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Sisterly rivalry Edition

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first for sweet a shit

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So is this autistic secret Discord kabal still behind making these awful feels thread editions?

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My sister is a really hot thot with curly hair and big tits. And she's a lesbian. I'm nerdy onee-san who's into japanese clothes and has happy long-term hetero relationship.

We have really similar character and we fight a lot, but we haven't rivaled because our lives are so different. I would love to dress her in lolita, but she hate my style.

I love her so much.

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>perfect spring weather for weeks but haven't had the time or opportunity to dress up at all
>lolita meetup this weekend
>85+ degrees

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the members of said kabal are currently banned

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I know this is generic feel #87 but I’ve gained weight to the point where I can’t fit a couple pieces. I tried losing weight for two months and instead stayed constant which I guess I better than continuing to gain but it’s depressing. 5 months ago I was planning on getting a “summer body” nothing extreme you know but like 15 lbs off and I was going to fit into my dream pieces and it would be great. It just hurts my morale a lot and I want to sell some of my shit but I can’t bear to let it go. Then I see the commentary about body image on here and it’s half depressing and half moralizing. I’d been avoiding all things lolita and cgl but coming back has made me feel a little better. I’m just fucking depressed

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>can't wait to wear things in a mail
>it supposed to arrive tomorrow
>flu is slowly creeping its way into my body
>post feel in the wrong thead
i hate this

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>has big tits
>want to dress her in lolita
Do you know anything at all about lolita? Depending on how big her bust is, most if not all garments won't fit her properly.

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Man I just really love lolita

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>going to meet LDR boyfriendo for the first time in 2 weeks
>freaking out about the typical "will he like me as much in person?" stuff
>only thing that calms me down is planning and putting together cute outfits

E-even if he ends up being disappointed with me in every other way I at least want him to think that I have an impeccable fashion sense.

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what the fuck

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Continuation of..

So we go back to my place.
Those friends I'm saying to hang with are my equally weeby roommates.
The guy I want to set Siberia up with, James, is a very charismatic person and immediately goes into 'let's party' mode to break the ice
I do my best to smooth things, at a lul setting up the media box and getting out a board game or something.
I tell my friend I'm tagging him in, he's interested
>'don't pump and dump this one James, she's had a hard life, if you don't want her for keeps don't fuck with it'
They seem to really hit it off, everythings going great.
>"what do you drink Syberia?"
>"Tequila, if I have a choice"
We're all drinking beers, watching some grindhouse flick, and she's going hard, James takes a couple shots with her, and she keeps going.
>"Aly told me you were a lightweight, I guess she was wrong right?"
>'I am, but this is how I drink'
She is thrashed, all the rest of us are dead sober. She disappears into the bathroom, and the guys are aleady talking plan of action. I go to check our how she's doing, to mom friend her.
>go in after asking how she's doing
>talk to her
>she pukes
>go to physically comfort her
>slaps my hand away
>'I don't like being touched'
>"no worries Syberia, I get it, sorry about that. Want me to leave?"
>'no, stay, please, I don't like being alone'
>"I'm here for you Syberia, take your time ok? Those guys get it, don't worry about then they can entertain themselves"
>she smiles at my intentional gay inuendos, the stops
>'do you think James likes me?'
>"yeah, he asked me if you were seeing anyone, he'd really like to get to know you better"
She has this really dark look.
>'does he?'
>"...He's been through some shit. He'd understand."
She doesn't really seem to hear me. She starts murmmering to herself, it's obvious she's spiralling.
>~Fuck you Aly~
I lightly touch her elbow to get her to stand and 'get some fresh air' with me..

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Hello Christina

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Fuck you I love cosplay more :3

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Man I just really love hugs

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I wear lolita on the weekends because I can't wear it to work. My sisters think it looks weird, while my mom thinks it looks normal. But they all get upset if I decide not to wear it. But sometimes I just don't feel comfortable in it. Is that really so hard to understand? Or is my reasoning weird, and I should just wear it regardless?

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What's your question exactly? If you don't feel like wearing lolita at some point, then don't wear it. Wearing it to please others is the wrong reason to wear it imo. Do what makes you happy and wear your frills when you want to.

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Your mom likes it and your sister thinks it's weird, but they both know you like wearing it. They probably get upset because they think you didn't wear it because you're with them.

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I feel you sis. I gained a ton of weight from birth control making me constantly fucking ravenous, and now I have to lose it all over again. I already lost all this weight once, I can do it again, but, fuck...

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I got invited to a (cosplayers) party. It's close to home and a lot of people I know are coming, but I'm not part of their cosplay group. I probably got invited because the guy who organises it likes me, and it's at his house. I don't want to give the wrong impression so my first reaction was 'I'm not going' but then again I haven't seen that group for over a year and I miss chatting with geeks.

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One of my closest friends is sailing down the costhot route and I'm scared. She keeps posting pics of her in bras and panties with a wig thrown on and while that's fine I don't know if I want to be associated with that kind of a cosplayer? She'll do proper cosplays for cons and stuff but post cosplay nudes online and tweet some super TMI sexual stuff and that makes me uncomfortable. At the same time I want to tell her that she'll most likely regret this in the future and that her reputation will only worsen but I also don't because we're so close and I know it's going to hurt her feelings. I feel like I'm just a boring prude but I don't want her to be known as That Costhot in the community since I live in a fairly small country with few cosplayers, sigh.

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better to be blunt about it, cause if you keep quiet you might loose her anyway due to her making you uncomfortable. At least this way you have a chance

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Name me one cosplayer that ever regretted it. Just one.

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I wish people would be into gyaru mukbangs so I could be payed to live instead of try to scrape by on money just to buy some rice.

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We get out to the porch, it was dark, and totally silent.
She looked at me, then stared back down at the floor before starting her monologue.
>"You really know the kind of shit I got into Aly?"
>"I was on dope, and I shot it."
>"I started shooting when I was in my teens."
>"I never did anything else."
>"I shot up and then I went into prison for ten months."
>"I shot up so much heroin, just by myself, that I never did anything else; I never saw anything else."
>"Now I’m off it and I’m out of prison and I’m here."
>"You know what I notice the most? You know what the big difference is I notice?"
>"Now I can walk down the street outside and see something other than just dope."
>"I can hear laughter when I visit you now Aly, friends and all that."
>"I never saw them before. All I saw was dope."
She stared back at me again, to ask once more.
>"You really think he'd understand?"
>"You know I'm going to hell."
>"And when I get there, they'll sell me nickelbags full of candy."

At this point, I knew she was gone. She smiled at me, and her expression was one of absolute calm.
Very different from her look inside the bathroom.

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Cat anon from a few threads ago. Zell had polycystic kidney disease. They drained over a gallon of fluid from the cysts and cut the sacks. He is home and on pain meds now. I am so relieved that I have cried twice. At least my baby is home now and he’lol make a full recovery.

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I never know if I like those people that start a rant about their secrets when drunk or feel afraid I'll never look at them the same again.

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>on pain meds
The "me sleepy" kind of pain meds or the "nigga I'm tripping balls" kind of pain meds?

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You'll be fine anon! I was in the same situation and if you get along really well online nothing will be different in real life. Good luck to you!

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>over a gallon of fluid
>In a cat
Jesus fuck. Glad to hear he's gonna make it.

