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Dropping my spaghetti Edition

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girls are gross

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boys are gross

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humans are gross

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You aren't though. You're perfect the way you are.

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>Matched with a cute girl that cosplays on tinder
>We seem to be really hitting it off in our messages
I'm so happy, maybe I'll even be able to do some of the couples cosplays I've always wanted to do with a gf.

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Y-you too

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>tfw when no Lolita gf

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Just go outside holding burando, one will jump out of the bushes clawing for the dress and you can kidnap her.

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Bad idea, anon likely won't survive that encounter.

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someone told me tinder doesn't require a facebook log in now. Is it worth it or is it still just a hook up app?

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>tfw no bf

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nope, Germany

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>wwn dress up as an American Ranger and SS officer tenderly embracing in a French forest

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Well hi there neighbour

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Fucked up spoilers, just gonna kms

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/cgl/ has no spoilers, nothing to kys you'reselve over.

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sounds pretty romantic desu

hello, anon

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Bitte sei in BW

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>sam hyde wojack
okay cross boarder

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Please excuse my excessive salt.

>Don't normally go to cons but there's a musical guest I really want to see so I fly across the country
>supposed to meet up with a friend that I had gone to see them with before
>she's for whatever reason acting MUCH WORSE this time
>was supposed to drive to the airport to pick me up but was FOUR HOURS LATE in doing so
>when she does drive it's like she's a student driver and doesn't even go the speed limit, constant stopping
>when we get to the con she's constantly veering off in odd directions and almost getting lost so i have to be her handler basically
>teases me because I don't want to wear a tshirt with a band members face on it
>wrote stuff about me in her letter to one of the band members bc idek
>comments on my eating habits when she knows this is sensitive
>if i wasn't here she'd be late for literally everything
>keeps smacking her gum LOUDLY

Holy FUCK I hate this. I would have gotten my own room and ubered everywhere. I can afford it but decided to room with her to be nice. Worst mistake of my fucking con going life. I'm supposed to go to Japan with her in July but I am seriously considering canceling because of just this day and a half already.

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leider nicht, bin in NRW

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Anon, Ich...

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>no one who likes the hobby can like Sam Hyde and must be r9k

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But what burando do I use? What's the white Powerbait of brando?

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Leave, filthy crossboarder.

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Depends really. For the most part you’re going to find people that want hookups, but you can weed them out and find decent people. Met a really cool girl on there that was looking for a relationship like I was but it didn’t work out sadly. If someone is weird or just wants to fuck then block them

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>no one who likes the hobby can like Sam Hyde and must be r9k
this but unironically.

> tfw no money
> chances are my cosplays this year will be v2 of cosplays I did last year
game is hard. At least they have room for improvement so I'll try to polish the details.

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As if that would matter. My bf lives on the other side of Germany, too.

>tfw have a cosplay and Ouji bf

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>at uni
>no cosplay friends here

I’m so lonely. I can’t find any nerd friends here. I haven’t even seen a single person wearing jfashion around campus. I don’t even wear jfashion often, but I’m desperate to have friends here with similar interests. If I found someone like that, I’d even let them dress me up.

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Just have faith that the right guy will come around, focus on looking for a husband, and don't listen to society about sex and relationships. They just want you to compromise and settle for less than perfection, which you WILL find in due time.

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There's always a chance there are people there who like jfashion but just don't have anything to wear.

If you go wearing something, the chances of someone coming to talk to you will be higher. gambatte

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Be honest, why don't you have one?

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Anon, what's going on big guy, you just derailed my thread.

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not even my internet friends like me anymore
i feel so awful and lonely

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This is a lie, no one is perfect. I'm fine alone but I honestly do want a partner. I've been working on bettering myself, enjoying interesting hobbies, learning and growing and I am still alone after nearly 10 years. Sometimes you do have to settle if you want to be with someone. it takes a lot of compromise and work to be in a relationship

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Sam Hyde sucks and so do you

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>wig is on order
>No idea how to style a wig
>If I fuck it up, there's going to be no time to order another before the con

I am terrified I'll fuck this up.

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That's why you order two, my dude

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Everyone has problems, that's why people view the ideal person as someone who completes them. Relationships are a two sided coin, so you also want to examine yourself if you're wondering why you're lonely. Most people don't feel like settling, so they get lonely, when part of the solution could be to work on yourself, so you find the opportunity to meet people who are worthy of your time and effort.

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You should just give up, relationships never work

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Watch a bunch of drag tutorials, practice with a cheap wig from a party store.

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Fugg, it's expensive getting stuff to Australia though

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>>9844406 You need to not be attractive as that seems to scare them.

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We're not that rare.

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You go girl. You DESERVE a decent looking man who makes good money.

Anything else don't settle. You can have sex with other guys but don't ever actually settle for them. You'll eventually find "the one".

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My roommate/cosplay partner has been letting herself go lately, and she’s been really down on herself. Every time we cosplay together, she’s like “you look so good. I look gross.” And it really puts a damper on things.
I feel for her, but at the same time...she’s doing it to herself. She’s not ugly, she has really pretty facial features. All of her issues are fixable. She just needs to stick with a skincare regimen, actually use the shit her dermatologist prescribed her, get her brows waxed at least before cons, and stop binge-eating junk food and drinking sugary alcohol several times a week. But she’d rather let herself get broken out and skinnyfat and then whine during the whole con.

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Why did Sam Hyde turn into a homeless looking dude? Seriously concerned for him.

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Sugary Carnival JSK in sax.

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>tfw still not murdered/have life threatening disease/killed in an accident
I'm sick of being alive

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Fuck off, I can't even tell if this is serious or /r9k/ shitposting anymore, but this is pathetic and you shouldn't have casual sex.

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If my arms were long enough I would give you a nice, big, warm, soft hug

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Ok but never settle for anything less than a guy with a stable decent paying career and who looks at least halfway decent.

If you settle for less you will always regret it, and it will probably end in divorce.

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That's some expensive bait. There's also none of it for sale that I can find.

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That sounds better than just cranking out a bunch of barely finished costumes every year. Way too many people come to cons missing a bunch of shit, make excuses, then shelve that costume forever.

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It'll end in divorce anyway. The "never settle" attitude is a double-edged sword.

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Have fun when you eventually break up with your unemployed loser boyfriend, after you finally grow up.

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I'm not OP, just some dude who's going to be slapped with divorce papers eventually.

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Here anon, put this on the end of your line. Perfect lolita bait.

