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"Call the Lolita Police" Edition
>Post /cgl/ feels
>Ignore bait

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>mfw date with /cgl/ girl on Saturday

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Man, I just really love lolita

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Why would you post this with an image? Why would break such a time honored tradition?

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Tfw can't find a nice lacey black bonnet anywhere

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Same, anon

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>tfw bought a 3F one and an AATP one off yahoo auctions two weeks ago
They'll come, anon. Just give it a week, one will inevitably pop up. Or you could commission one, the Advent Store on Etsy even had one in stock earlier today.

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>tfw fighting with gf before a con

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>that moment when you realize the drama you've been putting in /cgl/ regularly could be prevented and even as an anon people recognized you more than once

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Thanks for the rec, anon. I'm honestly really liking that advent store one but on the fence about the beads. What I really want is that fabulous Elpress L one but it's never in stock in their shop.

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>recently moved out and debating weather or not I should start buying figures of my waifus

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I haven't moved out and I already own 3 dakis of my waifu. Parents think it's weird how I can still bring girls home whilst having them on my bed but they don't interfere.

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Do you gulls living in apartments hear your downstairs neighbors through the floor? My downstairs neighbor is a ghettoass woman who talks on the phone loudly for literal hours, every day. Wakes me up, every morning. Constant smoker-sounding voice speaking in staccato booming all morning and evening. Is it me being stupid by being driven nuts by this or is she actually an obnoxiously loud uncooperative person who deserves my hate

>when she’s outside she’s basically shouting
>I don’t hear her roommates through the floor
>she’s been warned multiple times by landlord to stfu because I put in requests
>I stomped on this floor this morning and she goes SHUT UP SHUT UP YOU AINT DE ONLY ONE DAT LIVE HEE YOU NEED TO GO LIVE IN A GROUP HOME
>mfw feel trapped and anxious in my own place because of her, the retard blasting bass across the street out of their car as they sit on the porch, and my disgusting male roommate

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>Probably don't write off those all of those girls interested in your hobbies as just the 'gf' of someone in the hobby
When they're sitting in the corner on their phones and not talking to anybody and only giving one-word responses or "I'm so and so's gf/wife" when I try talking to them, I'm pretty sure they're not there of their own volition.

Whatever you decide, just know that it's a very slippery slope. I only started about two years ago and I already have more figs than I can display at once. About half of them are sitting in their boxes in my closet and I rotate them every few months.

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Man I just really dislike you

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As far as I can tell, my downstairs neighbors have been remodeling their entire apartment for the last 6 months. It's fucking retarded how much noise they make and every time we confront them about it all we get is "Noise? What noise?"
Filing complaints with management doesn't do anything, either because management hates us.

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call the cops on her.
When I had neighbors who would blast bass beats so loud it shook my walls while I was pregnant, I called the cops to ask about my options. They told me there is no time limit on neighbors being such noise burdens. I thought I couldn't call the cops until after 10 pm, but they sent a car out and gave them a written warning for being a public disturbance.

I would say, call your landlord and tell them you plan on calling the cops on the neighbor if the landlord cannot get them to cut the crap. It looks bad on a landlord if the cops start getting called to their property. What are the odds of her having pot or some other illegal thing there?

When I called, there was 10 children + 1 man alone with 10 children. He was drunk and smoking a bong sitting next to a baby. Pretty sure he went to jail because after that the bass beats stopped but when he came back they started again. So my husband got his bass out and his amp and pressed it against our shared wall. Started playing his own bass beat and he would just slowly turn the amp up until his playing completely drowned out their music. Then he kept turning it up. Turned out our amp could beat their crappy subwoofer.

Then they came over to us and asked us to turn it down and we said "Uh, I thought we weren't required too."

But seriously the only solution is to move. Bad neighbors that are a constant noise disturbance are the absolute worst and WILL drive you insane.

I also suggest putting a nail against one of her tires early in the morning/late at night so when she leaves, she impales her own tire and it slowly leaks until it's flat somewhere in town. Really impossible to pin a nail in a tire on someone. Just wear gloves.

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>Really impossible to pin a nail in a tire on someone. Just wear gloves.
I like you.

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>Nail in a tire
Protip: Angle it so it punctures the sidewall. Any tire shop can plug the tire if the puncture is through the tread/belts (usually for free and a few minutes of your time) but if the sidewall gets ruptured you're out a whole tire.

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I used to hear my upstairs neighbors in both my first and second apartments. I could hear them have sex. Really fucking awkward.

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I'd never buy a daki, if(when?) I ever reach that point I'll just bite the bullet and buy one of those meme sexdolls, customize it to make it look like one of the wiafus.

It's that bad, huh?

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Why can't we be cool like Japanese people?
Q.Frash in the house.

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You are not shit, thank you for being you.

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She’s not like vibrating the walls or anything, just a VERY loud talker so there is always the din of conversation starting at 9 am (this wouldn’t wake people on a normal sleep schedule but I have class/work late and sleep late). It used to be so bad it was like she was in the room with me but the landlord warnings have at least took that edge off, so I should be thankful for that. But she’s still the bane of my existence and indeed wearing on my insanity let alone ability to be happy.

I’m afraid of calling the cops or confronting her directly because she KNOWS it’s me hating on her and I’m afraid she’ll do something to my adult trike (I know lol), my main mode of transportation, that I have to keep chained up outside.

I wanna do something mean on the day I move out this summer. Not illegal, but mean af. She has to know it was from me.

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So which one of you gulls where on infowars? https://twitter.com/nobody_stop_me/status/991741815765241857

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>that wholesome feel when you realize you got your dad into cosplay and it helps him ease away his problems and meet more people

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will someone just reply to this with "dump his ass" plz

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just for you nonny.

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>Parents think it's weird how I can still bring girls home whilst having them on my bed

That's alpha as fuck.

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Realdolls cost a lot of money. Plus the daki is not there for sexual purposes, more just a physical (
very good if you sleep on your side because it will align your hips) and emotional comfort item. Like a comfort blanket. That's what they're primary design is for anyway.


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all crossboarders who don't care about /cgl/ topics but still come here should kill themselves

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OH reserve, yeah whatever then everything is fine then.

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dump his dumb ass

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dumb his dump ass

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ass his dump

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lmao this pic. I'm so excited for AN.

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Antique Beast.

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daki's are still retardedly expensive

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You can't afford a $40 pillow cover?

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God, they both sound idiotic.

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I can but why would i? That's 40 bucks for a fucking pillow case. It's the principle of the matter.

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A good quality cover costs at least $100 before shipping.

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I don't know dude, depends on what you want. I buy them because they give me emotional and physical comfort.

I have oppai inserts, get them made out of tricot material, a proper inner pillow which ends up being like $300 and then I chose a perfume I put on them to associate with my waifu.

If you have no need for those things, then don't buy them, a daki is much cheaper than a figure. I was just making the point that you didn't need to wait until out of home to start indulging in your waifu love.

Where the hell are you buying your dakis from?

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put multiple nails in her tires. It doesn't matter if she swears it's you, if there's no proof, it's her being a fucking bitch after you made a complaint against her. Just be calm and present the best you can to the cops of being a model citizen with well rationed conversation and genuine emotions. don't be afraid to call the cops, you should and it will at least put her in her place. if it enrages her, take video and call the cops again and the landlord then get a restraining order so the landlord has to kick her out or at least move you to a new unit away from her. If she vandalizes your property, you'll have a police record to establish motive for harassment and I doubt she'll be as calm minded as you. She doesn't sound rational at all.

Don't take their shit Anon. They rely on you taking it and not dishing it. Don't be meek. Stand up for yourself.

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>oppai Inserts
nigga wat

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What are you some sort of fucking normie?


Go hard or go home.

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actually yeah I am apparently...I'm not surprised exactly but I am surprised.

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I have an extremist personality. Either I go balls to the fucking walls with something or I don't do it all. Life is pretty fun that way.

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>tfw no pretty princess gf to spoil

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we're all dating now pic related is us thank you babes

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spoil me anon

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They're from 4chan I don't think you really want that lol.

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Anon this is creepy.

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She's not my gf. We're just hot friends.

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Only if you make it creepy. Most guys that see them are 100% on board with it or just don't care. The girls I bring home are usually very curious to feel them and compare their own boobs. Even girls I don't date like to ask questions about the whole body pillow arrangement.

As long as you own you're quirks, weird interests and don't try to force it on people, most are pretty chill about it. It only gets creepy when you get the weirdos who think it's normal, try to get people to validate them by forcing the conversation towards them and get hostile when criticised or made fun of.

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I'm fortunate to live in an apartment where everything surrounding me isn't up to par for renting out.
The cop may or may not do anything. I had a neighbor at the end of the complex who was in a similar situation, and he called the police because the neighbor would speak very loud on the phone all morning. However, the police told him that there was nothing they could do about loud talking between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. They told him that could only do something if it was a loud bass or siren-type sound that exceeded 70 decibels.

