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Old thread >>9831931

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First for Team Chocolate

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has APUS announced doing a MTO for sweetie violet?

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Disney x lolita fashion sounds like a match made in heaven but almost all official brand collabs have been hideous.

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Honestly all I want is for there to be a way to know about meets without having to use Facebook. I don't need many people to join my new comm, just enough to organise meets.

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It’s better to just get Facebook and use it exclusively for lolita stuff. If you’re joining a preexisting come through proxy (ie someone sends you the info) what happens if they forget to tell you a meet has been cancelled, or location change? People use Facebook because it’s easy.

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Does anyone have more detail pictures of this print? Especially the bears. I know they posted some on their twitter but I can't find them anymore

I don't want to use Facebook at all for anything

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This is absolutely hideous

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AP did an April Fools


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No one actually wants to use facebook but finding an alternative that people will migrate to and then continue to use has been nearly impossible. I don't know what your hangup is (privacy maybe?) but if you're wanting to organize a comm at this time its facebook or bust.

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Idc I just want to know about meets without Facebook. You can't convince me.

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There's always mastodon. It's kind of like twitter facebook and email combined.

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Mastodon is fucking great. It's the only social media platform I actual use daily.

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are you from my comm? we've been trying to do just this, literally none of us use it for anything but lolita anymore and we all want to leave but we can't get off

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Nobody has tried it in my comm as far as I'm aware. But it wouldn't be unusual for people in my comm to keep things secret lol.

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It looks like something Meta would do but AP? I like Meta better though but this is just not my cup of tea.
Also Team Peep reporting. I'm here in peace and respect all of the other teams equally

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Got a giggle out of me, then again my sense of humor is garbage.

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>I don't want to use Facebook at all for anything
This. It's pretty sad how far away from humanity I got once I stopped using it too. I feel like I might as well not even go to meet ups.

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Different color way but here’s some pics of my jsk.

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wow that's super cute, Anon ;;

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I think the pics are pretty big so I’ll just add another one!

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I actually laughed at it.
Imagine typical manly themes instead of cutesy stuff. Guns,meat,beer,bears,... but kawaiified

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I know. Let’s talk about this little detail here haha

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This is the only thing I don’t like about the dress. English is not my first language but I think “especialy” is wrong...

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What print is this?

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are there lolita groups on there yet? what are they?

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None that I know of but most instances are Japanese. I just hang out at Noagendasocial but would gladly join a lolita instance too (or federate with a lolita instance).

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Château de Nounours ~Angel's Secret Winery~ by aatp

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r u new. do you not know about ap's collabs like with OP and monsters inc that also have this flavor to them?

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it seems like a very small platform - not sure it's gonna take off. What was the point of bringing this up if there's not any lolita stuff on there already?? Just a place to migrate to maybe?

I made an account and searched for lolita fashion but it showed me stuff from twitter.

Seems like just a source to view feeds. I was hoping for a different kind of social media platform all together.

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It's perfect, right up there with Bampire.

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This is so cute

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I would totally wear a dress with all of those things on it

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Reddit, mostly. r/worldnews seems to be keeping track of every move FB makes.

The really depressing part is that FB also owns whatsapp and insta, and most of my friends are now on that instead of FB…. but you know if FB goes up in flames they’ll just transfer the algo and make insta as much of a shitty mess as FB was before.


lol anon. My comm had a couple of organisers who planned meetups with posts instead of events. And FB didn’t show them to me. So I was missing meetups on FB anyway.

To answer your question, it’s friends who still have FB who keep me in the loop, but one of the other organisers also started making public meets. I still need to whatsapp/email them to tell them I’d like to come, but at least I don’t have to log in to view the details. Sadly if I have to organise a meetup I’d probably have to go through someone else with facebook. I’m probably still missing meetups, but I already was before anyhow, so it’s not much worse than before.

If meetups were the sole reason for people to stay on FB, I wonder if we’d have more luck with some tools like doodle.com or agreeadate.

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Insta is already ruined if you used it for lolita updates

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Not for updates, no, but I'm seeing friends use it like FB ver 2.0. And it's basically that, FB ver 2.0. So if the privacy thing about FB selling all your data to CA and then CA using it to influence people to vote Trump into office was the thing that bothered you about FB, you should probably bail on insta now as well.

