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Last Thread >>9910550
>Threat by terrorist
>Autograph announcements when
>not all concerts sold out

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Going to scope out the scene on July 4/day 0
Got shit to do Thursday.
Going on Friday.
Saturday is when the autismo's most likely to do an Elliot Roger so I don't know if it's worth it.
Sunday is lame.

Can I buy Friday tickets on Wednesday?

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>tfw you will be forced to wait in a ridiculously long line ever though you already got your badge in the mail
I hope that this will not be the case

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>mfw my cosplay is almost ready and almost packed up

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>twf normies are taking over this con
>overhear normie af people taking their kids
>"it's like a cheaper disneyland!"

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>overhears normie af people taking their kids
>"it's like a cheaper disneyland!"
>tfw normies and casualfucks are taking over the con

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>cheaper than Disneyland
>$130 now
>$160 at the door

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>$20 water and $30 beer at Disneyland

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>tfw live down street and want to shoot up the weebs
Should I do it

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Only if you no longer want to live

Also note that people making threats on 4chan have actually been tracked down before they can do anything so congrats if you weren't already on watch lists you are now with a healthy dash of people looking very close at you

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>thinking you're protected from swat teams breaking down your door for threatening a shootout on an anonymous board

RIP anon, it was n̶i̶c̶e knowing you

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Especially nowadays where people are jumpy as fuck. Even if he doesn't actually mean it people will take it seriously

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>selling beer at a kids park

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Now I have 2 spots open in a single bed room at the Hotel Indigo. $230 from Day 0-4.

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Does conXion get crowded quickly? I've given up on my chances of getting into the Fakku x Mogra dance party due to JSL and failing to get a guaranteed entry ticket this weekend. ;_;

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It will be.

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50 Zero Twos? 100 Zero Twos? 200 Zero Twos? How many cosplays will there be?

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Depending how this shit show ends next week, I wouldn't want to cosplay anything from this shit.

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It doesn't end next week. it ends AT Anime Expo...

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I will say up to 150 cosplays.

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Can it beat Deadpool and Harley Quinn in regard to amount of cosplays?

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Yes, but not in regard of ATTITUDE

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Water is free at Disneyland, just walk up to the counter at any fast service place and ask for it. They can charge you for bottles but not for water in a cup.

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>popular shows are shit!!!!!1!!!
>i-i’m cool now, r-right guys?

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300 zero twos

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So I'm going to be trying to snag a Go Nagai autograph. I'm assuming I'm going to be up all night in line, but do you think 2 am is too late? Should I be worried about getting mugged?

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if anything 2am would be too early (well, overkill)
no to mugging because there's going to be a bunch of other weebs in line and probably a bored security guy assigned to that zone

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Anyone want to buy a 4 day badge? for $30? I got a code.

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How many FAT zero twos are there going to be ? that is the better quesiton

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Chubby? At least a dozen
Full on fat? 3
Those of us who went to cons during gurren lagann can attest, it takes a little while for the truly obese to catch on to the sexy cosplays. I'd say otakon or awa has a better chance. The girls have to see people cosplaying her in the wild before they look at themselves and say "i can do that"
Fat female hiros though? You bet.

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A 4 day Disneyland ticket is 350 dollars

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I've never been. I've been to some fairly large cons before so the size isn't an issue, but what's the cosplay scene like? Mostly photoshoots? Everyone just randomly gathering? Designated cosplay gatherings? Not sure what to bring

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Hard to gauge the best times, but 2-3am is generally the safest. Last time I camped was 2016 at 4am and I was about 10 tickets from guaranteed cutoff, and they weren't the hot guest of the day. Since AX has grown since then I'm doing 2am this year to make sure.

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Nice Anon, who are you cosplaying?

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all of the above
note that it's going to be hot out and the cosplay gatherings are all outside. if you want shoots some will be inside, some will be outside, depending on what kind of scenery you want. you can arrange for shoots with photographers some who charge and some who are free with varying skill levels. generally the paid ones are better than the free ones but there are some free photogs who are good. since there's a lot of designated gatherings there probably won't be that many random gatherings.

if you want people to take photos of you in general bring fotm. being hot helps too (let's be honest, cosplay photos are very shallow).

who were you going for? most of the time i can get someone good by showing up at 6am unless its one of the super popular/rare ones ie TM revolution who only did 1 signing session

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I really hope there are some hot zero cosplay. I remember when Yoko was popular at anime expo.

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I was originally going with just two people and was super stoked to hear that all of our badges arrived in the mail early. But, two more people got added to our group and it's too late for them which means we're back to waiting in that long ass line.

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I've never been to a cosplay gathering before, but I'm finally starting to cosplay this year and thought it might be fun. What should I expect?

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Depends on the popularity of the series you're cosplaying but average you can expect one god-tier cosplay, five genderbends of a male character with long hair and/or slutty outfit, one or two people with a cheap ebay costume who didn't bother with a wig, one person who looks like a walmart aisle glitter-glued together who also unfortunately thinks they are the best thing the con has ever seen, and at least two girls dressed as boys kissing when the pairings are called up and all the fujos lose their shit. It's fun when you go with a friend or find someone you instantly click with but otherwise it's equal parts entertaining and cringe.

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all of the above.
Mayumi Shintani for Nonon. It was a Junichi Suwabe day, and his line got nuts. Before I got to the front all his regular and standby tickets were gone.

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I'd be willing to sit through the muck just to see that god-tier cosplay. I love that shit.

Where would I find the info about a meet-up?

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Check cosplay.com's forums. You'll find their Anime Expo sub-forum when you scroll down and at the top should be the gathering list post. Can also search on Facebook for any fandom you're interested in to see if there's a Facebook event set up (most do but some search terms are wonky so you'll have the best luck just checking out cosplay.com which also lists the locations)

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You're a blessing

>> No.9922744

There's also this sheet keeping track of most cosplay meetups


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nah fuck them they can wait in the line on their own and meet up later. the three of you having fun overrules the two of them being miserable in line

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I think surprisingly less than I'm ballparking. I thought I was going to see hundreds of shitty Tohru's and Lucoa's last year but was pleasantly surprised by the lack of them

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You think? I mean, looking online Go Nagai autographs go for hundreds. I gotta figure some folks are gonna line up for the money.

