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Feels thread

"I just romantically love Lolita!" edition

Pic related is how my feelings make me feel ultimately
>Previous thread

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Man I just really love lolita

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Man I just really love cosplay

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I'm gonna marry a lolita girl!

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i was trying to get fit for a con (and generally life) but got dumped and now I just want to eat five cakes and get fat again.

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tfw desk job for a year = being the heaviest I've ever been

Kinda hate how I can't exactly complain about this to friends/family because my body isn't the type to look noticeably bigger when I gain weight (I just look more muscular), so when I do, they scoff and tell me that I don't look different or that I shouldn't complain. Might be the case, but I know my lolita and normie clothes have gotten tighter since the holidays.

It's a shithole, but I should go back to /fit/ for a while...

Neat. I've sent in a reply. We should start a discord or something for /mu/ oriented seagulls.

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Moving in with my crush’s best friend later this year, no ulterior motive but I’m excited to be able to spend more time with them by association. We’re in different states and only see each other at specific cons but we get along really well. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere they’re a really good friend to me!

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>mfw reading a lolita's post made me reflect on how I had to deal with a coworker's self esteem issues every night shift at work
>about to comment when I remember my posts show up on FB and my coworkers will probably see it

fuck my life.

I can't even unfriend them because I'm pretty sure they'll notice and make my life a passive aggressive hell until I leave. I can't wait until I leave in two months and unfriend them forever.

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hmm, are you able to unfollow them on fb, but still remain "friends" ?

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I think that just unfollows their posts, but doesn't necessarily have them unfollow mine?

I once commented on a friend's post and my mom sent me a text saying that she saw it despite being 'unfollowed.' I'm really paranoid about FB's algorithm now especially with public posts. Honestly, I should get rid of it, but I use the messenger app to keep in touch with friends so I just sort of haven't updated since 2015.

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You can edit the privacy settings on your posts to exclude them specifically, has saved me lots of uncomfy confrontation.

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I am apparently an old dinosaur who can't navigate technology. Thanks much anon. You're saving me a lot of passive seething.

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>friend dumps all her emotional issues on me constantly
>asks me how is life
>edge a little bit into how I feel "kinda depressed lately and lazy"
>she makes a face and says that i don't look depressed so i don't really experience it, it's not like her who's life is so hard she has to have talks with her mother to feel better
>tfw i am on antipsychotics from how much depression has ruined my life
>tfw don't have anyone to talk to about it other than my pharmacist
Makes me want to tear my hair out!!!!!!

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>diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder
>family is very supportive and all
>still feel like I'm damaged goods and worth less than most people
Life is hard

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>going to con with gf in a couple months
>Girl I used to talk to and was head over heels for before current gf is going and wants to meet up with me
>Feel like I'm slowly falling out of love with my current gf and I'm starting to avoid talking to her via call (it's long distance)
I'd never cheat on her but I worry that things are just... Ending. That things are over and I'm just prolonging a relationship that I no longer feel a genuine desire to continue, but rather I continue it because I can't remember anything before it anymore, and that scares me. I worry if I end things I'll develop that spark again or passion and I'll have lost her.

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>Always been poor student
>Got a job
>First paycheck in few weeks
I don't even know where to spend it. Maybe I can finally hunt my dream dresses.

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Save, don't splurge. You never know what will happen. Buy for yourself once you feel secure in your savings unless you live with your parents or something

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>be a poor student aswell
>Graduate and get a good job
> Friends who majored in meme studies all live in parents basement.
>Seveal give me constant financial advise.

That weird feel went my biggest problem is unsolicited bad investment advise.

I am relizeing that I am just a harder worker and better with money than alot of people.

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Lets work out together I want to fit into at least old school skirts (tiddies too big)

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Got some people on my friends list, mostly because we've brushed shoulders in the community a few times but all in all I find them insufferable.

They're the kind of people who will whine on social media and people will haul ass to give them butt-pats over things which are a none-issue because they're delicate flowers.

If I post anything (once in a blue moon. I don't like people knowing I'm struggling) and might need at least one person to tell me it's going to be fine, nothing.

I found out one of the girls has put on a bunch of weight and her planned costumes don't fit her anymore and no one says anything, I feel strangely happy about it.

When did I get so bitter?

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Is it me????

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Honestly anon I know exactly how this feels. The best thing you can do is talk to your current gf and let her know how you feel. In my case it was the distance + moving too fast that made the honeymoon phase kinda die. Just make sure you guys are on the same page and if you feel like you’re uncomfortable with forcing your relationship then she should be understanding. Sometimes it’s hard but you gotta bite the bullet and say what’s going on! There’s no point in staying in a dead relationship, it’s better to break it off nicely in the long run.

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get fit, so your ex wants you back, but reject her then

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>tfw lolita gf is a thot

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well, as long as she is your thot

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> tfw ouji accessory is cute af babygull :3

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I literally just lost my only and best friend because she apparently turned full SJW and now everything I have said and done is suddenly problematic. This is one of the worst fucking feels.

A good CGL feel though is that im losing weight and hopefully will find a good paying job soon since I just graduated college, which means more money to buy lolita and cry into the fabric!

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>burn finger steaming wrinkles out of freshly washed brand
>wrap finger in cotton pad soaked in hyaluronic acid sheet mask goop

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>wishlist dress pops up for sale
>not your size

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Why are you on meds but not therapy?

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Different anon, similar issues; personally I forget to set up therapy appointments and honest to god my therapist randomly disappeared for 2 months and I was left stranded and spiraled pretty hard. The other anon should look into an alt therapist until she can get back into hers or set up an appt

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>just found rare dreamdress that sold for 49999 yen last time it popped up for 6200 yen
Man I just really love my SS

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You should try to talk to your friend properly, and explain that you're serious. I assume you're exaggerating because you still consider her a friend and is depressed, otherwise it sounds like she's just using you as her personal venting bucket without expecting to be emotional support in return and is generally a shitty friend. Of course, she might genuinely misunderstand and not grasp your situation, so definitely try to talk it out.

If that's not the case and she's genuinely too selfish to lend a sympathetic ear, you shouldn't put out with her emotional rants either.

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I just got a message on FB from someone who I haven't seen in years, the last time were really close was about ten years ago or something, and we got into a petty fight about things I don't even remember anymore. We used to be weeb trash together so that's why I'm posting it here.

We just kept each other on FB after all this time, occasionally liking each others things that we shared but it never went anywhere from there. I'm too scared to actually open the message in case things go pear shaped, and then they'll actually know I read it. I caught a glimpse of the opening line and it said something about asking how I was and if I would "like to take a stroll down memory lane" and now I just seriously want to puke.

Anyone else had anything like this happen? Did it go well or terribly? Any advice?

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Kinda. I distanced myself from a friend becouse of the weird stuff they were into. They asked me what was up months later. I told they stright up and they removed me.

If you do say anything dumb the work they can do is remove you. Maybe its not worth patching up the relationship, but if you atleast get back to 0 with the person ist that good enough? You never removed eachother so it could have been that big of a deal.

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what dress anon? curious

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Back then the person was pretty dramatic, and I'd often get roped into various scenarios. Since then I've been through and seen some pretty serious stuff and have mellowed out completely and absolutely hate to argue with people/cause necessary stress for myself, but I'm not so sure about them.
I'd love to give them some credit since as you said, it was never so bad that we got rid of each other on our friends list and it's been a long time and we've both done a lot of growing up. It's just really scary to jump in head first.

I think what I'm going to do is wait for my partner to get home, have him read the message to check if it's 'safe' and see where I should go from there.
At the moment it just feels like all of my innards are going to come pouring out from an orifice - not sure which one.

Thanks for sharing your story.

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You sound dramatic desu

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I kinda get where you're coming from. From me it wasn't that long of a time, and it got pretty awkward after some dumb stuff, but I also know the instant stress and the desire to puke after seeing a message from them again.

You need to read the message and respond. As >>9885191 says, maybe the relationship is a bust, but removing each other is the worst that will happen, and best case scenario is that you both put petty things behind you and start from scratch.

Not reading the message and avoiding the issue will just keep the anxiousness eating you up, and it's really not worth feeling that way about someone you don't even care for much anymore.

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>tfw victim of systemic racism
being a black geek is the worst of both worlds

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Nayrt this is some kind of art to write a wall of text that has that little sense.

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There's no need to be insensitive guys.

I think most of us would feel shaken if someone from the distant past randomly messaged you. Not knowing if it's for a friendly catch-up or to dredge things up makes things worse.
We don't know what sort of relationship they had then either.


If waiting for your partner helps you then go for it.

I agree with >>9885201 that it's a good idea to at least read and reply as it shows maturity on your end even if it isn't reciprocated.
Chances are you're going straight to the worst case scenario instead of thinking about what could realistically happen.

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There are white and Asian girls who fetishize black men though

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The choker is missing, but I already found several others I could replace it with.

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why don't you just hang out with your bros and quit 3D in favor of 2D?

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Thanks for the advice, I'll be prepared to answer whether it's good or bad, I know where the block button is if things get hairy.

If it were me I probably wouldn't appreciate being ignored so I really should make the effort even if it's to say "no thanks". I'll put my big girl pants on for this.

