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Metamorphose summer sale:

Thank you for shopping at Metamorphose.
We would like to offer you SUMMER SALE again this year as a token of our gratitude

【Sale Period】
Stores: from opening time on Friday, June 29th
Online: around 5 p.m. on Friday, June 29th (JST)

Save up 30 - 50% on select sale items with some exceptions.

Don't miss a deal

The Summer Special Set will appear on store shelves as well.
Please drop in and check the sale if you're ever in our neighborhood

Most of the special sets already sold out since they were released few weeks ago.

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Baby/AatP has this list up but I can't find info on their online shop sale.

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Angelic Pretty sale info:


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I’ve been wondering about their online sale, in the last few years it’s started in the last few days of June but it’s July already now. Who knows?

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Any info on IW lps?

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Is this only the jp site? Any word on USA site having their sale?

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AP USA just sells the leftovers at barely any discount

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I missed all the good stuff last year and was hoping not to do the same again this year. Oh well.

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Why is the My Lolita Dress Triangle higher than the AP and BTSSB one? I am very confused!
Also wondering how long she has been wearing the style. I think she still looks like a beginner.

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>I would be uncomfortable if someone sexualised me while I was in the Lolita costume.
>Lolita costume
Out of all garbage in this... article? this got to me the most. What the fuck. Why

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Do Meta gradually lower the prices on the items that wont sell, like Angelic Pretty? There's a dress I want, and I want to see if I can get it any cheaper first

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The way she describes how soft, pretty, delicate, feminine, and cute she feels makes this sound like a disgusting sissy fetishist.
I fucking love the testimonials from her mom and boyfriend though. That gave me a hearty chuckle.

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That poor Cameo Window OP.

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They do! Just make sure it doesn't sell out.

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When is the IW sale.

I have so much stuff I want to buy from them that I know will inevitably end up in sale pls hurry IW.

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>Lolita costume.
>said by an actual lolita
Also if it didn't say she was a girl and showed pictures of her, i would assume it was a sissy talking.
She made the whole thing look freaky and managed to confirm several clichés in one article. Good job bitch.

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They announced their in-store summer sale a week or two ago, I imagine the online store sale will be announced soon. Really recommend following the brand and Fujiwara on twitter, and signing up to their newsletter if you haven't already.

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What is this attitude? Just buy it.

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I want as much money for the Baby sale as possible

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I think it's understandable, the Meta sale prices are not good for what they're selling. I like IW sales, those seem like the best value. Cute stuff very very cheap

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Anyone know what time though?

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I feel like it’s normally 12PM JP time but I could be wrong...

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Sakuracon MMM runway photos are out:


It's a shame that the stage equipment, speakers, etc, obstructed a lot of the shots.

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Just got the tweet, it's at 3 pm jp time.

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Is it just me or is AP's website chugging and crashing? Can't even get images to load. Like I understand why since there's the sale, but still, you'd think after this happening so much they'd be ready for the traffic.

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It's not just you. Not buying anything because they've barely put any blouses for sale. Gonna have to wait I guess.

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The really sad thing is by the time I got all the pages to load I couldn't find anything I wanted to buy. I didn't even see the dress I expected to be on sale there.

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I don't think there will be any this season. They did not produce much last year and feels like most of their leftovers was swept during presale so nothing to get rid of.

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It's been crashing the whole time. Luckily I got two nice bags I already wanted a long time.

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Forgive my stupid new fag ass - I've been a lolita for about 3 years but I have never requested an in store SS before.

But anyway what all do they sell during these sales? They didn't announce any re-releases so am I to assume the sale is just the stuff that was already in the stores up until this point?

Does that mean even newly released prints are on sale too or is it only certain items?

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I'm in a pretty big comm and when I go to meets I always run into at least one girl who only wears it for occasions like meets or cons and they say they can't imagine wearing it more than that.

Then I wonder if all "lifestylers" are really only on cgl because the more I go to meets, the more I find people who don't want to be lifestylers what so ever yet they have like 50 main pieces only for meets and special occasions.

There's like 300 some people in my comm and I RARELY run into someone who is into the idea of wearing it even every weekend. I tell people that I wear it every weekend (I can't wear it to work) and they get shocked.

Sorry for the skepticism, but it's starting to seem like the only people who truly believe in wearing the fashion all the time are on here and don't seem to exist too much outside of cgl space bubble.

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It really depends on your local comm and the people in it, I find. If it's full of people like what you describe, someone who's a daily lolita may not get along with them and would prefer to go lonelita, so you might not even know they exist in your area unless you run into them "in the wild", so to speak.
Case in point: I'm a daily lolita, I do interact with my comm and attend meets but most of my time wearing lolita is spent outside of meets. The only difference to your situation is the fact I do run into my comm members occasionally, when they're not in lolita themselves, and sometimes people who know what lolita is approach me to ask about it. And I very much do exist outside of cgl, haha.

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Well that's silly and not what I meant. Of course we all exist outside of cgl.

I run into my other comm members in and out of lolita. But the girls I have run into while they were wearing it were either on their way to a meet, or they were every daying it in a fucking replica.

I've run into more than a handful of girls wearing reps. Sad but true.

I guess it does depend on the area but I only used my comm as an example because there are literally so many in a small area. How come I never find other girls that wear it every day and do the whole lolita lifestyle thing and don't are about looking silly to normies? It's the opposite vibe.

The only time I really see lifestyles is on here and on facebook on occasion. Outside of that not much. I find a lot more people into only wearing it sometimes.

What helps drive this home for me is the amount of girls I've met who say things like "I can't wait to take this off!!". That is not the mentality of lifestyler who can't get enough of the fashion. I never want to change out of my fucking coords and don't until it's time for bed. I wear them every chance I get. This is not what other people I've met are doing.

And it's like not like I can't relate or some shit. I just think it's interesting that the people who take the fashion seriously and want to wear it as much as possible are usually all congregated on this shit hole board.

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Before the sale they take down what's going to be on sale from the site. It's usually stuff from winter.

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Usually people say they can't wait to get out of lolita because they wear uncomfortable shit like too small dresses, wigs, crappy shoes with no support, layers that make you too hot.

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It's not just those girls though! I have a friend who recently left lolita and she fit all the smallest shit from Mary Magdalene just fine but she would still tear herself out it as fast as she got home.

She'd even ask me if I wanted to change if I was at her house and wearing lolita. She couldn't even fathom the thought of somehow being fine in the clothes.

I feel like there are just more out there that don't care as much about the fashion as the re-re's on cgl do. Like most of my comm is just secret normies or something.

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people uglier and fatter than me got chosen to model

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>the exact reply I was expecting

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I have an OTT meetup in less than a month and idfk how to do my hair. I'm going with a rococo theme since that's very 'in' but I'm pretty unsure how to make the hair 'work'. An actual 18th century hairstyle seems too costumey but just a slight curl or leaving it down looks out of place. Any gulls have suggestions?

