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It's about the time of the year when con season starts up. What are some of your con horror stories?

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I went to a con when I was around 15 dressed as a genderbent character, went to a photoshoot, and a 20-something pudgy dude forced a kiss on me during the ship shoot for our characters. That was... an experience.

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I went to my first convention as a wildly overstimulated Deidara at the ripe age of 16 and somehow ended up in an intense game of spin the bottle. I had a blast at the time, but looking back I cringe at the entire scenario, especially knowing I kissed a 24 year old Sasori cosplayer.

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Small story but I remember this one dude at animenexts dance who mustve either been really drunk or really over eager.

Like he kept on trying to dance with these group of asian girls who were with their boyfriends and he kept on trying to get one of them to dance with him.

it almost seemed like the boyfriends might confront the dude by pushing him away but then right besides them he started dancing with this equally drunk girl and sloppily making out with her.

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>Smelly Guy
>Also plays Smash Bros

Fucking hell, what is it with people with awful B.O. and playing Smash Bros? I remember reading through a whole thread on the topic of how bad Smash players smelled.

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Don't post this guy with that gross crap. His cosplay was actually pretty damn great.

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I had an artist alley table and was placed next to an obese couple. They smelled like farts *during the entire convention*. I had to get up and walk around multiple times just to get fresh air.

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Cons need to start kicking people out for having offensive odors like that. That and have cons include personal care products in those con swag bags.

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I think I have the worst one of all
I've never been to a con

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Got a few
We were about 22 for this one:
>walking back to hotel room with friend, want to get out of our cosplays
>two fat 40 year old men walk up to us and ask what the costumes were for
>explain it
>"Oh thats neat, we do computer programing, want to talk later? Give us your number"
>Quickly think up a fake number, while eyeing my very uncomfortable friend
>"Can't wait to talk to you two later" and they walk away
>Walk past our room so they don't know which is ours and turn a corner and wait a few before going to our rooms.

>Doing artist alley for the first time, already tired of dealing with aspies
>Girl walks up all excited and starts touching all my stuffed animals talking about digimon and which is her favorite, and who she doesn't like
>She does this for 15 minutes before asking a price
>Tell her, "Oh well I need to wait for my dad to pay"
>continues talking about digimon, takes her dad another 10 minutes to get there. She's scared off 3 customers by trying to tell them how great my digimon plush are and that they better buy them
>Dad is only willing to buy 1, she freaks out wanting 3 of them. I offer a deal where she'd get 2 for the price of 1. She continues to freak out needing that 3rd one.
>I offer to throw it in to get them to go away. Dad tells me not to, pays for the 1 and pulls the girl away.
>She tried to come back the next day but I ran to the bathroom when I saw her coming.

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This one happened at the same con as the 1st story.
>It's about 2am friday night of the con, we're all getting ready for bed, and waiting for our last friend to come back from the rave
>hear a knock on the door, so we open it since he didn't have a room key
>Drunk girl walks into room past us and tries to flop down on the air mattress we have on the floor.
>It takes 2 friends 10 minutes to convince her we aren't her room, and still can't get the correct room number out of her. They decide to walk her down to the hotel staff to find her the correct room.
>Takes them 20 more minutes because she remembered right as they got downstairs, and wanted to confirm it was the right room when they got there. She was 10 floors wrong.

Final one:
>Last summer had a Breath of the Wild meet
>All excited in my Mipha costume
>A loud Link in a clearly bought costume starts trying to give orders to everyone even though he's not the person running it.
>Tries to pick up and DROPS a Zelda, without asking her.
>Gets mad at other Links that look better and keeps mouthing off
>Demands a lot of shots of him with all the girls
>Makes a run at me when it's time for Link and Mipha, quickly move to other side of the photo before he can try anything, he settles on a small Mipha and tries to pick her, entire group stops him before he can wrap his hands around her
>My friend taking photos gets tired of his mouth and starts yelling for him to shut up or move out of the frame on pictures. Rest of people at the meet laugh and he ends up dropping his shield and it breaks.

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I agree 100%. I understand it's supposed to be friendly to introverts and shy people, but you gotta put your foot down when you start getting coprophiles and the cave troll. You don't have to band them, but tell them they should come back presentable.

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Holy shit was this at Otakon? I may have been that Sasori cosplayer

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Its a strategic maneuver used to sabotage players. Some players will purposely reak so bad as a hopeful attempt to distract the opponent they are facing and have an advantage over them. I know this because I spoke to someone in a tourney about it and they say its a form of distracting the competition and making their opponents not play optimally. Sometimes it can be very effective. Thats why some tourneys now enforce a rule of disqualification for anyone with poor hygiene.

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This is bullshit and you got played.

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No, omg haha it was at Metrocon, I think 2011 but I'm not positive.

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I'm going to my first con alone at the age of 23, tell me what horrors should I expect.

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I know this girl who will take panty shots given any opportunity.
After toting around a crappy digital camera for a few years she managed to procure a Canon DSLR (it was caked with a strange purple goo)

More often than not she will know the victims and shove her camera under her friends/acquaintances skirts and proceed to show them off to other people around her. A lot of her friends, unfortunately, didn't wear safety shorts or have acne-ridden backsides.
I felt mortified for them but I felt like even if I explained it to her, she wouldn't understand why it was wrong to do that.

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M8 what the fuck are you doing kissing underages

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>greasy pervert puts herself in the ideal face stomping angle giving you a perfect reason to stomp her fucking mug
>what do I do

You stomp the piece of shit, that's what.

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why is it girls are the worst at respecting other peoples bodies and space at these things? The only time I ever went to a con as a character with a lot of cleavage, the only sexual harassment I had was from other girls. Guys tended to be shy or polite. This one girl kept running up behind me and grabbing my boobs when I was talking with others. I asked her multiple times to stop and she just told me to stop being tsundere. After a while I had to ask security to get her to stop and then she just followed me around and gave me the stink eye for a while. Fanime 05 ish.

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depression from seeing thousands of happy people with their friends having fun together while you are bored and alone.
but anime characters do it and it is super cute??????????????

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>depression from seeing thousands of happy people with their friends having fun together while you are bored and alone.

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unrelated to the con, But during my first time ever attending SDCC i had to do a graveyard shift internship at the same week

i can never do only 4 hours of sleep

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Because guys end up being assraped in jail and/or outcast from society by everyone who knows and in the age of social media, everyone knows after doing stuff like this.
A girl or even a women? No one gives a single shit because same gender and because women basically cant sexually offend anyone.

I bet there are enough guys who are even turned on by such a behaviour. Hit on a girl like "Hi Im a sex offender, whats up?" and you spend your date with the police. Do that as a girl, bonsupoints for semi-lesbian stuff and theres a good chance you'll get laid behind then next corner.

Also: Anime. If people spend their time watching cartoons that sexualize basically everything, some of them might lose grip on reality a bit.

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I really hope that's sarcasm, anon.

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>Convention in a hotel allows regular (non-service) pets in on a "pet-passport" system

Really don't think a big busy con with people in costumes is great for any pet, but anyway

>Only one person takes it up. Brings their dog.
>Dog barks the whole con
>Takes a shit in the main foyer and owner doesn't clean it up.

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I was a competitive smash player for a few years. Those tournaments were d a n k

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I brought mine once to a localish con when I did not have a dog sitter.

>paranoid the entire time he or I will be a nuisance
>paranoid he might not enjoy being in the room alone when I’m gone, or out with so many people
>mfw he loves hotel room and staff brings him things like treats and extra blankets to sleep on like a luxury pup
>mfw he loves drunk cosplayers who just need some water, rest, and a cuddle before stumbling off to their rooms.
>mfw he’s better at socializing at cons than I am and spends most of the evening sitting in the entrance of the party suite next to mine hitting on chicks.

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>fanime 2010?
>cosplaying snow villiers
>walking around on the mezzanine level by the entrance to vendors
>all of a sudden a lightning cosplayer comes right at me
>haymaker right in the jaw
>i get knocked on my ass, she keeps on walking
>never fucking saw her again

that was one hell of a year.

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Was volunteer staff for my local con one year. Had to spend the whole weekend on the lookout for a dude who saw some girl cosplaying his waifu, and instead of doing anything reasonable, he ran up behind her, picked her up, and threw her over his shoulder before setting her down and running off. The girl, keeping in mind she was facing away for all this, had her spine bent much farther backwards than it was supposed to when she was thrown over his shoulder, and she had a pre-existing back condition. She was also underage. Parents had to be called, medical attention sought. She never even saw who did it, so we didn't find him.

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Where does she post these?

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nayrt but it was extremely obvious sarcasm explaining those girls thought process

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>Be me
>Most recent Holiday Matsuri
>Have concealed carry because I live in a sketchier part of St.Petersburg
>Rooming with a friend and 2 randoms (although he knew them kind of)
>Tell friend to ask the other 2 people if they feel comfortable with my gun being in the room (with all precautions of course, in the safe, magazine removed and safety on)
>Put gun and mag in hotel safe, tell my friend the combo and get dressed and go to the con
>Come back to the room and my gun and mag are on the table and see pissed off looking rando who I’m rooming with
>Proceeds to go on tumblr rant about “muh guns” and starts crying
>Literally says “the worst mass shooting in the US happened in THIS CITY and you literally bring a fucking GUN?” All while going full tumblrmode crying and telling me the pulse victims blood is “just as much on my hands” and how owning a gun means I don’t care about LGBTQ lives
>the inner /k/ommando is too busy laughing his ass off for me to roast this girl
>just tell her “well xxx said you and yyy both said it was ok”
>The inner /k/ommando in me has stopped laughing at this point and is getting ready to read her the riot act and I hit her with the following points
>If someone in that club would have had a CWP maybe not so many lives would have been lost
>If there are that many homophobic people with guns who want to kill you shouldn’t there be MORE armed LGBTQ to defend themselves and others
>If you were so scared shitless why on God’s green earth did you physically pick up my gun, remove my gun and the magazine from the safe and put it on the bed. For all you know it could have had one in the chamber. Plus touching a strange gun? Lot of big no nos
>She’s bawling at this point. Friend and other rando come in and calm her down

Why are people like this

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Where was the Link story? How old did the Link look? That sounds exactly like this one guy I know

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I think you meant women

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Because crazy bitches dig cosplay and anime so the "ND" (nutjob-density describing the amount of uncontrolled maniacs per square meter) is way higher than normal. People arent like that but it appears different because convention goers sometimes (vaguely) resemble real humans making it look like emotionally not wrecked people also act like this.

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>you gave code to friend
>friend removed firearm from safe and placed on table
>for some reason?
My version of this “horror story” would be
>no longer friends with that person
>left immediately and did not enjoy that con

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You know with all the mentally fucked up people that attend anime conventions, I'm surprised that there hasn't been a mass shooting at one of these things. Cons would be a first responders worst nightmare because the shooter could easily ditch the weapon and blend in with the crowd.

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A toiletry and cologne stall in a convention hall would do very well.

>> No.9909817

airplanes kick people out for people smelling like shit but not cons

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>I'm surprised that there hasn't been a mass shooting at one of these things.

dont jinx it, especially when there are already shooting threats towards some guests and gas attacks

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Smash 4 players are usually teenagers, and Melee players are often literal sociopaths who are physically incapable of feeling compassion for the people who have to deal with them, as well as being socially maladjusted manchildren.

>> No.9909978

holy cow, that sounds horrible..! ; A ;

>> No.9909982

I had one at a local con a few years back, it did pretty well selling fun soaps and fantasy themed perfumes, but there were a disturbing amount of people who said "Nah I don't use soap."
But at least I didn't need to suffer con funk at my stall.

