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Selfposting edition

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>tfw STILL no European conservative military lolita GF to laugh at tumblrwhales with

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I just need to vent about this obnoxious underage cosplayer I was in a group with. About 2 or 3 weeks ago they complained on their Instagram story constantly about how they couldn’t afford to go to their senior prom and they begged people to donate to their kofi for like a week straight until they had enough money for prom. Then this past week they fucking went to acen. They live close by so I figured they would ghost it, but nope, they had a full weekend badge and stayed in a hotel. Then after the con was over, they posted their con haul. They bought a ton of stuff. The BARE MINIMUM they must have spent on all that stuff is at least $170. That shit just bothers me. How can you say you can’t afford to go to your precious senior prom, then turn around and spend that much on weeb crap?

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God I can't stand people like that, begging for money for bills and whatever, then turning around and going to cons and buying merch and shit.

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>being this bothered by the actions of an actual child that isn't even yours

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Nayrt but unfortunately this behavior is normalized, adults pull this shit constantly on social media and there's no guarantee this actual child will grow out of it.

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True, considering most of cgl hasn't outgrown the "boys are gross" mentality yet

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Man I just really love lolita

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I have some facebook friends that have gofundme pages year round begging for money while they attend nearly every convention in the state. Grinds my gears that people keep giving them money but I almost wish I was that shameless, I'd be rolling in it.

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Man I just really love cosplay <3

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idk anon there are 18 and 19 year olds on /cgl/ and i don't see anything wrong with complaining about somebody a year or two younger

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Man I just really love cosplay

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I miss wearing lolita

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Your comment made me want to see when they turn 18, so I went to double check. Turns out their birthday was back in January and I missed the post. But even if they were still 17, someone who is about to graduate high school and enter the real world in just a few days should know better by now

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I follow 25+ year olds on Instagram and Facebook who still do shit like this. Some weebs just don’t grow up.

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I’m a gyaru, but I’m starting to really love lolita again and want to wear it occasionally. But I’m not ready to give up my tan and try to get that coveted pale lolita skin.

Yes I know that there’s people of color who do lolita, but I feel like I never see white lolitas with a tan.

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I know a 32-year-old who begs strangers on FB and IG for birthday and Christmas presents and regularly reposts her wishlist, which is a Word document that “helpfully” (her words) lists a wide variety of potential gifts ranging from expensive to more affordable. The most expensive option is an all-expenses paid trip to Japan. She’s not a camgirl or a sugarbaby or even remotely e-famous, she’s a completely average overweight office worker who writes homoerotic SuperWhoLock fanfiction that nobody reads. And she actually thinks someone somewhere might be willing to drop thousands of dollars to let her weeb out in Japan for a few weeks. She fascinates me.

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>need socks
>finally decide to order some from baby
>accidentally order the Lace High socks instead of the Lace Knee High socks

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anon i understand that feel...

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I found out someone I know who's very prominent in a friend group has been calling me a "stupid bitch" behind my back, and I don't really know why.
I've never gotten into any huge arguments with any of those people, and this particular person is civil to my face, so I just don't get it. Maybe it really is just that he finds me unintelligent and it irritates him just seeing me around, but 1) I've never had a shining moment in the group where I truly showed my ass and exposed myself as an idiot, and 2) I barely even talk to this person, since we have so little in common. We just sometimes chill in the same online venue and talk to some of the same people.

I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with an explanation for this person's vitriol, but I can't pinpoint anything specific I've said or done that could've earned their spite. Maybe because I have a high-pitched voice? Maybe any female they're not sexually attracted to, or haven't already monopolized in some way being a little too active in their space annoys them? I guess it doesn't matter, considering we don't actually talk. It'd worry me if he was spreading some poison to push me out of the group, but that hasn't happened yet (and in the first place, there's only a few people in it who I'd really consider friends). It's not as if I'm deeply affected by this, but out of curiosity, I'd like to at least understand.

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I'm a mixed race lolita but I've been told I look like a white girl with a nice tan. I think I look fine in lolita. As long as you don't do the weird light lips with heavy eye makeup thing, I'm sure you'll be fine too anon.

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My favourite larp is ending soon and I'll never get to experience that world ever again. I know every story needs an ending, but I'm still going to miss this game.
>I just hope my character makes it to the end alive

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Do women have baby bump envy?

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I sure don't, but I bet that women who are trying to conceive do.

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Yeah, weirdly. I'd hate to be pregnant and I'd definitely not keep it if I did manage to get prego, but I get envious of the glowing couples with baby bumps that I see on the streets.
I don't want any kids of my own, so it's a weird feel.

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I don't but I'm a man. Why do I even have nipples?

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No. Seeing that shit makes me want to vomit.

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Is it weird that I have browsed lolita stuff for the past decade, but have always chickened out of buying clothes or taking part in the comm? I’m nowhere near overweight, and my face is average, but I’m shy, and autistic, and for some reason I get easily picked on by mean or manipulative people (irl mostly). It’s like... I love aesthetic and clear dressing code of lolita fashion, but I don’t want to ruin my appreciation of it by getting myself tangled up in drama or humiliated. Thanks for reading, even if I don’t get answers, because I needed to vent somewhere.

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Because sex defined growth happens later in the gestational cycle. We're all born with the feminine blueprint until your genes decide you need a penis

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Become a lonelita then. Wearing what you want will boost your confidence. Use it to say "fuck you" to the people who mistreat you. They are mean to you as you are now, so what does it matter if you dress in lolita?

That's the whole point of the origin of the fashion. Fuck what normies think, dress in the way that makes you happy.

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nope. But I hate living in this place where most of the people are child-worshippers.

>hurrdurr why u no kids anon
Fucking brainwashed tools

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I can't be the only person that gets irritated when Lolitas call guys "accessories" right? Like it just annoys me that they think guys are just objects or things to collect and match to their object and can't really be a part of the fashion without being an accessory

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Oujis aren't necessarily guys anon. But I agree it's really weird and unpleasant.

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I got 'called out' for cultural appropriation and let me tell you as a minority getting accused by a white person who claims to be speaking on the behalf of another minority I'm very well acquainted with was odd as fuck.

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What did you supposedly appropriate, anon?

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This. She thought it was a bindi.

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I wish lolitas personality were as sweet as their outfits

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I have to agree, Oujis strike me as having a prolapsed fucking anus. Aristocrats are bro tier though

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>brainwashed tools

I think that could be easily said about a lot of people who do not want kids.

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I... I meant that some of them are girls, anon...

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In my experience, Goths and toned down Classic are the sweetest of them all.

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Well Oujis who are male appear to be insecure closet gays, or Asian

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Wow, that literally looks nothing like a bindi. It doesn't even look like the fancy fashion ones.
>took 2 seconds of googling to find that it's actually a petal mark, an accessory pretty Chinese ladies wore in the past
>there's no religious and little cultural significance to it apparently
I learned something today, but I'm also laughing at that idiot's inability to Google.

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Female oujis best oujis.

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>just put on a full coordinate for fun
>5 minutes in, start pouring sweat, feeling faint
>feel my body explode with heat
>immediately strip it all off, sweat covering my blouse and petticoat
>cry for a few minutes
I can't wear pretty clothes in the summer, I guess. I hate my life. I hate my life so much. I want to be a daily lolita and in the winter, I am. But in the summer, there's no way in hell I can. All I want is to dress in pretty clothes, but no. I think I'm going to kill myself.

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Why do you explode in sweat? Do you not have air conditioning? Or do you have a condition or are you fat?

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I'm actually quite thin. I have AC and multiple fans going off in my room at all times.
I have a very bad overheating problem and hyperhidrosis.. a terrible combination. Even the slightest amount of heat can cause me to have a heat stroke. I don't know why I overheat the way I do, doctors won't tell me shit.
During the winter I can usually manage.. it's actually not 'hot' in my room at all right now, yet all the layers (really just a JSK and a blouse) fucked me up. It's been controlling my life for the past several years and really, I just want to die. I only feel beautiful and like myself in lolita. Yet despite the fact I own so many dresses, I can't wear them. All I want is to wear them without passing out.

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That sucks I'm sorry anon. What brands do you like? I know some have made camisole style cutsews before, maybe you can wear those if it isn't too hot

>> No.9891036

Putumayo will always be my favorite brand but I also really love AP and meta.
I don't even know if cutsews would save me, not to mention I have giant cowtits that probably wouldn't fit into anything other than AP. Really just wearing a normie T-shirt and shorts is enough to get me hot.

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I don't know about Putumayo or Meta but AP has a lot of chiffon miniskirts like pic related that could save you during the summer. I see them on mercari from time to time. Don't have any ideas for tops though.

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That sounds terrible! At the very least, you could at least try to somehow incorporate the accessories you love like necklaces and stuff to keep yourself sane until then, right?

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>are you retarded

i think you're retarded, contact them and fucking ask for the ones you want, retard

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what are some cons that allow (or don't give a shit) about crossdressers

and have good raves

>> No.9891062

you can get a tanktop, add some ruffles or some light lace over the shoulders.

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why are there so many angry newfags recently?

