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Children's card games Edition

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That liquor in the nighttime brought strange memories

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Could this be magic or could this be love? Could this turn tragic, as magic often does

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>tfw items I've wanted to purchase for a long time are available for great prices on LM and other sites
>doesn't feel any joy receiving them because I just want my dream item
I know it's dumb, but I went to a meet recently and a girl was wearing said item and it really hit me just how badly my closet feels empty without it.

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Take any place and cqllit a courthouse
This is a place where no judge can stamd

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same anon. it is distressing.

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Tried to do Chun-Li moves in cosplay and accidentally kicked my friend in her crotch.

She couldn't have con sex because it bruised.

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why not card games on motorcycles

true story?

also, was at my first con yesterday
but didn't have con-sex
nor did I played any childrens card game

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>tfw no semi local older lolita to swoop in and take me under her wing and teach me how to be pretty like her and then sweep me off my feet in pure romantic ecstasy

I want to be the starry eyed new lolita gf

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>tfw you try to get someones snapchat at a meetup
>no connection
>your dumbass assumes all went well when it not

I cant stand missed connections, they always linger in my mind longer than they should

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>tfw no semi local ANY lolita
Can't be the starry eyed lolita gf when you're a lonelita

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I went on /v/ today to find a thread that has been derailed, onto the topic of my relationship. I don't know if I should be ashamed, or proud.

My boyfriend of ten years older than me made a post about me on a minecraft thread on /v/ and it's gotten way more (you)s than I've ever seen any of MY posts get. And it's about how he thinks I'm autistic.

I can't help but laugh, he didn't even give the legitimate reasons that the whole "anon-chan is autistic" meme between us started.

>I watched certain movies hundreds of times in a row when in elementary school
>I went through phases of collecting useless items
>I have difficulty making eye contact with strangers

I don't legitimately think I have AUTISM per say but I wouldn't be surprised if I was on the spectrum. I just don't want to be a hypochondriac.

Many replies he got were something along the lines of "you're the autist, pedo" and I think he threw our age gap in there to troll, I'm fucking dying watching this blow up. If anything shows our relationship, it would definitely be that we are having this strange 4chan interaction. If he gets our IP banned I couldn't even be mad at him, this is great.

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Also, onto the topic of children's card games, both him and I play Vanguard but I can't recall ever meeting a fellow gull who plays. Anyone?

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Ugh tfw no gf 10 years younger than me

How did you guys meet?

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This is a serious feel. I'd even swoon if any lolita in a 100 mile radius just wanted to be my older sister lolita

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>tfw no sweet, eager newbie to guide on her way to become a gorgeous lolita
I've "mentored" a few newbies in the past and they've done very well, but they were either ungrateful (or just didn't thank me for the lengths I went for them) or ended up flouncing after they got involved in petty drama. Either way, they all cut ties with me eventually. I'd love to do it again but I've become tired and kind of jaded, and I mostly stick to my own these days.
I hope you three find a local lolita you can rely on. Please remember to appreciate her, when you do.

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How is that cgl related?

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My last relationship ended after 3 years because my fiance cheated on me.
Now I have a bf 10 years older and he's....significantly more mature? I don't want to sound like some starry eyed kid, but the age gap is really nice, he actually helps around the house, and cooks for me, and takes me dancing. He even loves my lolita clothes, and gives me plenty of reasons to go through the effort of putting on a coord. He even taught me to drive! The last guy said I wasn't able to drive, so I never learned...

To keep it card game related, he has a huge collection of magic, and he plays commander more than other forms.
I've been trying to get him into Force of Will, he's a huge weeb so I think anime mtg will really appeal to him.

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Op here, I would seriously be very much enamored and forever grateful if someone started mentoring me. I'm very shy and most people don't like me so anyone who has similar interests usually end up getting treated like royalty because of it. I think I'd honestly explode if someone asked to be my mentor, so I promise to love and cherish my (theoretical, future) mentor with all of my heart

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I was like "oh, watever" until you got to saying he's also a weeb. That is so cute, congrats on ur bf anon.

I don't need a mentor since I already have experience in the fashion, but still
>tfw no older lolita in your area to even crush on

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You're very cute, anon. You don't need to treat anyone like royalty though, it's uncomfortable and dehumanizing at best, and at worst might lead you to be easily manipulated and used. Remember to let your future mentor know that you appreciate her and what she does for you, but don't become a doormat.

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>tfw one of your lolita friends shares a very personal story on FB and you feel touched by it because you went through something similar in your life and you want to give her a heads up that she's not alone in this situation and you start writing your comment but it's over 5 lines long and you don't know if you know her long enough to write such a long reply bc you don't want to come accross as some creepy stalker who reads all her personal posts and who has suspiciously much interest in her life but at the same time you really want to reach out to her and you don't do what to do you sit there paralyzed for 5 minutes infront of your screen with your finger sitting on the enter button ready to hit enter until you realize how insane you are and delete the whole thing but you immediately regret and hate yourself for the rest of the day

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Why not just IM her?
>Hey X, I read your post about YZ and it reminded me of a similar experience I've had...
And so on and so forth. It's not hard.

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you're right about part of it, I tend to let ppl walk over me, but I'm getting better about it! I'm bpd so it's also hard for anyone to handle being around me ^-^'' I'm hoping by the time I meet a mentor I'll have myself under more control (I've been on the right meds for a month now so!! <3 )

>forever patiently waiting for a wonderful lolita mentor gf

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the whole "no older lolita mentor"-post gave me some serious /u/-vibes
please keep posting them!

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I get the point of that fantasy, it's pretty cute; but personally I wouldn't be too comfortable with it irl, when I'm more likely to see the newbie I'm mentoring as a little sister more than anything.
Still got those >tfw no qt lolita gf feels though, just for someone who's already well dressed and experienced, and preferably have been into the fashion for as long as I have, if not longer.

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>tfw you run into your dead con crush's parents at the airport
Why did these kind people have to lose their beautiful daughter?

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I'm struggling to enjoy the fashion separately from my comm anymore and I don't know why. I have a pretty big closet and nice lolita friends but I feel like I've focused too much on the social side of the fashion recently. Maybe I've forgotten what made me love lolita in the first place. It wasn't the comm or the social side... So what was it? I don't know, but I feel a little lost and apathetic.

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But those are magic the gathering cards, magic a is mature card game for mature people

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Please don't use emoticons on 4chan, we're an imageboard.

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sorry, my bad ;^P

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I used to play Vanguard a lot until the power creep pissed me off and I stopped. It was a really fun game though and I enjoyed it for the few years I played.

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This is your opportunity to rediscover your roots, anon. When and how did you discover lolita? What makes you feel nostalgic, in relation to the fashion? Find what it is and wallow in it, it's a great way to reignite the spark.

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>talk to qt at a couple of cons
>talk about going to colossal east
>tell her I don't know how to swim
>she says she loves swimming, she says I should come over during the summer and she can teach me to swim
>She's about 45 mins away
>tfw not used to being asked to hang out outside of con

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>card games on motorcycles
what year is this?
I want to go back

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>she says I should come over during the summer and she can teach me to swim

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>Be me
>Kinda new to cons been to a couple of them roomed with some people I’m no longer friends with
>first time getting a hotel room by myself
>have literally no cosplay/con friends whatsoever
>not in the worst shape because people on /soc/ and here tell me I’m fairly decent looking

Anybody wana be friends with a bro tier central Florida semi-new cosplayer?

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I want to just say it's an innocent "hey let's just chill" thing without any ulterior motives tbqh

>> No.9909668

What do you cosplay? What's your con lineup?

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>Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy
>60’s spidey (legit quality no shitty zentai)
>Red Hood
>Working on Hidan and Sasori cosplays
>Eventually want to cosplay Minato
>Eventually want to cosplay Steven Stone from Pokémon RSE

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I tackled my bf at the hotel and landed really hard on his berries. I almost started crying.

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Oh and Metro, AFO, Maybe AWA and Dragoncon and Holmat for the remainder of this year

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>hurt someone else
>start crying
why? you hurt them, they should be the one crying not you

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Just found out the annoying little boy who stalks me at cons is actually an adult woman. Should I ask her out?

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My adorable weeby friend told me to read kamikaze girls and said that the book reminded her of me for some reason. I read it and loved it and then forgot about it for a while. Several years later I idly googled it and had a "Holy shit, THAT'S what Momoko's dresses are meant to look like?" moment. I found egl livejournal and then read Japan Ai, and my mum my first skirt from Clothing Drop. Back then, thinking of lolita gave me a happy dreamy feeling. I dreamed of having a comm and lolita friends, like the girls on LJ. But I guess now that I have everything I want, there isn't much more to long for other than >tfw no lolita gf
All I can do is be scared that I might lose it all.

