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Angry Oldfag Edition
>disregard bait
>post /cgl/ feels

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Man I just really love lolita

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I'm sad because I sold my entire wardrobe to cover my ass since my job has only been scheduling me one day a fucking week and I couldn't pay rent on that. I even sold my rare pieces that I know will be hard to find again when I'm financially ready

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I thought I'd see what reddit's cosplay board is like because I've been coming to /cgl/ for something like 8 years and it seems like there's not as much cosplay content as there used to be.

Front cosplay page:

>self posts
>circle jerks
>deadpool sentai + cheap suit = "omg what a unique take"

I'll never stray again.

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I found three dresses I absolutely love during a lolibrary search for something else, and then managed to find two of them in my preferred colorways just days later. They're probably not rare or anything but they're relatively plain, understated dresses and I figured I'd have to search for way longer.

>tfw spent much more money than planned this month

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wow, that even made me sad
and I am a man

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>ywn be as pretty as old /cgl/

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>someone posts in DD thread
>"Oh, I saw this somewhere!"
>search it for the next half-hour and find it
>"Look anon, I found it, it's relatively cheap too!"
>never hear from them again
>item remains unsold for the next 3-5 months
Every single time. Why even post and waste other anons time?

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I'm so sorry bbgull. Have you been searching for other jobs? I'm sure you'll be able to collect again when you're able to, and think: you can have a better collection then!! I hope it works out anon I'm rooting for you

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>tfw one of my dream dresses is in the mail
>found it NWT

May was one of the shittiest months, probably of my entire life. I'm glad to have some good feels to contribute this time.

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Like half of them are doing sex work now...

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>Want to be authentic to the character
>A piece the character has is a pre-WW2 era stitched insignia
>Only a few are out there, but I can buy it if needed
>Really want it for accuracy but feel bad for potentially desecrating a relic in the name of animes

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>con scene in the uk is possibly the worst of all 3rd world western countries
>gotta order a wig from the chinese in the US or the ones in mainland china
>con is 28th of july, estimated delivery is 12th jul till 3rd august

I am literally gonna be stressed out the whole month

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Is it the insignia you're worried about? Couldn't you just tack it on with a few stitches on the outside? Or are you thinking of altering it with paint or something?

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>tfw completely exhausted and feeling like shit about myself
>been having daily mini breakdowns in the bathroom at work and have gotten quite proficient at disguising cryface just in time for meetings
>talk to loved ones about taking a day or two off for mental health reasons
>they react like I’m just being lazy
>”this is part of being an adult, deal with it”
>”welcome to the workforce lol”
>”you’re not even really sick though”
>”I’d like to stay home and play videogames too, anon, but we have responsibilities okay?” (I wouldn’t even be playing videogames, I just want to catch up on sleep and household chores)
>only wear lolita once a month nowadays because I just don’t have the energy
>when I do, friends and family hint that I’m too old for it and should change to a more “mature” style, like rockabilly (ew)

>have entire lolita comm on FB
>includes a woman who works <20 hrs a week to afford lolita while her husband pays all the bills, rent, groceries etc.
>posts about how she’s taking a full day off for self care pretty much every other week
>self care apparently consists of doing “lolita photoshoots” with a self-timer in her backyard where she balances on a bench or contemplates her hedge or dramatically poses with a garden gnome I’m not even kidding
>comment section is always full of super supportive comments from at least 10 different people
>”treat yourself, you deserve it”
>”you’re so beautiful and that’s a great outfit”
>”you’re amazing and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”
>”you’re a queen!”
Where did I go wrong? I’m pretty sure that if f I took regular days off to post selfies in lolita with moldy lawn ornaments, none of my friends would be calling me a beautiful queen…

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There is a small stitched part of it thats not present in the character's outfit that I'd be cosplaying, probably indicating of a certain rank or position. To be accurate I'd need to snip those threads and pull them out.

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Or you could just photoshop it out of your photos. Best of both worlds

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People like that still exist, they just don't post with name/trip/pics anymore because they get accused of being attention whores or thots

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I know it’s hard, but try your best not to focus on what other people have. Things are rough for you right now, so seeing someone who has what you want (dresses, time to take care of mental health, a less demanding job, someone to help financially, supportive friends and family) is making you feel resentful towards someone who may not deserve it. I’m sorry your family is so shitty. You will never be too old for the things love. I think you should absolutely take a mental health day, just don’t tell your family because it seems like they would try and make you feel guilty for taking care of yourself. Good luck anon, I’m genuinely rooting for you.

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>Small con nearby next week and already bought entry pass
>No friends there
>Nothing interesting happens there except lolita meet
>Since it's small dealer's hall and AA will be shit
>Don't have any motivation to go
>Maybe I just skip it

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Okay, two possible options here:
> Your workplace is not a healthy environment
> You need to get your mental health in check

I obviously don’t know the situation beyond what you’ve said, but what you’re describing isn’t normal. Do you have a HR department/someone at work to talk to about your situation? Can you afford seeing a doctor right now? At least in burgerland, reasonable accommodation exists for a reason.
As for your stay-at-home “friends”, it’s far more honorable to contribute to society with a job then lounge around at home taking pictures with lawn ornaments. The rest of your comm either has skewed priorities, or are giving pity compliments.

On-topic feels:
> Went a little wild with building more work-appropriate lolita wardrobe
> Probably should buy shoes, accesories
> Keep buying main pieces
I should probably be saving more for some impending medical bills, but getting myself cute things distracts from the pain.

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I'm not sure how old you are, but you sound like me to a T when I first started working out of college.

What really changed things was 1) Moving out of my shitty fucking apartment in a shitty part of town that made me dread going home every day and 2) My job at work got better when my role changes from mindless repetitive daily tasks to a role that had a lot of customer interaction (basically every day I don't know what I'm doing until I get to work and there's lots of variety).

Seriously your post is spooky with how much is describes how I felt. Think about small things (maybe they're bigger, like moving) that are making you unhappy and focus on changing just one thing at a time.

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why people do this?

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I'd absolute be in a wholesome relationship with whoever the hell shaynii is. Can someone please describe her haircut for me. Hime with space buns or what?

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>Mow lawn
>Become gross sweaty monster
>Take godly cold shower afterwards
>Keep thinking about dressing up in Lolita while washing hair
>Get out in a good mood
>See self in mirror
>Flaming red face and spots going down my neck and shoulders
>Atopic dermatitis is a bitch
>Feel sad
>Don't feel like I deserve frills over this skin
>Get mad at self
>I bought these fucking frilly clothes
>They're mine to enjoy
>Apply makeup in record time and accuracy
>Get on dress
>Love it so much
>Love myself so much
>All it took was some determination and self-care

Heading out now gulls. This fashion sure feels magical.

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*Get on new dress
Why do I even phonepost?

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They want to guilt someone into buying their shit.

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I know your feel anon, I have rosacea so my skin's always trying to make me look like a young teenager. I've had to learn some pretty extensive covering techniques.

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This is a known good feel, the lolita gods have smiled upon you, anon! Congratulations! Which pieces are they?

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>mfw waiting for an update from lotvdesigns on dress preorder

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It’s nearby and you already bought the badge. You might as well check it out. Even if you don’t have a great time, at least you’ll be getting out of the house

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Why do you have impending medical bills anon. Are you ok?
Lolita cannot save you from a broken body.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>Owns a no name shop
>working hella hard on makin as many necklaces and jewelry to full display and overstock
>”hey do you want your stuff to be apart of this cons fashion show?”
>Oh shit.jpg
>agrees because exposure
>brain is now fried from doing nothing but crafting the past 4 weeks
>have to fill display, make enough to also lend to fashion show, and gifts for con tea party

I’m dying, I’m running low on supplies and I’m too much of a cheapskate to go out and buy new materials. Someone save me

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This too shall pass anon. You'll do great.

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I didn't get everything done yesterday that I wanted to

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>I want to start cosplaying
>chunky pairs of glasses
>bad reactions to contacts(or the liquid in which they are kept, nobody knows)

I am afraid I will be laughed at if I cosplay a character and have a random pair of glasses on. Taking them off for photos at conventions would make me feel even worse, as I am self conscious abou looking slightly cross-eyed when I strain to look at a fixed point without glasses.

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Wink in all your pictures

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Nothing life threatening, just a quality of life thing I hope to get taken care of soon. It just feels like I’m waiting for the next doctors appointment at the moment though, so it’s nice to have something in the mail to be excited about!
>tfw DD just appeared on y!a
>no buyout price

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>plan fun meetup with comm for saturday, really excited
>tell family date and time 2 weeks in advance so they know i'll be busy (i usually hang out with parents on weekends)
>yesterday mom calls me, tells me that i have to go to a family event 3 hours away that day, no way to get out of it
>i won't be able to go to my own meetup

it's too late to change the date for the meet because I already made reservations and such. I'm just really annoyed and frustrated because ive been planning and looking forward to this meet for weeks and now I can't go because my mother didn't bother to check the calendar. I feel so petty to be angry over this but it's so disappointing.

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>yesterday mom calls me, tells me that i have to go to a family event
>i have to go to
Assuming you're over the age of 18, you don't 'have to' do anything she says

>> No.9924131

I'm 20, but yeah, I have to go. Do not underestimate the wrath of jewish mothers.

>> No.9924133

If your family isn't willing to respect your time you are under no obligation to respect theirs
>This kills the relationship
Sounds shitty as is

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Then work on some of it today

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>introducing my friend to lolita
>"Wow, bloomers are expensive."
>"Is that why so many lolis wear diapers?"
>mfw she's serious

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Congratulations, your friend is retarded.
Did you correct her at least?

>> No.9924214

what is the name of your shop? do you have an etsy or something?

>> No.9924221

>tfw your lolita friend actually is a diaper wearer

>> No.9924222

Maybe they died

>> No.9924227

I mean, is anyone going to really notice those threads but you? Like the other anon suggested, you could just photoshop them out later. Unless this is for a CSA thing I wouldn't worry about it and, even then, this is a nearly 100 year old military relic we're talking here - trimming it in any way can cause it to deteriorate. Idk, it's your call, but I'd certainly suggest against it.

>> No.9924232

Did you explain to her that lolitas and lolis are different things?

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I want to get kinda serious about social media. I love sweet lolita but I also love my career as a software engineer. If I did the 2 separate,I would have 2 different audiences,but more work. If I did the 2 together I maybe could inspire feminine girls to take a career in tech (I had to be convinced by another feminine woman),but also,probably narrowing my audience (lolitas that don't want tech stuff in their feed, techies that don't want frills in theirs). What can I do,gulls? :(

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I hate my current living situation. I live with my mother and intend to live here until the end of university so I can have decent savings for once I'm done. I'm lucky because they don't force me to pay rent, but my parents constantly fight. That's not the worst of it.

