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we all know about pic related, but what are some other /cgl/ creeps? also horror stories thread

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Connecticons toe sucker. Creepy shirtless dude that skulked at the rave for the past 7+ years hitting on underaged girls and asking if they would want to go back to his room, where he would liquor them up and beg to suck their toes and lick their feet.

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anyone know that one guy who has the crazy eyebags who walks around Momocon and AWA with pokemon plushes? He always has that creepy smile on his face.

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The Administrator For Cosplay Is For Everyone

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My friend's mom works at a small local convention, and she's told me about this guy dubbed "the t-shirt guy" and he's a registered sex offender. She told me how hes been arrested for having child porn on his computer and has been complained about to staff multiple times every con. He's been banned but sneaks in and gets in disguises and stuff. They call him "the t-shirt guy" because he's one of those guys who goes around and asks people to sign his t-shirt.

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>Dude in a Sora cosplay comes up to me
>Hi anon!
>Don't know how he knows my name but ok
>Asks me my insta handle
>Tell him
>He shows me his
>HUNDREDS of pictures of his ass
>Ask him why
>He waddles away
>Later hear him showing someone else
>Tell con security
>Get him kicked out
>Heard he was bitching on a livestream about it being because autism

fucking what

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he's known on here, that's spooner you're talking about

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San Kohn. Enough said.

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I haven't heard much new from him besides his cringe Facebook posts. Can't wait for him to resurface.

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Everyone knows that guy that gets a lil too low when taking pics of girls in skirts

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He is aware of this thread and now whining about it on Facebook kek

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There's a nudist creep named Angel Macleod that hangs with the younger cosplayers & fans that lurk at cons in East Anglia such as Norcon in Norwich, UK (and probably other geeky events in the area judging by his Facebook photos).

He's banned from several other groups due to incidents of inappropriate behaviour. Surprise surprise...

More disturbingly this neckbeard could potentially be a sex offender who was involved in a paedophile ring in 2010, but now has a new identity and has gained far more weight since then.


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The only thing better than watching him post about it, is the shitfits that happen in the comments

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I don't know the story behind him what's the info (I know it's the VA for Edward)

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He needs to understand that people are talking about him here is because it's not normal to show off your Instagram and it's full of ass pictures to randoms at a con. Nobody wants to see that, not everyone is comfortable with nudity, yet he thought it was perfectly okay at that one Hyper Japan and still can't accept what happened.

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Any con with Steve Bennett

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while i don't personally know what happened, i would dare to call out OP. and the way it went down. i know spooner personally and have hung around with him at a few cons, i'm a moderately attractive female with similar interested and also wear costumes with low cut skirts and cleavage. and yet i've never been treated this this way by him, nor have i seen him treat others this way

its likely he knew your name because you either, posted a status saying you were on your way, he follows you on IG or lastly that he actually know you and you don't know him, that happens with Facebook. id care to wager he saw you and liked your cosplay and asked for your insta because spooner preferences to follow cosplayers on iG.. id then wager he showed you his insta because hes autistic and doesn't understand boundaries and that the top pictures on his ig happened to be his lewds. yes i don't like them either but its not the same as you're making out, like he forced you to look at them. i notice since this happened over a year ago you haven't publicly came out about this, are you worried of being called out and getting found out. nothing about your story is solid. you failed to prove to us that it really happened how you say, and instead wasn't the case YOU PERCEIVED it that way.

I'm by no means a white knight. but i've people call me a pedophile before when i'm literally in a relationship with a man 3 years older than me.. i understand the lengths people go to to sabotage others, especially people who hide behind anonymity..

i'm also not trying to victim shame you, if you're telling the truth i'm genuinely sorry, but like i said. its not in his nature, and nor does it sit right that the only place you speak out about it on fucking 4chan...

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I also know Spooner and am sceptical, he's never been at all creepy with me. Autistic as fuck for sure, but not in an inappropriate way

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Not OP of the HJ post but have you even read up on this incident? He showed several people, not just the op his Instagram, why else would security kick him out? His Autism is not an excuse and just because it's "never happened to you" doesn't mean shit. He knows what's right from wrong and he thought openingly sharing his page with NSFW photos of him bending over was a good idea when it wasn't. Not everyone wants to see fucking lewds yeah?

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>i'm a moderately attractive female with similar interested and also wear costumes with low cut skirts and cleavage

of course you are anon.

He’s cornered me in the past when I used to go Chinatown boba and constantly argues with con staff from what I’ve seen. He was looking up some lolitas skirt at a con one time and got kicked then and now has those ass shots everywhere. I’m 10/10 sure he’s a creep, just sayin.

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Disgusting piece of crap, his Facebook profile is typical creaper douche bag fodder. "I'm so sad,no body loves me". Good cause you're an inappropriate pervert who claims his anxiety makes him masturbate in public

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What'd Steve Bennett do besides wring out his 15 minutes of fame?

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Hey, Spooner.

I know what it's like to make a mistake, and the absolute WORST thing you can do about it is hide behind your friends. It wasn't okay to show people a lewd IG, and if he can't acknowledge that and move past it he's forever going to live under the shadow of his mistakes.

This is a perfectly fine place to call out inappropriate behavior.

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Never thought that we'd get any scandals in Norcon jesus christ, I'll make sure to avoid him like the plague the next time I go

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At AX each year for the past 3 years, the SAME creepy guy has asked for my picture each time. I would hesitatingly say yes each time because it's just a picture, but I got real sick and tired of it last year so I peed in his mouth and got some up his nose.
I pray to god he doesn't try to pull the same shit this year. PSA to watch out for the guy that asks to take picture each year

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anybody with a penis. its only going to get worse with fosta

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Spread the word anon, he'll probably be Wolverine again at the next one so easy to spot.

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>I peed in his mouth

Spotted the dyke

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you think im spooner. oh thats fucking brilliant. you guys clearly dont know spooner at all if you think he talks like this. fuckboys :)

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but as somebody with autism spooner doesn't understand personal space and inappropriate.. do you really think he'd even have taken those pics if he realized how bad they would and do look... i will agree with it being his autism because it sounds like typical autistic behavior

also why the fuck isnt lewis on this thread

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I accidentally got some up his nose. Hopefully that will learn him his lesson

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link to his IG?

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Why were you pissing on him

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wish i could see but he blocked me, good call on his part, i put him on blast and it spread fast

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all of his new cosplans (besides when he rewears his usual ones) are ones that are like the pics, he saw how people reacted to being shown those pics and decided that wasn't enough, everyone has to see in person as he walks around mcm and other conventions dressed like that

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God you got me hyped thinking it was San. San, if you see this, please look at the old colossalcon thread and also realize:
>you have to treat foam before you paint it, you fucking moron
>darts in foam look like shit
>your armor period looks like shit
>your room (or the room your parents let you build silly costumes in) is a disaster zone and no one can even see the shit armor you’re trying to photograph
>you’re not a “foamsmith”
>you’re a fat fuck and no one at your workplace listens to your “relationship advice”, I promise you
>only so many chicken wings come in a single box for a reason

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He asks for a picture every year for like 3 years or almost 3 years. Can you say "creep?"
C-R-E-E-P. yikes

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Yeah, but he'd have to be complicit in allowing you to pee on his face

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But how did you get in such a position to piss on his face? Was he just lying on the ground?? Wtf

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"he asked for my picture REEEEEE!"

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>Like Sanada?
>Sudden wave of realization

He's still around? Last I checked his FB and insta were both deleted.

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Trying to still guest. Being a creeper at cons where only the old people even know who he is.

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Horror stories you say?