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This is why we pre-nup

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I'm not going to let you faggots talk me out of raising a big, happy family

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>Gets thrown out immediately
Welcome to Washington.

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Pre-nup is just a way for men to keep what's rightfully yours in a divorce. Don't ever marry a man if he insists on pre-nup.

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Go for it champ, just make sure you CYOA

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Are you sure? This looks like something that would wind up in an ita thread. Granted, I'm not very well-versed on these matters so I could be very wrong but the price leads me to believe I'm not.

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I would never marry a man who insisted we shouldn't
It's to protect both parties, but since the court systems are biased against men, yes I can see where you might get that idea.
>"I was raising the kids and out of work for so long now I have 0 marketable skill and my life will be a mess without that alimony"
Fuck right off with that bullshit right now if you think that's valid.

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Sorry you live in a shitty state?

>> No.9845001

>What's rightfully yours.
The car I bought before we got married is not rightfully yours. The house you moved into when you married me is not rightfully yours. The dog you inherited when you married me is not rightfully yours. The money I make after you divorce me is not rightfully yours.

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So am I, but I can't bring myself to leave.

>> No.9845007

Sing it boi, I want to hear that shit louder.

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>has guns
>In Cali
I know what you mean friendo

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I'm 25 and the cosplay girls think I'm a dirty old man.

My friend is 29 and they all think he's a daddy.

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Pre-nup can be thrown out by a judge in all 50 states in America.

If the judge doesn't like you or thinks it isn't "fair", they can simple ignore it. If you get a female judge, it's basically worthless, and you probably spent thousands to get the prenup in the first place.

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Grandfathered or the shitty "compliant" abominations that are still for sale?

>> No.9845017

I'm not sure I know what you mean

>> No.9845018

"cover your own ass"

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I'm 25 and they don't even acknowledge my existence. At least you get some kind of attention.

>> No.9845021

They might throw out a clause or two, but just as there are no 'air tight' prenups, it's not like the whole thing will get tossed.
If you had a really shitty agreement, then yeah I could see it happening.

>> No.9845022

>shitty "Compliant" abominations
Oh my god anon, you have no fuckin clue how ugly they are. My friend missed the deadline and had to build his AR compliant and it's one hell of an expensive eye fuck

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Good luck. I tried and can't see my daughter any more. Oh well.

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Then you end up alone at 35 because no self-respecting man wants a used up whore who has high-expectations.

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>still no sign of stalker lolita

Or maybe she has already found me?

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>tfw baby face and look 18 at 25

I used to hate it but now it's paying off

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You know how in some RPG's you can't rest if enemies are nearby?

Remember what you started the next time you can't sleep.

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A decent chunk of lolitas are sweet so I’d suggest AP or Baby.

>totally not saying it would work on me
>who am i kidding, it would

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>Tfw I'm genuinely considering wandering around my next con with a fishing pole slung over my shoulder and a small AP piece dangling on the line.

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do it faggot and post the results

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Alright, see you in a year.

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Original tfw no bf anon here:
I've only been in one relationship so far (lasted for about 5 years) and it was pretty awful.
For the longest time I've just given up on relationships now because they didn't seem worth it to me anymore but lately I've been pretty sentimental about this stuff for some reason.
I don't care about finding an ideal husband or a perfect boyfriend right now, I'd just like to find someone who's nice & sweet and who I can exchange lame affections with desu.

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Be my lame, affectionate gf.

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Hope you land a qt lolita gf anon

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Just play the field. See if there are any men around you like

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If this thread happened a week ago I'd have bought a MmM piece at Sak and had Mana sign it and rolled around all weekend with that. THAT would've been lolita white Powerbait.

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OK anon, let's please hold hands lots.

Thank you, I'll try! I'm quite introverted pretty inexperienced with stuff like that but I hope I can get better.

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Not having that foresight is your downfall, anon-kun.

>> No.9845098

>OK anon, let's please hold hands lots.
I can do that. My hand might get really sweaty, though.

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im developing a shopping adicction and i dont know what to do, doesn't help the fact that i like more than one j-fashion and i want to build a suited wardrobe

>> No.9845100

I'm not very good at coming up with my own ideas on the fly, it always takes some back and forth.
All I can do now is get some rope and a ladder.

>> No.9845101

You could try not buying everything you see. That's where I'd start, but I have my own vices that are draining my bank account with no signs of slowing down.

>> No.9845104

I feel this. One thing I do is, if I absolutely must browse shopping sites (which is the first thing you have to stop doing, in my opinion) - Obsessively look for reasons to not buy the thing that catches your eye.
Whether it's sizing that may be inaccurate, the fabric it's made out of, even tiny details in the design ("Oh it has heart shaped buttons, that's too sweet and cute for my taste"), anything that will turn you off of it can potentially be a good reason to not buy the thing.
Buyer's remorse still happens but nitpicking stuff like this does help to some degree.

Also, there's always therapy.
Either way, I wish you good luck, anon.

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I can live with that.

Before you buy a piece, think of the pro and cons.
How well would it fit in with the rest of your wardrobe? Is it a cut and color that really suits and flatters you? For main pieces, can you think of at least 3 distinctly different coords you can create with it?
Sometimes I think I want to buy something but then when I take time to think about it I realize that it actually wouldn't work that well for me.
Of course, you can also try setting a financial limit for yourself each month. Generally picking up other hobbies and not constantly checking second hand sites/new releases helps a lot too.

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I probably should've asked much earlier but

>> No.9845119

I'm Yuropoor/from Germany.

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I haven't found you yet, anon. I did stop in earlier but wasn't in lolita and didn't see anyone matching your description.
>one day...

Thanks for taking up my cause, anon. Gave me a giggle.

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>> No.9845124

Welp. As much as I'd like a qt Deuche gf I won't be visiting until you have a new PM.

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I was only there for the afternoon.

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>tfw no lolita gf to tie you up, sit on your face and jerk you off with her feet while calling you pathetic for enjoying being a submissive little boy

What's the point of living in this eternal hell anymore?

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feel like shit. my two final essays are late. the stress is fucking my shit up. and all I do is look at coords to make me happy again.

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There really isn't one but you could always do what that other anon suggested and bait a fishing hook with some cute socks or something and see what you catch.

>> No.9845168

Gross no. She has to initiate by pinning me to a wall with her tiny hands. I'm not fishing for shit nig.

>> No.9845171

Then you're probably not gonna get shit, "nig".

>> No.9845172

You're the one to talk, degenerate ageplayer.

