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MR is not lolita

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Most people on cgl are not lolita

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what’s MR?

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When you find some cool raschel lace bloomers on frill
Thanks I wanted to throw up.

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Is LM down for everyone else?

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Yeah, it's annoying as hell.

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I like my swimmer bat purse but it's the only thing I own in ivory. I don't want to get rid of it but Fuck if I'm not having a hard time finding anything I like in ivory to coordinate it with.

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Buy more stuff. If you are anything like me you have tons of black stuff already and having all the accessories for ivory gothic coords would be great. Black accessories are easy to find, ivory is hard

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> ivory is hard
Exactly. Like if you wanna shoot some suggestions my way i'd gladly consider them.
At this point i'm half considering just putting it away forever or selling it. ideally i'd like to trade it but fuck if that's gonna happen.

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Ivory isn't that difficult to find. The classic brands use it very often, I know IW have released blouses that can work with gothic too like their nun/choir blouses, for example. And this is less common to find but I've bought a Moitie blouse once that turned out to be ivory rather than white or off white, so that's also an option.

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It would be nice to have a FB group for requesting worn coords, since our threads die so fast.
>inb4 make one
I only use FB for sales and don't know how

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I really want this dress but it sold out instantly
How can I sign up for email restock notifications?

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Maybe you could suggest it as a channel on the discord.

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How good are MeLikesTea underskirts?

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They're nice in the beginning but after two or three uses they start to flat down. I bought three different pettis from MLT and all of them are kinda uneven now because they lost poof.

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She's asking about underskirts retard

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>Causally went to browse lolita shopping site
>Sees Melty Cream Doughnut in colourway I've been looking for
>Sees 20% AP sale code
>Makes impulse purchase despite telling myself I need to save

I'm not sure if I'm feeling regret or excitement right now.

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I have those too, but since you're so educate, I don't feel like answering anymore. Good luck with finding more answers, anon >>9892392

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Some of it was in a succesful franchise called Kamen Rider

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I'm wondering how fast this is going to sell out on the US website.

What're the chances of there being an MTO for this guy?

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cgl predictions are always wrong about this kind of stuff lol

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>an MTO for this guy
>a dress
>this guy
Please stop typing like an idiot.

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Seeing as how the last few releases haven't sold out on AP's US site, it's probably not going to be a crazy click war.

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enjoy your dress anon, you can cry in it while you live off of 25cent ramen.
it's worth it, trust me

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You sound like a retarded kawaii youtuber referring to inanimate object as "he". It's not cute.

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funkbros pls don't buy this

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He already looks like a sissy, this print won't help his case.

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nayrt but English is probably anon's second language. In many languages there's no "it" for objects, but rather she and he.

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MCD is worth every penny, I love it. Unsure why it's popular with super huge girls when it's most flattering on normal size and it's very comfortable on me. No way is it comfortable on someone who's maxing it out

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My native language works like that and this would have made sense if anon had written “for him”, but it doesn’t explain “this guy”. That just makes me think of Pixielocks who calls makeup pallets “boys”.

It’s not really important either way.

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Everything is most flattering on normal-sized people and my guess is that fat girls flock to it because of the generous shirring or free waist, depending on the cut. They’re probably used to lolita being uncomfortable so they hardly even notice anymore.

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Thank you. I'll cry in my neglected Baked Sweets Parade to give it some good use

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Can’t ever have enough donut prints

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I'm the OP who originally used the phrasing. English is my first language so there's no excuse other than it being a type of phrasing I've used for years. Honestly I'm actually pretty buttmad that because of pixielocks and her cringey fans I can't say something I've said for years without people thinking I'm emulating her. ick ick ick

I'm not even mad at you for pointing it out. Now I'm not gonna be able to say it again without kicking myself.

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don't let anons do this to you.
I had no point of confusion while reading your post, because I too describe things as:
>this little guy
>that dude
>dose guis ova dere

it's just colloquial speech and it's nbd. gosh, gulls are so uptight and so freaking suspicious of everything.

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and another thing, personifying objects is cute.

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Holy shit, is Japonica's commission fees ridiculous or is it just me?
I bought 6 items, and I'm charged 500 yen for each one.
That's about 28 dollars, not including shipping.
I thought they'd be cheaper than Tenshi, but holy fuck. I guess I'm back to using Tenshi...

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Japonica sucks man. I prefer Tenshi and kairai

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From six different sites? That's the same price you'd pay using Tenshi.

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Six different sellers, but not sites. All from fril.
Is it really? I guess I never noticed if hers are just as high. She doesn't put the commission cost next to every item like Japonica does. If it's the same, fuck, Japonica got back to me quicker.
Japonica has been great with communication, I'm just surprised at the commission cost unless I'm just crazy and it's the same as Tenshi.

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>based on the overall total
anon...japonica charged her a flat 500 for each item, instead of 5% of the total shopping amount.
it'd be 500yen if she only bought a small item for really cheap. the variation in platforms that the items originated from doesn't matter.

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Overall total in that screenshot relates to purchases from a single non-auction/app site. Her TOC explains the fees better.

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Their fees are like this, yes. They list their fees on their website, you should've checked first.
I've found Tenshi to be more expensive than this so I use her only for in-store purchases that I really must have, which doesn't happen often. Likewise, I only use Japonica when I absolutely must, because my regular ss can't buy from every site.

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how about some ivory dresses with a goth theme?

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any photos yet from the Shanghai teaparty?

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Has anyone packed velveteen in vacuum bags before and can say if it messes up the material? I'm wanting to take some velveteen pieces on a trip later this year but they take up so much space.

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Just placed an order for some dresses with my SS and when I paid the paypal invoice I received this notification. Has this happened to anyone before? I've had payments being held before for no reason at all but paypal being retarded. But never had a weird message pop up which implies that I might have acted against some "regulations".

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What is your regular Ss?

