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What would be fair to ask for pic related? Bought it new and never wore it, but I happend to tear off the tags tho.

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Probably $200

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Ugh, I thought I can ask like 400 bucks, it's popular cut and ivory colorway.

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nayrt, but lmao are you serious? I genuinely hope you're joking. The print isn't even relevant anymore.

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Sorry anon. I'm hunting for this colorway and cut and last time I saw it being sold was for like 24,000 yen on mercari and even then I wasn't biting.
The value has been declining ever since 2013.
If you'd offer 160$ shipped to Europe drop your mail. Otherwise I'll just wait for it on mercari and fril.

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My bad, it was 19k yen.

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You can probably list it on lacemarket for around 250-300 and it'll sell eventually, just not quickly. Look at the sold listings

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I doubt it.

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On LM people sell it for 500 something bucks.

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Lol, they try to

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It'll sell, look at the sold listings. The white jsk hasn't been listed much since 2017, but the set has sold ranging from 250 to 400 dollars. 250-300 is a high but still reasonable price for some uniformed buyer. It'll just take a while.

The people selling at 500 are fucking retarded though.

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Yeah, sets sell for that much, because it's troublesome to find the HB, OTKs and such. Just a single JSK won't fetch much.

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Agreed, I have the jsk in ivory that came with the headbow and wristcuffs for less than $200 including shipping . But that was a few years ago, it was more popular then too. Someone might be willing to pay around $250 for that if it was their DD, maybe. Just list it and see.

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>sold for 19000 yen
>thinks 160 usd including shipping to euroland is fair
You know shipping is like 50 usd right?

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Well I'm looking for a really good deal for it.
Also shipping prices depend on the location. I can ship a dress to the US tracked for 10usd.
And I know some US anons are too dumb or lazy to find the cheaper shipping options.

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This is the price check thread though, if you're trying to haggle you should make that clear

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Shipping a parcel from the US to Europe is at the bare minimum $20. I regularly ship parcels all of the world because I run an online store. Trust me, it's not because Americans are too stupid. That's just how much USPS charges with tracking.

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If the dress hasn't been listed since 2017 I'd say try it at $250 and see if anyone bites.

There's a weird timeline with hyped up print dresses. There's usually a time period where it's the hottest hype and girls scramble to pay $400 to be able to wear it and show it off. Then when it's "no longer relevant" there's usually a dump period where girls start selling it off en masse to make room for the next hyped up print. That's the time when you can find has-been prints for ~10k yen and full sets under $200.

But shortly after that, girls either no longer own the dress, are hoarding it, have damaged it, lost pieces of it, or aren't selling for some reason or another. If it's a legit nice dress, sometimes there's still newer girls who never got the chance to buy it during bandwagon/hype period who are after it now, but since supply is limited the price will creep back up (eg- Iron Gate). If no one is after the dress, then the price simply declines in line with the age of the dress.

So while other girls have been able to find it at a lower price, I think they may have bought it during the "dump" period. The only thing you don't know is whether anyone's actually looking for this specific DDC, it's not a dress I've seen in DD threads often, so it's hard to judge whether it's popular or not. If there's no demand then no one's gonna pay $250 for it, however if people still like it, then stressing that it's a new dress that you've never touched despite the tags having been torn off is going to be a big selling point.

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Not haggling, I’m just contributing. OP was looking for a price they could sell it at and as a potential buyer I told them what I would pay based on other listings I was looking at.

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I often sell my dresses that I see on japanese auction sites for 10,000 - 20,000 yen for $300 USD and get buyers that same day.

It honestly surprises even myself. So yeah, I'd say list it for $250-$300. Girls still like the dress and I'd think you'd find someone for that price. I think gulls in here are just trying to get a bargain from you lol

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>gulls in here are just trying to get a bargain from you lol
Mte. This is supposed to be a thread where we help each other.

