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Hoarding edition
>Stay on topic
>Don't eat bait!

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>tfw no central europe /cgl/ cosplay group

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I feel this edition of the feels thread.
>tfw got three big boxes of brand delivered to my doorstep
>too sick and tired to get off my ass and open them
>genuinely feel at ease and peaceful just having them in my room unopened
I think I love lolita a little too much.

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>never goes to Woolies again

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I don't think you really love it. You'd want to see and touch the clothes irl. You just have issues.

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Which part of "sick and tired" did you not understand?

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Are you unable to move your legs?

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I can, but everything hurts too much to move and I have several main pieces waiting for me; they tend to be a bit heavy.
Hopefully I feel better in a few hours, I'm really looking forward to unboxing everything.

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Wow, way to miss the point. Let the feels gull be happy that all her brand arrived safely to her door. Even if the box isn't opened just having them there is a great feel.

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>be me
>make post on here a few months ago that I've lost weight, my last "motivation" dress now fits
>dress was a little tight, but still zipped up
>be me today, try on dress
>have lost probably 7 more lbs, dress fits fantastic; zips up easy, looks and feels comfortable
>oh man, on to the less-forgiving skirts now
>try on one skirt I have
>zips right up, fits perfect, no muffin-tops, no sausage look, fits just right
>want to cry, feel so happy

This is such a good feeling! After gaining probably 25lbs I worked for 2 years to take it all off and am finally here. I don't want to stop, though; I want to get a little bit smaller to account for any bloating that can happen during the day so I can wear everything I own confidently and comfortably. How do I not slip up, gulls? I'm afraid that now I've hit my goal that I might get a little too lax and fall behind a little.

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I'm proud of you. Eat at maintenance now. You can still lose a little by taking a couple of days doing a little more cardio but you should really be eating at the same calories as you burn with some exercise. Don't get an ED. It's not cute.

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Thank you! Don't worry, I'm not at any risk of an ED, I still am at a perfectly fine BMI. I just have really awful bloating issues and want to make sure my clothes have the extra wiggle room and aren't at the max comfort measurements for any given item.

I'll have to rework my diet now, though; it'll be nice to add back some things I had cut out for a while.

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I'm happy for you. Remember to exercise and make sure you're not losing muscle.

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Honestly maintaining is when calorie counting gets super important so it's hard not to get obsessed. When you're losing weight you can just skip a meal or two and you're still losing. Eating an exact amount is harder. You can do it though. I'm still super happy for you. It must feel really satisfying.

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Gulls, how do you deal when the only comm in your country is ripe with itas who haven't changed in years? They're very sweet girls and at least don't act cringey in meets but it's like they never got the basics of the fashion down and have that "brand is expensive so that's why I don't buy it" mentality. I have considered being a lonelita cause it gives me secondhand embarrassment especially when their pics get posted on the ita thread but at the same time I wish I could help them blossom into really cute lolitas.

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>how do I not slip up
Just avoid sugar and junk all together. No cheating.
I lost 100lbs+ but as soon as I eat junk I fall off the wagon.

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Some people say so
>really I'm just awkward and socially retarded

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>tfw have had unopened lolita clothes sitting unopened in my room without even the excuse of being sick

Well, the parcel that sat unopened for about a month was a dress that I already owned in a different colour and already knew I didn't quite fit into anyway, so I guess you've got a point in that I didn't love it as much.

The other times I just wanted to make sure I was relaxed enough and had no other shit going on so that I could fully bask in touching new pretty things for the first time.

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Maybe start a thread in the facebook group where people can share good deals they found online (post secondhand burando)

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That's pretty cute I guess.

Tell me about your favourite dress anon-chan, since it's almost midnight and you're still not asleep.

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Nayrt,but these kind of people don't know reason. Even if they found burando cheaper than new Bodyline/taobao from a reseller(because these people probably don't know how to use a ss),they would still cry "but so expensive!!!"

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Man I just really love lolita

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Some days I wake up and I just want to give up

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Man I just really love cosplay

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>getting on the dating scene again
>this time going to put one of my lolita coords in dating profile
>didn't tell the ex that I wore lolita until the 6th month of our relationship
>last ex didn't feel comfortable me wearing it
>broke up with me because ex didn't want to live with another woman
>new profile goes live
>guys message me with, "I know it doesn't say you're into men, but wondering if you want to go out with me. I'll treat you like a princess."
>older women message me with, "WHERE'S YOUR MOMMY?" or "Are you rich?"
>a message from a woman my age, "Why are you dressed as a child? Maybe you should seek help. I think you're transcurious." with crying/laughing emojis
>best message of all, "Hi I collect Barbie dolls. Can I add you to my collection." I replied back with, "Can we have a romantic relationship?" Person replied with, "No."

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me too but i'm still here

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Yikes. No news on people being piles of garbage, I see. It's a good thing though, lolita acts like a filter for shitty people. This way you don't have to waste time talking to them or worse, meeting them, until you find out they're shit.
Good luck, anon! I hope you find someone who treats you right, frills and all.

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>Enter /cgl/ because I'm interested in doing a cosplay when I get skinny enough to make it work and look good, want to learn
>Wind up discovering Lolita fashion while I'm here
>Fall in love with the femininity of the style
>tfw Lolita girls on /cgl/ now help inspire me to try and eat clean and lose weight

I'm going to make it, weight loss appears to have slowed down a bit though, after some newbie weight loss. I'm not going to freak out, but this part of getting healthy is always difficult, having such low feedback about my results compared to the time and effort I put in.

As a side note, I want to cosplay as Kaiba when I do make it, I feel like that's a good combo of a show that I liked along with something that other people would get and think was cool, plus I'm tall and have brown hair that should be fine just to get styled in a way that works out.

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Would you like it if I complimented your dress and asked you to coffee so we could hang out and talk?

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Uhh, do women not notice when their thong is peeking all the way out?
It looks so tacky that i refuse to believe it's on purpose...

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I don't know how your body is now, but a good mentality is to try to lose fat instead of losing 'weight'. Just eating properly will get you a long way. The rest is routinely exercising.

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>"I know it doesn't say you're into men, but wondering if you want to go out with me. I'll treat you like a princess."

god I hate that so much
>state that you're looking for something specific
>"hey I know I'm know what you're looking for at all but I promise you I'll make up for that ;)"

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The same reason why tabletop gamers don't realize their buttcrack is showing.

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I'm at around 30% body fat, so more than anything I want this to go down, but I am lifting light weight to try and make progress with my strength in earnest, which will probably make it hard to gauge how I'm doing exclusively my measuring my weight. I'm taking progress pics and keeping them in a community I'm a part of in order to maintain perspective, since that's the hardest part of this kind of self improvement. Looking forward to doing a no-shit serious cosplay and have a good time when this is all said and done, though.

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That's what you get for trying to get together with normies, anon

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I don't understand why people wear thongs in the first place.
I mean a string stuck in your buttcrack isnt attractive even if you only wore it as lingerie, and has to be uncomfortable af otherwise.

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Is it just me or do mean comments almost always come from women, while guys make the slimy ones?

>> No.9848663

I think thongs are attractive because more skin. Also semi-clothed sex is hot and made much easier with a thong.

>> No.9848669

You're saying thongs are more attractive simply because they show more things but you also say semi clothed sex it hot, doesn't it go against each other?

>> No.9848674

Well...I don't know how to explain this but sex is usually done naked.

But to answer fully the two aren't mutually exclusive. Some can enjoy lots of skin shown but also have a fetish for semi-clothed sex. A thong is functional because it can easily be moved to the side if you're going from underneath a skirt or just pulling down pants to just underneath the butt you get a lot of skin shown.