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I need to lose like 10 lbs (I'm 150 lbs, 5"2) but because I had struggled with being an Ana-chan for a while, my body won't let me go without eating for long periods of time and I tend to get overwhelming cravings for stuff (probably due to a lack of something). It always comes and goes in waves but I have a meet coming up soon and I'm nervous I won't lose the weight in time

>in b4 try harder
I get physically ill if I don't give into the cravings, I puke and my body temp rises until I get something in my body besides water

>> No.9891096

>my body won't let me go without eating for long periods of time
Isn't that the opposite of anorexia?

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Are you prettier than her?

>> No.9891110

All cons allow crossdressers. I have yet to see one where they say no crossdressing. Only dresscodes I've seen is no being shirtless or wearing masks in certain areas opennto public like restaurants near the convention, and no realstic gun/sword props.
A lot of cons have raves. Nothing to be scared of, do what you want.

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its a he anon

>> No.9891115

Oh, so he probably wants to fuck you and he can't. Don't mind him or if you can't do that confront him and ask directly. Did you hear that by yourself? Because there may be other person involved just for stirring up drama.

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>tfw no visual kei fangirl gf to wear harajuku fashion and go to concerts in japan with

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oh that wasnt my post just clarifying for you anon. hopefully op comes back

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Don't give noisy lip flappers power over you.

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To be fair they probably dont have money for prom. These kind of people waste money on stupid things. They will beeg for money to fix their car then drink it away. They still need to fix the car but their drank their paycheck, they drank the money Mom gave them, they drank the loan you gave them. They are gonna vote to take your money too. Some people are scum. They have no problems takeing advantage of others.

>> No.9891164

It could be that you said something that hit a nerve for this person for whatever reason. Maybe he's just overly sensitive about some issue. Whatever it is though, if he's reacting by shit talking you instead of telling you to your face, he's a shitty person and not worth getting troubled over. If it really bothers you though, why not just ask him? Be civil but don't be overly apologetic. Depending on his answer, it might be a good time to cut ties.

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t e x a s

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>tfw no sweet lolita girl to treat me like her live ken doll
>tfw no wife to save money with and build our finances with

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I'm 5'6", 135, and I'm trying to lose ten pounds. I am also in the same situation as you, actually, where due to a previous ED, it's very difficult for me to diet like I used to. I started at 145. I'm getting there, you will, too. Don't abuse your body like you used to. That was the hardest part for me. When I thought of "diet" I thought of starving myself. That won't do. Slowly cut the bad foods out. Cut the ice cream a day out. Turn it into an ice cream a week. Try not to eat as many carbs. Replace a sugary drink with water. It helped to do all of this one step at a time instead of all at once. One thing you can do to reduce cravings is to make flavored tea. If I want something sweet, I'll have a cup of pomegranate white tea for example. Gum is also your friend.

>> No.9891189

I did hear it from someone else shortly after he and that person had a fight IRL, so it being a lie is a possibility. If it's true, confronting him could cause a rift and just make him angrier. If not, he might take it the wrong way. My best bet is probably just to continue staying away from him and not mind him, like you said.

Yeah, you're right.

You make some good points, anon. I wouldn't want to cut ties, mostly because he technically controls the space we gather in, so I'd either end up leaving the whole community (which is sad because I do have some friends there), or it'd be awkward maneuvering around him in chat. Maybe if we somehow end up alone in a group call at some point, I'll just ask him about it. Thanks.

>> No.9891194 [DELETED] 

It was said right after those people had a fight so I'd take it with a grain of salt. It could be a lie. However, even if it was said about you, there's no way to know the context. It's never nice to call anyone that, but people say stupid shit when they're heated. You likely know the scenario. In a heated argument, someone brings up something somebody has said about an emotional or political issue to defend their point, and the other people says, "That person's a stupid bitch." They might not of really meant it, but they were already riled up. If arguing is common among people in your circle then it's not entirely impossible.

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I sent a guy a thirsty drunk snap at 3 am and they didn't reply. Am pretty mortified. Seeing them next week at Colossal, thought I might apologize and laugh it off but maybe I'll just pretend I don't remember and not bring it up

>> No.9891196

It was said right after those people had a fight so I'd take it with a grain of salt. It could be a lie. However, even if it was said about you, there's no way to know the context. It's never nice to call anyone that, but people say stupid shit when they're heated. You likely know the scenario. In a heated argument, someone brings up something somebody has said about an emotional or political issue to defend their point, and the other dude says, "That person is a stupid bitch." They might not of really meant it, but they were already riled up. If arguing is common among people in your circle then it's not entirely impossible.

>> No.9891197

>keep justifying each stupid purchase as a replacement for food
>keep not eating because it's just more money for more things
>not even poor

>> No.9891199

I wouldn't bring it up. However, if they end up coming onto you... you have no one to blame except yourself. Otherwise, I strongly advise against bringing it up in conversation. Also, is there any chance they might've though you sent it to the wrong person?

>> No.9891217

>used to be anorexic

>> No.9891220

I usually keep mints and gum around, but it only works for so long. I've never tried the tea thing before though! It can be hard staying away from carbs since I work in a bakery and the only food readily available is sugary or carb-y (I try my hardest to limit my food intake to a piece of bread or one cookie until I get home). I probably should be bringing my own lunch. Do you know any easy to make low cal meals I could try to prep ahead of time?? I don't really "diet" much beyond my previous bout of anorexia

>> No.9891221

I have the opposite problem. I keep wanting to do shopping hauls, but keep spending the money on takeout food and high calorie sweets.

After 6 months combined with this month's inactivity, it is starting to show. I weighed in at 122 on Tuesday. I've weighed between 110-115 for just under a decade. I use to never really eat fast food or takeout beforehand. I'm disappointed in myself, and the fact I didn't buy any clothing with the money usually reserved for frivolous spending.

I've been cooking all my food at home, walking 2 miles or so everyday, and not buying food (cake or cookies) I'm prone to overeat since I got weighed. I got a job interview tomorrow, and my SAP was good which means I'll continue to receive student aid in fall. Hopefully, I'll be able to get my shopping hauls done, and my weight down by the end of summer. I've got so much clothing which is lacking matching pieces.

>> No.9891267

I've started wondering whether I should try using a dating site to meet a potential s/o, but I'm hesitating because I haven't dated anyone in a decade, plus I don't wear normie clothes whatsoever and lolitas have bizarre interactions on these sites that I'm not sure I'm prepared for. Should I even try it or is it a waste of time?
Any anons with stories to tell about their experience in online dating would be appreciated.

>> No.9891284

Just date me instead

>> No.9891287

I was actually close to dropping a throwaway for some anons in previous threads who were looking for a qt lolita gf, but stopped myself at the last moment. Nothing personal, I'm just not very comfortable with the idea of meeting someone off 4chan.

>> No.9891288

It's really hard to find a decent person through online dating. Even if you think you found a decent one, he's secretly married. What other things have you tried to meet people?

>> No.9891291

I met one of my most well-adjusted IRL friends after posting my info in a friend finding /soc/ thread years ago when I felt pretty lonely. She messaged me because I said I liked the STALKER series in my post. /cgl/ would definitely be a safer bet than /soc/ these days, obv. It's probably not a cute story to tell your friends how you met if something serious did happen with someone from 4chan, but honestly it's no worse than finding someone from OKCupid or Tinder. Are you in the US or Europe?

>> No.9891292

Nothing else, honestly. I'm not a very social person and not in a hurry to meet anyone, it's just an option I thought to explore.

>> No.9891294

You can post in the friend finder thread but DO NOT DO LONG DISTANCE.

>> No.9891295

>tfw single for years
>avoid interacting with others for the first year because needed the head space, second year because I still thought I wasn't ready
>This year am sick of being single but also don't want to do the tinder or dating website thing
>Reply to a couple of personal ads online
>Start messaging one guy for a few days now, he replies fairly quickly and consistently
>Ask to take the convo to a messaging app, give guy my details
>"Sure I'll add you tomorrow"
>Tfw almost 20 hours later no add, no more replies
>Tfw didn't even mention lolita yet

Man, I just want to meet someone nice, respectful, and as committed as I am to potential love. I got so much to give!
I would adore to have a Lolita gf but never got the sense I was seen as attractive to other females.

>> No.9891298

I had a feeling that wouldn't be a good option. I suppose that answers my question because

>Are you in the US or Europe?
Nope, neither.
I imagine the odds of finding someone in my area aren't very high, though in all honesty I'd prefer to meet someone outside of my country; many local guys are either tasteless or don't like lolita so they're out of the question for me.

>> No.9891299

What makes you think guys in different countries will like lolita better? Lol
Just go to places where you are more likely to meet people interested in geeky stuff or alt fashion (cons, gameshops, rock/metal bars)

>> No.9891300

>I got so much to give!
Dis me pretty much
Ah right, fair enough. I wish you the best of luck anyway gull. We'll both find somebody nice someday!

>> No.9891305

Mainly the fact most of the girls in my comm are either single or seldom wear lolita, and you see quite a few guys and girls from the US or Europe looking for lolita girlfriends.
In any case, I suppose I can try going to cons more, that's not a bad idea. Thanks, anon.