>> No.9845187

please tell me more about how fucking pathetic I am

>> No.9845188

So pathetic anon, like wee babby

>> No.9845190

At least put your heart into it...

>> No.9845191

Sweet. I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole, honestly, jerk yourself off while I tell you what a waste of space you are.

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so you can jerk off to it? yeah sure

>> No.9845194

Found the tsundere

>> No.9845196

why do this shit for free when other men will pay for it?

>> No.9845197

Oh you're looking for a girl (male)? Should've said that in the first place. I'm not your target audience in that case.

>> No.9845199


>> No.9845203

Because the milk tastes better when you can fuck the cow?

>> No.9845206

You said
>so you can jerk off to it
Girls typically can't jerk off unless they have a dick. And you're not getting any of that, I just want to have some worm I can vent my frustration on after missing out on my dream dresses.

>> No.9845207

well too bad that 99% of women aren't dominant
learn to pay some whore like all the other manlet soyboys who are into femdom instead of shitting up this thread

>> No.9845208

sorry, I thought you were the pathetic retard who wants a lolita to shit on his face or something
nah I understand you perfectly then, go on

>> No.9845210

god damn it's easy to bait gulls

>> No.9845213

I wish this was only bait.
I know 2 different guys who are into this femdom stuff and want to be dominated by lolitas for some reason, one of them constantly posts about it in these feels threads in hopes of getting contact info.

>> No.9845214

So you're a sexual deviant and retarded? Nice, what a catch you are.

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>want to save money
>also want cute clothes so I can feel pretty and feminine when I go out, as well as temporarily pacify my depression and anxiety
>i'm already in the "danger zone"
>if I wait until I'm in a better place financially to get the clothes I want, they'll all be sold out by the time I'm ready

>> No.9845218

This is why credit cards and personal loans were invented.

>> No.9845219

Are you looking for very specific releases or cute clothes in general? Because cute clothes come and go all the time; one of the things that comfort me when I miss out on a dress I want is the thought that it'll come around again eventually, and if it doesn't, another one will.
Please look after your financial situation first, it's really important.

>> No.9845220


>> No.9845224

I'm into it maybe like 1% of the time for novelty and funnies knowing that at any time whenever I please I can turn this around and rail the girl until she cries.

>> No.9845229

I 100% don't trust myself not to overdo it, kek.

You're right, anon. I came upon a store that has stuff I really like, but I know that even if I miss out on them, other clothes that make me happy can and will come along. It's just hard not to fixate on those specific items for some reason. They temporarily feel like the only thing in the world, you know?
Thanks for the advice, I'll save my money and wait.

>> No.9845235

>I 100% don't trust myself not to overdo it, kek.
If you get a card through your bank you can set a low limit and automatic payments to keep shit under control.

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Monday is going to be my first day of uni after basically being a shut-in NEET for the past 2 years.
I'm absolutely terrified.

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>everytime i go to cons with my circle of friends it ends up being a total clamfest
Do guys not enjoy cons?

>> No.9845256


First time I've ever seen this term and I actually had to google it. I've never been to a con but I'll be attending my first soon. I thought it was generally a sausagefest? If not, I've even more excited to go.

>> No.9845263

It is. The problem would arise if a group of girls go together. It's much harder to approach a group of girls than one or two alone.

>> No.9845266

How do you even pick up girls at a con? Isn't that sleazy as fuck? Wouldn't you do it at a hotel afterparty or something?

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You meet at the con and attend stuff together if you hit it off. But yeah most I meet are at parties.
>exclusively pick up girls at cons
>get to watch low budget hentai and play videogames while drinking booze
>have sex in cosplay if it's nothing fancy and has easy access (skirt)
>get to attend panels with qts
Too bad I'm getting old. Idk if I can keep doing this in my 30s.

>> No.9845271

Usually the girls approach me and not the other way around. But yeah, afterpartys are a good idea if you're trying to get get laid.

>> No.9845276

w2c afterparties

I'll be going alone, do you just make friends and hope to get invitations to said parties? I'm hoping my cosplay will be decent enough to draw some attention from some people to ask questions.

I just want friends mostly since I don't have anyone to talk about my hobby, if I can kiss a cute girl then that's a bonus memory.

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Hey guys it’s ED anon here. I took your advice and I’m starting therapy on Tuesday because my anorexia has been getting worse, yesterday I was so hungry that I could feel my heartbeat in my stomach and I’m sure that’s a bad thing, but just wish me luck guys, I hope this can help.

>> No.9845281

you can't get it up?

>> No.9845282

Are you 21+? Check online for hotel parties and just show up with a case of beer or vodka or something. You'll be everyones friend real quick. Cosplay makes it 100x easier to talk to people.

>> No.9845284

I'm Australian so legal drinking age is 18. Where to check online just the cons fb page?

>> No.9845287

Sometimes cons have their own website+forums. Or the FB group. Or even here.

>> No.9845295

eating disorder, dipshit

I wasn't here for when you first posted, but I'm very proud of you for looking for help! EDs and other mental health concerns can be incredibly hard to seek help for, you're doing the right thing. I hope everything goes well and you get the help and advice you're after <3

>> No.9845296

Having such a problem that he's getting an erection in his stomach.

>> No.9845298

Many thanks

>> No.9845306

Thank you anon! I really think it’s gonna help me get better <3

>> No.9845308

>degenerate sub boy posts begging to be humiliated by a lolita
>respond by calling him names
>he sissies out and disappears
A girl can't have it all, it seems. Oh well.

>> No.9845309

Don't go in expecting to meet a girl though. Just do it for the experience and you won't be disappointed.

>> No.9845310

I was baiting desu yo ne.

>> No.9845313

I don't even know what to expect other than I'm going to want pictures with cosplayers and buy a bunch of merch. What else happens at these things?

>> No.9845315

Naturally. How disappointing. Well it was fun while it lasted so thanks anyway, anon-kun.

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D-don't go...

>> No.9845325

Man I just really love lolita

>> No.9845326

Booze, stupid party games, hentai viewings, videogames, bullshitting with other weebs, normies trying to fit in, pictures, buying merch you could get cheaper elsewhere, etc.
It's not different than any other social event except its filled with costumes. It's basically Halloween but mostly anime.

>> No.9845328

This. Cons are great because it's just a bunch of dorks being dorks with noone around to judge them.

