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Lonelita Edition
Previous thread: >>9893791

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Man I just really love lolita

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>sweet lolita

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When Moitie began rereleasing everything in existence, I knew this sort of thing would happen. I suppose we sweets deserve this for dominating the meta for so long...

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What's wrong with this?

I wonder if moitie will start making their sizes huge. Maybe fat lolitas will start wearing goth instead of sweet

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Sweet lolitas stop appropriating our veils, million underskirts and blurry florals. Check your privilege and get back in your lane.
>sincerely, OTT classic

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But there are no underskirts or blurry florals in that dress.

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>implying OTT classic is anything but an abomination

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OTT classic lolitas need to stop appropriating OTT from sweet lolitas.

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This is really salty but...

I have a friend and on Facebook she's always going on about how she's ~soooooo tiny~ and how brand is so big on her. Like congrats, but I dont want to hear about it all the time.

>inb4 jealous fatty
A lot of brand is big on me too, I just dont post about it everywhere.

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>Took a few dresses to the dry cleaners
>Go to pick them up
>They lost my IW Leopolda OP
>They swear up and down that it probably got cleaned without the tag and is still at the plant
>Promised me that they would take full responsibility and reimburse me in full if they can't find it

On the plus side, if they do find it I won't be charged for the cleaning and they're also overnighting another dress I dropped off at no extra cost. And if they reimburse me for the retail value it'll be more than I paid since I bought it second hand.

But shit gulls, I'm a nervous wreck and probably not going to get much sleep or work done until I can call them back tomorrow and find out if they located my dress.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>New thread and gulls are still eating the bait
Stop replying to the sweet-hating man-baby already, jesus

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>sweet lolita

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They are right though. Sweet is and always was cancer.

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Report her to the police. I'm not american so I don't know how to do it, but this kind of garbage behaviour needs to be punished.

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Unfortunately reporting to the police wouldn’t do anything, they have to see her do something in person, and someone shoplifting isn’t in their highest concerns so it would most likely get ignored. Better off reporting to the stores, but even still they have to see it in person.

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Report her for what exactly? Being a piece of shit isn't a crime. She could be giving her friends tips on how to most efficiently disembowel someone and it wouldn't matter because no crime has occurred

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Lmao I just remembered some posts, isn't she a seagull too?

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She heavily implied to commit theft, which is a crime.

Yeah, you're right. But if the shops know her face and the information she spreads, they can at least pay more attention.

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Warning shops near her would be more effective than calling the cops. If she's some rich bitch she might just have her parents pay off her court fees. I'd rather her get followed, confronted, and kicked out and have her wallow in embarrassment

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>Post office withheld my package for my new shoes for some reason
>no updated info on the tracking page
>says it should have been here today

At least they'll probably come tomorrow with my cutie ribbon jsk, so I have that to look forward to. Just wanted my package to come on time tho

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>She heavily implied to commit theft, which is a crime.

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>every single insult /cgl/ and lolcow makes is about penises

is this all they think about?

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urggg job I though I had a chance with went with a more qualified candidate. Means at least a month for any chance of getting out of my current job. Having engaging work is driving me crazy. I need something to fill my time I swear I will fucking jump if this lasts for another few months.

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urggg job I though I had a chance with went with a more qualified candidate. Means at least a month for any chance of getting out of my current job. Having unengaging work is driving me crazy. I need something to fill my time I swear I will fucking jump if this lasts for another few months.

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Yes, that's what I agreed with. But judging from her appearance she doesn't look young enough to still live with her parents.

I swear every single brainlet poster is a brainlet himself. At least state your point. Where do live where theft is not a crime?

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where does she post about it?

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Wow, embarrassing. I actually cringed for you, you poor stupid thing.

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do you mean all the words that they end with fag? it's a homophobic slur

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Whenever someone posts a feel that isn't related to cgl I just assume they have no friends or family

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Nobody said theft wasn't a crime, you mouthbreather. The brainlet image was an insult directed at you for thinking someone should actually pick up the phone, report someone to the police and expect for them to be charged, prosecuted and punished with nothing but the implication of a crime being committed in a fucking Facebook chat to go on.

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>well paid job, even promoted to a manager
>try to go above and beyond what they ask
>get great performance reviews
>they expect more and more and want me to be a leader
>social anxiety and depression become crippling
>quit work
>only thing that made me happy was lolita
>no clue what to do with my life, all the jobs i feel semi confident at would be earning 1/3 of what i made before, dunno if that's what i should go for
>either way unemployed, can't buy lolita anymore
>starting meds now, hope all will be ok

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You're right anon.
I have no one to talk to so occasionally I post unrelated stuff just to know that at least one other person read it, makes me feel a little less lonely.

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yes, you should make 1/3 of what you earned, before, because you couldn't handle your previous job.

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>implying people living on their own can't get help from their parents
>particularly rich ones

My aunt is 26, a total sweetheart, but her parents paid for her gas until she was 25, still pays her phone bill, car insurance, regular insurance, and honestly whatever else she wants.

You also have no concept of how the legal system works, are you like 16 or something

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why do you have such a young aunt, are you 16

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my dad was a stupid 17 year old and my mom was a whore, young parents, and my aunts my dads younger sister. I'm 21 kiddo but nice try

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i will be your friend anon

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Did you even read the post chain or is your attention span so bad you just replied after reading the first sentence? I agreed that it wouldn't be enough for burger cops.

No, I'm just not american. Other than that you don't have to be rich to buy vegan food and old school.

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They said she had money so obvsiously I'm gunna assume she has money or comes from it

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Samefag but I was talking about her living with her parents, so you missed my point anyway. This convo is retarded as hell and I have no idea why you guys are so hellbend on her not facing some kind of consequences for her actions.

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i dreamt that i had a lolita gf who helped introduce me to the fashion and we'd go out on dates in matching coords and have picnics and hold hands
feels bad man

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LOL are your that triggered by her own statuses? Not everything is about you.

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You know skinny people hear the opposite all the time from lolitas, she's fine to complain about it. I can't go to a meet without hearing how someone can't fit such dress and Japanese brands are so tiny and no one could be that small except a child. Please.

But I really just think everyone should keep their mouth shut.

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What movie is that pic from OP?
From looking at the ceiling fan its a late-80s early 90s film?

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New fag

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Kamikaze Girls

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stfu crossboarder r9k fatty.

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Which girl? I'm stringing no one along. Every girl at my work knows I'm not interested.

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>everything said on cgl is fact
They based that off her wardrobe which is mostly old school pieces. That shit goes for like 6000yen tops and she's been in the fashion for almost a decade. You do the math.

This person's already been outed as a vendetta-chan and idk why they think anyone but them and the dumbass euroanon here >>9898790 would give a shit about this enough to have any real consequences for her. Anon I don't know why you have such a fervent desire to see D like, arrested or whatever? It's tacky to talk about shoplifting or tricking self-checkouts on social media sure but it's also pretty tacky to cap people's personal posts and then gloat about it when they catch you and delete you

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Family is useless and don't want to bother my friends.

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Not the anon shitting on D or the European or whatever but in the past years Japanese sellers have been catching on and 90% of any desirable old school main pieces go for well above 6000 yen. Definitely not the price of a new dress, but above 6000

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Update, I had a third (less expensive) dress get lost in the mail

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Excited to be going to a con with a good friend for the first time in months.
Less excited to be rooming together with her brother who got offended when he learned the term incel and is sort of a twat all around.
He's apparently commented inappropriately to her about my body before, and I'm going to be in skin tight costumes for half the weekend. Hopefully he's not an awkward creep about it.

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>cos-friend posts a close-up of her ass to Instagram
>comment "BRAAAAAAPP"
>mfw deleted

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>tfw never had an orgasm

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>Maybe fat lolitas will start wearing goth
There are so damn many fat goths I'm earnestly surprised there isn't a higher percentage of fat gothic lolitas

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Play with yourself anon. It's not the most mind-blowing thing EVER but it feels pretty nice.

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I have been waiting to get paid since I saw the karimi skirt on Baby's website, get paid today, check to see how much shipping will be... sold out.