My Mother is a hoarder. I can't get rid of anything here. Our house was cheap but is massive, so for the three of us, there's 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, except only 2 of the bathrooms are useable because my parents never clean them and they stink. the one in our downstairs hallway reaks and everytime I walk by it I cringe. Often my mother will use my bathroom, which is a walk in from my room, and she doesn't flush. ever. I've tried time and time again to give away old clothes which are ratty and disgusting, and my mother takes the bags and searches through them, and leaves the remains all over my room. Then she complains I apparently "always try to give away her stuff" which isn't true, which is why she searches them. Then when I try to go with my dad to give them away, she gets really angry, and takes the bags and throws them into one of the too many rooms in our house, so I can never get rid of them. She also steals my clothes and claims "I was trying to give them away- they were in the giveaway bag so I took it!" Even if it's not true. I need to replace underwear and socks, obviously, but she takes bags out of the garbage and hoards those old socks too. Then a week later she puts the old shit back in my room. the house is filthy and she never cleans, and if i try to clean she gets mad because "I'll throw something of hers out!". She also takes old food, covered in moss and weeks expired, out of the trash and puts them back in the fridge. I will throw stuff like bread into the compost, without a bag, and she will take them out, even though they are covered in eggshells and put them back in a bag in the kitchen.

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>partner likes my post on a lolita fb sales group
>gets excited
>thinks they are getting serious about dressing in ouji
>realizes the sales group is set to public

Time to kms

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Also, every week, she buys boxes upon boxes of clothes, just to never wear them and hoard them too. I'm so tired of this. I can't have anyone over because it's so gross here. I cleaned the entire house as best i could, and a day later, it was again covered in coffee stains and dirt off my dads shoes. None of our plates or dishes are ever clean, our dishwasher has been broken for years and my mom refuses to replace it. I keep my room clean, but often I'll wake up with a bunch of random clothes that aren't mine on the floor and they keep putting a chair in my room even though I ask them to stop.
Sorry for the rant. I'm just tired of this. There's nowhere I enjoy being. School, work, this dreadful house. Ugh.

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Typical sweet lolita.

>> No.9924245

Oh, I feel for you.
I guess you have two choices. First, stick it out until school is over. You will have to give up caring about being tidy and full on ignore your parents issues though. Or move out and budget hard.

For me, I ‘d be moving out, regardless how poor it would make me. Nothing is more important than having your own space, mentally and physically. Unfortunately your parents have issues that aren’t going to change anytime soon. Removing yourself from the vicinity might be best.

>> No.9924246

Based post

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>> No.9924248

How much longer are you in university, is there any way you can put a lock on your door? Also, how is this related to /cgl/? Though in your living situation I don't know how you could do anything /cgl/ related anyways...

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>sell a shit ton of things
>write in description that I only seek serious buyers
>around 30 people ""interested"" in buying on the first day
>literally only 3 end up actually buying something, 4 apologized and refused and all the others are ghosting me
I wish I could report them all. Who raised you to be such cunts?

>> No.9924264

I'm so sorry about this anon, really I am. Blogpost incoming:

My father was like this and, up until recently, I had to put up with it until I had enough. We went from a large house to smaller and smaller places when he refused to keep a steady job, yet refused to get rid of anything. My mom was too worn down from being, and hiding the fact that she was, emotionally abused to do much about it, and my brother has a temper of 0 to fistfight REAL quick, despite being the nicest dude you'd ever meet, so it was up to me. The 'conversations' were like talking to a crazy person - always in circles, always word salads, and ALWAYS everyone else's fault but his. When my brother wanted to get a new/larger bed, he wanted to donate the twin sized one he had since we were kids, (he's about 6'3", so it was long over due). The second we put it outside my dad had a complete meltdown - saying it was 'his' because he bought it 25 years ago, that we should have told him first, etc., despite us saying it was going to charity/tax write off/etc. My father never wanted to listen to me because he had this unspoken mentality of 'women folk don't know better', (something he hid well until he didn't), so eventually when I went to grad school I packed up my things, my brother, and my mom, and left him to rot in his own squalor.

Now, I'm not saying your parents are anything like this, since mine is an extreme example, but you honestly have two choices here. 1)Tell them how uncomfortable/claustrophobic the conditions are making you and how you'd like to put a lock on your door for privacy, (or similar conversations) or 2)Figure out if a dorm/apartment life is available. I hate to probably repeat what's already been said to you, but it is 'their house', especially if you're not paying rent. It's a hard truth that you can't make them change if they don't want to listen. I wish you the best of luck, however, and just know that, someday, you won't have to live like that anymore.

>> No.9924276

Shit Anon, that really does suck
Work hard and get a good job right out of uni so you can get out of that dump, I believe in you.

Also see whether or not you can "sneak" trash out of the house when you go to uni so you can throw it out in their trash.

>> No.9924279

>Packed up your brother and mom
Explain. Did they stay with you at grad school?

>> No.9924287

We moved to a separate apartment/townhouse. Since I was over 25 I didn't need to stay on campus and my internship paid well enough to keep us afloat. It's worked out for the best to be sure, and knowing what I know now I would have done it sooner if it hadn't been for finances.

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>look at myself in the mirror, think I'm cute
>everyone tells me I'm cute
>Not fat or anything
>Have a good skincare routine
>get a picture taken/try to take a selfie
>look like a holy monstrosity and have the fattest fucking face ever

>> No.9924296

Anon this is just because your face is reversed from your perspective on pictures, making it seem like shit is crooked when it's not
I'm sure you're fine.

>> No.9924301

Do strangers call you cute? If so, you are cute. If not then who knows

>> No.9924316

Looking at my country's "convention scene" like can you guys stop airing your dirty laundry where everyone can find it. It's really dumb.

>> No.9924345

>Sugar candy shop sold out
>Website updates to show can be transferred between stores
>Shopping Service says oh yeah anon we'll check it out, if it updated then it's likely
> 8 hours later they get back and say yeah not it's gone sorry.
> Whhyy
> AP paris has last day reservation today but with currency exchange it's an extra $200 inc. shipping
> Gotta prioritise other crap in life

>> No.9924349

It's never that easy. If I missed an important family event my family gossips and will treat you like shit and never let you live it down. I've had to miss tons of stuff because of this, and I've had close family members literally shun and ignore me for over a year because I didn't come see her while I was 1 day out from moving my whole life two hours away. It's fucking awful, I feel for op so hard

>> No.9924350

My friend called Lolita cosplay, help.

>> No.9924351

My coworker called lolita cosplay, help

>> No.9924357

My boss called lolita cosplay, help

>> No.9924359

My lolita called my boss cosplay, help

>> No.9924360

My neighbor called lolita cosplay help

>> No.9924361

My teacher called me a cosplay lolita, help

>> No.9924370

do you not know what "ywn" means? anon isn't saying no one looks like that, /they/ want to look like that.

>> No.9924400

Bought a jsk but doubt ill have time to coord it before con. Still need like everything that isn't the jsk lol.
Unrelated but godamn I wish I could find a job that didn't suck but everyone wants a degree and I'm like 3 courses short so I'm worthless.

>> No.9924406

Also depressed as fuck but that's nothing new and not going anywhere.

>> No.9924418

Lately I've been binge-buying older Angelic Pretty dresses because my brain has convinced me that if I don't, I'll forever miss my change to own and wear them.

It used to be fun hunting and scavenging for dresses, but now I just panic about whether or not I'm going to buy something. I know a lot of older stuff pops up often, but I'm so afraid that if I wait a few months or another year, the dress will be terribly damaged or something.

I want to chill out, and I feel so stupid. It's become hard for me to differentiate what I really want to buy from just collecting things.

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>go to my comm
>it's breast inspection day again

>> No.9924434

I have emotionally abuse parents. It screwed me up, but now that i'm older I just see them as pathetic. Thank you for caring.

Yes, I think that may be the best option, but at this point I feel upset all the time, and I am horribly anxious that the scent of the house has stuck to me. I bathe way more than I probably should. Thanks for the advice.

I have no one to talk to about this, and while it's not cgl, it does affect my lolita clothes. I keep them tight knit in my closet, so they're nice, but my mom will complain constantly about my clothes. It hasn't happened in a long time, but she washed my dresses before when she got mad at me in the wash. She seemed apologetic and said she'd pay me back, but when I told her each one was about 100~ she yelled at me for spending too much on dresses. She still gets really mad everytime i buy anything online, even a bow. Thanks, regardless, anon.

Thanks, man. I'm working really hard and i'm proud of what I've done so far. I've snuck stuff out, she finds it. I have learned the only way to do it is to bag it, hide the bags, and then wait for my dad to come home and ask him to go to value village to donate stuff (my dad doesn't really care if my mom doesn't know). It's hard when she regularly searches my room.

>> No.9924436

What is with the inspection day meme?

>> No.9924439

>I-I-I’m a girl u guise

>> No.9924440

While you should try not to binge buy stuff, I think it's okay to do so if you plan on stopping soon. Consider buying a few at a time and then stopping for a few months. I don't know, it sounds like you're addicted, but I wouldn't know. Either way, chill! it's kinda cute you worry so much about the state of every old school dress, though.

as a terribly un-photogenic person, i know this feel. fuck selfies.

I know this feeling. I once had a girl ask me for shipping, if i could negotiate, more pictures, worn pictures...and after a day of her nonsense, she said "sorry, my boyfriend won't let me buy it :( :(" ugh.

>> No.9924446

>finally great job
>still can't bring myself to buy pretty lolita dresses

At least I can buy mori now!

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"Penis inspection day" is an old 4chan meme.

Somebody revamped it for /cgl/ as "butthole inspection day" and it's been a reoccurring topic ever since.

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Wait, your comm doesn't really inspect buttholes? I've been training my melty doughnut for nothing??

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>my friend is in her 30s and uses musical.ly

>> No.9924501

I get this problem on and off. It's the first step in an addiction that can leave you in serious debt. I fight it using these two methods:

1. Right off the bat, do I have something to coord it with, or will this require an entirely new set of accessories? If I'd need to do more than get a different cut of blouse or better-matching socks, then it's a no.

