom a pic of my friend on Instagram
>page refreshes
>we're now looking at some big-booty cos-thot
>mom screams

>> No.9938581

The at home chrome kits I found, yes the ones in spray form, start at like $500. Maybe I should see if any nearby auto shops are willing to do it
I'm aware of that, but it's just not a good idea. Too much area to cover and it would require covering my entire cast in gel nail polish
It's a futuristic/sci fi armor. All the official art shows them with a bright, silver, chrome-like finish

>> No.9938628

If you use a heatgun you could probably stretch a vinyl wrap to coat it decently. Vinyl is very flexible when heated.

>> No.9938840
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>grown woman screams at the sight of a bare ass

>> No.9938847

What you stated is accurate. I notice that you didn't include thots in your statement ;)

>> No.9938910

>feel depressed because I'm alone all of the time
>try to go out and be social
>feel worse

>> No.9938931
File: 498 KB, 1280x720, Best-Silver-Spray-Paint-Anikas-DIY-Life-SM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just out of curiosity anon, why have you presumably discarded normal chrome finish spray paint as an option?

>> No.9938934

>want to cosplay a bunch of JoJo's characters
>will never be in shape enough to not look embarassing

>> No.9938941

I'd scream at the sight of your pancake butt

>> No.9938946

I know this feeling anon. It makes me happy to see other people with friends or a partner, but at the same time it makes me unbelievably sad knowing I missed my chance.

>> No.9938949

I'm not that anon but I'd advise against the Krylon ones at least. The paint doesn't come with primer/sealer so you need a clear topcoat which my friend learned the hard way. He used it and packed the prop a week afterward and it stuck all over his cosplay. But using a clear topcoat (which is also Krylon) fucks up the chrome finish. It causes dark grey patches to appear where sprayed and looks like it melts the metallic pigments or something.

>> No.9938951

pancake butts are cute

>> No.9938953

Sorry for your shit taste

>> No.9938956


>> No.9938965

All butts are cute except yours.

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I just signed up to volunteer for a con. I've been going to it for the past five years but lived three hours away but now I only live like 45 minutes away. I'm secretly kind of hoping it'll help me make friends in the new area I live in too.

>> No.9938979

I feel like my wardrobe needs some help but I don't know where to start. Wrong colors? wrong items? wrong themes? not enough socks? not enough blouses? need different main pieces? I have no idea. I suspect it's some combination of all the above.
I started taking wardrobe photos but I quickly got demotivated when my cat started playing with all the items and the photos sucked. I'm thinking about making a spreadsheet now.
I like buying lolita and owning it more than I like wearing it. I've had a really cohesive versatile wardrobe before but now I always feel like something is missing. Tired of the items? too much pressure to wear different coords even though I don't post online or wear them in front of the same people? I don't know :/ I wish I had a lolita therapist.

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>tfw the tea party has chicky tendies and hunny mussy for dippies
I love being a loli.

>> No.9939034

>tfw not a loli

>> No.9939039
File: 83 KB, 286x270, 1526432885458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm starting to lose interest in everything that I used to like. I loved playing video games and reading manga but now I can't even play 5 minutes into my favorite game genre without losing interest i even sold some of my manga that ive had for so long. same thing with cosplay, I used to love making props sewing my own costumes and going to conventions just to meet my friends now I haven't been to a convention for about 2 years now and ive started losing some of my friends due to lack of communication And I know it's my fault and it makes me so sad, but i made a new friend this year and she started getting me into Lolita and I've been into it ever since, but now I don't even have the time nor the one to desire to dress myself up in Lolita, is this something I should be worried about or is this just one of the things that happen when you grow up?

>> No.9939044
File: 622 KB, 383x286, 1524521689317.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using ZenMarket
>add like 6 items
>"Being checked by ZenMarket"
>"Hope it's not all sold out by the time they're done checking"
>keep checking every hour or so, no update til next day
>prices and option to buy are finally listed
>double-check the listings
>two items are sold out
>remove them
>immediately the items go back to "Being checked by ZenMarket"
>what the fuck
If I lose out on this summer sale, I will be very sad.

>> No.9939057

Do you find yourself enjoying doing other stuff more? I mean, it's perfectly okay to lose interest in some hobbies as you age and adopt new ones. If it's a general sort of disinterest in things you used to love, maybe you've got depression. It's hard to say anything for sure when I don't really know anything about you lol.

>> No.9939086

Haha yea you're right and I wish I was that was the case but I haven't for a while now.

>> No.9939099

>tfw no prettyboi crybaby to pet and quietly reassure that everything will be alright as he sobs uncontrollably on your chest in the afterglow

wtf please be in SOCAL I need you

>> No.9939147
File: 257 KB, 750x1014, dejapan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

girl bail now while you can. i tried using them to buy ank rouge through ailand since they still don't take foreign credit cards
>submit three items to zenmart
>takes 2 days for them to "check" the items
>"sorry this item is sold out but we can buy the other two"
>but the item is still in stock on the website?
>message them and tell them
>takes another day for them to check
>"okay you can pay for all three items now"
by that time the items i wanted already restocked on the shibuya109 netshop so i purchased them myself. i used them twice like a year and a half ago back when they used to buy from fril and they would get back to me within the hour. i guess they've gotten more popular and are getting overworked with orders.

i highly recommend dejapan.
>buy rosemarie seoir bag with dejapan
>miss email saying it arrived at their warehouse
>guess i lost the bid
>four months later
>buy headdress with them again
>notice item in warehouse for 78 days
>email them immediately apologizing and ready to pay the storage fee
>pic related
they're super understanding and purchase as soon as you send them money. and they buy from fril, mercari, etc which is rare for some ss

>> No.9939163


If you can find the stock images you can use that instead of your own photos. Pinterest allows private boards, so you can pin them all up there, and then move the pins around when you feel like putting things together. That's if you don't feel like investing time and energy to put stock photos into a closet management app.

You might also try imagine-building your dream wardrobe from scratch. What is the purpose of your wardrobe, and where do you wear it most often? There's nothing wrong with being a collector, but buying stuff (any stuff) releases hormones into your brains, so I'd be wary of that effect. If you just like owning dresses you particularly love then there's nothing wrong with that.

If you didn't already own your current wardrobe, what would you chose to buy so that you can dress up the way you'd like? What are your favorites brands and icons, and how would you incorporate that into your ideal dream wardrobe? Doing this can help you realise where there's a gap between where you currently are and where you'd like to be.

Or if all this sounds like it's way too much work, maybe just take a break from lolita altogether. Stop buying anything and stop looking at your wardrobe and be a normie for a little while. Come back to it when you feel like you need to.

Just some ideas to help you along, hope you get out of your wardrobe slump soon.

>> No.9939178

I baww'd about having issues with Taobao's forwarding service over a prop a few weeks ago. It arrived on Day 1 of the con and everything went fine so my dumb ass decided to use them again with a much simpler haul of clothing and wigs.

>package arrives today
>the heaviest and most expensive item is missing
>they included it in the total weight but didn't actually put it in the damn package
>i'm writing to them explaining that it's missing and I already know they're going to make me pay for shipping twice.

Maybe they've picked up on my naivety and are just outright scamming me.

>> No.9939182
File: 193 KB, 600x695, 8a6586bcfe38107385efe62fcac45c56d2b50172.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oshit, I didn't know Dejapan was a thing. Funnily enough, I'm buying Ank Rouge via Ailand too. I'll sign up now. Thank you so much, anon.

