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>I like my make-up but I'm not a trap edition

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Last thread >>9901182

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>tfw you lost a part of your first cosplay you made mostly yourself


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Man I just really love lolita.

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kinda wanna cosplay for the miku concert at the end of the month, but I also can't be bothered. I feel like I should since this is prob gonna be the last time I ever cosplay, but ehh

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>tfw you are getting a custom apron made for your dresses
>tfw it looks super good so far
Gulls I'm so excited to get it, it's going to attach to the waist buttons so I can wear my dresses original waist ties with it!
(Pic semi related)

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>lived together with a much older guy when i was younger
>he hated weebs and all of that cosplay shit
>never dared to watch anime until now 5 years after he threw me out
> i feel complete

Im so going to start cosplaying, lifes good

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Why do you always post your cosplay love with lolita gifs?

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Passive aggression

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Man I just really hate sweet lolita

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Who hurt you

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>Con coming up
>Cosplay has long pants, knee-length jacket, boots and a fur-lined cape
>Bracing myself for a heatstroke

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same but unironically hate all lolita. It's not a very good look at all

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I really like lolita clothes by themselves, but it's an undeniable fact that they look awful on most people who wear them

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Agreed. The part of why I don't like lolita as much as I did before is that I rarely see people looking good in it. Even if clothes fit, they look just off.

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Yeah exactly. There are some lolitas like Fanny Rosie or anaphrodisiacs that fit the style well and make it look somewhat 'natural' imo, but I would be embarrassed to be seen in public with most lolitas who post on COF or insta.
Lolita is just a difficult fashion to pull off and the average person doesn't look good in it, which is a shame since the clothes themselves are cute.

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>the average person doesn't look good in it
Debatable, I think. It depends on how much effort the person wearing the clothes is willing to dedicate to looking good in it. You see fairly average looking people being made over in Maison de Julietta and they all end up looking like "legit" lolitas, because they're wearing quality clothes that fit them and are made over by people who know how to do makeup and hairstyles; and these are all skills that can be learned, it's not rocket science.
That said, unfortunately it seems that the visible majority these days is into the fashion just to play kawaii princess dress-up and few take it seriously like an actual fashion style, so you get an overabundance of people stuffing themselves into clothes that don't fit, skimp out on small details (or big details) and just generally don't bother giving a shit about looking good, who then cry if you dare try to point them in the right direction.

I love lolita, I really do, but it took a turn into something ugly in recent years. It's true that there have always been attention/fame whores and people who don't know how to dress themselves in this subculture, but not to this extent.

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387 KB PNG
I’ve got a few /cgl/ related feels

>tfw I saw a really really beautiful girl on the cosplay recommendations thread who ,based on her next cosplay ideas, has a decent amount in common with me and the ones I posted about wanting to do. But idk how to compliment her and maybe ask chat with me on discord or something without sounding like a neckbeard or a total fucking creep
>tfw want to cosplay Minato but don’t know any Qt Kushina cosplayers or Naruto cosplayers at all in Central FL
>tfw was keeping up with that really ominous and depressing child trafficking thread over on /pol/ hoping that somebody gets brought to justice but I just ended up falling asleep and having a nightmare about getting kidnapped walking from the con to my hotel (not really the prime target for kidnapping since I’m a 6’0 tall dude but still)

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Your coords hurt my eyes

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>not really the prime target for kidnapping since I’m a 6’0 tall dude but still
I was laughing with you when I read this, not at you, I swear.
Why not just ask this girl for her discord? Tell her what you said here, and just go for it. Or maybe give her yours while you do it, she might feel safer contacting you if she doesn't have to post her own for all gulls to see.
Worst case scenario she thinks you're a creeper; it'll suck but it's not a personal insult, you're anonymous. But it's still worth a shot.

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>bought the black version
>blue one is so tempting as well
>it's $350 per dress
>not like I can't afford, but the notion of spending $700 on 2 dresses in a month is ridiculous


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The average person who wears it doesn’t wear it well. If even 50% of us do, that’s still half who don’t. I see too many occasional wearers who are sloppy about those details that really can make or break the look.

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In all honesty, the notion is ridiculous but so is this fashion. Imo if you can afford it, you love both colorways, and can wear both with the wardrobe that you have, you should go for it. That's what I do when I love more than one colorway, at least.

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I know, which is why I feel the fashion kind of went to shit in recent years. More people know about it and it's a lot more accessible than it's ever been, sure; I definitely wouldn't want to go back to the days when brand was mostly out of reach for anyone outside of Japan; but it's as if the "quality" of the subculture decreased with the quantity of all these new participants who just don't give a shit.

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Your face hurts my eyes, you sensitive little snowflake

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I'm getting back into the fashion after a brief hiatus and I keep blowing all my money on new stuff for my wardrobe. I'm so happy to be able to have my hobby again, but I also feel really irresponsible.

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Why do you feel irresponsible? Did you set a budget for yourself? Are you buying specific things that you want and need, or just buying whatever catches your eye regardless of the price? Because the latter is both irresponsible and counterproductive.

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I have an addictive personality, and it is definitely the latter. I'm working on setting boundaries for myself and I've finally stopped bidding on random shit on LM just for the thrill of it, but at the end of the day, I'm just too poor for this hobby, and I'm impatient when it comes to saving money so I keep screwing myself over with bills and shit.

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Is it rude to ask where from? I've been after a black apron but just can find (the right) one.

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Just fyi, your pic is 240 KB

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Iktf anon but you just have to remember that you can't wear lolita or spend that money if you don't have a place to live, food to eat, water to drink, or electricity. Homelessness is a real issue and it's not fun to live through (speaking from experience). If you are better with cash than using a card, take out however much you need to spend on food or savings for a dress, and leave your bill money in your account (and hide your card in an easy to remember location). It worked with me when I first started living on my own

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Not at all! She doesn't have a page set up right now but if you give me a throwaway I'll let you know as soon as she does.

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Sick of the entitlement of some lolitas on here, bit of a female incel vibe. I don't like your brand hairclip? Ita. You are plain looking? Ita. You wore something offbrand I don't like? Ita. You wore a full set but are chubby? Ita. I don't like how you did your blush or your camera is a potato ITA. Like ...no one owes it you to look pretty on an imageboard. For real. No one has to look perfect. Its not a given. I'd prefer to see daily wear, ott wear, anything really but less bitching overall its boring. Its a fucking hobby. The wold is nasty enough.

Feels a bit like the female version of incel to me & its really put me off. Yous have already killed of a bunch of blogs because of it. I don't bother with sm because I'm older & never really got into it. And no I've not been posted but I wear lolita everyday unless I've heavy or dirty work to do.

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I don't think you know what incel means if you think a bunch of girls being catty equates to them being like incels. Sounds like you're way too sensitive and you probably shouldn't even be here if you're going to get your bloomers in this much of a twist over insignificant shit. You would probably have a fucking stroke if you ever saw the farm.

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Why do “cosfamous” people always seem to make the worst roommates? I don’t care if you think you’re hot shit on social media. Keep your shit somewhat tidy, don’t touch other people’s shit without asking, don’t charge shit to the room without the room host’s permission, and pack your shit and leave in time for checkout. If you can’t follow simple rules and be courteous, go e-beg for enough money for your own room.

