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Old thread is saging, dump incoming

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These have already been posted anon, though I appreciate the dump.

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I feel like this is a really cute outfit and I totally love it, but it doesn't come off as very ouji-ish to me? It looks just a touch more costumey.

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/end dump

Apologies anon! I tried my best to avoid overlapping what was submitted in the previous thread, but I can see I double-posted a couple.

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Beautiful coord, wish the whole bg wasn't blurred so much but that's an editing nitpick. Love the contrast between her hair an the dress color.

This is the first time I've seen these lizlisa shoes used well in a coord.

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Sorry anon, you just have bad taste. This is hideous.

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Meh, to each their own. I think it's a nice costume at least, but not a good ouji outfit.

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It's a nice outfit for Disneyland since they do that whole "dapper days" thing, but for cof it just looks a bit too costume-y like you said.

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Yeah, same here.
I think it's the pants, between how exaggerated her hips look and the pocket flap thing looking like an amateur hemmed it/it being wide as hell.

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Her dress makes me feel so uneasy

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I love her coords.

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No problem. I think it's easier to tell when you rely on these threads for seeing the photos. I check this thread daily for inspo.

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How do I get legs like hers?

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Where are those shoes from?!

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It's a replica. The original (it's from Taobao, I'd post pic but I can't for some reason) is a bit long-waisted to start with, and then the crappy construction of the replica makes it look like someone took the bottom half of the bodice from one dress and shooped it onto the top 2/3 of the bodice of a similar dress.

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DreamV sold them a few years back

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>Be skinny and have not shit proportions

If you haven't got that, some ways to make it look that way in photos is to wear heels with the biggest height difference between the ball of your foot and the heel that you can stand, place your camera at about knee height when taking photos, and turn your toes in SLIGHTLY.

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It's the lovely bunny set. I fucking love the lovely bunny set.
The girl is ok too.

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This is cute

Her hair is gorgeous

I hate those bags that look like children's fruit bags and think the coord would be much better without it but it's just a nitpick

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So cute, I love this one!

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This could be nice, but those pants didn't do her silhouette any good.

More elegant shoes would also make it look more put together.

Unpopular opinion: I don't really have a problem with costumey outfits if they are still ouji/lolita and look good, anyway, if she's trying to avoid it, maybe smaller ears or a hat with Mickey ears would make it less costumey and still would look like Mickey

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this is great! I'm craving a tad bit of lace for the bottom half so I wonder what this would look like with lace-trimmed peeky bloomers.

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I'm confused at the hot pink elements, including the make up. I'm also confused by the fluffy star clips coorded with CR.
I like right better than left because the solid hoodie gives a more casual idc kind of vibe, so the mismatching works. but left is not working for me.

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I wish she had a hair accessory and a petti to complete this

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I really like the pant design, just needs to be tailored more to her body. I think if the hip width was brought in slightly and the legs were more fitted and less gathered at the inner thigh

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I saw that she called this old school and it confused me.

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maybe it's the pose, but all her coords are starting to look the same

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That poor usakumya being forced to participate in this indignity...

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It looks like she's wearing a really light petticoat? My dresses look really sad without one, and this dress doesn't too sad.

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From what I've seen she does similar poses in all her coord shots, thats probably why

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>finger on the trigger


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Why do people feel the need to post so much? Case in point this girl >>9843551 and her usually samey coords (I like this one though) and this horse-faced bint >>9843565 who's spamming her coords everywhere recently.
I know COF is 'daily' but let's be honest, it's a pretty transparent breeding ground for efamers, and it's so obvious someone's intentions when they post a LOT. I'm convinced the second girl has people wking her since she's not as flawless as everyone says. She looks like fucking himezawa.
Tl;dr, if your coords are turning up 2 or 3 times in a COF thread, you're probably thirsting hard for efame. Give it a rest, horse-chan. We know you lurk.

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Wow a pastel wig that actually looks cute and it’s not a photo from 2010

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At least she's not standing on the tiny rug in this one, so it's a little bit different

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Are you upset that you're not as attractive or well-received as these two girls?

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I don't post on COF and I'm not part of a comm. I just find efame bids too obvious. Keep doing you boo

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Not as attractive, then. Got it.

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Keep being mad horseface wk. I can say I'm prettier and you can day I'm lying, or I can say I'm uglier and you can say I'm salty. Doesn't remove her horseface or your ass licking.
She needs to stop being such an obvious efamer.

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Why does it matter to you so much if she wants to be famous? Chill

>> No.9844638

Because it's insipid and distasteful. If you want to be famous, do something. Don't just post yourself everywhere because people will get sick of you.

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If these people wear lolita often enough to post every few days, who cares?

I'm a lonelolita too. I'm not a part of a comm, would rather stay under the radar, and think e-fame is stupid/terrifying, but nice/interesting coords are nice/interesting coords. These two are nowhere near Kate or Voldie levels of attention-whoring.

Here's some more coords.

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Hey, it's ur favorite girl, >>9844638!

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Who spit in your tea? Tons of girls other than these two post. It's not that hard to just keep scrolling.