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Cause his berries got squished.

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You won't lose it, promise. In fact, finding some time for yourself, apart from your comm, will likely help you regain that love you had for the fashion regardless of the social aspects that you associate with it.

When was the last time you read Kamikaze Girls? When was the last time you watched the movie? And what's your personal style like compared to the style of lolita that you idolized when you discovered it vs. the style you wear now?

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>little boy who stalks me at cons is actually an adult woman
how did you thought that a female is a male

>Should I ask her out?
wow, and if a woman does it, it's ok...

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Sometimes women look like little boys anon. But rarely the other way around.

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ok, sorry

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>buy $20 liz Lisa skirt from anon
>pretty excited
>it never comes
>tracking says delivered to my house
>obv stolen
>never bother anon because not her fault
>mfw I imagine ghetto trash finding frilly skirt when they rip bag open
>still salty months later

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you should have reported it. She doesn't have to pay it, the delivery service does as long as she had insurance on the package.

>> No.9909738

Too late now, I guess. I have things held at the post office now which is a block away.

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I hope you're right. Thanks, anon. You're very kind and I really appreciate it.

I haven't read Kamikaze Girls for a few years, my lolita book that I keep rereading recently is So Pretty/Very Rotten. But that book makes me a little sad because I relate to Tia too much, so I think I'll put it away and reread Kamikaze Girls instead. I have seen the movie recently, at least. I used to idolise Momoko, Xelyna, Duplica, Octavekitten, Faunkegin, Lauran and a few other girls from LJ. A wide mix of styles but my style is fairly colourful classic with a bit of gothic. I think young me would be proud, haha. Thinking of how happy she'd be makes me feel a bit better desu

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I relate to you a lot, to be honest, minus the worry about potentially losing the love for the fashion; I'm not a lonelita but I don't see my comm often and wear the fashion daily so I do feel like one, and after being into the fashion for about a decade without once feeling like the fashion is losing its magic to me, I think that getting in touch with what makes you happy about lolita will be good for you.
As a side note, I do want to add that sometimes you just stop loving things that you loved for a long time, and that's okay. People change and grow and you won't always like the same things, after all. I'm not saying you should drop lolita immediately if it doesn't make you happy anymore, but try not to worry about it so much because sometimes things change and that's okay.

Anyway, other than getting in touch with your roots (consuming nostalgic media helps a lot with this btw), I'd suggest trying something new with the fashion: If you don't wear it casually, try to do that when you have free time. If your style is fairly consistent, try introducing another style or at least another color into your wardrobe - You can start by just photoshopping your existing coord pics into different colors to see what else might suit you, or maybe play around with makeup or a new hairstyle. Trying on new coords at home to channel some creativity is fun and can help you find something new that you like, it's another way to find that spark of magic.

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Damn, how'd she die?

>> No.9909799

At a comic book shop.

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I had a bermuda PRISM deck and since the whole Premium vs Standard thing happened, it's rendered my girls useless. I'm very sad. But I can't say I've given up, either.

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Let me live my kawaii yuri dreams
Stop pretending to be me D:<

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Reading back my previous facebook posts made me realize I only wear one good (complete) cosplay a year. I feel like either I need to stop working extra hours to enjoy life more or stop cosplaying because I simply cannot find time to enjoy my hobby anymore...

>> No.9909977

You did nothing wrong.

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I was going to travel to a con with my friend by car. Now I'm a noob at driving, only drive to work through town. Now she tells me I can drive for half the ride, or her mom brings and picks us up for twice the price plus added to option 1 are the parking costs which are 40 dollars a weekend. Other option is the train, 26 for back and forth and ofc no parking, but I don't want to ditch my friend...

>> No.9909984

One good cosplay is more and better than what most hobbyists accomplish, anon. The multiple mediocre ones are really tiresome to see. You do your hobby how you like and have fun at it.

>> No.9909987

She changed the plan. It's not abandoning her if you choose to take the train after that.

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Car crash.

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>what is empathy

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>mfw it’s finally warm and I can go out in my nice dresses
>mfw I try to look pretty all dressed up, spend a good hour on my makeup but then my hay fever kicks in and my eyes start watering and my nose starts running and all of my hard work on my makeup goes to pieces.
>mfw even if I use waterproof makeup and use loads of fixing spray, antihistamines, eye drops and nasal sprays. Hayfever always wins

>> No.9910037

dumb question but have you seen a doctor about it?
I've struggled with hayfever a lot this year but the over the counter stuff hasn't helped me at all, had to get a prescription to feel better.

>> No.9910043

>mfw three times
>no face
Looks like it's starting to spread to your brain too

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I got some AP stolen, I know that feel. condolences anon. its been 4 years and I'm still buttmad even though it was only $60

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FOMO is a bitch, especially when you know you actually missed out on something fun with the comm.

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Quit and sell me your dresses

>> No.9910150

start taking zyrtec every single day at the same time and you'll feel better by next week

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If they aren't her nuts, who cares?

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Good. Your friend a thot.

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>incredibly anxious, like to a ridiculous degree
>still go to cons anyway
>still want to talk to people and befriend people
>absolutely terrified about the possibility of, well, pick:
>me being a bother
>me being a creep somehow
>me sperging out
>me not understanding social cues
>me overstaying any welcome

I just ask people for their pictures then I leave. They're there to enjoy themselves after all, and I'm 100% in belief that if I try to talk to people further like how the con is going or about what they're cosplaying, I'd be creeping them out or bothering them.
Why? This scene is full of creeps. And even then, you always hear it on the daily about how men are evil and to watch out for certain men and how we're all fucked up. I want to say this whole thing has completely damaged my (nonexistent) self confidence even further because I absolutely do not want to be seen as a creep, but I wouldn't be the victim here.
Part of me is yelling at me in a deafening voice that I deserve this, and a smaller part of me that refuses to die says no, you just want to befriend people and maybe even find a partner just like anyone else. I know for a damn fact that I'm not entitled to anyone's time and definitely not their affection yet this is at odds with the part of me that DOES still want it. How do I kill that part?

Cosplaying is fun.

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>be at con
>See multiples of my waifu
>can't take it
>go back to hotel room
>furiously jerk off to some doujins
>go back out
>get horny again

Man I really love cons.

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Remember you're only creepy if you're ugly. If you're good looking you're charming and confident.

>> No.9910278

Honestly I think that most people can tell the difference between someone who is shy and nervous compared to a creep, especially women. Most people who cosplay probably want to talk about it, or they wouldn't go to cons, so ask a few questions, don't ask overly personal questions.

>> No.9910287

> I'm 100% in belief that if I try to talk to people further like how the con is going or about what they're cosplaying, I'd be creeping them out or bothering them.
Are you wearing a costume? I found that it's a lot easier to socialize with people at cons when you're wearing a costume. This puts other people at ease because they know that both of you have common interests and you're not just some thirsty normie that wandered in off the streets.

>you always hear it on the daily about how men are evil and to watch out for certain men and how we're all fucked up. I want to say this whole thing has completely damaged my (nonexistent) self confidence
Okay man, you need to lay off the feminist stuff because it is seriously fucking you up. It sounds like you've completely lost your sense of masculinity and confidence.

>> No.9910289

You sound like an incel...

>> No.9910295

I don't know, I just can't help but feel like
>1, there's no difference, and it's better to be safe than sorry
>2, there's another problem: 90% of the time when there are creeps around, the victim usually can't bring themselves to tell them off, they're too scared to, thus, if I crept someone out, they'd be too scared to tell me and I'd be none the wiser

>Are you wearing a costume?
I am, yes. I usually look for cosplayers who are also cosplaying from the same game or anime as me to take their picture, since I'd recognize their character.

>Okay man, you need to lay off the feminist stuff because it is seriously fucking you up.
You might be right. It's hard to avoid 'cause I follow cosplayers on social media but some would often post about this kinda stuff. I try not to pay it much mind 'cause I want to follow them for their work but like... it's not coming from nowhere. Like I'm kind of convinced that if you're a girl, and you cosplay, there's a 100% chance that you've dealt with a creep at a con.

I just... might sound paranoid as hell, but I'm just so terrified that I'd ever be seen like that, and despite this, I still want friends. Despite this, and this one's the real worry here, I still want compansionship as well.

