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I see there's a black cosplay thread, how about a black lolita thread? I'd like to see more coords on dark skin.

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I'll dump a few!

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Bless this thread

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Pictures like this make me wonder if I really need to rely on wigs as much as I do and if I just need work with my hair more

Anyways this is a great thread so far. Please try to not fall for the bait when it inevitably comes

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thank you for this thread OP!
contribootin' a few I have on my work computer lol

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You mean brown?

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>Pictures like this make me wonder if I really need to rely on wigs as much as I do and if I just need work with my hair more
I'm just waiting on my hair to some more so I can get that fantastic volume that gothic deserves. Most the black girls that wear gothic seem to utilize straight hair, so I want to try something different.

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Skullita is a goddess! I love this entire thread!

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I honestly am so in love with this girl.

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Can anyone recommend me some good black lolita instas to follow? I'm digging this thread and want more inspo

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This be a good thread

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any more pictures of lolitas with braids?

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pic related is dreads but I'll look for you!

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let me take this chance to express my undying love for rosenocturnalia. this thread could be nothing but her and still be the best thread this board has had in weeks.

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she's pretty freaking rad, I agree.
but best waifu is Sable imo hands down.

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Ahhh this girl is so perfect <3

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They all are in the same gang?

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Don't you die on me

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i love this girl, i cant remember her name but her coords always look so cozy

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Fuck, but I love tea length dresses. she looks so good in it, too. What is this OP?

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that wig is terrible! but her coord is cute

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I would never say this out loud because Im white and this probably sounds racist af

but I love black lolitas in chocolate coords. Their skin complexion matches it so perfectly. I also love them in white chocolate outfits for the contrast

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her cheekbones are phenomenal

>I wish I could get the OP in pic related. it's so beautiful and I love heavy fabric choices!!

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This dress is I do Declare, is it not?

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This is a great thread.

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it is, but I have a feeling it will never be released again

>> No.9870332

Was it ever "released"? I thought it was a fashion show specific piece.

>> No.9870355

I've seen at least 4 people with that OP though. I think she took a few orders for it after that '15 fashion show. I wonder if it's worth it to ask if she might ever offer a re-release?

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i know who you're talking about. she submits coords on CoF from time to time

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I adore her as well, but my one continued gripe is that her wig choices are always warm toned, which severely wash her out, since her complexion is cool. She has a wine one that is lovely, but I really love her with black hair the most like >>9868001
I am all for these medieval-style updos

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Agreed. her wig doesn't go well at all

>> No.9870574

I miss Black Gyaru Tuesday.

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I'm really digging the ones who have natural hair. You usually see relaxed hair or wigs.

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If you miss it, bring it back.

>> No.9871511

>Missing the chance to say bring it black

>> No.9871536

This is so damn lovely. So nice.

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I think her name is jaeliah, she also goes by jelly I think.

>> No.9871580

That's not her name. I know her name. Do not reveal it on here. Thanks.

>> No.9871659

It's not even allowed anyway, don't get your knickers in a twist.

>> No.9871687

>those piercings

And that color really doesn't go well with her complexion.

>> No.9871731

Skullita is my fave, always impressed with her combinations and styling.

>> No.9871738

No, that girl doesn't dress as well, this is someone different

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What's going on with her chest?

>> No.9872104

Underbust dress with a semi transparent blouse+cami?

>> No.9872172

man this was posted once before on COF thread maybe? it looked shitty then, looks shittty now. that bust area is super unfortunate and the girl came in and blamed it on something like, she used to be fat and isn't fat anymore or something. which isn't an excuse to dress badly. I used to be fat, too.

>> No.9872213

should have worn a black undershirt then, looks shitty

>> No.9875512

What is that JSK?

>> No.9875520

This should look ita as fuck (even for old school), but she makes it work (I hate the bloomers, though).
I wish I was pretty enough to pull that off.