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>no trigger discipline
>shitty firearm
>mediocre coord that doesn't match firearm

I'm not even that into guns but this is seriously underwhelming. Would kill for some military lolita coordinates with bolt action rifles though.

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Not as frequently. Even cake pop girl doesn't post as much. Though her efame attempt is funny because she doesn't have the goods to back it up. Blind leading the blind.

I guess I'm just disappointed that COF is so easily exploitable for efame. Post to your Instagram, do what you want. But when someone is posting so much all the time to a public group, it reeks of needing attention. Miss me with that shit.

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Ok, but why do you even care who wants to be efamous. It's not like it affects you. I don't post often either, but you seem disproportionately bothered.

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Holy shit. People who wear lolita a lot post a lot of coords. You're one salty jealous bitch.

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I hope these pretty girls will keep posting on cof as frequently as they can so your salty ass will be mad 24/7.

>> No.9844685

I'm entitled to my opinion that it's stupid. Still not sure what makes me jealous but since you don't know me you're just pulling at straws. Have fun trying to get efame I guess.

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Lol, wk harder

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you can insult people who get more attention than you or insult the people who willingly give them said attention, it doesn't remove the fact that you're a salty cunt and your little rant is incredibly pathetic
I'm not a fan of either of them, some coords I like some I don't, but your jealous howling is embarrassing to look at

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Can you read? I said I don't post often. Also being entitled to an opinion doesn't make your opinion immune to criticism. I'm sorry nobody agreed with you, but speaking as someone who used to hate on efamous girls for fun, life gets a lot easier once you stop giving a shit about what other people in your obscure niche hobby are up to.

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I could satisfy this. Too bad I'm ugly

>> No.9844707

I agree, but at the same time, who cares. Don't let it bother you anon, they eventually run out of steam.

>> No.9844709

The first thing I checked was trigger discipline and yep. even if this was the best coord in the history of lolita, she's still be an ugly, retarded piece of shit ita for this alone

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O like this, but I hate the legwear. She should have worn some white otks or something

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same anon, same. QQ

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>see pic
>want to reeee about trigger discipline
>3 gulls got there first

I love you guys

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This is still really bad but at least it’s not as bad as her other “ouji” coords

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>I'm just disappointed that COF is so easily exploitable for efame
It's not though? COF posts come directly here and people talk shit

>> No.9844828


How the fuck is posting to one public website different from posting to another public website.

You're an idiot.

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I'm more put off by the comment about wanting to smack her because of the trigger discipline. Who says that as a joke to a stranger? My middle school aged relatives talk like that with their friends.

>> No.9844842

Trigger discipline isn't a fucking joke anon, she does deserve to get smacked for that.

>> No.9844847

It's a meme, but it's also a big deal.
Yeah yeah, real gun or not, but say you were in that room with her poor trigger discipline.
You don't know it's fake unless you inspect it yourself.
An AR15 built a certain way feels like it's a nerf gun, like, super light and plasticy, so she wouldn't even know it was real or not having it in her hand.
Every gun, real or fake, ought to be treated like a real loaded firearm for the benefit of everyone else, not just the one holding the gun (outstanding circumstances aside)
So, that means.. keep your booger hook off the bam stick, no barrel sweeps, no dry firing, no being a dick basically.

Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow very infamously died during filming because a live round found its way into a bunch of blanks and he was shot, bled out before anyone could do anything about it, by an extra with a 'fake' gun.

Even in the best of cases with the best intentions people get hurt, so why make people unnecessarily uncomfortable if you don't have to?

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This is the only time I have ever wished 4chan had upvote buttons. Well said.

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you said it well, anon. at this point I'm sick of feeling secondhand shame from seeing her gross pics and just want her to buy a single dress that actually fits her.

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I'm with you, anon. I find it incredibly annoying too. I usually just end up blocking those people after a few posts.

>> No.9844912

I am supportive of this incredibly supportive anon,

>> No.9844919

Lol I doubt you look good.

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Sure... Cause there couldn't possibly be other people annoyed by the efame thirst in this fashion.

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I've been bamboozled again

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How was the fashion show?

>> No.9844955

This is cute but why censor the hands? Was she flipping the camera off or something?

>> No.9844975

Probably holding something unkawaii or they just looked awkward in an already awkward picture.

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What's the best time to post to cof to maximize likes and comments? During the day or later at night?

>> No.9844988

Around 8am PST, everyone who's on COF is active, and everyone in PST time will be soon. On a weekday aim to hit the lunch hour when the working stiffs will be phone in face on their break.

>> No.9844991

Lmao whoops wrong thread sorry guys.

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Is this actually AP or a bad replica? It looks like a sad plastic bag here

>> No.9845047

It's gotta be legit, just wrinkled to all hell, plus her coord looks like she blew all her money on the main piece

>> No.9845056

Thank you!

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It's probably because of the 90s platform sandals? I really love that kind of shoes, and yearn to see a good old school coordinate incorporating those

>> No.9845200

What's her name?