They're also attractive because culturally they are seen as sexual, so in that way it's kind of hard-wired.

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You don't know about the "whale tail" trend of the early 2000s? Women did that shit on purpose

>> No.9848677

Idk, maybe it's because I live in europe but I always thought it was more tasteless than anything else... Just me though. Either way I understand the sexual function you mentioned, but that doesn't explain why people wear them casually

>> No.9848679

I'm Australian, so I don't know where I fit in between Europe and America.

I've worn a thong before for shits and giggles. Other than being slightly too small, it wasn't uncomfortable unless it's a shit material. I guess it makes people feel sexy or fetish material knowing that underneath their clothes they're wearing something naughty.

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>go to conventions alone
>always have a shitty time

I like going to cons because it's a good excuse to dress up as a girl, but I hate that you can't really do anything unless you are with friends. Can't play the games. Can't use the photobooths. Always kicked off of tables so a group of friends can sit down.

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>will be going to first con soonish
>crossplaying just because I really think the character is dope
>have no friends so I'll be going alone
>Really hope I make friends

I'm terrified this is going to happen to me. Are you just dressing up like a girl or actually cosplaying as a girl? Maybe just try going as a guy, make a friendship circle then explain to them what you like to do a cons and most likely they won't give a shit because they already like you as a person.

>t. the person with no friends

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are so many people really so dirty? gross

>> No.9848684

Where are you from anon? I'm desperately trying to find a group >>9848419

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I like cosplaying girl characters.

t. person with no friends


Hamilton, Ontario

>> No.9848688

aw shucks, I'm central yuro. Anyways I hear canada is lovely, so have fun

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The REAL question is: would gulls help their friend when they see it?
video related

>> No.9848702

I'd take a selfie with it and I'm not even ashamed.

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One time I asked a person at a con if I take a chair from the table they are sitting at and they lashed at me about how they wished I walked in in my boyfriend cheating on me with my best friend. He referred to me by my real name and refereed to my boyfriend/friend by their names. I keep my personal life private from my Youtube channel. I understood how he can find out what my real name is because it shows up in my business gmail, but he shouldn't know the names of my boyfriend and friend.

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Certainly not always. Guys have messaged me with literal death threats after I either don't reply to a message or politely decline. The meanest thing I've ever received from a woman was "Sorry, not interested."

>> No.9848714

Never understood the death threat reaction guys gives until recently. Like nigga, it's a girl. She's not even that good. Then it hit me, they're projecting. They're the ones who want to die because being rejected hurts.

>> No.9848716

Make a storytime vid lel. That's why people carry bodycams

lol what site are you using?

>> No.9848719

What to do about guys that threaten to harm themselves if you don't respond or give in to their demands?

>> No.9848723

Let them hurt themselves, they're little bitches who can't control their own emotions so they try to manipulate others and should be culled. If they're willing to do it themselves that saves money on the gas chambers.

>> No.9848724

Not a mature way to handle things that's for sure. A girl we hosted made a scene like that after we found out she stole someone's phone and we were about to send her home. Just say something along the lines of "I'm not gonna let you extort me like that, and you should think about how manipulative you are being". Not really anything else you can do.

>> No.9848727

Er, what was that about controlling one's emotions?

>> No.9848729

You got me there. But seriously just respond with "I can only control my actions and not yours. If you hurt yourself, you're doing it because you wanted you." And then you stop responding to pathetic males like that.

How do you even end up speaking to these people?

>> No.9848735

Not the one who posted what you were responding to, sorry, sorry. But I was under the impression that what she was saying was unrelated to the poster with the dating site.

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My statement stands.

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Wasn't denying it

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I run a Youtube channel. Sometimes I that pledge money to my Patreon to play games with me. They seem chill at first, but will sometimes threaten self-harm when their gaming session with me ends.

>> No.9848745


*Sometimes I get people that pledge money to my Patreon to play games with me.

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is having an egg laying fetish considered extreme?
asking for a friend

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Woudln't it make sense that guys who pay to play games with you wouldn't be mentally healthy in the first place? Hell, guys who pay to cosplayers hoping to be noticed, in the first place. I don't approve of using these people like this, but all I can really say is memorise the number for suicide hotline.

Frankly I'd say they are simply desperate to be noticed by you and believe that making themselves look vulnerable will make you pay attention to them.


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I'm so bad at school. I'm good at what they teach me, just not school itself

>> No.9848750

Senpai of course it isn't but idk, I like vore. As long as one can somewhat rationalise it as steeming from primal urges such as to give birth or in my case a longing for intimacy combined with self loathing, I think one can learn to live with it. Just don't go ruining your vagina/anus.

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>> No.9848754

But will you punch me in the face?

>> No.9848755

*isn't normal, I meant to say.

>> No.9848757

Ah that sounds dope. The getting paid to play games part not the having to deal with sperg lords part. I wish I was a cute girl.

But I can understand your predicament is distressing. I'd imagine it just adds an extra layer of discomfort and anxiety whenever you have to do this sort of stuff because you're worried "Oh boy, please not another psycho." which might affect how you act around normal people who just want to play games with you because they like you as a person which really isn't fair on you or other patrons. I can guess you probably feel a little bit of obligation to make them feel good too since of course they're supporting part of your livelihood and you want to give them a fun time.

I guess my only advice is rather than abruptly ending the session, maybe as it gets closer to the time limit or however you're measuring, just give some gentle reminders. For example as a conversation starter, remind them that after this you have to go do really important x activity or see y person. Like going to the doctor, seeing family, picking up a niece or nephew from school, taking your pet to the vet, recieving a delivery. Something that a person can't really be upset about because I guess what these people are thinking is that you're just going off and doing nothing after you're done (which I assume you aren't, you're probably a busy human).

Sorry if this doesn't make any sense, I'm tired as fuck. Good on you for making a living though.

Not when you see my face

...Are you the dom girl from the previous thread that I argued with about violence in sex? I'll punch you in the face as long as it doesn't leave marks and you like it.

>> No.9848782

>...Are you the dom girl from the previous thread
No, I'm the guy who falseflagged as you. I want to get punched in the face so I can relive the feeling of having my own innocence, masculinity, physical strength, trust in my sister via the friend she brought over, vulnerability from my family breaking up, and sexuality all being wielded against me in my own bed back during my days as high school interior lineman and middle linebacker. If I get a split lip or bruise here and there, all the better

>> No.9848784

Oh. You're a fucking idiot.

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Anon, I...


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I... just like the way they look? I think underwear that covers your entire butt looks super uncute so I always wear things like pic related.

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Any of you gulls willing to sell their used thongs?

>> No.9848798

Don't mind me, I'm just being comfy in my boxers here

I mean it's not like I plan to show my bare butt to anyone. But I understand it's because people like wearing them, but we still get back to showing your butt to people, which only makes sense in a highly non casual scenario.
Which makes people dirty >:O


>> No.9848802

Well, if it makes you feel better, the only one seeing my thongs is my boyfriend.

>> No.9848810

wanton hussy!

>> No.9848841

DO NOT SHARE A HOTEL ROOM WITH A STRANGER IN AN AFFORD TO MAKE RENTING A ROOM CHEAPER! They will invade your personal space, use your make up, and will invite their friends to stay up late!

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>new girl is introducing herself to the comm
>"I love OTT sweet and Winnie the Pooh, but I hate thots!"
>everyone stares
>she giggles and starts DABBING back and forth, as fast as she can
>"Yeah! Yeah! Dab on them little thotties!"
>mfw watching all of this

>> No.9848848

I know right. This is why I'm looking for a cosplay group.