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Poor South Park WoW cosplayer being used as an image for this

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>be 22
>get asked for your number
>horror story

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I think it's because they are 22 year olds being hit on by 40 something year olds? Not really a horror but consider a little creepy. Especially if they are in cosplay and cosplay in question was somewhat revealing.

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The legend of Elsa. True classic

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>>I'm surprised that there hasn't been a mass shooting at one of these things.
>dont jinx it, especially when there are already shooting threats towards some guests and gas attacks

I witnessed an explosive item be used at a con. It's not fun and the response from the surrounding con goers was sad. But I can't blame them, I reacted the same way.

Okay, I've posted this story a few times, but it's still one of my favorites to tell. There was a guy who smuggled a confetti canon into the New York comic con. I don't know what his exact goal was with it, but I can tell you what he did with this cannon and what he may have been trying to accomplish.

I was with my friend in the autograph area, downstairs at the Jacob Javitz center. We're standing by a trash can and admiring the large barrier that Sigourney Weaver and Sylvester Stallone received for their own autograph area.

A tall skinny dude with greasy hair in a ponytail and vampire fangs in his mouth stops by the trash can. He's holding a long cardboard tube, no labeling on it, so my friend and I thought it was holding a poster container.

Turned out to be an explosively loud confetti cannon. He literally just holds it out, aimed at the Stallone/Weaver barrier and pulls the cord.

This thing was loud, and the confetti only went 20-30 feat. Didn't get close to the barrier, let alone, over it. Greasy dude just stares at the empty tube with a tooth vampire grin and turns around, walking to the escalators that would lead him outside.

Everyone in that area was literally frozen in place, staring at him. They would've been sheep if he actually was packing to do harm. I'm not one to talk, my friend and I were frozen in place too.

As he's walking out, a zerg of legit muscle toned guards with ear pieces came out of a side entrance and swarm him. The guy almost touched the first step on the escalator, but once the guards reached him, his body flew with them off to the side behind closed doors.

>> No.9910886

>Everyone in that area was literally frozen in place, staring at him. They would've been sheep if he actually was packing to do harm.
Those people didn't see an obvious weapon like a rifle or handgun so they are still trying to process where the threat is coming from.

>> No.9910887

That frozen in shock thing is really prevalent across the world (I am a true crime fan). There are many cases of people freezing up in the face of impending danger because the lizard part of the brain takes over and goes “maybe if I stay still the bad thing will leave me alone”.

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first though why would you tell them them the combo honestly

>> No.9911156


Wish I would have done that I feel now that as a firearm owner and CWP holder that it was the more responsible and correct thing to do

>> No.9911158

>bring gun to convention
>roommates not properly warned
>their introduction to it is you putting the fucking thing on a table to show off
>expecting a good reaction from this
are all /k/ crossboarders this retarded?

>> No.9911159

Never trust. Always vigil.

>> No.9911161

>Misses the part where he left it in the safe
I mean

>> No.9911163

>their introduction to it is you putting the fucking thing on a table to show off

No, what happened was that the guy gave everyone the safe combo so they took the gun out while he was gun and they put it on the table.

I would have just kept the gun on me; what the fuck is this guy doing telling everyone he has a gun and giving everyone the means to access it.

>> No.9911165

but they told someone else the combination and let them handle a firearm unsupervised
how is that any safer?
the OP just sounds pants on head retarded. Either way the first introduction the person who freaked out had to the thing was someone dropping it on a table with the mags to show off. There was no reason to remove it other than to either show off or freak out that person on purpose

>> No.9911171

Hence why he shouldn't be friends with that person he trusted.
He might have thought to give a second person the combination in case he missed a number.
It would be hell to involve the hotel to get it back when the alternative is letting a trusted buddy know the number too.

>> No.9911175

the whole thing sounds like a $100% true story to mock "muh liberals" anyway. I think it's just a /pol/ or /k/ crossboarder trying to stir up shit and troll

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>be in mid teens
>unironically watch shoujo
>become the shoujo bishonen cosplayer
>one of my first large conventions (5k+)
>much older girl starts to talk to me
>shes almost 30 but she seems pretty cool
>run into her a few more times on the first day of con
>eventually invites me and my friend to room party
>think im pretty cool getting invited to a room party
>go to room, its mostly older people, theres alcohol and lots of snacks
>they keep asking if my friend and i want something to drink
>older girl that invited us keeps suggesting we try the alcohol soaked gummy worms
>i decline because i hadnt really drank before
>she keeps suggesting we try the gummy worms
>my friend takes a few shots, eats a couple of the gummy worms
>stay around for a while longer
>friend says he starts to feel really tired
>we joke about him being a lightweight
>start to leave because i wanted to get some things from the dealers room, get friend back to our room if hes sick
>older girl tries really hard to get us to stay, hugs me to keep me from getting to door
>more people (mostly older guys) are coming into room
>manage to leave as they enter and go back to room with friend, he's visibly disoriented
>put him in room with trash can next to bed if he throws up
>go get that sweet merch
>come back to room a while later, friend is out and asleep
>older girl and rest of people from party are nowhere to be found for rest of the con, dont really think about what happened
>few months later talking to older friend at a party who was studying to be a nurse
>tell her the story and laugh about it to take a jab at my lightweight friend
>she gets a very concerned look on her face and says they were trying to drug us
>suddenly everything weird about it makes sense
>managed to avoid being gangraped by older gay men by being a goody two shoes and not drinking or eating food from strangers

>> No.9911252

>she gets a very concerned look on her face and says they were trying to drug us
??? How this that story any different from any other drunk party where people peer pressure each other into drinking more?

>> No.9911259

>pressuring underage kids to drink
>friend passed the fuck out for hours because of only 3-4 shots
>girl physically holding me back from getting out of room
>continued to be pressured to eat gummy worms nobody else was eating

i dont think they had good intentions anon

>> No.9911483

Yeah being in a small hotel hall with 2 large guys probably twice your age hitting on you isn't creepy
The hot tub at the old sac anime location was known for this. There would be like 3 guys just handing out rando drinks from their back packs they'd bring to the pool. I had my friend make us drinks be just brought with us while our guy friend drank the random stuff. He pretty much had the same thing from your story happen.

>> No.9911547

wat does revealing cloths got to do with it?

>> No.9911583

No such thing as a free drink. People always want something in return and it’s almost always your ass.

>> No.9911585

I think I was dressed as Eep from The Croods. Not really revealing. It was that or Xion from Kingdom Hearts.

>> No.9911657

The gummy worms or drinks were laced with rape drugs, anon.

>> No.9911660

kinda didn't want to post this because it may give people ideas, but I knew you could make gummies absorb alcohol.
i don't think that the shots were spiked, but that somehow the gummies had a roofie dissolved into them along with the alcohol?
other people had drank from the same bottle so im fairly certain it was something with the gummies.
only looking back on it did I think about why everyone was acting so strange and forceful about them.
its terrible because the older girl seemed really nice but she had to have known what she was doing.

>> No.9912897

Literally playing dirty

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Anon, are you retarded? Just keep your gun on you. Why did you leave it behind? Yeah your friends were retarded but I either wouldn't have told them the code or kept it on me if there were randos I didn't know in the room. I don't trust anyone not to steal or do dumb shit with my guns.

>> No.9913012

>BF still hangs out with her

>> No.9913050


>nobody is going to Let It Go


>> No.9913168

Are you retarded?

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>the one story I have is small time compared to the insane shit I read in these threads
>tfw it was pretty much just stupid high school shit

In short, I got in a fight with a very close friend of mine, over her becoming SJW-like in recent years, and that getting worse since she got a bf. It wasn't a catfight, either, we were pretty much trying to legit choke one another to death for a bit, knocking over a few things on merch tables until a group of people broke us up. The "security" at the con barely did anything, we just willingly went our seperate ways, knowing we caused a scene. She did eventually apologize, it took 4 years, but I'm glad she seems to be past a very embarrassing phase. That said, I never hung out with her again, I just have small chats with her every now and then over nerdy shit we like. I've gone to a few cons since then, and some people recognize me, jokingly asking me to calm down.

>> No.9913317


jesus, as small as that may be it still sounds insane

>> No.9913351

You know there are major cons in the first quarter of the year right, con "season" isn't just about to start you fucking pleb

>> No.9913358

I feel like it took balls to play a gross pudgy guy so well. Like, imagine if somebody didn't watch South Park; he'd probably have to deal with a bunch of dicks to bring us a cool costume.

>> No.9913359

Pack a bunch of fat nerds into a small space and they're going to smell, period. Smash, Street Fighter, anime showings, LAN parties, Magic the Gathering, it doesn't matter.

"Smash players are smelly" is just shit talk from assblasted FGC nerds who want to shit on Smash somehow but only know how to insult the players because they can't say anything bad about the game itself.

>> No.9913361

Also, this. Legitimately mad that Jared got attached to this post because he's an all-around great guy. Pretty sure he won an honorable mention at Blizzcon.

>> No.9913420

Not exactly a horror story but last time at con there was this overweight girl who just started following me and my friend everywhere. We didn't know who she was and she didn't even ask if it's okay that she joins our company. It was confusing as hell and at some point we just had to get rid of her because she didn't follow the discussion we were trying to have at all, she just kept rambling her own things and talked over us.

I kind of feel bad because she obviously had some sort of legit autism going on but it's not like they can't learn some basic manners.

>> No.9913426

My guess is that they have low social skills and they learn from anime, where girls grope and harass other girls. Remember when Lucky Star and Haruhi were big things? Lot of girls had this "I'm Konata/Haruhi" thing going on, Konata is like towards Kagami and Miyuki and these girls thought it's cool and quirky.

>> No.9913433

Yeah no. I was big on Lucky Star and Haruhi and still had basic fucking sense.
The correct term for that girl is a cunt.

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I had something like this happen before except with a dude. He assumed I was there to support my kid (I don't have any kids unless a cat counts) and started asking me about my supposed kid. He was wondering whether he/she liked video games in addition to anime. I felt kinda bad for him because you could tell he just wanted someone to talk to or to make a friend. I politely explained that I didn't have any kids and that I was at the con because I enjoyed this stuff myself and that I was waiting on my friends who were using the bathroom.He completely splerged out and couldn't wrap his head around how I didn't have a kid and that I liked this stuff too. Flat out told him that I'm only 27 and I don't plan on having kids soon. Luckily my friends came out of the bathroom and we got away from him as he continued REEEEE-ing.

I felt bad for the dude but at some level he should've been able to connect the dots. I was in cosplay, I was holding a bag of merch, I was checking my StreetPasses on my 3DS, and never at any point did I have any kids around me. And same as you mentioned, basic manners should be achieved. Making weird loud noises and shouting is a no-no.

>> No.9913444

It's confusing, when you're at convention you know that there will be people who are challenged like this so you try to be as understanding as possible. But the line needs to be drawn somewhere, people can't expect they are free to behave like that just because they're in that kind of environment.

>> No.9913453

Right. I try to be polite and kind to everyone but if I'm in an uncomfortable situation then I'm outta there.

This might be an unpopular opinion but here it goes anyways. I understand that a lot of these kinds of people just want to feel "normal" and enjoy life. However, as mentioned, a line needs to be drawn when things start to infringe on other people's enjoyment/comfort/etc. Like if the special needs person is doing alright and you're just being a dick about it then you're flat out being a dick. Now if they can't handle these types of environments or don't do well in public then the person who takes care of them/the parent/etc. should keep this person at home because they should know better. They know it will put said person in distress and cause problems for others.

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>> No.9913542

Dickcon? No it was Anime North.