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if you're so fucking stunning, let's see your face.

oh that's right you're chicken shit and just like to run your mouth.

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Available from 4th July 8 pm JST.

Is Naffy to JetJ as Imai Kira to AP?

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MARBLE is having a sale as well.


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nayrt but this is the dumbest argument. nobody is going to post their face to win a disagreement on /cgl/. Whenever someone demands that another person post their face I automatically assume they aren't actually a lolita, because doing that would probably cause huge problems in your comm or for your social media.

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lol why u so mad over nothing

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I wear lolita regularly but I do think full coords are uncomfortable. I wear them to meets but if I'm not at a meet I don't want to wear headwear, it's annoying and uncomfortable. Jewelry just gets in the way. Legwear is better but I don't always wear it. Definitely always lolita blouse, jsk/ skirt, shoes and purse. It still looks cute this way and isn't so uncomfortable and fussy

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is it in the rules or etiquette of Fril that you must comment before buying?

I ordered two things through japonica. For one of them, I wrote to tell them that they needed to comment on the page before buying (it was in the description of the item). The other one doesn't seem to have any requests like that. Anyway, japonica commented on both listings to ask to buy them.. One was purchased successfully. On the one that didn't ask for comments, the owner hasn't replied for days, I'm worried someone else will buy it. Maybe they got mixed up and did it for both.

I don't want to pester them but should I email japonica saying like 'you don't need to comment on that one to buy it', then again i don't know that for absolute sure, and I don't want to confuse them?

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One thing I've noticed is all the lolitas I know who wear Lolita all the time don't identify as lifestylers. They just go to put on things and end up in Lolita. Tbh most of the time if someone makes a big deal about being a lifestyler I just assume they aren't one (not saying you are like that anon).

>> No.9928982

No, it's not a rule, it's just polite to do so. Some SSes will just comment on everything; FJ does the same. Maybe it's protocol for the staff? I think it's to ensure that the SS gets in no one's bad books and can continue doing business with the seller in the future even if the deal failed. Some sellers may choose to award the item to the first commenter, if someone buys it before they can respond to the comment.

>> No.9928985

ahhhh, thank you! that clears it up. I'll just wait then.

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when someone says they are a lifestyler they usually mean they do kawaii or old-fashioned hobbies

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saying you chose that theme because it's in makes you sound bad. anyway. pic related?

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Is this really the first time you've seen any of the models from the show? Pics have been out for a while now, these are just somebody elses photos. Were you even at the con?

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I just had multiple sellers with zero feedback and accounts <a day old buy a bunch of shit off of me on LM. Is it just a coincidence, or has anyone wlse had the same thing happen? It makes me kind of suspicious.

>> No.9929002

Many sellers require comments before buying, because they list items on multiple sites and want to prevent multiple sales for one item. It’s never a bad idea to do so.
If the seller doesn’t respond they might be dead-beat anyway.

>> No.9929012

don't waste your time. that other anon is clearly too deluded and jealous to properly communicate with.
or a troll.

>> No.9929018

If your name beginns with Sw, look at your feedback lmao. This is the weirdest thing. Are you selfposting? Or someone trying to point to feedback fraud? I'm confused.

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>The most common types are Gothic and Sweet lolita. You also have the Classic, Aristocratic and Sailor Lolita, but the broad divisions are between the Sweet and Gothic.
Girl has been into it for one year tops and got all her info from facebook. The absolute state of modern lolita.

>> No.9929040

Samefag but god, there is so much to quote. Where does the media find these people?
>Gothic Lolitas will [...] physically show in some way that their emotions are upset.

>> No.9929052

I have no idea what your talking about youre the one that is confusing me.

>> No.9929062

I tried to check who you were talking about and someone with 0 feedback and an 15 hour old account bought listings from a seller and immediately left positive feedback. I thought you were that seller.

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Reading through this made me want to kill myself. How can she be this off base?

>> No.9929075

No. 2 different buyers bought stuff from me yesterday/last night and both accounts were only a few hours old with zero feedback. I havent sold to them yet because 2 new users in 24 hours is suspicious as fuck

>> No.9929076


Well, outside of cgl where some gull tried to make "lifestyle lolita" fashionable so that she can open a shop, other people mostly remember it in connection with being lolitas at heart. So I guess I'm not really surprised if some girls just decide to distance themselves as soon as that phrase came up.

OP was probably looking for the term daily lolita instead.

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Anon, you should report this to LM mods. I've noticed clear feedback fraud in the past too.

>> No.9929089

Gulls, I’m in a little bit of a predicament. I sold a dress and headbow to a buyer who has all positive feedback on LM- the tracking number says it was delivered yesterday. The buyer immediately files a PayPal dispute saying she didn’t get it and wants a refund. The dispute was immediately shut down when I provided the tracking info. She claims it was stolen off her front porch- how often does this actually happen? I can’t tell if she’s lying or telling the truth. If she is telling the truth I feel horrible, but there isn’t really any way to prove this. What should I do? She’s been pretty aggressive in our correspondence and I feel bad but something is off here

>> No.9929103

>The buyer immediately files a PayPal dispute
>on the day she received it
There you have your answer. Every non-scammer would ask the seller how to handle the situation first, then the seller could contact the post office if it was actually stolen.

>> No.9929105

Also name amd shame or report her to LM. It's possible she already successfully did that a few times.

>> No.9929107

That’s what I figured- I was just kind of unsure because she has all positive feedback as a buyer (and seller), but who knows.

>> No.9929206

Did you only read the first part of my post? I said they wouldn't do it because duh, look at where they are posting. Don't compare yourself to models if you're not showing your face anywhere.

>> No.9929209

Baby's online sale is starting today at 7pm jp time. Hopefully it doesn't fuck up as colossally as AP's did yesterday.

>> No.9929252

I only see people connect it to lolitas at heart on cgl

>> No.9929263

You said it to b8 faggot.

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All I read seeing this in RuffleChat
>I can't grasp TaoBao brands are considered indie brands (which you would have noticed if not for the next two points).
>I'm to lazy to take a few seconds of scrolling to I can see there is a tread that is actively posting with almost the same question.
>So I'm basically asking you to spend time into spoonfedding me brands to look at while I'm too lazy to spend a few seconds into what you guys do.
>What a "funny" coincidence someone posted the thing I was too lazy to look for so now I look bad.

Why are people like this? I wanted to leave an annoyed comment but don't feel like drama. I had hoped she had a "new in group icon" or so, but not even that. She's a member for over half a year...