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>gulls in here are just trying to get a bargain from you lol
Mte. This is supposed to be a thread where we help each other,but a lot has changed on cgl

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Haven't seen this dress sold on the Japanese market at all, and the last time it sold on LM it was $225 in 2016. Not sure how much I should save up for it and if it sells quickly when it does show up.

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If you don't mind winding up in the scalpers thread sure. By all means.

>inb4 i'm just looking to buy the dress
I hate carnival prints.

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Scalping is when you bought something to re-sell for a much higher price. If anon bought something for 400usd a few years ago and tries to sell it now for 250usd it isn't scalping. You guys are just salty poorfags.

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>someone knows that $400 for a dress that has greatly declined in popularity is too much and will be seen as a scalper if you can find it for $190
>must be poor

The level of reaching in this post is ridiculous

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To be fair it does sound like OP bought this because it was popular, never wore it because she thought it's value would hold, and is now regretting it because it currently goes for $200-$250

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Thinking everyone who charges more than a Japanese seller (on a Japanese app that you need to pay a SS for who might not get it on time) is a scalper is reaching

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Selling it for $400 when the current market value in the west is $250 for anything that's not a set is scalping. It's unfortunate you won't get your money back, but that's a huge risk when buying lolita.

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Scalping is about making a profit retard

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Selling a dress for $150-200 more than the market value is scalping, retard.

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So are you talking about the market value of a different country or the market value of last year?

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I'm talking about the current market values for both Japan and the west. I'm sorry you won't get what you paid back, but throwing a hissyfit for an entire thread about it is a bit much.

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I'm not the one who started this thread. Jsyk, it's okay to say you don't know the current value or to not reply.

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That itself isnt necessarily scalping... if you bought something for 300 and wore it a few times, say the original gradient misty sky, but then the market price rises to 1000 and you sell it for that much, that isn't scalping.
If you buy something intending to resell it that is scalping though.

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But I do know the current value, I posted it multiple times.

But we aren't talking about a rise here. We're talking about a drastic drop and anon wants to sell it for $150+ more than what it's dropped to.

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Something from last year and a different country is not the current value. Tons of lolitas don't even buy from overseas.

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Learn to read. I said it was from this year and form both western and JP sellers. Jesus you're dumb.

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Time to kill myself

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Please do.

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Dude. Most AP dresses bought new straight from the store are around $350 at the most. This dress although popular is old. $400 is more than buying it new from the store. I would suggest $300 AT THE MOST. Especially if you aren’t even including any extras.

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I don't think it should be this high price but honestly judging a print by "relevant" or "irrelevant" just shows that you only wear lolita for attention and to flaunt, instead of for yourself.

Please develop your own taste.

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I have osanpo candy chan op in red and pink, each with matching head bows. They're pretty damn hard to find, any ideas on what I could ask for them? I also have the black jsk and skirt, no matching head bow. I'm just curious on what ppl might be willing to,pay.

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>implying I'm a brain dead sweet lolita
Stupid of you to even assume that I don't wear lolita daily because of what I said. I agree items shouldn't be judged on relevance, but that's how it is these days. A lot of girls chase the latest trends and don't actually care about developing their own unique style or taste. By denying that as truth you're either a newfag or incredibly naive.
I say around $275 or maybe more depending on the condition?

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this is the single dumbest thing i have read here. congrants, cunt.

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150 for the skirt, 250-300

anon I don't agree with them but they didn't say anything about wearing lolita daily...

>> No.9892056

Yeah I kind of realized after I posted that I threw that in unnecessarily, but I still stand by my original point.

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Jsk + headbow, everything is bnwt, I only tried it once. Bought it from y!j for somewhere around 400$ and wonder if I can get my money back.

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youll probably be able to get around 300-350, Maybe more because yours is nwt and brown iirc is a more popular colorway. you can start higher and drop the price , for reference the jsk alone in "like new condition" sold for 243 in january and 315 half a year ago

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this has nothing to do with wearing lolita daily. You sound more like a newfag, because us oldfags know that the "it" prints move fast, you won't be able to resell them high anymore, and if you have been in the fashion long enough you stop giving a shit about trends and just wear what you want. Case in point, old school and OTT sweet coming back in style.