2. I bookmark everything I see that I think I want. Throughout the week, I'll end up with certain items/listings that I check on multiple times. When I can remember everything about an item after three days of not seeing it--brand, color, cut, price, etc--or if I panic if someone else bids then that's how I know I want it and I'll wear it once it gets here. If at the end of the week I forgot I had even bookmarked it, I obviously didn't want it all that much.

>> No.9924544

>be me, lolita with body image issues and a bad case of imposter syndrome
>go to con
>nervous as fuck because most people i was meeting have never seen me irl
>"what if they think im ugly" "my legs aren't thin enough" "nobody's going to like me" "i'll look horrible in every candid"
>photos come back from fashion show
>friends start posting candids and selfies with me
>who is that cute happy girl wtf

somehow seeing nice pictures of myself taken by others reassures me that my online image isn't all smoke and mirrors. i hate myself a little bit less and that's nice.

>> No.9924550

I think I'm stopping this month. I spent about $600 on dresses alone and feel a bit sick buying anything else for awhile, unless it's on my long-standing wishlist (At least one of the dresses was my 2nd most wanted dress ever, which I know I overpaid for). I do treat my dresses like orphaned children though - I literally get the best kick out of taking care of brand. I think I might like washing/steaming dresses more than wearing them sometimes.

Thanks, anon. #1 won't help too much just because I have good basics for everything. I'm still staying within my preferred colors, so at least I'm not going too crazy yet? As for #2, this is a good idea. In the past I was good about sitting on a potential purchase for a day or two, and asking myself "Will my heart break if someone else buys this?" But I'm concerned now because last week I threw $250 at a dress I never previously wanted.

Lately I've felt a bit sad in general. A lot of it is related to a trip to Japan possibly falling through. My head says, "Well, if you aren't gonna spend all that money in Japan, just buy the dresses you want." I should really focus on holding out until I know for sure whether I can still go or not.

>> No.9924569

>be me, 12
>discover lolita from some group on the stardoll forums
>love it, but can't afford or wear because i'm 12
>hit puberty and become depressed
>forget about lolita when middle school begins
>feel out of place whatever i wear
>all the normie clothes look terrible on me because im short, have broad shoulders and mild muffin top
>get picked on for not feeling comfortable dressing like a thot
>turn 18
>cleaning my room because moving
>find my one issue of glb
>all the models look gorgeous
>become obsessed with the fashion again
>save up and buy an affordable beginner coord and some good makeup
>try it on
>for the first time ever i don't look like a pregnant androgynous midget
wearing lolita allows me to hide the things i don't like about my body and highlight things i do. i feel like it was made for people like me, people who aren't very sexy or interesting looking. dressing like royalty makes me feel like royalty. thanks lolita ‧+◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ·̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀ )

>> No.9924573

My dog barked and asked if lolita was cosplay help

>> No.9924574

I'm happy for you, anon.

I have the opposite problem and many things I don't notice when I'm wearing normie clothes show up when I wear lolita. My feet look huge in all lolita style shoes and it's the first time I've ever hated my feet.

>> No.9924600

yes, and...

>> No.9924606

what is, if you cosplay a lolita from a series?

>> No.9924609
File: 253 KB, 500x252, stocksquee.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I cosplayed a lolita, help.

>> No.9924619

Then the lolita police will come to your house and burn all your lolita, don’t do it

>> No.9924639
File: 977 KB, 355x300, smashtime.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When it's your day to paddle the itas, and the bitch you hate shows up in a blouseless coord

>> No.9924642
File: 54 KB, 500x560, tumblr_o9cqsi8CK81sfkgseo1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My best friend who is my company to an event lter this year is turning into a radical vegan.
I didn't mind her going vegan back then, though I feared her going extreme (and got a "How could you think this way about me!" response).
But now she won't even sit next to anyone who eats animal products and continues to try and "wake me up" and others too.
I feel like puking. Not just because she will ruin the event for me, she is also my best friend I don't want to lose.

>> No.9924647

Sorry to say but there's nothing you can do anon. I've known people like that and they will drive you to misery, no matter what you do they will never be happy. If you continue eating meat and being around her, you'll be vilified and proselytised to every time. If you make any sort of concessions like being vegan when she's around or being a vegetarian she'll just keep trying to push you into going further (give an inch, they take a mile) or if you do just become straight vegan that won't be enough because you'll be pushed into animal activism.

It's the exact same with people who find religion later in life and have to tell everyone about it because they think "If I was in the dark about it and I'm pretty smart, that must mean EVERYONE IS IN THE DARK!" It's a superiority-messiah complex that they just need to grow out of naturally. It might take years.

>> No.9924671
File: 472 KB, 890x446, 1529871329694.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw cosplayers are manipulative thots

>> No.9924675

She titty streams. If you thought she was actually interested in you beyond your money, you're wrong.
Do you also think the staff at McDonald's want your dick when they wish you a nice day?

>> No.9924679

>she was actually interested in you
It's not actually him in the story, dingus

>> No.9924682

This was posted in its own thread this sounds like a salty mod still mad about a costhot

>> No.9924686
File: 22 KB, 338x291, 5LSTz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hahaha this is hilarious.
I don't like booby streamers but that guy sounds absolutely naive and delusional, the best part is that he immediately moved on to some other thot that will 'let him down' just as much in the future.
Zero self-awareness.

>> No.9924691

holy shit. Do these people have mental problems or something? Normal people don't act like that. It sounds awful, anon

>> No.9924694

You need to move the fuck on, man.

>> No.9924697

You need to move. Like, as soon as possible. Your mom needs professional help. That's not saving money at that point. Thats keeping yourself in an unhealthy situation.

>> No.9924700

>if I throw money at her and don't treat her like trash this thot will fuck me for sure!
>she doesn't
>reeee you manipulated me
>I didn't like you anyway, see I'm """cheating""" on you with another thot, you're missing out
Lmao absolutely pathetic, kys

>> No.9924704

I've had to block several lolita comm members on FB a because they kept tagging me on really graphic videos of animals being tortured and killed. I'm already a vegetarian, don't wear leather, buy cruelty-free products as much as possible, adopted my pets from a good shelter which I've also volunteered at etc. but apparently none of that is good enough to exempt me from graphic animal torture videos in my feed first thing in the morning.

>> No.9924706

You can block that kind of content, I have done it too and it works well. I hate people who push graphic content into others if they must to they could just say there is content about this and that available please see if you like.

On the other hand, since starting to eat vegetarian my whole family keeps telling me to eat "atleast eggs and fish", "a little meat so I can digest it when served" and how one should eat wide variety of things. My dad also loves to go on how pointless it is. I have never complained and I always just eat what there is so I don't get it. My stomach atleast agrees with me, my metabolism have improved a lot since ditching the meat.

>> No.9924710

Nayrt but I always find the ones who are so anti-vegetarian/vegan are always the people with the worst diet. Sorry but I'm not going to take diet advice on how I'm going to be deficient in something if I don't eat meat from someone who lives off of processed crap.

Plus, I actually enjoy eating vegetables. That seems to be a weird concept for some.

>> No.9924711

Half of my family is incredibly rich and the other half is incredibly poor. They both have weird fucked up family mentality. I grew up not having many friends because I was expected to be at home keeping up the house and being with the family. When I got older they started treating me like shit because I had an opinion and wanted to go do shit. I stopped receiving any sort of financial help at 17, barely got it after 14, and when I moved they expect me to go to regular functions when I'm able to otherwise I get the ~wrath~

>in b4 they're abusive
I know but both sides r like this with different motives. Really wears on my psyche

>> No.9924714

>Pays for EMS shipping so the item would be on time
>Uses AirMail for the other orders as it’s nothing important
>A week later the AirMail package has arrived, but the EMS package still hasn’t even arrived in my country.
This happens to me everytime I use EMS! It is so frustrating! Yet I keep paying for it as I am a big chicken. I am so afraid that I won’t have the package on time for the event.

>> No.9924717

Why don't you just make the part for your cosplay? Then it would be exactly what you need.

>> No.9924719

Maybe try DHL?

>> No.9924722

None of the Japanese companies I order from offer that shipping method. I really wish they would as DHL is always great! Some offer FedEx, but FedEx doesn’t deliver where I live.

>> No.9924726
File: 36 KB, 500x333, 1529895328689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9924728

The irony is stpeach is engaged to a gook lmaooo
I hope this incel kills himself for real

>> No.9924730

If you can figure out a way to combine it that doesn't make you seen cringey as fuck
Chances are you can combine them alright. Maybe focus on making a game (not a great idea since depending on the engine it might be very little actual programming) about lolita or some helpful software for lolitas (maybe an easy to use price comparison tool). That way you can make it relevant to both camps while appealing to feminine chicks that didn't realize what tech can do.
Kind of like an "Hour of Code" event but in social media form and for lolitas

>> No.9924732

Can you take the courses online so you can get the diploma?
Have you considered lying on your resume?

>> No.9924734


But at least she was always honest about it

>> No.9924736

Fuck off I was the idiot that kept responding from the Amouranth thread this shit doesn't need to get reposted.

>> No.9924739

In return, spam and tag them in videos of the wastlands that overproduction of veggies and fruit (for example Avocados) create and the villagers AND animals who have to suffer of dehydration because of it.
Not saying you should eat meat btw, just that there's always two sides of a coin that vegans who are only into it because they want to feel morally superior love to forget.

>> No.9924740

Why are some gulls so fucking retarded?

>> No.9924756

This is why I blocked contact with over half my family. Never been happier. It might be hard at first, especially if you live in a culture that is very family oriented, but honestly, they don't own you just for being family.

Would go to the meet-up. You told them in advance. They planned it on that day none the less. Their problem. If they can't respect that, also their problem. Wanna gossip and be mad at you for them planning double, don't make it your fucking problem and break contact. If they actual want to talk it out or consider your side to, talk about it. But if they go hate you for that, they are the problem. One who can't have any kind of respect deserves none back.

>> No.9924759

As a female software engineer who wears lolita this would actually trow me off kinda? Like sure, there are feminine woman around, but it's rare to have social media based on that + something "nerdy" like software engineering unless it's a random personal page (in which case all personal stuff could be posted and doesn't need to be related to anything but you).

On the contrary, it's common that woman try to grab attention by being a woman that does [insert typical guy thing here] and it's annoying as fuck. I would assume you are too if you have a mixed social media account (again, unless it's a random personal account, but that's not serious social media but keeping in touch with friends and family) and dunno if I would watch long enough to be proven wrong. I've seen it happen to many times and have better things to do than watching girls with high change attention whores, low change (not impossible) feminine lolita wearing woman who love that stuff.