>> No.9929433

>"The name Lolita obviously relates to the book"


>> No.9929437

Taobao brands aren't indie brands

>> No.9929457

TaoBao brands are often considered indie brands and any indie brand topic is full of them. They are only listed separated sometimes because the platform hosts more than most others and all are Chinese so need SS to buy international for most people. They are small brands often owned by one or only a few people who happen to hold a store frond on the same site. It's not like they are all owned by a big TaoBao company or so...

It doesn't become a different store depending on if an indie brand uses taobao, storenvy, etsy, uses a FB page, or pays to get a/makes their own website made and hosted...

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>plot twist: Jack Ma is the secret financial backer of all the lolita brands on taobao and has incorporated the venture into a massive taobao lolita monopoly

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What are your favorite dresses in your wardrobe that you just can't get enough of, and can coord at least 5 different ways?

Also what are dresses that you find can only be coorded one or two ways?

I realized as much as I love all my dresses I want to shift my wardrobe to easier to wear pieces. I have my dream dresses that I wear only 1-2 times a year, but non dream dresses I can style multiple ways and make a good last minute coord with. Sometimes I want to wear one of my most loved dresses more often but I just can't think of how to not repeat a coord for the 10th time.

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File: 40 KB, 450x570, 21350841-7fb6-5e69-b782-e6fc56af7682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My wardrobe isn't even that big, but I can throw together five different looks with this JSK. It's one of my favorites for that reason.

>> No.9929502

>I just can't think of how to not repeat a coord for the 10th time
Who cares? Just wear what you like jfc. I don't know a single normie who thinks about their clothing like this.

>> No.9929507

Nayrt but lolita isn't normie though
Also I have no problem repeating outfits but if I want to post coord pics online I want them to all be different

>> No.9929526

Again, taobao brands aren't indie brands (an independent designer with an atelier).
Not too mention none of the brands in that screen shot are on taobao.

>> No.9929543

The absolute state of modern lolita

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File: 67 KB, 600x600, BvugTrfCQAEUb2u (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well I don't particularly care that much, since I actually do re-wear them but I realized I want to invest in pieces that are versatile.

There's only so many ways you can wear Crystal Dream Carnival or Holy Lantern for example without it starting to bore you. It's just fun to have multiple ways to wear something.

>> No.9929639

I love the way I look in lolita clothes but they are SO physically uncomfortable. I'ts the only reason I don't wear them very often. I don't know how much of a part my health problems play in that, but it is exhausting. Even though I always make sure my clothes are comfortably loose on me it's still tight and heavy. Hot too. I spent a couple years being upset at myself for never wearing lolita even though I love it, but at this point I've come to accept that I just can't wear that kind of stuff comfortably.

>> No.9929663


I actually find Holy Lantern high-waist jsk pretty wearable, you can pretty much coord it like any other darker-coloured dress. It's just the flocking that makes me nervous to damage it. As for CDC, both jsks can be coorded a variety of different ways as well. What makes it limiting is that it's very fancy with gold trim, so that makes it inappropriate for casual occassions. Which is a different topic than saying "you can't make that many coords with it". You can, it's just hard to coord it for something other than tea parties.

As for my most versatile pieces, they tend to be the plainest jsks, or jsks with detachable pieces. Solids and muted colour schemes are more versatile. If you want to have a lot of coords, then pick a colour that goes well with a lot of other colours, eg black or neutral brown, dusty colours or pastels.

Least versatile are those pieces that are the most flashy OTT princess onepieces that don’t have detachable bits to take off and make it less fancy. On the other hand, they’re often the most opulent pieces of self-indulgence, so there’s something really special about wearing them instead of just throwing on yet another plain jsk.

I should mention that most of my blouses are optimized for jsks, as in they're too sheer or they don't have a nice bottom to go with skirts, plus I also have like ten cardigans and another ten(maybe?) boleros that I can easily mix and match with different jsks. Someone else who prefers skirts better probably has a different set of blouses and other things that they can mix and match better with skirts. So, sort of like you can't just think about the main pieces, but also need to the entire wardrobe as whole.

>> No.9929701

Anyone have recommendations for affordable underskirts of various lengths from Taobao?

>> No.9929711

I work at a post office and yes this does happen, but it's probably a 3/100 chance depending on your neighbourhood. Ultimately you have done everything on your part and so has your postage provider.
If someone walks into a store and steals shit off a shelf it's not anybody's fault, people are just shit. She can't hold you responsible for the fact that someone else stole her parcel and you need to stand firm on that. If Paypal have sided with you she's either scamming or it's not your problem.

Local theft needs to be reported to local police. Tell her to talk to them.

>> No.9929745

And the other anon wasn't baiting by claiming to be better looking than models? Please.

>> No.9929746
File: 22 KB, 250x333, 51bd5db2-5b88-5563-b3ba-cba3da572e33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yeah anon, you're very right about skirts. I do like JSKs and OPs, even have some fancier ones like you mentioned including a rather OTT AP piece despite mostly liking toned down classic and gothic, but they're outnumbered by skirts really.

Not only are skirts super affordable but they're so flexible. I have lots of blouses to combo, bustiers, vests, capes, jackets, boleros, etc. Bustiers and vests are really my true love for pairing with skirts. So while I love my JSKs and OPs when I'm going for a specific look or just feel like wearing them I feel like skirts are what bring out more of my creativity with coording.

Like, I wouldn't say I definitively have one piece more flexible than others, but with my current wardrobe one is IW's Dollhouse skirt in black. Really easy to pull out the red, white, and dusty pink from the print for blouse and accessories, or mostly stick to black, or bring in grey to go with everything, etc etc.

Plain stuff is also just as versatile, I'm probably just fond of Dollhouse for combos because it's a simple print in terms of colors and I own plenty in all of those colors to let different parts of it pop.

>> No.9929747

>but if I want to post coord pics online I want them to all be different
So that you can't paint an illusion to your followers? What do you get out of that.

>> No.9929749

>I always make sure my clothes are comfortably loose on me it's still tight and heavy
You sound like you might not be all there mentally if you somehow feel both of those at once..

>> No.9929756

Why does AP release everything in only 90cm bust sizes now? The only good thing about my small chest was I could fit lolita and now it's just like trying on western clothing.

>> No.9929791


^agreed. I'm completely flat so it just looks baggy on the chest area now

>> No.9929810

No, it's because I want to post new things...?

>> No.9929816

I mean I’m sure it’s not your intention but it does make it seem as if you are desperate for attention. If you are worried that your coord is boring, don’t post it.

>> No.9929829

She needs to file a police report if it was stolen. Not your responsibility once It’s delivered to her.

>> No.9929830

and not because you're worried about someone complaining that you wore the same thing twice?
Just own up to it. You're scared of someone saying something about you.