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regarding DDC, ivory tiered JSKs have sold for around $250, other colorways $200, if that gives you an idea.

I'm looking for this cut and colour but holding out to find it under $200 desu, not in a hurry.

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I've never been able to ship a dress for under $25 from US to EU through USPS and that's without tracking, I doubt any other shipping service is shipping for cheaper

>> No.9893205

Don't bother anon, some Europoors are too stupid to realize that not every country's post system charges the same amounts

>> No.9893209

Are you actually retarded?

>> No.9893216

>because us oldfags know that the "it" prints move fast, you won't be able to resell them high anymore
That's basically what I stated in my original reply and you told me to develop my own taste. All I let OP know was that the print was no longer popular and almost no one would pay their original price. You just sound like you wanted to argue or insult someone.

>> No.9893232

Less than that since the MTO.

>> No.9893243

see >>9890342

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How much could I get for the original Sugary Carnival JSK in Lavender?
I noticed the lavender set goes for a lot in like new condition but mine does have some small damage and I don't have the KC. It has some very minor staining but isn't faded or damaged otherwise.

>> No.9896398

She's probably referring to the americunts who think it's normal to pay 60 dollar to ship 1 item to europe

>> No.9896402


>> No.9896423

>goes for a lot
Its price has dropped a lot, anon. Unfortunately you're probably not going to get much for a damaged one. >>9896402 is probably right.

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Is it normal to buy your first dress new?

>> No.9896425

Yes, I did. A lot of people starting out feel saver that way. This doesn't belong in the price check thread though.

>> No.9896447

Thanks anons. I'm on the fence about selling and was hoping for a bit more so I'll probably wait a little longer to see if I'll sell then.

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I have the Chess Chocolate OP in mint with matching bonnet and socks. The OP is missing the detachable sleeves but still has the jabot. Any idea how much the whole lot is worth?

>> No.9902872

>I have the Chess Chocolate OP in mint with matching bonnet and socks. The OP is missing the detachable sleeves but still has the jabot. Any idea how much the whole lot is worth?
You'd be better off separating the pieces. There isn't much demand for the OP, and yours has missing pieces. But the bonnet and socks (depending on condition), should do OK. Still less than retail, though.

>> No.9902892

It's only going to drop more

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How much can I get for my Oojia Iron Gate replica? It's made to fit a 120cm bust and 80cm waist

>> No.9902899

$25-30 maybe

>> No.9902900

That little? I'm not sure I want to part with it and that's nowhere near what I paid

Shit I meant 102 cm bust

>> No.9902902

Replicas go for dirt cheap second hand anon.

>> No.9902905

Replicas are unwanted and it being made for fatties mean only a select few could buy it. Imo you would make more selling it on eBay

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>expecting a fucking replica to retain its monetary value like brand does

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OK maybe I'll try ebay. Thanks.

I also have the HL replica in green, maybe that could sell for more because it's a replica exclusive colour?

>> No.9902914

you'll get like $30 nobody wants people to know they're wearing a replica. maybe more on ebay but who knows

>> No.9902917

>replica exclusive colour
>my sides
Anon that makes it worse. Though that colour is beautiful and I would throw my money at AP if they actually released Holy Lantern in it.

>> No.9902923

CGL replying to bad bait never changes

>> No.9902924

I'll give you $15. I'd make some nice pillowcases out of it.

>> No.9902927

OK.... Thanks. EBay it is I guess.

How dare you it's a dress! It's meant to be WORN!

>> No.9902933

this is pathetic, anon

>> No.9902936

They are the only replicas I have I promise. My other dresses are real brand

>> No.9902941

real brand like milanoo? come on we all know you're trolling

>> No.9902961

I'm not, I just lost a lot of weight and want to get rid of my old replicas... My other dresses are Atelier Pierrot and AP. I'm trying to buy the right things and support the brands now. It's not nice to make fun of someone trying to improve

>> No.9902963

You already dropped to the bottom of the barrel by buying replicas. You deserve to be made fun of.