>be a stupid, socially awkward 15 or 16 year old
>going to my third con with a friend who's not sick of my shit yet
>dressed in a shitty Vinyl Scratch from MLP cosplay (literally wearing a secondhand halloween wig with a dress that I drew a cutie mark on with a sharpie)
>walking in the dealer's room when a skinny guy in a button-down shirt and khakis stops me and asks for my picture
>happily pose and walk away
>he starts following me saying "Vinyl Scratch is my favorite pony"
>being stupid, this doesn't alarm me, only annoys me mildly
>he keeps following me, saying "my friends all left me to play video games and I'm alone"
>agree to walk around with him bc I feel sorry for him
>to his credit, he's polite and doesn't touch me
>apparently he's in the military and on leave. He sees someone wearing dog tags and starts angrily calling them out for wearing them while not in the military
>brings up Hitler out of nowhere when I'm talking to a vendor
>says his outfit is cosplay of a character from a video game "but nobody has recognized me yet"
>I mention that I like a certain figure and he buys it for me
>eventually asks me out on a date sometime
>I say I'll think about it
>at the end of the day I fucking book it back to my friends and avoid him the rest of the con

I shouldn't have let him buy me that figure regardless. Thinking back on it, I'm really lucky that it didn't end terribly. God, I was such a stupid kid

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theres a dude in the texas scene that wears a ninja costume and asks girls to take pictures where he lays on the floor and then steps on them. a friend apparently asked him and he straight up admitted it was a fetish thing
inexplicably, many girls agree to pose w him

i always thought he was pretty creepy

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he lays on the floor and the girls step on him that is

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That reminds me of an oldie, some guy used to go around cons and take pictures of cosplay girls and post them on deviant art. Except the focus of the pictures were their feet. Pages and pages of this shit.

iirc the girls were naive and didn't know he was doing it for fap material, it was way back before it was common knowledge that foot fetish creeps existed.

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I remember a year or so back some anon posted about some creepy Big Boss cosplayer in the Texas scene, as well? I think he was DFW if I'm not mistaken. Does anyone remember the dirt on him?

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The fuck were you doing?

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Toe sucking guy
>saying ikadikamus before you suck the toes

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The toe sucker I’m referring to is known from MAG and Katsu for the similar

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When I saw this picture I did a double take. This almost looks like the exact picture I took with Vic back in a convention in Flagstaff. I went to his signing because honestly he was the only guest they had manage to book all three days and I had something he can sign.

But during the photo op, did not expect him to pull me in a tight hug. Pretty much the same way as this girl. I had an awkward weird smile on my face too. By far the weirdest encounter I have had at a con.

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who would take relationship advice from an incel in the first place

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And this guy isn't Everage?

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>"he asked for my picture PEEEEEE!"

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A lot of the people I knew in high school did and it worked out pretty well.

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damn I wanna see that shit

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"oh fuck, I cant deal with all these people and surroundings, better frantically beat my meat!" headass

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Fucker ruined my ACen. He got our room tied up in a money dispute and his account apparently "froze". I had to beg friends to let me stay with them, otherwise we would have had to pay $300 more. He just wanted a free room and have us pay for it.

Fucker kept glaring or making threats at me every time he saw me during the weekend. I wanted to beat his face in. Then I found out he was stalking female cosplayers at ACen.

>> No.9862308

Richard Waldron
Creepy dude who dresses up as Charlotte from Marika Magica, has a young girl posse who blindly defend him, then if you somehow call him out on his creeper tactics, he will stalk you on fb and make your life hell. Heck, he even has a female account on fb named Sara Rodchester who claims she is a legal representative of Richard's and that you will be dealt with soon enough. He went after me and several friends of mine in the past. Fortunately we all blocked him, but he is still out there terrorizing people.

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>Matsuri 2015
>still in a Army and walking around with a half bag that has my field sewing kit, duct tape, etc because con
>Cosplayer having trouble with her staff thing so her and I sit on a bench and try to jerryrig this thing
>end up stripping the 100mph tape to keep her light wires down and using my sewing thread to the her shit back together
>Bid her adeu and went about my business
>Have an okay time and on the way out and up finding her again and we have a nice chat
>hear running footsteps behind me
>fucking Sword Art II cosplayers chick who's not even five fucking feet tall beats me over the head with her pvc rifle
>catch that shit with part of my shoulder and my god damn face
>She's screeching at me for trying to seduce whatsherface despite me having a RING ON MY FINGER
>rather rightly start yelling at her in angry military speak while batting away the remnants of her rifle
>Whatsherface is yelling at cosplayers about some lesbian drama bullshit
>angry sword art midget is still trying to hit me and her blue wig has fallen off at this point
>security comes out and pulls battle budget away whom screeches the entire time
>Whatsherface apologizing profusely while I poke at my blooded eyebrow
>End up just driving back back to base overnight for formation the next morning
>Everyone is amused by my tale and black eye

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Plenty of autistic people understand personal space and manage not to be creeps, I'm autistic and I don't overshare like Spooner, don't use his autism as an excuse

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I am that guy. I'm the stairmaster at cons.

>> No.9862495

Can't wait to tell my friends on my piss discord it's this easy to get a girl to pee on you at a con.

>> No.9862510

>tolerate an awkward guy for one day
>you were safe, nothing bad happened
>get a free figurine out of it

Poor you

>> No.9862556

That isn't something to be proud of

>> No.9862737

Also a literal autist here. Most autistic people I've encountered very very VERY much want space and don't like crowds. Spooner's a fucking moron using his condition to "excuse" his bad behavior.

>> No.9862741

are there stories of girls being creeps at cons?
>inb4 women can't be creeps only men

>> No.9862781

I got touched up by a girl (and I am a girl myself) in a bathroom stall at AX 2012 when I was a teenager. I know nothing about her, and I haven't seen her since (or even beforehand). I know this is a longshot, but has anyone had a similar experience with someone who is similar? I'm just wondering if she's victimized anyone else, which I desperately hope she hasn't.

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everyones favorite pedo

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Invite to piss discord plz

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There’s a guy that’s been going to fanime for years that has done the same cosplay every year, the brainage guy with a a sign he sticks his head through. He comes around and never says a word, but he’ll attach himself to a group and just kind of follow them around. Then I see him posting his con stories on his FB and always think “he wasn’t apart of that, he was just there.” And joke about how much older he is than the girls he was hanging out with (I assume orbiting).
It’s more pathetic than creepy but makes me wonder about some of these weirdos’ motivations for being there

>> No.9862879


I found the dude and every picture I see of them just look like hes mildly uncomfortable

>> No.9862888

Girls think they can get away with it because of our misconceptions. They giggle afterwards like they're in an anime and it's all a harmless joke. I hate those girls.

>> No.9862985

It's a fucking private IG account. It's not like he sexually assaulted the girl. His IG even says 18+

If I had those kinds of pics on my IG and I went around showing them nobody would care and I would get 400 adds. But if a black dude does it it's fucked up. I will use his autism as an excuse cause his autism is why he thinks it ok to do those kinda cosplays

Plus he straight out admitted on live yesterday that the up skirt story was a lie. He says he bent down to get a better recording of the stage. And this is backed up by the footage he got.

I know you FEEL like you were sexually abused anon. But that doesn't mean you were.

>> No.9863075

>Defending showing people unsolicited ass pictures
>Bringing up race
Everyone is judging this guy based on behavior and it has nothing to do with skin color

>> No.9863097

>Muh black skin
Spot the White racist who can't stop infantilzing African Americans and other POCs.

>> No.9863142

>a legitimate excuse for harassing behaviour

As someone who is autistic, please go and kill yourself. If you cannot function as a normal human being in society then get a fucking carer. Do not fucking taint me and the others spergs in this world who handle our disorder just fine in society with this bullshit that you do not understand what you're doing.

I for a long time didn't understand a lot of social conventions and had to learn them. It was fucking painful I assure it and I humiliated myself a lot but I can now function as a regular human being. For you to come here and say that autism is an excuse for the shitty behaviour of an ADULT is fucking horrible because it mitigates everyone else who is on the spectrum's hard work to maintain a regular life and not be a nail to be hammered down.

Fuck you.

>> No.9863273

Making threads in order to publicly shame people because you didn't like their manners at a con is immoral and against board rules. Grow up and stop being scared of men.

>> No.9863278

are you the same anon that said he owed you $100 in one of the FL threads?

>> No.9863282

>I am against harassment
>tells others to kill themselves online

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The overtly friendly girl who roamed Otakon back in 2011 and 2012. I ran into her at least twice. Maybe some of you Anons know who I'm talking about. She's smelled bad, terrible breathe, was touchy feely when talking to you.

I look back at it now and realize despite all the nastiness I listed, there was a possible chance for a handjob in the dark theater watching Sekirei. This girl literally came in and sat down next to me, put her hand on my inner thigh, and said "isn't this the best anime!?" An ecchi/funny thing happens on screen, making her laugh and then continuously pat my inner thigh in the process.

My friend walked in and grabbed me for a panel, leaving this naive lady behind. As we exited, I turned back and saw you was looking further down the role at a nasty neckbeard. Who knows.....

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Deadass is he from New England

>> No.9863366

>assaulting people is "bad manners"
Maybe you should hit your head against a wall a few times; I don't think it's screwed on straight.

