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old thread is saging

>post accounts you follow
>ask for/share advice
>keep it civil

>act like a retard
>insult other people

*don't selfpost if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defend yourself

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I’ve been into Japanese photography lately.

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Remember posed by frozen trash “it’s art” chan? She’s upped her game from bathrooms and garbage to false looks of killing herself? Why would you think this was an okay idea to put in the eglcommhnity tag?

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her brick torso barely fits that dress. the creepy effect is lost because she's fat.

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What the actual fuck

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^this, the only people who would really care about these is Greenpeace or those Sea Shepherd guys from that Discovery channel show.

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She took KYS too seriously when people “didn’t get it” with the frozen trash.

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This girl is acting way too edgy for her 'art'.

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It’s got no class and it’s not artistic at all. There is no story in the image outside of “hung self”. It’s not art. It’s poorly posed and photographed images.

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Don’t call people with eating disorders fat, that’s way over the line anon.

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>how dare you not know this literally who has an eating disorder
boohoo, all i see is a fatty trying to be edgy

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You’re taking your personal vendetta against this trash art girl out in the wrong thread. Did you even read the OP

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sorry nobody likes your garbage pics fatty-chan

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How would we know she has an ED? Did she mention it?

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>act like a retard
>insult other people

We lasted one post.

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Please hide and ignore vendetta posting or the bread will be deleted again.

Who are some good old school lolitas to follow other than yetaxa?

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Josinemaaike deserves more recognition, her coords are perfection

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I like this.
Honestly I don't think this is even supposed to be "art" just really dark humor. It works only because of the clash between her being in sweet lolita but obviously inelegant or downright sad conditions.

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Two posts in and the thread had already gone to shit

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Okay, I liked her previous stuff, but this is a bit far for me.

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I love this, it totally fits in with the edgy weirdo vibe of early lolita. The sad balloons make it funny.

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Her account is so cute! I just wish she'd stop doing that looking downwards pose because it makes her look like she has no neck and it accentuates her double chin.

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>needs more recognition

I mean she's not k8, Lor, or other efame hungry lolitas, but given she doesn't have a youtube and she generally looks like a lumpy potato in lolita, she's doing pretty good for herself.

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And for her next trick, she should livestream her suicide in lolita!

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>lumpy potato
my god, i thought you were exaggerating but i looked her up and you’re 100% right

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What is composition. 2/10, take a class in photography and redo.

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I like her coords, but is that just really how people get 10k followers?

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If you think that's offensive look at this

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She posts consistently and often. That's all there is to it I guess.

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She doesn't post nearly enough old school coordinates to be recommended for this. This is the second time I see her mentioned on /cgl/ today, is this Josine or somebody with a vendetta against her pretending to be her pushing herself to make her look bad?

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Consistently good posts & and she's in that lolita IG pod that drives up engagement/followers

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4xxdollxx but for some reason she made her acc private right now

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I'm so naive about IG I had to look up what that meant. Damn, that explains all the robotic looking comments on the top posts consistently coming from all the same people.

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Damn, there's really a Lolita pod? How are you sure she's a part of it? And do you know who else is in it?

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Yeah I know there is s popular one for ppl with 5k +

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Something about lolitas being so desperate for e-fame they'd join one rubs me the wrong way. No hate to those girls for playing the game, but if I could find out with certainty which girls were in a pod I'd unfollow them.

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It’s everyone who is well known. I don’t see why it’s a bad thing, why not do the best you can? A lot of it is supporting friends and seeing posts the algorithm hides.

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But how do you get to 5k as a lolita without picking up tons of normies? Is there one for people with less?

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It's not a bad thing! It's just something that personally rubs me the wrong way, so I wouldn't want to follow those who participated in that.

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>No hate to those girls for playing the game, but if I could find out with certainty which girls were in a pod I'd unfollow them.

Are you sure about that? Fanny and mintkismet are in the same pod--both posted an open invite in their stories some time ago. Itsvanillabear, k8, and some other Cali anons seem to be in another pod if you look at their comments.

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*Cali lolitas, not anons

Time for bed....

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All of those are girls I don't follow anyway lol

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If Fanny and minkismet were in the same pod, wouldn't they comment on eachother's posts? But they don't (or rarely). Seems like you made that up.

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I wish I were the type of creep to keep receipts but idk what to tell you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I was in a pod once. Trying to come up with new variations of "that's so cute" for each post sent me on an existential mind trip which made me question the nature of human communication and reduced Instagram to a mere flock of parrots to me, repeating the same phrases at each other like a hedonistic echo chamber that never ends.

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Am currently in a pod, I think it would be less difficult if it were a lolita pod and I could directly compliment coords. Most of the girls in my pod are very cute and I appreciate what they're doing but I'm really starting to struggle with saying something nice about every jfashion-chan's 64th selfie. I'm not going to leave because the girls are nice and it drives up my engagement but maybe if we all tried to comment more on other people's pics in general, we wouldn't need pods.

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Being cute and thin. Or tumblr looking.

You don’t need to comment, and honestly it’s hard to make a new comment like >>9931994 says, but I dunno if those 2 are in it. And I cannot say how successful it is lol. I would believe Fanny is because she knows more of those efame girls more, you can make a guess of the members. I don’t remember who started it but I did see a public post about it on fb a few weeks back, and I know they had it for a while as someone in it told me about a pod.

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I just genuinely comment something about the pictures just because I want to let them know I appreciate whatever it is. Also I just appreciate lolita as a whole more so those comments come easier to me than other jfash.

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Yeah the whole pod thing is just really a way of getting bot responses to your photo without bots I suppose? But that sucks that in order to drive engagement you need to do that. I like leaving genuine comments but I guess that's not enough to drive engagement these days. Ah well.

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Fanny comments a lot on girlypoot's pictures. Their pods are probably connected somehow.

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when you're so thirsty for efame but don't really pay attention to the photos you're commenting on..

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Fanny commented pretty regularly on my stuff too, doesn't mean we're in a pod together.

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Hey gulls, does instagram hide your own posts when searching a tag? I never see mine and I wonder if it's because I posted it.