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Bro, keep it real, you are new.
No fucking way have you not known or heard about or seen Kamikaze Girls, unless you were a filthy crossboarder yourself or so new you still squeak.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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twf no partner so have to play with self instead. Curse being socially inept.

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Boy or grill?

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I want to become a Lolita so badly, but I fear I don’t have the body or skin for it. I’m 25% black and 75% white, and I’m this odd tan color, and light pastels look HORRIBLE on me. I also love working out, and because of my black genes (I believe) I put on muscle pretty quickly and I’ve got a curvy body which I hate, because it’s not cute and innocent at all.
I’ve decided I’m going to still workout but starve myself to obtain a Lolita body. Not healthy but I’ve been admiring this fashion for over four years and hearing how angry /cgl/ is all the time about certain nit picks I just really don’t want to mess this up and just fit in.

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>tfw no partner to play with

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Much easier ways of losing weight than starving yourself which just messes up your thyroid and insulin sensitivity.

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Gull, they're just clothes. We're not all trying to look Japanese. Wear what you want.

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I'm Bi so whatever you are is ok lets meet irl.

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Yeah, so I can be the laughing stock of cgl no thanks. I don’t want to insult the community.

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Nayrt but seriously, wearing something you love and learning how to coord is literally the lolita experience. I think you're looking too deep into your skin tone, there are plenty of black and mixed lolitas. And there are many fatter lolitas who can pull it off well, it's just making sure your stuff fits and coords well. If pastels don't work on you, find a style that will. You'll be fine anon I think you're overthinking it and you should do what you want to do, and not starve yourself for it

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I think you're more likely to be the laughingstock when people find out your starve yourself and hate on your skintone to fit some mysterious fantasy of a "perfect" lolita but ok

>> No.9899065

/cgl/ laughs at people who don't try but pretend or think that they do
if you're serious and put effort into your coords it'll show
you won't know if you don't try though

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Aspiring to meet gulls' expectations is, well, maybe not your first mistake but definitely one of them. Set your own achievable goals for yourself and aim to achieve them, don't think about trying to please others in a subculture made to please the individual.
Even without seeing you, I can still assume that your skin tone is fine. If light pastels don't suit you, go for other shades; there are different shades of every color even within one brand and at least some of them have to work for you.
And lastly, please don't starve yourself for any reason, especially not for fashion. It's not healthy. Your measurements might drop but so will everything else, including the look of your skin and hair, your alertness, among other things. If you're unhealthy it shows and it's not cute. It's okay to use lolita as motivation to lose weight but please do it in a healthy way.
Please love yourself, anon. You can be a beautiful lolita by taking care of yourself and choosing to be healthy.

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I'm a boy but I'm pretty cute though. Let's go.

>> No.9899108

I'm a girl (male) so it's all good meet me in boston at your nearest convenience.

>> No.9899112

Too bad I'm on the opposite side of the world.

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Man, I just really love sweet lolita.

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It’s really sad your comm is siding with a shop lifter...
Fuckin AZ.

>> No.9899138

This, jesus christ. It's not the talk about shoplifting that is tacky, it's shoplifting itself, especially if you're a middle class womanchild that could afford to buy it.

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I just really love you, anon. Keep being adorable.

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It's because MMM is too small for them to fit into.

>t. A chubby goth who has to wear kuro

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Shoplifting is not okay, especially when it's dumb bitches stealing makeup and not starving people grabbing food.

>> No.9899159

>has to wear kuro
>because of your sizing
Anon... you realize you can wear just about any simple black JSK and accessorize it to be gothic, right? Plus many other brands sell gothic pieces that can fit you. Gothic lolita isn't exclusively sold by MMM.

>> No.9899165

She buys BH cosmetics online all the time too and brags about it.
Although she keeps getting sent more because hers are “damaged”. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s busting them on purpose to get more free ones.
It’s another common shoplifting tactic.

>> No.9899164

Kuro isn't a style descriptive, it just refers to coords in all black.

>> No.9899177

Oh blah blah quit feeling sorry for yourself. I'm sure you look fine so just work with the body you have. You're making it needlessly complicated.

You don't need the validation of 4chan anons to wear the clothes you want. You are a quarter black, which means you will NEVER be seen as good enough for the neo nazis here, no matter how much you bleach your skin or starve yourself. So now that we've established that, what is your reason for wanting to wear Lolita? Will you still want to wear this fashion even knowing some people will hate on you no matter what you do? If your answer is yes, then just do it. Be happy for you.

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I'm mixed and I sweet lolita. Just don't wear pastels, anon. There are plenty of sweet dresses that aren't pastel that look beautiful. Meta's brighter shades really look great on my skin for example, and their shapes are very flattering on someone with large hips and a 65cm waist. You just need to find out what works on you.
PS - We have it easier than black lolitas, please chill friend.

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>regular /fit/izen
>working out for 3 years now
>not absolutely ripped, but i get comments daily about how muscular I am
>feels kind of good, self confidence building up
>tfw no qt3.14 innocent gf
>feels really fuckin bad
Is it just a meme the /fit/ dates /cgl/?
Should i lift more?

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>We have it easier than black lolitas, please chill friend.
Even regardless of that, a lot of my favorite coords are from dark skinned black girls. There are plenty of dark skinned Asian Lolitas too. The way light colors and dark skin go together captures the eye and looks really nice in my opinion. Yes even pastels. Wear whatever colors you want.

>> No.9899218

Innocent girls care more about personality than looks.

t. beta female who just wants a sweet and gentle boyfriend who makes me feel safe and loved and understands my humor

>> No.9899233

/fit/ makes it sound like the only way to a gf is through packing on muscle
Im on the board because instagram is recommending me cosplay stuff all the time so id figure i try it

Whats your asl?

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I think pink and white color schemes on dark skinned girls looks good because it reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream.

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Thats what happens when you focus on abs muscle instead of neck muscle, you dyel faggot.
Girls don't like abs... its the neck! The neck!!!! They are vampires for a reason!

t. Thick neck full of kissmarks

>> No.9899254

Ive been doing neck curls for about 2 months, im not mike tyson mode yet but im not pencil neck

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You sound juicy, anon ;)

>> No.9899258

R9k pls go

>> No.9899269

I've heard anime conventions are hot beds for casual promiscuous sex, and that cosplayers almost exclusively go there to hook up. How true is this? :-O

>> No.9899271

In my opinion, it feels like /fit/ vastly overestimates how much muscle girls find attractive. I'd say just getting out more, socializing, and talking to girls that share your interests would help you find a date. Gyms can be a good place to find a hot girl, but they probably won't share your interests (considering most people on 4Chan seem to be a tad bit on the nerdy side).

>> No.9899273

>everyone I dislike is a crossboarder

>> No.9899276

I'm pretty sure having sex in cosplay would ruin the costume, so if they are having promiscuous sex they probably aren't doing it in costume.
There's also the fact that at any huge event there's bound to be some people hooking up but I don't think most cosplayers go there to hook up.

>> No.9899281

I read the reply chain. You began by saying she should be reported to the police using nothing but Facebook screenshots as evidence to implicate her in a crime. Saying you're not American over and over again doesn't change the fact you're an idiot who has no idea how the law works

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>be me, love thrifting for blouses and accessories for lolita
>find huge 90s Pocahontas comforter blanket
>go nuts, i had never seen it before and i had to have it
>internally i know better than to buy used blankets, but hey i can use it for sleepovers and con season when i get the floor
>hey its only like 5 dollars why not
>in a hurry to leave store because of work, forget to check blanket
>get home and wash it
>start folding it AFTER taking it out of the dryer and see a MASSIVE period stain, like is this even a period stain? did someone get murdered on this??? wtffffFFFF SCREAMING HONESTLY

im incredibly grossed out and mad at myself anons, this is what i get for being stupid

keeping it cgl related,
waiting for 4 new lolita pieces in the mail after over a year of not buying anything, feels good and i cant wait to coord them!