Keep it separate or be super casual about it. I don't care if you wear AP or some tees and jeans in a video, but drawing attention to being a woman or wearing lolita is like screaming "Hey! I'm special and different and find this noteworthy. So I'm totally equal to these others beside having to point out my differences! Tread me the same even tho I just point you at me being different!".

Also, think about your career. I dunno what you do exactly as software engineer, but think about what a potential boss might think.

Software Engineers generally specialize in something. For example I'm working to specialize in humanoid AI for android robotics. If you ask me to write a game engine and then make a game I CAN figure it out, but it would take really long and I need to find out a lot of stuff. Also, you generally don't make a game alone unless it's a simple, small game. That is for good reason. Just because games are popular doesn't say it's the best suggestion to anyone wanting to show of programming.

>> No.9924770

Yeah I'm a male software developer and I'm well aware that most of us end up highly specialized but it's not like we don't end up working with new tech on the regular since we normally automate our old job and get chucked onto a new one. Not to mention that after you've already programmed an engine and done the research you can do it again much easier now that you have the experience.
I put vidya down as an example because of its popularity yeah but there's a reason I listed a price comparison app as my second suggestion.
Maybe it's because I like to think gulls are different but from what she was saying she's doing this as a way to involve feminine women in tech, the type to would normally get thrown off by our bro culture, which I think is pretty admirable. I think this could work alright it'll just depend on how well she does it and whether or not people believe she's genuine.
I'm not talking about dumb shit like "cute" variable names, just crap like showing you don't need to be a social outcast to enjoy tech.

>Humanoid AI
Chatbot programmers get out reeeeeeeeee

>> No.9924771

good on you for being independent and not being one of those whiny people who are "broke" and "don't have money for food" with a new car, a new tv, and weed every day

>> No.9924775

>a female software engineer who wears lolita

>> No.9924781
File: 22 KB, 500x541, eria2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna need to reply in 2 comments. 1/2
>Chatbot programmers get out reeeeeeeeee
You rorget the anroid part. Chatbots aren't the only thing on humanoid AI and honestly, they tend to be very simple outdated software anyways. Think more about stuff like Hiroshi Ishiguro's Erica (pic related). These robots are now beein played around with to do humaly tasks like teaching and reception desk, as well as helping us understand human psychology. It's mainly intended for healthcare and science, maybe later companionship. Also, entertaiment. For example, think about how weebs would go crazy if we make Vocaloids physical, they already get insane from some holograms. There are a lot of options that aren't cheap chatbots and much more interesting than chatbots as well.

>it's not like we don't end up working with new tech on the regular since we normally automate our old job and get chucked onto a new one. Not to mention that after you've already programmed an engine and done the research you can do it again much easier now that you have the experience.
It could be learned, but having read my DirectX books, game-related AI, C++, and other essentials, I don't suggest randomly making a game to show off on a channel. I guess my problem is more that a lot of people seem to be like "games are so cool and fun, so let's go make those" while a lot of people underestimate what goes into it and making a game from scratch is not exactly the most easy thing to do. I've seen a lot of students at university who liked gaming so decided they want to make games and then never even got that far because they where not good enough to get the classes that where perquisite of starting gamedevelopent. They often enough stayed stuck in web or switched schooling.

>> No.9924782

>>9924770 2/2

And yes, we often work with new technology, but often new technology within our field. When you automate something, there are tons of new things to innovate on in most fields. Going to game programming would almost be like getting completely new schooling, which is fine, but not something you do for social media promotion.

>she was saying she's doing this as a way to involve feminine women in tech
I think she was saying she didn't know if she wanted to do this or not, because of the pro's and cons of doing this. Her main priority seemed to be serious social media. Being able to do this with it would be nice, but not first objective.

I don't think she can't wear it or show she's feminine. I just wouldn't make it a point of notion. Why draw attention at something you're trying to say is just as good as anything else, and shouldn't be treated differently. Then just do your think while being super feminine and people can see it's normal to you, instead of doing your thing while telling them you're super feminine. You're already making it look abnormal yourself if you keep attending people on it, and most who draw attention to it aren't the ones who are actually serious about it.

Honestly, I was just giving my opinion/perspective on this. I hope she succeeds at it. I'm rooting for her.

>> No.9924790
File: 2.66 MB, 640x284, 038D66B0-DE9A-48C4-8BE6-0CA1EEAA35FC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get 9 to 5
>barely have time to watch anime
>barely have time to play vidya
>only going to cons like AX for vacation time and get away from it all
>be Gay chubby chaser
>see some cute chubby guys
>all the cute chubs at anime conventions are straight

>> No.9924791

Anon we get it, no need to tell us every time there’s a new thread

>> No.9924795

>Well thought out response to banter
You ML fucks make more money than the rest of us I get my hits in where I can
>Making games is fucking hard
Well aware, but it being a large project gives you the opportunity to do a lot of learning and teaching as well as drag the work out longer so you have more content. Plenty of people had big dreams of making shit (and still do) but found out they really liked CS along the way, myself included.

Again I really wasn't looking at this project within the guise of being specifically for self promotion and more of a "I want to combine my lolita and tech audiences but dunno how" kinda thing. Maybe I'm just projecting.
>Her main priority seems to be serious social media
Yeah maybe, we'd need to hear from her and she ain't back yet. I guess I just thought if you were hitting such a unique niche you might as well go all the way
>I hope it works out for her

>> No.9924796

>faggot is an attention whore
Quelle surprise

>> No.9924797

Another female software engineer chiming in, for context I have a pretty established career at a prominent company and have been wearing lolita to work since day 1 (6+ years in the field now).

Honestly it'd really turn me off if I saw people mixing the two without a good reason on a very "public" account. I agree with the other anon, if it's your personal/private page then I wouldn't even think twice about what you're posting. Right now there's just too many people who try to pitch their "uniqueness" + niche hobby as a gimmick and that just reflects poorly on the rest of us who are serious about both of these things. I don't take any issue with it coming up naturally though!

Aside from all that, I also just don't understand why it's necessary to make a social media combining the two when the audience is completely separate. It's not that they never overlap but it's naive to say the quality of your content isn't going to suffer if you're trying to cater to two very different demographics with no real middle ground. I run a pretty technical (personal) blog with some notoriety and lolita just never makes its way in there because there really isn't a reason to mention it. Instead I use ig for my coords/photos and just keep my longform writing to my blog. Maybe I'm jumping off the deep end here, but that's my take on it all. Either way I hope things go well for you and I'll definitely keep an eye out for your page!

>wouldn't make it a point of notion
Good advice. None of my coworkers think twice about my fashion choices and anyone who does quickly gets over it because I don't allow it to become a distraction.

>> No.9924810

Nope I don't think they offer calculus online which I'm going to fail anyway. Calculus is pretty much what is stopping me from graduating because I don't want to fail and then be even deeper in debt but still with no degree.

>> No.9924812

If you're having issues getting it in school I unironically recommend Khan academy

>> No.9924831
File: 29 KB, 256x384, 1529898385693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>buy too much lolita shit
>mail always delivers at new apartment around 4pm
>this is great
>can hide purchases from boyfriend
>tracking says package still a day away
>mfw mail guy comes at 10am and boyfriend is the one who signs for package

>> No.9924833

Lately I feel pretty detached from people, maybe just homesickness like "I'll never love anyone as much as my family" kinda thing. I used to really want to get a gf but now I feel like I can't really get feelings for anyone?

Also thinking about going vegan. Not bc of animal cruelty or w/e but bc I really want to reduce my carbon and water footprint by not buying any more animal products. Just that there's so many psycho vegan lolitas that I'm afraid my friends will react negatively. I obviously won't tell them unless they ask me.

There's no way I'm giving up lolita though so I'll have to find out a way to be more sustainable there, besides buying used clothes which I already do.

>> No.9924834

Why are you hiding your purchases from your boyfriend? Are you spending his money or something?

>> No.9924835

>be me
Who else are you going to be, idiot?

>> No.9924837

>being this new

>> No.9924838


>> No.9924841

I've been browsing 4chan for over a decade. Just because a lot retards preface a greentext story that's obviously about themselves with >be me doesn't mean they're any less retarded

>> No.9924851
File: 261 KB, 1242x1276, 112B8462-4CE8-49B0-B652-B442F822F7E2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Female software engineer #3, bless you for putting my feelings on this into words. Honestly I never understood the special push to encourage girls in tech. Let people like what they like; I didn’t need a “feminine role model” to encourage me into STEM, if they like coding there’s plenty of resources out there.

>Tfw last time I mentioned I was a lolita in CS I got swarmed by buttmad men
>Can someone who does web dev PLEASE fix lolibrary.

>> No.9924854
File: 471 KB, 456x254, hm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm starting to completely stray away from lolita as a whole. I have a decent wardrobe, and there's still dresses that I would love to acquire, but I rarely get on cgl anymore, or lacemarket, or anything. My everyday wardrobe has strayed into more punk-ish, goth territory.

I know logically there's always goth and punk lolita (even though the latter is pretty dead) but I just never find anything I like.

Part of me wants to sell off my dresses, but I did that once and regretted it so much, and I do have several dream dresses that I don't want to let go, but otherwise feel that they are sitting collecting dust... I'm not sure what to do.

>> No.9924856

>Honestly I never understood the special push to encourage girls in tech. Let people like what they like
thank you!!
I don't get the whole gendered role model thing. I'm a man in a very heavily female field (anime con artist and etsy seller) and I never felt like I couldn't do it because I saw no other men do it. I choose a career based on what I like, not the demographics.

>> No.9924859

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. You're not required to come on cgl, engage the community (general or local) in any way, or constantly buy shit to be into lolita, just wear the clothes. If you're not wearing your frills that's another thing - Figure out what's stopping you from doing it and then see what you can do to reignite the spark. Is it the fact you're into different styles outside of lolita?
If your lolita wardrobe is mostly sweet or classic in colors that aren't black, get a black main piece for a change and see how that makes you feel. It doesn't have to be a gothic or punk style piece, either.

>> No.9924863

I guess I wasn't making it clear.
I used to be very much so part of the online community because there is no local comms here. I'd wear my frills every other week during the hotter months, and most days during the winter. Fairly active.

Now, I just look at my frills and it's... disheartening. It's not even a major difference between my everyday wardrobe and it - I only buy gothic and art prints, or solid black. So it's not like that.

I dunno, I just look at the whole aspect of dressing up, which I used to love, and feel instantly tired of it, if that makes sense?

