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"Hello x" Edition
>Post seagull feels
>Disregarded bait

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Man I just really love lolita

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My super heavy, super large taobao order just shipped out and I completely forgot to mention to my SS to mark the value down. I'm a Eurofag so uh, hello €200 customs fee, I guess.

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Man I just really love cosplay

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Man I just really love you

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Man you're quick today

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>wipe ass
>paper is clean, hand covered in shit
Anyone else have this problem?

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>am lolita with no online presence
>make insta to follow lolitas I like without posting my own coords
>have blank profile
>follow someone
>she blocks me

On her profile she says she blocks ageplayers. Does she seriously think I'm an ageplayer? I'm kind of upset.

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>want to go to babby's first convention
>I have no idea how this nonsense is supposed to work
>I don't know how much I'm supposed to budget
>I have no one to go with
>I have never sewn in my life

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I had this issue. Just upload some coords of youself (don't steal pics, even if you're not a creep, because then you will become marked as a creep as soon as someone gets wind of it) and use clip art to hide your face. A lot of Lolitas still do it on different platforms and it will show that you're not an ageplayer.

If you're worried about budgeting for your first con, why not not cosplay? Just go, focus on being an observer, figure out what it is about the experience that you like or don't like and then use this test-run to build your ultimate con adventure for next time.

Onto me and MUH FEELS:
>Totally broke, literally less then $200 to your name
>already have ticket to huge Lolita event
>Don't have coord finalized yet.

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there's really a lack of lolita related images like these

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What a cgl-related feel.

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>lolita with insta
>occassionally check who started following me
>occassionally block accounts following me with no posts or are private

Reasons include account name or description (obviously sissydomxxx who loves daddy is getting blocked, but Walter Smith, CTO of company not remotely fashion related also makes me wonder wtf), accounts that appear to be participating in click-this-for-followers tactics (lots of followers but no content), or coincidence (few followers overall, suddenly pics shitposted soon after blank account begins to follow, block them to be left alone again).

I agree with >>9861766’s advice here.

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>wipe ass
>paper is clean, petti covered in shit

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Thanks for the advice anons! I have a blank profile so that was probably the problem.

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start a thread i can dump

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>You will never be Voldie's boyfriend

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out of the loop but what is this sudden voldie posting

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>tfw will never be Voldie's girlfriend

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>you will never be Voldie's pet rabbit

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>You will never be Voldie's Lotta JSK

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File: 37 KB, 640x640, 2018-Women-Lace-Floral-Lolita-Socks-Winter-Breathable-Warm-Ankle-Socks-Ladies-Princess-Cotton-Compression-Sock.jpg_640x640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never be Voldie's frilly left sock

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I wonder how small that foot is

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>tfw 3F bonnet won't stay on
>post in stupid questions thread asking how to keep it on
>no replies
>pin it on as best as i can
>go coffee in the afternoon with lolita friend
>laughing at something stupid
>bonnet falls off and knocks over my coffee
The bonnet is OK, but I got a lapful of coffee on a fucking ivory colourway. Kill me now.

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>Open small hole in seam of portion that sits on head and insert a headband. Sew closed.

It’s the only thing that keeps mine on without resorting to pinning or combs (I take it off indoors so I’m not 7 ft tall and blocking views).

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>will never go to the planet of gopdie's lost left socks

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>tfw the reputation of Menhera is so down the shitter you avoid the name altogether now and just use "yamikawaii" or "medical yamikawaii" when introducing your style to normies because Tumblrinas have made it embarrassing to be associated with

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I've been slowly losing my only friend over the last couple years.

I'm not into cons or anime. My only friend made a new friend recently who is. I don't know if it's related or not, but they are BFF's now and my friend has basically forgotten about me because she's one of those people who tend to pick a favorite person and everyone else is "out of sight; out of mind." They hang out and go to cons and meanwhile I can't even get my friend to answer my messages. To top it off, I feel the new friend encourages my friend to abuse alcohol and be apathetic.

I live in hick country, and making new friends is so hard for me because I'm shy in the first place, it seems impossible I'll ever click with someone else where I live. I keep trying to tell myself I'll make a new friend one day. Just trying to stay positive in spite of how lonely I am.

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I'm glad, I don't want to be falling apart at the busted seams

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Why do you have to talk mean about my waifu?

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Your waifu is shit and balding

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>depression has been sapping my personal hygiene
>haven't washed face in a while
>skin is somehow smooth
>wash it, exfoliate, moisturize for two days
>suddenly my skin gets dry and rough in some parts
>get two new pimples the next day
>leave my skin alone again
>the dryness and pimples disappear in a week, back to smoothness
What the fuck? Shouldn't the opposite be happening?

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>why not not cosplay?
Because the consensus seems to be if you're alone without a costume, you won't have any fun

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maybe you're just blessed anon, just stick with like water from now on?

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Why not just put "Just a lolita lover who wants to follow other lolita lovers"

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>tfw I've been working full time and had to fly out of town for a funeral over the weekend so haven't had time to wear lolita
>nor go to the supermarket
Hope you're still around supermarket-kun, I will find you one day

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Same a lot of the friends I made as a teenager are into cons and do really cool cosplays and all that and I now that I'm back in america I want to do that stuff too but it's like walking out into a big ass field and trying to figure out which way is the right war.

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God I Need a new job. This one just pays the bill so I can't buy stupid expensive frills until I get a knew job. someone hire me pls

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Just scheduled my first appointment with a therapist for May 15th

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I'm sorry for your loss. I hope things get back on track for you.

I'm still here.

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>that feel when you realize being a SW cosplayer puts you on an awkward position where most people who cosplay it are at least five years older than you, and most people are 25+
>that feel when you also realize that you're only the single guy in the group, out of hundreds of people you've met
>that feel when you were never able to come up with a colorful friendship or anything slightly sexually related

God it hurts. I'm so inexperienced it's not even funny. I feel like my future is going to be me as a General Hux-esque guy. So much power, but no gf.

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I finally landed a job interview after being crippled by social anxiety... maybe I can finally finish my stupid costumes if anxiety doesn't strike again

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>exfoliate and moisturize when you already have smooth skin
>wash off your natural oils that keep your skin smooth and cake it in shit
>skin goes dry and develop pimples

>even once

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It's all good anon, some chicks like cherry boys.

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Like who?

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I think my boyfriend might have nodular melanoma and I'm so scared, gulls. He's going to get it checked out on Wednesday, which has never felt so far away.

He's always been super supportive of all my hobbies, including lolita. He knows my favourite brand and has bought me presents from wunderwelt all on his own. He gives great advice on my coords. He even helps me do my nails before meets because I suck at painting them. I'm so, so afraid of losing him.

>>also a few nights ago before this happened, I had a really intense dream that he died in my arms right before our wedding (we've been planning on getting married later this year) so that's really not been helpful for my emotional state either

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Wow he sounds lovely. A little TOO lovely. You should start praying or something

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Chicks with horribly-defaced bedposts. Only a select few (very few, indeed) girls actively seek out virgins but the tradeoff is they're ONLY interested in virgins. Once they've deflowered you you're dead to them. For the rest of the female population you'll get indifference at best and outright disgust at worst. You're much better off keeping it to yourself and just quietly losing it to whatever gf or ons you happen to snag. If they ask, just tell them it's been awhile and you're rusty.

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fuckin chicks man, you know, chicks.

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I've been kicked out of the maid cafe I recently became a part of, I know some of the girls but I was told some of the maids were upset by a shitty joke I made after the last event so the head maid decided to kick me out. I didn't even know they had an issue with me before that. I'm really depressed about this gulls, I know it was a stupid joke but I don't even know what I said to make the maids upset, and I never got a chance to apologise or anything, I was just told I was no longer welcome. Am I stupid? I hate myself but I also feel like it's unfair.

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I'm asexual and I like cherryboys as long as they aren't cringe and have lots of self control. I like being the dominant one in the relationship. I like having a project of a male. If you can deal with no sex and no intimacy and being treated like a dog we can get along.

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>by a shitty joke I made
What did you say, if I may ask?

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It sucks that you got kicked out from the maid cafe. What I learned about normies is to never act the way you do on 4chan around normies. Even when normies are being politically incorrect they always choose their words carefully. I once got fired for buying bath bombs for a cute guy at work and telling him he can think of me when he takes a bath. What kind of joke/comment do you think it was that upset them? It's unprofessional for them to not at least debrief you on why you are fired.

even if a co-worker laughs at an off-color joke it doesn't mean they're okay with it.