>> No.9899285

The only way a period stain could get super massive would be if they were sitting on it for several days with no pants or underwear on. This might be tmi but I remember when I got my first period and went the entire night sleeping with no pad, bled a ton but only a few small circular stains were on the sheets that were easily washed out with shout stain remover.

I'd say it's not period blood if it's super massive, or the chick was super deranged and thought it'd be funny to use a blanket to wipe herself and then give it to the thrift store.

>> No.9899287

post pic of pocahontas blanket plz?

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Maybe it's a suicide blanket, I had to throw out all my sheets because I sliced my wrists pretty bad

Overall sounds like bad idea to keep it if it looks ruined

>> No.9899295

You're feeling better now, right anon? No more suicidal thoughts?

>> No.9899296

Yes I'm on the right medication now and was in the hospital for a bit, but stability comes with time, patience and therapy c:<3 I'm doing much better mentally

>> No.9899297

>tfw no damaged lolita gf to fawn over

>> No.9899298

Unless you buy my dresses and meds I'm probs not interested crossboarder

>> No.9899299

Yeah I was after damaged, not retarded. My interest has tapered off too

>> No.9899301

Hope things goes better for you anon, but yes, go for jobs you feel comfortable with but earns less in.

If you're good at what you're doing and like it, you'll likely be able to go up to better paid positions later. Going back to something similar to your old job will earn you a good wage and another mental breakdown. Take small steps, save your earnings and budget your lolita, it's hard to enjoy your hobbies if work is taking all your mental energy.

>> No.9899302

Krad Lanretes new release is beautiful, but they have the worst customer service out of all the Taobao brands

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>> No.9899306

Pale pink and brown/tan is absolutely a pleasing color scheme, even if you have to find a hue of pink that suits your skin tone. If pastels are a bit too bright, try a bit more muted, desaturated colors. Or other way around, if your skin doesn't suit pale colors, go for something brighter.

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>Is it just a meme the /fit/ dates /cgl/?
Reality is harsh sometimes anon.

>> No.9899387

She wasn't interested in the first place. Maybe don't refer to people as "damaged" as a pickup line and don't fetishize mental illness, you jackass.

>> No.9899393

I'll fetishize it all I want, you salty cunt

>> No.9899395
File: 156 KB, 500x405, Kamikaze-Girls-Momoko-and-Ichigo-lolita-40745231-500-405.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess I will never unsee Momoko and Ichiko as butch and femme couple

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>wants damaged lolita gf
>insults lolitas calling you out for fetishizing someone literally almost dying

Wow sounds like a great candidate for a boyfriend.

>> No.9899403

There's nothing better than fetishizing someone who's 'literally' almost dying (as opposed to figuratively almost dying, of course). I live for it. The only stuff that gets me off these days are videos of women getting molested during failed suicide attempts. It's a niche market but there's still some great stuff out there.

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>> No.9899409

It took you long enough, dumb cunt

>> No.9899423

Not that anon but you should get some sleep, you're making a fool of yourself.

>> No.9899428

Wait. They're not?

>> No.9899429 [DELETED] 

>retarded gulls fall for the most stupid and obvious bait imaginable with complete and utter sincerity
>I'm the one making a fool of myself
Have you cut your wrists lately, honey? I'm getting sweaty just thinking about it

>> No.9899430

>also an “odd tan color”

Um... you sound like someone who has heard a lot of commentary on your quarter blackness, possibly from people who have never really been out in the world, or recognize there is more than just white, black, and asian out there. I’m sorry it left you so fixated on it.

Anyway, wear your shit. Seriously, where do you “hear” about cgl being all angry unless you specifically come here to read it?

Why is cgl important to fit into and not irl? Many of the weebs we rag on seem to be quite happy and have friends, and some of us are not and don’t. Priorities, gull.

>> No.9899431

>waiting on a commission
>currently 2 days past the upper time deadline
>still no word

Someone pray for me.

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under the frills are personalities so decrepit they only come second to LF.

You're absolutely not losing much.

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File: 75 KB, 1280x720, pwq_sora_no_woto_-_02_hd_002473fdmkv_snapshot_2106_20100113_111942.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have never gone to a con to hookup and I don't personally know anyone who does either. I'm pretty sure most people go to cons to weeb out and/or party. I hate creepy normies like you who think cons are for hookups and all cosplayers are sluts. I cosplay to show my love for the character not to pick up neckbeards. Fuck off.

>> No.9899451

>tfw post-con depression
>made friends but can't hang out with them bc I live out of state
>tfw don't know how to maintain an online friendship
>afraid of being weird messaging them when they probably have normal busy lives to attend to
>all I can do is like their posts like any other random follower

I'm lonely. I hate knowing I have to wait almost half a year to see them again. And by then they probably would barely remember me.

>> No.9899456
File: 495 KB, 557x704, rescued catto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck I know. I only really socialise on cons and even then it's awkard. I always piss them off messaging them too much until they eventually just ignore me.

I just want human contact holy shit

>> No.9899458

I can 100% relate this. I rejected all the human contacts I had because people wasn't treating me well, but now I feel so lonely sometimes. Let's rescue each other! (@_@)~~

>> No.9899464


>> No.9899488

>Hur Hur I was only pretending to be retarded!!

>> No.9899491

You're only proving his point you retard, stop replying

>> No.9899492

It's more like I was never very sociable and lost the contact I had left upon leaving high school. But I'm always happy to talk. Want my Skype or something? Discord? doesn't really matter what platform

>> No.9899497
File: 28 KB, 120x114, ezgif-4-87dafcc6ec.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Get a substantial promotion at my job, more than doubling my hours and slightly increasing my pay per hour
>"Wow! I finally have the disposable income to complete this backlog of cosplay plans I've have for 6+ years!"
>29af and jaded towards most traditional conventions due to lack of interest in guests, panels no longer touching on stuff I'm into
>Really only go to cons with some sort of gimmick or unique location, often to hang out with friends who live states away
>Only go to one con a year right now
>60+ completed and planned cosplays and not nearly enough cons to bring them to
>Why am I still addicted to this hobby

Also, am I the only one who will flat out refuse to cosplay a character I love if I absolutely hate their shoes?

>> No.9899636

>Lolita doesn't have jewel tones

Fuck off, retard

>> No.9899639
File: 109 KB, 290x437, 1349298854898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sweetgullroom#2807, feel free to add me!

>> No.9899640

Maybe anon likes sweet lolita in pastels? Obviously she has many other colors to choose from if she likes sweet, including jewel tones, but maybe she's upset because the colors she likes don't necessarily flatter her skin tone.

>> No.9899641

>neo nazis
>on /cgl/

I want summer to be over

>> No.9899645
File: 32 KB, 270x354, 88F07A1F-A280-488C-BD6F-9C0155404C2C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Riding this feel until it inevitably runs out. It’s been going on for several years, so I must be close to out of luck by now.

>six figures at fufilling and meaningful job
>fit brand, not ugly
>dress well enough outside of the fashion
>dress well enough in the fashion too
>job loves it
>still massively respected in my field and occasionally unsuccessfully poached by other companies who want me with them instead

Waiting for the day they all realize the emperor’s clothes are ... well, not exactly invisible, but I feel like I’m getting some sort of social pass for my weird way of dressing, and that it will run out one day and everyone will think “wow, has she been dressing like that the entire time? How did we not notice how WEIRD that is?” Maybe not, who knows.

>> No.9899647

My comm is supporting a shop lifter.
I’m so confused and concerned. They’re treating her like SHES the victim. The AZ comm is shit.

>> No.9899650

This was already posted in several different threads. No one cares.

>> No.9899655

Nayrt, but if it was already posted in several different threads it's pretty clear some anons seem to care.

>> No.9899663

I’m in the comm and haven’t chimed in on the situation yet, I have the right to say something considering it’s a feels thread. I’m sharing my feels. Fuck off.

