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Do you shoop yourself thinner? Did you find out about the fashion through La Carmina's blog? Are you guilty of spending all your money on your main piece? Post your lolita confessions here!

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I pretend not to know who efamous lolitas are when I meet them in person if I think their average coord is worse than my average.

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I genuinely do not know which lolitas are efamous

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I'm not sure it's really a confession, but I look up to the older girls in my comm so much. They give me faith that I can wear lolita daily and wear it when I'm older too.

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I’ve accodnetly turned into a dress hoarder because I don’t have time to wear them and it kind of makes me sad. I told myself no more dress buying outside of my dream dresses.

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Literally just put them on after work.

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I judge the shit out of people who repeatedly post plain coords to CoF. I'd rather see an it's take a swing and a miss at something unusual than just another fucking dress and matching headbow. I appreciate lolitas who come up with unusual or original coords, or test the limits of the fashion, even if it doesn't always come out right. People who have been in the fashion for years have no excuse for these terribly boring two-color (like pink/white) basic ass coords and their outfits are utterly forgettable.

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I appreciate everyone who posts coords online because I always hunt for worn pictures before buying something

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I think most lolitas are absolutely fucking autistic and I wish I could just blatantly call my comm this and a good part of the online comm.

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I think I'm starting to develop body dysmorphia. I recently got some fillers done and can't wait to get my lips done next. My biggest drive is lolita, I want to look young so I can continue wearing it for as long as possible.

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Replace autistic with ridiculously impressionable and I agree. Just spam a certain opinion, word, brand, item or style and watch it become a trend. A lot of lolitas just brainlessly imitate like children.

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I definitely splurge on my main piece. I'm finally starting to buy more stuff like shoes, tights, and blouses, though. Even though I wear gothic, I've gotten tired of the same chunky black heels and black tights.

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I don't really wear lolita. I just dress myself up, take picture and take everything off. Sometimes I make different coords in single day but say I wore then on different days.

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I don't wear bloomers in summer. Even shorts. I am just too damn hot.

Also I use some of my (Baby or even AP) JSKs as sundresses that i wear casually for work.

I'm a sinful,sinful lolita.

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I wish there were two comms: a comm for experimental/creative coords and event/OTT coords, and a comm for "daily" coords which are more formulaic and low-key. I like to see both, so I'd just belong to both comms, but I think that there are enough people who agree with you, and then enough people who want more everyday looks, that two comms could definitely be warranted

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Ok but what if I like pink and white and basic casual shit tho senpai?
I've been in there for a decade and i sometimes to other things than whatevercolor x white but i just like it y'know no need to go "unacceptable" on my ass

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I wore a full coord to my first ever con and it was a mistake. Idk how some girls can pull it off, I saw plenty of really well dresses girls at that con too. I was sweating like a pig, I had to buy some wet wipes and take a hobo shower I was feeling gross.

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I'd never post these online, wear them to meets, or try to pass them off as full coords, but pretty frequently I'll wear an OP or a JSK+cutsew and headwear, but then no legwear and just sandals or even flipflops. Way comfier for everyday wear and I get more use out of my pieces if I don't feel the need to wear all or nothing.

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nayrt but
>weh weh someone disagrees with me

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That's literally disgusting anon, wtf. I live in the South and I've never had that issue. Learn to dress according to the weather, even in lolita.

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It was not a hot day. Just a very crowded con. I wasn't expecting it. But you live and learn desu.

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Protip: don't be a conlita.

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This, I love worn photos. I like seeing crazy conlita shit but I really don't care about it that much compared to actually seeing even bad coords of dresses I'm thinking of buying. Stock photos and model photos suck and Ott coords hide how the dresses really look with peignoirs, overskirts etc

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I never go out in lolita particularly nowadays. I take a picture and I lounge around in it for a bit, do some work, do some chores. I never go out because the sun burns and my friends think I'm a bit silly for wearing lolita so I'd rather be a hikki for the day and enjoy myself in frills. It's really relaxing.

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sometimes i fantasize about running my own popular lolita blog with reviews and life style articles
Is it sad to say i wanna be efamous?

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I never wear bloomers ever.

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You must sweat easily

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I actually do shoop my legs thinner. It's the only shoop I do aside from lighting/color correction. They're not even that big (12.5 inch calves and 10 inch ankles), they're just weirdly shaped. My feet pronate pretty badly, which makes my ankles look wider than they are, and the rest of my legs don't photograph that well either. I don't shop them ultra thin, just closer to how they look IRL and a slightly more appealing shape.
I'm going to be modeling in a fashion show soon and I'm worried I'll look like a total whale because all pictures will be taken from below and my legs are already disproportionately large. I hope I'm not well known enough for people to be outraged by my shopping.

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Anon, I have news for you. The casual group already exists, but it's dead. It's on facebook, but I can't remember the name of it.

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I would wear lolita more often but I sweat like a dude and it’s fucking gross. I feel absolutely disgusted at myself over something I can’t even control. I used to weigh a lot more and even after the weight loss I sweat profusely. I can never win.

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I have the same calf measurement but 8 inch ankles....my calves are basically pure muscle since I'm underweight rn

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I don't see anything wrong with being conlita or wearing it as costume at all. It's not something that makes a coord looking worse, even if someone wears it once per year.

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When I see people who do this I automatically assume they are poor.

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I'm like almost certain I know who you are and people will probably whine about it but who actually cares.

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I'm curious, what do you think is my first initial?

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I ordered my first ouji coord, and everything fits except the blouse. I don’t have time to order a new one before the convention tea party I’m going to, so I’m wearing my old choir shirt. I’m scared that I’m going to get made fun of.

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were you nervous? stress sweat is worse than regular sweat. maybe try wearing thinner, comfier fabrics, take a breather. wear antiperspirant deodorant. and don't compare yourselves to others!

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maybe ask to borrow a blouse from a friend or someone in your comm, as long as you promise to wash/dryclean it after?

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That’s a good suggestion! But I don’t know anyone local yet

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>group is named Closet of frills: daily lolita coords
>I only want le original fancy OTT coords
>simple daily coords don't belong there I wish those people would stop posting

Imo, people like you are the problem.

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Do you even know what autism is?

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Why? Bloomers and petticoats are the ultimate lolita items. Fuck shorts.

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People like you are the cancer that's killing lolita's integrity as a fashion. Fuck off with your frilly costumes, you're not one of us.

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>I never go out because the sun burns
Ever tried using a parasol? I never leave the house without them.

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I self-harmed for many years and I have really nasty scars all over my arms (upper and lower), and this makes me too self-conscious to wear short-sleeved blouses or sleeveless OP's. I really want to wear cute coords without sleeves, especially in the summer, but I'm worried other lolitas (and normies) will judge me. Kind of wish there were lolita bracers or something lol.

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There's a couple of really fucking annoying people in my comm that O can't stand. I call them "meet-killers" because as soon as they RSVP yes everyone else doesn't want to go anymore.

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>as soon as they RSVP yes everyone else doesn't want to go anymore
Are you exaggerating when you say "everyone", or do you mean it? And what do they do that's so annoying that it kills entire meets?
I don't think you should let two people ruin everyone else's fun, especially if they're grating/immature/embarrassing to be around in public.

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There's nothing wrong with wearing lolita dresses casually (no petti, wig etc). I've seen brand shop girls in Japan or just randoms on the street do it many times. I don't know why western lolitas think it's ita to do so. Maybe it's a reaction against newbies who don't bother trying to learn "the rules".

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In Japan they see the clothes, buy them, then wear them. But western lolitas for some reason have to do years of research, and if they see someone that doesn't wear lolita the way it says in the handbook they feel entitled to call them out. Not all western lolitas but a lot of the ones on cgl are like that.

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I think the difference might be that while Japanese girls buy the clothes and wear them, they aren't attaching a label to them. Here we find and share coords by tagging them #lolita or sharing them in lolita-exclusive communities. A lot of the times the things that get called out aren't "bad outfits" or ita or anything, they're just "not lolita." Which isn't wrong, but I understand why people don't want those kinds out outfits cluttering up communities meant for sharing lolita coordinates.

I wear my lolita pieces all the time, from wearing JSKs as sundresses with normie cardigans and sandals, to skirts with bustiers for clubbing, to cutsews with skater skirts and sneakers. I wear my lolita pieces more outside of lolita than in it. But I'm not about to share those outfits on CoF because they don't belong there.

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I know nothing about lolita stuff and have never worn any, but I come to /cgl/ solely to look at pictures of other people wearing it and dream I could do so too.

also I'm a stinky man who couldn't pass in a million years

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Are you trying to say japanese lolitas don't make fun of itas? Because oh boy, are you wrong. The little communities they do have are full of salt and nitpicks, just like cgl.

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You're also a stinky man who doesn't know spoilers don't work on cgl. :^)
Have you considered wearing ouji or aristo? You don't have to wear lolita to be involved in the fashion.

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Explain that logic to me. It's just more fun to buy extravagant main pieces, and it's easy to forget about the smaller things like shoes and purses.

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A lot of them do call it lolita, no matter how they wear it, as long as the main piece is from a lolita shop. It's American lolitas that argue some AP skirts aren't lolita.

>> No.9895820

Nope, not what I'm saying at all

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you can still be kawaii even with self harm scars, anon. it's kindof the whole idea behind menhera. salty bitches will be salty regardless and normies will judge you for wearing something out of the ordinary anyway, do what makes you happy. also, vitamin e oil does wonders, it will reduce those nasty scars to very faint silvery marks that others will only see up close in certain lighting.