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What the fuck is the point? Not even masochists would go for this.

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That sucks, anon. It sounds like they ganged up on you rather than anything justified.

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>mfw you guys have to tiptoe around work
>meanwhile some African guy at my work gets away with shit like implying all guys in LDRs fuck side chicks and he would have too if he was in one
>mfw we can't afford to lose more people so we have to deal with his disgusting ketchup habits and his off color remarks about his sexual habits with his wife

Fuck I hate this world.

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The point is having someone help you improve to no longer be a cherryboy. My boyfriend used to be super shy and timid. It wasn't all his fault that he was the way he was. He never had anyone in his life to support him and help him be more independent. He has a super low sex drive so he was okay with no sex. He's one of the few guys in the world I am okay with cuddling with.

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>be seagull
>clumsy at work, been there for a year and still under-performing
>ummm... I have rape fantasies


>be Chad
>only been there for 6 months and already a shift manager
>black customers are the worst

HA HA, Chad. You're so funny.

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More like we've lost two people this year already so we can't really afford to lose another.

I've actually been offered a promotion but I've decided to go to another place instead.

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Nah. My bf was virgin before we'd met. There is no better feeling than teaching smol boi how to be good at sex and enjoying his development.

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>Be gull working under Chad
>Wind up having sex

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No Chad would fuck a gull. He would be immediately turned off when he pulls down her pants and sees self-harm scars on her thighs. Some of you gulls have nasty feet that sweat so profusely that you need to buy new shoes every few months because you sweat so much that your shoes start to rot.

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I doubt normies know the reputation of the name menhera; that and yamikawaii mean diddly squat to them.

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>Tfw no mommy gf to call me a good boy for cumming in her mouth and then cuddling against her chest in the afterglow nuzzled in her boobs as she strokes my hair

Why the fuck haven't I shot myself yet?

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I'm so sorry, anon.
If you can, start doing your research and see which treatments may be available to him (remember to avoid random sources; cancer.org and cancer center websites tend to be the best), you'll be surprised how helpful that can be; but most importantly: Be there for him. He may be equally terrified and need the support.

I wish you both the best. May he have good health, and may you be able to get married and lead your life together just like you planned.

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the fact that people unironically say this shit to men is why we have incels.

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I'm a Brad, soon to be Chad, and I'd do it.

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>Made a Taobao order a month ago
>"Nice, for once I can choose cheaper shipping since con is a long way away"
>Ordered one big main cosplay and a lot of smaller stuff and costumes
>Everything else arrived to SS within few days except the main costume
>It still hasn't arrived
>Wasn't a custom made costume, store is reputable and other people in Taobao's comment-section have gotten theirs, so why the fuck is it taking so long
>Knowing my luck it will take a month more
>Once it arrives I have to use EMS and get fucked in the ass by shipping charges and customs for the costume to make it into the con

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I have no idea who complained about me or why exactly, I mentioned something about roofies (not directed at anyone, I forgot the context) which I know is stupid but I would have said sorry and that I won't say anything like that again if they told me to shut up straight away, and just things about how cute the maids are. I honestly don't remember anything else.

Apparently there was also something to do with body image, but all I can remember on that is someone saying something about thick thighs and I basically said there's nothing wrong with that at all and they're nice.

I asked for the affected maids to remove me on FB but only one did even though I was told more than one complained about me.

And like I'm incredibly liberal and had so many plans for the cafe and wanted to spoil the maids, I just feel like an idiot. I don't want to be defined by something stupid I said and the whole thing has left me so salty because it seems unfair. My depression was at a really low point and I almost begged my doctor to up the dosage to the max.

Sorry for the pity party gulls, this just really hit me hard for a reasons.

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>Sorry for the pity party gulls, this just really hit me hard for a reasons.
Don't worry about it. Sounds like they really overreacted. There are always places like that, don't let it get to you too much.

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It's reversed and yamikawaii is worse off since the Refinery documentary.
>reported about on every mainstream newssite this year, including Yahoo! and Fox
>even Elfgutz tags her works yamikawaii now
>children who saw the reports flood the yamikawaii tags now

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He's one of the lucky few, then.

>Why the fuck haven't I shot myself yet?
I ask myself the same thing every day.

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I don't think you understand chadism, leg scars don't matter. What matters is putting dick in holes.

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Also booked with another for the 6th

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>And like I'm incredibly liberal and had so many plans for the cafe and wanted to spoil the maids
>wanted to spoil the maids
jesus christ anon.
There are no maid cafe where I am from but wtf. Why would you spoil someone who reciprocate only because you are a patron.
At this point just become a sugar daddy

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Shit, I accidentally paid my wunderwelt PayPal invoice with the wrong address... My actual order had the right one, but now I'm scared they'll send it to the address on the PayPal invoice. That's my old dorm and if it gets sent there I'll never recieve it. Should I email them saying there was a mistake and to send it to the right email, or do they just ignore the address on PayPal so I'll be fine?

>also I'm scared I might have a shopping addiction
>depressed, struggle to do housework or leave my house except for work
>order food online every day
>keep ordering hauls from yj, WW, and CC
>in mild debt but worried it'll get worse

>> No.9862428

So you filled out a shipping and billing address right? Odds are the PP is just the billing address and not the shipping. Still i'd shoot them an email just in case asking them.

>> No.9862431

Damn, that sucks. Stay strong, anon. I don't know how you worded the roofies thing, but for me at least it isn't a excuse to fire someone.

Remember that there might be some key context you don't know about - ie, one of the girls actually went through that once.

Did you get closer to anyone in your time there? Any chance you could ask any of the girls for details?

>> No.9862435

Are you a dude? If so, then

>unkown guy
>makes a joke/mentions date rape drugs
>comments on the girls appearance
>comments on the girls thighs

Yeah, I have no clue why they kicked you out. Sure is a mystery.

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Yes, definitely email them as soon as possible. They have great customer service so there should be no issue.
And after that's done, force yourself to stop browsing secondhand stores. Don't make your situation worse, you can always buy more brand later when your financial situation is better.

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> Convention coming up
> First time I can just attend and wont be working a booth or a table of some kind in years
> Super excited, make cosplay and j-fash plans with friends
> Transmission in car self destructs
> On a car with less than 80K miles
> $3000 USD to fix
> No budget for cosplay/jfash now

>> No.9862504

Not that this helps or anything anon, but a quick google tells me that at least your mechanic isn't trying to fuck your wallet.

>> No.9862525

>$2k tranny
Shit, that's cheap. What do you drive?

>> No.9862530

Yeah, I'm lucky to have a mechanic who I can trust to not fuck me over, and even luckier that my regular mechanic does transmission work. I just didn't see this coming on a car I've only had for two years.

>> No.9862547

>on vacation visiting family
>JUST met qt bf like 2 weeks before vacay
>been years since I've had a bf and I feel retarded
>been texting daily but now have not heard from him in over a day
>this causes me consternation and I have no idea why

Jesus fuck I feel like a teenager again and like I have no idea what I'm doing. Why is this shit so stressful.

>> No.9862551

Job recruiter was supposed to call, never did. God what's it take to even land an interview?

>> No.9862555

its okay it's only one day. don't suffocate him

>> No.9862558

decent resume and a white name probably

>> No.9862566

College degree and 3-5 years of relevant experience. Before I got that it was all networking connections - people I knew because of charity work or local industry events could pass my name along.

>> No.9862572

>almost 30
>parents kicking me out

How do I make money when I have no work experience and I can hardly even get out of bed to play shitty video games. The only thing I find any enjoyment in these days is building foam costumes and I can't even afford that

>> No.9862577 [DELETED] 

To any god in particular? Do I just choose one and hope for the best? Alternate praying to various deities? If I collect all the colorways of Iron Gate will Mana-sama appear and grant me a wish?

Thank you so much anon, your kind words mean more than you know. <3

>> No.9862581

Come jump off a bridge with me.

>> No.9862582

To any god in particular? Do I just choose one and hope for the best? Alternate praying to various deities? If I collect all the colorways of Iron Gate will Mana-sama appear and grant me a wish?

Thank you so much anon, your kind words mean more than you know. May you find all your dream dresses in excellent condition for reasonable prices. <3

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To be honest it sounds like you're just creepy. Just sit down, enjoy the ambiance and enjoy the maids.