>> No.9899665
File: 72 KB, 1280x720, 1522782603451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been busy lately
>there's a local con this weekend
>thinking of going, look at who got invited
>shitty local youtuber is one of the main attractions
Well, I guess I can stay comfy at home

>> No.9899669

Sure, I will, thanks anon! Do you mind that I'm male?

at least it's not Vic Mignogna

>> No.9899672

Someone else from your comm posted caps in several different threads, here and in the lolita thread on lolcow, to tell us all about it. It was also discussed in the last feels thread.
I'm not saying you have no right to be upset, it's a shitty situation and the fact your comm supports this disgusting entitled behavior makes it even worse; but the fact it was posted before is likely why anon was irritated.

>> No.9899674

>sit in the ER for 5 hours last night
>in excruciating pain, can't move or get up
>male doctor just gives me a hearty "I dunno. Probably period cramps. Go home"

Hm. Okay.

>> No.9899691

Ugh, if you don't mind that I'm whiny sad cunt. I guess I'll survive :3

>> No.9899694

dump his ass

>> No.9899695

To be fair, period crams can be very bad.

If it's likely it would be that rather than anything else, he's probably trying to be nice and spare you the price you'd have to pay for CT and such. I'd press on if you think that's not what you've got.

>> No.9899740

Even if it was period cramps, having them this painful is NOT normal and it's something you should definitely pursue (especially if it's happened more than once).

>> No.9899748

I love how I read this and felt angry lol. I really don't like any aspect of my life. Reverse everything in your post and you get me.

>> No.9899757

Honestly I feel like I might finally be getting to the point where I would be able to kill myself. Hopefully I'll eventually go through with it.

>> No.9899758

Nayrt but I'm kind of curious about where you grew up. Everyone that I interact with nowadays is a either a snob or a rich snob and would be to embarrassed to even admit of such things as being born out of wedlock.

>> No.9899771

Middle class family so never poor or anything. I don't remember that much from childhood most of it's not really worth remembering. Pretty much didn't even get to be a teenager, was homeschooled by conservative christians. Like if I ever even have enough money for Lolita shit I will be too old to fit in any coms. I just comptemplate the point of even going on with life.

>> No.9899775

Don't desu.
I don't know what field you worked in but I remember my mother had a very capable coworker who dressed in a very...personal way. People came to see it as an integral part of the character integral to the company.

>> No.9899777

I can't even get a job that's not retail.

>> No.9899781
File: 71 KB, 500x667, 6d37f3f7977377bb78916ff1cb8275be.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>have 25 lolita pieces in my wardrobe, and countless kawaii and otome pieces.
>Clothes have stopped reasonably fitting in my closets.
> I'm overflowing with accessories,

and yet it just does not feel like a lot at all. 25 is pretty small for a lolita wardrobe but my overall wardrobe is huge and I can't find anything to wear at all. I feel like I'm constantly re-wearing the same things.

I look at these lolitas on Insagram and they wear like 2 new pieces every fucking week. Same for other kawaii harajuku girls. Always new clothes, new shoes, new hair. How do they do it?

>> No.9899784

>if I ever even have enough money for Lolita shit I will be too old to fit in any coms
You don't need communities to wear alt fashion of any kind, plus older lolitas don't always interact with their communities because they tend to be full of younger girls that older ladies can't relate to. You can still connect with other lolitas your age if you really want, otherwise just wear the clothes for yourself because you like them.

>> No.9899788
File: 298 KB, 399x368, c1989613663747343285b7e6bf1a81d2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw have bad social anxiety
>been a lonelita for years
>have no friends into lolita
>only cosplayers message me from ff threads
Seeing twinning coords posted of cute gfs or friends makes me really jealous. I wonder if I'll ever make a lolita friend.

>> No.9899791

don't anon. please seek professional help.
it will get better.
you can get a job outside of retail. what are your career goals? why do you want that? you can get there.

>> No.9899792

oh, I thought you were the first poster...

Still, suicide's not the way out.

I mean women are not the ones that are expected to be breadwinners in society anyways. I guess you can always focus on a family... if you want to

>> No.9899793

Maybe consider the reason why you keep re-wearing the same pieces, or why you feel that you do this. Do you actually like every single one of your pieces? Do they all fit and flatter you?
Also keep in mind that re-wearing your frills isn't a faux pas by any means. They're clothes that are meant to be worn; doubly so if the pieces you have are not OTT and can be worn casually.

>> No.9899801

It's so damn hot and sticky i hate summer so much, so very much.

>> No.9899802

Maybe they have high turnover and sell a lot of pieces after wearing them a few times.

Where are you from? In my country stay-at-home moms are considered moochers and women are expected to contribute >40% to the household income on top of doing most of the chores and childrearing, otherwise they get called lazy. I'm sure it would be even worse if the woman has an expensive and frivolous hobby like cosplay or lolita.

>> No.9899804

Eh everyone says it gets better but it really doesn't for everyone. That's just a thing that people say because it got better for them. I know plenty of people who do their best to get by and still life doesn't work out.

>> No.9899809

Really? Where's that? I'm polish. But we never really had housewives in the american sense here, couldn't afford it.

>> No.9899818

>Riding bus home
>Sitting at four seaters
>Across from me is an elderly couple
>Reading stuff on my phone
>The inside of my elbow itches
>Stretch arm out to comfortably itch
>Still looking at phone screen
>Blank neutral reading face
>Old lady starts smiling
>Leans over to her husband
>Whispers "selfie"
>He doesn't hear
>She repeats it
>If I heard her 100% the first time this was 120%
>She obviously found it funny to witness a young woman being vain
>When their whisper conversation is established I don't hear any more
>Can tell from their body language it's about kids these days
>Spy at them in horror
>I wasn't even smiling
>Why would I have taken a picture of a blank face?
>Speaking up is not worth it
>Gets distracted from reading by embarrassment
>Almost trip when walking off the bus before them

Why do primal urges such as itching make me so retarded?

>> No.9899826

I totally do love every single piece I own, that's why I can't be like those girls who wear once and resell. I've considered doing that but I wouldn't be able to let go of any pieces I get since I just see them as so special and beautiful.

I guess I'm stuck in this limbo until I get more pieces. I think my ideal number of main pieces would be 52 so I could wear each piece at least once a year.

>> No.9899827

Anon it doesn't matter don't worry she's gonna die soon anyways

>> No.9899832

Anon killing yourself wont solve anything. Please get help and if you need to check into a hospital inpatient pls do it. Do research on the best facilities and take time off to go, it's not fun but they will get you adjusted on the right medication and you'll meet others in your situation. It's pretty healing in a weird way

>> No.9899833

We're just getting started, anon. The worst is ahead of us. Stay strong.

>> No.9899835

Idk who that other anon was but in the actual poster;
I'm not ashamed of my background. I am poor, I work hard to afford my brand. I'm not going to let some really rich, snobby people make me feel ashamed for my background. I came from shit and I'm going to rise above it, frills and all.

>> No.9899836

Go to the friend finder thread desu

>> No.9899840

Man, I thought you were >>9899771 too. Teenage parents, an aunt five years older than you and a conservative Christian homeschooling sounded like a very weird life.

>> No.9899843

Oh man I do have very conservative Christian grandparents though! Very rich people who think I'm "the black sheep" of the family, despite working very hard for the things I love doing. My family is pretty wild desu lmao

>> No.9899845

>I came from shit and I'm going to rise above it
You sound a lot like a yankee

>> No.9899848

I-I mean, wouldn't your stupid 17 year old parents be considered blacker sheep than you?
Sounds like you've come out resilient and well-adjusted regardless, I wish you well and hope you attain all your dream dresses, seagull.

>> No.9899850

Lmao shut up let me be dramatic

Honestly my thoughts since my moms a degenerate druggy whore. But thank you! It's been a slow start but I'm collecting pieces I really love and will keep forever.

>> No.9899859

My friends and sister would have looked at me like a fucking weirdo if I had directed all of my bemoaning of how I'll never be a 1980s punk rock n roll freedom cowboy jet fighter pilot tough guy were directed toward them instead of here

>> No.9899863

Old people are trying to trivialise modern society. It's natural. It's not comfortable to see everything change around you. It's really just a defense mechanism and I would pay it no mind. Of course it's very impolite on their part.

that's not nice anon
would you prefer they complained on R9K like everyone else
let them say, keep them pure

>> No.9899866
File: 308 KB, 643x478, ken.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9899872

Okay, I have an existential question.
To the persons being in a relationship with someone since quite some time, how many times do you have sex in a month?
I know there's no standards or anything, but I feel like I have issues, I also never want to do it, and I think it's starting to get inside my relationship.