>> No.9863390


as tempted as I would be, I dont think id have the bravery/stupid courage to go further with someone like that

>> No.9863463

What a deadbeat and terrible criticism.

>> No.9863526

No. That wasn't me. I was owed $200 by the person who ran the room cause she was just as fucked up as he was.

I only got some of it back. But do tell me more about the other story regarding George.

>> No.9863531

I think he might be. He changes his location sometimes but it is always around that area. He also is an admin for a few convention pages that range from Georgia cons to Chicago cons.

>> No.9863565

There was someone who said he owed them $100 because of something that happened at ACEN as I recall so you weren't the only person he screwed over at that con.

>> No.9863623

He has a ton of followers on social media and promotes the accounts of the girls that step on him. He seems like an ok guy though, at least he asks and takes no for an answer

>> No.9863634


Yes. If you have a decent cosplay girls will glomp you.

>> No.9863650

What if I'm in crossplay? What happens then?

>> No.9863665

Snake n da box IG

>> No.9863669

That takes me back 10 years.

>> No.9863681


Mate if this dude is your friend, the better action is to help him understand and develop social behaviour that’s closer to the norm, rather than going around explaining “because autism”.

Basically what you’ve just said is here’s an individual who won’t stop misbehaving, and other people have to put up with his shitty behaviour “because autism”. Do you really think that’s how it works? lolno. The people who dislike his behaviour do exactly what’s happening in this thread. They share all their unpleasant experiences with him in threads like this, they warn the new girls away from this dude, he’ll gain as a rep for being a literal retarded ass creeper who behaves shittily and then excuses it with “because autism”. If you keep enabling this behaviour eventually it’ll get to a point where enough people hate him that it’s fine if other people want to start bullying him or picking on him. People don’t let you walk all over them “because autism”, if you piss off enough other people they start demanding your blood, autistic or no.

From some of the stories it sounds like he’s already getting into arguments with staff and possibly getting kicked out. He’ll have a more pleasant life overall if he learns to accept what is socially acceptable and what is not. So, seriously, be friend and help him sort his behaviour out.

>> No.9863727

what? None of what you said makes sense

>> No.9863744

I'm from East Anglia area and never heard about it or seen him! That's disturbing

>> No.9863749


I won't dispute what you have said as lies to defend or white knight him, but it doesn't change the fact that he has been a massive problem to others.

I have encountered him at every convention for the last 5 years or so so far and every time he has been rude, creepy or problematic. We have personally witnessed him creepshottong up girls skirts, invading people's personal space as well as causimg a scene when people politely decline to communicate or take photos with him. He is a brat to say the least at times.
We were present during the situation at Hyper Japan when he was caught filming up the maids skirts. He cried innocence until photographic evidence of him doing so was released and then he pulled the "I'm Autistic" card. He also did resorted to this when called out for upsetting seberal people with showing them his bare arse photos without really consulting them first.

As someone who is Autistic myself, I understand it is a spectrum and affects people differently. However, the fact he consistently only pulled the "I'm Autistic" card when cornered just goes to show that he is consciously aware of what heis doing and is only using that as an excuse to justify his behaviour. That just isn't acceptable.

>> No.9863753


>> No.9863973

Spot on.

>> No.9864140

There are creeps that creep on you without you ever knowing. They disguise themselves as your fan and they know better than to make contact with you. They subscribe to you when you were doing dancing covers in your backyard and follow you on all forms of social media. They stalk you at almost every con you go to. They donate to your Patreon. They keep themselves hidden by never showing their power level. You have a stalker without even knowing it and they kill themselves without you knowing how they obsessed they are with you.

>> No.9864148

When I started going to cons you didn't even need to cosplay at all, just wear something tangentially related to some sort of cosplay.
In my case it was a West German army coat.

>> No.9864177

I do this, but she prefers to call me her husband

>> No.9864194

As long as they donate I don't care.

>> No.9864215

This just sounds like a regular fan of anyone lol

>> No.9864254

His FB is San Khon now

>> No.9864340


He's very clever at keeping it under wraps that's why. The more awareness you bring to it the better.

>> No.9864386

Anyone to watch out for in New England?

>> No.9864597

The fact that most people at anime conventions see nothing wrong with the OP pic ("he's just being nice!!!!!1") should speak for how naive and socially stunted most of them are. There's something pretty darn creepy about a married man in his 40s-50s getting that close to some teenage girl he doesn't know.

>> No.9864607

Does this guys name start with a "J"

>> No.9864625

I've only had one girl creep in the 10 years I've gone to cons but she was one of the worst.

>15 years old @ my second con
>Roomed with 18yo friend who had promised her mom was staying with us
>mom immediately left after dropping us off
>18 yo wants to be a KOOLKID and lets a bunch of strangers stay for free in our room
>one of the strangers is an older girl, over 18 but not 21 yet we'll call her "J"
>J takes a liking to me and me being dumb thought she wanted to be friends
>J is touchy but nothing inappropriate yet
>in the dealers room i notice a really cute kakashi dog plushie but its out of my budget
>later that day j surprises me with it
>insists I take it
>big mistake, after I take it she starts touching me more
>at one point starts rubbing her face on my thigh while I am trying to eat
>that night j insists on sleeping next to me
>I'm starting to get uncomfortable at this point but she brought up the plushie she bought me and I felt guilty
>almost immediately after the lights go out she starts to spoon me
>at some point she grabs my crouch I panic and run to the bathroom
>lock the door but she and the others are asking whats wrong
>I panic and make myself vomit
>I pretend to have the stomach flu so that my mom would come get me the next day
>found out later J got kicked out of the con for stealing from the Dealers Room

>> No.9864634

But was she hot?

>> No.9864642


It's just a hug played up for a photo, sheesh

>> No.9864718

>underage girl being in an extremely close hug with a strange man old enough to be her father
>not creepy in the slightest

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>clever at keeping it under wraps

>> No.9864855

Old people can't hug young people, got it

Also you can't have a "far hug" moron they're always gonna be close

>> No.9864972

George is a manchild incel who creeps, stalks, and pulls so much shit it's a wonder someone hasn't beaten him to death at this point for all the shit he does.

>> No.9864977

Don't share a bedroom with a boyfriend and a friend. Your friend will start sniffing your boyfriend's underwear.

>> No.9865043
File: 36 KB, 480x368, 1509601477539.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>walking around convention with friends
>guy and his friends approach
>he says I'm dressed as 'favorite waifu' and has to have a picture
>take picture together
>then he shows me the back of his phone proudly
>His phone case has a soft hentai picture of the character I'm dressed as on it
>leans in and says 'I had to get this special ordered"

>> No.9865048


>> No.9865049

WTF is that thing?

>> No.9865064


Had chest groped and practically fondled by a female cosplayer I've never met before years ago who thought she was being 'teehee rawr so randumz!!1xD" cause I was crappily dressed as a character I guess she liked. I was too shocked & shy to do anything about it at the time and it happened so quickly that it didn't really sink in. Never saw her again.

>> No.9865104

I feel like that is common. Sometimes female creeps get away with being way too touchy because most people shrug it off when a girl does it. I've had plenty of far too grabby encounters with other female cosplayers.

>> No.9865144

Stop defending Vic.

He's had accusations of sexually harrassing young people for years, yet no one believes it when people say anything.

This is going to turn out to be JewWario scenario. People will act like his behavior and affection towards underage fans is "normal", and will say any accusations of sexual harassment are wrong because a man they hold in high regard can't be a monster. Then, the truth will come out.

If this was anyone else, then, sure, a hug is a hug. But Vic has had accusations of sexually harrassing underage fans for almost 15 years now, so when one sees a picture like that, it will take on other meanings.

>> No.9865219

>It's a fucking private IG account. It's not like he sexually assaulted the girl. His IG even says 18+

Yeah, it says that *now*. Do you think it's always been like that?

>> No.9865245

I got no deets but I follow him, and just curious if it's anything I should worry about.

>> No.9865514

Boy, weird. Girl, weird but hot.

>> No.9865591

>But Vic has had accusations of sexually harrassing underage fans for almost 15 years now,

Its he-said she-said bullshit and you know it. Every god damn convention he goes to has some new creepy ass fan that starts shit because he didn't hug them or record a fucking voicemail message for them. He's not a saint by any stretch of the imagination and I have seen him get quite riled up over small things but all this stupid nonsensical "Oh he has been harassing underage fans for years!" crap is just dumb. Do you know why nobody has fucking come out and tried to sue his ass for the alleged harassment in a time where literally everybody is coming out against abusers? Its because nobody was harassed by Vic.