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Here comes the buttblasted fatty-chan

>> No.9875652

>assuming i'm this retard >>9875613
>calling me fat when i literally called >>9868016 gross for being fat
ok, nice projection fatass

>> No.9875678

Going for a jog not only helps you burn calories, it also relieves negative feelings like stress and anger.

>> No.9875719 [DELETED] 

oink oink

>> No.9875725

Shouldn't you be telling that to >>9868016 ?

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Ahh I love this! Great wig choice and such a nicely executed photo.

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Ntayrt, but youre the same retarded anon I saw a couple weeks ago in another thread you were shitting up..... doing the same shit.
Pick up some new material besides oink oink you dumbass LMAO

>> No.9879848 [DELETED] 

sorry i can't understand what you're saying, your fat is getting in the way

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I make a point of never relaxing or straightening my hair or using wigs. I used to HATE my hair growing up and was forever comparing it to the white girls' hair. I got rebellious and stopped taking care of it because the other girls didn't have to be so 'careful' with their hair and it got really damaged. Then I got into Lolita and even the white girls with perfectly nice natural hair were all calling their (bone straight or perfectly curled/wavy) wigs 'ratty' and 'nappy' right next to me. I'm like "if that's you're idea of 'nappy' I don't even want to know what you think of my hair".

At that point I could have gone either way, deeper into self-hatred or made a conscious effort to 'own' my hair and not cover it up. I chose to not cave to peer pressure and embrace my authentic self. I take the time to oil it and put it in protective styles, avoid heat, bleach, dye and don't even try things like backcombing or messy buns anymore because it is just not worth the damage.

>> No.9880379

Good on you, I just started picking this sort of idea when it comes to styling hair. I don't want to become bald from mistreating my hair and burning it in an attempt to look pretty and if I really think I need straight hair for a coord, I've been using wigs (with the same hair color as mine) instead of beating up my hair.
This thread has inspired me to let it be free and curly from now on. I like seeing black lolitas.

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I found this gem from my inspiration folder. One of my favourite coords

>> No.9881918


>> No.9881921

That's the one I was thinking of but couldn't find it! thanks anon, it's so good!!

>> No.9881922

You go, that's great to hear!
diffanon but I have so much hair that it takes forever for me to braid it down so that it can fit under a wig. I haven't been motivated to wear a wig in ages so I just go with natural styles or maybe clip in twin tails for some sweet coords

>> No.9882036 [DELETED] 

it's a nice Coor, but I think there's one too many bows on her shoes. She should remove one of them and wear it on her head then it would be perfect.

>> No.9882057

Her selfie is super cute but I'm not feeling the outfit

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Looking through the thread, there are definitely cords that work super well on black girls (just like there are some that work best on white girls or Asian girls). It may come off as racist, but a lot of it is color theory: a lot of the time flesh tones are treated as ‘null’ when it comes to an outfit in a way that even hair color really isn’t, but really it should be treated it should be treated like part of the outfit’s color pallet.

>> No.9883264

If it helps at all, for a lot of white girls theres a cognitive seperation between qualities of white hair and qualities of African hair. They’re seeing flaws in their own hair that they literally aren’t seeing in yours because their points of reference for both are comletely different.

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I don't think it's racist to say this. I'm black, and even though I wear gothic, I know I could never wear pastel sweet because I have super cool undertones (I'm basically green), so all those pale colours wash me out and just look overall terrible on me. Matching your undertones is just as important as colour matching when it comes to dressing yourself. If you look through this thread, you can see that most of the girls wearing sweet have warmer, reddish undertones, and the ones in gothic (or just darker coords in general) lean cool.

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File: 1.09 MB, 962x664, cool pastels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can def wear sweet anon. you just have to choose cool tones. many of APs lighter pinks are cool, and Meta routinely releases colder pastels. I really think you can do it if you ever wanted to play. gothic is the best though so I understand your loyalty

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>> No.9883475

This coord is perfection

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