>> No.9913563

the best part about this story is realizing at the end of reading it that the BF of whoever wrote this pasta was fucking elsa on the side the whole time and still is

>> No.9913572

>Was dating a girl for a few months about 4 of 5 years ago
>Turned out to be crazy and lied to me about dating several other guys next to me
>Went to an anime convention 6 months later, on the second day of the con I notice she's there
>She didn't even like anime, but I didn't really thought a lot of it
>Browse dealer room, every time I look around she's standing a few steps behind me
>Get creeped out, leave the dealer room and head to game room
>Sit down at some beat em up game, look to my right and suddenly she's sitting at the console next to me
>Fast pace out of game room, notice she got up as well
>Turn around in some hallway pretending to have taken a wrong turn at the venue, she does the same
>Now I know for sure she is stalking me at the one convention I religiously attend
>Made sure to have someone with me at all times and notified steward friend who asked the crew to keep an eye out on me
>Crazy girl continues to follow me around, always just standing a few steps behind me but not saying a single word.
>Few weeks later I heard she was going through a mental breakdown at the time
Despite the shit she pulled I'm glad she ended up getting the help she needed. That girl had some serious issues that needed working out.

>> No.9913573


>> No.9913575

Which con anon?

>> No.9913585

creepy because they're fat and old.

>> No.9913924 [DELETED] 

>; A ;
don't do that

>> No.9913999 [DELETED] 


>> No.9914053 [DELETED] 

Go away please

>> No.9914056

What is google

>> No.9914083

ngl I didn't think that was something that I could google and not get UD results.

>> No.9914122

just come in in a gas mask to filter the smell im sure most nato filters should filter out chemical warfare.

>> No.9914301

anyone got some horror stories involving dating a girl/guy you met at a con?

>> No.9914328

I think it has more to do with weebs mimicking anime and trying to be cute or sexy. It's disgusting and autistic.

>> No.9914334

Go back to /b/

>> No.9915115

and then everybody stood up and clapped and the gun was actually Albert Einstein

>> No.9915268

lmao I understand melee autists have bullied you but there is no need to spill out your inner thoughts on a vietnamese fishing forum.

>> No.9915298

I wish I could remember that full Always Sunny quote.

>> No.9915303

This. My ftm coworker literally beat her girlfriend until she showed up to work the next morning covered in bruises and lumps -- in a hotel room funded by our work because we were on a work trip -- and just got moved to a different shift. I tell a different female coworker to fuck off out of a conversation I'm having with a coworker -- while I'm off my shift -- and I got fired for verbal harassment.

That's also coincidentally the same anecdote that has poisoned my impression of trannies and their enablers permanently.

>> No.9915313

Literal shit-eater.

>> No.9916305

>It's creepy because I don't find them attractice!
>I wish chad would do it!

>> No.9916306
File: 53 KB, 589x545, 1507065_10204752132307883_171221121187613646_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Convention venue gives an inch which will allow of great animal companion cosplays
>Aspie takes a mile,ruining it for everyone.

I would have rubbed there nose in it and made a scene. Thats why they get away with shit like this. No one speaks up and shames them.

>> No.9916317

literally drove my friends ass from lax to ax and they never met up with me once

>> No.9916324

My parents drove me and a friend to a con 3 hours away. She left me and avoided me the whole time and even told me to go away at one point, so I can relate.

>> No.9916328


>> No.9916329
File: 116 KB, 554x681, 1426803658544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had a guy do something similar, but with a better outcome. I was wearing pic related and some dudes from an extended friend group kept bothering me. Acting really aggressive (Playing with the skirt, pulling on the laces trying to undue them, touching me) and I was being very clear about not wanting the attention. Swatting hands away, not smiling or playing along, verbally telling them to stop. I complained about it to the others and they said that they will eventually lose interest and stop, and that one of them is this other guys brother so its not like we can just disassociate from them. If it get bad enough just complain to his brother, who unfortunately was never around.

It came to a head in the food court area where I was waiting for some people. They heard from the group where we would be and came right over. I tried ignoring them, no talking no eye contact, and they just played along and said I was their doll now. Then one of them put his hands on my thigh an tried to pull down my sock while running the other up under my skirt. I loudly pretest and back my chair out to get away from him.

I suddenly get lifted out of my chair, turned around, and thrown over someones shoulder. All I could see was tripp pants and a big bushy blue tail. They power walk away from the creeps, who just look kinda shocked at this point, and walk around the corner to a more populated sitting area. They put me down ad apologize. Its some dude with a howling wolf shirt a big blue dog ears.

He looks kinda regretful and asks if those guys were bothering me. I say yeah, they've been jerks all day. He sighs the laughs, saying "That's good, I was hoping I didn't just fuck up". He asks me if my friends are around and if I need to call them. I say they should be here soon. He offers me to go sit with his furry friends until mine show up.

Thank you wolf man, may you yiff to your hearts content.

>> No.9916332
File: 96 KB, 600x800, dscn0862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgive me, wrong pic. Heres the cosplay.

>> No.9916333

sure you got the right pic?

>> No.9916336

Friend could have also been bullied or tricked into giving the crazy the code.

>> No.9916339

>I was wearing pic related
I'm laughing with you not at you, I swear

>> No.9916340

>only 27

>> No.9916342

I got pepper sprayed by a paranoid bitch as Jacon. 20 other people got hit too. One or two had to be hospitalized. The only other crazy shit like that was some airsoft fuckko at a small community con on a college campus telling everyone his shit was real. Fun watching that altercation.

>> No.9916348
File: 66 KB, 1000x750, 1424504297071.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can believe it. I've had people react this way when I mention that I support the second. Its crazy.

The conversation will go from "yeah I have a shotgun because I'm a woman who lives alone and restraining orders are just ink on paper" to someone screaming that I'm a fascist baby killer and deserve to by lynched.

>> No.9916360

Its a common trick use use women as lures, because they are seen as more trustful to younger people. Also to use 'fun' and 'interesting' shit laced with whatever because younger people will see it as more approachable and familiar. If you can dissolve it in drink it can pretty much go into anything. Roofies, Valium and Xanax all dissolve easily with little to no taste.

>> No.9916364

Some venues are strictly gun free.

>> No.9916419

Holy shit, I remember that.

>> No.9916512
File: 595 KB, 1296x1220, 20160621_233055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty tame but if you're desperate for a story:
>me, 18
>in pokemon tournament
>talk to dude in line
>shy but very cute
>single, how is this guy not taken
>exchange numbers
>two days later ranting about being friendzoned over text
>lolnope, fucking dropped
All he had to do was not be an asshole but I guess that's why he was single, he was a raging asshole when not forced to check his autism.

>> No.9916529

Give an uggo a shot, they'll appreciate it.

>> No.9916530

not that anon, but I love unconventional looking guys. Granted, I have standards and there are certain things that I do find really ugly about some people, but I've always preferred what society would deem "average or below average" guys.

>> No.9916542

I have in the past. A lot of them are really nice people. But in my experience uggos can be just as rage-prone as attractive guys, if not worse because of a chip on their shoulders about being uggo.

>> No.9916571

This, it's really not that hard! For god's sake, they include soap and shampoo in the hotel rooms! There's literally no excuse!

>> No.9916578

Reminds me of when I went to pax one year they were giving out a 5 pack of deodorant in the masses

>> No.9916618

Just gonna say it, the smash community is not the stinkiest fgc in my experience, so FGC people who complain about it often forget their own players.

as a smash player (sadly) it stinks at a lot of tournaments. Canada cup was hellfire. I went to SSC and my opponent smelled so bad i could barely focus. Dunno what it is. They stink.

>> No.9916691

>anyone over 22 is ancient hurr durr

>> No.9916714

I heard a rumor that some gamers will intentionally smell disgusting in an attempt to distract their opponent. Probably BS, but honestly there are people who I wouldn't put it past them.

>> No.9916809

I don't understand what happened? He ranted about you friendzoning him or someone else doing it? And what do you mean by ranting?

>> No.9918371

I selected the cosplay pic but forgot and picked that dog at the end because I'm apparently autistic.

>> No.9918406
File: 23 KB, 500x496, tumblr_inline_p1p52mw6011uf8fxc_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one time at megacon our room, of four people, decided to throw a smallish room party. Everyone got trashed and half of the people we invited passed out in the room. We had like 4 people per bed butt to gut. And everyone else sprawled on the floor. I regularly DD because I don;t dink much and prefer not to be hung over at conventions, so I ended up not passing out with the rest of them. I'm propped up on some pillows playing my psp in a pile of limbs on one of the beds. When all of a sudden the room starts smelling like strong ammonia with this wet vegetable smell mixed in. It was awful and absolutely permeated the room like Naraku's dark miasma.

I got up to see if maybe someone puked and needed to be helped, but everyone's mouths were clean. A couple of people shift around on the other bed, and that's when I see it. One of the girls had fallen asleep in one of those big onesies and had rolled onto her stomach. She had pissed herself, bad. The two people laying next to her had it on their cloths too, but it was obvious it was her. We had went out to eat that night, she's a vegetarian and got some asparagus dish.

It was an interesting night, and a far more interesting morning.

>> No.9918445

At least she didn't shit the bed.

>> No.9918759

Oh boy do I have the guy for you. It's me.

>> No.9918785

Same. I am a plain jane who somehow attracts very conventionally attractive men (I honestly have no clue why because on top of being an uggo I’m socially awkward and pessimistic af) but they end up being douchebags. I’m currently in an open relationship with two average looking men and they actually respect me and treat me like a princess.

>> No.9918801

I have heard that too, but trust me, it's the vast minority. Most of them are unaware or don't bother bringing deodorant. My friend would constantly "forget" his, so driving with him was horrible. Plus a lot of convention centers i have gone to are really hot (like SSC) or people go out to eat and end up sweating a lot. get a bunch of virgins in one place, and it starts to happen.

>> No.9918802

It's likely they see you as an easy fuck, or something, I am the same, but it's because people talk to me about my fashion, and i guess they assume i'm kinky or something. Trust me, it's not a good thing.

>> No.9918814

That actually makes a lot of sense, anon. I’m definitely going to amp up my RBF to ward them off now because ew

>> No.9918856

>It's likely they see you as an easy fuck
I'm currently in an open relationship

Haha it's funny because they aren't wrong.

>> No.9919338

Many years ago someone cosplayed Aerith but instead of carrying flowers, she carried a basket of soap. I kek'd.

>> No.9919637

> tfw this episode was from 12 years ago
Where has the time gone?

>> No.9920529

The screamers do more harm than any sensible level of good. I support your right to bear arms, I just want the ATF to be able to maintain a digitally searchable database over their incomplete paper only record now and for the CDC to be allowed to study gun violence and crime as a public health crisis to target what the actual problems, causes, and more clearly define and document warning factors for mass shooters...

And though I’m not championing it, I like the idea of liability insurance as one would have with cars.

Anyway, the person who took the gun from the safe sounds super in the wrong and crazy.

>> No.9920543


Cars a privilege, not a right.

>> No.9920647


I don't know if this is common practice elsewhere, but there's this one con around here that has a table where you can ditch things and people can pick them up for free o you can grab manga, candy etc and other things depending on what didn't sell at the bring and buy.

For the last five years consecutively, a relative has been gifting me Lynx For Her gift boxes which comes with deodorant and shower gel. I hate the stuff. I even hate the male equivalent and to be honest it all smells the same. I'm planning to dump it all there on day one and see if people actually pick it up and maybe do people a favour at the same time.

>> No.9920674

That sounds like a good idea until you realize what a clusterfuck the ATF actually is(Ruby Ridge, Waco Texas ect). The thought of the government having a database of every gun owner in America terrifies me because there would be absolutely nothing to stop a fascist government from using aforementioned information to persecute anyone who opposed their ideology to prevent any rebellion, kinda like how the Nazis introduced gun control to prevent the Jews from rebelling against the tyranny

>> No.9920779
File: 50 KB, 320x521, lWGr9mAvuN_XWSLeIXwqhtoBDRKb0VqMwG4Pkcr4lmE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let this be a learning experience.
When you are /hasguns/ you gotta assume all /noguns/ are fucking retards when it comes to firearms.