>> No.9902968

It was a long time ago but OK.

>> No.9902972

Once a replica-chan, always a replica-chan. And on top of that you were a fatty. Ultimate shame.

>> No.9902973

Stop replying and digging yourself a worse hole. Just sell it for cheap and save the money for something new. It isnt that hard you fuckin idiot.

>> No.9902979

If you list it I'm going to buy it and then not pay. And when you relist it I'll buy from another account and not pay again

>> No.9902997

NYART but that's just unnecessarily malicious.

I'm seriously offering you money so I can have some neat pillowcases. Drop your email, I will actually pay you for them and you can live happily knowing they're being used. Sure, they'll never be worn, but I think we can all agree that they shouldn't be. Better they be pillowcases than be wasted fabric in a dumpster.

>> No.9902999

It's not malicious, it's justice

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Thoughts on Aatp Gloria in Jeanne + Navy? Seems to have gone for 650~900 on lacemarket but that was a long time ago and in the perhaps more popular black colorway.

>> No.9903369

I'd say 400, anon. Navy is really not a desirable colourway.

>> No.9903437

that's a really nice dress.
Found it on LM sold for 150. https://egl.circlly.com/auctions/crepe-embroidery-shirring-jsk

Since it can fit plus size, it's probably worth more here. Fatties on fb will pay more, usually, so i'd say start at 175 or something.

I'd say so, My first dress was from taobao, but i know people out there who buy their first dress brand and new. I wouldn't do it myself, i'd want to see how i feel first. If you have the money for it, do you.

20-40 maybe even more, if you aim for the fb groups, people can pay well for replicas, especially plus sized ones.

>> No.9903451

Thanks Anon.

>> No.9903728

There's one on Closet Child for ~ $200

>> No.9903769

It's regular jsk. Tiered looks cuter, thus more expensive.

>> No.9903776

You disgust me.

>> No.9903784

That's even worse! Who the fuck wants to advertise that they're wearing a replica?? I mean...more obviously than they already are.

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What would be a fair asking price for my Gothic Arch JSK? I'm not totally set on selling it but the fit is a little weird on me and since I got Neo-Gothic Arch I'm not sure if I want to keep both.

>> No.9904012

I would do an auction starting at 300usd. I know they get listed for a lot in Japan but they sometimes don't sell for months.

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I have no idea what to price this skirt at. I bought it at a convention years ago for a ridiculous price but I couldn’t really find any sales listed as a reference point.

>> No.9904272

I'd happily pay you 350 for it, anon! This and the blue colourway are two of my DDs, I'm not interested in Neo Gothic Arch.

>> No.9904871

since you run an online store you really should be less ignorant about how shipping works

the price of shipping internationally is determined by international trade agreements, and usually if it's high it's because of the destination country's postal/import laws, not the source country's

>> No.9904900

Ok but we're giving money to the usps not to the destination country.
What you're saying is literally like if somebody said "a dress from AP USA is at bare minimum 300 dollars. it's a lot. that's just how much AP USA charges" and then you coming in and saying "stop being ignorant, the price is that high because of Japan's pricing, not America's"

>> No.9904902

That money goes to Customs, not USPS. Third party. Seperate.
Be thicc in body, not thick in skull

>> No.9904903

That's a bad example to use because AP is still a japanese company. You sound like a literal retard.

>> No.9904908

>mfw gulls are too dense to realize I'm just trying to point out that >>9890349's wording (which >>9904871 was criticizing because there's nothing else in the post to criticize) makes sense and nothing about where the money ultimately ends up
Like I just said, even if the money does end up in customs, we still literally give the money to usps first and not the destination country. There's nothing wrong with saying "that's just how much USPS charges"

>> No.9904909

samefagging but >>9904903 what even is your point?
The money goes to AP, but you still buy the dress from AP USA. Saying "AP USA charged me 300 dollars for this dress" makes sense and if somebody came in and said "stop being ignorant, the price is that way because of Japan" then that's fucking retarded

>> No.9904921

Learn to read, >>9890349 sounds like USPS is the one setting the price. Ignorant gulls complaining about USPS in reaction to high cost of shipping to other countries is so common here it's basically a meme.