>> No.9899873

Cool cgl related feel

>> No.9899877

Please, indulge me.

>> No.9899880

Uh. At least 30 times in a month, assuming I see them every day.

>> No.9899889

Depends on your living situation.

>> No.9899896

I'm married. Once every other month lmao
We just both have no sex drive.
He's in school, and I'm starting my mini art business.
I watch porn every now and then but he literally never watches it.
I bet alot of you guys would think this is weird but this is completely normal and doesn't bother us at all.

>> No.9899900

We'll probably about 20-25 times tops, my sex drive is all over the place so it's hit or miss

>> No.9899909

I am starting to feel jealous of my gf's waifus. I know it's utterly stupid and i'm being too insecure but whenever she swoons over them i feel a pinch in my heart (that or other girls,even one in my comm).
She would never cheat and she's amazing andtold me i am super attractive and love me just the waay i am plenty of times but i always feel upset and insecure.
I'm thinking about cosplaying her waifus and maybe toning down lolita to be more like her ideal type of gf. I just don't like myself and am so desperate to be validated and loved it hurts me

>> No.9899910

You can cosplay her waifus if you want but please don't do it out of self hate. Don't aspire to change yourself to appeal to someone you're supposed to be having a meaningful connection with.
Have you expressed these feelings to your girlfriend? I think you should talk to her, don't accuse her of anything, just let her know how you feel.

>> No.9899931
File: 70 KB, 246x223, QfjJeW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're not even characters i like...but i wanna be the best for her.
She knows but not to this extent,i'm affraid i'll look crazy. I am so clingy (she loves it tho apparently) and feel like such a shit tier gf i stg i don't deserve her love

>> No.9899936

This sounds like mental illness if you are legit envious of a fucking cartoon character

>> No.9899944

nah,i'm just very insecure and dumb

>> No.9899945

They're fictional characters, anon, nothing to be jealous for.
> I am so clingy (she loves it tho apparently)
Yeah, well, be careful, they say that, then they can completely turns over a new leaf.

>> No.9899953

Racists? On MY 4chan?

>> No.9899958

Yeah,i know anon,i'm stupid.
I also try not to be too much,i wanna be a perfect gf and make her happy.
I feel like such a failure and i wanna succeed at at least making my significant other happy

>> No.9899963

>I feel like such a failure
Work on that maybe.
I think it's just all come down from that.
I mean, someone cares about you, so it should be enough to prove your worth.
Also it's just fictional characters, you have her, not them, and they can't have her.

>> No.9899966

I once dated a guy who swooned over his waifus and I tried to be a "chill girlfriend" and not admit to him it made me feel like crap. Looking back, I should have just been honest. If your gf really loves you she'll understand your feelings and cut it out.

>> No.9899971

Have you ever dated someone who openly shows their attraction to fictional characters who are 1000x more attractive and special than you will ever be? It sounds ridiculous if it's never happened to you, but it can take a toll on your self esteem especially of you're young and new to relationships. It's ok to have waifus, everyone has them, but don't rub them in your girlfriend's face if she's not ok with it. It can make them feel like you're comparing them to an impossible ideal.

>> No.9899976

>Have you ever dated someone who openly shows their attraction to fictional characters who are 1000x more attractive and special than you will ever be

No because my self esteem isn't so low that I would sink to someone who regularly acts like an immature child/ voices such statements

>> No.9899985

youre definitely immature if youre spending your time in this shithole

>> No.9899986

>what is reading comprehension

>> No.9899991

>"I wouldn't date somebody who acts like an immature child!!!!"
>you're immature too
>"y-you can't read!!!!!"
retarded and immature, shame

>> No.9899992

The 4chan paradox

>> No.9900003

2-3 per week. I wish we could have more but being for 6 years in a stable relationship and stress from work and study significantly lower my libido.

>> No.9900009

>had lewd Miku background on computer
>gf enters diatribe on why im terrible for it and how it makes her feel terrible
>tell her she cant be miku because miku isnt real
>all this time wasted crying and being upset
>could have just noticed it, ordered a shitty taobao costume and had great sex
>somehow liking 2D girls makes me more immature than a crying mess that's jealous of a nonexistant character

>> No.9900015

waifus are a bit silly to care about but
>that or other girls,even one in my comm

you shouldn't be with someone who does that, swoons over other people in front of you. She probably knows youre insecure and doing that is really unfair. talk to her about it & if she refuses to change, don't date her. And don't change yourself for someone.

>> No.9900018

We've had sex once in the year we've been dating. I have no sex drive, and he's not that interested in it. I'm really lucky he doesn't pressure me.

>> No.9900020

That anon didn't say anything about being immature though? Why are you projecting?

And there are men and women who have left SOs/sworn off dating over fictional characters. It's not unreasonable to be worried about it.

>> No.9900024

If you can't handle a job, you shouldn't have it.
I was at a point in my life when I thought lolita was the only thing that made me happy, but honestly, I don't think that's true for anyone. Even if it's something small, remember there's other things you enjoy. Ice cream, video games, drawing, naps, something. You shouldn't feel like you're living for one thing, because you end up putting too much on that one thing. Find a job your comfortable in and buy dresses less often. It'll also make dresses more special when you get them. also hope the meds go well for you.

>> No.9900026

It's not lucky that your partner respects your boundaries gull. Keep them around, they sound better than a lot of people <3

>> No.9900029


> It's not unreasonable to be worried about it.
I would love to hear the story of somebody that broke off a relationship over a waifu.

>> No.9900030

So you're admitting that openly lusting for fictional characters in front of your girlfriend is kind of a dick move, hence why it's understandable to feel bad if it happens to you. Glad we agree.

>> No.9900031

nayrt but >>9899971 and >>9899976 are different people. >>9899976 is replying to >>9899971's question

>> No.9900034

Are you both 14 years old? Genuinely wondering.

>> No.9900037

>projecting this hard

>> No.9900041

This is the most important bit right here. Adding on top of the fact that OP's gf apparently likes that she's "clingy" seems to suggest that she doesn't want her to feel confident and enjoys being with someone who is constantly afraid of losing her by often suggesting that she's attracted to other people on front of her girlfriend. It's a subtle form of manipulation that she might not even realize she's doing.

Just my opinion based on limited info.

>> No.9900043

stay mad retard

>> No.9900047

I honestly wouldn't mind dating someone with waifus as long as they have good taste in waifus.

>> No.9900048

>continuing to project this hard

I hope your mom comes along soon and scolds you for going on websites without her permission. if you're under 18 you cant even be on this site.

>> No.9900049

not >>9900043
I condensed what >>9899976 >>9899985 and >>9899986 said. how is that projecting? is it too difficult for you to understand?

>> No.9900072

Reporting her to the police as it stands won't do much, but reporting her to her place of work or her school could have severe consequences.

Source: the results from when all those lifting tumblrs got doxxed and reported. Some lost scholarships or got fired.

>> No.9900073

>tfw can't go to ax this year because I wasted all my money on gacha ;_;

I don't even play it anymore D:

>> No.9900080

Anon. Credit card.

>> No.9900089

W-what game anon

>> No.9900098

The alchemist code

>> No.9900101

Going on my tenth year, we have sex in sprints.
Occasionally it's 5 times a week if we're lucky, sometimes we're too worn out and go dry for a couple weeks and make up for it in like, a 4 hour session. It really depends.
He has a higher sex drive than I do but I'm generally the one that breaks first, if that makes sense.

>> No.9900105

That first bit is actually pretty insightful.

>> No.9900109

my gf is horny all the time so we do it at least once a day. my sex drive isn't that high I'd rather play games or shitpost desu. if it's really a huge problem there are pills that would increase your drive.