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I've never done it, but I wouldn't recommend it. If you're flying, pack the velveteen in a suitcase and bring smaller/less voluminous items in a duffel bag that you can put under your seat.

I usually put clothing/makeup/hair stuff in my suitcase and extra purses and shoes in my duffel bag that goes under the seat.

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I've packet them in the roll-up vacuum bags but not the ones you attach the actual vacuum cleaner to

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thank you. i wished people were more respectful to you response instead of being salty.

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Advice on selling Bodyline skirts? I bought them as filler pieces for my wardrobe when I was first starting. LaceMarket seems to be overflowing with Bodyline pieces. I took a few to a swap meet, but no one at the entire swap bought anything at all, so it wasn't very successful lol.

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Burn them

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Has anyone bought the cage skirt from Moi Moi Honey before? Cage Pettis seem to be great for summer but I’m not sure what the quality for this one is.

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Why the meta pic thou?
Anyway, selling in sets usually is a good idea, specially if intended to newbies.

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Try ebay.

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I've considered it giving them to Goodwill.

I just wanted to include a picture.
I could make at least one set (skirt, cutsew, socks) or I could do a wunderwelt style "lot" of multiple skirts. I wonder which would be a better option...

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I own 2 cage skirts from them, a bell shaped one and an A-line one and they are of good quality considering the price.

They don't use real steel wire though. On the plus side you can fold them, so they are ideal for travelling. But the shape can bend if you store heavy stuff on them or if you don't fold them correctly. otherwise they retain their shape, no matter how heavy the fabric.

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>I could make at least one set (skirt, cutsew, socks) or I could do a wunderwelt style "lot" of multiple skirts
Depends on the type of comm you have near you. Here were I live a "newbie set" would sell in a blink, but if your comm is more mature, a "lot" would probably be better.

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Thanks anon! I’m going to get them, they sound useful.

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No really what is it

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Indie brand, now available through h.naoto

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Do people wear rings over gloves? I’m going to an OTT meet and not sure if it’s normal to wear rings over gloves..

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Does anyone have some good inspiration for a witch coord? I am starting to put one together but am having trouble deciding what direction to go in. I should probably add that I am a longtime cosplayer that recently got into lolita so I tend to go towards costumey things and don't know a ton about what makes up each lolita substyle.

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Yes and honestly who cares about normal when you wear lolita,anon

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Skirts are hard to sell in general imo, and you honestly wouldn't get much money for Bodyline skirts. I would just keep them and use in regular wardrobe. I wear many of mine to work.

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normal for lolita, anon

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i don't see anything written about it in the rulebook. i guess we have to ask the lolita police.

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ok, ask them and let me know what they tell you! i’ll B

>> No.9893953

ok, ask them and let me know what they say! i’ll be waiting :)

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do the set or lot thing and start an auction at $1

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Did you write anything in the message? Having certain words in the message or associated to the transaction can trigger this.

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It's the other way around Anon. MR is the one with the Laforet shop and sells H. Naoto. Neither owns the other, it's just a partnership to get Naoto back in stores.

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I recall seeing people do this, I even vaguely remember reading about wearing rings on top of gloves in the lolita guidebook on LJ, even though technically it's against "proper etiquette".
TL;DR: Yeah sure, go for it. Just make sure it looks good first.

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Boy here, are the things that go over your hands called opera gloves? like what Mana uses. i lack knowledge on this since i just bought my first dress today.

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>Boy here
Why not start a new stupid question thread instead? It'll be much better for this question than the general.

>> No.9894011

jeez this entire website gets ass mad if you post out of line

fine ll take it to he other thread


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It's just weird to start your post with saying you're a boy. It has no relevance to your question.

>> No.9894022

Short for Antigones MR.

H.Naoto recently started hosting MR's online store on their webpage. Anon could've been referring to that.

>> No.9894031

it adds relevance to why im asking tho.

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I'm not trying to sound rude, but this information would only be relevant if you're asking something related to your gender. Using gloves is not related. Women are not born with these knowledges, so no need to state that you're a boy.

It's like going to a /v/ and saying "hmm... girl here... is Tetris a nice game?". It makes no difference and make it looks like you're asking for attention.

In any way, Opera / evening gloves are those that go past your elbow. They're usually intended to to be worn with sleeveless / very short sleeves dresses.

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It really doesn't.

>> No.9894054

thnx for the help. my dress is kinda shorts sleeve (may have bought too small) so i will probably invest in a pair of something to cover my hands lol

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Keep it classy, anon.
Also, try checking for references of coords with gloves before getting one. It'll surely help you.
And ffs, don't buy cheap spandex gloves.

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if you're new, don't start out with witch-y outfit. it will likely just be cosumey. try a basic sweet outfit, and then maybe add on witch inspired things. however, if youre adamant, just stick to gothic witchy stuff and don't try to incorporate sweet like this girl has, since it's hard to pull off for a newcomer. Gothic, just black is fine.
If you have the money and the size, antique beast has really nice "witchy" gothic stuff. there's some available second hand but it's not that expensive to buy direct. That's the only brand i can think of that puts out consistent, not tacky, witchy stuff. There's also a few dresses on taobao which pass as witchy but make sure to look up reviews and ask around.

>> No.9894110

I mean, you posted hellobatty, so maybe go check out her social media links and look around. She has more of what she calls "witch coords" so that would help, I'm sure.

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whats this guys name again?

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It's a common theme for Halloween, so if you look up Halloween releases you can find brand photoshoots for them. Alternatively, if you have some way to look up coords by timeline you can check the ones that pop up around Halloween, there's various different takes on it.

Or just wait for Halloween and it'll probably rain witchy inspo.

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My parents are going to Paris next week and want to buy my birthday present there. What are some save shops I can send them to besides Angelic Pretty? Meaning, no vintage shops where they might buy something ugly.