>> No.9929841

I only post on COF. Who would I post the exact same coord twice? I don't think it's really painting a fake image of me.

>> No.9929846

you dont have to post everything you wear every single day if your enjoyment comes from showing off what you wear to strangers online to the point you actively plan everything you wear for the purpose of posting it and not from actually wearing the clothes and spending time in them maybe take a break and reflect on why you're into this hobby.

>> No.9929848

You sound like a triggered poorfag with a very small wardrobe

>> No.9929851

>Who would I post the exact same coord twice?
Ignoring your dumb ass typo - I'm pretty sure you do this because this is a common complaint in the CoF threads here.

>> No.9929857

But I don't post every day. I post very rarely, especially in comparison to how much I wear lolita. In my original post I just said I don't want to post the same coord pic twice because I don't.

I don't really see how my typo is related and maybe I do subconsciously, but my main reasoning is because I don't want to post the same coord twice.

>> No.9929859


underrated post. Thank you anon!

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From Meta. Scheduled for release on July 6th, 5 pm JST.

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File: 161 KB, 720x1018, IMG_20180703_182001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.9929918

....Meta can just take my money

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>tfw it's this bodyline dress
It's probably because i don't have to handwash it, it's solid and the fabric is sturdy.

I also enjoy my day dream carnival skirt, but i miss cutsews to coord it in as much ways i would like.

>> No.9929932

Nayrt but why would that anon be triggered when she pointed out that you don't need to post for attention every time you wear the same damn thing?

>> No.9929970

That lace bolero is so cute!

>> No.9930130

I don't know if this is wa or qi lolita or what, but Meta, take my money. I need this on my body

>> No.9930131

Agreed, anon. Where do you get your vests and bustiers from?

>> No.9930175

Wow, do you not know what the word "ignore" means?

>> No.9930208

only a few taobao brands I know of are considered chinese indie (truly independent designers): dear celine, elpress L, 69th dept., amastacia, Surface spell, rose melody...

then there are taobao brands which aim to be big operations similar to Jbrands: Magic Tea Party, Classical Puppets, Krad Lanrete, Infanta, ToAlice...

there is a distinction.

>> No.9930256

Mint or black high waist. Hnnng

>> No.9930264

Many (more than half) of Taobao brands are literally the side project of one or two designers who have regular day jobs doing unrelated things. That's why so many of them appear and disappear so quickly. It is functionally Chinese Etsy. Some are companies, some are literally one person designing things on her laptop and either negotiating with factories or sewing things herself.
>sounds p. indie

>> No.9930294

Yes but all the lolitas who talk about supporting "indie Chinese brands" usually talk about the big names such as infanta like >>9930208 mentioned or at least from what I've seen

>> No.9930320


>> No.9930336

Ahh, yeah. It's been 4 days and the seller hasn't replied. Thankfully I think japonica will let me cancel after 7 days if the seller doesn't respond.

>> No.9930405

Scrolling through Lolita Updates.. has anyone else noticed the recent influx of Taobao dresses with lemons!??!

In the last month there have been at least 10 or 15 dresses with lemons? FUCKING LEMONS?!

>> No.9930412

I blame Q-pot. They started the trend.

>> No.9930420

Even Baby put out a lemon dress recently, I don’t get it either anon.

>> No.9930534
File: 239 KB, 980x380, ph-top-2018_ss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Innocent world sale in on Thursday, 2:00 pm jst

>> No.9930552

Now I'm kind of glad AP's sale was a shitshow, more money to throw at IW.

I'm an IW-fag so a lot are IW, they make bustiers in almost every color and in lots of different ways. I also have a good few Boz ones, I wish I could have more honestly; they just pop up a lot less secondhand and for a lot more than IW typically. I own one or two here and there from other brands, I just have my biases for Boz and IW. I honestly want to try getting a VM bustier someday as they had some beautiful ones but I'm a bit concerned I won't fit.

>> No.9930569


It’s a very general fashion trend. Started with Dolce & Gabbana. You can find lemon-print clothes in mall stores for a while now, lolita does follow general trends to some extent. Like how off the shoulder tops trended a bit, at the same time as in general fashion.

>> No.9930574

We had another lemon dress trend a few years ago. I think it’s a summer thing. Are they the new strawberry?

>> No.9930588
File: 62 KB, 595x842, 36544556_10209365537694235_7342550006181658624_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't know how to feel over this. Kind of like it in white but don't know if I love it enough to buy. Do you think it'll sell out quickly or kinda hang around enough for me to mull it over?

>> No.9930595

I love it but predict that the babydoll will not sell out while everything else does. That cut is so atrocious, only a fatty or someone very thin would want it. Average girls will look like trash in it. You heard it here first

>> No.9930600

White will definitely sell out first because the it's the only one that has nice contrast (and black pastel is always a hard sell), but I'm not sure how long it'll take. All the cuts are terrible. Would not buy.

>> No.9930611

I come from a hardcore mexican family and i really fucking want this print but all the cuts are hideous, so im going to have to pass. Again. I remember when AP was my go-to brand, but I haven't bought anything from them since Day Dream Carnival.

>> No.9930614

Same anon, same. Pretty crap.

>> No.9930621
File: 261 KB, 818x467, F4818DE8-E53B-46B0-9027-966132522D15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is this taobao looking dumpster fire?

>> No.9930636
File: 35 KB, 400x516, 7feaef81c368cfdab493768dd349cf53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sweet lolita doesn't look like baby clothes!!!

>> No.9930639

>Sugar Gross

>> No.9930640

That c looks nothing like a g. Are you dyslexic?

>> No.9930674

Why is "lolita" capitalized?

>> No.9930721

You should read.. Any history about lolita

>> No.9930723

>thinking one AP release represents all sweet

>> No.9930744
File: 379 KB, 595x842, pop (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Help. I can't figure out what's wrong with the cutsew onepiece. It's the one on the bottom left, and here is Fancy Hospital cutsew onepiece for comparison. Sugar Cross looks wider somehow, I'm trying to decide if that means the dress is going to be a lot shorter.

Kind of low-key kicking myself for passing on all of the cutsew onepieces, they're harder to find secondhand and somehow not even much cheaper. I want them all, but I don't want to get stuck with the one release that's shorter than the others.

>> No.9930753

Taobao is shit and you're shit for thinking it's Chinese etsy

>> No.9930756

I really fucking wish this came in a skirt or a normal waist cut or anything that isn't a sack/high waisted. I hate the look of high waisted dresses but I would drop the money on this in an instant if it wasn't that stupid cut.

>> No.9930758

Another release noone asked for.

>> No.9930812


Man I love you for updating us, and I'm also sad because I'll be stuck without internet at exactly that time.

Hope it's a good sale and all the gulls get what they want though.