Sorry about the verbal diarrhoea earlier. I definitely panicked and ran here for advice.
Most of my other friends have their own things going on, so I didn't want to add to the pile.

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Ugh you have my sympathy anon, I've lost a friend or two this way too. Don't be rude to them but you'll probably have to distance yourself and find someone else to hang out with that hasn't gone off the deep end.

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Yeah, a 10 year friendship went toxic and we didn't speak for 3 years. FB weirdly was the chance glue that brought us back together. Yeah it took some talking but the distance had given us time and perspective and now we are close again. Obviously this is different for everyone, but honestly, this is a chance to see if it's better to heal things or move on. Don't fear what it could be, just go in with an open mind. It will be what it is. Then you can either have something good or cut out the bad.

For what it's worth I wish you both the best!

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Awesome find anon! Congrats on getting your dream dress for such a great price! I've never even seen that one up for sale.

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At the very least, I'd read the message. If you need time to think it over (even a day) before choosing whether to respond or not, that's fine too. For reference, I was close friends with someone for about 7 years and then he ghosted me over something dumb. 3 years later, on my birthday this past year actually, he messaged me apologizing for what happened and that I was still important to him, but he understood if I didn't want to be friends again. I forgave him and it's like nothing even happened between us desu, we're very close again and chat all the time. Our friendship is actually the best it's been. So I'm glad I gave him another chance.

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Thanks anon, I'm glad that you and your friend made things work out in the end too. Hearing stories like that gives me hope that things will go just as well for us.

I also don't want to have to come crying to you guys if it does go badly.

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I feel lonely.

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Me too.

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Thank you for commiserating with me. I feel a little less lonely now.

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No problem anon. Hopefully we'll be a little less lonely soon.

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I've been worried that my LDR bf is cheating on me with his close female friend, and I ended up allowing this worry to lead me down a dangerous path.
I haven't cheated on him, but I recently found out a guy I befriended at a con is very sexually compatible with me, and now I realize we'd been inadvertently flirting this whole time. Now that I know just how easy it is, even hypothetically, I'm completely jaded. Why doesn't anyone talk about this? How can you continue caring for your relationship when there are succubi/incubi everywhere? How can you trust the one who says they love you, and how can you trust yourself? You couldn't possibly do this to someone you love, right? But it's everywhere. I've obviously had opportunities to cheat on him, but I had no interest in anyone but him, and I like to think I'm better than that. Now I know things aren't as cut and dry as I thought.

I'm not even mad if he is cheating on me anymore. He's an attractive, brooding guy IRL. Hotter girls than me probably throw themselves at him weekly, and he just doesn't mention it because he knows it'd drive me insane. I'm mad at the fact that I had hopes so high that I foolishly thought "Fuck all cheaters!!". It's this proud, self-righteous naivete that lead to the death of my own feelings. What does "I love you" even mean? I feel like I'm going through an existential crisis, and I have no one to talk about it with.

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Realise that men are completely weak to their penises and shamelessly exploit that fact. You can get literally everything you want out of them by playing with their lust and their ego. But you chose to suffer instead.

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>there are succubi/incubi everywhere
What the fuck? How about you control yourself and talk to your boyfriend about your concerns, instead of equating people to demons because you can't keep your pants on?

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I think you're projecting your feelings of wanting to cheat onto your boyfriend coupled with a seeming inadequacy in the relationship of how you view yourself compared to him. This could be all in your head. Talk to him about it and if he is cheating you already have Mr. Sexually Compatible on the back burner.

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Not exaggerating, she had a hard time in college so she comes to me with complaints and rants and tells me she really appreciates it that I listen to her but I can't get a word in. It gets on my nerves because she's my only friend. Lately we've only met up so she can complain and cry which I'd be more ok with if she'd hear me out for once. I'll talk to her eventually but I'm just letting my frustration out here
Like >>9885111 is talking about my therapist is really flaky and I've been in the process of finding a new one. Been a few months

>> No.9885337

There's nothing I really want from anybody except a loving, happy connection. I don't want to hurt people or be hurt.

What the fuck do I even say to him, though? "I'm scared I'll cheat on you and I'm also convinced you're cheating on me. You saying you'd never do that is now nothing but a meaningless platitude to me and none of this is real :( :( :("? It'd just hurt him to know that I'd even come close to considering doing such a thing, and nothing short of essentially cutting off all his friends I think are dodgy (which would in itself be manipulative and fucked up - what kind of partner tells you to abandon your friends because they are scared?) would ever fully convince me to trust that he'd never do that.
He already told me he cheated on an ex before, and yet I know he still cares about her and thinks of her. People are complicated.
>instead of equating people to demons
People who reason like >>9885325 behave in pretty fucking demonic ways. Not everyone is just trying to live freely and happily. That's just how it is. Why even deny it? It takes two to tango, but some people will deliberately play with your emotions at weak times just to break up your relationship for a mad power trip.
>because you can't keep your pants on?
I can, and so can anyone else, so then why don't we all just do that? Why is cheating something so common in all societies and ages? If it's so widespread, can we even say with a straight face that "loving" someone means anything?

I've talked to him about it before, but it always boils down to him saying he'd never do such a thing. Then, I find out he's been hanging out in that one's friend bedroom and literally laying in her bed while high/drunk and no one else is around, she seems oddly devoted to him, he won't let me look through their DMs, etc. Just "little things" that don't constitute proof of anything, but add up to an unflattering picture. I really wish it was all in my head, I want to trust him.

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>some people will deliberately play with your emotions at weak times just to break up your relationship for a mad power trip.
Funny, because this is the exact thing you're considering.

It's common in societies because people, generally, are prone to lying,
>if I do this and just keep it a secret it's fine
Which is bullshit.

What do you say to him? Tell him you miss him, that you feel you haven't been speaking enough lately, and if you feel like you can be honest with him, acknowledge that LDRs are difficult to maintain specifically because of the distance, and explain that you don't mean to accuse him of anything, rather just get some peace of mind for yourself, before you ask him if he's been seeing anyone.
If you feel like you can't be honest with him and are unsure whether he's honest with you, I'm not sure why you're dating in the first place.

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> told me he cheated on an ex before
>I know he still cares about her and thinks of her
>hanging out in that one's friend bedroom
>literally laying in her bed while high/drunk
>she seems oddly devoted to him
>he won't let me look through their DMs, etc. Just "little things"

Have you ever considered you're this worried and almost cheated because of all this? Honestly imagine your friend or mother telling you about a guy doing this to them. Would you really say it's all in their head or would you tell them it's not worth being this upset even if nothing really is wrong? You've already said nothing will ever change as is, why stay for something you know will never get better? Are you really going to stop worrying when you're together irl years later and he's always working overtime with a female coworker? If you can't forgive someone for what they've done you shouldn't be in a relationship with them.

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A couple of years ago when I was first getting seriously into lolita, I went through a very difficult period, spiralling into depression, suicidal ideation, formal diagnosis, therapy, medication, the whole shebang. I’m still impressed with myself for not dropping out of college and going full hikki. When I opened up about this to my only friend (who was studying psychology at the time) she told me that I couldn’t really be suffering from depression since I was skinny and buying fancy dresses all the time. She was the only one allowed to be depressed, though her therapist had been reluctant to diagnose her with anything more than mild anxiety for years.

I fully agree with >>9885149 that you should have a serious talk with her about this so there can be no miscommunication, but if she still doesn’t care after that it would be a good idea to actively seek support elsewhere, whether it’s a better therapist or your parents or new friends or whatever. Some people are just selfish, fair-weather friends and there’s not much you can do about that.

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u ever accidentally double-tap/like your own photo right after you post it and feel 5 seconds of shame despite unliking it right after because u fear someone noticed

me too

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Trying really hard to work out to look good in burando and contribute to my local comm, but my calves have become huge from just basic exercise (squats, running, etc, nothing crazy)
Are there places that give advice on being small/lean? Everywhere else tells me to enjoy my man crushing legs but OTKs look like crap on them.

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>tfw starving myself to fit into lolita dresses is actually quite nice

>> No.9885399

Ana buddies <3
I ride my bike to work every day, usually only eat plain oatmeal for breakfast, skip lunch, and eat a microwave lean cusine for dinner. I also have a home workout routine I try to do at least four times a week. I'm miserable but I've lost so many inches, so I can't stop now. Soon I'll be able to buy anything I want and my only fear will be that it will be too big on me.

>> No.9885406

You could wear sack dresses. The bust is usually over 100 cm

>> No.9885409

This is a 18+ website.

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I'm just being a little pissbaby about everything!
>Slacked behind on studies
>Have to work hard and long to catch up
>Keep procrastinating
>Wah wah I don't want to read
>Basically need to finish in this week and the next
>One big essay and a smaller one
>The big one is a topic I chose myself
>I'm supposed to be crazy about Victorians!
>Bluh bluh I don't wanna
>Check my email every damn day
>The taobao dress I ordered isn't done yet
>60 business days are too many
>Still fantasising about wearing it on the oral presentation of my big essay
>It fits my theme perfectly
>But at this pace I won't even have an essay to present
>I don't deserve imagining a best case scenario if I don't work to achieve it
>Still, that damn dress is out of my power
>But I ordered it in March, waaaaaaaah!
>I paid for fast shipping, WAAAAAH!
Final whine:
>I want to cut bangs but I'm too insecure about my facial shape to take the plunge

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>naturally thin
>cute fairy face
>not tall so everything sits right on me

>> No.9885422

I know people that like their own photos on purpose. I wish I had that kind of confidence.