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I recently moved to a big city and I'm kind of scared to join the comm. There is almost no interaction outside of meetup planning that happens on the page despite it having so many members, so I'm not really sure if I should be just going to a meetup randomly without introducing myself. It's really intimidating because the atmosphere of it is really different from my last comm.
>tfw lonelita forever

>> No.9910299

That's only half true. But seriously, looks have a causative effect on percieved personality.

If you look better people are more willing to overlook your flaws, give sympathy, make excuses for you and attribute positive characteristics to neutral actions. I say this as a guy who went from being 6'1" 110lbs scary skellington, pale as snow who didn't really bother with how I looked to being 195lbs after going to gym, got a tan and I take much more care of how I look.

I am literally the same autistic mute retard who sits in his room watching anime all day but people are way more friendly to me than before. Because before it was"Oh anon is so weird, he doesn't ever talk and he likes japanese cartoons. That's kinda creepy. Does he think he's special or something?" And now it's "Oh anon is so quiet. He must just be shy. He likes japanese cartoons? That's so cool and different." It's not a bad thing, it's just that people like pretty people.

>> No.9910301

>denying that attractive people are treated better
You sound like a moron...

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>mfw my friend lost her cosplays in a house fire

>> No.9910305

Unless people are saying nice things about me behind my back, I probably fit the mold of an attractive creep

>> No.9910306

You can't be creepy if you're attractive unless you're actually mentally disabled. But that's a whole different type of creepy.

>> No.9910309

>That's only half true

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I just found out that my bf's "little sister" isn't his sister, but an ex gf who calls him onii-chan.

Should I be scare??

>> No.9910312

>been approached by girls
>decline their advances because girls are still fucking terrifying to me

>> No.9910314

That sounds fucking hot.

>> No.9910316

Would it help to put up an intro post on your comm page?

>> No.9910319


For some reason I thought these were the same topic, lmao


Still, sorry to hear

>> No.9910321

That is simply incorrect. You mightbe less likely to be considered creepy, but you aren't immune to it. Then again, I have been professionally diagnosed with something, not a disability though

>> No.9910322

>girls are still fucking terrifying to me
are you 10?

>> No.9910325

Depends on how attractive you are. If you're literally someone's 10/10 nothing you could do to them would be considered creepy. There's an inverse relationship between relative attractiveness and relative creepiness.

>> No.9910331

I'm 22. I've had girlfriend's in the past but they were the type of yandere level obsessive who would not take no for an answer.

>> No.9910337

I can't comprehend the idea of treating men and women differently. Unless you are afraid of men too?

>> No.9910341

Not them, but bad experinces in your sexually formative years can fuck you up if you don't deal with them.

>> No.9910343

I'm only this way with girls who show romantic interest or I have romantic interest in (which is rare anyway). Girls I have no romantic interest in or have no (known) romantic interest in me I treat the same as I do men, maybe I'm a little more polite and softer around them but they don't scare me.

>> No.9910346

It's more that people who usually spout the "attractiveness is the only thing that matters", tend to forget that people can sense the entitlement and anger behind that sentiment. I probably am a moron btw , I never said I denied that attractive people are treated differently and it's pretty common incel rhetoric.

>> No.9910352

I see what you're saying and I do agree to a certain point, but I would disagree with you thinking that your personality hasn't changed after dramatically changing your appearance, not only does it take loads of work and thus changing how you think about yourself and how you think about overcoming challenges, so you probably put out a much different vibe than before even if you don't realize it, but I could be wrong. I'm not ashamed of admitting that.

>> No.9910356

If you aren't scared you a dummy, girl.

>> No.9910358

If (almost) this whole thread is non-cgl related, and it is typically this way, why were my posts alone deleted? /cgl/ mods in a nutshell

>> No.9910360

Fucking disgusting. If this is real, I'd leave that dude for even thinking that's okay. I don't understand why anyone would think that's okay. Gross.

>> No.9910361 [DELETED] 

Never denied it. Learn to read, incel.

>> No.9910372 [DELETED] 
File: 1.17 MB, 400x222, light.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw my mom goes full hippie and wants me to roll my own tampons

You said he sounded like an incel because he spoke the truth. Don't backpedal.

>> No.9910382

I'm sorry, anon. Keep cosplaying for her.

>> No.9910476

Just buy a menstrual cup and some cloth pads or fancy cotton tampons off amazon. Rolling them yourself means they won't be sterile so you could get TSS and is less environmentally friendly than a cup.

>> No.9910478

How is this /cgl/ related?

>> No.9910495


why are all lolitas bi

(of my sample of the only two lolitas I know being bi)

>> No.9910512
File: 139 KB, 750x733, 1501627989582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

women in general are much more likely to be bi, something about a more fluid sexuality revolving around feels as opposed to primarily appearance

>> No.9910522

Women are faggots. But I can't blame them, I'd be a lesbian too if I had a choice between men and women.

>> No.9910597

>Really excited to crossplay a character I like after attending a few cons not wearing any cosplay at all
>Plan it all out, research what I'll need and get pretty giddy at the idea of building something for myself and envisioning the final outcome

>About a month into the project of buying clothes, fabric, dyes and paints its hits me
>What the fuck are you doing
>You don't have the body to pull this off, you're a disgusting piece of shit and will only embarrass yourself doing this you fucking idiot why didn't you see this before
>Scrap the idea

I hate me

>> No.9910600

That's the thing- nobody seems to do that on the page... I scrolled pretty far down but I haven't seen a single intro post which makes me nervous to post my own.

>> No.9910608

Unpopular opinion maybe but 3d printing is the new worbla. Expensive and if you know what you're doing its good, but people are using it as the answer to everything and getting average results.

>> No.9910609
File: 633 KB, 220x227, 264A2E91-20B7-46BC-BDC6-3198ECE28C2C.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry you got posted mate

>> No.9910610

I’m on prescription yes, hen I next go to the dr I will ask if I can up my dose or something.

>> No.9910612

I don’t think I can get that in this country
I take 10mg of loratadine daily but it doesn’t work that great

>> No.9910627

I can't speak for anyone. However, I've noticed a feel will get deleted when people stop being able to have either mature or lighthearted conversation about the topic. It doesn't seem to be about viewpoint.

>> No.9910637

There's some histrionic (for lack of a better word)cunt who lurks these threads, she keeps bringing up her "rape" by her first boyfriend. Talk of relationships with age-gaps or girls talking kindly about their boyfriends trigger her because she can't help but see things through her own lens and she's physically incapable of putting herself in other people's shoes

>> No.9910659


Try a nasal steroid. You need to do it every day because it takes 2-3 days for the steroids to kick in, but you'll feel much better after a week. In my country they're over the counter so you don't have to go through a doctor.

Loratadine is fine- but if you're not seeing results from it I would recommend a nasal steroid.

>> No.9910666


>I had bad experiences with girlfriends being borderline abusive
>anon you're just oversensitive and you shouldn't treat people differently because of gender uwu

Like what? Goddamn just switch the genders and then realise how fucked up you sound.

>> No.9910668

better luck trying the friend finder thread.

>> No.9910682

Cuz women are gorgeous and soft and kissable, anon.

>> No.9910683

Just put down the fork

>> No.9910907

You don't know what that means, do you?

>> No.9910911

This one cosplayer posted the most whiney post I've seen in a while.
It basically was along the lines of how she hates another cosplayer because she thinks that cosplayer is better than her and she declared herself the first person to cosplay another character.

Its was pretty funny but also annoying that people were giving her "support"
Like oh yeah, that sucks you hate another cosplayer because they decided to cosplay a character you like. Boohoo for you ):

>> No.9910964
File: 79 KB, 480x640, 50956043-7d9a-5689-b988-1e4e08ca10b5[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to lolita meetup
>we start talking about our accessories, how we coord them, where we got them
>girls start fawning over my bow bangles and accessories, ask me where I got them since they couldn't find any online
>they tell me It looks like chocomint
>I tell them I just bought them from the sale section of childrens stores
>all the lolitas look at me in absolute disgust
>literally no one would have known if I didn't say anything

>> No.9910967

Honestly that's what I do too, it's not my fault they don't make cute jewelry or hair things for adults and I'm not about to drop a bunch of money on plastic jewelry

>> No.9910969

>all the lolitas look at me in absolute disgust
The fuck
It's not like you told them you were wearing a diaper because your Daddy told you to. If it's indistinguishable from Chocomint/brand shit I don't see how it's a problem.

