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Potato Edition

>Post /cgl/ feels
>Don't eat bait

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If you're part of a group/discord/chat, chances are that you're either being drowned out by louder people or you are the loud person and it's a bit tiring for everyone else to respond to your constant posts. Anyway, your comm almost certainly doesn't hate you. Is there anyone in your group whom you could ask privately just in case you are annoying people? Please don't ditch your comm over a simple insecurity, anon.

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>tfw no /cgl/ cosplay group in central europe

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>tfw no lolita gf

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One of my childhood friends has a thread on lolcow and it makes me sad. It's weird to see all these people making up theories and guessing stuff about her when I know what she's really like and the truth is she's a kind person with a troubled past who is really not that interesting at all. I wish I could set the record straight but I know that it would probably just make things worse if I said anything.

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Oh also I don't want to direct any hate to myself and I don't want my comm to know.

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How would you call a man who dresses in Lolita? Lolito? Lolitor? Lolinator?

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Lolito. Definitely lolito.

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I prefer lolinator myself.

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Someone I give a swirliy

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>tfw no sissy trap to bully

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>tfw no huelanders in /cgl/
>if theres any, they live down south

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Gay, a dude wearing frills would be repulsive. If I'm coordinating with a lolita, I'm going to do a bright ass color suit that's really old style, like I was the host of a show for young kids or something. Something like the color scheme of the shirt worn by Steve on Blue's Clues only turned into a multiple piece suit, or some 1800s military uniform that looks kinda ridiculous. I guess I'd look like a faggot in that, now that I think about it, but I'd rather do that than fucking frills.

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>newly engaged
>also depressed and anxious
>decide to make own wedding dress, plan, design, etc
>decide to make some lace myself to incorporate motifs too
>want to talk about it but not a lot of wedding dress/gown sewing discussion boards
>have become obsessed, waiting on supplies
>anxiousness, obsession, loneliness
>can't talk to fiance about it because hes not supposed to know about it


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What the hell. Why? This probably wouldn't match. At all.

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I appreciate lolita and the ladies who do it, but I'm not good with my own shit at all, so my natural instinct is to do something hammy that appeals to my imagination.

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That's pretty cute, anon.

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>Mfw your coord is cute but you are ugly

Release me. I spent too much money on this and my cheaper used dresses look better

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>groped at con
>turn around to slap molestor, but he dodges and accidentally slap con crush
>he winces and looks both surprised and hurt
>blush hard and apologize profusely, tears welling up
>start trying to explain what happened but words keep turning into mush and I keep stuttering
>he looks at me a little pityingly and says it's okay and calms me down
>explain to him what happened cohesively after some time
>he said he didn't get a good look at him, but goes with me to con security to tell them about it
>afterwards apologizing to him again
>he says it's okay and that I look cute
>mfw pic related
>I thank him and hug him
>he turns and whispers in my ear
>"tfw no cosplay/lolita gf"

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tfw wrong image

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I'm terrified to join my local con because I don't want to be involved in drama or be talked about on here. I know the chances of that are slim if you're nice but it freaks me out so much.

>lonelita for life

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>girl tells me I was her con crush
>ask her out
>no reply

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>tfw in the workout gym going over routines with the trainer
>the she thinks I'm gonna make it
>tfw working out again for Lolita gf to come in the future and nothing will stop me

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I’m a fellow lonelita. I have been a part of my local comm for two years and have been to only one meetup during a con. I kept talking about death and other morbid topics to another girl and we kept getting stares. I wonder if I ever was posted about on cgl lol

I’m a socially retarded gull so I try my best to avoid other lolitas. There is only so much lolitas can talk about if there are no other common interests.

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>I kept talking about death and other morbid topics to another girl and we kept getting stares
>I’m a socially retarded gull
Clearly you are. I'm not saying this to be a bitch or to hurt you, it's an objective observation. It's fine to talk about morbid shit in general, but doing that at a meetup where other people are present is in poor taste.
>inb4 "I can't only talk about fashion all the time wehhh"
There are plenty of things to talk about unrelated to fashion that don't border on morbidity or potentially offensive subjects.

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Nah, you’re not a bitch about it. I’m quite aware of how weird I am. I think the morbid topics come out of pure nervousness. It’s like word diarrhea.

My only interests include literature, history, and the occasional anime. I’m kind of a shut in. And I’m okay with that. I do sometimes think about meeting other lolitas but my nerves get the better of me.

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I like making apps. What cute app do you guys want that there isn't of yet? Or if there is one, its poorly done.

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Those are perfectly fine subjects to talk about at meetups. Not everyone shares those interests but plenty do, or at least I should hope so, specifically for the first two; then again many people join the fashion these days out of weeby hobbies, it's now less common to find girls who are into it because they like the history-inspired aspects of it, but still, I'm sure you can find people who share your interests.

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I forgot to say, I ask this because I've seen some of the dressup games and they havent impressed me. Nor dot hey seem all that "grown up", which I know shouldnt matter, they just seem so childish, and not in a cute way.

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What dating website/app do lolitas use?

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>tfw want a cute lolita gf
>tfw family would probably disown me for even contemplating this
lmao please kill me

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Same anon, recently broke if off with my bf and I just want to meet a qt lolita

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>love going to anime cons
>don't know much abt anime other than the basic naruto, bleach shit
>browsing for a new anime to watch to catch up for the next con
>they all look like shit

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Lolita boxing

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Idk figure out what kind of stuff you like and google similar stuff. Most anime is bad but 90% of everything is garbage so no surprise there.

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None. There's a lot who don't use dating apps and sites.

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Darling the in Franxx will be a big one because of Zero Two
Boku No Hero
Blend S
Dragon Maid
Pop Team Epic
Seven Deadly Sins
Made In Abyss

And that's just from like the past year. Are you even trying?

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I want to cosplay Megumin and other characters with short skirts, but I have self-harm scars on my thighs. They aren't the kind that can be obscured with make up. They healed and turned into raised bumps. My thighs are are bumpy and wrinkly looking.

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>tfw the odds of us living in the same continent are close to none
I hope you find the cutie lolita gf you deserve, anon.

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That's fine dude. I have scars all on my thighs and my wrists. Just something you have to come to terms with, I have to look at my arm everyday and remember what I've done to myself. It hurts but it's there and it was always be there. But I've never had a single person ask me about it or make a comment unless I brought it up. People (less they're complete assholes or genuinely autistic) can easily guess what they're from and have the sensibility to not bring it up.

If you're really that concerned just wear some tights and say that you get cold easily.

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you're really brave for showing your scars

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Watch classic shows

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It can happen. Just look at stalker lolita and supermarket anon.

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They only have power and meaning if you give them that power and meaning.

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I'm in Canada if that helps??

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I'd rather not take dating advice from shitposters, thanks.

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fuck you

>t. supermarket-kun

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Silly supermarket-kun, lolita gfs are for other lolitas.

>> No.9850315

I will stick your head in the toilet and flush it

>> No.9850317

Bag my groceries first, pleb.

>> No.9850318

I don't want a gf though. Too much work. I like being single. You can have them.

Don't falseflag me by being mean or I'll fucking stomp you.

>> No.9850319

Sorry anon, I didn't realize that was an imposter posing as you.

>> No.9850320

It's okay. I'll still bag your groceries and smile.

>> No.9850321

Now I feel bad for being mean. You're alright, supermarket-kun.

>> No.9850322

They aren't your until you give me your lunch money, nerd

>> No.9850330

a trap
a sissy
a homo

and, of course
a fag

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I wonder how easy it is to walk into a con without a badge and how much you can do before getting kicked out.