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You could build a pretty basic EMP bomb and just fry her electronics.

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I need to leave lolita for personal reasons, there's really no way around it, but I can't get rid of the association of leaving lolita = I gotta kill myself. I'm not going to kill myself, but I need to start getting rid of my wardrobe and I can't without planning a suicide too. It's really annoying. The option of boxing it all up and chucking it into storage makes me too sad because they could be making someone else happy instead.

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That's pretty fucking hardcore anon. Want to give a little bit more detail?

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I had some personal issues with a member of my local comm and as a mod I can't do that. The comm is small but growing and I don't want to ruin everyone's hard work with the possibility of a rift and the comm's closeness is so rare so the best option is for me to leave. I can't do the lone lolita thing so I'm planning on keeping a few special dresses and giving the rest to my comm members.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to lurk online communities or if that'll be too difficult emotionally. Lolita has been a huge part of my life for 11 or 12 years so you can probably understand why it could be a problem.

>> No.9870962

Why not just step down as a mod citing personal issues/not enough time for the commitment and just continue being a member? Just enjoy the rest of the comm and the friends you made.

Also don't knock being a lone lolita till you try it. It may actually feel liberating.

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I'm really often sick but still have to work, whenever people are on vacation we have nobody to stand in for sick people. I feel like not even cosplaying anymore because all my motivation is gone and theres no energy left in me.

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I meant more the killing yourself thing. I don't understand what you mean by...
>I gotta kill myself. I'm not going to kill myself, but I need to start getting rid of my wardrobe and I can't without planning a suicide too.
Are you sure you're okay anon?

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what. what would be so horrible that you consider suicide an option? please try to get help, i have no idea what couldve happened to put you in this position as i am also a lolita mod thats had issues with members before and things seem to work out one way or another, mutual respect is peace- if you did something out of line just apologize and step down from position of mod, suicide is never an option, and if youre in a position where youre considering giving dresses away you must still care for your comm, try reaching out to some of them that youre close to or your fellow mods if that helps, wish you the best anon please dont do anything stupid

being a lone lolita isnt as horrible as some people make it seem, you can just hang out with one or two friends if you simply want out of the comm as well

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I thought about stepping down and staying but the best option really just seems like leaving it completely. I've worked too hard to keep the comm drama free to let it be ruined by me being petty. I'm giving it a week to see if things resolve without having to do it but I doubt anything drastic will happen. Our issues are not comm related so it would be inappropriate for me to ask that person to leave instead.

I tried being a lone lolita before and it just doesn't make me happy.

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>flouncing this hard
>being this dramatic
Jesus anon, get some therapy and calm the fuck down. People die from terrible shit every day and you're whining about "personal problems", lamenting selling your entire wardrobe and killing yourself because you can't wear this frilly shit alone?
Seriously, get some therapy, this is a load of bullshit and you know it.

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It's an intrusive thought sort of thing. I have mental health issues to begin with so I have plans in place to prevent those thoughts from getting the better of me. Essentially I'm a massive sperg and lolita was my thing so leaving is almost like killing off a part of my identity.

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Aw.. they’re just clothes, your life is worth more than someone’s happiness

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how do you get over her

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Not that anon but I have a suggestion, feel free to ignore if you want.

TL;DR put your dresses in storage *temporarily* while the situation with the other person in the comm cools down. Here's why:

If you're considering suicide, even if it's only recurring intrusive thoughts, it's not a good time to make major life decisions. Giving up lolita sounds like it would be a major life decision for you. I'm also getting a self-destructive vibe - not saying quitting lolita is self-destructive per se, it's not, but if you feel it's a big part of your identity, then you should question whether you might have self-destructive motives in quitting in such a hard-to-reverse way.

So maybe put your dresses into storage and put a time limit - say, 6 months - while you get some distance and perspective. A lot can happen in that time. That person in the comm could quit or move away. You could move away. You might decide being a lonelita is fine after all. Something else unpredictable will happen.

Or maybe none of those things will happen. So when the time limit is up, if you still feel like leaving lolita, you can still sell everything or give it away. 6 months isn't that long in the lifespan of a dress, so it's not like you're just leaving it all to rot, just putting it on ice for a bit. But if you start taking things out of storage and find that you've missed them, you'll be glad you hung onto them.

t. someone who has mental health stuff too, including a long on-and-off struggle with self-destructive thoughts

>> No.9870993

Dammit I proofread the bejesus out of this and still got
>Something else unpredictable will happen.
"will" should be "could"

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Drown your sorrows in lace

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I shot you a message, come talk to me

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Official dakis cost at least a $100, I guess you're buying chink bootlegs since you can not get an unused official daki for $40.

>> No.9871015

Ok let me explain what you gotta do. Figure out what the real issue is. Then fix it. I know this sounds simple, but its the correct course of action. Quiting won't fix it. Kicking the other person out wont fix it. Those are both forms of avoidance. If its not comm related you can do all this outside of the comm. If you have to appologize for something you did then apologize. If you need to forgive them then do it.

>> No.9871016

Yeah official dakis sure. God knows why your paying more for official dakis when they're both made at the same factory by the same chinks. The only difference is the box it comes in and who gets your neetbux at the end of the day.

>> No.9871020

look at this poorfag trying to justify his his shitty knockoff dakis

>> No.9871023

I bet you're one of those fags that actually purchases music with iTunes gift cards and has a CrunchyRoll subscription.

>> No.9871024

And the fact that buying official supports the series/artist I like? No reason to not buy official if you can afford it, buying bootlegs (especially reprints of official or doujin dakis) do more harm than good.

>> No.9871026

To be fair, they are silky and comfy as shit.

>> No.9871029

Bootleg dakis have a wider variety of designs than the one or two released officially. Also deducing from the doujin market, low barrier to entry bootleg stuff like art works actually helps the series by giving fans more zeal.

If it wasn't for the dakis fuelling my love for my waifu, I wouldn't have bought as many official figurines as I already have.

I feel it's more synergistic beneficial than a malice.

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I usually just post petty complaints in here, but for once I want to post my ultimate good /cgl/ feel:

>chubby, tomboyish, ugly & depressed for most of my teens
>don't have any friends, no motivation to better myself, get bullied a lot in school
>discover lolita one day, instantly fall in love with the fashion
>have no money to buy any of the clothes, have saved up enough one day to purchase a BL blouse and skirt (back when their clothes were still dirt cheap)
>putting on those clothes for the first time felt magical (even though I looked ita as fuck)
>instantly know that I want to wear cute clothes like that every day, want to become as adorable and cool as the girls I see wearing it online
Fast forward to now:
>wardrobe full of J-fashion clothes I love, get to wear the fashion every day
>pay attention to healthy eating and fitness, get a lot of compliments on my body & looks
>don't have any more trouble approaching people, able to make conversation easily because I'm finally confident in myself
>found a bf who fully supports my fashion interests & even wears matching outfits with me occasionally

I'm so, so happy with life over all. I feel like I've finally become the person I always wanted to be. People may think that J-fashion is shallow or childish or something like that, but it honestly changed my life and brings me joy every day.
Thank you so much to all the wonderful people that spread J-fashion online and post pictures of it, if I hadn't found lolita that way I probably would have never had the motivation to work on myself and make the most out of my life!

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There's no justification to buying reprinted bootlegs, no matter how you feel like spinning it. If your waifu doesn't have an official one or all the doujin ones are out of print and you can't find one second hand, just use cuddlyoctopus or similar services to get a custom one rather than fucking over official manufacturers, the people behind the series who do benefit from merch sales, and artists who worked hard on getting their own designs printed. I also collect figures but that doesn't magically make bootlegs of other merch okay.
But you sound like a pretentuous twat anyway, talking about waifus but buying bootlegs and showing them off to girls, so I'll give up now.

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>GW AP release
>Brain says it's not really worth for the lack of details, and heart didn't like that print much anyway
>Oh lol other people want it and it sold out
>Now that it's sold out I decide I want the dress set after all.

Sheesh, my brain. It couldn't decide if it wanted the dress yesterday, waited until it was sold out, and NOW it's putting images of the dress to float through my head every 5 mins while I'm trying to study. Geez brain, couldn't you have decided you wanted it yesterday.

>> No.9871126

You don't really want it and should just wait for something you do actually want. You would know if you wanted it without having to think so much about it.

>> No.9871129

I did justify it. Whether or not you accept the justification is on you. You're really upset over this.

Live and let live.

>> No.9871138


I know. My brain's just running on some fear of missing out and keeps coming back to haunt me with "you should have bought it, you'll be sorry when everyone else is wearing it and you're not" every time I put my book down, even though logically I know that it's not even all that popular (the regular release dresses are still available on the webshop).

It'll probably go away after a while, it's just annoying because it's been haunting me all morning so I wanted to vent.

>> No.9871161

You sound a little like you might be one of my comm's mods. Did this happen recently, or have you been away from your comm for a while?

If you want to drop an email, we could talk more privately.