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Couple questions for a first timer
1) How early do you think I should line up for the MHA movie premiere? Seems like its popular according to the app. How bigs the room?

2) what is this fakku dance I've been told I have to check out? Since fakku is a hentai site and all...

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1) supposedly the capacity of it in theater setting is 5000 people. i don't actually know if they have that capacity when AX uses it. you're probably waiting the runtime of the movie or longer if you want to guarantee a seat. who knows, you might get lucky and it never fills up to capacity

2) dance/club anisong music. watch one of the recorded club mogra streams and it's going to be that.

>> No.9922830

Tell them tough luck and to give you a call/text once they get inside. You shouldn't have to wait in a long ass line and miss having fun because two people were late to the party

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>go to disneyland
>can;t afford bottled water

>> No.9922857

There's a difference between being able to afford something, and willingly getting ripped off

>> No.9922968

Tell them to fuck off and wait in their line by themselves. You didn't pay the mailing/service/handling fee just to stand in line like a fucken casual.

>> No.9923001

This will be my first time going to Anime Expo. Should I expect to see something like this there?

>> No.9923026

You are awesome! Thanks!

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>spending $30 on fucking bottled water

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>Zero Two
>Darling In The Franxx
DITF is gonna be the theme of this year’s non-existent Anime Expo orgy, isn’t it?

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So glad I waited to see if the show was shit or not before cosplaying it. I would be embarrassed to be caught cosplaying from it now desu

>> No.9923139

Absolutely. You'll see Naruto in line at Burger King and Shinji on the bus.

>> No.9923142


You don't need to like the show to cosplay. Zero 2 is a thot

>> No.9923213

I'll buy it anon. Do yoy have an email or maybe proof of it existing? Are you a volunteer this year?

>> No.9923306

it’s ok, if you work out and stop eating donuts you won’t have to keep feeling so angry all the time. projecting your insecurities isn’t healthy.

>> No.9923332

So there's no free entry to exhibit hall after 4 pm anymore?
How 2 ghost this shit with the new rfid badges.

>> No.9923354 [DELETED] 

Interested, email me if you're still selling.

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File: 1.77 MB, 1125x1580, 0E567ECA-D04E-4D9C-89F7-4F3C70F8339F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>fall in the long ass line to get a wristband the day of the event to guarantee your place inside
>fall in the long ass line to get your seat
>Macadamia starts lining up at 1130 am 7/5
>AOT season three starts lining up at 1030 am 7/8

>> No.9923375

So I tried to brush paint a section of a prop and I fucked it up. How do I get rid of paint on a foam?

>> No.9923387

Interested anon. Email me if you're still selling.
[email protected]

>> No.9923396

Those poor anime only AoT fools...

>> No.9923401

That hasnt been a thing since iirc 2016

>> No.9923467

Will this be the most packed event ever in AX history?

>> No.9923472

Maybe. I remember the bullshit for SAO II event though. Fuck that shit. Capped lines 3-4 hours before the fucking event even started.

>> No.9923483

This is my first AX. Besides the anomaly MHA and AoT stuff, how early should I be lining up for panels in advance?

>> No.9923488

2 hours, at least.

>> No.9923495

If you want a good seat take this and double it probably. I've been seeing talk of people attempting to line up when they get there in the morning.

>> No.9923502

2 hours at least for big name panels

>> No.9923503

2 panels beforehand in whatever your panel's room is
Or go VIP lmao

>> No.9923529

Use the cosplay help thread next time, but sand it down.

>> No.9923544

Do people mind if friends switch off waiting in line?

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is it worth it to apply to the fashion show? has anyone ever done it before? i don’t want to be put in something ugly

>> No.9923611

It's honestly the only way to survive

>> No.9923631

They do, but fuck em.

>> No.9923642

Well... That answers my MHA question...

>> No.9923643

Only if have to take a pee break

>> No.9923647

Who here is an artist?

>> No.9923657

I shouldn't, but I know I'm going to end up overpaying for booze at the beer garden

>> No.9923663

So. AMV tix are distributed beginning at 1400 on Thurs. Afternoon when I (hopefully) will be in the BNHA premiere.


You won't be the only one. Im gonna need a few given how this is lining up....

>> No.9923666

You know no one going who can get you a ticket?

>> No.9923675

latest AX guest announcement


>> No.9923679


I am staffing again. I can do a screenshot of shiftboard(where it is at) proof, and all that stuff. The only thing is that since its a code you have to pick it up onsite. Do you do venmo btw?

>> No.9923681


Will email, if the first dude doesn't reply

>> No.9923682 [DELETED] 

Nah. My 2 buddies are gonna be with me.

Only hope really is either they don't go quickly or the movie ends before 2 so one of us can run for the tickets and skip the panel portion>>9923679

>> No.9923686

>>9923666 #
Nah. My 2 buddies are gonna be with me.

Only hope really is either they don't go quickly or the movie ends before 2 so one of us can run for the tickets and skip the panel portion

>> No.9923688

I hear theres organized orgies. Where do I go to get my dick wet?

>> No.9923690


look for the people into fury

>> No.9923701

Never seen tickets run out for AMV before. Looks like the movie ends at 2:30 and AMV opens the line at 2. You should be good to go if you head over to pickup when you finish.

>> No.9923717

What's the best place to buy booze at 6am?

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Just saw a VA-11 HALL-A cosplayer at Ralph's, looking legit. I'm getting hyped!


>> No.9923740

Diff anon, but I’m also interested and have venmo.

>> No.9923744

When will they announce the video game tournaments?