Next time:
>Buy a Pelican case
>Buy a KEY padlock
>Place gun and magazines in the case
>Lock case with the padlock
>Place the case in the safe

/noguns/ are fucking stupid and you have to treat them like the children they are, otherwise they'll somehow blow their fucking faces off because they "didn't know you're not supposed to look down the barrel".

>> No.9920780


Pic related has me rolling on the floor. That is one special case of stupidity.

>> No.9920872
File: 107 KB, 640x350, Ryan-Reilly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the pic is a parody of this

>> No.9921047

first pic is older than the second, but is still a joke, but the poster is also anti-gun
>heard this from someone who claimed to know them so take it for what it's worth

>> No.9921110
File: 272 KB, 393x480, Oh man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a story, but it’s long and it’s weird. More about me than it is the cosplayer. Truth be told, I’m not even sure if it was she or I who was in the wrong. I dunno. You all tell me. I just think I need to finally get this all out of my system. It’s been years and I still haven’t told a soul.

I was a 14-year-old boy, visiting the con in my hometown to meet some cool big-names I was a fan of. Other than this one niche festival I go to in Chicago, it was my first “real” time at a convention. I enjoyed it, though I was sort of lonely at the time: people say I’m the quiet type with a rocky foundation (their words, not mine!), so I was too meek to ask anyone to join me and just went alone. Nevertheless, I go to an autograph-signing booth, stand at the back of the line, and then, right as I do, everyone waiting is told the person signing will be a bit late. Lucky for me, it didn’t interfere with the panels I wanted to see later, so I decided I’d wait in this line for a bit. A few minutes later, this one girl is behind me. She seems cool, the sort of person that talks in a way that makes you want to talk back, cool and confident. She chatted with me, seeing that I was nervous as all heck. She was funny, witty, clever, assuring — I thought she was an absolute badass. I learn she’s a fan of the person who’ll be signing autographs, but the autograph itself will be for her brother, recovering from surgery. I tell her that’s sweet and talk about how tomorrow I was coming back to get an autograph from someone for my sister. We just converse so laxly. However, eventually, I start to ask myself if she’s FLIRTING with me. But no, she can’t be. She’s, like, in her middle or late twenties. But then again, she’s making all these intimate jokes, nudging me, and so on and so forth.

>> No.9921113

It gets weirder when she reveals to me she cosplays, showing me pictures on her phone, telling me the whole process of certain costumes. I was interested because I was thinking about doing cosplay myself for a while, but I’ll get to that later. Point is, as she shows more and more on her phone, the more ‘whoopsies, that’s a picture I sent to my friend’ type of pics go by — pics of some weird stuff. Like, one was of her in her apartment with her roommates, all mooning the camera. She then just outright shows me stuff where she’s clearly topless, and pointing at things in the background like, “Yep, here’s what my boobs look like without that type of bra I need for such and such,” then scrolls to the next picture with her in full Black Cat attire going, “And here’s what they look like with it on.” And look: I know how annoying it is when guys think an overly friendly girl is flirting with them. It happens all the time and it’s super annoying. I have friends who tell me the same thing. But I really want you, all of you as the readers, to understand that no matter how I rationalized it at the time, no matter how much benefit of the doubt I was giving her in my head, it got to a point where it was undeniable: she was flirting with me, and she was flirting HARD. The way she talked to me, the way she looked at me, the way she would calmly nudge my chest during a joke. I just can’t fathom that something about the way she acted towards me was intentional. And she was not weird or anything. She’s calm, she’s cool! She was like the epitome of “based af,” is smooth and confident and enjoyable. And so there I was, waiting in line, and this cosplayer — this absolute BOMBSHELL — is flirting with me. She likes my compliments, she can tell I’m really invested. She says I should totally do cosplay myself and that I’m definitely handsome enough for it.

>> No.9921115

Tell her I would, but I’m too busy trying to become an actor, and that I already did some modeling. Impressed, she asks what type of acting I do, and I regretfully tell her I am an up-and-coming VA.

>“Like, really? Not just for YouTube or anything?”
“Nope. I’m a Voice Actor. I work locally, and I do it free-lance style. I have two talent agencies fighting over me. I’m self-made.”

This was when shit got really bad. She asked me question upon question about EVERYTHING I’ve been in. If I know this or that, or if I could do something for her friends’ videos and all this other stuff. She treats me like I’m an actual voice actor on her favorite Taiwanese Children’s Program. It’s like a total mood-swing. Maybe she was bipolar, I don’t know. The point is, for the rest of the line, her flirting was more aggressive and she was really ecstatic. It was like an instant sugar-rush hit her. The line soon ends, and I go up to get my autograph. It’s quick, it’s cool, and I’m happy. That part was painless. It was when she started following me AFTER getting her stuff signed that made it really weird. In a crowded area, I finally lost her and hid in the Men’s room for a bit and almost had a breakdown. I know, I know, that sounds like an over-reaction, but here’s the thing: I was repeatedly raped at my old school a year prior to all of this. I was still scared. I told no one until a whole nother year later. Until then, everyone thought I was still good old me and that I was definitely fine — maybe I’m too good an actor sometimes, I guess. I wasn’t okay, though; I was dying inside. I won’t go into details because I would much rather not revisit that area of myself, but just understand that I was broken. I had started at a new school, made new friends and everything, but I felt like my life was totally fucked.

>> No.9921117

The best comparison I can give to explain the way I feel is like I was a train on a railroad with a simple, if not bumpy, track to follow. Then, I was attacked and violated again and again and again — and that derailed me. I was a trainwreck, trying to get back on some track, any track at all. My life changed, and my path will forever be different. And the intimacy, the intense following from the cosplayer, hiding in the Men’s room? It gave me a jolly old spook. I did not feel resentful of the cosplayer; she probably had no idea I was fourteen — no one does. After all, my new nicknames at my then new-Highschool were ‘Dilf,’ ‘44-year-old man,’ and ‘Freetard.’ Couple that with my voice being deep for my age and my height, I looked four years older. The story doesn’t end there, though. I had to get out of the bathroom eventually, and I went to my remaining panels. Then, I went home. The next day, however, I had to get an autograph for my sister. And of course, who was there to wait in line with me? She was. And she was cosplaying too for the freakin’ contest. Wonderful. She was, as she showed me in her pictures on her phone, Black Cat. I thought I might get lucky googling a picture of her, but I can’t find anything. She followed me around for a while, and when she went in line with me. More of the same occurred, but this time, she was not being subtle about anything. She was teasing me, putting my arm around her waist, kissing my cheek, ruffling my hair, and holding me close around MY waist. I won’t lie, I was getting really scared again, but I also really liked the attention — and despite what you may think of my profession, I HATE attention. I don’t like being noticed too much, only a little.

>> No.9921118

But this? My God, it was so wrong, but I partially relished it. I could practically see myself signing therapy bills as I felt more and more conflicted. Then, she put my hand on her butt, my heart stopped, and I just had to let her know. It was just her being weird at first, now it was getting a bit much. So I told her, “You DO know I’m fourteen, right?” And I’m not making this up. It’s true. I debated whether I should even go into detail about this, but whatever. I need to get this off my chest. What she did was pretty simple: she told me to close my eyes. I did. Then, she kissed me. Not just a simple peck on the lips, not just a silly play-kiss — no, there was some tongue. God, I felt so fucking weird. Like my mind was fucking melting. That was my first kiss. I felt sad, I felt happy, I felt angry...I felt like I couldn’t really complain though. I mean, I know a lot of people are going to be envious. A lot aren’t even going to believe this. It’s true, though. It happened. No one else in my life knows this, my family doesn’t, but it’s true. Her lips were the softest things I can imagine — I’ve still yet to find someone with lips like her’s. She just was slow, passionate, and hungry. She even finished with a little bite of my bottom lip. I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there and gawked as she pulled me up against her. She kept going on and on about how cool it is I was a voice actor, like a broken record. She practically put my hands over her body at some weird moments. She was 27. And she just kissed a 14-year-old boy because he could sound like some cliche handsome animu protagonist. It was a good kiss, but honestly, I don’t know how I feel about it. I mean, I was a vulnerable kid recovering from trauma, and this woman is being weird. In the end, I waited in line with her, got an autograph, and went home. I didn’t stop by the next and final day of the convention. Don’t know if she won the cosplay contest.

>> No.9921120

Maybe it’s the last shred of my little inner-romantic self, but part of me is kind of angry at her still. I mean, I still don’t know what to feel, but I just wished she asked. In Middle School, the girls were weird to me, in Highschool, I got raped, and now this? It was sad. I wanted my first kiss to be with someone who was chill. It would have been nice to finally have one thing that was still shared between me and someone else in a moment of love. I always imagined that it’d just be me and the one I love, just chilling on the couch, snuggling until we just kiss. I wanted that comfort — I still do, really. It just feels so weird after having been raped to have such a peculiar experience to further confuse me. I was just a kid and a broken one at that. I’m a normal guy now, but this really disoriented me. I have no idea what was going through her mind, who she is, or what her deal was. I’m not sure how I even feel about her, I just know that makes me feel pathetic. Then again, it was pretty heart-racing, too. It was exciting, new, and so damn potent — just so raw. I don’t even know her name. As of now, a writer/poet and a voice actor now in College, and I've auditioned for several shows. I quit screen acting and I wasrepulsed by the industry of modeling that I quickly rejected that life too. Still, being where I’m going now, I wonder if I’ll ever meet her again. I mean, I really don’t want to, but I do at the same time. She was so cool, but so weird and creepy. God, I don’t know how to feel. I haven’t gone to a convention since, and after an incident I had trying to do modeling this one time, I don’t think I’ll ever do cosplay myself, not unless I have someone to do it with for fun — and only because I’d be in love with them at that. I’m rambling now. Thanks for reading all of this if you’ve managed to. I know this was long and I’m sorry if this was too weird. Just needed to get this all out. I’m so tired, senpai.

>> No.9921121

And that's my story. Sorry for the massive dump.

>> No.9921152

>otakon 2012
>first time drinker, still a virgin at this point
>make a pretty decent cosplay
>had my shirt off with a jacket, not in cosplay mode, going to a rave
>qt asks to take my picture, even though i'm not in full cosplay
>she was definitely flirting, wants to chill, so do her friends who were egging her on, says i'm attractive and stuff like that

I fucking cringe every time I remember.

>> No.9921208

Probably /b/

>> No.9921217

that's the thing about tender ages and shit, some are ready, some aren't. didn't help that you were treated awfully earlier in life. i've been through that too, man. if it helps, first kisses aren't too important as years pass, mine was at a party at 21 and i barely remember her name. first loves, now that's something you don't forget. that aside, it was definitely messed up for her not to get verbal consent for everything including kissing considering your age. that's almost coercion, and you're totally in the right to feel the way you do.

>> No.9921257

FYI nobody’s “ready” for sexual assault, which is plainly what anon described

>> No.9921259
File: 49 KB, 637x478, 1525414703947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Where do you think you are?

>> No.9921699


I dunno mang I guess I was high or some shit. Im 30 now so I know better

>> No.9921740

She was a predator. I am so sorry she did that to you, and that you were previously raped. It’s fucked up. Think about how riled up people would be if you had been a young girl and a man twice your age showed you dick pics and forcefully kissed you. It’s the same damn thing no matter how differently people treat it. You didn’t ask for it, deserve it, and she was a monster. It’s really sad you question whether or not you were at fault, that’s so typical of this sort of thing though.