>> No.9871170

>tfw the fetishist pig is the only thin girl on the pic

>> No.9871175

she a cute too

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File: 66 KB, 300x300, 1498530725213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Godd, don't make me paranoid. I just bought a dream dress on WW. I'm the anon you're replying to, and it turns out the dress was listed as a 'D' grade because it had missing neck ties. (I had to email them, all the while nervous someone would buy it before I did) But that low of a grade suggested to me that it was completely trashed up, and the pictures looked fine. It's such a maddening system.

>> No.9871218

Seeing body hair like that disgusts me.
Also the bikini line/snailtrail

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Am I the only one who ever wonders what life is like for this type of girls?

Like what's their deal? What are their friends like? What do they do on the weekends? What do they eat? How often do they hit the gym? What are their hobbies? What is their favorite book and movie? Where do their parents fit in? How often do they switch boyfriends? What are their plans for the future? Their hopes and dreams? And why don't you ever see one in lolita or cosplay?

>> No.9871299

>what is mental illness

>> No.9871302

shit was replying to >>9870970
not >>9871299

>> No.9871303

>this type of girls
What type is this? Conventionally pretty? It's not necessarily a "type", you don't know anything about the woman in the pic or others "like her". Just like no two cosplayers or two lolitas are "a type".

>> No.9871304

fucking shit im on mobile okay

>> No.9871305

...I'm aware anon is mentally ill, which is why I told her it's bullshit and to seek therapy. It's genuine advice, not an insult.

>> No.9871306

I know a girl who has this same 'look.'

>She's an absolute sweetheart and a huge Tolkien nerd.
>Her friends are normal people.
>She spends the weekends with her rescue dog and partner.
>She eats normal food, like Wednesday wings and burgers.
>She goes to the gym like twice a week.
>She's studying Equine Medicine and works at a horse training centre.
>She lives with her boyfriend and her last was years before him.
>She does a bunch of nude modelling and was the full-page spread in an issue of Penthouse last year. Because she enjoys it.
>She doesn't cosplay because she doesn't have a lot of time.

There's definitely a 'type' that these girls TRY to portray with their kind of homogeneous Insta-friendly aesthetic, but it's silly to stereotype anybody based on their appearance.

>> No.9871307

I'm guessing she meant "instagram thot" but didn't wanna outright say it

>> No.9871309

Op is probably a dude.

>> No.9871310

>Starting lolita again after almost 5 years of originally trying and falling out of it because i was too insecure.
>Gained 30lb since then. Need to lose it and not fail this time.
>Cries because i can barely afford brand because i can only work on weekends because of university.
>Need a two month job for the summer that doesn't clash with my current one. Don't think that's possible.

>> No.9871311

I doubt a guy would think about her beyond
>she hot, me smash

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All the more reason to work hard for it, anon. Exercise, eat well, drink a lot of water, and save up your money. Stay dedicated and believe in yourself, you can do it!

>> No.9871336

wow thanks

>> No.9871339 [DELETED] 

Find yourself a cute teenage girlfriend, they're the perfect cure for rebounds and heartbreak

>> No.9871342

They aren't wrong. Hot chicks get dumped a lot.

>> No.9871343 [DELETED] 

And dumb as a bag of hammers.

>> No.9871349

Looks like a more plastic version of my sister. Just make the nose smaller and the chin less jutted out and flatter.

If I was rating my own sister, she would be a 9/10.

Her friends are pretty retarded but she's probably the genius among idiots. She likes to go shopping and go clubbing. Not a whole lot. 2-3 times a week. Nothing, she likes to buy fish and neglect them until they die and watch movies on netflix. She liked 1984 when she read it in school. I don't know her favourite movie. Our parents are divorced and we don't speak to our dad. She wouldn't be able to function as a human being without my mum telling her how to post a letter. Not very often, she's had 3 boyfriends and she's 18. She's studying secondary education. She's just a go with the flow type of person. Don't think she knows what lolita is. She thinks cosplay is cool since she sees her big brother making props and costumes and what I get to wear but she finds anime boring to watch and games boring to play. She does have ADHD so maybe that factors into it.

There you go. She's pretty damn normie except she has almost no social media and her political views where she'll straight out say Hitler was an okay guy. I do love her dearly though.

>> No.9871351 [DELETED] 

So? You're not looking for deep intellectual discussions about the nature of man, you're looking for a young bubbly spirit to shake you out of that funk and remind you that you're not garbage. The vessel of that spirit just happens to be young and cute.

>> No.9871359

You never see one in cosplay or j-fashion because you wouldn't recognise them as 'that type of girl'. There are people who look like that in the community, but you wouldn't put two and two together once they're dressed down opposed to being in costume or alternative dress. All that said, no, I don't wonder what their lives are like. I'd imagine they're just everyday, normal people like most of us with a wide variation in interests, livelihood, and personal life. I've never been intimidated by, or jealous of, conventionally pretty women. That might be why wondering about their lives isn't something I've ever done. They don't have any deal. Why would they have a deal? They're just living their lives like anyone else in the world. You are a silly soul for wondering such a thing.

>> No.9871360
File: 140 KB, 487x530, 19C15CE4-7F1D-4D98-A021-211CFAC00046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve had a lot of feels
>Recently reconnected with HS/College BFF
>Pick up right where we left off
>She remembers me pining after dresses from afar back when we were teens
>Actively encourages me and is supporting when I show her new dresses

>Getting major work promotion soon/raise
>finishing grad school/second masters
>been aggressively saving money for a new car/pay back parents for what they contributed to college
>Budget out “fun money”
>Torn between buying my bf something nice, buying my mom something nice for mother’s day, and buying two of my wishlist items
>already have things coming in for me
>scared they won’t pop up again
Sometimes it sucks being the one with a successful career; I wish I could count on others to buy nice things for me sometimes.

>> No.9871363

Grandpa died this morning. 95 years old and still tried to flirt with nurses to the very end. Thanks for teaching me how to fish, you old geezer.

To make it /cgl/, I've got a Meta OP and a box of cardigans coming in the mail, but I won't see them until I come back from the funeral

>> No.9871370
File: 55 KB, 640x628, 1521531564008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you're afraid that your gullfriend ghosted you shortly after reconnecting with them

>> No.9871378
File: 255 KB, 1277x1131, 1506007436190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Check your mail

>> No.9871382
File: 44 KB, 313x236, dabfield.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That show is hilarious.
>mfw she got constipated again

>> No.9871385
File: 394 KB, 400x400, u8767363022.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw my sadposting actually yielded positive results for once

Thank you for replying and I'm sorry for being so nervous haha!

>> No.9871389

There's a cute boy on this bus that I'm on and I'm too shy to say hello. My stop is in 2 minutes, I guess this is the end.

>> No.9871392

Are you in lolita? Ask him to help find your sheep.

>> No.9871393

Should just write a note with your number saying you're too nervous to speak but you'd like to talk sometime.

I'd think that'd be adorable.

>> No.9871396
File: 205 KB, 1140x1212, minionquotes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only if you're hot.

If you look like me, you'll just be that creepy pig on the bus.

>> No.9871401

As I was working up the courage to speak to him, he got off the bus. I wasn't in lolita, but I am wearing a lolita coat.
Heartbroken honestly.

>> No.9871404

Use this mistake and the next time you see a cute guy you know what to do.

>> No.9871406
File: 32 KB, 113x112, prayforher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw male
>worry that any girl I approach will feel harassed

>> No.9871408

You're right, but also I've just come out of the gym and I probably look as bad as I smell right now. He probably wouldn't have wanted to chat to a girl who looks like she's just exited a pig sty.
Next time.

>> No.9871409

Dude. It's adorable. Unless you're a fucking troll who hasn't showered since birth, still have afterbirth stuck to your skin and over 200kg.

Even if I wasn't necessarily attracted to the girl. I would still find it endearing and my little heart is a sucker for cute shit.

More fish in the sea. Don't you worry.

>> No.9871420

You should have been cute asian girl
git gud

>> No.9871445

This is the future we chose.

>> No.9871454

My 2D waifu never feels harassed

>> No.9871456
File: 15 KB, 320x287, 1521594536011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have to go back.

>> No.9871460 [DELETED] 

You're like 30 aren't you?

>> No.9871469 [DELETED] 

Twenty seven, how about you?

>> No.9871488 [DELETED] 

Oof. You're exactly what I expected.

>> No.9871491 [DELETED] 

Yes, I am exactly the caricature you're imagining in your mind.
Nice to meet you.

>> No.9871502 [DELETED] 

Garbage person.

>> No.9871509

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa anon. I'd love to see your haul when it arrives.

>> No.9871525
File: 319 KB, 480x640, 1355475639368.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>completely rearrange lolita wardrobe
>realise how truly amazing it is in the process
Man I just really really fucking love lolita gulls.

>> No.9871535

Hell yeah

>> No.9871546

Get under an adult that is a peer and not quite a bit older or younger than you.

>> No.9871547

not gonna lie, I laughed really hard at this.