>> No.9848849

Lolita? She's probably ironic.

>> No.9848853

She wasn't ita, so I doubt it.

>> No.9848854

>Want to split a room because $800 for a weekend is ridiculous
>No friends to go to cons with
>Strangers expect that kind of shit to happen or that I'll creep all over them
>Really only use the room to store my stuff, shower, and sleep
Seriously, you'd barely even know I'm there.

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How do you make girl friends? I can't interact with other girls for the life of me. It seems everyone is always already in established circles of friends and there is no way for you to break into those circles.

>> No.9848866


You like the same things as them, you are good at the things you are passionate about, and you have a good job. Women are attracted to high social status and independence . You have to do more than just like Anime. You will never make female friends if you can't draw, can't make decent cosplays, or work a minimum wage jobs. Women look down on those who haven't gone to college.

>> No.9848873

>women look down on those who haven't gone to college
not who you are replying to, but I
I hate that, stupid af. Especially since barely any women do the really hard, STEM majors.

>> No.9848875

Lmao what is any of this? You don't have to be artistic or have a good job or a degree to make friends, that's such bullshit - Unless you make people pay for you when you're out and never pay them back, that is. Especially if you're over 20; no one likes hanging out with a perpetual child.

But really, just be nice and confident, or at least pretend to have some semblance of confidence; don't wallow in misery/be an emotional leech (i.e. demand support at all times, constantly bitch about how sad and difficult your life is without taking the time to listen to someone else), remember that friendship is a two way street and support/listen to your friends when they need you, and you'll be fine.

>> No.9848878

Disregarding the bait reply you got ; are you part of a comm or any other local interest groups ? Having few friends and issues making new ones is actually common for adults, so you might be able to meet other girls looking for friends in those situations.
Interacting with them should be easier in that sort of setting as well, since you'd share a common interest you can talk about.

>> No.9848880

what's wrong for hating thots?, I thought hating thots is ok?

>> No.9848889

It's okay to be a thot

>> No.9848892

>It's okay to be a thot
said no seagull ever

>> No.9848925 [DELETED] 

I wear them casually because it is comfortable. I'm too small to wear a U.S. medium. However, U.S. small will ride up on me in otherwise because my butt is too big. I find that more uncomfortable then wearing a thong. It's easier for me to find cute, comfortable thongs then cute, comfortable underwear in other styles. Don't get me wrong... It's a celebration if I find a good pair that isn't a thong.

I'm talking about sparkle detail, little hearts, stripes, and the sort when I say 'cute'. I dunno'. I just like my underwear fancy. I don't like lace though unless it's limited to the waistband.

>> No.9848927

desu I dont even like them as a sexual or lingerie thing. I just literally hate panty lines, so I'll opt for a thong when i wear trousers/tighter skirts.

>> No.9848928

I wear them casually because it is comfortable. I'm too small to wear a U.S. medium. However, U.S. small will ride up on me otherwise because my butt is too big. I find that more uncomfortable then wearing a thong. It's easier for me to find cute, comfortable thongs then cute, comfortable underwear in other styles. Don't get me wrong... It's a celebration if I find a good pair that isn't a thong.

I'm talking about sparkle detail, little hearts, stripes, and the sort when I say 'cute'. I dunno'. I just like my underwear fancy. I don't like lace though unless it's limited to the waistband.

>> No.9848933

make a twitter and shitpost with fujos, worked for me. works the best if you can draw- doesn't matter if your art is shitty or not, just be enthusiastic!

>male giving advice to women about other women

>> No.9848936


I'm a girl. If you are friendless you probably aren't doing much with your life that makes you feel confident around others.

>> No.9848942

so because you hate pantylines you take a chance with showing everyone your thong?
what a retarded argument

>> No.9848955

It's not hard to avoid showing one's thong unless you're constantly wearing short tops or tanks with low-rise jeans like the early 2000's.

>> No.9848956

I don't like thongs, but if worn properly they shouldnt show at all. You wouldnt criticize anon for wearing a bra and having "the chance to show everyone your bra strap".

>> No.9848960

That person's not me btw, I stopped responding after the hussy post.

>> No.9848961

This is not me btw, don't respond to them.

>> No.9848966 [DELETED] 

Will you girls shut the fuck up? My kid is trying to sleep?

>> No.9848981

you sound classist desu

>> No.9849043

You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.9849045


Think of people that have friends. They are capable of going out for dinner, going to cons, having hobbies, and doing family events. If you don't have friends you probably can't afford to have a hobby.

>> No.9849051

well, do you think they're wrong?

>> No.9849052

no one wants to date a broke, socially retarded deadbeat. its not classist, its having standards. Dating someone without a job sucks, sitting inside all day because they cant afford to go to lunch or gas to go somewhere is boring. And if they can't socialize you can't take them to gatherings, family dinners, etc.

It's so easy to talk to girls. Start with a compliment and try to start a conversation. Don't just say "you're pretty". If youre at a con compliment the cosplay, did she make it herself? have you also seen the media its from and can have convo on it? just dont be shy.

>> No.9849068
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Sounds like a typical sweet lolita.

>> No.9849071

>"I should lose some weight to fit into my cosplays better"
>70% off easter candy at target

>> No.9849075

That’s manipulative and abusive, anon. Deadass.
Don’t bother with them. I know it may be hard, I know they may even take photos of their self-injury to try and guilt you.
Do not, for one second, think it’s your fault. They’re the ones that need to change their behavior; it’s not only unhealthy for them, but dangerous for others.

>> No.9849078

I feel you anon. I'm telling myself to try and slim up a bit for my trip to Japan but...

...now I have all these Russel Stover eggs that I can't resist.

>> No.9849089

I get you man
Just today I saw toffifes at 60% off
They're my favorite. I've lost the game.

>> No.9849095

I thankfully passed the fuck out immediately after posting, sorry anon.
>haven't gotten more than a few hours sleep per night for the last week or 2
>caffeine is failing me
>going to die at my desk
>pls bury me in burando
Enjoy your "weekend" off

>> No.9849102

Fight it! I use the Insta thread as inspiration, I will slim down and muscle up for a lolita gf and get fit for that Kaiba cosplay. I'm fucking doing it

>> No.9849118

In an effort*

>> No.9849156

Well I got called in tonight, no weekend for me.

I hope you begin to feel better.

>> No.9849174

Should've got called in tomorrow, I'm definitely going to be in the area then.

>thanks anon, send sushi
>i'm still blown away by a grocery store with a sushi stand inside

>> No.9849183

I'll just elect to stake out the front of the store all day tomorrow. I like their katsu bowls but Jesus Christ it's expensive for one meal.

Maybe next week then.

>> No.9849190

But anon...
> you need to be in uniform
>else I won't know it's you
I'm also 100% relying on the name tag to find further info. I may be a shitty stalker but at this point, I'm committed.

>> No.9849195

Oh boy. Oh well, all my social medias are private maxxed and haven't been updated in years.


>> No.9849200
File: 10 KB, 220x300, Nothappyjan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Way to make life hard

>> No.9849210

I mean hopefully I'm cute enough that'll it'll be worth it, right? Plus kombucha.

>> No.9849212
File: 69 KB, 617x466, heyisthatanime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sneeze during tea party
>IUD shoots out like a bullet

>> No.9849217

What the fuck. I just wear them because they are comfy and don't have to worry about panty lines and/or having to color your underwear specifically to what you're wearing.

Nothing to do with attractiveness. If you find a nice soft and not cheapo thong they are hardly noticeable like other underwear.