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Yeah I'm going to echo >>9904171 here. Maybe keep in mind that it's likely that the extreme nitpicking comes from people who aren't actually lolitas; gulls have outed themselves as lolitas-at-heart/roleplayers pretending to be lolitas on more than one occasion, and it's not far fetched. Newbs/lolitas at heart can be insecure about their "lolita status" so they pretend to be super elitist with high standards to make up for the fact they don't actually know anything. Plus there are people that come on here simply to shitpost and laugh at gulls overreact, it happens a lot.
It's nothing to get upset about, and it's especially not that much of a big deal to put you off the fashion. Strangers are more likely to say/yell infinitely worse things to your face, at least anons being dumb are much easier to ignore.

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No, go have a look at the ita or cof thread with fresh eyes at the nitpicking & critiques...people are really expecting a lot from a stranger on the internet that they've never met. Whiff of the fedora about that

Farm is for lolcows who generally post a lot & want the attention they generally participate in their own threads. Outfit shots are usually just a girl wearing a dress

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>Far is for lolcows who generally post a lot
>Fedora meme

Ah, I see. You're new

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I can see what you mean & I have been here long enough to notice the tryhards & trolls from far off but some people are really serious about it.

I still feel the entitlement of lolitas wanting other lolita wearing strangers to look immaculate is closest to that of incels feeling the world owes them a fucking supermodel girlfriend & it amuses me.

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My 200 main piece wardobe says otherwise, but believe what you want anon.

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>I have 2000000000 main pieces and I hang out with maki and asuka every day and ur all just jelly haters who can't catch my frills

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Thanks for the idea anon. I really do better when I can restrict my spending. I moved up north last year and never got a new bank account (no atms for my bank up here) so I've been using my card for everything. I'll try the cash idea and give myself an allowance each week and see how that goes. Thanks!

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No I think incel is the right word because I see a lot of slut shaming from lolitas who pretty much pride themselves on their virginity. I feel like this is more common than I like to think about

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You should lurk more. There's more posts about fucking here than being virgins.

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It should amuse you, because it's ridiculous. Even if the gulls who nitpick coords to death are actual lolitas - Why care about it at all? Like I said, people can and do say worse shit to your face when you're out in lolita; anons talking shit on 4chins is really not a big deal, and definitely not something to flounce over.

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She is probably mad about getting posted. There's no other real explanation

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Copy and pasted from the other thread but used a different reaction pic, sorry for the confusion anon

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Why would you copy and paste it to another thread?

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The previous feels thread, I posted it right before they made the new one

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Again, why would you do that?

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Didn’t realize I was posting in a dying thread and wanted to post it again here to get replies, copy and pasting seemed easier than typing it all up again

What’s with the third degree anon?

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>looks awful
>not asspatted
>angry about it
Well. If you don't have fashion sense, I guess it's like being a confused wounded animal, you don't know why you're in pain but there's blood everywhere.

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>Posted in a thread
>repost to another for replies

Fuck off

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I'm the other anon, not to be confused with that anon, but it shouldn't be different kilobites, you made the same mistake twice haahahaahahaa

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Is there blood in the water? I see a lot of gulls going for the kill.

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>tfw shitposting on /cgl/ on a tuesday afternoon
this is the first time i've been on here in years. this might be my rock bottom

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What is Maison de Julietta and how do I go there? I want to know if I could be a cute lolita rather than the borderline-ita I am now.

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>tfw I spend all of my afternoons shitposting on /cgl/
it can always get worse, anon

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It's a lolita makeover beauty salon at Laforet, they have their own website you can check out: http://www.maison-de-julietta.com/blank-1
And you should be able to find a few videos of people's experiences on youtube.

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no, i have it worse!! reeeeeeeeeeeee

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Yeah from costhots and men

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Lurk more.

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If it makes you feel better, she’s probably gay anyway. A lot of the gulls here are gay

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God do iktf anon

>know cosplayer before they became “cosfamous”
>they brought 7 cosplays
>had their shit spread out everywhere
>literally locked themselves in the bathroom at one point and cried because the group was talking about a bunch of nerd stuff that they didn’t know about which made them feel ~left out~
>was super pissy on Sunday when they were told that they had to carry their own luggage out to the car
>like bitch no one made you pack 7 cosplays with big props and no one made you buy all that stuff from dealers/aa

I also use the term cosfamous lightly because they aren’t actually cosfamous. They just became friends with some people who were and then bought about 40k Instagram followers to try and fit in with the group

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>be dating ldr bf for 2 years
>traveling multiple times a year to visit. since he works and i can work from home, i am the one that has to always travel
>invested in an entire crafting room for cosplays at home, + access to a workshop for props
>none of this is possible at bf's, he doesn't even have a sewing machine and i can't afford to buy a second in between paying to travel
>used to make 3 cosplays a con (2-4 a year), now only making 1 cosplay a year because i'm never home
>feeling depressed and just want to be able to cosplay but always having to leave again before i get a chance

it's such a double edged sword. i want to visit my bf and see him but if i do i can't get anything done.

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>tfw no cosplay gf

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/cgl/ has some very nice people comming from the shadows every once in a while. They actually provide uber good support and advice!
Love you gulls!

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Kill yourself

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Don't mind the salt, I love you too anon

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This argument is useless without a picture and timestamp.

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stupid goth

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Eh a little, might still take the risk. Worst case scenario I get the no and some gulls unironically call me something like “creeper chan” for a while and then subsequently forget about me

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You do realise you're on 4chan? Peope come here to be negative. You can just choose to not go on 4chan if you only want to communicate with well-adjusted happy people.

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I'm not full 'illuminati is controling us all' but there is a serious deficit in number of mods across platforms and fb groups.
It's like a repetition of the same people with the same bullshit interpretations of fairness.

>> No.9904484

*who* do you think controls the platforms and fb groups anon?

>> No.9904487

there's a serious lack of people willing to put up with bullshit and really be a mod anon.
I run into this on the cosplay side. I moderate a small cosplay group, and there are a lot of people who will cry about how the mods are nazis and oppressive, and they should be mods to change it, then the minute they get power they realize how fucking awful it is. They usually end up trying to be "fun" and end up moderating nothing and just circlejerking with friends.

real moderation sucks since it means you're going to have the be the bad guy and catch a lot of shit from angry people. It means you're going to be kept up at night because some shithead won't stop posting about how you're being a nazi and they want to shitpost everywhere at 1 AM.

>> No.9904489

The Jewish Illuminati lizard people patriarchy.

>> No.9904500

I think 4chan got it right with (mostly) anonymous mods

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>So chad would rather date some bitch who wears addidas track pants and a crop top sweater than a girl who dressed elegant and like a princess. big mistake chad


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>tfw you ask 5 different people (4 who are friends) for an art commission, but none of them have started work on the commission weeks later
I just want a drawing of my bunny :/

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>trusting artists to actually get anything done

>> No.9904520

they’re probably working on other commissions that came before yours
people are busy be patient

>> No.9904523

That’s Frilluminati to you, pleb.
Joking aside, there are few mods across many groups because it does suck, and the people who *want* to do it usually aren’t competent or dedicated to do the admin work, aren’t hard-ass enough to squash drama and deal with trolls and shit posters or just want it for e-fame.

I’m an admin for a big group in my other hobby and part-time mod for another and it’s all work and no fun.

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you normally should get a time quote when you get priced for anything, so you can hold people to it later if they decide to blow you off
I always try to do it when I commission cosplay stuff even from friends.
That way, if they start going way over and haven't started it when there's a week left I can just chargeback and get my money

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Sorry you got posted Peggy, 2-3 nitpicks in a coord and people will have something to say. There’s no good place for honest concrit so it just comes out here. If you want an online tea party just stay on CoF, maybe?