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anon its ok! I have self-harm scares on my legs and while those arent as exposed in lolita theyre often exposed in normie shorts. in my entire time with them exposed ive never had a person ask me about them or shame me over them. most people are too self absorbed to notice them

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If it makes you feel any better, my calves are 14" and my ankles are 8" (because roller derby)

>> No.9895921

I have scars too, and I've noticed that the heavy duty tattoo concealers can do wonders if you blend them out correctly. You'd have to put a makeup sealant over to it keep it from rubbing on your clothes, but it could give you the confidence you need to wear short sleeves <3

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nayrt but you're jumping to the extreme. experimental does not mean ott costume. In a way, I agree with >>9895286 because I would like to see people try more weird/unexpected color combos or themes. they can still be simple or normally accessorized coords.

Test the limits. don't be afraid to share your experiments!

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Like half my comm is legit diagnosed autistic.

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I never have the right goddamn shoes and it’s driving me mad. My comfortable shoes are ugly, or too sweet for my classic coordinates, and my uncomfortable shoes have actually disfigured my toes. Thanks Bodyline. I can’t keep buying shoes.

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It's strange to "judge the shit" out of people for wearing basic lolita though, when so many girls aim for some convoluted OTT bullshit for likes and attention, and seem to be unable to dress themselves otherwise. Hell, even said OTT bullshit barely suits the girls who wear it.
Girls wearing basic lolita coords that actually suit them isn't very common to see, is what I'm trying to say.

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A few years ago, someone snatched a dream dress of mine in a really mean and sneaky way. I got so mad and sad at the person that I digged up info about them and found some real good dirt. Then I anonymously sent the evidence to almost all of her comm members and other affected people, which started a chain reaction with people speaking up and making secrets about her. In the end her best friend dumped her ass, the comm kicked her out and she left lolita a few months later, selling the dream dress she once stole from me. I asked for a price reduction since her ugly fatass wore it at least once and no one wanted to buy from her anymore. She agreed and to this day I still feel the sweet victory when wearing it.

>> No.9895994

I feel your pain. I walk stupid and always scuff the insides of my shoes to hell and back, ruining any hopes for resale, and eventually forcing me to replace them. No matter how careful I try to be, it always happens.

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>She agreed and to this day I still feel the sweet victory when wearing it.

Until this part I expected you to say that to this day you still feel bad, because you actually have a reason to.

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Every time I see this being mentioned I wonder if they're talking about me. I'm an Asian tourist who visits Japan a lot because some airlines have cheap flight promos during off peak season and do the whole "casual dress" thing a lot, I dress the same way at home so I don't see why I need to change the way I dress elsewhere.

Not arguing. 'tis just my confession that I keep wondering if one of you saw me somewhere and is thinking of me when you write that. Haha.

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>not enjoying to buy shoes and purse too

>> No.9896055

I work from home majority of the time, I'm not a huge fan of sitting down all day in my dresses but it could be fun to do it once a week.

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literally thousands of asians do that. I live in europe and i've seen asian tourists wear lolita like that in my country.

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Nayrt but I think it's more of the having a budget aspect and not being able to buy nice blouse/shoes/etc because you bought an expensive main piece

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I've been wondering how many lolitas dress up at home, take a pic for IG and take their coords off right after, but some posts here confirm it at least.
Not to sound like a NEET/shut in, but when I see some people post coords everyday or so, it feels a bit "unrealistic". Even as a lifestyler to go out in full coords that much? Or that much in general when some jobs have restrictions and other factors like weather and such.
So, how many more of you gulls are guilty of it?

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I've never worn a full lolita coord in my life

>> No.9896103

Are you Chinese?
Just a question, not a loaded one.

>> No.9896107

Honestly there's a girl in my comm that makes me not want to go to meets if she's there with low attendance or hosting, even if I'm interested. We don't have drama/beef or anything, her personality is just super grating and exhausting to be around and it drains a lot of the energy I want to put towards having a good time at the meet.

>> No.9896116

Congrats, you're not a lolita.

I totally get that, I just think it's a bit odd that anon's comm members have an issue with two girls that ruin meets for everyone else in one way or another, and somehow they all continue to put up with it despite not having to. If it's so bad, anon and everyone else who's bothered by these two, should speak to their mods.

>> No.9896118

There’s a somewhat e-famous girl in my comm who does this. She has >70 main pieces, many of them very sought after, but only a small handful of blouses, boleros and shoes. She wears the same crappy offbrand short-sleeved blouse to every summer meetup regardless of main piece. It may be a “budget issue” in that she keeps blowing her budget on main pieces instead of basics, but it’s not a good look for someone who’s been into the fashion for almost ten years.

>> No.9896127

She probably thinks her "fame" or "experience" make up for her lacking wardrobe. Or she's just addicted to buying main pieces and doesn't care to complete her wardrobe properly. Either way, it's pretty embarrassing for her.

>> No.9896132

I don’t understand this notion that Lolita is hard to wear outside of your house. I mean, sure, I guess if you don’t go out a lot it’d be hard to wear it but generally I’ve never seen how it’s a big deal to be a lifestyler. If someone has a large enough collection they should go for it, conlitas are weird lol

>> No.9896137

But anon, if they wear lolita outside people might look at them! They might even ask why they're so dressed up! We can't have that, can we? That's way too scary.

My confession is that I secretly judge lolitas who don't wear their frills casually, even if only sometimes. Obviously if your lifestyle or career don't permit you to wear lolita daily that's perfectly understandable, but if you don't even wear it on the weekends and have to have a special occasion for it like a meetup or a convention, you're treating it like a costume rather than a fashion.

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I haven't worn lolita in over a year.
I dropped all of my other hobbies because I wasn't into them like I was into lolita.
Now I'm just a husk trying desperately to fill myself with the kind of interesting that gives me joy and makes me feel worthy of love.
I don't think it's working, even after being active in my comm for a bit, I'm no better off than I was when I started.
I have nothing in common with lolita friends outside of frills, I can't even really call them friends. The whole thing is exhausting.

I honestly wish I had never gotten involved with lolita sometimes. I feel like it's been stunting my progress, like I never needed to cling desperately to anything but now that I have been I'm just a less likable person. I'm here now and I'm stuck, since there's no other fashion I can afford that I still like.

I can't go into a normie store for anything without leaving empty handed in disgust.
It has to be so cheap they're paying me to take it in order to buy clothing basics, and as such my normie wardrobe is severely immature and outdated.
I dress like a fucking highschooler because I can't get over cheap details and stupid design choices. I can't stand it.
I hate what lolita has turned me into, but at the same time I'm horrified at the idea of who I'd be and what I'd dress like without it.

>> No.9896163

No matter what alt fashion you’re into, you will get stares and people just need to get used to it at this point.

>> No.9896168

I find fancy hairstyles and lots of accessories really annoying to wear. I honestly only do these extra bits for pictures on CoF or meets, and if I'm just going out for some errands or to see some non-lolita friends I generally either leave my hair down or simplify it and tone down my accessories to maybe just a bracelet, necklace, and a bow clip or something small. Hats and berets are tolerable if they're simple.

I tend to wear basic classic though, so it's not like I'm saying I wear an OTT dress with nothing else. I guess the confession is moreso that I dress up much fancier for CoF than I actually wear daily.

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seek help anon christ

>> No.9896175

That's the thing though, people who get into lolita for the wrong reasons (i.e. for attention, likes, efame, etc., or to belong to a group, rather than out of genuine love of the style and self expression) tend to have little to no tolerance for any sort of attention that alt fashion gets, and they're afraid to wear it in public unless they're in a group. These types usually don't last very long in the fashion, either.

>> No.9896198

I don't wear bloomers instead I wear gym shorts or biker shorts.

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I don't wear bloomers or shorts under my dresses in hopes that the wind will blow up my dress and a cute boy will see my panties.

>> No.9896221

kill yourself, crossboarder

>> No.9896232

>I'm totally a girl you guise

>> No.9896310

I love wearing simpler dresses with sandals. No legwear. The petti keeps my legs in the shade so I won't get lobster red in summer.

>> No.9896329

I found a girls instagram I met at a con a few months back thanks to /cgl/. Her coords were great, she was pretty, and she wasn't rude to me. But I hated her the moment I met her. I'm pretty sure she fucked one of the guests for the con we went to based on how they interacted and I hate her. Seeing that she has such a tiny insignificant presence online and that nobody gives a shit about this bitch makes me happy.

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Don't worry too much about it. Some lolitas will nit pick other lolitas no matter how well dressed they are.

>> No.9896373

You need to keep in mind most people on cgl are NEETs that have a hard time going outside regardless

>> No.9896378

Me too. I think the people that complain about boring styling and accessories are just online lolitas at heart who get salty when their online lolita content isn't interesting enough.

>> No.9896381

WHY? Bloomers aren't more expensive.
Please love yourself.

Why do you hate her though?

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It annoys me when people obsess over a dress when a very small obscure part of the print has a thing they love/collect.

Pic relate, "omg it has DONUTS!!! Must haveee"

Similarly I don't really like getting tagged in new dress post that kind of have motif I like in them that isn't prominently featured, or have the motif but the style is completely different from my own.