>> No.9845330
File: 1.55 MB, 227x172, mf16.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man I just really love you

>> No.9845335

The one moment of joy and sanity in these clusterfuck threads

>> No.9845338

You can't call me names, but you can punch me in the face and ribs

>> No.9845341

Name calling is a significant part of the fun though. Plus I'm not physically violent.

>> No.9845345

>wants to be a dom
>not physically violent


>> No.9845353

Man I just really love cosplay

>> No.9845358

>straight up punching your sub in the face is a requirement

And it's domme, not dom.

>> No.9845359

>Plus I'm not physically violent.
This is what you said. You need to get physical. Your partner will thank you.

>> No.9845361

>every sub wants to get punched in the face
>gentle femdom doesn't exist

>> No.9845363

But does he really deserve it if he's a degenerate sissy boy? :^)

>> No.9845392

>physical violence means only being punched in the face

I dunno dude. Choke him a bit and find out.

>> No.9845393
File: 60 KB, 459x600, scared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Y-you can call me names.
>Tfw no gfd lolita gf

>> No.9845401
File: 1.84 MB, 290x187, tfw no ouji sub.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aww cute. I'd love to, I'm just hesitating to meet people off 4chan, and fetlife is riddled with people who would assume I'm a sub because of my frills.

>> No.9845404

I still don't get why you think that it's impossible to be a domme without physical violence though.
Bondage/pegging/orgasm denial/edging/humiliation/body worship/spitting/chastity/role play/etc. are all completely valid forms of femdom and don't require any physical violence.

>> No.9845408

I live in the Seattle area. Even if I did want to murder you I'd probably flake out last-minute.

>> No.9845409

do you go to cons?
I wanted to go to germany for a cosplay con but I really need someone who could help me out in krautland

>> No.9845411

I don't live in the US, how sad. Hopefully another gentle lolita domme will pick you up instead.

>> No.9845417

Never said it was impossible.

>> No.9845419

Be brave anon, you can do it!

>> No.9845420

If you're not here that puts my chances back at zero and reaffirms my theory that there are no dommes on the entire west coast.

>> No.9845422

I'm so proud of you! Good luck at therapy anon

>> No.9845423

I think that's a rather broad generalization, unless you mean lolita dommes specifically. But even if you are looking for a lolita in particular, you never know, maybe one is reading this thread right now.
I wish you luck on your search, anon-kun.

>> No.9845426
File: 194 KB, 800x800, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He’s supposedly working on a new book and also a game based off the first book, no shit. He started posting more stuff on Instagram lately to show that he’s still alive and started this crush 500 give away thing that h3he supposedly bankrolled but I don’t if that’s a gag or not. He’s fine, he does stuff on the side and made that adult swim money last

To keep things on topic
>tfw no kerillain for my Kruber

>> No.9845428

He's fishing for one. It's a broad general statement for someone to pop in and prove him wrong. He also not so subtly hinted at a location in which he is willing to travel. It'd be like me saying there are no single ouji in Atlanta.

>> No.9845430

Oh, that makes sense. Well either way I hope he has luck with it; I'll just stick to tenderly loving my wardrobe for now.

>> No.9845432

No, I've checked. All of the "dommes" around here come with a price tag.

>> No.9845433

>too afraid to show my face
>really want to cosplay and show off my craftsmanship
>every character that wears a mask in recent memory is a huge villain OR wears an extremely complex armor set

I really don't wanna do a marvel/DC character....

>> No.9845437

I sorta know this feel. In my case it's just that my face doesn't fit any characters I'm interested in because I have a beard so my options are either shave, which is a giant "nope", or build a mech suit.

>> No.9845438

>i want to believe in cgl love stories

>> No.9845439

But how does one search?

>> No.9845440

Me too anon, me too

>> No.9845444

Acquire gfs like lottery tickets and find out after several weeks/months that they're losers so you give up and go to Fetlife only to find every domme there either already has several subs (and is usually twice your age) or charges by the hour.

>> No.9845452
File: 480 KB, 460x345, FILE0597.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's your story anon?

>> No.9845526

You are too obtuse.

>> No.9845530

There is, but I Domme for no man.

>> No.9845557
File: 39 KB, 365x517, 1521099272976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a very specific poster on this board I recognize, and I constantly end up getting into fights with her. I always know it's her because she makes the same grammar errors, and she frequents very specific generals. Usually, she starts it by being catty about something or another, and I just follow along and escalate things because it's funny watching her sperg out.

The best part is mentioning things she's said in past arguments, and using them against her. She contradicts herself a lot, but funnily enough, she never outright denies the things she's said, just tries to argue her way around them to force things to make sense. You can feel her blood boiling across the screen, every time.
I wonder if she has as much fun doing this shit as I do, or if I just make her angry all the time.

>> No.9845561

Then you don't exist, plain and simple.
I'm looking for a red car and you're green. Why even bother saying anything?

>> No.9845578
File: 81 KB, 378x357, pepe losing shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9845581

I'm a red car, just not your shade honey.
You're really in the wrong place to be lamenting and expecting any actual answer to just fall into your lap.
So lazy.
Do you live in or near a major metropolitan area?
Then you have Dommes.
Why are you too good to pay if you haven't bothered reaching out to ths fetish comunities in your area?
Ard you too good to associate with them as well or are you again, just being lazy?

No Domme wants a pig that doesn't put any effort in. Want to kbow why?
Unless you are just completely new to the concept, Dommes do most of the work, it takes time and effort to create a scene.
There's a reason there's a price tag, because flakes are time wasters.
If you have no skin in the game why would anyone bother?

>> No.9845582
File: 393 KB, 564x834, image.png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did my first cosplay in ten years and it went over well but it felt weird taking selfies with girls who looked like they just out of high school.

I'm 30 and I feel so out of place at cons more then ever. I keep getting messages from girls 19-21 but all i want to do is meet a nice weeb girl closer my age

>> No.9845589

How about I swirly you until you hand over your lunch money and use that to buy buy a domme

>> No.9845591

>expecting any actual answer to just fall into your lap
I've done the legwork, I'm just lamenting for the sake of lamenting.
>Do you live in or near a major metropolitan area?
>Then you have Dommes.
Not really, no. They're all in their 30s/40s and out of my price range.
>Why are you too good to pay if you haven't bothered reaching out to the fetish communities in your area?
See above, as well as my other posts. Then there are the "lifestyle" dommes who have a harem of subs that I'd rather not be apart of for several reasons.
>Are you too good to associate with them as well or are you again, just being lazy?
I'm not "too good" for anything, I just have different expectations. Namely, I'd like an actual relationship rather than sessions.