Anon, have you considered just talking to your neighbor face to face? All you have to do is be like, hey ma'am sorry about stomping the other day but I'm a student and the walls here are so damn thin. May I ask you to just be a little quieter. I'll do my best as well. I appreciate it.

>> No.9871549
File: 1.04 MB, 222x255, 588034557789.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seconding this feel. I love lolita and you, anon.

>> No.9871570

why didn't you answer his question?

>> No.9871576

What do you do that you can wear the fashion daily?

>> No.9871579

>How often do they switch boyfriends?
r9k detected.

>> No.9871582

My sister talks exactly like that about women she doesn't like the look of

>> No.9871584

>In my home country, get max. 5 tinder matches.
>All of them because of my picture with final fantasy, but most dislike my gyaru style.
>Goes to Japan for vacation.
>suddenly 99+ likes and 101 matches, most of them complimenting my style.

I feel like I'm in the wrong country to find my dream partner sometimes.

>> No.9871598 [DELETED] 

Does it matter that I'm 25?
At this point in my life, teenagers look like literal children to me, and most of the ones I've interacted with act like it
Some 27-32 yo really actually think they're still part of that crowd, and they justify dating and fucking teenagers, sure, if she's legal whatever, but that's generally not the implication.

>> No.9871602

Hate to burst your bubble, but they're most likely gaijin hunters and only want to hit and quit.

>> No.9871608

Why do you care what he does tho? From what he's saying dating one helped him get out of a rough spot

>> No.9871609

Nayrt but my cousin is in therapy because she dated a 23 year old when she was 15

>> No.9871611

Man I just want to stay in bed all day everyday.There is nothing I particularly care about, work sucks and no one interesting would ever hire me. I just want to bury my head in the sand and never come up for air.

>> No.9871615

Get over her by having meaningless sex. However I recommend using people who are the same age as you. Teenagers are easy and anyone can fuck one because they'll immediately look up to you, but it makes you feel better that you can get someone your own age. More fulfilling.

>> No.9871620
File: 13 KB, 300x168, F89333D6-B822-4503-9C6C-5B4034F4FC36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because of my hobbies I guess (lolita specially), the only guys that are interested in me are max 20 years old. I’m 26 going on 27.
I’m thinking about quitting lolita so I can try to get married and have kids, but that would be so heartbreaking to me.

>> No.9871621

As long as they tell me it's for one night I don't mind as long as they're fun! Better than not finding any suitable guys here the past 6 months.

>> No.9871622

I'm not in therapy, but I had nightmares for a long time about my young dumb self getting involved with a 28 year old loser at an anime con.
That scum is exactly why there are major issues within the con community, and because it's normalized, it's that much harder to get them to fuck off.
They take advantage and manipulate teenagers, they make it into a game and don't even think of them as real people.

>> No.9871627

I’m turning 27 next month and I know that feel (also a lolita). Typically men that are interested in me tend to be at least 3-4 years younger. My current partner is 4 years younger than me but he has his shit together. Not all young men are NEETs, many are mature and goal and family oriented (outside of 4chan I mean).

>> No.9871629

Don’t give up what you love! I’ve had multiple guys love me and my style: half have been older than me, too (I’m 25). The most important thing is living a life that makes you happy. It’s useless to obsess how “marriageable” you are.

>> No.9871634

>tfw just turned 22
A-am I getting too old for this?

>> No.9871635

I haven't worn lolita or gone to a meetup since last year due to my anxiety and depression getting worse, but not going to meets has made it worse so I don't want to go to meet ups which then makes it worse again I'm stuck in this horrible cycle at the minute and starting to think I should just sell my entire wardrobe. I haven't seen any of my friends since before Christmas, I'm just so lonely all the time but can't motivate myself to do anything about it.

>> No.9871636

Go to cons, enjoy yourself, leave the questionably aged kids alone.

>> No.9871638

Depression sucks anon, but it won't last forever.
Save future you the hassle of re-buying your favorite pieces and sell the excess if you need the money.
If you don't have something you immediately want or need, it doesn't hurt to just let them sit for now.

>> No.9871640

Also, it's ok, there's no reason to force yourself into doing anything right now, but that doesn't mean you have to force yourself to get rid of it either.

>> No.9871641

Try starting small by inviting 1-3 girls out for lunch. It's a lot less taxing but still enjoyable.

>> No.9871649

I need a new job but don't have the will to find one. Nothing is interesting or pays any amount of money. Sometimes I just think about quiting my current job and seeing how long I can coast before having to change things up or die.

>> No.9871656

That's awful, what happened that made her need therapy?

Wait so you're putting me, who has been in a committed relationship for a couple of years, in the same category as what happened to you and the guy that did it to you? Am I getting it right?

>> No.9871660

do you even wanna get married?

>> No.9871661
File: 252 KB, 644x660, asscryed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I forgot the safe word and got spanked for nine hours.

I have Saturday tea tomorrow, and afraid I won't be able to sit down.

>> No.9871668 [DELETED] 

You told some anon to rebound with a teenager.
>So? You're not looking for deep intellectual discussions about the nature of man, you're looking for a young bubbly spirit to shake you out of that funk and remind you that you're not garbage. The vessel of that spirit just happens to be young and cute.
And if you don't care enough to hold a conversation with a person, you obviously don't care about them as a person.
So tell me, what in all of your posts explained or illuminated your superior position as someone in a committed relationship?
If you ask me, you're backpedaling hard because you don't want to think of yourself as an ephebophile or as someone abusing their power.

>> No.9871673

Given you admitted that you think your girlfriend is incapable of intellectual conversation, I suppose they are making that comparison.

>> No.9871680 [DELETED] 

Yeah it's called "making a joke", I thought I was still talking to the sad guy who made the question in the first place. I think the two of you are projecting. And if you don't mind me prying I'd really like to know what that guy did to you.

>> No.9871682

It happens to the best of us. One time the safe word was milanoo and I refused to utter such a foul word so the comm leader had me wear a sign that said 'im a stinky ita' all tea long.

>> No.9871686
File: 58 KB, 600x416, 25e05e27adfa9fffa86e802e048e8a83208ea40b73b284d42efd847d9f799af7_preview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I stay loyal in ldr? Need to say, it's not just physical distance, but also we hardly have an opportunity to talk to each other. Ugh, I'm such a piece of shit.

>> No.9871691

Just break up, you're gonna make the two of you miserable by trying and it's just prolonging the inevitable. Better to end it as friends and maybe reunite later on than to end up hating each others guts because you tried to bruteforce it

>> No.9871697

No, you're human.
I was in a ldr, but we had nearly constant interaction in the times we weren't in classes or working.
If you guys aren't chatting online, sharing thoughts or nudes, it really becomes tedious.
You both have physical and emotional needs to satisfy, if you can't spend more time together then that's a big issue.

>> No.9871699

I am 25, but I think I would like Lolita even when I am 50

>> No.9871707

If you can't stay loyal, either 1. be honest and end it here before you make a mistake, or 2. discuss the possibility to have an open relationship to fulfill the needs.

>> No.9871709 [DELETED] 

Wow, you're an entitled piece of shit.
Not only are you saying 'eh, no big deal if I'm putting down my partner, it's anonymous' you honestly expect other people to spill their guts to you so you have the opportunity to pick them apart.
Nah, fuck you.

>> No.9871711

Why didn't you answer this question?
>So tell me, what in all of your posts explained or illuminated your superior position as someone in a committed relationship?

>> No.9871712

>You both have physical and emotional needs to satisfy
There's a girl in my comm (who's taken btw, which makes me feel even shittier about that) and she's so sweet and nice to me. I can't even say I actually like her, I just like her attention and too amorphic to say no. I still like my SO, but I lack some basic interaction so much

>> No.9871715

You sound like you'd benefit from just like, I don't know, a hug or something.

>> No.9871720

LDRs suck. Don't do them.

t. A gull in a LDR

>> No.9871721

If you can't stay loyal in a long distance relationship how can you stay loyal in a normal relationship? There's hardly any difference between the two

>> No.9871733

Why are you getting so worked up? Don't tell me you don't joke around with your boyfriend and it's all 100% serious business all the time.
Plus you were the one who first brought up what happened to you and it's obviously painted the way you look at relationships, so why not talk about it?

Because I thought I was talking to the sad guy and guys don't talk to each other like that:
>I honestly recommend a teenage girlfriend, I was in a really unfortunate place in my life when I found mine and she helped me get back on my feet, I can feel vulnerable around her and she makes me feel valuable
>hey bro forget about that bitch, go find yourself a qt teen to smash, she'll make you remember what it feels like to be a real man, been with mine for two years
Both are true and both say pretty much exactly the same but one would make me come across as a fag and would make it less likely for him to follow my advice.

>> No.9871735

The main requirement for making a LDR work is having a lot of time. If you can't spend the majority of your time together it just won't work.
I'm a super needy person but my current LDR bf and I jerk off together at least a few times a week, we play games together every night, constantly send each other messages and pictures throughout the day etc.; I know it wouldn't work if I didn't have that type of contact with him.