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The “me sleepy” kind. He doesn’t want to leave the bed except to go to the bathroom and eat a little.
Thank you anon. I’m glad too. He was very ballooned but now he weighs a mere 9 pounds.

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I was worried about your brother's cat but am very glad he's fine now. This makes me happy.

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get well soon, Zell-kun!

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>be me just getting into Lolita
>make new friend that's also into Lolita
>tells me that I should look into getting plus size Lolita because I'm fat
>Only 145 at 5'3
Guess being average is fat in Lolita now?

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Did you mean to post this in the bizarro cgl thread?

>> No.9872740

It always was, because most are asian sizes.
Just take your measurements and you'll see what size you'll fit into. If you're top heavy you more likely need a bigger size than somebody who is pear shaped.

>> No.9872741

>145 at 5'3''
You're squarely in overweight territory unless you're all muscle.

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We go back inside, I guess she was done telling me what I was supposed to hear.
The situation has changed on the inside now.
The movie is off, and a few people have lit cigarettes.
James now has an acoustic guitar, and a long menthol cig resting in his strumming hand.
>"Hey Syberia, I wrote a song for you while you were out on the porch."
>"Do you want to hear it?"
He doesn't hesitate, and begins to play some chords softly.
>"That face whennnn, no lolita girlfrienddd..."
>"Noone to wear AP, just for meeeee...."
>"So now I pray to mana-san..."
>"Give praise to the Holy Lantern..."
>"That I'll find my Bo Peep..."
>"Instead of being, just a creep..."
>"I just want to know the thrills..."
>"Of seeing her in those frills..."
>"Sitting down for teaaa..."
>"While I wear myyy ouji..."
>"She could make the stars shine brightly..."
>"Oh she would make the stars shine brightly..."
James takes his hand off the guitar, and has a long draw of his cig.
>"Yeah you know, I'm still working on it or whatever..."
>"But most of all, really what I wanted to say was..."

>tfw no lolita gf

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If you're going by bmi she's just in overweight, 4 lbs down and she's in average.

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>go out in lolita for the first time in years
>feel super cute and happy for once
>people keep stopping me to talk
>Wow! Do you always dress up like that? What's it called? How did you get into it?
I forgot how autistic I am. Even though everyone was nice I was at a loss for words and probably sounded super rude.
Is that really average where you live? I'm 115 at 5'3" and I feel normal.

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It's okay anon, it happens. You'll get better with experience, and you can even practice responding to questions like this in advance, if it's any help. I'm happy you felt cute though, that's what matters most.

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Weird question for the gulls:
If you had to name one(1) waifu from anime/videogames/comicbooks that you admire, which one would you choose and why?

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Do husbandos count or is this waifus only?

>> No.9872758

waifus only but keep in mind any female character can be clasified as a waifu

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I don't like referring to her as a waifu but my favorite female character of all time since childhood is Kiki!

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There's 4 guys in my college cosplay club, which usually consists of 16 or so returning members, and I don't really know how to deal with them, being an officer.

On one hand, they haven't really done anything creepy and they seem relatively mild-mannered, but on the other hand there's something off about them and some of our members feel uncomfortable around them.
They don't seem thirsty as they haven't made advances towarda anyone, and they seem genuinely interested in cosplay (but haven't worked on a single one in two quarters....)
Some of our officers want to politely kick them out like our VP, but the prez says it's dumb. Thing is, I can feel the tension in the air during club meetings and I can't take it anymore. Who should I side with?

>> No.9872762

note that there's also one other guy who is an absolute sweetheart and we have no problems with him, but those 4 guys don't really interact with anyone else in the club besides themselves every once in a while which is what's offputting
it may be shyness but I don't really know

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Girl, I'm four inches taller than you and ten pounds lighter and smack dab in the middle of healthy weight range for my height. You're chubby at least, which maybe or may not be "average" for your country, but it's certainly going to be big for Asian clothing. No hate, love your body or whatever, but be real.

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I'm all muscle from being really active, and I'm still only 115 at 5'2". I wouldn't say your fat, but you are plus size. Western sizing is larger compared to Asian sizing. My XXL hoodie in Japanese sizing is the same length and width as my L shirts in American sizing.

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that's kinda hot

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>>9872734 #
I'm all muscle from being really active, and I'm still only 115 at 5'2". I wouldn't say you're fat, but you are plus size. Western sizing is larger compared to Asian sizing. My XXL hoodie in Japanese sizing is the same length and width as my L shirts in American sizing.

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You're fat, my friend. Not fat for lolita though, since it's a fat girl fashion.

>> No.9872769

Maybe try to have some ice breakers or creative inclusive activities? Idk how but it doesn't seem impossible to do some easy group "craft a quick cosplay" challenge to get them to mingle. Alternatively, instate a rule that you can only be a member if you're actively working on something.

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>the first time in 2 weeks
Uh... yeah, chill out. That's not very long and I'm guessing your interpretation of "long distance" is not that long either

>> No.9872773

Sorry to break it to you, but you are plus sized. Nothing to be ashamed of. Some girls carry their weight really well and can fit into at least partially shirred dresses

>t. Fatty-chan who still fits into the majority of AP

>> No.9872777

Thank you anon, I really appreciate it! I know that there probably isn't anything to worry about since we get along really well and spend a ton of time together but I can't keep myself from feeling nervous haha.

Sorry, I may have phrased it awkwardly? We have known each other for about 1&1/2 years now and in 2 weeks we're going to meet in person for the first time. Also we live about 600 miles apart, so it could be worse but it's still quite a bit of a distance.

>> No.9872790

That makes a whole lot more sense.

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When I met up with my LDR boyfriend for the first time he ghosted me a week after he left. Some time later he told me we indeed had the best connection ever and I was the sweetest girl he ever met but I didn't put as much effort in my looks as he does. Note that he was 5'4'' acne-scar ridden britbong that just discovered /fit/

>> No.9872804

Did you know he looked like that before you met him irl?
Damn girl, get some standards

>> No.9872807

Jeez that's hilarious but painful. I'm sorry to hear that happened to you, though it sounds like it was for the best that the relationship ended at that point. Did he seem at all like the type that would do that beforehand?
>tfw you're suddenly afraid of getting ghosted

>> No.9872813


I took too long to finish the story huh?
Sorry, my phone died

>> No.9872814

Yeah fuck it, this is a way better ending.
Aly was the ho that set me up with Syberia, that's the only change I'd ask for.

>> No.9872816

Just make it a rule that they have to start a cosplay or else they're disregarding club activities? maybe involving them may help and if not, they're gone.

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>1 and a half years to meet someone 600 miles away

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I didn't know he was that short but honestly I barely care. I'm a bit socially awkward and it's not often I enjoy being around someone so much that I'd like to be in a relationship.
We started out as friends by discovering eachothers art and talked almost daily. After about 3 months he said he wanted to date me and meet irl. So we did that a month after and it went really well. He also always said he tought i was very pretty so I really don't understand what happened but it did get me passionate about hating on Brits and manlets.
Ok then if you don't want my superior Dutch genes go find something better in newcastle then

>> No.9872827

We were just friends for a long while after meeting so there wasn't an immediate plan to meet up, we're both uni students and have jobs plus we live in different countries so it's been difficult finding a holiday that worked for both of us in the past few months. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Man that's super frustrating that it basically came out of nowhere, really sounds like you're better off without him though!