I get that you do this for a living or are at least heavily involved in the scene. That's great, good for you. It doesn't change the fact that you're responding to a quote chain that ultimately boils down to "tfw no gf" and if you're not a gf then you're not the car I'm looking for.

>> No.9845592

She'd have to be on her way to an expensive lunch.

>> No.9845593
File: 17 KB, 291x222, Wut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Tfw somebody stops you and asks for a picture at a con
>Tfw you're not wearing a cosplay

>> No.9845597

>get paid or are in the scene
Neither actually
So here's where I can maybe actually help.
So, you've trawled the scene and it's full of leather families crawling all over each other and the older crowd 'I'm so experienced let me sit on your face'
That's every scene, at least the ones that bandy it about.
How about you go to some events?
Don't have to spill your guts out where everyone knows who you are and where you work, that's nobody's expectation.
Go do a rope class, sit through a munch, talk to people.
People who are in your scene are in other related scenes, goth is pretty cheif among them, burlesque being another.
I haven't been using fetlife between gulls here actively searching for and outing people a while back, and my local scene being pretty much useless, but, it's still a good place to get into conversations with other likeminded kinky people.
Maybe kitty4586SLUT isn't your Domme, but she has friends who aren't active online, but are irl "tfw no sub bf"

>> No.9845599 [DELETED] 

Haha, no I'm at home nursing my Dom who's zonked out on norcos, poor baby.

>> No.9845600

Maybe you just have style.

>> No.9845602

this happened to me at a fantasy fair, my friend and I said no, walked away, and he started taking pictures of us from a distance anyway.

>> No.9845604

my mom has done that before, she just wanted to take picture of people at cons and doesn't know what is or isn't a cosplay. When black hair, a white t-shirt, and blue jeans can be a cosplay, anything can be.

>> No.9845606

Oh, and also good luck. There's a lot of fuck boys just in it because they somehow think being kinky equates to being easy, so you'll probably have to put quite a bit of time into either establishing yourself, employing OKC's proven scattershot method, or just to find yourself in the right place at the right time.

If you were gay this would be so much easier

>> No.9845609

Remember that "legwork" I talked about?
Trust me, you need to see it for yourself up here. It's fucking hopeless. The munch crowd basically live in their own bubble and nobody outside of that bubble wants to associate with them, myself included. I went to one years ago and I couldn't even make it to their area before I noped the fuck out. I wound up sitting at a table nearby and just listened to the kind of conversations they were having and the mental images I drew from it still give me nighmares. Bear in mind these are all overweight people who are old enough to be my parents and a handful of younger folks who look like heroin addicts. Granted this was back when I was 19 or 20 and I'm 25 now so some things might've changed but I honestly doubt it. This just isn't a good place even for vanilla relationships, bringing in dynamic fetishes just makes things worse.

>> No.9845614

Offtopic and not who you're answering to, but is OKC a good dating site? I just want to avoid tinder, it's shitty for meeting anyone because pretty much everyone goes for the hottest guys, who mainly swipe as an ego boost without really having an intention to meet up with anyone.

>> No.9845617

>There's a lot of fuck boys just in it
There's a lot of fuck boys in everything. Ever go to a car meet?
> so you'll probably have to put quite a bit of time into either establishing yourself
Yeah that's not going to happen. The only thing I can ever "establish myself" as is that scary-looking quiet dude.
>employing OKC's proven scattershot method
I have no idea what this is.
> or just to find yourself in the right place at the right time
Also not going to happen as I rarely go out anymore. I just don't have the energy.

>> No.9845618

Online dating as a whole is worthless if you're an average guy. It's just tinder with more words.

>> No.9845620
File: 13 KB, 657x527, apu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's what I thought.

I just don't want to end up being the guy who has to pick between radfems and hysterical moms with spoiled children in my thirties

>> No.9845621

That's exactly what you'll get on OKC so it's your call.

>> No.9845623

What about POF then?
I'm not even that ugly, I just have a chubby face, and am a bit out of shape...

is this how robots are made?

>> No.9845625

Mmm. Used to be.
Everyone on fet I met had an OKC, it's messaging system was good and you could browse for hours and still find connections.
Met three people through OKC, one almost took off into a relationship before she flaked, and the other two we just became friends (ouch, I know).

I deleted my account because they started requiring identity verification.
I didn't like how a quick google search of my name would put all of the answers to the personality questions I answered plus my kinks into full technicolor.
I honestly don't know what people use these days, probably just IG and FB as weird as that is to me.

>> No.9845629
File: 80 KB, 297x270, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are sick and sad and worthy of people’s pity, not their scorn. At least the pigs who pay these women know what it is - a fetish that they have to make some woman’s time worth. Who knows, more likely than not they are at least men who have their shit together well enough to afford their vice. Then there’s you.
>waaaah tfw no domme gf :(
You entitled and broken animal. You want a woman’s love and to be treated by her like someone unworthy of her love. This is all with not even knowing her, just having the idea of her. Have some self respect and get your shit together so you can afford to denigrate yourself instead of doing that while expecting her love.

>> No.9845630

POF is pretty much exclusively single moms.
Trust me, it's ALL bad. If you actually want to meet girls and click you have to go outside and do things. I've had the most luck at cons just because there's already a vague shared interest and the gender ratio is about 50/50. Never walked out with a gf but I have made friends who might have other friends who might be single so who knows?

>> No.9845631

Rip, move to Germany and give that frauline with the soft internet voice a call out.

>> No.9845632

radfems are the most sane feminists desu

>> No.9845633

The scatter shot is basically you 'hi' every bitch you can see until one of them gives you a 'hey'

>> No.9845634

what makes you think you deserve a gf?

>> No.9845636

Calm your tits, soothing circular motions

>> No.9845637

I refuse to move to Germany for several reasons but I'd be willing to move her here.


>> No.9845639
File: 100 KB, 471x395, 1392619811443.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man I just really can't wait to get a sugar daddy

>> No.9845640

>single moms
At least you know she puts out

>> No.9845641
File: 224 KB, 538x441, trump wall apu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody "deserves" anything. But as long as we are a monogamous society with a slight dominance of female population, there has to be someone looking, right?

In other words, I don't think I am so worthless that I have absolutely no chance to ever meet somebody. I can assure I am working on improving my body, if it's about that.

That's pretty good info
thanks anon

please do not dominate our posters outside of designated threads

I don't know, I feel like girls don't wanna be approached at cons. Maybe when I get my goal body, it'll be more comfortable.