>> No.9845211

You sound like a retard. It's not that serious.

>> No.9845227

Spoken like a true noguns.

>> No.9845238

You're not unique here.
See >>9844847
You don't have to be a fuckin fud about it.

>> No.9845264

I'm not American

>> No.9845274

bolt action you say? I'll see if I can make it happen, but I'm not near the gun at the moment and my main military coord is like 4/10 at the moment

thank you for being a reasonable person and explaining why this is important but also not being an utter tit about it

>> No.9845564

Black people look kind of cool in white tights

>> No.9845980

Okay, so, spoken like a true noguns.

Of course you wouldn’t care about basic safety protocol of something you don’t own/use.

>> No.9845982

I don’t know why but this coord gives me a sensation of being deeply unsettled. Like I don’t know why but I’m so uncomfortable looking at it. And I feel guilty for saying but it’s true. Can’t shake the heebeegeebees.

>> No.9846012

This is bait.

>> No.9846143

Not that anon, but it most certainly is not bait. Gun safety is never a joke/bait

>> No.9846253

looking at this makes my chest hurt.

>> No.9846309

Can anyone plz dump?

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my two cents: post coords to CoF, even if you wear as much as two different coords everyday. I love seeing people wear the fashion and a lot of people only post every few days, instead of the allowable twice a day. come on now. it's a great way to share with other lolitas all at once and inspire and further motivate people to wear and experiment. Unless you're not making an effort like floordinate brolita or taking-my-son-to-school lady, post your coords happily and freely.

this fits okay but desp needs steaming.
I don't think the straw hat was incorporated well enough and the bag is so random. needs more than pink hair to balance bag. I really like the legwear and shoe choice. this would be wonderful with more thoughtful headwear that better matched. I'm proud of her for this progress though!

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Wow I'm losing it today. Sorry for the repeat.

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She looks a billion times better without the pink, I didn’t even recognise her

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She's very cute, I love her hair, but this doesn't look right, fit-wise. The skirt looks awkward too, like the petti she's wearing is too poofy for it.

>> No.9846502

So glad I ended up backing out on the pre-order of this. It looks even more cheap in this picture than before

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that coord is a hot mess

i don't even like the hat. there's too much going on

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Absolutely ridiculous, I love this. A rococo-style pair of shoes would have finished this off nicely, but it's still very good.

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this is amazing.

can't tell if it's just the filter but her foundation doesn't match the rest of her body

>> No.9846537

Something is off about the shoes, maybe it’s the socks

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>> No.9846550


>> No.9846553

As hideous as the bag

>> No.9846558

Weird concept bad execution

>> No.9846560


I'm getting so triggered by the lipstick it's really hard for me to focus on the coordinate. I usually love her coords but the lipstick is way too much.

>> No.9846562

>>9846543 I like this a lot! Love the pairing of the coat with the JSK.

>>9846542 Shoehorned hot pink, normie striped shirt, messy hair all need to go. Makeup doesn't match the coord but it needs to be toned down and she needs to learn how to blend.

>>9846527 What's with the random chobit ears.

>>9846511 Jealous of her pompadour skills. My pompadour looked so sad when I tried to do it.

>>9846507 Aww I like this.

>>9846497 That hat makes me want to throw up.

>> No.9846563

...i love this

>> No.9846578

This coordinate really suits her well. I like it a lot compared to her other coordinates.

>> No.9846582

That fuckin hat is so tragic

This would be cute if the lips were normal but I guess she wanted to ride anzu's dick

>> No.9846589

Everything apart from the hat is lovely. I even like the cleavage in this - very rococo, but it doesn't read ero to me. The hat is just a bit too much.

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This is super cute, especially the blouse.

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>> No.9846629

tell me what's wrong and I'll try and fix it!

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>> No.9846633

What was the concept behind this coord?

>> No.9846634
File: 357 KB, 1440x1440, EF2995FC-A27C-4770-B3ED-9F198C6E1322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9846635
File: 824 KB, 1500x1500, BB748FBD-2C2A-4477-B22E-B8D236FD9F66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9846637
File: 336 KB, 1200x1592, BA066ED6-CF1A-4CDE-AEFE-01B0B089C50D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9846641
File: 68 KB, 562x960, 324CF606-D719-437F-A54F-742E0484FD3A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9846644

>>>9846629 (You)
>What was the concept behind this coord?
Umm I wasn't sure how to coordinate the dress so I just took the safe route and went with the obvious religious themes I guess. Sorry there wasn't anything else besides that

>> No.9846645

They're sheep ears. The print has sheep.

>> No.9846646

This is cute but did she get her shoes like a size too big?

>> No.9846648
File: 417 KB, 1440x1440, E639E490-1628-4228-912F-EA1FB0FE0498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9846649

I think the question was more "why the head"

>> No.9846650
File: 234 KB, 910x910, A895B230-1F6A-4831-B2D9-CDFEEA384B31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9846653
File: 303 KB, 960x960, 6ADDF679-0A32-4B17-B3E7-B4913DB8034E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9846654
File: 120 KB, 750x937, 5E21C8ED-C2F5-455B-8716-10C5D9EA2050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9846655


I despise everything about this.