>> No.9862710


Thank you for being understanding gulls. As an update, Head maid told me the main maid upset had some severe body image issues which really affected them badly - except I've gone through the same experiences (and still am) and I was told that I kept making jokes about body image stuff and when I was told by the upset person several times to stop I laughed it off. So now they wanted to quit if I wasn't dropped and have blocked me.

I don't expect anyone to believe me, but I would never mention anything about body image issues around casual company, especially anything negative, and no one definitely mentioned anything to me that I kept laughing off several times. I would never do that. But it's just my word against hers so as a maid whose been working longer she took priority.


No, I was one of the maids and I'm a girl. I meant spoil as in getting themed accessories for everyone and items for different cafes since I love being able to do stuff like that for other people.

I don't remember the context I mentioned roofies in, but it was a shitty joke I know, but I don't see a problem with calling people cute.

I actually didn't bring up the thighs comment - someone else mentioned it and as I said, I said something along the lines of there's nothing wrong with that.

Sorry to hear that you find me creepy though, anon.

>> No.9862723

Oh well if you're a girl and another maid then they're fucking bitches. I rescind my statement about you being creepy.

>> No.9862743

well fuck them, start your own maid cafe with hookers and blackjack

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anon, do this >>9862743

>> No.9862755

Did you ever tell/ask your SS if something is up with the store? Could be just an issue with your particular sizing or your order slipped through the cracks.

As someone mostly unfamiliar with jfash, Menhera seems more.. legit. Yamikawaii just sound like an unholy mashup of edgy weeb words. What someone would use to describe their DA OC's aesthetic.

>> No.9862821

Sarcasm isn't kawaii, anon.

>> No.9862827

Can't tell if you mean I'm being sarcastic or if maid-chan is sarcastic.

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>ask girl if I can praise the booty
>she agrees
>mfw farts in my face

>> No.9862858

in my case
>wipe ass
>paper gets stuck between asschecks
>forget the paper
>later find the paper

>> No.9862859

high change that he has a high sex drive, but since noone else wants him (or he can't anyone else than you), he is ok with just cuddling

>> No.9862863

>No Chad would fuck a gull.
that's what you think, but no real chad would turn down a girl (but, on the other hand, I am not a chad, so...)

>He would be immediately turned off when he pulls down her pants and sees self-harm scars on her thighs.
wouldn't be a problem for me

>Some of you gulls have nasty feet that sweat so profusely that you need to buy new shoes every few months because you sweat so much that your shoes start to rot.
shit, is that true?

who is Brad?

>> No.9862864

well, at least you didn't have a crash with your car once

>tfw your dad works at a car-repair-station

>> No.9862867

Asuming that anon has even remotely decent insurance, a wreck would be preferable because then at least s/he's not paying directly out of pocket. No insurance company is going to cover the tranny you grenaded due to lack of maintenance.

>> No.9862875

One of my favorite cosplayers has a super hot boyfriend. I often fantasize about dressing up as her and fucking her boyfriend.

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>> No.9862913

Yeah sounds like the girl was just wanting to flex on you. Maybe she felt threatened by a new person. Are you cuter than her? Thinner? Maid cafes at least where I live tend to attract the most desperate of attention whore weebs so if she worried you'd be more popular she probably Game of Thrones'd you.

Sorry anon. >>9862743 is your best bet

>> No.9862919

>Have a commission that is well past due date.
> I planned far ahead so I still have a month till I need it.
> Contacted them and asked if they can get it to me in a month.
> They don't think its possible.
> I dont want to go though the long aganizing process of getting my money back.
> Last message was me asking if I can pay them to upgrade shipping once its done so I can get it overnighted.
> Silence

Its my fault for putting up the money upfront. I dont think I'm getting anything. They have the money and the materials. They won. I won't be do dumb again.

>> No.9862934
File: 405 KB, 359x270, F6B72718-214A-4C47-BC53-2654DFD68103.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw might soon have a Lolita gf

What should I expect?

>> No.9862936
File: 222 KB, 718x1189, 28DEEE8D-4569-469B-814D-F1D73EDF5C76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I tell my perfect sweet old Japanese professor who ran my study abroad program last year about my two plans I’ve created that will have me making the bare minimum to live with loan repayments either option in Japan now that I’m graduating
>”you like cosplay, so maybe you can model? Ha ha ha”
>tfw have never mentioned to him I like cosplay
>tfw his pure soul probably doesn’t know what cosplay modeling in modern day japan implies

It must have been the nanchatte and axes femme sailor collar shirt i bought and wore there.

>walk down Osaka DenDen Town which is totally all anime, porn, and used media stores
>”it has changed so much since I was here last”
>cries internally for him

>> No.9862946

>tfw black
>thinking of cosplaying at a big con
>dislike, feel neutral, or don't care about any black/brown anime girls and thinking of cosplaying a regular Japanese one
What do...
Will people harass me over it? This con's attendance last year was 20K and I feel a bit scared

>> No.9862948


>self-harm scars on her thighs
>spending hours in her bedroom as she's browsing PULL/Lolcow and trying to get you to laugh at every bit of gossip she finds amsuing
>trying to teach you to braid her hair
>laying beside her in bed at night as she's watching stories on Instagram/Snapchat
>going out for Korean BBQ and Asian restaurants/cafes every week
>getting hit on by her friends at comm meet ups
>her not posting about you on social media so she can bait orbiters into giving her money
>sex 5 times a day
>dealing with she smelly feet and socks that are black from her excessive feet sweat
>wondering where she has the money to buy fancy hair removal devices , cosmetics, dresses, and bath bombs
>her coaxing you to rape her because she has a "rape" fantasy

>> No.9862950

I highly doubt anyone is going to harass you. Some people might be obtuse and refer to you as "black [character name]" though, which is stupid but some people are inevitably stupid.
Bottom line is: Cosplay whoever you like.

>> No.9862952

Ah, ok. I'm ok with "obtuse" language like that but draw the line at actual racial slurs being used at me.

>> No.9862954

>sex 5 times a day
>her coaxing you to rape her because she has a "rape" fantasy

This is dumb, lolitas don't do sex. Not only because of fear to ruin brand. Can you imagine somebody interested in sex after wearing elaborate multi-layered outfit all day long?

>> No.9862956

>taking shitposts seriously

>> No.9862957


she's not going to be wearing her brand all the time. You can still dress Lolita without an expensive dress. There's EGL jammies and casual clothes. Lolita GF's wear other clothes!

>> No.9862958


It's not wrong that a lot of seagulls have a history of self-harm or substance abuse

>> No.9862961

Why am I attracted to girls like this?

>> No.9862962

No, lolitas are too busy and narcissistic for sex. We're too good for dirty stuff!

>> No.9862965
File: 562 KB, 2048x2048, meaning.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Lolitas are super clean! Being anything less than pure and tidy means ruining tons of brand! I must always be focusing my free time on coming up with new cords and sewing and practicing grooming and make up! kabowie

>> No.9862966

I don't fuck my boyfriend. I fuck the boyfriends of girls in my comm that talk shit about me or annoy me.

>> No.9862972
File: 1.55 MB, 1440x813, 2d8 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>decides that I want to go to a convention abroad since bf wants to go to the US
>decided in July that I'd go to colossalcon with him and my best friend
>best friend doesn't want to go because money, scared of going somewhere new where she doesn't know anyone and she wouldn't be the legal age to drink until August
>starts to save up and look at airflights
>bf dumps me in December and not sure about going
>friends I made convince me to go
>friend let's me share a room with her
>makes a bunch of friends through the community and groups
>creates cosplay groups for photoshoots
>gets hyped about the convention coming soon
>isn't going to let anything stop me from going to this convention, not even my trip to Japan later in June
>finds out arrival back from colossalcon classes with my exam....
>tries to see if the exam can be moved, it cant
>tries to see if I can get an earlier flight, it's over $1500

>> No.9862978

>let's my group know that I can't make it but still help them plan
>they suggest that I go to colossalcon east instead but I'm not sure if I'd have the money for it since I'm going to Japan
> my best friend mentions to me about how we should go to colossalcon next year together
> I really want to do that but some of the friends I made this year might not be going next year....

ah well, I guess I can always wait until next year. Though I'm tempted to go to katsucon

>> No.9862984

My ex gf was always really happy after wearing lolita out for the day, it made her visibly confident which was extremely attractive. Nearly always had sex after she came home, especially if I helped her get ready in the morning/unzip shit when she got in as she felt really good about herself.

