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Hey /cgl/, I was curious if anyone here dresses in Lolita attire. I got back from Anime Matsuri and I saw a lot of people dressed in Lolita and I even got a photo w/ a designer (not pic). I've been putting a lot of thought into learning about how to make a Lolita dress, any tips?

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please remember to sage if you have to reply

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>any tips?

lurk moar


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No, I've never even heard of lolita, I thought that was a book. This is actually a board for seafaring bird enthusiasts.

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No one wears lolita anymore. We all wear post-lolita now.

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>seafaring bird enthusiasts

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All real lolita dresses are built upon one "starter" dress you purchase direct from Mana-sama himself. If you want to wear something different, you have to culture the dress near something related to what you'd like the print to take on. EX: candies and diapers for sweet, teacups and social security checks for classic, bats and black people for gothic, etc. It can take months for the print to appear. This isn't an undertaking for the faint of heart. I highly suggest you explore gyaru, a much more friendly and welcoming fashion subculture, instead.

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I love you anon

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There's a good lolita shop in Houston called 'Shop in Wonderland'. You can buy your lolita clothes there.

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I heard of this one store called bodyline, but it’s so expensive. The lace dresses are my favorites though

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If you like lace, try Milanoo? They've gotten better; all the negative reviews are from years ago.

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