>> No.9939412

>so goddamn tired of myself lately
>hair looks like shit, face like an ogre, getting old
>haven't had the energy to dress up due to various life reasons
>Reach a breaking point, sob over lost youth and beauty as well as certain questionable life choices
>Something has to change, make decision to start wearing jfashion again
>Grab a pair of scissors and give myself that hime cut I was always on the fence about
>Take the dog for a walk in favorite fairy kei hoodie

I feel fucking fierce
it can only get better from here on out

>> No.9939464
File: 810 KB, 320x320, IMG_5574.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>long awaited dress finally arrives
>not only does it look great on me, it also has surprise POCKETS

>> No.9939472

I'm so proud of you, anon! You're on the right track!

That's wonderful! Congrats, enjoy it!

>> No.9939551

I would recommend it. I had a mattress for over 10 years that was memory foam mixed with spring. I had it replaced last year after the box spring fell apart and I was sleeping on the floor for two weeks. I replaced the whole thing. Box spring, mattress, pillows, even the bed frame. I slept like a fucking giant that had been searching for a perfect bed for years and found the perfect bed that used clouds for a mattress.
Sadly my new box spring has a broken beam so I'm gonna head down to Home Depot one of these days in hopes to reinforce the broken beam with some good wood this time. I heard good things about oak but this is moreso a problem for /diy/

>> No.9939557


Had a big mail day, had to go to two different post offices over two different ends of my city.
Getting two dream dresses (both with matching socks, woo!)

Had to pay £60 in customs but I'm just gonna keep telling myself it's ok and worth it.

Time to see whether they fit right/look good. I'm my own worst critic.

>> No.9939560


>> No.9939562

You know it

>> No.9939572


It's entirely too young. Let her be a normal teenager, you desperate shmuck.

>> No.9939582

He'd probably be into it.

>> No.9939587

It won't last.

>> No.9939590

>fell out of lolita due to poor self-esteem and suicidal tendancies
>after three years try everything on again
>it all fits with room to spare but I'm too afraid of wearing it out

>> No.9939595

While it may be legal in your state, you would have to deal with drama and social repercussions. If you can handle being a pariah in your community and being socially ostracized, then go for it.

>> No.9939596

creepy af

>> No.9939602

I know this feel. I lost a bunch of weight and finally started working on my style. I love the Lolita silhouette and the patterns on the skirts. I wear it really casually around my tiny town, but there's a con coming up and I'm to chicken shit to wear it there, where people who might actually know about the fashion are going to see me even though I've put a few full, proper coords together

>> No.9939654

Just do Polpo or Shigechi. Worst case scenario, you do the fat versions of em.

>> No.9939691

Wait a year or two.

>> No.9939744

>girl who i thought was a friend ghosts my friend group for over a year to become a costhot
>doesnt even watch animus or play any games but acts like she's the shit
>is toxic and tries to get inbetween pre existing friendships
>will topkek if she becomes momokun 2.0

>> No.9939753

I haven't worn lolita in so long, but today I put on a casual coord. Even though it's just casual, it feels like coming home. All the love I had for lolita just came rushing back.

I feel so much better in lolita than normie clothes. It's a good feel.

>> No.9939770

I know this feeling. I don't wear lolita, but i own lots of jfash- got a package from japan for the first time in about 2 years, and now my wardrobe feels fresh and amazing. Really made me feel like i was home.

just do it. it's a con, no one expects you to look amazing especially if you're new.

>> No.9939811
File: 499 KB, 454x469, 1531296320011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no normie bf

Where do you even find one?

>> No.9939820

Not here.

>> No.9939823
File: 99 KB, 207x298, IMG_4694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>normie bf


>> No.9939825
File: 58 KB, 600x900, 1518303048252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm aware, I just have no idea how normie dating works.

All of my relationships have been with other nerds so far and I'm just tired of it, I'm sorry.

>> No.9939827
File: 74 KB, 600x931, 1528045182555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All of my relationships have been with other nerds so far and I'm just tired of it,
What problems are you having anon?

>> No.9939836

>Out running errands in lolita
>Summer heat has got me beat
>Why do I even do this to myself?
>Go to store to buy icecream
>See my reflection in the sliding doors
>Oh right
>That's why

>> No.9939837
File: 74 KB, 251x231, 1464885866303.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's kind of hard to explain. I'm actually quite into nerdy guys and I love having a partner to share all my interests with, but I feel like in the end the men I dated always ended up being way too consumed/focused on those interests.

Like having no other hobbies/interests outside of nerd culture, not having a clue about any current events, lacking ambition, making cringey references/jokes at inappropriate times, just generally being bad at being adults etc.
I don't want to sound like a snob but I guess my ideal would be someone who's into vidya and shit but also has enough stuff going for them outside of that. Usually nerdy guys I meet are just so invested in that stuff that at this point it seems easier to just find a normie guy who I could talk into playing games with me.

>> No.9939843
File: 307 KB, 414x499, 1526499949205.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you're considered normie/socially adjusted enough to be just another one of the lads on a night out but still have the nerd cred required to be one with the weebs

>> No.9939846

From experience, having ambition and other strong interests makes it really difficult on the flip side of that. Most of the obsession comes from an escape from reality. Are you sure that dominant personalities aren't off-putting to you anon?

>> No.9939847

My god this is such a feel. You and me both, anon.

>> No.9939853

NAYRT but I feel you anon. My last boyfriend was a huuuuuge vidya nerd and he ignored me most of the time. My current partner is an even bigger weeb than the last but he isn’t completely consumed by it. It also helps that he loves the fact that I wear lolita and otome.

You don’t need to sell yourself short by going for normie trash. You’re worth more than that anon.

>> No.9939854

yep, seeing my reflection in glass windows or my shadow when I'm wearing lolita makes me feel so great every time.

>> No.9939856

Same here anon. Finally found a guy who likes video games, but has a life and job outside of them.
Just keep looking and you'll finally find someone who's worth your time and energy

>> No.9939863

i also feel you anon, just don't be fooled by thinking that guys who aren't into vidya/anime etc will automatically focus on you more. they're just as likely to be consumed with their sportsball or whatever, because it's not specific to nerd hobbies particularly, it's just that a lot of humans (and it's more common in men who date women) have a hard time prioritizing others over themselves at all.

so hold out for the dudes who will, there's definitely many of them out there who will share your hobbies AND make sure they come second to you.

>> No.9939866

I miss the excitement I used to feel coming up to a convention. Now I just feel annoyed by spending the money to go when I could be putting it towards things I need to pay for. I have a good job and I know I don't actually have to worry about the money. I don't know why I feel so shitty about it.

Feels bad man.

>> No.9939867
File: 698 KB, 600x640, 3e9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gf
>simple, no labels required gf

At least you had a relationship and learned from it.
I don't know what's like to have a intimate relationship.

>> No.9939875 [DELETED] 

>It's kind of hard to explain. I'm actually quite into nerdy guys and I love having a partner to share all my interests with, but I feel like in the end the men I dated always ended up being way too consumed/focused on those interests.

>no other hobbies/interests outside of nerd culture, not having a clue about any current events, lacking ambition

But that is ambition.
Your problem isnt that the guys lack ambition because they surely dont. Being completly invested in one topic is the definition of ambition. Your problem is they lack ambition for you.
What you need is a guy whose interest in life is you, you and a little bit of, wait for it, you but also enough time and energy to be a presentable husband for society to comfort, plot twist, you.

I totally understand that nerds often totally lack the ability to act like grown up human beings but that is as common with normies as it could get. They are just better at hiding it. Behind the scenes? Same.

What you want is what everyone wants. Your Superman without individual personality. The problem is that even you'll find him, you need to be superwoman (or gay superman) to get him.
But in reality you arent superwoman and the chance to find superman is basically not measurable.
What you will find under that criteria is a good amount of psychotic people who essentially live only to please others in order to keep up their low self esteem and hide this little problem very well under layers of "normality".
Good part is that for the first few months this people will keep up with your expectations pretty well.
The drawback is that you have to sustain a relationship with a predatory husk like emotion devourer.

