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Can we have one of these?

>As a gothic lolita I think Moitie is overrated. Their designs are too plain and samey.
>I think ita and bad cosplay threads are boring. I know cgl is famous for its cattiness but I just don't see why it's fun to circlejerk about how bad something is. Nitpick threads usually have much better discussion, at least you think about how to make it better instead of repeating how bad it is.

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Mine is that I think it's stupid to start the thread with your own opinions because half the thread will be about that

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If you only wear lolita to conventions and nowhere else, you're not a lolita. You wear lolita fashion, yes, but you're not an actual part of the subculture.

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oh,lol. I'd say unpopular opinion threads are dumb by themselves, all unpopular opinions have been there so long they became popular opinions.

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I think Angelic pretty is ugly and people only like it because it was more accommodating of larger sizes.

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That's similar to my unpopular opinion
>if you wear lolita but aren't part of a community you're just a normie who wears lolita fashion
>only people who participate in the community should really call themselves lolitas

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if this was true then metamorphose would be more popular

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This is also my unpopular opinion but I'd add meets too. Sure dressing cute and spending time with other cute people is nice but if you are only wearing it to meets you are wearing it as a costume. I have much more respect for people who wear lolita items in non lolita outfits and make it a daily thing than people who have head to toe lolita perfect coords but wear it only for meets/cons.

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>if you wear lolita but aren't part of a comm you're just a normie
Um Wtf? What goes on in your brain?

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Kek anon thinks not wanting to spend time with itas and famewhores makes you a normie

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>organising a meet-up because you don't wear lolita unless you're surrounded by other lolitas
>having to spend hours drinking tea with people you'd never normally hang out with
>having to answer the same dumb questions over and over again
>listen to people arguing about replicas and cosplay coords for the 100th time
>taking tons of pictures at meets because you need to proof to the online comms that you wear lolita

Imo being part of a lolita comm sucks and is mainly for people who don't have friends

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Yeah no, our opinions aren't similar at all. Actually I think that participating in the community is entirely optional, and the girls who make a lot of noise about "leaving lolita because the community is elitist bawwww" are hilariously misguided and were probably into the fashion for the wrong reasons.

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Most cosplay chicks are ugly or obese, and the guys that surround them reek of desperation and s o y.

t. /fit/izen exploring other sections of 4chan

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>he thinks he's special

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99% of Moitie coords are either Mana cosplays or copypaste

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This desu. I don't get the hype.

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My unpopular opinion this week is that posting to groups like CoF discourages individuality and motivates people to dress for likes. Yes, some of them are still really bad at it. And yes, I know nothing about it will change.

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Is that really such an unpopular opinion though?

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There is no unique way to wear Nameless Poem.

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There are other brands that accommodate way fatter people. Such as meta and maxicimam.

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Who even cares if the aesthetic of the coord is good? In lolita uniqueness is less important than following the rules and having a cohesive outfit.

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>Who even cares if the aesthetic of the coord is good?
Are you being sarcastic? I'll agree that uniqueness isn't necessarily important but the coord should look good aesthetically.

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Sorry I'm esl and sometimes my grammar fails. I meant
>Who even cares about uniqueness as long as the aesthetic of the coord is good

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It's all good, that's what I thought you meant but I wanted to be sure.

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Anons probably a famewhore ita

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If it weren't, it seems like there would be less of this copypastecoord stuff. Also see the comment a few down from yours that's like
>uniqueness less important than rules

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I hate lolitas who ask for help with their coords

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I hate lolitas who are unwilling to help others with their coords.

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I'm not unwilling to help, I just look down on them for not having developed their own taste for a fashion they supposedly love and have been wearing for over a year

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I don't hate them but I might understand where you're coming from. Every uncertainty I've had about my coords was solved by taking the time to think things over, looking at other girls' coords for inspiration, and trying shit on in front of a mirror; maybe it's because I never fell for the OTT meme but most of the time it's really that simple.

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That makes more sense. Just try to remember that some people take longer to learn or don't have enough money to be able to put together coords easily.
>Or have too much money and are resting on full sets or copying trends
>There's no excuse for perma-itas though, they should all leave

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It's just not as hard as some people make it out to be imo. I can't help but wonder if those people are extremely insecure, dressing for the approval of others, or aren't interested in lolita enough to look at the thousands of good coords in magazines and online. I'm not even talking about itas (they do need help), but the people who don't know if they should wear a brown bow or a black bow and ask everywhere.

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this, at the end of the day we always have full sets with white blouses or OPs

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I often feel like people who are doing that are trying to show off how many bows they have rather than get actual help.

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Maybe, but I feel like the possibilities that >>9881962 brought up are more likely.
Anon once asked for help with coording Baby's longest name main piece (can't recall if it was an OP or JSK) in black, which is a no brainer. I understand feeling a bit lost when trying to coord one of AP's newest flavor of the month pastel vomit prints that has ten different colors and motifs going on at once, but Pup in a Cup? It's like some anons aren't even trying at all.

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My unpopular opinion is that idgaf if someone is trying to be efamous. I see people hating on girls for the sole reason that they post a lot or that they're trying to be efamous. Most of the time their outfits are nitpick at absolute worst, so it seems like their only crime is daring to have an online presence. I think that as long as a coord is good, it shouldn't matter if someone is a "famewhore" or not and it really shouldn't be an acceptable criticism of CoF posts.

Tangentially related, I hate it when people on CoF threads discuss anything but the coord in question. Especially people who talk about girls' faces or legs. Bone structure and muscle placement is genetic. Coordinating is a skill to be honed. It makes no sense to criticize a coordinate based on things the wearer can't easily change.
For the record, I'm not a fatty chan, nobody really talks about my coords, and I do think that things like "that dress doesn't fit" are ok outfit critiques.

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This desu. And not only CoF, cgl also encourages that.

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Gatekeeping lolita is unnecessary and the reasons to do it are outdated

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What kind of gatekeeping are you talking about?

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Making rules, handbooks, unwanted concrit, ita threads, generally discouraging people who don't wear lolita the correct way... If you enjoy shitting on itas, I don't care and you should keep doing it for yourself. But don't act like you're protecting the fashion or something lol.

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Completely I agree.

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You're about to get shit on, just as an fyi
I think we need handbooks but I agree with the rest

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OK maybe handbooks are useful to know about petticoats, bloomers, terms and secondhand sites. But some of them give you information overload.

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They can be useful but not super necessary imo. All you need to do is:
1: find the webshop of a lolita brand you like and buy their clothes
2: look at the styling on their website or social media

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I think we should adopt "don't tell, show" approach. Be the best lolita you can be, post pictures, explain things. And if someone decides that your way is not for them let them do whatever they want.

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I think my problem with the well-known handbooks is that they're written by people who are.. not that good at writing. Plus people hate being told what (not) to do, they get more inspired by the aesthetic of lolita than a wall of text.

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that just sounds like either you or your comm. my comm is awesome and ive made good friends with a couple of the members in it.

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How can you make an unique outfit out of a long sleeve OP? Who cares, the dress is still cute. I don't see how this is an unpopular opinion, it's just facts.

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Moitie is poorly made. I have only bought 3 dresses but all had issues, from seams being unfinished on the inside of the lining, to fabric snagging, to just overall construction with the way the lining attached to one of them


>Nothing is wrong with AATPs quality anymore, it was very bad a few years ago but is great again. Nothing is wrong with unlined bodices, is great for hot weather

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CGL is a shithole. I lurk often but I'd be happy if this place disappeared.

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Agreed with all of this. To be fair the people who are labelled famewhores may have attention seeking personalities but unless this is shown in an obnoxious way who cares?

And coordinating is definitely a skill. So is makeup. But criticising appearances that can't be changed is just unproductive. Saying you don't like this person's face is just a low tier critique.