Thanks for the info about POF.

>> No.9845642

I don't "deserve" anything, I can only try until I succeed and I'll employ whatever method it takes (within reason/the law).

>> No.9845647

You know that she put out. Past tense.

>I feel like girls don't wanna be approached at cons.
There's a way to do it and a way not to. It helps if they're wearing something you're interested in i.e. cosplaying a character you like or wearing a shirt from your favorite anime, etc. The easiest thing to do is just roll up and start talking about that thing before introducing yourself and see where it goers from there. I've done just that and wound up spending most of the day with those people just hanging out as impromptu friends.

>> No.9845650

Nah, she do, she hongry
She been stuck at home with a screaming kid, now she's on pof looking for a man that can fuck the sadness out of her and sign the custody papers.

>> No.9845653

Exactly. Do you want to be that guy?

>> No.9845658

Older women are great, I have only ever had world shattering sex with women over 35. However, long term, especially with women who have greater ambitions with you, is usually a mess.

>> No.9845659
File: 331 KB, 680x417, angry dog noises.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A lot of countries don't even have custody papers anymore, all they need is that you act as a "father figure"

some bitch actually had a neighbor watch her kids a couple times and then reported him for child support

>> No.9845661

Ambitions are fine, I'm plenty ambitious myself. But no way I'm raising another man's child

adding to that, most of single mothers don't have ambition, they're looking for a breadwinner.

>> No.9845665

And this is why I'm not pursuing a waitress who gave me her phone number last week.

>> No.9845668

I guess I'll stay home tonight

>> No.9845670

>even considering going out at all

>> No.9845672

I wish I got to go outside
It's so pretty outside but I'm down with a cold

>> No.9845674

Well, I'm a detatchable daddy.
>dick in, dick out, get ahead

>> No.9845675

Wait. Wtf.
You're in fucking Seattle, fucking go party in Portland, that place is crawling with Cali expat goths and alt chicks.

>> No.9845677

You're operating under the impression that I actually like Seattle. Seattle is ruining the entire state. Portland is exactly the same as Seattle and those ex-Californians are the cause of all of it.

>> No.9845680

I feel bad for you guys, being Amazon’s slippery hole and all

>> No.9845686

No, I'm operating on the info that all my alt friends who left Cali are in Portland and have been raging since the day they got there
The scene is bumping from what I can see on the other side of the looking glass, but I've heard nothing about Seattle.
If you're biased against Californian poon, I can't help you tho.

>> No.9845687

Where can I go be around some? They like me more than younger women

>> No.9845692

>there has to be someone looking, right?
Yes, and they are fat people and single moms. Don't expect someone better than you to want you.

>> No.9845693

Local dives are cougar hangouts

>> No.9845694

You're speaking as a 3/10 that won't settle for a man under 7/10 right?

>> No.9845695

Because you're retarded for believing what 4chan says and don't deserve her

>> No.9845697

Are you butthurt because the cream of the crop doesn't settle for you, or what?

I never even said anything like that
I'd happily go for a woman of my own BMI.

>> No.9845701

I replied to two different people so sorry if that one wasn't you. I know my worth and would never derail this thread with
>tfw no bf

>> No.9845702

Moreso because state law dictates that if I so much as look at her kid a certain number of times I'm on the hook for child support.
Of course I'm exaggerating but the point I'm trying to make is that you don't have to go very far down the rabbit hole to get stuck with unearned responsibilities here.

>> No.9845704

Man all I did was bait as an anon wanting to have a woman fuck him up and it ruined the thread.

I'm sorry

>> No.9845705

Sounds like American single moms have it great financially, no povery there

>> No.9845710

Why do you think they're stuck being married to the state? There's no incentive for a single man to get involved.

>> No.9845711

No anon, it was nice
You're a fucking pig, but you still did a good job.

>> No.9845715

This is a feels thread. I don't know how that would be derailing it.

can you finally fuck off back to lolcow farm

>> No.9845717

They might be struggling financially, but because of the pervasive entitlement a lot of women carry around.
It's a very serious issue to be any kind of stable adult male and not have that constant worry of 'is she going to fuck me on this?' and legal precedence very strongly favors women, because gender roles.
We talked about this in a different thread.
I wouldn't trust a man that would deny signing a prenup before marrying me, not like I want that life so that's not an invite.

>> No.9845720

The farm is too incestuous for me and I was making a joke
Go sit on fat one it'll help you dislodge the stick.

>> No.9845721

I inversely wouldn't trust a woman who insists on a prenup

God damn fuck you Reagan.

>> No.9845722

I fucked up that first sentence gomen

>> No.9845723

Not who you're replying to but why not? As long as it would be fair? I would definitely want a prenup before marrying, my parents don't deserve to lose the roof above their heads just because someone decided they wanted to be an "independent" mother dependant on a monthly towboat.

>> No.9845724

Reagan was a fucking mistake, up there with FDR and Nixon for title of worst president.

>> No.9845725

You could always atone for this by giving me a solid jab-jab-straight-body hook combo. I can put on football pads and a jersey to add to the experience. Oh, don't forget to swing your hips, keep you elbow low, and don't fully clench you fist until the moment of contact

>> No.9845726

And now we've come full circle.

>> No.9845729

>tfw I had an abortion for financial reasons
I would've moved to the US when I had the chance

>> No.9845731

I'm sorry to hear that

>> No.9845732
File: 239 KB, 500x375, 2BB78240-13F9-4746-8976-6C0CFC861931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to ask my favorite wig company if they do sponsorships, or discounts in exchange for reviews and promos on social media. But I’ve been to anxious to actually reach out to them. Rationally I know that the worst thing they can say is “no”, but the irrational part of my mind is saying that they’ll make fun of me or get mad at me.

My mindset is “I really like their wigs and want to tell everyone how good they are. I order from them a lot and a discount would allow me to order more stuff.” But I’m afraid they’ll see it as “This cosplayer with an unwarranted sense of self-importance thinks they shouldn’t have to pay as much as everyone else for wigs. What a jackass.”

>> No.9845737

You could always tell them exactly what you just told us.
>I really like their wigs and want to tell everyone how good they are. I order from them a lot and a discount would allow me to order more stuff.
Just replace "them/their" with "you/your" and hit send.

>> No.9845750

This honestly, don't overthink it

>> No.9845780

How did that happen?

>> No.9845785

Baby is expensive, so you go on down and get yourself an abortion even if you'd like to keep it.