>> No.9939876
File: 455 KB, 500x371, 1447846711269.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>TFW have never even held hands with another person
>TFW have a hard time being an adult because nobody has really bothered to guide me in the right direction
>TFW gonna die alone
What's a good cosplay that requires enough paint to suffocate me?

>> No.9939892
File: 41 KB, 500x646, Screen-Shot-2018-07-11-at-5.22.00-PM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all these ancient velveteen VM items pop up
>all less than ¥10000 starting
>all in remarkable condition for being so old
>am 66cm waist and it's a hilarious pipe dream that i'd ever fit these

classicfag feels

I hope someone in the western communities buys these and loves them. That navy crown skirt is absolutely stunning, I'm so depressed that I can't buy it and try to squeeze into it, I know it wouldn't work and the skirt doesn't deserve me abusing it like that.

>> No.9939904

If you can still relate to a teenager on a romantic partner level at your age you are severely immature and should see a therapist about your arrested development.

>> No.9939907

>having no other hobbies/interests outside of nerd culture, not having a clue about any current events, lacking ambition, making cringey references/jokes at inappropriate times, just generally being bad at being adults etc

That hit closer to home than i'd like to. At least I like cars and soccer as secondary subjects.

I'll speak to myself - cosplaying and nerdy stuff are the only things i've been able to get social on and suceed in a sense that I have groups that i'm accepted, with people that appreciate me for what I am, not to mention being known by other folks who are into what you like.

At this point I can't say much due to my massive lack of experience/ability to be on intimate relationships, or anything beyond friendship.

I wish you luck, ma'am. May you find someone nice to be with.

>> No.9939916

Mori is the kind of fashion that doesn't need a dedicated brand or something to pull off, so you're in luck. It isn't like lolita going under, and pretty much having to get secondhand or handmade to keep the same aesthetic. With mori, you can pull it off with some smart thrift store snags.

>> No.9939927
File: 92 KB, 500x325, F712800E-4A36-4A16-9014-C8E1772EA1FB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last year I was part of a maid cafe that was actually mostly cuties, we were new and it was nothing special but I had high hopes for this year. We got lots of new maids for this year and most of them are ugly men that want to be kawaii maidos. I should have know better than to hope our con maid cafe could be nice.

>> No.9940040
File: 1.11 MB, 867x743, witnessed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that moment when you follow someone far more famous than you (nearly 3.5k followers, and I got 240), that owns multiple quality costumes and whatnot, has entered your profiled and liked a photo, one that's one and a half month old, meaning she browsed my profile

>> No.9940043

Where are these being sold?

Also, is 66cm pretty small?

>> No.9940058

They're all on Yahoo Japan, being sold by celeblack7.

I guess for the USA and western countries 66 could be considered small? It's pretty average/more than average in Japan though. Honestly 66cm leaves me mostly happy, I can fit pretty much everything except for older classic. These babes are from 2001 and range from 62-65, though maybe the red skirt with the crowns can go higher since it's back looks a bit free. It's my least favorite of the lot though.

>> No.9940069

Thanks for being my lolita therapist, anon, this was pretty helpful.
I am coming back after being normie for awhile so I don't want to leave again. After posting here, I started making a spreadsheet of my wardrobe with colors, themes, and what I paid for everything.
After reading your comment, I decided to make a new tab and copy only items I really really love and add in some dream items. I like spreadsheets more than pinterest, plus I can do it at work and still look like I'm doing something, but maybe I'll make a pinterest board later. Doing this has already given me a lot to reflect on.
I think I've fallen into the same trap as before, buying lots of stuff, and being cheap. I have a much better job than ever before, but I have been jumping on deals (especially skirts) thinking a larger more versatile wardrobe would give me what I wanted. I have enough money I should just buy the awesome items I really want. I've been wanting moitie for awhile, but the price tag still scares me away.
Also, a lot of times I've found I don't really love a dress until I buy it, or buy something I think I love and find I don't like it much.. I'm not really sure how to deal with that except being more willing to resell things quickly even if it's at a loss. One of my favorite JSKs I've bought recently was one I was totally unsure of. Another one I thought would be a slam dunk is very meh. Blouses are even worse. I think only 1/4 of the ones I buy I like and fit correctly.
I am also holding onto a lot of items (mostly blouses..) waiting for a great deal on one that's perfect. I should probably be more willing to pay more and get rid of the ones I don't like as much.
I still have a lot of thinking to do but it's becoming clearer to me. Thanks anon!

>> No.9940077

>dig up unfortunate stuff from my past
>realize it had been holding me back
>go to a therapist
>things get better at first, but start getting worse
Feels bad

>> No.9940108
File: 774 KB, 800x1284, 1528565027718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would guess you're just entering early 20's because this is the point where friends I knew had similar problems.
My observations were that the nerdy and geeky crowd try very hard to avoid interpersonal conflict in their social lives.
When things get a little more serious in the relationships, and the adulting is required nobody knows how to react.
They would put off issues in real life or handle them poorly, and then delay facing the interpersonal problems they caused on top of it all.
But that's the thing, these girls would ALWAYS go for a guy that wasn't confrontational with them, ever.
And not by coincidence, that same type of person didn't go face reality the moment they needed to.
Because the games, the anime, the comics, funny cat pictures, and all of it.
They use them as an escape from reality.
I can say with some certainty that the most bitter and painful breakups I had seen my friends go through were caused by this.
It wasn't just one, two, or a few couples either, it was most of them.
So at least you're not alone on that, if it helps any.

>> No.9940364

I want to die. The last thing I enjoyed in the world, lolita, doesn't even sound good to me any more. I'm sick and I'm tired and I just want everything to be over.

>> No.9940397
File: 860 KB, 268x477, Midnight MHA.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be at AX2018
>standing in line for Persona 5 shit I don't care about to buy stuff for a friend out of state.
>Standing in line for like an hour.
>Passing through the cramped crowd comes a girl cosplaying as Midnight from MHA.
>She is cute as fuck
>Due to floor traffic, we are pushed up right in front of each other face to face.
>Try to say hi, or ask for a picture by first calling out her character name.
>Mouth opens
>Brain freezes
>Can't remember character name outside of "X-Rated Hero". Thought that might be bad to say.
>go into deer in headlights mode.
>Ended up staring at her tits too long in between glancing at her face.
>She notices
>she pushes them together instinctually with the sides of her arms, either from shyness or because of uncomfortable attention from a mute idiot in front of her.
>Lock eyes
>Brain refuses to cooperate, all I want to remember is the characters goddamned name!!!
>Look away and pretend entire encounter didn't really happen.
>She does the same
>She's able to move along with her friends. Don't see her again.
>Really wanted her picture.
>Out of shame, didn't even google the character until I got home later that day, or talk to any other women for fear of being retarded again unless they talked to me first.

All I wanted was a picture of the X-Rated Hero Midnight. Why am I retarded?

>> No.9940417
File: 29 KB, 539x412, 8768678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tightly knit cosfam for almost ten years
>I've been secretly having a crush on one of the friends for the whole time
>tfw I know nothing is ever going to come out of it, but I can't help but think she's my ideal girl

>> No.9940443

Wow that sounds really hot but sucks for u

>> No.9940454

Maybe not what you want to hear, but I'm glad that at least things are sorta similar on the other side of the aisle.