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I don't understand hardcore brandwhores, a lot of popular brands are really fucking ugly.
I've seen taobao dresses that look better than anything from Moitie or Baby

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Moast unpopular of opinions

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This. And I'd like to add that "grorious brand quality" lolitas like boasting about is just a meme. I was super disappointed when I got my first brand dress (AP) and nothing changed after that. I don't get when people lose their shit for things like lining, decent lace, cute buttons etc. What do they wear usually, paper bags? Most of my normie dresses have lining and made of quality materials so I can't see what's the big deal. I still buy brand but only when I like the design, not for some imaginary burando quality.

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t. poorfag

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It really is down to the individual dress. It's absolutely no use using blanket statements like 'taobao is shit' or 'brand is better quality', because there are lots and lots of exceptions. I have brand pieces that are absolutely beautiful quality, and I have brand items that are completely meh. Brandwhores are annoying, but so are people who argue one is necessarily better than the other, or not worth it at all.

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I bought/sold about 25 brand pieces, while none of them were shit quality still none of them had any brain exploding qualities. I'd always prefer a Taobao dress with a design I like instead of a brand piece I don't care for, even if they had the same price tag.

>> No.9882417

>i'd always prefer a taobao dress with a design I like
>liking tacky taobao prints at all

>> No.9882420

Sorry I shat on your grorious wapanese burando anon.

>> No.9882421

Sorry you have shit taste and no eye for quality

>> No.9882424

Whenever people say this kind of stuff they don't have good pictures to back up their claims. You just have shit taste, but that's okay. You do you.

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Just bc a coord isn't perfect doesn't mean it's ita and deserves to be shat on. Instead of acting like a bitch about it I think other lolitas should help poor bab lolitas learn how to wear their clothing instead of being mean about it.

Also: No one wants to join lolita comms because of CGLs ita/cof threads

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Sorry you are so insecure you have to hold onto delusions to feel superior.

>> No.9882430

Honestly I have a Bodyline dress I like about as much in terms of quality as I do one of my AP dresses

>> No.9882431

It's only been more accommodating as of recent years. I have 2008 pieces that fit me well but 2017 pieces that are massive.

What dresses and brands are better?

Do you only wear lolita once a month or something then? Most of my brand dresses handle frequent wearing/washing pretty well while most of my taobao is pretty fragile.

I think some bodyline pieces are better than most taobao.

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Nayrt but I posted a terrible Holy Lantern a couple months ago. And when people checked theirs turned out most of them were the same. Maybe you just see what you want to see.

>> No.9882433

Sorry you're projecting

>> No.9882434

>unwanted concrit
I was with you up until that point. If you post online into a fashion community or in CoF, why shouldn’t someone be allowed to comment what they want? You (general you not poster specifically) put yourself out there. You don’t like it, don’t put images of yourself into a public forum. It doesn’t matter that you weren’t asking for t or said “no criticism please”. Plenty of people like myself wear lolita frequently without posting pics online. I don’t need the validation of others to feel good about my outfit, and I don’t need random strangers to see what I’m up to. That’s not to say I’m too cool for social media, but there’s a difference between posting some event coord s onto you personal Facebook and expecting people to lick your clit because you posted onto a fashion page every day.

You don’t have to agree with criticism so how is it hurting you? I agree shitty comments like “ew horseface” are absolutely pointless and unwarranted in any circumstance except perhaps model applications, but random lolitas saying your greens don’t match isn’t a crackdown on the “rules”. If you look bad you look bad.

>> No.9882436

>talking about HL when it's one of the few pieces that's infamous for being poor quality

Summer started so early

>> No.9882438

>i posted it a few months ago! but you didn't see it, so you just see what you want to see!!
are you retarded?

>> No.9882439

I wear once or twice a week. I get all my dresses dry cleaned.

>> No.9882443

Still going to love it though. You could argue there are some brand dresses that are always coorded in the same way too. IW's Lotta, pastel vomit prints, cameo window, a lot of floral IW. Cinema doll is another one that comes to mind, same for dolly dot and fantastic dolly.

>> No.9882444

So... what are the names of the bad brand dresses and what are the high quality taobao brands/pieces?

>> No.9882445

Oh sorry, I guess it's not grorious burando when it's poor quality.

I'm talking about not seeing the quality defects, fucking autist. You need to check your dresses better.

>> No.9882448

See >>9882436

Not Taobao but I can vouch for a couple Bodyline dresses.

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I mean people get their validation from where they want to get it. If it's on COF then let them have fun it's meant to be a private community group for *lolitas*

But you also are right if someone asks for crit, and you tell them their coord looks weird they shouldn't get upset. They literally asked for your opinion

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I like Taobao prints' ridiculous ideas, just not their execution. Either Taobao brands need to buckle down and get more talented designers and print their novelty designs on better fabrics, or brands need to buck up and be more experimental with their prints while maintaining their design and construction quality. Not saying we need a burando doge print, but more stuff in the vein of Meta's typewriting squirrels would be nice instead of another cake or cathedral or classic painting.

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i have some Ista Mori pieces which are on par with modern AP (but not mid-2000s AP)

>> No.9882456

Because it's not about validation? I like seeing people's coords, whether they want concrit or not. They are doing all the work, so I can look at coords and have fun, I don't see anything to get upset about this.

>> No.9882470

Sure. But are you just not allowed to comment on someone’s post unsolicited? There are plenty of positive messages people leave praising certain aspects of the coordinate. That doesn’t mean that person likes the lolita wearing that coord as a person, just that they like something.

Just like if you dislike something and mention it, it’s not because you dislike them as a person and want to tear them down. It’s an observation of the outfit. In a fashion community you should be able to say nice, neutral, and critical things equally. What’s no fun allowed is when there’s a rule in place that only requires friendly comments and happy thoughts.

That said I think it is important to have places where one can feel validated. I think CoF can still provide that while enabling feedback as well. On the occasions I see a friend post themself I will often browse the comments and most of them are interested, flattering, and constructive.

>> No.9882473

I think we agree in principle? It’s nice to look at the coords in one place. It doesn’t have to be about validation.

>> No.9882476

Wow you have zero reading comprehension. I just said it was. Jesus you're retarded

>> No.9882480

Oh like I said I don't think it's wrong to concrit people who want it, I just see people posted on the ita threads when they ask for no concrit or talked shit about behind their back and it's labeled as "concrit". There's a huge different between wanted and unwanted concrit and I think that's usually where the ita threads end up. It'd be really nice to have a concrit thread/group Where it's okay and expected to give *constructive* crit for people who post their coords desu

>> No.9882490

It is entirely possible for someone to be completely happy with a coord not want to change it at all? Then what good it does when you give concrit? Seems like you don't care if you are really helpful or not and just want people to know what you think. Quite entitled behavior, imho.

>> No.9882493

>what is sarcasm
Holy Lantern is brand. Holy Lantern is bad quality. It means brand can have bad quality dresses. You can't call people retarded if you don't even know basic logic.

>> No.9882499

I'm in a comm for fanfic and I'm just trying to imagine what it would be like if everyone started commenting on fics they don't like with concrit lol

>> No.9882508

Nobody would post anymore lol

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And everyone keeps wondering why lolita comms are shrinking

>> No.9882515

Nayrt but I don't think they were denying that brand can have quality issues at times, but saying that all brand isn't good quality is wrong.

>> No.9882520

Idk if anyone way really saying that either.

>> No.9882521

Mine grew a ton and got more active this year though

>> No.9882525

They asked for proof, anon said they posted proof, they replied "b-but it is infamous!!"

then why ask for proof if there are infamously bad quality brand dresses? kek

>> No.9882526

I think some comms are growing but it's obvious a lot of people either don't want go anymore for the abundance of itas or the abundance of /CGL lolitas. I think people are getting tired of being nitpicked for nothing

>> No.9882527

No one is saying brand is bad quality in general, they are just saying it is not as good as everyone makes them look like.