>> No.9885423

I'm 24 lol I was fat my entire life and somewhere along the line disordered eating changed from binging to restricting.

Lucky! I struggle to not look like a drag queen when I put on makeup

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Gull I'm not about to look like all the fatty chans with big tits in bag dresses. I don't want to be put in the ita thread s-senpai (nice try tho)

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Gull look, you need to end it. If you're having this many doubts and you want to cheat to get back at something you're not even 100% sure about you need to leave and find someone else who makes you feel secure. OBVIOUSLY this dude makes you insecure and feel like shit. GTFO for your own sanity

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This is absolutely unrelated but
>Screencapped reaction image
>From Facebook
>Lolita Humour
>Jpg-artefacts all over image
>Not even cropped
>Nice knowing your battery, reception and service provider

Gull look, you need to start treating yourself better. If you can't be assed to reverse image search and find a 100% respectable file of a reaction image, why even bother saving it? OBVIOUSLY you're a basic bitch who accepts mediocrity. GTFO or lurk moar

>> No.9885447

the absolute state of cgl
Make a Facebook cgl group and we've closed the circle.

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I genuinely like sack dresses....

>> No.9885458

I feel you. I "broke up" with my one and only best friend a few years ago. Still haven't found anyone to really replace her.
I have also lost weight. I am under 150 for the first time as an adult. Was 180 at my heaviest.

isn't the incel community mostly white and complain about black men taking their women? Not all failings in life can be attributed to superficial things.

It helps my confidence to see more likes though.

>> No.9885467

nayrt I have a full tablet storage stocked with screenshots of insta. I just can't manage saving all of that from direct links.

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But do you regularly post those? I'll take a guess and say no.
I understand the sentiment of "I can't manage to..." but try not to fall victim to it myself. Screenshots are easy to create, and if it's from instagram you'll have the source bundled in one image. My pet peeve is when people post them in situations that only call for the original image itself, such as a reaction image. Shitty facebook reposts recreated in a screenshot such as the one above makes my blood boil.

You're giving them ideas. (Pic related)

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I didn't have the app on my phone and it was when I was first starting to get into more comm based thing. I had one actually saved from /cgl but I didn't pay too close of attention. Sorry gulls I'm a disappointment will do better

>> No.9885484

Yeah it's what I get to restricting myself to one person. I've been pretty recluse for a long time because I work from home.. thanks everyone for the advice.
>friend was studying psychology
Funny, my friend is too so she's suddenly an expert despite being in college for 1 year.
Well, venting about it gave me more courage to talk about it so I'll bring it up next time I see her

>> No.9885489

thanks for those high quality images, you are making cgl a better place with them desu !

>> No.9885521

I wish I could be a 1980s Americowboy or 380s BCE Hellenic tough guy

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>gonna sell a dress
>expecting big $$ for it
>snapping photos, having a good time
>what's this?
>a stain on the skirt
>SEVERAL stains on the skirt!

Bruh I've only worn this dress once and have no memory of dropping anything on it. Fml. Gonna wash it with a dozen Hail Marys, because right now the value is slashed so much. I hate this.

>> No.9885548

Have you washed it before? It might be the print bleeding.

>> No.9885574

I don't think they look bad on everyone, just me because I also have thiccccccc thighs

>> No.9885594

>still can only feel good about themselves by bragging to sick people about not having their problems
Really makes me think

>> No.9885596

>tfw crushing loneliness because I simultaneously think I'm not good enough for anyone to date but nobody is good enough to date me

fucking what is going on inside my head

>> No.9885622

Find a man you like and ask them out. It's the only way to break the cycle.

>> No.9885626

I'm a guy. But I don't like anyone anyway and I don't think I'd be a very good partner to anyone.

>> No.9885628

Do you want to die alone?

>> No.9885633

I’m the same way, haha. It sucks, doesn’t it.

>> No.9885635

Its tough finding a half decent person to date when your hobby is completely filled with NEETs.

>> No.9885636

date outside your hobby?

>> No.9885647

This is me but only the first half

>> No.9885682

why would I want to date someone who don't have similar interests as me?

>> No.9885696

>mfw it's super hard to teach my little brother how to not be a sexist pig
he has cosplayed at some point in his life so that makes it cgl related right

>> No.9885703


>> No.9885717

so they have to have the same one single interest? It's ok to have some the same and some different. Maybe they don't like cosplay or whatever but they like anime and they support you cosplaying.

>> No.9885797
File: 254 KB, 484x486, waylewd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got razzed today for showing up to my masectomy in burando.

>> No.9885801

>being this much of an sjw
>thinking women can convince men to treat women a certain way

Only way for a man to learn to treat women differently has to be taught from another man that they respect.

>> No.9885805

Not sure how I feel about Lolita anymore, it use to be fun, haven't bought anything in a while, not excited about anything, don't care. Can't be bothered to put anything up for sale, will probly send unwanted stuff to salvation army.

>> No.9885811

>found my ex on twitter that i used to bully horribly until she cried multiple times back in highschool

>the last time we interacted was her trying to slap me for telling her to kill herself multiple times and me grabbing her arm as she did and her walking off

>i recently found her on twitter and wondered if she remembered me

>I kind of want to apologize for being a shithead but don't want to randomly dm her

>I found another good friend from high school i lost contact with though

it's a weird feel

>> No.9885814
File: 85 KB, 400x250, 1526265112399.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First off, I hope everything went well with your masectomy! I've always been really nervous about any kind of surgery; I've heard too many stories of surprise complications happening on the table. How's the recovery going?

Secondly, why the hell did you show up to a surgical operation dressed up?

>> No.9885821

Nayrt but oh shit, I love Galko.

I want to cosplay her but am male.

>> No.9885824


>having men on the backburner

and this is why men think we're whores

>> No.9885847

>close female friend
Uh oh, this sounds like me and I feel bad, but he most likely is cheating. I don't like the situation, but in my case I didn't throw myself at him. We were happy, compatible weeb friends and that's hard to find. He pursued me and things happened during a vulnerable time in my life. I knew his gf would break up with him because of it, but I don't think he told her everything and it bothers me. I don't know why any self-respecting person would want to stay in a serious relationship with a cheater. As wonderful as he is to me, I will never give him my heart because he doesn't deserve it. It also bothers me he already has a sweet, loving girlfriend, but keeps seeing me. It's not fair to the gf. It's like she can't see she is worth so much more and could do better.

You should break up with him and be alone for a while. I'm sure you can do better as a single person. Just don't go straight for the con guy, give yourself time to recover and find your self-worth.

>> No.9885848


>saying "destroy your relationship OVER A FUCKING NIGGLING THOUGHT




>> No.9885863

Seconded. It's why I've resolved to a married life with my wardrobe; my brand will always be good to me.

>> No.9885920

Thank you! It was for sale a few months ago and sold for a pretty high price (with the choker though) so my heart skipped a beat when I saw it again.

>> No.9885952

I don't want to die alone but that's a defeatist attitude simply to be in a relationship because you don't want to be alone. I want someone I love deeply and that feeling is reciprocated. I want someone who will do all they can to take care of me because they want to express their love to me and I want to do the same.

I just hate myself but I'm also selfish.

>> No.9885967


>> No.9885968

My bff that I was in love with did that to me in high school too and I'm still working through it

>> No.9885970
File: 24 KB, 372x396, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you've been consuming cosplay porn since a while

I saw a Ladypool-Supergirl one yesterday. Costumes were pretty on point for a porn video. I was amused, but I can't get over the odd feel that I pretty much jerk off to something I'm in constant touch with.

>> No.9885989

I want to go to a con tomorrow but I have no friends. There are some panels and artists I really want to see tho.
I just worry I will die alone if I have an alergic reaction to some random shit. Or faint of overheating and crack my head open after I hit the ground.
But I really want to go. And not die (not painfully at least).

>> No.9885996

I saw a study somewhere that people are sexually attracted to what they see often? Or something along the lines

>> No.9885999
File: 286 KB, 480x480, B42AC047-w-480x480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really love this ring!

Also I'm finally losing some weight (1.5kg in a month! Not much but at least I'm not gaining) and I hope I can go down from my current 80B/91cm bust to at least around 88cm. I will fit much more brand blouses

>> No.9886009

Tfw gf is over for the next week so I can’t keep my seagull blog updated

>> No.9886015

I've been so busy between work and school that I have barely 7 hrs a day to myself for homework and sleeping. I miss lolita so much and being able to wear it (both work and school require uniforms). I know it'll be worth it when i graduate and I'll have time to dress up again, but I'm worried of falling out of love with the style before then. Has anyone else had this happen?

>> No.9886020

Maybe you need to just try and wear it again. This experience might help you remember what made you fall in love with fashion before. Try some other style or unusual color combo. Just give it a try, you will always have a time to sell your wardrobe off (and complain in sellers regrets thread then).