For lolitaupdates, someone in the previous thread said to follow the brands directly on twitter, which is what I'm doing. For chinese brands, lolita wardrobe on tumblr posts updates, shellolita.com is also posting as much chinese lolita as possible, but the site admin seems to be having trouble keeping updates going.

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Insta doesn't share fake news on the level facebook does

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Don't promote your sales here

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going to attempt to make my own fancy half bonnet from scratch.
It's going to take a while because I'm an amateur and I hand sew because no machine (no idea how to use one yet anyhow), but I'm excited to jump into this project and see how far my cleverness gets me in this challenge.

Maybe this'll spur me to take sewing classes this summer! anyway, wish me luck gulls

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I'd dump fb in an instant if my hobby groups weren't chained to it. Sigh.

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I fucking hate all these April Fool's coords.

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>Inb4 newfag

It isn't funny anymore

Ita dress up threads were funny. April fool's used to be funny, but the coords the past couple years weren't that funny. This year especially, haven't even seen more than two. And the coords themselves reveal more about the person who has those items to begin with

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Same. I don't think my comm has any plans of migrating to another site/app anytime soon but I wish they would..

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How accurate are Innocent World's bust measurements for their corset series? Max bust if I were to get an L is 94cm, but I'm currently at 97cm. Currently losing weight, but my family is full of tit monsters so I don't know how small they're going to be in the end.
>pic related

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lol it's one day a year chilll we have to deal with actual bad coords all year round

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chocolate plz

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>What is fun

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Maybe a stupid question but does anyone use twitter as a coord sharing platform? You can post pics, right?

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While I'm unsure about IW's underbust measurements, I'd advise you to be careful because IW isn't exactly forgiving for larger busts, generally speaking. Even if this does "fit", it has potential to be very unflattering and possibly make you look like a bar wench.

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Sure you can post pics, Japanese lolita do this quite often from what I've seen. If you tag the brand you're wearing, the brands can notice you too.

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I have a friend who buys the corset jsks when their regular jsk/ops are sold out. I think she's like ~95cm bust, but IW jsks used to be ~90cm busts, so kind of similar to your difference.

She uses a sports bra to squish up her bust. Up, not down or side, so the bust gets lifted to the opening. Then covers up the mess with a bolero. I'm not gonna lie, without the bolero the boob squish did look pretty bad. With the bolero it looks all right though.

The other thing to be careful is with the torso length. I have a longer torso, so even though my bust is smaller by an inch, the corset dresses generally look a lot worse on me because the underbust portion hits me at my bust area even with a lifting bra.

I think if you're average height (if other dresses' waists generally hit you in the right place) it's okay to wear them but you'd probably need to cover up with a bolero. Hope that helps.

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>Bidders: 0

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The shoe thread is dead, so I hope it's okay to post here. I'm trying to find boots similar to VM's short boots in brown-- can you gulls give me some suggestions for similar shoes?

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I'm not sure how I feel about this collab

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Oh Meta. To be fair, unlike other collabs I've seen, the actual piece is pretty accurate and doesn't look too bad, though the design itself isn't really to my personal taste.
Is there a reason you're not sure what to feel about it? I don't know anything about this game.

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anyone have this blouse? >>9838985

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Meta quite regularly makes the weirdest collabs of things I've never heard of. I just assume they have a big enough fanbase in Japan that these things sell pretty well.

This would look better if the blue pieces were an inch wider and two inches longer at the ends though.

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They could've made so many cute outfits for this collab but they ended up with this?

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I'd be ok with reviving my twitter... hmm

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I know what you mean. I wish it was something cuter but at the same time Im not surprised. Since both lolita and love nikki are popular in China, I'm sure they are hugely pandering to their Chinese audience.

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that's the beige colorway

>> No.9839275

I'm pretty sure ap usa isn't getting it

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Ugh I wanted this but the size of the grapes in comparison to the bears just makes them look more like mice to me.

>> No.9839375

I always thought they were mice desu

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*desu not desu. Damn

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I know we sometimes have blog threads but the last one died with like 5 posts in it.
So does anyone actually read blogs anymore? Who are some of your favorite bloggers? What kinds of posts do you enjoy seeing on blogs? How would you feel about a blog that combined normie fashion and lolita?