>> No.9894545

Louis Vuitton

>> No.9894562

This is the lolita general

>> No.9894765

I didn't write anything. I can't really explain it and a day later it's still pending...

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I don't remember the name but there is a really popular Tea/Cafe shop that sells some of the most beautiful tea cups and room wear accessories.

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Found a few on Twitter.

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Hey, don't mind me, I've been a former lolita for some time now, but I found this in a Japanese themed magazine laying around my house and I thought it would be cool to share. It's from 1987, I'll post some pictures below.

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File: 1.21 MB, 2592x1456, IMG_20180528_142221433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The magazine

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File: 1.19 MB, 2592x1456, IMG_20180528_143615426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I tried to find more pictures of the proto-lolita looking girl, but there wasn't much to see. This girl seems to be alike, but the hairstyle, the bow and the socks don't match. Plus there's no sign of the girl in blue on the rest of the photo. They seem to be around 11-15 year olds.

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>she doesn't wear louis vuitton

>> No.9894997

Thank you.

>> No.9895006

This is honestly one of the worst witch coords she’s ever done. Please stay away from this particular look anon.

>> No.9895010

Vivienne Westwood

>> No.9895043

Thank you for these pictures, anon! This is fascinating, and really helps to solidify the argument that lolita fashion came from whimsical prairie-girl styling.

>> No.9895071

Louis vuitton is not lolita and you can buy it anywhere in the world. Paris sometimes has pop-up shops of Japanese brands that you normally need a SS for.

>> No.9895103

It looks pretty lolita to me. What is it if it's not lolita?

>> No.9895109

Do you have any solid skirts? I will take solids off your hands.

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File: 204 KB, 743x717, 6684DCAF-06C2-4F91-B890-EAF73D24C3BB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seriously? It’s fucking nightgowns. It’s some disgusting hyper larme cult party kei hybrid shit.

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File: 125 KB, 1000x550, 75E5DD7E-1DAD-4226-9B46-DF3E25B2C55E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not lolita

>> No.9895140

Lol honestly anon that just looks like basic little girl clothes for the time period. I don't think there's anything lolita about

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why would you need a schutsstaffel ?

>> No.9895156

If children ran around in tiny skirts and corset looking like historical prostitutes. That’s MR.

>> No.9895166

Don't listen to cgl

>> No.9895173

She's talking about the old pics, not the frilly boudoir nightgown shit.

>> No.9895175

>Antigones MR
What's the quality like?

>> No.9895189

Idk, anon. I buy lolita not prostitute clothes.

>> No.9895194 [DELETED] 

MR doesn’t make Lolita stuff, but there were pics of their corsets on top of MMM new summer op if that’s what you are thinking of.

>> No.9895199

It looks pretty decent, I saw it in store when buying hnaoto tights. I really liked one of their designs and would have bought, but it was sold out. Looking at the other items though, they looked like a similar quality to other lolita brands.

>> No.9895201

cgl hates MR and h.Naoto worse than bodyline

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File: 458 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180528_200953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldn't say they are a lolita only brand, but some of their items would definitely fit the look. They seem more like a Gothic brand.

>> No.9895218

This is hideous and cheap looking

>> No.9895247
File: 168 KB, 1079x1440, IMG_20180529_085749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you were referring to pic related, the corset is from Abilletage, not MR. If it was another photo, then ignore me.

>> No.9895260

holy shit this looks bad. if it was made with nice materials I'd probably actually love it, but as is it looks gross.

>> No.9895261

Because they've never seen it irl, unlike bodyline

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File: 535 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180529_091805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like MR looks cheap because of their lace and embroided tulle overlays that they use often. Some of their solids and even prints are pretty nice.

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File: 468 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180529_094315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9895307

I'm really under the impression it's just one angry anon.

>> No.9895345

All the more power to you if you like to wear $300 tatters and tulle

>> No.9895429

I think velveteen is okay rolling into bags but make sure the piece is completely dry. velveteen can permanently crease if folded for a long time, or damp

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Does anyone know what the fuck this is named? I've found anything from Rose Cathedral to Temple of Confucius, and it's flat out not on Lolibrary.

>> No.9895505
File: 693 KB, 738x441, 2017-seido-eslide[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Site says Rose Palace, though Rose Sanctuary might be a more accurate translation

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New from VM.

>> No.9895560

Christ, I've been waiting to throw money at VM and this is the next thing they do? The stupid fat fucks that were bitching on Lolita Updates better fucking appreciate that they're releasing a motherfucking circus tent.

>> No.9895577

I actually don't mind Royal Lacey Long OP as a layering piece, but I'm holding out in the hopes of a Cotton Long Doll rerelease.

>> No.9895580

Why don't buy both and let VM roll in some sweet dough? It's cotton this time as well.

>> No.9895587

I'm considering it, but I'd really only use it for layering, which feels kind of limiting. I like CLD because I can just wear it by itself too.

>> No.9895592
File: 104 KB, 400x600, 021b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no VM what is you doing

>> No.9895607
File: 119 KB, 290x387, 7ef19e80-2c75-57be-94ee-29caf8d9b6a1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't quite understand why you'd use it only for layering, but I guess that's more of a personal preference than anything else. Good luck for the CLD re-release, though!

>> No.9895700

I own the Royal Lacey OP from the first release and it's not something that fat people could wear because it has small shoulder measurements. I'm a bit sad though they keep releasing OP's. I want some JSKs because I sweat less in them, but all the JSK's they keep releasing are fugly.

>> No.9895750

I just really don't like how I look in sack dresses. It looks lovely on other people though.

>> No.9895760

The sleeve pintucks look like they run all the way up to the armscythe, I wonder if they can be let out to give a bit more shoulder room.