>> No.9865662

Asking for help: how do you deal with guys who just stick with you at cons? Especially if you are going alone.

>> No.9865664

Tell them to go away

>> No.9865703

This >>9865664, there's nothing wrong with being direct when someone. Especially not if they aren't capable of picking up on subtle hints.

>> No.9865811

Even in a time when people are coming out against abusers, some people are still terrified of saying anything because of angry fans who will defend their saint at any cost and because of the many other reasons why abuse victims never come forward. Never reported to authorities =/= never did it.

>> No.9865888

Nayrt but this is innane. If people are willing to talk about it enough that ot creates rumours then people should have no issue moving it to the authorities.

You're just witch hunting at this point. Sure you can find him creepy, I do, but calling him criminal is different

>> No.9865945

>getting hyped on rumors because of MeToo shit

Accusations still aren't evidence bitch

>> No.9865947

Are you serious? Tell them to fuck off

>> No.9865949


Oh boy the fucking scary voice actor's league will sent assassins after me.

>> No.9865975

I've been suspicous of him for more than ten years before the #MeToo stuff started. The earliest accusations were around 2006.

This will be another JewWario scenario.
"He's just a 40-something-year-old man giving a teenage girl a shoulder rub! He's a super nice guy and you're making accusations out of nothing, you jealous bitch!"
Then, years later, guess what happens. Turns out the reason the guy "left" was that he was fired for numerous allegations of grooming and touching girls and women in places they didn't want to be touched.

Actually, the rumors are far more numerous and have been going on for far longer than the ones about JewWario were. With this many accusations over such a long period of time, how can you guys be so sure that there is zero truth to them? How come other VAs haven't had nearly as many as him if not any?

>> No.9865978


> With this many accusations over such a long period of time, how can you guys be so sure that there is zero truth to them?

Because we're dealing with a hobby populated by mentally ill attention hungry girls?

Hey at least one of those girls in Salem were witches, how can that many people be wrong?!

>> No.9865983

How can we be so sure? We're not. We never said he did or didn't do anything. But there has been presented no solid evidence other than anecdotal stories to say he did do something.

It's not a matter of if I feel he's a good person or not, it's a matter of whether or not he's a criminal sexual predator and should he be branded as such and have his entire life ruined. So far, there is no evidence to substantiate that claim. You're willing to crucify someone over rumours? You're part of reason that reporting sexual assault is stigmatized because you're willing to ruin someone's life over rumours without evidence.

>> No.9865991

>But there has been presented no solid evidence other than anecdotal stories to say he did do something.

This is the nature of sexual assault accusations dude. Some guy molests a girl in his hotel of an anime con, you think there's gonna be a lot of evidence?
Some of you may take that to mean that fine this means we can never solidly believe any accusation 100% which might true in some cases but lets get real - a bunch of different people don't make up accusations for no reason and any scenarios where that does happen are 1. straw men or 2. rare when compared to the grand scheme of things.

>> No.9865994


>a bunch of different people don't make up accusations for no reason and any scenarios where that does happen are 1. straw men or 2. rare when compared to the grand scheme of things.

Yeah that all changes when the person involved is a public figure.

>> No.9866025

>First con recently
> People really liked my cosplay getting dozens of people wanting pics.
> Going with friend to check out room parties.
> Too Mormon to drink and beginning to feel uncomfortable.
> Leave while friend is getting some drinks.
> I round a corner and see a drunk slutty Serena cosplayer.
> She lights up and wants a pic.
> Begins to get friendly as her friends stumble off.
> Touching my chest arms wig waist.
> No idea how to react so I put my arm around her waist as she drunk rambles.
> Offer to help her find her friends.
> Going up the stairs to get her to her room
> She stumbles and falls but I catch her.
> End up in a stairwell makeing out.
> I grab her butt, under her skirt.
> She quickly pulls away.
> Pantic becouse I think i messed up.
> She begins vomiting.
> I hold her hair as she does the drunk person, vomit, apoligize, vomit again routine.
> Take her out in the hall and find her friend in like 2 min.
> They thank me and take he away.

You though she was tge creep, too bad it was me all along. I still feel horrible for takeing advantage of her. This is the furthest I have ever gone with a woman. No Idea why people drnk when they just end up doing stupid stuff like this. If you reading this Serena stop being stupid. Next time you probably won't end up with a Mormon.

>> No.9866026

Uh... who were you cosplaying as?

>> No.9866033

My brother decked a girl square in the mouth because she smacked him hard on the ass with one of those yaoi paddles.

>> No.9866035

Uh... Why do you ask?

>> No.9866036

It just sounds like a story a friend told me, but not exactly the same (let's just say you displayed a lot more restraint). It wasn't "recent" anyways, so I doubt you're the same person.

>> No.9866039

It was this month. My second con is next month same city. I am worried I might see her again. If It was your friend I want to apologize to her.

>> No.9866049

>Because we're dealing with a hobby populated by mentally ill attention hungry girls?

Anime cons are a sexual predators paradise when you put it like that. All these social shut ins that don't get attention combined with mental illness is a perfect storm for these kinds of predators who are good at grooming people.

>> No.9866077

Again... it's the sheer number of them in comparison to accusations of other VAs. If, say, I'd heard an equal number of these complaints about Todd Haberkorn or Greg Ayres, I'd be a lot more willing to dismiss them as attention-seeking fanbrats.

It's been proven time and time again that people here have no idea how predators work. They think a woman being hot is the only factor. The truth is that a mentally unstable teenage girl who is alone, has low self-esteem, and is ugly or average looking is more likely to be prey than a hot woman who is confident and always surrounded by friends. They're called "predators" for a reason. They "prey" on the weak.
I try to warn people that anime cons are like a buffet for predators.

>> No.9866170

Yes, the nature is hard to prove. That still doesn't dispel what I said. There is no evidence and you cannot prove anything. Again, are you willing to crucify someone over rumours?

Someone should go to the authorities if a crime has been committed but yet not a single person has even officially accused him.

>> No.9866364

I've only just had my first experience with this at Sakura Con this year.
>cosplaying Aquaman
>exposed chest and stomach areas
>posing for a picture
>hear a squeal from behind me immediately followed by the girl grabbing me from behind
>rubbing my stomach and chest and rubbing her body on my from behind
>feeling slightly unsettled
>all I can manage to say is "uhhh, hello?"

Just like >>9865064 it all happened so fast that I didn't even realize what the fuck was going on until it was over. Looking back on it, it's a funny little story but I can't say it's something I'd want to have happen again.

>> No.9866372

>Anime Boston a customer had me worried. I don't mind talking to socially awkward people, but this one takes the cake as the oddest in a while. Odd questions, odd behavior. Clearly wanted to start a friendship or a relationship outside the con.
>Appearance Puerto Rican, Late 30's, into DBZ and Fighting games
>Hoping it's just social awkwardness and not a dangerous individual
>If anyone in the Boston area feels they have had a dangerous run-in with an individual that fits this description please let me know in reply.

>In another story there was the Kid that wanted me to draw child prons for Yugioh cards. That was the worst. NOPE, nononono.

>> No.9866384

Nayrt, but iirc, he's creeped on underage girls, most of them being either Sailor Moon or KLK cosplayers, at various cons in DFW using the box with his Big Boss cosplay to sneak up behind them to peek under their skirts. I remember the anon(s) who spilled the beans said he'd brag about it as if it were an "accident", even though he's done it multiple times in the same manner.

And on another note, didn't one of his exes come on here a while back and said that he hit her, and that he's got serious anger management issues underneath that "awkward with girls" guise?

>> No.9866395

Yikes i met him recently!!! But instead he was stepping on my friend lol

>> No.9866487

>child porn on Yugioh cards

What the fuck, tell me this story.

>> No.9866576

>NJ anime con
>Kid that could be white Steve Urkel comes up for a watercolor commission.
>Note at the time I did not take payment in advance, customers would pay on pickup.
>Wants kid Goku drawn from Dragon Ball.
>OK I can draw that.... I ask if you want a fighting pose or..?
>No he wants him peeing on a bush.
>W/E I'll draw it like the Calvin n Hobbs thing, maybe he wants it to go on his car or something.
>Draw it, he wants changes: PANTS down, more chubby, can we see butt... stuff like that.
>It's at this point I realize he's sexually attracted to Kid goku, and that if I continue drawing it's pretty much child prons.
>Kind of in shock nod, he leaves.
>In the time he is gone and comes back, I tell him I can't continue anymore because someone's dad visiting saw the image and it upset him or something. I want half payment for the art, as it was completed as originally asked.
>Tries to pay me in Yugioh cards.
>Tell him No. I don't need cards. Trying to remember if he gave me any money, but I was so upset at this moment it's a blur.
>Art is gone he is gone, done and done never again right?
>FOR YEARS after this kid would try and commission me and others again. But this time it was a NO upfront. Have not seen him in some 10 years on the con circuit, I imagine he got busted for his fetish.