>> No.9849222

This. thongs are actually really comfy if you get a good quality one. Also, as long as You're not fat. I used to be a whale and couldn't stand them because it was like constant wedgie city. once I got to a normal weight, you don't even notice it really because your fat ass cheeks aren't clamping down around the material. it doesn't have to be for attractiveness OR fetish reasons, there are tons of practical fashion reasons for thongs.

>> No.9849227
File: 422 KB, 425x600, jueek05oyjp01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw Lolita gf is too scared to take birth control because she doesn't want to gain weight and not fit in brand anymore

Guess I'll just be doomed to an unfulfilling sex life of condom usage.

>> No.9849230

Copper IUD.

>> No.9849233

Well, I mean, she might be scared of other side effects. For me it makes me more depressed but less anxious (which I'll take any and every day of the week). I personally haven't gained any weight while using them however, and I think the majority of women experience little to no side effects. The best part is that you can quit literally whenever you want.

I still use condoms with the pill though just because it's safer and condoms just aren't for preggers prevention. Maybe that's the real reason.

>> No.9849234

What are good qualify ones? I've never been fat and I hate the feeling of thongs. They always feel restricting and nasty.

>> No.9849236

Be careful.

With my ex girlfriend as soon as she went on the pill her sex drive literally went to zero.

>> No.9849237

I mean, you could be getting no sex? I'm sure most people would take condom-sex over none at all.

>> No.9849241

Ones without lace is generally a good start. I have bought some laser cut ones that I never feel when I wear because they have no seems. It might be worth sizing up as long as it's not going to fall off your waist. The only time I have found them uncomfortable is when they are under $6 a pop, too small, is entirely lace, or is g string styled.

I own a couple pairs of these and find them very comfy.


>> No.9849247

Bad idea. >>9849212

>> No.9849252


That and you bleed and you bleed and you bleed. Your gf may just be too uncomfortable to ever have sex again.

You need a better doctor next time fampai.

>> No.9849263

It's not that bad.

>> No.9849268


Just doing my best to fear monger every form of birth control.

Nothing like listening to an anon on a brazilian diving board site for birth control tips.

>> No.9849279
File: 122 KB, 442x611, 1520030326302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a message from a woman my age, "Why are you dressed as a child? Maybe you should seek help. I think you're transcurious." with crying/laughing emojis

>> No.9849280



>> No.9849290


>> No.9849310
File: 93 KB, 736x552, five nights at pepes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't even know anything about cosplay but this board be so whacky man. I usually don't make posts.

But good lord this place is such a vortex of negativity, literally the only 4chan board jam packed with women and it's a 24/7 cat fight. Really makes ya think. There is some cool stuff posted here though, I just kinda always come away from this board feeling like I just walked away from really dramatic and petty situation.

>> No.9849311

>bleed and bleed and bleed
Not on Mirena or Liletta
I have Mirena right now, never had any issues.
My freind just got an implant and god damn do I not envy her removal procedure.

>> No.9849317

i wish i had places to vent that weren’t therapy or cgl. i love my friends but i just don’t feel comfortable opening up to them about my emotions. plus, selective mutism is one of the ways in which my depression manifests so i can only really talk about it is through text. i guess i’ll just keep posting on the feels threads, see you all later

>> No.9849318

To add to this, one should be aware that your mileage may vary. I've had Mirena for the full life of the device, and for me, it was a blessing, but only at first. The fourth and fifth year, the bleeding came back at the same level it used to be, and I know it's still in me, the strings are still there. I also experienced some pretty bad depression around the same time I would usually get PMS, so I'm shopping around for different long-term solutions.

Has anyone here had Liletta?

>> No.9849319

>It's a 24/7 cat fight
>Somehow this is different from the constant shitposting most other boards tend to have
Any active board is like this, even on more objective interests like firearms.

>> No.9849321

Have you been to any of the porn boards? Those guys are nastier than we are, especially the illustrated porn people. They'll bitch about anything.

>> No.9849322

/tg/ isn't like this and it's faster

>> No.9849323 [DELETED] 

>really love my community
>everyone is great except one clique
>said clique are into steampunk cosplay shit
>can’t seem to comprehend that cosplay and lolita are different
>insist that shit tier etsy and hot topic are lolita
>said group try to make every single meet into a cosplay friendly meet
>said group are always trying do “cosplay lolita” on top of this
>groups cosplays are just as horrible as their attempts at lolita
>community admins won’t enforce stricter rules to avoid this happening

I am so frustrated. I hate going to a nice tea and seeing these middle aged moms dressed up as lolita versions of sci fi, comic, and disney shit it makes me really start to hate cosplayers all together or at least the ones who try to do both

>> No.9849326
File: 21 KB, 420x420, dj johnnemann.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

also maybe what makes /cgl/ seem worse is that this board's topic heavily bleeds into real life and a lot of the discussions here are between people who physically go to the same places and some even post pictures of themselves, are selling/trading stuff to each other and so on. so when you add that + a 4chan/anime tier hobby, this place turns into a real sadism zone. instead of just shitposting at idiot strangers like on other boards, people here are always posting pictures of people from events and shitting on them hard, or telling people they haven't seen that nonetheless they probably look like garbage. it's rough stuff. really the bleeding edge of image board culture where the pedal hits the metal and shit gets real, so I think it's quite entertaining

>> No.9849331

I get moody during what would be my 'period', as in, mood swings and irritability. I also got spotting and then more regular flow during my last year
It only took about a cycle after my second placement and it was gone again.
Into my eighth year now and I don't miss having menses.
The flow continuing or starting a little early is pretty normal and healthy though, so hopefully you weren't too concerned by it.

I want to switch to Liletta on my third placement
Although it may be a more budget choice, supposedly it has the potential to last several years longer than Mirena due to the fact it releases less hormones
(which is why I want it)

>> No.9849333

One of my comm blocked me because I'm not a virtue signaling libtard fuckwit.
Didn't even have the courtesy of talking to me or having a friendly debate about it, wasn't part of her echo chamber so she didn't want to waste her time I guess.
Sucks to be you doll, I'm awesome

>> No.9849338 [DELETED] 

I had the smaller version of Mirena called Skyla and it’s been literal hell for me and would not recommend at all, especially if you have ovarian cysts. For whatever reason it seems to make them worse rather than helping to shrink them.

But it’s probably okay for anyone that doesn’t have cysts. I’ve not had periods at all after a few months (this is my second time on it) other than some spotting. I haven’t had any trouble with it making my mood or depression any worse than it might already have been but it only lasts for three years instead of five like Mirena. As said before, if you don’t have PCOS/Ovarian cysts, then it may be a good option as opposed to Mirena.

>> No.9849339 [DELETED] 

*would not recommend it at all for cysts, sorry about that

>> No.9849348


anon was suggesting copper, which is well known to have more painful, longer periods with more bleeding

mirena and liletta are well known to stop periods in a good amount of people, but not everyone. mirena ultimately has what amounts to an unpredictable effect on periods - meaning in some people it causes worsening periods and spotting while they're on it for longer than 12 months

i think 4chan along with other forums is a good place to get individual experiences and opinions but ultimately you need to talk this over with a doctor and with your own research

>t. a mirena user

>> No.9849351

>just stick metal in your uterus bro

>> No.9849359

>mirena ultimately has what amounts to an unpredictable effect on periods
Where did you get that misinformation from, oh expert of uterus stuffing?
It's pretty much unanimous that it reduces flow to occasional spotting or it stops flow entirely.
It's not all that diverse of an effect, since there is no evidence to suggest an increase in flow occurs.

And I am perfectly aware they mentioned the copper iud, are you slow? That's why I responded with alternatives.