>> No.9910972

There are a billion shapes of cups, find one that fits you best, or use reusable cloth pads. Save the blood and throw it on the dresses of your enemies

>> No.9910973

Nayrt I'm F/21 and I'm terrified to talk to other women because I just think they're so pretty

>> No.9910976
File: 12 KB, 320x240, embrace it anon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9910982

Because wearing cheap kids crap is that unacceptable in lolita, anon. No one would have assumed you just raided the kids clearance section because it's not really something we do. And yep, ageplayers do it, I actually know of one who does.

>> No.9910991

That thread is basically an extension of /soc/ and posters there frequently talk about not wanting men to add them or about hating men. I mean it works if you're a teenage girl with an active social media presence but if that's the case why would those people have a hard time meeting friends?

>> No.9911036

No shit

Also unrelated;
Dyed my hair, it turned out awful. I'm literally screeching and attempting to salvage it. If this next coat doesn't work I'm forced to do midnight blue or black again

>> No.9911130
File: 733 KB, 1061x1500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>love Springfield’s costume from gfg
>am man
>have 0 desire to cross dress

>> No.9911132

man, I was just thinking of getting together a cosplay from one of my fave GF girls. I'm a girl though but I don't know... Your post kinda gives me some motivation...

>> No.9911137

I love her too
why don’t u just do a male version

>> No.9911141

Jeez. I get that lolitas prefer to keep a 10 foot pole between the fashion and ddlg, but that's a bit of a reaction. I'd assume most people would be impressed to find loliable shit in normie stores. You're coordinating a sweet lolita outfit ffs

>> No.9911143

Thanks for reminding me that I don't have a girlfriend
>tfw no bi gf to drool over men and women and share a closet of brand with

>> No.9911144
File: 449 KB, 698x960, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You really should! there are a lot of great costumes (and a lot of godawful costumes) in gfg and I would love to see people cosplaying them this year.
I would but I think it would be odd, I’d more or less be going in a dress uniform from that era. I’m halfway through my new Vegas costume right now anyway, so I don’t really want to start another project. Thanks the encouragement tho

>> No.9911147


>> No.9911187

>replying to a sorry you got posted post
Are you ok?

>> No.9911219


>> No.9911227

All the more reason to use legit shit, do you recommend party city for the wig too? And Walmart maryjanes?

>> No.9911232


Laughing at how deep in denial sweet lolitas are.

I also go to the clearance section in walmart no less, but I'm in the adult jewelry section. I just conveniently forget where I got it or say I thrifted it.

>> No.9911245
File: 34 KB, 600x315, lolicruise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ME: "All lolitas should be lovelies."
>ALSO ME: (Deliberately farts in my cat's face)

>> No.9911257

>sweet shaming
Bitch I will spank you on your diaper.

>> No.9911295

>reccomending someone spend 25-35 bucks on a brand shitty plastic ring
Nice try Jan

>> No.9911323
File: 173 KB, 480x434, 1520455557318.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dream dress has been lost by USPS, most likely by shoving it into the wrong mailbox at my apartment complex. I want to die

>> No.9911328

And yet many people do, cheapie-chan. Did we hit a nerve? I hear a Claire’s Sale is starting, you’d better toddle on over.

>> No.9911359

Omg, laughed so hard! I do the same thing! Lmao. Thanks for posting.

>> No.9911365
File: 100 KB, 1024x768, ppghotdog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, were his nuts ok?

>> No.9911366

I mean at least I'm paying for what I'm getting, instead of being ripped off. I'd rather save my money on main pieces and blouses thanks

>> No.9911369

Qpot plastic rings cost like 10 dollars max.

>> No.9911371

No they exploded.

>> No.9911402


>> No.9911403

Clue: the brand plastic jewelry isn’t bought for the stunning quality, it’s to show who has the money to burn.

>> No.9911426

Sounds irresponsible but okay

>> No.9911427


Well that explains the taobao and bodyline blouses.

>> No.9911430

It's because it's cute, not to show off?

>> No.9911442

If you have the money, you can spend it. How is that irresponsible?
That’s somewhere people cheap out too but in blouses and shoes, but it’s also sometimes fit rather than lack of funds. If they wear brand accessories that kind of takes up that slack. I don’t wear plastic brand things but I wear the heck out of head accessories and the metal jewelry. I’ll never fit a pair of brand shoes.
But it’s pretty easy to see who just cheaps out on everything but their main pieces.
It’s cute for sweet if they look young, I think.

>> No.9911443

I meant that people buy plastic jewelry because they think the design is cute. But I agree.

>> No.9911453

Do you own any AP plastic jewelry? It is stunning quality compared to any other plastic jewelry you'd find in a kid's store.

>> No.9911461


Clearly people couldn't tell with anon lmao.

>> No.9911468

No but my friends do and while I can agree that the quality is miles better than the cheap kid pieces, it’s still just plastic jewelry to me and I don’t like it for myself.

>> No.9911519
File: 1.54 MB, 230x230, 1526353032357.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are not me

>> No.9911560

If I'm buying plastic jewelry I'm thrifting it, finding it in kids stores, or I'm buying qpot/homemade before I spend anything on AP. Most of those don't even LOOK that nice. The necklaces are too large, chunky and almost sign like. Only a few of the rings I can look at and think it's cute, but most of them are like"wow I can't wear this with 90% of my dresses" desu the only thing I'd buy is maybe bracelets but that's only because that's harder to find specifically for lolita coords

>> No.9911563
File: 93 KB, 500x585, pepetales.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I came home from coord and the parental units were cleaning their potty with MY toothbrush.

>> No.9911572

We are basically exact opposites when it comes to our perspectives on lolita jewelry it seems. Basically the one type of item, other than I guess a petticoat, I have never deliberately purchased from AP would be their bracelets. I like my brand wristcuffs and offbrand bracelets.

I actually have a bit of a problem when it comes to AP necklaces and rings, currently I'm hovering at about 20 of each.

>> No.9911577

Ignore this, it's a troll.

>> No.9911579

And yet that one simple reply is strangely, the real solution to so many cosplay and lolita woes. Hm.

>> No.9911634 [DELETED] 
File: 234 KB, 853x480, 1528654757180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Non-cgl but I swear it was one of you fujoshi lolitas

>Make ASMR videos
>Mainly focussed towards girls because male voice
>get a request to do a girl's specific husbando
>asks to be degraded, humiliated, hurt and talk about being cheated on
>wants me to say she dresses like a cheap whore no matter how much she tries and how much she spends

I told her I'd be onboard with doing a sadistic/yandere character but we might have to turn down the sexual elements because YouTube will strike me which she absolutely refused so I had to drop the idea which she was really upset over.

Fujoshis can be scary.

>> No.9911639

Most lolitas I know aren’t fujoshits, it’s the landwhale uggos you see clutching the stuffed animals or the quieter tumblrinas.

>> No.9911641

Do you have a patreon? If youtube striking you is your only concern then you can offer special private requests off youtube, for pay of course. Otherwise never mind her; if she really wanted it she'd offer to pay you for it.

>> No.9911668

Fujoshit lolitas aren't interested in being degraded. They want do the degrading.

>> No.9911677
File: 88 KB, 544x483, ae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tfw Lolita gf pops the pimples you can't reach for you. You guys have no idea how relieving it is to have a back and neck pimples killed by the soft hands of a sweet lolita princess.

>> No.9911687

love is alive and well

>> No.9911700

No Patreon, I don't think my content is good enough to ask people for money.

Makes sense that my submissive date roleplay is one of the most popular.

>> No.9911805

Its not a fat problem, I'm skinny as heck. The trouble is I fooled myself for a while thinking I'd be able to pull off a cross play, as in a female character, as a skinny stick guy with big shoulders. Just won't work y'know

>> No.9911808

Probably not, but with that frame there are lots of regular cosplays you can wear that others can’t. Unless a crossplay is fabulous, it’s trash, I’m not sure why guys do them unless they are into cross dressing already and just using it as their cover to cross dress in public.

>> No.9911831

Man I just really love cosplay

>> No.9911843

>see this amazing onmyouji kimono that i absolutely must have... but its only size S
>be 5'8 manlet, 160lbs 39 chest 31.5 waisy 37 hips

kimonos are pretty loose so it fits right? i didnt just throw away 160$ right?

>> No.9911846

>tfw my partner despises when I pop his

But also my partner gets hella nasty blackheads all over his body. I think it's hereditary or some shit bc they're pretty clean.