>The end.

>This year. Guy asks for pinup of girls showing feet. Don't care this is a reasonable fetish, draw it to completion and he loves it. 10/10 on the good commissioner scale, will draw feet anytime.

>> No.9866592

How old was this kid at the time? Was he a younger kid, or like an 18-19 year old kid?

>> No.9866596

Cosplayed as Toph, had sex with a Sokka cosplayer, he somehow found me on facebook and posted pictures of us fucking on there

>> No.9866597


Are you a chick? Genuine question

>> No.9866598

It's okay, you were blind. You couldn't see your mistakes.

>> No.9866599


>> No.9866600

There are a lot of reasons why people don't go to authorities. Self-blaming/denial, fear of not being taken seriously, fear of having to detail the abuse over and over again and relive the experience, fear that the other person has more money and power (and can therefore get a good lawyer and get away with it). Bill Cosby had abuse dating back almost 50 years that wasn't reported. Doesn't mean it never happened.

>> No.9866637

best guess 14-19 looking.

>> No.9866824

Jesus fucking Christ you are thick aren't you?

I'm not saying it didn't fucking happen. Nobody except those involved currently know if it's true or not. I'm saying that there is NO EVIDENCE. You are trying to label and slander a person as a fucking pedophilic sexual predator without evidence. That is a claim that could ruin someones entire life and the life of their loved ones. You are attempting to ruin someones life without evidence. If he turns out yes he is guilty, then I'd happily be the first person in a firing squad against him but as for now, you can call him creepy, weird and potentially dangerous. You can't say he is a criminal.

If you're so fucking chuffed about this whole thing, go find some of the claimed victims are urge them to go forward with their stories. Until then, I'm going to stick with the foundational value of "Innocent until proven guilty."

>> No.9866852

Go to bed, spooner

>> No.9866872

yeah, i saw him at the most recent PAX South
its a little....much for me >>

>> No.9866900

>If you're so fucking chuffed about this whole thing, go find some of the claimed victims are urge them to go forward with their stories. Until then, I'm going to stick with the foundational value of "Innocent until proven guilty."
Innocent until proven guilty is a criminal standard. Civil suits use preponderance of the evidence, and if that’s good enough for a monetary judgment, that’s good enough for me.

>> No.9866907

No. Why were you wondering?

>> No.9866937

You can't ruin someone's life by talking about them on an anonymous message board. I suppose we shouldn't even have threads like these if it's so wrong to anonymously slander someone. Most of the accusations against people in these threads have no solid evidence.

>> No.9866938

To clarify, I mean just talking about them. Obviously, if anons take some other action against someone, they could do a lot more damage.

>> No.9867118

ahaha fml i just remembered that nick robinson goes to fanime

>> No.9867385

Dat commy mindset.

>> No.9867414

It actually scares me that people like you exist. What you're doing is an actual witch hunt. You're no better than religious fanatics.

If you genuinely believe he did these things, why not go and murder him already to protect future victims?

>> No.9867554

NAYRT, but I'd rather see him get psychiatric help than get murdered. While we have no evidence that he is a predator, we have plenty of evidence that he relies on attention from underage fans to boost his ego and constantly needs to be the centre of attention (and is prone to fits of rage against con staff if he isn't). He's not the role model everyone makes him out to be.

>> No.9867617

>250 years of American law is communist
Sure, kiddo.

>> No.9867619

I'm just being hyperbolic. Murdering sexual predators or any criminal other than perhaps other murderers is not an efficient means of justice

>> No.9867678

I remember seeing you around! Your costume was awesome. Sorry you went through that.

>> No.9867695

Thanks mate! It was my first time bringing that one out, so I was worried it wasn't gonna look as good as I thought it would.

>> No.9867883

Recently people have been discussing that the infamous cow Momokun is a convention creep and has a history of sexually assaulting male cosplayers. Wouldn't put it past her because she's just revolting inside and out but thinks everything she does is funny. She doesn't understand personal space but loses her shit if people touch her though.

>> No.9867916

Oh yea didn’t she try to break Cowbutt Crunchies cosplay at Katsucon this year by kicking her?

>> No.9867943

Angel McCloud has been banned from a load of clubs in Norfolk UK due to his conviction. He's made three claims why he was on the sex offenders register, two were masturbating in public, one was pissing. He's blamed it on his anxiety and being drunk. He was on the register for a while so pissing wouldn't get him on it.

- He's started at a woman's tits at one meet . She was wearing a corset and he said " She shouldn't wear it if she doesn't want me to stare".
- He's asked a person I know if she'd go round his house but he might masturbate due to his anxiety.
- He won't see a male doctor and will only see a women but they won't allow that.
- He's been banned from one club after the police contacted them directly to warn them not to allow him around women and children.
- Another person had social services visit her after he met her kids.
- He changed his name legally so you cannot find out his true conviction. He refuses to tell anyone but it was found after he gave away key details about his time on the Sex Offenders Register and he is banned from having a pc so uses a really old basic mobile without internet access. He continues using the pcs at the Forum in Norwich to act like he's a victim.

The guys disgusting and uses mental illness as an excuse when he hasn't been diagnosed. One to avoid. I know him,he makes your flesh crawl.

>> No.9868017


yeah and she lied about not knowing who she was

>> No.9868434

>masturbate due to his anxiety

>> No.9868562
File: 130 KB, 1342x1342, 18451636_10155321187254283_3103409634745569785_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another creepo in the UK but from Suffolk (not Stan Lee sadly, the sad sexual harassment panda on the right ofc) . Attends sci fi and Red Dwarf cons. Adds cosplayers and stalks them with multiple profiles. His name is Marc (Warner I believe) but also goes under the name Silentbob121. He keeps begging them to be his mistress because he's a sissy. If you refuse, he then makes a fake profile to ask you similar things and questions to try another approach. Didn't enjoy the humiliation so much when I posted about him warning others because he thought I'd told his parents

>> No.9868605

they weren't complaining, they said they shoulda returned it and was sharing the story for entertainment and not pity
go back to /r9k/

>> No.9868606

don't be silly, creepy is mutually inclusive with being an ugly man who wants to have sex with attractive women.

>> No.9868607

>women are brought up
>stop being scared of men
Stop projecting, anon. It's storytelling and no vendetta is being made.

>> No.9868608

real harassment, not empty insults. if you can't stand to be told to kill yourself and you're on 4chan you should unironically kill yourself

>> No.9868609

>buhuhuhu she's posting mean things online :((((

>> No.9872779

Well I'm an 30 something year old guy and I hug anyone so as long they're friends. I don't hug randoms. So your comment cries fowl of bullshit. Stop crying wolf.

>> No.9872810

When I was in my early twenties several years ago, I had some teenage girl at a room party hop into my lap and grope my tits before just as quickly getting up and wandering off laughing. I had recently been sexually assaulted (not rape, but a similar groping situation while too intoxicated to fight back physically despite saying no the whole time), so it sent me into a sort of panic attack and I just left the room party as quickly as possible to calm down, but I still wish I had been in the right state of mind to call her out on that kind of behavior.

>vaguely recall someone at the party telling me that she was 16/17 and had slept with like 50+ people in the year that she'd been sexually active
>can't help but wonder what that number is today

>> No.9872815

Is anyone else here honestly a creep? I really just don't care anymore.

>> No.9872818

>cosplaying Sailor Jupiter
>rando excitedly asks to take a photo with me
>after the photo he leans in and murmurs
>"Sailor Jupiter was the first thing I ever masturbated to"

>> No.9872822

He's innocent when it comes to absolutely every single accusation and there's nothing you can do about it.
This rampant #metoo nonsense has also shot down any semblance of credibility that any future claims could have.

>> No.9872846

Not much but I'm a big tiddy cosplayer and I was just walking in a busy hallway with a pretty revealing cleavage and one of those ''teehee so random :3'' girls came up to me and poked me so damn hard. Like stabbing my titskin with her long nails. When I said it hurted she was like ''naww but they wiggle'' and just ran off.