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I usually come here specifically to offer and request advice <3 so I feel you anon, it's nice seeing some positivity

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>never stopped loving anime, but I just cannot get into any new anime at all.
>Kind of miss the days I would get all excited about series and characters.
>But also very annoyed that I don't have anything to contribute to most conversations at lolita meets since I don't know/like any new series
>get annoyed by anime/ anime fans because of this

>> No.9904709

Also I get bored by artist alleys because I don't know 90% of the new series, but that's what sells...

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Holy shit, your story reminds me of some of mine
>Roomed with a “cosfamous” couple
>If you can call having ~20k IG followers “cosfame”
>Brought 7 or 8 cosplays apiece
>Their shit was all over the floor, counter, and beds
>One of them took my hot glue gun out of my bag without asking and left it plugged in
>They invited randos into the room and one rando washed off her body paint in the shower and made a mess
>the couple or one of the randos knocked my wig off the wig head and spilled alcohol on it
>They got into a huge fight on Saturday about a photoshoot
>I packed my shit into my car Saturday night and left early Sunday morning because I didn’t want to get roped into that mess

And then another time
>Room with this chick
>She has over 100k followers on Instagram
>I’ve never heard of her and her cosplays are average, but whatever
>She spent the whole weekend acting like a celebrity/royalty and treating roommates, hotel staff, and convention staff like servants
>Threw a temper tantrum about having to get up early on Sunday and carry her own luggage
>Lurk her Instagram after the con and become thoroughly convinced that her followers are bought or fake because her engagement is >1%

>> No.9904730

I can relate. I love anime, I just don't watch much of it. I wish there was more adult anime like Ghost in the Shell. Seems like most anime is made up of teenage school girls.

>> No.9904731

Damn life sucks right now.

>Dog is in final stage kidney failure and will be put down as soon as she has another bad day
>Trying to host ILD meet this weekend that we planned over a month in advance and people in my small comm are dropping because of plans wtf
>Going to be hot as balls and maybe rain when we were going to have a picnic
>Car insurance skyrockets because I had my first ever slip on the ice last winter that resulted in only my car needing fixes, first accident ever in my 7 years of driving
>Just went on a trip to Japan with friends last month and I'm still insanely bitter that they were too unfit and unhealthy to do a lot of what I wanted but insisted we had to stick together.
>Didn't even get up a fourth of Fushimi Inari god damn it.
>Could barely walk around Tokyo without being exhausted in their tourist clothes while I wore a full coord and heels.

Sorry, just needed a mild vent. I don't even know if I want this meet this weekend to have fun wearing lolita and get away from my problems or if I should cancel it due to the weather concerns and the fact that if I can't go due to my dog I know that no one will step up to the plate.

>> No.9904745

post it in the drawthread. You holding the bunny, ofc. Then just crop the bunny/whatever you want from the final photo

>> No.9904784

didn't even realize there was one on this board.

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Travel to a better meet, your comm seems full of weebs.

>> No.9904828

i've been active on /cgl/ for around 5 years....

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>> No.9904848

My gf was a reddit thot :o

>> No.9904852

The only lolita threads I click are the ouji ones. Mostly here for cosplay and convention threads.

>> No.9904858

My bf cheated on me but now he doesn't anymore.

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>> No.9904881

I can get over cheating but having a reddit account c'mon.
She's coming over tomorrow night so I have about a day to decide if I can get over it or not.

>> No.9904892

Nayrt but I feel the same. Since I finished high school I just don't find myself enjoying teenage/slice of life anime as much as I used to, I guess since I can't relate to it much anymore? Like I'll always love the shows I watched in high school/middle school, but I'm not exactly going to seek out whatever current popular shows are similar. I guess I've just grown out of it since I just can't relate anymore. Not only that but I just don't have the time anymore to keep up with every new thing. Even when I do get the time to watch anime I just rewatch the stuff I used to like.

I fucking love Gokinjo Monogatari. It really is one of the few exceptions for me, I think I'll always love it and relate to the characters. I hardly ever see anyone talk about it though.

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>> No.9904913

>get home from work
>put on full coord sans makeup for several hours while I do housework and play video games
It's really easy to do. Lolitas who only wear their frills on special occasions confuse me.

>> No.9904934

Everyone knows Soup's gf is a cute girl(boy)

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i really want lolita friends to vlog and make videos with, everyone in my comm is pretty camera shy so i always end up with quick bad photos and no videos. perhaps one day, where are you future lolita friend?

>> No.9904985

I hope for your sake that when you do find someone to do this with, you'll find someone who's genuine. The odds of finding a person who's just looking for efame/wants to be The New Milkyfawn are pretty high.
Do you make videos on your own in the meantime, or are you waiting for someone to turn up before you do anything?

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>feel depressed, insecure and ugly
>tempted to sell off my entire lolita wardrobe because I look stupid in it anyway, even though this has been my main hobby for almost 15 years
>voice at the back of my mind is saying this is a bad idea and I’ll regret selling most of this stuff
>need second opinion
>parents and normie friends hate lolita so they’d encourage me to get rid of everything immediately
>not close enough to anyone in my local lolita comm to dump this kind of mental health stuff on them
>only neutral party I can talk to is my fiancé, but he’s tired from work and in one of his moods where he ignores my messages and communicates only in noncommittal grunts and shrugs for two weeks straight
>break down sobbing in bathroom stall at work
>hear people outside wondering who’s in here and why I’m so upset
>tfw I’m an adult woman ugly crying in her work bathroom about frilly Japanese dresses

>> No.9904999

She’s a real girl (girl)

This is too much I don’t think I can keep dating her. I just woke up mid sleep from a nightmare because I dreamt that she was a pornstar and uses her reddit to promote herself. She also told me she sold her pantsu in the dream. During the same dream I was playing ffa comp in overwatch as mccree and my shots weren’t registering. I lost like 400 ish sr from being last place and I was so mad I punched the window and it broke. I don’t think I can sleep anymore. Time to get some sunny d and ice cream and watch some twitch for the rest of the night.

>> No.9905008

But I'm not a trap.

>> No.9905016

It seems like it's not a case of "Lolita doesn't make me happy anymore" but rather your own insecurities weighing you down.
You don't seem to have people to support you even with your frilly hobbies. I realize your fiancé is stressed, but he should be a person you can come to even with small and silly problems.
I guess everything is just a little too much right now?
Maybe just put lolita on hiatus for now? No need for drastic decisions. Maybe just put everything away and concentrate on yourself.
OR try to be closer with your comm and find friends within this group. You won't beleive how many were in your shoes.

>> No.9905017

How you gulls feel about buying a dress you know your friend wants?

>> No.9905026

I agree with >>9905016. It sounds like you're not over the clothes themselves (if you're upset enough to cry about it, you clearly care about your wardrobe). What would happen if you sold it all? Would you be happier in normie fashion or some other alt fashion? If your motivation for quitting is because you feel ugly, chances are you won't feel any better no matter what you wear. I also get the sense that you have some other hangups like not being close to others in the community and your friends/family not approving. I know what it's like when no one else seems to support you in this hobby (I'm in the same boat), and it's a lonely feeling.

It sounds like you need to reevaluate what the fashion means to you and if your reasons for being in it are still the same as when you started. And like other anon said, it might help to reach out to someone who "gets it".

>> No.9905032

That depends, do I also want this dress? Can I afford it immediately while my friend cannot? If the answer is yes to both, then I'll buy it and keep an eye out for when it pops up again, so I can let my friend know about it.
Otherwise, I have once bought my friend's dream dress for her when she couldn't afford it, and she paid me for it when it arrived. That happens rarely though and I'm careful to only do things like this for people I trust to pay me back and not take advantage of me.
Buying a friend's dream dress when I don't want it myself just to... idk, spite them? Make them jealous? Seems incredibly childish and a waste of time. Real friends don't do shit like this.