>> No.9871744

If you don't spend time together you won't make it work, it's as easy as that. LDRs are hard enough to begin with. Consider breaking up.

>> No.9871753

If someone is making you more happy than your SO you have to look at your relationship. Staying loyal is easy, as long as you have a healthy relationship.

>> No.9871776 [DELETED] 

Your choice of words matter
You sounded like a complete sleaze bag, and I still think you are, just a different kind now.

You didn't ever say to 'how do I get over her' anon anything other than go for a teen to "shake you out of that funk and remind you that you're not garbage" and that intelligence didn't matter.
If you don't want to look like you think less of your partner next time, try a joke that depreciates the both of you at the same time
>'She's better than me at most things but man can she say some dumb shit'
I would suggest the sentimental route, because that's the type of person I am and the type of advice I give,
>'I had a shit time after blahblah dumped me, but I took a chance on my current girl of two years, she was x age at the time, best decision ever to let some fresh air in'
but really, you ought to have just done what you suggested and said
>hey bro forget about that bitch, go find yourself a qt teen to smash, she'll make you remember what it feels like to be a real man, been with mine for two years
It would have worked out just fine, if he wasn't going to follow your advice it would be because it's shit advice in the first place.

And to finish, I had my vent about that guy, it's buried in the archives and with it I moved on. It was over a decade ago and I can't give the story nearly enough fire to make it interesting again.

>> No.9871780
File: 429 KB, 680x383, ora faith.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm happy for you. Enjoy!

>> No.9871784

Whoops. Just remembered.
I'm 26
Thank you basic addition for helping me put 11 and 15 together.

>> No.9871795
File: 32 KB, 592x283, hell yeah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but it honestly changed my life and brings me joy every day.
>I probably would have never had the motivation to work on myself and make the most out of my life!

I can same about cosplaying, and about Star Wars. It changed my life for the good, and I will always owe that.
Do I have many areas to improve or achieve things? Yes, but I never imagined to be at this level one year ago - who knows how great I could get at this same date next year!

>> No.9871796
File: 1.59 MB, 500x250, 1523487090746.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This made me really happy to read anon, thanks for posting.

>> No.9871798

LAMO!! I got spanked by my husband, not the com.

>> No.9871801
File: 48 KB, 422x387, sixtyniggas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>St. Patrick's
>see some rando cosplaying She-Hulk
>she looked self-conscious
>would have complimented her, but she fat
I still feel like a bad person. I could've made her feel good probably.

>> No.9871802
File: 142 KB, 400x663, 1499402139551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be MALE entering late 20's
>See these posts

Do the rest of us a favor and please stop giving us a bad reputation anon.

>> No.9871805

Look I'm sorry, I guess I should have kept in mind that I was in the girl board when I decided to reach out to the poor dude. But still you're not giving me a fair shake and you are deliberately trying to see your ex in me.
I understand trying to keep other girls safe and keep them from going through whatever it is that you went through but that ain't us.

>> No.9871807

That's the crazy bitch that bakes cookies with her vagina, right?

>> No.9871816 [DELETED] 

>asking for a fair shake
>not acknowledging blame
>shoving off responsibility of a very intentional seeming 'misunderstanding'
>minimizing the experiences and perspectives of others
One, he was not an 'ex' that implies a relationship, which I refuse to acknowledge
Two, I didn't see that guy in your posts, I saw you, a weirdo 27 teen bopper suggesting others follow in your footsteps

I don't need to have 'a past' to see why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch.

>> No.9871817

This gives me hope. Thanks anons!

I don’t want to be a single parent, and I really want kids, so yeah. I just think it’s too much responsibility and costs to do it by yourself.

>> No.9871822
File: 62 KB, 573x322, A189B671-FDF7-46C3-BC85-E8FFC2C216D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nintendo Switch or Country of sweets set?
>Nintendo Switchh or Country of Sweets set?
>starts weekly payment for Nintendo switch
>instant regret

Oh well, I’ll just play Super Mario odyssey until my next paycheck.

>> No.9871832

The blame for what? Trying to talk candidly and honestly to another guy? I'm trying to meet you half way here but you're making it very difficult.
You obviously still have a chip on your shoulder about the dude, you are not as over him as you think you are, Margaret.

>> No.9871834

Being in a healthy relationship looks so nice. I wish I wasn't such a head case, so I could enjoy one

>> No.9871836

Did you honestly expect to have a 'candid' conversation on a public anon message board?

>> No.9871838

I do regularly on the other boards I frequent, /tg/ and /fit/ are wonderful places

>> No.9871839

it's nice probably, but it's hard to find the right person

>> No.9871840
File: 709 KB, 1200x919, 46898230_p5_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you find out you're going to have 36.8 babies.

>> No.9871841 [DELETED] 

Why are you still talking?
Man, I must have really gotten to you with that whole "you don't want to think of yourself as an ephebophile or as someone abusing their power" thing

Are you just completely blind to the greater world around you that you can't acknowledge that sexual predators are a real problem at cons?
Sure, maybe you're a 'different' kind of guy, and you'd never do that, but of the people going after teens at cons, it's rare to see a 27 yo going into it for a 'deep meaningful relationship'
Most men just want to catch some pussy mate, that's biology. I called you out because going out for teens at your age is disgusting.

At this point, I wouldn't give a fuck if you said you beat your girl every night, or if you'll still love her when her tits start sagging, I just want to see you get over yourself.

>> No.9871844
File: 448 KB, 1280x999, 478294893563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you find out you're going to have 368 Babys

>> No.9871848

This pic is very cute

>> No.9871850

This clutter is satisfying in a weird way.

>> No.9871854

>get over yourself
Says the girl who still drags around the corpse of her rapist everywhere she goes while insisting it doesn't bother her anymore.

>> No.9871903

>gaijin hunters
That's an actual thing?

>> No.9871906

Not other anon you were talking with but holy fuck you seems like a serious creeper.

>> No.9871907

It's the other side of the coin to yellow fever.
Apparently living in japan as a gaijin is a soul-crushing lonely existence so even the cutest white girl will drop her standards there in an effort to get some form of human contact.
Guys caught on and gaijin-hunting became a thing.

>> No.9871908

Yep. They want some trophy gaijin ass

>> No.9871909 [DELETED] 

Nice and petty, no wonder you like them young, you're just as immature as the girls you date.
Definitely, but not of you're a brown Asian. There are a ton* of black people in Roppongi though, so I'm not sure how desirable Japanese people find them to be.
>*Pretty much all the black population of Japan is in one spot and 99% Nigerian (don't follow them if they try to take you somewhere)*
If you're exotic looking compared to Japanese and a 3/10 up, count yourself amoungst the hunted.

>> No.9871910

Soul crushing because no one wants to date you as in have a relationship, not because there aren't places you can go to have a one night stand.

>> No.9871911

So...these gaijin hunters, do they only ever just want a quick one nighter or are they interested in long term relationships too?

>have always though Japanese guys looked so handsome, even as they get older (as long as they don't get super fat which some seem to do)

>> No.9871913

Soul crushing as in "nobody fucking talks to me, nobody fucking talks to anyone here, my japanese is actually getting worse the longer I live here"

>> No.9871914

>Soul crushing because no one wants to date you as in have a relationship
Oh. That is soul crushing.

>> No.9871917

Yes and it's easy to spot.
Generally, if they speak English and only go for/compliment your looks that's a dead giveaway.
They don't know the difference between a 3 and an 8 though, so it's easy to get the desperate girls.
There is a gaijin-hunter thread on lolcow too.

>> No.9871918

You've been trying to paint me as a rapist all thread and I'm the petty one?

>> No.9871920

I dont know why but this is so amusing to me.

>> No.9871921

She wasn't trying to paint you as a rapist, just a sleazy dude who likes children, it's different.

>> No.9871922

Well, since their parents will definitely not approve of you and they are almost definitely still living with them, it's a no to long term commitment.
Rachel and Jun's situation is a rare exception to the norm, if you're interested in seeing what that sort of relationship looks like.

Don't believe all of the 'Ask Japan' street interviews, they're just trying to be nice so they don't offend anyone.

>> No.9871923

You can get a decent guy if your Japanese is good enough and you're there with a decent visa, but let's face it, most white chicks there can't even order food or stay with a 1 year student visa. Who would want to waste their time on something that isn't going to last?

>> No.9871925 [DELETED] 

Pardon me, I said 'ephebophile' and I definitely struck a nerve with it.
I almost never visit the farm, but I think I ought to.

>> No.9871926


Buy a house

>> No.9871928

Got to get to the point where they start saying 'Oh, how long have you been in Japan?'
Which is something that will never happen for me so I shouldn't get my hopes up.

>> No.9871934

Tinder gull here,
Got to talk to a few sweet guys already, mostly about music. But the amounts of "遊ぼ/Let's play/hang out" I got made it really easy to filter through it.