>> No.9923749
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Too bad my drawings are shit

>> No.9923759


Pls anon I'll give you money right now if the other two don't reply ;_;
[email protected]

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So thanks to CWF I will be going to AX all 4 days after all. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous though. Will is still in the hospital, but his condition is getting better. He's able to open his eyes, but he still doesn't seem fully aware. He only just woke up though, so his body is still fully coming to. This is going to be my first con in years without him, and I just don't know. I feel so lost and lonely and the guilt is still there. I'm sorry I haven't been active, this has been haunting me, but I'm still hoping for the best. Hope I see you all there, sorry if I seem a bit down.

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Zero Two will be what D.VA was in 2016

>> No.9923783

is sunday worth going to the con for? Flights back home are way cheaper in the morning so I wouldn't be able to go sunday at all.

>> No.9923788

My friends would rather go to comic con so they're ditching. Anyone want to stick together instead of going alone?
20/m, 4 days

>> No.9923790 [DELETED] 

I found the red-eyes were just as cheap and you'll be able to stay friday.

>> No.9923791

Wish you and Will the best, glad to hear he's improving.

>> No.9923792

also diff anon and interested

>> No.9923795

Sunday is only really good for shopping because there's less people and you can haggle, but a lot of stuff will probably be sold out.
Thank you, he luckily has no neck or spine injuries and he's breathing independently for most of the day. The doctors say he is going to need physical rehab and will need anti-seizure medication, but otherwise he should be fine. Lots of good minor progress like following movement in the room, actively watching videos, he looked like he recognized me because he really kept fighting to keep his eyes open when I was in the room talking to him. Sorry for blogposting but I just want to get the word out since I know he touched a lot of people particularly in the Ace Attorney/JoJo groups.
You cosplaying?

>> No.9923807

I'll be going as Eren, although it's very simple (first cosplay).
Hope Will gets better, the fact that they're suggesting rehab is a good sign.

>> No.9923818


Who were they cosplaying?

>> No.9923820

Saw Jill, didn't recognize the rest of them and didn't want to gawk or pry. I'm sunburnt as hell and being a layabout as today's my day off, so I didn't feel exactly presentable.

>> No.9923824

is 12+ hours of free labor worth it to you for a 4-day badge

>> No.9923827


Yeas. Ask if you can do manga lounge

>> No.9923904

Did you get a photo?

>> No.9923936

[email protected] anon here, can pick up and have venmo

>> No.9923948

Samefag, you can just invoice me on venmo with that email and I can pay immediately after proof.

>> No.9924060

Thank god I don't care about either of those two shows.

>> No.9924061

2 hours is overkill for the small panels with literal who guests. But it's a good bet for anything that's relatively popular.

>> No.9924073

Great that they've anticipated the extra demand.

>Once you are seated in Main Events (Hall B), you are welcome to stay for all scheduled, non-ticketed events for that day.
RIP premier fan badge. It's almost completely useless now.

>> No.9924199

I don't know why they don't have a second ticket line for premier badgeholders. Then just restrict the number of standard wristbands based on how many premier people are in line.

>> No.9924233

I did that with the Mahouka movie last year. The movie was utter shit, but at least I got a free gunpla from the gundam panel before the movie that I have yet to build

>> No.9924236

Are they not clearing hall B in between panels for all days?

>> No.9924277

I thought that was a meme!

>> No.9924317

So you want a room with about 3000 premier holders, and fuck everyone else? Yeah, no.

>> No.9924323

Not that there's 3k of them, but that's sort of the point of the badge. It's really bad that they lose a privilege they shelled out for, and they should be upset. You're just being bitter to be bitter.

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>tfw you give no fucks about MHA or Attack on Titan and can worry about other shit instead

>> No.9924368

Tfw you want yo go only because of the popularity and not because you want to see them

>> No.9924380

I don't care about them either, I just want to see Kaji Yuki.

>> No.9924414

This, where is the autograph schedule already.

>> No.9924415
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>next week

>> No.9924425
File: 313 KB, 1280x720, 1529207089369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>MFW next year's ticket prices at con will be $200 for 4 days.
Holy fuck, can we just go to a straight up lottery like SDCC please.

>> No.9924472

What makes you say the price is gonna increase?

>> No.9924480

LA weather has been weird lately, random cloudy and cool days interspersed between the usual scorching heat, I hope AX will land on one of those days.

>> No.9924485

I meant in the context of: is participating in a fashion show "worth it"

You don't get to pick what brand you want to model for
You don't get any say in outfits
You have to go to meetings ranging 1-3 hours, maybe more, and fittings another 2 hours at least, not to mention the day of the fashion show is at least 8 hours of prep

Your only compensation is a regular 4-day pass, no frills

It's up to you if that's "worth it"

>> No.9924491

>interview tomorrow for life changing job
>if I get it id probably have to cancel AX
mixed feels, anyone else get fucked with bad timing this year? Spent ages on my cosplay too.

>> No.9924502

Just tell them upfront you have prior plans with everything already bought and paid for. A company won't think any less or not hire you because you have a life outside of work or a vacation planned. They likely won't press for details either. Even if they do make something up like visiting with family.

>> No.9924506

I don't know if I want to risk a job I could be making 80k+ a year at. I haven't got it yet anyways but I'll keep it in mind. We'll see.

>> No.9924510

Different anon, but it's definitely not a risk. It's extremely unprofessional not to communicate effectively with your employer. Prior commitments are not negative aspects about you. And you don't have to be specific about the details either. This is exactly why they ask about your plans in the next 6 months. Clarify that it's a one time occurrence and frame it as proof of your skill to arrange plans months in advance. Always turn something into a positive or redirect to one of your skills.

>> No.9924511
File: 87 KB, 359x469, 1527970415746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh jeez, I've got an extra double at the Westin I never got rid of. Anyone looking for an entire room? I gotta get it off my hands.

>> No.9924516

I would consider taking it for july 4th only if you want

>> No.9924519

I gotta get the entire room off my hands, not just a single day. I forgot to mention its from the 4th to the 8th. Wakarimasen

>> No.9924534

I mean I might be interested in it. How much would it be for all four days?

>> No.9924537

First time cosplaying. Any advice on how to not look like shit?

>> No.9924540

Check the mirror before you head to the con.