Pay attention to her hobby and help her out in small ways. Not anything you can expect as lolita is just clothes, not everyone will be the same.

>> No.9862986

Use a super gentle cleaner line Spectrogel or just water. Don't bother exfoliating unless you see you're peeling or something. And use a gentle moisturizer too. I like Neutrogena.

Sounds like your skin is doing just fine but harsh products are fucking up your shit

>> No.9863012

I used to collect V cards. Fun hobby but yeah, I lost interest pretty quickly after I snagged them.

>> No.9863022

You lived with your parents until you were almost 30? I hope you put money in savings at least. Sheesh. Go get a normie job and wing it like the rest of us did as teens.

>> No.9863040
File: 1.09 MB, 2518x1024, 1521676256212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lots of sex. I've dated 3 lolitas and every single one of them have an insatiable urge to be filled up in the morning, at lunch, in the shower, and then before bed.

>> No.9863051

What if I want to wait to get married before I have sex?

>> No.9863054

Then you're an idiot and beyond redemption

>> No.9863059

Is it really that stupid, to want to maintain purity? Generally speaking, if you're an average Joe trying to accumulate wealth and start a family, having wanton sex outside of marriage is a nice way to shoot yourself in the foot.

>> No.9863070

Does it have to be one extreme or the other? Either 'pure' or you're participating in 'wanton' sex with absolutely everything that moves, lmao

>> No.9863085

It is fairly binary, if you consider risk versus reward. If you have sex with one or two partners outside of marriage. Sure, nothing could come from it, but it's no guarantee. I personally assert that my goal is to remain this way until I get married, though I admit that I will continually be tempted to break that promise over and over, and may wind up going through with it.

>> No.9863110
File: 107 KB, 500x344, 1344542053239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>watch Forrest Gump again
>Always saw myself in Forrest Gump
>MFW the ending of him getting with Jenny and raising someone else's kid is actually a sad ending
>and /cgl/ is leading me to this end

>> No.9863114

At least you don't have AIDS, right?

>> No.9863119

Yeah, but I've overcome being a socially awkward dude, and now I'm surrounded by nothing but thots

>> No.9863126

Tell me about it my dude.

>Break up with exgf in a pretty horrifying way for me at least
>Something inside me happened, I still don't totally understand
>Have become asexual towards real women
>Lose all my inhibition in talking to them because of that
>Currently have four seperate girls pursuing me for my attention and possibly a fifth
>I don't want their sexual attention
>Just want to be left alone to lament about my life and pursue interests that might make me happy
>Can't make friends anywhere I go because girls think I'm hitting on them because I'm just super friendly and have no issues with physical contact like hugs, hair touching, fixing clothes etc.
>Guys think that I'm too domineering to be around and I'm competing with them for girls

I just want cool friends to do cool things with.

>> No.9863133

Convenient how you missed the part where it was his son and Forrest was freaked out at the thought the kid was going to be special needs like him.

>> No.9863136

That's even worse, that means Forrest was a deadbeat dad for the boy's early years

>> No.9863156

Are you in every feels thread?

>> No.9863158

This is literally the first time I've posted.

>> No.9863159

I am you

>> No.9863191

Name and shame

>> No.9863193

I've literally seen this post about "not being sexually interested in women but the women are interested in me" about 3 times now. Deja vu.

>> No.9863198
File: 71 KB, 599x571, 1499543169009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fat girls at cons that meet eyes with you then move in to force a boob graze

Why do they do this?

>> No.9863200

That's not the correct way to use deja vu.

>> No.9863201

That's because it's a growing problem

>> No.9863204

Yeah, sorry. I meant déjà vu.

>> No.9863206
File: 12 KB, 250x250, hair-wig-clips-250x250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TF bonnets already have a sturdy base. >>9861872 probably has smooth fine hair or a small head. I'd suggest sewing two or three evenly-spaced wig clips to keep the bonnet attached

>> No.9863211
File: 602 KB, 1920x1440, ravcing-videos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9863224

By reason alone I can tell you that your post is highly heavy with personal experiences and emotional weight. But if what you say is true, I would be at incredible profit - I can count on one hand the amount of kisses and sexual experiences I ever had in real life.

Ah, may the gods bless you, ma'am, for you are an example that society should follow.

In my personal case, it is because my mother cheated on my father and basically made me a boy in chastity (couldn't watch anything related to girls).

Oh man, my cherry level is off the charts. Sometimes I think i'm too innocent for that shit.
Goddamn, i'm a humble man. I do charity. I have my handful of friends. I try to be interesting. I try to be enjoyable to have around.
But i'm terrible at flirting, and at the seduction game. So the girl who end up liking me will have to be straightforward.

I've become so damaged by incel-ing and by life that I have been in some sort of limbo where I have the desire to have sex (and dating and etcetera) but at the same time it does not matter to me - probably because I have learned to live without sex, or without any kind of close relationship.

>> No.9863265

This is a test

>> No.9863268

How do you guys cope with this? I've lost 70 pounds so far and am well on my way to achieving my goal in 7 months. Not will I only be at my dream weight I'll finally have enough to pay off college. The only problem is I'm starting to get really bad body feeling like I'm a 9 foot 2000 pound monster man and I cant bring myself to talk to anyone even my family until I'm perfect.

>> No.9863275


>is 4chan down or is it just me?
>it's just you! We are able to reach 4chan
>scroll down to view Facebook comments
>all thesee Stacey's and Chad's complaining about 4chan being done and saying "REEEEEEEEEEEEE"

>> No.9863276


>> No.9863290
File: 98 KB, 436x240, c67bada29670a69d9b99a257ee7362c05407088b_hq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one might remember, but lost Innocent World package in January-chan here for final update! Package is pretty much permanently lost but IW emailed me today and just...IW were always my favorite brand in terms of style, but I love their staff so much now and I just wanted to share how awesome they are.

So for reference, the package that was lost didn't have that much. I purchased three items at about ¥20000 shipped, heavily marked down clearance items. It's not like I had lost a reserved item, bought lots of full price items - I was just one of their many many customers from their winter clearance sale who got unlucky.

During this whole ordeal they were super friendly and sympathetic, and I felt so bad for being a problem customer (and mildly feared a response like what Baby was known for making, though I doubted IW would do that). They assured me that it wasn't my fault and expressed again and again how they also felt bad I wouldn't get my items.

Final email today said that the investigation was concluded and they had recieved the refund from the post office. But then they begin to make me so happy I could cry. They had managed to secure one of the items I had bought for me though the rest were long sold out, but I'm more than happy about that. I didn't think I'd be able to get any of them, I'll take the purse! And then the heavy hitter - to apologize they offered me 30% off of anything and everything I'd want from their online store. Like holy fuck, that's so generous. All they had to do legally was give me my money back. Maybe it's because I'm a longtime returning customer and was polite? They know it'll result in a net gain for them because hell yeah I'm buying an OP and some accessories? But I still find it mind-boggling they'd offer this and make sure to hold a purse that's been sold out for months when all that was lost were some clearance items.

tl;dr I just wanted everyone to know that IW is the best brand and has the best people.

>> No.9863292

little steps

>> No.9863309

Good on you have fun with your discount.

I know, it's just I think I need something to help me along.

>> No.9863317

Can I also have a 'woe is the oldfag' moment?

>13-year-olds all over fb and ig making a huge deal about loss.
>They either feel cool because they know it's old, or think it's some brand new 'the game' meme.
>They'll never feel the collective shock and disbelief that the well-hated BU decided to react to his real wife having a real miscarriage with a terrible copy-pasted webcomic.

>> No.9863323

how about a daily journal where you write your accomplishments.

>> No.9863350

>start improving my life
>can finally afford cosplay
>make a guy friend
>he's my first friend ever in a long time
>he wants to date me

I have no idea what to do with a boyfriend. We only dated for 2 weeks and we have already had sex. I'm just going with the flow . I'm not the romantic type. I'm not used to being wanted. I'm not used to being talked to. I wanted to sleep in separate bedrooms because I'm used to alone time, but he insisted we sleep together. Am I doomed to be broken in the head? I don't even care about him enough to cook for him. I never cared about any body but myself . I tried treating him like he was one of my pet rabbits, but I just have trouble feeling anything. He's a nice guy. I don't even care about my family either so it's not him that's the problem.