>> No.9905042

Take a small break from wearing and thinking about it, then re-evaluate why you wear it.
But this sounds like it’s more about other issues not just lolita clothes.

>> No.9905048

If it’s a new release, anything goes! If it’s a second-hand piece and I want it too, how is my want any less valid? If I knew she wanted it a LOT more, I’d tell her about it and ask her if she’s going to buy it, but if she can’t or won’t, I’m not going to just pass over it and lose out so I’ll get it. Fortunately several of my shopping friends and I have mostly different tastes and we are all reasonable people and not jealous babies so it hasn’t come up. There’s a girl in the comm who is jelly when anyone gets anything so that’s a pain.

>> No.9905058

>shave my legs for a cosplay
>send pictures to group of friends for giggles
>>You could easily pass for a girl there
>>If you just fixed your voice I'd fuck you
>>Like would you ever pull the trigger and become a girl?

Turns out my friend's have very fragile heterosexuality

>> No.9905062

I'm currently phoneposting outside in lolita for the first time. I love how I look but I'm shitting my pants. I'm not used to having this many looks. Weak, ik, I just need to rant

>> No.9905071

They're probably in denial. Wait till they start spouting the "traps aren't gay" meme, lmao

>> No.9905073

Deep breaths, anon. Seriously, take some deep breaths and relax, you're fine. You'll get used to it eventually, wearing lolita is fun!

>> No.9905102

Just ignore the people's looks and do your thing, anon

>> No.9905104

One has already admitted he likes traps. I like to blueball him by sending pics of my crossplays to him. It's fucking hilarious to me.

>> No.9905108

>it’s fucking hilarious to me
Shut the fuck up and just admit you get off to it/ it turns you on. Just fuck, jfc.
Nobody sends lewd photos to their “friends” because it’s “so hilarious.” God you’re cringy

>> No.9905126

Nyart, but are you the angry anon that posts the crossplay thread?
Thinking rationally about it, it's probably more likely that there are numerous anons with strong feelings about this, but somehow I always picture a single person who is just angry all of the time.
They wake up angry, eat their breakfast angrily, hug their wife angrily and leave to work at their 40 hour wage slave job that makes them even more angry, then come home and spend the rest of the day making angry posts on 4chan.
So, to sum it up, does that description resonate at all with you? Do you want to talk? You can also scream if you prefer?

>> No.9905128

It's not lewd. It's just me in a maid outfit or wearing a short skirt and thigh highs. I just find it really funny and I'm an attention whore at heart so I don't care where the attention comes from. As for if it does anything for me sexually, it doesn't.

>> No.9905136
File: 256 KB, 1000x1502, 1470605902846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9905145

No, I never go into crossplay threads, so I guess there’s a few people like me. It’s just cringy because it’s like me sending a picture of me in a bikini to a guy to “blue ball” him because “it’s fucking hilarious” and me trying to convince everyone that I’m only doing it because it’s funny.
When I’m clearly just a attention whore that gets off to people looking at my body indecently.

>> No.9905148

Thank you for the kind words anons. I gotta build up my tolerance, I've tried to tone down my appearance for years so suddenly just doing something which makes me stick out was nervewracking.

>> No.9905150

Where on earth did you get bikini from?

>> No.9905152

It’s a lewd/can be interpreted as lewd clothing.

>> No.9905155

Yeah but like I haven't worn a bikini in my life. I'm not a "le bulge OwO wots this" crossplayer. I try my best to look like a girl. Never done anything lewd in a crossplay or even worn a lewd crossplay. I just don't understand where I wore a bikini.

>> No.9905170

Did you wear something that stands out a lot, like a colorful main piece? That tends to attract many more curious looks than coords in all black.
Either way, how do you feel now? Did you have any positive experiences?

>> No.9905176 [DELETED] 

my gf is coming over tonight and staying for a couple of months ^__^ we're going to head up to yosemite for a few days. Is proposing to someone with a ringpop cringey?

>> No.9905181

I'm glad you got over her being a redditor.

>> No.9905182

Also two months salary.

>> No.9905203

we all have a past that we like to leave behind.
I'll just wait till I finish school I guess. I'll just carry a ringpop around for now jic the moment is right.

>> No.9905205

You got over it quick. While I was asleep you were planning on breaking up with her. As you woke up you suddenly decide to marry her with confectionary as your bond. You should seek therapy from a qualified the rapist.

>> No.9905212

>people genuinely responding to soup
God this thread is full of newfags

>> No.9905221

I like to respond to trolls earnestly to see what they do. They often shut down to their ridiculousness being taken seriously or they feel like they've gotten one on the hook and take it into overdrive. It's entertaining either way. Your post however moots the point of that making it no longer fun and this post will kill it. Not sure why I'm even responding except out of pride at this point and probably because I've had four beers at 12:04 PM/

>> No.9905229

I’d say yes, that way you can use it as a candy butt-plug during the celebratory sex after. Somehow this idea perfectly suits your presence here.

>> No.9905243

why did you have to make google? Why not say candy? you even spelled it wrong ( google told me it's confectionery). My actions are reasonable. People change their minds all the time.
you don't use something important as an engagement ring as a sex toy idiot

>> No.9905246

make me*

you have a few min to respond before I clear my browser. then I won't be able to be on /cgl/ very much for about 2 months. I'll check up on you seagulls on my phone now and again though.

>> No.9905248

And yet you had no problem of me spelling therapist as the rapist? Get your game head on, bud. As for you responding to the other anon it's a good idea. Nothing wrong with raspberry flavored assholes.

>> No.9905254

Because I thought you did that as a joke the rapist haaHAA LUL Poggers

>> No.9905259

Now you're getting it. Do you have any /cgl/ related feels besides sticking a ring pop up your girlfriends' ass?

>> No.9905264

How do I get my gf into cosplay sex

>> No.9905266

Dress yourself as an eevee mermaid and tell her to go up on you.

>> No.9905271

you think I can make a gofundme and raise money to get her a lolita jumperskirt

>> No.9905272

Sure if you have enough friends but you don't so why bother?

>> No.9905274
File: 3.15 MB, 2899x2471, 20180606_174303.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was wearing all black lol. I tried to ease myself into it, im wearing a blouse and skirt, waistcoat, petti and a BPN jacket. I feel like I could go out again and feel less self conscious, I understand now how people slowly get used to it. No notable things happened, just the stares from people I went by, I knew already that the judgement was going to all be in my head but just forcing myself to get over it and do it was gud

>> No.9905275

Was lazy after a long day and just kinda undressed and threw my coord on the bed to put away later. Got on my phone to shitposting a bit and my bf spontaneously came into the room, pinned me down, and fucked. When he pulled out, it felt like everything went slow motion as I saw jizz flying all over my Misty Sky...

>> No.9905282

Okay guys, my gf is okay with cosplay sex but she said only if I suck her penis. I actually didn't even know she had a penis this whole time and I'm weirded out. :(

>> No.9905283

Don't be a faggot. Just suck her dick.

>> No.9905290

But I don't even know how to.

>> No.9905300

It's even less complicated than sticking a ring pop up her (male) ass and if you've been practicing on the ring pop it's even easier.

>> No.9905306
File: 167 KB, 500x375, 1527995742162.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9905309
File: 1.32 MB, 453x269, 1407887496507.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, it's Misty Sky. Chances are it's not that noticeable.