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Another workout session bites the dust. Didn't fucking skip leg day today. I will be great boyfriend material for a qt Lolita, and we'll live together with a pet bunny rabbit, a walk in closet, and a big backyard

>> No.9850340

You clearly have never been to a con.

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>cute coworker tells me he likes me
>he is enthusiastic about me wearing lolita and thinks I’m really cute when I wear it
>tfw i already have a partner

Just fucking kill me

>> No.9850351

I'll take some of that unwanted attention off your hands.

>> No.9850353

tfw I will never be anyone's cute coworker because I'm fucking ugly

>> No.9850358

If it’s any consolation, my coworker isn’t handsome in the conventional sense. He’s still cute in my eyes though, and I’m pretty sure you are too anon-kun.

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Well no one at the supermarket has asked for my number yet.

>> No.9850365

Pick me pick me!

But only of you keep up with leg day. That shit is important. Noone likes the upside down triangle look.

>> No.9850366

Keep trying! Don't give up! I'm exercising to be the cute boyfriend! You can do it too, just keep trying to improve! がんばって!

>> No.9850367

Joke's on you, as a 6'1" fatboi who played football (somehow managed as T Rex DYEL), my legs turned out to be the strongest part of my body, in disproportionate fashion. Even through the fat I'm trying to get rid of, my calves and hamstrings really make my legs look big.

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My whole family pitched in to buy me an AP dress and headbow set for my birthday since AP is coming to a local con next month. It was so incredibly thoughtful of them and it has me so excited for the con!!

>> No.9850369

Cons are staffed by nerds who have no power in their own lives. So when it comes tine for badfe checking tgey are tyrants who will try to detain you if your badge is flippedd the wrong way around. God forbid you take it off for a photo.

Once had a friend get tacked by a 300lb neckbeard autist after he removed his badge for a photo shoot. He still claims to have back issues.

>> No.9850370

I sincerely hope you get blessed with the qt lolita gf of your dreams

>> No.9850373

muscles don't fix an ugly face

>> No.9850381

Maybe not, but confidence, a good haircut, a good shave (or groomed beard), and some good skin care products will help. I've got skincare stuff standing by for once I get my body fat pct roughly down to 18% or so. Right now I'm 6'1", 240 lbs, with an estimate of 30% BF. My goal is to get below 15% and weigh at least 205, and then go cosplay someone from Yu-Gi-Oh, probably Kaiba because I'm tall, and have brown hair. This is thanks to an anon who inspired me when responding to an autistic rant I was going on, and they said I sounded like I was a character on a card game anime.

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>This is thanks to an anon who inspired me when responding to an autistic rant I was going on, and they said I sounded like I was a character on a card game anime.
You're welcome anon.

>> No.9850399

Awww, You sound precious. I like stocky guys though! BUT, I also really admire your drive and discipline to better yourself! that's what I do as well. having a boyfriend to work out with is the dream.

>> No.9850404

>I've got skincare stuff standing by
I wouldn't wait to start using it. A good skin care routine takes time to make any real difference. There's no reason not to start now so that by the time you've got your weight in order, your skin is already in shape too.

>> No.9850408

I can't afford too much, presently. I'll take your advice and make it work, though.

>> No.9850411

Good skin care doesn't have to be expensive. May I ask what you're planning to use? I'm rooting for you, anon. Your motivation is admirable.

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>Cosplayed with girlfriend for 7 years
>She recently cheated and we broke up
>Feel like cosplay and cons will never be the same
>Terrified of bumping into her
>Don't even know if I can keep going with this hobby

>> No.9850416

I see my development as a cookie in the oven, to appeal to folks on the board. I'm still baking, not ideal to be consumed by anyone yet. Still, coming into these threads has ironically produced a large paradigm shift in me. I was burning and wanted to make changes in my life, but I'm learning a lot by actually paying attention to how modern women think, and how they cope with the same day to day bullshit that men such as myself seem to believe only we put up with. I even feel like I've come to terms with my paranoid feelings stemming from my parents' divorce and my Dad's own paranoia and subsequent failure with later marriages. He's 51 and finally got it right after three divorces. I'm happy for him, but that's not a performance I want to replicate, and I think instead of being a sperg about it, I just need to loosen up, live my life, and just focus on living by my principles, instead of just scrutinizing women for their qualities.

Holy shit, I'm passing my college classes, making gains, working in an industry with upward mobility, life is fucking good right now. Thanks, /cgl/!

>> No.9850418

Don't worry anon, I'm very conventionally attractive and I've only rarely been hit on in public.

>> No.9850419

Where are you located anon?

If you're norcal, let's be friends.

>> No.9850425

I have a Walgreen's right around the corner from my house, it's close enough that I can walk to it even through the snow, so I buy their generic brand of anti acne and skin cleaning kit.

>> No.9850427

Not even the right continent, sorry. I still wouldn't mind being friends.

>> No.9850428

Don't bring your boyfriend to a comm meet up. Some girl will try to steal him from you.

>> No.9850437

This. My bf is incredibly attractive and every time I've brought him to something I've had to shoo away fatties that think they can steal him away with their womanly curves or whatever.

It was funny at first, now its just annoying.

>> No.9850438

>mfw my bf is way more attractive than me but he's too lazy and introverted to get interested in someone new

>> No.9850444

Let's talk about this anom. I visit all of the cons from VIECC to Mondocon and animeSHOW/Comic salon in Bratislava.

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>>they all look like shit

>> No.9850450

I'm sorry you have bad taste.

Youjo Senki
Mirai Nikki
Angel Beats
Little Busters
No Game No Life
Girls Und Panzer
Love Live
[email protected]
Akame Ga Kill
Kill La Kill
School Live
The Devil Is A Part-Timer
Elfen Lied
Deadman Wonderland
Mob Pyscho 100
Madoka Magika
Lucky Star
Fooly Cooly
One Punch Man
Plastic Memories

Holy shit just fucking pick one, they're all decent shows.

>> No.9850452

NAYRT but so many of those are terrible

>> No.9850453

They're not terrible. They appeal to certain audiences very well. I fucking hate idol shows but that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate Love Live.

>> No.9850455

how did you leave the glorious Yakitate! Ja-Pan and Himouto Umaru-chan off this list

>> No.9850457

dance tights are so opaque and not shiny at all

>> No.9850458

>tfw too happy to sleep atm
Post music

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Past tense anon
She's moved on

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>About to enter late 20's
>Spent all of early adulthood focusing on career
>Moved far from my weeb friends, and didn't have time to keep up with them
>Was doing okay because I'm passionate about the work
>Family starts having a hard time
>They ask for financial help
>Start taking very demanding work to increase income
>Practically a corporate slave
>In the past four years I've had time for ONE convention
>But it's going to be okay because after all this is over I'll have time
>Made enough over a few years so that my family would be okay
>Think I'm gonna have a long stint of time off and actually get to have a life for once
>No, certain member of family has already gambled away a large amount of what I gave them
>It was quite a substantial amount of money
>Tensions are high in the family again, still concerned about their situation

I feel like I've been cheated out of the past few years of my life. The more pressing issue is that even though I'm still young enough to go to cons and all the other related things right now, if I do the responsible thing and go back to the demanding work, there's very little chance of me getting to do any of that before I'm 30. I mainly don't want to accept the feeling of "giving up" on being able to weeb, but also don't want to be that guy in his early 30's cosplaying and travelling to big cons alone.

>> No.9850470

Fuck your family.
If they gambled out a substantial amount of money you worked your ass off for, they don't deserve a second chance, they'd do it again. They still have their own hands. Too bad you didn't sign a contract. Make sure to make it clear how far you went to give them that help, that you feel cheated and that you will not help again. And keep the messages where they say the money had been gambled away, in case they try to shittalk you to your friends.