>> No.9872833

He probably thought you were out of his league. Men can be insecure like that.

>> No.9872839

where do you people even find the hours in the day to find and maintain an ldr? seems time consuming and exhausting

see you at the world cup :^)

>> No.9872842

as a manlet, this is likely what happened
a 5'4 guy should honestly be expecting to be a virgin for his whole life desu

>> No.9872844

>make plans with friend to do stuff
>they always bail last minute

why do I even bother sometimes

>> No.9872845

>seems time consuming and exhausting
Less so than an in person relationship.

>> No.9872847

This happens to me constantly anon, it's very upsetting but I have no answers for you.

>> No.9872849


But I really genuinely liked him and told him that multiple times. The fuck why are guys so hard.

>> No.9872851

Do you happen to be blonde?

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>superior anything
>someone from Newcastle
I don't know what to wretch at first

>> No.9872853

Redhead.. I do have blue eyes tho

>> No.9872855

How do you keep it? Do you like to braid it?
And how freckly are you?

>> No.9872856

You won the genetic rarity lottery.

>> No.9872857

Is this about someone who's nickname comes from a candybar?

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>> No.9872860

It's really curly so I'm not sure that's counted as a win.
at least not for the bongistan manlet

>> No.9872861

Let me guess, you're 1.75 or taller and you like shoes that make you look even taller?

>> No.9872863

>a 5'4 guy should honestly be expecting to be a virgin for his whole life desu

My Dad is 5'4''. Twice divorced but that had absolutely nothing to do with his height trust me.

>btw Mom is 5'1
>grow up hating my height
>find lolita fashion and fucking everything fits perfectly

>> No.9872870

Your Dad is probably incredibly insecure, which played into the divorce. I haven't met a manlet who wasn't. Such tortured, cursed creatures.

>> No.9872871

You sound really pretty. Don't get down. I'm sure there's a kind and confident man out there for you.

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File: 174 KB, 1440x1080, [Pineapple_Salad]Macross_7_14_(2F8B1113).mkv_snapshot_14.28_[2015.12.30_22.38.06].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no tall Dutch gf

>> No.9872882

smol bean

>> No.9872885

Fuck your awesome genes

Redheads need to be rounded up and paid heavily for their eggs and sperm and then just doled out to every invitro couple everywhere.

>> No.9872887

Redheads are overrated

t. Irish

>> No.9872888

Agreed. Now all the thirsty creeps are popping out of the woodworks for this cunt

>> No.9872891

You want an army of ed sherans?

>> No.9872893


>> No.9872894

They're all going to be halfus, but yes
Red hair and green eyes muat not be lost forever

>> No.9872895

I've got the green eyes but lost out on the red hair. My grandpa had the reddest hair. I missed out.

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>go to free comic book day
>clearly autistic dude is talking to everyone and being super awkward, making them pet his stuffed elephant
>mfw the girls of our group complain about how "creepy" he was
It's just a disabled guy, you bitches.

>> No.9872900

>tfw ass got too big for my Misty shorts
Time to die.

>> No.9872903

You can't really fault neurotypicals for being so sheltered. They've got no problems or hardships.

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>tfw asperger's
>tfw I know I've had this effect on people before

>> No.9872909

>making them pet his stuffed elephant

If I'm minding my own business and someone (male or female) starts chatting to me and ignoring my polite attempts to end the conversation in favor of "making" me pet their stuffed animal... Yeah, I'm going to feel awkward/uncomfortable, I'm going to think they're creepy too because it was unwanted. If someone is too disabled mentally to realize that then they need someone with them to distract them or guide them away.

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>> No.9872936

>being unable to expend even the smallest amount of effort to appease a harmless disabled nigga

>> No.9872939


>> No.9872947

I don't know them, why should I care? I don't go around pestering strangers.

>> No.9872958

If you're clearly retarded, I'll put up with your shit. If you're autistic or have Asperger's, someone should've taught you better. I've got family who is affected by quite the severe case, and they know better then to do that to random people.

I understand that often there hasn't been anyone to teach them that isn't appropriate, but somebody really should make the effort. They're capable of learning right from wrong. They aren't brainless.

>> No.9872968

This is why you're a virgin.

>> No.9872969

I would have an officer personally speak to them first to see if they're actually interested in cosplay before doing something drastic like kicking them out. Though if that's what you need to end up doing, it doesn't seem like there'll be any negative repercussions.

Also fuck I'm jealous your college has a cosplay club. I haven't met a single other serious cosplayer in my time at uni and I graduate in a year. It's pretty lonely not having people to talk about costumes or cons with outside of conventions and online.

>> No.9872971

>be a guy and go to a cosplay club to spend some free time
>get labeled a creep and get kicked out just because of my presence

>> No.9872972

I sincerely hope this is an elaborate troll because you're both being completely fucking paranoid.

>> No.9872974

How so? The way they act is weird if they're actually interested in cosplay.

>> No.9872977

Your president is right, and the other officers are being dumb.
Tell me exactly how they're being 'weird'. If you can't explain it other then using the word 'weird' then you have no right to kick them out.

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>find out my sister is starting a booby patreon
>scream "BE GONE THOT"

>> No.9872982

You still have Rr, you could have adorable red/green babies still, have a ton of them, do a yard sale, I believe in you and the power of love.

>> No.9872983

Yeah nah man. It's fucking creepy regardless of his true intentions. Heavily autistic people creep me the fuck out even as 6'1" man who weighs 200lbs. It's like a more volatile and invasive child in the body of someone who can do real harm. On top of I like to be left alone and hate when people approach me because of my own anxiety.

It unerves me deeply.

>> No.9872984 [DELETED] 

Honestly, I've usually found those who people claim to be 'heavily autistic' actually have down's syndrome.

>> No.9872985

Some people with down syndrome can actually be alright. They're just slow but not strange like people far down the spectrum. But if I can I always avoid any interaction because it makes me uncomfortable.

>> No.9872988

Honestly, I've usually found those who people claim to be 'heavily autistic' actually have down's syndrome. There's a dude in my town who habitually unnerves people in the community, and they usually think he's autistic. I know the dude. He has down's syndrome. I'm more lax toward people if they're legit retarded. He usually does have a guide with him in town, but they don't work on weekends when the local convention happens unfortunately.

>> No.9872991

Sorry, I had deleted that to give clearer clarification.

>> No.9873000

Responded to the wrong person

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Birth control causes fatness? What else does it do? Some have said it can cause mental instability too.

>> No.9873006

>tfw my bf would look gorgeous in lolita but don't know how to approach the subject

>> No.9873010

Offer some sort of sexual favour that he'd really like.

>Hey you want to fuck my face?
>Put this AP on first

My gf lets me leave marks on her if she can put makeup on me.

>> No.9873011

It depends on the girl, it can have both negative and some positive effects
>weigth gain
>weight loss
>boobs get bigger
>boobs get smaller
>skin clears up
>mood swings
>beautiful hair
>shitty witch hair

>> No.9873014

I don't want to bribe him, I want this to be something we share together

>> No.9873018

Let's get the obvious out of the way: Have you tried talking to him about it?