>> No.9863352
File: 29 KB, 501x327, AB04FA9A-F3B6-4C84-83BB-8BAE94AB9C6B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This happened to me when I commissioned something from the artist who does artwork for Automatic Honey. I was so excited that she was going to make a button of me wearing lolita. On the last day of the con she told me her button maker broke but that she finished the drawing. Told me she would send it to me so I gave her my address.

Flash forward to 6 months and she tells me that she never even drew it. Only gave me a partial refund lol

>> No.9863356

Well you’re not used to all of the attention so you need time to get used to it..

>> No.9863358

You sounded sarcastic in response to maid-chan's post, anon.

>> No.9863368

I'm seconding what >>9863356 said. When I got into my first real relationship I wasn't used to how real relationships were supposed to be. I found it different and sometimes even a little annoying that my bf wanted to hang out more than once a week. I was the type who wouldn't even hang out with friends on weekdays after school because I just wanted to go home and play video games and relax after being out all day. I wasn't used to all the attention. Now fast forward five years and we're married with a kid and hanging out with him after a long day is my definition of relaxing. I'd give it a little while anon maybe you'll warm up to him and how relationships work. Or not. If you still don't enjoy it after a few months there's nothing wrong with being a loner either or maybe he's just not the right match for you.

>> No.9863369

Are you me? I’m currently casually dating my coworker and because of all my previous relationships (and the fact that I’m a bit of a loner) I am void of emotion so I have no idea how to care for another human. I love sex but do not want to have romantic relationships with people.

Just take it easy. Have fun. Don’t worry about relationships right now and communicate with the guy that you’re new to this so you have idea how these things work.

>> No.9863373

The bitch didn't even tell him he had a kid and kept the kid from him. He wasn't a deadbeat he straight up didn't even know he was a father.

>> No.9863377

The hose for my washer broke and flooded my room. Everything is safe except Innocent Worlds "Animals of the Forest" which must have fallen off the back of my door where I had it hanging and took out a bright red hat on the table next to it. So now theres pinkish discoloring
Panicking for my very first dress but thanking Mana that everything else was untouched (including honeycake).
Only other lolita thing that got weas was the bottom of ap's treasure pochette, which just needed to be wiped off.
IW dress is having a light oxyclean soak as I dry out ny room.

>> No.9863384

You sound like the victim-type.

>> No.9863389
File: 357 KB, 1000x700, consider the following meteora.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think it's just robots shitposting.

>> No.9863392
File: 75 KB, 835x673, recognize.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4chan is down
>can't shitpost on /cgl/
>had to actually hang out with my boyfriend and do chores around the house

>> No.9863398

Praying for your dress and for everything to dry without any mold appearing

>> No.9863401

The horror

>> No.9863403
File: 3.03 MB, 1865x2681, 20180425_205538-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you. I called out of my second job tomorrow (work there 1 night a week for 4 hours) so after my main job, i can continue to air everything out.
It looks like theres still some minor discoloration after the oxyclean. But its next to lavender so its not too noticable. (Main part of the dress is black) im going to try a tide pen tomorrow.
Pic related. You can kind of see the feather/flower on the right is less white than the one on the left.

>> No.9863407

Oh my god is this a thing? At a con a fat girl came up to me with a pretty stony face, I got intimidated, she said she liked my cosplay and i said I liked hers too. Then she fuckin pushed her chest into me and it wasn't even crowded so not really sure why?

>> No.9863408
File: 2.00 MB, 2560x1920, 1501282391867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi to all crossboarders. I just wanted to say if you came here to find a seagull gf, stop. The sane ones will all say no, and if you're smart, that will discourage you. If you're stupid, you'll keep trying. Do not do this. Fuck around and you'll get a crazy one who ruins everything.
t. me
(I am a crazy seagull)

>> No.9863410

This is true. Youll get a girl like the infamous baby and her animal murder shack.

>> No.9863413

I still don't get those drawings. I've seen them on almost every thread now and I still...

>> No.9863415


I don't want a seagull girlfriend. I want a female friend. My best friend passed away and I've been lonely ever since. We had the perfect master and dog relationship. I understood my position and never tried to have sex with her or ask her out because I knew she didn't like me back.She really cared about me and didn't just keep me around to use me. I need a dominant seagull girlfriend who will take me into her care. I don't care if you have a boyfriend. I can't be cucked because I don't desire sex. Just don't bully me.

>> No.9863419

What the fuck lol
What did you even do if you didn't have sex

>> No.9863422


Cuddles. Hang out with her. She helped do adult stuff like moving out of my parent's house, having my own phone plan, and insurance stuff. She was my best friend, not a girlfriend.

>> No.9863426

My feeling about most girls here is we aren't really responsible or well equipped to take care of another human being and would prefer it be the opposite

>> No.9863428


But you make enough money to make cosplays and nice dresses and go to cons. To be able to do that you had to go to college and get a good job. You can't be a /cgl/ regular with a minimum wage job.

>> No.9863436

>can never cosplay characters that show off leg because of heavy scarring on my thighs
Sometimes I wish I did the upper arms like I see some people do
I don't cut anymore but repetitive cutting in one area takes fucking years to get rid of. I miss shorts! It's summer damn it

>> No.9863438

Having money to support a hobby doesn't mean responsibility. I'm just trying to warn you.
It isn't a good idea regardless to go looking for a "rebound" so close after a death. Take time for yourself instead. Lots of girls here spend all their money on their hobby and probably wouldn't spend a dime on you because it gets in the way of their budgeting. You'd also have to be attractive and not creepy, and trying to pick up girls on /cgl/ of all places really isn't helping.

>> No.9863441

Or you could just behave like a normal human being and outside of 4chan just happen to find a cgl gf because you put yourself in the position to meet a cgl gf but you didn't actively try to just have a GF but took the time to meet people at cons and make friends and then at one event you hit it off with this nice girl wearing some Fire Emblem shit and Fire Emblem is my jam so we talked and now we're going out to dinner this weekend.

Remember that next time you talk to any male at a con, cgl

>> No.9863442

Diff anon but trust me, you don't need college and a good job, you just need a man with a good job who isn't opposed to your weird hobbies ;)

>> No.9863446

Holy shit stop taking bait and shitting up the thread.

>> No.9863448

True facts, I work at the bank, am a certifiable Chad, early 20s, and I don't mind having a housewife>>9863442

>> No.9863450

Anyone just hang out at the entrance of conventions, but never actually go inside? I'm too poor for cons and I have no friends. I don't cosplay, but I wear some Anime graphic tee or one of my J-fashion clothes and hang out the front entrance to take pictures. I like to look at all the people being happy with their friends and I like to imagine myself being friends with them.

>> No.9863474

They finally got back to me. They have given me a price for high speed shipping. Its high, but not outragous for 3 to 4 day shipping from europe. I'm still not sure when its gonna ship though. They say its in production and should ship mid May. I need it late may. Regular shipping is 2+ weeks.

Do I throw more money down the hole and hope I get my order?

>> No.9863483

You can be a neet like me with a shitty part time job still living at home kek.
To be fair though, this is just the situation until I'm done with school where the 'good job' hopefully happens...

Ghosting conventions is pretty common here. I always get a pass for the sake of having one but I can count the number of times I've actually used them on my hands. Panels and weeb merch don't interest me so unless a special event is happening I almost never go inside the convention center. All the cosplayers hang out outside anyways and those jaded by cons don't even bother anymore, they just want to dress up and chill with friends.
The easiest way to make friends is to express interest in some really niche fandom. Me and my more outgoing friend were cosplaying from one and every time someone recognized us, she ended up chatting their ears off and asking for contact info to talk later. We met that way in the first place and still friends 5 years later.

>> No.9863487

You can't be a neet if you're in school or with a job, anon. do you even know that neet means?

>> No.9863491

can someone reply to my comment please

>> No.9863493


>> No.9863494


which comment?

>> No.9863497

>get hired to do office grunt work for a small business
>data entry and filing and stuff
>mention something offhand about powerpoint and my boss gets super excited
>"You can do powerpoints? Can you bring those in?"
>Specifically, I've helped make powerpoints for jfash and lolita panels
>mfw today I end up showing my manly bro boss a bunch of slides with frilly dresses
>mfw he's so impressed and excited and he wants me to work on some power point stuff

What is my life, gulls, idk even

>> No.9863498

>be religious virgin
>in church every sunday
>nobody belives this when they meet me
>Look like slavic ex con
>People dont even believe I like anime
>Normie girls are discused that I like anime and Jesus.
>tfw no /cgl/ gf

>> No.9863504

Yeah I couldn't be arsed to find a better word. Mooch? My parents are well off and fund literally everything apart from my weeb hobbies so my little income is mine to do with as I please.
Anyways it was in response to
>You can't be a /cgl/ regular with a minimum wage job.