>> No.9905324

You think mana could beat misako in a fighT?

>> No.9905327

>this post will kill it
You’re underestimating seagulls’ retardation when it comes to taking bait.

>> No.9905375

Man I just really love the handwritten notes from AP. They are pink and cute.

>> No.9905379

I'm proud of you, anon.

>> No.9905388
File: 70 KB, 424x600, Orangina-tan.600.1644785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so very happy you gulls! I've been posting separate feels for all of these when they were bad, so some of them might be familiar.

>Email SS about dress in slow production
>Perfect timing Anon-chan, I just heard it will be here this Friday
>My order will most likely be shipped out next week

>Visit Opera Costume sale
>A pleasant bother to get to the warehouse
>Meet family friends there
>Find exactly what I needed to complete my larp-outfit
>Also a half-sown cape I can complete
>Everything was dirt cheap!
>Family friends offer me ride home from warehouse
>Whole day becomes so smooth and comfortable

>Big final essay of term
>Was literally crying in the beginning
>Have been stressed out about weak conclusion to research
>Time's running out, gotta just do it!
>Write a conclusion
>Wake up today
>Read everything thoroughly and out loud
>Jesus Christ, I'm done
>My final product actually became good
>Already got a good grade on the most stressful oral presentation
>Send in the essay with hours to spare

>Sit down in sofa
>Larp-crafting in my hands
>My favourite teacher's podcast in my ear
>I'm finally free to do whatever I want and enjoy it
>Make so much progress in just one afternoon

Pic is related because I'm feeling like a fizzy sweet drink right now!

>> No.9905390 [DELETED] 
File: 88 KB, 200x250, 13472623746738.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much masturbation is considered 'normal' for guys? Does it go down when they have a gf?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.9905400 [DELETED] 

Probably at least once a day? If their gf can match their sex drive, it usually goes down because they have a cunt to nut in. Unless he has to use a condom on her, in that case he'll probably masturbate more because it'd feel better.

>> No.9905419 [DELETED] 

2-3 times an hour is average

>> No.9905425 [DELETED] 


>> No.9905437

Daw. Thank ya

>> No.9905451

Same. Back in middle school/high school I read manga all the time, but there weren't any weebs at my school to talk to. Now with lolita and college, I'm constantly surrounded by weebs, but I haven't read or watched anything in years. Even worse, I was never big on yaoi, so no matter what, I have nothing to contribute when everyone's discussing the latest homoerotic sports anime.

>> No.9905568
File: 700 KB, 1540x1155, holy grail dress checklist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tf2 2 down 48 more to hunt ;_;

>> No.9905571 [DELETED] 

if you're not looking to buy immediately then specify it in your post or picture, newfag

>> No.9905594

nvm i'm retarded

>> No.9905631
File: 211 KB, 500x600, ca0456b9-da90-50da-9f2f-e51d3696858d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man, I just really love chemical lace

>> No.9905656
File: 645 KB, 498x278, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm in a long distance relationship.
I stopped buying anything lolita since this year in order to see her.
She's currently struggling with money due to problems lately and she was so down today i used the money i got from selling my AP skirt (sold it to get something new) to buy her her favourite food and surprise her.
I thought i would feel bad using money meant for lolita,but i weirdly didn't. Seeing her happy made me feel more warm than getting any dress.
I'm hoping so hard things will get better so we can see each other by the end of this year. I love her so much gulls,she make my cold,dead heart all warm again,i don't wanna be hurt again

>> No.9905658

how sweet. I hope you two have many long and happy years together!

>> No.9905678

>my bf spontaneously came into the room, pinned me down, and fucked

Now I'm horny

>> No.9905686

I left lolita years ago and recently went back to it because my boyfriend was a huge fucking weeb and it rubbed off on me.

Now he dumped me and I'm having a hard time separating lolita (and japanese anything, really) from him. I have a beautiful, ok-sized wardrobe that I can't bear to look at because it reminds me so much of him. I want my fucking boyfriend back (even though he was a cold, distant POS that stopped giving me attention as soon as our brief honeymoon phase was over)

>> No.9905689

Thank you anon! I hope so too,with all of my heart

>> No.9905706

I'm just curious how niggers like this get a gf in the first place.

>> No.9905709

This is not at all about lolita, please sell your shit and don't come back all nostalgic when your weeb feels are about the guy, not the fashion.

>> No.9905711
File: 138 KB, 1199x843, DeVMMdfUwAAzxK-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the reply, anon! I think I'll wait for the one I ordered to come in first and then check for fit before I decide whether or not to buy another one.

>> No.9905846

Bf says he wants to wear my dresses while we have sex. Hmm. What.

>> No.9905849

>He pulls out

>> No.9905855

Bitch, you wanna get pregnant?

>> No.9905857

Is that a fucking threat?

>> No.9905864

It's an invitation.

>> No.9905866
File: 22 KB, 211x202, 1528326429564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ara ara~

>> No.9905890

I'm getting back into lolita and trying to find what it means to me again.

I'm feeling really nostalgic about LJ days and want to sit down with a big stack of old GLBs and watch kamikaze girls. Maybe read nana. But, at the same time when I look back on the old coords I like I cringe a little/lot. I'm not sure what I'm really looking for in the old stuff. I need to find my style again but I can't pinpoint the commonalities in what I like now. It's a mix

I also want to break away from always looking backwards. when I last wore lolita I was really into oldschool and the prints that were around when I first found the fashion over 10 years ago. now I like slightly different stuff but I have a habit of going back to old technologies and media all the time which I don't think is really good.

>> No.9905905

What is birth cuntrol

>> No.9905930

is that not normal?

>> No.9905934

I can relate to feeling nostalgic about certain times in the past, and actually do the same: going through my GLBs again, reading old blog posts, etc, but I don't cringe much, I actually really prefer the coords back then. I prefer the more old-fashioned, dolly type style than the modern lolita style... which is probably why I haven't bought anything new from brands other than socks/bloomers/parasols in the past... 7 years or so.

>> No.9906045
File: 1.32 MB, 1924x3262, IMG_5796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no powerful legged lolita gf

>> No.9906065

>gained a bit of weight since starting birth control
>too insecure to cosplay now, no plans for my future cons
>losing motivation to work out and eat right since I only stayed in shape to cosplay and I stopped doing that
>rinse repeat etc

>> No.9906072
File: 37 KB, 500x474, angerymiku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw a bunch of 12 year old girls annoy the crap out of you when you're selling your wares in the dealer room.

And later that night, I was trying to sleep, but heard screaming. It was the same fucking kids and their mother frolicking naked in the motel pool.

>> No.9906076

is this bait? do you know where you are?

>> No.9906081

this is it, this is the only person in this thread with sense

if anon wanted to post in here about how they dressed shitty and got made fun of some most likely would have been either helpful or sympathetic, but blaming the people telling them what to improve on is nothing more than biting the hand that feeds

>> No.9906089

>very little moitie
>no rose ribbon embroidery
>no rote rose
>no gloria
>a bunch of taobao looking shit
if this is just your DDs, that's OK. but if it is is meant to be the holy grails of the general lolita community, it's shit.

>> No.9906092

Where do you think you are?

>> No.9906099
File: 94 KB, 306x243, flintmad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going to con this summer. How do I get my favorite anime VAs to adopt me?

>> No.9906107
File: 194 KB, 1388x2016, FB_IMG_1528362153851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw you see one of your DDs in a different colourway coordinated like this.
Feeling some feels, gulls.