>> No.9896416

Nayrt but I generally wear shorts as well. They're cooler, and less bulky. Bloomers mess up the sillouette of a lot of my dresses.

Dear god this reminds me I really need to step up my blouse game. My main piece to blouse ratio is horrid.

>> No.9896418

Sounds more like she hates herself and thinks that social media is some kind of measure of worth.

>> No.9896435

I look down on every single one of you who wears shorts instead of bloomers. It shows me you don't actually care about the finer details of the fashion.

>> No.9896481

I really want to post outfits and my face on instagram, but i have horrible body issues. I don't think I'm bad looking, but the idea of sharing myself online is just terrifying. I'm not afraid of what people say about me, it's more like "who would ever want to see that?" I take a selfie or co-ord and just feel like it's always disgusting. I want to get over this and make online friends and get advice, but it's been over 6 years of wearing the fashion and i've only ever posted one photo of myself.
Any advice on not only dealing with this, but also on what kind of pictures would be good to post? I don't want to be "famous" or anything, just want to have friends and f4f other j-fashionistas.

>> No.9896482


>> No.9896495

I don’t wear lolita anymore because I have body issues and anxiety and I just feel so fat when I wear it that I’m always stressed. I’m not even really active in the community anymore either, but I mod multiple comms because I used to be very involved. I still buy old dream dresses but I don’t even look at the new releases that much, and my wardrobe is disproportionate because I never buy basics - what’s the point if I am never going to wear them?
I feel like an impostor.
I’ve been wearing little items from my wardrobe in a normie way, and every time I wear them I get lots of compliments.
I do really love the fashion but I don’t know if I can ever get back in to it.

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File: 1.48 MB, 500x338, e99469a0-84ea-4a7e-8fab-0e94e5a9f550.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have horrible self image and have to take 50+ photos to get one I like enough to Photoshop the shit out of to make myself beautiful enough to post online anywhere.

>> No.9896506

A bit of a response because i feel the same. I'm >>9896481

I'm not fat, but this fashion makes me feel fat, honestly. like everything is so small, and my body shape sucks, my fat goes into my stomach always, so i can't eat much or else I can't fit my clothes. I feel like at this point it's imaginary, but I can't stop thinking of how fat & disgusting my body is. At first, i felt lolita was good for me because it pressured me to exorcise and eat better, but I started barely eating and exorcise makes me feel like shit. I totally get the feeling of stress. I stress every time I try on a dress and think of how awful it looks. I sell so much and lose so much money because of it.

You're not an impostor, if you like the fashion that's really all it takes. However, I think you should try to wear more casual normie style dresses and spend less on them, so you don't feel guilt over having it. remind yourself it wasn't that expensive. Then owning two or three ott dresses and attending meets would be a good idea. I don't really wear lolita anymore (i own a few AP pieces but that's it), try out some jfashion and girly styles like emily temple cute dresses too. I hope you get over it. <3

>> No.9896511

why is "treating it as a costume" wrong though? like if you only want to wear it on occasion, why do so many people take issue with that? i'm a weekend wearer but i totally get why some people would save it for occasions. it's a way to still participate in the fashion and the community without making it a part of your everyday life. lolita isn't an "all or nothing" hobby.

>> No.9896512

>everything is so small

Honestly AP, meta, and baby all have huge measurements like 50% of the time I call BS about you not being fat. I'd buy it if you were talking about MM but you specifically mentioned AP so.

>> No.9896515

you're right i don't

i just care about looking cute on the outside and dgaf what's on the inside

this goes both literally and figuratively. there are plenty of girls i dislike but still follow on ig because their coords are fucking baller

>> No.9896516

not the anon you're replying to, but I just want to say... I wear lolita often, am not fat, but there is honestly something about AP dresses that not only make me look kinda chubby, but also feel chubby? I'm tall so maybe that is why, but out of all of my dresses from all the different brands I own (pretty much everything but AatP), AP makes me look the worst. something about their full back shirring on most jsks makes the dress not sit structurally correct? (I honestly don't know why or how to word this so forgive me) against my body, combined with the general shortness... and it's a mess. The one AP dress I have that looks fine, is one of the frill heart pockets jsks with no shirring.

Maybe try another brand and see if it helps? Sorry anon, I could just relate in a way

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Also recent AP cuts are really terrible. I have a 24" waist but a wide ribcage and broad shoulders, I am not built for this empire waist or sack dress bullshit. A lot of their older pieces like pic related had a "drop waist" which sat at the natural waist and it was so much more flattering on pretty much everybody. I think empire waist/sack shape has its place but I wish it was not so ubiquitous

>> No.9896524

sorry, my favourite brand is swankiss, and they feel small, i buy older pieces too, so yeah. I realize ap is super fitting nowadays, but the pieces i have now are from when i was a young teen. I'm at a good weight and height (5'3, 130lbs-aiming for 120, which i was at 18) but i still can't help but feel fat. I can't really prove my size, so I hope you can believe me off here.By ap pieces i mean like, bags, bracelets, etc.

>> No.9896527

Bullshit confirmed.

Swankiss isn't lolita. You're either lying about your weight or being a lolita.

>> No.9896529

I wear both larme kei and lolita. The reason lolita makes me feel fat is because of how it fits me & the layers. I brough tup swankiss because certain brands make me feel fat. for example, the sizing of another brand i love, Antique beast, is pretty small. I also notice a lot of lolitas who post are REALLY tiny, which makes me feel bigger in comparison. I hope you understand.
Again, I can't prove to you i'm not lying, but i have no reason to.

>> No.9896533

Again, horse shit. You didn't mention larme once. You spoke about lolita and then in another post said swankiss is your favorite brand after no mention of it or larme. Stop backtracking.

I own swankiss too btw and unless you're talking about shorts and stuff you should be able to fit in fine. I dresses my fat sister who's like 5'4" and 150 in it and she could wear skirts/dresses/shirts just fine.

>> No.9896534

Oh thanks anon but I am fat outside of lolita, I just don’t like to wear it because I don’t want to stand out if I’m gross. I can fit (with a small struggle lol) in to un shirred brand, so I’m not huge but definitely not small.
I do feel like an impostor, but I’m working on it by slowly changing my clothing choices.

>> No.9896535

Yeah, I know it sounds bad, but I wish they would bring in different sizes because the one size fits all makes average sized women look really awkward, big women look squished, and small women look kinda buried. I think that's part of the problem. Like i'll put on a dress and look in the mirror and be like "why do i look fat? " because i look like i'm buried.
I kind of want to buy more other brands but there's none i like as much as angelic pretty. I don't know why I can't get over this love-hurdle.

>> No.9896537

just because you can stuff her into swankiss doesn't mean she looks good anon

>> No.9896538

Sadly I can't prove this to you, and I'm sorry you're suspicious of me. I didn't think i'd need to bring up the fact I wear larme. I hope you have a good day, regardless.

I think wearing lolita if you're fat is fine, but there are hurdles that make it harder to look good in, so I totally get feeling bad. Especially because you can't just go to a store and try it on, you have to hope it looks okay.

>> No.9896542

130lbs isn't really a good weight for 5'3 unless you're super athletic. I'm also 5'3 and when I was 130 I felt super chubby even when I wore a US small. Body fat % matters, and I felt way better when mine was 16% (now it's back to 22% because of stress eating RIP). Larme and lolita are both unforgiving to body types with higher body fat percentages, regardless of what your waist measurement is.

And a lot of AP is pretty huge on me. I have a couple fully shirred JSKs that fall off of me if I'm not careful. I guess this is my confession: I don't bother with getting my too-big brand altered out of pure laziness. Idgaf about resale value. Just can't be bothered.

>> No.9896545

Anon what are your measurements and what are the jsks? Some of my AP is big on me but never falling off.

>> No.9896548

I'm glad to hear that i'm not being unreasonable thinking 130 is too much, actually. I really want to get to 110-120 by the end of the year, but it's unlikely. I went through a stress eating period which sucked! I hope you get through it and drink lots of water.
Yeah AP is way too open with its sizing now. having a small & medium size would help. I am not japanese skinny and i feel like it's too big, so I imagine it's worse as someone who's skinny. I'm glad they're being more open with their sizes so more people can be lolitas, but it's too much at times.

>> No.9896551

31-25-35. Can't remember my current shoulder measurement, but it was less than 15 inches when I was overweight. Off the top of my head, the Holy Lantern zipper JSK and Castle Mirage are two of the worst offenders, but I'm sure there are others. Full shirring is the bane of my existence.

>> No.9896563

out of curiosity, how did you lose the weight? your measurements sound like a dream.

>> No.9896565

I'm glad someone else is annoyed with the full back shirring. I'm even a bit bigger than you (5'4", 115 lbs, 34/27/36) and I'm so annoyed with how puffy and excessive some are, HL zipper JSK especially. The straps just fall off and it's so big. And my too huge BtSSB/AatP items make me so sad, not even shirring they're just huge.

You can get there anon! Don't stress about it too much and maybe just make small adjustments to your eating habits. I feel like you could absolutely reach 120 by years end at least if you keep food habits fairly good. But like the other anon said, don't be too attached to the weight number alone, it's just one part of the picture. Not that I'm the fittest to cheer you on lol, trying to mentally erase looking up my fat percentage now and seeing that 25%. I wish you body image happiness!