>> No.9930874
File: 25 KB, 384x384, unnamed (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

JetJ Vin design nobles JSK is my most versatile item. The print is rich in colours and can also work with casual normal wear

>> No.9930897

A lot of AP’s releases in the past few years look like that, though, and AP is the most popular sweet lolita brand.

>> No.9930899

the cutsew would be really nice for casual

>> No.9930961
File: 116 KB, 570x640, 1aanne_sophia_nee_herbert_cou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This dress is too beige for me, and that wig does the model no favors. Like the illustrations though, if they'd do mauve, lilac, lavender, or blue or green I'd love it. I do appreciate how they've been steadily adding back stock, got two dream dresses that way.

Unless it looks good on you, I wouldn't go for the full spaniel ears style (http://madameisistoilette.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-17th-century-spaniel-ears-hairstyle.html), and settle for a more 18th century look.

It's too hot and humid here right now to go to work in lolita, but come fall and all through winter and spring I'll be life styling. Also taking a bunch on trips to Europe/

>> No.9930965

Are you plum-chan?

Because jetj like this is the opposite of versatile.

>> No.9930971
File: 32 KB, 360x418, chris.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chris chan unironically rocking that 18th century hair.

>> No.9930973

It happens that your package gets stolen and the company still marks it as delivered because they're lazy assholes, but on the day of delivery? That's fishy and I agree she's a scammer.

>> No.9930976
File: 150 KB, 480x360, p4060240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hot too.
My only problem was armpit sweat, I don't want to look pretty all day but reek by the end of it, and my life was revolutionized when I discovered they make panty liners for armpits.

>> No.9930978

That's okay, anon. I have long-sleeved all black OPs by VM, MM, and JetJ, and I love them, but I hardly ever wear them because I don't have enough funerals to go to.

>> No.9930979

I like the colors but I don't like meta's lace.

That looks pretty terrible, anon. Are you short enough that it doesn't look weird?

>> No.9930982
File: 52 KB, 640x480, 7978D629-0D27-4E71-87CA-B36482B102EF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't have enough funerals to go to
There’s a simple way to remedy this.

>> No.9930984

lolita fashion show models often have ugly faces. Look at k8(both k8s actually)

>> No.9931010
File: 188 KB, 768x768, 1474256324691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being an AP fag and watching your favorite brand slowly release more and more trash and become worse with every update. I'm truly sorry for you guys.

>> No.9931012

Except they've released a lot of popular things lately. Be saltier.

>> No.9931016

I didn't talk about popularity and I'm not salty either.

>> No.9931019


>> No.9931028

Jokes are supposed to be funny

>> No.9931029

It means the dress is going to be a lot wider for fatties.

>> No.9931034
File: 169 KB, 500x600, IMG_4543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doesn't see the correlation between better looking items and how popular they are

Idk, you're probably just trolling or retarded but AP has released some cute popular items lately

>> No.9931042

>she thinks popularity equals quality when fucking china is the main market
I mean as long as you're happy with it. But I'm sorry for the people who aren't.

>> No.9931048

I know since you shit all over AP for no wellfounded reason you wouldn't know this, but prices for items like that are high in the japanese and western secondhand marketplace as well, so it's not exclusively china that has been liking the newer releases. Normally stuff that's popular in china doesn't necessarily go for as much as it would over there secondhand in JP much less the western areas. But I guess you'd rather bitch about muh china muh ap is shit than face facts like AP has been releasing a ton of hits that even get rereleases or MTOS not long after they are put out initially because they're so popular.

>> No.9931085
File: 24 KB, 260x260, 61Mj+7z7YmL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's a lot of defensiveness and implying shit I didn't write for the 5 sentences I wrote.
I didn't shit over "all over" AP, I just said their recent releases are bad and I feel sorry for the people who have to watch their favorite brand slowly looking like taobao just because that's what the chinese love. Yes, westeners buy AP too duh, but AP clearly is less interested in catering to them in comparison to China.
And if you think a higher retail price or good second hand value automatically means the item is equally as good constructed, detailed and made out of better quality materials, you are naive as hell. And again, same goes for popularity. But if you like it and are okay with it that's completely fine.

>> No.9931100

You're saying that like Moitie isn't becoming worse since Wunderwelt got their dirty hands on it.

>> No.9931103

>XD muh ap is taobao now meme
Reach harder.

>trying to bring quality into the argument
What recent AP releases do you own that you have issues with the quality? If you can't put together that an item being better designed adds to the quality then you are either retarded or like I said, trolling.

>> No.9931106

Where did I talk about Moitie? So now you went from denial to "y-you too!".Christ anon, take a walk outside.

>> No.9931107

>thinking that it's only one person discussing this


>> No.9931109

It's probably a troll, they post a mana reaction image and then act oblivious as to why moitie was brought up

>> No.9931112

I disagree, but can we talk for a sec about how shitty and money grubbing Wunderwelt and its owners are?

>> No.9931115

>quoting you with memes is an argument!
Might as well post a brainlet next anon.
And didn't bring quality into the argument, I was talking about it since post one. And I think the end product of Fancy Hospital was incredibly disappointing. I also miss AP's custom lace and noticed that their sewing on the hems became more sloppy. And their cuts become more and more boring too.
>If you can't put together that an item being better designed adds to the quality
Literally where did I say that? I even mentioned construction is a criteria for quality. Honestly calm tf down and read properly for a minute.

>> No.9931116
File: 40 KB, 370x547, 1474240080781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>every opinion I don't like is a troll
Is that why you are so triggered? Because I posted a Mana reaction image?

>> No.9931118

Fancy hospital was put out over a year ago. What ap releases that are recent do you own that you have issues with the quality? Not what releases that were put out quite a while ago do you have an issue with. You keep misreading shit and then tell me to read? Hilarious delusion-chan

>> No.9931119

>one post suddenly means i'm triggered

troll confirmed

>> No.9931123

Why would I buy more trash after I already received trash once? What do you deem as "recent" oh holy rational, totally-not-in-denial-chan?

>> No.9931125

>doesn't own any recent AP
>complains about the quality
>implying all brands don't put out the occasionally poorly constructed piece

You sure are earning your name Delusion-chan.

>> No.9931134

You're acting as if comms and friends don't exist. At least anwer my question.
>occasionally poorly constructed
Hahaha, you have to have incredibly shit taste. It's fine, keep on dreaming as long as you enjoy your garbage all is well.

>> No.9931141

People in my comm got scammed by them by not including all ordered items. When trying to contact them, they told the gal in our comm she was lying.

>> No.9931142

omg the OPs already look fat unworn

>> No.9931148

>y-you have shit taste
>ap is taobao meme
>cherrypicking points to reply to while ignoring what makes you look bad
>muh big bad china
>not having first hand experience in the items you are complaining about

Wow, I didn't think it'd happen but congrats! You just hit bingo for the "uninformed /cgl/ troll" card.