>> No.9895764

The Kanji in this photo says 薔薇の聖堂 (Bara no Seidō), which can be translated as (Confucian) Temple of Roses, Church of Roses or Sanctuary of Roses. (The last two would be more logical, but I added the first one to explain were the confucius part comes from in one of you search results.) I don’t know which translation would be the best, but I would personally go for Church of Roses based on the print. Other anon >>9895505 said it is called Rose Palace on their site, but Metamorphose their English translation of the print doesn’t always make sense with the Japanese one. Just be safe and call it the Bara no Seidō Ribbon Jumperkirt.

>> No.9895765

it's armscye, anon

>> No.9895766

while we're talking about VM, VM is also starting to send out the crowd funding items!

>> No.9895783

Axes femme

>> No.9895792 [DELETED] 

After you, cunt.

>> No.9895809

>Just be safe and call it the Bara no Seidō Ribbon Jumperkirt
Lol, maybe if you want to have everyone laugh at you. People who use the Japanese names for prints when speaking English are so incredibly cringy.

>> No.9895872

Calling it Bara no Seidou jsk will just make all the MM fans wreck their necks due to turning their heads too fast


>> No.9895877

That was actually my immediate thought.

>> No.9895906


>> No.9895924

>buys an expensive AP sax hair piece
>wrong shade of sax

>> No.9895968

After you m’ lady.

>> No.9895995

That's great news! I'm looking forward to my coffins. Just in time for my death at exams in the next half of the year.

>> No.9896012

Just reading the Kanji already made me do that.

I personally think it’s better than forcing English translations on Japanese titles. Plus it’s the same as my favourite Malice Mizer album.

>> No.9896070

Then think about all these people who don't speak English. What a horrible situation they are in!
Get over yourself anon.

>> No.9896104
File: 289 KB, 1035x1035, toydollbox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm wondering why more people aren't talking about this print? Is it just because all the lolitas that are also gulls are the type to buy into the ageplay meme shit, is that why nobody here is talking about this glorious shit?

It's been so long since we got a salopette released in ANY print. This is one of the few recent releases to have a border print and be made from cotton rather than cheap shitty polyester. AND IT'S SCALLOPED LIKE OG MILKY PLANET

>> No.9896108

I wanted it to be a skirt. Since it's not a skirt as much as I like it I don't care.

>> No.9896110

It's not that cute, and that's coming from someone who loves pastel vomit 2008-2012 sweet shit. I'd probably buy it if it goes on sale or comes up cheaper secondhand but I'm just not that into it.

>> No.9896111


Okay, go ahead and use the Japanese when speaking your native language. Let us know how that goes for you.

>> No.9896119

The target audience for this already saw how badly their market crashed the first time

all of those jaded 2008ish sweet chans are too busy snapping up their era on the secondhand market to bother with new shit (even though they've been begging for it for years now)
I won't be surprised if most of the dresses end up in China and never coming out again

>> No.9896125

Is this an upcoming print? This hits every single one of my favorite motifs and I have to buy it. Sorry for requiring spoonfeeding

>> No.9896130

It was a sleeper release from a year or two ago I think.
Flew completely under the radar worse than Phantom Gate.

>> No.9896161


>> No.9896202
File: 1010 KB, 1920x1080, AP wallpaper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn I didn't realize it was made from cotton. I passed on it because I have some similar dresses but now I need it. So much better than the new thin fabric dresses.

Also it does seem to be popular in the US as well since the JSK is sold out. Here, have a wallpaper, fellow sweet-chan.

>> No.9896236

I don't really like the colors, it's just not my thing. And this is coming from someone who adores 2010 pastel vomit sweet.
I'm pretty disappointed with it.

>> No.9896246

Damn, I took a break from lolita in that time period. The chances of finding it are probably low, even secondhand.

>> No.9896250

what the fuck is mana's problem

>> No.9896254

Here you go anon, I want to hold out for the black.

>> No.9896256

Thanks anon, that does help. I'll probably stick with Church of Roses or Rose Palace.

>> No.9896260
File: 131 KB, 636x1019, 1446418088797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9896261

>Wont talk

>uses random hand gestures that somehow is readable

>No emotions

what did he mean by this?

>> No.9896266

It's a show, a part of his "aesthetic" if you will. Afaik he doesn't talk because he's very shy, and I do think his use of gestures as communication is silly but it's one of the things that's made him iconic, at least in my opinion.
I know some people think it's "cringey" but imo there's no point to alternative subcultures if you or your "idols" can't have some silly fun.

>> No.9896272

I wish both of you would learn how to spell.

>> No.9896307

to clarify, since reading comprehension is sparse around here:
is referring to the mini dump of old magazine scans. >>9895156 mistakenly critiques former anon, thinking she's on the topic of MR. >>9895173 was paying attention all along.

>> No.9896317

>he doesn't talk because it would break the quiet, femme, doll illusion

Mana is definitely not shy

>> No.9896320

Same, but I hope you get to it first because I just learned about it and that's not fair to you. Do you happen to know if there was a skirt version?

>> No.9896321

Back in the day he never talked to keep up the facade of his girliness. He used to say things like he didn’t want to talk to those who he doesn’t have much in common with, or that his music speaks for him. However this is also the guy who was like saying he was like 400 years old.

I’m sure the real reason is shyness since it makes sense to not like public speaking.

>> No.9896323

>uses random hand gestures that somehow is readable
>not knowing everything is rehearsed and everyone has memorized the script with his answers
Boy, sure is summer in here.

>> No.9896386 [DELETED] 

It's because leople lost interest in cgl and only some of them went to discoe

>> No.9896394

It's because people lost interest in cgl (only some of them went to discord)

>> No.9896400

Already did that lightly skimming the thread. Disappointment.

>> No.9896431
File: 78 KB, 607x835, ee8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is with those untrimmed toenails? Pig, disgusting

>> No.9896491

Anon, they look completely normal. U ok?

>> No.9897017
File: 102 KB, 595x842, IMG_20180530_095742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

La forêt private party details are up.