>pic related was one of my favorite jp bloggers

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I have been dying for a Nikki collab and yes this is pretty underwhelming as far as Nikki design goes (and LN has some pretty cute actual Lolita dresses) but I am just fangirling bc I love LN/MN so much. And yes it's probably catering to Chinese Lolita

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This is probably every LN players dream collab dress

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I was going to ask this exact question the other day before the easter spam stuff happened. Sadly, I don't know of any current ones, which is why I had wanted to ask.

>> No.9839723

>Real leather:

>Pleather: (none of them look like the ones you posted)
Not open front boots:
Open fronted shoes:

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that is an abomination

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I used to follow lolita blogs both English and Japanese. Are there any still active?

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Does anyone get Japonica's emails like a day too late?

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So there was a Moitie fashion show at Sakuracon but did they actually show things that still have to be released?

>> No.9839849

is this the only dress they're doing? or who knows?

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Wow, thanks so much anon! You’re a star! I wish I could get the real leather ones, but my feet are way too small (size 4) I’ll go through the taobao links— hoping to find a pair that are more classic than sweet

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There’s a white OP too

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I just want to see someone unironically coord this.

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I'm not sure about japanese ones, but I really like vanillabear and parfaitdoll is updating again. I also like sanakanin and I saw a cute lolita 101 series by a marshmallow-chan but I can't remember her name.

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AP did not do that. It is a shoop.

>> No.9840035

No it was all old shit like Moitie through the Ages kind of thing.

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The problem with Twitter is it's so transient, worst than IG in some ways.

>> No.9840072

Can anyone comment on how good Buyee is for Yahoo Auction? I want a skirt up on auction right now but I am hesitant because I've seen not-so-great reviews of Buyee for merch (but nothing for clothes).

>> No.9840104

I read old blogs I used to read as a beginner, when I have time, like F Yeah Lolita and Parfait Doll. Most of the time I don't mind going back to read the archives of a dead blog, I enjoy the nostalgia.
Going off of that, I like "nostalgic" sort of content: Opinion posts, reactions/opinions on lolita in the media, outfit shots (particularly if the poster's style is what's today considered "simple"), general musings about lolita as a fashion and subculture, etc.

>> No.9840106

Last time I requested a final invoice they told me they have many orders so things might be a bit delayed; that might be the reason in your case too.

>> No.9840108

Not to spout a meme at you but you should lurk more. Buyee is overpriced, you have much better options for shopping services out there.

>> No.9840302

I was going to use Buyee, but a kind anon reccomended ZenMarket instead and it’s a lot better. They only charge ¥300 per item for their commission, and you get to control your own bids. Good luck getting your skirt anon!

>> No.9840377

I really like Rolis Ramblings but that’s the only lolita blogger or vlogger I follow anymore aside from scarfingscarves.
I’d be keen for your blog.

>> No.9840381

I want to start wearing lolita more often, but in a very casual way. I’m looking for inspo, any ideas?
I have a classic/sweet wardrobe.

>> No.9840387

Get some cutsews and cardigans. You can layer a cardigan over a JSK without a blouse if you're really lazy. Instead of larger headbows, consider simpler hairclips or cute hair scrunchies/hair ties. Stick to one statement accessory (a pin, a large ring, a bracelet).

>> No.9840440

The reason I didn’t get it is because I don’t like teddy bears on dresses. If they were mice this would be my dream print. Damn it, Baby!

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>> No.9840451

>telling someone to lurk more when you don't know that buyee can be practically free at times

>> No.9840478

On a similar note, any YT channels that focus on lifestyle? Not the kawaii kind, but more of a classic/victorian/edwardian/fairytale/whatever dusty and lacey aesthetic name. Not necesarly lolita, more along the lines of historical.

>> No.9840506

thanks dwight

>> No.9840526

Definitely cutsews! They make wearing skirts so much easier and more casual, especially if you pair the skirt.and cutsew combo with simple tights or ankle socks, flat shoes, basic hair with small accessories and like >>9840387 said, maybe just one noticeable accessory. Basically, you just need to WEAR it.

>> No.9840547

Zenmarket looks great. Thanks, anon!

>> No.9840548

I’d love a blog combining lolita and normie fashion so long as the normie fashion is still feminine/elegant/cute, just in a way more appropriate for daily adult life. I recently graduated and started a career and I’ve been struggling with finding a work-appropriate style that I feel comfortable in. So many normie fashion blogs are depressingly basic, boring and trend-oriented.