>> No.9850472

The issue with this is that a part of a family isn't able to be blamed, it lies mostly on the shoulders of a single person. I'm now planning to be prepared to take care of who isn't at fault since they're a victim in this too. So, it's not as simple as that. This was the last thing I had expected, since they had no prior history of being like this.

>shittalk you to your friends
I don't have friends anon.

>> No.9850474

Are we supposed to be asking people out in supermarket, buses etc? That seems like the creepiest thing ever.

>> No.9850475

Okay but they still gave him access to the money, didn't they?

You can't allow yourself to become their cash cow. Have that person who gambled your money away work instead.

>> No.9850478

This is cool, all of those are actually in my reach. Do you have a discord of some sort? Or I can give you my throwaway email

>> No.9850479

Drop your family.

I dropped all of my family in two different incidents. Dropped my dad's side of the family during the divorce which my brother supported my dad but my sister and I put our support behind our mother.

Afterwards I started getting into a lot of fights with her because she attempted to control my lifestyle too much which made me miserable. So I dropped that side of the family too. I refuse to let anybody get the way of my happiness because I was so fucking miserable from about 13 to 22, attempted suicide twice, horrible self-harm and put on every drug under the sun. Haven't had contact with any family in about a year now and I wish that wasn't the case but don't let anybody get in your way, family or not.

Drop them and let them suffer. You deserve happiness.

>> No.9850480

As a male it's less creepy and threatening if a girl were to approach me. I can understand it being different from a female perspective though.

But don't ask people out on buses because that's just a hostage situation.

>> No.9850485

Oh damn, you guys mist have had some reeeeeally hard teenage years to varrant cutting your wrists and thighs. I would beat the shit out of you weak cunts. You know who had a shit childhood? Fucking me. I had to work since i was little and couldnt pursue anything i liked during my teens because i was occupied with helping my mom to feed my siblings. Was it bad? Ye. Was i sad and depressed? Hell yeah. Would cutting myself get me anywhere? No. Life hurt without me hurting myself even more.

>> No.9850487

Tbh it doesn't looks like you're weird from your description, you just don't have any (or very little) practice with socializing.

You will get better, but you need to be out there trying to socialize, making mistakes (in your case, talking about morbid subjects) while building the skills to avoid them in the future.

If a stare is the worse it can happen, then you really got no risks. Have fun!

>> No.9850488

Well done you. Realise other people don't deal with trauma the same way you did.

>> No.9850489

Heh, hostage situation

But yeah, I get your point. But a crowded supermarket doesn't seem like the best environment either in that regard.

>> No.9850490

I wouldn't be bothered at all if a girl gave me her number and called me cute. I mean, just don't force me to answer right then and there but I'm unsure if most people would be like me but I would freak out and say no.

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File: 234 KB, 696x720, akarin_happy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This is thanks to an anon who inspired me when responding to an autistic rant I was going on, and they said I sounded like I was a character on a card game anime.
that's too cute
anon I want to see you fucking making it

>> No.9850492

Good for you.

>> No.9850493

I mean neither would I, but I'm also a guy. And from what I can gather here, people seem to be countered when asked out? Idk

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File: 161 KB, 400x400, 35461_133259373549723_713343430_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9850511

Yeah. I had multiple homes destroyed in flood or fire, lived homeless as a young child... literally living outside with my family, lost my mother, and a whole lot else. However... You are the ONLY person in the world who had such a hard life. Oh my god, you are a fucking living tragedy.

Good for you that you never cut, but life unfortunately turned you into an absolute asshole. That's worse. Pity.

>> No.9850516

Bet you think it's a really good and original idea but in reality I bet you'll end up looking like Charlie from it's always sunny at the end of the night man cometh

>> No.9850518
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>tfw daddy hanged himself and new daddy doesn't want to make me tendies anymore

should I call the police?

>> No.9850519

I have this friend who has had a poor track record of keeping cosplay plans with me and other people for years now. I've sourced things and given it to them personally so they don't have to and to save on shipping.
They've also been on about quitting cosplay and cons, but seem very keen to join me on things I express interest in and like an idiot I fall for it every time and end up disappointed or stressed out trying to bail them out.

Eventually they caught wind of me wanting to cosplay something and invited themselves. They told me that I must keep my plan secret, not tell/invite anyone else because I then run the risk of others inviting themselves into it or taking a role they would want - which I don't mind.
I feel like I've not been involved in groups for some time on account of wasting my time trying to plan groups with this individual.

I got to be in a few groups at some cons where they weren't present and I really enjoyed it. I even found myself feeling guilty for it.

Less than 24 hours later after being told I couldn't let my plan known or tell my friends they suggested a friend of theirs to join.
It took all of my willpower not to recount what they said the previous day. Instead I just said I wanted to keep it between us and work on the costume slowly with no pressure because it's a challenging one in hope that they'd forget about it while I work on it in silence. I didn't want the pressure of this near stranger because mine was easily the hardest costume to make.

I want to encourage my friend to take cosplay seriously again but I don't want to sacrifice my happiness anymore and to have the freedom to make my cosplays at my own pace.

I really hate that I have to feel censored with my cosplay choices, whether its a plan or progress.

Outside of cosplay they're a decent friend so I figured I would carry on and do what I wanted and they'd do their own thing. But I didn't think it'd pan out to the point where I feel controlled in my own hobby.

>> No.9850526

No they won't. Most lolita bfs are gross and not the sort of guy I'd want to date. I'd rather steal a lolita.

>> No.9850529

I mean, I've been approached at the supermarket before. The only time I find it annoying is if I have headphones on (rude, I obviously don't want to talk) or if they're a jerk when I politely decline.

>> No.9850531

But isn't it creepy? Usually when I go there (dude) I just want to get food and not talk to anyone

>> No.9850532

I don't think it's creepy. A bit awkward, sure. But if you see someone you like and you want to give them your number, why not? Trying to get someone's number will always risk seeming creepy, since you don't know how they're going to take it. It's the same as asking someone out anywhere else.

>> No.9850533

probably a good point

Now figuring out how to approach them is a whole different story

>> No.9850534


>> No.9850538

Just introduce yourself, and be honest! Say you saw them and you think they're pretty, and you can give them your number if they seem receptive. If not, just play it off like a random compliment.

>> No.9850542


>> No.9850553

>tfw all con goers are gender confused weebs who don't know how to dress

>> No.9850555

I don't care if I get a lolita gf or not. I just really want a gf or female fwb. I could be the lolita gf.
>tfw lonely

>> No.9850558

Thanks for the tip anon!

>> No.9850569

That person is toxic anon, drop them.

>> No.9850574

if he's got a legit wardrobe and isn't ita: a lolita

>> No.9850601

>Get the opportunity to live in Japan on a year abroad
>Know fuck all Japanese
>Start learning on Duolingo so i can have some semblance of what's going on when I arrive
>I'm finding hiragana confusing as fuck and really difficult

I'm going to die in Japan gulls. Just kill me now and bury my body in brand.

>> No.9850602

but is you partner a cutie who supports your hobbies?
also, coworker might be a secret nutjob. whereas you've had time to get to know and grow with your partner, manipulative crazies show their ideation of their best self to you to hook you.
>also, never trust someone who confesses to a non-single person

>> No.9850606

if you're an adult, supermarkets, bookstores, coffee shops etc are great places to approach people for dates. if you want a hookup, then you go to bars.