>> No.9846656
File: 248 KB, 601x1080, 7D920DCC-894B-429B-8380-EF28F849FD5F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9846657
File: 370 KB, 1440x1440, 08943EBB-555B-40B0-99C9-454447F7C6FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

End up dump

>> No.9846658

I wish more lolitas would learn to pose.
>lower chin
>position hands so they don't mess with petti shape
>stop slouching
>do literally anything else with legs

>> No.9846660

Oh! I just wanted to wear my fursuit too there's no deeper meaning. I was looking at vm Beth and thought it'd be cool to do I guess

>> No.9846662

absolutely lovely! I wish the shoes matched the coord though

>> No.9846665

I want to like this as a casual outfit but it really needs a petticoat and a good ironing. I have no idea why she posted it.

>> No.9846666


Beth's furhead doesn't look like an undergroomed OC.

>> No.9846667
File: 14 KB, 236x265, 1515268059169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Get out!

>> No.9846668

hate the gloves because that lace is so cheap but I adore the wig styling and the make up! I wish the lowermost rose clip was smaller in her hair because it's a little blockish the way the accessories are positioned.
nice romantic gothic coord overall!

>> No.9846671

anon not trying to rag on you for being a furry like everybody else, but please consider saving up for a nicer suit instead of buying brand.

>> No.9846673

>Beth's furhead doesn't look like an undergroomed OC.

I mean you're right but i think just because the heads garbo doesn't stop it from being inspired

>anon not trying to rag on you for being a furry like everybody else, but please consider saving up for a nicer suit instead of buying brand.

thank you for that, btw I think it's cool when people are accepting but I also think it's ok to not accept things too! actually I have enough for something that isn't dogshit but none of the big dick costume makers are ever open. I've been thinking about making my own but it'd look even worse but ik we all start somewhere, so

>> No.9846674

I think that's the main issue. The head doesn't add much to the coord. Instead, it draws attention away from the items that actually contribute. Everything else about the coord is fine.
Also, you might want to consider adjusting the chain on the veil if you want to keep wearing it with your fursuit. Currently, it looks very stretched out and sits weirdly.
I don't know anything about fursuit quality so I'll leave that to another anon.
It might look nice with https://lolibrary.org/items/j-et-j-ambition-jsk ? I could see you doing sort of a Japanese mythology theme.

>> No.9846677

this is the 2nd coord with that horrible taobao dress. why are people buying it?!? the construction is tragic.
she's gotta get more layers under the skirt to give structure to the underskirt.
she really looks great here!the black toe of the shoes bothers me but that's a nit. lovely classic!!
...interesting. I don't quite like this blouse here, as the jsk neckline is obscuring that of the blouse. her makeup is flawless, I just don't get the lip. It'd be cool if there were other off elements to the coord. I'm getting some screwy Vierge Vampur vibes, which I really, really like...it's just the lips are quite shocking when there's nothing else bizarre to balance.
She's gotta come up with a fully realized concept next time.
I think she was spot on with this outfit for Betsey, but it's really lacking jewelry-wise. one of her gold multi-pendant necklaces would have done the trick. Really needs better poof and at least one hair accessory to be lolita though.

>> No.9846679

I feel like I'd like this more without the bonnet, but still with the other hair accessories piled high like that.

>> No.9846683

what a cutie! the bag doesn't match, which irks me. I need more poof too.

>> No.9846688

the cheap flowers ruined this.

>> No.9846689

mfw I thought this was Myrreli

>> No.9846690

Thank you very much! I'm used to the head so I didn't think it'd be too much of an issue but I realized it had the opposite effect. I think I'll focus on searching for a better fursuit maker before I attempt to wear Lolita with it again, I think it'll be easier once it looks the way I want it too! Also I unironically like this jsk is that ok

>> No.9846695

makeup needs to be lighter: browns and pinks. a little inner corner shimmer to brighten her eyes.
the coord looks good! the golds are all the same tone and the skirt shape is solid. well done, just needs makeup to match the coord.

>> No.9846698

what a mess.
she didn't even try to make this lolita.

>> No.9846705

this is cute and gives me a nostalgic vibe

>> No.9846712

YES! and I love those shoes.
A+ from me all the way.
adore the way she layered the sweater and blouse. this is darling.
I'd love this without the waist ribbon. I'd attach charms to each of the waist loops to make them look less weird, and also fit more with the punk vibe. love her hair!! and the wristcuffs.
maybe lengthening the shoulder straps would improve the look of the waist. the farther the loops are from the bust the better probably.

>> No.9846715

not sure but it looks like she layered short pettis, which is causing a vertical imbalance of poof.
the hairstyle is bit too mature for this. I'd like to see her do something more sweet and symmetrical

>> No.9846718

boy do I hate the orangey tone of that necklace.clashes so hard with the cool pinks.
needs better headwear, which is a shame because this coord would otherwise be perfect!