>> No.9896568

This is gonna sound really boring, but I ate less and worked out more. My diet permanently shifted to be more produce and less meat/grains.

>> No.9896572

Thank you so much ;_; I don't think I'll be able to work out because it makes me very sick, but the eating habits have been paying off really well, i think. I found out i could fit an old skirt i had and could fit two fingers in, so i'm happy. I was 145 about 5 months ago so losing 15 pounds just by walking more, eating wayyy less, and drinking a lot of water and celery is really a helpful reminder that its possible. I hope you also can one day look at your fat percentage and feel happy.

>> No.9896574

That's actually nice to hear because it's not something really hard to grasp for my lazy ass. How often do you work out and for how long? sorry to ask so many questions, i just like to hear what others do to change the lifestyle.

>> No.9896580

3-5 times a week for an hour at a time. Sometimes I do group classes like zumba, other times I just hop on a stationary bike and blast kpop.

>> No.9896581

While I love the art that goes into the prints, overall design and layout of anything AP has put out is complete trash and I'm incredibly salty about it.

I really hate how much brands pander to whims and nostalgia in their audience and have vowed not to buy something unless I've considered it from all angles and not just because there's a cute kitten or unicorn on it (it has to be cohesive).

I don't understand why people suck haenulis and enchantillic enchantilly's balls (and even some 3f) as they all look like super shiny sissy clothes.

>> No.9896589

More like most people aren't autistic enough to ask about them.
If you see someone with self-harm scars what are you suppose to say?
"what made you do that?"
"what are those?"
"omg do you need someone to talk to?!"
No. The best and most polite solution, especially if they don't look fresh, is to pretend you don't see them and let someone live their life.

>> No.9896598

Clearly you don't.

>> No.9896603

Guess bridesmaid, prom, and wedding dresses are all costumes now!

God, lifestylers are so sick in the head.

>> No.9896605

>somebody complains about people treating lolita like a costume
>y-y-you're SICK in the HEAD!!!!!!!!

>> No.9896606

Get help

>> No.9896607


Yes but not from China. There's a lot of non-mainland Chinese scattered in a lot of Asian countries, not even including Taiwan.


I know. Just seeing people bring this up a lot and I'm in Japan a lot always makes me wonder. Haven't been to Europe in ages though, so at least you haven't seen me.

>> No.9896608 [DELETED] 

>e-everyone who doesn't wear the fashion exactly the same way i do is just a FAKE LOLITA treating it like a fashion!!!
>wh-why do you think i'm sick in the head?!?!?!?!!!
Are tuxedos a costume too?

>> No.9896609 [DELETED] 

>e-everyone who doesn't wear the fashion exactly the same way i do is just a FAKE LOLITA treating it like a c-c-costuuuuume!!!!!!!
>wahhhhh why do you think i'm sick in the head?!?!?!?!!!
Are tuxedos a costume too?

>> No.9896610

>e-everyone who doesn't wear the fashion exactly the same way i do is just a FAKE LOLITA treating it like a c-c-costuuuuume!!!!!!!
>wahhhhh why do you think i'm sick in the head?!?!?!?!!!
Are tuxedos a costume too?

>> No.9896612

>overall design and layout of anything AP has put out is complete trash

I used to think this, and then I tried to sew a cute print fabric into a just-waist cutsew dress because AP always puts out those high-waisted cutsew dresses.

It turned out pretty crappy. Turns out they were always high-waisted because the higher ratio of eye-catching print to plain cutsew fabric looks much better, while mine looked like two outfits spliced together.

It's happened a few times, the other was when I lamented the lack of low waist dresses with longer skirts (like Victorian Letter or Mercator) so I made one. For some reason mine turned out really frumpy on me, I'm not sure if its the print or that I didn't have any ruffles that made mine look so matronly.

tl;dr, AP design is not as thoughtless as I thought. Also I suck at designing clothes. Meh.

>> No.9896617

Sometimes my clothes stay piled on the bed in my extra room or hung over the backs of chairs for weeks. I always keep dresses clean and would never send out a dress that was dirty or had undisclosed damage, but my room and closet being messy and not picture-perfect doesn't bother me.
>I'm am very careful to not eat in my room or leave rubbish around if that helps. I'm messy, not disgusting.

>> No.9896630

Are you seriously saying you would wear a prom dress to a convention and that there should be bridesmaid dress meetups?

>> No.9896631

Then AP needs to change the fucking scale of their prints, not get lazy. It's not as if they've never done regular waist shit before.

>> No.9896633

Nayrt but if their main audiences want high waist that's what we're gonna get

>> No.9896650

She's saying that formal dresses that people wear only on specific occasions are still not costumes.

>> No.9896651

when have you ever met people who were polite? most people are rude and intrusive particularly when something that disagreeable can come up

>> No.9896654

She probably doesn't live in America.

>> No.9896656

really? That surprises me a lot, as someone without scars, i'd never bring it up, thats really intrusive.

>> No.9896658

You can't deny that many lolitas who wear it on special occasions do so because they can't bear the attention it brings, sometimes by their own admission. If you can't wear alt fashion because you're afraid of being looked at, why do you wear it? For attention? Validation?
Lolita began as a street fashion, something to wear out in public for fun and self expression, not like a cosplay for cons where you can feel speshul about your super kawaii frilly princess dress.
>equating lolita to prom dresses
Wear it however you like but don't complain when you're being judged for basically being a cosplayer.

>> No.9896661

>if you don't want people to look at you, you only wear the clothes for attention and validation
That doesn't make sense.

>> No.9896664

I didn't state anon or anyone else wears it for attention or validation, I quite literally asked what their reason was.

>> No.9896668

I love lolita and have followed it for years but I'll never buy any pieces. I couldn't wear it outside and I don't even use social media, and it'd probably be stupid to lounge around my house in such expensive and nice clothes. I'll just keep admiring it from afar and drawing pictures of it.

>> No.9896669

Yeah but there are people who still wear lolita exclusively to cons and meetups like >>9896137 said, which are not formal events.

>> No.9896677

>Lolita began as a street fashion, something to wear out in public for fun and self expression
I mean, that's a nice ideal, but hanging out in lolita stylish districts of Japan isn't the same as wearing lolita in any other place in public. Chance are hardly anyone is going to mess with the Japanese lolita going around Harajuku, but there are a lot of places where people can and do feel the freedom to be pretty rude, so I understand why some people might not feel comfortable dealing with all of that just because they happen to like frilly clothes. But you can still really enjoy the clothes despite that. For these people, meetups are perfect as a somewhat casual friendly place to be socially wearing lolita without outsiders being dicks to you. Only wearing it to cons is a little less excusable, but I get only wearing to community meetups, especially if it's frequent.

>> No.9896679

you know that a lot of japanese lolitas were, like americans, ashamed to wear lolita and only wore it on days they could go to harajuku, a place where wearing that kind of clothes was acceptable and wouldn't get them mocked by peers?
I thought this was common knowledge. very few lolitas around the world are lifestyles because they are not privileged enough to have a job that accommodates their styles and live in a place where it is acceptable and safe to wear it

>> No.9896682

i use beautycam too much

>> No.9896683

Most japanese lolita lifestylers are NEETs living with well off parents.

>> No.9896687

in the past when lolita was first popular, many girls were shy about it.

>> No.9896688

I'm aware, it's also been mentioned up thread that wearing it casually even sometimes is better than only wearing it to cons; I doubt you'll find many Japanese lolitas who wear it to anime conventions exclusively.

>that's a nice ideal
It's plain facts, anon, not just an ideal.
>people are rude
Oh no, we better not stand out in any way lest people breathe in our direction.
Honestly, unless anon lives in a dangerous area or her career demands her to maintain a certain image even after hours, there's no reason to be afraid to wear it outside. I just think it's strange that a subversive fashion style like lolita attracts so many people who are incredibly chickenshit about wearing it.

>> No.9896691

oh, i misread.
Yeah fuck people who only wear lolita for cons. cons and meets is also kinda bad, but far from as bad as just cons.

>> No.9896692

Some people in some places will outright harass you for standing out too much in a way you'd never have to deal with by wearing "normal" clothes. I don't think you're required to be braver just because the style you happen to like looks really weird to average people.

>> No.9896697

Pictured pastel sweet dress and Birkenstocks with the legs to go with them and now I can't finish my chicken dinner.

>> No.9896702

I used to get a lot of 'Are you ok?' and pointed looks, back when the scar tissue looked angrier
Out of all the things to say or not say to a stranger, 'Are you ok?' is top tier normie meddling shit.

>> No.9896708

Your dream awaits, full brando coord loungewear in the 200 price bracket, easy.

>> No.9896724

Maybe it's just my style (i've worn old school sweet for about 14 years now) but people harass me less in lolita than in normie clothing.

>> No.9896727


>> No.9896731

I wear a lot of classic with the occasional old school coord and I feel this too. In my experience they often just stare from afar and otherwise stay away.

>> No.9896734

What if you only go out for work or meets?

>> No.9896743

I genuinely don't understand some lolitas' aversion of the association of the fashion with dolls. Sure, the "living doll" fad was embarrassing to be associated with and when asked if I'm "one of those living dolls" I always say no, but the lolita look is very doll-like, from the clothes to the hair to the makeup, and being told I look like a doll is a huge compliment in my opinion.
Maybe you shouldn't wear frilly doll-like fashion styles if you don't like being associated with dolls?

>> No.9896758

Same tho.