>> No.9886028

sexism just seems like so much work. so much easier to treat everyone the same.

keep it for awhile. i have had slumps, but got back into it and glad i didn't sell anything

I can't watch cosplay porn because of how awkward it is connecting porn to something I see all the time, especially with mostly kids.

>> No.9886035

Congrats anon!

>> No.9886038

I have so many shitty conflicting feelings and I can't get my thoughts together at all.

>I want to be a dressmmaker.
>It's the only thing that I'm good at; And I'm really good at it.
>Keep seeing old photos and FB posts from four years ago when I first actually started.
>On one hand I know that I have a skillset and ability now that I didn't back then.
>But I wish that I had thought about it, planned what I wanted to do and saved my money back then.
>All that I want in life is a cute boutique store in the same vein as Japanese indie brands - just a few of each item in a general shared aesthetic.
>There's no market for a physical store like that in Australia.
>Right now I'm just making OOAK pieces, or custom orders.
>Trying to plan out what I'm going to do.
>Still have to work part-time to pay my rent.
>Have a $4k tax return coming in two months which I need to invest into this business.

Everything is so fucking scary and confusing, /cgl/.

I should say that the style I hope to cultivate is somewhere between the popular 'vintage 1950s' style and a younger, Japan-does-Americana style.

>> No.9886039

Also adding that I'm so fucking jealous of Ayumi Seto and her business/es. She only just turned like 20, 21?

>> No.9886043
File: 106 KB, 596x1000, image (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to a convention for a day with mum
>she's never been, doesn't really understand
>keeps asking if I'll dress up
>have two smaller things to wear
>tempted to blow $200 on a new big costume
>just want to show off and prove it's not just silly "Halloween weekend" thing

On one hand I could save this money but on the other it's a costume I've wanted for ages and I really want to get it photographed at a convention where the character's voice actor is doing meet and greets.

>> No.9886044

It's 1am anon, get some sleep for your health

>> No.9886049

Just a few years ago I was so passionate for fashion. I could spend all day and night lurking for different releases, outfits, pics from tea parties, ets. That time I was finishing study and just got my first job, so I couldn't afford even simpliest things. Now I can afford buying a new piece every month, but I basically feel a nothing for them. Anyways I still want to buy some dresses to gain some experience of wearing lolita I couldn't have before, although I can't get rid of feeling how unfair it happened to be in my life.

>> No.9886052

Well its not even that i dont love it or love wearing it, because i absolutely do! I just never have time between full time work and full time school.

>> No.9886053
File: 30 KB, 540x540, 1493115601426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm actually going to the doctor tomorrow morning to start treatments for a newly-discovered B12 deficiency. I'm hoping that fixing that helps me clear my head out, because apparently it's been the cause of my anxiety for the past few years.

Pray for me, anon.

>> No.9886055

Why would you encourage a crush tho? Like getting crushes is fine but you're actively adding fire to the flames. It's unfair to your SO. Like if you know this is someone you're falling for why not have self-control and take a step back for the sake of your current relationship. You may have not stuck your dick in her but its pretty obvious that you're already willing to jump ship for this girl and didn't even bother to at least try and fix your relationship first. Just end it, you're a selfish person and dishonest person. Do your gf a favor.

>> No.9886057

I live alone and have this recurring fear that I'll be eating and start choking and die a horribly painful death because no one was there to perform the Heimlich

>> No.9886058

Just go? I'm socially anxious and I've been to conventions by myself. It's really easy to meet people in line for panels/guests and there's always staff there to keep an eye on you.

>> No.9886069

Continuation. Sorry, gulls, I just need to vent.

I guess a part of this slump is that I found out lolita doesn't make me look more interesting or artistic to others anymore. Probably, it never did before, but to me myself I looked like someone I'd pay attenton to if I saw such person by the street. Now I know for sure people will ignore it at best or just silently judge me for wasting money I could spend for a car or not looking conventionally attractive. It's like I looked like a cute weirdo before, but now I'm just a jerk, who waste a time and money instead of doing some serious thing. I guess, that's the thing that took away the confidence I've been receiving from wearing lolita. Anyway, I'm still going to give it a try, lets see how it works this time.

>> No.9886073
File: 20 KB, 381x380, 1520794770373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to a 4 day con at the end of the month
>only have 3 cosplays planned
I'm having problems trying to come up with at least one more cosplay. I don't wanna go in casual clothes if I could just cosplay, yknow?

>> No.9886075

Maybe consider why you want to wear lolita in the first place. If you do it for validation or to appear more interesting to others, you're probably into it for the wrong reasons. Wear it because you love it, because it makes you feel beautiful/cute/elegant for YOU, whether people look at you and tell you you look beautiful/cute/elegant or not.

>> No.9886079

Please anon drop your link! I really want to see your work

>> No.9886084

Ugh, anon, you sound so young. I guess you might understand my struggle better as you mature.

>> No.9886086
File: 55 KB, 605x562, shiba becel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw perhaps I shouldn't because I also have children all the time

I guess that i'm just a sexual degenerate.
I'm too much of a sperglord to try anything IRL, though.

That would explain a lot of my fetishes.

>> No.9886087

Yeah, once that anon grows up more she'll understand what a thot you are.

>> No.9886088

Why not go as the same thing multipul days?

>> No.9886092


>> No.9886094

Because who wants to see Emo Peter Parker do his dance for 3 days in a row?
I mean, I could borrow my gfs Monokuma snuggie as a backup lazy cosplay.

>> No.9886099

>you sound so young
lmao I'm 27 and have been wearing lolita for a decade, including to work, and I never had issues. If anything you're the one who sounds immature by how thirsty your are for validation.

>> No.9886100

Get over yourself, anon.
Nayrt, but I'm in my late twenties and I too feel the pressure of society and the need to live a more normie life more now than I did when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, and that my art/anime/game hobbies are more looked down on now than for younger people. I've also matured enough to know what stuff and hobbies I genuinely enjoy and I will continue doing what I like since it doesn't hurt anyone.

As long as you're a functional adults that can pay your bills, contribute to society through work, and has friends that you're comfortable with, do whatever you want. If you used to enjoy lolita mainly because of the attention and image you had, then you should get a new hobby that suits your current lifestyle and outlook.

>> No.9886101


>> No.9886107

>wearing lolita for attention
Fuck off from our subculture, you and people like you are cancer.

>> No.9886109

Nobody but maybe 2 days. I'm going to a con soon only for Friday and Saturday. Gonna be the same ting both days. Not gonna ruin my experience. I only gotta bring one outfit.

>> No.9886113

Wear the same on day 1 and 4, almost no one will notice and no one will care.

>> No.9886145
File: 485 KB, 857x598, catkill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gf wants to cosplay our disgraced mayor and the bodyguard she was fucking
>live in a liberal part of the state where we'll be put on blast for this
It's not even a political statement. She just thinks it would be funny.

>> No.9886147

I told a Venom Snake cosplayer that he wearing his eyepatch on the wrong eye, but it turns out he is actually missing an eye.

>> No.9886158

>be black girl
>get into asian culture, especially kdrama and kpop (since it does not actively call me a bitch or prostitute like american hip-hop does)
>it actually played a large part in getting my life on the right track due to emphasis on family and bettering ones self
>get into prestigious university
>asian guys everywhere
>make friends with them
>one might even become my b-b-boyfriend
>enter asian girls
>literally the most passive aggressive vicious behavior I ever experienced
>one literally says stay away from our men
>also underestimate how kpop is popular around the world
>potential oppa has white and latina girls after him, especially international students
>tfw freshman year is over and all the good ones are taken

The gender ratio is already skewed as it is, I can honestly say its almost 60:40 female here. It's certainly possible I will be alone fro the next three years. Feels bad man.

>inb4 acusing me of larping, or calling me racist names
go ahead, I'm used to it.

>> No.9886165

Dating in college is overrated anon. You life will change so much over the next few years. You're gonna have a great time at school, make good friends, and learn a lot (both inside and outside the classroom).

And fuck those asian bitches, they sound jealous as fuck.

>> No.9886169

The more I get into Lolita the more I feel like I should interact with my comm, but a majority of them are lifestyle Lolita’s and I just wanna be cute, not be forced to act prim and proper at high tea or go to the theatre and talk about fancy shit. Will forever be a lone conlita if I have to.

>> No.9886170

well, you could say he was...
...mirrored snake then...

>> No.9886171

>fetishizing and seeking out Korean dudes specifically to fulfill your kpop and kdrama obessession
>assuming the international students think he's cute because they love k-pop
you're the
typical koreaboo

>> No.9886179
File: 78 KB, 980x552, [autism starts to appear].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I now have a nice mental image of you. You're a good honest girl. Don't worry, it will all end up well.

>> No.9886189
File: 393 KB, 642x807, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tbh, the group I see complain more than anybody else about not being able to find a relationship with a member of their race are black women. My brothers teacher was filmed in their high school math class going on a rant about how black men hate and don’t want black women. Someone made a post on my schools Facebook page after a big party shitting on white women for fetishizing and fucking black men and my first thought was what white nationalist on campus tipped over the edge and wanted a death wish but nah, it was a black woman.

I see the reverse a lot irl too, black men who can’t get black women.
>tfw qt petite black girls at work hit on you but you’re looking for something long term and don’t want black kids

In other news, sewing is such a pain in the ass. I have the clumsiest fingers. Eventually going to get a machine but I’m trying to teach myself rn.