>> No.9850622

916 WADDUP going to anime expo?

>> No.9850624
File: 26 KB, 370x577, husbando.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Noone likes the upside down triangle look
pls speak for yourself

>> No.9850636
File: 40 KB, 473x467, bestdelicious.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep in mind that as you eliminate artificial things and junk from your diet, your skin will clear.
you can still have delicious stuff like dark chocolate and terra chips.
Make sure you drink a good amount of water everyday too.
I'd be wary of using heavy acne treatments in lieu of eating healthier, keeping hydrated, and using a light, hypoallergenic cleanser and moisturizer.
>t. 5'11" gril, used to be 245 but now down to 206
>a piece of pic related is my fav dessert at the moment

>> No.9850640 [DELETED] 

hiragana is super easy tho? are you retarded?

>> No.9850666

This is why I started clipping my badge to my face.

>> No.9850668

Get the Anki app for flash cards of all different kinds but especially Japanese and especially the beginning alphabets of Japanese. Go to realkana.com to test yourself and keep getting familiar with the shapes of the new syllables. Consistently study. You do more effective work by studying 15 minutes a day over 1 hr 45 min a week. The more times you do it the better you will be. This is the beginning and you need to stick with it to reach your goal. The kana will seem easy when you get to studying Kanji and you need kana for grammar and Kanji readings so it's important. You can do it. Like everything else in life just be consistent and put in the effort and the results will come.

>> No.9850671

i get the basics of it and im slowly getting better but you know, learning a new language and completely new script is difficult when you start out!!

>> No.9850685

Thank you so much for the advice! I'm trying to keep up doing it every day, and I can already feel myself actually retaining stuff! I'll definitely download those apps and thank you for the encouragement!

>> No.9850693

There's a Daily Japanese Thread on both /jp/ and /int/. They're both a bunch of cunts because this is 4chan but they do have great resources in their OP and will give you some practice before you venture out to places like 2channel and Japanese twitter. Focus on the kana for now. That's step one. You've got this.

>> No.9850709

I accidentally left my favorite pantsu at my ex-FWB's house. He invited me round tonight and I know he'll want me to fuck him/sleep at his and I don't want to.
But I really want my kawaii undies back.

>> No.9850718

just make it clear that you only want your panties back and nothing more before you come over. How hard can it be to perform such a basic human interaction? Certainly your social competences don't end with spreading your legs?

>> No.9850721

That's perfect then

>> No.9850739

I guess I should have clarified. It's an hour drive, and if I drive all that way, I'm more likely to think 'screw it, I'll have some fun while I'm here' as well as picking up the panties.
For now, I told him I'm ill. Goodbye, beautiful pantsu...goodbye.

>> No.9850743

>take selfie
>look like a fat dork
I hate trying to take a picture of myself so fucking much

>> No.9850745

... so it's about the fact you're afraid you'd fuck him if you went there...

and they say guys think with their dicks
>whoops, I slipped, now there's a dick in me

>> No.9850750

Sorry anon darling, I'm on the other side of the planet. Still, I do hope you find the cutie you deserve very soon.

>> No.9850751

It's more about the fact that I'm not about to drive an hour for one piece of underwear. Might as well make it worth my while, right?

>> No.9850757

Have him mail it back to you, perhaps offer to pay him a little cash on paypal if he does.

>> No.9850760

Then just fuck him and shut up. I don't see the moral dilemma that you're supposedly dealing with. Either drive an hour to get your pantsu back and exercise a modicum of self-control, drive an hour to get your pantsu back and fuck the guy you may or may not actually want to fuck to scratch your itch, or just buy some new fucking pantsu.

>> No.9850763
File: 798 KB, 245x160, 8426476.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'd rather steal a lolita

>> No.9850765

>how dare people complain about losing their cute, cgl-themed panties on a cgl feels thread

That's...actually a really good idea. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that.

>> No.9850771

1. You haven't lost them if you know where they are.
2. I retract my previous statement and instead second the other anon's idea to have him mail them to you.

>> No.9850777
File: 129 KB, 866x1300, 12817303-japanese-in-sweet-lolita-cosplay-outdoor-portrait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reading this made me want to start learning Japanese again... I did a year in high school but wasn't committed enough to keep it going. I started French duolingo last week, though, and I don't really want to do two languages at once. Do I restart Japanese, or stick with French?

>> No.9850781

Nayrt, I think you should stick with French for now, finish that and then start on Japanese. Learning two languages at the same time is a challenge, but practicing two is easier.

>> No.9850791

Depends on what you're going to use French and Japanese for

>> No.9850796

Thanks anon! Will probably do this.

French would be to another language to talk to my partner and his mum in, and if I can learn fast enough to be a little helpful when I go to the JetJ Tea Party. Japanese would be to read all the GLBs I've been hoarding and the sequel to Kamikaze Girls, as well as other weeb shit.

>> No.9850803

Just wait til you introduce Katakana and Kanji.

>> No.9850805

This is going to sound stupid, but I found hiragana and katakana a lot easier to learn with that stupid weeby Kana De Manga book. Also Japanese the Manga Way taught me more about sentence structure and vocabulary than any of the beginner lessons I took.

>> No.9850812

Very true, I guess they're just not in my vicinity. I'll see if he can post them.

>> No.9850814

Will everyone at the JetJ party be speaking french? I don't speak a word of it and I should have thought about that before buying a ticket. I stopped in high school and learned spanish instead, I dont know why I didn't think it'd be an issue

>> No.9850819

I hope not, I more want it for navigating transport and in restaurants and things like that.

>> No.9850836

I am actually in this same boat myself. I figure the less attention the thread gets, the better though.

>> No.9850845
File: 56 KB, 1200x630, C3BF924232A84768845E6BFA93FB93AB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw building muscle and losing fat for Lolita gf
>tfw have no idea if facial aesthetics will be good when I finally lose the weight

It's a weird kind of feeling

>> No.9850846

cheaters deserved to be called out and shamed. a relationship is not a fucking game, end it before you decide to fuck someone else, it's not that hard people.

>> No.9850926
File: 19 KB, 519x284, 47% ladies cheat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We can't really call them out as long as mainstream media calls cheating "sexual liberation".

>> No.9850930


Not all cheating is bad. Sometimes you've known a guy for a really long time that you are comfortable acting a certain away around him despite not being attracted to him. Or you're about to break up with a guy and he has been treating you badly it's fine. I let a guy friend grope me while I was in a relationship.

>> No.9850933

People would do a lot of things if they could get away with it. Morality is basically a fear of judgement.

>> No.9850934

But if you honestly think that idk what to say to you.

>> No.9850935

are you retarded? end the relationship first then

>> No.9850938

All cheating is bad you dirty whore. If you don't break up with him before you cheat, then you cheat, which is a dishonest, depraved, selfish act.

>> No.9850940
File: 7 KB, 329x329, isthisbait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I honestly cannot tell, but the kneejerk rule is telling me it is.

>> No.9850942


Breaking up is a long process. I can let a guy friend fondle me on his birthday then deal with all the hassle of moving out the next week.


Not saying that you can act like a total slut in a relationship , but stuff like tightly hugging a guy friend or having dinner with a guy friend is okay. Fucking another guy is not okay because it would "justify" the guy treating you badly.

>> No.9850943


Stop roleplaying. You're bad at it.

>> No.9850947

Go back to your board

>> No.9850949

When rooming with a friend have you ever used their make up without their consent?

>> No.9850950

no because I don't want to get diseases or pimples

>> No.9850951

Go back to your groundskeeping, Willie

>> No.9850952


sometimes it's worth it if your friend has access to a lot more expensive cosmetics.