>> No.9911848
File: 824 KB, 1280x720, 1523926723611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No Patreon, I don't think my content is good enough to ask people for money.
Let me tell your the story of Moomookun

>> No.9911852

nuke em

>> No.9911853

Like I said, I don't think they're bad, just, not worth the money. I think Qpot is also over priced but I'm more happy throwing my cash at them because their stuff looks like a nicer quality. Even homemade stuff can be nicer. I'm not tryna argue either ^^ I get the whole lolita brand jewelry thing, but I just wish there were more brands like chocomint that make plastic lolita accessories for what they're worth. So until then I'm gunna wear discount kid jewelry and thrifted junk cuz I'm a cheap ass ho and would rather focus on the rest of my coord

>> No.9911856

>why were my posts alone deleted?
Mods only delete what gets reported. There are not enough gulls reporting, because these threads are about 70% crossboarders anyway.

>> No.9911859

If you wear cheap shit it brings the whole coord down, no matter what else you wear. It’s a whole presentation, the entire coord.

Oh she’s wearing BTSSB Jsk? Cool, shame about her bad taste to cheap out on everything else though. ‘Spent all her money on her main piece’ is an unflattering thing and yes, we notice.

>>9910964 is either a troll, very new or an ita

>> No.9911861

I hope you fought those animals.

>> No.9911864

My partner gets ingrown hairs on the back of his neck after haircuts. Popping them is like popping bubble wrap. I secretly hope he gets them more frequently.

>> No.9911866

They are by your measurements for real ones, and the seams have to be midline in the back and vertical everywhere else so yep size matters.
If it’s just weeb cosplay shit, it’s probably ok, but people shouldn’t buy real kimono until they can learn the sizing.

>> No.9911869

I do this for my SO too. Secretly it grosses me out but I never let it show. If I het a pimple I’m grossed out too.
I also got him a loofah and better bath soap and a ‘cooling toner’ to use on his trouble areas so he gets them less frequently. (Witch hazel with a few drops of tea tree and oregano oil.)
Also trimming the ear hairs. Which is more funny but still.

>> No.9911871

You guys are gross

>> No.9911885

/cgl/ - zit popping and cosplay

>> No.9911889

God let me tell you about the ingrown I got out of him when I first moved in. JFC it had 7 hairs that had grown underneath his skin, and they were an inch and a half long, covered in hard pus, and horrible. It makes my skin crawl STILL thinking about it, but something about removing it brings me intense relief. I don't understand how some people's skin gets SO BAD.

>> No.9911935
File: 41 KB, 300x445, D52D7560-4F75-47E2-9073-5D2EFA9CB3AD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the Instagram accounts I follow has been posting Asherbee-tier sfx makeup lately. I want to post them in the bad makeup thread, but I can’t bring myself to. They’ve never really done anything wrong? Their captions are usually just “did a makeup test for x character” (instead of Asherbee-level arrogance saying “I look pretty damn good.”) Plus I met them at a con and they were sweet.

Is this what having a conscience feels like?

>> No.9911956
File: 592 KB, 914x898, 1967787556.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a crush on this guy I'm friends with, but I have a boyfriend. We haven't done anything, but we're very drawn to each other. It was irresponsible to let things get to this point. Fuck. I don't understand myself. I love my boyfriend, and yet I'm basically betraying him.
I used a pet name I only ever use with my bf with this guy a couple of days ago. It just fucking slipped out, and it all felt so natural and right.
I used to hate cheaters because I thought they were all soulless, manipulative freaks who didn't care for their partners and wasted their time, but if this is how they all feel…I don't know. I wish it were the case that I didn't care, because then I'd just be able to break things off with one or the other, or play them both, no fucks given. Instead, somehow, I just have feelings for them both. I love my boyfriend, but the feelings I'm getting for this guy are very much there too. I can't deny it, and it scares me. Shouldn't one diminish the other? Has anyone else been through this? Am I poly or something?

>> No.9911961

Well maybe you should explore the idea of polyamory or open relationships, because it IS possible to have feelings for more than one person. I'd tone back on seeing your friend until you talk to your boyfriend about your boundaries and what he would want out of it. If you want that stuff to work though you need a lot of communication and trust

>> No.9911972

>but if this is how they all feel…
I mean, usually, yeah. At least for girls this is usually the case, guys just want to get their dicks wet.

Anyway these feels suck. Hope you can get through them.

>> No.9911974

I have a co-worker that's always complaining to me that I wear blouses under my "strapless dresses" as she calls my jsk dresses.
>why don't you wear that normal?
>why are you so scared of showing skin?
>I bet you wear a t-shirt underneath your swimsuit when you go swimming
God I hate her. Why can't she just leave me alone.

>> No.9911975

this is why roasties and men can't be JUST friends. It is inevitable to develop feelings for someone of the opposite sex when you spend enough time with them

Never should have even got to that point.

>> No.9911979

Leave a current KERA magazine sitting out. But yes, she’s being a busybody and needs to stop. I’d probably show her the KERA and say, ‘this is how we wear them, it’s just a different kind of fashion that you are used to, with different aesthetics.’

>> No.9911994

what kind of bait is this? I'm insulted

>> No.9912006

This >>9911979 could be a bad idea, I'd advise against it. It might explain what the fashion is, or it might make things even worse for anon.
>Are you trying to be a Japanese doll??
>These people are dressed like toddlers, why would you want to look like this?
And so on and so forth, all the weirdass ideas that some normies get when they see jfash. It's just not worth the hassle. If anything I'd suggest ignoring her, she sounds like an asshole and she has no right butting in on anon's fashion choices as long as her dress code allows her to dress the way she does.

>> No.9912008

I guess it would depend if explaining would make it better or worse. For me, having a print fashion magazine to reference usually shuts down concern that it’s just some weird thing.

>> No.9912012

I was starting to get discouraged about lolita, but then my dream dress came up for a good price at a time I had expendable funds. Feels fucking good, gulls.

>> No.9912014

I get what you mean but if anon's coworker is acting so weird and asking why she doesn't wear her dresses "normally", I don't think she'll react well to pics of jfash, even if they're in a magazine.

>> No.9912015

That's awesome! Congrats, anon! Which dress is it?

>> No.9912016

Congrats, anon! What dress is it?

>> No.9912029

I'd just say something like "Look, I'm sorry you live under a rock, but it's actually part of a fashion style. I have no qualms with showing skin, this just looks better to me". I wouldn't elaborate on what fashion exactly, but if she demanded to know more, I'd cherrypick some more normie-friendly larme pictures to shut her up. If she tried the "They look like toddlers" thing anyway, fire back with "What? So babies wear lipstick to you? I don't even want to know what kind of creepy child pageant stuff must run through your mind on a daily basis. I swear, you're so fashion illiterate. Even Forever 21 has stuff like this nowadays".
Social shaming works on normies.

>> No.9912031

you can have feelings for both of them, but actually taking action and telling him how you feel, flirt with him, or kiss him, or having sex with him is much worse. Feelings come and go. But you have to take actions and make conscious decisions if you want to stay with your boyfriend and have a family with him one day.

>> No.9912042

How does one convince their partner to have an open relationship?

>> No.9912045
File: 137 KB, 640x480, 1464653098996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gf won't go to con because job
Fucking hell man.

>> No.9912050

It's not "convince" it's more like talking about its pros and cons and your boundaries with one another. If your partner isn't into it, there's no convincing. Either you stay, or you go at that point.

>> No.9912051
File: 33 KB, 255x340, 6B3532CB-4509-418B-8E48-F557DB4A4C20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Waterpark con this weekend
>Ravenous appetite for junk food
>Lower tummy and back pain

Don’t do this to me, body.

>> No.9912057

Just so you know, no one likes new lolitas, gf or not. You guys are always too dense and unappreciative of advice, rarely listen, love cheap tacky stuff and think lolita is something it's not.

You should instead aim to be the slightly intimidating all knowing lolita with an amazing wardrobe, who graces people with her presence.

>> No.9912059

>most people don't like me
>it's also hard for anyone to handle being around me

Sounds like you should really address those things first. Why would anyone want to mentor someone that is not only too lazy to get good at the fashion themselves, but is also unbearably annoying and not good to be around?

You should at least try and develop some good traits that will make people want to be around you first.