>> No.9871935

Good stuff anon, update us later if you follow through?
Man, I might have to use Tinder again if it's actually useful

>> No.9871938 [DELETED] 

I mean you've only been comparing me to your rapist and taking potshots at me all this time, silly me letting it get to me. That would be like you getting upset if I had implied you deserved what he did to you, or that you enjoyed it and now you're just playing the victim angle for attention.
I get the feeling we've had this conversation before you and I.
Anyway I'm done here, gotta head home and get ready for date night.

>> No.9871939

My green eyes wouldn't get me sacrificed to any evil sorcerers, would they?

>> No.9871942 [DELETED] 

No, but it will get you fucked if you want it.
Who's projecting again?

>> No.9871943

>tfw no green eyed weeb gf to sacrifice to evil sorcerers

>> No.9871944 [DELETED] 
File: 47 KB, 547x600, 1463287612538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, sorry, I checked out while reading your post and didn't actually read the back half of your post.
Have a nice date anon, get her home by 8 or her dad will be pissed.

>> No.9871946

Mfw no hot derpy-eyed vampire broad comes to help you find your gf when she gets kidnapped in the streets

>> No.9871947
File: 38 KB, 800x360, vampires-the-turning-2005-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Face when I have no face and drop my img

>> No.9871954

Anon, I'm one of the people who called you out early in the thread. I'm also one of the people you accused of projecting. If you really must know, the only experience I had dating an older man, when I was a teenager, wasn't a bad experience. We had a worthwhile long-term relationship that I don't regret to this day, even if it didn't work out in the end. I didn't call you out because I was projecting. I called you out because what you said sounded absolutely godawful. To answer:
>Don't tell me you you don't joke around with your boyfriend.
It's not 100% serious business most the time, but... no. I don't joke to people I'm with about their intelligence. I don't make wise cracks, private or otherwise, reducing them to arm candy. That's not a joke. Saying stuff insulting people's intelligence is just plain mean, and people can't help assuming that it is a reflection of how you view your girlfriend.

>> No.9871955
File: 132 KB, 960x720, 1510817351584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meet a girl online
>falling hard for her, but she lives in a different country
>agree to meet up, book the flights to her city months ago for next month
>she disappears for the past week, get paranoid and begin to wonder what's going on with her
>messages me tonight saying she's been in and out of hospital because she's been overexerting herself and it finally took its toll
>"I don't think it'd be a good idea if you came next month, I need to rest"
>relieved to hear back from her and worried about her health
>but also pissed because I'm down €200 and the trip I've been looking forward to for months is down the toilet
I don't know whether I should just go on the trip anyway and hope she's up for seeing me by the time it comes around or just abandoning it altogether. The airline won't do cancellations

>> No.9871957

Cut ties now.
You're being catfished.

>> No.9871958

Enjoy your vacation.

>> No.9871959

Nah she's the real deal. She's sent me a million Snapchat photos/vids over the months and has a lot of social media presence.
Yeah I might, but I'm going to have to find a place to stay for a week if I do which is why I'm debating with myself whether or not it's worth it to go

>> No.9871965

Airbnb is cheap!

>> No.9871966

Have you had a video call with her, have you spoken to her on the phone?
I swear to you that sending a million images is not good enough.
There is no person on this verdant earth that would develop an emotional relationship with you, see you spend a bunch of money to see them, and then conveniently be unavailable when you'd actually meet them, and even worse, have you never hear their voice or see you laugh at one of your stupid jokes over video chat.

>> No.9871968

We've spoken over voice chat already but never videocalled. I've been catfished before so I made 100% I was talking with someone who was the real deal and she is. She's sent me videos and images of her doing stuff that that's way too elaborate for a catfish to pull off.

>> No.9871969

They're not witch doctors, they're muscle for the yakuza

>> No.9871978 [DELETED] 

>gotta head home and get ready for date night.
Is she over 14?

>> No.9871979

what a beautiful woman

what? who would dump a girl that cute?

>> No.9871980 [DELETED] 

escorts and for the love of god start working out

>> No.9871981 [DELETED] 

Relying on teenagers to help you "get back on your feet" is fucking laughable, dude. Go for someone your own age, unless you know that someone with more experience won't put up with your shit. My 32 yo brother dates 17 and 18 year olds because he's an absolute failure and knows it- they don't know any better (but they learn in 2~6 months when they dump him)

Also good to remember that this board is incredibly lesbo. Good chances OP might not have been a dude at all and sometimes you can just assume that's the case.

>> No.9871983 [DELETED] 
File: 623 KB, 586x837, 1525413347909.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you're not being catfished, go anyways, have fun on your own and let them know you are in fact having fun on your own. What you have to realize is to some degree you're definitely getting played. It's a really bullshit excuse since women don't overexert themselves enough to wind up in a hospital. You're probably the side relationship, and you can use this as a chance to let them know you're capable of enjoying life without them. It's the most cruel thing you can do to her.

>> No.9872016 [DELETED] 

>all these removed posts
And the scummy kiddie diddler's gets to stay?
Classy janitor, very classy.

>> No.9872027

vaguely similar character designs, but no

>> No.9872028

Ok, I only know a smidge of details so I hope everything works out.
Enjoy your vacation anyways though!
I'm sure it'll still be fun and you'll have a lot more to talk to her about afterwards.

>> No.9872029

Because it's tiresome defending your relationship from every other person on the planet, and this..
> "...good-looking people have more options in the sexual marketplace, and when you have more options, you may not always think it’s worth doing the tedious, boring work of making a real relationship with another human last for the long haul. Why would you? There is always another hot person right outside, ready to give this thing a shot."
It's a really fair point.

There's also the deeper psychological/biological reasons why, but those are tedious to explain.

>> No.9872033

Not them but explain it anyways. I am on baited breath to understand. It could be viewpoint unable to be articulated elsewhere.

>> No.9872037 [DELETED] 

The janitors interfering with this thread has been a fucking travesty.

>> No.9872048

I don't find it a bullshit excuse because I've ended up in the hospital 3 times since 2012 related to overworking. The first time was really stupid. I was moving stuff in a store room at the request of my manager, and went to pick up a bucket of drywall plaster. It didn't budge, and I ended up with a pectoral tear. The second time was due to developing pneumonia from overworking myself while affected by an otherwise benign respiratory infection. The third time was when I was working cook, and I developed blistering and some nasty joint bruising related to my work. That led to a blood infection, and I ended up in the hospital on IV. We can overwork ourselves, but we have no choice. I have to make sure I can pay for food, utilities, and rent even if that does mean the occasional hospital visit. It isn't unbelievable that they could be in poor health. Unrelated to overexertion, I responded largely because your image did make laugh.

>> No.9872058

You were destined to die at work. Thankfully you were born in a European country.

>> No.9872060

Every woman I've ever known has always quit well ahead of letting long hours or physically demanding work run them into a hospital. I'm having to generalize because anon's scenario is unlikely enough to warrant skepticism that an (assumed) young female in Europe conveniently "overworked themselves" with a week long timespan which correlated with a complete drop of contact.once they were going to meet in real life for the first time. Maybe there's this minute possibility of it being legit, but it seems like a cover story and total bullshit to me.

>> No.9872061

I'm a burger, but work may be the death of me. It's trying, at least.

>> No.9872064


>> No.9872075

There's the chance everything can be a lie, but a young female from the U.S. responded in roughly 2 hours afterward that it has happened to them. I shared my experience because it can happen more often then you'd think. Plus, if she is truthful, it'd make sense why she wouldn't want him coming over. It's their first time meeting in person, and he was planning on spending the night. A. We don't feel like having sex when we're ill. I realize someone might be like, "Well, you can just lay there while I do the work," but the female body doesn't work that way. I'd personally feel horrible if some man flew overseas to visit me, and I couldn't even put out. B. First impressions are everything, and we don't like putting effort into our appearance when we're ill. She'd rather him not meet up when she is looking like something the cat dragged out. Plus, she wouldn't be able to enjoy the daytime out and about.
You could look into a low-cost hostel in the area if affording a hotel isn't an option. I would go ahead with informing her you'll be visiting because the plane company won't refund the ticket, and you don't want that money to go to waste. Tell her you'll look into staying at a hostel or hotel, and you're up to seeing her if she does get the energy. (You can cancel the trip in the end if needed, but for now... do what I mentioned.) She may tell you that you're welcome to come visit. Also, keep in mind what I explained to other person about why she might be trying to dissuade you. You may need to assure her that it wouldn't bother you to visit even if she's not looking 100% or can't do the dirty.

>> No.9872081
File: 1.12 MB, 1280x720, 2555999-4459385881-USIj2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he's doing cute things with his girlfriend while you're home playing the worst game of all time

>> No.9872084 [DELETED] 

I reverse image searched this, and nothing came up. Uh, what blasted game are you playing? I understand realism in a game can be icing on the cake, but this is realism taken too far.

>> No.9872097

I'll cobble it together since I can't find my source.