>> No.9924865

Am the guy Dev
As I understand it it's half to satisfy politicians and half because lots of guys in the field are actually really tired of the workplace being a sausage fest.
Lots of my more... "extreme" male friends hate it because they think because of affirmative action women had a lowered barrier of entry with a bunch of free scholarships but now that we're out of college and young guys in a well paying field most of us couldn't care less.

JS programmers get out of here with your software bloat nobody needs that many packages reeeeeeeeee

>> No.9924870

>Having to program to make a living when Stacy instagrams for a living.

>> No.9924874

Ah, I see. Well it's possible you are literally tired - How long have you been wearing lolita? Have you been very busy with something that takes up a lot of time and energy lately, like a new tasking job?
If you need a tip of some sort, I suggest that, when you have some free time, dress up at home. Wear a coord that you love that always makes you feel beautiful, do your makeup and hair and go on about your day like that, whether you're indoors or not. It doesn't have to be an original, elaborate, or creative coord, just something that you love to wear. I'm not entirely sure what you feel or what made you feel this way, but I think you could use a reminder that lolita is fun.

>> No.9924877

I'm >>9924797. Pretty much on the same page as both of you with the needless pushing, but it's hard for me to say that kind of thing publicly because I'm in a position of power and people like to take everything the wrong way (plus politics as >>9924865 mentioned). I do think people need to have their own ambition and passions drive them if they want true success though.

Once a blue moon I get super unmotivated to wear lolita too. I don't think you need to pressure yourself to make a big decision right away. Maybe you can try incorporating your wardrobe pieces into some non-lolita outfits? That might help you figure out how much you still enjoy those pieces and also takes away that pressure to treat it as dressing up.

>having to instagram to make a living when you can own the platform and get paid just for existing

>> No.9924878

I have been pretty busy with work, since it's summer, along with starting roller derby.. That's a good idea, I really appreciate it! I'll do that!

I like that idea! I mostly own OPs, but I do have a few skirts that I could do that with. I've been thinking about getting a few more skirts to wear everyday as well...

Thank you both for the advice!

>> No.9924883

maybe, you can hope that one tries out to be gay, cause no woman wanted him

>> No.9924890
File: 119 KB, 614x951, thatoneglita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Were one of you the /g/ lolita with the lavender holy lantern by chance?

>> No.9924891

Just remember to not take it too seriously, no one is judging you in your daily life so just wear your frills however you want and allow yourself to take a break if you feel that you need it.
Good luck, anon!

>> No.9924897

>I never understood the special push to encourage girls in tech. Let people like what they like
"Let people like what they like" is a fine concept, but not when most women are socialized into careers and positions that pay significantly less than the ones men are, or have lower social value.

For example: >>9924870
If you've ever met an "instagram model" irl you'd know that they put a crazy amount of time into staying fit, keeping up trends, attending events, negotiating sponsorship contracts, etc. Yet this is trivialized and made to seem like she just wakes up and takes a photo and makes 3k for it.

>having to instagram to make a living when you can own the platform and get paid just for existing
Exactly what I mean when I say that women and men are socialized to take different roles (most often with vastly different pay) Its silly to think that half the population across all socioeconomic categories is just inherently too dumb to strive for better paying jobs.

>> No.9924915

about the meme, /cgl/ is just a place to pick up desperate women, no it isn't, cause I am still trying that, and I still haven't succeded

>> No.9924916

no shit sherlock, I was making a point

>> No.9924918

This. If you don’t have the money, wait till you do.

>> No.9924931
File: 119 KB, 514x335, lolinobf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friend plans a lolita flashmob
>invites everyone but me
This is a real kick in the thong diaper.

>> No.9924935

D-do you want to be friends?
Really tho the thing about jewish moms is even after they get mad, they chill out in like an hour. I say go to your meetup.

>> No.9924939

To be honest though J, you kind of do the “look at me I’m special” thing yourself whenever you post to RC about how you’re a programmer and a metalhead and a HEMA practitioner even (usually) when it’s not even relevant to the topic at all. Is it only bad and attention whorish when other women do it?

>> No.9924957

It's all my money. He just thinks I have too many dresses and so I try to casually hide maybe 30-50% of my purchases.

>> No.9924959


>> No.9924960

I'm sorry you didn't have good parents to teach you morals, anon.

>> No.9924961

Are you running out of space for your dresses or does he just think you have too many for no real reason? Sorry if I'm asking too much, it just seems a bit unhealthy to me.

>> No.9924964

man i want to date a brolita

>> No.9924973

For once, good feels.

>was invited to stay at a friend's house last weekend
>went to a cosplaying event with them, and it was amazing
>showered in their home, slept there, then went for lunch at another friend's house
>he lives in a pretty rich neighborhood

Man, i'm just flattered to have such good friends that think well of me. I just love cosplay.

>> No.9924990

This is the only acceptable excuse. With how often this happens, no wonder the DD thread seems so dead

>> No.9924991

Scoot back to tumblr.

>> No.9924997

>If you've ever met an "instagram model" irl you'd know that they put a crazy amount of time into staying fit

>> No.9925003
File: 352 KB, 320x960, 1520089561918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9925013
File: 248 KB, 1910x1000, 104928490-GettyImages-901226552.1910x1000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that amount of beautiful girls on a place like /cgl/

Why would this kind of person spend time in such a cancerous place that 4chan is?
If I was them i'd be more busy on social media.

>> No.9925015

I'm so sorry the same thing happened to me :( I had to sell two really good pieces- but I found a great job after 4 months of roughing it and now my collection is big again. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in finding something good and getting a great collection again.

>> No.9925017

The same reason actually successful businessmen post here, it's 4chan and it's "different"
If a popular chick on social media posted about the struggles of making coords on Twitter it would blow up. If they wanted feedback they will get swamped with good reviews because of their position.
If they come here they get treated like everyone else (provided they block out face)

>> No.9925018

Finally did my taxes, I'll get 440 dollars back in 3 months. (having worked loads of overtime last year)
Recieve an email on my birthday from the insurance company, wanna cough up 440 dollar in 14 days?
Why the fuck did I ever think growing up would be great? Nobody prepared me for this...
Sad cgl feels because I was setting apart money for cosplay supplies.

>> No.9925023

wow, a fight between a thot and a youtube wannabe

>> No.9925024
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>> No.9925025

>Moved to new area with new comm
>It's great because I can re-wear all coords
>Plus got more new items to wear
>No meet to go to...
>I want to host a meet but having a hard time finding a cool venue or meet idea in an area I don't know...

>> No.9925038

It's not really space. I only have about 20. He just doesn't own a lot of material things himself (despite being wealthy enough) and doesn't understand my love for my collection. He tells me a lot "No more dresses," and has yet to really be mad or anything, but I can tell it gets under his skin.

>> No.9925051

>mfw someone asked if my JetJ JSK was from axes femme.
>mfw someone thought my VM JSK was a dirndl

>> No.9925053

At least there is always death to look forward to. There is no real point to anything. it costs too much to live, so you have to work all productive hours of every week-day for the rest of your life for a company that doesn't give a shit about you except for what you can get them for the least amount of money and effort on their part. plus you have to be competing with everyone at all times if you want to get ahead and somehow your competitors always have more energy and care more about work than you do so either get on their level or get fucked. Hey but at least you can be yourself, oh wait no you cant. don't you dare wear the wrong clothes, love the wrong type of person, or express any kind of individualism because fuck you we own you. What are you going to do starve and not buy the next iphone?

>> No.9925054

Post the moldy gnome in the ita thread.

>> No.9925056

This is my bf as well. It's not really unhealthy or abusive. He will even buy me things sometimes. For some reason it just annoys guys and they somehow think 20 outfits is more than enough.

On the flip side, he is a game collector who has invested thousands in his collection of games 90% of which he almost never plays. I find it kind of dumb but I see how happy he is with it, and I will get him games too. It annoys me when he will only play the new game once and forget about it for years probably as much as it annoys him that I only wear some dresses 1-2 times a year.

It's just one of those things.

>> No.9925058

seriously stop giving a fuck what other people have and think and just do what makes you happy and take care of yourself. don't be a lazy fuck, but be moderate and remember that you are responsible for your actions, if you need time off and can take it, do so, but remember you have bills and responsibilities too, and you have to balance that. But really, stop giving a fuck about what people think or are doing themselves. Work towards being your best and doing your best and being as happy as you can.

>> No.9925060

S E L F - E M P L O Y M E N T

>> No.9925064

Eh I don't know how I would make that work. I don't feel like I have skills that work well with that.

>> No.9925067

My mom isn't a hoarder but she's irredeemably terrible in other ways. I've cut off contact, and hope you can do that in the future, anon. Hoarding is often comorbid with narcissism, and they love their shit more than their kids. That mold she collects could kill you, she cares more about the mold than about you. You can't reason with her because she's batshit insane. Your mother is a lost cause, she's junk, and the faster you get out the better. Start saving for a get out fund, and find a nice little apartment you can keep squeaky clean and non smelly.

>> No.9925072

I'd leave my boyfriend if he ever was super negetive about what I love, but he still helps me tie my waist bows and stuff. We'll even joke about "burando" and I've taught him some simple Japanese. I just feel like I need to muffle the amount of money I spend on the clothes so it's not so much "in his face." I don't want him to stress over what in his mind must just be "wasted" resources. I do think a lot of girls encounter this. I'm a bit jealous of girls who get lolita-themed gifts from significant others.

>> No.9925074

Gull, it took me some time to get over being frugal. Had a shitty childhood, a mortal fear of debt because I never want to be in a position where I have to crawl back to my sorry excuses for parents for support, and am happy if I can sleep somewhere dry and warm where no crazy bitch will yell at me. But now that I make six figures, have over 150,000 in savings, you better believe I went on a DD buying spree when my last bonus came in. Used about a tenth of my bonus, telling myself it's okay. A buying spree was three retail price OPs, a skirt, and a cheap Miho Matsuda blouse, so I still feel kinda frugal.

>> No.9925075

Go to the meetup. Your family doesn't own you and you had plans already. it's shittier to skip out on plans you made prior.

>> No.9925079

She's not your friend, she's a retard.

>> No.9925080

>I don't want him to stress over what in his mind must just be "wasted" resources. I do think a lot of girls encounter this.

This so much, and not just in lolita, but it's like a big joke that women "waste" money on clothes, shoes, makeup and girly things.
Meanwhile it's totally not a waste to buy a new gaming computer every 1-2 years, or keep working on a car forever that you will never complete, or pour hundreds of dollars into digital items for games.