>> No.9849365

Some ita in an unironed bodyline dress and eBay otks snapped away my fav btssb otks at a bring and buy before I could get my money to pay for them damn

>> No.9849374

I know, right? I don't want a wife who can't have babies.

>> No.9849375


It's reversible you fucking kumquat. Just pull it out and voila you can have babies

>> No.9849380

Some of my fans ask me to wear an old cosplay and not wash it before selling it to them. I stopped selling my old cosplay stuff because of that. Also shipping is expensive and dealing with shipping to America is annoying.

"HUR DUR WHERE IS MY PACKAGE! I ORDERED IT 3 WEEKS AGO! Nevermind that you are shipping from Canada and the product has to go through customs!"

>> No.9849395

>implying that's the spooky part and not

>here's your fucking metal tubes that slowly leak hormones into your shit and make you bleed abnormally and it's in your cunt

I don't have a vagina so I don't spend much time thinking about the ins and outs of managing my babyhole but
>here's the metal tube to put in your ballsack that stops the sperm and also makes your anus bleed
sounds like a wild ride and a heavy price to pay for thottery

>> No.9849399

Stop shit posting and google it if you don’t get it. Also it’s not a bad price to make sure some nasty penis doesn’t ruin your life.

Try one of those texting therapy apps? I don’t think it replaces going to one irl but if you need to chat they are at least and option.

>> No.9849401

I already did google it, now I have a metal detector strapped to my dick.

>> No.9849420
File: 113 KB, 1280x720, 1475903271727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man, I've been following this stalker lolita story for a little while through the archives - I'm really rooting for you two.
>was really hoping you guys would be in sydney so i could fuck with you and pretend to be the stalker lolita

Keep us updated fampai~

>> No.9849423
File: 100 KB, 500x500, 1462845643364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Well I got called in tonight, no weekend for me.
I see this a lot. What kind of job requires you to be on standby so they can just call you in?

>> No.9849434

Likely retail, or anything part time. It’s a bitch but common for last minute changes in that kind of job.

>> No.9849445
File: 195 KB, 1439x1407, image-12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree with this. On no other fucking board do you have people take a pic of someone they KNOW frequents the same place and post it just to shit talk then with a vandetta post. /cgl/ is so small and moves so slow that you can be almost certain that if you post about someone, they'll see it at some point. You don't have that with any other board.

>Metal tube in your ballsack
I'd take that shit in a heartbeat. I know it's hard for you to understand, because you're gay, but getting someone pregnant is life ruining for both of you.

>> No.9849484
File: 14 KB, 198x225, 1512238195359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's so nice to read. Please keep us updated. Nothing makes me happier than seeing friends making it.

>> No.9849489
File: 16 KB, 324x319, a76a3933ec79712077706dbc102d0b0e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>rush to buy JSK on WW that just popped up
>simple black IW JSK I had been searching for for months
>so pleased, it was a good deal
>check the listing again
>it's navy

I done goofd. Going to sell this navy one and continue the search....

>> No.9849495

>no SAL shipping to Euroland
>SS decides to use airmail without informing me
>have to pay €€ tax because of the more expensive shipping that I didn't want
Fuck buying from Japan. I want to give up on these hobbies.

>> No.9849503
File: 1.02 MB, 1000x750, 1522689894200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw perverted lolita you contacted via throwaway last week stops replying
God speed, anon. Your fetishes were truly marvelous

>> No.9849515
File: 471 KB, 500x691, 47-chobits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I work in a supermarket. I'm not obligated to come in if I don't want to, I'm just too shy to say no when they ask.

>> No.9849518
File: 141 KB, 400x419, 159387282879282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go out in a casual, jfash inspired outfit some time ago
>everything's cool
>an old classmate sends me a picture of myself and says "you're in teen vogue"
>think she's joking
>check out teen vogue
>find street style article with a slideshow
>my picture is indeed there
I don't have anywhere else to talk about this, but I'm shook

>> No.9849530

You're famous. Did they get good shots of you at least?

>> No.9849538

Just one, it was a candid of me mid-walk. Pretty crazy

>> No.9849542 [DELETED] 

That's so cool anon! Congrats.

>> No.9849608
File: 610 KB, 456x959, 1519427719774.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no cgl gf

>> No.9849611
File: 30 KB, 386x379, readytodie2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw I don't know if I'm asexual or merely don't trust women. Cosplay has actually helped a lot in terms of making female friends.

I'm 26 and have been offered sex twice. Both times I faked a phone call from my dentist and literally ran away.

>> No.9849614

Do you find women sexually attractive? Do you find the idea of sex appealing? If you do, that might be just trust issues rather than asexuality. No need to fake phonecalls or run away like you're in a D grade sitcom, just say you're not interested.

>> No.9849627

Congrats anon! That must be exciting.

But now I am really curious about the shot, but understand why you wouldn't want to share it here.

>> No.9849636

Awesome! What did you wear?

>> No.9849639

It's likely a defense mechanism you aren't conscious of. Ask yourself why you might feel the need to protect yourself from being intimate with a woman

>> No.9849644

How the fuck do you even fake a phonecall from a dentist to get out of sex?
>sorry babygirl, can't give you this dicking. I just remembered I have an emergency teeth whitening I need to get to

>> No.9849646

>Do you find women sexually attractive?
I guess. Mostly in cartoon form
>Do you find the idea of sex appealing?
Kind of? Sounds gross, but good things can be gross, like fast food.
>just say you're not interested
I was afraid they'd be offended, or angry.

>> No.9849650

So what if they're offended or angry? They're not going to kill you for turning them down, unlike what some men do when women reject them. It's really not that hard.
If you're only attracted to cartoons and think sex is gross then it's possible you are asexual, but it could be a myriad of other things too. Since you pointed out that you have trust issues, you might have issues beyond that that are unrelated to your sexuality. Have you ever seen a therapist about this?

>> No.9849654

>They're not going to kill you for turning them down, unlike what some men do when women reject them.
If they're in public, she can still make a scene and get him thrown out/beaten up.

>> No.9849655 [DELETED] 

That doesn't actually happen senpai.

>> No.9849656

I've seen irrational women do that while working in a bar for over a decade, so yeah it does, women-can-do-no-wrong chan.

>> No.9849657

I mean if the women who are hitting on you are barcrawlers then yeah but I doubt any normie woman would hit on some guy who likes to waste his time on a filipino puppet show forum

>> No.9849658

>comparing bars to cons
Found the retarded crossboarder

>> No.9849663

Unlike women being killed for rejecting (if we are talking about first and second world), yes, that does happen.

>> No.9849665

OP again. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. That's the biggest reason I don't feel okay around women.

>> No.9849667

People love labelling people with "misogyny", because they love believing that women can do no wrong. But it's probably just a result of past trauma that makes you boil it down to a flight or fight instinct when dealing with women, especially sex. There is nothing wrong about refusing casual sex, although I get you're worried with them getting angry. Try to stop hanging out with women who act entitled to your body.

>> No.9849668
File: 977 KB, 245x245, 67889090567.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Unlike women being killed for rejecting, yes, that does happen.

>> No.9849669
File: 430 KB, 680x680, 100% sweetie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Women never make scenes in public
>Women regularly get killed or assaulted for refusing

Aight, which world do you live in? Or is this bait?

>> No.9849675 [DELETED] 

You don't live in the real world, do you? Because this happens in the first and second world too. The difference is the publics reaction to it.

>> No.9849676

You're a dumbass if you think a man would dare put his hands on a woman in public. He'd be arrested.


>> No.9849677


>> No.9849681

Idk I live in a small village in the Netherlands and I've seen a girl get punched in the face for rejecting a guy. Nobody got arrested.