>> No.9845846

I don't think that was the case. I look like I commit hate crimes for a living.

>> No.9845854

Maybe that's why they wanted a picture

>> No.9845884

Because it encourages divorce over working things out. I could see it useful only for certain clauses like infidelity and abuse.

>> No.9845898

Needs more blouses. Buys jsk instead.

I'm a terrible lolita.

>> No.9845903

You're a good lolita. You just don't know your worth. You're going to round out that closet into a beautiful set of coords. Someone out there believes in you.

>> No.9845905

I would hope not. Being called kowai once was enough. They weren't even cute Japanese college girls this time, just some young married couple.

You're only a terrible lolita if you buy things you don't like and won't ever wear.

>Prenups encourage divorce
No-fault divorce encourages divorce. Prenups are just a safety measure.

>> No.9845916
File: 114 KB, 1920x1080, 0787780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh shit yeah, Might be doing Saltzpyre at AX

>> No.9845942
File: 75 KB, 960x960, 1519681618638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know why I come here, I saw somebody post about /cgl/ on /fa/ and visited once out of curiosity and ever since I've keep on coming back. I'm not really interested in cosplay that much, I've never really took part in it or the community much. I've watched a few videos on people making their costumes and stuff and I thought it was interesting. I honestly think one of the reasons is seeing how passionate a lot of people are about this subject and I like hearing about the things people like. Another reason being because I like girls with niche or uncommon hobbies and passions. I like coming here to see that even though it makes me kind of sad because all the girls around where I live are super shallow and seem like boring, cookie cutter people. I think this board kind of gives me hope that I'll find someone with a passion for something like a lot of you have. Also the community here is really nice, you all seem like great people.

>> No.9845944

Probably he is better good looking than you.

>> No.9845945

Ever been to a meetup? They really are great people.

>> No.9845946

>friend cancels hotel reservation a month before the convention
>"anon parking is an extra $9 per person I'd rather just drive"

Well, at least it's not the week before, I guess.

>> No.9845953

I’ve been wanting to go out in lolita more, but I’m afraid to approach my lolita friends about going out and meeting up.... They don’t seem interested whenever I ask in the group and I don’t wanna be the girl that always pesters people. I’m worried that maybe they find me annoying or something, but that’s probably my paranoia/anxiety talking...

I still wear lolita when I go out on my own and when I meet up with my normie friends, but I really just want to go for a cute tea and talk about fashion with people who understand it better.

>> No.9845957

I've only heard bad things about /cgl/ meetups

>> No.9845960

Nah, I've only been here for about a month. I've been considering going to a con or something but I don't know If id go as anyone so I think it would be weird if I met up with people and wasn't a character or anything, I'd look out of place. Also I would probably find it awkward given that I don't really do cosplay so I can imagine everyone would probably be like 'why is he even here' so I can imagine being a 3rd wheel. It would be cool to meet up and chill with some people though who are interested in cosplay though, I think I would be more comfortable in that situation as long as talked to them a little beforehand. I'm not sure though
possibly maybe

also not me

>> No.9845970

Thanks senpai. I really do like the jsk and it's my style. I'll get more blouses one day.

>> No.9845973

The cgl group at SakuraCon was fucking awesome. Pretty much made the whole con for me.

>> No.9845979

>come from country town
>Move to city for university
>See a few Lolita's around campus
>Want to compliment them but they're all Chinese and can't speak English well

I just want Lolita friends

>> No.9845995

>see a guy I know have his face plastered on cgl because he was voted into a lolita thing as a non-lolita/non-ouji
>comments are rude, saying he looks autistic etc.
>try to sway the conversation to something besides how he looks because that wasn't why anyone was upset in the first place
>the guy thinks I was the one posting him
>blocked on social media and he refuses to acknowledge me

Feels bad man. I should have screengrabbed my 'you' post defending him while I had the chance.
Everything else that happened recently has been frustrating, but this is a kick in the shins

>> No.9846008

He obviously wasn't worth the trouble if he's just going to blindly accuse you like that.
And he did look autistic.

>> No.9846015

I know the feel, today I finally got to be closer to a friend who I can show my affection to (and this was something I was craving for ages, even more than an actual relationship).

>> No.9846017

I feel the same, at my university there's only a few cosplayers and they're mainly casual cosplayers who don't go to convention much. I even won the cosplay competition at my university even though I wasn't fully trying in my cosplay outfit

>> No.9846019

talk to us anon, we can relate to how you feel. My two internet friends got upset and salty at me for suddenly leaving the game we were playing. The only reason why I left was because I couldn't stand listening to them flirt and talk lovey dovey (since they're a LDR couple).

most of my old online internet friends have too much drama online and issues so I don't talk to them as much.

>> No.9846024
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>called autistic looking
>acts autistic

Hmm, maybe there's some merit to it...

>> No.9846026

How about giving her tips and getting her to give herself a goal on how she wants to look and tips on getting that look? Also maybe she's letting herself go because something happened to her (like a falling out or break up)

>> No.9846027

Not the point, it's an ad hominem type of insult and I'd rather find real faults with him than debase myself by screeching 'autism'.
People who use autism as an insult are so lazy

>> No.9846030

>tfw went to grocery store while wearing lolita and ran into goths

>> No.9846033

A good feel, isn't it? I love seeing other alternative people in public. We always smile and nod at each other too.

>> No.9846034

>bf dumps me because he's "not ready for a relationship", hear from a friend 3 months later that he tried to ask her out even though she has a bf
>found out the guy I had a crush on and was flirting with me is still with his gf even though he told me she dumped him
>guy convinced me that he has a crush on me, he seems really genuine about it, a few weeks later he gets back with his ex
>a friend of mine keeps trying to make out with me even though he has an online LDR gf that he's been dating for nearly 3 years but they haven't met irl

I just feel like no guy would ever be actually into me and would only want me as a sex object or to flirt with... and I know the only reason why my friend is trying to make out with me is because he's craving physical sexual interaction. I told him to hold himself back but he finds it really hard to, is it hard for guys to hold themselves back?

>> No.9846038

I forgot to mention that I used to have a crush on my friend 3 years ago but he used to push me away and didn't wanted to be friends with me. one year later we became friends and it's only recently we became close friends. I still care for him and like him but I know that he has a gf. like I said before I'm trying to get him to hold himself back so that he can do these romantics stuff when he's with his gf and finally meet each other (if they finally meet)

>> No.9846046

Willpower seems to be a hard thing to come by these days

>> No.9846047

This isn't really the best place for relationship advice anon.