Basically, someone you describe as 'hot' is put into this little mental box they'll never break out of where you're constantly questioning the relationship you have with them. For as long as they look 'hot' they're on the lookout for greener pastures, and for as long as you're with them you're thinking of the immediate gains rather than say, what your life with them will be like in 40 years.

Someone you describe as 'beautiful' is arguably just as, if not more, attractive to you physically, but also personality factors in, her personal tastes, her weird little habits, if you don't know her personally, maybe you wonder, maybe you fantasize a little, harmlessly, about what a child of hers with you might look like.

That is not to say a 'hot' chick can't find someone to be with for the rest of her life, but if she goes through puberty and doesn't find someone who's with her or liked her before she grew into her genes, she might have to search, keep searching.
The jumping from partner to partner becomes her normal, so ultimately, if this is the path her life takes her, she has to go 'though' a lot more partners than other women less attractive than her.

A big factor is in the men she'll date, either they're really confident or they're not, with some that are a combination of both (arguably worse). Confident guys who scored a hot chick are probably not ready to settle down and have kids, gotta enjoy life, shop around.
Guys that aren't confident are the ones that'll be constantly questioning themselves, the relationship, her social life, if he's good enough, what she wants from him. On and on.

All men eventually settle down, and more often than not it's with whomever they're with at the time that'll stay with them.
It's not like they don't love them, they do, but it's as quick as a switch when it happens.

One day your mate's partying, next he's at bed bath and beyond and not hating it.

>> No.9872098


Quick searches on the subject.. still can't find my 'hot' vs 'beautiful' source that explains it so much better.

>> No.9872101

This is important.

>> No.9872115

You gotta report his shit if you want it deleted too, he probably reported all of you guys' posts.

>> No.9872145 [DELETED] 

Oh, he's just a confirmed little bitch then

>> No.9872159

> sad that I can't buy any new brand for the foreseeable future because I promised my bf I'd buy us a hot tub this summer
This actually forces me to get more creative with my current wardrobe, coordinating colors and accessories differently than I usually do

>> No.9872162

So it's a good thing right?

I've been selling a few things, one is a top tier dd, well, until I realized that altering it would only ruin it.
Giving up on it is actually kind of liberating.

>> No.9872214


>> No.9872239
File: 50 KB, 572x601, ddbad0f988d5d5671875d9bcee07b4c6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What does it mean if you find out through (relaible) third-parties that an almost excessive amount of men have fallen desperately in love with you but never approached or acted on those feelings, and your only relationship* has been one which you initiated?

>A-asking for a friend.

*Altogether very happy and successful.

>> No.9872243

took a screenshot of this because it makes me incredibly happy, i hope to be as happy as you soon one day! trying to get out of a year of depression and im starting by focusing on positives again

>> No.9872257
File: 123 KB, 960x720, 1521652632391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It means your friend comes off as an unapproachable bitch. The possibility of goodfeel has been surpassed by the impending sense of loss and they've decided not to take the chance.

>> No.9872258

It means you live in a blue state where men are afraid to ask you out because it could land them in jail.

>> No.9872261

that sounds nice

>> No.9872264 [DELETED] 
File: 770 KB, 1440x1834, 1525428111005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not even once

>> No.9872266
File: 23 KB, 500x392, 1510991189212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually have social anxiety bordering on appearing autistic, so that probably should've been my first thought. Ah well, all's well.

>> No.9872269

If you shy away from talking to people often or decline hanging out with them, they tend to assume you don't want to. The anxiety is probably making you send off the wrong signals.

>> No.9872276
File: 265 KB, 500x577, wecandoit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>try on new AP otks
>i am a 5'11 amazoness
>bought cotton otks from them in the past
>they looked like utks on me
>they new synthethic ones fit perfectly

>> No.9872286

Disappointed vacation anon here, some good responses. I feel the need to clarify on her situation since it looks like I was being a bit too vague about what her situation actually is. She was recently promoted at work which includes a lot more hours/responsibilities, hasn't been getting a lot of sleep, hasn't been eating much at all and has been stressfully dealing with trying to kick out her roommate for months who's an insufferable cunt who drains the life out of any room he walks into to the point where she'd do extra hours at work just to avoid coming home and is trying to bail on his last month's rent. Combination of all those things led to her current situation. And as one anon pointed out, sex was indeed on the itinerary and it's something she said she wouldn't be up for, but I've since messaged her back saying I really don't care about that as long as we're together, even if it meant looking after her. Waiting for a response back today, sorry for the long-winded post

>> No.9872309

They're afraid of being rejected and being mocked by their peers. In addition some men (myself included) find it very difficult to rate our own appearance in comparison to others so I don't know what it's my league or what's out of my league and I don't want to humiliate myself by being rejected by a girl who is out of my league because I'm ugly. (It also makes it much more precarious if you have to see the person regularly, at work, uni etc)

The only way I really know where I stand in terms of looks is to look at my past girlfriends and girls who I know have been interested in me but every time I do that it always comes to they liked me for my personality not my looks. Which of course is just a platitude but it makes it extremely anxiety inducing because then I don't know if they're telling the truth and I'm ugly, or they're lying because they don't want to look like shallow bitches.

I see pretty girls and I'd like to hold their hand but I'd rather shoot myself than potentially humiliate and ostracise myself.

>> No.9872323

Me and my SO just celebrated 7 years together and we are in a LDR. For the last few years we've been living in different countries and when we lived in the same country before, it was different cities.
We make it work by talking to each other daily, sharing new series for the other to watch and further expand our common interests, visiting each other whenever possible (we get something like a week together every 3 months, sometimes less, sometimes more) and making the most of that time together, encourage each other to do fun activities and go out with friends, etc. It's all very based on trust and a deep bond of friendship and love. Took years to build up and it's now at a point where we can't really imagine not having each other. It had a lot of ups and downs but we decided to stick together and push through.
If you and your SO barely have time to talk and don't have the emotional strength to endure the harsh bits, I'd honestly reconsider what is keeping you both together and if it's worth it. It's nearly impossible to keep a relationship going if you don't have the time to even speak to one another and sometimes breaking up is the healthiest option. I wish you good luck, anon

>> No.9872333

Had this same feel a month or so ago. Sending you love and socks!

>> No.9872334
File: 369 KB, 480x627, sock cat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had a dream that my best lolita friend was being really shady and mean to me because I always wear similar tights.
Is this my subconscious's way of telling me I need more variety in my legwear?

>> No.9872342
File: 425 KB, 618x1280, 1520662715609.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It means that at least to the guys you hang out with you come across as unreachable so they don't even try to approach you, snowball's chance in hell and all that. So instead they go for your more frumpy best friend or little sister(it's how I met my wife), or they avoid you entirely.
How do you feel about Harley Quinn by the way?

>> No.9872355

It's easy for men, as long as you're not a fat dwarf you're good. Actually, even if you're short, it's guaranteed that there are shorter girls than you. Just don't be fat and bald before you're 40.

>> No.9872360

Are you a man? If you are I'm interested in your experiences. If you're a woman, I'd love for you to elaborate on your perspective.

>> No.9872370


>> No.9872371

Wtf is this? Looks brilliant.

>> No.9872372

You met your wife because she was the second best after the girl you actually liked? Man, she must feel bad.

>> No.9872380

That's the cliffsnotes version yes, the longer version is more endearing and comes with a happy ending.

>> No.9872384
File: 92 KB, 604x453, 1440097216920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like old cheesecakey BTAS Harley, but I haven't seen any of the DC movies, and I don't know who your pic is.

The majority of the guys I'm talking about were at the last friends-of-friends, so I feel like they should have known me better than resting bitchface. Can't say that I'm upset about it, because in the end I've gotten the best thing/person.

>> No.9872385

It's more common than you think.

>> No.9872403
File: 38 KB, 512x512, shimawat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your friend's 13yo sister wants to cosplay Shimakaze
They grow up so fast.

>> No.9872412

Welcome to 95% of lasting marriages.

>> No.9872416

Post pic and I'll rate (you).

>> No.9872419

I'm not going to post my face to 4chan unfortunately. I know people who browse here.

>> No.9872420

Now I'm starting to feel bad for your jaded outlook on life. Sure, it might not be rare but 95% is a bit of a stretch. I could never live with the thought of not being my partner's first choice, nor would I be able to stay with someone who I didn't think was the best for me longterm.

>> No.9872447

You're very idealistic, aren't you? Life rarely gives you what you want just 'cause, it's up to you to adapt and find your happiness, maybe even find something better along the way. If the girl you originally wanted wants nothing to do with you beyond a platonic friendship you don't stick around like a wounded puppy(that's how you end up an r9k type), you move on.

>> No.9872452

Don't worry about me, anon, I've already found my ideal partner. It's precisely because I did that I think other people shouldn't settle for less. Of course, it's one thing to initially find someone else more attractive on surface level, but if you get to know someone, start dating them and then still see them as a second choice then I find that really sad for both people involved.

>> No.9872461

Wow, I'm always the initial girl, but then again I agree that my bff is more wife material so it's understandable.