>> No.9896770

That still doesn't mean they're wearing it like a costume? Are you seriously too dumb to understand that the whole point being made is that you can wear clothes for specific occasions and still be treating them like fashion and not costumes?

>If you can't wear alt fashion because you're afraid of being looked at, why do you wear it? For attention? Validation?
Because you like it? What the fuck, are you mentally impaired? You're contradicting yourself; you can not want to be harassed in the streets and still enjoy a fashion. Didn't you go on this batshit rant in a previous thread too, crazy lifestyle-chan?

>> No.9896772

>I doubt you'll find many Japanese lolitas who wear it to anime conventions exclusively
You clearly have no idea how cons are in Japan, huh?

>> No.9896775

I agree with this. Wearing a doll-like fashion is what made me so interested in lolita to begin with. Am I a loving doll? fuck no. I love when people tell me I look like a doll. It's usually older women who think it's very cute and tell me stories of dolls they had in their childhood, etc.

>> No.9896782

Usually when people say anything to me in lolita, it's something sweet; complimenting my outfit or asking if I'm in a play or going to a party. I've been harassed in normal clothing though. I guess lolita tends to filter out most of the creeps, which is honestly surprising to me, considering it is quite different. I guess that's why though, because people assume it has a purpose beyond just "I'm wearing this because I want to wear it and it makes me feel cute".

>> No.9896784

I really admire and look up to my comm mod and im too nervous to tell her for fear of coming off as weird or desperate for friends when all I want is more lolita pals

>> No.9896788

Ok but >>9896137 originally said she judges people who don't wear their frills casually and didn't want people to treat it like a costume. That's why she called special occasions meetups and cons i.e. events you wear costumes to, and didn't say anything about nice restaurants or fancy events (save for fancy lolita events). That's the point I was agreeing with but you and >>9896603 decided to take it in the prom dress direction.

>> No.9896789

I don't know what she's like but speaking as a comm mod, you should tell her, even if you start off with simply thanking her for the work she does for the comm be it hosting meets, helping newbies, etc.
If you've never spoken to her like this before, you can branch off into asking her how long she's been into lolita, what got her into it, and so on. It's not weird to interact and make friends with comm members and mods aren't some unapproachable godly deities, you can befriend her just like anyone else in your comm; given that she's open to it, of course.

>> No.9896799

I wish some attention whores would get out of lolita and into the mental ward. No one cares about 8 months old drama and no one wants to read an essay about a failed discord server like it's the only thing that showed this girl is fucking crazy in the head.

>> No.9896801

I used to work something like 65 hours a week on average. A lot of times I'd leave at 7am and get home at 10pm. I was so done when I'd finally get a day off, I was desperate to catch up on everything I'd been unable to do for eons. Fuck trying to wear lolita. I couldn't even make meets most of the time. I was a conlita for a good 2 years. I have a large enough collection to be a lifestyler. I bought a lot while I worked that job. But honestly, as much as I enjoy wearing lolita and collecting it I just can't be bothered to wear it unless there's an actual reason and others there. I used to wear it as much as possible in the first few years. Now, I just don't care. My local lolita friend is the same way. We talk about wearing the fashion to get lunch or do some shopping and we both show up in the most casual hobo wear possible meanwhile talking about lolita.

It's not even being afraid to wear it out. It's just this apathy toward anything and everything.

Maybe I'm just not over that job. IDK.

>> No.9896803

The only people who've ever said that I looked like a doll were the same people who thought it completely appropriate to say it while patting my head, laying their arm around my waist and similar. The objectification is verbal as well as physical, regardless whether its drunk men on public transport or old women in secondhand stores

>> No.9896808

Oh yikes, I'm sorry anon. Some normies have no decency at all!

>> No.9896811

It's certainly much better than the dd/lg or ageplay angle some normies still associate it with, lmao.

>> No.9896821

Same. Most people roll their eyes when I take many pictures with all the Snow app filters. I just can't see myself pretty without edits and later a biiiiit of shoop.
(body dysmorphia as a recovering ana-chan sucks. But at least I am alive to take pictures desu )

You go gull!

>> No.9896833


>> No.9896836

I think you need to see a doctor if exercise makes you sick

>> No.9896838

Are tuxedos a fashion style?

>> No.9896840

I had 2 brand pairs and I bled on them and threw them away, so now I'm very "fuck it" about bloomers and wear shorts I don't care about that didn't cost me $80+

>> No.9896841

You seem to still not understand that not wearing something casually =/= treating it like a costume, hence the prom dress comparison.

>> No.9896842

Lolita is a street fashion.

>> No.9896843

Yes, wearing tuxedos is a type of fashion, retard-chan.

Anything is a street fashion as long as you wear it in the streets. That doesn't change anything.

>> No.9896844 [DELETED] 

>meetups are perfect as a somewhat casual friendly place to be socially wearing lolita without outsiders being dicks to you
Does this actually work for anyone? The only times outsiders have been dicks to me was at meet ups. Why would you suddenly get less harassment when you're in a more affection grabbing group?

>> No.9896845

>meetups are perfect as a somewhat casual friendly place to be socially wearing lolita without outsiders being dicks to you
Does this actually work for anyone? The only times outsiders have been dicks to me was at meet ups. Why would you suddenly get less harassment when you're in a more attention grabbing group?

>> No.9896846

Hi I'm into tuxedos. I'm still building my wardrobe, so far I only have 8 tuxedos.

>> No.9896847

You know you can wash blood out, right?

>> No.9896848

In my language prom dresses/tuxedos and Halloween costumes are both called costumes, as are certain traditional clothes. If you wear something only on special days and for special occasions it is a costume. It’s not an insult, it’s a descriptor.

>> No.9896855

Living dolls are freaky but at least they actually gaf about how they look (at least the ones I know) and present themselves much less childishly and more elegantly

>> No.9896862

This is cgl. We associate costume, not with special clothing, but cosplay. We can't be affiliated with those filthy weebs and their ebay cosplays and cheap waxy looking plastic wigs.
>half of us at the very least cosplay and wear lolita and can clearly draw a line between them.
>people getting their bloomers in a twist over what other people do with their money and clothes.
>like they have any say in it.
>no different than bawww my dream dress isn't coorded to my personal liking!

>> No.9896863

I went on an extreme restrictive diet so that I would look good in lolita and other jfash. I lost over sixty pounds last year and I've kept it off so far.

Now I judge anyone who is overweight or complains about wanting to lose weight harshly. It's not that hard, and there's no magic secret. Just count your calories accurately and truthfully and resist the temptation to keep stuffing your face. Yes, you're fat because you eat too much. There is nothing you could wear that wouldn't look better on a thinner person.

>> No.9896865

>What is Black Tie attire
Can't tell if you're just pretending to be stupid or you're actually this stupid.

>> No.9896866

That's good for you, but that's different from how the word costume is being used here.

>> No.9896868

Same, and I have long and healthy hair and people keep complaining why I won't do some fancy hair styles. Like idgaf? I refuse to spend more than 30 minutes on my styling when or when I it's just for a walk in the park or helping my grandma with groceries.

>> No.9896870

That anon must be Russian, who doesn't know how to English (or is pretending). The thing really does sound the same, but is translated to English as "suit" or "costume" respectively.

>> No.9896871

I'm the sort of person who can fit into the sack dress cuts well and I hate them.

>> No.9896877

Anon pls. Rock some sack dresses for all of us who can't. There are some AP cuts I adore that I don't dare purchase for fear my chest will cause it to hang weirdly. It makes me smile to see people wearing them and looking cute.

>> No.9896880

there are people who have that as their fashion style? are people like barnie from how i met your mother real? nobody does that here so it's a real question.

>> No.9896882


I am fat too, but I taught myself how to work a sewing machine and how to take two identical dresses and use the fabric from one to size the other to fit me properly.

It does mean I have to buy double so my wardrobe is pretty small, but I can still feel good in the fashion I love so I think it's worth the cost.

>> No.9896885


>> No.9896894

But if you only wear it to a wedding it's not your style/hobby. Just like if you only wear lolita to a con, the con is the main reason you're doing it, not lolita itself.

>> No.9896897

So ravers who only wear rave accessories and attire to raves don't have raving as their hobby then?

>> No.9896900

They do. But people who only wear a tuxedo to weddings don't have tuxedos as their hobby and people who only wear a dress to prom don't have a dresses as their style. The main thing about lolita is literally wearing the clothes, not going to cons.

>> No.9896901

I've watched Marie Poupée.

>> No.9896904

Rave clothes are intended to be worn at raves. You can wear them regardless but that's their original purpose. Likewise, lolita began as a street fashion and meant to be worn on the street, i.e. in a casual setting.
Having said that, today there are "degrees" of lolita and some coords and garments are more special and intended to be worn at fancy tea parties and events rather than casually. Some people only have garments of this sort so wearing them casually isn't really an option for them, unless they decide to branch out and expand their wardrobe with more wearable pieces. It depends a lot on the individual and her wardrobe and choices, really.
I can understand anons' frustration with the fact lolita is now generally seen as a style for special occasions and nothing more; add to this the popularity of wigs and OTT and it does give the fashion a more costume-like feeling. Imo the only thing to do about it, rather than tell people how and where to wear their frills, is for every daily lolita "advocate" to simply take action and wear the fashion casually to make it more visible on the street, like anons want it to be. I'm one of the very few daily lolitas in my comm and this is what I do; I do tell the other girls how fun it is to wear outside of meets and cons for no real reason other than fun, but ultimately leave it up to them to decide for themselves how and where to wear it.