>> No.9873023

No even though that's obviously what I should do

>> No.9873026

I think bribing him initially will do the trick. I don't think there are many straight men out there who even if they did want to be dressed up in lolita would admit it even if probed by their partner.

Bribing him gives him an excuse to save his masculinity and pride which is an absolutely huge thing for us. If he says no even with the bribe then you know he's definitely not interested at all. If he says yes then continually bribe him and one day he may just want to wear it for funsies.

I sometimes I asked my gf to put some concealer on me or foundation before I went out because I became more comfortable with wearing it afterwards. Obviously I wouldn't go out with a full face on or anything because hard limits. But bribing is the best way I think to go about it, any other way I think he would just feel he's being feminised and made less of a man especially considering it's lolita not just some passable woman's clothing.

>> No.9873032

inb4 just lace his drinks/food with HRT pills and ask him in a few months to wear lolita

>> No.9873033

I can give you a link to buy estrogen powder by the gram.

>> No.9873034

its funny you say that because I actually think he's closet trans but he got really defensive when I tried to bring it up and that's a big part of why I don't want to bring this up

>> No.9873036

let me go check on the tor markets
well there you go IF you really think he might be trans I say you test the waters for like 3 months whats the worst that can happen

>> No.9873038

good joke and all but on the 1% chance that you're not trolling I would never forcibly fuck with someone's body like that

>> No.9873039

>girlfriend brings up that she thinks you're a tranny

Jesus Christ, I'd be fucking mortified if a girl did this to me.

>> No.9873040

for real I'd be way to scared to ask what else is on there mind

>> No.9873041

>/cgl/ - Disdain for the mentally disabled & Turning your boyfriend into a tranny

>> No.9873042

I would start with that, THEN move on to bribing.

>> No.9873043

Sex is not a tool I use to get what I want from people, I'm not doing something like that. If there's anything I wouldn't already do with him, I wouldn't change that for this anyway

>> No.9873044

Keep in mind men see masculinity as a survival necessity due to evolutionary reasons. A bribe will help calm that.

>> No.9873047

I never said you have to bribe him with sex. That's the beauty of bribes; they can be anything.

>> No.9873053
File: 39 KB, 720x827, 27332705_937442793078038_8544788990437983225_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People here are such stinkbutts I s2g.

>> No.9873054

Could you fucking not post gore. What the hell is wrong with you?

>> No.9873056

Don't be so dogmatic.

I used to use massages as a bribing tool for my gf even though she knew I enjoyed massaging her. It's a way for parties to feel like their equal in giving something to each other. Even if you enjoy every sex act on the planet, it's not about you. It's about him feeling comfortable and him retaining his personality and his values. You need to be more flexible and pragmatic otherwise what happens if he just flatly denies wearing lolita when it may have been possible to bribe him? You two would both be better off with the latter option. You get what you want, he get what he wants and you get to fuck.

>> No.9873057

Nice chip

>> No.9873064
File: 59 KB, 257x261, 23434930_1526981744054019_8038849373177542040_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw some thot calls me a thot

>> No.9873065
File: 64 KB, 701x420, 4B6846A1-0075-4372-8E4B-B7176213F463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A lot of other medicine can affect it too. My antianxiety shit messed up my metabolism. And I’m probably more anxious now.

>> No.9873069

It's real news, even if it's coming from hustler

>> No.9873075
File: 131 KB, 729x712, 18424001_450318311982369_5189066287530566857_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get a lot of shit for befriending the DDLGs of my comm, but I don't think they deserve to be outcasts. They are gulls just like us... but with diapers.

>> No.9873077

Nah champ, don't fucking let that crazy into your life

>> No.9873078
File: 169 KB, 600x701, Beatrice.full.296011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>strict diet and exercise
>order cosplays from Taobao weeks ago
>anticipate weight and size at time of convention and order costumes based on that
>they arrive a month early before the con
>they are too tight to wear comfortably
I still have a month until the con, hopefully they'll fit comfortably by then r-r-right? 15 pounds down so far, 10 more to go

>> No.9873084

if you do a 1000 calorie deficient diet you can lose up to 20 pounds in a month, good luck anon.

>> No.9873085

Ive gone from 212 lbs to 165 so far, still have more to lose but I almost cried today when I realized that all of my dresses fit again. Some not perfectly, but all without a struggle.

I still have 40 or so more pounds I want to lose, but I am so happy with my progress.

>> No.9873086

Do comms often have those?

>> No.9873092

You're fucking dumb as hell, why would you "anticipate" your size ahead of time? It'd be much simpler to get them at the size you started and have to take them in a bit than expect your fat ass to drop enough INCHES (not just weight) to fit.

>> No.9873097

And also be starbong yourself so as soon as you're 'off plan' cause you will eventually break, you'll balloon up again.

Just eat 'not crap' and 'not a shitload' and work out.
If you take whey as a morning meal replacement and preworkout, you'll have much better, stable and healthy results than starving yourself.

>> No.9873098

Sorry for errors, its my freeday and I'm shitfaced.

>> No.9873100

>You're fucking dumb as hell, why would you "anticipate" your size ahead of time?
Hey, now. People who are disciplined and not braindead do this all the time and it works fine.

Clearly it's a bit too much for the average gull, though.

>> No.9873101

Some do, some don't.
Thankfully for me, personally, if there are any, they keep that shit to themselves

>> No.9873102

>1000 calorie deficit
>actually suggesting 20 lbs in a month

god /cgl/ is so clueless

>> No.9873104

10lb in a month... Ehh
Depends on where you're losing it and where you need to lose it.

>> No.9873105

I am a DDLG. c:

>> No.9873106

>do custom size Taobao cosplay order
>don't anticipate smaller size because weight loss has slowed down now I'm close to my goal
>still lost another 2cm off my waist
>cosplays will probably fit fine, otherwise I can take them in a tiny bit

Feels good to be not retarded and skinny

>> No.9873107

Didn't read that part, sorry.
She's a retard.

>> No.9873109

I lost 18 pounds in a month so that anon really isn't too far off.

>> No.9873112

lmao you must be pretty fat for that to drop off so quickly

>> No.9873116

Planning out your weight loss and literally trying to predict your measurements ahead of time are not the same thing. OP is retarded.

>> No.9873118

Of course it's possible, it's just really unhealthy.
Unless you were incredibly overweight before eating at such a high deficit just means that you're going to be malnourished in some regards, plus once you start eating regularly again your body will be way quicker to put weight back on.

>> No.9873119

You're a daddy dom AND a little girl? waw

>> No.9873120
File: 32 KB, 640x495, 17554582_999683440162868_4972593985380879338_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know a week-long crash diet that'll make me less bloated?

>> No.9873122

that's not the fucking point
losing 18 pounds in a month is a stupid fucking idea, unless you're legitimately morbidly obese

>> No.9873123

Low salicylate diet. You'll be extremely restricted to what foods you can eat, but it works.