>> No.9882528

With what kind of people? Most new members in my comm are more into cosplay and they use meets as an excuse to do photoshoots. I'm just lucky I found lolita friends outside my comm desu because all of the normal members are way older than me

>> No.9882532

My comm wouldn't be very friendly to cosplayers or other jfashions. They're lolitas. Most are nice, some have a bit of growing up to do but we've had no huge drama so it's all good.

>> No.9882535

What's wrong with cosplaying or wearing other jfashions as long as they are in lolita in meets?

>> No.9882539

I wasn't the one who asked for proof. Why are you acting like this is all one anon? delusional.

>> No.9882541

It sounded like you said that they were doing their photoshoots during lolita meets? Which sounds very inappropriate

>> No.9882544

I agree that a concrit group would be amazing but the selfposting involved would ensure that many wouldn't use it since so many comms have a poor opinion of cgl and seagulls.

>> No.9882546

Then read the thread before replying with off topic shit you fuckwad

>> No.9882551

Comms wouldn't have that poor of an opinion if we had concrit threads instead of cof and ita threads though.

I wasn't the anon you are replying to, it sounded like they were doing lolita photoshoots to me. I don't imagine anyone going to a lolita meet in cosplay.

>> No.9882552

They wear lolita at meets, they're just a very different type of people

>> No.9882556

I agree, I think in terms of redemption figuring out a more efficient way to crit others might actually be more beneficial in helping more lolitas get involved. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and if someone keeps acting like a bitch you're still allowed to vendetta

>> No.9882558

Maybe having a concrit thread when the current ita thread dies is a good idea?

>> No.9882562

I think we should desu

>> No.9882563

ita threads used to be ridiculous and terrible, with a few nitpicks

now so many of them are nitpicks. "skirt is wrinkled." "reds don't match." "would look better with an underskirt."

i go to ita threads to see horrendous monstrosities. i want to see landwhales wearing unzipped dresses. i want to see raschel lace milanoo monsters. i want to see hot topic wrist warmers and cheap handmade mini hats coordinated with a normie cardigan and a lone brand skirt.

not sure how unpopular this is because i do see some folks calling out nitpicks but overall nitpicks in ita threads seem obnoxiously accepted in them.

>> No.9882565

I think you're asking a lot of the mods (and everyone else) to keep it civil in a thread like that. But one rule should be nothing with kink tags.

>> No.9882568

When I scroll thru Insta, everyone looks at least decent these days. There's still some awful out there, but it's hard to spot. I've heard Amino is pretty bad, but I don't hang out there. Maybe people are getting better at the fashion, or they're learning not to post public pics of themselves looking like crapfests. Either way, the ita thread is causing us to run out of real itas.

>> No.9882574

Brand quality was higher in the earlier days. It's gone way downhill these days, and so for newer pieces, esp brand new, I don't agree with the "brand = better quality" argument, and I definitely won't pay higher than $100 for it. It's like a step above Taobao quality. I don't see the hype for brand recognition therefore, either.

>> No.9882575

As if they don't have to mod all of us like kids already kek

>> No.9882576

Are you trying to complain about how the lining wasn't attached for movement of the dress? Really?

>> No.9882581

>when you have no arguments left so you have to resort to "p-projection!!!"
it must be hard to live with the knowledge that you'll never be a grorious nipponese

>> No.9882586

Look harder in the archives, retard.

>> No.9882593

They're arguing about brand quality not race you're the one who's projecting

This is true but it's a poorfag point of view and can apply to anything, like designer bags. They're not the most amazing quality ever but they're a few steps above non name bags. Like with lolita brands, you're also paying for the brand name.

>> No.9882598

Agreed to a point. I more wish people took advantage of AP’s solids than the continuous print-chasing.
>Prints and print-manufacturing processes killed the Japanese brands
>JetJ is an abomination
>If you can’t look decent outside of lolita, there’s no way you’re going to look good inside of lolita. This includes disgusting hair/poor makeup skills/people who are incapable of dressing for their shape/buy shit-tier quality. Don’t give me that “well I’m usually casual outside of lolita” nonsense; you either got it or you don’t. And it shows.
> I enjoy the anonymity /cgl brings
> Transwomen in lolita who don’t even try to pass should take a step back and learn how to dress “normally first.
There’s an amab woman in my comm (inb4 sissy; all photos are in womanswear, including at work? I’m convinced.) and as much as I want her to succeed she’s so ita I actually feel physically uncomfortable in lolita around her.

>> No.9882600

I support this wholeheartedly.

>> No.9882603

Oh anon, you should really brush up on your reading comprehension so you don't embarrass yourself next time.

>> No.9882605

Paying for the brand name is one of the most poorfag things you can do though. I'm more like in the middle but I know some quite rich people and some poorfag normies. While actual rich people don't care about brand names at all, all poorfags go on days without eating or not paying their bills so they can buy the latest iphone, that chanel purse, some brand sunglasses etc. Rich people don't need status symbols.

>> No.9882615


If you're the one with a "hole" in your Holy Lantern, someone else came along and pointed out that the edges of chiffon pieces are left raw so that the edges don't cause a ridge on the right side of fabric, and the "hole" between the fabric and lining is actually a vent to help the fabric shift.

Not arguing brand quality, but I'd rather not have amateurs start judging sewing techniques based on ignorance. We're lolitas, we're supposed to know what the good stuff is. It's low-key embarrassing that whoever posted that Holy Lantern skirt seems to be calling for seamstresses to stick to a more basic bitch technique because it's one that they understand, instead of a more advanced technique that gives you nicer-looking clothes

>> No.9882616

So basically anyone who likes the idea of a crit thread instead, keep an eye out. When ita thread dies or is near death, one of us makes a crit thread instead. Sorted.

>> No.9882626

>JetJ is an abomination
As much as it kills me because I just bought two of their dresses, you might be right. They feel fragile and thin to me and the cuts look a bit basic. Someone like >>9882615 who knows about dressmaking and quality, what is JetJ's quality level? Is it good or bad?

>> No.9882634

You seem like you forgot about all the raw edges around the zipper and how shoddy it looked instead of being cleanly cut. And how come none of my other chiffon pieces have those "features"? AP and other.

>> No.9882636

It's a good experiment I'm actually kinda excited to see how it works out

>> No.9882638

I dunno anon. I live in a rich metropolitan city and most of the extremely rich people I know buy brand name, they just don't buy the pieces with the logo plastered all over it.

>> No.9882642

I am a professional seamstress and I never heard of such ~advanced techniques~
I wonder if a roleplayer anon made up them lol.
Didn't see the photos but the way you are telling these definitely sound like mistakes.

>> No.9882646

>reaching this hard
anon, that is such made up bs. keep sucking precious ap's dick; they'll still produce shit quality pieces with not a single care for your opinions.

>> No.9882648

They probably buy it because it is easy. The ones I know also wear brand, and offbrand, they just don't care. Except the ones that are interested in fashion, those ones spend enormous times in thrift shops and small boutiques to find unique pieces.

>> No.9882649

Nayrt but why are you so mad about AP? You don't have to buy it

>> No.9882652

Nayrt but I don't think that anon is spesifically mad about AP, it's just this level of cock-sucking is ridiculous.

>> No.9882653

100% agree

>> No.9882655

Rich people absolutely do use brand names as a status symbol, but it's a bit different.
It's not so much "look at my gucci purse i'm so rich" because all your rich friends have Gucci purses, they mostly seek limited editions, rarer pieces, higher brands, etc. The bar is much higher but is very much there.
Fashion in general is all about brand names as a status symbol, lolita and normie.

>> No.9882656

actually i like ap, but they're not god tier quality and making up excuses for shit pieces is ridiculous. nice try though.