I'm turning 30 soon. I just became single again, and I'm going through all my options on Tinder and OKCupid and I just don't know how to feel about...people, I guess. I've always used nerd stuff as a starting point for finding girls to date because I felt like if a girl was into me at my most childish, everything else should be smooth sailing. I've got a decent amount of other stuff I'm interested in - probably more interested in than anime/games/cosplay these days - but it's all relatively normal "adult" stuff.

Looking at the dating landscape now, I almost feel like I missed the boat for someone who "gets me." Nerdy girls seem to be all either married off by now or are so cloistered in nerd culture as escapism from real life that I'd feel like all the responsibility to "adult" would be on my shoulders, but normie girls are just boring to me. I burned through every profile on Tinder and OKCupid in my city in the last week and most of it was just a blur of the same few bar/sport event/dog walk settings.

Neither of those types really bode well for a stable, happy, fulfilling long-term relationship. I want to be a dad some day, and I'd rather not have to be a dad to my biological kid while being the only "adult" in the house. At the same time, my idea of "adulting" is always going to be a little different than that of someone who didn't grow up as a nerdy kid. It feels like a balancing act and I'm running out of time to get it right.

>> No.9940462
File: 118 KB, 340x368, psgchildhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The con is Friday but I'm too dead inside to enjoy it. How do I fix this FAST??

>> No.9940574

Code-switching master race.

>> No.9940575

Like everything in life, the trick is to find balance. Think about any individual who only has major interest. Let it be nerdy stuff, sports, the outdoors, fashion etc, what do they all have in common? Theyre boring af.

Theres plenty of well-rounded multi-faceted people out there. Best of luck anon.

>> No.9940625

What con? Are you going to see friends? Is their a guest you were initially excited for?

>> No.9940676
File: 155 KB, 300x288, 1513803784152.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw im not stagnating but developing unattractive growth in muscle

I am strong... but not pretty.

>> No.9940733

Those people are worthless. Better to lonecosplay than put up with that verbal and emotional abuse (yes, it's abuse). You deserve better, anon.

>> No.9940751

I think I found her twitter, merespace

>> No.9940757

Keep seeing your therapist! Things from the past tend to get worse before getting better.

>> No.9940764

so happy for you anon!

>> No.9940780

This isn't specifically dating advice, but meeting-people advice.

Consider getting involved with the leadership/organization circle for whatever nerd thing you're most into. Become a staff member for a con, start DMing D&D at a gamestore, something like that. Geeks who are both adults and responsible without resorting to existential escapism usually end up running things. If you breach the line past a person who consumes media to a person who creates experiences, you'll find the people who work on those projects are usually really fun, hard working, and socially adept.

>> No.9940783

Worst case, you can resort to series name next time your brain farts. "Hey, I really like your Hero Academia cosplay! Can I get a pic?" People don't really expect everyone to remember all the side character names desu.

But maybe try this BEFORE staring at her boobs.

>> No.9940792
File: 94 KB, 235x235, ice cream everyday.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What con? I say watch some hentai or do something you enjoy.
Like I personally watch The Empire Strikes Back when I have a bad day. It's my favorite movie.
Though sometimes I'm so dead inside I can't even put the film in the VHS player

>> No.9940803

>VHS player
is this some strange form of bait

>> No.9940805

Nope. I have a fully functioning CRT TV with a built in VHS player and the original trilogy on VHS. It's one of my most prized possessions along with a hardcover book of Something Wicked This Way Comes autographed by Ray Bradbury and a copy of the Who Wants to Be a Superhero Feedback comic book autographed by Stan Lee.
>How did you get all this?
My father does computer work and you would not believe how technologically inept celebrities are.

>> No.9940820

Who Wants To Be A Superhero was a really good show. I wish they did more with the winners and that there were more seasons.

>> No.9940826

The whole concept was perfect and was great. It was a really fucking good reality show.
>Iron Enforcer fails first two episodes
>Becomes the main antagonist of season 1
>Winner gets their own comic book AND action figure
I swear, that show was underrated af because the plot was scripted but the challenges were real. I guess they can't do it anymore because Stan is too old these days. He really needs his bed rest.

>> No.9940955

I'm frustrated, because it feel like he doesn't know what to tell me

>> No.9940957

>that faces...

>> No.9940961

If you're going to a therapist expecting them to tell you exactly what to do or say exactly the right thing to make everything click into place, you're never going to get what you want.

Treat therapy as a chance to talk to someone who can give you input and feedback that other people might be afraid to give you. Sometimes that feedback is going to be uncomfortable or incomplete, but that's by design - *you're* the one who has to learn to live with your experiences, and the therapist's job is to help you get a better perspective and find the right path to walk in that regard.

They're not there to fix you. They're there to help you fix yourself.

>> No.9940963

TV/VCR combo, put briefly..

>> No.9940968

is a nerdy one ok too

>I'm aware, I just have no idea how normie dating works.
me neither

>All of my relationships have been with other nerds so far and I'm just tired of it, I'm sorry.

>> No.9940981 [DELETED] 

Update: I went to the doctor and do not have to gain weight!! I'm so relieved

>> No.9940984
File: 37 KB, 319x326, A5E586EA-0B5F-4C63-A702-88D6C050BE35.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sees a dream dress in my desired color but a different cut for cheap on LM
>second guesses
>15 minutes later
>decides to buy it
>checks listing
>already sold
that’s what I get for being such a dumb bitch, don’t repeat the same mistake as me, gulls.

>> No.9940995
File: 842 KB, 1000x1000, mikucute.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, not really a "con," but I'm going to Miku Expo NYC. Really excited to get some food from New Jersey!

>> No.9941025

I'm not sure we're on the same page. I understand they're there to help me help myself. He seems to be hinting at the idea I don't have anything to worry about, but attempts to put myself into the situations where I might run into what brought this about have largely backfired and left me feeling more worthless, anxious, and depressed.

>> No.9941043

"my clothes don't fit and all these other problems that would be solved by gaining a few pounds" seriously, ed-chan...

>> No.9941057

I know how you feel. It's like why didn't anyone tell me I was so fat and ugly. I guess people like us anon and don't want us to feel bad.

Also congrats on 30 pounds down! I'm down 20, but I'm still fat and no one noticed I lost 20. I'm almost positive no one even believes me.

>> No.9941060

Proud of you. I am in the same position. I feel ugly and old and I'm fat. I've been losing weight and trying to wear cuter clothes, but I still look like shit. It's embarrassing to know I look like this and I have to stand up in my sister's wedding. I want to take my life back.

>> No.9941081

How do you let go of the desire to cosplay? I've always wanted to, but I'm fat and ugly and misshapen and now I'm older and fatter and uglier.

>> No.9941114

Tfw no (qt) (cgl) girlfriend

If you're Dutch, female and preferably near Leiden, add me in Discord: Shadow#3658

>> No.9941120


>> No.9941165

Too many tendieboys and thotties.

>> No.9941174
File: 64 KB, 1280x720, SHADOW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9941240 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I figure now that I'm eating normally again my weight will stabilize back to what it should be. I just didn't want to be put on a weight gaining diet and have regular weigh ins etc.

I faked about 5 lbs so once I actually get closer to that weight I should be pretty ok

>> No.9941242


>> No.9941243

Psh.... nothing..... personnel kid.....

>> No.9941251

Agreed, have some taste though
At least post an image to make it less cringey

>> No.9941263

Just found out swimmer is closing, I legitimately want to cry. That brand was amazing, it makes me sad how much harajuku is changing, more and more of what I love is dying out. Please, never leave us Nile perch

>> No.9941283

I use to think otherkin was just a meme, but now I've met 3 of them irl and one has a crush on me

>> No.9941332
File: 367 KB, 1673x960, wJuggernaut genetics.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hoping hard to find myself a cute BF in the upcoming con
>not nearly sexually dominant especially with all these drugs i take, i do have cialis I guess
>can't be a bottom either cause I only like cute girly ones who are under 5'7 and that would be really weird if he was on top

Maybe i should just get a gf or something, but that would really suck

>> No.9941352
File: 54 KB, 569x802, 55c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel you anon, but finding actual interesting people is the most difficult thing ever for me. I like my nerd shit, but cars are also a big part of me but not many women are into em so it kinda limits my search. Hopefully you find your ideal bf, anon.