>> No.9873139

Don't eat salty food, drink a ton of water
Das it mang

>> No.9873142
File: 509 KB, 800x689, 1482098940127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>place getting sold
>owners are flexible and not rushing to sell
>want to move before "summer rentals" come up and rent prices skyrocket during busy season
>been looking at places
>most out of budget
>some affordable pockets of places around the city
>AA events in a couple months
>probably get rid of old costumes

Love-hate this city, keeping fingers crossed and trying to be positive but it's been affecting me more than I thought. There's several factors for my rental-hunt so my partner and I aren't settling for a roommate setup or a basement suite thing. While people are telling me to keep looking to have several options on hand, I'm so ready to settle on a place if the applicant falls through.

>> No.9873143

>what is skirt
>what is tailoring
>what is custom-made blouse

Yeah, I know that one pieces probably won't fit her, but I still can dream about twining with her.

>> No.9873154

Good job anon! And good luck with the other 40!

>> No.9873163

Where's my Irish bf... One day my prince will come

>> No.9873196

I'm right here, gull

>> No.9873197

Why do you lose weight for cons instead of just not gaining it back?

>> No.9873198

Not really. My 23andme says I'm 99% not likely to have red hair. The blessing stopped with me.

>> No.9873201
File: 61 KB, 609x668, 1499959895839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw crush on an Irish gullfriend
>tfw it will probably never work out

>> No.9873202
File: 1.45 MB, 1200x2133, 20180506_121245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where do I collect my complimentary /cgl/ gf?

>> No.9873206

Ireland hands those things out like fuckin' candy, along with tax exemptions.

>> No.9873294
File: 903 KB, 743x934, FulgrimArt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fasting, I've done it before and you lose all your water weight plus any bloat you're carrying around. Takes willpower but damn if it isn't effective.

>> No.9873309

What's the thing about dating british gulls?

>> No.9873315

>British gulls

>> No.9873318

It takes a thot to know a thot?

>> No.9873319

Braces sister is the cutest sister

>> No.9873328
File: 70 KB, 431x493, 1474862929368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you accidentally find nudes of comm member
Should I tell her?

>> No.9873335

This is the second time I see complains like "tfw no irish /cgl gf"

>> No.9873338
File: 57 KB, 1085x367, 1408498080745.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because we're just a great bunch of lads. The eternal underdogs, hot accents, lovely scenery, our own language/culture that goes back thousands of years and we've contributed a vast amount of shit to the world way out of proportion with the size of the country itself (we have barely over 4 million people). The only thing we'll apologize for is Bono. Fuck Bono.

>> No.9873342
File: 234 KB, 460x464, 873492070.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well in my case the person I like just happens to be Irish, though perhaps Irish people are just generally pretty dope if they're that sought after

>> No.9873344

Whereabouts are they from here?

>> No.9873347
File: 254 KB, 100x99, 1437408688512.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>best friend lost his virginity to a cosplayer and dated her for a year
>then she dumped him for a girl she had yaoi JoJo ERP with on a facebook group

>> No.9873404
File: 195 KB, 1439x1407, image-12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Last con I went to in November had a pretty banging after party
>Some Sanae cosplayer manages to organize a train run on her, complete with even asking people to tally her thighs up with sharpie when they're done
>Why the fuck not, she's butterface but will be blindfolded and in a dim lit room
>By the time I get a turn she has 11 marks in her thighs
>Have fun, was interesting experience but nothing I'd wanna particularly try again
>Get messaged on FB last week
>Apparently she's been trying her best to track down guys who participated because she's preggers and planning to keep it
>Instantly block

Dude like, good luck? Nobody going to take responsibility for a fuckin random con gangbang. If you're reading this, seriously reconsider keeping it. I think it's too late to abort legally by now though? Seriously, good fuckin luck. My guess is someone pulled a fast one and didn't use a condom but you wouldn't know since you were blindfolded. Highly doubt someone willing to do that would care about the consequences.

>> No.9873406

Is this loss?

>> No.9873418

Fuck you I see it

>> No.9873430

I was #7 and someone definitely didn't use a condom. I counted 5 of them on her when I started, unless someone took theirs with them for whatever reason.

>> No.9873437

If she's like most women, she banged the guys hoping to get child support payment.

And FYI ladies, us guys in the younger ages struggle with finding women who are directly going for the baby daddy route.

>> No.9873446

Anime was a mistake.

>> No.9873463

Is this really what goes on at room parties? I'm almost glad my car's engine gave out

>> No.9873467
File: 24 KB, 600x600, 9F2B8E48-AECF-4559-B1AF-4469ABF0A4AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9873489

Sanae is a "good" girl.

>> No.9873493
File: 498 KB, 500x500, 1523615022453.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do you ask?

>> No.9873507

Because we're such a fucking small country I might know them. It's happened before on 4chan

>> No.9873516
File: 359 KB, 400x225, 1523171754319.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ireland being a small country and them possibly knowing who I am are the exact reasons I don't want to be more specific, sorry

>> No.9873519

This reads as some sort of fetish art and idk why

>> No.9873520
File: 86 KB, 800x449, usagidrop04-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw met my husband because he made vague posts about crushing on me and my country's con scene is so small that I knew who he was

>> No.9873522

Ahh what the heck, that's actually pretty adorable. I'm happy for you anon!

>> No.9873675

I need more logistical details: was she prone on her back, legs spread, with your predecessors' jizz gently oozing down the topography of her torso, or was it a classier experience?

>> No.9873683
File: 12 KB, 400x300, 15494019_1220876784665704_939497666_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be me
>Become fatty chan due to medication change a few years ago for a while
>Eventually lose weight and become average
>Still not satisfied
>Develop ED
>Now pretty skinny and underweight
>Still feel fat

>> No.9873685

>My guess is someone pulled a fast one and didn't use a condom but you wouldn't know since you were blindfolded
How retarded can you be? Outside of making her pregnant, it's not like women are the only ones who can get STDS, especially when we're talking about random consluts. I hope she finds the father, decides to abort and milks his wallet dry anyway.

>> No.9873732
File: 50 KB, 600x600, 1520532770305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Being brown and into J-fashion is kind of a hassle, because I need to think ahead and adapt color schemes to work with my skintone more than someone who's just tan or something would. Most of the J-fashion inspo I see is of pale people, but it's easier now than ever to find dark-skinned inspo, which is nice. It's just an extra step that makes me reeee.
I actually like my skin color and get complimented on being "caramel" a lot, but still. It's almost like being chubby and needing to dress to flatter my figure, except I didn't choose this fate.

>> No.9873756

I had the opposite happen to me....

>be normal
>get sick
>lose weight
>look really hot when I'm thinn
>get better
>be normal again
>cry daily and try weird ways to starve myself
>work out until 4am and get a couple hours of sleep

>> No.9873768

She organized it anon, and guaranteed she was aware some guys were backback and was pk with ot at the time. If she hadn't been, she would have got someone to help her confirm.
Her beong blindfolded and unable to find the daddy without explicit confessions was a fucking blessing.

Not an invested party here.

>> No.9873784
File: 138 KB, 392x469, be careful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My mom is super supportive of me cosplaying and this is generally really nice. She always insists on posting pictures of my costumes to her facebook and she likes to look up the character and what they're from. This normally isn't a problem, but I just finished a cos for a character from a pretty hardcore eroge and I just really don't want her to look the character up and see what she's from.

>> No.9873811

Find a char with similar hair etc, and just say it's a different outfit. If you can find one that's close and from a video game then you probably won't have any issues.