Thank you too, I'm sure you'll find someone who's going to appreciate you, frills and all.

>> No.9891308

That's because most people on here are from the US

>> No.9891332

I'm new to all this, but I would love to make an edo era samurai outfit. I've never sewed before, but I'm happy to try. Will this take a significant investment of time and money before I become competent at this?

>> No.9891340

OP's pic reminds me of Spoony/Cunt Wizard.

Hey Cuntizard you still here??

>> No.9891342

Imo you should just buy a kimono and modify it, go in this thread >>9855373

>> No.9891347

Yeah listen to this anon >>9890923 I'm a lonelita. I don't have a nearby comm and honestly I feel like the few times I have gone to meets I just didn't really hit it off with anyone there and it all felt like awkward, forced interactions so I stopped driving so far just for meets. Instead I just wear lolita whenever I want to. I wear it out on dates, to class, wherever. It's just clothes.

>> No.9891351

Just look up low carb meal prep recipes! There's all sorts of low carb ones if you look hard enough. Just googling that gave me this article with a bunch of recipes. https://thegirlonbloor.com/low-carb-recipes-meal-prep/

>> No.9891364

Why are you posting this in the feels thread? It depends if you want to be a low-class or high-class samurai. Some samurai didn't even use a sword.

>> No.9891376

Easy lunch is a lettuce wrap. It's just a sandwich with lettuce wrapped around the meats and cheese instead of bread. No carbs and the lettuce is like 10 calories instead of at least 200 for the bread. You can put it in a sandwich ziploc and keep it in your purse for emergency noms. Also emergency eggs are great. Hard boiled eggs are only 70 calories each and you can keep them in your bag.

>> No.9891379

Bread is healthier and cheaper than meat

>> No.9891380

Just make sure your bread has no eggs or butter in it, vegan-chan.

>> No.9891383

I actually hate animals but brown bread is the best

>> No.9891389

As someone who loves bread more than any other food, I have to ask you: Why are you lying?

>> No.9891393
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American bread is unhealthy but euro bread is actually healthy

>> No.9891397

>tfw no classic lolita gf to have sex on LSD with

>> No.9891407

>keeping with a regular workout plan
>utelizing my free gym through work
>replacing all drinks with lemon and cucumber water
>slimmed an inch around my waist in 3 weeks

Im so close to fitting a skirt i absolutely love and sits neglected in my closet, another inch or two and itll be a comfy fit!

>> No.9891409

Wonderful, anon! Keep up the great work!

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I'll be your classic lolita gf if you know where to get the lsd anon

>> No.9891415

where do you work that you get free gym access?

>> No.9891418

I do, I have the connections. Where you at though?

>> No.9891429

Scotland, how about you? I'm a lesbian though, this probably won't work if you're a guy

>> No.9891432

>this probably won't work if you're a guy
Damn. Scotland was so close too

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File: 6 KB, 245x250, 01aa3c966bb6501e8e8d1de7b3906d55ad16735b3eaaaadf4305433ec87af363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw had lolita gf
>everything goes well until i stupidly decide to sleep with her mom
>she inevitably finds out
>huge breakup shitstorm
You only cherish what you had once you've lost it

>> No.9891435

Aww. Sorry mate. You'll find your perfect lolita psychonaut someday, I'm sure. And maybe I'll find mine too.

>> No.9891438

You sound like a man of poor choices.

>> No.9891448

Damn shame, missus. You sounded like great banter! Don't worry about it though. Would light cuddling be out of the question?

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File: 53 KB, 290x387, 287d91a5-d083-55e0-bec0-dd15e4fe1353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I snagged a Classical Doll canotier in black! It's only been released twice and I thought I would have to hunt longer than I did. I can't wait till it arrives!

>> No.9891450

>sex on LSD
For what purpose?

>> No.9891460

That's gorgeous! Well done, anon! I hope you enjoy it.

>> No.9891471

Have you ever tried masturbating on LSD?

>> No.9891474

This is also my question. I can understand drugs like MDMA and coke, but LSD?

But then again, I've only ever heard horror stories from my friends about their experiences with LSD.

>> No.9891477

It's always one step forward and two steps back with catching up on finances. There's finally going to be a Lolita event I'm interested in with brand guests and I'm going to pass it up. Tickets are sold out anyway. It's for the best. Maybe the next time.

>> No.9891480
File: 139 KB, 250x272, tumblr_n5tpchFrog1rfngx5o1_250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't imagine that'd be very interesting. I can totally understand sex (with someone you actually know/care about) on acid, though - The last time I dropped my boyfriend was the most beautiful delightful elf man ever. It was great.

Coke is also top-notch for sex. MDMA is more of a 'cuddle and melt into you for hours' drug for me.

>> No.9891481

Thank you! I still have a bit to go but im proud of this progress!
My facility has a top floor thats like lounges and employee access, and we have a surprisingly nice gym (weights, ellipticals, stair machines, treadmills). I generally stop by after my shift in the morning

>> No.9891483
File: 462 KB, 680x564, 1527232211493.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know how to destroy my ego, talk to dead people, and touch myself at the same time anon. As long as you're not a brainlet you should be doing stuff like visualizing the distance of primes from Euclid's theorem in recurring patterns or accusing girls hitting on you of being able to transform into a purple cat. Touching yourself is pretty lame. Are there actually lolita psychonauts out there?

>> No.9891488

No harm in trying. Online dating is mostly boring obese people though.

>> No.9891516
File: 393 KB, 642x807, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just found out Ann Frank killed herself. RIP

>> No.9891517

i have 70-ish main pieces but i hardly wear lolita because i'm a lazy bitch with depression that makes me a lazier bitch.

let's do it today, gulls!

>> No.9891518

Speaking of this "online dating"...

Posting in hopes of finding the /g/ lolita that was going to stand on the bridge in her lavender colorway holy lantern because of maximum flustering by me.
If you're still around I'll make it up to you by allowing you to play The Sims 2 on my 80 Tflops FP32 Monte Carlo simulation rig.
I also have about 40TB of anime we could watch.
Please post holy lantern with timestamp, thx.
t. your /fa/g/
>supermarket and lolita stalker anons didnt have any luck and now I feel obligated to make up for the disappointment
>(this is for the greater good anons pls understand)

>> No.9891526

Please get dressed today anon, you don't need a special reason beyond wanting to look cute for yourself. You can do it!

>> No.9891530

The fuck. She died of typhus fever?

>> No.9891536

ann frank and anne frank are two different people senpai

>> No.9891544

Wait this bitch?

>> No.9891546

that's the one

>> No.9891547

Who was she? All I can find is she made a weird video about wanting laptops.

>> No.9891552

Internet famous troll, started talking to and got dicked by another famous internet troll 10 years older than her. Became public and she got shit on by all her fans for ‘becoming a true Loli” killed herself 3 days ago at 15 because she didn’t want to be laughed at anymore, sad stuff. Spoke to her once and she seemed like a genuinely nice person.

>> No.9891571
File: 24 KB, 424x400, 03086169-F194-4247-B90B-71B0CC6FCC6B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con in six days
>time to pack
>there’s been a series of burglaries in my area
>last night they attempted to break in my house
>now I’m not sure if I should even go or not
>everything has been paid for
>guess I’ll die

>> No.9891575

Install some security shit and go
Pay someone to house sit

>> No.9891578 [DELETED] 

>tfw you're a grown man that still bedwets but gf is okay with you still
We put up with each other. She cosplays, but we have not been able to figure out couples cosplay.

>> No.9891580

I like how this isn't actually /cgl/ related and it's just your fetish so you have to shoehorn "btw she cosplays" in

>> No.9891586

She was only 15 years old? That's sad.

>> No.9891594
File: 32 KB, 236x662, 1525423615997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just got an email that the con I'm looking forward to has been postponed due to issues with the hotel. There's no date as to when it will be happening, so I can't ask for time off. I'm trying to be calm about this but my natural tendency to worry has me up in arms.

>> No.9891598

We’re actually installing a whole bunch of shit today. I still don’t feel right about leaving, though, as I’m not even sure how effective security systems are.

>> No.9891610

I feel bad for her. I saw a lot of girls being laughed at, but they all persisted. She was just too young.

>> No.9891617

how did you find out she killed herself? that's sad she was so young.

>> No.9891620

I'm wearing a regular short sleeved blouse from kohls today because who cares, it's a casual coord I'm wearing while I'm sick with the stomach flu.

>> No.9891629
File: 59 KB, 500x333, 1490728527890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9891642
File: 187 KB, 372x372, 6dc823faf04aee0e7f6b103df919f62e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am moving to another country this fall and will have to move my wardrobe but I can only bring it with me on the flights when I am visiting there.
Renting a moving truck would be too expensive but I have accumulated so much stuff that I am unsure wether I can bring it all with me.
Tomorrow I will fly there again and I am at a loss choosing what to bring.
I only have 16 main pieces but everything feels so heavy and anything I bring will be completely out of reach until I visit again and eventually move out once and for all.