>> No.9924542

Search youtube for "How to improve your cosplay" "how to take your cosplay to the next level" or any amalgamation of that and you'll get really good tips. Most of them include using makeup (even if you're a male or never usually wear any), practicing your posing, and ironing your costume.

>> No.9924543

They might be lenient since it's 4th of July weekend.

>> No.9924546

I'm interested in the room, you still here?

>> No.9924547

Anyone know if they allow camping the lines? Thinking about camping out Wednesday night to get my badge and BNHA wristband early.

>> No.9924552

It's not that some people don't give a fuck. It's that they realize their time is valuable and don't want to waste hours to sit in a long, hot crowded line to watch a movie they can see in the comfort of their home later. It's not worth the effort.

>> No.9924559

You can camp but the question will be "where is the official line going to be?">>9924547

>> No.9924566

>to get my badge
Actually you're fucked if you don't get your badge Wednesday. That's going to be two different lines to deal with and they're on opposite sides of the convention center if you try to do both Thursday

>> No.9924576

>implying there are 3000 premier badge holders

>> No.9924581

Just say you have family commitments on the week and ask if you can start after them.

I got a job and didn't start until 3 weeks later because I had cons.

>> No.9924636

>Where do I pick up my lanyard, swag bag, and program guide?
You will be able to pick up your Anime Expo lanyard, swag bag, and program guide when you arrive on site as these items will not be shipped in advance. These items can be picked up on Figueroa St. by the South Hall Lobby entrance as early as July 3rd or 4th!

Does that mean I have to stand in line to get this shit? If I just re-use an old AX lanyard, will anyone notice?

>> No.9924643

As long as you've got a legit badge it shouldn't matter. Plenty of people use their own lanyards at AX, often ones that aren't official con lanyards at all. (I often use a Good Smile Racing one that a friend gave me years ago, for example.)

>> No.9924649

the lanyard isn't necessary at all. you could have your badge in your pocket if you really felt like it and only use it to tap in/tap out and show it when requested. this means you can fit it into your schedule or if you don't care skip picking it up completely.

I usually look through artist alley trying to find cool ones actually

>> No.9924653

If you're still looking to get rid of the room shoot me an email, I'd be interested in it depending on the price.
[email protected]

>> No.9924660

Thank you

>> No.9924829

>every year attendance gets higher and higher. Can we get a bigger location or something? I know we're stuck at LACC till at least 2020 but fuck.

>> No.9924864

Anon, there's no way they will hire you AND have you start before AX. Just tell them you can't start until the 9th.

>> No.9924873

Yeah my issue is more that it's a multi-interview process and I want to be available.
First interview in an hour.

I'll take note of the tips itt. TY ANONS.

>> No.9924889

My work laid-off ~250 people overnight about a week ago including myself and almost everyone that was going with me.

We're still going but

>> No.9924938

First timer here. How early should I line up for Jojo? I wasn't concerned until Part 5 was confirmed. Also do I camp outside the room or inside?

>> No.9924983

Inside if you can.
Check the rules on which rooms get cleared and which don't. If they don't, sit in as early as you think is safe then wait through until the JoJo panel

>> No.9924987
File: 1.50 MB, 1125x1475, 227C07A5-5159-4F70-9545-4C287573A90C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post your lanyards, AXfags, because all of us will be too busy getting settled in our hotels, getting in the will call line to get our tickets and lining up to see µ's: the “ehh, you'll do” edition to get in another long ass line to get a lanyard for your badge

>> No.9925001

omg Kurebayashi is going to be there? I'm so excited

>> No.9925042

Where do you get your roommates for AX? Last year's one of them was okay except for the fact he went on a /r9k/ and /pol/ rant when he had a bit of alcohol. It wasn't a racist rant but more about today's "degeneracy.

>> No.9925048

Anyone need a shopping service or proxy to buy anime expo stuff, dm me twitter @p2dahu. Ss fee starts at $5 per booth for merch total $20 or less, $10 for above, I have feedback and experience doing ss for AX. I can buy most items, but oversized ( wallscrolls, poster, figures) is usually a no go unless it's AX exclusive and will be a additional fee.

>> No.9925061

Getting roommates lol.
Just get a room to yourself.

>> No.9925066

AX discord

>> No.9925090

Unless it a financial job or retail because ax falls midweek, most 9-5 work places will give workers off 4th to 8th, no one then will call u in for a interview

>> No.9925093

No because AX fucked up and signed to hold the con there for many years

>> No.9925143

LACC is expanding so it will have more room (or AX has to move to Anihiem lolololol)

>> No.9925170

>implying he's going to have an autograph session
AX gave no fucks about seiyuus this year.

>> No.9925192
File: 93 KB, 972x566, Screenshot_20180627-181113.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Must be hard being this dumb.

>> No.9925200

So I guess they sent out an e-mail saying there is a small set of wristbands for the two events for premiere people. Check your inboxes.

>> No.9925254

Has anyone gotten anything good from the mystery boxes some vendors sell? Just curious.

>> No.9925283

I saw someone pull the grand prize box. I don't know if that was planted.

>> No.9925287

I dunno, maybe because the prices keep going up every year?

>> No.9925289

>TFW Yuki Kaji autograph is a lottery were you have to attend the AOT S3 prtemiere

>> No.9925291

Someone got a brand new PS4 at ALA.

>> No.9925292
File: 343 KB, 902x504, 1529004322817.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw this is almost certainly true

>> No.9925304
File: 247 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_ou6576iSa51wsxy86o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lolita meet at AX?

>> No.9925308

Only a week away, gulls! What are you cosplaying?

>> No.9925309

It's never advertised. Nobody wants thrust crossboarders.

>> No.9925320


>> No.9925352
File: 523 KB, 775x436, 1526986876661.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9925354

>the app says it'll be from 4 pm to 10 pm
this is gonna be wild

>> No.9925361

1 week, haven't even started on my cosplay!!! Panic mode Engaged!!!