>> No.9921819

I just wanted to say as someone who had a girl force themself one them at the same time in their life, she was clearly in the wrong. What you felt while it was happening was completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of. I implore you to talk to someone whom you trust to help you recover. In my experience, women are more understanding than men, but what matters most is you trust them and they care about you.
I wish you well in life and I hope you succeed in your endeavours.

>> No.9921820

>I finally lost her and hid in the Men’s room for a bit and almost had a breakdown
dude, I would have done this even without the… history

>> No.9921848

>Be 26, having attended several cons every year since 15, with my bf who has never gone to a con before, in a strange country neither of us know well.
>Meet a guy first night of con at a party who gives me a sealed tin of (weed-laced) chocolate edibles and his e-mail.
>I've never done weed before but accept them thinking at the time I won't actually take them.
>Last night of con.
>Got a room for just me and my bf until the last night - to save a bit of money we stayed with some online friends the last night.
>7 people in the room.
>Everyone is pooling resources for one last big hotel party - booze, someone has steaks, that kind of thing.
>Me: "Someone gave me some edibles. I can't take them back to my country. Does anyone want them?"
>Everyone flips. People open the tin and start taking them on the spot.
>I decide to take one too.
>Hour passes, nothing is happening.
>A bunch of us take 2.
>I sneak a third.
>It hits me all at once about 30 minutes later.

>> No.9921849

>Someone has a mental breakdown, locks themselves in the bathroom and starts ranting to anyone who will listen about how much of a failure they feel like and that they don't want to go home.
>I get blackout high and apparently spend the next 6 hours harshly critiquing the hung up art in the hotel, consoling the mental breakdown guy, and basically talking complete nonsense with all of the other high people (which desu I barely remember).
>bf basically becomes mom for everyone (he was the only one who didn't get high) as things devolve into complete chaos.
>Hotel party is basically canceled.
>As we start coming down someone put on some old mecha anime.
>We all fall asleep.
>I wake up at 4am having to pee, but mental breakdown guy is still in the bathroom crying and I can only see in black and white.
>Cue me and bf stumbling all the way down to the bathrooms in the lobby.
>Wake up the hours later completely back to normal and immediately leave to catch a plane.
>Never hear from mental breakdown guy again.
>I send a thank you note and chocolates to the guy who gave me the chocolates.
>We have remained online friends since (many years later).
>I never do weed again

>> No.9921857

Not me specifically but he went into rants about how all girls he's ever met were bitches who friendzoned him, a nice guy. This is a complete 180 from how he acted in person. And by rants I mean text message upon text message on this topic for a solid three days.

>> No.9921873

let me love you, anon

>> No.9921931

the CDC is allowed to study all they want. what they're not allowed to do is advocate or promote gun control. they're supposed to remain objective and unbiased.

>> No.9922081

You were lucky. I get edible hang overs/it last a long time cause of my metabolism being slow.
Once did this popcorn laced crap that was like250mg for the entire bag, I ate like a 1/3 of it when I normally only do 10mg things. I was high for like 36 hours

>> No.9922752

Not sure if this counts but

> It's 2009, my first con ever.
> I just moved to Canada, don't really know anyone and I'm really fucking shy.
> Go to con alone, i'm like 13 or something. I'm cosplaying from a manga no one knows, thought it was more popular. fuck.
> Girl approaches me and actually knows what I'm cosplaying, we start chatting up and she's really nice.
> Ask if I wanna hang out with her, I'm like sure I made a Canadian friend!
> She's a bit older , We're call her "J"
> I only had enough money to go one day. Gets told I can stay at her hotel if I want.
> I've never had many friends, and gots told Canadians are just all nice people.
> I.e. I'm a fucking gullible 13 year old boy.
> Long story short I'm in her hotel and her friends are there, one of them is yelling at the J about being replaced?
> Chick storms out but not before throwing a cup full of grape pop at us.
> Costumes ruined. Don't have a spare change of clothes.
> "J" Says something along the lines of "since she's gone we have a spare costume for our group. Will you help us out?"
> I'm clearly crushing on this girl and I agree, never asked what it was, big mistake.
> Next morning I wake up to the four of them [all girls btw] giggling while their changing, like all full on nude infront of me changing.
> J comes over and hands me this cosplay and 'helps' me change, constantly grabbing at my butt.
> Its fucking Sailor Mercury. Their group was the sailor scouts with J being Jupiter. Fuck.
> Forced to go to photoshoot crossdressed as a sailor scout while they'll all giggling at me. Fucking humiliating.
> Midway through the photoshoot, chubby Tuxedo Mask starts groping my ass. The girls find it funny.
> All through out the rest of the day J and the rest keep teasing me, flipping my skirt, groping at my chest, ect. Gets to point where a Security guard tells us to knock it off or we'll be kicked out.
> Gets back to hotel and J ask If I wanna go to her place and get fucked up the ass
> Nope

>> No.9922786

Is there a reason why anime girls are so predatory (is that a word?) and dominant?
I have never encountered girls nor guys that would put my (stranger) underage me into a sailormoon costume to fondle and gangbang my butt like casualy meeting a friend. I mean I met people like that but guess where...
I know weebs, lolitas and cosplayers tend to have severe mental problems and a somewhat twisted sexuality from time to time but thats a bit over the top. Especially in countries like Canada and the glorious USA where touching minors in special places can fuck up your life to a serious extend as far as Im informed.

>> No.9922788

>lumping lolitas with weebs and cosplayers
For what purpose

>> No.9922796

It kinda gets worse. It was a mistake on my part though.

> She drops the anal so we're cool.
> ends up spending my next couple weekends with her friends.
> they've toned down since its not the con anymore.
> about 3 or so weeks later they're talking about some girls day thing. Going to get nails done, food, shopping, ect.
> J says she wants me to join them but wants me to cross dress again because she thinks I'm cute.
> I fight but eventually give up and all of them start chosing things for me to wear.
> J makes me wear her panties cus "it'd be weird with boxers in a skirt"
> days going... Fine... See people from school. Fuck gotta avoid.
> J has one of her bright ideas that we should invite them to feel us up.
> legit not sure if joking. Like fuck.
> day ends nothing really major happens save them buying me a bikini. All of them seem to be into this, J more then anyone.
> couple months go by and theres a really small con.
> gets invited to be in their group. Its crossplay again.
> that feeling when your so used to it that you don't even bat an eye anymore.
> they have a hotel for the night so we get there the night before.
> other girls go to get food while me a J are in hotel.
> shes behind me with a strap-on on.
> wtf?!
> the rest of this goes like a doujin and really doesn't feel real. Like fuck this shit doesn't happen man.

>> No.9922805

>open relationship


>> No.9922807

>she drops the anal
>she brings the anal back up
damn you got played the long con bro
i imagine getting pegged is a lot less fun in real life than hentai depicts

>> No.9922812


Is there are reason why you're both retarded enough to believe this actually happened?

>> No.9922837

>be me
>crossplaying for the first time
>nervous i won't be able to pull it off
>take hours worth of make up and messing around with the fake boobs til it looks right
>walking around the con still nervous some girl comes up from behind me and grabs me by the dick
>just freeze now bright red why would she doe this to me right in this crowd of people
>finallly just run off why are girls like this /cgl/?

>> No.9922864


Observer bias is also a thing. You're only hearing about the crazy and OTT scenarios for the sake of others entertainment, or they're reminded of their own situation by someone else
There's a lot of normal folk who just want to go for a good time and dress up to take pictures with their friends, and not every guy or girl wants to fuck everything that moves, they're just quieter.

A lot of these stories are things I couldn't even make up on my own and I'm shocked to hear about most things that go on at cons.
To me, respect for the venue and the attendants is common sense. So smearing shit on the walls and door handles or destroying the building so you can say that One Punch Man was there is something I couldn't personally see myself doing - intoxicated or not.

A lot of people seem to think that real world rules don't apply at conventions and I don't really get it. Maybe because these types of situations are common in anime that they think that other people will find it acceptable.

>> No.9922902

>cosplaying Mitsuki Bakugo
>already expecting weird bnha cosplayers shenanigans
>con goes quite well
>as we were heading out this little group of bnha villain!au stops me
>the Deku screams "OMG!! YOU HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOUR MOM!!" to Bakugo
>Bakugo, who was wearing a muzzle, a collar and had a whip hands me the whip and the leash
>i'm super uncomfortable but it's too late now
>pose for the picture while they scream to whip him
>on all levels except phisical I'm dead

>> No.9922910

Since everyone else is sharing their crossplay horror stories:
> I'm just starting highschool and going to 2nd con ever.
> online friends convince me to go as misty from pokemon
> guy comes over to me and start complimenting my cosplay, takes him a couple minutes to figure out i'm a guy.
> we laugh about it and he walks away.
> different con a couple months later same guy sees me
> I'm dressed as Yuffie from ffvii, had a Cid with me earlier but had to leave for work.
> guy starts chatting me up. Nothing creepy just being a cool guy.
> don't see him again for like 2 years?
> big con of my city rolls up and we see each other again. I forget what i was wearing but he commented that he was disapointed that it wasn't a girl.
> i think he's joking and we laugh.
> Introduces me to his girlfriend. We hit it off pretty well.
> gets invited to hang out in a week or two.
> thats cool. I don't have a lot of friends since i just changed schools.
> tells me i should wear something girly. Lol what ever sure.
> goes over in shorts, stockings and a white dress top kinda like Kurisu from steins;gate. Thought it'd just be him and his gf.
> theres 3 other people on his couch. Gf's not home. Um...
> introduces me to them and despite appearances they seems nice enough. Not to be rude but they were like... 3 times my size...
> anyways eventually they go home and gf shows up. Weekend is pretty chill.
> we hang out every other weekend for the summer.
> gf begs to let her dress me up as a girl and go out to dinner with them.
> i agree and we go out. I regret letting her do my makeup, made me look like a bad drag queen... Ugh.
> despite this the waiter starts hitting on me. Their laughing. I try to explain im not gay. They don't seem to get it.
> not gay, cute stuff is just a hobby..
> they both keep telling me i can experiment with them if i want.
> politely tell them no. Lets be friends.
> a week or so goes by and the gf asks if i wanna spend the weekend. I'm free so why not?

>> No.9922934

> bf isn't there. Told he's on overnights at his job but has the weekend off after tonight.
> whatever, thats life.
> we start watching HTTYD and she starts touching me. Just little nudges to my leg or stomach but it slowly grows more.
> i ask what shes doing and she starts telling me that they're fine with me playing with them.

>> No.9922937

> I'm weird out. Never had anything remotely like this.
> i ask her to stop and she agrees. We continue to watch the movie.
> after she goes to her bed room and starts showing me her new underwear and, to my embarrassment, a dildo she keeps claiming would feel really good in me.
> again i say i'm not interested she eventually backs off.
> later that night i start feeling woozy and confused. I've never been like that soni think i'm just exhausted.
> she pushes me down to 'relax' next thing i know shes trying to pull my belt off and i'm trying to stop her. She eventually stops and backs off.
> I'm having trouble thinking, i try to sit up and fall back down, legs spread due to falling.
> trying to ask for help i mumble something like " okay.. Please.." and she takes it as its okay to continue. She goes to the bedroom comes back with something and begins taking my pants off.
> i'm zoning in and out while shes giving me a bj. I'm so fucking scared i don't know what to do.
> eventually i end up cumming and pass out pretty soon after as shes rubbing my ass.
> i wake up to her underneath me with my head on her breast. Shes down to her underwear and a top and my pants are who knows where. Im still dizzy and shes on the phone with the bf.
>she goes to make him food for when he gets home.
> he gets home, sees her and i half naked and starts getting mad.