>> No.9850954

Agree with you anon. Most of what other anon is posting is either loli bullshit, boob and panty shot garbage, or just plan bad lol.

>> No.9850955

Have fun being a slave to your family for the rest of your life. Wake up and stop being so weak and taken advantage of lol

>> No.9850976

I thought the undies were worth the while?
Are you actually friends or nah? Sounds like you only see each other to do it, which means you're not friends. I'd deliver my friend her undies and take her to lunch just to hang out but maybe I'm being too literal.

Just ask your casual sex partner to mail your stuff cuz you're busy.

>> No.9850990
File: 361 KB, 750x1000, 1501879411702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>feel bored with everything, all the coords I've seen, clothes I own and stores I know of
>visit /fa/ in hopes of finding a nice, fresh aesthetic
>it's just a bunch of guys posting loosely related images with no real uniformity or in-depth brand discussion, and insulting each other for not having gf
Where does one go to get inspiration? I'd like to pull together all the things I like and make my own personal aesthetic based on that, but I'm very eclectic. I've dipped my toes in all sorts of jfash and alt fashion, but now I'm bored. I've never been sick of fashion before, so this is worrying. I really hope it's just my depression rearing its ugly head.

>> No.9850996

well it'll definitely be better than fat facial features

>> No.9850997
File: 52 KB, 254x219, 1v2ymr-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One of my good friends posts her ddlg kink on social media and it makes me feel so uncomfortable.

>> No.9850999
File: 18 KB, 248x189, laughing pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9851003

Tell her to keep that shit on fetlife where it belongs.

>> No.9851005
File: 1.87 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20180412_080954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic fucking related.
I tried doing this before going to work for my Instagram profile pic and I just couldn't get one I thought was really aesthetic. Oh well, at least I'm tall and have broad shoulders. Maybe I should cosplay some heavily armored knight or something. Lex from FE4?

>> No.9851007

You're not hideous, you just have round facial features.
If you're going for sex appeal, cosplaying a knight might be good for you; plenty of people have an armor fetish (myself included). Just make sure to actually do a good job making the cosplay.

>> No.9851009

My partner is indifferent about lolita. Which I’m okay with. As long as he doesn’t belittle me or bitches at me to stop.

And perhaps. I have hung out with my coworker a few times outside of work and from what I see he’s just a harmless weeb. But who knows?

>> No.9851012

I don't care much about sex appeal, I shitpost the lolita gf meme but it's got more to do with actually making it and looking more authentic in a cosplay than if I'm just doing it at my current weight / BF%, /cgl/ has become an autism antidote for me since it's got a good cross section of my own interests that all coincidentally converge on my goal to do a cosplay once I'm thin enough to make it good, and it keeps me on track. I unironically want a lolita gf though, I fucking love the fashion style and it's break from the mainstream.

Tl;dr I've got this burning like my veins are filled with nothing but gasoline, and I'm burning with desire to improve my life and be worthy of consideration by attractive girls instead of being some hypocrite who wants a metaphorical billion dollars without doing what it takes to earn that. Sure, it happens, but what kind of a douche just banks on that? So, I just hang around posting in this and the dumb question thread while I learn about cosplay in other threads.

>> No.9851019

Why does your chin look like a baseball?

>> No.9851020

I haven't seen 1980s tough guy anon post in a while. Did something happen?

>> No.9851022

Well, you're right in the sense that you should strive to improve yourself where you can. If you want cute girls to like you, you should like yourself first, and if getting fit is what you need then by all means, go for it. I can't guarantee you'll get a lolita girlfriend out of this, but it's a step in the right direction.

A bit unrelated but I'm genuinely curious: Why do you want a lolita girlfriend specifically? I know you said you like the fashion and how different it is from mainstream fashion, but what else? Lolitas are quite different as individuals so I wonder what exactly you think you'll gain by dating a lolita.
When it comes from other lolitas, oujis, or people into other jfash styles it's understandable because we have a common ground, but I never quite understood "outsiders"'s (for a lack of a better term) appeal with our fashion to the point of wanting to date us.

>> No.9851027

Probably a combination of my fat being pushed by my big ass smile, the lighting, and the unfortunate shadow of stubble on my chin. I laughed about this analogy though, I love baseball.

I'm a guy, so if there's one thing that hooks me in, it's pretty girls. Say what you will, but I see a shitload of cute girls in Lolita. The combination is enough to make me want to get to know girls like that, because I'm inclined to believe outward appearance is reflective of how you are as a person. Having the audacity to do something like wear Lolita regardless of what people might think of you is a trait I find interesting.

>> No.9851030

Your facial features are totally fine your hair is ugly though

>> No.9851034

Thanks for the feedback, I was going to get it cut this weekend.

>> No.9851035

Seeing anon get support for his face gives me hope for mine too

still belongs to /soc/ though.

>> No.9851038

Actually, could I get some advice on getting a good haircut? I cut my hair awfully short to where my hair is almost a high and tight, but I leave some length on top (it's faded and not pronounced like a pompadour), and I'm usually happy and comfortable with my hair like that, but when it grows out I do this comb over like so, because my hair looks very ridiculous without that combing, for work purposes. My question is how I could get a style that lasts longer, because when I get my haircuts as I described earlier, they don't last for that long before my hair gets into the state you see here.

>> No.9851039

>Having the audacity to do something like wear Lolita regardless of what people might think of you
Here is where I want to give you a fair warning: I don't want to say that most or even many lolitas don't actually have the audacity to wear the fashion regardless of what people think, but it's unfortunately quite common; girls either wear the fashion to conventions or to meetups exclusively, and if they happen to be alone in public when they're dressed up, they're terrified of even being looked at.
That's not to say that all lolitas are like this; plenty wear the fashion daily and don't give a rat's ass about the public's opinion on them, but like I said, the above is sadly quite common, as is the view that girls have to stop wearing the fashion when they reach a certain age.

Lolita is quite the subversive fashion but it's lost a bit of its subversiveness in recent years, and it's not uncommon to see people wear it just for likes on social media. So if you're looking for someone bold and unafraid to be genuinely frilly, you'll have to be lucky.

>> No.9851041

I have bf but I also want a lolita gf help

>> No.9851042

You sound really interesting, anon. If I weren't in a happy relationship I'd go on a date with you. I hope you find a cute lolita gf!

>> No.9851048
File: 1020 KB, 500x373, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone I know recently started getting into lolita fashion (partially because I inspired her) and now she has sorta started making it into a competition.
The last time she spoke to me it was her asking me about the last lolita event I went to and then not really listening and just going on and on about all the different things she plans on buying. And then when I told her I was on a buying freeze she still sent me like 2 or 3 different things like, "oh anon you should buy this! oh wait just kidding. oh well we could have twinned!"
It kinda feels like I'm being a dick about someone who is excited but the way she words things just rubs me the wrong way.

Very recently she was telling me about how she is planning on buying Antoinette Princess (which she keeps referring to as the wrong name) and its taking all of my effort to be excited. It seems like shes buying it for the fact that its expensive instead of because she likes the dress.

>> No.9851049
File: 51 KB, 449x599, 286948B0-01D1-4E9F-8943-8CA4B911AF67.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

o be honest I feel like it needs to be a little longer on top. The comb-over (not actual comb-over, of course), is a good look, but what you've got going on there is an awkward in-between stage where it's long enough to cover some part of your forehead but not long enough to have an even coverage that makes sense. Try for a length more like pic related. Try to style it so it has more volume and texture overal, too, since there it looks very flat and babby's-first-day-at-school vibes. Make sure you also comb it back and to the side and not forward to the side.

I think your facial features are fine and they'll probably even improve with some weight loss. This is an awkward tip, but I think practicing your smile to make it look less forced and learning your angles will help as well.