>> No.9891645

Sell the stuff you can easily buy again. Send the rest to your new address in a few big boxes.

>> No.9891656

I really dont have much and only a few loved pieces, so I gotta find a way to get everything there. Shipping is more expensive than checking in another suitcase but I can't decide which pieces I can go without the next few months.

>> No.9891661


>> No.9891666

if you have trouble deciding then coin flip or number everything and do a roulette. If you are sad about the results then you know you wanted that thing more than what you got and you can switch it out.

>> No.9891681
File: 1.16 MB, 720x1280, IMG_4595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I saw this at the mall today and had to share.

>> No.9891697

I'll try the roulette thing, thanks.
I'm way too emotional but, as silly as it sounds, these clothes have brought some light into dark days and they just mean a lot to me. I want to make sure I don't regret bringing one piece over another.

>> No.9891742
File: 96 KB, 275x207, 1521364242775.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw selling all my wigs, cosplay, games and weeb stuff to fix my hair and buy more brand
Feels amazing gulls

>> No.9891757

We're out there. I used to wear lolita when doing mushrooms because it made it 1000x more magical...Now I'm sadly a responsible adult without free time or connections :(

>> No.9891758

Late reply but this used to be me until I moved away from fast food restaurants. Now I have to pay out the ass for deliveries or actually go out and drive just to get my cravings fix so I dropped my weight to 100 and now have so much to buy dresses and accessories. I hope you can find more strength to keep at it and save money!

>> No.9891760

My period pain is getting worse to the point where I can't move or else I'll heave from pain and I know that means I have to go to the doctor (which is happening soon) but I'm not ready to think about something wrong happening inside my body. I wish I could opt out of a uterus. It used to be manageable until last year

>> No.9891763

My only cosplay buddy that I'm close friends with outside of conventions has decided that the spark is gone for her and that she likely won't be continuing with cosplay or going to conventions anymore. I of course respect her feelings and have honestly been feeling slightly disenchanted lately as well (no series I'm interested enough in to cosplay from), but I'm still super bummed out about it. We both discovered the hobby together and have been doing this together for years now. Kinda sucks to leave that all behind

>> No.9891764

I have the exact same condition of issues with both overheating and hyperhidrosis. Here are a few tricks I've learned to manage my symptoms.

>1.) Focus on damage control, first. Wear washable garment protectors, with camisoles being the best. You'll need several for different garments; long sleeve garments will need a longer protector, and shorter things will need one small enough to stay in place.
>2.) Wash any areas prone to yellowing immediately, even with protectors. This means pits, collar, and any other areas sensitive.
>3.) Always wear liners for your feet, to catch most of the moisture from drenching your shoes. For foot hygiene spray lysol periodically in your shoes to help them stay cleaner. Do not wear the same pair too consecutively because they need to air out. We are prone to fungal infections with our feet, so be very cautious and generous of products such as powder. Keep your feet clean.
>5.) Do not wear a garment piece you do not want stained without another piece of material between your skin. This means cotton camisoles over your torsos.
>6.) Carry around a small bottle of pure rubbing alcohol. Spray it on spots throughout the day to help cool down. Pits, neck, collar, wrist, elbow, back of knees.
>7.) If you're wearing a wig, then get a small reusable ice pack and put it under your wig. Carry around an activated one if emergencies arise.
>8.) Invest in some cute hand fans to compliment your wardrobe, but to help cool you down.
>9.) Obviously, drink lots of water. We lose a lot of our body water and we are especially prone to dehydration, and that alone can increase our chances of heat stroke. My favorite bottles are the camelbak Eddys; not particularly cute, but VERY functional.
>10.) Try to wear your hair up as much as possible. Avoid wigs when you can.

That is all that I can remember right now. I've been living with this for years that it has become almost second nature.

>> No.9891776
File: 98 KB, 605x484, 294CC782-9E79-4855-8AF7-2FEC92461EE3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw selling all my brand to fix my work bench and buy more cosplay supplies
Feels amazing gulls

>> No.9891780
File: 57 KB, 486x510, 1509026792217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy a dream dress on LM
>it arrives, omg, it's amazing, all seems fine with the dress
>leave seller good feedback
>a month later, decide to wear it and start ironing it
>arm pit fumes quickly fill up the room

i mean i wonder how long this dress has been unwashed that i didn't notice the pitt smells initially. why are sellers so fucking disgusting...

>> No.9891808

Welcome to buying second hand clothes newfag. Idk why you let it sit unwashed for a month either.

>> No.9891816

Jfc what are you a walking frilly mushroom?

>6.) Carry around a small bottle of pure rubbing alcohol. Spray it on spots throughout the day to help cool down. Pits, neck, collar, wrist, elbow, back of knees.
Yeah that's a great idea as a way to realllllly dry out your skin.

>> No.9891830
File: 108 KB, 576x960, IMG_5476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rip I'm doing acid tonight, watch me wear my lolita while doing it too bitches

>> No.9891832

don't hurt yourself on that edge

>> No.9891836

I wish I was a woman. I mean I don't have GD or feel like I'm trans, but I really love cosplaying as girls, but I don't have the girl body. While I get better each time with makeup and contouring (which I'm still trying to get the hang of) I'm still a man and I never seem satisfied with my end result. Grinding tutorials and the crossplay general help, but damn I'm not sure if I'll ever reach that "Dude looks like a lady" level

>> No.9891837
File: 74 KB, 320x454, 1527095819553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tf breaking up with all my cosplay gfs to have sex with lolita gfs

>> No.9891843

lol ok

>> No.9891852

just ask a friend to watch your place. leave a light and radio on too. home alone those fuckers

>> No.9891853

create a capsule wardrobe for stuff you know you need now. one pair of shoes, a few blouses, accessories, and as many pain pieces as you can bring for now. everything else can wait

>> No.9891856

I'm literally a baker, desu

I can confirm bread in large quantities is not healthier than eating a large amount of lean protein. I'd probably lose more weight eating a whole rotisserie chicken than a loaf of bread

>> No.9891857

Don't do this to me, gull

>> No.9891859
File: 67 KB, 787x752, IMG_5469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9891863
File: 74 KB, 540x373, IMG_5058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm US I'm pretty sure you said you were Euro anyways

Also pic related

>> No.9891878

I'm going to Comicpalooza tomorrow and I'm cosplaying for the first time ever.

I'm nervous but still very excited. (Mostly nervous though.)

>> No.9892039

I don't know if I like being alive

>> No.9892043

Stay fat then

>> No.9892099

Sounds like a fatty mad you can't eat a loaf of bread without consequence. Lean meat is healthier than bread read tf up

>> No.9892123

Texas, really? :0

>> No.9892125

Not even a little bit /cgl/ related. Fuck off to /soc/.

>> No.9892230
File: 256 KB, 720x480, 1437307034825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm the anon who posted a couple of threads back about losing my job but diving head-first into my clothing store and having a lot of anxiety about planning before I invest.

>All my friends are guys.
>They're all lovely and supportive and genuinely interested, but I know that they must be getting sick of hearing me blabber on about fabric and designs all day ever day.

W-would any anons like to my designer-venting buddies? I could do with some feminine advice and ideas on the fashion market. I'm really stuck between two ideas for the first collection, but I can really only choose one immediately.

>> No.9892305

I'd love to hear from a desinger's perspective.

>> No.9892312

google her real name and you'll find her obituary, it's not hard.

>> No.9892314

I'm so tired of my family
Everything I like and don't like I will be secretly judged
Everything I do will be ignored, everything I don't do will be criticized
I'm so tired. I'm starting to get tired of my /cgl/ hobbies too because they're constantly shit talking it behind my back while smiling into my face. It doesn't matter how far I manage to escape, they'll always find me, watch me and use me as their psychological punching bag, while coddling me at the same time so I won't run away and then blame me for forcing them to use manipulation tactics over and over and over again. Why even bother with anything. I'll never be allowed to be free or happy. I wish they were dead, I wish I was dead

>> No.9892317

i've met a girl who constantly seeks reinforcement from her friends, in any form it may come. I find her to be derisive and condescending. I also sleep with her.

>> No.9892343

You need to leave your family

>> No.9892350

I often feel like life isn't worth living. I'm 6'3" so I know that I'll never fit into any cool clothing that I actually like. Fashion has destroyed my body image. I don't blame fashion though, I wish I could change myself. There isn't any plastic surgery that makes you shorter though, I think.

>> No.9892354
File: 90 KB, 600x625, 1384089090879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no Amazonian seagull gf

>> No.9892355

I'm a man, sorry

>> No.9892357

Instead of wishing you could change yourself (when it comes to things you can't change, at least), you need to learn to adapt fashion to you. If you have a good sense of style, you can even make cute shit like fairy kei work when you're this tall.
Are you the same tall anon from the boystyle thread? Because you'd look stunning in aristo, you just need to find a way to make the style fit you, like I said.

>> No.9892359

Because I'm full of autistic excitement and desu you all seem like pretty nice people

>> No.9892362 [DELETED] 

If you wear lolita even underskirts will help you out a lot

>> No.9892412

>you all seem like pretty nice people
...We do?