>> No.9863535

Glad to hear they responded anon! At this point I don’t know. What is your gut feeling?

>> No.9863541


I guess the real question is what backwater do you live in that you've "mainly done powerpoints for Lolita" and nothing else. And how does your boss not know how to do PowerPoint? Sorry this is blowing my mind.

>> No.9863542
File: 34 KB, 699x525, 1522272496191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally come to terms with the fact I'm bad with women
>finally come to terms with the fact that it's not them, it's me
I love this feel, feels like the rest of my life just started

>> No.9863543

>at least get asked out a few times a month
>always fall for girls that have bfs instead

why do i do this

>> No.9863550
File: 260 KB, 900x948, 1515649037426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man, I just really want to die.

>> No.9863552

There's nice professional powerpoints, and then you've got the "graphic design is my passion" people. Maybe the boss knows too many of the second kind.

Me too anon. Romantic double suicide?

>> No.9863555

>tfw no ichigo gf to headbutt you

>> No.9863556

Sorry I have really bad anxiety and can barely talk to strangers without crying. I'm sure the double suicide would be really awkward.

>> No.9863558

I told em I'm gonna wait to upgrade shipping. Their communiations with me have been better over the last 48 hours. They have a good rep and my comission is a complicated one. They claim to be busy. I would like to believe them. I think they just forgot about my order and are probably just starting.

>> No.9863576

better than always falling for lesbians anon.

Least they can break up with their boyfriends, you can't unlesbian someone lol.

>> No.9863578

I sympathise. I was foolish enough to do lower arms as well (placement wasn't for attention, just too depressed to think long-term). Summer is hell and cosplay is limited.
I'm glad you're not cutting anymore, anon.

>> No.9863582

>You can't unlesbian someone lol.
Not with that attitude, you can't.

>> No.9863585

>Least they can break up with their boyfriends

jokes on this never happens, and if it does they regret it and go back to their bfs

>> No.9863590
File: 1.90 MB, 320x244, 1463823901349.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wanting a lolita gf
>not wanting to fuck her

>> No.9863591

Can someone tell me why would someone cut their tights leaving ugly scars, when you can just punch yourself, so bruises be gone in a week?

>> No.9863604


cutting yourself is done quick and you can accurately cut yourself deep without hurting yourself. It takes a lot of effort to bruise yourself and you risk infection and fracturing a bone.

>> No.9863606
File: 26 KB, 824x484, r9k users cuddling.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I don't like cutting myself, but when I'm in the mood for cutting I get a high from it. It's a sharp sting that quickly goes away. It's a manageable pain. If you cut yourself fast with a really sharp knife you don't really feel it and there's an immediate result of blood pouring out which can be satisfying unless it's too much blood. Bruising takes time to show up . I don't think clearly when I'm cutting myself. I don't mean to leave scars on my thighs that make my legs look old, but it happens.

>> No.9863607

Same here. It's the feeling of high and then release.

>> No.9863626

Their are alot of people who value their purity. Just our society shames us with morals and makes it seem normal to have alot of sex. Remember that half a century it was not fesable to have sex all the time. No pill and no legal abortion.

If you find the right person its just a matter of waiting from when you meet to when you are married. 6 months to a year on average.

Take a random 20 something and if they are honest they will tell your that they have had droughts that lasted that long.

>> No.9863628

Same thing, there's something satisfying about the blood slowly dripping down you

>> No.9863629 [DELETED] 

You can use a retractable box cutter and set it the lowest length if you are afraid of cutting yourself too deep. Please do not cut yourself. Once you become addicted to it you can seriously mess up the appearance of your body.

>> No.9863637

It’s not about the appearance. It’s about their health.

>> No.9863643

Marrying someone you have only known for 6 months seems like a way riskier life choice than having sex with someone you love while you try to figure out if you will be a compatible couple for the rest of your lives.
I've been with my significant other for 8 years and I love him dearly, I would happily marry him tomorrow, but we had to go through a lot of stuff before I could be sure of that.
Relationships, even the ones which feel easy and straightforward are hard at times and learning how to navigate that is hard enough without the pressure of already being married when the first difficult thing happens.
Sex is part of most healthy and loving relationships between adults, and thinking that it's immoral outside of marriage draws a really artificial line, which I think can be unhelpful to everyone. Especially those like some of my friends, who wanted to wait for marriage and then decided not to- feeling guilt about sex with a person you love and are engaged to is bananas and really damaging.

>> No.9863649

Multiple reasons to cut yourself. I used cut both my arms and thighs.

1. There's a high associated with stinging pain that you don't get from dull blows

2. There's an adrenaline association with sharp objects like knives

3. You get immediate visual results like blood, bruises takes at least a good couple of hours. It's satisfying to see yourself bleeding, it confirms that you're 'hurting'.

4. I don't know if this was specific to just me but if I was ever in public and I got the urge to hurt myself to deal with anxiety or whatever I would just rub my thighs through my pants for some pain on the healing wounds.

>> No.9863661

I bought my mum flowers and she's so happy. I feel happy.

Don't forget to love your mother and do something nice for her.

>> No.9863674

>Thought Lolitas believed in strict rules and aesthetics
>Mostly snowflakes that don’t believe in rules and do whatever

>> No.9863676

well, you could call the rules guidelines

>> No.9863677

Depends on how you define strict rules, I suppose. Having said that, I do think it's important to follow the definition of what makes lolita what it is, and know these definitions well before you add your own creative spin on them.
And I definitely agree about aesthetics; it's sad to see so many girls in lolita have no sense of aesthetic or style whatsoever, who only want to play kawaii uguu princess dressup for attention.

>> No.9863686

Yeah your kinda right. I wouldn't say that if you have sex your ruined for ever since your not pure and that you should hate yourself. Birth control fixes the physical end of that.

Forgoing sex to focus on everything else is a good thing. It is an artificial line, but important. Especially considering historical risks. You should learn if your compatable.

Now consider these two cases. People have sex and make mistakes. They don't love each other. They have a kid. They can stay together hope to have a happy family but that could fail. Or one party usually the man will just split and we now have a single mother. Now we have a breeding ground for dysfunctional ppl. See /cgl/.

Not optimal. We have a generation destroyed by this. Now the other case.

You kinda make an artificial boundary that simulates what was basically biological fact 100 years ago. When promiscuity wasn't feasible it was vitally important that you maintain purity to ensure your one shot will be a sucess.

Now I hope your realtionship works out as I would hope any does. But would waiting to have sex ruin it? Yeah sex is important. Litterally i have ready studies that say if men do get some kinda relief it is physically and mentally harmful. But can you wait?

At the very least can we not stigmatize virginity as a culture. Men are most affected by the stigma and the lease affected by its consiquences.

I am gonna wait untill I am marries and when I find someone who is ok with that I already konw whe are compatable on a moral level. Not haveing sex actually make it more likely that the relationship will work out.

>> No.9863742

Thank you
This one >>9862972 also what convention would you recommend me?

>> No.9863751
File: 905 KB, 240x228, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was heavily involved in weeb stuff in the mid-00s. Then life got busy, lots of things happened, and now here I am going to cons in my 30s feeling all old and confused.

>TFW there's not 50 singing Yunas performing Eyes on Me at karaoke
>TFW no Azumanga Daioh cosplays
>TFW the screechy yaoi fangirls are moistening over some trap instead of Gravitation
>TFW no memes of yaranaika/cock mongler/longcat
>TFW idols have replaced visual-kei

Fuck, at least Evangelion's still relevant.

>> No.9863755
File: 94 KB, 528x794, 1451045820005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>still occasionally check my friend finder gull email to see if the gull I connected with who ghosted me will ever come back

>> No.9863757

What's it like being in your 30s? It must be a weird limbo or at least that's my perception. Too young to be with the old cats but too mature to be with the young retards.

>> No.9863760

>And how does your boss not know how to do PowerPoint?
You'd be suprised how arcane even basic IT stuff is to most people, regardless of their position.

>> No.9863762

Time passes faster, all your cool pop culture references become outdated, and people in their early 20s suddenly look like children.