>> No.9900119

Oh hey, looks like we had the same childhood! I've met lots of older lolitas (30+), it's really not that rare. Maybe just buy a few pieces off closet child or lacemarket and see if wearing them makes you feel happy. I believe in you!

>> No.9900125

I'm an oldlita too. I like classic but own a few non-print pieces from baby an AP. I started buying when I was in my late 20's, after getting a promotion and having the disposable income to blow on frills.

There are more of us than I used to think, and there will be a lot more as western fans grow older.

>> No.9900127

Like once or twice every few weeks? I wouldn't mind more, but I've gotten used to it. :/

>> No.9900215
File: 716 KB, 572x576, 1506136383508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>faceless losers on the internet are having more sex than you

>> No.9900222

Lol reminds me of this

>Had a good thing going with a girl
>Together for four years
>I loved her so, so much, wanted to marry her
>She dumps me really out of no where just saying she doesn't love me anymore
>I know that she's probably thought about this a lot and the relationship has been dead to her for at least a month by now
>Accept it, wish her well and move on, don't show a lot of upset or anger to her despite feeling my heart getting ripped apart
>She seems a little underwhelmed by my reaction
>Get a waifu
>Buy dakis, figurines, wall scrolls, the works
>2 months pass
>Get a text from her saying she wants to get back together
>I decline (I know it'd just end badly) and say I already have another woman and send her a picture of said daki
>>Is this some sort of fucking joke? Did you ever even like me? You didn't care when I left you and now you're making fun of me with your stupid cartoon girl pillow when I'm asking for you back. You're such a fucking dick. Good bye.
>I didn't respond
>A week later get another text from her
>>Hey, I'd like to meet up and apologise for what I said. I didn't mean it.

Women are fucking insane.

>> No.9900233

You're insane as well. I think you should consider yourself lucky to even be chased by someone at all.

>> No.9900235

What did I do? I moved on and wanted peace.

>> No.9900241

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Relationships are hard to keep going for a long time, takes patience and acceptance
If you're no longer willing to give/she always takes in the relationship, you did the right (ish) thing
Next step is not too be so petty

Since she obviously doesn't see it's done yet, you ought to make that more clear than just lashing out.

>> No.9900245

>doesn't want to take back someone who shows utter contempt for his feelings and self worth


Anon could be 100% bullshit for all anyone here would know, but if you actually read through that and got "he's insane" from that story, you have SEVERE codependency issues. It's so obvious that the only reason they're deigning to take him back is because not groveling at the break up hurt their ego and they want another shot. The best you could possibly say about the ex in that situation is that they're a callous, careless self centered person who wasn't thinking when they dumped him and just changed their mind. At worst they're explicitly emotionally manipulative

>> No.9900248

Maybe it came across badly. I didn't message her back with malice more in just a joking way to show her what I've been up without being too harsh in declining her.

I don't hate her but I really don't want much to do with her because it just brings back emotions I don't want to feel about her anymore. I think she's just lonely and I'm an easy way for her to quell those feelings. She doesn't like me for who I am.

>> No.9900250

>tfw my bf and I have our own respective husbando and waifu
>he buys custom merch of his waifu and I draw and commission works of my husbando
>all of our figures are sitting around our house
>husbandos and waifus aside, we're deeply in love and know that we're #1 to each other

Feels good. He also buys any merch of his waifu he thinks is cute, which includes bags and jewelry that I get to wear. It's always fun throwing together subtle themed coords of her and seeing him get excited.
My husbando is a little bit more obscure, so I've been planning a themed coord for him for a while but haven't put it together yet.

>> No.9900252

Glad you could see past the bullshit and do what you needed for your own well being.

>> No.9900254

I have pulled girls from the cosplay community and I have lower end dad bod, and am a 5'6 manlet.

Just get in a fucking costume and they will come to you no matter what. I'm a fucking austist, so the last girl literally had to shove her number in my hand, which made me finally go "Oh".

>> No.9900267
File: 149 KB, 220x214, fuck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been dating boy for about a year and a half now
>really adore him, he's funny and we have a lot of the same tastes
>been arguing lately though
>nothing super serious, just little spats
>they happen everyday though
>like seriously, can't even be around each other for an hour before we find something to nitpick at
>basically, he continues arguing with me when i make a point, which frustrates me, which means i get annoyed and don't want to interact with him, leading to both of us being awkward and frustrated
>have started getting annoyed with being around him after only two days
>feel like i need to immediately have time to myself, just get overwhelmed with him around
>on top of that, he's not romantic at all, doesn't see the point in going on dates and giving me gifts or even complimenting/flirting with me
>when i asked him why he told me that he's already dating me so why bother with that
>makes me feel pretty shitty, especially when i get all dressed up and have to point it out only for him to says 'it's nice'
>i love him so much but i just have felt super shitty about our relationship lately and wonder what it would be like to be with someone else

My mom told me that this is because we're both getting out of the puppy love stage, but even back then, anything romantic didn't happen and compliments were still like pulling teeth. I just don't know what to do.

>> No.9900276

Have you brought this up to him that it makes you feel bad?

>> No.9900277

dump his ass

>> No.9900284

that's cute as hell

I hope your coord comes out well and wish you two the best!

>> No.9900289 [DELETED] 

Been there, done that
It'll be hard to really tailor any advice for you without knowing more details, but here's a go at general points.
I'm no love expert, the relationship I have just started when we were both really young and immature and we've stuck by each other's side for a long time now.

At some point you guys either find a balance or you go your separate ways
If you want it to work out then finding that balance can and probably should start with you since you're aware of it being an issue.

Police yourself, your tone, question why what he's doing annoys you.
Put yourself in the really frustrating position of being the one that might need to change.

Maybe you and him are both being obtusely pig headed about things that really don't matter.
Some people like to say that 'oh if you're an 'open door' person and he's a 'closed door' person it won't work' but that's horse shit if you ask me.

Things get hard, work frustrates you, stress from a shitty situation with your parents makes you depressed, then you go home to spend time with your bf and all he wants to do is nag you.

Here's where my advice actually becomes helpful:
>Google 'love languages' and do a bit of soul searching, how do you show your love and what do you respond best to?
>Remember that relationships are build on trust, and that's not just an idiom. He cares about you, trust that. You care about him, help remind him.
>Learn to determine if you're in a bad mood because he keeps leaving the lights on, or if you're just stressed

C o m m u n i c a t e - your take away if nothing else is that ineffective or omitted communication is your enemy, get better at it.

And lastly.. how long has it been since you got laid? Keeping a physical relationship going that satisfies both of you is really really important.

>> No.9900291

I wrote a response but I realized I'm retarded and didn't into reading comprehension, sorry, long day.

Communicate your concerns, teach him the value of showing love in a relationship.
>Google 'love languages' and do a bit of soul searching, how do you show your love and what do you respond best to?
>Teach it to him
You guys are probably pretty young?

>> No.9900306
File: 237 KB, 898x889, 1517322236324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bro, props for this. You have to show her you have a spine and backbone, and you aren't going to be her lapdog. True respect, don't let any bimbos here tell you you're insane for what you did, I would have done the same.

I actually did something similar to this when a friend of mine asked me why I turn down so many girls despite being a virgin. Sent her a pic of my waifu and said I already have a girlfriend. This was like 8 years ago though, since then I've already found a real girl who's really lovely and I enjoy being with but also accepts my waifu as well.

Stay chad, Anon.

>> No.9900327

You can have a waifu AND a gf, y'know.

>> No.9900335

Fuck that

>> No.9900363

Sending a photo of your dakimakura gf to your ex is weird as hell. Like, extraordinarily weird. I feel sad to have to even explain this. She that you don't understand how it can be hurtful is also unusual.

And who even said I was defending the girl? It's more of a "you deserve each other" situation. I don't see either of them in a positive light.