>> No.9873823
File: 143 KB, 642x700, breathing in.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that moment when you realize you're probably one out of the 5 people single in your whole Star Wars costuming community in your area
>the other four don't want you
>also mfw you see the cosplaying kids from two cosplaying couples exchange pleasantries (juvenile flirting) while you never done that shit yourself

I really should get my shit done right, i'm feeling like i'll be the only loser who goes to cons with the parents (dad) at the age of 20, but without ANY kind of date.

>> No.9873828

>tfw all your friends are eye raping the thicc cosplay girls
>I'm not into it and point out thinn, small and cute grill
>everyone gives me shit
>everyone thinks I'm a closet lolicon


>> No.9873833

Man I would just really love if my wife would stop coming home with tales of men flirting with her and stop hiding her phone.

>> No.9873840

People do eroge cosplays?

>> No.9873841

>fat but losing weight
>diets pretty good, completely cut out soda and sugar from tea recently
>flat tummy but huge rolls just below underbust
>already have a big ribcage + broad shoulders but this looks so awful
im never going to fit in to cute clothes :( i'm aiming on dropping another 7 kilos by the end of the year if possible, but i don't think I'll fit any of the styles I like then.

>> No.9873870

For real. STDs are no joke, I'm not getting herpes from some fucking Road Hog cosplayer's jizz inside some skank puss. I'm sure it's make the experience feel more "gritty" and immersive but I'm not risking a lifetime of blistered nuts just for a night of fun. I do know that some of the guys in the group definitely looked the "scumbag bareback yolo" type. Especially that fuckin Road Hog.

Sure dude.
She was on her back, legs spread, pillow propping her hips upward for easier entry and more comfort for her. No spunk from previous person because we all were supposed to be using condoms. She had a big box of them along with a bottle of lube. There were two connected rooms, one being a "waiting" room where you could just drink or whatever while you wait.You got privacy with her (except for 2 dudes who went in at the same time). When you were done you just tie the condom up, throw it on her or the bed, sharpie her thigh, and walk out. Anything above the breasts were off limits for graffiti, but she was covered with "slut" "whore" "public toilet" etc. and drawings of dicks. She asked for no photos or videos but as far as I can tell she had no way to enforce that so maybe someone has something on her.

Most guys just drank a few beers in the waiting room, some went more than once. I just hung around a little after and was thinking of going a second time but decided against it and bounced.

Who knows. I don't regret the experience but it was less hit than I thought it would be.

>> No.9873873

Even as a dude, that entire story just makes me physically ill.

>> No.9873899

You can also do skin lightening if you wanted, but it sounds like you’re fine as you are

>> No.9873900

What character is it? You might be able to pass it off as a different character from something else.

>> No.9873905

i've gone insane. i can't even pull off good cosplay as a manlet.

i'm a 5'5" manlet, and for the 29 years i've been living, I'm nothing but a pawn to lanklets and people of normal height. whenever someone looks at me, all credibility or say that I might have as an ordinary human is completely thrown out the window. for a while I was extraordinarily bitter. i went full autismo in uni and frequently sabotaged other classmates' work so that I could get a leg up on them, and I ended up graduating with high honors and decent research. i didn't feel bad since being short is legitimately a disability, but an unrecognized one.

then I realized that out in the real world, my height would be all that matters. employers see my putrid visage and instantly reject me. while interviewing for grad schools, i can see the adcom's grimaces on their faces as they see my stubby stout little limbs. i now work at best buy after graduating from a top 10 in EECS, all because of my manletism and I've finally learned something.
it's absolutely pointless to rebel against the taller folk. the universe has carved out a role for me and that's one of the ultimate servant and jester, the little guy whose only purpose is to bring amusement to the gifted. i didn't want to accept this, but I knew it even back then whenever I instinctively lowered my head and voice in the presence of a genetically superior, tall male. i'd try hard not to let out a whimper whenever I was being scolded by someone with more vertical length than me, and I found myself being more accepting of whatever they said. they were superior to me and always will be. I know this now. so then, i've become a cuck.
a genuine c.uck who humiliates himself in front of women so that other men may look more attractive, and and a c.uck who does favors for every single person who asks him. this is the best I can do as a manlet. i am the eternal virgin c.uck manlet. i am proud to be a dog for the genetically superior.

this is my life

>> No.9873906
File: 88 KB, 310x464, killme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me, friend in 6th grade introduces me to manga
>be super close to friend until horrible fallout due to dumb middle school drama
>years later we become friends again, find out everything that happened in the past was a misunderstanding
>will see her tomorrow for the first time in years, nervous as heck, im a neet meanwhile shes super successful

I feel that if i wouldnt of met her i would be a completely different person today, and that thought is scary. i honestly thank her for a lot, anime has brought me so much joy in life even at the worst of times. Though im a neet ive always been a hard worker and im sure ill get back on track and out of my depression this year- i just really didnt want to see her again until i became successful as well. i just feel horrible that i have nothing to show for at the moment

>> No.9873907 [DELETED] 
File: 175 KB, 600x600, 1520986595680.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that sounds... surprisingly well organized.

Probably better run than a decent number of cons.

>> No.9873909
File: 212 KB, 600x600, 1520986595681.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that sounds... surprisingly well organized.

Probably better run than a decent number of cons.

>> No.9873913

what do u mean by less hit, like she didn’t seem like she enjoyed it ?

>> No.9873917

Nayrt but he probably meant "hot" but made a typo.

Probably not her first rodeo.

>> No.9873918
File: 137 KB, 1024x698, Planning-Training-around-your-Menstrual-Cycle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OMAD or just fast. Or sauna, massage, 24 hour compression garment wearing.

Basically you should of just not eaten shit for the past couple of weeks if you knew you had an event coming up.

>> No.9873922

It's Nemu Manaka, haha. I can't think of anyone who looks like her.

It's a dumb thing to do, but I don't mind. No one will recognize me, and if they do I doubt they'll want to admit they played the game lmao.

>> No.9873927

I hate to say it, anon, but I think you need a new wife.

>> No.9873931

nyart but i don’t understand most of the terminology on here...

>> No.9873942

Ok...what do they mean by "perception of excretion"?

>> No.9873943

Quality pick but Rinne is bestgirl

> if they do I doubt they'll want to admit they played the game lmao.
lol speak for yourself.

>> No.9873958

As it sounds:
changes in menstrual, urine and bowel output, sometimes you feel like you only need to pee a little but then it's like Niagara Falls. This comes from issues within the body trying to excrete excess water from bloating, not all women deal with it and it is affected by water, medication and other factors.
Can also be used to describe the mucus produced and the different coloring's seen during a menstrual cycle.

>> No.9873966
File: 71 KB, 960x720, nazuna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Say it's Hidamari Sketch's Nazuna in her "winter outfit".

>> No.9874036

so i posted here a few months ago complaining about maybe graduating in a useless field of study, while i still think my ba is useless i did graduate today, yay no more paying for skool

>> No.9874081

Beatrice from umineko? The hairstyle isn't very common.

>> No.9874084

>deleting your first post because the hat had MAGA on it

>> No.9874085

Why am I so bad at filling in seams? It looks fucking terrible. Jesus christ.

I'm never going to be able to talk to qt cosplay girls when my prop looks like trash. ILL BE MOCKED!