>> No.9941403

Aww anon. They announced this in 2017, I'm pretty sure their online store is already mostly out of stock. I suggest you buy anything you want from them now, and the same goes for Nile Perch - Swimmer is closing for their own reasons but directly supporting the brands you love is the way to go.

>> No.9941429

>start cosplay page because friends/strangers have been nagging me for several years now
>it takes off
>like, really takes off
>feel obligated to drop income into making costumes i really dont want to make for the sake of content
I miss being a fly on the wall.

>> No.9941461
File: 110 KB, 495x499, 1404421003566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you fit many brand sizing comfortably but have strange fit issues with long sleeved outerwear
I don't get it, aren't they supposed to be a bit larger to accommodate layers? In reality the ones I have are tiny and don't fit me well at all, even just on top of a JSK without a blouse. Maybe they shrunk in the wash and the previous owners didn't say anything about it, or maybe I'm secretly fat and don't realize it, I don't know.

>> No.9941478
File: 336 KB, 808x682, sick_remy____again_by_squidbiscuit-d71101u.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Tfw set up all appointments with out issue
> Tfw buying car today
> Tfw also going to a con today and have a good hotel room
> Tfw everything is going as planned
> Tfw nerves still make me feel like doing pic related, but also really excited

>> No.9941500

Don’t worry I gave her the d that night.

>> No.9941502
File: 151 KB, 632x564, 20180713_095831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw I'm on a tight budget and probably shouldn't look at new releases but I just really love Lolita so I do it anyway

>> No.9941511
File: 61 KB, 960x720, Screaming.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hand wash blouse
>A little makeup on the collar
>Goes away
>All is fine
>Let dry
>Pick it up
>Sudden big makeup spot on the lower back
>Freak out
>Force self to calm down
>It went away on the collar
>It will go away on the back


>> No.9941517
File: 11 KB, 350x350, 413w4up4J9L._SL500_AC_SS350_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

iktf anon. Basically had the same thing happen to me. I was able to restore a poor secondhand IW blouse to it's original glory.

Pic related is a godsend. No matter how old/set a stain is I've been able to remove it from any fabric.

>> No.9941531

I want someone to compare this to oxyclean

>> No.9941540

I get this too. I'm not super skinny, I fit the waists of brand easily but it seems like it's common for arm sizes to just be less forgiving

>> No.9941592

thanks anon. Ièm really late to the news because i just got a job after university so ive been back to online shopping. Im gonna make a fat purchase from them next week. I've bought a lot directly from nile perch-even with that, I can't shake the feeling that i need to go support them and stop second hand shopping for a hot minute

>> No.9941634

I feel both sad and stupid. I always get maybe 1-5 likes on the stuff I make. I know I’m not that pretty and I cosplay weird/obscure things, but it still makes me sad that a friend gets 15 likes for a basic easy collar wip and I get none for a finished cosplay. And then I feel stupid since I like what I do and feel happy about my costumes. Sometimes I just wish someone would say ”nice job”. I’m getting paranoid that everything I do secretly sucks, I just don’t see it for some reason.

>> No.9941640

post it here or in the instagram thread or whatever.

>> No.9941657

This happened to me a few times, usually you have to wash the entire thing with detergent or else the stain will dilute and go to the edges of the water.

>> No.9941684

Somehow I doubt you have much of an idea how basement dwellers tend to look and dress, and what actually goes into living in mommy's cellar.

>> No.9941692

Fuck yeah, which dresses?

>> No.9941693

Get a new therapist.

Therapy doesn't work if you don't click with your therapist. It's a hard one to bite, but if you've been seeing the same person for a long time and you don't feel like you're communicating with them very well and that they don't understand you... you gotta try someone else.

I've done the therapy thing on and off my whole life, and there is an EXTREME difference in what I was able to get out of the experience with a therapist I clicked with versus the ones that I just didn't feel comfortable or they didn't understand me. Sometimes you have to shop around a bit, and that's ok.

>> No.9941698

If you don't want to make it, don't. Your quality will suffer if you don't enjoy crafting and are only whoring yourself out for likes. Also, like, you'll fucking hate it. Getting burn out over costumes you're not interested in is just not worth it. It's OK to just keep doing you and enjoying the things you make.

>> No.9941701

>tfw you got banned and you're racking your brain going through the posts and trying to figure out why the fuck it happened

>> No.9941712
File: 90 KB, 1280x720, 1526510542978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> went to Anime Expo
> second con I've ever cosplayed at
> wear first cosplay that I made entirely on my own
> costume exposes arms, body part I'm very insecure about
> feel good in costume
> ton of photos taken
> meet cool people
> didn't die of heat exhaustion

But now I'm home and sick. I'm also worried that all the photos taken of me were terrible and I'm too nervous to try to talk to the nice people I met at the con. Maybe I'm not cut out for this.

>> No.9941718
File: 25 KB, 201x243, gasp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be gay cosplay girl at con
>See qt crossplaying character that the one I'm cosplaying as is often shipped with
>Cripplingly shy, don't approach but admire from afar
>See her put her arms around and kiss an obese, somewhat homely girl cosplaying the same character as me

Not hating, good for her to snag such a hot chick. Just surprised and also jealous. M-maybe there's hope for all of us, sisters ...

>> No.9941723

>be me average looking schmuck
>tries to make up for this by having great quality cosplays
>always ends up on the sideline anyways
>cosplay partner is a qt petite Asian
>can start up photograph circles just by standing there
>gets offered free photo shoots like nbd
>tends to make quick and easy cosplays that don't take more then a day

My cosplay partner is super cute and deserves all the attention she gets but damn does it feel bad to always be pushed to the sidelines just cause I'm not a skinny cutie like she is.

>> No.9941727

>can't be a bottom either cause I only like cute girly ones who are under 5'7 and that would be really weird if he was on top
for you

>> No.9941739

maybe, that hot chick is into chuppy girls...
also, which cosplays?

>> No.9941767

33 year old male here; this resonates with me completely. Best of luck to you, but personally I've given up hope.

>> No.9941776 [DELETED] 

Feels nice to grab a handful of boobies. Bewbs are god’s gift to man (and gay girls)

>> No.9941786

So fucking tired off potential buyers who have no intention of actually buying anything and just waste your time question after question. Just let me sell my shitty cosplay you dumb cunts

>> No.9941788

I strongly feel this

>> No.9941790

I was 32 when I found my other half. Don’t give up hope just yet. In the meantime keep doing the things you enjoy and through that your partner will arrive.

>> No.9941792

>best friend/partner proposes to me
>say no
>takes it very hard

>tfw main reason is not wanting to live together with him
I set up my home up to my dreams and standards. The perfect princess paradise. Overly lacey and flowery in mutted colours. My classic lolita heaven. I am stubborn and I don't want to move out of it now.But Mr. has an even bigger house and can't leave it for my fancies.
And now both of us are sulking in our respective living rooms.

>> No.9941798

Ordered a shirt from omocat a week ago and still hasn't shipped. At what point should I be concerned?

>> No.9941810 [DELETED] 

I honestly wish I could slap people over the screen.

>> No.9941811
File: 2.10 MB, 540x302, 1C8FF166-96B6-41C1-A64E-2CE5DF33E685.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel you anon, this happens a lot to me when I try to sell the sweet lolita dresses I don’t wear anymore.