>> No.9892433

Jelly that you don't have a uterus?

>> No.9892478
File: 111 KB, 1080x1080, 20067105_323680191391475_5741937345616150528_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does /cgl/ get so triggered when other girls use their boobs to get make a famous cosplay career for themselves?

>> No.9892498

What exactly does gum do? I usually avoid it because my weak-ass jaw gets tired real quick

>> No.9892510

I don't even cosplay but.

Because it's on the same level as a pornstar trying to pass themselves off as a legitimate actor. You don't have talent and won't put in effort and instead sell sex, so trying to pass yourself off as a legitimate artist is insulting to those who put actual effort and have actual talent. It cheapens what would be seen as a craft to "oh you dress up as bikini pikachu!"

>> No.9892517

>famous cosplay career
lol you live in your own little world, don't you?

>> No.9892521
File: 397 KB, 2048x1536, 1524391707059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm interested in fashion and graphic design/illustration, hmu with your Discord or email, gurl
(pic isn't mine, but I fucking love it)

>> No.9892526

Dunno, it's quite rare to get "cosplay career" just with your boobs. I think Yaya is the only one who has actual legit career in cosplay and she also does crafts.

>> No.9892541

>the no cosplay/lolita friends that aren't obese, mentally ill, or unemployed.

>> No.9892550

because they hate women

>> No.9892554
File: 1014 KB, 1280x720, 1513196399408.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>women hate women

/cgl/ is a sisterhood

>> No.9892562
File: 76 KB, 618x225, IMG_1427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually newfag, women hate women is a really good way to describe /cgl/

>> No.9892581

Lmao I'm a guy and I post in the lolita general all the time

>> No.9892594

>btw i'm a boy

Fuck off

>> No.9892607

>dropped a few things off at the dry cleaner yesterday
>I just really miss my fucking dresses

One that I dropped off was the Baby My Anniversary OP. It's the first trip to the dry cleaner for it, and I'm pretty anxious even though I love my dry cleaner and trust them with all my dresses.

>> No.9892613

That's really stupid. You obviously haven't been around crafty threads.

>> No.9892622

I have. But you're new as fuck if you don't think /cgl/ has suffered greatly from the crabs in a bucket mentality. Clearly too new to know that not too long ago there were so many drama threads shitting on other girls they had to ban talking about specific people almost completely.

>> No.9892625

You have a point but most of those threads have been moved to lolcow forums and aren't currently reflective of nu-/cgl/.

>> No.9892626

sisterhood (male)

>> No.9892635
File: 30 KB, 346x264, o u.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there are no girls on the internet

>> No.9892637

Those threads aren't, but the same catty behavior still remains and you'd be either idiotic or new to not recognize it.

>> No.9892640

Why can't women just get along?

>> No.9892662

>But you're new as fuck if you don't think /cgl/ has suffered greatly from the crabs in a bucket mentality
This. Whenever someone post their ita bag, cosplay in progress, stuff in mail, etc, there will be someone who shits on.

>> No.9892676

You can't know for sure that the shitposters are serious though, you can't even be sure of their gender. It's not out of the question to assume that people who actively shit on others and try to derail threads may not be serious about the things they say, so it's not guaranteed to be genuine "hate" or jealousy. It's super easy to bait gulls into arguments and it's entirely possible that the people who do this just think it's funny.
Not to say that cgl wasn't a shitfest, but looking at what goes on here and saying shit like this >>9892640 is silly at best.

>> No.9892692

That's just the nature of anonymous community, 4chan has never been a hugbox

>> No.9892693

T B H, I don't actually dislike a lot of things I make posts about here. In fact, most of the time I don't even care... I just like seeing how pissed off and grumpy people get about the dumbest shit, how they try so hard to defend something that literally no one cares about, posting stupid pictures and outing themselves as horrible itas or lazy thots, how once they start doing that they get even more people telling them dumb stuff.

>> No.9892695

Also people wouldn't be posting their shit on anonymous board if they didn't want honest feedback. Sometimes it's good to hear that stuff that you do looks like shit and needs to be fixed. That's NOT hate. Truly cruel women tell fat and ugly women they're not fat and ugly when it's not the truth. These women will never open their eyes and improve. People come here for a reason.

>> No.9892702

Spot the dyke

>> No.9892706

Alright, thank you. Yes, that was me. Sorry for my pity party, I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and keep trying my hardest. It'll work, I can do it.

>> No.9892707

Half the world's population is women. There's so many different kinds. World peace is a myth.

>> No.9892709

It's okay, that's what the feel threads are for. Believe in yourself, anon, and don't let the fear of making mistakes deter you from being the gorgeous aristocrat you can be.

>> No.9892759
File: 53 KB, 618x467, IguanaNoMusumeEp5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Found lolita with similar face to me
>Seek out her instagram for inspo
>Know I'm insecure about my own face
>Realise I'm really insecure about my own face
>Her history shows long hair and short hair through the timeline
>Always bangs
>I don't have bangs
>Whenever I feel stressed and want to change my life I think about getting bangs
>This lolita is rocking hers
>Whenever I try to insert my own face into her pictures...
>Something shifts
>The cute girl turns ugly
>My own insecurities are fucking her up
>Figuratively speaking, she's just a stranger in a picture
>Show bf for second opinion
>He says she's cute
>Points out a distant friend also has the same face shape
>Stare at her face until her different (wider) nose becomes satan itself
>I keep turning people who look like me ugly
>Never realised this ran so deep
>Bf thinks we're all cute
>Who am I?
>Que low-key identity crisis


>> No.9892783

>tfw still alive unfortunately

>> No.9892788

You have a bf who thinks you are cute, so what are you worrying about?

>> No.9892794

>low key bragging about bf
fuck you, do you have any idea how hard it is to find a bf who has more hobbies than just "playing videogames"?

>> No.9892798

>These women will never open their eyes and improve.
You know, who else will never open their eyes and improve? Pink-lives-matter-chan and other people like her. And this happends because of twats like you, who normalize harassment.

>> No.9892801
File: 105 KB, 345x385, NotJokeMari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think you understand me. Just because he thinks I'm cute doesn't mean I feel cute 100% of the time. Having a loving partner isn't the same thing as achieving happiness.

When I'm around people I don't think about it too much, but maybe when I visit the bathroom and see my face in the mirror I just feel a pang of ugliness. Consider the image I posted in my previous post. It's nothing I can fix with makeup, it's just the shape of my jaw and how the muscles morph. I am able to hate it at times, but I try not to, obviously.

This is a board dedicated to very superficial hobbies and beauty related things. I myself got into this fashion because I enjoyed the happiness that fluff and frills instilled in me. No matter how well I dress my face will always be my face, so I'm looking for advice on how to deal with that physical part of me.

>> No.9892804

>boohoo i have a bf but i dont FEEL good
tough luck, imagine feeling shit AND not having a bf
thought about that? hmmm?

>> No.9892805

>Having a loving partner isn't the same thing as achieving happiness.
iktf gull. I have finally achieved my dream of a conservative qt military bf but still struggle with suicidal thoughts. I try my best to hide my depression because I worry it will ruin the only good thing in my life.

Regarding your hair - fucking go for it! I've had bangs most of my life, and what's great about bangs is that they grow out really quickly if you don't like them. If you do get them and for some reason hate them, you can always take prenatal vitamins for a few weeks to make your hair grow faster.

I've grown out a number of bad haircuts with prenatal vitamins. Just get ready to shave your legs twice a day.

>> No.9892810

>conservative qt military bf
How did you do it and what branch is he?

>> No.9892811

I have an boyfriend who thinks I'm cute and tells me all the time but I feel the same. I'm sure you don't look nearly as bad as you think you do though. Low self-esteem is suffering.

Also absolutely everybody looks better with bangs so you should get them.

>being this much of a cunt
Ever thought about why you don't have a bf?

>> No.9892813
File: 1.09 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3788.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"I have bigger problems than you waahhhhh"

Chill dude

>> No.9892815

It's because they dislike women using only their sex appeal to gain momentum. Yaya Han totally used her sex appeal, but she was also a great cosplayer. Nigri's Lollipop chainsaw cosplay was a good cosplay. From what I understand, most are just tired of Nigri doing sexy armor warrior. It's super cool to see well-done cosplay of sexy characters. I also have no issue with people doing sexy photos in cosplay for cash. However, the quality is lacking. Fuck, if you have to charge more to have a better quality costume and set-up then do so. My only issue is most of it is trash. It'd be nice to see some quality stuff.

If I see a great IG picture of a Starfire costume, someone from Kill la Kill, or any other risque design from a series I like, then I'm going to like the picture. I think it's more complicated then just girls getting angry at other girls for using their sex appeal.

>> No.9892819

I don't know if it's because of summer or what, but I've had to deal with so many flaky lolitas on LaceMarket recently. I don't mind doing holds, but when I ask them to put down a deposit, they disappear. It's really frustrating.

>> No.9892821
File: 101 KB, 358x382, Trash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Boys ARE gross though. My boyfriend frequently encourages me to wipe my boogers onto his bare skin.

