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Frills before dills edition
previously >>9915600

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Man I just really love lolita

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Me too, anon

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>thread wars again
God damn it, it's like every time with feels and bad cosplay threads

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I wish people would use this one because the other has some political bait shit in op

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wait how many feels threads are there right now :(
cgl too many feels

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tfw lost so much sleep trying to reserve the ice blue Kumya and . . . Baby's site just would not work. Now it's out of stock, RIP

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>order 11 items through Yoybuy
>they all arrive at the warehouse just fine, except for one item
>wait 3 days, it still hasn't arrived
>send them a message asking about it
>"the seller will arrive in 5-7 days ."
>guess this means it'll be there late, okay.jpg
>say "Ok" and "thank you"
>2 days later, it's finally arrived at the warehouse
>go to pay to deliver items to my house
>mfw there's suddenly no longer any option to pay with Visa/Mastercard, just Webmoney and Qiwi
Has this happened to anyone else? Why would they remove that?

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Two I think, the other one has bait in the op though so I don't think it counts.

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ah f.

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I hate yoybuy.
Send them a screenshot of the payment option missing, it could have just been a mistake.
Once the box to select an item was gone and I sent them a screenshot, they fixed it.

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They might still come to the San Francisco store.

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six that haven't archived yet
yes I keep them open until they die

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I recently bought an item from a seller that charged me a certain amount for shipping. When I got the package, I noticed they had almost doubled the shipping charge. I messaged them to let them know they overcharged me and I got this back.

>Oh yeah I saw that at the post office, I was surprised! I didn't return it because it wasn't that much.

It doesn't matter how much it is, it's still someone else's money. If you bought $16 of items at a store, paid in a $20 bill, and didn't get change back, wouldn't you be pissed? It was more than that but the point still stands. That's someone else's money, the ball isn't in your fucking court. When I confronted them, it took them like three times as long to send the money back as it did for them to invoice me.

I'm on the fence about leaving negative review for them, I don't want them to retaliate and do the same to me, but imo this points to an integrity issue.

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Anyone miss this dumpster fire in BSoLF? Lolitas at heart are at it again

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I hope you also are willing to accept the other way, that they should ask for more money if it ends up being more expensive. It’s easy to bitch about it when you get money back but asking for more money after you shipped it is SOL.

Typically I say 5$ either way I’ll deal with myself, but if it’s more I’ll ask for more/give back.

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I wish the girls in my old comm would grow the fuck up and stop thriving on drama and gossip. Having split comms and not being able to trust eachother has destroyed everything.

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What thread is that from?

I think the bigger dumpster fire was the girl asking for ebay only dresses...

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If I got the package and shipping had cost more than I was first quoted, I wouldn't have a problem paying the difference. I think either party withholding the other person's money is dishonest and wrong. I was only venting about that particular thing since it happened to me recently. Imo you should still return even $5 because it's still not your money.

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You agreed to that price, you paid it, it's their money now.

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I agree with >>9919578
DESU most buyers aren't like you and wouldn't agree to pay more for shipping if it ended up costing more than the quoted/agreed price. But I wouldn't expect my buyers to do that, and I'd just eat the difference. Likewise if my quote was a bit too high, as long as it wasn't like $10 or something I would also just keep the money.

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The plus size sack dress thread. Yeah that eBay thread made me want to burn my computer

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I've kept a $15 profit before. The buyer didn't give me an address after buying my listing, so I had to guess a shipping quote to invoice her. I don't feel bad though, she was a pain in the ass to deal with.

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Southern Ontario lol.

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A bittersweet feel

>TFW ive lost over 40 pounds since november
>tfw I look a lot better in my dresses
>tfw I didnt lose another 10-15 pounds like I thought I would by this point
>going to meet kyary pamyu pamyu on friday as a chubby lolita

I mean at least im not a fucking whale anymore, I actually think I look good in my photos now!

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>snooty princess
More like retards are at it again.
What's the context of this?

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>OP asks for advice on how to wear sack dresses as a plus-size girl
>C (probably assuming OP was interested in AP sack dresses only) rather nicely recommends for OP not to try, since sack dresses won't suit her body type, gives reasons and recommends OP to try for other styles.
>S says C was rude for telling OP that she can't pull the dress off because she's plus size is rude.
>K says C was not rude.
>OP says C was rude and dismissive.
>K tells OP "If you're going to get upset at the replies, maybe you shouldn't post?"
>People argue some more
>H makes a separate comment and attacks K which you see here >>9919531

K is this girl >>9911262

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You should stay away from lolita if you are fat desu. Shirring is designed for aesthetics, not so it can be stretched to accommodate a large steamed ham.

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Well K isn't wrong. Telling someone they likely won't be able to pull off a certain cut isn't "rude", how thin skinned are these people?

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So two stories, one is partially cgl related but I'm in a weird mood.

First is I had a guy ask to buy my eggs. Like offered me 15k for them but I feel like it's a total scam. Like this dude asked me to join his cult and help him lead it like a few months ago so I know he's fuckinf batshit. I started talking to him because I wanted to see if I could get him to buy me some dresses and instead I ended up just talking with him. Should I worry about a stalker who wants to harvest my organs or am I paranoid?

Non//cgl~~~ my rapist emailed me a few weeks ago. I've honestly tried communicating with him and explaining to him I would forgive him if he just admitted it and instead he keeps denying it and in the last email he sent me he called me crazy and a liar. Like man I know some women who have lied about that stuff but I would never fucking do that. I have ptsd from it so idk if it's making me more paranoid about (first story)

Idk just needed to rant desu

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I'm the sock-anon that went sock hunting and settled on AP socks. I was really excited to add them to my wardrobe, but after one wear the crisscrossed pattern is damaged. I'm very petite and have light muscles, I can't believe I stretched my damn socks. It looks fine worn, but it really pisses me off.

Cut all contact with both no explanation needed, especially the rapist. He's using the emails as a means to get to you and hurt you. I was in a similar situation where mine kept contacting me. I sent a final letter and I won't even read his response. I don't care what he thinks and I'm not waiting for an apology. It doesn't change what happened. Stop letting this person control you.

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desu all knit socks like that kinda do that to me, too. it's just the nature of some socks and how they use different colored thread (having to change them out in the knit to get the different parts). it's annoying and one reason I don't spend money on anything other than plain lace topped brand socks.

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Pics of OP?

I’ve had fat girls yell at me for saying that I don’t like how certain cuts look on me personally, because how dare I (as a skinny bitch) imply that not every cut of dress always looks amazingly kawaii on everyone. I didn’t say anything about them or their body types, just myself. Very thin-skinned.

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Imagine being this hilariously insecure, holy shit. They probably are lolitas at heart then, either that or they never wear the fashion out of the house, because they sure as hell can't deal with strangers' comments if this is how they react to benign comments online.

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It was at a meetup, actually. They do wear lolita and some are even AP brandwhores. They’re the type of girls who don’t care if the waistband is sitting on top of their tits as long as they’re wearing AP, because the print/burando is what matters.
When strangers make shitty comments they brush them off as ignorant normies who just don’t understand alternative fashion. I think my comment hurt them because it came from another lolita rather than a dirty normie pleb.

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>Very thin-skinned.

Funny, since you would think that piercing all those layers of fat would be hard.

For real though, how are they even comfortable in those dresses? I have even seen a fat girl destroy a Whimsical Vanilla to make an identical one larger so she could squeeze in.That kills me.

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Thank you anon it's nice knowing someone else has been there. I haven't replied but I've blocked him continuously throughout the years and he keeps popping back up finding new ways to harrass me. It's wearing me down and idk if I even ever want to talk about it with anyone anymore. I hope you're doing good now too anon

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Goddamnit I'm on a no-buy and I just bought a bag by accident. Apparently if you leave a snipe bid on zenmarket, than snipe bid will remain after the seller has deleted and reposted multiple times weeks later, when the auction finally runs out. I'd forgotten I'd even made that bid, I'm an idiot.

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Is it a cute bag tho

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Which socks? I've never had this issue with any socks except the type that has lamé, but they were ruined when I got them.

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Oof. Bold of her to assume she's above criticism, she could use any and all concrit available to her.

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tfw no j-fash comm locally except lolita

>> No.9920114

Very thin skinned. Anything on weight is horrible. Anything based on skin colour too (then I mean things like "the colour of that dress makes you skin look sickly pale", which is super racist and nazi if you should believe most online places that aren't anons).

Hair colour also is a no go, as well as hair quality. Because not everyone wants to wear wigs and can take care their hair looks picture perfect all the time (even tho people generally comment about it looking dead or damaged, or extremely faded/bad dye jobs. Not about it not being perfect)

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That's depressing. I'd like to think this is mostly idiot newbs but I know that people who have been into the fashion for several years and are just shit at fashion and aesthetics also spout bullshit like this. Which is funny considering this is a fashion based subculture, you'd think people who cared about fashion would be into it but unfortunately not.

>> No.9920171

I just want a nice pair of stylish boots to go with my outfit, but all I can find are work and hiking boots. Why can't men have fancy footwear like women?