>> No.9846722

love her! but I kind of wish she went for ankle booties to show more of the legwear.
that bodice fit is tragically unflattering

>> No.9846735

please learn how to quote.
comparing it to the quirky, pristine quality of the Beth ads does your coord no favors as it looks even worse next to it.
I think it'd be better without the furry elements. the stringy cheap wig hair in the back is bad.
lolita is a fashion and this just isn't cute to me at least. I'd love to see this coord on a person with a human face.

>> No.9846747

Your cat head is ugly. Get kawaii or get out.

>> No.9846751

top looks like she's trying to do some sort of oldschool, bottom half is just... what? no, I think she really fell short on this coord.

not lolita.

tha blouse has got to go. looks trashy with a dress.

I don't like the bag, but otherwise cute!

why no shoes?

definitely no on the socks/tights. and, not too fond of the way the belts are hanging in the front like that... light look better draping off to the side.

I usually love this girls coord, but this is a big no from me. I'm not really sure this style suits her too well, and I'm not fond of the hairbow/head accessories in this one. It's just off and feels unfinished.

>> No.9846753

she looks increasingly sad in every picture. I always feel really bad for her.

>> No.9846760

>please learn how to quote.
>comparing it to the quirky, pristine quality of the Beth ads does your coord no favors as it looks even worse next to it.
>I think it'd be better without the furry elements. the stringy cheap wig hair in the back is bad.
>lolita is a fashion and this just isn't cute to me at least. I'd love to see this coord on a person with a human face.

Sorry I'm trying to get used to this new omnichan app! I think you're right, I'd like to attempt this again when I get a better head. I'll figure it out. I wanted to do something different but I also agree about it looking better without. Thank you very much for the feedback!!

>> No.9846772

Glad im not the only one who noticed
Sauce on the op?

>> No.9846792

god her face is just so beautiful. i want her to step on me

>> No.9846798

Didn't she post a really similar coord with that same messy hair last week? Somebody get this girl a proper pair of socks please.

>> No.9846801

>Sauce on the op?
Angelic pretty Katrina

>> No.9846816

pretty sure it's the exact same picture

>> No.9846824

What's wrong with the hair? It's cute.

>> No.9846839

She's beautiful but AP sweet does not suit her at all

>> No.9846857


>> No.9846871

>no bracelets
>no rings
Y tho

>> No.9846921


>> No.9846931

if you want your forehead showing, you can cut straight bangs but brush the bangs to one side. I think the uncut bangs work in this wig, but they don't work with her usual wigs.

>> No.9846938

I loved this and how unconventional it feels. It's obviously sweet, not classical sweet or anything in between, but has the elegant and clean look that a lot of classical lolitas want to achieve.

>> No.9846943

Loved this, specially for the mouth makeup.
Even if more bizarre elements would tie it better I wouldn't even bat an eye at this coord if it wasn't for the makeup that's pretty well done and beautiful.

Let people experiment, this is alt fashion.

>> No.9846952

Why? It's a staged picture anon, she has full control of her expressions, so she's probably just got Resting Sad Face. I've got it too.

>> No.9846953

I have a feeling that it's how she's posing and the backdrop that are giving off that vibe. It's a nice coord but if she was in a different location and posing in a typical sweet way, the look would be different.

>> No.9847075

probably just the makeup.

>> No.9847102

she looks better not in pink

>> No.9847103

Katrina noooo

>> No.9847112


There's bald patches and stray hair everywhere. I usually like natural hair but hers is so thin and flat she might actually do better with a wig.

>> No.9847117

Plopping on a wig from the bag without fixing the bangs is one thing. Side-swept bangs are another thing and not the same as having straight bangs brushed to one side either.

>> No.9847127

She looks uncomfortable.

>> No.9847146

I would be, too, if my clothes were too small for me.

>> No.9847149

That's a bit harsh anon it must be tough to have thin hair. If she curled it before plaiting it it could look more voluminous. Some side bangs would look really cute on her too.

>> No.9847216

>Bald patches
jfc anon go outside. Most people's hair are not opaque like a wig.

>> No.9847217

you still need to cut your bangs even if you want them side swept or curled

>> No.9847220

You've seen her bangs, right? They usually very much look like she didn't cut them at all. Not sure of your point

>> No.9847320

If I looked this bad I wouldn't even bother posting

>> No.9847323

Most people also don't have balding patches? I feel bad for you if you think having thinning hair is normal. Maybe it is for you, poor thing.

>> No.9847337

Nayrt, but she doesn't have balding patches? It's just where her hair is parted. Wow anon.

>> No.9847350

I really like this. I love that she matched her legs to her purse. It's the best i
I've seen her look so far. Though I dont like the shoes they're just off somehow.

>> No.9847362

WTF is going on with her petticoat?? Good coord otherwise.

>> No.9847369

Looks like she might explode any second

>> No.9847376

Bad examples to support your point. The only thing annoying about the first girl are her wigs, otherwise her coords are great and not samey. Second girl's face looks fine. If you want to know what a horse face is look up Sarah Jessica Parker.

>> No.9847389

Don't fucking fix a damn thing! My gothic loving ass loves this!