I mean, if my style didn’t change I would have happily hoarded them, but my sweet pieces stick out like a sore thumb in comparison with my predominantly classic/otome closet.

Just fucking end me I’m getting tired of looking at these dresses.

>> No.9941812

I honestly wish I could slap people through the screen.

God yes, though at least LM isn't as bad with dumb buyers as Facebook. But I don't know where else to sell cosplay.

>> No.9941944
File: 22 KB, 600x591, c02b77ceac5aead22cf8d4b2a6e98d9a--funny-art-animal-illustrations.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i had a nice day out in lolita today

that's it

>> No.9941949

Can't you move your stuff to his big house? Bigger rooms, more classic lolita furniture

>> No.9941957
File: 992 KB, 500x465, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I'm actually really happy for you, anon.

>> No.9942034


>> No.9942036
File: 243 KB, 544x843, 20171114_012208.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. I'm living a super comfy life with my family and I have the room I've wanted since I was a child. But my long-distance boyfriend that I love so dearly wants me to live with him. It's such a stark contrast to the way I live that I even have a hard time handling it when I'm just visiting.

Being so far from the comforts of home is something I've never done and my family worries about me too because if something were to happen, the distance would stop them from coming to the rescue (so to speak).

But I worry about my boyfriend a lot. He doesn't have anybody and I can't stand the thought of him living like that.

I hope things change soon enough so we can eventually get married under better circumstances.

>> No.9942037

A week isn't very long to wait. Check their policies/FAQ, they might mention how long it takes them to ship things; if there's no information like this listed anywhere on the site, give them a few more days (say until Tuesday) before you email them to ask what's up.

>> No.9942039
File: 195 KB, 500x375, 3887e88542819edc140d7d7e28cc288b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh lol and of course I forget to mention that not being able to escape to my turbokawaii neetcave is going to stress me out immensely. I decorate it with the dream of being posted in /cgl/ room threads. How could I leave all of my precious plushies behind?

pic not mine but it's goals

>> No.9942058

My other hobbies are *heavily* male-dominated (to the point where there's rarely more than 1 woman there who wasn't dragged there by her husband) and generally skew even older than I am.

Half the reason I cosplay at this point is because if I didn't, I wouldn't know where to meet people my age at all, much less who are into at least some of the stuff I'm into.

>> No.9942107
File: 77 KB, 940x940, 3431EFC9-7D8F-482A-AD29-5837F444757C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve recently felt pretty healthy-looking and even a bit chubby. I rarely take full-body shots of myself but I really liked my coord one day. I took some pictures and looked spoopy af in them. I feel really guilty about posting coord pics online because I don’t want any kids to look at them and think I’m ~naturally skinny~ and ~perfectly healthy uwu~, because that’s what got me into this in the first place.

tldr; I want to share my coords but don’t want to look like a proana scumbag

>> No.9942168

try taking them with diff angles ?

>> No.9942258
File: 105 KB, 480x640, 4f9e6f15-7081-51b0-94e3-462e6e6241b7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>need to find a strapless bra for pic related because I only wear full coverage bras and top 1/4 shows through the lace
>Check Nordstrom site just to see how much damage I'm in for, since they're the only place that carries my weird as fuck bra size
>Only a few kinds available
>One of them is 40% off
>My size still in stock

Unexpected accomplished/happy feels today. Haven't worn a strapless bra since I got properly measured over a year ago and had to replace all my daily-driver bras.

>> No.9942267

Seems like youre unhappy with your weight. Never a good feeling to call yourself fat.
Join our fitness server. A discord for health & fitness discussions with loads of ways to motivate you to get and stay in shape, get advice from more experienced members and most importantly, keep it fun while improving yourself! Anime/weeb friendly ;)

>> No.9942268
File: 487 KB, 500x283, IMG_4715.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After a long time of feeling sick and sad about it I found out I appeared in the fanclub magazine for my favorite band. You can't see my face, but you can see my Melty Cream Donut coord in all its glory. It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

>> No.9942276

>happy about recently losing 30 lbs
>brand fits amazingly
>looking through closet
>remember i have nameless poem in 3 colorways L and XL
>XL was already a sac....
>not sure if i want to sell them off since gothic doesnt match me well anymore anyway but i was clearly obsessed

>> No.9942286

>Seems like youre unhappy with your weight
No shit. But are you aware most of these people have self image issues and those will not be cured by working out? I, for example, have self hatred and depression and only excercise I'm able to do is walking and I try to eat as little as I can currently to loose weigth but no matter how much I shed I will feel fat and gross about myself. What most of us need here is help for mental problems.

>> No.9942300

Good luck anon. It sounds like you have considerable mental fortitude to battle your problem these days. Keep fighting the good fight.

IMO she's being an insensitive bitch. Are you sure she's really your friend, is the relationship reciprocal? I think it is normal to share excitement, but she knows you're in the hobby and don't have this kind of following and you've already tried to express it to her and she made it about herself instead of trying or pretending to understand where you came from.

Probably bait, but she's half your age and she's a kid. I did dumb things into my early 20s, most girls do. The person I was at 16 is only a ghost of the person I became today. As the other anon said she deserves that opportunity to grow up and not have to deal with adult issues/problems.

Also probably bait, but tell her it is not appropriate. Or talk to your friend. She's fucking 13 man, all 13 year olds get stupid crushes on older boys/men. It doesn't make it okay to just kind of let her do things because she's a kid.

>> No.9942305

thats very true. theres a ton of body dismorphia in the fitness community. ripped ex-lanky skeletons or 400lb hamplanets have it equally as much and sometimes there are mental things. But, sometimes when you fix certain aspects in a healthy way (not just starving yourself or crash dieting) it promotes you to fix other things in a healthy way as well. maybe youre a stay at home neet, if you start going to the gym and working out or running, maybe youll slowly recognize regualars, make small talk and also make social gains. Or working out will get you interested in also fixing eating habits or addictions like alcohol, fapping, caffine etc.

>> No.9942315

>Talking to mod of lolita website on discord
>Get to be fairly close
>They end up revealing they're actually mtf sissy
>Fall for them anyway because lonely etc
>They end up breaking my heart
So...what should I do with this info? Out them? Keep quiet?
They doxxed me and publically humiliated me when I told them about my crush, I feel like it would be fair game...

(Hint: it's not a well-known website)

>> No.9942322

It's not crystal cafe is it?
It's been fairly well known for some time that that place is a cesspit of shit run by a sissy trying to pass. That's why no one legit goes there.

>> No.9942326

No, actually. A bit bigger than that.

>> No.9942342
File: 23 KB, 450x600, 1516555906807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>haven't worn lolita in months, due to anxiety
>have a dream about wearing lolita
>have anxiety in the dream

>> No.9942358

A mtf sissy running a lolita site, potentially using the fashion as fetish fuel? Definitely name and shame. Why would you fall for a person like this in the first place?

>> No.9942425
File: 82 KB, 643x425, 1405642602093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just...don't really feel welcome in my local comm. I've been to a few meets and, while everyone there is cordial, beyond one or two people a lot of them seem standoffish to the point that it feels like I'm an intruder in their space. Introductions go from a brief 'hi' to quickly going to talk to someone else. I've heard nothing but unsolicited compliments for my coords when someone mentions it, so I'm pretty sure it's not an ita thing - in fact, I'm almost certain it isn't, as the unfriendiness extends online. If I post anything, (which isn't too much different from what everyone else posts), it either goes ignored or, more recently, I end up with nonsensical emojis that feel passive aggressive. I haven't had the chance to talk to any of these people beyond trying to interact on nice posts and briefly at meets - I don't really understand if I did something wrong. I just want to meet and get to know people that share a love of lolita fashion, but if this is how it's going to be I don't know if I should even bother trying anymore and just stick to being a lonelita.