>> No.9920261

You can, check out actual shoe shops like fluevogs

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>my rapist
Have you spoken to anyone about this? It can really be helpful just to talk about in in person with someone you trust, but choose wisely, not everyone is able to understand. Also, never speak to him again

>> No.9920280

I've never heard of comms for any jfash other than lolita or gyaru

>> No.9920282

Well I didn't tell anyone for 4 years and I confided in a partner who helped me start talking about it. My parents know now and I see a therapist regularly. It just sucks when you're ptsd and he keeps trying to contact you and won't take the hint you hate him and would probably attack him on sight ^o^

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My country has a general jfash comm in addition to a lolita comm; it's mostly full of preteen weebs who think that jfash = cheap Chinese cosplay accessories worn with normie clothes, and they're generally too afraid to interact with the lolita comm because supposedly we're all elitist meanies, and it's run by an ita who's desperate to be efamous even though she has nothing of substance to contribute to any community or subculture.
It's garbage, you don't want it.

>> No.9920301

She looks like a sissy

>> No.9920303

me neither, comm comes from livejournal community and afaik only lolitas did the organised meet-up thing

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its this, soo I'm not mad though lmfao

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>Since leaving college my friend groups slowly faded away and I haven't had many friends beyond roommates and a few others here and there
>Recently moved across the country so I have even less than before
>Want to make friends at con but don't know how
I've seen people waltz up to people and just start talking but that seems weird to do.
If this continues I'm just gonna end up spending too much at the dealers room and going home sad for the umpteenth time. How do people make friends so easily?

>> No.9920661

They're lace see-through socks. My regular OTKs and patterned OTKS are fine.

I'll be fine, thank you. I feel bad about all the opportunities I missed out on because I was sad and angry, but I'm back on track. I think the worst thing I could do to him is just be happy and successful on my own. I hope you find happiness too.

>> No.9920664

Aaaah, literally my dream bag! Good taste anon! Sell it to me if you ever get tired of it

>> No.9920669

>How do people make friends so easily?
I take xanax to lower my inhibitions so I can talk to complete strangers with zero shyness

>> No.9920728

>have hime cut
>maintain bangs myself and only go to hairdresser to get the rest trimmed every few months
>explicitly tell them to only trim the back and please leave my bangs alone, no I don’t want the layers blended, no I don’t care what’s trendy I prefer it like this
>they STILL cut off chunks of the ‘main’ part in an attempt to blend the layers
>I go “wait, no!” but it’s too late and now they insist on doing the other side too so it’s at least symmetrical
>this happens every. single. time. I visit a hairdresser so I’m left with all these awkward layers on the side that I’m trying to grow out
Are they doing it to spite me? I’m always polite when I ask them not to cut the side parts but they still do it. Is there a way for me to trim everything myself (and not have it look ridiculous) so I never have to let anyone else near my hair again?

>> No.9920739

Stop going to that place and complain to get your money back. That shit pisses me off, epically when you explicitly tell them not to and they disregard you. Try to find an Asian hair place perhaps?

>> No.9920741

try to find a japanese hairdresser or a very alternative hairdresser. Don’t go to any normies basically and bring pictures

>> No.9920742

It has happened in four different salons now and I don’t think there are Asian salons in my area, my country’s Asian population is very low and the only ‘ethnic’ places I’ve seen were for African hair.
I think I have a ‘just fuck me up senpai’ sign tacked to my back that only hairdressers can read.

Alternative salons might be worth a try, thanks for the suggestion!

>> No.9920751

But seriously put your "speak to a manager" hat on and don't pay them to fuck up your hair.

>> No.9920752

>Tfwno bf (female)

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>you'll never have a smile as perfect as this

Feels sad :(

>> No.9920760


How is this /cgl/ related?

>> No.9920772

calm the fuck down anorexia-chan.

>> No.9920777

Feeling relieved because this comm creep seemed to move on from me and has a new target
Although I feel sorry for this girl

>> No.9920818

Cope harder brappina

>> No.9920867

For the first time in almost ten years, I have to build a normie wardrobe.

I barely ever get the chance to wear Lolita anymore. Once a month at most. I used to wear it almost every day. On my days off work I'm too exhausted to put in the extra effort unless it's for a meetup. Hell, I barely even leave the house if it isn't for work or a meet.

I'm coming to terms with the fact that I have no idea what kind of clothes I like outside of Lolita, and it's really rough. I can scroll through literally thousands of garments on asos or visit every shop in the city and not see a single thing I'd like to wear.

As well as that, I have weird anxiety about wearing normie clothes that I don't get with Lolita. I feel like everything I wear looks stupid on me, even basic sundresses. No exaggerating, I have cried before leaving the house in normie clothing, not because I'd rather wear Lolita, but because I just feel so odd and ugly.

I feel crappy.

>> No.9920869

I'm so sorry you're in a situation like this Anon. I understand how crushing this can be because I also get depressed over my wardrobe and what I wear, how I look in my clothes a lot.

Could you maybe try incorprating lolita items in your normie wardrobe? You can wear your cutsews, cardigans and likely even some blouses on the less fancy side with normie pants, you can incorprate less fancy head accessories and jewellery you wear for lolita in your normie sundresses and so on. Maybe it'll look overdressed or not "trendy", but I think having something on you from a fashion you like and that makes you confident could help you feel better. Best of luck, anon and I hope you feel better soon <3

>> No.9920875

I was just having a conversation about looking/feeling like shit in normie clothing. I've been wearing western goth for 20 years and lolita for close to the same now and because of that, never really explored normie clothing much. Sometimes I see really cute things but if I do end up getting them or trying them on I look hideous.

>> No.9920878

K isn't wrong but she's also consistently poorly dressed so she doesn't really have the right to interject in any conversation involving what does and doesn't look good on other people.

>> No.9920881

Settle for online friends

>> No.9920882

>tfw no pedantic gull trying to keep thread on topic gf

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I've been completely head over heels in love with nun lolita for quite a while, but now I actually want to track down an actual nun-inspired headdress/veil, like pic related.
I'm not a Christian though and am uncomfortable with wearing things that are overtly religious; I don't wear crosses and my nun-style dresses are easy to wear as just gothic lolita. But something irrational inside me really wants this.
It's some kind of strange feel.

Any gulls with similar experiences of wanting to wear something that you love in theory but suspect or know would make you uncomfortable in practice?

>> No.9920911

Yeah, I adore military lolita and used to wear it in the past; usually got a bunch of bad reactions lol

>> No.9920923

God nothing in life is interesting, I don't even know what the point of continuing is nothing interests me. I would get a job to try and distract myself but all I can get is retail which isn't engaging enough work to distract me.

>> No.9920928

Try coke. Everything is suddenly a lot more interesting and you have more enthusiasm

>> No.9920929

... Can you give an example of this?

>> No.9920931

like nothing holds my interest for any amount of time and pretty much the only thing I enjoy is sleeping.

>> No.9920934

Maybe that meta set that caused much complaints on RF lately? Or even less understandable, any other historical European military inspired dress that doesn't have any symbols because people can't comprehend it was the general fashion for military in more countries than Germany.

>> No.9920944

I'm from Germany and live in a SJW-ish area so people get 'offended' quickly
Basically what >>9920934 said

>> No.9920970

Wearing military uniform as fashion in Germany seems like a pants-on-head stupid thing to do in the first place. I don't think SJWs are the problem.

>> No.9920981

Man I just really love cosplay

>> No.9921032

Ahh, haha really? I feel guilty now, I'm not sure if I'll keep it, but I don't want to give you false hope. Keep an eye on Yahoo auctions, that's where I found it! There's got to be more.

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>> No.9921059

nayrt, does this really work? I'm so fucking tired of taking these medications that take a month to work and end up doing either nothing and giving me shitty side effects. I just want to go to school and lolita meets and stuff and be myself without all this garbage anxiety fucking with my mind. everytime I 'come out of my shell' even a little I go home, have an anxiety attack and regret everything.

>> No.9921061

probably want to warn the girl or tell the comm leaders?

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>my rapist emailed me a few weeks ago. I've honestly tried communicating with him and explaining to him I would forgive him if he just admitted it and instead he keeps denying it and in the last email he sent me he called me crazy and a liar
>My parents know now
>It just sucks when you're ptsd and he keeps trying to contact you and won't take the hint you hate him and would probably attack him on sight ^o^

>rapist continues to e-mail you despite you making it clear you're going to continue accusing him of being a rapist
>would forgive him if he just admitted it
>but you hate him and would probably attack him on sight also you have ptsd *smileyface*
>parents know, but nothing has been done about it legally

so many cunts have lied about being raped or seriously exaggerated sexual impropriety at this point that it's impossible to not be skeptical of admissions like this anymore

>> No.9921084

So like being an alcoholic?

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>bought older ETC dress off closet child
>it wrinkles SO easily
I'm mad. It's cute but I'm pissed off

>> No.9921086 [DELETED] 

Maybe you have low self esteem and don't need side effects
Seriously, side effects are more likely to happen when you don't need the medication

>> No.9921089

Maybe you have low self esteem and don't need meds
Seriously, bad side effects are more likely to happen when you don't need the medication

>> No.9921099

do not rely on benzodiazepines for lowering social anxiety. Trust me. I can tell you from personal experience that it's not worth it. The withdrawals CAN kill you, and if you take something with a long half-life you will experience benzo rage at some point which is not something you want to go through.