>> No.9872463

I’m glad I’m never getting married because YIKES I would not want to feel like I’m some consolation prize.

>> No.9872465

And I'm a happily married man with a child on the way, which probably wouldn't be the case if I had stayed fixated on the big sister instead of moving on and eventually giving the awkward chubby little sister a chance, who in hindsight was the best fit for me all along.
That's what I meant by adapting and finding your own happiness.

>> No.9872467
File: 60 KB, 640x480, G9sr4Cl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Suggested to take dog to dog friendly mall to meet women
>He's a sweet Chihuahua and women love him
>Take him yesterday
>Not a single person interested in petting him other than one of the stores that I was at.
>Most people seemed to have a more privileged background than me and seemingly glared me down
It was super windy which may have driven others out, but I guess I will have to go more often to see how it goes.

>> No.9872469

>take dog to meet women
Is this actually a thing? I've only ever heard about it in romcoms.

>> No.9872472

I think you're misunderstanding. It's not that you're necessarily the second choice/consolation prize, it's that you're attainable. You're the safe bet because my ideal probably won't even acknowledge my existence so I aim slightly lower looks-wise (or just in a different direction) and score maybe a 7/10 physically but an 11/10 personality.
My parents made concessions and they've been happily married for 30 years. My grandparents made concessions and they've been married for almost 60 and they still couldn't be happier.
Compromising doesn't necessarily mean settling.

>> No.9872475

That's a very insecure thing to say.
It's not that you're x choice in a laundry list of failures, that's loser talk.
None of those other people could give them the satisfaction and appeciation, the love, that you give them. That should matter more to you.
Love yourself boo.

>> No.9872478

I did this, and some bitch threatened to taze my puppy after he bit her sock.

>> No.9872479

Not to make others notice, but so that you feel better about how you look.

>> No.9872481

I'm in a happy, fulfilling relationship where we're both each other's dream partner. I'm not insecure, I just couldn't imagine being satisfied having it any other way.

>> No.9872486

It was suggested to me by a woman, and apparently dogs make men more attractive.

My dogs a good boy he dindu nuthin. Maybe they are open carry friendly.

>> No.9872488

I think your source was an episode of the joe rogan podcast with bret weinstein

>> No.9872489

Well, dodged a bullet. If that's how she treats a puppy, imagine what she'd do to you.

>> No.9872494

Women are the most picky about their own looks and other women (assuming hetero) and will accept and love men with aesthetic imperfections.
That said, if any of the women in your life were to tell you how handsome/attractive you are, and even been emphatic about it, wouldn't you have played it off? Would you believe them?
Women especially, coming from that perspective, don't want people to perceive them as shallow.
I personally find large men endearingly handsome.
I doubt you're unattractive, the women in your life

>> No.9872496

>went to a con about a month ago to see a band
>every one of the fans I hang out with is super chill but one who I get a bad feeling about
>she pushed me aside to get up front for the concert, held her hand in my face the whole time and just was super inconsiderate
>later on I get invited to join a fan group for the band
>she's in it and I decide I'm probably just being a bitch and need to give her a second chance so I add her as a friend
>she's incredibly negative
>posts about how she's a victim of racism literally every day
>whines about how nobody will date her
>told me she was unfollowing a guy because he responded to someone else on twitter but not her when the girl he responded to has had a lot of interactions with him previously
>every single story that gets told about having interactions with the band she tries to one up

Goddamn, I should have trusted my gut feeling. I don't know how to unfriend her without it turning bad because she makes everything a race thing and likes to play the victim, so I feel like either way she's going to make a scene.

What do I do.

>> No.9872498

I think you would have gotten over it id it had been different, but I'm happy for you gull, romances like that are no joke.

>> No.9872502

Wash your hands of it, do you really care if she cries wolf on you?
Anyone that would give you shit for cutting contact is worth cutting out too.
Life is too short for that.

>> No.9872504

It means you've been put on a pedestal or fetishised (like originating meaning)
Without knowing how you got there, I can't really give you advice.
I once got together with a girl that saw me that way in hs, but wow that was a complete mistake.

>> No.9872505

Spill the beans anon, this sounds like a great story.

>> No.9872506

I may have to. She just made a post on fb about how she joined a dating sight but got ~attacked~ by men trying to flirt with her because she's "so cute" and a virgin. Idk if she's mentally ill or what but I can't have this constant ooze of negativity and attention seeking clogging up my vibes. It would just suck to lose any of the other group members over it because they're all really fun to talk to

>> No.9872510

What experiences? My experience of not being a fat dwarf? Just clean yourself in the morning, brush your teeth etc. And as long as you can come across as if you're happy with your life, girls will believe it.

>> No.9872528

you had it coming

>> No.9872531

I'm an awful storyteller but I'll try for you anon.

I was an edgy weeby shit in hs, by junior year I'd settled out a bit, senior year I had my eyes set on my adult life really firmly, normal senioritis.

For a year after graduation, I had no contact with anyone, had no friends, got lonely, then reached out to a side friends that I was fond of but never hung put with.
Met up with one to 'catch up'
Not sure how the convo reached this but..
>"oh anon, such and such used to really like you in hs, I didn't know you were gay otherwise I would have introduced you."
'Literally who?'
>"You know her lol, here's a picture, she's been going on archeological digs, I got to go with her to one. She really looked up to you and would tell me how nervous she was about asking you out"
Picture is of a cute mousey underclassmen I shared an art class with once during junior year.
'wow, yeah, I remember, she liked me?'
>"yeah anon! I'll set you up! Got to warn you though, she can be a handful if she drinks, she's a real lightweight"
I meet her outside her parent's apt to pick her up and go to somewhere to eat, catch up.
>see her
>looks way different
>chopped, dyed hair
>thin as a rail, undernourished (?)
Really embracing that grunge heroin chic look I guess. I'm alt too though.
On our way to a place to eat she's telling me about herself as I drive
>My family is mostly first and second generation Russian, so coming out to them is impossible, I'm pretty sure my dad would kill me.
>I mean that literally haha. Uhm. If it ever comes up please just make it clear you're not like that, maybe if that's something you're interested in I'll move out though. It's really hard to get a job for me right now, but my on/off again guy has been helping me get work.
>I might not get to see you again if you let me dad know about you though.
>I don't think he'd do anything to you haha, so don't worry, I don't think I could handle it...

>> No.9872536

Big chance they hate her just as much.
I had a bad experience at a concert too. A fan who kept looking at me dirty when my hand or hair accidentally hit her, even though there was a lot of space inbetween us, because she sways around like a maniac.

When I told my other fanfriends they laughed and told me even Japanese fans talk shit about her behaviour so I had nothing to worry about.

>> No.9872537
File: 31 KB, 419x427, 7215EAFD-92E3-4A79-878E-1FA185A1F15D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I see where you’re coming from, anon. I’m glad it works for you!

I’m just going to die happily unmarried. Unless I somehow make it to Canada in which I’ll marry my current partner so we can be together. Idk, marriage seems like a double edged sword in liberal states like California.

>> No.9872538


>> No.9872539

>Idk, marriage seems like a double edged sword in liberal states like California.
Omg, why?

>> No.9872541

Lame breed of dog, makes you look lame by proxy

>> No.9872544

Says you, I want one really bad, they're adorable.

>> No.9872547

To you, to other dog owners not so much

>> No.9872550

They’re deformed little shits.

>> No.9872551

>Idk, marriage seems like a double edged sword in liberal states like California.
>Seems like
It is, anon, there's no mistake. But if you're a woman, both of those edges are in your favor. If you're a man, Canada won't be any better for you.

>> No.9872554


>> No.9872556

Being in that senpai role I offer my patience, my advice, just actively listening since it seems like she's had a hard time not being able to talk about stuff to anyone.

The convo is deeply personal, I spill some of my guts, she spills more of hers.
We carry on into the meal, just the entire time talking till our jaws hurt and my head is heavy with concern, doubts and honestly, worry.
>abusive parents
>she's being pimped by that guy to his friends
>deeply, deeply mentally ill
At this point, I know I'm not strong enough as a person to help her through her issues as a partner
As a friend, maybe.
I think.. Well. I know this guy who's got a hero complex and wants a smol gf. If he dates her that would help her get out, no backlash from her father. She's bi too.
My friend is no stranger to tragedy, so he wouldn't really batt an eye to her disturbing background.
>'Hey Siberia, why don't we go chill at my apt, I'd like you to meet a couple of my friends. They're not from the school, so if you're not comfortable with that, we can do something else or go out.'
>"sure, that sounds like fun"

I'm such a sucker for hopeless cases.

>> No.9872557

Fuck, should I transfer the story or just continue it on the next thread?

>> No.9872559

transfer it there while still quoting posts from this thread

>> No.9872609

What does it mean if you're like this, but male?

>> No.9872714
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I really want to start wearing lolita but
>too fat
>too ugly
>too broke
>too scared

>> No.9874755
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tfw no conservative anti-globalist cosplaying lolita gf