>> No.9847424

What dress is this? Does anyone know?

>> No.9847429

Mercator Antique Shop by AP

>> No.9847431

>>9846605 I love this coordinate, but it looks like she doesn't have a neck. I would photograph it better.

>>9846635 Honestly, I don't really mind her hair opposed to what others are saying. Because style wise, look at Mana. Color wise maybe. But style wise I don't mind it.

>> No.9847432

>Mercator Antique Shop by AP


>> No.9847433
File: 122 KB, 854x960, 30582072_595518100800209_6999989689599918080_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

CoF has gotten really active lately.

>> No.9847435
File: 77 KB, 768x960, 30411903_627812697555645_1121748936915156992_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847437
File: 212 KB, 960x960, 30624270_1982548585395345_6740731483494809600_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9847438
File: 93 KB, 850x960, 30441833_2175827779303751_1279894198304112640_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847440
File: 147 KB, 960x960, 30443522_10211879842728080_6192313769945696280_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


my last photo is with the lolita with an apron and strawberry, black dot JSK from ETC. anything above that coord, you can post

>> No.9847442
File: 150 KB, 768x960, 30411886_1700664803313210_2119484356765417472_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847445
File: 104 KB, 960x960, 30415042_2006297332955802_872337087941598358_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847446
File: 98 KB, 718x960, 30440864_10155417495512078_8208221877533933568_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847447
File: 111 KB, 960x630, 30530819_2347096225307901_1058484679959756780_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847449
File: 151 KB, 960x960, 30265333_1922938871112901_6809883493502287872_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847450
File: 90 KB, 640x960, 30515570_10210224492523132_8132283621630279680_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847451

>>9847433 would opt for some plain colored socks, that aren't poka dotty.

>>9847438 Cute! She's adorable

>>9847442 Take off your coat for 2 seconds and take a damn picture.

>>9847445 I don't like the sweet hair style with the classic dress.

>> No.9847452
File: 115 KB, 768x960, 30443357_1040289439470155_4332061154714058752_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847454
File: 133 KB, 960x765, 30415505_1246513445481130_1353222686049828864_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847456
File: 76 KB, 469x663, 30581293_1515513405237737_1746875627382358315_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847457
File: 129 KB, 940x788, 30412460_10211280187311440_5263157713130487808_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847458
File: 150 KB, 613x960, 30414555_135437687299630_7112217296713547776_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847459
File: 168 KB, 960x932, 30530947_10215605240594568_5508255837262446592_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok done

>> No.9847461

A clusterfuck

>> No.9847464

Honestly it wasn’t. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and the Queen’s Tea party. Her coord had tea cups and tea pots in the accessories. It was busy, I felt she kept it consistent because that dress would look off balance without details in the accessories.

>> No.9847470

This chick has been dating her long distance girlfriend for five years but hasn't seen her in four? Is it really a relationship at that point? Or does her gf live on a different continent?

>> No.9847471

This coord is a mess, and the post that went with it might just be the most pretentious thing I’ve read on CoF. What an eyesore.

>> No.9847480

Anons, her dresses have pronouns ok?!
Also pls contact her about her future jewelery line and she might make something special just for you.

>> No.9847483

What a useless post. The coord itself can barely be seen and she looks like an old granny. Also, could she not have picked one of the dozen colours actually in the dress rather than shoehorning in that ugly green purse?

>> No.9847487

This whole thing is just too much and unflattering.
This is also just way too much. It’s disturbing. Her attitude. Everything.

>> No.9847488

She's the most pretentious and horrible person I've ever met. Hope she suffocates on all the ugly ruffles and burns in the deepest pits of hell.
How do you spend 4k$ on a coord and look like literal shit? Guess it at least reflects her tacky personality.

>> No.9847492

Did she delete her post? I suddenly can't find it.

>> No.9847495

people reported it because it broke CoF rules
no full coord shot and also a long ass novel to go with the post
both are rule violations

>> No.9847497

What did it say?

>> No.9847502

Well wasn't part of it a gift though (the main piece)? Did she really spend $4k on accessories?

>> No.9847505

Did anyone happen to get a screencap of what she wrote? I skipped over it and could use some laughs.

>> No.9847508

She was the owner of the last lolita/egl discord that she rage quit and deleted last year.
Coord is messy like her personality and server was.

>> No.9847510

I just closed out of the tab, I fucked up.