>> No.9921102

>summer is coming
>too much of a thin skinned wuss to wear lolita in 100 deg heat
>be pregnant
>by the time it cools down this year i'll be 6 months in
>realizing i really may never wear lolita again
>trying to decide what to do with wardrobe
>don't think i could get any meaningful amount for my wardrobe, my tastes are eclectic and probably ita
>kinda want to just keep them even if i never wear them again

>KINDA want to take them apart and make baby dresses

>> No.9921123

Ew no

>> No.9921146


i swear being preggers just fucks w your brain.

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I convinced my partners friend to learn about ouji and he got interested now I have a boy to dress up however I want. Need to clean him up but fuck gulls

>> No.9921185

calm your collective tits they're nobody's dream dresses

>> No.9921191

Living the dream, anon.

>> No.9921192

Let's hope he works out better than the man child ita. He seems to actually enjoy the fashion, and is not really in it for the girls. I need to learn more about boystyle but I'm super excited to have a ouji accessory

>> No.9921202
File: 759 KB, 965x965, 7b1310a0-a345-4fba-ba76-95b9c4acf178.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw trap cosplayers end up looking more feminine than you and you already have hardcore body dysphoria and insecurities about not being girly enough
and tfw you posted in the dead thread by accident the first time

>> No.9921205

Yep dysphoria is fun,
a tranny

>> No.9921216

TFW when you do paired/couple cosplays with your BFF and you're starting to fall for them but you're getting married to someone else

>> No.9921256
File: 457 KB, 566x676, 1521400014257.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know this feel, god damn do I know it

>> No.9921263

There is one kind of j-fash comm on the other side of the country in a big city, but its basically only run by lolitas. Honestly I just want someone to hang out with in j-fash, that likes the same brands, but I don't know where I'd find them

>> No.9921264 [DELETED] 

Hello everyone I'm Kimmi desu ~ so I've been wondering... Do Lolitas hate sexual stuff related to Lolita because it's just so hard to have sex in Lolita? I was trying with my boyfriend, and I had so many layers on it was so difficult! And I don't wanna wear a cage skirt because that's BDSM, and I'm not into that.As a conservative Texan girl, I don't want boys to see up my skirt so easily. Do you guys have any recommendations on making Lolita sex easier? I came to CGL because I don't want my local community to know my sexual struggles, as I know sex is poorly regarded when in Lolita. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Much appreciated!

>> No.9921269

Pro tip: take the clothes off

>> No.9921283

Feeling pretty crappy about myself today. Just usual self loathing kicking in hard. Decide to distract myself to see what new things AP has put out.
> Oh look the sugar candy store jsk I want was in stock yesterday after I gave up on it and now it's sold out within 48 hours.
Today can suck a dick

>> No.9921285

No. Way off.

>> No.9921299

Good thing no one cares what a retarded incel believes.

>> No.9921308

What fabric? None of my old etc dresses are like that

>> No.9921309

Go find a male hairdresser. In my experience female hairdressers I find always try to do what they think you want and mean when you tell them something. Male hairdressers do exactly what you tell them to and do their best to make it look good within your instructions.

>> No.9921310

Ignore the bait, anon.

>> No.9921311
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I wish I had someone to dress in Atelier Boz with

>> No.9921315 [DELETED] 

I posted a few threads back about another anon I met at a con ending up just wanting a hook up.

I know it’s been a few but I kind of miss the person, our conversations mostly. I keep hoping they will message me to apologize and maybe still be interested in me. I feel pitiful being that interested in someone who doesn’t even like me.

>> No.9921317

Here's a story for you
>Met a lolita through a convention just by coincidence that we both went to buy the same overpriced figurine of Illya at the same time
>I let her have it and took it as a sign I should just buy it for cheaper online
>we just chill together for most of the convention since I was alone and she was alone
>she wasn't in lolita so I didn't know but she tells me she is, I tell her I think that it's cool and she shows me a few pictures of her coords
>I know some of the dress and sock patterns (at least I think I do) and terminology just through osmosis from /cgl/ and point them out
>She is very excited at this point and asks if I know what ouji is and if I like it
>Say yes to both but it's not really something I'd be comfortable wearing, prefer not to stand out because of shyness
>She is insisting that I'd look really good in it and shows me pictures of ouji coords she thinks I would look good in
>Pretty much immediately I've guessed she just wants to treat me like a dress-up Ken doll since she has all these oujis already in her phone and ready to go
>I go a little cold to the conversation and she cools herself down
>We eventually part ways at the end of the day, still had a good time with her and we exchange social medias
>messages me the day after saying she knows that I wouldn't like to dress in ouji but what about this
>She just sends me aristocrat pictures
>Tell her I'm not keen on the idea but I'd be happy to see her again in dressed lolita sometime if she wants to
>"But I'll feel silly if I go on a date with someone in Lolita and they're not dressed up too."
>Tell her it wouldn't be a romantic date, just friends hanging out and being comfy
>Apparently this was the wrong answer
>She thought I was into her by showing my interest in lolita, giving her the Illya figurine, hanging out with her and exchanging social media
>try to be understanding that maybe I gave mixed signals but I'm not interested
>Calls me an asshole, blocks me forever

>> No.9921320

Same here, anon. Same here. I mean I do already but he’s iffy on it because he thinks it will be uncomfortable. Shame because he’s perfectly sized for it.

I hope you find someone to share your passion with someday soon, anon.

>> No.9921321

Was she underage or something? She sounds immature and insecure as hell. Embarrassing.

>> No.9921322

Bet she was just a frumpy overzealous ita.

>> No.9921324

>I'll feel silly if I go on a date with someone in Lolita and they're not dressed up too
Conlita detected

>> No.9921327

I didn't know her exact age, didn't care enough to check since I didn't care about having sex with her but she was in university so at least 17 in my country.

I suck at telling a good coord from an ita coord so I couldn't tell you.

>> No.9921333

No worries, I’m just being a turd for the most part. Sorry you got caught up in such an awkward situation though.

>> No.9921344

You can find someone better than that anon. You probably dodged a bullet.

>> No.9921383
File: 38 KB, 442x426, 61B4368F-33B0-475A-BBBB-BB2D61C7FE59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reduction anon from last thread
> Surgeons appointment was moved by three weeks
> Went to gyno to see if he’d sympathize with my want of surgery
> Of course he thinks big breasts are a gift
> Ignores my obvious red marks from my bra straps digging
> At least I’m definitely not pregnant.
> Trying to lose weight because maybe I’ve just gotten fat
> Down ~5lbs
> JSKs still have trouble zipping
> Still spilling out of bra
I think my goal is to be underweight by the time I see the surgeon. If there’s no possible way I’m fat and my boobs are still gigantic, someone will have to see that there’s something wrong here. I just don’t have the same joy in my life without lolita.

>> No.9921388

>bothering with a male gyno at all
Why would you do this to yourself?
>he thinks big breasts are a gift
If a fucking doctor said that to my face I'd never go to see them again.

>> No.9921392

You need therapy not surgery. Hopefully your doctors will care about you enough to get you the actual help you need.

>> No.9921398

Why does anon need therapy for their too large tits? What sense does that make?

>> No.9921400

I’m naturally petite, I’ve been at my current goal weight in the past and have been perfectly healthy, and it’s only ~10lbs away from where I currently am situated. It’s to eliminate other possible causes of my boobs suddenly inflating further than their past already-obtrusive size.

The breast pain is real, and now being unable to comfortably wear my clothes is the final straw. I apologize if my hyperbole born of frustration upset you.
> it’s either starting to buy custom bras or pay for surgery
> 7/10 got me to sperg

I started with a female gyno and she was so rough I had a panic attack after the fact. She also wanted to do exploratory surgery before she was willing to prescribe me BC. This guy is an improvement, trust me.

>> No.9921404

It’s obvious that they have body issues that is not just about breasts being big. Obsessing over loosing weight and being “fat” because you have boobs isn’t normal. Also the idea that they are doing this for Lolita is very warped, although common on cgl. Girl needs a shrink.

>> No.9921410

>”maybe I’ve just gotten fat”
>obsessing over being fat

>> No.9921412

>male detected

>> No.9921416

Just to let you know, a lot of women feel bad about the fit of all their clothes when they have big tits but are small everywhere else. It's something you would have to experience.

>> No.9921421
File: 42 KB, 600x450, 600x450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I survived the wroest day of my life:
>Go out for the day in a semi-sheer long skirt (the kind were you can see through it in direct sunlight, but it's solid in indoor lighting / not-bright-day-lighting) with lolita bloomers instead of a nylon slip because it's hot.
>wander around all day, kind feel faint, but dont feel weird otherwise.
>get home after being out all day, go to the bathroom...
>Underwear is ruined; giant dark blood clots and blood.
>it went through to the bloomers, but the bloomer fabric was thick enough to stop it from reaching the skirt.

Now I'm trying to save the bloomers via hot water and lots of soap. On the one hand I am really upset about it (and embarressed) but on the other hand I feel so glad for having an extra layer of fabric. Also, now that I went through this... And I don't feel like hiding forever / hanging myself... I think I can accomplish anything.