>> No.9882658

I don't know where you live but this is definitely wrong for Paris and most parts of France.

>> No.9882660

Nice try but only some of the dresses had the holes, some of them were serged etc. Even inconsistency itself indicates low quality.

>> No.9882661

As long as we actually contribute and pitch in to make it a thing, it totally could work. Maybe it would even end up like the drawing threads, where people selfpost voluntarily because the advice is good! But let's not get too optimistic, we'll see what happens.

>> No.9882662

lol, you're talking about new money aren't you?

>> No.9882667

Maybe we can come up with a sigh for people who post to CoF so they can show that they are okay with getting their photo posted here without they are actually posting?

>> No.9882673

>nice try though
What do you mean? And ok but you still don't have to buy the bad pieces if you don't like the quality?

That's fair but I'm not sure that's what they were saying.

>> No.9882674

Nayrt but I live in NYC and most rich people I know are like this. They're all new money or they work in banking though

>> No.9882676

Talk to COF mods

>> No.9882677

>the company infamous for backwards prints, shoddy sewing, and poor materials
Their solids are decent but plz.

>> No.9882680


I don't have their more recent stuff, so can't comment on it. Honestly wasn't impressed with their painting dresses even with the first release of Star Money. Their newer solids I think the money simply goes into making overdesigned rufflemonsters, regardless of sewing quality that's a lot of miles of fabric to sew.

I'll say this though. If you have a thing for the lightweight, ethereal fabric that looks like it's made from dreams and angel kisses -- that shit's gonna be fragile, no way around it. It doesn't even matter how high up your go, silk gauze is going to float much better than polyester chiffon, but it's still be fragile and easily damaged.


Did other anons also report shoddy raw edges around the zipper? iirc most people only agreed with you on the holes in the skirt.

Zipper would have the raw edges graded, same as the rest of the skirt, and then you caused the shoddy edge when you pulled the skirt out through the hole.


Just google grading seams sewing.


IW also makes their dresses this way. Baby solves the whole issue by using a stretch lining and then sewing it completely shut so you can't see the raw edges in the bodice.


Grading seams is used for thin fabric such as polyester and chiffon. You don't need it if the fabric is thick enough to hide the cut/serged edges.

I don't see how inconsistency is low quality. Older AP lacked side-seam pockets in their tiered skirts, then started adding them everywhere they could when they figured out it helped sell dresses. That's inconsistent, but an improvement.

>> No.9882685


Forgot to mention. If you're actually after examples of AP missing the mark, another anon posted how her hem lace got caught up in the hem sewing, and somehow the dress passed quality inspections and reached her hands.

Now, THAT is a definite case of quality failure.

Seriously, I'm genuinely saying don't use this specific Holy Lantern example, because it's rather obviously ignorant. Much better would be to complain how everything is polyester now or how there might still be 3 different types of lace on AP dresses but they've been getting cheaper and less detailed over time.

>> No.9882691

it's not like you know which pieces are going to be bad quality until you get them. are you retarded?
nice try trying to deflect criticism from ap by trying to claim "y-you're just mad1!!1"

>> No.9882693

Grading has nothing to do with this. Also last anon you replied is refering to different Holy Lantern dresses, not different designs. You need to work on your reading.

>> No.9882695

Unpopular opinion: I love the doge op and I wear it in my casual lolita rotation with no guilt.

I also think tacky meta is one of the best reasons to wear lolita. Life's too short to be serious and angry all the time.

>> No.9882698

>anon talks about one specific dress
>talks about brand's history


>> No.9882700


It.... it's the reason for the raw edges, anon.... you trolling? All right, I guess I'll stop replying.

>> No.9882706

Are you autistic? I know it is used to reduce bulk. Have you seen the pictures? Because it definitely wasn't grading.

>> No.9882712

This. I was a huge AP fag around 2010, but I went to an AP store recently and I was really shocked by how cheap everything felt. It wasn't taobao tier but it wasn't great. I've bought new IW pretty consistently for about 5 years, and their quality has gone down a lot as well.

>> No.9882713
File: 21 KB, 275x183, images (13).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think decora is better then most fairy kei styles and wish it were popular again. I also miss najate threads and hope they become more popular in the west. Excluding seifukus of course

>> No.9882720

I don't buy AP but I've had a lot of varying quality with IW over the years. Not so much actual defects but some dresses just feel more cheap than others, with very fast-fashion finishes, etc while others are a lot nicer with custom fabric lining, lapped zippers and such.

>> No.9882722

Bring it back then

>> No.9882736

not me. this place is indeed a shithole, but i always enjoy coming here

>> No.9882790

I mean sure but why can’t we post concrit if they don’t ask for it? That was the point I was trying to make

>> No.9882806

One of the few things anyone is actually entitled to is an opinion.

I support this 100 as the op of the long rant. Let’s do it.

The downside will be randos can post others. Selfpost is scurry

>> No.9882816

I don't see the productivity in it. If no one asks for it why give it? It's a waste of energy that you could easily use on someone who wants it. And a concrit thread on 4chan should honestly be such a great release for us gulls because we can be bitches at people who are literally asking for it. Feels a little better on my brain

>> No.9882821
File: 76 KB, 618x225, IMG_1427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fat lolitas should avoid wearing food prints. It's just asking to be made fun of.

If you know your coord is less than good, you shouldn't post it online. I don't care if you are new and want to be a part of the community, you posting a less than good coord opens you up for criticism and whining about it later is pathetic.

Being tall/super skinny/fat does not give you an excuse to try and wear things that don't fit or suit you. Just because you can squeeze your fat tits into a fully shirred jsk without it completely bursting doesn't mean it fits. When a dress looks like you are drowning in it you need to have it tailored. If I can see your ass when you bend over you need to get a longer dress or an underskirt.

>> No.9882829

People not accepting concrit is the issue though, not concrit itself. I'm a writer and nobody ever gives concrit or any sort of feedback beyond likes/kudos and it's disheartening.
People demand to be treated gently and softly and creative communities decline in quality of content as a result.

>> No.9882831

This is my biggest problem in my art and writing. No one actually wants to crit. I want a space where I can post and get real crit. Not some "oh that's cute!!!!!" Bs when it's like bitch no this is ugly help me fix it

>> No.9882832

This is one of the reasons I buy a lot secondhand. I do buy new from time to time, when brands release a design I like, but otherwise I stick to designs released about a decade ago. I miss the materials used back then, not really a huge poly/tulle lace fan.

>> No.9882840

Agreed, and in a way same goes for fashion. Obviously if you like your coord and someone comes in telling you to wear more accessories, and you don't feel that it's valid criticism, then you don't have to accept it and do what they tell you; especially since COF is full of lolitas-at-heart who have 0 clue what the fuck they're talking about.
But saying
>bawwww concrit is unwarranted just let people post what they want!!!1
is asking for significant decline in coord quality.
Do anons not know why concrit and "gatekeeping" is a thing in lolita? Because otherwise people come in doing and wearing whatever they want and calling it lolita just because they want to. If you want comms to turn into shitholes for itas and roleplayers that's on you, don't expect the entire community to put up with it.

>> No.9882850

I mean I'm not disagreeing with you desu I personally want my stuff ripped apart so I learn but I can't make that decision for anyone else. Especially now that most of the ita/COF thread is literally minor nitpicks that could be arguably only opinion based, with so many subgenres, and new fashions bleeding into lolita it's hard to actually draw some lines (I mean OBVSIOUSLY don't look like fucking shit and wear a god DAMNED petticoat).

Tldr; gatekeep to a point, not everything should be picked apart, let people make their own decisions desu they'll all end up here and post themselves eventually when they get the balls, then you can rip em apart

>> No.9882874

Well like I said, if someone criticizes something about your coord that you disagree with you don't have to accept it. You don't even have to respond to it. Getting concrit doesn't mean you have to act on it immediately or be branded ita; and even then, being called ita is hardly the end of the world like gulls make it out to be, especially if it's because of something minor.