Unsolicited advice: I know a lot of fujoshis in their 30s who ended up being eternal basement dwellers because they invested more into their fantasy lives instead of their real lives. Dropped out of various arts subjects or whatever and overindulged in games/animu/2D husbandos. Now they're looking down the barrel of middle age with no work experience, no money, no relationship prospects, and few friends. So... probably don't do that.

>> No.9863763

>They don't love each other. They have a kid. They can stay together hope to have a happy family but that could fail.

I always felt that a lot of people doesn't even aim to be happy in marriage. They just want to make it to the next level aka getting married and having kids. From this point anybody who has stable income and no bad habits can make a nice match, and this way sex is not that neccessary.

>> No.9863765

I'm a dude but the advice is worthy nonetheless.

>> No.9863766
File: 80 KB, 1672x943, 1508794418474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone explain to a man all of this 'witch culture' shit I see on the internet. Like full mini-novella posts on the likes of Tumblr of women outlining how to cast spells and make potions and shit. Someone in the friend finder thread listed 'witchy things' as a hobby. They're just pretending, right?

>> No.9863768

>women pretending to believe in dumb shit for attention

what's new?

>> No.9863771

>for attention
You can think it's dumb, sure, but not everything that other people do is for attention.

>> No.9863772

Occam's Razor.

>> No.9863779

>ITT: Incels

>> No.9863788

When the thread starts with "ignore bait", you know it's going to be off topic and full of bait and shitposting

>> No.9863793

Or it could be this hip new thing called liking something?

>> No.9863794

Liking attention isn't new.

>> No.9863798

Isn't that what you're doing now? Shitposting for attention?

>> No.9863799

Sure. I didn't say I had a problem with doing shit for attention. You just took it that way.

>> No.9863800

>Too young to be with the old cats
Nah, not in my experience at least. Past a certain point a lot of people just stop giving a shit about age. How you act, what you say is more important. I'm 35 and don't have an issue with talking to people up to 50-60 (I don't really know anyone past that)
I feel like younger people care more about age gaps.

Also people in their early 20s definitely look more and more like children. Not like they do much to disprove it.

>> No.9863810


Heh. There's a very wide range of sanity, really.

Sane girls who like witchy stuff are generally in it for the aesthetics. Crystals are very pretty (and cheaper than diamonds), herbs are cool because they smell nice and do weird shit (and some get you high), velvet is lovely to touch (and warm in winter), and all those magic signs and sigils just look cool (and researching them at least makes sure you know what signs you’re showing so you aren’t accidentally wearing the symbol for being a gay viking on your t-shirt. Or wearing it on purpose, whichever way you swing)

Then off the other end are the crazies who are using it to deny reality, fully buying into spells and shit, and people who believe they're otherkin. You probably want to run from these, especially the ones who believe they are under a curse are most likely to go full Munchausen and cause their own drama because “evil spirits are after their pure soul” or some stupid shit.

There’s a fair number of harmless crazy ones you could live with, though. Like the ones that remember being slaves in their previous life (it’s always slaves, no one bothers remembering being a boing housewife) are kind of nuts too but at least they aren’t going to do shit like sabotage their own car then claim Inuyasha’s spirit wanted you to die so they can claim insurance on your life.

Tumblr spells, on the other hand. That’s mainly teenagers being teenagers. Yes, it’s crap, and that’s why most grown women side-eye dudes who say they’d like to date a teenager. When a guy openly says he likes dating crappy immature messes who write love spells on tumblr you can’t help but wonder what kind of other crappy immature messes he’ll start bringing home once you settle down with him.

So there you go.

>> No.9863814

I mean when a guy says he like younger girls he doesn't mean psuedo mental illness tumblr girls. Or at least not me.

I personally prefer younger girls because they're easier to impress making it easier on my mind that I don't have to constantly one-up myself on each date. They're usually just stoked to be around you which is lovely.

>> No.9863829
File: 169 KB, 1131x806, 1521975483732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I'm still occasionally tempted to finally reply to the gull I ghosted months ago

>> No.9863837

>tfw I also browse /r6g/
We could have done great things, gull. Why did you do it?

>> No.9863839
File: 52 KB, 600x338, 1521401223104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Life was bad and I'm bad, basically.

>> No.9863842

You know I would've understood. Did you at least enjoy the game recommendation I gave you?

>> No.9863843

I was in a place where I felt like I couldn't really have any kind of stable correspondence so I was afraid I would just keep breaking off contact and then making excuses for it. (Not that just disappearing like that was any better, mind you, it just felt 'better' to me at the time...)
I sadly still haven't gotten around to checking out your recommendation, but hopefully soon.

>> No.9863846

Do you remember the month of our last correspondence? Just so I know it's you! If it is, sure you know where I am.

>> No.9863851
File: 47 KB, 640x360, 1522911550649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was December I reckon. (Now I'd feel like an idiot if you were actually a completely different person too.)
And thank you for being understanding but I think I'd feel too awkward & shitty if we did start talking again.

>> No.9863852


Hate to break it to you, but that has its own negative implications. (a)you're so unimpressive someone better and older will come along and one-up you at any time, so there's no point settling for you, and (b)you're insecure so whoever settles with you always has to baby your fragile delicate ego.

It even implies (c) you won't stick around for long, because if you need to be impressive and your relationships to be stoked and exciting then you'll probably bounce when the hormones wear off and shit boils down to practical problems between two people trying to build a life together, like how to eat in to save money, or who gets which end of the couch that has the better view of the tv, or prioritising a bigger tv vs a beach holiday, or the other 101 very boring problems that are way less exciting than trying to figure out how to impress a child so she's stoked to be around you.

Hey, you don't have to justify yourself to me. If you like 'em young, go for it. I'm just passing time making small talk in the feels thread.

>> No.9863856

Don't worry, you have the right person. You don't have to feel awkward and shitty, I know real life happens (as it happened already, lul) and can get in the way. We should definitely play some Siege, though. I started getting heavily into it around the time we stopped talking.

>> No.9863858

I've been in two relationships from my approach. One lasting two years and the latest lasting four. Your judgements are in error.

You sure conclude a lot about someone from a about 100 words.

>> No.9863861

>tfw you don't actually play Siege despite wanting to because vidya with strangers is too spooky

I'm glad you've been enjoying it though!

>> No.9863862

I've personally got no problem having sex with someone once I've decided to marry her, it's everything before that where I want to hold off. If things aren't going to be compatible emotionally, I'd rather be able to say we didn't have sex so emotionally, things are easier to unwind. Also I'm pretty much obsessed with starting a family. Doesn't have to be right away, but I want to raise kids.

>> No.9863863

that's a whole lot of projection

>> No.9863864

Play with me motherfucker, I'll show you the ropes! I play with a few regulars who'd be more than happy to help out too. We're usually short a man

>> No.9863866

The effects of limerence last for about 1.5 to 3 years on average. Your relationship lengths don't really disprove anon's point. If anything it just makes you come off as more in denial about your insecurities.

Have fun with your low-standard girlfriends I guess.

>> No.9863867

M-maybe one of these days. ;_;
Thank you for the offer.

>> No.9863868

If you identify people based on their sexual activity, you are a retarded hedonist who helped create the actual retards we witness on r9k

>> No.9863874

You know where I am, gull. Please don't hesitate to send me another message. I've missed you!

>> No.9863876

I do have insecurities. I don't deny that. I'm jam packed full of them. They just don't factor in to my approach to dating. I just in general don't like girls who are my age or older because they're more costly for the same or lesser benefit of younger girls.

It's just some basic micro-economics.

>> No.9863879

>randomly think about my old history teacher from high school
>remember that even though he was average looking for an old man, there was something quite attractive about his expressions, way of speaking and character
>remember that he was divorced with two kids, quite touchy with his students in a seemingly friendly, platonic way and that we had a private conversation where he said some stuff that would've been mildly weird if he wouldn't have been my teacher
>thoughts go ABSOLUTELY DEGENERATED from there on
>end up being horny all day
>can't even scratch the itch in private because it's covered in 4 layers of tulle and thick bloomers
>finally home but not alone
Thank god this thread is on autosage soon. What the fuck is wrong with me gulls? Only a few months ago I thought I was asexuall and genuinely had no physical feelings for male bodies. Is there something like 10-years-too-late puberty? Or is it all the shitty ageplay in our lolita tags? I blame the latter.