>> No.9840574

Another zenmarket fan here, trust me you won't regret using them.
I have used buyee, fj and zenmarket, japonica, kairai (also a great bu more personal service) and zen is my favourite.
Super easy to use and since I've been using them I didn't have to pay a dime to greedy customs in my country.
Like tenso (forwarder service), they let you adjust the total value of your package.
Something buyee won't let you do (in their defense, it's illegal in Japan to lie about the value).
FJ lets you do this too, but their system is super confusing and they are not as cheap as ZM.

>> No.9840577

Anon, do you want some pictures of the navy colourway as well? Happy to take photos of my dress.

>> No.9840614

Thank you, anon! It is very reassuring to hear from someone who had tried those other options I was considering. I am probably going to use zenmarket for the skirt I wanted, but I might get another skirt along with it. I appreciate the help.

>> No.9840618

Assume it will take 2 days to buy something through zenmarket, just so you won't get disappointed

>> No.9840621

This is nicer, but still awkwardly pandering to the Chinese Market. I do think Meta does the best collab pieces in general though, they actually look wearable and not excessively anime.

>> No.9840623

Thank you for the heads up!

>> No.9840680

I’ve tried to use zenmarket for y!auctions and sellers would always deny them because they know they’re a shopping service. How are you able to purchase things through them? Am I not including something when I add my links?

>> No.9840685

I've never had a problem with this, and I've bought through Zenmarket a few times now. Maybe you've just had an unlucky string of sellers?

>> No.9840691

Townsends is a historical reenactment channel that focuses on colonial America. They mostly do cooking videos but they're pretty interesting and in the vein of what you're looking for.

There's another channel I found for a woman that likes to wear period clothing and demonstrates how to put things on but I'm not subbed and I can't remember the name though. The YouTube algorithm works to push more content like that to you once you watch a few vids though.

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File: 3.65 MB, 3264x2448, 20180403_165633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw just noticed damage on my favorite dress

I really have no idea when and how it happened. I also spotted smaller lines similar to this at other places of the dress.

I feel so fucking terrible.

>> No.9840702

Other anons might be of more help but that looks more like the print wearing away because it was surface printed. I think someone posted some images of something similar happening to some of their dresses ages ago, let me go looking. I'm not sure you did anything other than just wear it anon.

What dress is it?

>> No.9840706

It's AP dreamy planetarium jsk (not the sack one). It's one of those dresses where the print is on a thin layer of fabric over a sturdier one.
I really don't understand since this damage is right on the front. It's not like it would be on the back where it could have happen when sitting somewhere.
I always handwash it.

I just don't understand.

>> No.9840709

It's Dreamy Planetarium, and anon's talking about the slight pulls in the fabric. Unfortunately that shit happens to chiffon. Did you machine wash it?

>> No.9840710

It looks like the fabric had been stretched apart

>> No.9840717

What makes you feel save when doing trades if there is no paypal involved?

>> No.9840720

Sweetie violet mto ends on 4/4 but does anyone know exactly when they stop taking orders online? At the end of the day on wednesday? Midnight here for my paycheck to clear is 5pm japan time on the same day. Is that too late?

>> No.9840733

Well thanks anyway anons. I just remember often slightly pulling the dress down to reajust it. Or that i live in a windy area. Idk, shit happens i guess and i'm more motivated than ever to wear oldschool.

>> No.9840771

The only safe trade is at special trade meets imo.
You can inspect the item in person too which is a bonus.
Otherwise, I'd personally avoid trading at all costs, just too much chance of getting scammed.

>> No.9840797

I've done several trades within Europe and a girl in my comm traded with someone from the US. If the person has positive sellers feedback, why would they try to scam you? I would contact their comm and all the sales groups I can think of with their real name and address.

>> No.9840804

Use tracking. Only trade with people who have positive feedback and are in a comm. Know their real name (they could take a picture of part of their ID/passport) and LM account. Add them on Facebook so if they scam you you can contact their grandparents and comm. Ask for pictures of the parcel with your address on it (actually, pictures should always be taken because it helps finding lost parcels).

>> No.9840816

Never played Love/Miracle Nikki but a quick Google search of the game shows me that there are much cuter and more practical dresses they could have picked from this series....

It's the same sense of disappointment I felt for the Cardcaptor Sakura x BTSSB collaboration.