>> No.9906109

How do you know she they mother?

>> No.9906115

I wonder how fatties fit into this. I own this dress and the underbust/waist is pretty tight even for me as a skellington.

>> No.9906116

>person posts "URGENT WTB" about an item
>I own said item, wan't looking to sell but I can just wait for it to pop up cheap at some point
>offer them item for a price that's just a little bit above the going rate
>bitch tries to haggle me down

either you desperately want it or not, don't waste my time.

>> No.9906117

You did say you listed it above the going price. She probably knew that, which is why she attempted to haggle? Urgent doesn't mean super desperate, but obviously you know the person more than some random person listening to your story does.

>> No.9906121

If you post "urgent wtb" you should expect to pay more than the going rate. Otherwise it doesn't make sense to write "urgent" at all.
Urgent WTBs are supposed to motivate people who weren't motivated to sell, to sell the items after all, because they might get a good price.

>> No.9906123

I hate selling items because the post gives me such anxiety. I can do everything right and still have things send back or have the tracking not working. And people don't tell when it has arrived so I stress if I haven't heard anything yet. Not too mention buyers you can't trust.

>> No.9906126

It's me, roommate from hell-chan, reporting back in with another tale of, you guessed it, my roommate being shitty.

So I had the talk with my partner about "hey like I know you and T smoke, but can you not do it in our bedroom anymore because of my dresses?". She was okay with it and is respecting it, even if she thinks it's a little silly (she doesn't do it often). But the guy who is about to move in is trying to tell me it's stupid because my partner is "going to forget", how it doesn't really matter, and that since she doesn't do it often anyways it "shouldn't be a big deal". Like dude!! Those are $200+ Dresses! Not to mention the fact I own a deprecate wardrobe besides my lolita!! I get that it's easier living with three people because of bills, and I love my GF very much despite her horrid smoking issue, but at what point am I supposed to make a fuss? Because T isn't a bad person and I like talking to him but he's a fucking autistic sociopath who will get on my nerves to no end because he doesn't get the fact I'm overly emotional and attached to my clothing.

Maybe I'll suck it up, I mostly needed to rant but I really am anxious about the whole thing

>> No.9906127

**Separate wtf not deprecate

>> No.9906130

PSA: Pulling out is not an effective method of birth control. There is sperm in pre-cum.

>> No.9906151

Even if your wardrobe consisted of $1 potato sacks it’s 100% reasonable to not want people smoking in your bedroom. Do they not realise how much smoke stinks and causes discoloration? Tenants in my apartment complex aren’t even allowed to smoke inside because it causes yellowing of the ceiling and walls which can show through layers of paint if it’s bad enough. That’s not even mentioning that secondhand smoke is seriously detrimental to your health. There’s absolutely nothing silly about your request, and this guy’s unwillingness to respect it does actually push him into “bad person” territory imo.

>> No.9906158

>had an Uber driver that was creepy about me wearing lolita
>got the call from Uber customer service today
>Me: "honestly I was very unusually dressed"
>Them: "that doesn't excuse his words, no matter how you're dressed you shouldn't be spoken to like that"
Got a refund and was cheered up by how understanding they were. There's still good in the world yet.

>> No.9906160

Are you the same anon that posted in the lolita gen? Either way, I'm happy for you. I hope the dude was kicked out from Uber, though I realize it might not be likely.

>> No.9906179

I think because the house has 150 years of indoor smoking history that got heavier as the years went on, both are just incredibly used to smoking indoors. Both know they can't do it anywhere else but this house, and they did it well before I moved in so I feel like I can't demand them to stop when I knew full well what I was getting into. Only recently while trying to sell off some of my dresses, I realized it was making clothing I barely wore smell like smoke. I'm happy my partner understands and we were able to talk about at least not smoking in our room, but her friend is just so inconsiderate. I mean, he also wears tshirts from Walmart and didn't get how fashion is an art form (I had to snap at him to get him to understand). He's lovely but his personality is a fucking nightmare

>> No.9906237
File: 38 KB, 643x425, 1454809471858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw want to go to my first pride parade in lolita
>tfw summer
I'm still closeted but have some gay friends, plus the event seems very fun and I do have some very nice lightweight dresses I can wear... but just thinking about going out there in this weather makes me want to cry.

>> No.9906307
File: 12 KB, 512x512, 5f52e13ccef03de92a246bc0e013401edc3cfc5f_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy a beautiful leather couch on sale
>just now realize how much it looks like the casting couch

>> No.9906326

Can't they just vape inside? Fortunately smoking indoors is illegal where I live, it's so disgusting. I had to recently help to clean and renovate my grandfather's appartment and he hasn't smoked at all for few years and not inside for atleast ten. The water we used to remove the wallpapers run down black and everything was covered in black grease because the old man apparently doesn't know how to clean and cook. Even though they replaced everything and paint had a smoke seal he and his stuff still smell like he smokes everyday. If nothing else works maybe you could use dress bags to store your things to prevent them getting into contact with smell and tar?

>> No.9906337


>> No.9906352
File: 86 KB, 406x338, 38-neckband1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a adequate sized wardrobe and enough spare time to wear lolita around the house, but I'm so deathly afraid of ruining/staining my clothes (even the cheapish stuff) that I can never bring myself to wear it for very long. I live in the middle of nowhere, so wearing it at home by myself is my best bet. Is there a way to get over this fear? Any precautions I can take? It's gotten to the point where I have multiple coords that I never wear. I feel like a stereotypical conlita...

>> No.9906360

Maybe get a cute apron to wear on top of your coords? Or several, if you want to mix things up a bit. They're fairly cheap to buy secondhand and there are many cute designs available.

>> No.9906384
File: 222 KB, 600x564, 605.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ya'll ever just want to be a huge bitch in anime con facebook groups? This guy keeps posting about this stupid meme cosplay he wore. "Gonna wear this cosplay!" "(character) is here at the con!" "any of you see me at the con?" and then afterwards "hey anyone gets pics of me???" like ten times. I'm so tempted to comment "Nobody cares about your stupid meme cosplay, it isn't even anime related, stop posting". I really should just block the guy's posts from showing up on my feed and move on though.

>> No.9906389
File: 111 KB, 512x512, 1527270944329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this ironic

>> No.9906479
File: 90 KB, 600x625, 1384089090879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I met my comm leader (let's call her J) a few months ago at a lolita meet in my city organised by herself, this is the first one I ever attended so I was a bit nervous and shy appearing in lolita in public, partly because I like being extravagant in my outfits, but mostly because I am a bit on the heavy side.

Anyway, J was very reassuring and kind at the start of the day and that kinda boosted my confidence. Towards the end of the day I got talking to her alone again but she had changed her tune. I have a pro-choice tattoo at the top of my arm, J must have seen it because the first thing she said to me was "So you like killing babies, huh?" I was quite taken aback by this and I just said "I believe in the right to choose.". I've gotten some dirty looks in my life but this takes the cake, the scowl she gave me was unbelievable "So the right to kill babies? Pathetic."

She started off on a tirade about how lefty minded women like me are quite possibly the worst people alive. She brought up things totally unrelated to the abortion issue, such as the refugee crisis (Which she called the "rapefugee" crisis) and the mainstream medias attack on Donald Trump and strangely how the the rebel groups in Syria are actually just Al Qaeda rebranded as Jaish al Islam (Sword/Army of Islam) and that Assad was the democratically elected president of Syria and any mention of "chemical attacks" was just terrorist groups gassing civilians to make it look like Assad was the perpetrator.