>> No.9874115


>> No.9874177

I've noticed Predatory Lesbian has been absent from these threads for a while now, probably found herself a cute straight girl to brainwash and prey on.

>> No.9874183
File: 132 KB, 679x679, 1522423922708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no Predatory Lesbian to brainwash me

>> No.9874185

Congratulations, you're probably already gay.

>> No.9874190

They're probably just autistic, and I don't mean that in a negative way as I am autistic myself.
Autistic people often have weird body language or mannerisms that can make people not used to it feel uncomfortable cos it's "weird"

>> No.9874280

>be white girl
>overhear a table of asian cunts bad mouthing asian men
>my k-drama tier bf joins me for lunch
>all the bitches give me the slant eyed stink eye

Damn it feels good to be white

>> No.9874281
File: 1.90 MB, 384x216, 1452917464877.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sound so cute, anon, go and brainwash me

>> No.9874291
File: 106 KB, 679x509, 1521497899734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw my brainwashing work is going well & I finally have the perfect servant

>> No.9874293

Is anyone else having trouble accessing Taobao store pages or using its search function? I can see items just fine, but my connection times out when I try to actually look at any store.
I've tried using Tor and switching browsers.

>> No.9874294

nice larp whitey

>> No.9874296


>> No.9874307

100% this is what happened

>> No.9874309

Me too but I never get any from people I like.

>> No.9874318

Depends on how much you liked them.

>> No.9874330
File: 26 KB, 476x417, 1519689981080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no bf to spend the evening drinking and tandem shitposting with

>> No.9874334

You sound like such a dream anon.

>> No.9874335
File: 289 KB, 680x695, b23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn I was hoping nobody saw.

yeah, I didn't notice it had a MAGA on it until I posted it, so I deleted and reposted because a /cgl/ feels thread isn't the place for politics

>> No.9874337

Ouch, you don't have to be sarcastic like that. I know my dreams are humble.

>> No.9874339

Your shitposts are the drips of sunlight that give me hope at night anon. I always thought I was shitposting here alone but we've been dancing together the whole time.

>> No.9874343

Poetry and visual imagery in a pick up line is the cringiest way to make a first impression on a girl.

>> No.9874344
File: 86 KB, 396x359, 1493773748874.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Y-you too anon. Even if you're just joking, thank you for humoring me. Let's keep doing our best!

>> No.9874355

>tfw no brolita bf

>> No.9874358

>implying shipost anon isn't already slightly flustered wondering if im joking or not
[Spoiler]I'm not joking. [/Spoiler]

>> No.9874399

Messing with your big sister is truly one of life's great pleasures

>> No.9874414
File: 42 KB, 478x358, 28279262_2006167629600228_5530902044795331470_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been hanging out with /cgl/ girl a lot
>like her, but don't see this really going anywhere
>mfw I was just let go from a long-term relationship and it's just nice to have arm candy again
Hello, cosplans.

>> No.9874419

I feel so ashamed of myself, this is filthy and disgusting, not to mention dangerous and I'd never ever do it, but reading this is so hot.

I'm an embarrassment, gulls.

>> No.9874423

I jerked out to this, although afterwards I felt nasty almost instantly.

>> No.9874424

I won't lie, it inspired a really interesting session
My fantasizing was probably a lot better than the reality.

>> No.9874425

>tfw to gf to feminize me into a qt girl

>> No.9874426

>doesn't even proofread his shitpost

>> No.9874456
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I'm renting a hotel room with friends and they keep using my lotion without permission.

>> No.9874467

Get one of those waisttrainers, they distribute everything evenly to make it look better underneath clothes.

>> No.9874474
File: 716 KB, 713x785, 1448307327991.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Literally nothing wrong with that

>> No.9874478

>shit that never happened.txt

Sup r/asianmasculinity

>> No.9874490
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T-thank you anon

>> No.9874540

Put tea tree oil in it.

>> No.9874541

Too twoo

>> No.9874543
File: 77 KB, 655x582, 1523942891033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no yandre ita gf to beat the shit out of me, break my legs, duct tape me to a chair in her basement, and force me to shitpost on /cgl/ all day

why live?

>> No.9874617

I should stop watching cmvs on youtube, like why can't I be in lesbians with a cosplayer that would enjoy video taping shippy stuff T_T

>> No.9874619

I think fasting is supposed to be really good , and there is no loose skin either and other health benefits. There might be a thread on /fit/ if you're interested but either way it's very important you make it a habit to get regular exercise, like running for a while each day. Eating proper meals and 0 snacks inbetween is very good thing to do . good luck anon do the best you can
America causes fatness.
>A lot of other medicine can affect it too. My antianxiety shit messed up my metabolism. And I’m probably more anxious now.
it's the same with all these things. People want to target the effect not the cause, but they just end up polluting their body with chemicals which cause even more problems behind the scenes. Do what you want and I don't mean to disrespect you, but I recommend throwing it all away and living naturally like humans are meant to live. The real you is who you are without pills and the only way you can grow as a person is if you overcome anxiety yourself. (and this is coming from an autistic shut-in neet who can't even hold a phonecall, but I'm trying my best)

>> No.9874645

>I recommend throwing it all away and living naturally like humans are meant to live
Don't do this. Take your medicine and if it's not working find a different medicine. The natural you like many of us is a brain juice nightmare that need these chemicals to fix us. You have to be extra vigilant about diet while on them but you'll just be a fat wreck without them. You can lose weight on medicine. It's just harder when you do slip in your diet so be extra vigilant.

>> No.9874647
File: 2.90 MB, 200x200, 1492954197338.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have been using easy, consistently paying work as a crutch for 8 months.
>Finally get made redundant, have two weeks left.
>Pressure is a great motivator. Finally working on getting my store up.
>Generally nonchalant 'want to die' attitude right now.
>Didn't go in to work today because I accidentally slept in.
>Going to sew instead.

>> No.9874666

He'll most likely be thinking the same thing. As long as you keep things chill and relax, he'll be relaxed too

>> No.9874674
File: 1.16 MB, 480x358, stop it get some help.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw there are some 'im a salt queen!!!111!! So e d g y!!!!' girls in my comm
>mfw you think being bitter and ~ooooh so salty~ is a cute trait that sets you apart from others in a positive way
>mfw I want you to stop telling me you post on cgl every five minutes, it isn't some sort of club, 3/4 of the lolita community goes here
>mfw stop it
>mfw you need help

>> No.9874698

Same deal. You're put on a pedestal and will need to initiate contact, and be ready to affirm and reaffirm the partner's appeal.

>> No.9874706

The funny thing is that I've accepted my role as the initiator as a man, so I just live and let die now. I've been rejected enough to where a simple 'no', to a first date request, really doesn't faze me.

>> No.9874707

"Living naturally" went out the window with technology. Cities, internet, electricity, not dying before you're 40 etc...all of that is pretty fucking unnatural, are you also suggesting anon goes and lives with some rural tribe in the Amazon or something?

>> No.9874708

As a side note, why aren't more people like this? It's a pretty liberating feeling to know that when you finally do meet a girl you like, that you don't need to be afraid of telling her how you feel.

>> No.9874710

I wish it really wasn't that way anon
I'm sitting here on a really awkward uncomfortable fence with man haters on one side, oblivious idiots on the other.