>>9904871 is just doing Mana-sama's work reminding them that USPS is the world's best postal system and the price problems come from outside.

>> No.9904932

It actually makes sense to those of us who aren't literal shit flinging retards

>> No.9904935

please stop projecting your mental disabilities onto other people

>> No.9904954

>XD le projection meme

I see you learned a new buzzword today

>> No.9904998

400 seems way too cheap anon, it's been a dress I've been looking for and I've seen it go for 500-600 recently. I'd ask to buy it from you myself but I have to save money this month

>> No.9905018


Holy shit how dumb can you be?
USPS employee here- the money you pay to ship stuff out of the US has absolutely nothing to do with customs/trade agreements. You're literally just paying the cost of sending the item.

USPS price structures are based on the following:
>oil prices, as they factor into shipping
>employee wage costs
>profit margin

USPS is a not a government entity in the way that many people believe we are. $0 comes from congress to fund USPS, the cost of operation is 100% funded from private sales (shipping costs) to send items within and outside of the US. USPS is a government-owned private company. They set the prices for shipping based on operation costs and profit, nothing more.

The only way customs/trade agreements factors in is in CUSTOMS charges, taxes, fees, and tariffs that the receiver pays in the recipient country.

>> No.9905020

Anon, no. Stop trying to oversell that dress.

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File: 1.11 MB, 1002x598, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is the reasonable price to ask for Angelic Pretty Fancy Hospital JSK + headbow in black with tags?

>> No.9905023


Thank you both, I will keep that in mind!

If I decide to sell it then I will post here for you. Right now I am keeping it, but once Neo Gothic-Arch gets here I'll be able to try them both and figure out if I'll actually wear both/which one I like more.

>> No.9905085

That offer is way too low and you know it

>> No.9905088

But shipping from the US to my EU country is way higher than shipping from Canada, Australia, Japan, etc.

>> No.9905096

>start at 175
She's looking to buy

>> No.9905098
File: 51 KB, 717x1277, FB_IMG_1527157168952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Considering selling this, but I'm unsure how much to charge.

>> No.9905101

Less than 1/2 of the original price and take offers. They lingered on the website and did not sell out even at 30% off.

>> No.9905110


How much of it do you have, what condition, and how much in a hurry are you to sell?

- Pretty close to a set of everything, NWT, and not in a hurry, price it at retail, but you're basically waiting for a newbie who missed when IW had the release up, now want it desperately and only you have the set.

- Just the OP, or an incomplete set, or not new, -- and willing to wait for a while if there's no buyer -- maybe 1/3 under retail, and be very willing to bargain. Again, people missed it when IW had it up and now it's a rare collab dress, but the fact that they still have to save $$$ for another piece of the set, or the socks have had your feet in them before theirs, will likely make them unwilling to part with quite as much cash.

- Just the dress, not great condition, or plain unwilling to wait -- price it cheap, someone will probably take it off your hands and scalp it in your stead.

>> No.9905133
File: 348 KB, 600x442, dezainga1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Just realised I wrote the conditions rather confusingly.

- A set AND it's nwt AND you're willing to wait, price at retail

- everything else other than situation described above or the situation described below, price at 1/3 below retail

- dress is not in good condition, OR you're unwilling to wait, price it as cheap as you can.

As for what constitutes a set, originally they were 4 items, I'd say you at least need the OP, choker and headdress to call it a set.

>> No.9905140

WW had this skirt listed at 4500yen in the pink and the white colorways but they sat there for months before being sold if that helps.