She ended it with a snide remark. "You could lose a few pounds, honey." Then she blew me a kiss. I have never felt so traumatised in my life. Needless to say I will not be participating in any further events organised by her. I don't want to go back to another meet, gulls.

>> No.9906482

Jesus crust.

>> No.9906488

I honestly can't tell if this is a shitpost or not because I've met people who are just as retarded as both of you.

>> No.9906495

It's a copypasta.

>> No.9906497

It's a Soup, he's a trollicious shitposter. Obviously you have not read further where his "girl" produces her dick for him to suck.

>> No.9906501

>strangely how the the rebel groups in Syria are actually just Al Qaeda rebranded as Jaish al Islam (Sword/Army of Islam) and that Assad was the democratically elected president of Syria and any mention of "chemical attacks" was just terrorist groups gassing civilians to make it look like Assad was the perpetrator.

That's not strange, it's a likely explanation. The US should not be involved with toppling foreign leaders; we did with Iraq and Libya, now we're doing it with Syria.

This woman sounds like /pol/'s wet dream.

>> No.9906502

Where are you seeing this? I've never once heard a lolita brag aboutvher virginity.

>> No.9906507

I am extremely salty a stupid efamous lolita is parading around her shitty customization project as some amazing innovation she's bringing to the world. It feels like she's exploiting the role women play in this industry and her uniqueness for being a lolita.

I'm afraid people will start associating me with her because I'm a lolita that's actually seriously involved in the community that develops the foundation her project is based on.

>> No.9906509

Is this about the new "kawaii software" that K has been talking about? What's that all about?

>> No.9906512

It is, I didn't want to say her name or give her attention. It's basically a reskinned operating system that's free. There's hundreds of similar stuff out there based on the same foundation, her only gimmick is that it's "kawaii". She's making it sound like she's innovating when she isn't in the least.

Judging by her comments how she's playing it up, I don't think she cares or has any idea what the whole thing is actually about. It's upsetting to know she's perpetuating the bad image women already have in the tech industry.

>> No.9906523

I love doing housework and errands in lolita. It makes it more fun.

>> No.9906533

Once a girl blocked me because I got the same print of a dress she wanted in a lucky pack. The kicker is I found the exact same cut and color dress she wanted secondhand and even offered to help her get it a few weeks earlier. Some people just want to be a victim.

>> No.9906540

Since you've said what it is, is there a post you can link me to so I can read her autism?

>> No.9906545

I see plenty of dresses on here you can order right now, anon.

>> No.9906550

This, I want deets. When i google kawai software all i get is a facebook page that mods counter strike and generic kawaii android apps

>> No.9906558

She's probably riding her husband's coattails and trying to be involved in it.

>> No.9906559

It's called BABYDOLL_OS which is cringe enough. It's like the third post on her instagram.

>> No.9906565

This is the vibe I get, it's a little insulting. I never minded her even when everyone was giving her shit but this is sort of crossing the line for me.

She hasn't posted anything noteworthy, just little previews and breadcrumbs on her ig. It's enough for an industry veteran to know she doesn't know anything.

I don't want to turn this into a target on her and give her project real attention though, I'm just venting my salt because she's misrepresenting people like me when we already have a bad rep.

>> No.9906568

I feel the same way. She never bothered me before but this whole thing makes me upset also.

>> No.9906586

>tfw no J gf

>> No.9906590

I mean... a pro-choice tattoo? really? lmao.

>> No.9906598

I already keep all of my nicer stuff in dress bags, and honestly I wish I could muster the guts to post a picture of our walls. It looks like 150 years of tobacco smoke, it's so gross and I'd love to wash the walls. But we're not staying here for a long time, so I guess it'd be pointless. I'm trying to push both of them toward vaping right now.

>> No.9906602

Of all endless kawaii name options to choose, why the fuck is it named "babydoll"? I mean I get that's the username she uses these days, it's fine for personal, individual use, but for a broader audience? The fuck.
Good luck convincing people it's not related to ageplay.

>> No.9906609

>huge sweet closet
>hate the shit quality
>slowly falling in love with gothic bc of good quality
I really don't want to sell like 100 dresses though.

>> No.9906614

Are all your dresses new? I find that older brand pieces are much better in terms of quality. Doesn't have to be super old, even pieces from 2010 are noticeably better than current ones. Most of my favorite designs originate from 2007 but that's up to personal taste and preference.

>> No.9906625

Yep. I get wanting it to spund cute and within context of people who know it's not something gross it's fine. But for the average joe, they're going to raise an eyebrow at it.

>> No.9906626

I do agree my older stuff is better. It's 50-50 for me, I have a lot of 2010 AP stuff and lately I've been keeping up with new releases from AP and baby. I just find gothic's stuff better cut for me I guess, the bodices are usually more flattering and materials seem nicer (especially the textured woven stuff). I bought some IW for casual wear but ended up not liking their cuts at all after wearing it a full day.

Which of your pieces do you think are higher quality? Older baby maybe?

>> No.9906628

To be fair, no average joe is going to be using a kawaii OS

>> No.9906630

Even just KawaiiOS is better, it's catchy and has a similar ring to iOS. I'm not sure I want to know what the actual thing is like if she fucked up the name this badly.

>> No.9906635

Older Baby is fantastic, and I really like older Meta too.
I don't think you have to sell everything you own, maybe just the pieces you don't like anymore. Which gothic brands have you tried so far? Afaik Moitie has released some colorful pieces that can work in classic/sweet looks if you know what you're doing, if that interests you.

>> No.9906636

Well she said it was going to be REVOLUTIONARY so I thought some joes would probably be affected.

>> No.9906638

Let's not give it exposure by mentioning it so much, remember how we handled the la carmina stuff. Avoid name dropping so google/bigbrother doesn't cache us as a result.

>> No.9906643

>pro-choice tattoo

Go back to tumblr. Shoo shoo.

>> No.9906651

i'm convinced this is a different anon from >>9904784 or the whole thing is bait

>> No.9906659

Get your gothic basics, start buying gothic and bite the bullet and do a big sweet closet purge with good photos, lots of measurement info and very easy selling terms and then invest in your quality gothic pieces as you go along? I've noticed that many sweet lolitas seem to care less about quality and more about quick, easy impulse buys of sure things.

>> No.9906695
File: 357 KB, 900x900, 1526490266332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people act like it's spring, lovers having PDA everywhere
>two comm members announced their status as a couple a few days ago
>meanwhile have to stay in the closet to not be disinherited and miss out on that sweet sweet burando money
>tfw no gf to enjoy the money with either way

>> No.9906700

I'd pick money over love anyway.

>> No.9906704

Inheritance money at the cost of hiding myself was not worth it. Maybe think about taking the risk and being true to yourself. If your education funds depend on it, maybe keep on the down low in till that's done but just for fashion funds and such? Nah.

>> No.9906708

Thanks very much anon, very kind of you.

>> No.9906727

Help with the death of your family and cash in all the burando money. Then get yourself an equally degenerate gf and leave.

>> No.9906745

>people act like it's spring
Anon... it IS spring. Summer starts in a couple weeks.

>> No.9906752
File: 47 KB, 621x502, 1528405460215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw my country have raised customs for packages coming from countries outside the EU and i just ordered a shit ton of stuff from ebay anyway

>> No.9906755

When people post loads of take-out food, coffee drinks and snack crap and piles of fandom stuff and games they buy but omg, nuuuu, can't buy any decent lolita items because 'dass esspensiv'.