>> No.9896905
File: 76 KB, 450x322, 1504803508822.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oof. Point taken.

>> No.9896909

Sadly not, I think they look ugly. I prefer dresses that fall on my natural waist. I really wish I could like sack dress cuts but they really just look terrible on anyone, in my opinion.

>> No.9896912

Samefagging to add that if you (a general you) still decide to judge other girls on whether they do or don't wear lolita casually, how often and to which occasion, and whether they're lifestylers or not, then that's your prerogative. It's not very practical but again, your decision to make.

>> No.9896950

Or it's about enjoying the fashion by yourself and with other people who also enjoy the fashion.
This whole chain isn't about lolitas who only go to cons, lolitas who also only go to meets were mentioned too. Keep up.
>People who only wear x to ____ don't have x as their hobby
Clearly you have not met anyone from /fa/

>> No.9896955

>Rave clothes are intended to be worn at raves
Not particularly; even before raving became more mainstream I knew people who wore rave style casually. It didn't make them more or less ravers than those who didn't wear it casually.
>lolita began as a street fashion and meant to be worn on the street, i.e. in a casual setting.
Read >>9896679
Wearing something only for special occasions doesn't make it any more of a costume though, which is the point that anons have been trying to make. And in the same way that it's up to you to decide whether you want to judge other girls for wearing lolita in a different way than you do, other people can judge you for judging them.

>> No.9896973

I wasn't arguing or judging anyone, I even acknowledged the various aspects of the fashion and the different ways people choose to wear it. Please read my post again.

>> No.9896986


Why the fuck would you destroy a perfectly good dress to alter another one?

>> No.9897000

Bloomers are pointless, nobody is looking at my underwear. Are you judging the lace on my petticoat too?

>> No.9897008 [DELETED] 

It was a rhetorical you anon, same as how you were using it.

>> No.9897009

Oh, sorry, my bad. Looks like my own reading comprehension is a bit wonky, lol

>> No.9897020

There are plenty of scenarios that make bloomers necessary. If a girl falls or there's a gust of wind it's fucking gross to see her ass hanging out of a pair of booty shorts. Bloomers are there for a reason.
I am judging your peticoat, there's nothing worse than someone wearing layers of pettis in colors that don't match her coord.

>> No.9897024

I'm just not happy with my body. I'm not obese, I can fit into brand without too much trouble. But I'm not the perfect petite thin girl I want to be and it sucks to see pictures of myself other people took.

>> No.9897034

I can think of a lot of things worse than pettis not matching.
Namely, ill-fitting garments (big or small), cupcake print quilting fabric and ric rac combo, granny's hot glue craft disaster lace, sissies, getting thirteen left sleeves in your lucky pack, oh and and sissies.

>> No.9897037

People can see it when you move around. Also, bloomers are cute as fuck and are one of the things that makes lolita fashion special and precious. If you don't care about "pointless" things like a nice petticoat and bloomers, I don't understand why you wear lolita. Just wear a Tshirt with a nice print on it.

>> No.9897046
File: 95 KB, 595x394, 1474839385603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>getting thirteen left sleeves in your lucky pack
Never gets old.

>> No.9897047

Don't take people so literally weeb

>> No.9897054

I mean, honestly I try to wear lolita as much as possible but only really when I'm going to the city. My area is dodgy as fuck and I certainly don't want any extra attention, I can feel unsafe just being any kind of dressed up and have been persistently spoken to by old junkie weirdos over nothing. It sounds to me like you live in safe or densely populated areas

>> No.9897058

>People can see it when you move around.
poeple... can't? Unless it's a long bloomer past the knees. Mine are pretty short.

>> No.9897061

My lolita confession:
I really dislike being in public with my comm or other lolita friends. I feel absolutely fine on my own but when there's a group there's suddenly so much more weird attention and I feel like it drowns out my "personal style".

>> No.9897064

When you go on stairs or a bicycle

>> No.9897166

>tfw all your self-harm scars are on your face

Feels bad man. Nobody thinks pock marks are kawaii. Time to save for laser treatments I guess.

>> No.9897173

Seconded. I love my comm but being with them in public can be emotionally draining in a way that being out on my own isn't, especially since some of them never learned to utilize an indoor voice... or general basic manners in public.

>> No.9897174

That's the best part of lolita, I love lounging around my house drinking wine in my coords. I am pretty introverted and hate going out, I'm sure people would judge me if they knew I only wear like half or less of my coords out. But it's so fun hanging out at home just being comfortable. When you go out you sweat and your hair and wigs get messed up

>> No.9897175

Found the sissy.

>> No.9897178

Uhm... what? I don't really understand this at all. Before I had padded my wardrobe with nice brand blouses/purses/shoes/accessories, it felt empty. Every time I wanted to buy a new main piece was almost stressful in a way, because I didn't have enough items to coord the main piece how I would have envisioned.

>> No.9897180

I'm not as extreme as you, but I can relate. Especially recently. Fashion trends for normie shit, right now, are horrendous.

>> No.9897195

>thinks 130 or 120 is a good weight

I mean you feel fat because you are fat. Your goal weight should be 110-115.

>> No.9897196

Not Russian. It’s the same word in multiple languages.

>> No.9897201
File: 170 KB, 237x390, FE14BA4F-1D47-4579-A4AF-8FBAAF8C1D18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also picnics. Please wear bloomers or some form of safety shorts at picnics. I’ve literally seen girls’ pubes because they decided not to wear bloomers and didn’t keep their knees together when sitting across from me.

>> No.9897204

I agree with this. When putting new coords together, my lack of certain items would feel like a very noticeable gap in my wardrobe that I’d come up against again and again, like a missing tooth. Filling those gaps and finding new ways to coord older main pieces is at least as satisfying as buying a new main piece. Having only the minimal number of blouses/shoes/purses is so limiting and I don’t understand how some people can deal with that for years without getting frustrated.

>> No.9897209
File: 193 KB, 663x619, 1513731554018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's disgusting. Wow.

>> No.9897212

Soooo where's a good place to buy bloomers? Sorry I dont want to pay 9000 yen for baby's.

>> No.9897217

I was an awful ita back in 2008-2010, stopped trying wearing lolita before enrolling into college. Now I come into cgl to look at cute coords and it inspires me to try again now that I know better.

>> No.9897221

They come up on CC and WW quite often and are also super easy to make. If you don’t care too much about quality lace or other embellishments you can also find plenty on Etsy and AliExpress (though the AE ones are likely overpriced, so maybe you can find some you like and then track down the original brand on Taobao).

>> No.9897229

I’m unreasonably salty about how my coworkers, who earn more than me because they’ve been working here longer, piss all their expendable income away on booze. They regularly come in talking about how they blacked out and don’t remember anything from the weekend LOLOLOL as if that’s something to brag about.
They probably think I’m a huge weirdo for spending money on frilly dresses instead of ebin partays but at least I retain my memories of wearing them. It’s such a waste.

>> No.9897249

NAYRT but why would you ever ride a bicycle in lolita? Danger of getting skirts caught in greasy chains or spokes, dust and dirt flying up, get hit by a car, sweat, etc. I don't even live in the countryside and these are all real problems with bike riding.

>> No.9897257 [DELETED] 
File: 164 KB, 500x375, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because it's my only means of transport besides walking. None of what it say has ever happened to me, no offense but do you live in a mud bath?

>> No.9897259 [DELETED] 
File: 164 KB, 500x375, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>9897249 #
Because it's my only means of transport besides walking. None of what you say has ever happened to me.

>> No.9897262
File: 164 KB, 500x375, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because it's my only means of transport besides walking. None of what you say has ever happened to me.

>> No.9897264

I don’t understand people who say this. I ride my bike to work every day including some badly maintained roads and even when I wear white sundresses they don’t get dirty. Doesn’t your bike have mudguards? My boss also rides his bike to work and he wears a suit every day. My aunt even rode her bike to her own wedding while wearing her wedding dress, though it was a rather plain one.

>> No.9897266

even as someone who has a condition that makes it hard to lose weight (fuck you hypothyroid), I have gone from being overweight to normal and have kept it off. it just takes some discipline, eating better, and only eating when Im actually hungry.

>> No.9897269

Actually a lot of bikes outside the Netherlands don't have anything covering the chain when you buy the bike. But you can buy that separately really cheap.

>> No.9897284
File: 92 KB, 1280x720, image-w1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's faster by bike but not as elegant

>> No.9897303

Hey now, at least anon's goals are obtainable, excess salt is just as/if not more unhealthy than too much fat.

While I agree that 130 is somewhat pudgy, 120 is smack in the middle of a recommended healthy weight and if anon is happy at that weight so what, they should be fine fitting most recent brand, at least she's trying unlike a lot of people I see posted here.

>t.120ish 5'3, aiming for 110 only so i can fit more old-school pieces.

>> No.9897330

I don't dress up just to take pics, but I call myself a daily lolita even though I don't actually wear it every day. I wear it 99% of the time that I go out outside of work, which is 1 or 2 days a week, realistically.

>> No.9897333

That's more than many other lolitas can say for themselves, honestly.

>> No.9897336

Still better than seeing my fat friend's balls because he went commando in a pair of shitty blown out shorts.