>> No.9922938

Pretty jealous of how naturally you make crossplaying work, I wish I had that kind of body.

>> No.9922939

> starts yelling. She tells him she gave my a bj. He gets madder.
> its like 4 am the traina don't run for another 4 hours as its sunday now.
> i'm getting yelled at by him. She ends up spending the rest of the night in the room, he's on the couch next to me angrily playing games on his system.
> i'm so fucking scared. I keep apologizing.
> eventually he catches on i didn't want it.
> starts yelling at her again.
> ask if it at least was good. Gets mad when i say i don't know. I was clearly drugged but i was to scared and dumb to know at the time.
> he gets mad i didn't like it
> next morning she leaves for work before i wake up.
> he takes me into their bed room, i still don't know where my pants are.
> he starts grinding into my ass and groping me until i start bawling for him to stop.
> he does but gets mad i don't want him.
> i leave and never come back.
> I've seen them once since then and i was terrified.

Sorry for so long my comps crap

>> No.9923079
File: 117 KB, 480x474, 1524699138920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree. I don't tell people I have it, let alone leave it anywhere someone may happen upon it. The only person I trust with my gun is me. Its a liability otherwise. I made the mistake once of telling a female friend that was staying at my place where it was just in case she needed it. She ended up taking it out to take selfies with it later when I wasn't home.

Another time I had gone to a friends house to shoot, he had a huge property with a proper little range on it. Him and his brother even made a giant hill downrange. He had invited over some people to shoot this gun he just got after months of drooling over it. Someone brought their girlfriend who was very much not into guns. Constantly talked shit about us and the guns. Said she knew everything about guns because her father taught her how to shoot, which is why she knows how awful they are. Boyfriend tries to get her to shoot to loosen her up a bit. No trigger discipline, swings it around when shes moving, points it at people, points it at herself after she dry fires twice after emptying the gun and she starts fiddling with the 'jammed' gun to fix it.

We joke with the guy now and say that he must have been trying to get rid of her by 'accidental suicide' so he didn't have to dump her.

>> No.9923086
File: 72 KB, 500x538, 1527632708149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh god something similar happened to me that's completely cringe level.

My roommate made cannibutter and ended up making some cookies with it. She offered me half of one and said they were super strong. After some time I'm not feeling it so I eat the other half. I start to feel it but i'm not where I want to be so I eat ANOTHER FUCKING COOKIE. I remember sitting down to play Skyim and that's it. I woke up the next day in my bed and figured I just passed out at some point.

What actually happened:
>Ran around the same field in Skyrim in a circle for 30 mins.
>Get dressed to leave 5 times
>Open fridge and stare at it for 15 mins, occasionally reaching in for something but changing my mind
>Leave and go to a friends house down the street (a guy that has been flirting with me)
>Knock on his door Sheldon style until he answers
>Walk in and sit on his couch without saying anything
>He tries to talk to me but I can't form sentences, so he just puts on a movie for us to watch
>He came gently onto me a couple of times (hand on the knee, arm around the shoulder, kissing the cheek) and all I did was stare at the screen
>The moment the movie was over I got up without saying a word and walked out of his place
>walked home and sat straight up in my bed until I just fell over asleep

The guy came over the next day to see if he could find out what happened and my roommate told him what I ate, he thought it was hilarious. He took me out to lunch when I woke up.

The next netflix and chill session went much better.

>> No.9923088

allow me to enlighten you. 99% of con going females are normal, or about as normal as you can be given those proclivities. However just like in a normal population there exists a small percentage of predators. Predators target vulnerable individuals who will give them the least fight and least likely to do anything after the fact. They will often set themselves up in a way that will let them explain away any accusations and turn it around on the victim. Often times certain circles may have more of them, depending on the quality/quantity of their targets. They may not even be that invested into whatever the group congregates for, as the main purpose of them being their is the population not the material.

Now lets take a look at the beta male virginal nerd.

Now make the connection.

>> No.9923144

I'm sorry, man. Your story was horrifying before, but with your past, my heart aches.

>> No.9923153

That separation between happiness and confusion isn't strange at all. The way you described your ideal first kiss was so lovely. I've heard a lot of first kiss stories over the years and at the end of it all, everyone's first is usually shit. It's a comedic type of shit that you look back at and think about how clueless you were as a kid. I'm happy that you've been able to move along and find success in your life beyond the weights of your past. I'd imagine seeing her again would be much more confusing than the first time. If she's still the same person she was back then, I'd be mildly horrified to meet her in person (if I were in your shoes). And if she's changed, I wonder if she'd even remember why she did that to you.

Anywho, thanks for sharing that.

>> No.9923181

Gonna admit it, am jealous. Chances are she would've soft dommed you if you tried to go all the way but yeah shit sucks and I hope you can move past it.

>> No.9923188

Oh come on Anon this one actually does sound funny.

>> No.9923197

>the stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood
>only a fool would take anything posted here as fact
every reply in this thread is retarded because every post is fake

>> No.9923203

that sounds horrifying
>shorts, stockings and a white dress top
cute taste though tee bee aich

>> No.9923212

Interesting story anon, I kinda got vibes you're a writer about 1 paragraph in. Your writing reminds me a lot of Salinger's narrative. While I'm not a fan of his, it does show how amiable you are. I can see myself being friends with a person like you too.

No matter what the reasons were behind her actions, she shouldn't have crossed so many boundaries without your permission. That isn't ok in the least and you shouldn't blame yourself for any of it. When it's all said and done, I hope you're in a better place now and still going to cons!

>> No.9923465

Thank you all so much for the kind words. I haven't told a soul this story and I think I needed to hear these. I'm also thankful for the reassurance that you all have provided me. It's something I rarely receive. The fact that I'm not the only one still conflicted about how I feel despite the situation I was in really helps ease this crazy anxiety in my chest. Thank all of you.

I wonder what she thinks of it, too. She had no idea about my history or that she was my first kiss. I have no clue what drove her to act in such a way -- to a 14-year-old boy, no less. Was I the first? Did she just really like me? I have no idea, I just know that I can't have that first kiss -- and I still haven't had one like it, just calm and happy and in bliss with one another. Still, I'm hopeful: love like that is worth the wait, and like I said in my story, I'm really good at waiting.

Yeah, that's one of the reasons this is a story I don't tell; I feel that people wouldn't understand (or believe) it. Even if they did, I think they'd be confused about why I was so spooked.

Thank you very much, but I haven't gone to a con since with one exception. I went again to one with my big sister (my greatest friend and a pure soul). I was happy, but I haven't gone since. A shame since I'd love to, just with someone with me. Call me childish, but I'd want someone to hold my hand before going on a scary ride, you know what I mean? Also, I'm also not the greatest fan of Salinger's style, but I thought using more relaxing, ordinary expressions when writing as if I were speaking it myself, would encapsulate how I feel/felt. My typical writing style is quite different. I hope.

That being said, I have one other story that, while doesn't take place in a con, does involve another creepy cosplayer. I was 15. I might write about it, too if I'm comfortable.

>> No.9923748

hopefully not r whine gay

>> No.9927381

everytime i go to a smash local i make sure im super showered, breath smells minty as hell, and spray lots of cologne just in case anyone else there is stinky. showers also help me relax my nerves before a tournament

>> No.9927384

based wolf furry

>> No.9927449

pretty sure that the type that purposely gets BO for tournaments is the same type that gets incredibly stressed out at the thought of getting wet.

>> No.9927459

>be me
>at cardiff comic con 2017
>go to first floor and head to gaming lounge
>on the way i run into a group of furries
>the fursuits reek of shit and body odour
>ask me if i want to do some pot out back
>ok now i’m interested
>do pot and get high as fuck
>one furfag offers me a shot of cider
>take the shot
>five minutes later i don’t feel so good
>collapse onto the floor
>i’m conscious but can’t move or talk
>furries proceed to fuck me in the ass and mouth as well as suck my dick
>the degenerates then take all of my money and clothes and leave me there to be found by a janitor
>the janitor then proceeds to fuck me before being caught and arrested

>> No.9927533

I'll be honest, I like to imagine you were wearing that dress with a goofy looking wolf head during this.

Also glad to see a story where a furry ends up as the good guy for once.

>> No.9927543
File: 608 KB, 980x653, Nasal_Ranger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fug I can smell that creepy pervert just from the post alone

>> No.9927567

>I honestly have no clue why
>currently in an open relationship
The jokes write themselves.

>> No.9927573
File: 49 KB, 592x456, IMG_6774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>she told me to close my eyes. I did. Then, she kissed me. Not just a simple peck on the lips, not just a silly play-kiss — no, there was some tongue

Good god thats fucking terrible, like fuck that literally is rape. I can feel how conflicted you felt, like it was nice and passionate but also disgusting because she was overpowering you, a 14 year old kid and boy no less, its like one of those memes were some celebrity goes to someone, they hurt them or whatever but they say "no one will ever believe you" before disappearing. That shit is beyond disgusting, im sorry you had to go through that

>> No.9928596

Nice trips, sorry to hear about shithead link

>> No.9928616

>not rewarding her with the D after a hearty chase

You are definitely prey, not predator.

>> No.9928619
File: 1.63 MB, 1710x1224, 1522163078901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>about to get raped in public
>letting some furry kidnap you mid-grope without resistance
>this is somehow okay

>> No.9928622

Don't you have some devving to do, Yanderedev?

>> No.9928625

>14 male rejects a 27 year old 10/10 female queen of the con

You played it safe, but this was the time to double down my man.

>> No.9928771

First kisses can be really weird. I had a cousin who was really sexually aggressive towards me when I was a boy. Ended up getting the blame for it and it made me think my own sexuality was shameful later on. It's okay, anon. A lot of people describe some level of enjoyment but you were simply way too young to understand that you had a right to stop her. That's why it's called rape. I can't give you advice on anything other than that but know that if you were a girl, that person would have been arrested on the spot.

>> No.9929060

>but this was the time to double down my man
no. there's literally no good reason to send an unsure, unprepared, inexperienced person into the arms of an aggressive predator.

it's not like he'll never be able to be intimate with someone ever again. sex is the best when you are 100% ready, consenting, and know what you want. no 14 year old should be doing anything physical with an adult.

>> No.9929108

You say that but experiences like this can be formative in a bad way, from my understanding. Sometimes genuinely leads to people being unable to be intimate, or grow patterns that are directly unhealthy.

>> No.9929146

I carry daily.

Get a small safe to take to cons with you, and put the gun in your small safe, inside of the wall safe. Never trust those hotel provided safes.

>> No.9929160

you probably meant to reply to >>9928625
and not me...

>> No.9929165

Not really. You said that "it's not like he'll never be able to be intimate with someone again", but you can't say that with certainty - experiences like this can be a huge impediment, something that I have personal experience with.

>> No.9930921

I would have called the cops on his ass like immediatly. Wtf?