>> No.9925083

why would she do this

>> No.9925084

This tbhon. I eat keto because of Crohn's disease, sugar fucks me up, and I still eat more fresh or frozen fruit and veg than some virtue signaling tumblr vegan hambeast that grazes on prepackaged snackies all day and complains about her lack of spoons.

>> No.9925085

Be glad you will stay clear of the embarrassment.

>> No.9925088

Monoculturing wheat, onions, and corn is also incredible destructive. It's not so much what you eat, as eating too much. I hate fat vegans for this reason. Usually they gorge on prepackaged shit that creates tons of plastic waste, the absolute hypocritical cuntwaffles.

>> No.9925089

I love you, anon.

Even I'm guilty of juding people over what they spend their money on. Although I honestly think any money spent on a pursuit of happiness is worthy (provided, it's not an addiction/hurting someone). I find it hilarious you mentioned computers. I'm totally someone who uses devices until they die. My desktop is over 10 years old, and I've definitely enountered a few guys who salivate over whatever the new graphics card is.

In the end, nobody can stop me. I think in my boyfriend's heart he realizes that dresses = happier and more fulfilled me.

>> No.9925092

Are you into moobs? Do you make them dress up like Piglet?

>> No.9925094

>"I'm ACKTUALLY a vegetarian...."
>eats jars of peanut butter mixed with chocolate chips every day

>> No.9925096

I feel really lucky that my husband often says to treat myself, that I deserve it. For the record, I make my own money and earn more than he does, and will until I retire.

>> No.9925099

Fucking filter. I meant so.y
Letting cattle graze or feeding them seaweed is also better and creates less methane than feeding them shit tons of soi.

>> No.9925117

sorry anon, but I can kinda relate to this and I really hope you're able to get out asap.

>> No.9925131

I do spend a lot of time at work, my boss doesn;t give a shit (I make little more than minimum wage) I can't really compete with collegues that have been there for 12-18 years already so I get ahead by kissing ass (helping them/taking their tasks) and working overtime.
It just isn;t sustainable. I have vacation now beause I have to prepare for the summer, which means more customers less collegues. At least my manager left years ago, who made me wear heels to work so I can walk fancy. But hey, I can't spend money if I don't have the time to do grocery shopping,browsing sales groups etc.

>> No.9925162

Why not just date a female lolita?

>> No.9925169

>fills shopping cart with everything I need for my coord
>over 50000 yen but it makes me happy n just spent double that on new computer so whatever right
>lend money to my sister thinking all i was spending was ~550 usd for burando
>realize i forgot shoes so I'll be spending even more
>have to miss event I originally wanted the coord for since I have to wait til after rent now

>> No.9925177

females don't have penises >:C

>> No.9925179


>> No.9925182

You sound like a pro already! Good luck, you can do it anon.

>> No.9925210

Reminds me of the anti-abortion girl who would post pictures of women cuddling dead fetuses. Look at this late term miscarriage I had, isn't God amazing? Fucking gross.

>> No.9925228


>> No.9925314

Yikes, why is this such a trend right now? Animal rights activists have been plaguing my area playing torture videos and at least 3 lolitas I know have been posting weird stuff like this on fb.

I'm actually vegan and have been for a very long time but this behavior disturbs me to the core. Why force that kind of stuff onto people? It's reached a point where I intentionally talk about eating baby animals and cooking lobsters alive just to annoy them and get them to stay away from me.

>> No.9925316

Skills always need to be learned anon.

>> No.9925357

If namecalling or "tumblr" is your only argument, that speaks for itself.

>> No.9925365

>start patreon
>friends dissaprove saying its slutty


>> No.9925378

You are just retarded as that guy who was 'deceived' by twitch thot.
Nobody is forcing womyn to work in worse fields. They are doing that by themselves. If you are smart enough you can figure which profession has better payment. If you are not you can always try your luck in thoting.
Being an insta model is stupid job not because women are doing that, but because they are heavily photoshoped and lying about their products i.e. girls with butt implants who advertise proteins.

>> No.9925388

>just spent double that on new computer so whatever right

anon... no, that's not whatever. you should watch your spending.

I have only one vegan friend and he often shares peta horror videos, it's not really a new trend, but I think there's just more sources of it.

>> No.9925394

me: I'm not shopping any until I go to Japan
Also me: just placed an order

>> No.9925421

>want to get into things
>super scared of everyone being mean and drama-loving

>> No.9925423

Anon I'm sorry but this is a pathetic way of thinking. You realize that you can enjoy things without being involved with greater communities, right? If this is your mentality you better stay out of every hobby and never have fun again because every circle has drama in it. This isn't even exclusive to cgl hobbies, either. Ever heard of drama in knitting communities? Hell there's drama and gossip in workplaces, friend circles, and families too so you better never socialize with anyone ever.

>> No.9925424

yeah I feel like killing myself a lot lol

>> No.9925426
File: 166 KB, 480x270, 652932178956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Find yourself something fun to do in your free time, and a therapist.

>> No.9925451

>tfw just want to be a cute girl so I can cosplay cute girls really badly
>ended up being a 6'1" man with a manly face and deep voice, go to gym 5-6 days a week to cope about not being a cute girl (may as well be the best looking man I can be if I can't be the cutest girl, right?)
>try to pursue cute looking girls in some sort of fucked up
>very small, petite framed girls (less than 50kg and around 5')
>they're all mortified by me given I'm usually at least a foot taller than them and weigh almost 3 times as much
>they have to crane their neck up to look at me in the eyes which just turns me into complete mush and I want to crush them in a bear hug.
>Seemingly I can only attract wheyfu's and normie thots who want 'big strong man' when I'm in fact just an emotional little girl internally

What can I do to make these girls less afraid of me? I approach them, I keep a healthy distance though so they don't feel suffocated or like I'm going to attack them. I tell them straight away I think they are really cute and I would like to see more of them and get to know them better and ask if they have a boyfriend (I'm not going to sit there and pretend to make small talk). They're always so nervous and jittery and just stutter out that they're not looking or they have a boyfriend. I can only assume they're scared of me since I've had success with other girls who aren't as short and petite.

tl;dr want to vicariously live my cosplay dreams through someone who can actually pull it off but I scare the fuck out of the girls I'm actually into because of my size. wat do

>> No.9925457

>I've had to block several lolita comm members on FB a because they kept tagging me on really graphic videos of animals being tortured and killed
reading this before realizing the context did make me laugh tbdesu

>> No.9925462

I think I just need to work through it somehow. Internalize some self-worth and confidence and let people not like me.

>tfw just want to be a cute girl so I can cosplay cute girls really badly
>ended up being a 6'1" man with a manly face and deep voice
haha i know what its like, I'm lucky I'm at least a bit cute and soft and can do the "handsome" thing

pursuing someone who represents something you idolize isn't like... inherently wrong or anything though. it could be unhealthy but if it's not a problem it's not a problem.

>> No.9925468

Man I found my ultimate dream dress and I'm buying it on Tuesday. It's a Taobao dress that's fairly cheap, but it was the dress that gave me the kick in the ass to actually start wearing lolita so it's very special to me and the fact that I was able to find it despite missing preorders back in January is bringing me to tears

>> No.9925470

I got cursed with a resting angry face. I look angry all the time. Some girls find it attractive and 'alpha' but some find it scary and I don't smile that much naturally just because I'm not an expressive person (blame it on shyness) so I come off as wanting rip everyone's throats out but internally I am the biggest pussy on earth.

>> No.9925472

Try smiling more! It's such bad advice on its own, I know, but if you try thinking of things that make you genuinely smile and laugh it makes it easier and natural to smile. It's tough for sure and requires about as much effort as meditating, but it's better than forcing a smile, which people will notice and be weirded out by.

So happy to hear that! I love when I find something great on Tao.

>> No.9925528
File: 15 KB, 512x288, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What can I do to make these girls less afraid of me?
In the animal kingdom when approaching another mammal try to make yourself look small and as un-intimidating as possible. No direct eye contact. They may like to play pattycake too.
Hoping image becomes relevant. Ya know cos bananas are yum.

>> No.9925535

I want pics of this too

>> No.9925545

iktf. I have the resting bitch face bad. When I was in college I can't tell you how many times I'd run into people from class at a social event and by the end of the night here

>Oh wow I always thought you were really unapproachable and standoffish

I'm sorry Calc II doesn't make me give off that "let's be friends" vibe.

>> No.9925557

That you didn't question that a large cohort of someone's com are utter psychos says a lot about the com experience.

>> No.9925560
File: 60 KB, 540x416, feels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mailman put my customs notice under my outside bins instead of through my letterbox like a NORMAL person
>find tracking number when taking the bins out
>check tracking, my item is currently being shipped BACK to japan
>ring up parcelforce, having visions of my dress being destroyed upon its return to my SS
>no crying because I'm a hollow husk of a person at this point
>it's only my fucking dream dress ye whatever who even cares?????
>parcelforce tells me there's fuck all I or they can do, just wait basically
>too scared to check the tracking, SS doesn't seem to respond to my emails
>muster up the courage to check today
>"parcel is at a customs processing office near you"
>still have to pay £40 worth of customs

tfw £40 is equivalent to 5 hours of working at my job
but at least my dress is still alive

other feel
>tfw big birthday is coming up
>tfw all my friends are busy or out of the city
>tfw no bday party
>tfw wouldn't know what to do anyway because I don't like events that are about me
>ALSO tfw best lolita friend has moved away
miss you already, you'll prob read this so hey
>tfw she gives you the most thoughtful gift ever before she leaves
don't worry about me though, I promise I'm ok, I just wanted to vent

tl;dr I know only pain and suffering

>> No.9925561

Don't do it, it's so much more work @[email protected] save yourselves

>> No.9925588

>be 5' and generally cutesy
>tfw big tall strong dudes approach often
I'm not really intimidated by strength but I do get the vibe some people just like having me around because it makes them feel stronger? I nope out pretty fast when that happens, luckily it's rare. It probably helps if you try connecting through a hobby/interest first so we don't feel like decoration.

>> No.9925589

Absolutely this. I always wonder why people praise the communities in hobbies so much, to me communities only ruin everything. Awful fanbases, awful drama, awful people. I started enjoying things so much more once I just stopped communicating with other people.

>> No.9925596

>>tfw big birthday is coming up
>>tfw all my friends are busy or out of the city
>>tfw no bday party

I haven't celebrated my birthday in over a decade. Being early January birthday is suffering.