>> No.9925382
File: 42 KB, 960x540, 1516043146623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>check how the weather is looking
>nice and mild at 75 degrees this week and early next week
>then AX starts

Every fucking year

>> No.9925436

First time and cant wait. Not looking forward to the 6 hour flight but looking forward to con!

Is night zero worth it?

>> No.9925481
File: 327 KB, 1024x768, bully for you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9925482

Todd Howard

>> No.9925507

What day is 0 agian?

>> No.9925511


>> No.9925537

It's nice to get things settled in and figure out your gameplan.

There's a few neat things that go on.

>> No.9925602

Unless they are desperate to fill the roll ASAP I doubt they would have you in for round 2 the week of a major US holiday. They probably won't even be through round 1 yet.

Good luck Anon!

>> No.9925712

Badass lonely pirate from 1978

>> No.9925745

Different anon here, I almost had an interview on that thursday or friday. Told them no for those days and this week either; wanted to have it the week after AX but they said it'd be too late by then so I had to settle for Tuesday instead but whatever.

>> No.9925763

Better familiarize yourself with the area.

>> No.9926033
File: 328 KB, 900x1200, DZmEumeVoAABq3I.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.9926038

They still give no fucks. He's not even getting his own panel.

>> No.9926058

Not really important if all they want is an autograph. Being face to face with a guest for a minute or two, and possibly getting a picture and/or a handshake is far more exciting than sitting in a hall listening to nobodies ask stupid questions during open mic.

>> No.9926072
File: 20 KB, 600x315, 1529801021363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cosplay still shows as "Ready for Shipping"

>> No.9926114
File: 143 KB, 720x960, jeffrey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best cheap places to park that are in walking distance of the con?

>> No.9926119

Just take an uber m8

>> No.9926123

m8 it'd be 20 bucks to uber form where im at

>> No.9926161

Try parkopedia or parking panda and you might be able to get a good rate prepaid. I haven't used it in a while but when I was I was paying like $8 for the whole day

>> No.9926193

So is hooking up with people at cons still a thing these days? I always thought the orgys were a myth.

>> No.9926209
File: 1.45 MB, 3695x2162, 2154375759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How times have you gone to AX?

>> No.9926211

I think it's somewhat impossible at Larger conventions nowadays. There are too many crowds, so most people tend to stick to their group of friends nowadays in order to not get too separated.

Hooking up happens more at smaller or fan run conventions.

>> No.9926215
File: 173 KB, 625x505, 1522288275744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From 2003.
>Yuki Kajiura's .hack concert

>> No.9926216 [DELETED] 
File: 1.62 MB, 2560x1440, 20170701_115216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hooking up at cons is common enough after dark, where there are bound to be at least 2 people who are thirsty enough bump into each other.

Orgys are not a myth. Orgys that you would ever consider hopping into ARE a myth.

>> No.9926217

I've always found it to be the opposite. I never make friends at ALA because everyone is so deeply entrenched in their cliques. AX tends to have more people willing to talk.

>> No.9926218
File: 1.10 MB, 1296x2304, 115216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Hooking up at cons is common enough after dark, where there are bound to be at least 2 people who are thirsty enough bump into each other.

Orgys are not a myth. Orgys that you would ever consider hopping into ARE a myth.

>> No.9926219

I missed AX 2007

>> No.9926220

This year is my first. Pretty excited!

>> No.9926221
File: 318 KB, 768x576, DSCI0342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Since 2009. Have a ton of photos from over the years. Lot's of memories.

>> No.9926225
File: 321 KB, 756x1008, AX 2000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AX 1999-2008, so almost had a ten year run.

Hated the LACC area so much in 2008, and the more corporate atmosphere of the con, I didn't return until AX 2013. It was run better, but still didn't have any fun.

Finally returning now in AX 2018 for a day just because of friends.

>> No.9926246

Problem with AX is you talk with someone for a half hour in a line, and then never see them again the entire con cuz it's so busy.

>> No.9926262

That's why you ask for their number, Anon.

>> No.9926263

Since 2004. I miss old AX, their concerts were free and they had better guests.

>> No.9926285

Seconded. Get their number and plan to meet up at another panel.

>> No.9926294

There's a place right across the street from the Regal Cinema Stadium which is a block from the convention center.

>> No.9926332

Motherfucker if you give away the good spots they stop being good spots

>> No.9926348

Since 2006.

>> No.9926364

The area around AX is like 50% parking 50% buildings. Finding parking in LA is easy, just pay $5-20 depending on the spot and you're good all day.

>> No.9926456
File: 776 KB, 824x1125, FFFC20D8-D732-4482-A9DC-8D49E53581C0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2007, 2015-????
>tfw I had no job to go to AX 2008-2014

>> No.9926458

mfw I park for free fiddy
only problem is that walking through the heat sucks even if its not even a mile away

>> No.9926466
File: 76 KB, 768x960, 1524900114603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is everyone ready to just look cute?

>> No.9926476

Hey guys join the official cgl discord

>> No.9926491

Anyone live in LA or the valley? Do you turn your house or apartment into an airbnb for extra cash?

>> No.9926498

This sounds like an awful idea. I'd hate to invite a stranger to crash at my place for money just to end up coming home to find they robbed my place and and ran off to some motel for expo, and after that they're out of state and nowhere to be found.
I guess if you get them to give you a copy of their ID and shit it could work, but it would be a hassle

>> No.9926510

Same, was 2007 the year it moved to Long Beach? Cause I definitely missed that one.

>> No.9926520

I'm in an airbnb 4 miles away. Is it better to drive and pay for parking or lyft/uber?

>> No.9926523


lyft or uber will run you like 2.50 - 5 dollar

>> No.9926525


Actually last year wasn't that bad. It never got past 85, if I remember correctly.
Fucking California...

>> No.9926526

I'll drive you for free I have work in the area at like 7am

>> No.9926527

I would personally uber it if I were you, but I hate dealing with downtown traffic so I always avoid it as much as possible. Just keep in mind that if you decide to uber/lyft, it can get SUPER BUSY and the app might lag leaving you stranded for a few hours or until you find another ride. It happened to me and a friend last year. We left the con at the same time a huge event got out, and both apps were too slow and too many drivers were busy to give us rides. We didn't want to pay for a taxi and our airbnb was too far to walk. Finally my stupid phone loaded lyft and we got a ride...maybe an hour later.