>> No.9930990

Not really horror....well kinda.
I met this girl at the local con. We both worked there and met there. At the end of the weekend, we added each other on facebook and would regularly chat for hours. We went on a few dates, but half of those dates, she would bring a third person (different each time). It was weird because both of us didn't know who the third wheel was; she would flirt with both of us.
Anyway, as the summer ended and the fall semester started, I had less and less time to spend with her. She was still in college and I was in university. By then, I would get tired of her childish and immature behaviors (I wasn't the only one), you know, shit like we went to a memorial and she would ask some of the most disrespectful question I could imagine.
I still tried to make things work, we would still chat on facebook but the thing that put a nail in the coffin was during winter. I said that I had free time and we could hang out and watch a movie at a theater. We both agreed on where and when to meet. On the day, She never bothered to tell me that her phone was broken and that she had no wifi for her tablet to text me through messenger. So I waited for her for a few hours. When she finally decided to text me, she told me that she was shopping with her mother and she was on her way. Regardless, I did the only logical thing, I told her that I was already on my way home and that what she did was ridiculous and disrespectful. She tried to turn this around and said that I was the one being disrespectful for being brutally honest and tried to guilt trip me.
We barely speak anymore but we are still on friendly term.
The next year, I met her again and she has underwent the full weeb transformation. You know, cat ears and all. Her work performance decrease exponentially and her immaturity and childishness increased. A lot of people told me I dodged a bullet. But damn, she had a hot bod

>> No.9931006
File: 1.76 MB, 400x206, 784678478.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I attract very conventionally attractive men
>they end up being douchebags
>I’m currently in an open relationship

just admit you keep your hole readily accessible for anyone who gives you attention, you're not fooling anybody

>> No.9931329

/cgl/ is /r9k/ with girls

>> No.9931451

<Big anime con rolls on by and i'm cosplaying hellsing's schrodinger.
<con is amazing. Meet loads of new friends also cosplaying hellsing. Fun times.
<Small con rolls by, dressed up as girlycard, same anime.
<photog i used to know is shooting.
<haven't spoken to him in forever.
<incoming 2 sera's from big con.
<we hit it off and are hanging out the rest of the day.
<ask if they wanna join the shoot with me, its free anyways.
<they've never done shoots so they think its cool.
<5mins into shoot and its going swell, kinda doing a ship photo shoot now. Lol ight.
<photog: can i get you all to take off your shoes so i can film your feet?
<wtf? Dunno how but we eventually agree.
<rest of shoot is filled with creepy comments and all of us wanting to get out of dodge.
<we're (hellsing group) still friends luckily

>> No.9931545

>can i get you all to take off your shoes so i can film your feet?
Why did you agree to this? What the fuck.

>> No.9931694

ufc fighters shit themselves before the fight for the same purpose

>> No.9931741


Was it everage? He is famous for barefoot cosplay photos

>> No.9931780

Holy shit no lie? Same thing happened to me by a shiek cosplayer once.

>> No.9932168

>goes over in shorts, stockings and a white dress top kinda like Kurisu from steins;gate

Why didn't you call the police?

>> No.9932436

Honestly how he described the photo at first seemed a lot different then what it actually was.
It became apparent after he started making the comments.

>> No.9932440

"Just started highschool" puts him at 13-14.
"Don't see him for like 2 years" puts him at 15-16. I.e. underage.
He's openly admitted to crossplaying at least twice and to crossdressing.
Got pretty much raped by an older woman and sexually assaulted by man.

Based on this I'm going to say he was probably scared of people finding out and being made fun of or thought the police would think he was at fault.
Kids are dumb.

>> No.9932488

come on now, have a little self awareness

>> No.9932509

jesus christ i can now see why this is the worst board

>> No.9932744

>Like ten years ago
>Doing photography for a group that had reserved a spot for photoshoots
>Some popular at the time phoenix wright cosplayer leads a group of his right into our spot which we still had for a good bit of time
>Literally forced the people I was shooting for out of it

People would recognize this guy if I had a picture of him, but the dude was a fucking douche.

>> No.9932800

>experiences like this can be a huge impediment, something that I have personal experience with.
How did you manage to recover?

>> No.9932958

You're lucky that didn't immediately turn into a stampede

>> No.9933029


>> No.9933363

I was head of dealers at a con one year when a vendor offered soap for sale along with his normal items. Nobody bought the soap and some people even got mad at the dealer. Next day he had put the soap away and things went back to normal. Gotta give the guy props for trying...

>> No.9933477

A little off-topic here. That's not a dildo, that's a fucking war crime.

>> No.9933621

Would love them to just toss a cheap mini deodorant in the bags. Cause than idiots may use if, and I could toss it in my purse for after swimming/a super hot day.

We had this one guy who would dress as Xemnas and carry a boom box around, was hella friendly and chill, but god damn did he smell. He died in a horrible car crash and they did a memorial video for him at the next con, he was close friends with my friend. Only when they started the slide show did I realize it was smelly xemnas and then got sad.

>> No.9934282
File: 2.88 MB, 4032x2268, IMG_20180524_112338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fuck I keep memeing people into having open relationships as a joke because it's a very Jewish thing to do and here you are.

>> No.9934284

Fat slob

>> No.9934500

its obvious the bf was fucking elsa kek

>> No.9934502

cologne + stink is a no no

>> No.9934523 [DELETED] 
File: 8 KB, 330x153, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9934529
File: 1.88 MB, 498x294, raJfXCy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9934565

first kiss is overrated. It's almost always awkward and terrible. Mine was taken by some girl who later got banned by like every con in the city for groping and trying to kiss people there. It sucked. But you realize that kissing people for the first time is always kind of awkward. I'm sorry this happened to you, but it's the last kiss that matters, not the first.

>> No.9934578

I love how that first story literally proves /r9k/ right with the implications that it would have been fine had they been young and attractive.

>> No.9934644

Leave /r9k/ out of this. They aren't safe on this board.

>> No.9936377


>> No.9936673

>its terrible because the older girl seemed really nice but she had to have known what she was doing.
some girls really are fucking naive

>> No.9936674

>small time story
>legit fucking choking someone over opinions

>> No.9936882

Fat nerd here
This is true. We sweat a lot. That's why I carry deodorant with me.

>> No.9937049

Is it? My first kiss was by some random dude I knew on the bus who I enjoyed calling stupid and having my foot over him. (He really was a hot idiot though). He asked me if I wanted to kiss and one kiss turned into a hot and heavy make out session. I never spoke to him again after that.

>> No.9937056

What, are you trolling?

>> No.9937069

All of these fucking horror stories could have been avoid if y’all had the balls to say no and set boundaries desu.

>> No.9937084

While that would help a bit, there are people out there who just won’t take no for an answer

>> No.9937099

Oh fuck off. You think two 40 year old men are just casually asking for two 22 year old girls their number just to talk anime? You even infer in your post it’s only with romantic intent even when young or attractive.

>> No.9937109

Kids are pretty naive. Kids with no friends and little support are especially vulnerable

>> No.9937121

This happens so much at meetups/shoots, especially if it's dominantly minors attending ( less supervision ). Nauseating

>> No.9938175

That is one fucked up story anon. I hope your VA career goes well.

>> No.9938190

Jesus did she at least use lube?

>> No.9938204

>ask if it at least was good.

>> No.9939434

Ugh this reminds me of a time I stayed in a hotel outside a convention and just wanted to go scope out the con since I missed day1 and so wasn't dressed well and since the walk was longer than expected I kinda stunk but I didn't realize it at the time and just wanted to go see how everything looked and then I ran into some old friends and got a few hugs and then realized I was stinky con guy by accident and I will never live it down

>> No.9939448

You really don't think there is a SIGNIFICANT overlap? To the point where the personality profile is essentially the same?

>> No.9939449

the replies are fake works of fiction too

>> No.9939454

>> he gets mad i didn't like it


>> No.9939458

Not really. I've been in my local lolita comm for nearly a decade and have been a part of the international community for longer than that, and my overwhelming experience in it has been very positive. I'll admit I haven't interacted with many cosplayers but many (not all) of the ones I've spoken to were spergs in one way or another. The lolita community has some spergs and genuinely awful people too, but far fewer in comparison. And unlike the cosplay community, slutty behavior isn't rewarded in the lolita community, if anything it gets people trashed and chased out. So no, there's no significant overlap as far as I can tell.

>> No.9939481

>she's a vegetarian and got some asparagus dish.

The smell, man.

>> No.9939502

So he's been writing police fiction all this time?

>> No.9939565
File: 161 KB, 752x1063, astolfo_by_steven_shansan-dbhsja0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I count this as a happy story but it totally belongs here.

>me be, at an east coast con a few years ago
>pic related's holy light has touched my life, so I'm crossdressing
>trying to hit up that con's thread so someone will come feel me up in the rave.
>lots of losers see my pics etc. and say they'll be there
>night goes on, get disenheartened, heading back up hotel elevator
>post one final time that fuck it, I'll give whoever a quickie
>didn't waste 40 minutes on eyeliner this morning to not see a dick
>a very quick taker says he's in the lobby
>head back down and sure enough
>~30yo pudgy, clean, nervous mexican guy
>sure whatever
>I wave at him, he looks right past me twice
>I get up close and ask him about 4chan
>He says I thought I was a trap
>Pull down shirt
>He has a room by himself, of course, so we head back up in the elevator
>I'm a little nervous because obvious reasons
>He's having fucking trouble with the elevator buttons he's so shaky
>We get in the room
>oh boy
>art of pic related, everywhere
>signed hentai prints
>hella expensive wedding rem statue
>statue of jogging woman with tits larger than her body, spraying milk everywhere
>Rollo here has clearly forgot he left all this out when he was bringing a "girl" up to the room
>I'm amused by this, I'm a degenerate too
>He just kind of looks at me, practically asking "what do i do now?"
>clearly I'm not going to be romanced tonight
>"Go ahead and clean off the bed"
>He's clearly crazy nervous and I've been in the same spot before, so I try to be nice and sweet and tell him he doesn't have to apologize
>Hopefully he'll calm down
>Rollo spends 40 minutes picking up 20 posters and continually offering me a bottle of water
>I wish he would hurry because it is now 3:10, we haven't done anything, and I have to put on a heavy cosplay the next day
cont. sometime soon

>> No.9939635
File: 38 KB, 680x382, miyamoto sweat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep going anon, my boner is waiting.

>> No.9939707

Why would you go to the internet and tell lies

>> No.9939737

airplanes have to recycle the same air for 2+ hours

>> No.9939764

lol I once had a friend invite me to a con and offer to share their room. I arrived via bus and spent the next 16 hours waiting there because she "forgot" she was supposed to pick me up and wasn't checking her phone because she was so focused on convention prep. Then when I finally do get to the hotel the afternoon of the first day, she had agreed to let like 12 other people share the room too so there was literally no space in the hotel room for me to stay. I ended up finding crash space elsewhere, but definitely I never relied on her for organizing a trip ever again.

>> No.9939774
File: 648 KB, 1299x1732, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>guy finally cleans off the damn bed
>he sits on the edge, and I open up his fly
>all the memes about big dicked traps are true and I'm living proof
>his soft head is literally the size of my thumbnail and I cannot see the shaft
>get started, thing comes up to about 3.5-4 inches long, probably about 3/4 inch thick
>slurp tiny cock for a bit
>he's not getting close, should up the ante a bit
>"if I was your slave what would you do with me" etc
>"I'd dress you up like Astolfo"
>me too bud
>he's still not getting close
>mount him reverse cowgirl but up on his chest so he can play with my ass
>penis grows more somehow, to almost normal size
>hands all up everywhere under my skirt, which is nice
>panties come down while I'm still succ'ing
>he apparently likes to eat ass
>with teeth
>he's whimpering and moaning like I'm mana from heaven
>desu I would too if I were on my face
>after a while my mouth starts to hurt and It's 4:20am
>ask him if I'm pretty enough to get him to cum etc.
>turns out he's already cum today
>5 times
>give up
>I tell him I have to go in 15, but I'll kind of striptease him till then
> maybe he knows how to push his own buttons...?
>take a bottle of water and leave
>have pleasant Russian conversation with cabbie on the way home

He also said he was 28, a virgin, and worked in Home Depot. I'm 22, have a BS in Biology with a minor in Math, and work in a federally funded soil research lab. tfw I'm a stud of a trap

Poor guy btw. I hope I'm a happy memory for him.

>> No.9939776

idk why "gerugh" is at the top

>> No.9939809

Took this nigga six years to realize kissing underaged girls is wrong.