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I post stuff i buy but what am i supposed to post when i dont get any new products? I dont want to post random selfies and i cant take outfit pics because my wardrobe isnt cute and i dont go outside so i sit in my pjs.
Also my insta is just girly, makeup and skincare stuff, pink, sometimes games, am i allowed to post it here? i have liz lisa but i havent worn it yet so there are no pictures

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Look at Pinterest for inspo. You can also do flatlays, or just go outside. I have a lot of clothes but I never go outside that much but when I do i take a pic. It’s ok to post only 2-3 times a week.

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Is that IVB? She always seems super disingenuous to me.

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How many tags are you using? Beyond a certain number (I think maybe 7-8?) and you might not show up under any of them. Using certain tags on a post will do the same thing

>> No.9934102

I tend to use more than that, it looks like I come up under some of them but not all. Maybe it's random?

>> No.9934149


If you are using under 30 hashtags, your posts will be visible in the recent tab when you search specific tags that you used. Unless you are using banned hashtags but I'm not sure how that works.

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I don't have enough clothes to take a lot of pictures. i don't dress nice for school. Yeah i could go outside but nature pics of houses or farms don't match my girly pink feed

>> No.9934169

Why don't you dress up? Take pictures of your clothes just not on you it's not hard

>> No.9934180

I see. That's helpful. I'm definitely using under 30 and I don't believe any are banned.

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Yeah then I have 2 more posts and then what? Then I'm still running out of posts in like 2 weeks
I don't want my clothes to get worn out just to be that weirdo that dresses weird at a school filled with young normies. I don't have anyone to take pics of me for outfit pics outside either

>> No.9934346

Buy new clothes. If you don't have money sell your current ones and buy new ones. It's not like you wear them anyways, so no point in keeping them.

>> No.9934562

>that weirdo that dresses weird at a school filled with young normies.
hey man, i was that weirdo, and i am still that weirdo in college, and it's awesome. grow a pair and wear em or sell them and stop wasting your money on stuff you're too scared to wear.

>> No.9934573

Yep, vanillabear. I agree, it really does seem like she comments for reach and not because she actually cares about the posts she comments on.

>> No.9934582

Buy more stuff if you can and post pictures of that. If you're worried about dressing un-normie in public, dress up at home, set up a cute backdrop and a timer on your phone, and take outfit pictures there. Nobody has to actually know you didn't wear them out of the house.

>> No.9934594

I never said that i'm scared. i said that i don't want my clothes to get worn out for that because i don't really have money. I'm just hoping that one day i have a friend i can dress up for. There's no point in wearing it to school because it's physically uncomfortable and wouldn't make me feel cute. I dont want to give up and say well im never gonna have friends so im selling it
Jfashion is expensive especially here with all the extra costs like customs so i dont think i will be buying much more. Should i just try to buy other cheap things all the time for insta?

Sorry if im difficult.

>> No.9934597

this honestly sounds like excuses.Stop wearing jfashion if you can't. it's expensive. also if the clothes you own are physically uncomfortable, then you should buy different clothes. Most jfashion is comfortable. keep being a normie, if you're this stressed about it, don't even bother. it's not for you.

>> No.9934599

Why do you need to dress up for a friend? Why can't you dress up for yourself, because YOU want to feel cute? By not wearing your clothes they're going to waste anyway, so you might as well wear them.
If your concern is having things to post on insta, then yes, buy cheap things often, because new purchases seem to be the only thing you want to post.
Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. You want to have new content to post but you don't actually want to do anything to generate any new content, what the hell are you expecting?

>> No.9934629

Why maintain an instagram account at all? Don't bother if you can't put in any effort.

>> No.9934674

If your account is new it can take awhile for it show up under hashtags

>> No.9934679

What is considered new? I've had mine a few months.

>> No.9934692

clothes don't just "wear out" .
that's not an excuse. you said you have liz lisa you want to wear. New flash, Liz Lisa doesn't just wear out, this is coming from someone who wears it everyday. People may think it's cheap but I've been wearing my second hand pieces for years. Unless you go hiking they won't wear out?? Liz lisa isn't even "dressing up", its pretty casual unless you have an OTT piece but you shouldn't be held back by it. And if its uncomfortable physically you're prob fat and shouldn't be wearing it. So sell It if you don't wear it like anon before me said.

Anyway, if you want cheap yet cute stuff, shop on aliexpress.

>> No.9934697

Seconded, I frequently wear Liz Lisa and Axes Femme to work and they're more comfy and last longer than my normie clothes.

>> No.9935099

Who said im a normie? You have no idea what i do in life or what i look like. I thought people on this board wouldn't be such bullies, or is this high school now?
Because i want to chase my dreams and not miss out on things i want to do in my life.
My normal clothes get worn out really fast and they're all from different places so i have a reason to be worried. I'm not fat, i'm pretty underweight sadly. It's more like i'm too tall.
I don't feel cute dressing up at a place like that and what i have is definitely not casual at least in our culture. I DO want to have new content i even asked if i should just buy cheap things for content. Why can't you all be understanding that id feel better for different reasons to be wearing it out with a friend?

>> No.9935103

You sound overly sensitive. Don't ask for advice and then get upset that it's not asspats and what you want to hear.

>> No.9935217

>Who said im a normie? You have no idea what i do in life or what i look like.
Well you were the one worried of looking the weird one amongst normies. Anyways, looks like you have excuse for everything. Maybe look out for hobby you actually want to and are able to do now and start ig account for that. Sounds like both j-fashion and maintaining your current ig account are just a burdain to you rather than something you enjoy and look forward to do.

>> No.9935239

Why would i pretend to be into things? That's definitely not true. i've been working on this for years and it's my passion. I'm just in a tough spot with no money for expensive items or friends for a photoshoot.
I asked for advice, not people accusing me of things. There's a big difference in giving advice and making random assumptions about people like claiming they're fake or scared.

>> No.9935248

you sound like a fake, scared crybaby

make more money, wear your clothes, and stop whining because no1curr

>> No.9935289

>worked on for years
>can’t go outside in clothes without feeling bad for self

It’s called get a tripod. A lot of people here are loners. I don’t have friends but I still keep an insta and where my clothes even if I stick out like a kawaii thumb.

Get over yourself. We are giving you advice and you’re not even trying to take it it because you are stubborn. And the way you’re responding, it SEEMS you’re really really scared. It’s not our fault, it’s because of what you told us and how you feel.

>> No.9935423

Not surprised at all. She's such a bitch

>> No.9935835

What else does she do that is "bitchy"?