>> No.9882882

Maybe I was misunderstanding a little bit. Ur right though, I just morally feel wrong subjecting people who don't know what's happening to my shit behavior

>> No.9882916

If the criticism given is actually constructive it's really not a big deal imo. Ripping into someone out of the blue is uncalled for, and randomly commenting like
>Please lose weight, that dress doesn't fit you
>Don't wear pink, it looks bad on you
>You need a wig
can be perceived as an attack by the person receiving the comment; but there are ways to word these comments in a way that won't make them seem like attacks, and no sugarcoating required.
I just think it's too bad to reject/avoid criticism altogether because it hinders growth and improvement.

>> No.9882917

Which country?

>> No.9882924

>living in a country where the majority of rich people are from old money

>> No.9882927

Ignoring your faults results in you crashing and burning so I get you desu

>> No.9882929

A lot of people aren't trying to be some sort of professional, they are doing it for fun and get away from stress. Also nearly everyone in the comms I go to are Asian so English is not even their language.

>> No.9882933

what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.9882939

Oh sure, I understand doing things just for fun; in that case I still think that prefacing your crit with a question like
>Do you accept constructive criticism?
should be the bare minimum. If the op says no then don't crit them and move on, but creating a hugbox is terrible for the creative process. You don't have to aim to be a professional to want to be good at what you do.
And I'm esl myself, maybe it's just me but if anything I want people to correct my writing if it's grammatically incorrect or if I worded something weirdly.

>> No.9882943

You could just ask for crit if you want it. Asking someone if they accept concrit already means you have something negative to say and it discourages insecure people from posting at all. Why can't you just let people be?

>> No.9882950

I just don't see concrit as something negative, especially not in a creative field, including fashion. Offering or receiving feedback on how to improve something is not a bad thing, but maybe you think otherwise.

>> No.9882954 [DELETED] 

Other people don't feel that way so they stop posting. You can't force other people to feel the sane me way you do about concrit.

>> No.9882965

Other people don't feel that way so they stop posting. You can't force other people to feel the same way you do about concrit.

>> No.9883000

I'm sorry, but if you get upset about CONSTRUCTIVE criticism you shouldn't be on the internet. If something like that upsets you, you're far too sensitive for the average topic online.

>> No.9883010

I don't want those comms to die though. I don't post there, I just read. With lolita also I wouldn't care if people post more ugly coords, there is only 1 worn picture of my dream dress afaik and it's not very good but still something.

>> No.9883011

I don't understand your logic. If the community is active but it's full of itas, cosplayers, and lolitas-at-heart, then it's not a lolita community and therefore dead.

>> No.9883015

1 I was still talking about the fanfic comm
2 I don't think that would happen to the lolita comms. I pretty much agree with >>9882127

>> No.9883019

I think the quality discussion about brand vs. taobao vs. offbrand is stupid, because the quality depends on the piece they put out.
I have a lot of old AP and new AP and some are good, while some are mediocre.
The problem is (and has always been since the lj days) that some are making "burando" out to be something magical, while it's still just clothing.

>> No.9883023

I don't see how concrit is helping unless the person is a newbie.
You can only ever say what you like and what you think looks better. But if the person doesn't like the concrit or was going for a different look, how does that even help? Some concrit I've seen was completely useless, because they would've changed a casual look for a casual occasion into something too fancy.
Concrit is just a word people use when they want to state their own opinion.

>> No.9883040


lol, the irony of reading this on cgl, where every time I've seen an anon get negative comments on a selfpost it has generally resulted in some kind of temper tantrum.

>> No.9883041

Not all anons think the same.

>> No.9883045

This is literally what I said further up the thread, but anons insist they mean "no, brand just isn't always as good as it's hyped!!" Implying... er nothing because it's a circular argument to say "brandwhores are stupid, brand isn't that good!" Its just two opposing mindsets, and if all you have is very limited personal experience of brand where you've just got a few more recent and meh quality things then of course you'll think you're better off just buying taobao items.

>> No.9883046


Still ironic though.

>> No.9883048

"fat lolitas shouldn't wear food prints" IS the popular opinion, anon.

my unpopular opinion is that fatties should go ahead and wear food prints. it's fitting because they're fat. what's a tangible reason why they should avoid them? "oh no i love this print but i won't wear it because some anon online will make fun of me uwu"?

>> No.9883049

Link your writing and drop email, I'm happy to crit.

>> No.9883053

You might want to read again; the whole argument upthread is discussing that brand has quality issues and isn't the end all be all for quality. Barely anyone compared it to taobao construction; stop tunnel visioning on one anon who said she had some Taobao that was decent quality to fuel your blind rage.

>> No.9883070

Why would it be an issue? If they don't want concrit they don't want concrit. If you are not happy with your work and you want it it's great! But I don't see why everyone should follow you.

>> No.9883073

>being this bothered about what other people wear
Seriously why do you care? If they want to change they can always change by getting inspired by better lolitas, or they can ask. Your concrit is literally not needed. If they want to look like shit just let them be.

>> No.9883078

I'm talking about the situation when all criticism is treated like bullying or negativity; this encourages mediocrity and it's prevalent in communities today, especially in alt fashion.

>> No.9883088

You should accept that unwanted criticism IS negativity. Gosh, unwanted anything is negativity. It's like pouring tea down someone's throat because you like tea. I don't think anyone would think you are bullying if they specifically asked for criticism, which a lot of people still do on CoF. However I've seen lolitas who ask for concrit getting posted on ita thread without a single critique on CoF. That's definitely bullying imho.

>> No.9883167

Or people want to be brutally honest without you knowing who they are so you don’t think differently of them when you encounter one another again. That’s what a lot of people use this place for.

>> No.9883175

That doesn't make it okay just because you don't have balls to give concrit to someone literally asking for it.

>> No.9883180

Cgl builds up this fake idea that no one wants people to give them criticism as an excuse to bully people. There are tons of places give concrit posts that people ignore.

Most posts on the cof and ita thread are not useful to the person. Look at the cof thread now with a good 100 posts about how skinny or fat someone is or if they shoop themselves. None of this is legit criticism. There is nothing to learn from those comments beyond get better at photoshop.

We need to admit that we just like talking shit about people without consequences.

>> No.9883182

I don’t ask for con crit when I post to CoF mainly because people are too chicken shit to give you the true feelings they want to tell you. They probably fear that giving crit will lessen their chances of getting more likes on their posts making their posts get lost on the feed quickly. I totally get that vibe from people when they can’t hide on anon to keep their posts making likes. That is what CoF is about now. More likes = more exposure in the international community. But on CoF threads here you get the good without reservations. You can have comments saying “ this is cute, I like this print” all over CoF. But the thread will let people feel free to say that you chose a bad hair style, your headress doesn’t work with the theme of your coordinate and that your shoes need to be changed. You are lucky is someone has the balls to say that on CoF. It’s gotten to the point that people throw tantrums there because of the crit they get rather then them seeing they got posted to an ita thread. At least there they will get more people saying the same crit about them and they can either suck it up and take the advice, or cry like diaper babies and throw tantrums because they where not kawaii enough to get 200+ likes.

>> No.9883183

I will let you in on a secret anon.


>> No.9883185

Lovelies anon.

>> No.9883186

If you want anonymous criticism just start a Sarahah account or something. That doesn't justify dragging nonparticipating people to CoF and ita threads.

>> No.9883187

Kek like this does have anything to do with being lovelies?

>> No.9883189

This desu. It's okay to not be a lovly but you don't have to act like a flowery princess around people while shitting on them anonymously. Just have balls to say it when you don't like something. What are you scared of anyway?