>> No.9921426 [DELETED] 

>eat barely anything
>still too chubby to look good in thigh highs
What does your diet look like to get /sticc/ mode? Currently I eat tofu and fruit for breakfast, apple/cucumber/protein bar for lunch (and frankly whatever free food they have, which is bad but I skip dinner so it should be fine), and sipps for dinner. On weekends for lunch/dinner I eat meat or fish with greens and/or miso soup loaded with fish, tofu, mushrooms, and seaweeds. I figure it can't be more than 1000 calories a day. It's not like I'm drinking starfucks frappacinos all day, just tea with honey at work and plain at home, plus some energy drinks (1 a day, 60-150 calories each.) The protein bars have 200 calories and I have one or two a day. Tofu has about 150 calories.
Is it true that /sticc/ girls only eat like half an apple a day?
>willing to spend thousands of dollars on clothes and makeup to look good
>not willing to eat a healthy diet to look good
If you're fat it doesn't matter how nice your clothes are because you'll never look good in them.

>> No.9921427

I don't think you're actually a woman.

>> No.9921429

Are you a bit younger? When this happened to me when I was a teenager I thought I was going to die. It happened to me once as an adult and it was embarrassing but I definitely got over it a lot quicker. People for the most part understand it's something that unfortunately happens.

>> No.9921430 [DELETED] 

I should probably say, by "free food they have" I mean at work. 1-2x a week they have something there for us like donuts, pizza, or cake. I don't totally pork out on it and yeah, I skip dinner and my lunch is 300 calories so it should be fine. I also bike commute so that there burns 200 calories a day. A donut is only like 200-300 calories.

>> No.9921431 [DELETED] 

It could be that you aren't eating enough calories. 1000 a day is really low and your body may be holding on to excess fat because it thinks you're starving. Maybe go up to 1500 a day with some light exercise and you'll slim down.

>> No.9921435

> 10lbs from underweight
> Fat
ED detected

>> No.9921436 [DELETED] 

>1000 a day is really low and your body may be holding on to excess fat because it thinks you're starving.

Absolute horse shit. That is not how physics works. CICO. You have to starve for months to slow your metabolism to the point that you hold on to fat at 1000 calories a day. Also, 1500 is too much for a lot of slim to average sized women and anon may very well gain on it. Please do not give diet advice if you don't know what you are talking about.

>> No.9921437

10lbs is a lot, fatty-chan. Depending on her height it could actually be that she looks chubby

>> No.9921438

I'm actually pretty old and I had a older mother, who trained me very well about how to conceal that time of the month. (to the point I have been horrified with the lack of effort some people put into it). This is just the first time I didn't feel anything happening, so I didn't know to go to a bathroom and fix it. Like I said, all I felt was a bit weak, maybe a mild dizziness, but none of the classic signs.
But this event was something I always feared would eventually happen. I always imagined it as the worst possible thing ever... Yet I weirdly feel better now, realizing that nothing terrible happened. Though, I am really happy I didn't go into Chanel. It was something I meant to do but then ran out of time.

(Bloomer Update: By the power of Bleach THEY LIVE AGAIN and will protect the bum once more!)

>> No.9921439 [DELETED] 

I used to eat about 1500 and I was slightly chubby. I think my TDEE is just pathetic, I'm 5'3" and bike commute though so I just can't fathom how. Does anyone know what kind of diet a J-pop perfect girl eats? Do I have to bite the bullet and actually exercise? I want the lazy gull's way to become moe.

>> No.9921440

J-pop idols exercise quite a bit with dancing on top of being on a strict diet. If you really want the slim toned look you'll have to exercise some.

>> No.9921443

I mean I'm just going from what my doctor has said. I'm about 5ft 110lbs and when I was eating 1200 a day, she said it was too low. I know everyone is different. Sorry?

>> No.9921445

What applies to you does not apply to everyone else. Also, when it comes to nutrition doctors can vary in how much they actually know. 5ft at 110 is a completely normal weight, and no sane doctor would tell you that you need to gain weight with those stats. If your diet is poor they'd recommend changing what you eat, not how many calories you get. I'd honestly look for a new doctor.

>> No.9921446

That's unfortunate, I'm really sorry that happened! At least you didn't get anything on your skirt and your bloomers are recovered.

>> No.9921447

Exercise is fun

>> No.9921448

>doctor tells you you need to eat more when you are smack dab in the middle of the healthy weight range for your height

I call bullshit.

>> No.9921450

That makes sense. I do have a different doctor now but she doesn't really talk to me about my calorie intake so I just kind of assumed the other doctor was correct. I guess if anon feels fine eating 1000 calories each day she should be okay. It sounds like she eats relatively healthy options too, maybe it's just a matter of more exercise?

>> No.9921452

Nayrt but doctors can be wrong. That's why the other anon suggested for her to go see a different doctor.

>> No.9921456

thank you! I was worried it was a bit gross of a story. But on the other hand stories like this have helped me feel better / put my own life into better perspective, so I thought i'd share.

>>9921443 >>9921448
Don't mean to be weird about it, but is it possible metabolism works differently across different groups of people? I'm from a close-to-the-arctic family background and my body loves to hold onto fat. It's not that I can't lose weight, it's just that I have to really push myself to make it go away. Meanwhile I see other people from different backgrounds that don't have to make as much of a change and the impact seems more dramatic.

>> No.9921457

It is possible, but telling someone who is clearly of a healthy weight for their height that they need to eat more is the sign of a poor doctor. Anon isn't even on the low end of an average weight and her doctor said to eat more.

>> No.9921459

Funny thing is I never mentioned my weight at all, she has me confused with another anon. Anyway. I'm a "healthy" weight but I want to lose excess chub. My thighs especially.
Crap. Ah man, you probably are right.
Probably. To think of it yeah, J pop stars absolutely must be dancing a few hours a day. In anime it seems like the girls never do any exercise so my brain became confused because I live in a 2D fantasy world. Anon is right. I guess if it can't be helped... I guess I can try dancing. It seems like the least awful and doesn't take long or need special prep. Otherwise my god I don't know how much less I could possibly eat. Ugh, I'm so lazy though. Do you guys exercise?

>> No.9921461

Honestly anon, dancing is a lot of fun compared to other forms of cardio if you don't like going for runs/hiking. You can haul up in your room and practice weeb dances if that's your style, or just flail about to your favorite songs.

I exercise, I like hiking a lot and I'll do some weight lifting just to tone my arms, but dancing is an all time fave of mine. I used to be a ballerina so I may be biased to it though.

>> No.9921462

You’re an absolute dipshit. I’m guessing you’ve got an ED and cut out protein otherwise you wouldn’t be this retarded.

>> No.9921463

>wahhh waahhhh you posted scientifically backed facts you're an absolute dipshit

Sorry your feefees are hurt by cold hard facts fatty-chan.

>> No.9921464

I have my own apartment...I dance now and then for fun. Most of the music I listen to isn't suitable. Rec a few bands? I do other exercise but it's not enough I guess.
How do you feel about Princess Tutu? Have you cosplayed it?

>> No.9921465

What kind of music do you like to start with? Do you have any anime OPs that you think are super catchy?

I really like princess tutu! But I haven't cosplayers anything from it. I'm mainly a lolita but I've dabbled in more simple cosplays like Dawn from Pokémon.

>> No.9921466

Django Reinhardt

>> No.9921468

Most of my music is depressing, slow, soft, etc. Extremely unsuitable. I guess I like cool, smooth stuff more than sugary pop.
It would be awesome to see someone who can actually do ballet do some of the PTT dances in full cosplay, is all.

>> No.9921470

You could try dancing to it, but it'd be harder to work up a sweat. Have you tried listening to some more fast paced classical pieces then? I always like dancing to the Danse Macabre.

>> No.9921471

>tfw no qt ballerina lolita gf

>> No.9921478
File: 43 KB, 576x567, DP8DWfiV4AUI8eD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My close lolita friend is an artist and she asked me to be her booth helper at an upcoming out of country con. She's been so so generous, and paid for my flight, hotel, and food when I'm there. And she told me if we sell over her selling goal she would buy me my dream dress as a thank you. I can't believe how kind she's been to me, I'm so grateful

big mood

>> No.9921483

You wouldn't want me to be your gf anon I go MIA for weeks on end sometimes even to my closest friends and make an excessive amount of dadjokes.

>> No.9921485

So what you’re saying is that you’re basically a more elegant version of me

>> No.9921488

If you also have a bunch of nonweeb nerdy interests on top of weeb nerdy interests then yes, I suppose that's exactly what I'm saying.

>> No.9921489

This sounds fake honestly

>> No.9921548

1500 is a lot only if you sit in one place all day. It's better to eat 1500 with light exercise than to eat 1000 and be lazy

>> No.9921556

We all go through this at some point anon, it's fine. Also next time, don't use hot water on blood. It actually "cooks" the blood and makes it adhere to the fabric, peroxide + rinsing with cold water is the way to go

>> No.9921565

I try to exercise, but I'm really shit at it. I like dancing around my room though, and I like walking. I'd be happy to walk all day if I could. Unfortunately this type of exercise means I have really muscly legs and weak arms. I've heard swimming is a good full body workout though!

>> No.9921569
File: 29 KB, 500x388, tumblr_owee5x7yA61wv6io7o1_500[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Idk anon, it might also depend on your body type as to when you'll finally get to where you think you should be.