>> No.9874713

I mean if that's how you view women I doubt any of them would really want to date you.

>> No.9874719

Yeah anon, why do you feel that way?
If you run into actual misandrists why dwell on that? It's their problem not yours. If you're trying to ask a girl out and she doesn't recognize it, make your intentions clear in a tactful manner. If you are comfortable with taking a chance, be open amd honest. If it feels like you're being jerked around because you've made your advances and she still doesn't acknowledge them as such, make a judgement call about when to move on.

Just be honest, be comfortable with honesty about how you feel, and be mature. Remember, treat someone the way you would want to be treated (or a sibling) if the roles were reversed.

>> No.9874727

Hold on guys.
I'm a woman.
I might be bi, but I'm not coming from an /r9k/ perspective here.

>> No.9874743

I wish I could be you.

Rejection hurts too much. I'd rather live in the fantasy where she might say yes to me rather than risk having that fantasy destroyed when she says no.

>> No.9874747
File: 60 KB, 540x416, feels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bf breaks up with me last night
>then he decides he wants me again
>re-breaks up with me today

I've been mind fucked and idk where to go from here

>> No.9874751

Move on. He's playing with your feelings and you'd probably find a better guy down the line who won't treat you like that.

>> No.9874754

>be ready to affirm and reaffirm the partner's appeal.
I guess I hadn't thought too hard about the other side. How guarded I am around women I don't already have some level of trust in probably gets misinterpreted

>> No.9874756

Thanks anon, I'm trying but I feel a bit lost. I just don't know who to talk to about it since it seems so silly. I woke up in the best mood today because hey, he loves me and we worked through our problems
but nope, it all got worse. And now I'm venting to you because I don't know what else to do. I feel numb. Don't even know how I could have prevented it aside from literally turning back the clock and going all the way back to the start.

>> No.9874761

Relationships ending are hard, because it's change and people don't like change, especially emotional change. But sometimes it's for the best, if he's shit and treating you like this then you need better. I've been in your position before and i realised that i'm capable of finding a guy who will actually treat me kindly.

>> No.9874764

i agree with this anon, i missed so many potential life changing relationships because i thought my ex could change.

>> No.9874775

He was/is lovely. He just sucked at dealing with his jealousy and eventually that got in the way of things.
The thing is, there were decisions I made months and months ago which caused him to feel like this, and it makes me think it was my fault.
We were better than ever for a few hours, and then out of nowhere it was like he just...woke up.

But thank you anons. I just need a hug and a shoulder to cry on right now. I feel bad shitting up the feels thread with my bullshit.

>> No.9874782

These are feels threads so don't feel bad. Just think about what you really need/want.

>> No.9874789

Thanks <3
I just need him back (I know I don't really, I just need myself, but that's how I feel right now) and I just wish it could go back to how it was.
This is a crap feel.

>> No.9874791

That looks exactly like my cat, he even licks his belly fur off like yours

>> No.9874795

don't take him back. it'll be better for the both of you, it's unlikely he'll get over what you did and you shouldn't have to go through the stress of him breaking up/re-breaking up with you

>> No.9874796

Some real talk nigger.

I'm an extremely jealous guy. I have tried over and over again to stop myself because I go insane. Ended up with my literally stalking my exgf when she was out clubbing with friends and dragging her ass home at 11:30 because she drank more than what she texted me she did and I made her cry her eyes out apologising to me.

In all of that, nothing was ever her fault and I hate myself for what I did. I promised myself I wouldn't get into another relationship until I sorted myself out.

It's not your fault!

>> No.9874798

take him back tho

>> No.9874800


>> No.9874804

Don't bother with a guy like that anymore.
People change, he isn't what you need, you aren't what he needs anymore.
Wish you luck anon.

>> No.9874805

Thank you. He doesn't want me back anyway so that shouldn't be hard.

Thanks anon. He wasn't even jealous of me now, he was jealous of things in the past. And therefore he hates me for it. I don't even understand what I did wrong, I just followed my heart really? Sorry about this word salad, I'm kind of crying right now

he dont want me bruh

>> No.9874807

Just find a guy that actually gives a shit about you? It shouldn't be too hard.

>> No.9874817

Yeah I know what he's feeling. I hated when my ex discussed things from her past.

I can't tell you why he's like that but it's an awful way for him to be because it'll eat him alive and hurt the people closest to him. Best thing you can do if you love him is to leave and don't turn back, he needs a hard dose of reality until he understands what he's doing is wrong.

>> No.9874824
File: 181 KB, 450x450, QK_1525748609141.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you have become so desensitized that losing the love of your life wouldn't be a very big emotional hiccup

>> No.9874828
File: 359 KB, 808x800, 1492027997883.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>con at the end of the month
>want to do rewears
>try them on out of boredom
>pants can't get past my thighs
What the fuck do I do now?

>> No.9874879

The heck, I'm an autistic neet too, but anti-anxiety meds fuckin saved me from a self destructive spiral of catastrophization (which autists are prone to do). Everyone's different, you can't blanket statement that shit. I found a med that didn't cause weight gain, and it may have taken half my life to do that, but it was freaking worth it.

>> No.9875009

Freedom also went out the window with civilisation to build it all.
But also people could survive to the same age as today yet they were healthier and stronger and better instead of being artificially kept alive by pills when they can't even move or remember their own name.

>> No.9875012

You still are. Blaming others is a very /r9k/ thing to do when talking about relationships.

>> No.9875097

Holy shit. I do that. My biggest one is being so scared of divorce that I don't even want to get into a relationship because that would start the ball rolling towards marriage and then the eventual divorce.

>> No.9875130

Exactly the same for me anon, it's fucking terrifying. If I ever got divorced I would honestly just an hero or throw my life away in some foreign war, not because of attention or depression or selfish reasons etc.. but because my life would genuinely be over at that point.
The problem is that the sexual revolution has made people incapable of love. They fuck a new guy/girl every night, their relationships last only until the thrill has gone or only while it's convenient to them, everyone is CONSTANTLY looking for something better , and when they reach their 30's - only because they are unable to keep up that lifestyle - they "settle down" and have 2 kids , but it ALWAYS ends in divorce because their mind never grew out of being a selfish teenager. And then their children are raised to repeat this same sad cycle.
I've seen this exact thing play out over and over again and it's just depressing

Is this an /r9k/ view to hold?

>> No.9875136

>Is this an /r9k/ view to hold?
It is but with the divorce rate as high as it is in my country there's a rational reason for the fear. I just take it to an unhealthy level. I mean you're basically flipping a coin whether or not you're getting divorced but that's still fifty-fifty that life could turn out all right.

>> No.9875150

Get up 30 minutes earlier and jog a mile every day.

>> No.9875151

I guess it is but I still stand by that these ideologies meant to "liberate" people have only added to the total misery and hedonism of this world. I really really hope you find a great guy to grow old with who doesn't throw you away like trash the moment he gets bored of you

>> No.9875460

Sounds like youre going without pants. Its the only solution.

>> No.9876638

this is going to make a really awkward conversation in a few years time

>> No.9879194
File: 73 KB, 500x500, 1461944776483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a bit surprised that you didn't get the "love your body the way you are" treatment

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