>> No.9892824

Anon, dysphoria is awful. I think you should try to set down the social media or avoid looking at model/lolita pages for a little bit, it can make things worse. And I know the feel of bf not getting that, but he just wants to support you and he cares about you it seems! There's not a lot of advice I can give beyond stay positive and remember that you literally can't compare yourself fully to others, especially in a beauty sense.

Try doing exercises where if you start feeling shitty about your looks, tell yourself (even if you don't believe it) that it's in your head and that you ARE pretty. Even if you don't believe it, eventually it'll get through to you subconsciously and it'll make you feel a little better.

>> No.9892827

Does he think it's funny or is it something sexual?

>> No.9892828

Unless you wear lolita gtfo

>> No.9892829
File: 153 KB, 749x600, SaysRightHere.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Shave legs twice a day
Oh damn.
But thank you so much for the sincere reply! I've been such a coward regarding my hair for so long, so I had no idea that such vitamins worked. Hearing it from a brave soul who has gone through bad hair cuts gives me hope.

I wish you the most possible energy to deal with your depression. Like, I want you to have so many good days as thanks for brightening mine!

>Everybody looks better with bangs
It makes me really happy to hear this too. I don't know you, but when you say it with this much confidence it feels true.

I'm really scared of calling it dysphoria. It sounds so serious and permanent, especially with the way that I mostly associate it with transsexuals. But doing such exercises in thinking positively can't hurt, can it?
Thank you so much for your reply.

It's also heartwarming to see how many of you recognised >>9892804 as a troll and told him off in my stead. My bet is on pissy crossboarder or dehydrated gull. In general good spirit I hope they find something to drink.

>mfw have next to no positive reaction images but a ton of depressive ones

>> No.9892830

You have mental issues and need to see a doctor.

>> No.9892832

I will cycle through gum and mints usually to distract myself from hunger pangs

>> No.9892834

Nayrt, It's hard for doctors to take body dysphoria seriously unless it's an eating disorder

>> No.9892836

Body and gender dysphoria go hand in hand but are not the same thing. People with eating disorders have it, people who see themselves as ugly when they aren't have it, etc. it's a pretty common thing to experience and it can be hard to overcome. But I believe in you desu

>> No.9892840

Obviously not blaming you for this but I really wish they did. Body dysmorphia can easily spiral downwards into an eating disorder and it's better to stop/try to treat it before it reaches that.

>> No.9892841
File: 44 KB, 200x200, SimonHappyCry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I believe in you
Y-you too...

>> No.9892861

I'll try to give some advice. It sounds like you think you are ugly, but everything in life would prove you are not ugly. There's what is considered conventionally pretty, and it is almost universal. I'd say that is exaggerated in most J-fashion. However, it isn't limited to J-fashion. There are people who are unconventionally beautiful. There's much that goes into facial attractiveness including symmetry, complexion, and whole proportion. Therefore, some people are beautiful despite their face deviating from what is typically seen to be beautiful.

You cannot be conventionally pretty, and even plastic surgery generally won't work since it's the combination that makes each feature work. It's very expensive to change your whole face. I don't know if that part made sense, but I hope it does. You just have to learn to work with your face shape. I will say hair is very important to alter the appearance of the jaw no matter the shape. If you see people with your face shape, and they look good... think about what it is that's different. You also can still think about makeup because what works for most people aren't going to fit you. You might need to leave some things out or even do stuff you wouldn't normally do. Sorry to ramble.

>> No.9892865
File: 7 KB, 272x272, 1521564611114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just placed an order with japonica
>immediately feel a deep sense of regret and "i should've used that money for something else"

>> No.9892880

Not that anon, but most military guys are pretty lonely and can't find girls who can deal with the schedule they have. I went six years with only two gfs

>> No.9892903
File: 328 KB, 1335x2000, fancy pals.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to go to a lolita event so badly. I can't wait to have more disposable income, and a small car so I can travel and really feel like a princess among other noble jfashers!

one day...

>> No.9892948
File: 139 KB, 750x893, e0de777cdd6ebd7cef024524800634e9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

come on senpai, you're just not looking in the right places. you should try and find staples from custom places or western designers, like nice tailored pants, blouses, and jackets. then get accessories and shoes from J brands if you can. no matter what your size, you can dress in your dream style. some people just have to put in extra work. I'm a 5'11" gril with broad shoulders, I'm talking about 18in from shoulder to shoulder. If my hips weren't also wide I'd look like a looming, menacing triangle for sure. Can't change my skeleton, but why would I? clothes are made for us, not us for clothes! play with fashion until you find what works and flatters and helps you live and appear the way you want to. It's hard not to be average but it ain't impossible.

You can do it, anon!!

>> No.9892953


I want to be in paradiso right now but my work schedule makes me work weekends.

I can't wait until next year when I have more time to do frivolous things like travel to France for a brand tea party. I have the money, just not the time right now, but next year I'll finally have both.

>> No.9892964

yeah, first thing I do when I get items is sniff the high contact parts, treat with vin or baking soda, then wash 'em. next time you'll know. spraying white vinegar on pits, leaving them for a while, then gently handwashing cold will do the trick. now you know!

>> No.9892979

wow, that's a lot of jelly you got there

>> No.9892986

A keto diet is going to help with that unending hunger and low blood sugar issues. You will lose the weight by keeping your carbs low, your body will be satisfied with the nutrition, and contrary to how freaked out you might feel about what and how much you get to eat, you'll be satisfied longer/faster with higher fat/protein foods and it will help you eventually go longer stretches between meals. I used to get shakey and headaches and it was awful. Eventually your body stops requiring as much as it used to while it was unhealthy. You have some really bad issues with food timing/possibly insulin resistance and yoyo-ing between eating too little or enough will just exacerbate it.

Please don't give up, I'm rooting for you!

>> No.9892993

Is ouji a thin man's fashion? I'm 5'11" and a muscular 201 lbs. but I like wearing suits normally. Would ouji be out of the right cut for a man like me?

>> No.9893020
File: 166 KB, 700x694, tumblr_inline_ojvytlvb861u9hpds_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not at all. don't go by weight, but your measurements. shoulder width, chest, waist, back width, inseam...you'll need to know these by heart and you might be able to find brand items. it'll be trial and error, don't be afraid to get things altered.
you want to make sure your pieces are tailored correctly for your body. you don't want anything tight. do not settle for items if they are too tight.
ouji is a youthful fashion, and it may be easier to pull off more mature styles with a bulkier/broader body type, because they usually hide more. but! I think if you're clever about what works on you, you can do it well.
>p.s. you and I are the same height and weight
>I've no firsthand exp with ouji so I'll help out best as I can

I wouldn't do short-shorts if I were you. you likely have thick thighs so puffy pants that taper at the knee would be best. you want to elongate your torso if you got a lil tummy: vertical stripes, long fancy jabots, long waistcoats preferably with nice coat tails. vest+nice blouse and good pants is a good look if jackets and coats ae hard to get fitted at first. get nice accessories and hats from brands!!
look into nice vests and frilly jabots to pair with knee-length balloon-type shorts. nice, long boots are a great investment.

look into what styles, motifs, and design features slim you visually.
good luck!!

>> No.9893035

This is well more than I even hoped for feedback. Thank you so much. I'm very broad even more so than most and barrel chested. I'm more used to and feel like I look better in longer shorts so you're right in that area. I guess the first step would be getting applicable measurements before even trying to buy anything. This question was more of a whim but I am very interested. I need to look at boots as well. I'm used to Timberlands and motorcycle long boots but something fancier is out of my depth. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I'll do my research.

>> No.9893043

have fun with it, no problem at all!!
once you know your measurements, windowshop for styles and colors you like. then make a collage of items you like and take it to the ouji thread or coord help thread for coord advice. gather inspo pics until you can pinpoint the style you love best.

>> No.9893046

Thank you so much. I'll do my best.

>> No.9893063

>Just because he thinks I'm cute doesn't mean I feel cute 100% of the time
- if you rely on other people to have opinions for you or in order to validate your own, that's a whole different sort of personality issue
- nobody feels cute 100% of the time

>> No.9893069

>Just because he thinks I'm cute doesn't mean I feel cute 100% of the time. Having a loving partner isn't the same thing as achieving happiness.
You should see a therapist. If your happiness is dependent on feeling cute all the time and you think your face is ugly even if others don't, then your issue is mental and not fixable by makeup or haircuts.

>> No.9893085
File: 38 KB, 276x368, 20180103181718465_276.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, you guys are super encouraging. I'll keep trying. I'm gonna start jogging again too.

>> No.9893098

>Conservative military bf

pls give guide

>> No.9893105
File: 13 KB, 400x400, multiple thoughts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I want to make a costume that's faily simple to get some training on my hand coordination and get into sewing, but this costume is often done and used by short people/kids, and i'm a 5'10'' dude

>> No.9893112

lol someone missed the joke.

>> No.9893115

I believe in you!!!

>> No.9893131

Thank you anon this gives me a lot of hope. I'm trying substituting more whole grain/low carb stuff when I do eat it and I've been loading up with veggies and lots of lean proteins. So should I not worry about fattier meats or proteins as much?