>> No.9872892


She could probably fly with her labia now

>> No.9872897

They're not his "friends" though. They're just random strange girls at cons who know jack shit about him outside of his roles. It's very different than hugging people you actually know.

>> No.9872898

Good thing most of the claims I heard came well before the #metoo movement, then. Before tumblr, too.

>> No.9873395

>How dare women speak about being assaulted
Hey, set yourself on fire.

>> No.9873397

Cry more.

>> No.9873408
File: 36 KB, 828x960, 31899368_1959453547460433_8937542968328323072_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>in the elevator
>a qt girl, a couple buff drunk dudes, a super fat ass lolita, and myself
>dudes are bantering and flirting with the qt
>girl mentions she's never been kissed
>fat loli yells "YOU'VE NEVER BEEN KISSED?!"
>pins the poor girl against the wall of the elevator and steals her first kiss

>> No.9873424

I'm going to AX this year for the first time. Is it really full of creepers? I've seen a little at like wondercon and lacc even monsterpalooza but those aren't anime cons and i know weebs are a different animal.

>> No.9873427

No, I think those creeper stories are just exaggerated. Everyone's pretty chill and easy to talk to. I cosplayed as momoka from penguin drum last year and just got more selfie requests. Didn't notice any weirdos around a loli cosplay.

>> No.9873441

What's the best way to ask for a picture if you see someone but they're talking with people.
Sometimes I see cosplayers i really like and want a pic but i don't want to interrupt and I don't want to hover too long but then i might not see them again. Idk im a little autistic

>> No.9873453

"Excuse me" usually works. They're cosplaying, it's not like they're not expecting to be photographed. As long as they're on their feet and not eating you should be ok.

>> No.9873499


Had a 16 yearold girl follow me around the whole weekend in 2016 Youmacon, literally wanting my dick because I reminded her of her ex bf who was also at the con. She was a cutter and literally fucking insane.

2010 Youmacon I went as Riku from KH and this short fat girl who I went to high school with that had a book filled with lewd pictures of Riku followed me around also pretty much wanting my dick while constantly screaming "RIKU'S MINE! :D:D:D" when all her friends would pass us. I never knew what was in that book the entire time. Apparently it was filled with all soft core shit but she would sit there in class gnetly running her fingers down the pictures she printed out, making soft moans and trying to hide touching herself in the middle of class. I only ever had one class with her and that was gym and other than that I never talked to her.

>> No.9873891

Not really
I'd say about 30% of creeper stories are just ugly guys sperging out.

>> No.9873936

Ryan from Anime Midwest/his other shit ass cons, has literally preys on 16 year old girls and had his ass beat by a lolita several years back over that

>> No.9874037

>She was a cutter and literally fucking insane.

Sounds hot. I love insane girls. Was she cute?

>> No.9874135

>Innocent until proven guilty is a criminal standard.
Not where I am from.

>> No.9874351

I'm so sorry.

>> No.9874370

Don't dick down crazy chicks.

>> No.9874380


So she was cute

>> No.9874413
File: 1.14 MB, 2560x1600, 1521382933952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>went to SupaNova with gf
>we have a very strange relationship
>she's 9 years older than me, a dominant fetish model and I'm an autist
>I went crossplaying Astolfo
>she went as Rem
>was my first con
>heaps of weird guys kept asking for pictures with us
>would stand between us and put there arms around us
>felt really weird having guys touching my waist
>didn't know what to do with my arms
>noticing guys looking at me eventually lead to an anxiety attack
>went to the bathroom to collect myself
>sat on the toilet for 20-30 minutes feeling like I would throw up
>felt ok so left the stall and began walking out
>as I did a guy walking in smacked my ass really hard
>all the anxiety came back and I threw up
>quickly found my gf and we left
>cry on the way home
Almost 3 hours of waxing and makeup for a 2 hour stay and I'll probably never go back to a con.

Wow you guys are bullies.

>> No.9874420

Update on Marc Warner - he is telling people that his ex girlfriend outed him to his friends and accused him of stalking. He also claims he's contacted the police and it's going to court.

- I'm not his ex gf
- I have never met him to my knowledge though he implies he met me at a meet :/
- he hasn't contacted the police
- there's no court case. If there was I'd give them all the evidence I have against him.

He's also started this crap on another woman who contacted me. She was also trying to help him but after our chat she saw sense and is blocking him. What's the betting he uses a spare account to contact her...

>> No.9874535

>go to local con with friend
>walking around, suddenly guy that has been creeping online shows up, starts talking to friend
>we chat a bit, trying to be polite (all the while ignoring the scent emanating)
>guy tells friend about board game competition, says he's sure she'll love to join
>friend politely declines, guy insists so friend declines more forcefully
>guy says "Well, I know you well enough to know you'll love it, so forgive me"
>time slows down, alarms in my head, feel like we're in a movie as I see him reach out to my friend
>step in between them and push his arm away, repeat that she's not interested
>guy brushes it off as me being jealous cause I wanted attention
>we just say bye and walk away
>guy still randomly messages us about "offers" and "giveaways" and he's a "company rep" or tries to get us to cosplay at his "board game events" (which never happen) but we just ignore him
>cant really block him as community here is small and we can't stand the drama

>> No.9874552

I remember getting attacked by this guy in CA he was wearing a bright aqua shirt.
I was with some friends at an Indian restaurant then we went walking to the mall I got separated,I was stopped he asked a few questions about a place and I told him I didn't know.I turned away and tried to catch up to my group of friends,then I heard foot steps behind me and he rear naked choked me.I struggled to break free then slowly fell on the ground,my friends already passed a stop light.I tried scratching his face to get off me then I took a deep breath,and started to break free I bit his arm and ran away as fast as I could.Traffic was still going but I saw him chasing me from behind so I was stupid enough to run through the traffic.I made it but he walked back to his black car.I wanted to group back with my friends but I started to go crazy thinking he was going to hurt my friends so I ran back to him faked a left punch while charging,blocked his arm and started to choke him.I was sixteen at the time with my long arms I started to choke him harder but then I saw the blood and I couldn't do it I let go by letting him block so I could force punch his chest.I was in tears I was so scared then he started waking towards me and I was on edge then he gave me a hug.Confused I just said sorry and asked him to go away.I went inside the mall and looked at my nails with blood on them.I went to the restroom to wash it off the. I found my friends having fun, I was just too scared to join in or tell.

>> No.9874677

also wanted to add he gave me a small bible and a voice chasers card with a stupid cd I threw all of it in the garbage when I came closer to the mall.

>> No.9874736

Back in 2015 I had a run in with folks who I found out the hard way were a bunch of furries. I went alone to this con so I wasn't against some folks enjoying my company. Spent the day with them and they were all pretty chill until they invited me to the after party. Went and it was a softcore orgy. Lot of laying about and cuddling/kissing/feeling strangers. Most uncomfortable I've ever been and easily my worst experience at a con

>> No.9875703

Doesn't matter, keep your dick outta crazy.

>> No.9875734

>not in cosplay, inna rave, have dance circle going, me and other guys are rotating in and out and kicking it good
>step out and head back up to room for liquid courage
>girl in rave attire follows me to elevator, gets on
>gets out on my floor
>I make small talk, something about the rave and etc etc
>"anon youre a good dancer, are you headed to a room party?"
>I tell her that a friend is having his 18th at midnight
>"oh that sounds neat, i love cake!"
>bitch invited herself to my friend's 18th
>get to door, friend turns her away
>she skulks off, never saw her again
And more drastic:
>inna panel with another friend, shield on my arm so heavy but i felt something wrong
>look down and some girl around 15~ has her teeth latched on to my forearm
>look over at friend and ask him if hes seeing this
>shes still biting my arm
>kinda shove her off, go talk to security friend, they never found her
Another story about a girl I roomed with creeping hardcore on another girl, but thats a whole different can of marbles.

>> No.9875777

>cosplaying Aquaman at an anime con

You deserve a lot worse than you got.

>> No.9875784

>Girl says I'm a good dancer
>Wants to "party" with me

Gee, I wonder why Anon never gets laid...

>> No.9875847

>slept with like 50+ people in the year that she'd been sexually active
The timeline probably doesn't actually divide so evenly, but that's at least one person every week of the year.