>> No.9912060
File: 145 KB, 1280x720, thnk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>used to order from SpreePicky, Syndrome, Storenvy, etc because I wanted cute clothes, but was iffy about Taobao
>get bored/disillusioned with my wardrobe, everything sold online in the typical stores (even western alt brands) seems basic, overpriced and not even that nice
>start seeing posts about Taobao items on social media
>a lot of it is cute stuff I can't find on reseller sites, and it's selling for low prices
>start lurking /cgl/'s Taobao threads
>finally cave and try an SS
>my stuff arrives
>everything goes well
I can't believe people (esp. me) were/are really paying like $30 (plus shipping) for $6-$15 shirts and sweaters, holy fuck. Don't even get me started on all the neat indie brands you can find if you lurk Taobao long enough, and how the typical resellers all seem to just ignore them. This really is so much better, and I couldn't have done it without /cgl/.

>> No.9912061
File: 26 KB, 400x533, IMG_5753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im not an ungrateful weeb. I would cook her handmade meals and buy her pretty gifts when I'm able to! I'm not a child, and I live on my own. I just want someone to help me learn how to be as wonderful as them

>> No.9912064
File: 26 KB, 333x250, 50ac9094-e012-58fc-b6c9-cb334eba4b8e (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I own a bunch of plastic AP jewelry no the quality is not better.

A lot of people confuse intricate beautiful design for quality. AP has better design and they go the extra mile with adding small details, but plastic is plastic. It will still break the same way, and also will get unglued from the base the same way, and need to be repaired.

For example, pic related has multiple plastic layers to add depdth, painted details and rhinestones. It's beautiful, but it will come off the base as easily as an etsy or taobao ring would. It is not more resistant plastic.

>> No.9912065

>A lot of people confuse intricate beautiful design for quality.
Beautiful design affects the quality of a piece, anon...

>> No.9912071

>It's beautiful, but it will come off the base as easily as an etsy or taobao ring would

>> No.9912077
File: 15 KB, 157x198, 1445414636596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I genuinely can't understand why normie men want to take pictures WITH cosplayers
I understand taking pictures OF them, that's fine. But standing next to them? Having to ask some random stranger to take the picture? Putting your arm around them or posing with them when you're not even cosplaying from the same series? Hell, when you're not even fucking cosplaying?

That shit skeeves me out.

>> No.9912086
File: 968 KB, 850x1133, 1528031258209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it true you shouldn't eat 24 hours before a meet?

>> No.9912087

of course, this will put you into the proper fasting survival mode to allow you to outshine all the other girls and will make you hangry enough to fully participate in all comm drama

>> No.9912088
File: 104 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.1303475585_qaeh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I guess design does add to the quality of the piece you're correct, but it's not everything. A lot of other resin pieces have gorgeous design and are cheaper. It's just that a lot of people act like AP plastic is somehow holier, it's brand therefore "quality" but plastic is plastic. It's miles closer to etsy and claire's quality than to some actual quality jewelry.

>> No.9912127
File: 32 KB, 410x520, eogb84k4k8i01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>joins maid cafe a couple weeks ago
>3 days earlier there was photoshoot for all the new maids
>mfw all the other new maids except me look qt if their photoshoot

>> No.9912159

It's like meeting a low-key celeb for them. Plus yes the 'getting close to a girl' part, there's no avoiding it if you cosplay.

>> No.9912162

women do it too...

>> No.9912166

I'm not sexist. Sorry anon. sexism isn't acceptable.

>> No.9912168

The same reason people do it with mascots?

>> No.9912224

Please eat first. Don't hog the cakes.

>> No.9912252

Since there's no dumb questions thread, is 25 too old to get into cosplay?

>> No.9912254


>> No.9912255

>is 25 too old to get into cosplay?

No. Anime conventions is usually younger crowd aged 15-25 while the comic conventions are usually millennial aged 25-35. I'm 30, I have a very successful career, I make costumes and I don't ever feel that I am too old to be out of place.

>> No.9912261

>order four things over the last two weeks
>one LM item the seller said they'd ship yesterday but hasn't shipped yet
>another item is lost, received a refund from Amazon and opened a claim
>third item stuck in pre-shipment for 3 days
>fourth item supposed to be delivered tomorrow but stuck in "In Transit" for two days

Man I am having some shit luck with the mail. Never had a package lost or arrive more than a day or two late before. Guess I'm taking a break from online shopping for a while. I just hope the two lolita-related items are able to come home.

>> No.9912264

No they don't.

>> No.9912270

Yes they do. I've had to rescue my bishy friend from more than one stinky fujoshit hamplanet.

>> No.9912301

Only on butthole inspection day

>> No.9912325

Good thing you reminded me to plan that meet anon, I nearly forgot!

>> No.9912335
File: 134 KB, 1023x682, D59DC934-261F-4138-AD22-6BBE2D5751FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was accepted to teach English in Japan!! Haven’t been placed officially yet but I researched the city closest to where they wanna place me and there are lolita and jfash stores galore!
But it’s a sad feel because I want to talk to my friend about it but they applied too and didn’t make it and was really upset about it. I supported them the whole way and told them I was sure they would get it but....I was wrong

>> No.9912359

Dream nigger. Could you tell me more about what you studied and the application process? Why do you think you got in over your friend?

>> No.9912375

Vanguard has one of the worst TCG communities, so that's stopped me from getting into it.

>> No.9912387

I applied to AEON, I sent my app (which is a brief online form and an essay) out in April, had a 15 min Skype interview in May, and had a grueling in person group interview/lecture session/teaching demo/grammar and spelling quiz/private interview last weekend. They got back to me super fast at every step. I prepared my ass off for everything (researching common interview questions, studying grammar and spelling, getting rec letters even though they aren’t required) because I’d applied to JET before, interviewed, and missed it :(
I don’t want to give any info about my friend, things feel weird enough between us right now/they are upset enough without me talking in depth about their situation to strangers, sorry bud.
My advice is to read up on what the company is looking for and emulate it from every pore in every contact you have with them. With AEON if you fail you can always reapply within a few months too.

>> No.9912388

Oh and I have a bachelors in Japanese but idk if they really care. You have to speak in English all the time at their schools. They also have their own methods for teaching so previous teaching experience doesn’t make you a shoe in.

>> No.9912398




>> No.9912415

A friend I know from a Love Live! cosplay group is being abused by her bf. He used to be nice, but when he got a job promotion, his mood changed and has vented his frustrations on his gf. A compromise is not going to work and therapy is far too gone. They need to split. What can I do to help my friend?

>> No.9912419

Be there for her. Leaving isn’t easy especially when there was good memories before the abuse occurred. Make it clear you do not condone his actions and that you know she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way but don’t judge her for staying, or at least don’t let it show. Just remind her what real love and support is like and that she doesn’t need to get it from an S.o. Also help her get together an emergency bag if she needs to gtfo from him in a jiffy, and offer to be a place for her to stay if they do break up and she needs support

>> No.9912433

Do you know this first hand from her mouth or are you just assuming?

>> No.9912447

>Tomoko and her thotties
Great taste.

>> No.9912454

>tfw no qt cosplay jaded seagull gf to be uplifting around

>> No.9912468

do the top part and wear white pants.

>> No.9912537

>Dream dress listing disappears from fril
>I assume it was bought
>Relieved I no longer have to agonise over whether I'm prepared to drop so much money on the inflated price
>Gets relisted for an even higher amount
Why this

>> No.9912539

I understand the appeal if someone wants a photo with their favourite character, but the normies who put arms around absolutely skeeve me out. They probably want the photos to show off an be like 'hey, these dressed up ladies/dudes let me touch them, amazing' which is pretty pathetic. When someone tries I now just flick the arm away and politely tell them no.

>> No.9912601
File: 48 KB, 378x378, 980D038E-BB94-4056-B64F-FEA380F7B94E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NAYRT but I need to start doing that arm flicking thing because that shit skeeves me out too.
One time I complained on Zuccbook about how I posed for a photo with a guy, and he got really close and put his arm around my lower waist and rested his hand on my hip/thigh and it made me super uncomfortable. And I had some normie dude argue with me saying that if I agree to take a picture with someone I’m agreeing to be touched, and if I don’t want attention I shouldn’t cosplay popular characters.
Gross asses...

>> No.9912606

I miss the stuff that stores like Claire’s, Icing, and Forever 21 had in 2011-ish. They used to have a bunch of super pretty lacy and floral, socks, shoes and accessories. I used to get a lot of stuff for himekaji there. But now I feel like those stores are catering more to Instagram trends and confetti club shit.

>> No.9912620

They'll gradually reduce it to the original price of the previous listing, to make it look like it's a catch or some shit. Japanese scalpers do this all the time, especially the usual Moitie resellers. Yes, I'm salty too.