>> No.9905147

I think this is good general pricing advice but not that great for a cosplay based collab that didn’t even sell out for months on the website.

>> No.9905180

While true, it seems that ppl want it now? There are tons of dresses that sold poorly at first but are sought after now. It’s better to look at what people recently have paid for it instead of just how many people bought it when it came out in 2013.

I would start at retail if you have the set, it came as a set and so it would be hard to find the separates otherwise. If not it will be hard to justify the price. Looking at LM 225-250 seems to be the typical pricing for the op.

>> No.9905196

Wtf, not sure why retards are saying shit like >>9896402 but you could easily get $160-$180 for it minimum. $200 is usually the going rate with the headbow.

>> No.9905209

That actually helps me a lot, thank you!

>> No.9905249

I think this is someone's dream dress in one of the DD threads. You can probably sell it for a good price

>> No.9905343


I mean, there's the kuragehime OP, the dress is only rare now because people thought it was ugly when it came out, so nobody bought it.

I feel you though, collab dresses always depend on pure luck whether there's that one loaded otaku looking for it. That's why the perfect scenario has several conditions, including being willing to wait for that one rich fangirl to look for this exact dress. Pick one of the other scenarios if you're not willing to wait.

>> No.9905970

Thanks anons, I'm not that desperate to sell so I think I'll put it up for the higher amount and see if anyone bites.

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Price check for red ridinghood applique jsk + cardigan + parasol? I also have the red ridinghood otks from the 2012 release and red caplet with a hood from an old indie lolita brand.
I've seen the price sold all over the place so im not sure what would be fair. Everything is in good condition and all items (except for the red caplet) are the ivory colorway.

>> No.9907067
File: 34 KB, 360x432, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Price check for Perfume in Wonderland JSK + bow? There's slight damage, as I received it with the charm missing from the headbow and the corset lacing missing.

>> No.9907131

$380-$430 if w/ minor damage

>> No.9907133

A few good hundreads.

>> No.9907141

The last two on LM sold for that much WITHOUT damage, so expect to get even less. Maybe like 250-300$?

>> No.9907149

Seconding >>9907131
Don't listen to >>9907141 they're being ridiculous.

>> No.9907969

I'll keep my eye on it, once my money comes in I'll probably grab it if it hasn't sold.

>> No.9914655
File: 12 KB, 300x300, FB_IMG_1489391766676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know a different anon already asked about the Chess Chocolate OP in mint in this thread, but how about the brown colorway? It's currently for 300 USD/265 EUR incl. shipping on LM (just the OP though, no set). I think the price is okaay, but what do other anons think?

>> No.9914822

200. Only cut that has retained value is the princess op.

>> No.9915099

Late but I'm willing to buy the socks if you sell them separately...maybe the bonnet too.

>> No.9915138

I sold a mmm dress similar to this one for just under $200 but that was in 2014.
I think it was Holy Cross but it was the same color and trim as this one with the shirring.

>> No.9915139
File: 37 KB, 240x320, c33edd27-5b1e-5c93-8e9f-cca8e225e6ec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AATP Alice Relief print in this color.
I have been trying for ages to get rid of this dress but even at a $100 or below no one wants it. I guess the color is just too unpopular.

>> No.9915667


>> No.9920927
File: 129 KB, 480x640, 662298d1-2250-5af3-90bb-257274f7ae0c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is $450 a fair price to offer for British Library JSK? I really want this dress and it's listed as a "feeler post."

The OP is on Lacemarket for $500 fyi

>> No.9920959

It sells for like 100k yen on y!auctions, I'm sure about western market is less crazed about JM but we are speaking about their most iconic dress here so it seems a bit of a cheap offer. The OP is less sought after so you can't really use that price as a reference point.

>> No.9920979

Not >>9920959 but if it really sells for 100k yen maybe you could get japanese SS to sell it for you if you gave her like 10-20% of the profits

>> No.9920982

I’m pretty sure that >>9920927 is looking to buy, not sell.