>> No.9851050

Not that anon but another "outsider" and >tfw no lolita gf shitposter. For me it's still 90% just really digging the fashion. It's kind of hard to see lolitas as people when you don't actually ever see them in person. You're all just pictures on a computer screen for the most part (I know you're real people with feelings and all that just bear with me). I didn't encounter an actual lolita until two weeks ago when a couple other anons and I got breakfast during a con and met up with one at the restaurant. 10/10 chick, would date, but you and I both know I can't use her as the face of all lolita gfs so we're still at just being in it for the fashion.

>> No.9851054

I have a hammy sort of shit eating grin and I own it. I intentionally overdo it a lot. If I don't, I'll smile a lot more with my eyes.

>> No.9851062

It's not that common. You just see more of them because it's already part of cosplay culture to post pictures of yourself. My comm has over 300 people in it, you have to proof you're a lolita before you are accepted in the group, and only about 10 of them post to CoF etc.

>> No.9851072

I'm a cosplayer but I'd date a lolita and I'm open to trying wearing it. Where are you?

>> No.9851076
File: 44 KB, 313x236, dabfield.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When your ex is going to bring her new guy to the con, but she gets called out of the country for a wedding at the last minute

>> No.9851098

>It's kind of hard to see lolitas as people...
Anon, I wanna' believe you mean well, but that was really awful-sounding wording.

>> No.9851101

I'm not cut out for school
I haven't been going to the gym as much as I like, so I haven't been fantasizing about being a cross between Rambo, Kenshiro, Chirico, Max Jenius, Frank Zane, Chuck Yeager, and Richard Feynman as much

>> No.9851104
File: 295 KB, 472x436, 1498355770504_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9851105
File: 24 KB, 318x312, stopdoingthis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You aren't awful looking. However, what is with this awful angle that men do when taking photos? Picture related. Don't do this!!! Stop it! Raise your camera up more when taking photos. I see a lot of guys do this low camera angle + raised chin when taking selfies, and they seem not to realize it's an unflattering angle for anybody.

Sorry. I just had to mention it because you said you're taking a profile picture, and it's something I see guys do all the time when trying to take a selfie.

>> No.9851107

I already asked why the fuck this happens in the dumb questions thread. I don't take many pictures of myself because I don't understand how to do them. Now I know, I'll give it a try after the gym tonight. Upper body today, so I'm gonna feel fucking euphoric (in a non memetic sense, the burn fucking rules)

>> No.9851112

Want to clarify I meant that in a polite way, but I read my message back and it sounded rude, so forgive me for that.

>> No.9851115
File: 126 KB, 500x500, mikuwu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I decided to re-attempt my first cosplay ever, from five years ago
Pic related. I hope the Vocaloid fandom isn't too dead.

>> No.9851121

Nah, I didn't think you were being rude. I wasn't trying to be rude, and I'm glad you didn't take it that way. I posted the Ursula meme because it's the best image for explaining 'that'.

I do have one serious suggestion, and it's going to sound a bit weird. Okay, so a lot of men actually trim and shape their eyebrows. They just don't talk about it to other men. I use to work as a cosmetologist, and I'd often have men of all ages request I shape their eyebrows. You do men's brows differently then women's, obviously. Uh, basically, you want to remove those really spare stray hairs that you can see way underneath the arch. Men's can be bushier then women's, but you want to get those hairs way out in left field. Then, we'll comb the eyebrows upward, and trim the stuff sticking way out. (It's quite obvious what needs to be trimmed.) We'll then do the same combing downward. It's kind of hard to explain.

If you get the chance though, find a esteemed salon in your area, and tell them you need your eyebrows trimmed. Most good salons will know how to trim men's eyebrows, and we don't charge extra for it when it's alongside a cut. That's when most men get their eyebrows shaped/trimmed, it's when they get their hair cut.

>> No.9851123

sparse*, not spare. Whoops.

>> No.9851125

Mfw a normie compliments your all brand coord and recommends you check out the dresses on Amazon "just like the one you have"


It wasn't even casual, experimental, or even the slightest bit ita, just a really simple coord

>> No.9851127

I'm very bad at explaining how I feel.

>> No.9851129

She thought it looked cool and wanted to talk to you about. In her ignorance, she said something dumb. You looked great. Don't worry about it so much

>> No.9851130

What would I do about body hair? I'm just going to say it, my body is a much different story than my face, it's not TERRIBLE, but I'd say that my skin is less clear and I have plenty of hair as some men do, and I don't know what women like or how to handle that at all. It's been something I've fucked around with but never took seriously because nobody really sees my body anyway.

>> No.9851134

I exclusively listen to vocaloid and anime music senpai.

>> No.9851137
File: 113 KB, 370x484, exampleofoil.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eyebrows are about the only important thing just because they frame the face. Same if someone were to have facial hair. There's good beards, but there's also bad beards.

Personally speaking, body hair really isn't an issue. I guess most just kind of expect men to have hair. Men are hairy. That's just how it is. I'll have you know body waxing is a painful endeavor. The only men who really ever get body hair removed were swimmers and competition-level body builders. The latter was only because they were either getting close-up body photos taken in high-definition and/or covered in oil on a regular basis.

I really wouldn't worry about your body hair. Sure. Trim the ends if you've got underarm tufts sticking out of your t-shirt sleeves or something. Otherwise, don't sweat it.

>> No.9851140

And the magazine picture is an example of what I mean by getting covered in oil if that part sounded weird. For most, it just isn't practical to remove body hair.

>> No.9851144

Sharing it here because i just wanna share it but couldnt tell anybody without feeling ashamed.
I was arguing on FB in a lolita group about some dumb drama and it was getting heated and my gf apparently heard me scream "OH COME ON" and here's what followed
>enters my room
>i turn to her "ugh can you believe them? This bitch claims to blablabla"
>she cuts me by kissing me passionately
>starts making out with angry me,slowly melting to her touch
>two minutes later we're having the best sex i ever had, so good i couldnt even remember what i was angry about
>softly whisper to me she's gonna do that everytime to calm me down when i get heated up about a silly thing like that
God I love her so much. It's true I tend to take things a bit too seriously even on the chans (i had to quit /a/ because all i did was arguing there)

>> No.9851151

hey same, where u @

>> No.9851156
File: 216 KB, 481x481, 878r87r.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're living the dream, anon.

>> No.9851160

Not quite yet due to various problems but yes.
Wishing all of you gulls to find a lolita gf. Mine isnt lolita but goth (am classic rori)

>> No.9851164

Sounds like your girlfriend is a good match for you.

>> No.9851177
File: 44 KB, 370x550, yDdKC7T.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9851214

Vocaloid turned 10 years old recently and I keep worrying that no one cares about it anymore. I love it.

>> No.9851221
File: 224 KB, 764x791, 1515717429338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Girlfriend is really attractive and will undoubtedly get a ton of attention at this con and I'll end up feeling insecure

>> No.9851233

Stalker lolita checking in
>tfw an offhand post gains you an unfortunate cgl nickname
I think I fucked up, gulls

>> No.9851235

If I get a lolita gf I'm using her a shield from other girls, and anyone who tries to catfight her to get to me catches the hands before they lay a hand on my darling. It's a foolproof defensive formation as innovative as the phalanx in hand to hand combat. Alexander the Great would be proud.

>> No.9851238

Europe. Are you F or M though?

>> No.9851239
File: 1.50 MB, 540x302, munch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My gf is too nice to say no to people asking for photos and I'm the exact opposite. We're cosplaying together so I think it might cause issues as I mostly use cons as a venue to hang out with friends

>> No.9851240

Did you go hunting with napalm?