>> No.9897172


Any good SS to recommend for this? All I want is a necklace or two. What are the chances they put these things up on the webshop as well?

>> No.9897263

can anyone update me on some new must-have prints/items? I took some time off lolita and now im out of the loop

>> No.9897271

Must-haves are incredibly subjective. What substyle are you into?
If you like classic, I'd say anything VM releases that appeals to you is a must-have considering the fact they announced the brand would close this year.

>> No.9897316

whaaaat they are closing??

>> No.9897321
File: 133 KB, 800x350, 1514558971031.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unfortunately. They announced it towards the end of 2017 iirc; they even held a crowdfunding for their famous coffins for the occasion, which I thought was both terrible and hilarious.
As far as I know they never mentioned their actual closing date, their press room has already closed by now, and they're re-releasing pieces by pre-orders until the brand closes for good.

>> No.9897370
File: 181 KB, 570x769, il_570xN.1561195089_5q07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is cut so horribly on the print :(

>> No.9897380 [DELETED] 
File: 175 KB, 1400x1050, isthisafetish.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if anyone wants to make this less terrible feel free

>> No.9897384

Wow, so original.

>> No.9897390

Anyone know how long it takes automatic honey to ship? Ordered some stuff 13 days ago and havent heard anything since the order confirmation.
Worried bc their site is on maintenance now.

>> No.9897393

lmao bawwleeted

>> No.9897643

it's a special store-only set anon. I doubt the pieces will be released separately but someone correct me if I'm wrong.

>> No.9897645

2 things:
1. newfriends, if you are going to make a new thread, link to the old one or an associated thread in the descr.
>looking at you, recent CoF thread OPs

2. pleasantly surprised by the variety and experimentation in current CoF coord posts. it's been invigorating looking through them and I'm excited for the influx of ILD posts.

>> No.9897646


Hence why I'm asking for SS recs.

>> No.9897650
File: 1.99 MB, 750x4627, 0601pp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ah, just realised you think I'm talking about the Swan Lake dress set. There's a bunch of other items being released as well. I really like the Milkway stuff, but looks like there's not many ways for me to get them.

>> No.9897691

It never would have looked good with that dress anyway.

>> No.9897717



>> No.9897973

Sorry for asking for spoonfeeding but deets for those of us who can't read moon?

>> No.9897978


>asking $15 for a F+F skirt

I mean, some F+F pieces are probs worth it but this one looks kinda cheap, blah and outdated. Rather save up and use that money for burando.

>> No.9897987

>what are janitors?

>> No.9898080

It's up on lm

>> No.9898164
File: 44 KB, 297x420, 119423_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>some re-releases, some advance reservations, buncha exclusives, exclusive dress sets, 30% off prints presale, gift with purchase, hours, etc

Hard to tell what you need handholding with. Use google chrome and run AP Tokyo's blog through the translator. It has more details than the jpg anyway.


>> No.9898177

This is pretty hope it shows up on AP USA and not just in the op cut in one colorway.
>Salty about missing releases but not enough to get a SS or use my tenso again, I dont even remember the info for it

>> No.9898193

I was mostly curious as to whether there were special sets, but sounds like there aren't. I was really hoping Dreamy Horoscope would be done in a regular waist cut. Looks like it's not meant to be.

>> No.9898242

Why has AP given up on normal waists? It's so upsetting

>> No.9898347

is the Wonder Patisserie set advertised in >>9897650 a special set? looks to have half (aka full back shirring) like AP does for their specials

>> No.9898355

Can we stop crying about high-waist cuts? Chinese lolitas buy more brand than westerners ever have. They can pull off high-waist things and AP caters to them as long as they spend money. Sorry that the western world isn't the center of the universe anymore.

t. a chinese lolita

>> No.9898359

Imo AP looks at what's popular in Japan, and that's sack cuts

>> No.9898360

there's no harm in having variety though. low-waist looks wonderful too. the high-waist backshirred cut at this point is starting to represent major laziness on AP's part.
I'd rather them slightly slow down the release sched if it means their will be more creative and varied offerings!

>> No.9898370


They design alongside Japanese trends and that is another huge factor. High waist stuff looks great on me and my friends. It's not laziness, it's an active choice they're making because we are buying it, clearly. Low waist doesn't look bad but we do not prefer it (speaking in generalizations here).

I'm just tired of seeing people act soooooooo appalled that AP likes high-waist cuts when it's obviously working out for them. They are printing money in China.

>> No.9898376

Who said anything about the western world? When AP was doing mostly normal waist cuts, Japan was their main demographic, not the west.

>> No.9898381

Westerners are the only ones complaining about the high-waist cuts. Like I agreed it has to do with Japanese trends as well, the sack and high-waist style is in.

>> No.9898391

I mean I'm fine with giving Baby my money instead of AP since Baby's smart enough to do a regular waist cut and a high waist cut on most of their shit. It just sucks since I've liked a lot of AP's recent prints but have no interest in buying anything with a high waist.

>> No.9898407
File: 247 KB, 1194x400, mmlacing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which range of measurements Marie Magdalene dresses with corset lacing (but without shirring) can fit?
I'm tall and have a 95 cm bust and 75 cm waist. I can still fit into clothing few cm smaller than my actual measurements without it looking bad, since most of my large measurements come from a large ribcage.
I'm worried about having something too tight at the waist that prevents me to breathe properly (and make me faint).

I mean, I came into lolita for Marie Magdalene, discovered it was too small for me, then became an AP fangirl, and now I'm going back to the roots.

>> No.9898444 [DELETED] 
File: 185 KB, 967x967, 6A4E8C0A-DB39-4593-B781-D64A1C53F97C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A girl in my comm just posted tips on shop lifting makeup...
She used to cringey but started getting better, at least I thought.
Looks like I was wrong.