>> No.9926528

How do I make friends? Online?

>> No.9926529

ERP in an MMO

>> No.9926530

for me it was honestly just talking to niggahs over and over because I kept seeing them at the same lines for panels n shit. and god, you're gonna be in line at AX quite a bit. if you get a good rapport going just ask before you split up if you can get their facebook or something.

>> No.9926531

Im hoping to find a good orgy.

>> No.9926558

Anyone know where next years expo will be held? I heard rumors it won't be in California. Hope that's not true, I can't afford to travel

>> No.9926562


>> No.9926564

I would seriously doubt that

>> No.9926659

Don't go to cons with the intention of getting laid, ever.
Nah, they still have contracts going for another year, and LACC is already planning for expansion

>> No.9926748

Dumb question hoping for a local... thinking of taking a night zero detour to Dodger Stadium (google tells me a 40 min walk). How safe is it to walk around, particularly after dark?

>> No.9926749

There’s not really much to do, safety aside. The area’s...okay, but I’m not sure what your goal is.

>> No.9926756

basically to and from. Not sure when dark is in LA since im from the other coast but looking to walk as it actually seems the fastest way. Looking to not get into punchouts with homeless and druggies along the way....

>> No.9926764

To the anons attending the Aqours live, what time are you getting to the venue to wait in line for merch?

>> No.9926777

You literally can't walk into the stadium, there's a huge parking lot and a gate. There's also nothing in that area aside from the stadium. It's a neighborhood surrounding it.

>> No.9926790
File: 963 KB, 2001x820, E4C9FA8B-6709-4C6A-8FD0-4AB3B9DED4FE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got laid a couple of times with a bunch of cute gay chubby guys, but most of the time they were with good friends I knew.

Orgies are non existent, but then again, my fetish is niche as fuck.

>> No.9926798

>Walking to Dodger Stadium at night without a ticket

It's not a great idea. There's nothing else around it, you probably won't see shit beyond the gate, and some of the surrounding areas get dangerous at night.

>> No.9926802

I hope Will dies. Then you will learn your lesson not to attention whore using a tragedy to announce your narcissistic self. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you to even pull what you just did.

>> No.9926892

I miss old AX too. The crowds and lines are unbearable now

>> No.9926893


Dodger stadium is by Chinatown it's relatively safe. I have walking distance to it

>> No.9926894


It's relatively safe. I live on the Chinatown side of doger stadium. The only thing there is the greatest view of the city. If you want to see the stadium and City scape in all it's glory I can recommend a spot

>> No.9926898

>LACC expansion won't be done until possibly 2022
Wonder if I will still be going to AX then.

>> No.9926989


Looks like the Dodgers are playing at 5. Game over about 8. Looks like it will be good walking then. Thanks anons.

>> No.9927009
File: 586 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180629-171607_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this a scam? Someone pm'd me on IG.

>> No.9927010

Homeless will generally leave you alone but that's not a guarantee. Prepare for awful stench too.

>> No.9927021

Pardon my stupidity, but are the last-minute tickets free?

>> No.9927023

Sus as hell, block and ignore imo

>> No.9927026

I'm interested in the Yuki Kajiura concert but no little about how to get tickets. What do I need to know?

>> No.9927041
File: 20 KB, 151x155, 1511880967478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can love bloom on the AX convention center?

>> No.9927065

Here's hoping Anon...

>> No.9927071

maybe. be careful though. someone knowingly gave my friend an std,

>> No.9927079

Lust=/= love. And if you get some during ax it's just lust.

Also watch out for the crazies!

>> No.9927080

No just sweaty disgusting nerd sex that leaves you with an itchy snatch for the rest of your life, maybe cancer too.

>> No.9927084

You'll all be happy to know that the two newcomers won't be coming with us after all. It's smooth sailing from here on bby

>> No.9927092

Thats what protection is for. Can't be too careful at the con orgies.

>> No.9927112

Yeah. I do. I think at any time, any place, people can fall in love with each other. But if you love someone, you have to be able to protect them.

>> No.9927114

Does anyone remember the crazy religious people at AX last year

>> No.9927116

they're there every year

>> No.9927118

Wouldn’t be anime expo or fanime without them.

>> No.9927119

I got scared by one of them cause he shouted right next to my face and I nearly fell over (also I got dirt on my dress while waiting for my badge)

>> No.9927139

I'm more curious if anyone remembers the time AX had to share space with other events. I remember X-Games, religious zealots and a gay convention.

>> No.9927154

Oh shit. I had completely forgotten about X-Games.

>> No.9927156
File: 34 KB, 274x200, 1500677462436.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw Yuji Horii at AX
Thank god Dragon Quest isn't that popular over here, should be relatively easy to get his autograph.

>> No.9927158

tfw squeenix's booth the entertainment hall is gonna be my first stop on day 1

>> No.9927159

in the*

>> No.9927160

>and a gay convention

Not just any gay convention, but a gay Square Dancing Convention, called "Wish Upon a Star".

We got along better with them than most of our other joint conventions. Time in the jacuzzi got awkward tho.

>> No.9927161

How did a jacuzzi get involved?

>> No.9927162

This is AX2005 or 2006, at the Anaheim Convention center, which is comfy as fuck because like two hotels are almost directly attached to it.

Our hotel room was pool level, so we literally were able to just walk out and use the pool/jacuzzi (Marriot).

Eventually, members from the "Wish Upon a Star" convention also showed up to the Jacuzzi. Hilarity ensued as they attempted to hit on one of our guy friends.

>> No.9927164

2006. That was my first convention and my boyfriend swears he saw a guy wearing leather ass-less chaps Also friends said they got to see some middle aged guys playing grab ass at the pool.

>> No.9927170

The Xgames year was such a shit show, good lord.