>> No.9883192

See >>9883186
Just because you like tea that doesn't mean everyone should like tea.

>> No.9883194

Fuck off Claire. Or soup, not sure who this is at this point.

>> No.9883195 [DELETED] 

Long time lurker, new shitposter. Call me Hardtoswallowpills-chan.

>> No.9883228

You're a pleb

>> No.9883231

America, so I can see why you're disagreeing now.

>> No.9883233

Bodyline looks like shit both in person and in photos. You just think it's good because you had low expectations for it.

>> No.9883234 [DELETED] 

Your mom pleb

>> No.9883236

Nayrt but wrong. I've seen (both in photos and in person) some Bodyline pieces that I was surprised to hear that were Bodyline. Sadly most of them are out of stock and I refuse to hunt secondhand for BL.

>> No.9883249

This is so cringe

>> No.9883256 [DELETED] 

Your mom cringe

>> No.9883259

No it isn't. even on /cgl/ people says "uwu ur bullying uwu"

>> No.9883309


>> No.9883314

Same with Crystal Dream Carnival, and almost everything has been done with Holy Lantern.

Although desu I don't care that much because some dresses just speak for themselves. There are so many coords that have a million things going on and the print on the dress looks like a blob of colors.

I don't mind wearing basic coords sometimes

>> No.9883348

And, what's wrong with that in a public internet forum? I understand where you're coming from, I really do. But again if a positive comment if a positive opinion we should be allowed to express neutral or negative opinions, politely, as well. It'd be just as rude to say "omg i love that dress im going to rip it off your body" as "hm that dress is hideous barf". Concrit is ultimately opinion, but with the con- prefix so we dont just shit out nonsense.

>> No.9883351

But if people post on a forum that explicitly allows tea (comments) if not outright encourages it, then why can't/ shouldn't we post it.

>> No.9883363

I think it's because you don't wear lolita. I think that way about a lot of anons in the ita thread. You can't give concrit on CoF because people can see your Facebook profile.

>> No.9883366

Most lolitas don't even come here, otherwise the lolita threads would move much faster

>> No.9883376

It's amazing how difficult for you to understand this.

Some people like getting concrit.
Some people like getting concrit in a specific place.
Some people don't like it when their images are taken and posted somewhere else.
Some people don't want to shape their coords based on other people's opinions so they don't want or need concrit.
You can still shit on someone even if they don't want concrit but you are not helping them or the community any way.
You are doing it for the enjoyment you get from stating your opinion. Appect this and move on.

>> No.9883435

I really hate Love Nikki. It's really irrelevant to the board and all the lolita outfits there look costumey as hell. I think brands who collab with it should be ashamed.

>> No.9883455

>You are doing it for the enjoyment you get from stating your opinion.

nayrt but I noticed that too. anon either talks about complimenting on people or shitting their coords up. leaving people alone wearing their shit is not even an option lol, lolitas totally need anon's opinion to keep it going. i guess they have some kind of control issues.

>> No.9883458

To be fair if you post something online people are free to also post their opinions of it. If you really didn't want peoples concrit or any chance of them making a comment you don't like you shouldn't post it online.

>> No.9883460

I play it but I do agree that it's not really relevant to the board.
Not sure why you think brand collabs are bad though, it's just a fashion game.

>> No.9883470

Read the thread. Posting online has nothing to do with other people's opinions. I like seeing coords whether they want concrit or not, for example.

>> No.9883473

Yes people are free to do it, but why do you feel the need to do it constantly? I would question that if I were you

>> No.9883476

>being this entitled
Why would you want to share your opinion when no one cares what do you think?

>> No.9883484

I don't "do it constantly"

When there's something I have a strong opinion on I do. Maybe ask yourself why you're delusional

>being so entitled to think you can post pics of yourself on a public forum and nobody can say what they think

>> No.9883485

Anon you don't understand the discussion. You CAN say what you think. We just think that you're not doing it in order to protect us all from itas.

>> No.9883489

I think the ''gatekeeping is ok but unnecessary'' and the ''ita threads shouldn't exist'' discussions got a bit mixed up

>> No.9883494

I'm not the one who is throwing a fit because someone doesn't care about hearing my opinion, lol.

>> No.9883520

>alice in wonderland motifs are so tacky and ugly
>just because you’re a programmer/in the army/a doctor/a gamer/love memes/etc doesn’t mean you need a print that advertises it. Wear a T-shirt with in a casual coord if you must mix it with lolita. I’m so sick of taobao pandering to people with normie interests by putting them on a lolita dress.
>frumpy outfits can be cute af
>it’s fine to wear lolita for Halloween. Sometimes I incorporate normie clothes into my Halloween costumes so you should be able to do the same with lolita.

>> No.9883551

Imo it's hardly lolita at that point. Lolita isn't just the standard JSK cut with a petticoat, it's an aesthetic based on how Japanese lolitas romanticized and changed historical European clothing.

>> No.9883561

I thinks it’s fine to incorporate lolita brand pieces into a non-lolita costume (which wouldn’t be lolita ofc, but you would literally still be wearing a lolita item), and also to make a full-on OTT themed lolita coord that you wear instead of a Halloween costume. People do the same with regular clothes. I picture it being like a teenager who wears a T-shirt with their favorite tv character and a pair of jeans to a Halloween party and says they are that character (although of course with much more effort involved)

>> No.9883565

I was talking about the meme dresses sorry

>> No.9883568

>alice in wonderland motifs are so tacky and ugly
It's over done to death.

>> No.9883569

I'll die with the Alice/Trump/Suite prints

>> No.9883570
File: 473 KB, 500x280, 8D8EA084-8905-40A9-A040-1E759CA433A7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I knew that... I totally agree with you then. I feel like there is a canon for acceptable lolita prints and memes are assuredly outside of that canon.

>> No.9883572

at least it's lolita related

>> No.9883573
File: 21 KB, 505x550, 1521100742385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think a lot of "ero-cosplayers" fake being bisexual/lesbian just to milk out more money from their thirsty fanbase.

Cases in point: Tenleid, SSS and Bunnyayumi

>> No.9883575

I'm not the one who is throwing a fit because people sharing their opinions on the internet triggers me

>> No.9883593

I don't care about lace all that much. What turns me on is the solid construction of a piece.

>> No.9883597

Or because their taste is shit and/ or they don't actually wear lolita, so they hide behind anonymity. Concrit here is so trash and useless, concrit on cof is sometimes actually decent

>> No.9883600

Seconded, though I do like a bit of lace. Ruffles and pintucks are my absolute favorite details.

>> No.9883607

I have a couple bodyline pieces that are actually great compared to bodyline in general, but nothing compared to the bran pieces I have. The material they use can be awkward and questionable at times, the lace is weird... even the pieces I have have nice cotton crochet lace, but compared to brand laces of similar construction, it's horrible.

My UO is that tulle lace sucks. I hate it. Even on the brand pieces I have I just feel that it really cheapens the look. I much prefer torchon lace on lolita... it just looks higher quality.

>> No.9883608

>My UO is that tulle lace sucks
How is this an unpopular opinion. It's even written in the handbook of my comm.

>> No.9883615

Your comm is misguided then. I agree with >>9883607's opinion, tulle lace cheapens the look of the piece, but it's not inherently bad quality.

>> No.9883621

I mean, brands use it all the time? I see girls fawning over it in threads here. I'm not talking about the cheap icky shity you can buy for cheap at walmart, but tulle lace used in lolita, period. I just hate the way it looks. I have some AP cutsews with it and.. I dunno. it's just too delicate and cheap to me compared to torchon/etc

>> No.9883625
File: 664 KB, 535x605, 55634456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think Moitie is one of the most versatile brands

>> No.9883629

yeah i mean it doesn't say tulle lace sucks, but that cotton and torchon lace is better

>> No.9883656

Are you new? That's a fact.