>> No.9912647

but, it sounded that I did

yeah, but she might won't be able to have sex in the future

>> No.9912650

so pimpelpopping could be consired as some sort of social grooming

>> No.9912656

talking again about my first con experience last saturday
>a vocal artist is on the stage, she usually does (german) covers of anime openings, but also Idol-songs
>she was currently performing this sing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giGOHi2bXGg
(here the originalhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZnf2GbMfoI)
>during the performance, I think she was pointing towards me, and smiling and winking at the same time
I don't know what I should feel, it kinda makes me happy, if she would have really point towards me, but I doubt she meant me, and either way, she was singing to the whole audience, so I am just another person
I also I wonder if she might have heard me screaming "that's sexist" at the end

>> No.9912671

Take psuedoephedrine
Do it do it do it

>> No.9912685
File: 57 KB, 500x749, 55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a slight androphobia and dislike majority of the guys in my social circle. I want to share cosplay and lolita experiences with fellow women, to become better friends with them, but these guys always need to butt in and it always kind of ruins my enjoyment. Especially when most of these guys are single men who want a girlfriend.

Recently there was a cosplay picnic, I thought only women are coming so I was very excited. Turned out this guy who doesn't even cosplay was there too, it was so obvious he's there to get a girlfriend and it really pissed me off so I left earlier than I planned to.

I'm fine with male photographers in events because they have a purpose to be there but guys who are there just to get a chance to talk to girls need to fuck off. I just can't talk about this openly.

>> No.9912686

sounds like me
ok, I am gonna stay away from women in the future

>> No.9912689

>new non-print AP release
>a few nendoroids in the local shop I really want
>cost rounds up the same

I love the gingham OP, but I hate the tought of having to look for nendos sh. Probably 3 nendos and and one OP? 4 nendos and a jsk?

>> No.9912690

There are men that butt in on lolita comms? I know not all of them are women-only like mine but I thought men are a minority in lolita in general. The ones that are into it to find a girlfriend are very obvious and tend to get the boot eventually, too.

Or maybe don't go to social events for a specific hobby when you don't participate in it, for the sole purpose of finding a girlfriend.

>> No.9912692

I don't know about other comms, it's just my "circle" in general. We make plans, some guy asks if it's okay he comes too and I'm not sure if other girls are just being too polite or if they genuinely want them there but they say it's okay. I wish I had courage to talk about this issue.

>> No.9912698

Does this guy actually wear lolita or ouji? Or does he just tag along in casual clothes? I hope it's the former at least otherwise it's bizarre that your comm would allow it at all.

>> No.9912700

Just a casual nerd, no interest in any kind of fashion. Lot of girls in my comm play vidya or watch anime so they share common interests with these guys, which is why they're friends.

>> No.9912702

If he isn't a boyfriend or friend of someone or dress lolita or related style, what is he even doing in your comm group?

>> No.9912704

nah, better I give up on girls general, they aren't interested in me anyway

>> No.9912705

Why is he in your comm then? Why is he allowed at meets? To hell with being polite and having whatever other common interest with these fucks, lolita meets are for lolitas and oujis not for rando nomies. Your comm sounds like a mess.

>> No.9912706

Speak to the mods. I'm sure we all have friends who think it will be fun to 'hang out with lolitas' but we don't let fthrm ninto the community and come to our meets. Someone needs to (kindly) just explain to him that the meets are specifically for those who wear the fashion, that they are not just casual 'all friends' meet ups.

>> No.9912708

I agree with you but this is the situation

>> No.9912709

>Guys try to enjoy their hobbies
>"Wtf only girls can enjoy themselves, boys are gross"
Sometimes I think cgl is a bunch of teenagers

>> No.9912711

Are you me? And also gay?

I say tell them it doesn't make sense he's there not in ouji/lolita and if you guys can't let other girls in without lolita on then the same needs to go with him

>> No.9912712

Guys can have their own meetups

>> No.9912713

No he's literally not wearing lolita or ouji, which is the POINT of a lolita comm

>> No.9912715
File: 176 KB, 433x339, reading comprehension.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Guys try to enjoy their hobbies
Anon has specified that these guys don't even participate in these hobbies and show up to meetups to find a qt gf as if they're events open to the public like fucking conventions.

>> No.9912723

Because this is a fantasy to hate men.

>> No.9912725

While the guy who doesn't even cosplay shouldn't have been welcome unless he's trying to get into displaying and just has not yet, why would you expect a general cosplay meet to be women only?
Also if you only want to hang out with other women, you can make a meet of your own and just invite women but you shouldn't expect people to exclude male cosplayers. In lolita it is slightly more accepted still to be women only but what about ouji and brolitas? Can't you just be polite and not really talk to the males after saying hi to everyone? I don't like most males either but I just don't speak much to them.

>> No.9912727

God same. I don’t actually dislike men as a group and most of my non-lolita friends are dudes, but the guys who attend lolita meetups in the same shitty cosplay or thrifted “ouji” or even outright normie clothes just because they’re trying to pick up girls are so fucking pathetic and annoying and I wish they’d all fuck off. The worst part is that our mods are overly concerned with appearing tolerant and accepting and god forbid you hurt a man’s feelings by expecting him to improve or even just asking him to wear fashion to a fashion meetup.

>> No.9912729

Don't hate men. I just hate the type of nerdy guys who orbiter the girls in my comm.

>why would you expect a general cosplay meet to be women only?
Yes, this is my personal wish. I know it's not fair, but it's just what I secretly want. Like I said I'm fine with photographers or other male cosplayers but there's very few of them. Don't know about brolitas or male oujis because I have never met any. I just don't trust these guys because obviously they wouldn't be talking about lolita/cosplay if there was guys only, they're there only because they want to talk to girls.

>Can't you just be polite and not really talk to the males after saying hi to everyone?
This is exactly what I do, I'm very unresponsive with them when they try to have a discussion with me. It just bothers me that I need to do this with some boring-ass guy.

>> No.9912735

>our mods are overly concerned with appearing tolerant and accepting
Nayrt but speaking as a mod: Your mods are terrible and their incompetence is a recipe for disaster. I'm sorry this is your situation. Have any of you spoken to them about these randos making you feel uncomfortable?

>> No.9912737
File: 25 KB, 541x515, scurbabby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would she be having sex with her brother?

>> No.9912752

when was she>>9909672
talking about her brother?

>> No.9912756

It's normal to fall for other people. I see a lot of young people fall intro this trap of feeling they're suddenly despicable for getting feelings for others while in a monotonous relationship. Truth is, we biologically aren't made for just one mate, we have the instinct to mix our genes with as many compatible mates as possible. It's worked well for us as a species before we started getting more civilized.

It doesn't make you a bad person. Just learn self control and it can actually strengthen your relationship. Keep in mind that crushes are often temporary sunshine and rainbows, so really consider if your friend is actually someone you could potentially love more than your current partner, but do so with the fact that you're probably over glorifying them in mind. Everyone will experience what you're feeling at some point of any long term serious relationship. It is normal but not often discussed because people find it taboo.

Tl;Dr - Relax, do some soul searching, and stop beating yourself up. If you do like your friend more, end your relationship properly before making the plunge.

>> No.9912775
File: 20 KB, 465x461, A0CF28E1-F013-431E-90F3-A28585291B82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I still find early-2000’s internet memes funny
>I wanna cosplay Pico (from Boku no)
>Cons have become a sjw hotspot
>I’m afraid someone will throw a fit about my costume being “offensive”

>> No.9912783

If they give you any shit just tell them that they're rabid anti homosexual exclusionary feminists. That should get them to turn tail based on LGBTQ rights. Be prepared to fight for homosexual rights if they really do hate homosexuals based on rabid SJW sentiments closing intersectionality against male homosexuals which is entirely possible.

>> No.9912788

Just do it bruh, boku no pico is old most peaple haven't even heard of it, a friend and I went as pico and chico only a few recognized us and we all had a laugh.
>Sjw hotbed
I feel you, I can't wear hellsing costumes anymore without someone freaking out

>> No.9912793

Except that LGBTQ rights are only rights when it comes to fighting for and obtaining equality in situations where actual rights like job equality are at stake and not just swaying peoples personal preferences? This is where people get confused. There can be a lot of dislike for something and it has nothing to do with someone's rights.

Plus lolicon and shotacon cosplay is already banned in many conventions.