I've lost 15 lbs over the last few months by changing my diet from a fairly unhealthy one to a more sustainable one, and I've also started exercising. I lost 4 cm off my waist which is great but my thighs have remained the same. They've always been chubby. I just have a weird fat distribution. My hip bones and ribs are pretty much always visible, even when I have belly chub and my waist disappears. Now that I've lost body fat, my waist is a bit smaller which is lovely, but my sternum is starting to get that bony look to it and my thighs have not changed at all. I worry that by the time my thighs would slim down, my top half would be downright skelly. As well, I worry about how low my weight would have to be to get me to that phase.

It's not a pleasant pill to swallow that I will never ever have the kind of body I'd prefer to have. I wish I was a slim hourglass but I'll never have a dramatic enough waist/hip ratio since my hips are narrow and boyish and my waist can only get so small. I can exercise and get healthy and be the best version of myself, but I can't make myself get less muscular without hurting my health, or alter my bones. So I've had to make peace with it.

I think thigh highs are incredibly flattering on all sorts of legs, stick thin or not. Also, thicc thighs are in, at least that's what I tell myself.

>> No.9921591

>taobao order comes in
>looking through everything/trying stuff on
>one pair of socks has giant run in it, unwearable
>"ugh ok... they were cheap so whatever"
>another pair of stockings are stained/misprinted
>"well it's not really noticeable.. I'll wear them today anyway"
>final check in mirror before leaving home
>run in them

I'm never buying legwear from taobao ever again.

>> No.9921595

where are you buying socks from? I've purchased tights from mu-fish and ruby rabbit and haven't had this problem and I've worn them many times

>> No.9921596

yidhra and mu-fish. maybe I just got unlucky, but I'm never taking the chance again.

>> No.9921597

Yep you're definitely unlucky, I've bought from both of these multiple times and not had problems- I've had at least 3 mufish orders

>> No.9921598

Yidhra's stuff looks pretty thin. I think mu-fish depends on the sock, but I'd definitely recommend ruby rabbit if you ever change your mind.

>> No.9921599

I've ran into this problem with mu-fish before too. Every taobao item I've bought seems to be shit quality desu

>> No.9921600

Ugh I can't recommend Mufish either. I bought a pair of diamond pattern socks and they arrived with small brown stains (which came out in the wash but still...) That order also included their heart patterned tights, which developed a run as I was putting them on for the first time. They were inexpensive for a reason, I guess.

>> No.9921636

I have a similar body type. Hourglass more or less but with fat thighs, like flabby fat. My ribs show and I have a tiny waist but my thighs are still freaking fat. There's even a divet and some cottage cheese going on. I don't care if it's in to be thicc, I look like a ham. I want to be able to wear shorts, maybe even shorts with thigh highs, and not suffer and constantly tug them up and the shorts down and feel awful and get chub rub. Thigh gaps! So I guess ultimately my problem is being skinnyfat.
>bought shoes from store other day
>wore them once, tore up back of my heels
>threw away box lid and receipt, store policy is can't be returned without receipt and original packaging
Nothing worse than buying something cute and it ends up being shitty. Happens IRL and online.

>> No.9921657
File: 166 KB, 1300x956, alone-and-sad-japanese-girl-in-lolita-fashion-sitting-on-bench-tokyo-CT1N6P.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My mom and I are very close and she has started getting into lolita too. She's doing a lot of research and I let her try on my dresses. But... She's skinnier and shorter than I am, and after seeing her in my clothes I just know she'll look better as a lolita than I ever could. I dress well and regularly get good numbers of likes on CoF but once my mom joins the community, I feel like it'll all be over for me. I don't want to be part of a creepy mother daughter duo, I don't want to be overshadowed by my mom... But I also don't want to stop her trying out something she might really love. I'm so conflicted.

>> No.9921664

What about your face though? She's older, and probably looks worse unless you're uggo

>> No.9921665


Dunno about anon but you seem pretty ugly yourself.

>> No.9921673

Aww did I hurt your feefees? Cri more

>> No.9921676
File: 300 KB, 939x688, Cut_&_Sew_Discipline.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this your mom?
Also cry more, I can't even speak with my parents because they're shitbags. Appreciate what you have.

>> No.9921685

She's got a very cute round face. No one would ever guess she's a few years shy of 40, people regularly think we're sisters. I'm pretty but not that cute, my face is a bit too long to be cute.

Sorry about your shitty life, but your personal tragedy doesn't change the fact that I'm allowed to be uncomfortable too.

>> No.9921686


Nah you're just a shitbag. Thankfully I don't have any spawn to cry on cgl about me looking better than them.

>> No.9921689

Damn, I could be your mom... Thankfully I've been in lolita for probably as long as you are old, unless your mom was under 20 when you were born lol

>> No.9921698

Yeah, she's probably closer in age to the coolest people in my comm than I am, haha. She had me at 17, then got through college with a baby... My mom's honestly a great person, I admire her so much. I just don't necessarily want her in lolita too, you know? But maybe it wouldn't be that bad. Thinking about it, most of my lolita idols are over 30 anyway.

>> No.9921700

Cri harder

>> No.9921709

That's really great, anon. I'm glad you had such a good mom. My mom basically abandoned my little sister and I when I was 6 so I always wish I had a mother. The idea seems so foreign and strange to me, and I don't know how I'd feel with my mother getting into lolita too, if I had one of course. I don't care about my biological mother at all, literally no feelings whatsoever since I don't even know her, so I have no idea. lol

>> No.9921734
File: 192 KB, 294x299, giphy (6).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw comes out wearing sweet in front of gf for the first time and waits for her reaction
>knows she's into punk and steampunk so double anxiety even if she knows about it
>get embarassed and kinda sad "i uhh...know it might be a bit too much pink for you,i'll go change if it's too much it's ok..."
>"anon...you look so fucking cute"
>"a-aren't you uncomfortable walking with me like that?"
>"i don't give a fuck,i'll yell "yeah it's MY beautiful girlfriend" and if anybody dare say you're not cute as fuck i'll supplex them"
>big goofy smile on my face, feel as if i could cry because it's the first time i had that much support
>adds "the only thing i don't like is that i can't slap your butt as easily"

sorry for blogposting but i just wanted to share something nice.
I hope you all have a nice day and supporting partners/friends/families, gulls

>> No.9921756

>adds "the only thing i don't like is that i can't slap your butt as easily"
Your girlfriend is a treasure, anon. Cherish her as closely as she cherishes you.

>> No.9921776

AYRT, one thing I will recommend is that while it has been very difficult to find jeans that fit my legs but aren't too big on waist, jeans from Fashion Nova fit me very well. Get shorts from there. I feel you about the chub rub though. It gets very painful in the summer. Bandelettes or that sports barrier cream or the silk powder from Lush all help with that.

>So I guess ultimately my problem is being skinnyfat.
Well, exercise is really good for you so you should do it anyway. I know I feel a lot better in my body - I sleep better, have more endurance, and just feel more like I belong in my body altogether.

>> No.9921781

you should let your mom be happy. and as long as you make yourself an individual, people won't see you as a "mother daughter duo". I am sure you are just as good at lolita as she is, don't be insecure about it.

>> No.9921799

>be me, busty-chan, already cannot fit into unshirred brand bc my tits :(
>be depressed for months now
>gradually gain weight, but not think much of it bc I can still fit into my dresses comfortably, so I'm clearly not fat, right?
>find DD for reasonable price, buy immediately, feel happy just thinking about it
>it has shirring and it's an underbust and all that, so of course it would fit, right?
>it comes in mail, im so happy I cry
>try it on
>oh no
>struggle to zip it up
>it has adjustable straps, still doesn't fit right when I make them longer
>go to move around in it, the button holding the left strap pops off
>sob for hours
>this is it
>its either lose weight or kms
I hate myself. I've never looked in the mirror and been as disgusted with myself as I am now. Tomorrow morning, I'm calling my old personal trainer and scheduling a workout session and I'm gonna start counting calories again.

>> No.9921800


>> No.9921803

Take some DNP. Give it two weeks and you would've lost like 20lbs. Just don't kill yourself with it.

>> No.9921824

Yes! finally bought a JSK not a "lolita at heart" anymore.

>> No.9921828

Congrats, anon! But a JSK is not enough to make a lolita coord, do you have anything else to wear with it?

>> No.9921831

Yeah I know I need to pick up a peti, figure something out blouse-wise,and shoes,and legware,and bag,fuuuuuuu

>> No.9921833 [DELETED] 
File: 72 KB, 400x400, 1503279657886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> tfw my con group is starting to become shitty right before an out of state convention but you've already booked the flight and hotel with them so there's no going back

I'm so used to my "drop-it immediately" mindset that I can't really do that without losing hundreds of dollars. It just feels bad because I have no interest in going to hang out with them but I'm going to a place where I don't know anyone but them. Wish me luck, gulls.

>> No.9921837

please dont "figure out" something blouse wise and get an actual lolita blouse anon, that can make or break your coord. if you're having trouble don't hesitate to post on the coord help thread

>> No.9921840

Yeah I'll buy something seems like there are plenty of affordable blouses out there. Not that I'm looking to cheap out but there seems to be plenty around the 50 dollar range.

>> No.9921852

Secondhand brand blouses are around that range if you fit in brand, and if you dont even a bodyline blouse will look more acceptable than a normie blouse stuffed under a jsk. It's good to know you're not trying to cheap out and I wish you the best of luck in actually starting to wear the fashion. Congrats! I hope you enjoy it and feel confident in it.