>> No.9935840


Just started mine. Trying to upload more cosplay stuff rather than personal blog bullshit.

>> No.9935844

Has anyone tried doing lolita-themed videos on igtv? The usual stuff you get on yt but I feel it's more casual and laid back since it's recorded and viewed on a phone.

>> No.9935878

The fact you're so defensive about being a normie proves youre basic as fuck. You are spending money for validation on instagram, on clothes you don't even fucking wear.
Like you're saying your dream is to get instagram famous, you are just a basic teenage girl.

>> No.9935880

also get all of the cringy emojis out of your bio if you're trying to build any kind of following

>> No.9935969

Maybe you've been shadowbanned; if you did not do anything spammy or similar it should be lifted after some days,

>> No.9936004

I only post gyaru on my account, but here are
some lolita accounts I like under 1000 followers:

>> No.9936454

I feel like it's so hard to find lolitas that post nice coords regularly that don't do the whole engagement boost song and dance on their posts.
Obviously, most people who post their coords are looking for efame, but I wish they wouldn't make it so obvious and the main focus of their account.

She seems like a decent person to me, just disingenuous. Did she not follow you back or something? kek

>> No.9936481

Well if they don't do the engagement boost, that's why it's hard to find them....

>> No.9936683

really? I feel as though a lot of the colors are just so.. ugh dunno I just hate some of the color combo's

>> No.9936686

I bet it's her or a friend who desperately wants to be her. Eventough she's a 'lumpy potato'! loved that one anon!

>> No.9936702


You think us for fools? WW comes here. She self posts and then wk herself when people say they think her makeup looks too dark for a light coord. She also “claims” she doesn’t photo shop that has also been proven to be a lie.
faeryndipity Is a new lolita that often makes mistakes in the fashion. Although getting better, she’s far from someone I would recommend AND does come here but at least takes the advice and tries to improve. Just wish she would take the advice and stop trying to make those damned demonia goth boots work with the fashion. They will never work with lolita.

>> No.9936771

Can someone recommend some lolita accounts that aren't well known? I feel like they're hard to find bc they aren't popular but I enjoy following lesser known accounts.

>> No.9936825

Her secret is her giant and super expensive wardrobe, she does almost all substyles and buys into the voodoodolly/Pepfox/whatever western indie brand is the flavour of the month fad. Her photo quality is also really good, and she does pictures outside, it isn't just boring mirror selfies. She also takes effort to reply all comments and coming off as approchable. I have to give her that.

>> No.9936835

got annoyed at her at a meet up - she hardly interacted with anyone, spent half the time taking selfies or videos, including a video of attendees without asking. i showed up on her ig which really irritated me

>> No.9936908

In other words, I just need to git gud.

>> No.9936955

see, this is why we can't have nice things, name some 100% absolutely perfect lesser known lolitas then

>> No.9936983

Her flatlays are great, but somehow when she actually wears them, they just look so frumpy.

>> No.9936996

Damn. I really dislike her, she seems very efame hungry and her comments never seem genuine. Bye vanillabear.

>> No.9937014

Hm, this isn’t the case for me. We talk sometimes on insta and I’m not even lolita and she seems very nice. So I’m not salty or ever see her ungenuine side if she has one.

>> No.9937018

Met her at a meet up as well. Was very quiet and didn’t respond when I said hello to her.

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File: 378 KB, 1066x1600, 28617005_1602003773186460_3219732507144206504_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just going to leave this here

>> No.9937048

I don't really have a reason to like or dislike her but she needs to improve her dental hygiene

>> No.9937059

Ngl I love that pink long sleeved OP, it looks so comfortable. What brand is it?

>> No.9937131

This is actually a really cute photo.

>> No.9937144

It's from Angelic Pretty, its name is '
Romantic Night Princess'

>> No.9937159


Done and done. Most of it wasn't even my idea desu... but yeh, it was cringy af.

>> No.9937199


That's funny for all the efame whoring and fake niceness she does on IG she's an autist IRL who can't maintain a regular conversation. She always struck me as super fake, and this just confirms it.

>> No.9937202

This would be a cute picture if it was of anybody but these famewhores.

>> No.9937207

And get rid of her unibrow.

>> No.9937221

There's plenty in my comm. But if I posted them, everyone would accuse them of self posting BECAUSE they are lesser known.

Either that or they'd know I posted them, so I'd have to put myself in the list too to make it look like it wasn't me, and I wouldn't want to do that.

>> No.9937222

That wig is................ Well. You know.

>> No.9937227

Some lolitas I follow with <500 followers:


Their coords are fine IMO; they either post infrequently, don't use enough tags, or have somewhat low quality photos. If they improved on some of these aspects they'd probably appear in more Explore feeds.

>> No.9937235

The girl in the long dress looks cute

I feel like the bigger the efame whore, the more awkward they are in real life.

>> No.9937240

Is this rooksravens self-posting? I can't help but notice that they're all followed by her.

>> No.9937260
File: 157 KB, 454x408, 1494021920705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hmm I just checked since I also follow her. A couple of people are missing so if you're right, she's stalking this thread and unfollowed people.

>> No.9937282

quality varies but I follow them all

>> No.9937289


These are sweet and classic accounts.

>> No.9937292

Oops, the last one is ariastocrats.

>> No.9937306

Yeah I just rechecked and it seems she unfollowed kuuvalgus and emilyichigo, her name was definitely there the first time I was looking through the Instagrams she shared. I'm getting secondhand embarrassment.

>> No.9937309
File: 807 KB, 858x1122, 2a25f3af89cf527d386f8ec6f43bff59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had to refresh the page to make sure I wasn't seeing things....the same exact outfit shot 3 times, again and again and again if you scroll down. Even that shitty coffee cup picture was posted twice with ALMOST the same caption. What's interesting though is that if you scroll down even further she did not used to do that. So clearly this reposting technique is working out for her.

>> No.9937313

Arisuki is cute but knowing she stole Cadneys tranny bf makes me wonder about her personality.

>> No.9937319

Why is it embarrassing? This is primarily a selfpost thread, and adding yourself into a post with a bunch of other people is the best way to keep people from insulting you for no reason. I do it all the time, desu.

>> No.9937323

I can't decide if I admire her for hustling or find it a bit shameless. They're arranged well at least?

>> No.9937327

Because you/she could have just selfposted instead of using a pretense. It's shady.