>> No.9925598

I feel just the same, If I can't be a cute girl and I'm destined to be a 6,3 dude, at least I'll look as good as possible.
I got lucky and found myself a cute small gf tho, she is a bit of a tomboy but sometimes she dresses up because she knows it makes me happy.
Sorry for the blogpost, but I love her so much, I'm sure you will find a girl who loves you someday.

>> No.9925611
File: 148 KB, 425x417, 1332159884910.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>person I talk to from /cgl/ ghosts me
>we get talking again
>they apologize for ghosting
>then they ghost me again
I'm way too forgiving for my own good, this has happened several times

>> No.9925613

Pretty sure you're talking about me, I figured there wasn't anything to add to the conversation. You're always free to strike up discussion if you want.

>> No.9925619

Naw it's not you anon, but I think it's funny that you can post something like this and still have gulls reply to you anyway because it's such a common occurrence

>> No.9925622
File: 190 KB, 584x600, cWiWLzd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you King?

>> No.9925638
File: 483 KB, 500x331, IMG_1305.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Someone had the audacity to message me telling me I should outbid them on an item they bid on that I don't want just because I outbid them on another item.

She's been on LM for a few years too, I am more than stunned she would be so rude. She didn't even say please, or have any other polite phrasing in her message.

>> No.9925646

Geez anon I hope shit works out for you
Do you have a comm you could celebrate with? What city are you in?

>> No.9925652
File: 138 KB, 540x960, 7B3F9FD7-397E-4FB0-A069-252DA84C8CEE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lor uploaded a video about confronting Lolita obstacles asking what makes it hard for people to wear Lolita and makes them not wear it. I hate that today we’re suppose to be super inclusive and supportive of everyone and their “lolita journey” and have to hold everyone’s fucking hand. If you’re interested in the thing and really like the thing, you will put the money and effort into said thing. These bitches just want to be part of what they see as a cool club and feel unique and special. No one is getting into lolita for the fashion anymore it seems, they see it at cons and in anime and look it up and want to play dress up and look cute like the girls wearing it. Sorry, if you don’t look relatively okay outside of lolita chances are you aren’t going to look good in lolita. You don’t deserve asspats for being so brave for being a “trans man” in frilly clothes or a fat poc in brand. It’s fucking clothes. I guess I’m just buttmad that lolita as a street style is dead now and I firmly believe fatty chans and flavor of the week gender fucks wanting to feel special have killed it in the west.

>> No.9925659

This happens with a lot of shit Anon. Live and learn, join the next alt-culture before the rest of society catches on.

>> No.9925660

What's wrong with her?

>> No.9925663

I don't even know, but she insisted that I should buy the other item because there's "no point" in her only buying one of the items. Like, sorry you got outbid on something else but you bidding on an item is you saying you will buy it.

>> No.9925669

I think it's dead (or dying) as a street fashion for many different reasons that aren't specific to fat or trans people but I see what you're getting at.
Obviously I'm not completely against helping newbies out, especially now that information can't be found as easily as it was back on LJ where everything is centered on one site. But this level of coddling for people who are like "I can't wear lolita because I'm scared of attention" or "I don't wear lolita because the clothes hurt me/are uncomfortable" is... baffling. And I say this as someone who's dealt with both of these issues and got over them. It really isn't rocket science, especially the latter: The clothes hurt you? Consider wearing things that actually fit.
>If you’re interested in the thing and really like the thing, you will put the money and effort into said thing.
It all comes down to this, really. People don't want to spend less on their existing hobbies and save up to afford lolita, and they don't want to be told that they can't be kawaii without fixing their hair/wearing makeup/wearing shit that fits because that's not inclusive enough for them. Fuck that noise.

>> No.9925673

Nayrt but that's dumb. "The rest of society" isn't going to "catch on" with lolita, unless it's for Halloween and even then it's shitty ita garbage so it doesn't count. And leaving something you like just because it's popular makes you just as shallow as bandwagoners.
>This is super kawaii I gotta dress like this and be the most kawaii princess of them all!
>This doesn't make me feel special anymore so I'll drop it
Same stupid song, different tune.

>> No.9925675

This is what happens in women dominated hobbies because women cannot make decisions which upset the group. I'll reference that version of survivor made in some Euro country where the teams were split into male and female. Male's all kind of agree to disagree on what to do and went and did their own shit but it collectively worked out. Some guys when to harvest coconuts, some tried fishing, some tried to make a firepit. Some dude was just sick of sitting on fucking sand so he made a table and chairs. Whereas the women couldn't get anything done without group consensus which never happens.

I'm so fucking glad sometimes I get to have my boys only club with some things. Any time women get introduced to something, they have to open it up to everyone and make sure that everyone is included. Like no, fuck off, this shit is more fun when it's exclusive and I can be a cunt to people. Like, really look at cosplay and what a fucking shit clusterfuck it's become since it became a 50/50 gender split hobby. Even then it's not actually the women, it's fucking beta orbiters who would pay to drink their bathwater who throw their full support behind them with their inclusivity of every retard ruining every aspect of what made cosplay special and admirable.

>> No.9925694

I'm really tired of dealing with trannies in the cosplay and lolita community.

>> No.9925698
File: 39 KB, 720x575, 1529582440108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being part of communities or having circles of friends that tolerate trannies to begin with

>> No.9925700


>> No.9925701

Maybe if I had an all male circle of friends it'd be better. But I prefer befriending girls who have tranny friends over guys who I see as friends, and call themselves my friend but in reality they would be with me if I gave them the chance.

>> No.9925703

>in reality they would be in me if I gave them the chance

>> No.9925704

Nayrt but it’s getting harder and harder to avoid. Even the alt-right leaning guys at my job who constantly mock feminism are becoming more pro-trans, especially pro-MTF “as long as they’re hot”.

>> No.9925706

The problem with either of these communities isn't to do with dominance of women.You just sound like a bitter manchild. For the cosplay community, most female comic book/video characters look like thots and most men who like nerdy shit are incels. As a result, they let their boners dictate what cosplayer is worth their attention, hence most popular cosplayers people think off are over confident white women.
As for lolita, a lot of people seem to have a fear of scaring away newbies and want the fashion to suceed. Unfortunately, most alternative fashions tend to attract special snowflakes who want to be unique or SJW's.

I think lovelylorrs video was a load of horseshit. If clothes make you feel uncomfortable, don't fucking wear them and not everybody can rock a fucking sack dress. If you feel that uncomfortable about what people think of, you clearly are not suitable for lolita under any circumstance and should stay the fuck away from it. I also feel like morbidly obese women should stay away from lolita because it was not made for them. Knowing that they would never lose weight, there are plenty of western brands/styles that cater to their needs better and they should stick to that.

Despite my opinion, if fatty wants to go ahead a vacuum seal themselves in a dress, that's their business not mine. At least the ita thread will never run dry of content.

>> No.9925707

yeah I pretty much meant the same thing. I've just come to the conclusion that you cant truly be friends with someone of the opposite gender, so I have to deal with my friends mentally ill trannies

>> No.9925708

>be me, male
>tfw get along better with girls than guys by a mile
>I'm not asexual, I just find it extremely difficult to find someone who fits my very specific type
>all close girl friends I've made end up crushing on me (6 in total)
>I've never reciprocated the feelings
>end up all alone

It's always confused me a little. Girls always talk about wanting to stay friends with a guy who confesses to them but they won't stay friends with a guy who rejects their confession.

>> No.9925709

Most alt-right guys are for trans women because they think they are better than actual women. In their mind, it a women with the mentality of a bro.

>> No.9925711

we like it when we have orbiters, we dont like the feelings of constant rejection when we try to be with a guy we like but dont like us. It's not hard.

>> No.9925715

Be honest, are you just salty or actually that blind to the world outside your immediate view?

Anyways that euro show sounds hilarious and I gotta look it up. What's it called?

>> No.9925718

That video also annoyed me. Someone said they can't wear tight clothes. Lolita is NOT supposed to be tight. Who the hell are they learning these things from?
I just want to scream at those people that lolita is not any cheaper for us, but it's actually the cheapest it has ever been, and we all deal with fucking harassment for looking like it. You have to actually love lolita enough to wear it first, and it will give you confidence. When you love it this much the shit comments wont bring you down and you're happy to save money.

If you are just trying lolita as your flavor of the month cosplay for a con, yeah it's fucking expensive, and no you wont feel that great.

>> No.9925720

Yeah I know it's dumb but the "people ruin everything" theory has a basis in fact.
If you get into things because of the culture surrounding it and its popularity changes the culture there is nothing wrong with changing interests.

>> No.9925721

>.You just sound like a bitter manchild

I just hate people get ass pats for doing absolutely nothing because of this culture that everybody should be included which was never a thing before modern cosplay culture
>Oh wow you're a fat black girl potraying a tiny white loli type character, you're so brave and you look great
No. No you fucking don't. I hate this culture in cosplay of "Cosplay for yourself, not others." If you truly wanted to cosplay for yourself, do it in your house and stay inside. You wouldn't go to cons. But of course nobody cosplays for themselves purely, people like attention and positive reinforcement. However instead of getting attention and positive reinforcement for actual effort, people are just handing out participation ribbons because of this inclusivity bullshit.

Choose a character which fits you. You got some giant tits? Go for a giant tit character. You got black skin? Go for a black skin character. You fucking fat? Choose a fucking fat character or lose some weight you tubby ass motherfucker. Nobody likes seeing a character getting butchered because somebody wants a participation ribbon.

>> No.9925724

I sort of understood that already, I just didn't like that reality. I genuinely want to stay friends with these girls because I think they're really cool but they say it's too painful for them.

>> No.9925727

Feels like a larp but you're half right
Interestingly enough I ended up with a similar experience with a female friend. One of my friends is super into her but she turned him down, it's apparent she's into me and I would hit it but because I respect my friend I don't go for her and the banter is driving her crazy.

>> No.9925728

>we like it when we have orbiters
You're giving the rest of us a bad name, Stacy. Fuck off

>> No.9925729

If you're getting into or leaving a fashion style because of the social aspects related to it, you're into it for the wrong reasons. I get that being associated with a horde of weebs in too small frilly dresses is embarrassing but you don't have to interact with any community to wear lolita. The fat itas in the ita thread or even the ones in my own local community aren't going to stop me from wearing the fashion I love, that's silly.

>> No.9925733

I see what you mean yeah, but wrong or right plenty of people make decisions about what to do because of the subculture. I wouldn't say I'm one of them but I'd be lying if I said it didn't play into my decisions. Yeah you can just not give a fuck but for someone like me being alone for longer periods of time is torture.