>> No.9875851

you're self projecting there anon. I don't go to cons to get laid, I go to have fun with my weeb friends. I'm not going to throw away something as special as my friend's 18 because of the 3d meme. hooking up at cons is just too messy.

>> No.9875914
File: 7 KB, 244x256, 1524348875929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you sound weak, and you and your gf's relationship had no correlation to your story

>> No.9876984

Cry more.

>> No.9877009



I talked about this retard for years but no one believed me. He fucks 18 year olds at cons all the fucking time.

Well, not even 18. 16-17

He talks up christianity all the fucking time, but is unfaithful as fuck


>> No.9877024

16 is legal in most states in the US

If there's consent, who gives a shit?

>> No.9877025

>hooking up at cons is too messy

Hard disagree.

>> No.9877103
File: 73 KB, 417x571, Hehyesoldguy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Everybody going
>ABOOHOOHOO he fucks teenagers
needs to shut their idiotic cakehole.

Also, if you don't use your fame to get laid, what the fuck is the point, honestly?

>> No.9877136

People are concerned about him grooming them, which means it's not true consent.

>> No.9877384

I heard that the asian men that attend the ax cgl meet up are super predators and they have an active discord about 'picking up loose con ass'

>> No.9877972


then stop being "loose con ass"

jeezus fuck females these days

>> No.9878013
File: 77 KB, 300x188, 1444497541387.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're deliberately trying to have lots of sex? With women?!? At a convention?!?!?

My goodness, such monsters!

>> No.9878025

Victory Cosplay (the well known queen of playing the race card) has sexually assaulted a couple of my male friends at cons, all of them Asian. She's a huge koreaboo so it's not surprising. Essentially she forces herself on them in public (complete with tongue and groping), usually at raves, and tries to convince them to go back to her room to seal the deal.
Not really surprising like I said, I don't think any self respecting person would willingly touch her.

>> No.9878026

Ah, numb nuts there is a condition not many know, as someone who lives in WA where 16 is 'consenting' age.
But it is only consenting age if the partner is two years older than the 16 year old. There's whole system you learn about when you work at a youth center and have to navigate letting kids date other kids and what's okay and what isn't.

>> No.9878035

>go to local con in lolita clothes
>struggling with incontinence issues and had to wear diapers, but i decided to go anyways and enjoy the con
>fat hairy MtF in sissy clothes not even trying to pass sneaks up and gropes my ass
>turn around to tell him off, but just barely avoid the fist he throws as he starts to shriek about how disgusting ageplayers are
>manage to break free, and before long, security arrives to check out what the situation is
>he points at me and says i'm a pedophile trying to prey on other lolitas
>i had pretty much shut down out of fear and shame at first, but finally snap and point out the fact he groped me
>he denies it and shouts that i'm a fetishist giving the lolita scene a bad name
>as i look at his hand, i notice there's piss on it
>the fucker squeezed my rear so hard the diaper leaked
>point this out to security, and as he gets escorted out, i reply: "the only ones who care are creepers like you who try to touch and peek at us!"
Some people noticed the ruckus and tried to give me a hard time over it, but security dealt with them pretty swiftly. Made friends with some actual DDLGs too, and they turned out to be pretty great people.

>> No.9878084

Everything from his face to his title are red flags. This is a man not to do business with.

>> No.9878090
File: 420 KB, 1280x850, 1453022170946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9878763

I've heard this from more than one source> I guess I'll just avoid any and all males at the AX meet up and I assume you all will do the same.

>> No.9878836

Ageist twit.

>> No.9879647

>saying waifu as in cute anime character
>saying it in public
>whatever the fuck 'I had to get this special ordered" implied

Hope he got unhappy

>> No.9879682

>You thought you'd hve your first kiss with those hunks but it was with me, FATITA DIO!

>> No.9879850

be thot then get mad when you are creeped on for what purpose

>> No.9879861


Yo Brain Age guy is pretty cool though he randomly just showed up at some Air Gear group and said nothing but just like breakdanced a bit and was never seen again


>> No.9879873

just call beanie-kun, he'll make short work of these miscreants

>> No.9879883

lots of weird lesbains that will go for titty grabs because they know they will only get a slap on the wrist at best

>> No.9879885
File: 1009 KB, 2560x1600, sparklingeyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

never been to a real con but all those stories sound super fun

>> No.9879889
File: 30 KB, 420x306, 0855f6b56f53c24750a45b89eee237d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me larping in 1940's style military gear full cape and everything like pic related
>some rail thin commie guy starts sperging on me calling me a Nazi/fascist
>i'm laughing cause this guy wouldn't stand a chance against me in a fight like he is threatening
>text the gf who was also cosplaying say she has to come see this shit to believe it
>gf finally finds me she understands what’s going on straight away and starts fucking with this guy >harder saying we are going to make blue eyed blonde haired Aryan babies and shit this scrawny >guy is bright red in the face and getting madder and madder by this time a small crowd has >gathered around as i'm just laughing my gf is still egging him on then the little fuck tries to punch >my gf nope not today commie punch him once and he's on his ass and the security drags the guy >out never saw him again still with the gf to this day

>> No.9880012

Damn, nice man.

>> No.9880022

Have you made any babies?

>> No.9880109
File: 7 KB, 210x240, kumatetsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Always good to hear about self-righteous commies getting fucked up

>> No.9880194

Surprised no one has mentioned that greasy L cosplayer who lurks at Texas cons and picks girls up to take upskirt photos of them without permission.

>> No.9880257

forgot to mention my gf had dyed her hair blonde and was wearing blue contacts for her cosplay also we found out later the guy was a drug addict

>> No.9880265

>drug addict
same thing

>> No.9880296

That dude is going to be a future con mass shooter. Surprised this hasn't happened yet with all the socially fucked up people that attend these cons. We've been riding lucky for a while now.

>> No.9880339

jesus christ

>> No.9880387

>not pisscord
one job

>> No.9880418

>lesbains that
you mean

>> No.9880779

8 years ago, Jesus. Can't watch something like this without wondering where these people are at now.

Who's still alive?
Who fucked up and now they're in prison?
Who's married with children?
Who working on getting their master's degree or some shit?

Topless Blue Jeans White-Boy might be a highly-paid lawyer right now, fuck. We'll never know.

>> No.9880811

underrated post

>> No.9881185

i've been going to cons for 13 years and you wouldn't believe how many of the same people you see year to year

>> No.9881232

that's rough

>> No.9881265
File: 2.07 MB, 948x1382, ham.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm at my first con some years ago and I'm lining up to get into the cosplay theatre to watch the comp. This hambeast in full costume starts rampaging through the line, I get shoved to the floor and she's just running through screaming "MOVE MOVE MOVE"
Later found out she was part of the competition so I went up to her after it and said "hey, what was your problem? You shoved me to the ground before and you said nothing"
And she just stares at me with this bitchface similar to the pic and just goes "you're not important, don't even pretend to be" and just walks off backstage to where the cosplayers were.
A year later I see her at another con and I'm like "okay, I'm gonna stay clear of her"
So anyway I'm walking around the traders area and I see her standing outside near the entrance. I walk past her and out the corner of my eye I can see her giving me a death stare the entire duration of me walking past her.
She then comes up to me and says "hey, aren't you that girl from last year that had a problem with me?"
And I just look at her kind of shocked and say "uh, yeah, you knocked me on the ground remember?"
So she just flips in front of her friends and says "listen, don't start shit with people you don't know, especially ones who are well-known around here."
At this stage I'm in utter disbelief and all I say was "what the fuck" and she gets even more loud and agitated, saying things like "don't ever come near me again, if you do I'll talk to security and have you banned from the convention" her friends are looking over at us and I feel uncomfortable AF, so I walk away and I continue to hear her say more shit and try to find one of the people who run the convention to tell them the story. Eventually I did, but they wouldn't do anything about it. She found out I spoke with them and she comes up to me AGAIN later in the day and goes absolutely apeshit at me, threatening me and I just started to cry and ran away, leaving the convention.
Completely deranged human.

>> No.9882855

Anime protagonist syndrome

>> No.9882857

Fat people should be genocided

>> No.9883580

post fb lol

>> No.9883601

So, starting with you?

>> No.9883735

Usually don't browse this board and never went to a convention in my life and now I remember why. And now I finally understand why weeb girls turn into man-hating feminist cunts so often..

>> No.9883802

/Dating/ at a con is bad; go wild with hooking up.