>> No.9849682

Yeah, but god help you if you point out this double standard. "B-b-but you just want as excuse to hurt women!"

No, asswipe. I just want them to stop hurting ME.

>> No.9849683

We're dealing with OP being afraid of women making scenes, meanwhile you desperately try to turn it around to "women do no evil, I am always the victim!" bullshit agenda, merely because OP mentioned the source of his problem with women. If you want to see the western reaction to woman on man abuse, play the video posted above or literally any of the thousands of other ones.

Also, posting an article from a trashy website that compares attacks in ghettos and extreme altercations to push an agenda that women are always the victim and that they never make scenes as they never do any evil, you are only really driving my point further.

Get back to lolcow's manhating threads while we deal with OP's problem of being afraid of dealing with drama queens.

>> No.9849684

Few years ago wasn't there a dude who started shooting random blonde women because he was rejected by one at his uni?

>> No.9849686 [DELETED] 

OP is a whiny pissbaby who can't deal with rejection and think the world will end if a girl reacts poorly to his advances boo hoo. Now please explain away


Maybe you can fuck off back to /r9k/ instead of coming to a predominantly female board to whine about females?

>> No.9849688 [DELETED] 

Not to mention Elliot Rodgers

>> No.9849689

Ah yeah, devaluing one's problems because you just have to make everything into a fucking political agenda because some ghetto trash hit a girl.

You're absolutely trash.

>> No.9849691 [DELETED] 

>someone posts proof to disprove an argument you used


>> No.9849693

the person who brought this up was trying to help by giving anon some perspective. it's really not the end of the world if someone makes a scene (what do you expect to happen?) at a random public place.

>> No.9849694

Btw, OP's problem was being afraid of women causing drama.

Guess who's proven him right?

I mean if your argument is that madmen exists, you haven't really got one. It's like saying all women are pederasts because teachers having sex with students happens

>> No.9849695

OP said he was afraid of getting beaten up by other guy due to the girl drawing attention or and her friends. I'm assuming he has a personal reason to fear that specifically. Stop making everything into a goddamn political agenda.

>> No.9849696
File: 1019 KB, 500x206, bake.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really miss one of my friends. I haven't had a friendship like the one i had with her since she moved. We used to hang out all the time, wear lolita out together, go on "friend dates" out to eat and to movies and stuff together, go on double dates with our boyfriends together, cosplay together at cons, make each other stuff, cook for each other, watch anime and trashy chick flick movies together. She got engaged and then moved really far with her fiance and got married. She's too far to just casually drive up to see and we both have babies now so that makes it even harder to go see each other. I haven't seen her in almost a year now. I have other friends but they're all guys and we're not as close. It's just not the same. It's really hard to make new friends as a mom now too because I never really get out of the house and when I do I have my kid with me and nobody wants to hang out with me and my kid except other moms who are mostly all normies and probably think my hobbies are weird. I could hang out with people without my kid, my husband can watch her he's a damn parent too but I think most people assume we're conjoined at the hip or something idk. Ugh I just really miss my friend and miss having that kind of friendship with someone.

>> No.9849697

>anon is scared of women
>''they're not that scary anon, it's not like they will kill you

>> No.9849699

>greentexting hysterically makes me right
>it's not like OP is afraid of drama which was the whole point

Thanks for proving him right again.

>> No.9849700

which political party are they trying to make this about?

it's very rare to click with someone that well, it's not because you're a mom now.

>> No.9849701
File: 90 KB, 802x798, c25b58b4699a23a48c7e6f3a1668a50ff82798b6068ee9144d6f11a1e0791a30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>period is late

>> No.9849702

>being afraid of women causing drama
Less about causing drama, more about being outright abusive.

And if you're a man being abused by a woman, good luck getting the help you need. Best case scenario, you get brushed off. Worst scenario, YOU get labeled the abuser.

>> No.9849705

take a test anon it's better to catch it early and figure out what to do before you're too far along

>> No.9849706

How is this cgl related? gtfo. none of us cares if you get abused by a man or woman.

>> No.9849707

>tfw it's not you arguing in a thread for a change
It's relaxing when you just get to look at it from the outside.

>> No.9849709

Jesus christ you're trash
>freaks killing the other gender for refusing sex somehow makes OP's point invalid, he's a pissbaby!

1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3152241/Woman-attacks-boyfriend-drunken-rage-refused-sex-earlier-day.html It's not like it's a gendered issue

2. It's women causing drama OP was afraid of.
Well guess what?

>> No.9849710

>it's not like they will kill you
And here's your problem. You refuse to believe that a woman would ever harm a man.

People like you are exactly why OP is afraid of getting involved with an abuser.

>> No.9849711

How many of your male friens have been killed for rejecting a woman?

>> No.9849712

The copper IUD doesn't have hormones oh my god

>> No.9849713

You're retarded, OP is questioning his sexuality and was just worried the women would be offended

>> No.9849714

It's not like this isn't the third thread he's brought it up and then a massive derailment happened.

>> No.9849715

How many of your female friends have been killed for rejecting a man? (Zero.)

I am OP.

>> No.9849716

He elaborated several times to say he was afraid of the woman causing public drama or being vengeful for being refused and getting other dudes to beat him. Another link was posted showing how in society, that was a realistic thing to be afraid of https://youtu.be/LlFAd4YdQks

Meanwhile there is very much one of such type of women raging here due to the fact she cannot accept women can be wrong, calling OP a pissbaby.

>> No.9849718

I¨ve been here for the past three, this is the first time I saw it.

>> No.9849722

Okay you need to stop bringing up feels that aren't related to cgl in any way. I'm sorry you're scared of women, maybe your mom can help you? therapy? I don't know dude I think it's a great accomplishment that you can leave the house with your levels of anxiety. But please try to make your feels cgl related next time.

>> No.9849724
File: 257 KB, 540x398, cabbagefriend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you be this shitty to a girl who was afraid of getting involved with a male abuser?

Of course not. This double standard is exactly the problem.

>> No.9849725

Disgusting. Stop trying to silence the guy just because his issues don't fit your narrative. I've pretty simply proven they exist.

>> No.9849726

Yes, and I also think the girl who is posted about her pregnancy is a derailing cunt.

>> No.9849727 [DELETED] 

There are multiple people saying this is bullshit just a heads up. It's not all just one person.

>> No.9849728 [DELETED] 

I've told other girls to fuck off for posting similar feels in the /cgl/ feels thread so yeah.

You too can fuck off.

>> No.9849729

There are also multiple people calling you a cunt for trying to silence people you disagree with, even after they easily prove their woes.

>> No.9849731
File: 731 KB, 720x540, 1510851493333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's a 'gull comes into the well known and perpetually off-topic thread to tell people to please stay on topic' episode

>> No.9849733 [DELETED] 

Lel Im not even that anon you need to chill.

>> No.9849734

His whole point was being afraid of women causing drama if things aren't their way.

Which is kinda what you and whoever else are doing right now.

You're also being a cunt to someone who had probably been abused in the past becuase you disagree with their issues existing.

>> No.9849736

wrong use of cabbagefriend

stop being so dramatic dude. you're not giving him great advice, you're probably just making his anxiety worse.

>> No.9849738

By trying to shut up the kinda people due to which he has this problem to begin with?

>> No.9849739 [DELETED] 

I legit hope he gets abused more and nobody cares or notices so you all can rage more about it.

>> No.9849740

Expected nothing less of you.

>> No.9849741

onegai minna

>> No.9849742

I'm sure I will.

I hope you learn to drop those persecution fantasies and have a nice life.

>> No.9849744 [DELETED] 

Be more mad that girls don't want your micro dick

>> No.9849745

So far we have
>OP is a pissbaby
>OP has a micro dick

because bitches be mad there are things that disprove their narrative

nah, drama queens don't exist. Kek.