>> No.9937330

Personally it would drive me bonkers if I saw what is essentially the same photo every other day in my feed. It's a good way to attract mindless "omgkawaii!!" followers and not the actual egl community. And I agree at least there seems to be some method to the madness.

>> No.9937342

Looking at it, she posts a full body every other post. Captions of the reposts are the exact same, so she said the same exact thing 6 times now because of the 3 full body and 3 close ups.

Tbh I could never follow someone like this, it’s too artificial.

>> No.9937346

Fair enough. I know some people are in comms that ban people for even casually using cgl, but I don't know if that's the case for her.

>> No.9937402

It's embarrassing that she would go and unfollow people after someone called her out to... what, cover for herself? Girl we can already see what you did, just leave it.

>> No.9937408
File: 1.26 MB, 1080x1346, 1530407974951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whatever happened to cadaverqt??

>> No.9937607

she looks like violet from the incredibles.

>> No.9937620
File: 144 KB, 882x884, 1530146044116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't compare my waifu to that whore.

>> No.9937637

Who is she besides a r9k whore?

>> No.9937641
File: 1.18 MB, 1080x1350, 1529980199336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's a cgl first. Muffy come back :(

>> No.9937644

She should get a nose job, or at least meitu that shit

>> No.9937653

Thanks anon!

>> No.9937688

Violet is way cuter.

>> No.9937755

don't be too nice about her or the cgl chans will get jealous and complain

>> No.9937762

What happened was people like you scared her off the internet.

>> No.9937874

Gonna post a few accounts that I enjoy


>> No.9937883

okay beta orbiter.

>> No.9937903

kinda weird that violet is your waifu

>> No.9937948

Requesting gothic/classic accounts! Here are some I like <1000:


Longer list than I expected but I like what I like

>> No.9938027

Gonna dump also some few accounts I follow (mixed styles, some otome), not very e-famous (less than 3k mostly). I hope you would like some of them, they're talented:


Also would love to follow some more girls into otome style, thanks.

>> No.9938030

Since we're on a 'no efamous people' hype, why don't we try something else?
Hard mode: less than 300 followers
God mode: less than 100 followers

>> No.9938037

If they aren't bad, they're probably going to be very very new accounts at those thresholds. Challenge accepted!

>> No.9938046

Ugh you gulls posted a lot of the ones I was going to. I have like 2 unpopular accounts but I want to find more before I post them.

>> No.9938050

Here are lolita accounts


>> No.9938054

I think it’s ok to post them again, it just reinforces that they are ok to follow. Some have been double posted already.

Depression.kei is a good name but I would have expected someone wearing gothic or menhera with that handle.

>> No.9938079

im trying to create a base following but ive havent some troubles, sometimes my numbers just get.. stuck?? any advice? i dont really want to follow a livid anount of accounts, although i see a lot of people gain their base from that.

>> No.9938103



She just followed me and has 3 followers. WTF.

>> No.9938112

>I thought people on this board wouldn't be such bullies

That’s rich.

>> No.9938114

What’s the point in sharing if your shits private?

>> No.9938115

ww self-posting and wk-ing herself is 100% a meme. you are gullible if you couldn't tell that was a bitter anon same-ing to give that impression.

also I don't know where you've been but gothic boots absolutely work with lolita. the ones with plate buckles, however, just need to be properly balanced with accessories. faeryn's wardrobe seems to be more casual and simple old school so the boots stick out.

>> No.9938117

I don’t understand this statement. Sure, she might have a few comments that may not seem like she’s being super friendly but t b h it’s pretty exhausting to constantly be friendly. Overall, the majority, of not all, her comments have been just fine. She might have tons of followers but I think you are all expecting a bit too much of someone who you don’t even really know much about.

>> No.9938124

I enjoy her posts but I wish she would lay off oversharpening her photos. It really destroys the quality and makes everything look so scratchy.

>> No.9938177

These are all pretty bad.

>> No.9938216

They're not saying she seems unfriendly, just that she seems fake, which is true. She's forcing herself to comment on stuff because she's in a pod or for reach or whatever and not because she actually cares about what other lolitas are posting. Her comments are a service to herself.

>> No.9938446

Oh my mistake then. I guess I could possibly see that even though I honestly feel like everyone here is that way to a degree. But she’s commented on my trash a few times and I’m a nobody with barely 1k.

I’d also like to give her the benefit of doubt. I have a social disability and know very well that my own comments seem extremely forced and at times fake but that’s me trying my best. To me I get the hunch that she may something to a lesser degree maybe? I can’t be positive but she just doesn’t come off as completely disingenuous. I’m sorry if I do not make a lot of sense. I’m autismo extremo today.

>> No.9938491


If you're not popular enough she'll snub you. So many girls in the SF comm thinks she's full of shit

>> No.9938707

Any more tea?

>> No.9938727

She seemed to like leading on her fans.

She'll return when she's bored.

>> No.9938969

I’m pretty sure she’s banned from baby fashion shows because one time she complained and talked shit about the dress they assigned her

>> No.9939020

went through these two anons' suggestions for these

>less than 300
bubbbleglum (misspelled? i have mutual followers with this girl and the other one seems like a normie account)

>less than 100
lunavlux (ok she has 105 but that's barely there)
jmjmj_lolita (private)

>> No.9939045

Recklessrave, liona_sellam and dorithsellam are three that I like

>> No.9939056
File: 75 KB, 960x480, 1520385237106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus what the fuck

>> No.9939059

god damn, how old is she? her makeup really ages her as well, and doesn't look very good with her sweeter coords.

>> No.9939065
File: 109 KB, 413x395, 77454C41-B52B-49A3-8E99-6175AA70F860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Awe did anon hurt your feefees? That cute. Too bad your wrong and tasteless.

>> No.9939067

Shes the mom of liona_sellam. I likr her coords but ithink she looks best in classic. If her hair weren't so jet black sweet would look better on her. It's mom goals t.b.h. My daughter is still a toddler but she loves my dresses and dressing up and I hope that she grows to love lolita so we can get frilled up together ehen she's older too.

>> No.9939068

She's like a dried out husk. Anorexia ain't a good look. I'm sure I've seen lolitas older than her who look a million times better. And if Liona is her daughter, then that's her future...