>> No.9900365
File: 60 KB, 716x570, 1522770002527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is a temporary distraction some kind of horrible betrayal to your partner? Why are open relationships such a fucking taboo? What happens when your partner claims to love you, but doesn't spend enough time with you, and communication doesn't convince them to change their minds? Why should I have to throw away everything we've built for years when I can just start seeing someone else in their absence? Why does me seeing other people have to mean I don't love them?
Why can't I just say "I could *possibly* end up getting some feelings for one of my friends if we grow apart too much, I hope that's okay"? Fucking none of this would be happening if they weren't so distant in the first place, but if I said any of this, I'd be the bad guy. Why? I haven't even actually done anything, but I can feel myself becoming attached to someone new, and I know it can only cause problems. So, my only morally defensible options are: Be lonely, but technically "with" my partner because we technically love each other, or just sever my ties with them completely (even though our issues might only be temporary) and be even lonelier.
Absence only makes the heart grow fonder to a certain point. After that, without your knowledge or permission, it starts seeking a replacement, and if you happen to run into a good candidate, you're pretty much fucked.

>> No.9900366

>get chatted up by another gull
>tfw i suck hard ass at talking to people
>oh dang what a qt tho
>always flirting
>plan on meeting
>probably catching feels
>”other gull is probably talking to 10 others and planning hookups anyway”
>”pretty sure they’re only talking to me to get info to use against me”
>damn I love being paranoid

hahaha hell yea time to sabotage myself again

>> No.9900370

I can't stand people like you with retribution power fantasies. I hope that anon doesn't take your example because he seems like a well intentioned person, if slightly socially retarded. We don't need more bitter nerds in this world.

>> No.9900371

If you're into anime and have a gf then you absolutely 100% have a waifu as well. Some people just aren't open about it.

>> No.9900373
File: 113 KB, 775x1067, 1515626754626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a betrayal if you made the agreement not to fucking do it by entering into a monogamous relationship with that person. You're LYING to them by doing something that you said that would not.

Now, if you tell them and agree to an open relationship; That's fine.

If you feel that you're not getting enough out of the relationship, they refuse to change and you'd RATHER JUST SEE OTHER PEOPLE - Break up with them and see other people.
I don't even see why this is such a big deal. If you're that unhappy in your relationship, leave it and start a new one that suits you.

>> No.9900374

Maybe you should tell her all that instead of texting a photo of your waifu. It would be more effective.

>> No.9900380

This sounds like you have first boyfriend syndrome. Happy to be in a relationship at all, but don't know how it feels to be treated with respect or have healthy communication. You don't need to settle for this guy.

>> No.9900382


>> No.9900383

Can't you just start dating poly people to avoid this problem?

I once worked with a girl who was in an open relationship with a long time boyfriend and she would sleep around a lot. I mean personally both she and the bf seemed like weirdos but at least they were weirdos together with consent to sleep with or fall in love with anyone they wanted.

>> No.9900384

I really am talking to kids aren't I...

>> No.9900386


>> No.9900387

Well yeah but currently I don't have any girls I'm interested in unless you count instragram crushes on minor cosplay girls in different countries as interested.

If the right girl comes along I don't mind having a gf and a waifu at all.

I mean, I'm not complaining about my current situation. I just wanted to tell my story.

It is weird. That's why I found it funny and did it. She broke up with me and tore my heart apart. I went a found a way to deal with those feelings. I feel I am in no wrong here. I just wanted to show her that I'm doing just fine without her and she should move on too and deal with her feelings without me.

>> No.9900392

I am able to see a funny part about messaging a clingy ex a picture of a waifu/husbando but I also realize some people who have problems moving on from a relationship might take it the wrong way.
At least it is a few steps above messaging/"leaking" a photo of yourself and someone else hugging in a "we are together now pls be jealous"-way

>> No.9900395

You handled it in a petty and immature way hence why I'm not applauding you. Especially now that I know you're not socially retarded and jus did it to spite her. Hurting people back isn't the answer. You knew what you were doing.

Simply telling her "no", and if she asks why, explain how you really feel, and ignoring any subsequent messages she sends you is all you need to do in these situations. Being the bitter ex should be beneath you.

>> No.9900396

if you're >>9900370 you are literally retarded

>> No.9900397

I am retarded. I'm wasting my night tying to teach emotional intelligence to a group of anonymous possibly children on a cartoon image board. I do in fact see the irony.

>> No.9900399


>> No.9900400

I don't need applauding. I did what I thought was the best course of action and what would bring me the best net result. I don't owe her anything. She is now a stranger to me.

However, I feel you're projecting a bit here. Not even trying to insult you but this seems to be something you are going through or have gone through.

>> No.9900401

Yup. But maybe I'll help at least one person. That's all I can really hope for when I get into my "why are you like this let me tell you how to be a better person" zone. I live a boring life at the moment.

>> No.9900403
File: 996 KB, 387x281, adsads.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you so much anon!!

>> No.9900404

It isn't something I've gone through or even particularly relate to. It's just how I interpret your story. If I'm wrong I'm wrong, it's no skin off my back.

>> No.9900405

so it is a rather inappropriate thing to do even if preceded by an explanation about how anon feels?

>> No.9900406
File: 68 KB, 564x775, 7702ffb2a73d3798d45c9ba17d719e19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2-3 times a week but changes with night shift, exams and life. The moment I do more with gym and j-fash, the more I want to get down.

>> No.9900409

Honestly I dunno. I think the way the original OP was written led me to think that they were in a codependent and unhealthy relationship where they get off on hurting each other. I thought he was demonizing her for breaking up with him and victimizing himself when she didn't think his joke was funny when she came crawling back. To be honest it is objectively kinda funny. I'd I saw it in an anime I'd probably laugh. And that she still wanted him back after losing her shit about it is also kind of funny in a sadcringe way.

I thin it was the "women are insane" line that lost me, not to be on a #notallwomen soap box but they are so many women who would not react that way. It was a hyperbolic statement I'm sure, but too autistic to realize that sometimes.

>> No.9900416

You're right, anon. But,
>Now, if you tell them and agree to an open relationship; That's fine.
How can I tell them in a way that doesn't sound bad? I've already come so far with this person, and I love them (and they say they love me too). I don't want to leave or hurt them.
Won't most people just respond with "Lmao that's some cuck shit, fuck you for even fixing your mouth to say this to me, you traitorous piece of shit" and leave?

>> No.9900419

>Won't most people just respond with "Lmao that's some cuck shit, fuck you for even fixing your mouth to say this to me, you traitorous piece of shit" and leave?
Maybe find someone who wouldn't say that then.

>> No.9900420

>Can't you just start dating poly people to avoid this problem?
I didn't know this would happen. In fact, I was disgusted with poly people in the past and called it cuckoldry (and my partner even agreed and said they could never deal with it unless all parties are equally in love), so maybe this is my punishment.

>> No.9900422

>find someone
>I've already come so far with this person, and I love them (and they say they love me too). I don't want to leave or hurt them.

>> No.9900425

This isn't a punishment, you're just learning more about yourself as you age. Maybe this relationship wasn't meant to be forever but it did help you realize your sexuality. You can take what you've learned to your future relationships. Just make sure this is really what you want and you aren't just horny.

>> No.9900426

This. My first relationship was exactly like that, I thought the guy I was dating was so great and that our relationship was meant to be, even though most of it was spent arguing.
He never took me out on dates or did anything romantic or even just nice because he thought it was 'pointless and a waste of money', constantly criticized me and belittled all of my interests.
Because he was the first guy I ever was with though and I admired him as a person I tried to look past all of that. After a painful 4 years I finally broke up with him and my life improved a lot. I found a boyfriend now who I actually get along with perfectly and I'm the happiest I've ever been.

Even if you love your boyfriend and you appreciate him as a person doesn't mean that your relationship will necessarily work out. Please don't cling onto things or people which cause you that much stress and unhappiness, it's really not worth it.

>> No.9900428

nayrt but yes, most people would leave the second their partner would even suggest opening up the relationship since most people enter into a relationship under the pretext that it will be totally monogamous. Or at least any person with a modicum of self-respect would.

Most people view sex as the one and only thing that you exclusively do with your partner that you do not do with anyone else. And so to suggest that you want to do it someone else would make that person feel they're not special and they are now devalued.

You're better off finding a new partner. If you don't want to throw away what you've 'already built' just take a step back and think about what you have actually built if the relationship has left you feeling this way.