>> No.9883835

Explain how monogamous dating those who share your interests is worse than being a hook-up slut

>> No.9885114

That one toe zucker dude

>> No.9885474

>Fat girl cosplaying as yoko
>Huges rolls of fat bulging out of everywhere
>Bends over trying to show her fat cleavage
>Goes around trying to hug other people
It was fucking disgusting

>> No.9885785

I've only ever been to one con, going to my second soon.

Has a con ever been shot up? Links to news stories would be appreciated.

>> No.9885788 [DELETED] 

Went to a con once. purposely dressed as creepy as possible rapist glasses everything. sat on a bench the whole time reading a book. used a 1000 dollar bill as my book mark completely ignored every one around me. By the end of the night I had 15 women and 2 guys ask me to go back to there rooms.

>> No.9885825


it's a short lived flame

>> No.9885865

As far as I know, the one time it's come close was that one dude who dressed as the Punisher and wanted to kill Jason David Frank for some fucking reason.

I'm honestly a little surprised we've made it this far without a major incident. Let's pray that the winning streak continues.

>> No.9885907

Those aren't lesbians i imagine, just fucked up weeaboo attention whores, and actual lesbians will very happily beat them up for you.

>> No.9885918

what's the difference between a dyke lesbian and a butch lesbian? is it like bears and wolves?

>> No.9885929


a butch lesbian wishes to be a man

a dyke lesbian wishes to be a man still, but less so


>> No.9885965

Dan Schneider goes to Connecticon?

>> No.9885982

>too Mormon to drink
>not too Mormon to make out with random drunk strangers

something doesn't add up

>> No.9886040

Nah man this guy is probably 5'10, ottermode, hispanic, very long black hair, and looks like a complete stoner and never wears a shirt. Literally should be banned from every convention.

>> No.9886469

>Has a con ever been shot up?
Goddamn I hope not. With the amount of headcases running around at these cons we've been riding damned lucky so far.

>> No.9886471
File: 455 KB, 539x810, lesbillion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A dyke is just a reclaimed slur used by lesbians, a butch lesbian is a masculine lesbian.

>> No.9886494

Closest we got was a couple threats iirc. A couple zany incidents with drugs have lead to a death or two

>> No.9886526

That was Phoenix Comic Con last summer if anyone wants to look up deets.

>> No.9886624
File: 87 KB, 640x480, IMG_1933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll never understand this 'reclaiming' people do.

>> No.9886767

Basically, you turn the slur into either a joke insult rather than a real one, so it no longer has an effect on you.

For a good example, look no further than this site, where we call each other faggots and niggers so often that it has almost completely lost its meaning.

>> No.9886916


It's dumb to me when people do that, because they still get upset about it

like bitch and slut makes proud users of both feel mad

>> No.9888138
File: 135 KB, 700x967, looking-good.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh man this thread.

Yet another creeper thread that fits pic related to the T.

top fucking kek.

>> No.9888173

How do you talk to girls at a con without being seen as creepy? I never talk to girls at cons because I assume they will immediately think I'm a creep and laugh about me.

>> No.9888211


see >>9888138

1.Be attractive.
2.Be handsome.
3.Don't be unattractive.

Oh and a funfact: girls who deny this are legit 100% guilty of doing it at one point in her life.

>> No.9888254

I actually find that both men are being a little bit out of line for the workplace in these photos. There is a lack of context that makes the premise of the subject unfair

>> No.9888260


I hope not, I remember I had a green text showing how insanely easy it could be where the people who did it with pay day cosplays.


yeah, really fucking glad shit hasnt hit the fan for so far

>> No.9889173

A furry con was gassed a few years ago

>> No.9889195

I've always seen people reference it as a gassing, but that article reads like someone just smashed a chlorine tab in the stairwell.

>> No.9889359

>m*Loid seething so hard he has to resort to strawman
lmao stay virgin forever

>> No.9889364

Didn't say I'm a very good mormon. I've drank before its not really my thing. Mormon or not. Plus lewd stuff is infinitly more fun.

>> No.9889538

As long as he isn't bothering anyone, just let him be in peace. He may have autism or something. Please keep it to thirst posting.

>> No.9889571

What is a Butch dyke?

>> No.9889573

someone post boner goku

>> No.9889689

And then everyone clapped

>> No.9889882

>code black

10/10 original argument senpai

>> No.9889929

>tfw I'm a convention creep
how to stahp

>> No.9889946

in my experience irl this usually ends up being a person who knows how to talk to humans vs. a complete sperglord. it isn't attractiveness, it's knowing to build rapport before jumping straight into commenting on someone's appearance. socially inexperienced people think it's their face instead of everything else and it gets them in a cycle which keeps them from developing social skills.

>> No.9889989

Sex addict is SEETHING

>> No.9890022

Get a load of this girl, we are ANON's here you fucking moron. Why don't you post your name number and address con slut?

>> No.9890039
File: 1.24 MB, 1920x1080, amon ra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy. This fucking guy. Literally anyone who goes to a convention on my state knows him but, only a few knows his real name and even less people had seen him without his costume; he probably doens't work since he goes to every convention in the state and even those who are in a neighbor one.
Despite his porly made-up "cosplays" and poor graceful face, the guy has a humungous ego; a friend of mine played yugioh with him in a small local tournament (he also goes to that kind of places), and he told me that he would ask about the effect of a card that he was about to use and suddenly shut him up in the middle of the explanation.
He has a couple of friends, but most girls at the conventions knows him because he harass any girl with cat ears since he likes to touch those without permission
>only "cosplays" his alter egos.
>makes memes of himself
>kind of pedo
Since his facebook doens't have his real name and it's full of pictures of the conventions, memes of himself and pictures of him edited on photoshop, I've come to think that maybe he's trolling us all

>> No.9890042
File: 118 KB, 2048x1248, 18425ec7-8807-43d7-9da7-86335c870d72._SR300,300_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to clarify that when I say that he told my friend to shup up, It's not because he understood the effect of the card quicly, It went more like this
>I activate this
>what does it do?
>When you summon a m--
>I dont care
>ok...so now, I activate this
>that does it do?
>When I activate this card, It ma---
>I don't care

>> No.9890485

>Be normie dressed male at Katsucon.
>Find a nice, quiet pillar to chill and call buddies who are wandering elsewhere.
>About 6-7 Love Live girls comes to said pillar to random photoshoot.
>"Can you like, move, you're being creepy!"
>Flip a bird in their shot as photographer is about to take a picture and leave.

>> No.9891012

I once saw a total creepo say something about one of my friends boobs and trying to excuse himself saying that everybody talk to her like that. We didn't. Not even his boyfriend in public.
My point is, creepos always finds an excuse.

>> No.9891114


an hero

>> No.9891249
File: 26 KB, 144x145, 1273345941275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


No this guy isn't trolling. He is a genuine actual incel. Men like this are generally too socially retarded to understand that their sense of humor is off-putting and unoriginal, so they continue to sperg out in public. Arrogance is another common factor in this kind of guy - his ego is so massive that he is unable to accept that what he is doing is much more disgusting than it is funny, and instead assumes that everyone else is wrong.

Read Eliot Rodgers manifesto. It is a massive eye opener into how these fucknuggets think. The pattern basically goes like this:

1. Be an egotistical autistic fuck
2. Refuse to believe that you are an autistic fuck because ego too big to ever accept any kind of fault.
3. Blame all women for inability to score
4. Blame "Chad" for stealing "your" women. Call Chad a "Caveman" despite him having 100x better hygiene than you.
5. Continue to be an egotistical autistic fuck
6. No really these retards never learn legit continue being an autist who genuinely believes himself to be some supergenius until the day you die.

>> No.9891673

Does the pic related not tell you everything you need to know?

>> No.9891693

I fail to see the problem.

>> No.9891950
File: 668 KB, 540x924, Yikes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ladies be careful going to expo

>> No.9893611

>loli captain marvel
mah dick

>> No.9893709

they you're the creep

>> No.9893806

Don't forget

"7. Believe in conspiracy theories and see yourself as one of the enlightened ones so that you'll never have admit that your lack of sex is from your shitty personality.
8. Accuse women of being shallow and only caring about appearance, yet, at the same time, use a ranking system for women based on appearance and act as if ugly/fat women should be grateful that you offer your dick to them."

>> No.9893941
File: 299 KB, 610x1200, amon ra 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this is what happens when girls doens't let me touch her cat ears for x reason
>letty magaña: that's fucking creepy x)
>him: Does that mean that you will put on cat ears and will let me touch them while you had them on?
he put the same response on every girl that commented his video