I'm done inviting these kinds of people to beginner-friendly meets and done trying to spoon-feed them budget but still decent lolita resources. Get good or gtfo.

>> No.9906756

Yeah, I'm that anon. I don't know, the person on the phone said they'd be 'having words' with him. And thank you! When I posted that in the general I was still in the Uber and pretty terrified.

>> No.9906763

I'm getting an apron custom made to keep my dresses tidy while I go out drinking or to concerts, definitely invest in one!

>> No.9906766

Is Villa in the regular casual rotation or is it only playable in the special setlist they have for it?

>> No.9906768

I remember reading that, absolutely horrifying. I'm glad you're okay and that uber took action. I uber all the time by myself and I'm terrified of something like this happening to me.

>> No.9906797

Hopefully the custom fees for Japanese stuff will be in history soon tho.

>> No.9906806
File: 174 KB, 713x664, Screenshot_20180603-000958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fall head over heels for a girl
>it's been a long time since I actually found a girl attractice
>She's a genuine 10/10 to me in looks and personality
>loves all the same weeby cosplay trash as me
>I'm just a dumb lovesick puppy whose brain turns to mush when around her
>get constantly tongue tied and my mind completely blanks so often
>do my best to catch her attention
>takes every ounce of my courage to just make nice small talk with her and talk about some anime without my head exploding
>help her out every now and then
>nothing insane or stalkerish but trying to make it known I'm going out of my way to talk to her
>She's friendly and receptive to me
>She comes out as gay

why must god hurt me in ways I thought I could never be hurt

I'm happy for her and all but jesus christ I never thought I'd be so upset

>> No.9906811

You got fucking dabbed on, son

>> No.9906813

Tell me about it. Nobody ever guessed she was gay and I had every friend under the sun including girls who'd watch us talk say she was into me.

>> No.9906817

It would definitely be good for their health too so it's not only selfiss matter. I hope you will be able to move out soon though. I have smoked myself and I still feel super sorry for you.

>> No.9906820
File: 44 KB, 313x236, dabfield.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be asexual lolita
>will never get cummies on my burando

>> No.9906821

Came home today to see my boyfriend's brother wearing my Cat's Tea Party...

>> No.9906822
File: 345 KB, 1301x1186, 1525850324707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was he cute?

>> No.9906823

When is the funeral, then?

>> No.9906830

I will start an angry mob for you, anon.

>> No.9906834

My ex tried on my Sugary Carnival once. Guess why he's my ex?

>> No.9906847

He physically abused you.

>> No.9906851

what is unbelievable about it?

>> No.9906912

>there are girls who unironically dress up like everything is a fairytale

why cant you be a normal girl and shop at normal stores and wear normal stuff

>> No.9906925

100% fresh bait.

>> No.9907035

New thread >>9907034

>> No.9907039

uh, bump limit's a ways away

>> No.9907044

I don't understand why people make new feels threads so quickly...

>> No.9907086

Was in my first idol photoshoot last week, felt pretty cute, got our pictures today to look over before the photog edits them....and during the "happy yay JUMP!" shots (there were a lot) my fucking NIPPLE pops out. This is in about 1/6 of the pictures. I wanna die. I'm never cosplaying again

>> No.9907091

Murder yourself

>> No.9907119

Attention whore.

>> No.9907124


>> No.9907159

now u know to wear pasties

>> No.9907165

art student here. it will be ok, i promise you. i wear brand to class. im a daily lolita. its so rare to get a stain that will legitimately ruin a piece. ive spilled coffee down the front of brand before and it came out. its just clothes and is a lot more resilient than it looks.

>> No.9907238
File: 114 KB, 600x600, db2d20219e626543ead3dfc194f713ec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fall head over heels for a girl
>it's been a long time since I actually found a girl attractive
>She's a genuine 10/10 to me in looks and personality
>loves all the same trashy memes as me
>I'm just a dumb lovesick puppy whose brain turns to mush when around her
>get constantly tongue tied and my mind completely blanks so often
>do my best to catch her attention
>takes every ounce of my courage to just make nice small talk with her
>help her out every now and then
>nothing insane or stalkerish but trying to make it known I'm going out of my way to talk to her
>She's friendly and receptive to me
>She's straight

>> No.9907241

It's that fucking discord

>> No.9907435

I'm so fucking mad. This thread is my first feels thread here and can't even die properly because some cunt have to make its own 50 posts before old one is saging.

>> No.9907536

The worst thing is that new feels thread is just bait for incels. Just fucking kill me I just want to shitpost about frills and shit.

>> No.9907542

Short story is a bunch if trolls, crossboarders, and incels from r9k want to fit in and post on the "girls board" but don't actually know shit about Lolita or cosplay. They make the feels threads and bait in them to get their dose of drama without actually knowing anything about the board

>> No.9907555

I'm getting conflicting reports because last I heard the discord and the bad feels threads were caused by legit gulls trying to get the crossboarders banned in a roundabout way

>> No.9907559

I don't know but the other feels threads, and about have of the legitimate ones just feel like someone took an r9k thread, added lolita to half the posts and then dropped it here. I try to avoid that shit hole but it just seems everywhere

>> No.9907593

I don't think that gulls don't know rules and bump limits.

>> No.9907617

people here understand bump limits pretty well. most of our threads are generals that hit bump limit before slowly dropping off the catalog

>> No.9907643

The op image and tag line weren’t that good, traps aren’t that popular here in the generals.

>> No.9907674

>Implying you need to bait gulls in order to get drama
>implying that trolls, incels, and robots don't also go to conventions

>> No.9907713

You can't be stupid enough to think these "tfw misako farts out her butthole into your frosted flakes" posts and "tfw open relationship" posts are actually people from here do you?
If you really think that you're delusional

>> No.9907717

>"tfw misako farts out her butthole into your frosted flakes"
I think you have too high an opinion of your anon peers

>> No.9907757

What's so hard to believe about open relationships? They're not uncommon...

>> No.9907802

Anon if you can't see cheap bait for cheap bait...

>> No.9907825

Allow me to "Uhmm actually" but that was a reference to the previous feels thread. Some guy with /lgbt/ feels came in and didn't want to be called neither trap or trans.

I kind of read these continuously...

>> No.9907828

I read it too, fact remains, not as relatable to most of us so better luck next time. If you are the kind to throw a fit when a new thread is made too soon though, you may be caring about it all just a touch too much. I’ve made threads here that max to sage and I throw up an image, slap a caption and write the intro and don’t stress. Relax friend.

>> No.9907871

I want to cosplay an original character but no one will even get who it is

>> No.9907872

But why are open relationships necessarily bait? Some people are actually in them...

>> No.9907874

In the fucking feels thread, not the dream dress thread

>> No.9907888

Is this a man?

>> No.9907914

I know that post about /r9k/ are more relatable for you.

>> No.9907991

Sorry friend, I'm a female lolita, so nope. I don't think I've ever even visited that board. Most people just say their feels and don't throw little bitchfits in the feels thread but since you read them all, well you know this already. See you in the new thread, crankypants.

>> No.9908346

I'm not even that person. Sorry, you are too stupid to see that more people are angry because of starting new thread before finishing old one. Go to your contamination thread. I'll wait for better one that is not bait for crossboarders.

>> No.9911699

>I have a pro-choice tattoo

>> No.9912113
File: 28 KB, 606x454, eb5054c0-d710-4a42-802f-fe0a7df7b900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>joins maid cafe a few weeks ago
>a couple days ago did photoshoot to introduce the new maids
>all the other new maids look cute in there pics except for me
Ive been practicing w makeup all day so i at least look half way decent