>> No.9921862

I sometimes feel guilty about how many lolita things I have when I could be using that money for savings. I'm not hurting for money by any means but I still feel bad.

>> No.9921866

Believable enough for me

>> No.9921867

Sounds like you need to do more core training
Seriously though, you can control muscle distribution but not fat distribution

>> No.9921869

Anon that's really not sustainable, not to mention it's cheating a bit too...
Besides putting on muscle is better than straight up losing fat

>> No.9921874

I agree with everything else you said but this. Don't see how it's cheating. You're not competing against others. There are no rules to weight loss.

>> No.9921912
File: 459 KB, 909x720, dfhkjtfr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>early 2015 at a local con, make a new friend who is active duty
>Lives in same city and after getting to know him joins my group to travel to cons
>Is a cool guy to hang with, he in turn appreciates it because he has no friends or family in town
>My veteran military family is friendly towards him and welcomed him over from time to time to alleviate his lack of family here.

>In late 2016, he confessed to me and my boyfriend that he is in love with me
>Boyfriend and I are irate but the 3 of us agree to work through it since I've dealt with similar situations before.
>2017 seemed okay aside from my bf noting his increasing amount of complaints about how lonely he is and how he can't find a girlfriend. He's still a cool friend so we helped him out where we could. Family extends invitations through me to him to watch major football games on tv and Christmas dinner, we still traveled to cons together as a group of 4 or 5 people, and all was otherwise good.

>2018. I didn't want to celebrate my birthday. Due to how busy I was, I just wanted to go out and have dinner with my boyfriend alone.
>Friend wants to come over to give me a birthday present. Thinking he was just stopping by for a moment, I okay it. The present he brought me was poorly chosen, and he was knowledgeable that the subject of the gift was problematic for me. Internally I was angry and flabbergasted on how to handle receiving the gift; it would have been thousands of times better to have received nothing. My boyfriend had to be the one to tell him to leave after he overstayed his welcome.
>Unbeknownst to me at the time, my mom feeling bad about how I was acting on the situation decided to give him her phone number.
>A month after my birthday I calmed down and took to talking with him about the situation, apologizing for my behavior
>He confesses he's been talking to my mom almost every day since then.
>She was talking shit about me and about embarrassing things from when I was in high school.

>> No.9921914
File: 49 KB, 500x478, a292c194021adec4f64f91e394a80849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Confront her after, try to be reasonable about the situation and ask her not to talk about my past with him
>She gives the "I just feel so bad for him, he's all alone." excuse
>We travel to a con a week after, all was relatively okay there, kept some distance from him
>A week later after the con I receive an mms from my mom of her and my friend going to the movies together.
>Inquire to my dad "what the fuck is going on," he said she feels sorry for the guy, is doing her piteous generosity dance, and as a veteran he can understand his loneliness. Dad tells me not to think too much of it; he'll talk to my mom about becoming my friend's mental crutch.
>Confront friend on the issue, told him I'm very uncomfortable at the notion of him going to the movies with my mom. He said it was my mom's idea and that they were planning it since before the con. Said he won't do it anymore
>Skip to this week, I didn't want to talk to him let alone have him over but he had expressed interest in buying my bean bag taking up space, so I scheduled a day for him to stop by to take a look at it.
>Woke up in the afternoon to find out he had gone swimming with my mom. He talked to me for an hour about random shit and asked invasive questions I'm not awake enough to deal with. Finally have to be the one to ask him if he wants to see the beanbag. "Oh, I'm not interested in buying the beanbag anymore." When I saw him out he said: "thanks for letting me hang out with you today anon."
That space in my work week was never meant for him to hang out with me.
>Find out later from my bf that apparently he posted on facebook on the same days he saw movies and swam with my mom about how he's so happy about being able to hang out with such a "good friend."

I'm gonna have to deal with this guy and his shit at AX. It's taking all my willpower not to tell him to go jump off a fucking bridge.

>> No.9921928

>tfw no skinny thick thighs gf

To keep it /cgl/ related, ouji girls wearing shorts and thigh highs give me so much life.

>> No.9921933

On the bright side, of your mom learns about Lolita and gets into it, you can get good shit for your birthday/christmas.

I get being jealous of the possibility that your mom "looks better than you" in something you love, but think about it like this: She's your mom and she loves you more than anyone, she's not some random attention whore who'll overshadow you on purpose. Love your mom and enjoy this together (not as a duo tho, each their own).

>> No.9921939

gonna be getting a perm soon because my hair's favourite state is flatter than an ita's skirt but i'm worried it'll look weird with lolita, what do you guys think of really curly hair?

>> No.9921943

I think it looks pretty

>> No.9921945

That’s so awkward and uncomfortable. Does you mom know he has/had a crush on you and is probably only hanging out with her to feel close to you? Being lonely sucks but cozying up to the mom of your crush after the crush rejected you is a red flag imo.

>> No.9921950

Curly hair is wonderful in lolita! Curly bangs are more difficult to pull off but can look super cute too, depending.

>> No.9921954 [DELETED] 
File: 50 KB, 600x600, 148874598211345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a boyfriend. I'm close friends with another guy. He likes me. I don't want to crush his heart in two. I care about him, and I even used to have a crush on him (and still do, sort of - I was confused and scared I was going to cheat on my boyfriend when we started getting more friendly, but eventually I got a grip, and I thought it'd be fine. I guess I was fucking wrong). I don't want to play with anyone's feelings, all I wanted was to make a connection. I don't want to hurt anyone. Fuck.

>> No.9921958

Cool cgl related feel.
Either get a grip on yourself or cut connection with one or both of these guys; no one here cares.

>> No.9921961

There have been /cgl/ unrelated feels in these threads since forever anon

>> No.9921962

Just be honest if nothing's going to happen with your friend. Better to nip it in the bud than drag it out.

I care about that anon's problem

>> No.9921963 [DELETED] 

Consider your boyfriend. I was the boyfriend of a girl who had a friend that was obsessively in love with her and she never wanted to hurt his feelings. Four fucking years she just kept him around and entertained his feelings by being nice to him and half-heartedly told him to pursue other girls. I told her constantly to either cut him off or break up with me because not only is it cruel to him, it's cruel to me having to constantly be in a dick measuring contest with a guy who I know has feelings for my partner and I had to pretend to not want to tear his throat out. He knew I fucking hated him too and I got very close a few times to hitting him when he was walking a fine line with his words towards her.

Eventually I got fucking sick of it because I'm an anxious person by default and the stress it caused me was hurting my health (at the end, I was sleeping barely 4 hours a night, I was angry constantly, I stopped eating and being around her just stressed me out). So I gave her an ultimatum. Even then she couldn't make a decision because she just didn't want to upset anyone. I made the decision for her and left which broke my heart because I loved her and put her first but she wouldn't put me first. She then tried with the friend and surprise, surprise they lasted about a month because obsessive adoration has nothing to do with compatibility. She then asked for me back, I said no.

Hurry up and make the decision before it gets made for you.

>> No.9921970

Good for you, anon. I hope you are in a better place now. It’s hard to know when to pull the pin on a relationship, but your partner is supposed to lift you up and enrich your lift, not make you feel anxious and stressed.

>> No.9921971

and they never stop being annoying and irrelevant

>> No.9922125

Ew tell your mother to get her own fashion. Point her at victorian goth or steampunk or something else. Lolita mothers and daughters are bad news. See: Venus and Margo. Also see: that anorexic French girl and her similarly skelly mom

>> No.9922129

Tbh I hate people like you. Who gives a shit if you get likes or if someone else looks better in lolita than you do? She'll probably enjoy lolita more than you do too.

>> No.9922132
File: 41 KB, 256x400, 192E210B-A526-44EA-97D2-E62F741A54B6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Curly hair is cute and it was pretty common in oldschool, you can definetely work it anon!

>> No.9922134

Maggot was never a lolita in the slightest, and benus only actually started dressing in lolita recently. fucking newfag

>> No.9922135
File: 111 KB, 634x703, article-2136332-12C58310000005DC-55_634x703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She made venus model for bodyline though and dressed her in shitty coords. Even if she only thought of it as dolly clothes, she clearly knew something about lolita

>> No.9922137
File: 1.35 MB, 1000x550, 9LFTD2p.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She also used to wear Venus's clothes sometimes. So yeah. Moms being into lolita gets weird.

>> No.9922139

I wish summer was over

Since when does modeling for bodyline make her an actual lolita? Goddamn I miss the days when people weren't new and wouldn't even remotely call Benus's living doll antics lolita on this board. Just because she entered into one of Yanners gaijin waifu contests doesn't mean she was actually a lolita. You would have been laughed off the board for trying to say that.

How does her borrowing Benus's shitty bodyline make her a lolita?

>> No.9922143

OK fine whatever. Never said she wasn't ita as fuck but if you're having fun being this mad then you do you. I have a second example anyway so if you don't accept my first just go with that one.

>> No.9922148

Margo was a massive weeb before she even had Venus, that's why she gave her daughter such a weird name and pushed her to be a kawaii pedo bait youtuber

>> No.9922149

>butthurt newfag baws and backtracks


>> No.9922154

NYART, but even though I mostly agree with you, you honestly sound even newer than the anon you're replying to. What's got your bloomers in such a twist? Chill.