I'll scratxh the surface, but you really should look into asking /r/relationships
You deserve to be happy.
Your friend needs to get real and either fly out and see his girl or officially open his relationship, either way, don't be the bedmate, that would end well.

>> No.9846049

Would not*

Kind of an important distinction.

>> No.9846050

As ex fuckboi i can tell you straight up you're surrounded by dudes looking for a pump n' dump. I don't think guys have a particularly difficult time holding back as much as they just as they just assume you'll let them fuck you.
I'd drop the dude hitting on you even though he has a GF, sounds like a real grimy dude.

>> No.9846054

>tfw itas carry away the comm president and she's never seen again

>> No.9846055

Seconding what this anon said. You're basically the back-up plan/consolation prize for all of these dudes just in case their current relationships go south. Tell them all to kick rocks and find a guy to hang with who is explicitly single.

>> No.9846056

>awkwardly trying to make eye contact with every girl who walks into my work in hopes to flush out stalker lolita

At least this paranoia had made me take care of my appearance more less some anonymous person makes fun of how I look on the internet.

>> No.9846076

thank you all for replying back
yeah I was kinda feeling like I shouldn't post it here but then again most of these guys I've talked about come from the cosplay community and these kinds of stuff kinda effects me when going to conventions. I agree with you though, I shouldnt let any of these guys get their way with me. I felt like unfriending my friend but I told him that I still want to be friends with him (because I worry and care about him and he seems to be the only friend I can be myself without being self conscious)

Yeah sorry about that, I should've double read what I was saying

yeah I'm dropping all my feelings for those guys since they wasted my time and I don't want to be people's back up plan. Though I actually like talking and being with the friend who keeps hitting on me when he isn't trying to hit on me (like what I said above, I feel comfortable around him and im really lacking those kinds of friends).

Also where can I find single guys in the cosplay community/conventions? Most of them seem taken (or at least the decent ones that don't make you feel like they're just a fuckboi) and the few guys I do find single are desperate and thirsty, I watched the last few thirsty guys from a group I am in go from being desperately thirsty to me to suddenly getting GF within 2 months.

>> No.9846085

>Also where can I find single guys in the cosplay community/conventions?
In the conventions threads. Every /cgl/ meet I've been apart of has been a bunch of single people trying desperately not to weird each other out until this last one where everybody just magically gelled and it was awesome. I think I was the only one to express any interest in one of the girls in our group. I got shot down but that's not really the point of the story. Just put out friendly and open vibes and the people will come to you as long as they know you exist.

>> No.9846096

>Also where can I find single guys in the cosplay community/conventions?
Me ;)
But really, finding a single dude at a con must be one of the easiest things on the world, probably. Don't a lot of cons have cosplay dating games? That being said, I don't think you should go to a con looking to find someone to start a relationship with, since male cosplayers are either fuckbois x100, or are dating someone but will still try to bone random cosplay girls.
Instead you should just find an actual cosplay group and make friends before getting a bf.

>> No.9846100

>Finding a single dude at a con must be one of the easiest things on the world, probably. Don't a lot of cons have cosplay dating games?
Yes, and the ratios are usually so skewed that they'll have a guy outside the door flagging down groups of girls to try and even things out.

>> No.9846107

Plus most of the girls are category five hams.

>> No.9846108
File: 18 KB, 300x221, 4320825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Good lord what is happening in there?

>> No.9846118

>uhhh momokun?

>> No.9846219

/cgl/ is really shit in this regard
You have threads full of homely fat girls, but they have great cosplays which people pay attention to, but post a guy with an ugly face and hell breaks loose.

>> No.9846231

It's funny how money is always a criteria
What, hands don't work?
I thought gender roles were supposed to be a bad thing. Not when they benefit you specifically I guess, eh?

>> No.9846232

If someone refused a fair prenup, that would be a red flag of its own.
Not gonna let my parents lose the roof over their heads just because my ex wife decided she can do better now that she has a house and a car she paid zilch for.

>> No.9846258

Yeah currently I'm not looking for a relationship since I've been hurt too much from dating, I'm just enjoying cosplaying outfits I want to cosplay instead of cosplaying in a group. That's another thing, since I've been cosplaying for the past 2 years I've been cosplaying in a lot of girl groups. I actually haven't been able to cosplay with a guy or cosplay with a group that has a mix of girls and guys.

I've always wanted to go to a cgl meet but I've been too nervous to go to one plus I'm worrying that they would bring my name up on threads.

>> No.9846405

>I've always wanted to go to a cgl meet but I've been too nervous to go to one plus I'm worrying that they would bring my name up on threads.
We got around that by making a discord server and using it exclusively to communicate with each other. Everything we posted in the thread stayed anonymous.
That'd probably also be the best way for you to organize a meet, too. Just make a post on day 0 about wanting to hang out and include a discord link. People will join. We had 18 anons join our server throughout the weekend even though only 8 or 9 of us actually used it. Most gulls are just harmless spergs who are more worried about scaring you away than anything else. You'll be fine.

>> No.9846438

Where are you from? I'd want to do a cosplay debut with other /cgl/ people

>> No.9846441

Seattle. I also don't cosplay.

>> No.9846449

Oh I see, I'm not in the US anyways. But I'm gonna try to go to an american con if I get my W&T visa this summer.

>> No.9846701

pick some girls in your comm you think you get along with pretty well, message them about regular conversational topics that also have to do with lolita. develope a slightly stronger friendship with them, then when you hang out in person because youre /actually/ friends youll probably both be wearing lolita anyway.

>> No.9847025

Me too, but it's okay. Some occasions are not appropriate for Liz Lisa and ank rouge, lolita definitely looks nicer and more covered up, but it's nice to have casual wear j-fash

>> No.9848374
File: 62 KB, 430x900, DRzRsRPV4AES0KO.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I come here because it's the only reliable place to see what a femanon culture looks like, honestly, and I went to a convention a couple times and had fun but more because of the "event" of it, I mean I like anime and shit but eh. Also the girl I have a crush on is into this and so I like to know a bit about it

>> No.9848722

4chan is right wing, and this is a right wing board
There are other places to post about burando, gtfo

>> No.9849154

There is no rule saying 4chan is right wing bruh, I'm right-leaning myself but honestly fuck off with this "muh sekret club" bullshit

>> No.9852330

I spoke too soon, she wanted a DDLG relationship and I did not.
Maybe I can dress my hand up and still do some couples cosplays like that.