>> No.9840863

chiffon doesn't stretch, anon, it just snags and tears.
those look like you snagged it somehow on something, because those are single threads that got basically bitten and pulled out. maybe rings or bracelets?
take a look at your garment bags for zipper issues when you wash, or check your closet/where you store it for what it could be rubbing on in there.
I'm so sorry. I hope that's where the damage stops for you and you can continue wearing your dress happily!

>> No.9840864

Nvm i think i found the cause of this damage. Since this dress has no zipper, i used to cluelessly pull it by the hemline when i undressed. I guess i got what i deserved to treat burando like regular clothes. Still mad tho

>> No.9840921

Honestly, that's bound to happen with a chiffon dress you normally wear - it's quite a delicate fabric so even if you're really careful it might snag on bags or jewellery like >>9840863 said. Don't worry about it too much anon, I know it's annoying but on the other hand, you're actually wearing and enjoying it not keeping it on a hanger like a museum piece.

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File: 138 KB, 800x1200, DZwGDuEU0AEZfbj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lolita is safe https://twitter.com/_lilchen/status/981264088423530496

>> No.9841123

Some people with good feedback turn bad later on, never heard of maikodollie or whatever her name was?

>> No.9841125

That rarely happens. Would you risk becoming the next maikodolly just for one dress?

>> No.9841132

That was absolutely not what I was expecting to see opening that link. What the fuck is wrong with the US?

>> No.9841139

there was another mass shooting in the US. this time at Youtube.

>> No.9841146

she's not a lolita, that's literally the only time she wore it

>> No.9841148
File: 194 KB, 900x1200, DTTsiQYVQAAPC8p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

her timeline refutes your post https://twitter.com/_lilchen/status/951645504428888064

>> No.9841152

Her coords are pretty shit

>> No.9841157

Seconding this. Don't they usually wait quite a long time after Japan to do the USA MTOs? Like a month or a few weeks?

>> No.9841159

No... Usually the week after.

>> No.9841161

I realize that, that wasn't what I was saying at all.

>> No.9841168 [DELETED] 

It's not a US issue, it's a people issue.
If you don't believe that, there are plenty of statistical analysis resources that would help you understand it.

>> No.9841170

It's still good she survived though

>> No.9841171

Nikki is a dressup game, so the dress was literally designed in collaboration between meta and the game. There are no excuses.

>> No.9841172 [DELETED] 

Funny, my country doesn't have casual shootings every fucking month, and I live in the middle east. Step it up.

>> No.9841187

I can't wait for the edgy response this is gonna get.

>> No.9841188 [DELETED] 

What is Sensationalism
I'm sure your country has plenty of murders, without knowing which one I can't compare the population density.
What people keep harping on is 'mass shooting this' 'mass shooting that'
Mass shooting is 4 people die to gun violence at one time, gang violence is not filtered out because the news likes to keep those numbers high.
More people get killed with hammers than guns.
The US has a shoddy media that blows every little thing out of proportion for ratings.
The US is also massive and has different crimes rates depending on how dense the population is.
If you compare a country like Finland to an area like Minnesota, where both have a population of over 5 million, Minnesota 'wins' with a lower crime rate overall. I could get specific, but I didn't dive that deep for this post.

What's interesting is US issues are global because of the same media that exaggerates how bad it is here, I'm sure that if other countries were not as strict on what their media is allowed to say (And your news outlets were as hungry for death as ours is) I'd be sitting here thinking 'Wow, I'd never want to live in a place like that' about all sorts of progressive first world countries on the other side of the pond.

>> No.9841190

But it is good that she survived, what

>> No.9841306

Aside from antaina can someone recommend Taobao shops that sell size 42 shoes?

>> No.9841437 [DELETED] 

Population density + 2nd amendment bullshit = lots more shooting. It's not surprising, but sad.

>> No.9841451

Though not all of their shoes go up that high.

>> No.9841459 [DELETED] 

Nayrt but USA has 4,8 murders per 100 000 people. That's a lot compared to most first world countries. For example, my country only has 1,60. I'm not in Middle East but it's not impossible anon's country has lower murder rates than USA.