>> No.9927172

No, but it's crazy how there are still so many seats available at all the concerts...

>> No.9927174

She is playing with three others, anon. http://www.anime-expo.org/guest/yuki-kajiura/

>> No.9927177

I see, so I have to purchase tickets on-site. I am in a pickle.

>> No.9927184

You don't have to buy them onsite. Just use the provided link.

>> No.9927188

I'm starting to feel out of place at cons now. I'm 26 and my friends stop doing cons since the beginning of the year. Is there a chance of making friends the same age range as me at AX? After reading the Complex Age oneshot, I got bad feels and no SO to help cope with.

>> No.9927194

I'm 24 and going and would be open to talking to people there. Try not to be so self conscious over it

>> No.9927200


25 here. all my Ax drinking buddies are gone :(

>> No.9927202

God damn none of these are particularly good.

>> No.9927203

Who the fuck is will & why should anyone care? I hope he gets better & makes it to AX next year, I also sincerely hope you die though.

>> No.9927207

26 here. I made friends through these threads and meetups and honestly, it helped a lot. My usual friends don't come to cons anymore, but it's nice sharing cosplay and such with new people.

>> No.9927215

So this is my first time doing cosplay, are there any particular rules of thumb I should know?

>> No.9927222

If you're wearing body paint, seal it. Practice your poses for pictures. Don't try to walk through the dealer's hall if your cosplay is gigantic and boxy. Pay attention to where you are going, especially if you have a heavy or obstructive prop. If someone asks to take your picture in a walk way, move parallel to the wall instead of perpendicular as to not block the flow of traffic. Bathe regularly and wash your costume if you're going to be wearing it for more than one day. (Optional, but recommended: wear makeup. There will be a lot of photos and a light foundation will do wonders to make your costume come together. Even if you're a male).

Welcome to the cosplay world, my friend. I hope you have a great time at your con

>> No.9927227

Wear a wig. Natural hair gets greasy and flat over a long day of con strife, whereas a well-prepped wig will look the same as when you arrived.

>> No.9927230

30. Felt the same way you do. It's a combination of fandoms I like faded away and my usual group drifted apart, some of them would rather volunteer to get cheaper rooms.

>> No.9927232
File: 102 KB, 636x489, 1489774817611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What shows should I watch to be up to date with anime at AX?

Havent watched anything since fall 2017

>inb4 darling in the franxx
I refuse to watch normalfag shit

>> No.9927234


Thanks for the advice. Thankfully I'm wearing something to cover my head, but it should be ventilated pretty well.

>> No.9927237
File: 82 KB, 889x1200, 1521081484301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

None of my friends like anime and would probably call me a weeb if I asked them to go with me. Is there anything worth doing by myself? Have any of you guys gone by yourself before? Did you have fun?

Also, I work as an artist at a big video game studio everyone's heard of. Does that qualify me for the discounted industry badge? I assume it's too late to apply for the industry badge this year but it would be nice to know for future reference.

>> No.9927239

Im going to AX for the the first time this year and I'm going alone cause I don't wanna have to try to stick with people the whole time that probably dont wanna wait in line for panels I want to wait in line for.

I dont have any advice for you but hey we're in the same boat

>> No.9927249

33 here. I still go and have a lot of people around my age who go. We're all the convention equivalent of old fucks at this point. If all of them were to suddenly stop I'd still go because if there's someone I want to see I'll damn well go on my own.

>> No.9927254

Getting closer to my 37 year old ass.

Still the same group that usually goes. Only two of us heading to AX though. Scouting for a full on group attendance next year.

Seriously though... I'll share a beer with any of you glorious anons.

>> No.9927257

>what should I watch to be up to date except shows that would keep me up to date
Ok buddy

>> No.9927258

Check out the event/panel schedule and see if there's anything you want to see. The merch place is cool, lot of free shit and goodies to spend time checking out

>> No.9927259

you definitely qualify for creative industry
note: you should qualify for SDCC creative pro too. free ticket + if you're fast a free ticket for a friend + option to buy another ticket for another friend. send in your proof of industry when they open it up later this year.

nowadays I'd say the easiest thing to do on your own is the concerts if you're interested in any of them. when I first started going about ten years ago it was a lot easier for someone to do everything so things like panels and premieres was easier to solo. nowadays there's a lot of lining up which sucks and is much harder to do on your own.

there's an industry lounge upstairs where you can network with other people or just take a load off.

>> No.9927266

27 but I never bothered making friends

>> No.9927267

I'll be your friend anon

>> No.9927276

My Hero Academia
Steins;Gate 0
Pop Team Epic
Violet Evergarden

I'm out of the loop too.

>> No.9927277

You piqued my curiosity but I guess you don't want to powerlevel yourself on 4chan.

>> No.9927278

Oldfags, unite.

>> No.9927280

You forgot the biggie, darling in the franxx

>> No.9927322

26 and flying in from the east coast solo. Not going with any friends or anything but I do plan on meeting up with people I know.

>> No.9927324
File: 855 KB, 1699x1125, 4E6C59B9-8F59-4D4A-9FDD-DFBF1DD259EE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con orgies
>mfw this year’s AX orgy is most likely gonna be Darling In The Franxx themed

>> No.9927343


>Con orgies

I'll just go to the regular orgies in LA instead.

>> No.9927344
File: 786 KB, 1365x2048, B5C79010-3C27-47FE-893C-233033B06590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Atlus is coming back this year to sell shit
>tfw that’s already a quarter of my $800 swag money GONE

>> No.9927357
File: 455 KB, 810x688, 1521425168710.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That 20 minute detour to get back to the Marriott

>> No.9927364

I'm hoping they post what games they're gonna sell too

>> No.9927402

I didn't know about the industry lounge. Is that new this year?

>> No.9927406

Can you get me free games?