>> No.9939069

If she's late 40s/50s I don't think she looks that bad for a white woman. Her daughter just needs to wear lots of sunscreen

>> No.9939073

NYART but I met them once before I know who they were, and I legit thought they were a couple and Dorith was a brolita. Also they look even more skelly in real life. Please don't do that to your daughter.

>> No.9939085

I think a lighter, less contoured makeup would help a lot. I get that people get old, I'm 36 myself, but there are a lot of things you can do to keep yourself from looking so ancient. I don't think dark makeup and contour is one... it just seems to emphasize her gaunt look. Otherwise, it'd be cool to have a cool mom into interesting fashion, so props to that!

>> No.9939184

I follow quite a few with under 1k followers.

Hitomihime ( 700 followers)
Miss_hellquinn. (700 followers)
Vudu_juju (900 followers)
Phantasmag0rical (900 followers)
Noir_yumi_ (300 followers)
Byakko_tan (200 followers)
Himehensou (100 followers)
Misschocolateribbon (300 followers)
Muhengjiayou (200 followers)
Strawberryloaf (200 followers)
_Caitlyn_lawrence_ (300 followers)
Therabbitprincess (200 followers)
Picardiaxx (500 followers)
Sorgevinter (900 followers)
Help_me_hide_me (700 followers)
Myradile (100 followers)

>> No.9939188

As much as the idea of my mom in lolita weirds me out, i'm almost jealous. Having a mom who's supportive of lolita is like an impossible dream for a lot of us, i'm sure.

>> No.9939225

Sounds fake as fuck

>> No.9939238
File: 50 KB, 1040x180, Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 10.35.08 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's this from her Twitter...

>> No.9939255
File: 610 KB, 814x598, ivbtwofaced.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This is funny.

>> No.9939320

>military girlfriends
National gaurd isnt military you fuckkng scat lmao

>> No.9939333

It's a pretty known incident among the comm lol

>> No.9939335

National Guard is part of the Army. Same training and all. But they are part time meaning 2 days a month they're on duty.
They're not active or face hardships so I don't think they need "support" unless they leave 1 year for a deployment.
Active duty wives have it hard, guard you see them everyday.

>> No.9939340

Her tone on Twitter and Instagram are complete opposites. She really is fake as fuck.

>> No.9939346

ntayrt but why don't you use the word "basic" one more time, ya broken record.

>> No.9939355

Live it when idiots get banned from modeling for BABY. So satisfying.

>> No.9939356

She used basic twice...

>> No.9939357

Damn!! Grandma looks great!!

>> No.9939360

uh they are clearly some kind of spice. Daughter chan looks very much some kind of mulatto.

>> No.9939366

I didn't look closely enough and agree about her daughter but the Mom looks pretty white to me. I guess that just means she'll age better than her mother

>> No.9939392

If she wants support so badly, she should just get married and get that sweet BAH and tricare. And then she'll start complaining that people aren't giving her and her husband the RECOGNITION that she deserves--I mean he deserves!

>They're not active or face hardships
Exactly, there's a man in my partner's office that is on the reserves and he gets paid an extra 2k a month just to sit in front of a computer in his uniform for 10-12 hours (2 days a month).
Such a hard life, she clearly needs all the support that a Military wife gets!

>> No.9939395

Some more under 1000:


>> No.9939470

comment and engage, use plenty of hashtags

>> No.9939474

She's all the worst parts of a lolita rolled into one. Self-centered, two-faced, fame-hungry... maybe there'd be something redeemable there if she was at least providing the community with interesting coords but she doesn't even do that.

>> No.9939485

>Active duty wives have it hard, guard you see them everyday
Thats the point though. They are the red headed step child of the military. All the other branches make fun of them. >>9939320 is obviously s/o or family of another military branch, if not military themselves.

>> No.9939489

LOL wow, such an entitled bitch.

>> No.9939497

I feel like she always has to show off how "supportive of the troops" she is. Like she always videos herself writing letters, sending packages, or showing of her bf while in uniform. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice thing to do, but it seems she only does it for good girl points to show people.

>> No.9939513

Daughter looks like she inherited mum's eating disorder...

>> No.9939532
File: 63 KB, 554x720, 1530220301173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there's nothing more american to me than eating, eating, watching while eating and eating with my family
This has got to be the most cliché post I've read in a while.

>> No.9939548

To be fair the vast majority of cultural holidays and gatherings that I'm familiar with (Eurofag here) are also centered around food. Breaking bread together is pretty much a universal way to create a sense of community and familiarity.

>> No.9939559

She is very thin irl. Here's hoping it's just genetics.

Would anyone else find it weird that their mother has the same hobby?

>> No.9939571

Well reserve components are necessary. I don’t roast them. It’s not bad to want to go to school and stuff and work your civi job while also wanting to serve. My bf is in it but I don’t deserve any special treatment or anything. I respect them though because many are deploying in my state this year and here to help if there’s is a tornado or some shit.
I think Cali reserves are gone a lot helping with fires though but that doesn’t change anything. They’re still close to home.
And how do they get 2000$?? Master Sgt’s with 20 years in dont even get payed 2000$ so that seems like an exaggeration.

>> No.9939598

Some of the few accounts I follow:


>> No.9939686

shes so cute, its too bad she's like that... Also expecting asspats just for fucking a military guy. c'mon, date a guy cause you love him, not for his status.

>> No.9939757
File: 1.10 MB, 1188x874, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 11.47.39 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>shes so cute
I don't see it anon. She also has the worst dental hygiene I've ever seen.

>> No.9939779

Fucking dependas need to get a hobby.

t. veteran

>> No.9939798

She looks ok in her shooped IG posts but always looks nasty in her stories

>> No.9939829

No way mom is some sort of beaner

>> No.9939835


>> No.9939930

elfie78 deserves more followers. She's not strictly lolita (I think she used to be a lolita?) She's more mori now, but her ballet+mori posts are utterly beautiful.

>> No.9939933

just selfpost and be done with it jfc

>> No.9939944

OP says selfposts welcome. Pretending that you're not selfposting is dumb and makes me not want to follow the person.

>> No.9939988

I’ve seen this exact post on here before

>> No.9940014

Aside from her jokey capoeira video, her posts are clichéd honestly.

>> No.9940030

Genuinely wasn't self posting, I'm an unknown lolita with barely any online presence. I just genuinely like her content. Anyway I'll bear that in mind, I'd rather not start a war of 'ree stop self posting' next time I recommend someone.