>> No.9863881
File: 87 KB, 600x600, 1542588098746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you, I really appreciate it!
I feel like a bunch of stuff in my life changed and I wasn't sure if you'd still like me/if you'd still like to talk to me but it appears that we can at least still chat about vidya haha.
Sorry again for being a general failure at life.

>> No.9863883
File: 1.02 MB, 1280x720, 1506987903104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I wasn't sure if you'd still like me/if you'd still like to talk to me
Don't be silly! Can still chat about absolutely everything too. Let me know what's changed in an email whenever you feel up to it.

>> No.9863890

I want you two to be happy

>> No.9863891
File: 904 KB, 500x532, 1521304873569.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now I do feel a bit silly for being so concerned about it.
I suppose one of the main things was that I've stopped wearing lolita fashion and since that was one of the major reasons we even started chatting I wasn't sure if you wanted to talk to a filthy non-lolita plebian lol.
I-I'll try to shoot you an email soon.

>> No.9863892

just fuck already

>> No.9863893


No one really judged or projected anything, though. At least not until you commented further.

You presented your logic for liking younger girls as being easier to impress, and I simply pointed out the inferences one would logically make from that.

And as I said, if you like them young, just go for it. We don't know each other, we're likely not even in the same dating pool, so what your preferences are has no impact on me, and what I think of you has equally no impact whatsoever. Just do what you like, anon. Life's too short to worry about some random 4channer thinking you're needy and insecure.

>> No.9863896

Thank you, anon. She's a good egg and I'm glad I caught her posting again.
You should feel silly! Hahaha. That's not a problem in the slightest, so long as it was a decision you were 100% behind! I'll be waiting for that mail!

>> No.9863897

Maybe >asexualism is just another trendy overly self diagnosed meme people appropriate to make themselves feel fitting in and special.

>> No.9863900

I mean sure dude. I don't take offence, I'm pretty happy with my dating/sexual preferences.

I just feel this wasn't a productive discussion which makes me scatterbrained.

>> No.9863901

Haha sorry for being stupid, that's still a relief to hear though!
I'll be hitting you up soon (;_;)7

And thank you/sorry for filling the thread with this!

>> No.9863902

check is that you come back

>> No.9863904


>> No.9863908

>self diagnosed
I'm not talking about mental illnesses. I just concluded that since I wasnt sexually and romantically attracted to men and had no sexual interest in women either, asexuall was the most accurate description. Nothing special or trendy about it.

>> No.9863913

>If things aren't going to be compatible emotionally, I'd rather be able to say we didn't have sex so emotionally, things are easier to unwind
>I want to raise kids

But what if the person you're emotionaly attached to says she doesn't want kids ever?

>> No.9863917

If I'm in love, I think I'll be okay with that.

>> No.9863944

Flooded room-chan back again.
It looks like there was more stains on the bottom of the dress.
Time for another oxyclean bath, I guess...
If this dress is ruined, im going to bawl.

>> No.9863961

>tfw no momoko gf to save you from a gang-related death

>> No.9863968

I feel old when I accidentally meme yaranaika among my peers. I forgot it was an old thing. I'm only 21.

>> No.9863970

>tfw I really want to reply to the guy I ghosted but I'm sure he's forgotten me after all this time.

>> No.9863972

but I want to be a gay viking

>> No.9864000

I want to kill myself. Holy fuck

>> No.9864003


>> No.9864013

You sound immature desu. If you want to raise a kid you'd better look for someone who shares the same endeavor. You might either ruin your relationship trying to change your partner's mind or be unhappy, because you won't have things you really want in your life.

>> No.9864014

You have the first part down

>> No.9864023

> got infairly involved into some stupid drama at work
> moved to another room to avoid all the shit
> there are just me and another chick there
> she's cute, smart and wears some kind of smooth tomboy
> she's clearly bisexual as I see by the way she acts
> she's married

ugh, must stay strong. I honestly don't want to act like a cunt.

>> No.9864027

I'm not saying anything beyond that I'm open to live my life.

>> No.9864037

>she's clearly bisexual as I see by the way she acts
Pray tell how do bi people act?

>> No.9864039
File: 1.87 MB, 245x245, tumblr_nf051lzczm1qzwnp5o1_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>finally get money I can blow on dumb crap
>none of my wishlist dresses are for sale

I posted in the dd thread and someone replied with a link and I missed it

>> No.9864042

not same anon but gay but not too gay

>> No.9864043

They act kinda coquettish towards same sex people

>> No.9864044

OP here, this exactly. Although she tries her best to keep the distance.

>> No.9864049

So is this like a rule of conduct that I missed when I was recruited into bidom? I may have missed the memo that a certain type of behavior was expected of us.

>> No.9864053


don't go to conventions alone. They are meant to entertain those with friends.

>> No.9864055

Fuck you I'm gonna go and make friends just to spite you

>> No.9864056


look at this girl walking alone at Fanime with her Princess Jellyfish cosplay. Everyone think you're some garlic themed lolita. No one is going to talk to you because you are a loner and loners are creeps.

>> No.9864057

I used to be really into Hime Gyaru. I’m also gay af. My family is super judgemental about outward appearance, and their reaction to me saying that I’m gay was “no you’re not, you’re too girly.” So I had to ditch the glitzy pink stuff and start dressing more tomboyish for them to actually take me seriously.

I’ve gotten pretty comfy with the tomboy look for daily wear. But this morning I was looking at some pre-2013 pictures of Hime Gyaru fashion and I felt like crying because I miss the style a lot. I really want to wear it at least once in a while, like to conventions and for Instagram pictures.

I want to ask my mom if I can come over and grab some jewelry, bags, and jackets from my old room, but I know her response to that is going to be “so does this mean you like men again?”

I just recently got her to start calling my gf my “girlfriend”, instead of my “friend” or my “roommate”, and I don’t want to ruin that. But at the same time, starting completely from scratch hurts. I’m pretty nostalgic about some of my old jewelry (plus I had way more expendable income as a teen and bought expensive shit)

>> No.9864060

What the fuck? Don't let their skewed perception of stereotypes dictate how you live. It's like these two fucks over here >>9864042 >>9864043 with their "bi behavior". There's no rule or law that says you have to be a certain way to be a lesbian (except be a woman who's sexually attracted to other women, of course).
Screw what your family thinks, I understand you don't want to lose the "progress" you've made with them but if all it takes for them to think you're "straight again" is you being feminine, then they never understood you in the first place. And they don't have to understand you, to be honest.
Go pick up your hime gyaru and be beautiful again, anon.

>> No.9864061

Joke's on you, I'm an attractive male with a recognizable cosplay

>> No.9864064

which one?

>> No.9864065


>I know. I'll exercise daily and eat healthy so I can have a body that's nice enough to cosplay Eikichi Onizuka!

>> No.9864068


>> No.9864070


>> No.9864073

which one?

>> No.9864075


have to consult the /cgl/ Discord. Looks like an outsider made a new thread without knowing that our Discord is the one that makes new Feels threads.

>> No.9864077

the one with the cutest OP

>> No.9864079


yeah. no one in the Discord made this thread >>9864070

This is one made by our Discord

>> No.9864094

>our Discord is the one that makes new Feels threads
this had better be b8

>> No.9864291

I've done powerpoints for school and all but two have been lost to time, and I asked boss if he wanted to see those instead but he wanted to see all of them. I brought them up when talking to another office dude about conventions, that's what sparked the whole thing.

I live in a fairly large Canadian city, but this is the first time I've had a big girl 9-5 type job. I've never done anything that looks corporate, but I know my way around the software enough to replicate the style.

Idk if my boss does or doesn't know how to do powerpoints, but it's not actually his job, it's the job of the operations manager and boss said the om makes really ugly presentations lol.

>> No.9864302

This just sounds like my non Lolita Type B personality ex (who wanted to try Lolita but was poor white trash)

>> No.9864308

This desu. Got dumped by my ex a year ago, spent summer and fall banging strange women I met on tinder, with totally unrealistic expectations of what came next. Just found myself more drained each time. I’ve resolved to wait until I find someone who I value, hopefully someone who shares my values. I’ve met a few girls who were interested in me since, but I just tell them that i have a relatively long standing policy of not sleeping with people I’ve just met.

>> No.9864375

god you're so angry

>> No.9866376 [DELETED] 

>tfw no qt gothloli mistress to dom me and play sugar daddy to

I just want to be stepped on and pamper a cute girl.

>> No.9866818

if supermarket-kun was the greentext about being disgusted by lolitas who wouldnt go grocery shopping in a coord then yea im still here