>> No.9927413


-tada kun does fall in love
-also the Japanese chess one
-the girls go to anatrica series
- cute girl go camping
-alien pyschic girl + nice blonde yazuka dude who adopts her
-depressed girl with sport injury tries to find love through a middle age man but both parties know that the emptiness in their hearts comes from wanting to pursue their passion again. They teach each other that

>> No.9927434

Why hasn't a terrorist attacked AX yet? So many fucking people in one place it seems like a no brainer

>> No.9927436

Anime Los Angeles is 1/3 the price and objectively better.

>> No.9927448


Hi Anon, this is FBI we are watching you

>> No.9927474

>Not going specifically to see if the faggot does it

>> No.9927475

>There are more people attending this convention then there are people in my entire county

>> No.9927477

That’s what the NIS and PQube booths are for

>> No.9927515

>ALA better than anything

ALA is great if you're still young enough to think drinking and running around like an idiot without parental supervision is a neat idea. There's no guests and no events.

>> No.9927521
File: 21 KB, 842x249, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

god damn it

>> No.9927531

that one guy threatened to this year, but I'm sure police are on to him by now.

>> No.9927537

Dhurka's literally do not know anything about American subcultures, let alone Comic Con or a weeb con, for that matter.

Our obscurity keeps us safe.

>> No.9927541

it used to be in Anihiem, and it was magical

>> No.9927548


Anaheim, anons. Anaheim.

Also yes, AX was best when it was nestled comfiily at the ACC. All of it's best years were there. (AX2000 was arguably great until the mouse caught J-List selling hentai to the Disneyland Hotel Managers kid).

>> No.9927559

>two best days are the hottest

>> No.9927575

AX first timer, how long will bathroom lines be

>> No.9927576

Usually not that bad depending what time of day and where.

>> No.9927617

>It was 24 hours
>Everything was a 5 minute walk
>Downtown Disney

Good times.

>> No.9927620

It isn't 24 hours?

>> No.9927623

Weather forecast says it will be high 90s this weekend. Just fuck my shit up, senpai.

>> No.9927647
File: 351 KB, 700x700, 1524962989281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Autograph schedule when?

>> No.9927648
File: 885 KB, 480x270, sakurako.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AX fucked up the premiere wristbands for the MHA movie by not requiring the access code in the email.

>> No.9927655

Yeah, that was confusing.

>> No.9927662

Access code? Explain!

>> No.9927665

AX set up a showclix page for premier badge holders to reserve a wristband for the MHA movie. They sent the premier badge users an access code. The problem is the showclix page didn't require the access code so it was basically open to everyone.

>> No.9927673

Welp.. Guess I ain't seeing the movie.

>> No.9927678

Shame it's just going to flood their system when only actual premiers can pickup. Big oops.

>> No.9927679

Well, if there were any general attendees who managed to reserve a badge they shouldn't get their hopes up. You'd still need a premier badge because you have to pick up the wristband at the premier lounge. I don't know if AX is gonna realize their fuckup and restart the process or what.

>> No.9927683

Has AX posted the schedule in Excel format yet, or just that scroll down garbage they have on the site atm?

>> No.9927689

Still... I'd be shocked if the premier passes don't monopolize the wristbands

>> No.9927692

They might monopolize good seats, but the wristbands themselves were incredibly limited.

>> No.9927695

So regarding MHA wristbands, will the line area be open to wait in Wednesday night or do we have to camp the entrances?

>> No.9927697

That makes me feel better. The 6am line plan is back on!

>> No.9927698

There aren't thousands of them, general attendees are fine if they lineup like they're supposed to.

>> No.9927699

The Marriott has 1 or 2 video rooms open until 4AM or so, but that's about it.

>> No.9927712

Kinda wonder if it's worth buying a wristband, assuming I can find someone premium to claim & sell one

>> No.9927738

>Thinking of all the foreign fags burning
Kek, 100 is nothing.

>> No.9927796

Dude. I'm a leaf! We aren't built for that!

(Actually, were in the middle of a heat wave and temperatures not unlike AX weekend. I'm thankful for the chance to acclimate.)

>> No.9927806

Looking at my areas forecast, it's actually going to cool down to the mid/upper 90's during AX and going up to 103 when I come back. So I'll actually be cooler down there in LA.

>> No.9927818

>themed orgies
AX is dead to me

>> No.9927822

What/where do you eat during AX anon? I've seen a lot of food trucks and hotdog vendors but what's actually good?

>> No.9927823
File: 59 KB, 268x237, 1365037759666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have weed and beer 21/m, lets hangout

>> No.9927842
File: 1.99 MB, 2560x1440, 1511528068636.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

think these qt will be at AX?

>> No.9927844

They'll be short, fat, and betas will be crawling all over them

>> No.9927849

And their AA always has slim pickings compared to AX's

>> No.9927851

It's on their app in... like list format. It's a step up I suppose

>> No.9927852

Anywhere in Lil Tokyo satisfies my cravings.

>> No.9927880

>UNIRONICALLY defending Darling
the only kek here is you

>> No.9927885

19 year old first timer, how to protect myself from getting molested by cute bara cosplayers much stronger than me?

>> No.9927888

a lonely fag ;^(

>> No.9927898

The Pantry is pretty good but the portions are huge. I got there every Day 0 and I do not learn my lesson.

>> No.9927900

went last year and there were loads of Pinky cosplays
expect many more this year

>> No.9927942

There was an ad on Craigslist that was for a Persona 5 themed orgy. Although, no one can verify that shit. God, I miss craigslist ads for sex

>> No.9927999

Which one of these boys would you like to meet at AX?

>> No.9928071

I have the strangest boner now...

>> No.9928142

I wish we were more obscure. The amount of goers keeps increasing and I bet a good majority of them are just casual fans looking for something to do

>> No.9928189

but that has nothing to do with fashion

>> No.9928265

Anyone looking for a fakku party ticket

>> No.9928296

new thread

>> No.9928646

6 maybe? First time in '05

>> No.9930323

What kind of lame shitty two-bit con isn't 24 hours?

>> No.9932645 [DELETED] 

Will someone who likes traps PLEASE come to the axdance and fondle me? I drove all the way from kansas for this shit and I was only touched once

>> No.9932685

Big boss move back a bit

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