>> No.9851246

Be her bouncer. Talk to her about when she wants to do photos with people, and if it's obvious that you two are going to do something, plan on it and you can deny people access.

>> No.9851256

Amateur. All you have to do is acknowledge an advance and do absolutely nothing. The only power people can have over you is what you give them

>> No.9851267
File: 127 KB, 660x660, I_studied_the_blade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't think it'll be that big of an issue I'm just easily annoyed and don't like randoms bothering me too often. Ironic I know because I'm cosplaying but I do it for me and friends, not for randoms

>> No.9851270
File: 11 KB, 250x202, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Supermarket-kun checking in.

>tfw Friday's off
>but uni starts next week again

>> No.9851289

What are you studying?
I'm gonna have to up the ante if you're going to be spending all your time at uni instead of work.

>> No.9851294
File: 555 KB, 730x742, 151234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already have a degree in economics. Figured I didn't like working in economics afterwards. Want to do physiotherapy but need a better GPA.

So currently I studying Japanese and World History and then I'll switch at the end of the year.

>> No.9851310

It wasn't serious; I agree with your serious answer.

>> No.9851317
File: 97 KB, 640x641, sadmisako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish there were a place for gulls to share their erotic fiction with no boys allowed.

>> No.9851364

must scan vag for access.

>> No.9851380

Be the change you want to see

>> No.9851382

That's a menagerie of things, my goodness. Interesting choices.
>teach me the glorious nipponese ways, senpai
I always hit a roadblock with vocabulary and give up for a while.
>tfw just want to shop without google translate

>> No.9851387

I've had a interesting couple of years since I was 17 desu.

Tell me about your favourite dress or dream dress.

>> No.9851390
File: 913 KB, 400x585, dancedragon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't do vag scans before each tea party? Except for the first Saturday of every other month, of course. That's butthole inspection.

>> No.9851418

yes, you are

>> No.9851422

I would pay real life money to cuddle with a girl dressed in lolita for a few hours

>> No.9851423

I went into historical fashion. Granted, I've been a Lolita, so the leap wasn't too big, but I find it really inspiring and refreshing.

>> No.9851424

Here's hoping you have deep pockets.

>> No.9851435

That's one heck of a question. We'll be here all night, anon.
>can't pick a substyle
>wardrobe is a mess of things that don't go together
I'm currently trying to hunt down a dress from the green in lolita thread. I can't find metion or photos of it anywhere.
>I'm a bad lolita, forgive me mana-sama

>> No.9851437
File: 236 KB, 600x450, 1522853251188.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But anon, they look so much better sitting down for tea or walking in the wind. How can you appreciate their burando if they're just laying down?

>> No.9851438
File: 423 KB, 1458x1458, IMG_20180412_214400_274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How's this?
>tfw walking late night gym workout
>tfw no lolita gf
242 lbs, lost 4 since last weigh in 11 days ago, if I can hit 220 or lower I'm happy.

Also I need to write down some of the tips I got in this thread, several ideas I'm only hearing for the first time that I can put to use. Regardless of what happens, I'm glad I stuck my neck out to be a shithead and start posting in here

>> No.9851439

I just wanna feel the material and the ruffles.

>> No.9851441

It's potato quality but the angle is 100x better. Good job putting the tips given into practice

>> No.9851443

Get a better haircut, grow our your facial hair, dress better and you should be fine

>> No.9851444

Feeling burando isn't how you appreciate burando. It's not just the dress anon, it's so much more. It's the effort you should enjoy. =[

>> No.9851447

I can't do the whole 'look but don't touch' schtick. If I look at you in burando, I'll want to touch your burando.

>> No.9851452

I'm going to the gym desu. I wear the cap because I always thought I looked better in it, which clearly has to do with the fact that I haven't really known a good solution for my hair.

>> No.9851455

Also I can't believe I missed this but
>Grow out your facial hair
I'm a clean shaven guy, in fact, I can't even grow facial hair well. Neither can other people in my family tree.

>> No.9851459

read Berserk
(and I mean read the manga, the anime-versions are, yeah...)

>> No.9851462

>I want to cosplay Megumin
only if you are "imagine"-sized

>> No.9851465

Is your jaw line decent? If not consider doing facial exercises. I also go to the gym friendo, I'm just telling you that hat isn't doing you any favors. I'd say learning to dress better would probably be your best bet, start saving up money to pick up some nice core pieces.

>> No.9851466

Yeah, it's all comfort, and I'm trying to get outside of my comfort zone.

>> No.9851467

do you gonna screw the rules too?

>> No.9851468

I think I already did.

>> No.9851469

Oh also put a large focus on personal hygiene. Not assuming you don't, just make it a priority. No matter how big your arms are or whatever people aren't gonna wanna be around you if you smell bad. Also stuff like your eyebrows are really important as they frame the rest of your face. Just things to consider.

>> No.9851471

not bad, but did you do it, cause you had money?

>> No.9851473
File: 19 KB, 720x480, 34719af2-f9d3-4d1e-ac50-dcaa21caa310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw cosplaying Kamina but don't think I'll be muscular enough for him in time for the con
I just wanted to meet other GL fans :'(

>> No.9851474

Hygiene is something I puts lot of value in if I'm leaving the house, which is something I do every day. I just acknowledge that I've got no style (or grace). At least today I found out that I don't have a funny face. I've spent 21 years and didn't even know what to think about my own aesthetic, now I'm developing a slight sense.

>> No.9851476

Just start following men's fashion trends, you don't need to become a hype beast but going to somewhere like r/streetwear or looking around /fa/ for some inspiration will help a lot. You don't have to know what your own aesthetic is as long as you have some idea as to what you'd like to look like. Play to your strengths though, you're a larger white dude, don't go for stuff that wouldn't suit you.

>> No.9851477

>I just wanted to meet Yoko-cosplayers
fixed that for you

>> No.9851478

Girlfriend is going as Yoko, I don't wanna drag her down either honestly

>> No.9851480

well, I guess you already won in life than

>> No.9851482

Unfortunately, no. I'm sitting here listening to advice and my main concern is that I'm so stingy that I only really have about ~40 dollars of disposable income monthly after the 1600 I put into my trust that I'm building with my Dad. It's going to pay off when we either do a major overhaul of the house I've been in through high school, or we move forward and mortgage out a high roller property and turn our current place into a duplex to rent out (with the idea being to get more money for more rentals).

>> No.9851483
File: 50 KB, 408x439, 1481762993839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going as Akira with my friend as Ryo and if she dumps me before then I'll just rely on gathering fujoshis around us by pretending to kiss him

>> No.9851484

Tldr is that I don't have much in the way of cash to play with for clothes, so I think I'm turning into a thrift shop fiend for shit.

>> No.9851485

Thrifting is completely reasonable and a very effective way to find clothing.

>> No.9851486

well, I guess you can at least screw the money, cause you have the rules (I guess or better I hope)

as if Fujos would be satisfied with that

>> No.9851488
File: 58 KB, 741x717, DTI2PZqVQAABKsj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean I'd totally kiss him, I'm bi and it's literally just kissing. Probably just gonna start an Instagram cosplay account with him and cosplay yaoi ships. Open a Patreon and take lots of pics of us doing yaoi shit. I'll be rolling in the money soon guys. Just you wait.
When my Patreon starts up I'll send u some money for a new wardrobe got u anon

>> No.9851495
File: 32 KB, 236x662, 1474839135880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw the only colour that suit you is ugly moss/olive green

>> No.9851509

Be careful, I'll remind you of it too.