Those are some weird leaps of logic there, anon. Just because some mom/kid pairs are weird doesn't mean OP's would be. OP's mom sounds like she's actually interested in the fashion for herself. You chill too, ok? And you sound a bit vendetta too. If you mean the French girls I think you mean, they're nice and don't seem creepy irl. Just because they look ill doesn't mean they have an unusual relationship dynamic.

>> No.9922156

Anon are you in San Diego?

>> No.9922157

When moms and daughters both have anorexia that bad it looks really suspicious tho

>> No.9922158

>you posted about how things used to be you sound so new

Fuck off.

>> No.9922166

I mean, I get what you're saying. Girls whose mothers have anorexia almost always develop it too. But it's not necessarily reflective of their bond and has fuck all to do with their fashion choices. Your vendetta is showing.
>Or maybe you're jelly you're not as skinny as they are
>Get help anon

>> No.9922168

>doesn't know how to greentext
>"they posted about them twice must be a vendetta!"
god i hate summer

>> No.9922169
File: 193 KB, 663x619, 1516916749159.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OK armchair psychologist chan.

>> No.9922172
File: 10 KB, 236x173, FB_IMG_1514906438456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why don't you leave until summer is over then

>> No.9922174

We get it, everyone's totally a newfag except you. Your point is made, just fuck off already.

>> No.9922218

>flatter than an ita's skirt
I am so stealing this. Perfect tagline for my hair too

>> No.9922235

How do you feel confident in lolita? I feel like I shouldn't wear the clothes unless I'm pretty. I don't think I'm super ugly but I think my face is weird looking and I get acne problems often, I think wearing such cute clothes I'd just feel worse about myself. I often see pictures of girls in really nice coords who just don't have a very good looking face or it doesn't suit their look somehow to me, and I feel even more discouraged because I know I'd be one of them. I don't wanna cover my flaws in heavy makeup or PS either because again I'd just feel worse about it.

>> No.9922238

I'm objectively pretty and have a youthful looking face so I suit lolita, but my advice is get over it or don't wear the clothes. If you're this insecure in lolita you'll be insecure out of it too so why is wearing lolita so different?

>> No.9922242
File: 30 KB, 500x280, 74b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>decide to buy a costume for the first time for a group
>look into reviews for the site, everything seems decent
>costume arrives
>is almost ten inches wider at the waist than the measurements I selected from the chart
>email distributor with photos for proof
>no response

I'm hoping it's just because I e-mailed Friday afternoon, but this sucks. There will hopefully be enough time to get it fixed, but I'm really disappointed in the experience so far and probably will stick with making my own costumes from now.

>> No.9922299
File: 80 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1523639160520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>depressed as fuck
>con fashion show in few weeks
>depression makes me feel fat, ugly and basically only negative things about my body
>decide to try and loose few kilos bc already kinda low appetite and eating makes me feel so bad I want to vomit, trying to do it anyways, normal weight but I have extra to loose etc. so might as well make it quick
>depression makes me cranky, not eating makes me straigth out angry
>bf games at night, listens to music, talks to his friends and occasionally yells to his game
>depression also makes me tired and I can't stay awake until he goes to sleep also but I can't sleep either bc he is making noice and I always wake earlier than I should - tired ofc
>mfw I'm so fucking angry, tired, frustrated and sad I'm probably going to have a break down before the cons
>really want to shed the extra tho
Seriously all I do is hide from my bf in a dark room, sleep and go to long walks alone. I don't even remember when was the last time I wore lolita. Fortunately, I have doctor's appointment and a nice meet next week so maybe it turns better. I just wish he would pet me and say it's going to be fine and I'm safe instead of telling me to do bunch of stuff I'm not cabable of rn.

>> No.9922307

Tell him that or else I'll swoop in on my cloud petti and pet you myself.

Dysphoria is lame anon, I'm sorry you feel like you're not cute enough. I'm sure you are and you don't need to resort to puking or not eating (but I know how hard it can be when you're depressed). Try to keep a few healthy snacks around and idk if you smoke, but a hitter or two of weed used to help me eat when I got too depressed. I hope you feel better soon and you have fun at your meet. I'm sure the fashion show will be perfect <3

>> No.9922311

Lolita makes me feel more comfortable imo I feel much less dysphoric

>> No.9922335

Thank you anon. I have smoked and it has made me feel better but it's illegal here so I'm probably going to stay away from it before the doctors bc they will require testing in some point and I want to try possible medication asap. Bf is probably scared of me and for sure super worried and wants me to try if smoking would ease the situation before I will be able to test the medication so idk if I should just try if it makes me feel better at all. Just ate and I feel a bit better and gonna relax and take my nightly walk before bed.

>> No.9922725

I'm proud of you!! Keep going! You can do it!

>> No.9922755

>gf knows that anime is a big interest of mine but she doesn't really get it or understand it
>that's fine, we get along in other ways
>she goes through my pictures one day because I save a ton of memes which she likes to look at
>Makes it towards my hidden waifu folder
>finds hundreds of pictures of my waifu

I tried really hard to explain to her the concept of a 2d wife but fuck it's hard to do without sounding completely insane. She just dropped the conversation but her respect for me has decreased, I can feel it.

Waifu is Rem if your curious.

>> No.9922759

>tfw no gf to pat

>> No.9922763

Are you male or female? Either way you shouldn't be having a gf and a waifu at the same time, it's disrespecting them both. You can have an anime girl you think is cute and save pictures of, but not a waifu you fixate on. Decide which woman you want more in your life, anon.

>> No.9922764

I agree with >>9922238
I think I look cute and I get compliments often but from certain angles I look like a fascist caricature of a Jewish person, it's very discouraging and a major reason why I avoid other people taking pictures of me; but I wear my frills anyway because they make me feel pretty and what I feel is what matters.

>> No.9922767

Maybe she was disappointed by your shitty taste?

>> No.9922770

Male but I'd be happier living as a girl. If that makes sense.

>> No.9922772

Don't talk shit about Rem.

>> No.9922778
File: 265 KB, 500x577, 1520500413143.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitch me too, and I'm not even Jewish. I just enjoy my clothes anyway, luckily this is a fashion where some of the most beloved lolitas aren't or weren't even that beautiful. Milkyfawn? A bit of a butterface. Connie? Also has a huge nose. Spiro? Has a slight overbite and intense resting sadface. But no one cares because these girls are really good at the fashion. If your coord and makeup are good, who cares if you're not a beauty queen? Your skill will make you cute. And if anyone is mean about your nose, capitalise on it and do the best damn witch coord you can.

>> No.9922790

>tfw when drunk and listening to bad Sonic music when you were in high school and nostalging hard

>> No.9922811

Kill yourself

>> No.9922832

All of those girls were skinny, too.

>> No.9922838
File: 93 KB, 640x654, IMG_0946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just bought a steamer for my clothing and I had no fucking clue it was so cheap. I cleaned all my dresses tonight and the laces on my older dresses have never looked better I'm so happy.

Also, there is no excuse for yalls dresses to not be clean anymore. I bought this thing for 20 bucks and my dresses are forever clean for 20 DOLLARS.

>> No.9922839

No one even mentioned weight, are you retarded?

>> No.9922850

a steamer isn't for cleaning your clothing, are you serious? it's for getting wrinkles out.

>> No.9922852

It's a steam cleaner, they exist and they're not expensive. It's like at home dry cleaning

>> No.9922867

I feel a bit conflicted with my friend. Have a big event/meet coming up and came up with 2 themes for the event. My friend kept changing her mind about her themes and dress choices to the point where I missed out on a dress because at the last minute she changed her mind. I tried helping her, and was showing her my theme ideas and dress choices thinking that it might give her inspo or a jumping off point for developing ideas of her own.

Not too long ago she suddenly decided that she wants to do the exact same themes as me, despite having said she wanted to do a different theme than me. Ordinarily I wouldn't mind because we could twin or something but for this event I'm pissed. The reason being that I spent forever tracking down pieces, making collages and just working on a coord in general and she just breezes on in copying a lot of what I've done, pieces(one dress she has chosen is the exact same as my dress but a different colourway) and its not even a style that she wears.

I know it's a petty feel and I should get over it but I'm just irritated with her.

>> No.9922868

You should of said that they were cute anime pictures instead of rambling on about waifus because once you start rambling you will start to look like an idiot.

>> No.9922869

Please to be sharing brand and model # I need a steam cleaner in my life

>> No.9922891

Steamfast SF-447 but that's on the cheaper end you can find nicer ones. Personally all of my dresses smell very nice right now and I feel like a proud dress mom

>> No.9922911

>tfw want to lose the flab so I can start making amateur porn
'Premium snapchats' and a limitless supply of orbiters seem to be all the rage these days

>> No.9922929
File: 254 KB, 623x388, 4-chan-jason-blahahaha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 5'9 manlet
>20.5 inch shoulders, 39 inch chest and 15 inch arms
>31 inch waist and 38 inch hips
>my costume orders are pretty much russian roullete because of my proportions

falling for the gym meme has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever fell for. Simply doing sports and having a good diet is infinitely better.