>> No.9897337

Well, I'm aiming for 130 myself. Since puberty I've never been under 120.

>> No.9897339

This is what I do and I call myself a daily lolita too.

>> No.9897342


>> No.9897357

I'm 5'9" and walk like a duck on flat shoes so I need to wear even a tiny heel but I feel massive compared to other girls.

>> No.9897365

Wear your heels proudly, anon. Personally I'm not here for the "rule" that says tall girls shouldn't wear heels; it's bullshit, if you like them and feel comfortable walking in them, wear them. Wear Meta's giant platforms if you want, live your gorgeous tallita life.

>> No.9897376

How did she snatch your dream dress in a mean way?

>> No.9897381

I'm 5'10 and I won't wear anything lower than 3" with lolita. Heels make your legs look great.

>> No.9897387

I don't walk like a duck, but I am 5'9" and I just hate the way I look when I'm not wearing heels of some sort. Flat soles always just make me feel awkward when standing, like an ugly troll, so I'm always wearing at least a slight heel... on platforms. Fuck it. I always wanted to be small and tiny and cute but apparently that's not what life had in store for me, so I just do what I like, and you should too. Who gives a fuck.

>> No.9897429

I want a tallita gf to stomp on me, so wear your platforms and heels proudly anon

>> No.9897458

I've been interested in Lolita for about 10 years but I've never had the guts or the body to wear it. I save a lot of Lolita pics for inspiration but I always find an excuse not to get into it. This year I'm going to learn how to sew so I might finally dip my toes into the fashion.

>> No.9897460

I hate that there are so many lesbian/bisexual/bicurious lolitas in my comm. Most of them are doing it for the special factor - still, the loaded messages flying to and fro are uncomfortable in groups with other people present.
I sometimes wear a pink denim jacket with anti-LGBT pins just to publically offend them. I honestly hate pink and couldn't care less about their intimate preferences, but damn it girls don't open your mouths about it in public. It doesn't help the frills.

>> No.9897463

Wow, you're an asshole.

>> No.9897469


>> No.9897472


>> No.9897475

>wear a pink denim jacket with anti-LGBT pins just to publically offend them
Aww I remember back when I was this young and edgy. You'll grow out of it.

>> No.9897477

It really is hard! If you're at a con, plan to be walking a lot and wear comfortable shoes and breathable clothes. It's better if you have a hotel room or know someone who does so you can go out for a few hours, take a few pictures, and then change into something comfy

>> No.9897479

please kill yourself

>> No.9897482

If possible, maybe wear darker tights ro make them look thinner?

>> No.9897484

wow, no shit, I never would have thought of that. eyeroll.

>> No.9897494

Stop pretending and think about your bait carefully before posting it. This one doesn't make sense in any way.

>> No.9897498

You can do it! I think it's much better to have been interested in lolita for a long time before starting, because you already know the sources and correct ways to style. Good luck, anon!

>> No.9897501

Wtf just call yourself a lolita. Why isn't the term lolita enough for you? Daily implies every day.

>> No.9897502

>confessions thread
>on an annonymous site

Anons, please. What did you expect? Let the edgyness flow.

>> No.9897512

anachan pls go

>> No.9897528

Are you perhaps a part of the sthlm comm? The most active members are diagnosed with autism.

>> No.9897529

I lowkey hope your comm gays it up more just to spite you.

>> No.9897536

Not bait. It is just a show off of edgyness between 2 sides of the comm:
-1 side talks explicitly about their frilly sexual adventures
-1 side wears dumb stuff to show a middle finger to these girls

Never seen comms that are divided in ideas but still stick together for the fashion aspect?

>> No.9897537

You threw away 160 dollars in brand bloomers, what.. because your own blood is icky?
Get over yourself.

>> No.9897539

Not that anon, but recently all of the releases I like from Baby have been about 86cm bust, and that just isn't cutting it.

>> No.9897545

Winter normie wear is often more acceptable, but going into summer all of that stock is gone and it's flip flops, unflattering cuts and awful color choices as far as the eye can see.

>> No.9897550

>Seek help
>Get help
At this point this is starting to be a forced meme.
I'm sure you have a support net that would help you if you were struggling, or help you fund it, but I don't have those options.
I'll get by, I always do.

>> No.9897553

Anon I've been doing the keto/atkins diet and after three days of consuming no carbs I lost 6 pounds you should try it and see if it's for you

>> No.9897557
File: 49 KB, 372x406, IMG_0279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Flat earthing diet edition

>> No.9897566
File: 76 KB, 650x564, 1460349748445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's always a way, you're just making up excuses.
If you don't like or wear lolita anymore, sell them and fund a bigger passion or another style. Or get into other designer brands, there are a lot more extravagant/less mainstream ones.

>> No.9897569

It takes longer than 6 days to reach ketosis, that's mostly water weight.
Keep going anon, it's expensive if you're going the animal protein route, but I had great results.

>> No.9897574

No, fuck you

>> No.9897579

>BMI of 20

Fatty chan pls go

>> No.9897595

The fairy kei community needs to die

>> No.9897597

Then enjoy your illness I guess

>> No.9897602

wrow that was a good one fatty chan

It honestly hasn't been that expensive for me, the delis around here are inexpensive for the most part

>> No.9897606

I'm a NEET and I don't go out everyday. If I'm not going out, I wear pj's or panties. I'm not going to be umcomfy in my house. But if I'm going to the grocery store? You bet your ass I'm in lolita. If I did go out every day, I'd wear lolita. I don't see how I'm not a daily lolita if my default clothing is lolita.

>> No.9897620

Do you know what the word daily means?

>> No.9897656

Do you really expect someone to leave their house every day just to walk around in lolita lol maybe you can do that in bigger cities but in the suburbs, there's nothing to do but run errands in lolita if you can

>> No.9897721

Then just call yourself a lolita, you rping faggot.

>> No.9897756

i agree, and I love fairy kei. I hate what it's become in the west.

>> No.9897773

Not that anon but the general healthy rule of thumb is 100 lbs for 5 ft and +/- 5 lbs for each inch of height. It's different if you're buff but I doubt most gulls are

>> No.9897916

Idk it's not something I'd post in the confessions thread. Why would you confess you want to trigger gays when you already wear the buttons publicly?

>> No.9897919

Also if ANY of those girls are on here they know what you're doing so it just seems like you're itching for drama

>> No.9897920

I only follow fairy kei visually, but isn't it already kind of dead in Japan?

What's so horrible about the community in the west?

>> No.9897948
File: 72 KB, 460x691, ebf653dae2b1413081ba4f2d2c672cb6--harajuku-fashion-tokyo-fashion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In my experience, many people don't really understand what makes fairy kei what it is (this is no ones fault, to be honest, there's no real guide to the fashion, and many people take certain liberties with it), and incorporate decora elements too much, use too many neons rather than pastels, and i find a lot of fairy kei isn't feminine here. About 4 years ago, when I first found the lord (Nile perch) i loved the childlike motifs and the idea of girlhood incorporated in it.
In the west, it has gradually become more likely to see men wearing the fashion, or the trend of demiboys. They wear it with pants and incorporate creepy cute motifs like bats, or eyeballs, or skull hands and too many prints have hard blacks. I think here fairy kei has become heavily mixed with creepy cute because of the influence of people like pastelbat, who kinda merged the two to form her own style. Many people were doing that, though. Brands like milklim were heavily used and although i love milklim, i feel like you can't really use only milklim to form an outfit, but people were really doing that. I know a lot of people complain about the fact it's boring, but the fact sets exist in lolita, to me is a godsend to westerners who aren't very creative. I feel like a lot of coords lack that creative edge, it's like, milklim dot skirt, big plate sweater, angelic pretty skirt, hair bow, done. And over the top fairy kei is just decora. Plus often people use split wigs, which i find distasteful, but that's imo. It kinda removes the idea of youthfulness to me when someone wears a bright yellow twintail wig, or when someone has neon blue short hair.
To kinda bring it together, i think the fact fairy kei wasn't really regulated by rules, and because its similar to other jfashions, many people mixed them together unintentionally and created their own styles or different styles but still call it fairy kei and still tag it as that and sell it as fairy kei.

>> No.9897950
File: 35 KB, 310x500, 6dd0eb9c51d58825c2ee079e1ca344ad--harajuku-style-harajuku-fashion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a lot of older styles are really hurting over there. harajuku isn't what it used to be, because of tourists and corporations, lolita is also struggling a bit more than before, but that comes with the times and brands not really being able to keep up with trends.

>> No.9897952

you're just telling me to do what i'm doing, which is lose weight. My goal is 120 because i don't want to be unreasonable or go too fast. Thank you for your input, but it's not necessary.

>> No.9897953

>unreasonable to be in the healthy BMI range for your height

Nayrt but... Really??

>> No.9897954

Because she can do whatever she wants with the dress she bought.

>Are you judging the lace on my petticoat too?
Of course we are, I'm surprised you even have to ask. How new are you?

>Baitest of bait.

>> No.9897958

I have, thank you. The reason why is my current medication makes me feel ill and tired quickly. But, I should say hard workouts. I can do like, a 20 minute run every hour, or a long fast walk. that's why i kinda feel like i need to patient with my weight. I've already lost 10 pounds, so I'm proud of my progress.