>> No.9886190

Go with the Monokuma kigu. It's my favorite lazy outfit for cons and it's comfy as fuck.

>> No.9886195

Where is your comm and can we switch? I’m not even a lifestyler but I try to wear it daily and I love the theater, whereas my local comm is full of girls who only wear lolita to meetups and are only interested in Japanese and Korean popculture. A whole group of them were wearing Nutcracker prints for a Christmas meet but they had no idea that the Nutcracker is a ballet or what it had to do with Christmas beyond “uhh toys are common gifts?”
They’re lovely girls, but yeesh.

>> No.9886200

Sounds like it would have been a really cool presentation, I hope everything works out tho

>> No.9886204

>I feel like I should interact with my comm
Why? Being a part of a comm isn't mandatory, especially if you don't click with them.
>Will forever be a lone conlita if I have to
Oh, you're one of those. Yeah, you should stick to wearing your frilly costumes at cons, your local comm will be better without you.

>> No.9886222

>why would you encourage a crush
I don't have any feelings for the girl anymore. I haven't encouraged her whatsoever.
>if you know this is someone you're falling for why not have self control
Read above.
>you're already willing to jump ship
I'm not. Did you even read my post? I'd never cheat on her. It's less about who the specific person is and more about a relationship feeling like it's ending.

>> No.9886223
File: 115 KB, 1049x962, DRH7r0eW4AUbffH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Everything I need for a cosplay is done
>Stressed about styling the wig, as I've never done it before, though I know what to do

>> No.9886236
File: 248 KB, 262x224, 1515803145767.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw Lolita gf clogs up shower drain with her hair and let's you flex your plumber muscles as you snake up a years worth of hair engulfed in putrid gag inducing filth that's been thriving and festering upon her beautiful dead skin cells all this time.

>> No.9886237

You'd better fucking drop your SO and start everything from the very beginning, it's not going to work. You come here and complain instead of actually doing something, it just makes me think you don't want to rescue your realationship at all.

>> No.9886241

This is a feels thread anon. Were you expecting people to give their lives stories and then follow it with their action plan for changing it? This is a venting ground anon. The fuck were you expecting here?

>> No.9886244

Nothing wrong with having a racial preference, but it is a little weird to love kpop and then lust after a Korean boy.

Try to find a wealthy Chinese

>> No.9886245 [DELETED] 

Gee, it would sounds like you're one of those people who are tempted by cheating. You shouldn't cheat, and you should consider distancing yourself from the person since you've realized there's temptation. However, close friendships aren't synonymous with cheating so do not jump the gun regarding your LDR. You own feelings will play into your assumptions, and temptation will heighten your paranoia that he could be cheating. I've been on the reverse end of this, and, ironically, it turned out they eventually cheated after the accusing me... Trust me, you don't want to accuse someone of cheating when they'd never dream on doing so; it was very hurtful from my perspective.

All that said, don't cheat. However, ending a relationship that doesn't fulfill an important need isn't selfish, and long distance is generally accepted to be an acceptable reason to end something. It's a sad reason, but not seen to be selfish. Sincerely consider whether or not you can handle a long distance relationship. Your partner having to go on a 1-2 month trip every now and then is one thing, but consistently being apart from one another isn't for everybody. You should considering ending it if distance is unbearable, but not because some hot guy waltzed into your life. You can think about men in your proximity afterward.

>> No.9886248

Gee, it would sounds like you're one of those people who are tempted by cheating. You shouldn't cheat, and you should consider distancing yourself from the person since you've realized there's temptation. However, close friendships aren't synonymous with cheating so do not jump the gun regarding your LDR. You own feelings will play into your assumptions, and temptation will heighten your paranoia that he could be cheating. I've been on the reverse end of this, and, ironically, it turned out they eventually cheated after accusing me... Trust me, you don't want to accuse someone of cheating when they'd never dream of doing so; it was very hurtful from my perspective.

All that said, don't cheat. However, ending a relationship that doesn't fulfill an important need isn't selfish, and long distance is generally accepted to be an acceptable reason to end something. It's a sad reason, but not seen to be selfish. Sincerely consider whether or not you can handle a long distance relationship. Your partner having to go on a 1-2 month trip every now and then is one thing, but consistently being apart from one another isn't for everybody. You should considering ending it if distance is unbearable, but not because some hot guy waltzed into your life. You can think about men in your proximity afterward. (Also, if you do end up cheating despite your best efforts, break up with them A.S.A.P. afterward. The next morning, perhaps?) Sorry to ramble, but you did make a long post.

>> No.9886253

Congratulations, anon!

>> No.9886256

>tfw have long, thick, glossy black hair but sheds like a cat
She should do it herself, I constantly need to remove hair balls from everywhere if I sit in a place too long, black thick hair is annoyingly visible.

>> No.9886259

>I don't have any feelings for the girl anymore. I haven't encouraged her whatsoever.
Except you wrote this
>Girl I used to talk to and was head over heels for before current gf is going and wants to meet up with me
What's the point of including you were head over heels for her if that wasn't relavant to your affections? Also, you have past history with her so obviously the risk if you having feelings back is pretty high, ESPECIALLY since you're already losing feels for your SO. Oh and the fact that she wants to meet up probably means you guys have been talking a lot (probably a lot more than your own gf considering you're ignoring her)

>I'm not. Did you even read my post? I'd never cheat on her. It's less about who the specific person is and more about a relationship feeling like it's ending.
Bullshit, you are already halfway out the door jumping ship because you can't even be fucked to talk to your gf about this or even talk to her in general. Communication in LDR is extremely important and someone who genuinely cared to at least fix their relationship wouldn't avoid calls like you said here >and I'm starting to avoid talking to her via call (it's long distance)

Why be dishonest on an image board nibba

>> No.9886285

I want to be a sugar mommy. At least somebody would show interest, even if only for money. Also, I get to have an ouji accesory or a matching twin.
But I'm afraid I am too young for that and people will try to get advantage of it. I don't look womanly or imposing at all.

>> No.9886287
File: 364 KB, 512x512, 1522541807490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man i just have no fucking clue anymore

>> No.9886295

God I don't want to hang out this weekend. All I want to do is craft and maybe take some pictures of coordinates.

Problem is that I think I'm pissing off one of my friends. But she already forced me to come out three days ago even though I was literally crying from something entirely different. I'm so socially exhausted from that and I don't want to go again. I just want to stay in my house all day.

>inb4 hikki neet.

I talk to people all day for my job. I find it exhausting to talk to people after work. Even more so this week for some reason. I just want to craft.

>> No.9886299

Why not just tell her that you're exhausted and need to rest? She can't force you to socialize against your will.

>> No.9886302

I volunteer as tribute

>> No.9886306

Me too

>> No.9886309

>meet cute girl through ff thread
>date for 6 months
>she breaks up with me for a guy
I'm really upset, and I have nobody to vent to because I haven't outed myself yet.

>> No.9886310

>tfw you're a hollow man in which a lonely hear does dwell
>tfw you're down so doggone low you have to look up at your feet
I just wanna testify what no love has done to me

>> No.9886312

Cool cgl related feel, bro

>> No.9886313

I got a thing. You got a thing. Everybody's got a thing.

>> No.9886314

so, uh, you got a throwaway?

>> No.9886347

Not worth it. Never worth it.

>> No.9886349

cgl feels quiet tonight

>> No.9886355

Anon please, speaking as another young rich woman you'll definitely be able to find somebody who genuinely cares about you for more than your money.

What are your interests outside of jfash? Try meeting people there.

>> No.9886363
File: 792 KB, 500x265, SeRvElm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it bad that I feel embarrassed by my comm?
>At a meet
>Most of my usual friends bailed
>Apart from myself only two passable coords out of the 13 attending
>These include:
>Ouji wearing a vest with no blouse and a mini top hat
>Lolita in bad cosplay wig with ballet flats
> Badly fitting salopette
> Taobao lolita who came in a venetian mask and wouldn't take it off for photos
>The edgy vaper
>The one who is "creating her own brand"
>And the usual lolitas who thought that just buying a dress and petticoat is enough to make a coord
Most of these are just out of their teens, and I do hope they'll improve, but it's going to be a long summer until then

>> No.9886365

>The one who is "creating her own brand"
kek if this is who I think it is

>> No.9886416

>tfw no sugar mommy to dress you up like an 1800s ken doll

>> No.9886417
File: 259 KB, 1188x713, 4-chan-muh-gear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con is in 2 months
>need to drop down from 172lbs to probably 160 to get 8-9% bodyfat and be super good looking in costume, was already down from 182 half a year ago
>3000-3500 calories a day, no matter what I do the cravings just hit, just stuffing myself with steak, eggs, bread and milk
>I literally just need to eat 1800 cals a day and I would hit this goal probably with a week or 2 to spare, hell, probably way more

I cannot fight the urge, I dont know why, I try to distract myself and I'm just staying in bed 14 hours a day after work to preserve energy and dull my hunger but it just aint working.

The only reason I can maintain/lose my current weight pigging out that much is because of all the drugs im taking, the moment I go "clean" I'll definitely balloon into a fatboy without all this shit keeping me in check.