>> No.9847511

nah it's an enormous clusterfuck. her hair looks really stupid from the front (which is what most people will be looking at generally), the massive flamingo feathers take over her head (which is a fucking achievement) and make negative sense on there, the added flowers on the right (from our view) shoulder look super cheap and tacky, her neck is just covered in shit, the sash makes no fucking sense with the flowers, her gloves/glove bows just add to the heap of excessive shit she has on, the bag is shit and shoehorned in (and the dress already has about seven colours so that's another fucking achievement), the scepter again makes no sense, she's got a kumya somewhere in that trainwreck for some god awful reason and on top of that I can't even tell if it's the sash making it look off but the dress looks to fit her like complete shit, look at the bodice and top of the skirt. I'm mildly upset that she won (and that's not even *considering* her horrendous fucking personality) but I guess it makes sense since she clearly shelled out the most to btssb and brandwhores have to get rewarded for brand loyalty
if anyone wants to start an absolute fire in cof you're free to adapt this concrit as you please
and I don't even *not like* the dress

it was an essay about how the dress was a gift and how *happy* and *excited* she is to finally wear it and to win the contest and how her bridal seamstress was *so elated* to work on it and if you want to buy accessories from her you'd better get in line and behave nicely

>> No.9847514

Tbh this sounds like a massive vendetta. I sat with her in line waiting for something and she was nothing but super pleasant to me.

>> No.9847517

do you really think she would ruin her outward persona when she's so fucking thirsty for e-fame?
she treats everyone around her like servants and is an allround horrible person.
But whatever, no one has to trust anything people say on a korean basket weaving board.

>> No.9847520

She photographs rather old. I saw her at the convention and she looks much younger in person. Isn't she in her 30s though?

>> No.9847523

Even after I made it clear that I don't follow up with who and who isn't efamous, that I have no real social media, and that I didn't know who the fuck she was she was nice to me and talked about lolita with me for almost an hour. Please take your pathetic vendetta elsewhere.

>> No.9847524

I went to grab a screen shot of it because it was a novel and I can’t remember it all but now it’s gone.

>> No.9847541

I've never personally interacted with her off the internet but she was literally threatening to claw another girl's eyes out because she had a bad sales experience, I think she's the one holding vendettas if anything
also fuck off there's something like minimal 6 people calling her out here, it's not a vendetta she's literally just that bad

>> No.9847542

Who is this? Deets?

>> No.9847546

> she was literally threatening to claw another girl's eyes out because she had a bad sales experience

And I've told people to drink bleach because they made typos. Your point is?

>> No.9847550


>> No.9847551

What's funny is that the girl she threatened was AT the same convention (Cptnk8). I don't think that's too bad, though. She was rather hard to deal with in the old Discord. Typical SJW.

It's Goose/Glamgoose.

>> No.9847552

Vendetta or not, she had an entire discord where everyone could watch her be awful on a regular basis, it's not like it's far fetched a bunch of anons were probably there to witness it.
Shit, I'd be pleasant too if someone shelled out a shit ton of money for me to compete in a fashion show.

>> No.9847553

You sound like an edgy teenager.

She said that irl too though, not just online.

>> No.9847554

I don't think you said it off anon/in person, or made references to physically hurting the person months after the fact? I mean, if you have then you're also a pretty terrible person but that's irrelevant to the situation at hand
point is there are caps and deets out there if you bother to find them, but if you don't know any of the context behind the crazy maybe you shouldn't be trying to call vendettas

>> No.9847557

I'm looking at the archives and I can't find anything

>> No.9847560

Vendetta or not, I’m another anon here to say that she’s fucking nuts and treats people insanely bad, not a fan of her. However, that’s not something that needs to be in the CoF thread; critique her coord and maybe the dumb novel she wrote with it but these comments are already out of hand and OT.

>> No.9847561
File: 460 KB, 1466x1527, 1499621352598.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9847566

Lol wasn’t she paying like $5 per payment for 6+ months? I remember it being an extremely low payment amount for an extremely long time.

>> No.9847568

I talked to her a little bit about jewelry making and she was really nice. Honestly I wanted to hate her because her outfit was just so over the top. But, she was nothing but pleasant to talk to.

>> No.9847569 [DELETED] 
File: 287 KB, 1133x2015, 313053F8-13CC-434E-A603-E6F7EFBC17CF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry if I sound like a sjw but I still can’t get down with this

>> No.9847571

ergh I wish she got a full length photo because the colors and quality of the accessories look good so far. the bag is the wrong shade but it's gorgeous so I want to give it a pass.
It probably looked really good and I'm bummed she couldn't get a full coord shot

>> No.9847573

Someone else has some from what I've seen, she can easily use one of those and repost. It looked well received on COF, so she probably will?

>> No.9847574

>discord caps for June
>Please pay total by August 31
Holy fuck, was it a 50 dollar payment a month? How cheap can you get?

>> No.9847575

fuck I'm retarded and can't math, 100 dollars a month is still steep though for a popular 300 dollar dress

>> No.9847577

He looks better than I've seen in the past! I would have liked it best with black gloves, and some kind of pins/brooches to add more interest to the chest area

>> No.9847578

why that dusty pink cardi?
Nice! I love this

>> No.9847580

Great to see an actual guy in ouji for once. Agree with the other poster about a brooch.

>> No.9847581

those boots are so cute with the set. im jealous

>> No.9847582

my new bae

>> No.9847584

Lol at the people commenting on the post, not knowing about the set and acting upset. How new are you?