But I agree, $450 is way too low. I would double your offer. This is the holy grail dress for any Jane marple fan

>> No.9922545
File: 59 KB, 250x333, cake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have pic related with the headbow and detachable waist ties that I want to sell but am hitting a block.
It's barely worn and in good condition with no stains or anything like that.

I am a little confused on the pricing of this item, as I see different sales on past lace market entries which all vary greatly.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

>> No.9922550


The JSK is more holy grail than the OP as it's more versatile. I'd go at least $600 and that's low balling it. I think my friend sold hers for a crazy amount.

>> No.9922558

If it’s like new you can probably get at least $575, there are lolitas selling just the round jsk or op for $500.

>> No.9922575

At least $600.

>> No.9922592

For honey cake popularity is
Mint < pink < yellow < ivory
Pricing has been weird because there have been a lot of honey cakes popping up. Currently I think you could get at least 600. This cut is the most popular too (other than the special set cut) because it's the most plus size friendly.

>> No.9922608

I’m selling my ivory jsk set; I’m taking advantage of the sudden raise in price It’s definitely the right time to sell. Honey Cake has always been popular but the prices stalled at $500 for a like new set. I’m not sure if the sale went through but the ivory special set sold recently for $800 on LM

>> No.9922622

I'm pretty sure pink is worse than mint

>> No.9922631

cam you read?

>> No.9922635

Not sure why these anons are so upset. I bought a replica when i was 15 and just starting out, and didn't realise it was even a replica because I was a dumb noob. and when I sold it, it sold pretty fast. They don't sell for much as everyone said though, and I think replicas are less common now-a-days. Grats on moving forward.

>> No.9922664

Anon used the wrong sign if they meant mint was best

>> No.9922734
File: 86 KB, 625x500, hcsohotrn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9922747
File: 44 KB, 373x404, 1474839515505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I offered my ivory special JSK for 700 bucks last year people laughed at me.

>> No.9923002
File: 275 KB, 500x600, 3c419cd0-d740-539b-9e73-6c1fc187b888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Price check for CDC in Navy? I'm also including the OTKs and the headbow.

>> No.9923737

>Price check for CDC in Navy? I'm also including the OTKs and the headbow.
A similar set sold on LM last May for $775, so probably somewhere around there.

>> No.9923739

I’d be pretty damn salty too anon

>> No.9923746

>When I offered my ivory special JSK for 700 bucks last year people laughed at me.
Was it just the JSK, or did you have the barrette and matching OTKs, too?
Plus, there's a current resurgence of popularity for Honey Cake, right now.

>> No.9923751

British Library JSK is on lacemarket if you’re interested. The starting price is pretty fair and there aren’t any bids so far.

>> No.9923844
File: 244 KB, 500x600, rccjsk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

royal creamy chocolate jsk in brown/gold?

>> No.9928305
File: 46 KB, 480x640, cf6e7fa4-be83-4fc4-b332-8f3c85651a4f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much would it be ok to ask for Moi-même-Moitié Frill Bat Umbrella?

>> No.9928368
File: 21 KB, 225x300, 74c8c5c9-b96c-544a-9966-594350d4b061_thumb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trying to figure out how to price this alice and the pirates milky rail train head dress. It's new with tags never worn. Tag says 9612 yen. . I see the sets go for quite a bit but not sure how big the market is for just the head dress

>> No.9928372

I'd start at $250 and drop from there if it doesn't sell

>> No.9928384

It sold on mercari for 3000 - 9999 yen. Someone on yahoo auctions bought one of those and tried to sell it for 39000 yen for a few months, it eventually worked on a poor soul.

>> No.9928442

Stop trying to scam anon. Damaged SC still goes for over 100 and it's an iconic print, it will not drop more than that. People love it and it fits a range of sizes

>> No.9930166

Considering selling my Royal creamy chocolate JSK with headbow and beret in ivory. Whats that running these days for the set?