This is pretty much my only goal and thing im looking forward to but I can't even discipline myself while 16 year old cheer leaders can survive with anorexia, godamnit.

>> No.9886420

>tfw never be cool enough to go to a brand tea party

>> No.9886423

You should stop buying the foods you’re avoiding and replace with “healthy” snacks. Fruits, nuts whatever. Empty carbs, rice chips idk.

>> No.9886424


Distract yourself. If you've got time to be laying in bed then that allows your mind to wander. When people are bored they snack or eat because they aren't pre-occupied.

Do something that really engages your mind. When I'm stressed out I'll binge Overarching because I'm having to look out for multiple targets and watch my team - bonus points if you've got a friend you can play and chat with.
If you REALLY have to eat something, go for something healthy like apple slices, a banana or carrot sticks. Some people even chew gum to take the edge off because at least you have something in your mouth to chew.

Is it possible the drugs are the culprit for making you get the munchies? Do you even have an exercise plan?

>> No.9886427

Wait are you an actual /fraud/ or what?

>> No.9886428

Trying to restrict like that will force your brain to crave food. Slowly wean down the drugs and it’ll keep your metabolism from being fucked in the future. First you need to balance your macronutrients though. If you get he urge to overeat, set a timer for x minutes and either try to distract yourself or identify emotions that may be leading you to eat.

>> No.9886432

Yea, I'm a juicer now(not very heavy though, just 2 CCs a week, maybe a pill or 2).

I don't really know how things ended up like this, but I can't say I regret it, I legitimately think that will kill me before my 60s though, but I won't stop.

>> No.9886435


>> No.9886438

Just buy a ticket and go to one anon. It's not about coolness, it's about turning up.

>> No.9886443

I go to the gym 3 times a week, I'm no longer the hardcore gymgoer back when I was insanely drugged up but I still make sure to spend 2-3 hours a week there, also my job involves me moving around 9 hrs a day, probably why I can generally maintain or slightly improve at 3k+ calories.

I spend all my time with my japanese gacha games and I'm definitely short of free time imo, its just that something triggers me

"hey hey its X o clock, you normally eat at this time, so go fucking eat!"

>> No.9886452

That’s frustrating, we can switch but I still probably wouldn’t engage lmfao. I hope you at least have someone to spend time with though!

I got a lot of help starting out with someone who is very active in the comm but they’re just not my type of people. I like feeling cute and I do wear Lolita outside of events but I don’t have the drive to do things like I mentioned (tea, etc). And yep, good riddance! They can enjoy themselves without me! No one loses!

>> No.9886455
File: 40 KB, 483x841, album.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>really need to focus on purchasing accessories for all my main pieces (I severely lacking in hats, jewelry, and printed tights)
>can't stop buying main pieces because I have an addiction to long sleeve OPs and now that it's summer people are unloading them on the secondhand market

>> No.9886479


I just want to dress up, but I'm a pleb who can't sew. I always feel uneasy being with other Lolita because they are very passionate about their hobby and I just want to be a cutie.

>> No.9886481

>cosplay helps me cope with sever depression and is the only way I find value in myself
>also unable to move away from my parents' house because of college comications
>mother constantly reorganizes my room when I'm at work and often causes damage to my cosplays
>pours soul into elaborate Griffith armor for a competition
>leave the house for 15 mins and mother takes it to some rando's house to show it to them without asking my permission
>she apparently lets somebody with a body much bigger than mine wear
>I find out where it is and have to drive to said rando's house to go and get it
>it's covered in creases

I'm so tired of my mother controlling every single part of my life and then disrespecting my private belongings and then guilting me for it. But now that it comes to my cosplays (the thing I was using to cope with a shit family situation) I'm at my breaking point.

>> No.9886490

One more thing
>16 year olds surviving with anorexia
They are literally at the bare minimum surviving. The brain gets so slow with anorexia you can’t really function, your grades shoot down, your emotions and depression are so bad it almost resembles OCD in the obsessions girls can have. Then even if they recover, if they’re down for a few years their heart starts to give out around 40. They aren’t doing well at all even if they act it.

So don’t judge yourself too harshly for acknowledging your biological signals instead of developing an extreme disorder. You can still lose weight, but have some faith anon

>> No.9886510 [DELETED] 

>gets pushed into discussing past drama, giving caps, etc
>don’t really expect or want anything to come of it at this point
>person who pushed to discuss old drama goes on a rampage on me out of nowhere
>accuses me of really nutty shit a lot of which involves pushy person’s personal life
>makes me feel like absolute shit even tho I don’t even understand what’s going on
>tfw don’t even know anything about her personal life, who her friends are, literally anything at all
>cleared up but no apology
>pretty much told not good enough to be friends with

I’m starting to hate this fashion and kind of want to quit at this point. I can’t seem to get a break from run-ins with severe personality disorders when I’m just trying to enjoy myself.

>> No.9886517
File: 39 KB, 538x538, 1526270083930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>car is utterly and hopelessly fucked

>> No.9886519


>> No.9886539
File: 101 KB, 960x717, 1517724420585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel you anon. I feel you

>Rode a motorbike for 3 years exclusively because girls love gym rat fastbois
>winters fucking sucked ass
>Rain was awful
>Wind was awful
>Summer was awful
>Got some funky tan lines too
>motorcycles are expensive to maintain when you're putting 20,000km a year on them minimum
>Impractical to do anything because you have to lug around at minimum a helmet and a backpack
>Can't carry anything large
>Became obsessed with 2d girls anyway
>Sold bike for next to nothing because of the k's on it
>Got a sensible Volkswagen Polo
>Took every precaution possible
>Within a week 2 warning lights on the dash indicating the engine is fucked, car constantly shudders and runs in cripple mode
>no form of transportation

I want to cry.

>> No.9886546

chop her fingers

>> No.9886606

I know this feel so well. All my friends are extroverts who unwind by socialising so even if I tell them I’m exhausted from work, they don’t understand why I wouldn’t want to hang out and take it personally. I’ve lost friends this way. To them, hanging out IS relaxing but to me, too much socialisation when I’m already tired often ends up with me breaking down crying in the bathroom. They’ve seen this happen several times over the years but still don’t get it.

Since I’ve started working full time I’ve made Sunday my rest day, when I stay at home and sew or craft or try out new coords in front of the mirror and don’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary. Saturday is hangout day. Unfortunately most lolita comm meetups are on Sunday, though...

>> No.9886611
File: 197 KB, 900x592, theword.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm 15 pounds overweight and feel like a fat fuck.

Meanwhile there are planet-sized bitches wandering the con like they're hot shit.

>> No.9886619

I'm 15 pounds from being in the smack middle of the normal BMI range and I still feel like a fat fuck, so I'm just as perplexed as you as to how hamplanets manage to walk around like hot shit.

>> No.9886620

Just say you're busy lol.

>> No.9886622

>get into asian culture
>since it does not actively call me a bitch or prostitute
Asian culture is racist as fuck, girl. Black people get treated as sub-human.

>> No.9886636

It's only bad in the sense you're interacting with them seemingly against your will. I know the feel of being at a meet, among terribly dressed girls who bitch about "the normies", and feeling embarrassed just to be seen with them, not to mention be associated with them.
Best thing to do is to simply not attend larger meetups, just meet the comm members whom you've befriended in your spare time.

>> No.9886646


Rap lyrics, not to mention culture is just awful to all women though. But it somehow just doesn't get the hate it deserves because BLM etc.

>> No.9886684


Break day?
Just use that day for your mom?

>> No.9886687
File: 807 KB, 200x249, 1508130210156.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw sad neet
>tfw meet cute lolita
>"what's lolita?"
>tfw new lolita gf educates you on tea, proper grammar and burando
>tfw drags you off to dancing
>tfw life got flipped turned upside down

Pic related to feels

>> No.9886702

>worked out today
>Had a beer
I never give up, but it sucks to feel like trying to become a normal non-fat man and fit into my cosplay properly is going to take a stupid amount of effort.

>> No.9886703

Cute! I hope you're both happy together.

>> No.9886707

I know I am! Man I just really love lolita...

>> No.9886720

Same here, anon. There are plenty of well dressed girls in my comm but sometimes they drop out last minute and the meet ends up being a cringefest that I regret attending.
>greasy teens who think putting on a lolita dress automatically makes them better than the “basic bitches” in their class, styling be damned
>ouji coords that are 100% thrifted (and you can tell)
>fat girls who don’t fit a single piece of clothing they’re wearing, including shoes
>tall girl who never bothers with bloomers or underskirts and wears shoes she can hardly walk in so she keeps stumbling and flashing her ass at innocent passerby’s, unironically calls herself a princess on social media
>brolita who shows up only wearing half of his coord and gets changed in the middle of a public park
>cosplay character wigs and circle lenses everywhere, but god help the unsuspecting person who compliments them on their cool costumes
>people who seem to be completely unaware of themselves and always have their petticoats hanging out, painfully ill fitting bra giving them back boobs, wigs on lopsided, smudged makeup, pose like drunken sailors, etc.
>and no matter how often you point these things out to them or offer to help them fix it, they always revert back within the hour
>that one perma-ita with the obnoxious makeup and style choices which she thinks are avant-garde, who always spends the entire time complaining about haters being too small-minded to understand truly visionary fashionistas like herself (when honestly she looks like a depressed clown)
And the worst part is that not only are most of them in their 20’s or older, they think that they’re so much better than “the normies” and will bitch about them the whole meet instead of having fun. We’re a group of weirdly dressed dorks, get over yourselves.