>> No.9940036

This is a weird statement to make maybe, but I just wanted to thank all the gulls posting suggestions here. I'm chronically ill and having a bunch of new people to follow on Instagram means I have more to distract me on bad days.

>> No.9940121

Lemme post some accounts I follow:
Evilsasha.art(so cute)
Missmaiko(really cute)
Milkteadolly(really cute)
Astyen(stylish classic lolita)
Milkcircus (really adorable)
_ikako(Also posts cosplay sometimes)
Tokimeki.bunny(too cute)
Kira-ouji(An elegant and handsome ouji)
Kingcat1203(who also posts some other stuff)
Mintymerry(a decent lolita you might meet on a casual day)
Lolitaryconfinement(decent looking brolita)
Saki_mameko(decora, J-fashion and lolita)
Anaphrodisiacs(very decent looking brolita)
_caaake_(love her flatlays)

>> No.9940151


>> No.9940158

>two times
>broken record
Sensitive are we?

>> No.9940164

Kiraouji is goals

>> No.9940172

Forgot which con or event it was (PMX maybe?) But she was asked to model btssb's My Advent Calendar and she complained on social media how she didn't want to model an ugly print. Btssb found out and banned her.

>> No.9940175

Thinking about it, maybe it was at JPOP Summit?

>> No.9940187

It was JPOP Summit. She also had a really bad attitude at the rehearsal.

>> No.9940192

Any caps of the incident?

>> No.9940197

>btssb's My Advent Calendar
I mean, shes not wrong, that print is ghastly. Still, she should keep it to herself- modelling for btssb is really exciting.

>> No.9940204

why would you have this saved?
Honestly this is obviously a really bad photo. she has really unfortunate eyebrows though.

>> No.9940224
File: 576 KB, 1200x1600, pt2018_07_11_22_51_22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does she shoop? Her face is so square in the top, but has a nice v in the bottom photo. Also her teeth are a disgusting yellow.

>> No.9940232

She does

>> No.9940262


Looks more like serendipitous shading to me. The hair strand on the left in the photo creates a shadow making her cheek and jaw look narrower on that side, and the spoon on the right narrows her chin there (you can see that the shaded part is the true "front" of her face in fullview, but looks like the underside/farther back with the added shadow). With those in mind she looks a tiny bit narrower in the bottom than the top, could be a small amount of photoshop (though i think not, quality seems too high), or more likely, just slightly different angle from the neck.

>> No.9940267

I just wish she’d buy new cute glasses to wear with lolita

>> No.9940377

The file name says the screenshot was taken today, so anon probably took a screenshot of one of her posts just to post to this thread?

She definitely shoops. She looks like the top pic in tagged photos.

>> No.9940381

She's more awkward than anything. I barely have a presence online but she's always been pretty friendly and talkative to me. She's definitely aware of people hating on her though... Maybe some of the reservation either online or off comes from that.

>> No.9940386


well i just genuinely hope she doesn't say shit behind your back.

>> No.9940584

But is she genuine? She talks to a lot of people in hopes to get more reach, but her comments and conversation always seem so shallow.

>> No.9940737

How do i get recognized if im not a cosplayer or lolita girl? I just have a pastel pink feed
Is it just about commenting on other peoples posts?

>> No.9940754

>Not a cosplayer or lolita
What are you even doing on this board lad

>> No.9940756

Do you post your own photos or whatever you save on Tumblr? Either way feeds that are purely aesthetic aren't very popular anymore. You have to put out some kind of actual content for people to follow you.

>> No.9940779

>treating your child like a doll you can dress up
you sound like one of those crazy pageant moms

>> No.9940808

Anon's not forcing her daughter to wear lolita though. She says she hopes her daughter will grow up to love lolita, which implies that she's also fine if her daughter doesn't. This isn't a Margaret/Venus situation.

>> No.9940901

My own pictures. not like i have anything better to post anyway and i like my theme
I also follow a lot of known people with themes like that

>> No.9940903

I like other things and enjoy the threads on here. i never got along well with "normies" because we never have anything in common

>> No.9940970

Try posting more often or using more tags. Also try tagging in Asian languages. I've found that that helps boost my pastel aesthetic posts a little bit.

>> No.9941190

Not especially, but she also hasn't come across as attention-grabby either. I've never had a conversation with her that felt like she was trying to use me to further her reach. Just casual small-talk, but pleasant enough.

>> No.9941204

you probably dress just like normies do and look just like a normie

>> No.9941408

Did you not read what i said? Ive talked to them for years and we never ended up having anything in common.

>> No.9941422

Instanewfag and I have no idea how tags work and why people use so many. For example if I post an outfit pic I’ll tag it with: #lolitafashion, #angelicpretty, #daydreamcarnival, #lolitacoord

My friend who has a cosplay insta says that’s way too little tags but I feel like I’m already pushing it. Any advice?

>> No.9941449

#ロリータ #eglcomm #eglconmunity #lolitafashion #jfashion #sweetlolita #lolitaootd #japanesestreetfashion #egl #eglfashion #lolita_fashion #lolitastyle #elegantgothiclolita #egloutfit #lolitaoutfit

Just spam tags. Name every brand you’re wearing and tag them. Tag the name of the print, tag the style you are wearing, tag everything. Best way to put in tags without people getting annoyed is say your comment about your image then put like 6 (.) down with your enter function so it cuts the post. Post regularly also, try to space out the posts through the week.

>> No.9941450

I always see conflicting advice in these threads. Some anons say to do the tag spamming like this but then some say to use only 5-7 or else it limits your reach (something about the algorithm?). Which way is actually "correct"?

>> No.9941503
File: 283 KB, 977x1180, 1530137326666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean what threads on /cgl/ specifically do you like if you're not into either of those two hobbies, that's practically all this board is comprised of.

>> No.9941505

Maybe they're into other styles of jfash? Just speculating though.

>> No.9941506

I only have 200 followers so probably not the best person to ask if your goal is to get really efamous/popular. I find that doing tag spam generally gets me more likes overall, but I usually delete half of the tags after 3 days and it often seems to give me a re-boost and a bunch more likes, found that out by accident.

>> No.9941509

You don’t have to use all those tags anon. They are just the options you can go with. The most important and most active one would be #eglcommunity since that’s the one most people tag in. I’d say pick roughly ten of them to go off of and start from there. Mostly what generates you followers is posting frequently rather then what you tag. Although tags are important, if you only post like once a week or less with a bunch of tags, you still won’t be seen. Algorithms or not.