>> No.9849746

Resident female on male rape victim here ama

>> No.9849748

>STILL no military lolita gf to rape and degrade me
Release me, gulls

>> No.9849749 [DELETED] 

Why'd you let a girl rape you? Are you a cripple?

>> No.9849750

are you new

>> No.9849751

persecution fantasies, she says, as she watches a video of a real life test while sharing a mic article on female victimisation

>> No.9849753 [DELETED] 

no i just don't normally hang out in feels threads because they're abortions

>> No.9849754

I was ignorant of the possibility

>> No.9849755

My man, you have replied to the wrong post.

>> No.9849756

I think my subconscous is trying to kill me. I keep sabotaging my own life. Not even lolita can save me at this point. I already decided which Moitie skirt I'm going to wear in my grave.

>> No.9849758

Please don't do it, anon. See a therapist instead. Your skirt will be much prettier on you when you're alive.
And try not to post in this thread for a while, it's a mess.

>> No.9849759

It's started more about how he's attracted to 2D and then shifts into he's annoyed by all the girls asking him out and then "pulease halp. I don't know what to do with all the legs opening in front of me." This time he just switched the order of the first two.

>> No.9849760

>one angry gull gets buttmad at you
>clearly this means ALL WOMEN are drama queens and will murder you for existing
you two suit each other

>> No.9849761

do not want
no need to invite drama into your life
day after pill
catching it within two weeks is always better than having to abort it at a point where your body is already preparing itself.

>> No.9849762

you know she herself said it was like three people right?

There's one right above you

Also nobody said all women, merely that they aren't rare enough not to be afraid. Which yeah you and your entitled drama scenes prove.

>> No.9849763

You get a limited amount of therapy for free in my country and I used it up on anxiety issues. I only post here so I don't post it to facebook instead.

>> No.9849764 [DELETED] 

I honestly think every "i got raped by a woman" post on 4chan is wish fulfillment shitposting crafted to intentionally stir shit.

>> No.9849765

>I honestly think every "I got raped" post on 4chan is wish fulfillment shitposting crafted to intentionally stir shit.

>> No.9849768

What did OP do to offend you so much? Not want to be abused? The horror.

>> No.9849769

i don't see how my first post in the thread is an "entitled drama scene" but alright

>implying feels threads on /cgl/ are a good indicator of how women work
go talk to some real women instead of crazy gulls, unless you're only willing to listen to what you want to hear

>> No.9849771

i'm not offended? not sure where that came from unless you're projecting buddy
and as angry as she is the girl replying to him doesn't want to be abused either, but you keep brushing those points off. funny how that works

>> No.9849772 [DELETED] 

>i can't think of an argument so i'll slightly alter what they said to fit my agenda even though it doesn't statistically make sense

lol k

>> No.9849773

if every gull wore some mark on her forehead irl then the problem would be solved, unfortunately they don't

>> No.9849774

It does when you actually start counting rape into rape statistics. Nobody said anything about rape tho. Well except you to further prove my point about your double standards

>> No.9849776

anon are you retarded? that's like me assuming every male i talk to is a robot basement dweller

>> No.9849780

samefagging but me running into a robot is much more likely than you talking to a gull considering how quickly /r9k/ moves and how slow this board is

>> No.9849781

Yeah well, the point is about women who cause scenes, who most certainly aren't as rare as people killing their partner. Ta-dah.

>> No.9849783

>the girl replying to him doesn't want to be abused either, but you keep brushing those points off
Nobody is brushing off her fear of being abused. The problem is when she tells him that HIS fear of being abused is unimportant.

>> No.9849784
File: 1.89 MB, 340x347, mfw.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

W-what happened to this thread

>> No.9849786

It really happened

>> No.9849790

Also idk how it statistically doesnt make sense. I'd been mounted when I was a kid, and a lot of guys I know had also been. Point was everyone believed I we should have liked it anyways. Because penis.

That's how rapists are made btw. People with hatred for women and their nature. Especially those formerly abused.

You love statistics apparently, look it up.

>> No.9849792

both men and women may get angry when they're rejected. that's just life and affects both genders. it's more likely for men to flip out and stalk/harass/etc a woman for rejecting him, though. men are also usually bigger and stronger, which adds to the fear

>nobody is brushing her off

>> No.9849794

>gets a source in the form of a real time sociology experience

As to your first post, yes, we never denied that. Point we had proven is that as a woman, if you are in a normal society, you have nothing to fear as someone will come to your aid. The problem is the women abusing it by causing drama.

>> No.9849795

Congrats on the baby, anon. Thought of a name yet?

>> No.9849799
File: 271 KB, 568x535, thongdiaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stock up on these.

>> No.9849801

>diving board
terrible iteration desu. try a visual art medium next time

>> No.9849802

These are ALL responses to someone womansplaining to OP why his problems aren't important.

>> No.9849805

When you forget to change at home, and have to do it in the bathroom where some screaming bitch is taking a shit.

>> No.9849806

>Go to work
>190 posts
>Check thread on break 2 hours later
>280 posts as retarded misogynists and misandrists battle with their strawmen
Men and women are of equal value each with their own set of problems and it can be frustrating some times, grow up

>> No.9849808
File: 96 KB, 508x720, 1519108847203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw lost 9 lbs so far for Lolita gf

>> No.9849809

first point: didn't watch the video, can't watch it right now. i'm assuming it's set in a public place. if so that's fair in regards to strangers in public, but lots of instances of harassment and rape happen with people you know

second point- people do usually come to their aid (not denying) but it's usually family or (often female) friends who may or may not be able to do anything. you can't rely on police, seen by women who get restraining orders or report their stalker exes but still get killed

overall, my point is that women have more to fear when rejecting a man than a man rejecting a woman. however that doesn't mean all men are going to do that and i certainly don't think that, unlike how the people defending OP say all women are drama queens who will freak out over rejection

>> No.9849814

>the people defending OP say all women are drama queens who will freak out over rejection
NOBODY said that all women are abusive. You're just trying to make OP's hangups about you again.

>> No.9849815

please calm down there are like a million things that could go wrong and anon could die from pregnancy

>> No.9849825

>Men and women are of equal value
Who even disagreed with this?

>> No.9849826

has this ever even happened to you before?
you need to get help anon because all women aren't the same. we're actually more used to being rejected than men because socially we're taught to always be introspective so our first thought is we are the problem/not good enough...whereas many men project as the first move and get angry at the rejector. these are general gendered patterns that have to do with upbringing, not sex.

you will find unhinged manipulators in all identity groups. humans are severely flawed. but there's no need to harbor an irrational fear of running into nutsos.
unless you find yourself coming into contact with a ton of rapists and aggressively spiteful manipulators, you really have no reason to live in fear like this.

take care of yourself and stop being worried in every single thread. no one cares that you'd rather be attached to anime grils than the irl grils that show interest. I'm starting to think that you're not freely doling out the "no thank you-s" because you're worried people will make fun of you.

>> No.9849830


Just get her to give you head.

Or get a fleshlight

>> No.9849832


>> No.9849833

how did the first consultation with the therapist go?
also, have you picked up any peer-reviewed books on the healing stages?
>I care about your progress anon

>> No.9849840

why do you think you have to be thinner to get a lolita gf? if you're not into jfash your interest is highly suspect and you're certainly not going to land a lolita gf. not sure if that's the case but just thought I'd give you a heads up.