>> No.9912797

So you're a homosexual exclusionary feminist then? You should feel ashamed as male homosexual were the spearpoint for you to get the rights that you take for granted. Now that they're accepted you cast them out as not being "different" enough to be the banner bearers they always have been. You make me sick.

>> No.9912804

Word salad just to argue for/against preference doesn't change the fact that throwing a fit because a shotacon cosplay is not accepted is bogus. It has absolutely nothing to do with homosexual rights and everything to do with the pedophilia. It would absolutely not matter what the genders or sexualities were so that pretty much explains it.

>> No.9912805

tfw on a no-buy, but so many big meetups occur in the summer.

I don't even need a new dress, but having more stuff to pad my wardrobe to change it up, especially for the hot weather would be nice.

Same. It was a great way to pad ones wardrobe and have something cute to wear outside of lolita. I wish I hadn't missed out on the retro/mod inspired dresses with the bold colors and peterpan collars. I was hoping they'd make a comeback every fall at least.
I wish those girlier styles were considered a staple look instead of a trend to die out in a season.

Kinda surprising that currently in Japan, Forever21 isn't selling larme styled stuff when it's all over the place in other department stores. It's more of less the same selection in North America.

>> No.9912810

Word salad is an ad hominem. it means you didn't understand what I was saying when you know exactly what I was saying which is dishonest at best and obtusely deceptive at worst. Instead of fighting for homosexual rights you happen to take a stance on whether or not they're appropriate enough to make you feel good about it. These are homosexual rights and you are being belligerant against them based on preconceived notions of heteronormativity.

>> No.9912812

If you are going to actually cosplay or wear jfashion, then I think coming to 1-2 open meeets for cosplay or jfsshion first is perfectly acceptable, but most people get their cosplay or fashion outfits sorted out and aren't just normals wanting to hang around. These kinds of meets are specifically for people actively practicing these hobbies, not just social free-for-alls so that's why it's weird to have some casual show up and hang around if they don't actually participate in the hobby.

>> No.9912815

If you take the gender aspects out and the premise is still completely wrong, (m/f, f/f or m/m pedophelia are not accepted in any case) then arguing about any sexual rights at all is a moot point. You can add all the inflammatory words or accusations you like here and the simple statement, "because pedophelia is wrong" breaks your argument and makes the actual point.

>> No.9912818

>I don't hate men
>I just wish they you know weren't around or involved in the hobbies they love because I don't like them enjoying the same things as me
What a sexist cunt

>> No.9912819

Because an 18 year old or plus cosplaying as Pico is objectively pedophilia is retarded. You're retarded. If someone were dressing up their kid as Pico it would be a different story but you are so rigid about age limits that you have lost the forest for the trees, Just admit that you are a bigot against homosexual rights and be done with it. You are a bigot.

>> No.9912820

even if I would cosplay, I guess I should stay away from it

>> No.9912832

Anon specifically said she's fine with male cosplayers, are you retarded?

>> No.9912834

If you’re just going to sit around feeling sorry for yourself, yes.

>> No.9912836

Now, while I do think one can have cosplay as a hobby even when they don't do it personally, these people are not like this. You can be interested in cosplay in the form of photographing or crafts, but if your biggest goal in this hobby is to find a girlfriend then I just can't respect you.

>> No.9912837

more like, cause I am only after girls
but girls don't like me

>> No.9912839

They said two conflicting statements. That they're fine with men but that they also want men out of their hobbies and meets. Those people had a reason to be there and no one else had an issue so it's clear anon just had an issue with it alone.

>> No.9912841

I would avoid it and find something similar looking that is not so controversial or choose another anime. Cross play is generally ok but the tone is usually not blatantly sexual at all, check the cross play thread to find out more or ask about more characters if that's your thing but the pedophilia kin BnP is the issue.

Sorry but a cosplay from a manga and anime depicting pedophilia is viewed as promoting it. Many cons wont even allow it and as they are private enterprises, that's their right to exclude it with no repercussions (if you were interested in actual rights).
But since you are a troll, of course that's not going to matter either. I'm not arguing further here for your sake but for the sake of those who read things like your twattle and are afraid to just stand up to it like the bogeyman it is.

And we all know that when someone resorts to name calling ableist slurs when putting down someone (for so called 'disrespect' in favor of blindly promoting their agenda) is a hypocritical twat-waffle so you just lost your own argument.

>> No.9912844

>Those people had a reason to be there and no one else had an issue so it's clear anon just had an issue with it alone.
And this is exactly why I'm venting this out anonymously instead in public. Since no one else seems to find the presence of gamer/nerd men in normie clothing bothersome and annoying, I just need to deal with it.

>> No.9912845

There is a difference between wishing to cosplay and actually doing it. How many meetings of a hobby would you go to before actually participating if it was another hobby? That's the issue. Nothing is stopping you from starting a cosplay and joining in a cosplay group. But if you are just going to sit around and think on it and then try to hang around with cosplayers, they may not like that. Would you go to say, card game meets and not get a deck? Or go to a biking meet with no bike? No. It's the same.

>> No.9912846

We've already proven that you are willing and most able to use ad hominem to further your agenda, As you did multiple times in this post. It is plain to see you have nothing of substance to bring to the argument just more: "troll", "pedophillia", and "twattle" that your argument is. It's a debasement. Also how am I being ableist? I think you're reaching for something that isn't there once again. In the end you are a bigot and nothing you can say can change that. Merry roads to you, bigot.

>> No.9912848

>Since no one else seems to find the presence of gamer/nerd men in normie clothing bothersome and annoying, I just need to deal with it.

Don't any of you girls have alpha boyfriends? If none of you women have the spine to get the beta orbiters out of your com, maybe have a guy do it for you, somehow.

>> No.9912850

why do incels still come here?

>> No.9912852

>"no one else seems to find the presence of gamer/nerd men in normie clothing bothersome and annoying, I just need to deal with it"
Can you read?

>> No.9912853

Its the closest they'll come to being able to talk to women.

>> No.9912854

you know the alpha and beta thing is not real right?

>> No.9912855

If you wouldn't have the same issue with girls coming in street clothes then yoire a fat hypocrite anon

>> No.9912856

Uses the word retard twice.
B-b-but not ableist.
The substance is that you can't just excuse promoting pedophilic content under the blanket of homophobia. Even NAMBLA (the man-boy love association) doesn't get away with it.
Because it's bogus.
They also try to call 'homophobia' to push their agenda and guess what? It doesn't work for them either. They get denounced by everyone gay and straight alike as scum.
Because pedophilia.

>> No.9912859

The issue is also with tfw no gf types

>> No.9912861

Nayrt but in lolita meets, we do have that issue, and it's discussed quite a bit. There are girls who are some kind of lolita at heart but don't wear the fashion and hang about and it's an issuer

Anon said she did not have a real problem if the guys are actually cosplayers (despite her preference) so I don't see how that's unfair or hypocrisy.

>> No.9912862

>using retard means you're ableist
why do you choose to come to the place that made autist into a slur?

>> No.9912865

And you were bringing up word salad. We're all dumber for having read that incomprihensble garbage.

>> No.9912866

If you are attempting to beat someone down for their alleged intolerance and you yourself use another type of slur, it's pretty damaging to your overall credibility.

Arguing so hard in favor of a pedo cartoon just seems like a nerve was touched when someone calls out a fave fap dirty secret.

>> No.9912869

But why do they act like hateful people?

>> No.9912885

Incel nerd rage. Once they have gone redpill, it doesn't actually make rational sense anymore. That's part of why it's weird and scary and they often need to get some help.

>> No.9912908

New bread >>9912906

>> No.9912951

>you know the alpha and beta thing is not real right?
Of course alpha / beta is real. It's a gross simplification for communication purposes, but there is no doubt that men organize themselves into hierarchies with people on the top and people on the bottom.

>> No.9913071


>> No.9913093

>Truth is, we biologically aren't made for just one mate, we have the instinct to mix our genes with as many compatible mates as possible

This is totally incorrect. Humans in their most basic level form harem structures where a small number of high value men mate with a large number of women. Like the 20/80 rule. This is kind of what we're seeing with tinder culture. The top 20% of guys get 80% of women but the other 80% of guys have to fight for that bottom 20% of females. For a woman it's enormously dangerous to be breeding with a lot of partners because pregnancy is an incredibly dangerous process and there is little reason why a male mate should protect and provide for a female partner if she is not producing his offspring. Therefore it's not in her best interest to be mixing. For men it's a different story because breeding isn't a costly process.

>> No.9915508

>but didn't have con-sex
lol nobody does

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