>> No.9886726

Stop being such a nerd

>> No.9886727

Stop being such a cheating cunt

>> No.9886728

Stop being such a NEET

>> No.9886729

Stop posting

>> No.9886730

Stop not having friends

>> No.9886734

Stop breathing

>> No.9886738

Literally me too, I love feeling like a cutie

>> No.9886785

I wish I was anorexic. Instead I just have zero will power and discipline and I can't fit into my dream dresses. Can't outrun a bad diet...

>> No.9886789

>wishing you were ill
wew lass
Either make a solid decision to make your life and diet better or stop whining. Anorexia isn't an extreme diet, it's an illness that fucks with your head and ruins your life, and yes, it can kill you. Belittling it like this makes you seem even more pathetic than you already are.

>> No.9886790
File: 88 KB, 501x455, DietsDontWorkOnFatIdiots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get over yourself. You've already come to the wonderful conclusion that you are the problem yourself, but honestly, go fuck yourself. I mean this like, take the hate which now just simmers on the low burner and make that your fucking engine. You're a fat fuck, so you ought to go out running. You're a fat fuck, so you ought to think before you stuff your stupid face.
Go ahead. Hate yourself. Hate yourself until you can love yourself. It's not anorexia, but it's damn close.

>> No.9886794
File: 52 KB, 444x287, wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that pic
Is that satire? Please tell me she didn't say that seriously.

>> No.9886795

I actually don't know. I found it on /cgl/ myself. My favourite part is the failing math of equating 95% to one in a hundred.

>> No.9886798

>went to brand tea party
>forgot to take a pic with the designer
The event was great but I'm sad I missed that chance

>> No.9886807
File: 1.54 MB, 230x230, ExcuseMeWhat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for the (You). It's nice to see that I have been read and reacted to after posting my pissbaby feels. Since posting I have actually managed to get past the reading stage and am about to start writing properly on the big essay.

But in terms of educating myself and you: NEET stands for Not in Education, Employment or Training. From my post I am obviously attending college. Hit me with something harder.

Thank you kind Anon. I'll keep fighting and wear something else which fits on the presentation!

>> No.9886859

Don't cheat on him. You two need to have a proper talk about this. Is it that, with you being physically separate, you think he'll be tempted by someone physically nearer? You also sound like you don't value yourself as someone who can give to a relationship, so maybe you need to look into why you feel that way about yourself. It does sound like LDR isn't for you though.

>> No.9886869

I'm pretty sure this is every comm - I recognise people like this in two different comms I've been in. Sometimes the ones who are the most enthusiastic are enthusiastic for all the wrong reasons.

>> No.9886884

It's from some talk show that had a bunch of fat feminists presenting fat acceptance, it was a whole big thing in /fit/ a couple of year ago, made a bunch of memes out of it.


>> No.9886896

This, no k-pop song has called be a bitch or a prostitute, unlike the plethora of rap songs have done for decades now. Every male Asian-American and Asian international student at my college has been so polite and civil towards me, it is to the point of flirtation.

>> No.9886922

I dressed up for my first time over the weekend to a con
I know i didnt do it 100% right + some things went really wrong and im freaking out that ill be posted in some ita thread and shit on

>> No.9886923

Unironically trying to figure out how to do this right now, I'm a huge sinaboo. Any advice anon?

>> No.9886924

It's okay anon. Even if you do get posted, try to take it in stride. It's not pleasant, it's not fun, but it's not the end of the world either.
If you know what you did wrong and know how to fix it, do so and next time you'll look better. Making mistakes is the best way to learn, after all.

>> No.9886931

I just have panic attacks that i’ll never truly fit in with the things I love because of things I can’t control
I dont think it was THAT bad
But almost mediocre and I feel like being average is worse than bad
Atleast id be good at being bad

>> No.9886965

>Wanting to drop down to 160.
>3K+ is fucking maintenance

Brah, what are you doing. Bulk up to 200 and drop down to 180. Keep the mass.

Also you fucked up if you don't know how to wean off your cycle.

>> No.9886991

This is why the ita threads are the most ironic acts of self destruction I’ve ever seen I’ve ever seen on this website. Newbies are afraid to get into the fashion out of fear of being posted there, meanwhile the fashion is dying because of how few people still partake in it. I laugh whenever a thread pops up every few months about the current state of lolita, as if they’re not contributing to its demise.

>> No.9886992

>meanwhile the fashion is dying

People have been saying this for over a decade. Fear monger harder.

>> No.9887000

>sales lower than ever
>all communities smaller than ever
>harajuku bridge always barren now
You’re right anon, lolita is thriving!

>> No.9887002

Idk about Japan or other countries but it's hardly dying in the US and it's thriving in China

>> No.9887010

>not knowing that Harajuku died years ago fashion wise thanks to tourists and that everyone moved elsewhere, but still doing the fashion
>AP selling out releases like crazy recently
>More overseas events from brands than ever

Yeah. It sure is dying.

>> No.9887011

Okay, I don't mean to rag on you, just want to make you think about this a little differently so go with me here: Say you are posted in the ita thread; and then what? What's the absolute worst thing that can happen in that case? Do you think that anon saying your dress is ugly/your coord is sloppy, means anything in the grand scheme of things? Does it mean you won't ever look good in lolita? Does it mean everyone hates you and you won't ever make friends in your local comm?

And another question: Why do you want to fit in so bad?
Obviously if you're into an obscure subculture like lolita, you want to connect with others who also appreciate it and maybe make friends; let me give you a hint: Doing this on 4chan is probably a bad idea. Sure, we have the friend finder thread, but otherwise anons feel free to shit on others even if they have no valid reason to do so, just because they're anonymous. You won't even know if the anons (hypothetically) shitting on you are actual lolitas, or if they aren't itas themselves.
I understand your worries but at the same time I'll advise you to, again, take it in stride. The less you worry about making mistakes, the more fun you're going to have. And this is what it's about (or at least should be about) - Having fun. For yourself, not for others.
Have fun getting dressed and expressing yourself; if someone has concrit or a suggestion to offer, hear them out, maybe their suggestion will help you dress better, or maybe not, it's up to you whether to act on it or not.
Do you understand what I'm saying? You can't have fun if you worry about strangers' opinions so much, and if you can't have fun wearing silly frilly dresses, then what's the point of doing it at all?

>> No.9887012

> brand gets cheaper and more accessible due to the lack of demand, a lot of brand things stay in stock for ages

> online communities got less active, a few years ago there was a shit load of lolita drawings, comics, documentaries, ets. now people barely make thematic photo shootings, although there was a plenty of them before. even this board got slower.

> look at the pictures from latest JetJ tea party, most of people are in theit late 20's - post 30's. These are the people who stay here since LJ community. There's a little of new newbies besides Chinese comm, of course.

Anon, we all here will appreciate, if you refuse from posting when you have nothing smart to contribute

>> No.9887013

>online communities got less active
>somehow doesn't know COF exists
>somehow doesn't realize the platform of choice has moved from FB to insta
>somehow is retarded enough not to figure out that as brands release more and more the market has and more and more items therefor lowering the price
>thinks after 8 years the market would be the same as 2010
>uses jet j as an example and not a more popular brand like AP or baby

Ironic you're trying to say others don't have anything smart to say when all you're spewing is uniformed bs

>> No.9887014

Assuming you're not larping, I love my career and wouldn't do it for the money, just the dominance.

>> No.9887020

> tl;dr victim blaming lolita edition

>> No.9887023

>victim blaming
What? Where did you get that from? Please quote the part where I said that anon is to blame if she's made fun of.

>> No.9887024


>fb groups are very active, ppl post on rc and cof daily
>new groups appear all the time, there are at least 3 other cof variations
> this board used to be half half and is now more Lolita than cosplay
> most active people here are Lolita’s from the insta, draw, self post threads
> tons of people are using insta and the typical tags gets constant posts
> tons of ppl joining are young, most cons complain about these kids

Jetj party is a bad example, it’s a pricey event that a student likely wouldn’t go to. Not a good standard of a typical meet.

>> No.9887034

>somewhere between the popular 'vintage 1950s' style and a younger, Japan-does-Americana style

yespls. I want that Jane Marple goodness.

>> No.9887039


iktf. I need to stop envying people who got successful while in their twenties too. I feel so impatient to pursue an artistic career when I need to pipe down and make that practical career salary first. Sometimes in this train of thought, I feel bad that I got so involved in lolita - like, I could have a much bigger saving's account if I hadn't blown money on the hobby.

>at least I've got a good network of friends out of it?

I'm constantly reminding myself of people who didn't reap success until their 40s+, to not get caught up on more privileged friends' lives on social media,and that while it sucks that I wasn't born with Trump's dad's money, I can still turn out ok.