>> No.9883695

>what is reading comprehension

>> No.9883812

But coord help threads already exist.

>> No.9883820

>I don't like a thing so no one else should either

>> No.9883821

But coord help threads exist. And people aren't assholes about it. There were anons asking for help on their coords in the last two generals and it was super civil. You gotta stop hanging out in the ita threads with the roleplayers and backseat itas.

>> No.9883824

Nayrt, but no one is forcing those overly sensitive souls to come to /cgl in the first place. So why are you trying to make us a 'safe space'? I have no problem if you think I'm negative, because of the nature of anon you don't know who I am.

>> No.9883826

If I admit that I just like talking shit about people will you go away and take your "lolitas must be lovelies, /cgl shouldn't make meanie ita threads" with you?

>> No.9883840
File: 16 KB, 838x651, hand holding egg.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only if you eat this egg.

>> No.9883850

>what is taking your argument and using it to fit the other side

>> No.9883858

it doesn't fit the other side though

>> No.9883873

what do you mean by
>participate in the community

>> No.9883874

Disagree, mainly because you can only really do gothic in moitie.

My unpopular opinion: IW is one of the more versatile brands. They have spanned all 3 substyles.

>> No.9883928

>all 3 substyles
Black, ivory, and wine

>> No.9883945

>what is reading comprehension

>> No.9883949
File: 10 KB, 278x181, 11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if i don't like what you say, you're THROWING A FIT!!!!111!!
>don't say what you want!! it hurts my fee fees!!!
Just don't read it if you don't want to hear someone's opinion, retard.

>> No.9883992
File: 72 KB, 400x266, Zin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Visual kei as a style is bland at best and tacky at worst

>> No.9884022

Plot twist: maybe people outside of trolls and blm chan think this is a consistent problem

>> No.9884024
File: 2.74 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is one of my Bodyline dresses. I have a few Bodyline things for when I go to house shows or want to mosh because it's cheaper and easier to wash, but this is my nicest piece. Honestly the fabric quality is better than my AP sugar fairy cake op imo

>> No.9884029

Honestly I don't even think ita threads are always awful, I enjoy seeing REAL itas though. Not nitpicking crits on how a girl is too fat or too skinny or how "wow they colored their hair >:((((((((((( "

That's not a crit, that's a personal opinion that NO ONE asked for. If you're so concerned about crits and "improving the comm" why don't you actually leave crits on photos when people ask for it? Bc then they're actually ASKING for it.

But gulls r right you probably are a fake lolita

>> No.9884032

(Samefagg sorry)

Forgot to tag

>> No.9884035

Jesus Christ can everyone shut the fuck up and post shit that’s actually relevant to the thread?

Printed bodysuits for cosplay regardless of the character are the laziest fucking thing and people need to stop buying them. I’m so tired of seeing five million D.va’s with the same shitty suit, actually put some fucking effort into your cosplay.

Cis guys who cosplay girls or traps are creepy no matter what.

I miss certain horrific fandoms that have died down, ie Hetalia. I always met the chillest people because you could tell who were the non-autist types since they looked condescendingly down on everyone else. Made me feel good about myself.

>> No.9884056
File: 22 KB, 592x334, B71uFgCIQAAVIRg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all 3 substyles

>> No.9884078

>Cis guys who cosplay girls or traps are creepy no matter what.
Only if they don't pass as a girl

>> No.9884098

Agreed, but the tackiness is why I like it.

>> No.9884107

If you edit your photos with filters and shit ton of over exposure, I assume you are hiding something you know is wrong like colors not matching well or you have some shitty looking taobao thing on.

>> No.9884192

Anon I'm sorry but that lace is hideous, even in terms of tulle lace which generally looks cheap.

>> No.9884202

Classic, sweet and gothic. Or are you going to argue that 'sailor' and 'nun' are substyles too? Or bittersweet?

>> No.9884252
File: 7 KB, 199x266, c4eb76bb-8a34-5263-bb73-a17715643439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just mean you can wear it for many occasions, make many different coords with the same main-piecd, and they've done many different things

>> No.9884276

I'm pretty sure that all brands have produced dresses that are available to wear in all occasions. Aside from maybe, MM or VM. They stay pretty true to one aesthetic.

>> No.9884426

Did I say they hadn't?

>> No.9884442

I mean it's Bodyline, you can't have giant expectations of them but ~for~ a Bodyline dress it's decent quality. The lace on my brand is better but the fabric choice on that specific dress is better than SFC. It could just come down to a difference of opinion n that's okay

>> No.9884479

I actually like unboxing videos because I like seeing people get so excited about getting their dress.

>> No.9884652

I'm usually a fan of KatieBabyDoll, but in one of her latest Insta posts, that dress with the hearts and scalloped hem is fugly. Is that unpopular?

>> No.9884654

No. Everyone hates K8

>> No.9884982

This isn't unpopular

>> No.9885168

It used to be less of a shithole when there were active crafting threads here. I miss the handmade and resin threads.

>> No.9885182

And I'm telling you moitie isn't as unique and versatile as you think.

>> No.9885193

This is the unpopular opinion thread

>> No.9885225
File: 623 KB, 1000x983, hair-hat-russian1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The vast majority of posters that complain about originality are just "lolita at heart" types wishing their scrolling through pics was just a bit more interesting. Especially when they're also complaining about simple or legit causal coords.

I prefer seeing experimental coords too and all, but when you're bitching at something someone's already posted or picture ratios why can't you lead by example? It's always about demanding more interesting pictures instead of talking about mixing styles or trying to figure out what goes with what.

>> No.9885250

Fluevog shoes are ugly, especially those ones with pointed heels.

>> No.9885254


>> No.9885358

This has been done, albeit on facebook, and the group died pretty fast (COF Uncensored). What you're suggesting sounds like it'll devolve into Ita Thread 2.0 (now with more pretending to be someone you don't like!) but go ahead I guess

>> No.9885890

That dress is from the brand milk, it's not supposed to be lolita. I think it's a super cute dress but either way >>9884654
is right.

>> No.9885895

God this. I don't get the appeal. They don't look good with lolita either.

>> No.9885916

I don't care if someone photoshops, unless it affects the quality of the photo like that one girl who does the excessive blur. I don't care if you shoop yourself thinner, or if you shoop nicer makeup, or if you shoop the frizz out of your hair, or change the filter to adjust colors slightly (especially the latter because colors tend to show up differently on camera than irl). At the end of the day I just want to see pretty pictures of pretty outfits and literally give no fucks if they're have aspects which are "fake" or modified.

The exception is when someone lies about not photoshopping. You don't have to say DISCLAIMER THIS PHOTO IS HEAVILY EDITED but if someone asks you if you edit your photos and you lie you're a dumbass

>> No.9885919

I agree

>> No.9885921

My whole comm is obsessed and I just dont get it

>> No.9885930

>mfw worried i might be that one girl with the excessive blur
i have a potato cam with zero focus, i wish gulls would consider that some of us have shitty phones

>> No.9885932

no the girl i'm talking about uses the blur tool, this has to do with post-processing and not with camera quality

>> No.9885934

ah okay, that's a relief. yes, overuse of the blur tool (especially like all over the face) is unsettling. but i'm in the same boat--i really don't care about shoop. people look better in motion than they do immortalized in a photo, so retouching things is nbd.

>> No.9885941

>Hate that when I use hashtags such as #himelolita, #himekaji or #himegyaru for example on instagram for inspirational purposes, 70% of pics aren't related to them.