>> No.9941520

Any accounts that post lolita and cosplay and have good pics of both?

>> No.9941530

i used to post lolita and cosplay on one account and my lolita posts weren’t really doing well, after i made a separate account for lolita I’ve gotten more activity.

>> No.9941586

"dress and look
doesnt mean talk anon

>> No.9941642

I figure most people do that, since it’s so hard to find both in the same account. I have three accounts already, I don’t want another one. So I wanted to see similar accounts.

If you feel comfortable with posting here I’ll gladly follow both!

>> No.9941665
File: 1.11 MB, 998x1774, Tarot-9-L&#039;Hermite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll drop my insta again

>> No.9941695

Beautiful tarot illustrations anon

>> No.9941755

Are the questions you send via the story anonymous? Why doesnt it tell you who asked when they answer?

>> No.9941781

It's not anonymous for the receiver, but it is to their viewers.

>> No.9941911
File: 29 KB, 500x374, 1425667751916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

About to start a cosplay instagram, does anyone have any good general tips? I've never used the platform before. Thanks in advance!

>> No.9942242

Why am I able to remove followers from 1 of my public accounts but for the other 2 accounts I have to set them to private first?

>> No.9942243

What does me dressing like a hobo from not giving a fuck have to do with me not allowed to be on this board? This is the only place where i can talk about my interests and meet similar people so im not sure why i need to fuck off to normies simply because i dress badly. Ive tried and trust me i do not fit in.

>> No.9942649

Most of the people on this board that don't actually wear the clothes at least have the decency to lie about it

>> No.9942652


>> No.9942654

you dress like a normie, opinion discarded

>> No.9943200

I dress like a hobo. Why do i need to lie about it? my interests are on this board so fuck off with the bullying. This isn't high school

>> No.9943211

What interests are on their board if not cosplay or lolita? You're so defensive about being a normie, it's pretty clear you are one. Don't pretend you're special just because you're socially awkward

>> No.9943213

Get better taste anon yeesh

>> No.9943219

Anyone have cosplayer insta accounts to follow? I feel like insta followers are so hard to keep, you have to be super consistent if not they ditch you

>> No.9943244

A lot of people who use IG are only looking to follow people who dress the part. There's nothing wrong with following those with a style or costumes you're interested in, but not wearing either is why you aren't getting a lot of interaction. A lot of people don't follow accounts purely based on aesthetic (e.g. your pastel pink feed), they follow based on a niche hobby.

>> No.9943318

What’s with the amount of e-fame and e-game hungry whores buying followers and likes? It’s so desperate and sad.

>> No.9943322

What's e-game?

>> No.9943391

she seems like typical hick trash trying to act rich. can't even tell the difference between palette and palate but still tries to act like a ~tru lifestyle loleeta~

>> No.9943398

are you looking for actual good content to follow or just people desperate enough to follow your trash account?

>> No.9943471
File: 994 KB, 721x853, hinachi2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>inb4 thotting thottery oml fake cosplayer patreon thot lulz fuck u ur ugly d e s u

Alright now that that's out of the way. I want to make my Instagram feed more cohesive. Everything is so jumbled together. So Idk if I should just stop posting selfies, and only take photos on a gray background? Or just use the same filters or color tints for every photo?

Also anyone else have experience on archiving older photos? I want to do major clean up, or simply repost in better quality, but I'm not sure on how that'll be received?

>> No.9943475

Use whatever hashtags popular being use. Post daily, but no more than 1 post a day. Edit your photos using meitu or makeup plus to make everything look animu and cute.

>> No.9943479

yea I think if u use the same tint for each set of 3 photos that’s should help, cause it looks very grey and blends together too much

>> No.9943485

Sorry. Meant e-fame.

>> No.9943494

I think the selfies are fine, maybe limit it to 3-4 posts of the same outfit in a row.

Also, cool down your filters. Your pictures look very blurry with them on.

>> No.9943502

try to avoid posting too many pics of the same thing, it gets annoying seeing it on the feed.
And quit the stupid ahegao face it's not cute.
however, Simple is always cute so cool it with all the filters and add some cute LINE stickers or something

>> No.9943517

I'm gonna have to disagree though, ahegao got me 17k followers in a shorter time than most people. So it's not something I'm going to consider stopping.

People gonna bitch about it, but it gets significantly more likes

Don't really know how to break up posts though, limiting posts of cosplays to one or two pics will just make me run out fast.

Maybe it would be better to interchange cosplay photos?

>> No.9943519

If you're using the photo I posted, everything is much more blurry.

On my actual Instagram photos are much more clear, especially the ones taken on my camera as opposed to phone ^ ^

Breaking up cosplay photos is noted though, I'll just have to take photos more often then and save a few to avoid posting all at once.

>> No.9943544

Congrats on your shitty followers that will bring down your interaction on every non-ahego photo.

>> No.9943549

Interaction doesn't matter to me. But nice salt trying to pick on someone.

>> No.9943560

But interaction does matter?

>> No.9943562


wow so jealous that you got a bunch of old, creepy, and/or normie men following you that won't give you solid support becaus theyre also following 300 other girls who do ahegao pics.
everyone with a vagina will be honest and let you know that the ahegao pose in your case makes you look inbred

>> No.9943567

Oh, I made my judgement after stalking your page for a few minutes. The first thing I noticed is how the filters tend to overpower your pictures.

>> No.9943569

>17k with less than 10% average even with lewds
Giving you advice as someone who hit 100k in 9 months, ahegao has the least staying power in growth and the fact that you don’t even have 10% interaction average is really bad for a supposedly growing account. If you’re going to go for lewding yourself out, get higher quality. Look at @hana.bunny_bunny for an example of a lewds account that’s actually doing well. There’s a reason she doesn’t just post shitty low quality ahegao. The novelty wears off and then your account will be dead.

>> No.9943582

Stop projecting, no one said you were jealous. Lmao

>> No.9943589
File: 495 KB, 245x245, tumblr_n48cjdMzwz1sozv4xo2_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Higher quality is not a goal of my account. Because I won't spend money for something as dumb as Instagram.

Although I understand how interaction is important to some people. I don't need the so called, 'staying power.' The people who follow me, have been doing so for months and are the ones actually funding cosplays.