>> No.9887080
File: 7 KB, 300x168, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cosplaying a character from an older series with a pretty plain outfit but very specific hair shape
>No matter how many times I tried I couldn't get my wig to look right
>Scared nobody will recognize me
>Go to panel for the series
>Lots of people recognize it and take pictures
>Go to autograph session for the creator of the series
>He says "oh (character)-san!" When I get him to sign stuff for me
>Feel really good about myself now and am motivated to get that wig to look better for next time

>> No.9887081

What a great feel! Way to go, anon!

>> No.9887095
File: 65 KB, 900x506, Obama.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Con coming up
>People making the sarcastic 'looking for gf' posts in the con Facebook group
>everyone commenting on how cons are not the place to look for girls to date
>good amount of cosplay girls date a guy who doesnt cosplay
>never once met a cosplay guy with a girlfriend who doesn't cosplay with them
>feel absolutely trapped in a choice between continuing to go to cons but having no luck in a relationship or dropping everything I love for some bland girl
>can't even vent to my friends for fear of being a 'tfw no gf' fuckboy

>> No.9887155

Anon stop talking like this, the negativity and paranoia is contagious

>> No.9887174

Not that anon but how else can we cope if whining about it to friends makes it even worse

>> No.9887176

I feel the same sort of problem, I've been working on trying to fit into a cosplay and I want to make friends (and hopefully score a date or two), but you're making it sound like I'm a loser for wanting to do that, which makes me feel self conscious

>> No.9887177

nayrt but and I know you're not >>9887095

>feel absolutely trapped in a choice between continuing to go to cons but having no luck in a relationship or dropping everything I love for some bland girl

is a false dichotomy. Pull an Elle Woods and work on self-improvement to take your mind off that anxiety

>> No.9887189

Idk man I work on enough self improvement literally the only thing I have low self confidence in is flirting (not even talking to women that's easy)

>> No.9887219

But what shopping service do you use?

>> No.9887256

Uh Asians are mainly racist behind your back fyi.

>> No.9887264

desu it's not even jsut about self confidence. get into hobbies, find things you enjoy. work towards learning new things, build yourself up in ways and stop waiting around for a person. in my experience, people come to me when I'm not looking/least expect it.

>> No.9887267
File: 179 KB, 2560x1440, big-clean.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw you want to do a cosplay as a character that has long hair but you want to keep your short male haircut and not deal with the maintenance of longer hair

>> No.9887271

This is what I'm doing with cosplay, but it's just hard to maintain perspective, so I shitpost
>tfw no lolita gf
to cope with it, to the point where I now unironically want a lolita gf

>> No.9887272

Just wear a wig?

>> No.9887273
File: 262 KB, 596x642, spencer_reid_then.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wearing a wig for a dude seems weird too though. I guess I could go for the shorter look.

>> No.9887278

>Wearing a wig for a dude seems weird too though
Lmao what. I’m guessing you’re new to cosplay?

>> No.9887280

Yes. Despite being on this site since 2006, I only now just took interest in cosplay.

>> No.9887295 [DELETED] 

Glad to hear that. As your costumes improve, you’ll likely need to get comfortable with traditionally feminine tasks like sewing, applying makeup, and yes wearing wigs (unless you’re doing 100% armor or mech builds or something of the sort). So it’s in your best interest to do away with the notion of it being weird for a guy to do those things.

>> No.9887306

Have you guys ever just wanted to throw out a cosplay?
Like you spend all this time and effort into making it or buying parts and then it just has so many bad memories you just want to never wear it again?

>> No.9887331

You're an absolute moron

>> No.9887346

I *need* to throw out some cosplays. Wore some of the a few times over 5 years ago and have no plans on ever wearing them again. I just don't know what to do with them.

>> No.9887347

I'm concerned as to why this was deleted. Yeah I mean I guess I could learn to do those things.

>> No.9887357

>be somewhat no-name internet artist
>post coord picture
>instantly get a ton of likes
>post art

>> No.9887362

I meant more along the lines of you wear it to a few cons but then you just want it gone, even though your brain says to stretch it out over more cons

>> No.9887374

Well, do you suck?

>> No.9887375

your followers are all lolitas and have no interest in art.

>> No.9887384
File: 27 KB, 480x320, 1460469014978.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>buy dream dress second hand on LM
>It arrives
>coord it
>can't wait to wear it out
>notice a tiny black streak on the skirt
>oh no
>quickly dab it with a tiny bit of a cold water
>streak comes out
>sigh of relief
>water dries
>now there is a barely visible splotch wear the water dried

I will never be able to have nice things....

>> No.9887393

Objectively I'm alright but I probably do suck. I'm just some no-name artist so I'm really not very good.
I usually do get more attention for my art, but there are exceptions (like now). It's just disheartening when a picture of myself or whatever dumb shit gets more attention than something I put real effort into creating does.

actually I'm not a lolita account, so none of my followers are lolitas except for the very few that followed me for my coord shots.

>> No.9887399

Anyone here afraid of being that 30 year old boomer who still hangs out with people half their age?

Its almost time, perhaps I should just stick to the pubs with all the old people who knowingly drink their miserable lives away.

>> No.9887406

"dabbing" it with water likely just diluted it and spread it, which is why you're still seeing a splotch. wash it, and stop being a moron.

>> No.9887423

I'm not just going to throw it in the washing machine

>> No.9887425

You can hand wash it... What dress is it?

>> No.9887430

Maria Catholic Nun OP light pink color way

>> No.9887500

I didn't say to throw it in the washing machine.. but You need to actually wash it to get the stain out completely....

>> No.9887504

Why? Just get a good one. Male actors wear wigs all the time, or did you think those dudes in LotR and The Hobbit really all had hair like that?

>> No.9887520

nayrt but personally I feel like I'd be pretty uncomfortable in a wig.

>> No.9887526

Either don't cosplay characters with long hair or accept the fact you're going to look like shit.

>> No.9887528

Hey, I already said I was a different guy, I hear you loud and clear

>> No.9887544

So, I'm probably going to cancel my AX plans, can't find a job, and am running out of money to plan for the upcoming con. It would probably be fine if I could sell my old cosplays but no one's been interested. Is there a better way to sell cosplays than facebook groups? I don't exactly have an instagram following or anything.

>> No.9887608

>stop waiting around for a person. in my experience, people come to me

My whole point was was that I didn't want to wait around and take action for myself instead???

>> No.9887693

Errr... uncommon for it to be the primary cause.
Anyway gl with your treatments and the novelty of pink urine (if it's injections). Read up on methylcobalamin vs cyanocobalamin particularly if you're needing to maintain levels with tablets or a spray

>> No.9887696

If a cosplay doesn't make you happy to wear anymore, it's a legitimate solution to get rid of it. Even if you did spent a lot of money, you can consider it already having been invested into the times you did wear it and had a good time.

If you feel bad just tossing it, put it up on a facebook group or something and give it away, or sell it and just charge a small fee. Someone else will get to wear it and enjoy it after you.

>> No.9887697
File: 19 KB, 419x427, FB_IMG_1512929311279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Been lifting for a few months now
>My arms that used to be sticks have started straining some op sleeves
>I know it's muscle but I feel so fat

>> No.9887698


>> No.9887703

kys. /qa/ is for tests

>> No.9887704

now I'm gonna live a long fulfilling life just to spite you

>> No.9887705
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I really love lolita but I hate everything else
what do

>> No.9887707

I wonder what that dog is thinking

>> No.9887711

>how many treats will I get after this?

>> No.9887714

>oh no, he's bringing out the camera again

>> No.9887719


>> No.9887721

So I recently met up with a girl I've been talking to a few weeks online and while we where talking she told me abkut her friendgroup and what they do together etc. Just exactly that kinda stuff I've wanted for years but didn't even think really exist. Some wholesome weeb trash friends whom one can cosplay with, go to cons and so on. I never had any friends that where particularly into cosplay and only ever went to cons with my cousins, whos a real pain most of the time. Everyone of her friends sounds like such nice people and I kinda wanna be included but don't wanna be that weird guy that just kinda latches on to them. Idk what to do, this is probably my only chance to finally fulfill that one dream of mine and I really dont wanna fuck it up.

>> No.9887728
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>muscle Lolita
Oh my

>> No.9887736
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>Get mail
>Think it's confirmation that my lolita parcel has hit the post office
>Mentally already in my car to go pick it upas I open the envelope
>It's not what I hoped
>It's a nightclub who sent me a free entry ticket
>Suggests that I go out drinking expensive drinks
>Spending money I could spend on lolita
>Bitter and salty as I put the shit in my recycling bin
>Would have preferred to burn it myself
>My petty rage warms my insides

>> No.9887767

If you're a cute girl you don't need to buy drinks someone else will

>> No.9887775

You wake up in someone else's bed with a hangover a lot, don't you?

>> No.9887778

only americans do that, funnily enough half of them are spikes.

>> No.9887783

Thot patrolled epic style

>> No.9887791

I'm a guy

Didn't know that was an American thing

>> No.9888115

which character?

>> No.9888124
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>tfw everything is in calart style now

>> No.9888588

If you are going to cheat dump him before you cheat so it doesn't bother you later. Other than that have at least a bit of faith in your bf not to cheat.
Yeah no. Plus treating guys like that is a good way to ruin friendships.

>> No.9888611
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Thanks! It really is a great feel!
Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats

>> No.9889839

stop posting

>> No.9890425

>Tfw starving is nice