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Post uplifting feels, funny pictures, favourite details, reasons to live etc.
It can be as simple as a bear-shaped grape.

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>got asked to go to dinner with someone at a con recently after talking with them for an hour or so
>was busy so I had to turn them down
>Been chatting online every now and then
Feels good to know I'm making progress in terms of being able to socialize.

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This dog belongs to someone extremely fat. She is able to love herself and loves lolita so much that she made lolita clothes for her inbred dog.

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This person won't give up on egl livejournal and it's admirable and endearing in a way.

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I have no idea why pic related makes me laugh out loud every time but it does

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Old promo art gives me life.

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And always remember that you can't look at your bias anymore if you're dead

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what is up with this story

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Thank you for this thread, anon <3

Looking at these fuzzy wuzzy parasol tops always give me some odd satisfaction.

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postin' cats. Because meow.

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Her facial expression combined with the message makes it look so serious, but it kills me because I'm pretty sure that it's not really a question of being feminist or not for people to say those sorts of things about Lolita.

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it's like... of all the reasons, that's what you decided to write down?

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The cutest cat of them all

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No. This is cgl, post something related and dont spam with cats.

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You didn't post anything. No negative feels allowed here.

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>looking for japanese lolita videos with eng subs
>BTS shows up

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found it

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thank you
if anyone has any, i'd love to see more classic/hilarious secrets

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I wish I knew who the lady in this pic was. She's one of my biggest inspirations

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Here's another for you! I have a few in my folders but they're mixed with other things so it may take me a while to find them.

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Now I'm looking for the takemoto baby the blunt shines bright one too, but desu my search skill is weak

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This was meant to point to >>9850001, sorry!

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I got you friend

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Thank you. I somehow found pic related on my search. Idek.

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I guess this secret maker got her wish...

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Too thick for that cute dress? Too poor for professional alterations?

Stop worrying and start browsing:

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Man I just really love lolita

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Man I just really love cosplay

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I've recently settled for a new way to style my hair in my day to day life. It's simple and possible to do when I've already left the house. Compared to my lackluster approach of letting my long hair just hang I feel so much cuter!

All it took was a couple of hair-ties and a simple idea.

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this dress is amazing! sauce?

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It's all Na+h but I really want to know who that girl is and follow her on insta/twitter. She works there but that's all I know.

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Oooh, share style? I have long hair that stresses me out, and I'd love to find something cute and easy to do with it!

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She's a lolita's mother, they got dressed up together once.

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If I remember correctly she was a grandmother of a lolita who got dressed up for fun.

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This >>9842818 thread is seriously warming my heart now. Anyone who wants to smile should check it out.

Whether mom or grandma, that is incredibly cute

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It's not that special, and might work best with my hair, but this thread is for spreading our happy feels.

My hair nowadays is basically a hime cut without the bangs. I didn't dare go all the way, but from my ears and forward it's short enough to frame my face. On the back of my head it's grown out, but now that you mention that you have long hair I worry mine is short by comparison. It reaches barely below my shoulder blades and quite un-even since I grew it out from really, really short. That cut-up (?) length difference makes the style fall apart in a way I can live with.

I start out with two low twintails at the back of my head. They need to be low enough to not pull on my scalp and threaten with headaches. At this stage I can peacefully adjust and make sure they're even without a mirror just by feeling them. Then I take a second pair of thicker hairties and loop my hair back up again. For an even volume I fold it over the width of my hand and put the rest behind my ear while I tie it up. The leftover I sort of try and fiddle inside by poking a little cave under the original hair-ties. Then there's a bit of pulling and messing to get the volume up, and my cuteness is achieved.

I would call these buns, but they're really not. They're more like loops, and they will fall apart over the course of the day. If anything I'm happy they reveal my neck which is otherwise hidden, and they avoid that childish aftertaste which regular pigtails hit me with on bad days. Thanks to my different lengths I get that messy relaxed look which I have grown to accept. I think using four hair-ties can be objectionable, but I couldn't make it work with two.

I really hope this at least inspires you if it doesn't work out on your hair!

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This reminds me, my auntie is in love with me wearing lolita and wants me to dress her up in it. I can’t wait!

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Cats are definitely related to lolita

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that pom isn't even well bred, much less inbred.

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I had an awful day today. Thank you anons for the thread to read in bed and get happy feelings over. Reminded me why I love lolita and how inspirational it is.

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Should we try posting pastries too?

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On a semi-related note, tfw trying to do hair in the mirror with all your supplies at hand and nothing's working, give up and decide to do it on the way and not give a shit anymore otherwise you'll be late, completely nail it despite only having half your tools.