>> No.9931149

Examples? I've never heard anything bad about WW other than their items being overpriced, and that's ok with me as long as it keeps their Fleur website up and running.

>> No.9931156

>y-you have shit taste
"quoting you with memes is an argument!"
>ap is taobao meme
"quoting you with memes is an argument!"
>cherrypicking points to reply to while ignoring what makes you look bad
What did I cherrypick? Did I forget something?
>muh big bad china
"quoting you with memes is an argument!"
>not having first hand experience in the items you are complaining about
I have, but then you decided to move the goalpost.

You know, when I try to reply to someone this retarded, it can't be helped.

>> No.9931164

>projecting by calling other people retarded

I feel bad for you

>> No.9931182

>can't even reply to anything else I said and responds with "n-no u!" instead
I take that as an agreement that you just can't admit to.

>> No.9931185

Keep not actually addressing my points delusion-chan

>> No.9931193

a money-grubbing business in a capitalistic society? no way :(

>> No.9931199

Again, what points did I not address? Repeating me in memespeak is not a valid point.

>> No.9931205

Go back and read, dumbass

>> No.9931210

I did, that's why I was asking you twice about what I supposedly left out and cherrypicked but since you avoid the answer, it seems like you don't know either.

>> No.9931211

It's sad that you still don't get it even though you went back and read it all.

>> No.9931225


That's not too bad, I could always tailor it smaller then. Guess I'll check the length again when it goes up.

>> No.9931227

It's sad that you can't answer simple questions, but then again it's not really surprising for someone who willingly spends a good amount of money on low quality garbage.

>> No.9931231

>can't read
>says it's sad others can't answer simple questions
>has to copy others to come up with a comeback


>> No.9931240

>keeps avoiding the original question
This is getting boring now. One last time, what did I not address? If you don't answer with the specific point, you're just talking out of your ass because you want to have the last word despite having shit arguments and are officially the more retarded one of both of us.

>> No.9931241

Oh my god you two just get a fucking room and fuck it out.

>> No.9931245

Scroll up and read. If you're too retarded to understand after reading idk what to tell you, I'm not qualified to teach special education kids.

>> No.9931247

Alright then, at least you're true to yourself behind all the denial. I'm out, modern AP a shit.

Nah thanks, I'd rather not get infected with whatever disability she has. I also don't feel attracted to people with that amount of shit taste.

>> No.9931249

I love all Angelic Pretty equally

>> No.9931250

>too retarded to read
>modern AP is shit

Checks out, both are things I'd expect an uninformed retard to say.

>> No.9931574

I'm in the process of losing weight, but what do you all do with your clothes that are too small on you? If it was normie I'd donate but my lolita stuff is special.

>> No.9931578

If I really love the piece, I display it on a mannequin or stash it away as weight loss motivation. If it's something easily replaceable like a generic blouse or a print that comes up often I just sell it.

>> No.9931599

Hmmm idk man, I’ve been ordering from them and they honestly have cheaper prices than egl when it comes to stuff and list items properly. The only time I would say I got mad at them is when I ordered that stupid Four Seasons Set off their Fleur website and the shit was poorly made. Like how can an OP be huge in the arm section and yet have a tiny neck??? Is that their fault though? No but I wish they had a support system where I can review this/comment on it on their website.

>> No.9931609

To add to this: their shipping can be pricey with heavy stuff but honestly they’ve always done right by me. They’ve refunded me when the cost was much less than expected, ship incredibly fast (to florida), and their point system/review for points is hell of a lot better than fucking AP’s point system. Some stuff can be over priced but honestly it’s all about looking for those deals. I’ve gotten some amazing stuff from them in the past two years. Also their website is incredibly easy to navigate/translate. Tbh I love Wunderwelt and always will.

>> No.9931610

Sounds fake, you can see a list of your previous orders and what they had, all with links.

>> No.9931618

I saw something on fb that kind of implied that AP ripped off someone or something? I don't know for sure if it's this release or not, but OP never replied to ppls comments on fb and I'm hella curious

>> No.9931621

Same here. I know people gripe about their prices being higher than CC's, but I understand it what with all the extra perks that come with their website and service compared to CC. (Though it's kind of BS how after stuff sitting on their webstore for years they still won't lower the price, they'll never sell WW, 50% off once in a blue doesn't cut it.) I seriously appreciate the better pictures especially, I'm just so tired of CC's shit photography.

I've also generally had really good service with their customer service in english. Pretty fast response times with really good english. They're happy to give me more details on an item if I ask and I've also requested multiple times to purchase Sheglit items they didn't have on their store and they were happy to do it right away for me.

>> No.9931634

Ooh, deets? What have they done?

>> No.9931662

IW's sale is live, pretty disappointing desu. I was really hoping to see this JSK as it didn't sell out in any color or size over the winter. And the Higanbana JSK. I didn't get to see the brief online sale in May since I was traveling, was this a part of that sale or no?

>> No.9931663

Oops, dropped my image.

>> No.9931754


>in the process of losing weight
>clothes too small

Eventually you'll get small enough to fit it....? idk, I'm misunderstanding the question somehow?

Anyway, it's why I usually go for the shirred piece of any release, they'll generally go up or down several sizes before you're either too big or too small for them. Gives you a lot of leeway if you're the type that bloats, or alternatively you're the type that hoards dresses for ten years -- you could lose/gain a lot of weight in ten years.

>> No.9931762


I think they sometimes pack away old season stock and then bring it back again next season. Dissappointed not to see Higanbana too -- the print is gorgeous but bodice repeating the print didn't quite hit the mark, I'd buy it as a skirt and put a bustier over it, or buy it on sale to mod it into a different dress.

I still put in for a couple of sales dresses and a headband. The way IW runs their shop though, I wouldn't be surprised if everything except the headband was sold out, hah.

>> No.9931819

It depends on the piece. My very first lolita dress is too small and I will never fit it again (bought as a young teen) but I will never sell it because it's precious, also it won't go for much. I recently bought another piece that is 3 inches too small at least, and I'm using it for motivation to keep losing weight.

For pieces where you like the print you can try finding an alternate cut that is more accommodating. For skirts, blouses and shoes I would probably sell to get more fitting and comfortable versions. Never hurts to have roomier basics even if you do lose weight.

>> No.9931929

AP no

>> No.9931930

I am tired.

>> No.9931935

>another HL
>not a Halloween Treats pre-order or MTO

This better not be all we're getting for Halloween.

>> No.9931940

Did you actually look at the image you retard? Why would a MTO for AP paris be all AP puts out for halloween?

>> No.9931943

>Implying AP would go through the trouble of contracting a factory to do HL again and only bother with one store on one continent

anon stop if you make me laugh you'll blow my cover at work.