>> No.9847585

I personally don't give a shit about sjw feelings, it's great I love it and I wish I could justify getting it
I really hope she gets creative with it now, full sets do get kinda boring and I've not seen a lot of good alternate stylings for d. walkure

>> No.9847589

I also don't mind the set as long as you take it somewhere, like style it in a specific way.
It's gotta read goth or fetish, more fashion than costume. The boots were a great choice.
I have a hard time with the insignia on the hat, even though it's more on the generic side.
more jewelry and spikes or something. you've gotta do more with it to make sure it doesn't read as edgy cosplay

>> No.9847590

That hair is hideous

>> No.9847594 [DELETED] 

Why do people still care so much about a period that ended 73 years ago?

>> No.9847601 [DELETED] 

This isn't stuff from 1945

>> No.9847603

The insignia isn't on the generic side at all; a straight-wing eagle was 100% a Third Reich symbol. That being said, I still love the set. I want to see people actually be creative with it, though. It looks great all together, but it gets boring never seeing anything fun done with it. The only part I can't get behind is the insignia, but that's minor and can be adjusted.

>> No.9847606 [DELETED] 

Oh sorry. You didn't reply to anyone so I wasn't sure what the fuck you were on about.

>> No.9847608 [DELETED] 

All of this would've been fine if it wasn't for pol making it cool and edgy to be a nazi again and then the stupid sjw encouraging the use of the word nazi which is what they wanted.

>> No.9847621

I agree. I took the buns down later in the day. Wasn't feeling it.

>> No.9847625 [DELETED] 

new thread >>9847599

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it's a stylised swan though, it's done up to look like the eagle for the shock value but there are no actual nazi symbols on the thing
I have a Soviet cap to wear with my military coords despite despising the Soviets with my entire soul (and to reflect that it's a stripped hat, there's no insignias or cockades on it), you can wear things without supporting what they stood for

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Lol it’s not a swan at all. I agree with the ability to wear something without believing in the meaning behind it, but let’s not kid outselves here...

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I love her usual otome/mori-inspired stuff but this one's nagl desu

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>you can wear things without supporting what they stood for
but why would you want to make yourself look like someone who does support it?

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WOW I see it now.. fuck, that Meta "M" sure looks like something a nazi would wear. Crossing this piece of shit dress off my dream dress list NOW. thanks for the heads up anon.

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She posted the same spiel on her instagram @ glamgoose

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The post got re-upload because she bitched to the mods.

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Dress, OTK, Shoes, phone pouchette: BTSSB
Wristcuffs: AP
Gloves: vintage
Hat: designed by me, made by a millinery artist
Jewelry & accessories: handmade by myself
After years of dreaming, months of planning, weeks of preparation, and a few last nights late at the jewellery table...I finally got to wear my Scarlet Primavera Waltz for the Tekko 2018 tea party with Baby! Though I worked hard on all my accessories, I was still shocked to actually win! Everyone was so nice and lovely.
It was a special day for me to wear my dress. It was a gift from my long-distance girfriend of nearly five years, who I not been able to see in four years, and the day I wore it marked one week until I go up to her hometown to help her move out of her state and into my city. I wish she was there, but she was packing up to get ready. Still I thought of her and how this beautiful dress is so lovely, though her love is even more beautiful. It has taken so long but our romance has blossomed like the flowers on Scarlet. Hopefully she will be there the next opportunity I have to wear this dress at such an event.

Sorry for being a sap, but I just can’t help but share the story behind this dress!

She (the dress) was tailored by my talent seamstress, Marie, who has been in the bridal industry for decades and felt such an opportunity to go back to her origins with this gown. She has worked on many of my dresses, but I never saw her glow as she did when she worked on this one. Scarlet had her shoulders dropped so she would sit lower on my body, shoulder room added, bridal corset lacing so she wouldn’t be baggy in some places or too tight in other, and now she has pockets!

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I’m so thankful to only each person who told me their glowing thoughts, but those who took the time to listen to me point out with pride my creations. The jewellery features grade A glass pearly, Swarovski crystals, porcelain miniature tea sets, real touch and silk flowers, and a lot of delicacy. These were my first real floral arrangements and I found I loved them!


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Who's this girl? Anywhere where I can follow her?

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HAHA fucking w o w
I checked out the post of CoF and noticed she posted her instagram... okay lets check it out

The name includes the word "goose' and her instabio says she likes transformers... is this the same autistic bitch that was running one of the EGL/CGL discords? She got so buttmad when a girl declined to sell her honeycake after she insanely lowballed her. The whole thing was a huge mess there. That as well as she would take ZERO critism on the channel itself and had 10 million sub-channels for chat. It was impossible to carry a natural conversation because she would chimp out at you for not using one of the niche channels

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ATrueElsewhere coming out of anon lurking here. It's true, she tanked that server and she was very rules-oriented. Foolishly I believed she was a true friend of mine and cared about me, so I followed her. I didn't like to see her hurt.

But recently she's been rude and uncaring towards me, and after this post I finally see her true colors. I don't care who calls me out on all this.

Everyone on that old server: I'm so sorry. I thought I was trying to do good, to do right by a person who appeared to be suffering in their life. Now I see I was mistaken. I'm sorry.

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