Also, I put in the next post "I really want to get to 110-120 by the end of the year" so I guess you didn't see it. 110 is a goal i have, but I'm not going to say it's my main goal.

Good luck with your goals! I feel my body looks good at 120 or 115. Thanks for your support, fellow 5'3!

That's a great goal, good luck!

>> No.9897959

I think you misread. I don't want to be unreasonable with my weight loss goals. I am aiming for 120 right now, but it will lower once i reach it, which should be in the next month or so.

>> No.9897962

Why not just have one goal from the get go? This is stupid as fuck that you feel you can't start out with a solidified end goal. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised that a fatty is dumb.

>> No.9897964
File: 1.42 MB, 3528x2449, Obama-Laugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9897967
File: 107 KB, 700x1050, f4bfdba55ccd4f80d91633383e812639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I too find conlitas annoying. Esp when I literally don't see the girls ever except during the one weekend a year at our local con. No matter how many meets we have during the year.
It always seems to be these type of people who wear things that are super OTT too and then do these big photoshoots and post like one photo a month from during the year to make it last. It's just such odd behavior imo.
I think part of it is that they just want to be seen by an audience who won't automatically judge them like strangers on the street will. Like at least if you're at an anime convention the likelihood that people approaching you are intending to give you compliments is much higher. So I guess I just don't like these type of people who only wear the fashion to be fawned over instead of wearing it because they love it.

Pic is the type of coord I mean

>> No.9897969

As soon as i hit 110, will i always gain 20 iq points? This salt is hilarious

>> No.9897972

>someone points out a glaring flaw in your logic

No, you won't be smarter. Not ever unfortunately. If you were even remotely smart you wouldn't have gotten fat to begin with because it's literally the easiest thing to maintain a proper weight.

>> No.9897981

You & me both!

>> No.9897986

okay, since i know there's no correlation there, and i'm definitely not dumb... I have to wonder if you're projecting, anon.

>> No.9898054

I actually hate brand jewelry because most of it looks cheaply made and it's way over priced. Some of it looks like it was made by inexperienced jewelers and just looks tacky and garish for costing 40+ dollars

>> No.9898167


I just mostly dislike Meta. That stuff looks like it came right off Ali.

Every other brand at least has one or two releases where the jewellery is sort of unique to the brand.

>> No.9898250
File: 349 KB, 500x500, 1517840984142.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good feels, I wish you great success~

>> No.9898296

>Wearing that to a sweaty crowded con.

I went to a con last week and a lot of the girls in the con center were dressed very casually or toned down with low or no petticoat and cardigans.

>> No.9898318

I dislike Yumekawaii and Yamikawaii

Yumekawaii is just more boring new fairy kei.

Yamikawaii is edgy 13 year old kei. Also visually boring compared to many old Harajuku styles.

>> No.9898700

I think there are a few different reasons to dress up OTT for cons.
If your comm has little to no OTT worthy events, or if you're a lone-lita, cons are a good place to get those special pieces out, because no one is going to question your fancy get-up there.
If you, like me, were a young weeb with no clue what was out there and noticed a big shiny lolita at a con and asked her for more info, that frilly pretty lady was a beacon of hope. I needed that real life push, because I didn't think lolita could be for me. Now I get noticed and stopped at cons by little nerdlets who get all starry eyed when I tell them that they can wear lolita too.
Cons, if planned well enough, like our local cons tend to be, won't get too hot or sweaty, so maybe we've had different experiences that lead us to think different things.

In the end, I think it's all about whether you see lolita as a costume, or as an expressive fashion. Either way, more lolita sales means more options for me in the future. Let the idiots spend.

>> No.9898727
File: 65 KB, 340x255, IMG_5639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean I can aesthetically enjoy the look of some brand jewelry but some stuff (pic related) I literally will not buy if it's over 10 bucks. It looks like it came out of that one board game, Pretty, Pretty Princess?

>> No.9898817
File: 378 KB, 1000x1400, lolicomp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is the only one that really understood my original post: >>9895286
Basic and daily wear are not the same thing. "Unusual" or "original" does not automatically mean OTT.

See this compilation. Left side: boring coords. Plain white secondary pieces, no interesting accessories, no large attempt to use the colors in the prints in any way even remotely fun or interesting. I could blink and forget what they even looked like. Right side: interesting coords. Not OTT or hime or anything, still worthy of daily wear. Eye-catching color combinations and interesting/unusual hats. And before someone says
>hurrr you just hate pastel
Nah, I've seen some really great pastel coords. These were just what I could find in the CoF thread to use as examples.

>> No.9899006

It doesn't help that you used fatties for the left side, anon. Honestly, the one in the top right is pretty forgettable.

>> No.9899116

I own a rare old school OP a few anons in the DD thread have been lusting after for years. I don't think I'll ever wear it but I can't bring myself to sell it to them because I think most of them are really annoying.

>> No.9899127

>I don't think I'll ever wear it
Then why did you buy it?

>> No.9899134

Sorry, I meant I won't be wearing it again in the future. It's from my early Lolita days.

>> No.9899250

Maybe you could sell it to your comm members or list it as an auction on Lacemarket instead. Or you just keep it lol. You're not obliged to sell to anons in the dream dress thread but keep in mind that most of them are anonymous and probably at least a bit less annoying irl.

>> No.9899613
File: 4 KB, 205x246, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


When it comes to AP's acrylic jewellery, you can still get the sense that they had a certain style and aesthetic in mind. I mean sure, it looks weird to be wearing plastic board game pieces on your hand, but something about the way the final looks are put together makes it seem like they were aiming for you to look like your Pretty Princess boardgame all along, maybe it was even intentionally a throwback to some nostalgic childhood.

It does help that they show that they can switch up their styles for other series. When you consider that they made these for CDC, metal jewellery for others, then switch back to plastic acrylic for another series, there's gotta be a reason. Maybe the acrylics sold better, or some series just worked better with plastic jewellery than metal.

Meta though. It often looks like you just went with cheap offbrand jewellery. Quite often they don't even have brand marks on them.

>> No.9899626

I actually disagree with you and find the right side boring and forgettable. Love the left coords and find them much more exciting.

>> No.9899628

I have started to loathe helping newbies over the years. As someone who started in 2006, it's like they are getting dumber and lazier, asking the same questions over and over. Back in the day it was fucking hard, and now there's Facebook sales, Lacemarket, a shit ton of Taobao resellers and fucking brand stores in your countries.

You have YouTube videos telling you how to coord, Instagram hashtags for a ton of inspo. This fucking board.

I don't mind spoon-feeding some more complicated things like how to search Taobao, but it's really not acceptable to think lolita is crazy expensive and you can't get anything under $200.

>> No.9899913

Honestly, I think that makes it harder just because there's so much information, it's scattered, there's no "hub" to go to anymore. It's overwhelming and for a noob that makes it hard to know what's legit vs. what's outdated/irrelevant/another noob spouting off like they know their way around.

>> No.9900134
File: 87 KB, 960x960, 25158407_10215996981583928_307088983784912857_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's a lie.
I started in 2014ish, the real ramping up had already started, LJ was dead, and Taobao was still difficult to buy from.
I lurked, I read, I compiled the info I needed and saved EVERYTHING. I didn't utilize FB for lolita at that time either.
Yyou need to be involved, actually talk to others about what shops they use.
Shops, buying platforms and the best tips were semi guarded secrets that you had to be clever, vetted or pitied to get.

In this modern world of tech and whatnot we have everything made so readily available for the most part that going back to old methods are just not even considered.
Our time is valuable, so instead of doing the work for similar results, just question and question and question and you'll have all your answers easily laid out in front of you.

Lolita subculture is essentially gone.
We have a ton of mops in our community, and all the troubles we've had over the years have stemmed from that.
When mops really starting entering the fashion it became cringey to be a lifestyler, the internet age brought all that chuunibyou into the spotlight and it was mocked into nonexistence.

>> No.9900143

I forgot to write my tie in, all the people doing the bare minimum, especially on fb, are mops.

>> No.9900524

what's a mop?

>> No.9900690

A Member Of the Public, casual, or poser.

Someone who joins an established group or subculture, absorbs all the good stuff without contributing anything or committing to a lifestyle, and then quits once they've had their fun.

Novala would be sickened.

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If it makes you feel any better, I HATE my legs. I have flat feet, awful, awful bunions, I pronate as well. It destroys the heel part of any pair of shoes I own so I haven't got any nice ones besides occasionally wearing lolita shoes. I have a leg length discrepancy so my hips are uneven, one leg/butt cheek is bigger to the point I can feel the difference in stretch and the middle seam of my jeans being off centre. My thighs rotate inwards, my knees buckle and my shins kind of twist outwards then back inwards again. I am constantly in horrible pain and can feel the bones in my my feet crunch when I pick them up and they rub together then apply pressure and they all spread out again. I also have comically large thighs from the side view vs back view as you can see

I will never be able to wear kawaii short skirts or shorts. I feel so fat in brand tights and when I pose for coord pics my legs make shapes a human's shouldn't. I want to be elegant, but the pronation is so bad I literally nearly fall over when I stick one leg out in front of me to pose.


I'm short so I literally need high waists to sit at my natural waist but have really broad shoulders and big lats.with a small waist so getting into OPs is A MISSION.

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Yeah I literally wear Lotta with a Bodyline blouse and eBay tights. I pursue my dream dresses and the other things aren't so important as long as they're versatile

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