>> No.9898453

A girl in my comm just posted shoplifting tips... she used to be so cringey, and I thought she was getting better but I was way wrong.
She also talks about how target sucks because they cameras at their self checkout.
How shitty can you be?

>> No.9898456
File: 271 KB, 720x540, 1499779871197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9898458
File: 185 KB, 967x967, 735D33D6-3ACB-4C9A-AC6B-4192FD0CA332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropoed pic

>> No.9898461

>Marie Magdalene

>> No.9898468
File: 303 KB, 640x852, A9512586-D90E-4544-A4AD-34C2BECC23BB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I re uploaded it because I forgot to censor a name, but you’re right. I’m also disgusted. This was the original post.
It’s just sooo funny to steal from grocery stores and get the employees in trouble I guess.

>> No.9898476

I have a 66cm waist and a lot of Mary Magdalene is uncomfortable on me. You're going to have to get things tailored.

>> No.9898482

I'm a white murrican but I am loving the high waist cuts.


>> No.9898627

How is the sizing on Emily Temple Cute shoes? In my experience lolita brand shoes tend to fit a bit larger than general j-fashion brands in the same size so I was wondering which side ETC falls on.

>> No.9898645

I'm meeting a new Comm for the first time. I want to make a good impression, any tips?

>> No.9898649

Dress well, be polite, don't be shy, ask the girls about their comm and tell them about yours, and generally act according to the situation.
I'd advise against initiating silly shit like pulling faces when taking pics, you don't want to embarrass yourself; but if the other girls initiate this and you're comfortable joining in, do so.

>> No.9898662 [DELETED] 

You are looking at stuff that is 66 max, 10 cm is a lot to squeeze in. Having corset lacing doesn’t mean there is a bigger waist.

>> No.9898672

Nothing without shirring will fit you

>> No.9898679

>I'm getting what I want, stop complaining
t. everything to dislike about Chinese lolitas in a nutshell

>> No.9898703

How do you know if something flatters you? I genuinely can't tell what looks good or bad on me? Especially with stuff that's made to be oversized eg some Jane Marple and Excentrique OPs

>> No.9898706

Chinese lolitas don't post here though. It's not their fault you don't have the same influence they do. Stop complaining.

>> No.9898708

Large ribcage will not make your measurements that big you're just fat

>> No.9898722

I agree about variety, I've been throwing so much money at baby recently since they're smart enough to release at least 2-3 dress cuts and a skirt for most releases. The only thing AP has over Baby to me right now is the fact their dresses have pockets.

I don't really even care that much about high waist vs low waist, I just want to see something new from AP. I know lolita generally isn't very diverse in terms of pattern drafting, but would it kill AP to change up some little details, try different shaped sleeves, maybe different skirt lengths, overlays? Anything? They've come out with some really nice prints lately, but I just don't want to buy the same dress over and over again.

>> No.9898728
File: 132 KB, 455x435, 20180429_102310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Chinese lolitas don't post here though.
>t. a chinese lolita

>> No.9898733

I don't even use pockets of lolita dresses,it changed the shape because of extra weight on that side of the petticoat

>> No.9898752

This is also true. They're pretty deep, enough to fit a small wallet or regular sized iPhone in there, but even those things are bulky enough to make your whole dress poof look slightly demented.

>> No.9898772

I hope your comm bans her. How fucking tacky can you be?

>> No.9898783

Chinese lolitas - buy armfuls of brand, wear it outside casually and daily, spread visibility and increase their buying power with their friends

Western lolitas - scream that they never want it to go mainstream, constantly spam rufflechat about their anxiety problems wearing i in public, bully efamous lolitas out of the fashion so that they can't spread the word, too fat to fit anything

Less "stop complaining" and more "you brought this upon yourselves".

>> No.9898784

My waist is much smaller than you, and my bust is 90cm, and even I can't fit into MM that claims to be 92cm bust. The shoulder measurements are weirdly small and it makes the whole bodice not fit me. You will never fit MM, I'm short so it's not like I have broad shoulders or anything.

>> No.9898789

Stop worshipping the Chinese lolitas, christ.

>> No.9898802

You sound like one of those Asian expats who worships China and Chinese consumer culture. Lame

>> No.9898808
File: 61 KB, 600x600, 6b9374ff-4306-5c1d-9a60-3a403e3d1cb1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Excentrique is meant to be oversized? No wonder it looks awful on me. I have two of their OPs and no idea how to wear either. Does anyone have any worn pics of their OPs in a shape like pic related?

>> No.9898811
File: 44 KB, 600x600, 5A955755-1C1B-44A0-ACEE-4BD7D01CBB8B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don;t think that one is supposed to be oversized? op is probably talking about pic related or similar

>> No.9898814
File: 110 KB, 458x550, 10918778-4435-529d-b2f2-335054d774a7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These have more than 100cm bust unshirred

>> No.9898816

In the model pics they often wear them with a corset/bustier

>> No.9898908
File: 86 KB, 480x280, tumblr_inline_mlhew1DiXs1qz4rgp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everytime i read something rude/mean in a lolita thread/threads i always picture hiyoko is saying it

>> No.9898911
File: 1.41 MB, 958x1492, Screen Shot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So confused by the complaints of high-waist AP, they have a fair amount of normal waist dresses in their shop. Or maybe because I don't chase prints, if a new release comes out high-waisted then I simply don't bother with it. They're kind of at the point where they rehash a lot of themes anyway.

>> No.9898913
File: 220 KB, 500x600, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This normal waist dress is also coming out this weekend, with like, whatever that sleeve shape is. I'm passing on it, I like my lolita boring with the same old sleeve shapes, hope it makes whoever wanted AP to do new cuts happy though.

>> No.9898928

Gross. Who are the others so i know who to avoid at meets?

>> No.9898934

It's because the people bitching about high waist don't even buy the dresses. I know one girl who loves AP but never has money to buy their new pieces. She also loves complaining about high waists

>> No.9898937

I wouldn't mind that kind of cut on something else, but that dress is ugly as sin.