>> No.9931954

You need to actually enlarge and read the image. The MTO is to celebrate the AP paris 2nd anniversary.

>> No.9931965

This is rapidly becoming the yoga pants of lolita.

>> No.9931975

Did you even read my reply?

>> No.9932001

100% true
it's like the uniform at this point.

>> No.9932002

Are you fucking kidding me
Worst cut too

>> No.9932007

Nayrt but there's like 20 colours in the print, I could pair that with anything gothic/classic and it would look good

>> No.9932022

>special for your shop's anniversary!
>dress that's been rereleased countless times

>> No.9932045

>not being able to see how cheap that looks
I found something sadder than AP fags losing their burando to the chinese

>> No.9932050

i feel sorry for the eu lolitas that try so hard to support ap paris

>> No.9932051

Did you even read the image?

>> No.9932053

Ah, I see you don't understand anything about production and manufacturing. Thanks for confirming you're retarded.

>> No.9932059

>projecting this hard


>> No.9932061

>losing my mind
can anyone help me remember the name of this print? I could've sworn the word tea was in the name and lolibrary has not been my friend today

>> No.9932064

a la carte tea time

>> No.9932073

thank you so much.
my GOSH I was close to breaking something.

>> No.9932268

You clearly don't know anything about AP, they do this all the time.

I have a special set Misty Sky they only made for one shop you fucking dunce.

>> No.9932295

good for you?

>> No.9932297

Just ignore them. it's a newfag trying to look like they know everything

>> No.9932328

Yeah, I've seen a lot of this shit lately.

Like that dimwit that didn't recognize Dreamy Planetarium.

There are so many uninformed retards coming to the lolita side of this board lately.

>> No.9932331

AP does this literally all the time. There are so many store specific releases I can't even list them all off the top of my head. Settle the fuck down newfag.

>> No.9932339

Dreamy Planetarium is a shitty and forgettable print, it's understandable for someone to not know it.

>> No.9932341

It's actually pretty iconic as far as space prints go. Just because you don't personally like it doesn't mean people don't lose their shit over it, particularly the normal waist JSK.

>> No.9932342

then how come there was a rerelease and a special set?

that person was a newfag. Quit defending them.

>> No.9932344

it's probably the same dumb ass who didn't recognize the print because they're not actually a lolita.

>> No.9932362

>normal waist JSK
Anon, this doesn't exist. There was a skirt, high waist JSK, sack jsk, and high waist OP.

>> No.9932368

It's not listed as high waist and I was trying to get across the point that the popular one isn't the sack cut. Calm your autism.

>> No.9932376

Is there an email order option too?

>> No.9932391

Or some anons just don't give a shit about AP.

>> No.9932395

Nayrt but if you can't name the basic popular prints of a brand even if you don't like it I highly suspect you've not been in this fashion for long. I don't give a shit about jetj or moitie and even I know their more popular stuff. You pick stuff up like that after lurking or reading enough in forums or social media

>> No.9932422

agreed, and even if you don't know the names you can still recognize the designs

>> No.9932449

On Monday they will accept email orders

>> No.9932717

probably a noob question but is sweetdollyhouse on etsy legit/good quality?
also i know cute moon bunny is a different store/person, but they have similar stuff and i kind of remember hearing bad stuff about them a few years back. should i buy from them or steer clear?

>> No.9932722

Both are good quality, and iirc they're sisters (though I read that on here years ago so don't know how true that is)

>> No.9932770

I thought they weren't related but had collaborated together a while ago which is why some of their pieces look similar.

>> No.9933267

APfags always thinks the lolita world revolves around AP.

>> No.9933373

Sometimes it makes me salty how much lolita has changed. I'm not a fan of old-school, but I feel like there was more ''acceptable'' in lolita. Like, if AP would release a cut like pic related in 2018, some people would argue it's not lolita even though it was released by a lolita brand. Because it doesn't fit a double layer of petticoats and doesn't reach the knees and doesn't have enough lace. Like people argue that salopettes aren't lolita, but if salopettes were released by lolita brands 15 years earlier I think they would have been accepted as lolita.

>> No.9933376

judging by popularity and business it does though :^)

>> No.9933386

I kind of agree. I think people used to be more excited to learn about new aspects of lolita and discover new ''substyles''. But now people are more about keeping lolita the way it is supposed to be in their opinion and it almost feels like they are scared of changes.

>> No.9933390

Does anyone understand what happened to Heart E??

>> No.9933404

disregard those ppl and keep doing what u want

>> No.9933449

>people are more about keeping lolita the way it is supposed to be in their opinion and it almost feels like they are scared of changes
I think it comes down to this, some people have this image in their head of what lolita is/was at a certain period of time and they don't want the fashion to move on or evolve from that point at all.

I first found out about the fashion around the end of OTT sweet era, it honestly feels like some people are still stuck in it sometimes. I don't even wear sweet but I've seen some girls in simpler sweet-classic coords that would've been accepted as lolita in the past, being told to call their fashion otome because the skirt length isn't exactly at the knees and they're only wearing one petticoat and they're wearing a simple hat instead of a head eating bow.

At the same time, brands put out things now that are slightly different and people whine that it's not lolita, even if it would've been considered lolita if it was put out 10 years ago. The complaints about tea length dresses or even A line dresses that hit mid calf come to mind.

>> No.9933451

It's the most popular brand and the oldest of the sweet brands. It kinda does, at least in lolita.

>> No.9933464

oh my fucking christ you got so fucking rekt and you just can't let it go. please reply to me again, you're hilarious.

>> No.9933486

Anyone going in on the new Lief release? I'm on the fence about it and I'm not sure which colorway I prefer.

>> No.9933493

This is going to be the next Nameless Poem. I already see it.

>> No.9933518

Not really, early 90s PRETTY didn't look like lolita and was a collective brand if I remember correctly. Meanwhile Baby always had the look.

>implying it's only one anon

>> No.9933521

Has anyone had trouble buying from Bodyline? I haven't ordered from them since the big upgrade, when they still accepted Paypal.
Now I'm trying to buy and I've used two separate debit cards to attempt and keep getting the same "2001:"1G12" Error, which I guess has something to do with my cards. At first I thought it was my bank denying what they figured was suspicious activity, but trying my work debit card does the same thing.
Do I need to use a credit card? Are there any other options?

>> No.9933528

nah, I'm not buying it. I know there are a ton of newfags in the summer but why else would they start trying to defend DP anon so bad?

>> No.9933532

Okay, but this does not change the fact AP is the oldest sweet lolita brand, and the most popular.