>> No.9930236

I recently paid 200€ for the JSK + beret in ivory and I felt this was a tad too much. Like, I saw many cheaper listings on mercari and fril, but always missed them due to being indecesive.

>> No.9930246

>This is the holy grail dress for any Jane marple fan
nah, they release book prints all the time. it's one of those dresses that people want more because popular girls want it.

>> No.9930253

Yeah, I don't understand why people spend so much on Jane Marple secondhand. They have re-releases every season.

>> No.9931596


I ended up listing it. I put it at $400 start since I got some mixed signals/advice, but of course if it doesn't sell then I'll keep lowering it until it does, so if $400 isn't anyone's price then give it a watch until it is.


>> No.9931666

Don't worry anon! I ended up selling it for 200 with all the damages disclosed (and very quickly too).

>> No.9932854

How much can I get for Merry Making in the ghost town without the top bow?

>> No.9933381

Does it have the chain, but just missing the bow?

>> No.9934159

What are lock shop wigs going for these days? I bought two at a con but never worn them. Im not sure which specific wig they are.

>> No.9934167

Sorry about your factually incorrect opinion there, friend, shipping even a padded envelope out of the US using ANY mail service is at least $20 if you want tracking, and usually at least $15 without it. Even to send from Pennsylvania to just over the border in Niagara Falls was $26 absolute cheapest option last time I sent something international.

>> No.9935263

I have this dress on my wishlist from the DD thread. If you're looking to sell, I'm definitely interested in it. Throwaway email attached.

>> No.9935522
File: 10 KB, 259x194, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much does Hospitality Doll go for nowadays?

I'm so depressed I might sell everything and leave lolita for a while. I've got a black full set NWT and a white set sans headdress (but includes OTKs and novelties).

>> No.9935529

If you truly have the full set NWT, it's worth at least $450.

>> No.9935541

It is, the only thing missing the tags is the headdress.

Thanks, though; I'll keep that in mind.

>> No.9935570

Please post in BST thread if you are interested. Or in DD Thread.
>dying over here

>> No.9935583

If you want to make an offer then you can. Otherwise I'll decide in the next couple weeks if I will sell and if I do then it will be an auction.

>> No.9936536
File: 96 KB, 425x567, cfc62633-0f86-596d-a903-641baba67162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much would be ok to ask for Moitie Rose Cross Print JSK (black x navy)? First owner and I can't find any damages.

>> No.9936537

desu you shouldn’t sell it if you’re taking a break because you might regret it

>> No.9937006

I've had a pair of socks shippied to me for 13 usd and even though the seller didn't expect tracking she got it and I could track it all the way to Germany.

>> No.9937016
File: 46 KB, 599x568, n183944014.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since we're talking about nurse items, I'm thinking about selling this Cornet Set for weeks now and I'm not sure what to charge for it.

>> No.9937038

I haven't shipped internationally in a while so I may be off a little but shipping from the US to other countries usually cost around 13 usd if the package weighs under 8 oz. It goes up past that. I think 1 lb packages cost around 25 usd to ship, and around 35 for 2 lbs. This is all assuming you ship through USPS first class international, and buy the labels through PayPal (which is cheaper) and not the post office.

>> No.9939852
File: 10 KB, 384x384, images (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alice and the pirates vest, nwt, I dont hace any idea on how to price it :/

>> No.9944306
File: 76 KB, 399x600, 561355-3715-2016-01-25573183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Meta Dark Night Guardian set in grey?
Hw skirt, capelet, utks, and 2 hairbows

>> No.9944356

How much lower do you need to price a blouse if a lower button is missing? It is a brand blouse but the buttons are typical.

>> No.9944371

$20 off of what the blouse would go for secondhand

>> No.9946402
File: 80 KB, 498x334, pricecheck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Price check on these two? I've been out of touch with buying/selling old brand so i'm at a loss.

>> No.9946428

For the Dreaming Macaron jsk I’d say ~$75, Milky-Chan ~$100; black are the least popular colorways for both

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