Maybe I just overcomplicate things, idk.

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i'd love that personally

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no real pastries please, it would be nauseating

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Bless this thread, it’s so rare to find a safe haven on the internet nowadays

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I can't believe I forgot the Mana one

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Anyone else really attracted to Moot?

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look at him go

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P.s. mootykins if you ever see this, I think you're hot as hell. Pls go out with me.

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File: 177 KB, 544x343, xAU6qvgC_-z1TKFvgsdfL1zbOE1KcNbT9LTDm-3pK1tyoJnAdUTCA-tAZHQ5hRr5Igvw28Y7AXL89eAqtb69XQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 220 KB, 249x332, TPQYnE7mZ1KELL1et79TUMj6jcEPp6p3vvzYuvw5rsUsCZ0SolrXmjkUnbDoNmmzxXdT8AMlt2kYjS5FfB54PA.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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This message that makes life worth living for me.

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Today is my birthday and I have an inspiration to post some cats from my "Lolita Cats" folder.
Hope you'll enjoy it!

That condemnatory face.

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Jane Marple is a peach.

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Probably my favourite cat ever.

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Another crazy scarf by FRILL.

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which print is that, again?

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I laughed hard because it looks like cat is doing nazi salute.

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Happy blue cat with a ballon, what else do you need today?

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It's Whimsical Vanilla-chan.

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Does anyone have a good picture of this print? I love this mildly bitchy cat too much

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Okay, I need this. It always makes me so happy! Such a little kitten in a cup in a cup.

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This picture brings me joy.
A cute Lolita, in a cute AP jsk with a super cute kitty. Cuteness overload!

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Everything on this picture is perfect.

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Cats Tea Party, 1871 version

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I loled

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Bless you Mana.

>> No.9850937

Bless you, OP. This thread is medicine.

This pic made my day

So did this one

>> No.9851017

Whats this from?

>> No.9851073

Post old lolita videos

>> No.9851074

i dont like that only her hand is moving tho

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Is this one better?

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He sold this place, the only one left to read your tweets is a chubby asian dude.

>> No.9851085

This edit, every time

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Gosh, that's awful mean to Hiroyuki-kun

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no bully

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I just posted the video before I even looked at the thread >>9851073

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Knew that anon, but one can hope that he still reads these posts sometimes.

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one of my favs

>> No.9851598

Yes please, post more about your cgl-related crush/bias

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>> No.9851764

Like /tg/, Moot abandoned /cgl/ as soon as he made it, sorry anon

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>not being there when mootykins graced us with his presence a few years ago asking us how to improve /cgl/
>not being there when the mootmeister enjoyed all that no-homo female thirst

>> No.9852218


>> No.9853262

i wanna alter it to say "hewwo owo" and then "éwè"

>> No.9853335

Someone please photoshop this

>> No.9853363

someone's selling it on LM rn in grey!

i'm gonna try senpai

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i tried my rubesty

>> No.9853369

Man I just really love you anon

>> No.9853401

Love you too anon. No homo.

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I have such a huge crush on Akira. Handsome androgynous women/butches make my knees weak. Babi and Kaie are also in my dream ouji gf harem.

>> No.9859041

I just want to say you're all adorable

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N-no you're adorbs, anon!

>> No.9859152

I am screaming

I don't have a dick but this pic gave me a boner, holy crap

One video I absolutely love rewatching is the Weird Threads episode on lolita:
Of course some parts could be corrected a bit or explored in a bit more depth, but I think for an under 10 minutes vid aimed at normies, it's made exceptionally well, there's zero judgement, the host is open-minded and respectful, and seems to be approaching everyone with genuine excitement. It also helps that he's hella charismatic and looks dapper AF in his aristo-esque outfit (even if it looks a bit costumey).
I'm sad the series wasn't continued, I would've watched the shit out of it.

>> No.9860779

This is a really great doc actually.

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this picture makes me laugh and sums up how I feel wearing lolita. honestly I'm laughing at it now

i feel warm and cozy every SINGLE time I see this pic without fail

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Seconding that Salem's pantaloons feel.

And, contributing one of my own favorite shots. I love Novala so much.

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ugh that feels so dreamy

I just brightened this up a bit to look at it properly, it's one of my favourite pictures even though I prefer gothic. i feel like im looking into some kinda lolita alternate dimension lmao

>> No.9860806

This is why bloomers are an essential part of a lolita coord. If they were wearing normie shorts, this would not be cute.

>> No.9865011


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I love this photo too, they look happy. Does anyone know the name of the dress on the left?

>> No.9865035

I can't remember the name, but it's milky ange. it was up on LM recently

>> No.9865038


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