>> No.9933533

Because anti AP fags are pants on head levels of retarded and will grasp at any straw to try and convince people that AP is taobao tier garbage and that we're all just blind and AP is popular for no reason

>> No.9933536

where can I see pics of really early AP back when it was just Pretty?

>> No.9933540


>> No.9933544

google doesn't bring up any good sites though.

>> No.9933560

Wow their site is down again.

>> No.9933571

OH well never mind. I guess I had bad timing, happened to look at the site at the time of a release and got a response making it seem like the site was down. Good luck for those that are trying.

>> No.9933650


Eh, you just need a little dose of what other people want to call "lolita" and then you'll be slamming the lid down pretty fast on that pandora's box: >>9932684

>> No.9933654

Someone went to go see them at Atelier Pierrot and said that the colors are darker than in pics, the green is more of an army green and the blue is also more darker and the pinstripe texture is more obvious.

>> No.9933701
File: 86 KB, 377x594, dfd9295c-e096-4865-a488-8711b1ba27f6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I found a few from lolibrary


Found the skirt by typing in "Pretty 199" and the jsk by typing in "Pretty 2001". Looks like they changed their name to Angelic Pretty somewhere around 2001, 2002. There's a few more items in the "Pretty 2001" search results, you can look at those.

If you have access to old Japanese street fash magazines (Kera, not fruits), then you might be able to see pictures of old Pretty stuff pre-1999. The GLB was first published in 2001, I guess you can take that as borderline before and after.

>> No.9933705

Yeah no

>> No.9933725

Those people existed in lolita 20 years ago too

>> No.9933738

Damn, I wish we could tell from the pics what the actual color is. I thought this release was cute when they released the initial colors but now that there's beige involved I'm fucked.

>> No.9933746


That's what made the Western lolitas create the rules in the first place, lol.

>> No.9933783

That was my first post on the subject.

>> No.9933865
File: 146 KB, 1365x2048, 36596412_1723541424430726_8546816552027029504_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it's really cute and would be great for daily wear but I'm worried about the sizing being huge. I think the dress looks unflatteringly large even on the taller model, and I'm personally 10-15 cm below the measurements given for the M size so I don't think I can justify buying it.

>> No.9934065 [DELETED] 


>> No.9934066


>> No.9934081

I think those mini dresses as well as shorter skirts are out of fashion because the main demographic is older nowaways and they feel more comfortable in longer/roomier cuts etc. There are also barely any people who'd fit into stuff like this and brands discovered that more forgiving sizing = maximum profit. Newbies who joined the fashion in the past 5 years of course don't recognize stuff this as lolita anymore because it's nowhere to be seen and when it is they naturally go apeshit over it.

>> No.9934088

I'm also on the fence. I want to love this but a recent cancer death in my family makes me a bit uncomfortable about the nurse theme.

>> No.9934121

your comment just gave me cancer

>> No.9934125

Wait until you realize that people work as nurses too.

>> No.9934131

I've been in and out of hospitals my whole life and I love nurse themes. What sort of delusional next level reaching do you have to use to come to the conclusion that because someone you used to know died = nurse themes are bad?

>> No.9934133
File: 141 KB, 400x300, 400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

off topic but ive noticed people who have spent a lot of time in hospitals have a different take on them than most people. so many people see hospitals as dreaded, anxiety causing places, probably because their main experiences in them have been surrounding tragedy and death. whereas people who have been in the medical system a long time associate them with safety and structure.

>> No.9934136

I associate them with money = gone

>> No.9934151

Hm, now I'm super unsure on which colorway to get. I'd like something for more daily wear but the stock photo for the blue just screams nurse while the others are a bit more ambiguous.

>> No.9934172

I don't associate it with safety in structure, more like vomiting, the smell of disinfectant, and bruises, but that doesn't mean fancy hospital isn't cute as shit. I think it's more of a matter of some people like >>9934088 being overly sensitive.

>> No.9934334
File: 89 KB, 991x509, IMG_20180707_223545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New prints & sale

>> No.9934339
File: 599 KB, 478x640, B42OJ221_model-03-478x640.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9934356
File: 296 KB, 675x1200, IMG_7691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always forget to look at kerastyle, even though I enjoy it more than CoF

>> No.9934363

This is so fucking ugly, the white and cream and grey just look mismatched and the dress is cheap looking to begin with. The nice legwear and shoes just exacerbates how fucking cheap looking the main piece is

>> No.9934384

>CoF anons in a nutshell

>> No.9934464 [DELETED] 

It's 100% polyester and satin and cost 36720JPY

>> No.9934472

So it must make you happy the brand is going out of business?

>> No.9934479

I guess she didn't read the part of the handbook that says lolitas are only allowed to wear 2 colours and they have to be the same shade

>> No.9934491

Spot the newfag.

>> No.9934526
File: 318 KB, 687x484, vintage red gothic lolita dress dream of lolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this a replica? I know Dream of Lolita is infamous for making replicas, but I didn't know if this was a brand dress originally or not.

>> No.9934534
File: 72 KB, 300x400, 12b1d556-2fd3-5419-97d9-ecc0e38a207d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9934552


>> No.9934554

Is it you?

>> No.9934564

It's the underlying morbidity of the nurse theme that makes me feel uneasy and that they are surrounded by death leads to the general association of death in my mind. It'd feel disrespectful to my family knowing that they are still in mourning wearing something like this. I don't have anything against real nurses btw., I respect their work even more after the whole incident and maybe this is also another reason for my reluctance. Dressing up as them is a whole different topic, especially as those outfits are resembling those of war nurses. This is something that I can't associate with fun and dressing atm, it's really fucking serious business to me. But of course you fuckers can't be respectful of my opinion because "lol someone died, it can't be so bad right".

>> No.9934570

Does it matter? This thing is horrendous, replica or not.

>> No.9934624

Is everything by h.naoto free size or something? I want to get something from their main store and while they do list measurements they don't really have "sizes" to choose. Am I safe to assume that it's only 1 size only?

>> No.9934631

Yep, there's only one size.

>> No.9934633

>>9934472 Not really but I would never buy anything from them other than the very plain solid and floral jsk's. The things they've released recently have not been my style (I like nice dresses that are tailored looking but very adjustable so you can get a good fit), but surely you can see how clashing and random that model look is, along with how cheap the lace overlay looks next to the fancy lace socks. Grey is hard to coord, I know this from buying other grey stuff. The way they did this just looks color blocked and awkward, like they didn't have enough matching items to color balance properly

>> No.9934732

But nurses care for people anon, not cause them to die. I can understand it reminds you of hospitals, which reminds you of your situation, but nursing itself is not morbid. They take care of lots of people anon.

>> No.9934786

It does mattern because if it's a replica it needs to be taken off the sales group. Hideous or not it can stay posted if it's not a replica unfortunately

>> No.9935065

Next thread >>9934647

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