>> No.9900429

If you're serious about wanting to fall in love with and fuck other people, then you are going to hurt this person eventually. You will either cheat on them or you will tell them the truth about your desires and end the relationship. That is, if you're actually serious. In the long run the truth will cause the least pain for you both.

>> No.9900431

I promise you that nobody was ever posted in an ita thread for their skin color or body shape outside being overweight or unusually tall. I guess you might have to look into tips to avoid boob loaf if you're busty.

>> No.9900439 [DELETED] 
File: 13 KB, 318x159, creepygamebutfitsthelook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you want a/s/l then check out the friend finder thread. However, most of them aren't looking for partners.
Have you ever noticed that the majority of otome games have a startling lack of beefcake? Have you ever noticed a large number of movie and TV actors considered attractive by young women aren't actually built like a tank? (Remember Legolas [Orlando Bloom]?, he was the heartthrob of many ladies.) The majority of women want you to be fit, but most don't care for men to be 'ripped'. Not /fit/-tier 'ripped' at least. Okay, so, most men wouldn't rule out a woman just because she has a gigantic chest. However, the men out there who feel this extreme attraction toward them based on their large chest are fetishists basically. Ripped, large muscles on a man are the same way. There's some woman out there who adore it, but they aren't reflective of women on a whole. In fact, if you're too ripped, it shows that you're a gym fanatic. There are woman out there who would be inclined to ignore you because they don't particularly care for fitness fanatics. It's important not to be awfully overweight, and it's important to be toned. However, being 'ripped' for any reason other then personal enjoyment is silly. It's only going to secure those women with a fetish for ripped men no less then beards only secure women with a fetish for beards. Does that make any sense?

>> No.9900441
File: 13 KB, 318x159, creepygamebutfitsthelook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you want a/s/l then check out the friend finder thread. However, most of them aren't looking for partners.
Have you ever noticed that the majority of otome games have a startling lack of beefcake? Have you ever noticed a large number of movie and TV actors considered attractive by young women aren't actually built like a tank? (Remember Legolas [Orlando Bloom]? He was the heartthrob of many ladies.) The majority of women want you to be fit, but most don't care for men to be 'ripped'. Not /fit/-tier 'ripped' at least. Okay, so, most men wouldn't rule out a woman just because she has a gigantic chest. However, the men out there who feel this extreme attraction toward them based on their large chest are fetishists basically. Ripped, large muscles on a man are the same way. There's some woman out there who adore it, but they aren't reflective of women on a whole. In fact, if you're too ripped, it shows that you're a gym fanatic. There are woman out there who would be inclined to ignore you because they don't particularly care for fitness fanatics. It's important not to be awfully overweight, and it's important to be toned. However, being 'ripped' for any reason other then personal enjoyment is silly. It's only going to secure those women with a fetish for ripped men no less then beards only secure women with a fetish for beards. Does that make any sense?

>> No.9900444

Happy International Lolita Day, frilly friends!
>t. A friendly cosplayer

>> No.9900445 [DELETED] 

I'll add though... do you notice an unusually high amount of older women complimenting you 30-35+? I've noticed that older women seem to hold a different opinion on being ripped compared to women under 30. I'm not super familiar with media from the 80's back, but it might be that media, which influences what people find attractive, have changed since the 90's onward. I really have noticed a high amount of older women attracted to beefcake.

>> No.9900447

I'll add though... do you notice an unusually high amount of older women complimenting you (30-35+)? I've noticed that older women seem to hold a different opinion on being ripped compared to women under 30. I'm not super familiar with media from the 80's back, but it might be that media, which influences what people find attractive, has changed since the 90's onward. I really have noticed a high amount of older women attracted to beefcake.

I will say that people recommending you to do cosplay might be because the majority of games, anime, and manga catered toward men and teenage boys do feature ripped characters, and you might fit that look. Again though, super muscular characters almost disappear entirely when you look at games, manga, and anime catered toward women.

>> No.9900452

Thank you, anon! Have a lovely Saturday.

>> No.9900453

>tfw doing nothing lolita-related on ILD because it’s 2hot2live and I have too many chores to do this weekend
>try to get a bit of sewing in at least
>downstairs neighbors start thumping on the ceiling at the slightest noise (despite keeping me up all night with their shitty music)
>wakey wakey bitches it’s past noon

I have no sex drive so it depends on him, and his drive comes in waves usually depending on how stressed he is from work. Sometimes he wants to have sex twice a day for a week straight and sometimes we go three or four weeks without having sex at all. I prefer the latter to be honest, because I get sore easily and when I tell him I don’t want to he gets all mopey, sometimes lasting several days.

>> No.9900468

>The majority of women want you to be fit, but most don't care for men to be 'ripped'. Not /fit/-tier 'ripped' at least.
Indeed. The main demographic for that body type are gay men, not heterosexual females.

>> No.9900473
File: 1.72 MB, 393x268, IMG_5634.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is so pure thank you you too

>> No.9900551

I listed my AX badge for sale in the reddit, and everyday i get someone asking for them, only for them to never reply again after I respond. It's like this when I try to sell cosplays on facebook groups too. Why do people do this shit? It's so annoying. Are they just afraid to say that they don't want it anymore?

>> No.9900555
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I'll be your lolita friend anon! You got an email or discord or something? I'm a lonelita too. I only ever see other lolitas at cons and I feel weirdly out of place around them for some reason so I never manage to befriend any of them. I only have one lolita friend but we're not really close and she lives on the other side of the country.

>> No.9900562


The one time I was with my bf for more than a week my sex drive worryingly dropped for a straight week. I was stressed from doing an intense rotation, but I had free time in evenings and I actually had a quality of life so idk what happened other than 13 hour shifts and being constantly worried. It probably was it, but still it sucked because I sort of pride myself on a high sex drive.

>> No.9900625

>pride myself on a high sex drive

>> No.9900674

I'll be a lonelita friend too! juniperberrie@hotmail.com

>> No.9900786

maybe they only need some cook
(ladies, I am free if you need one)

>> No.9900795

what I heard, /k/ dates /cgl/

>> No.9900800
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I honestly think it's the target group, I have the same problem too. Meanwhile my mother sells her things in facebook groups for other middle aged women and never once had that problem. Our generation is just full of impolite cunts who are only nice to strangers of they get praised for it.

>> No.9900814 [DELETED] 

Gladly! My discord is: renny#2937 you might have to copy and paste because of the font, I'm sorry.

>> No.9900817

Gladly, it's nice to have someone that relates! My discord is renny#2937, but if email is easier I can drop a throwaway too.

>> No.9900821

Even though /tg/ makes for a better partner.

>> No.9900827

but, I am from /tg/...

>> No.9900828
File: 1.55 MB, 227x172, mf16.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw a dress I suddenly decided that I want popped up several times on the secondhand market
>tfw I crossed it off my wish list within two days
The lolita gods have smiled upon me. Happy ILD, gulls.

>> No.9900858

I'm dating a /k/ommando. I highly recommend.

>> No.9900978

Honestly, I could use a cook to help me make this rice tonight. It's the only dish I can't seem to get perfectly fluffy.

>> No.9901108

>Friend an hero'd
>Her mom gifts friend's wardrobe to me
>Wasn't really that close to her
>Say I'll sell them off to raise money for the funeral
>"No Anon. She said in her more she wants you to have them. We will take care the the funeral, just please keep her clothes."
>Even though I wasn't close to her I was apparently her best friend
>She was that lonely

I'm sorry...

>> No.9901114

>finally find a dream item
>just waiting for a check to clear before I buy it
>bitch keeps relisting it, a higher price each time
what the fuck
I guess I’m gonna wait and see if she’ll ever drop the price again now?

>> No.9901115

Fuck dude. I hope you'll wear her dresses and make her happy. You might not believe in this kind of stuff, but I think that would make her smile in the afterlife.

>> No.9901126
File: 76 KB, 1186x791, you&#039;re not special.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Please don't sell those dresses.

>> No.9901132

Oh fuck my heart hurts now.

>> No.9901188

New thread >>9901182