>> No.9925734

>you don't have to interact with any community to wear lolita

I wish more people knew that/ felt that way. Some good people are leaving lolita because of drama and I just don't understand why they want to sell off their wardrobes, instead of just lone lolitaing and being happy.

>> No.9925738

>n-not me though, I'm different!
Nothing to get the orbiters coming then to make them think that you aren't like other girls. From my friends I have come to the conclusion that other girls are really just not self aware about anything. You don't know what you want, and I can bet that you would want a trail of orbiters. You're probably just too ugly to get them, and act like you dont want them.

What I want is a good looking boyfriend who takes the lead while I get to see my male feminist orbiter "friends" squirm when he says something that they dont like.

>> No.9925739

You sound like a vapid cunt.

>> No.9925741

a trait that's not very uncommon in today's culture. I'm very self aware of it.

>> No.9925742

>see two dresses I really like from one seller
>message seller offering to buy both for a 10% discount
>seller doesn't read message for two days
>seller reads message but doesn't respond for 4 days; both dress auctions expire with no bids
>seller relists both dresses at same price as before
>send seller yet another message asking about previous offer
>two days later, message is still unread
>original message is now two weeks old and still has no response

Who the fuck would go to the effort of relisting two unsold dresses without so much as reading or responding to offers? Even if the answer is no, just reply and say so. Why are you making it so hard to give you my money?!

>> No.9925743

Or a guy roleplaying.

>> No.9925746

This reminds me of my ex so much. It was so funny. She was very tomboyish, aggressive and brash around her male friends but around me she was very girly, submissive and shy. You could fucking hear her 'friends' grinding their teeth when she'd sit on my lap and curl up to my arm saying sorry for being so loud after she was done calling her friends dumb faggots and ordering them to make her a plate of crackers and cheese.

I like the way you operate anon.

>> No.9925747

*reads your post but doesn't reply*

>> No.9925749

>friend and i both determine we want to become closer friends with one particular person
>friend and i also determine we want to do a specific matching cosplay together
>friend offers my half of the cosplay pair to the person we're both trying to become friends with while i'm right there
>being left in the dust feels good

>> No.9925751

I mean that's a bit too far from me. I just enjoy seeing them get angry when things happened naturally. Like my boyfriend cancelling a plan they are trying to come up with because he wants to spend some time alone with me. Or him saying something a bit sexist when they are around, which they wait until he is gone to try to say "he shouldn't be saying things like that it's disrespectful to you"

it's just annoying how spineless some guys are. I just enjoy getting a rise out of them for being that way without me instigating it.

>> No.9925752

If he was cancelling plans after they were in place they shouldn't be putting up with your bullshit.

>> No.9925754

You all honestly sound like insufferable faggots

>> No.9925756

I know exactly what you mean. It was always hilarious laying in bed with her and seeing the texts roll in. As if her 'friends' think they were more important than me and she wouldn't show me the messages
>Hey I don't think anon should be treating you like that
>Anon seems a bit mean to everyone, is he like with you all the time? It seems abusive.
>You know if ever feel the need to get things off your chest about anon, I'm always here

These types of guys are incredibly one-dimensional and can't comprehend that I'm not a massive cunt all the time since their only personality trait is being a white knight and they think that everybody can only possess one personality trait. I was sweet, listened to her, loved her, guided her when she was indecisive, treated her like a princess and also treated her like a whore. But to them, I was just an abusive cunt.

You sound alright anon.

>> No.9925764
File: 710 KB, 1024x733, pantsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wasn't calling YOU Momokun. Just saying, a lot of Instathots are not in good shape. They just need to appeal to turbo-neckbeards.

>> No.9925765

Is that a shit stain on the Queens pansu? Fantastic

>> No.9925771

They don't want to sell at your price, it's pretty simple...

>> No.9925779

>comparing based Pixy to Moomookunt

>> No.9925789

This is one hunder percent a man.

>> No.9925792

reeee terfs

but seriously, fuck modern trantrenders. The only trans people I know are total creeps, have no intention of transitioning and look like men. they just want to get in on womens safe spaces/want to get laid. Only good trans "women" are the ones who date men only. trans lesbians are fetishistic creeps

>> No.9925793

>Saw a picture of a really gorgeous cosplayer
>Pretty sure they photoshopped the fuck out of their waistline
>Still having body dysmorphia and crying about how I’ll never look like that

>> No.9925799

I think it was more than just fatties and gender fucks, the fashion has been on a decline in japan and that translated over here in the west. I think many "trans men" (who aren't men if they're seriously okay with wearing dresses) only wear the fashion for a short while and move on. fatties stick around though, yes. I don't understand what gets those people in the fashion. I also don't understand how fatties get into lolita and don't instantly think of losing weight. I'm a normal weight, but even then lolita makes me want to work out, eat healthy, lose weight.

I don't understand how people think they can't get into lolita because it's "too expensive" since it's cheaper than it's ever been. You can get a brand dress for like 120~. 5 years ago that was not possible unless you wanted a shit stained or disgusting print. As for sizing lolita has gotten a lot better.

A lot of the people asking for lors help starting their "journey" probably won't stick to the fashion. that's the honest truth. If you're experiencing all these anxieties at the beginning of your journey, you're not going to stay around.

>> No.9925805

Have you tried the string thing for body image? You measure out, using a string, without looking, the circumference of your arms, waist, thighs etc are. Keep those and label them, then compare them to the actual circumference of those.

Unless you're like some of the guys in this thread who want to be cute in which case fhsfghfshgh

>> No.9925806

Don't go full vegan unless you want to be a fart machine.

>> No.9925809

>You can get a brand dress for like 120~
Even far less if you're into solids rather than flavor of the month prints. I've gotten gorgeous solid pieces off auctions and mercari for $40-$50, $120 is higher end for secondhand pieces.
Many newbs are just spoiled, they'd rather sit on their asses and cry about the "$300 dresses" meme instead of putting in any effort to learn otherwise. They want to claim the label "lolita" for themselves without actually wearing the fashion because that takes effort; it's like they love and hate the fashion at the same time.

>> No.9925818

My boyfriend is the opposite. Sometimes he sends me links to new releases before I see them. He also loves to brag to his friends about how much my outfits cost him. And how much money he spends on me in general. I think the cost of the dresses makes him like them more, because he always gets annoyed if I ask for 2nd hand stuff but is always more than happy to buy me new items from the directly from brand webshops.

Def landed a brandwhore's dreamboat.

>> No.9925821

If it was me it's because I checked myself into a mental hospital for a while, relapsed, and checked myself in again.

>> No.9925908

Right in the feels. Now I feel old I remember most of these. Nostalgia...

>> No.9925912

Lor’s audience consists almost entirely of newbies and lolitas-at-heart. Everyone in my comm who watches her is a newbie and the ones who stick around and become more experienced in the fashion always lose interest in her content eventually. It’s really no surprise she coddles people who don’t want to put in the effort to actually wear the fashion, since they’re her main demographic.

>> No.9925918

>brandwhore's dreamboat
This wording is fabulous.

I'm so jealous. My boyfriend is a bay area software engineer at probably the most sought after company here. He spoils me rotten with meals, desserts, and trinkets (to clarify, I'm borderline underweight, never been a fatty-chan here)... but no brand.

>> No.9925938
File: 17 KB, 526x335, fupa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a ddlg cow in my comm and no one else knows about it, but thankfully no one really likes her regardless. She's also been posted numerous times on here and caused drama in the online committee, I wish my comm wasn't so weird and ita

>> No.9925943

I suppose there are plenty of reasons, one of which being the fact they feel like they can't/don't want to wear lolita alone either because it's "scary" or because it's not fun for them, because they're in it for the social aspect; imagine having a uniform for making friends, it makes the whole "I'm leaving lolita because the community is full of meanies!" even more stupid.
This doesn't apply to all of them but I've noticed the girls that tend to pitch the loudest fits about leaving the fashion (all while being complete fucking nobodies) are also the girls who basically think that lolita = AP's FOTM prints, wigs, falsies, circle lenses, underskirts, wings, halos, the whole OTT shebang, and that you can't possibly wear lolita without these things. They're also the ones who complain about the fashion being "uncomfortable" to wear and say it's only for special events.
Again, not to say that every single girl that flounces from the fashion is like this, but it's quite common to see. It's a sad observation, to be honest.

>> No.9925946

Your entire comm is ita and has an ageplayer in it? Jump ship while you can, the lonelita life is much better than that shit.

>> No.9925947

Yeah, I agree. Mercari is amazing, but a lot of new people don't use it until later, instead opting to shop on the western market (and even then, you can grab a brand dress for cheap if you just get a solid dress) . I've had so many new friends not use mercari or y!a because the site is "too hard to navigate" (same with taobao).
It's cool to be interested in the fashion but i'd say 90 percent or more of people who get into it only last a few months and only buy a few dresses before quitting, though still retaining the label. I don't blame people for dropping lolita, it is more expensive than normie clothes, and depending on where you live, people can be really abrasive. But I hate that these noobs who don't know anything or don't wear the fashion are the most vocal about "educating people" or "giving advice".

>> No.9925999

Then you simply write back no thank you. Declining an offer isn't an excuse to fail to communicate at all. Declining an offer isn't rude but just not getting back to a potential buyer definitely is.

>> No.9926061

Are you me

>> No.9926163

You should message whoever ghosted you instantly. Call that fucker out

>> No.9926167


Who's #2? I think I've seen that particular cosplay a lot.

>> No.9926177

I hate being around people who seem romantically interested in me that aren't my boyfriend, it fills me with somewhat irrational anger.

>> No.9926190

No I'm me.

>> No.9926206

>I am X
>I like Y
>therefore all X like Y
>if an X says they don't like Y, they are lying
It's cool if you like that, maybe it's common, but that's just your personality. Everyone of the same sex isn't a carbin copy of each other, that's not "not like the other girls" shit, that's a fact.

>> No.9926254

I've been feeling kinda low lately, but I found a pair of old Bodyline shoes that still smell like their packaging. Sounds weird, but it's really nostalgic and takes me back to when I was a babby lolita and things were better.

>> No.9928048

You can live vicariously through me anon.

>> No.9932258

Speaking as a rather petite girl, asking me out as more or less your first interaction with me would have me turning you down too. I don't know you. I have no idea if you're harmless or a serial killer. Being invited out under a romantic pretext is particularly scary, because of how many guys think they're owed sex after a few good dates.

I think you'll be way better off if you would do small talk--establish that you're a normal human being.

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