>> No.9893134


>> No.9893135

You need proteins if you lift and everyone should lift. Fats are 9 calories per gram as opposed to 4 for carbs and proteins so be careful with fat as it's higher calorie. You do need some fat in order to incorporate vitamins that are fat soluble into your diet though so moderation is key.

>> No.9893137

Tell him to quit it, you silly goose.

>> No.9893143

Thank you so much for the tips!!!

>> No.9893315
File: 448 KB, 500x275, sadoctor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's this girl in college I have a crush on, I came to learn from social media that she does lolita. Despite both of us taking the same courses we have never spoken to each other, and have no idea how to approah anybody. Only know her name from rolll-call and doubt she knows mine.
She also dresses really nice, cute shirts nearly all the time.

>> No.9893331

I don't really do dates but I'm doing one send help.

>> No.9893333

I'm actually motivated to make a cosplay for once and there's that creeping feel of dread wondering when my excitement will come crashing down.

>> No.9893337

That's me, the hardest part is starting, it gets easier after, you can do it!

>> No.9893351

I don't go to comms because I live in the middle of nowhere in South America and the concept of "lolita comms" doesn't exist.
It's a miracle on itself that I can buy or be interested in lolita at all.

>> No.9893381

I'm a gothic lolita and I decided it's time to treat myself to a shopping day and get some much needed socks for my summer sweet coords. I have easy access to shops, but I went through three second hand shops and a three brand shops before settling on Angelic Pretty. I know everyone loves AP, but it's just too sweet for me and it's my last resort. I did buy the socks anyway, which is great, but I'm still disappointed I couldn't find them elsewhere.

>> No.9893388

>tfw starting is the easiest part, finishing the hardest
>have like 10 projects laying around in various stages that I don’t have the motivation to finish

>> No.9893391

Not /cgl/ related, fuck off to Facebook

>> No.9893398
File: 100 KB, 500x600, 042910335903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unless you settled for a distinctively sweet design, or pic related with the logo, AP's basic socks aren't much different from other brands' so it really doesn't matter.

>> No.9893407

Approach her one day and tell her you love her style, maybe ask what her inspiration is or if she's regularly involved in fashion. If she dances around the subject of jfash, bring it up yourself.
>it reminds me of the Japanese girly style, you know the kind you see in magazines and such, it's really cute
Or something like this, just so she's aware that you're clued in. I'd advise against bringing lolita up unless what she wears regularly is similar to it.
Just be mindful to approach her when she isn't busy and be genuine, that's all there is to it.

>> No.9893444

Hi vb

>> No.9893463

>Tfw too busy working for burando bucks to even wear it properly
>Finally get a chance to dress up and it's either straight after work or some stupid hour of the morning so there's not enough time to do anything nice.
>Tfw forever wearing basic coords and makeup, with the same simple hairdo, despite having cuter coords planned.

>> No.9893509

>tfw serious suicidal thoughts for the past three weeks
>constant thoughts of
>>The train is here, you can make it all go away
>>Just drive into the tree, it won't hurt
>>Take a few more, it'll be okay you'll just fall asleep
>Been crying myself to exhaustion every night
>Psychologists haven't helped, medications only work temporarily, it never goes away
>throwing myself into work, my hobbies or cosplay doesn't stop the aching
>only reason I haven't done it is because I keep imagining my mum and sister breaking down in tears

I'm so tired. Can someone tell me it's going to be okay?

I know this isn't /cgl/ related but I need it.

>> No.9893527

Tell your sister how you feel!

>> No.9893536

I don't want to burden them. I know it's never going to go away, I've tried so hard and they think I'm better. I can understand how exhausting it would be to constantly have to worry about someone and having to walk on eggshells around them especially when that will be for the rest of your life with that person.

Plus I'm the older sibling. I'm meant to be there for her, if I start crying she won't have faith that I'm able to help her.

I just want to hear someone else going through the same thing to be honest. Just anyone going through the same thing and they keep going even if they are in pain.

>> No.9893541

Anon, don't do that.
I had my share of depression too and medicaments only made me worse. My doctor didn't help and my family wasn't giving me any support on that, thinking that I was only 'being lazy' crying all day in my room.

What made me better was to try small new things everyday. I bought a diary and started writing everything good that happened with me that day: a blue sky, a nice song, a good taste I experimented etc. No bad things, only the good ones.

I changed my doctor and started another type of treatment that was more fit with my style of life.

I volunteered myself to work with people in need to find myself more useful to society and to feel that I could make a positive difference in the world.

I started eating only natural things and stopped consuming industrialized shit to keep my body healthier.

And, of course, I started taking more tie for myself. I spent most of my free days at a park, watching people and writing literature and poetry, which usually make me feel better about myself. I started to learn new hobbies and shared a bit of my problems with online friends (the real ones were shit to me).

So, don't give up.
It was very hard at that time, but now I'm glad I wasn't successful on my attempts. If I was, I wouldn't be able to experience the amazing things I can today.

I don't know about your beliefs, but if you have just one life, it's better to make the best out of it. Just don't throw it away. I'm around the feels thread sometimes, so feel free to vent.

>> No.9893544

Which con?

>> No.9893547

No idea who that is, but it makes me feel better knowing I'm not alone in my situation, so thank you.

>> No.9893548

Do you have/want kids? If not,

>> No.9893559

Right here anon. And haven't done anything to myself because of my Mom and my (older) sister.

Reminding myself of the good things in my life helps me get by day-to-day. Work is also really busy so I've been getting up extra early, working hard all day as a distraction, and using the OT money to buy burando. I know retail therapy is temporary and not a great solution, but when I'm in the pits knowing I have a package coming in the mail gets me through day to day.

I'm also going to follow some of the advuce from >>9893541
Keeping a diary of the positive things that happened each day sounds like a really nice idea. And I might try to find some online friends I can chat with since I no longer have any IRL friends.

Bless all you guys in the feels thread who take the time to sincerely reply to anyone who is feeling depressed and suicidal btw. Even if you weren't replying to my post, you've helped me and probably countless other lurkers.

>> No.9893561

Where to find her name tho?

>> No.9893567

This was me 5 years ago except I have a younger brother.

I am currently somewhat better thanks to a combination of a good psychologist, psychiatrist and I think in the end just perseverance. The most helpful thing for my overall recovery has been the CBT sessions, and actually doing some of the "general life" suggestions from my psychologist. Meds got me to the point where I could function but that was basically all they did, they didn't make me better just more functional if that makes sense.

Currently I still have bad days and my first response to any upset is still to imagine how much better it would be if I was dead, but I'm generally mostly okay with being alive now and my default setting is no longer passive/active suicidality. My family can't get their heads around the fact that there is no "why" for my depression, so have never really been able to support me because their thing is "well how can you be depressed anon, so many others have it harder than you" "just suck it up and get over it you don't really want to kill yourself"

So please keep going. The "ache" is still there but I cope with it better now and have more days where it doesn't bug me all day or I can push it away, it does get better.

>> No.9893606

You asked for it so here: it's going to be okay

On a more relevant note, as someone who's also dealt with this shit (particularly the car part... All it could take is a flick of the wrist) my reason for not following through for a point was simply how much effort it takes, particularly if you still need funeral cover, to become an organ donor, a decent method that won't leave you paralysed in a wheelchair for the rest of your already miserable life etc.

One thought that did help at my worst was simply scheduling a concrete date to go through with it, in maybe a week or even a month if you can bear it, and see how you feel when the day comes.
More often than not that was all it took for me to decide to postpone, even just another few days, while also preventing me from making decisions based on pure emotion. And in those few days, even if I didn't do anything but lay in bed for days on end it didn't matter, as far as that part of me was concerned it'd all be over soon, whereas occasionally my survival instinct would kick in, I'd make another psych appointment or make even the smallest effort to better myself and gradually other good opportunities would arise and I'd occasionally find myself looking forward to tomorrow.
I think this site here really hit home for me http://lostallhope.com
but remember this is anecdotal unqualified shit I'm spewing, but that's what you're after coming to the feels thread I spose.

>> No.9893681
File: 64 KB, 797x588, reflective thinking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you have canceled orders for cosplay projects because of that "I should have used that money for something else" feeling

Oh god why.