>> No.9942429

>wahh wahh my comm isn't kissing my ass or paying attention to my online posts


>> No.9942430

Tbh it sounds like you are jumping to conclusions. You get compliments, ppl reply to things you post (fb makes it hard to see posts too) and you never said anything about trying to talk to people one on one. Put more effort into getting to know people and don’t assume it’s all negative.

>> No.9942435

Think about it this way: everyone else is also probably struggling with being social and may not be the best at interacting with others. Lots of people come across as stand-offish, but are actually just not very good at social interaction. And leaving emojis as a comment is not necessarily passive aggresive- most likely just non-verbal affirmation.

Are there any members in your comm you specifically want to get to know? If so, reach out to them! Target them specifically during meets to have conversations with, leave comments on their coords, and message/reply to their stories. Make it clear you want to be friends. If they also are interested in being friends with you, they will respond positively! If they're not, well, there's no point in reaching out to people who aren't seeking friendship. Move on and don't take it personally, some people mesh and others don't. Rinse and repeat until you find people you actually enjoy hanging around.

I've been in the same comm for 6 years, but besides my one lolita friend from school, I wasn't close to anyone in my comm until someone took the initiative to reach out to me maybe two years ago. I shocked because I'd never had that happen to me and was surprised that anyone would even bother. Now I try a little harder to reach out to others because I understand that lots of people want to have friends and hang out, but may not necessarily know how. I still don't really, but it takes the effort of at least one person.

>> No.9942439

To be clear, I don't want compliments - they're nice, but I don't go asking for them. (That statement was more a preemptive response to 'you're probably just an ita' than anything else). Any interaction would be nice, including critique, if anyone felt so inclined.

But people don't reply to my posts. At all. And to be clear, the 'trying to talk at meets' thing was one on one, either when they're not doing anything or it's a small group. Like I said to the previous anon, compliments are nice but not that important. It all just feels extremely cliquey without having much interaction - which I'm not expecting anyone to do anything different, it just feels bad when I don't know if I did something or if it's always been like this.

>> No.9942441

Hanging with FWB who was a fatty fat fat fat who wanted to lose weight, offer to help her cause she is at that critical point where she can be salvaged if she lost weight or if she gained anymore it's a lost cause.
Throw out all the carb packed foods and sodas in her house and drag her to Costco to buy better options.
Later that day she posted on her IG a pizza eating challenge.
I told her she was gross and she blocked me, and her parents sided with me.
I need to start being mean again to help people

>> No.9942443

I do understand that, and I have reached out and become friends with a few of them. It's mainly the interactions at meets from others - say hi, have a short conversation, and then have the person suddenly dart away to talk to someone else. Like, don't get me wrong, I would never say any of these people are bad or wrong for their actions - it's just like a 'oh...okay' feeling.

The online interactions are another thing entirely. Getting ignored it one thing, but the 'crying' emojis when I just ask a question about when an event at a con is/how much room there is? Like...what? And this isn't new - I try asking what they mean and they don't answer. I know there's always going to be strange people, but it still bothersome.

>> No.9942447

All comms are cliquey. They’ve all established friendships with each other well before you arrived so don’t feel bad that they won’t talk to you. It isn’t personal.

>> No.9942453

It sounds like maybe you just don't enjoy small talk? I feel like at meets there's a lot of that kind of thing- you briefly say hi and have a short, shallow conversation. Meets are really more like mingling, it's quite hard to get to know everyone so that's a thing people do to be able to talk to more people. I wouldn't look for super in-depth conversations, save that for your closer friends or smaller meets.

>> No.9942590

There's no concrete single answer to having issues like this anon, and therapy/drugs are expensive/overrated. I've been on and off the wagon at least 5 times now, and the worst part is good or bad I've barely gone 5 pounds in either direction and it feels like I'll just be a fat hikki forever. I'll keep doing what I can to change and I hope you do too Anon, none of us are alone.

>> No.9942633

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this. Mori kei was so good

>> No.9942689

Crystal cafe is shit-tier and run by a mtf sissy who shamelessly self-promotes, self-posts, and samefags to make the place look more popular than it is, then bashes and bullies anyone who dares challenge the self-absorbed groupthink board culture and spills ISP details in private on the discord while laughing with their little clique over the shit posted by autistic girls who visit.

STAY THE FUCK AWAY. I got burned on discord and learned the hard way.

Plus, if the number of non r9k troll individual ISPs the mod was sharing are to be believed, it has a userbase of literally 12 people? If that? Half of them are South American and Eastern European, three are US/Canada.

>> No.9942707

So I did what people said and left the group who kept seeing me as a joke, but I;ve been swamped with messages about it and idk what's supposed to happen

do people really keep lesser cosplayers around just to make jokes about them or am I paranoid?

>> No.9942719

>Watching a video about Momokun’s drama
>Video keeps referencing lolcow and The Queen
>Boyfriend asks me who The Queen is
>Give synopsis of PT’s drama and show him pictures
>”wtf anon that’s not funny, poor girl”

I thought he’d find it funny because he’s laughed at Chris-chan’s, Momokun’s, and Micky’s shit, but I think he thinks I’m a bitch now.

>> No.9942721

Yes, especially if they're younger, (teens-early twenties crowd). There's a lot of explanations for it, but a lot of the time it boils down to 'tear them down to make themselves feel superior'. You don't have to be specific, but what are they saying, and are these the people who were making fun of you?

>> No.9942738

Momo still a fat retard?

>> No.9942742

in this case, the people in question kept me around to blame when they wanted to make an unpopular decision or when they want ed to trash me for doing bad prop builds. Also when they wanted to tell me I'm going to hell/going to get shocked by pence for being gay.
Makes me feel weird that things have become a huge issue when I left their group

>> No.9942752
File: 21 KB, 401x401, FB_IMG_1505612658385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just saw some lolitas at Miku Expo. Must have been hot.

Also, tfw no gf.

>> No.9942753

>hearing about popular cosplayers having plastic surgery on their tits and body

do people really need to have plastic surgery to be popular in the cosplay community? and why do people drool over fake tits and fake bodies?

>> No.9942760

My guess is that they don't have their proverbial doormat anymore so they're throwing a tantrum of 'Am I wrong? No, it's the person I made fun of who is!' (I'm not say you're a doormat, but they certainly seemed to treat you as such).

Good for you. Don't let them drag you back into their nonsense - ignore or block if you have to, so long as you're at peace with everything.

>> No.9942764


>> No.9942765

I have no idea, all I know is I left their discord and got a ton of messages from a bunch of different people. I was moderating and managing their shit and making the decisions they didn't want to while they made fun of every cosplay I did. I got sick of it and left and now I have a ton of messages

>> No.9942783

if you're not an ana chan the only people who will think you are are dumbasses on here. You shouldn't care so much about others opinions

>> No.9942786

doxxed for telling them you have a crush on him? fuck him dude. out him, shame him, he shouldnt use a lolita discord for his fetishes

>> No.9942801

I don't know what it is about this site and doxxed but i was threatened to be doxxed if i let slip some cosplayer guy was a registered sex offender for sex crimes against little girls. There's just something about this site and threatening legal repercussions if you so much as mention anything people did

>> No.9942815

This site? 4chan?
You can try kiwi farms for doxing, or call outs. Just sign up with a throwaway.