>> No.9923091

r9k go home

>> No.9923138

The number of girls who cosplay yandere characters kinda frightens me.

>> No.9923149

By this logic guys who cosplay serial rapists should frighten you
It's costumes Anon, it's all in good fun

>> No.9923152

>guys who cosplay serial rapists
Uh, what.

>> No.9923165

Sometimes I look at the overweight lolitas in cof / ita threads as motivation. I'm a normal weight trying to get to the lower end of healthy weight and seeing hamplanets busting out of their dresses motivates me to diet and exercise harder because I don't want to be like that

>> No.9923169

I hate having a short attention span for doing school work. I wouldn't have so much to catch up on if I didn't procrastinate so much.

Also, to keep on topic, an irongate skirt is on sale on lacemarket and I can't afford without dipping into my savings :(

>> No.9923170

Same here.

>> No.9923174

Yeah, like pyramid head or some of the guys in game of thrones.

>> No.9923233

idk, yandere is more personal which makes it more scary to me. Its the people who only cosplay yandere characters and seriously get into the personality type. I don't really see anyone cosplay murderer characters because they love their murderist personality.

>> No.9923242

i'm sorry anon, but your mom sounds like a horrible person if she's putting some random "sad" guy before her own daughter and is talking shit about you. really shitty situation.

>> No.9923271

>Joker cosplayers

>> No.9923287

Being a black dude into cosplay with no one else down to do it with me fucking sucks. Like, I enjoy my solo trips to cons but I feel ridiculously left out of the fun sometimes when I see groups posing and shit.

>> No.9923310

is it irrational to hate white roasties who ruin weeb culture by using cosplay as a facade to really just be a whore and get attention? like most of the ones that cosplay probably don't even watch anime, picking the most popular or trendiest slutty outfit to piece together just so they can have their two lumps hanging out from behind. like why are they doing this? it's like they were the bullied losers in high school and try to compensate by stealing a culture that's completely beyond them as a gateway to regain some of that lost time which in they could have spent being a whore but because of their unpopularity, they never had a chance and now they try to get the attention of the nerds because hey at least it's still attention.

that's why it's always the uggo white chicks that are into weeb culture, and it's so embarrassing honestly. just stick to your white girl culture like starbucks, yoga pants, festivals and whatever other shit they like to do.

>> No.9923312

>it's like they were the bullied losers in high school
Really? I’ve always found that the most obnoxious costhots were total normies in high school and mostly turned to costhottery because they want the attention, but aren’t attractive enough to compete with all the beautiful women in the real world.

>> No.9923316

the people I know who are costhots were either normies or popular.

>> No.9923325
File: 499 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>little sister learns guitar
>only sings about me being a cos-thot

>> No.9923336
File: 52 KB, 600x338, 1521401223104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw ex-bf learned playing guitar just so you could cover JoJo OPs together but he broke up with you before it could ever happen

>> No.9923343

Why does r9k come here?

>> No.9923368

nayrt, but steamers only release wrinkles and kill some germs. Steaming =/= washing. Steaming alone won't remove stains or dirt.

Honestly I got a steamer on day 1 because they are essential for any time of formal clothing. Also, protip - just like for ironing, only use distilled water. You'll corrode and kill your steamer otherwise.

>> No.9923379

More like a confession but I actually really liked lor's asmr unboxing and I wish there was more soft-spoken (not necessarily asmr oriented) Lolita content instead of "kawaii" voices

>> No.9923380
File: 81 KB, 500x439, 56B7DE67-345A-400B-B0E2-019C404ED2AD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9923403

Everyone praises Tenshi's Shopping Service so highly that I thought I'd try her out. She's been super nice and everything, but I'm really disappointed over how slow the whole process has been.

I found out that she got my item but didn't tell me until after she made all her shipments that week, and she wouldn't be shipping again for while. Very soon it will be a week since I paid the invoice. Basically, if I was told the day she received the item, I would have already had it by now with EMS shipping.

I realize that she's busy and makes little commission, but I don't understand all the 5-star reviews? Like I can't even find a 4-star review. Maybe I shouldn't have had super high expectations? Maybe I'm way antsier than usual because June has sucked and it was May when I saw the item?

Again, she is super nice, seems like a great person, and I'm thankful that I live in a world where a service like hers exists. I just want the process to be over with.

>> No.9923431

everything beats Ask Japanese's "asmr"

>> No.9923437

Tenshi is a godsend, but she does have the tendency of shipping out items up to two weeks after she receives them.

I prefer Japonica. Japonica however has major favoritism issues. I’ve been a customer of theirs for about 2 years and they respond almost immediately and ship out items the day they receive it. Newer users tend to get delays in response and shipping so I can see how that can be frustrating.

>> No.9923446

Hearing this sort of relieves me?

Over and over again the reviews say that Tenshi ships things fast, and I felt like I was completely alone having this experience. In her terms it says things can be shipped up to a week after payment, but the reviewers made it sound like that was a rarity rather than commonplace.

I looked at several other shopping services before going with her, and I inevitably wanted a service I could talk with one-on-one (also her paypal fee was lower for US customers). In the end, I'm not in a rush to get my item, but I hate waking up everyday wondering when I'll be given a tracking number.

>> No.9923447

She responds fast but ships a bit slowly. She always emails you when she ships though

>> No.9923468

In my experience she ships quickly, but I'm also a good customer so maybe she gives preferential treatment. The only problem I've had is my stuff taking forever to get to her first.

>> No.9923471
File: 119 KB, 640x634, IMG_6327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As long as you spot clean stains you can use a steamer to dry clean your own clothing

>> No.9923481

I guess next time I'll just keep in mine that she can snag items but I shouldn't be too anxious about how long it might take her to ship.


How does one become a "good customer"? I'm a first time customer so I thought maybe she would want to make a good impression. I paid my invoice within like 5 minutes of her sending it, and even though I asked her a few question within the shopping request, I don't feel like I ever monopolized her. My item was expensive too, so it's also not like she's only making $5 off of me.

>> No.9923492

I agree with the image. I was just concerned over anyone thinking that steaming a dress and never actually washing/spot-cleaning was an effective way of deep cleaning clothing. Many steamers market themselves as being an effective solution "between washing or dry cleaning," and not necessarily a replacement.

100% on the steamer train though. I never dry-clean because it's just full of gross and my dresses can handle hand washing.

>> No.9923512

We have a rule stating mods give 1.0 fucks about comm members being posted to BtB or 4chan. In reality, they're going to let a 14 yo be posted here without saying anything. Slow clap.

>> No.9923556

Sorry to omit info! I just thought that would be common sense, but then again there are girls who "air dry" their dresses and call that clean

>> No.9923576

Gimme your lunch money, nerd

>> No.9923580

lol why you so mad tho

>> No.9923609

Dude you gave it away way too fast

The weeb club in your school had chicks in it yeah? This board has some of those girls.

>> No.9923762


triggered white roasties who are too ugly to attract normies so they have to "cosplay" and pander to the nerds

>> No.9923764

>jealous nigger detected

>> No.9923773
File: 129 KB, 1536x1849, DA8191CD-3EC2-4CF1-B6CF-09AA79910535.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay pressed pencil dick

>> No.9923775
File: 109 KB, 585x188, meguca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The SS I used for Mercari told me that my package would take about two weeks to get to me. It's week four and it hasn't even been scanned in the US yet. I was hoping it would be here in time for AX but now I'm losing hope. At least I know never to cheap out and go for SAL again.

>> No.9923778

Tfw want to watch more good quality j-fashion, culture, and Lolita fashion content, but CathyCat's channels dominates your searches

>> No.9923782

Eh I find most lolita YouTube content to be pretty meh.

>> No.9923798
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>commissioned my friend to draw something for me
>she sends me beautiful sketch wips
>say I love it
>the picture finally arrives
>mfw she's haphazardly ruined it with glitter paint
I want to fucking cry.

>> No.9923800


>> No.9923801 [DELETED] 

>Stay pressed
Fwiw, you're totally right about white women being the worst.

>> No.9923805 [DELETED] 

Fwiw, you're right about white women being crappy. They're the whole reason women have such a bad reputation among the genders.

>> No.9923811
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>> No.9923813

they need to stick to ruining white civilisation with their degeneracy and not taint other cultures

>> No.9923821

Anyboby go to RainFurrest?

>> No.9923822
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>started exercising a year ago to see if I could fit into ouji
>mfw I lost wheight but built too much muscle and now it's even worse

I guess it wasn't meant to be

>> No.9923832
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>gf asks if there's any particular cosplay she's done that I want to fuck her in again (we usually just fuck in costume at cons regardless of what it is as long as it isn't too restricting)
>Say Illya
>Tells me I'm a pedo
>She puts the costume on anyway and we fuck like rabbits

Haha what?

>> No.9923838

Fat chick grabbed my sister's ass at the con. :(

>> No.9923855

New thread >>9923854

>> No.9923946
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First time using SAL eh?

>> No.9924027
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>tfw no muscular ouji s/o
Look into Victorian dandy, it's not jfash and not quite ouji or aristo but it's gorgeous if pulled off nicely.

>> No.9924749

Chicks love to see popping muscles from underneath the suit anon. Go for the swol yet classy aesthetic.

>> No.9926400

>Looks like she's smuggling a literal spare tire up her shirt

Why would you wear this?

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