>> No.9849846

1. >many men are more angry than women at being rejected

pure bullshit

2. not sure to OP, certainly happened to me. Well she actually atempted to force me to penetrate but that's another story.
Again you're trying to devaluate his point and spit ad hominems because you're mad he brought up a point you don't like admitting.

Grow the fuck up.

>> No.9849854

Go back to /r9k/

>> No.9849856

>grow the fuck up
>reee go back to r9k


>> No.9849864

So what do you guys think of trannies?

>> No.9849865


>> No.9849869

Trannies who make being a tranny their entire identity and life's mission to tell everyone as such need the rope. All the others are fine by me

>> No.9849870

If it helps them. I don't think we should be as gung-ho on surgical alterations because as long as we are unable to change their DNA, they will always have depressions about being imperfect, which is the symptom we should rather focus on curing.

I'm especially not very fond of some progressives pushing it on children who cannot very well have dysphoria due to an immature thymus, as hormonally and surgically altering them is more likely to be the source of dysphoria in the future than its solution.

>> No.9849872
File: 131 KB, 448x666, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Go to first con in forever
>Cosplay for the very first time
>Run into a group of people who are cosplaying the same series
>They ask to have a mini photo shoot
>Hang around chatting after photos
>Exchange email addresses to share photos
>Email the one person asking if they'd like to keep in touch
>No reply :(

Feels bad. I just wanted to make a friend.

>> No.9849873

maybe they're just one of those people who are unable to do very simple task such as replying to others

>> No.9849878


Wow, you sound like a cunt.

>> No.9849883

I really don't understand your reasoning

it's about friends not romantic relationships. but still, there are tons of couples happily married when only one of them has a job.

>> No.9849887


A person with no friends isn't worth making friends with because they usually can't take care of themselves, they are boring, and have nothing to offer.

>> No.9849890


Possibly. It's still hard to shake the feeling that I did or said something wrong or offputting.

>> No.9849891

firstly, I'm weighing in on this for the first time itt so it'd do you well to not assume everyone is sameing.
second of all I didn't say men are angrier. how can you even quantify that? I only said that if you're worried about someone striking either verbally or physically when rejected it's more likely going to be a dude.

We're speculating about in-public rejections and you are coming from a place of personal experience in private with a sexually violent woman.
Manipulation does occur: Potiphar's wife got Joseph thrown in prison with false rape accusations when he refused her advances, for example.
I'm just trying to tell OP that he's afraid for no reason. he has to speak up for himself and stand firm. From what I've gathered from him blogposting in the past feels threads is he experienced a brutal breakup, in which his partner hurt him deeply and purposefully.
That's clearly been a point of trauma for him, and he seems to be worried that all women are like his emotionally abusive ex.

this is not the case. either way, he should practice voicing his likes and dislikes and telling people no. easier said than done, and I encourage him to find friends or mentors to speak with about clearly asserting what he does and doesn't want. And also how to cut ties and protect himself in case he meets another toxic, abusive person who wouldn't respect his no.

>> No.9849894

It's inspiration to help motivate me as I've already begun to get healthy, but the main reason I've latched onto it is that I love the expression, boldness, and femininity of the fashion. I don't see myself wearing it, but I genuinely appreciate the fashion. I'm a guy who likes pretty girls in pretty dresses, I'm just going with it and I'm living my life here. Not a lot else I can say.

>> No.9849896

>if you're worried about someone striking either verbally or physically when rejected it's more likely going to be a dude
This is blatantly wrong though. The only difference is that, when a woman is the aggressor, nobody cares. Except MAYBE if the victim is also a woman, and even then it's a maybe.

>> No.9849898

I didn't actually meet with a therapist. I met with an "advocate". She gave me the information of some local therapists, we talked about how people respond, how they recover, and how treatment usually works. A fairly productive 50 minutes in all. I left a message on the first person's phone this morning. I should be calling the rest tonight. I haven't looked into any books yet. The thought didn't occur to me until now.
Aw thanks. I appreciate it

>> No.9849900

>they will always have depressions about being imperfect
not true. many people finally become happy after transitioning.
I dated a transman for a a few years and I loved him dearly, but it didn't work out. There's a major divide between binary transsexuals and non-binary transgendered people. I'm all here for genderf*cking but it deeply offends people who believe sex and gender are inseparable.

I'm a queer woman who's attracted to masculinity. my dream is to live in a future in which sex isn't assumable from how a person presents. I like both Ps and Vs and I like to be surprised, because it's the person that matters to me, and intimacy comes later.

>> No.9849905

To begin with, I'm not the OP, but the guy you are responding you. Frankly though, having a drama caused by a girl is certainly more likely than being hit by a guy for refusing, even statistically, you'd get beat up and booked for assault. You're speaking out of your own hypothesis, while we did prove that in any conflict, even when the man is being physically assaulted, the general public assumes the agressor is a man. However we didnt claim that women hit people for being refused, but that he is afraid of a woman causing a scene to attract attention and "get back to him".

Wheter it is realistic or not in your perspective to run across a person like that, we did prove in this thread that some women do whip up drama and act malicious when things aren't how they believe they should be. In other words drama over entitlement.

>not true. many people finally become happy after transitioning.
Not statistically. Trans death rates have been a discussed point for a long time. Either way, surgical and hormonal alteration should only be done on consenting adults.

>> No.9849906

awesome to hear!
Take care--I'm rooting for you

>> No.9849916

>Trans death rates
murder's different from suicides. also, the world in general is not accepting and quite hostile still unless you find a way to live stealth and only tell those you are close with about your equipment. dysmorphia is not always the cause of suicide, depression from abuse or loneliness from being ostracized makes up a lot.

on the other point, anon could heel-turn and walk away if someone's being crazy. witnesses are available in public. I believe he will be okay because the chances of a rando freaking out are smaller than he thinks. I say rando because those he's actually close with should know that he's not interested in them romantically or sexually.
I have several male friends and they've known from the jump that our relationship will not become sexual because I tell them that.

Also, all this back and forth speculation aside, hasn't OP already said that he's told his 3 close female friends about his anime-only deal? They may still be attached or secretly holding hope but it didn't sound like any of them hauled off and ruined his social life with dramatic scenes.
let's wait until he comes back with an irl stranger scene incident and stop wasting our breaths on what 'could' happen.

>> No.9849938

Last time someone gave me an article about trans murder rates... there was 15 people killed, mostly by their partners, out of hundreds killed every year. The suicides eclipse that. Trans people being "killed for who they are" is nothing but a tearjerking hoax.

Yes, I do agree that most women won't act like that. But for someone, especially someone who may be already afraid of rejection and or society, it's understandable if he is afraid of drama and said drama attracting attention or abuse on him. Like I said, some women make scenes and it's not that rare. Additionally, general public sees women as automatic victims, as we had proven. Guys will just get ridiculed if they made a scene in public, as it should be for anyone.

>> No.9849950

i feel so isolated and excluded from my lolita friends but i’m not sure it it’s because i’m paranoid or if they’re deliberately trying to shut me out. they’re very nice when we meet up but online i’m mostly ignored. i’m really tired of this insecurity, maybe i should just become a lonelita now... who needs friends when you have frilly dresses, anyway?

>> No.9849953
File: 96 KB, 750x750, 1E0AAC7D-D99F-40D2-95EF-9A89184C11FC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>sweet Lolita waiting for Easter meet
>make fudge for friends and planned a cute bunny themed coord
>Plan to reconnect with comm because I haven’t been to meet in a while
>while putting on my shoes, about to post On my way
>meetup cancelled day before due to rain
>binge eat Easter candy and fudge while having a marvel movie marathon

Sigh.. why do I even try?

>> No.9850082

New thread >>9850081

>> No.9851755

post limit bumped there, may as well be here as well

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