>> No.9940021

welp there's my answer on whether or not cardiff comiccon is any good lmao

>> No.9940027
File: 29 KB, 450x450, cheetah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>"I'd dress you up like Astolfo"

>> No.9940049

Right? That was the only fantasy I got out of him.

>> No.9940071

>this guy gets a horny trap in his grasp
>fucks it up
>meanwhile I will never meet a horny trap
Ah well, time to kill myself

>> No.9940159

That's pretty much spot-on

>> No.9940268
File: 107 KB, 551x600, 323523523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"I'd dress you up like Astolfo"
Never kek'd so hard in my life.
>Russian conversation
Russian traps hit a special nerve that makes me diamonds. Shame I'm too fat to ever get with anyone in the first place.

>> No.9940277
File: 30 KB, 443x355, 1526622116344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nebcon 2016
>Friend of a friend has a wheelchair
>This person is annoying as fuck
>Rude to everyone, myself included
>Somehow I get stuck carting her around all weekend while my friends leave to go have fun without me
>Now everyone hates her so we don't talk to her at all
>Find out later she can walk just fine

Now I don't talk to her and I told my friend flat out if I get stuck doing something similar in the future they can all go fuck themselves. That was the worst convention I have ever been to.

>> No.9940302

I got thrown out of a cosplay contesy due to being belligerent when a thot was chosen for final five

>> No.9940311

Traps are the only thing that can make my married ass sweat. Was waiting in line for foos once and I was surrounded by a pack of the little fuckers and they found great joy in making me uncomfortable. How the fuck do you tell juicy trap to stop fucking twirling your beard hairs without it sounding weird or flirtatious. I JUST WANTED A SANDWICH. NOT WEIRD HEART FLUTTERS

>> No.9940317


>> No.9940321
File: 59 KB, 332x304, 4589090423456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9940322

Its not my fucking fault to biologically want to dominate weaker males.

>> No.9940404

How does it feel to be friends the Dan Schneider?

>> No.9940415

That didn't happen.

>> No.9940433

>Is me at nearly every single con I go to
>In love, I mean head over heels, with a friend who staffed at con
>gets to see her happy with her bf and friends
Cons fuck me emotionally.

>> No.9940480

How do you pick up con chicks if you don't drink?
After hours raves are awful and every chick I've met just wanted to get plastered.

>> No.9940643

How do you know it was the dog that took a shit?

>> No.9940684

Just pay attention to your local con threads, and be quick to reply. Having a car and a place helps a lot too
Tы нpaивитcя мeня? Дaитe мeня твoя eмaил~

>> No.9940778


>> No.9940787

You sound like an entitled prick and I'm glad you got kicked out.
Also, this isn't a horror story

>> No.9940802

Fairly new. I came to this board shortly after Anime Expo out of curiosity. Name's Joey and I don't speak a single lick of Russian so I'm going off of what google is translating for me.

>> No.9940936

and what the fuck are you planning to do with a semiautomatic rifle and a few hours on the range

you're one man

>> No.9940939
File: 150 KB, 464x466, 1523275986442.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you will never go back in time and have a bibishi cosplay orgy as your first sexual experience

>> No.9940947

Hmm... I'm still taking lessons, so I probably used the wrong form of нpaвитьcя or something. I was trying to say "You like me? Give me your email?"

>> No.9940948
File: 13 KB, 300x300, IsBAPYq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When a female cosplayer reaches into your bag unannounced to take a bottle of water and her faces changes as she finds the grip of your pistol.

>> No.9940966

Why the fuck are there multiple dudes being drugged predated on ITT? only times ive heard of it happening it is a gay man.

>> No.9941085

My email is [email protected] dot com. I live in the west coast. Maybe I'll see you at a con soon.

>> No.9941112


>> No.9941123
File: 36 KB, 375x347, me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cant wait to hit on you nerds at your next 'convention'
>still got it

>> No.9941127
File: 1.14 MB, 350x197, 1465933308729.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean, it's arguably better than some guy trying to grope you while you're in crossplay and finding a bulge from appendix-carrying.

>> No.9941140

>tfw a cute trap will never grab your holster and ask if youre packing

>> No.9941145
File: 80 KB, 395x347, >only27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9941155

>tfw as a trap I'm not going to do something that could get me fucking shot

All it takes is a sperg who thinks I'm trying to take it or something

>> No.9941183
File: 96 KB, 382x374, 20170811_091808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jokes on you honey buns, id ask if you wanted to grip it firmly with two hands and see what caliber it is

>> No.9941191

I want to say you're joking, but I've been to /k/ before, and learned about Mosin bolts and 20mm rounds than should have ever been on a blue board.

>> No.9941203


Cheeky my breeky

>> No.9941291
File: 64 KB, 640x360, 30bhids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>On the way home from AX this year
>With a group of people driving on the freeway
>Driver plays some music out loud to keep him awake
>Friend all the way in the back of the car with her boyfriend yells over to him to turn it down so she can talk to her bf
>Driver loses it and starts yelling back over her
>We get lost because the driver wasn't focusing on the road and almost crash
>Both start yelling until Driver starts screaming and is pissed off saying he's tired of her shit and that he'll fucking end this shit with all of us in here on the freeway right now
>oh shit
>I do my best to calm him down
>We're lost now
>Eventually get home
>Come to find out that the two that were arguing dated back then so it gets like this
I don't think I'd want to group with them again, so if anyone trying to group up next year hmu

>> No.9941324

Heres mine: AnimeFest
Friday night, everythings fine, im dressed up as a gender bent Sasuke from Free!, i meet some other cosplayers good time. Now Friday night one girl, ill call her H, i come back to the room by this time its 3am, i bring ice for drinks. I see H, my bf, and another friend (ill call her A), and some random ass Ichigo cosplayer sitting in the hallway flirting it up with H.
Im like cool whatever, i am how ever in a crop top because i came back from the rave, Ichigo eyeballs me as i sit down with my bf, asks me what time it is. He picks up my phone and unlocks it.
Ichigo randomly suggests since there so many of us staying in one room that we sleep in his room.
H says she'll stay in his room if i do.
I didnt wanna hear H's mouth so im like sure whatever, my bf, A, and H all get our shit from our room since there is 8 of us staying there.
I walk into his room, its clean so thank god, when H, A, and me all walk in, Ichigo suggests me and H get in bed together and he'll join. I quickly said no and said my bfs right here, whats wrong with you???
Instead i lay out my sleeping bag, me and bf cuddle up, hes knocked out. In the bed is Ichigo, H, and A.
Since i dont sleep, Its about 5 am rn, i hear Ichigo begging H for sex. Mind you H is um well shes young and Ichigo is well in his 20's.
Yall wanna hear about Saturday?

>> No.9941342

Why do people younger than about driving age go to cons? nothing good ever comes out of it, there are so many stories of them getting abused, and older people resenting them being there.
no good parent wold let there kid go there, but dumb suburbanite parents probably think its safer than standing out in their yard.

>> No.9941349

Tell us anon

>> No.9941370

Saturday, oh boy.
Starts off with H following the ichigo around like a lost puppy, ichigo is 6ft+ while H is just over 5ft, she tries to eat lunch with him and his friends but A is following her to make sure she is safe of course.
H doesnt like this, H yells at A in the middle of the food court making a scene.
Im kind of a dumbass so i just watch but turns out A runs off crying.
I didnt want to deal with H so i comforted A and walked her back to our room and thats that.
Saturday Night.
H is no where to be seen, i call her phone non stop.
An idea hits me, since ichigos room wasnt too far from our own, i take an elevator to his room and call her phone.
I hear her annoying ass ringtone through the door so i knock, nothing happens. I call again, she sends me to voice mail.
Again, im not too concerned cause she'll learn her lesson. I only checked because A is a caring person and she didnt wanna get yelled at so i went in her place but after this, i just head to the rave and have a good time.
A, my bf and me enjoying the vendors room yadda yadda, H sees us, runs over to us, claims shes "testing him" to see if hes relationship worthy, tells me she's not gonna get "played" by him. That shes the one playing him.
My bf scoffs and pretty much tells her that ichigo only wants her for sex, her body, etc.
H cussed my bf out and runs off.
I just laugh, enjoying the rest of my day its whatevs. No ones taking her seriously at this point.

>> No.9941441

Don't prompt us for (cont?)s please finish the story desu

>> No.9941445

Why did you tell the Ichigo your phone password?

>> No.9941521

the outside world is a bad place. Just never let them leave anywhere.

>> No.9941555

It's probably a glock so it's probably 9mm. Just because I'm in a skirt doesn't mean I haven't shot before

desu we'd probably just leave the con and start chatting about guns

>> No.9941613

I didnt have a lock on it in the first place, he slid up and it opened. I say unlocked cause i saw my home screen

>> No.9941958

no, no, lets not be so open it's reductive. These cons are a specifically bad place for kids. as in they would have better luck not getting molested hanging in some back alley all day.

>> No.9942035

Hold it sister, Glocks are for cockfags who think tuppawear can shoot bullets. I use Berettas and CZs

>> No.9942076

Underrated, 10/10.

>> No.9942080

Wait, does this board autocorrect t b h to desu?

desu i hope not

>> No.9942247

just don't follow anyone back to their hotel room and you are good.

>> No.9942393

This website does it and has done so for years now.

>> No.9942778

and yet these dumbass parents let their kids go somewhere where people follow each other to their hotel rooms all the time. Ultimately the fault is that people generally expect that public, structured events are going to not be a place where you have to be on rape watch.

>> No.9942834


>> No.9943297

You're, obviously, not fun

>> No.9944220

Yeah. Half the boys are raped by girls, but it don't count.

>> No.9944689
File: 50 KB, 400x400, 606CDAE1-9149-447B-AD37-60478C58D6F7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This past AX I checked out the “queersplay” panel just to see how bad it was, nothin else much to do Sunday. (I posted this in another thread not long ago, but it’s definitely fitting here) It consisted of 3 Fat white self hating sjw’s. The main chick had a shaved head and had a walking cane and if I’m not mistaken had gout, another one of the speakers was a fucking bearded lady, serious shit.

> shaved head he she talking about her first ever “cosplay”
> fucking monsters inc mike wazowski cosplay
> literally starts talking in wazowski’s voice, fitscharacterperfectly.jpg
> #metoo victimist bs
> shave head talks about fail suicide attempts, almost threw self out of 80mph car
> traps in audience
> speakers of course all have huge victim complex
> bearded lady shares experience when watched the purge, triggered tht the white people didn’t die in movie

God all mighty, if AX gets any more pc beyond that definitely never going again.

>> No.9945028

Theres a reason smash is in the far corner at EVO now

>> No.9945546

>Friend convinces me to go to a convention.
>Don't go as anyone because this is my first time at a convention
>Suprised there wasn't as many fat people.
>place smelled like cheese though
>Walking with my friend and get my ass groped by another dude.
>He locks eyes with me and I instantly knew what he was doing.
>Dude is trying to assert dominance over me.
>Lock eyes for a good 30 seconds before we walk away.
Not as horrifying as other anons but it was the weirdest thing I've experienced.

>> No.9946261

Been working/going to cons since early 90s, not much to add for personal horror stories such as our truck stolen or witnessing an attempted suicide.

Have experienced other shit like being one of the workers ejecting David Carradine from Kung Fu from our show for showing up drunk, 30 minutes late and leaving 20 minutes into 90 minute autograph session.

LMAO for real when he died as result of sex act gone wrong (or right).

>> No.9947517

why did your friend get your gun out? did he need to shoot someone or was he just getting it out for fun? and wow, people who aren't used to being around guns can get freaked out when someone pulls out a gun for no reason. wow.

>> No.9947636


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