>> No.9886125

Nayrt but the girls in my comm who also cosplay tend to treat lolita as another kind of costume, always showing up in OTT coords no matter the occasion and treating meetups more like a photoshoot opportunity than an opportunity to socialize. They also tend to re-use cosplay wigs, shoes, circle lenses and sometimes even clothing pieces in their coords. Madoka, Vocaloid, Kuroshitsuji and probably others I didn’t recognize. I’ve also noticed that when I travel back from meetups with them they’re always the ones who take off their wigs and other parts of their coords like their petticoats, shoes, accessories, etc. in the train home because they’re too uncomfortable or attention-grabbing and so they end up looking weirdly half-dressed.

>> No.9886215

I agree that cgl can be unnecessarily nasty and petty and I don’t blame anyone for disliking the culture here. However, I can’t take anyone seriously who complains that cgl is so horrible and lolitas are bullies and etc. yet always knows exactly what’s going on in drama threads the moment it happens. I have most of my comm on FB and there are a few girls who regularly vaguepost about cgl drama, while simultaneously claiming they never go here and a friend just so happened to link them the thread. If it were just once or twice it wouldn’t stand out to me, but this happens constantly. Surely if you disliked this place so much you’d ask your “friend” to stop linking you here the second any negativity goes down? It’s gotten to the point where I often learn about new drama from their statuses before I see it myself and I’d consider myself a cgl regular.

IMO making fun of someone’s coording or makeup (in)ability on an anonymous imageboard is mean, but it’s not bullying. Real bullying is aggressive and persistent and the victim doesn’t get the luxury of simply ignoring it. Nobody’s forcing you to keep checking in on the ita thread despite knowing that it might upset you. Block 4chan on your browser if you can’t help yourself otherwise. It won’t make the meanies disappear, but it’s a lot healthier than camping out in the ita thread just in case you get posted.

Some of the people I’m talking about are in their late 30’s early 40’s and one even has a kid. You’d think they’d have figured this shit out by now. With one woman in particular it’s practically the only thing she talks about anymore both on FB and at meetups. We can be having a great time chatting about whatever and she’ll outright interrupt people to rant about “anonymous bully bitches” instead. I’m pretty sure half the newbies in our comm only found cgl and BtB because she keeps bringing them up.

>> No.9886281
File: 54 KB, 480x800, 32630994_1798719356861951_3059955256830984192_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9886288

This is really nice quality for fancy curtains and valances or even a duvet cover

>> No.9886422

I remember they had some older styles that looked nice with lolita, but of course they don't make anything like that anymore and I hate pretty much everything they've come out with the last few years. Plus every time I do want to look at a pair, the instagram widget on their page pulls up like ten lolitas I recognize wearing the exact same pair. Makes the idea of buying anything from them really awkward.

>> No.9886756

since /cgl/ doesn't like them as people, they often shred k8, voldie, spiro, etc.'s coords by extension. but i really like most of the outfits i see from them regardless of my thoughts about them as people

>> No.9886768

Yeah so? When you're wrong, you're wrong

>> No.9886770

I don't like K8's coords because I just don't like ott sweet. I like voldie's, and she seems to have mellowed out. I don't really understand cgl's hateboner for spiro when she literally hasn't done anything cringey. I don't think her daily coords are amazing, they verge on repetitive, but the anger that surrounds every post of hers on the COF thread baffles me.

>> No.9886779

Is Spiro the girl who fatties keep calling anorexic?
Besides that, I haven't seen much hate on her; I see more people calling out the ridiculous anorexic posts than people shitting on her.

>> No.9887276

I'm an ana-chan but I still feel uncomfortable when I look at her.

>> No.9887301

I have a few

>tall girls look better in lolita than shirt girls. Unless it’s like super short AP, most dresses look like they swallow short girls. Plus tall girls look way more elegant in general.
>I like most moitie stuff but I hate the “moitie blue” color. It makes things look tacky and cheap
>classic nowadays is either ugly granny or OTT mess. I’m really starting to hate classic.
>most otome just looks like watered down and messy classic lolita, therefore it’s ugly.

>> No.9887308

I hate ScarfingaScarves since she restarted the AM drama. I feel like she used the whole thing to her advantage. I hate AM and John and Kelly Eden and this new person who she posted drama about but I think she is just plain mean and rude for no reason and at this point she's not even funny.

I used to like her videos about feminism in lolita, and I like her making fun of new releases but she needs to stop with the dumb juvenile insult hurling. It's not kawaii.

>> No.9887309


You sound fun.

>> No.9887329

Well that's just fine.
We don't need no thin skinned bitches.
I mean, we already have to deal with whiny snowflakes (and occasional retarded alt righter)

>> No.9887345


Don't forget the local sissy fetish guy who tries to use being trans as his shield.

>> No.9887440

There's fun and then there's just super cringeworthy unfunny insults that serve no purpose

>> No.9887568

Are they? Mine is being overrun with shrieking itas wearing cosplay wigs with AP luckypack dresses and ballet flats, who cry bully when someone tries to link them to a better wig source. Concrit would either help them improve or chase off the whiny babies, which is a win-win, but nobody wants to be labelled a bully.

On topic, I honestly wish my comm would shrink. Meet attendance is so high we can't fit into private rooms in cafes and restaurants anymore (and don't even think of suggesting an attendance limit, that's exclusionary!!1) so every meetup we have to put up with being ogled and photographed by strangers the whole time, whether we're in a public park or the main area of a shitty chain restaurant. This leads to altercations between rude people and lolitas who can’t handle this kind of attention in a mature way, which is annoying and embarrassing. This in turn means that the older, more experienced members who don’t have time for this shit will stop coming to meetups and organize smaller ones with only their close friends, leaving the obnoxious itas in the majority, scaring off more normal girls, and so on. It’s a vicious cycle. Apparently our comm has a reputation for being elitist but the reality is that we’re way too fucking accommodating and would actually benefit a lot from raising our standards, even just a bit. When I was getting started in lolita, being an obnoxious ita would get you uninvited to meetups and iced out of the comm.

>> No.9887679

How are they the bitches lol?

>> No.9887825
File: 47 KB, 500x500, shirtgirls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tall girls look better in lolita than shirt girls
>shirt girls

>> No.9887990

That's your projection talking, sweetie.

>> No.9888182

Cotton Candy Feet shoes look like shit and the bags look like overpriced taobao garbage.
Lady Sloth hardly passes for lolita and has ugly prints.

>> No.9888295

honestly i have the opposite opinion. I mean, i've seen great decora, but there's so much garbage out there.

>> No.9888785

I think that is the main issue of CGL’s respectability in the wider community. The anonymous “bitchiness” that is part of the culture makes most Lolita unwilling to listen to gull criticism or expose themselves to it. Many of my friends refuse to post on COF because of the cgl threads; they get nitpicked so critically or someone tosses in senseless drama that it is too exhausting. I have decided to no longer post on COF because of these reasons, and I think I’m relatively experienced. Most mainstream Lolita consider the criticism of CGL illegitimate because of the degree of nitpick, the refusal to listen to basic requests of “no crit.” I think some newbies, the ones who say no crit, may watch the crit of more experienced girls and over time they may knowingly improve themselves to the point where they feel confident enough to receive crit. Gulls are perceived as having no censorship because they are on anon, which may be the point here in the boards, but it doesn’t lend well to our credibility. If our crit threads showed more respect, even if it feels a bit babying, girls may feel more willing to listen to the criticism.

I’ve been in the arts as well. I live for constructive criticism. But often the crit here on /cgl/ just doesn’t feel constructive so I don’t bother.

>> No.9889461

I'll never look at CoF and ita threads on cgl because I think half the people are men who don't wear lolita and the other half are lolitas at heart who only own half a coord

>> No.9889806

ita in general is pure cringe trash and this board would 4000x better if it was just cosplay

>> No.9889807


>> No.9890112

I think most Angelic Pretty looks like tacky ageplay.

>> No.9893667


Why does the track top only have two stripes and why do the pants have theirs on the inside of the thighs instead of outside down the legs

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