Actually, the criticism that you're giving has nothing to do with the aspirations of my account.

If I wanted to hit 100k I'd be cosplaying Fate with a photographer, but I'm not going to do that. This account succeeds with what I personally need it to do.

Truthfully the only thing I want to do is tidy it up.

>> No.9943592

Additionally getting salty for someone respectfully declining your advice with a reason just makes you sound insecure.

Look not everyone on this planet is trying to pick on you. Getting upset over something so trivial is childish and shows your insecurities.

>> No.9943596

You don’t need money to have higher quality content. You can reject all the advice you want, but low interaction will eventually equate to loss of followers. The same people will not fund your cosplays forever, and when they leave you’ll be shit out of luck because you have a dead account and will be unable to find more orbiters to fund you.

>> No.9943597

>overly edited "cosplay thot"

I mean, if you wanna be a thot, that's cool and all, but chill with the over-edits.

>> No.9943599

Well no, you really do. I don't feel like burdening my friends with taking photos for me, nor using my money to rent out motel rooms to take photos with photographers.

Unfortunately you misunderstand the people that follow me, they have no reason to unfollow.

They aren't reaching follow limits.

Quite interestingly though, my photos have insane outreach of 20,000 though. But I'd rather not sell into cosplaying, >popular waifu of the month, to make people comment and like my content.

Finding, "orbiters" is very easy. (It doesn't come from Instagram) It comes from using other platforms which I will not name, in order to form relationships with individuals.

>> No.9943609

No, you don’t. It’s simole enough to have an orderly room and collaborate with a photographer.
Unfortunately you misunderstand how easy it is to find another girl in the same niche as you. They don’t need to unfollow you, they’ll just forget about you and focus their attention on someone newer, prettier, and fresher.
If your photos really had a reach of 20k individual accounts, your photos would have far higher interaction. And seeing as you’ve been spamming Rem... you kind of are playing into “waifu of the month”.
I mean yea you can keep getting sugar daddies to fund you. But that will eventually dry up too. Not maximizing your reach with minimal effort is just stupidity, especially if you’re creating content with the intent to get people to fund you.

>> No.9943644


I didn't make any recommendations but what's the point of asking for advice and then rejecting it?

You want to tidy things up - the first thing people notice seems to be the ahegao and filters are overwhelming. More power to you if you want to disregard, but then I don't get it if you're using "but I have followers uwu " if presumably you want a tidier account to well attract more followers.

Whatever, you do you, but then I don't know what you expected asking for advice here since we're a bunch of prudes who hate ahegao, selfies, and overfiltered shopped photos.

>> No.9943646

Fuck off, Choke. Stop trying to make every thread about Kate and e-celebs you hate.

>> No.9943648

>replying to a week old post
Anon wyd

>> No.9943649
File: 62 KB, 640x379, IMG_4353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love these threads because you get stupid thots like these who self post and provide me a lot of entertainment.

>> No.9943651

Tidying up doesn't get you more followers, it often gets you less. Since you're limiting posts to aesthetically pleasing things, instead of what's popular etc.

>> No.9943652

I've done nothing wrong, but if you actually read through the posts the only people who are getting their panties in a twist are people who aren't me.

But yep, good job anon you're really smart. You can read really well.

>> No.9943656


Ah, so you're #notbothered and projecting your dumbass self onto other people. Cool. We haven't seen this before.

>> No.9943670
File: 83 KB, 661x595, 1529898642885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, look I know you're trying to find a flaw in what I've done.

But actually how about you read my first post?

I haven't said anything salty, and acknowledged the criticism that will aid in the future. While denying the ones that go against my aspirations and what I specifically called for.

You're projecting. Stop trying to find the fault in people, just because you can't stand to see someone making reasonable posts.

I'm not bothered by this because it's the expectation, /cgl can't actually think for themselves.

>> No.9943673

>don't selfpost if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defend yourself

It says this in the OP. Ignore the posts that offend you and just take the advice people are giving out. actual advice is more than what most people on here get.

>> No.9943676


You're being defensive and the post on why you do ahegao is hilarious. Your lack of insight is alarming.

>> No.9943681
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There's a difference between 'anon, buh i'm not _____'

and simply stating the obvious and replying to criticism reasonably.

That's the problem anon. These sad kids think that this is entertainment for them, when it actually is for me.

Nothing said has offended me by any means, it just makes me question what "logical inferences" people are using to actually make them.

I ain't gonna reply anymore cause /cgl is pretty dense and can't understand the most obvious hypocrisy.

I've already received the criticism needed, and replied to it accordingly.

Truthfully instead of:
>don't selfpost if you're going to shit up the thread trying to defend yourself

it should be

>don't be catty for no reason when someone disagrees with you, then say it's not your fault.\

have a good night anon

>> No.9943684

Good night, keep doing your thing on Instagram, and i hope you find an aesthetic you like.

>> No.9943695

then at least don't make the ahegao so half-assed.

>> No.9943696

advice pls?

>> No.9943757

yikes, holy defensive batman. guess it was to be expected of a thot that’s actually trying to self promo on cgl and expecting asspats

>> No.9943760

she wasn’t expecting asspats she wanted advice
the way i see it she’s just getting shit on for selfposting lol

>> No.9943785

You got advice, you just didn’t want to take it. You’re getting shit on because you’re being defensive about every type of advice you’re getting.

>> No.9943815

that’s not me lol

>> No.9943817


nayrt but she obv means general you silly anon.

>> No.9943850

>General you
what even are you talking about...?

>> No.9944065

Sure, you just really care about this totally random girl kek

>> No.9944107

She wanted advice, got it, and then proceeded to ignore it and try to justify why she's ignoring the advice. That's why she got shit on.

sage because you're dumb as fuck

>> No.9944160

go read it again and see if that sounds like solid advice to you.
sage because you’re dumb as fuck

>> No.9944179

new thread: >>9944113

don't post your ahegao pics there.

>> No.9945042

You literally got solid advice on how to maximize engagement and continue growth and threw a fucking tantrum because it wasn't the asspats you wanted.
Why are thots always so retarded?

>> No.9946656


She's an insufferable efame chaser. She begs the Tokyo groups to send her event pictures so she can post them to Kera Style. She shills for Kera so hard and humblebrags about being friends with F*nny.