>> No.9893786
File: 84 KB, 492x598, derpytear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my gf apparently asked to join her local comm that i'll prolly join too once i live with her next year so she could learn more about the fashion,support me,and even wear it and go with me at meets (since i tend tp very shy at first) but apparently the mod answered quite rudely and now i'm "scared" to even join that comm myself once i live there

>tfw gf wanted to be supportive and that really moved me either way

>> No.9893789

>tfw no gf
i have a phd but i cant figure out how to gf wtf

>> No.9893792

New thread’s up >>9893791

>> No.9893805
File: 103 KB, 474x522, 551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>another day of not being a rock n roll '80s tough guy

>> No.9893829

Hey anon I know it's hard. I actually got out of the hospital less than two months ago because I tried offing myself. It's more painful than you think it is. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. I slit my wrists and choked myself out, and I remember getting found by my roommates and closest friends, blood all over me and my room. Getting out of the hospital was the hardest part of I'm being honest, seeing those people crying with happiness because you're still alive. It gave me more hope and more understanding of the people around me. Funerals are expensive, even if you donate your body it costs 1000+ dollars to preserve your body and that's something else I think about a lot. People who care and who I love would have to deal with much more than me dying. It's an awful process. If you think you need it please check yourself into a hospital. It's not fun, I won't lie but I got the help I needed. Check your local hospitals for their mental health programs, see which is the best. If meds aren't helping you, then it's quiet possible you're either on the wrong meds or you are lacking a supportive environment or yore lacking certain key nutrients that help brain function. You'll be fine even if it doesn't feel like it now and I believe in ya anon-chan

>> No.9893831
File: 891 KB, 500x281, tumblr_o3zyygaVKt1ujuk5ho1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The bag for my newest coord may not arrive in time for ILD and I've been so excited to wear it. I feel like a normie replacement bag would cheapen it.

>> No.9894987

i have the same problem but that’s becuase it’s over 100 degrees from late april to october where i live, so

>> No.9894990

have you ever been randomly unfriended on facebook by a comm friend? suddenly me and my gf were removed from a friend, we didn’t do anything, and the person has even still been friendly in person to us. and it seems to be only us removed?

i don’t know if i should bring it up or not with them, we aren’t mega close but very friendly whenever we’re at the same meet.

>> No.9895022
File: 5 KB, 176x166, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>making coord themed around mushrooms
>just found the perfect mushroom tights but they were sold out before I even starting making this coord
>can't find any other tights that'll work with the dress

help me

>> No.9895035

Look for them second hand newfag

>> No.9895051

If they're Taobao or something, the chance they'll show up second hand is low. (Generic taobao socks show up frequently, however specific socks from Taobao brands aren't up much)
Don't call someone a newfag if you are one yourself.

>> No.9895053

If they're really that specific post up a WTB. Shut up newfag.

>> No.9895055

I've been in 3 years, my ex dumped me when I had to leave for basic and I've had one serious date with the most boring woman I've ever met.

>> No.9895128

a phd in what though

>> No.9895379

TFW at karaoke and all my friends are lit but the post con depression is kicking in, I remembered I hate everything about karaoke and I just want to curl up in a corner and cry :^)

>> No.9896216
File: 243 KB, 1000x1500, f1567b3cedf88160100a607d7eea8854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>drop social media for 4- years
>decide to come back and see how my favorite jfashion is doing
>"fairykei" on instagram
>It's all tumblr demiboys wearing shitty prints with eyes and bloody anime girls and trans women who still look like men
>oh god, okay, i'll just look up "nileperch" maybe people are just abusing the tag
>look it up, a bit better, still a lot of it though

what has the western world done to fairy kei? the childlike prints and imagery have been replaced with soft gore and neons. Decora has suffered a similar fate, but decora seems more suited for american audiences. Also this demi-boy trend still bugs me, thought it would be over by now. I'm not sure how people think just because they cut their hair short and don't shave they pass as men. How do you not end up with massive dysphoria wearing pinks and pastels and skirts and dresses?

I now understand why lolitas are so strong about the rules. Tumblr makes everything uggo. like pastel goth, christ.

the brolita tag is also that way. You go in there and it's a bunch of women with short dyed hair wearing lolita. How do you wear that without feeling dysphoria???

>> No.9896229

Kids think that fashion has no rules, guidelines or definitions, and if you say otherwise you're an elitist snob. Likewise, they think they can be trans without dysphoria, just because they say they are, and if you imply otherwise you're a bigot.

I'm sorry this happened to your favorite style, anon. If it's any consolation, at the very least you can wear it how you like regardless of what most everyone else is doing.

>> No.9896251

I'll never stop wearing fairy kei, but it's going to be harder to find inspiration now.
Rules are necessary, but sometimes it amazed me how tight up people were about the rules of lolita when I first started, but after seeing this it really made me realise it's about preserving the fashion, not about keeping people in a box. People think it's about being elitist, but it's because we love the fashion so much that we don't want it to suddenly change into something terrible.
I don't think people can be trans without dysphoria. If someones trans without it, it gives them the liberty to switch back to female at any time. these people shouldn't be able to take up time and spaces because they claim they are a guy, even though they make no effort to appear as such.

Anyways i'm back on instagram and it's been kinda hard on me because nothing on there is really real. So much photoshop, holy shit. Plus i found out melanie martinez is using lolita as an ageplay thing. I feel like this is a dark time for the fashion. Sorry for this whole rant, i'm just blown back because i've been away so long and everything feels more different than i expected. At least /cgl/ is mostly the same.

>> No.9896680

>Melanie Martinez
Oh wow, you really have been away for a long while. She's generally stopped wearing lolita and focused more on vintage baby-like dresses and actual adult baby shit, and then she's been accused of rape a while back so many of her fans dropped her, so she's not really relevant at all anymore.
If anything it's a dark time for Japanese street fashion because Kera and the GLBs are out of print (the former is available in digital format now), because some brands have completely closed their doors or are about to, and because an overwhelming number of people wear these styles on "special occasions" and then defend their decision to wear alt fashion like cosplay, so you don't see alt fashion on the streets anymore.

>> No.9896835

are you underage?

>> No.9896889


Man I love Sushi

>> No.9896916


I love Japan period!

>> No.9896917


I love anime and manga

>> No.9897957

My friend group, and specifically one of my closer friends dumped me because I became cripplingly depressed (crying every day, unable to get out of bed, not able to eat etc etc etc) and their excuse was "We tried to help her." when in reality all they did was ignore my request to avoid a specific topic that caused the depressive spiral and told me I had to face it (despite my therapist telling me the exact opposite when I brought it up.) I'm in recovery now but losing my entire friend group at one of the lowest points of my life, really hit me hard. What's worse is one of the friends is a youtuber- and about a month-ish after it happened they made a really terrible video about depression, straight up packed with stereotypes and misinformation.

>> No.9898001

Maybe they're trying to be like the protagonist in Kamikaze Girls. Although her character becomes a good person by the end of the movie.

>> No.9898007
File: 63 KB, 543x627, 7f0a764c38a8744451872f96df4cc806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I get physically ill if I don't give into the cravings, I puke and my body temp rises until I get something in my body besides water

Sounds like me when I'm low on iron. Consider whether your nutrient needs are being met. Supplement if you have to.

You may also want to consider that you should probably try to endure your body's withdrawal symptoms. It sounds like you have issues with binge eating based on your weight and height (not trying to offend) so unless you genuinely feel like you're about to die, try to let your body heal itself and don't give in to your cravings even if it's uncomfortable. Much like a chain smoker feels physically ill if they don't get their fix, an overeater and/or chronic junk food eater will go through much of the same experience. Drink plenty of water but not too much, get your nutrients in, SLEEP and get lots of rest during the times you feel like crap, be aware of your triggers to overeat, endure your body's unpleasant symptoms for a few days while consistently ignoring your cravings.

If it still doesn't get any better or if it just gets worse, then I would see a doctor about it.

>> No.9898011

Here is my self-projection of the reason to chime in with everyone else's:

People with a propensity to hate on a woman who is beautiful and knows it, are intimidated by them. It's the same situation with neckbeards who hate "Chads" only the gender is reversed. They know that if they walked into a room next to those types of women, they wouldn't be able to compete with them. Sexy women who know they are sexy and use it to their advantage are braver and more confident than the average human being. Hence why most people are only onlookers, either gawking in admiration or scoffing in feigned disgust, desperately looking for flaws to feel better about themselves.

>> No.9898013

To my knowledge, the cutesy gore phenomenon you're describing is actually menhera kei but I guess people cross tag their menhera stuff into other fashions, which is turning everything into a mishmash of nothing.

>> No.9898038

>be lesbian
>have qt autistic gf who doesn't dress up much and has no idea how pretty she is
>go to con together as galko and yuzu, she makes a ridiculously cute gyaru
>guys creep on her constantly
>over the course of two days she goes from totally relaxed around guys to really wary

Why are men untermensch /cgl/, hurts watching my gf's innocence die

>> No.9898045

>dresses up as character designed around sex appeal who is comedically unaware of their attractiveness
>isn't aware of what is going to happen
that's hilarious

>> No.9898098

To whoever bought out a pair of Meta OTKs on y!a 2 hours before the auction ended -- FUCK YOU you shit, I waiting for it to end for a week! Eat shit motherfucker

>> No.9904325

SAUCE! uh hi /cgl/ ya'll have a nice day now. eh.

>> No.9904327

I like you being alive, anon.

>> No.9904331

any qt lolita femanon or trrapanons here want a deviant canadian bear man?

this thread is about me, rite?

>> No.9904363

Hey you faggots reaading this. I hope you have a good day. hugz

>> No.9904405

gwenpool, if you're serious

>> No.9904416

as a heartattack. I wish it wasn't photoshopped.

>> No.9904428


>> No.9904808

This is what I was afraid of.
I'm brand new Navy,and all I can think about is being alone for years to come. Let alone maintaining friendships with people who are into the same shit as I am.

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