>> No.9942946 [DELETED] 

In the past few weeks I feel like I have lost almost all control of my eating or the emotions tied to it. I have become so scared of getting fag again it's all I think all day apart from when I'm thinking what I want to eat. I have never been more than slightly over weigth for my bmi and I lost about 8-10kg of it a year ago. Before that, I was living really inhealthy so it's irrational to fear it now I have things much more under control generally. Few weeks ago I decided to loose the remaining 5+kg to get into my ideal weigth after I had had bad anxiety for a while. I opted to do it by radically cutting my calorie intake and fasting. I love eating, I love it so much so I have been eating once a day so I can eat as much as I feel like with no remorse. It's a lot less than I used to eat now my stomach has settled for the situation. I have probably already lost few kgs and 1-2cm from my waist and all my lolita is getting baggy but I still feel fat and gross. There have been some days I have eaten a bit more, around 1400 calories and I feel so bad and gross. This is constant struggling because I get fatigued and nuseaus easily when not eating but on the other hand all I think is how much I'm able to skip today. I feel like I have crossed a certain point and I just can't stop this anymore. Fortunately, I have a long way to go until I'm underweigth and my bf cooks my daily meals, otherwise I would probably be in a lot worse situation. I just hate how I look, I hate how wobbly I am all over and I feel like this must be done now.

>> No.9942972

Good feel, won my first cosplay contest yesterday.

The $150 wasnt too shabby either.

>> No.9942977

>tfw already planning my coord for miku expo in europe
I'm gonna make a qt Hachune bag in Usakumya-Style.

>> No.9943051

>been rapidly gaining weight for the last many years and have had a lot of trouble getting rid of it again
>also been dealing with nasty "adult acne" and overheating for the last many years
>nothing has worked
>finally got a diagnosis and one week into my new diet I have already dropped so much weight and my acne is almost gone
>2 weeks till the yearly con is on and it looks like I can actually cosplay for the first time in years and not hate myself and how I look while I do it


>> No.9943055

I'm so proud of you, anon! Well done!

>> No.9943067

For best results, a mattress should be replaced within 10 years. Generally, foam and latex mattresses tend to last longer than the average lifespan. Latex mattresses are highly superior and beats all the others on the basis of lifespan. On average, latex mattress can last for 15 years if it is properly maintained.

Nayrt but I do know that after so many years a mattress can lose its firmness and support. Also apparently it becomes heavier because it's filled with dead skin cells. I know that I felt sore and achy after 6 years on my mattress and while I was getting enough sleep hours wise I wasn't well rested . Goodluck on your energy hopefully coming back

>> No.9943073
File: 30 KB, 417x279, bkub_Im_a_paw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same, senpai. I would say that most people are probably concerned about how THEY themselves look, not how you look. It's a mental blockade. I think the cost of being yourself is worth it, rather than hiding who you are or something you love from the world. Same thing goes with talking to other people. It's all in your head, that people wouldn't want to talk to you or want to be friends with you.

>tfw went to AX with a special guy
>hand holding, smooching, groping covertly the whole time
>tfw fantasized about this in the past and got to play it out irl
>tfw LDR thooo

>> No.9943074
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>tfw lost 3 auctions in a row, one of them because I got confused with numbers and thought I was the highest bidder

>> No.9943118
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>no con until October

>> No.9943215

Congratulations, anon! Proud of you

>> No.9943251

You don't have to live with him yet anon. If you like your space communicate that with him. If you want to get engaged do it!

>> No.9943264

I just got kicked out of my comm and it's no one's fault but my own. Welp.

>> No.9943288
File: 74 KB, 1280x720, kill_me_baby-01-sonya-fist-sweat-fear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to start on my cosplay for AWA but I just can't decide on what to do. I don't want to do anything too complicated because I'm still a bit of a beginner at sewing but anything simple I can think of I'm kinda eh about. I need to start it soon though because I won't have time when the fall semester starts.

>> No.9943291

You probably should have started already

>> No.9943294
File: 121 KB, 501x457, 1470328232562.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to kill myself but I don't want to go through the effort of selling my whole wardrobe.

>> No.9943295
File: 141 KB, 400x419, 1527550707046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ugh I know I had to move recently though and my sewing machine was stuck at my old place and I finally have it back now. It's not the end of the world if I don't get it done in time, I know that rushing it will only result in it being crappy but I really would like to try to make it for this year.

>> No.9943306

wear everything at once when you die.

>> No.9943364

Died in my AP whoops

>> No.9943367

But then I won't fit into the Crematory


>> No.9943369 [DELETED] 
File: 364 KB, 564x1086, 1414106347179.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>opening a hatch as Buck
>expect it to take two shots, so I blast it twice
>it breaks on the first shot, second shot kills a teammate below

>> No.9943417
File: 47 KB, 640x640, 61E4275F-8F98-43B6-BB4B-26AD2C3D2F98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you me?

>> No.9943428

Believe, gay! I met this non-straight girl 2 months ago and last thing I know we were holding hands and kissing each other's cheek at a concert 2 days ago!

>> No.9943434

local con that barely gets 8000 the whole weekend charging $350 for artists and vendors, and $40 for a flea market booth that’s only 5 hours
why are they so stupid?
oh and their 3 day badge is $80

>> No.9943444

>no con until November

>> No.9943483

>attractive male
>still no gf

just kill me anons

>> No.9943501
File: 15 KB, 261x261, ΔΙΟΜΗΔΗΣ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was going to say me first, but I won't give up hope, for him.

>> No.9943510

>tfw another con is over and you're exhausted but it's a good exhausted
>tfw you won a prize you really wanted at the tea party
Man, I just really love lolita

>> No.9943535
File: 1.06 MB, 309x466, 329.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be me, fatty fat fat
>Start doing no carb
>Even take appetite suppressants
>Have already lost 9 pounds in less than a week
Feels damn good but fucking hell it hurts since nearly everything around me has carbs.
By next AX I should be ready to cosplay Pucci.

>> No.9943734

>Have already lost 9 pounds in less than a week
It's called water weight

>> No.9943753

New bread

>> No.9943756


>> No.9944693

What do her parents think?
If you don't feel comfortable talking to her parents first, you probably shouldn't be doing it.

>> No.9944762

Who decided to hire dudes like that? That's pretty creepy, and not what most people go to a maid cafe for. Did someone change the concept from typical maid cafe to something else?

>> No.9944764

It's even a bit on the small side, but Asians are more strict on being (over)thin. I remember them being happy they made a robot of human weight and size, it weighed 45kg. If you go above 50kg, people will call you fat. By Western standards they are still fine up to 55-60kg. (all assuming typical Asian body, and yes, Asians care a lot about the number of kilograms alone).

As comparison. I'm 1,80, weight 65kg, my waist is 70cm and you can see my ribs as I can't hold fat. No way my waist can become smaller than it is without radical or unhealthy things.

>> No.9946423

I'm 30 and I finally have that sense of freedom. From as long as I can remember Ive always been stuck in hyper academic settings. Always in school, or things to help me get into good schools. I thought I would be free after college, but now 'keeping myself relevant' at work getting new certs is my latest treadmill. I've always wanted to jump into cosplay but now at my age I feel like it would just be: "how do you do fellow kids?" at every con.

>> No.9946572

there's plenty of older cosplayers, but if you try to do shonenshit flavor of the month cosplays youll stick out like a sore thumb. Imagine being a 30yr old Deku amongst a sea of 15~ yr old frog bakugo etc cosplayers

>> No.9947581

what do you have to offer to get an actual man with real ambitions who likes to chill out with games every now and again?

>> No.9948060


>> No.9948909
File: 33 KB, 600x630, itai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>about to make new costume
>going to order parts when work wraps up for the night
>phone shits the bed at work
>buying another phone straps me too much to make costume
old phone was 3+ years old but now im worried about losing all those old con photos

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