>> No.9898939

fat poorfags confirmed

>> No.9898940

Most of the normal waist stuff is non-print, which a lot of people don't want.

>> No.9899085
File: 252 KB, 595x842, pop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yeah, I'm starting to think it's this as well. I can believe it a handful of years ago when they were doing a lot of high-waists in a row but they've been remarkably good about it last year and this year, so I don't get why people are screaming like dying cats everytime there's a high-waist release, but go absolutely silent when there's a normal waist release. You'd think they'd be creaming all over themselves, or at least saying they don't like the print but no, we only get complainers when there's a high waist, and then normal waist releases simply get ignored.


This argument would've worked better if they didn't literally just release a normal waist print last week, along with a salopette cut.

Also still available in the webshop are Wonder Patisserie, Vintage Marine, Dessert Berry, British Crown, Mercator, Dramatic Rose, all of these are prints.

>> No.9899109

Well, thank you anons. I'll stick to the shirred ones. Or tailoring.

>> No.9899114

Anon, that dress sold out. I think it's safe to say someone enjoyed the cut and bought it.

>> No.9899122

Only the jsk sold out (and salopette but idk if that counts). For other dresses other normal waist jsks did not sell out, and other high waist jsks did sell out.
I seriously doubt the cut was a deciding factor and I don't think that was what anon was pointing out- it's just that every time there's a high waist cut people will whine about it but never talk about normal waist releases.

>> No.9899125

nayrt but the OP is still available in 2 colors. and that doesn't negate the fact that tons of other prints were released in normal waist stuff recently

>> No.9899373

I think nobody knows because 90% of lolitas I know look bad

>> No.9899396

Well, does it make you look fatter than you are? Does it make you look short and stumpy? Does it hide your best features? Does it accentuate your worst? If yes, it doesn't flatter you.

>> No.9899481


>> No.9899484

Sounds quite like someone from my comm. She's exactly like that.

>> No.9899517

The worst cut is the one like space lolipop, everything I've wanted was that cut and it looks bad on me, it's between high waist and normal, so it's highly unflattering

>> No.9899576

I don't have any good features. I'm skinny but that doesn't mean I should always wear bodycon does it?

>> No.9899591
File: 249 KB, 900x1200, 0518164909_5afe85759f93c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok fuck jetj. i thought about getting this after the paris tea party but this thing is 200k yen.

>> No.9899594

Did you even read the first part? Some cuts can make you look fatter even if you're skinny.

>> No.9899632

Is this made from real silk or something? It looks really underwhelming for $2000. Also that sad corset in the front...

>> No.9899643

I wonder how many hours it takes to make one

>> No.9899659

This is pretty, but doesn't look like it's worth 200k yen.
It makes me sad, there's some JetJ solids I would love to own that I'll probably never see secondhand, and JetJ is actually doing a few re-releases here and there so they might actually be available again, but they've already gotten into the habit of charging these ridiculous prices.

>> No.9899664

Seriously, what happened to JetJ? Did they just wake up one day a few years ago and say "actually fuck making nice dresses, they'll buy anything"?

>> No.9899677

Tell me, is Karmisse on Lacemarket scalping that MMM Bed Skirt she won from Wunderwelt? Or is shipping and customs really so high in Finland that the 100$ mark up of the item is still less than what she supposedly paid for?

>> No.9899679

This is hilarious especially considering the amount of Westerners that worship taobao indie brands. Meanwhile lolitas buying and supporting Japanese brands are "supporting Chinese consumer culture" - what are they supposed to do with their money, burn it? Not support your favorite brands? Delusional.

>> No.9899683

I think she's a scalper. She buys up super cheap MMM and then immediately puts it back up for sale at a markup.

>> No.9899685

Taobao brands aren't even indie most of the time. Big taobao stores like Infanta and Soufflesong definitely aren't. I hate when poorfag westerners act haughty for "supporting small indie brands!1!1!!!" vs buying brand when they actually aren't.

>> No.9899687

I already had that feeling. Many items she sells always look so familiar to me, plus EMS shipping+Customs to my country would have still been less than that mark up and we have one of the highest custom rates in the EU.

>> No.9899705

whoa, I don't get the hate. this looks slamming actually. the fabric looks special and like it has a glittery weave on sleeves. the lace is real nice. is the capelet detachable? also wondering what the details are on the back

>> No.9899720

This dress is amazing. When they said this was the dress that would be won in the raffle, everyone was so excited. And then when it was corrected to paysage, there was a resounding 'ohh'. This dress is beautiful.

>> No.9899752

Most of the stuff she sells on LM are stuff she's been trying to sell for years though, both on LJ and LM

>> No.9899760

this is so beautiful! JetJ takes lolita into higher fashion

>> No.9899764

I didn't have anything to say about the rest of your comment since I don't know

>> No.9899766

she's been a lolita since forever ago so she bought a lot of expensive moitie when the western secondhand market wasn't dead

>> No.9899800

Then I don't know what to tell you other than post pics in the coord help thread or general help thread. You need to know what your best features are.

>> No.9899817

NAYRT but I find this quite sad, and I don't mean for that to sound mocking/rude. It just seems like you never had anyone to teach you how to go shopping, finding what works/doesn't work for your body.

Honestly since it sounds like you are starting from the beginning of your "how to shop for clothes as a woman" journey, I would recommend downloading some episodes of What Not To Wear. It's normie clothing and the fashion is out of date, but that show will teach you how different cuts and lengths of clothes can flatter you (or not).

>> No.9900152
File: 128 KB, 570x570, color.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know this thread is almost dead, but I wanted some quick opinions. I want to casually make a few lolita accessories soon and list them on Etsy to see how I like selling things. However, I'd like some input on which colors I should offer. What are the colors of your favorite main pieces, or which colors do you like to pick out best for accessories?