>> No.9851512


>> No.9851514

Where are you located?

>> No.9851516

Anchorage, Alaska.

>> No.9851534

I'm happy that most lolitas I know are lesbians so they keep their hands away from my boyfriend. But it's been so awful when they've tried to hit on me, yikes.

>> No.9851543

>tfw finally got done exercising for Lolita gf
I think this is the strongest I've ever channeled my autism into something productive in life

>> No.9851546

>this sudden onslaught of guys getting fit for their future lolita gfs
I'd like to think this isn't a meme but knowing 4chins, it probably is. How sad.
>t. a lolita who genuinely likes fit guys

>> No.9851568

Man, lolita is dope. I hope you find your dress stalker lolita. Do you go to conventions at all?

>> No.9851577
File: 3.45 MB, 360x227, lizardwizard.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The nefariously eat Lucky Charms while fucking lolita gf as she begs you to let her have some

>> No.9851583

Tfw autocorrect turns tfw into "the"

>> No.9851587

Depending on what level of privacy you want, such places already exist

>> No.9851590

Been there, made it. Eat a lot, work out everyday, cut all junk food.

>> No.9851603

It's only been me posting regularly for days on end, so far, including my own selfies once or twice. Lolita has been inspiring to me not only as a way to encourage me to be a better man, but also to not give a fuck what people think of me and to be myself, even if it regularly accrues cries of autism. I may genuinely have Asperger's, but I don't give a damn what they say, because I am still myself at the end of the day, and no diagnosis or discovery will change anything. I feel full of lust for life, like the air I breathe is amphetamine

>> No.9851605

>Wanting a Lolita GF
>Not wanting a gymbuddy GF


>> No.9851607 [DELETED] 

I started off by memeing and then kinda fell in love with the Lolita style and the way it represented femininity, and realized I desired that greatly, so it became a true motivator for me to better myself. I also love the idea of Lolita as a lesson not to give a shit what people think of you, and to be yourself. Shit, I've had doctors suggest that I have Asperger's, but I don't bother finding out because I am Will, regardless of whether I get diagnosed or not. I'm self aware enough to recognize that this is the only thing that matters.

>> No.9851608

Nice blogspot tho. Can I hear more about your childhood Anon?

>> No.9851609

Deleted it because redundancy.
Hiroshimoot needs to get his shit in order, 4chan is fucked right now

>> No.9851611

4chan is back up, yay

>> No.9851613

>being so retarded you think the two have to be mutually exclusive
i feel sorry for you

>> No.9851616

>Tfw no GI lolita gf

>> No.9851627

this is aweful how 4chan goes down when I need mental support the most

>> No.9851628


>> No.9851637

Can't post a new thread yet though. My uploads are failing.

>> No.9851676

>I'd like to think this isn't a meme but knowing 4chins, it probably is. How sad.
I don't think so, the fit cosplay thread has some activity going.

Fit cosplayer here, not actively looking for lolita gf. I've just happened to discover that lifting weights is fun. You should try it too, anon!

>> No.9851681

>Have to renew apartment lease
>rent has gone up wtf
>Dress I really want shows up on LM
>have to put more money aside this month for rent

>> No.9851690

Drop the fuck out of them. My father died a slave to his relatives, constantly giving out money to his family members 'in need'. When he died they fought over the remains of his money like vultures, and attempted to cheat his kids out of their inheritance. Drop them or that WILL be you, and you wont have any time to see your immediate family having to micromanage your shady fuckwad relatives.

>> No.9851698

Projecting much? Some people have family that the value above their hobbies and job

>> No.9851705


>> No.9851752

someone gonna make a new thread? I'm new here so uhhhh

>> No.9851789

Not them but I've seen it happen. Western culture encourages greed and putting money before people. Vultures are inevitable.

>> No.9851813

I was in the same boat but gave up on getting a lolita gf after receiving lots of nasty treatment and realizing far too many of them are just nuts. They would almost always refuse to believe a guy can like cute/pretty things and would instead assume I'm a rapist or pervert (guys have feelings too and stuff like that hurts). I still love the fashion and admire girls who take part in it, always will, but I'd rather not be treated like garbage just for being male. So instead I stay fit for my own sake and buy stuff for my own collection. If I had a gf into lolita I could be supportive and buy her all the brands she wants, but that's not gonna happen. It can't be helped as they say.

>> No.9851815

Honestly, my efforts will probably have a sort of slingshot effect to them, where things don't happen exactly as intended, but as long as I'm doing the right thing, something good will come of it

>> No.9851899

You're welcome to try, but don't say I didn't warn you. I really think you'd be better off finding a nice girl and introducing her to lolita, but best of luck all the same.

>> No.9852045

>Being so butthurt at something that didn't even attack you anyhow


>> No.9852634

I'm sorry you ended up getting that treatment. I hope you understand that a lot of men are really stupid when it comes to talking to people in alternative fashion. I've had many random men think it's perfectly acceptable to ask me if the spiked collar I'm wearing is a 'BDSM' thing. It's tiring. No one walks around wearing BDSM equipment. I've also had people say off-the-wall stuff regarding thigh high leg wear. They feel it is perfectly acceptable to mention that they have a fetish for it out of the blue. Otherwise, a lot make the wrong assumption that your some sort of sex-crazed, party animal all because you're wearing something different then the norm, and they act idiotic. Also, there's the novelty factor people focus on which can come off insulting. There's stuff people would never find acceptable to ask a normally dressed person, but suddenly it is okay to ask about sex life if the person is dressed in a strange manner. Anyone wearing alternative fashion, whether it's a frilly dress or scary, has to deal with men asking the most bizarre stuff. You'll find a lot of frilly ladies have to put up with sex-oriented questioning.

It's not good to be bitter. I think men can love fashion without any sexual undertone. However, so many act so ridiculous that people act defensive for protection.

>> No.9853372

>I've had many random men think it's perfectly acceptable to ask me if the spiked collar I'm wearing is a 'BDSM' thing.
Seriously? Yikes. Well yes I do understand a lot of guys can be creeps/perves and the behavior you described is completely unacceptable, but that's no reason to automatically condemn all men. I couldn't see doing half the stuff you described and honestly just love cute/pretty things. Which itself is hard to admit to as a man and can easily have people assuming you're gay or a pedo, so I can understand a bit what it's like to have people jump to horrible conclusions. Real shame too, this is why we can't have nice things. Normal day to day fashion can be so bland and boring sometimes, people should feel more free to express themselves with it and get creative or have fun with it without being harassed or insulted. First and last time I wore something with the color pink on the streets someone called me a faggot from their car, and that was the end of that.
Anyways, I know there's probably plenty of decent girls out there into lolita or other alt fashions and wouldn't want to judge everyone the way we get judged, but it means having to deal with a lot of abuse and 'guilty before proven innocent' mindsets to find them.

>> No.9853810

How bad your childhood is isn't a fucking contest you dumb idiots.

>> No.9853828
File: 701 KB, 2808x5029, orqlbluuxh901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys got shit taste the only anime worth watching is "Violet Evergarden"

If you don't appreciate anime then you don't deserve to go to con and meet people that love it. Have fun dying alone

>> No.9853928
File: 206 KB, 500x673, 1485273549023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>going to anime con with my sweetie
>tfw going to lose a lot of weight before then
>tfw will still be really fat after the weight loss
>he wants to take a lot of "cute con pics"
>fingers crossed i don't look like complete shit
>know i'll be made fun of on /cgl/ if pics of me are posted here


>> No.9854662

Inner beauty do you have some? You do? Nothing to worry. I met a girl that said she was ugu but she wasn't that's why she had a bf.

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