>> No.9900155

Ivory/white/gold is what I tend to go for in terms of accessories since I have a pale classic/hime wardrobe.

>> No.9900163

I like pops of color in my accessories, but I find that the stuff I spend the most on has a base color that matches my wardrobe.
Are you doing felted work?

>> No.9900171

Thanks for the input!
I'm not doing felted work, that photo is honestly just a fun picture that comes up when you Google "assorted colors" haha. What would you say are your most common base colors?

>> No.9900173

It's always nice when people sell unique accessories on etsy, stuff that coordinates with less popular coords, and simple one color accessories are also nice.

>> No.9900174
File: 103 KB, 800x800, HTB1GVqpPXXXXXcOaXXXq6xXFXXXO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Common colours really quickly:
- pastel pink, blue, lavender for sweet -- note that pink and lavender are notoriously difficult to find the right shade to match AP/btssb
- navy blue and wine red, again note that these are kind of specific, non-lolita places sometimes call it "dark blue" and then have a much darker "navy blue" that won't match.
- black

If you can do metallics instead of matte colours, gold and silver are also pretty good neutral colours that go with a lot of dresses.

I'd do some homework and check the market first. If you're just going to make a bunch of simple bows they're already available off Aliexpress at 30 bows for $5.

>> No.9900177

Black > bone/Ivory > chocolate brown
Metal preference is antique bronze > silver
I end up with a lot of bright gold since that's what people like to make things with, but there really aren't enough bronze used.

>> No.9900348

Oh boy another week with no secrets. Now we are going to hear the bawling about how lolita is dying because secrets where not posted.

Speaking of secrets, any of you other phone using lolitas unable to comment or submit secrets? I have been having issues with it for about 6 months now since live journal updated it’s web interface.

>> No.9900434
File: 26 KB, 529x399, 1516902995574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone else been having trouble with Japonica Market recently? I swear they've hired a brain dead staff member, I've never had them have so much trouble with my order before. They've delayed every single fucking time asking obvious questions and ignoring my notes and giving me mini heart attacks that the shit I'm trying to order is going to sell out while they keep repeating their questions I've already answered. Plus sending six of the same email when it's the middle of the fucking night here and I'm most likely asleep.

>> No.9900443

I've been using it from my phone just fine. But dammit I actually had a secret for this week after many years and then no submission post? I don't think lolita is dying but I am pissed off.

>> No.9900446

I think mods are tired of secrets.
Posting them late, not posting them at all, messing up the numbers, etc.
Maybe they could chose someone else to do it.

>> No.9900449

Maybe if more people posted, they'd do them faster? But I agree, if they don't want to they should find new people.

>> No.9900497

I have secrets I want to submit but I can’t get the submission to work since I upgraded to the new IOS. My close friends who have android are also having the same issues from their phones. Maybe that’s why people are not submitting? It’s also finals season and people are busy. It does get a little slow around this time of the year. But now that school is out, maybe we will get good summer drama to talk about.

>> No.9900516


I mean, it's nice, but not $2000 nice. They've put out nicer dresses for cheaper unless I'm missing out on some couture shit.

>> No.9900522

Hi, another Etsy accessory person here. Pink, white, gold, silver, black are your basics. I've been really surprised at how much people love lavender. Don't be afraid to do some odder color combinations though. I did a black x gold of a tea themed peice and my artist friends told me it wouldn't sell well if I did it gold instead of silver but it's been way outselling the ivory x silver set.

People also tend to gravitate to the things that are more unique and have had more work out into them, so sometimes those really weird colors work do better.

Tldr: have the staple colors, dont forget lavender, and then do whatever weird colors you want to

>> No.9900525

>Work put in not work out in, stupid phone

Oh and don't forget black x red, that's been my most popular with non-lolitas

>> No.9900526


>> No.9900529

Jup to almost everything, which is why I switched to more personal shopping services.

>> No.9900544

i kind of love this dress

>> No.9900547

It's because of an iphone update

>> No.9900553

It’s happening to android users too anon.

>> No.9900588
File: 125 KB, 1446x1908, FB_IMG_1527952180389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coming soon from Lief

>> No.9900592

I have a lj comm and everyone with problems uses iPhone. What are the complaints that android users have? I haven't heard of a single one

>> No.9900594

Are there any brands that still do detachable long sleeves?

>> No.9900597

Baby has one design with detachable sleeves in their store right now, but if you're looking for something more old school, check out Maxicimam.

>> No.9900611

Nayrt but what is the non-lolita/ita market like, anyway? Do you think it’s profitable? Years ago I’d often see weebs and mallgoths spend inordinate amounts of money on ita crap at cons just because it was omg rorita!!1 but they must have discovered AliExpress/Taobao by now, right? I still have some scratchy raschel lace lying around and I’m considering using it for rectangle headddresses or cat ears or something and selling those on eBay it Etsy, but if there’s no market I won’t bother.

>> No.9900617

No thanks I hate old school

>> No.9900620

Then buy from baby? Are you retarded?

>> No.9900637

This is...the cutest. Know the name of the artist? And any pics of the actual dresses?

>> No.9900665

New bread >>9900664

>> No.9900673

Yesssss. Nurse!lolita is my favorite theme.

>> No.9900677

Why are you so angry weeb

>> No.9901282
File: 50 KB, 570x379, il_570xN.1237434919_8zf8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks so much for the input, this is really helpful! I have no plans for hair bows; to make a high-quality one by hand at home can actually be quite work intensive and you can buy them in just about any color nowadays.
If it helps, I looked up "lolita bow" and found a lot of stuff like this. She's selling it for $7 USD and has over 500 reviews and a decent rating. Seems like there's a big sissy market over there too, so you can always make some hideous chokers too I guess.
Thank you, but I was asking about colors. Do you have a favorite color to coordinate with?