>> No.9841473 [DELETED] 

>If you compare a country like Finland to an area like Minnesota, where both have a population of over 5 million, Minnesota 'wins' with a lower crime rate overall
To add, Minnesota had 101 murders in 2016 and Finland had 63 in 2016. I don't care if someone gets arrested smoking weed or crossing a road in red lights but I care if I'm murdered.

>> No.9841484 [DELETED] 

How many of those murders were committed by gang members and/or Somali immigrants? And how many of those had legal licenses to carry?

You have as much right to tell me, a law abiding citizen, not to own guns as you do to tell me to not to wear frilly dresses.

>> No.9841487 [DELETED] 

I didn't even mention anything about your right to carry or your gun laws in general. You just can't talk about murders and make a point about overall lower crime rate which hides the fact youe country is more violent than most first world countries. Sweden has a similar murder rate to Finland and I think we can all agree Sweden has svere problems with them. You can blame whatever you like of your high murder rates but the it won't change and the reason to it probably is much more complicated than immigrants. Gangs and drugs add to it no doubt but the question is why there are no gangs or multiple drug related murders in most European countries? Could it be your politics suck in one way or another?

>> No.9841490 [DELETED] 

>why there are no gangs or multiple drug related murders in most European countries?

Lol that was true maybe 10 years ago but not now. You have Merkel to thank for that.

>> No.9841509 [DELETED] 

>You have as much right to tell me, a law abiding citizen, not to own guns as you do to tell me to not to wear frilly dresses.
agreed. I really don't think it's okay to even suggest removing gun rights. that's an absurd and a horrible idea. the blackmarket will explode and everyone will be mowed down by illegal gun toters. what would we do in the event of an evil military state?
>some people use their hands to create works of art, or reasonably defend themselves when need be
>Some people are molesters and thieves
>let's remove everyone's hands at birth just to be safe guys!1!11

we should really look into making public areas safer and increasing education. not making it more difficult for people to buy basic firearms.
why can't we have lightweight metal detectors at the entrances of all large buildings and gathering spots? like, we have watchphones and things like Goog glass, but we don't have standard, non-obtrusive detectors built into front doors?

My bag gets checked at the movies to make sure I don't have any glass items, but we can't have smart metal detectors installed everywhere? guns are this terrifying taboo thing that you either grow up with experience with or never touch/see one in real life. if it's a right then I think all people should be required to learn gun safety and how to operate a firearm/disarm a psycho killer.

>> No.9841519

Anyone else put an order in for sweetie violet? I think it ends today!

>> No.9841687

Take it to /k/ or /pol/ . I literally come to /cgl/ to not hear about this debate

>> No.9841688
File: 138 KB, 720x843, 1506126754526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>impulse buy a dress off mercari
>instant regret because it matches nothing in my wardrobe, and I will never wear it
>seller flakes on sale
thank you lolita gods!

>> No.9841694
File: 475 KB, 595x842, pop(31).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9841698
File: 278 KB, 500x381, 1508913793599.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ugh I actually like the JSK but already committed to two other purchases this month.

>> No.9841700
File: 812 KB, 1500x1125, Hagane.Miku.full.178023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buy dress of mercari
>hear nothing for three weeks
>finally admit they "lost" the dress
>needed this dress set for an event in two months
Curse thee lolita gods.

>> No.9841710

I got the lavender jsk/clip and otks. Hope this ine is released on time.

>> No.9841717

This is so blah compared to the fantasy dress. Isn't there a fucking middle ground goddamn. Love the print, wasted on those cuts

What dresses

>> No.9841728


Ugh anon, I don't know whether to hug you to hate you. I was on the fence about ever owning Sweetie Violet but thanks to your post I went ahead and reserved it in ice mint. I guess that's one dress knocked off my "casually wish I owned it" list.

>> No.9841729

Friend of mine is picking me up Night at the Devil's Castle when she's in Japan and I bought that OTT sweet puke MAM dress off Closetchild.

>> No.9841731

These are pretty underwhelming compared to the photos I've seen in magazines. I'm seriously glad I splurged on the fantasy dress.

>> No.9841755

I mean the jsk alone goes for a minimum of $300 and i just dropped $300 on the full set so you're saving yourself money gettimg it through the mto

>> No.9841790

I wish the lollipops and planets could be more vibrant. This print looks kinda boring because if the cut. Might get the hair scrunchie.

>> No.9841794


Yeah, that's what pushed me over the fence. It's always been a print that I like, but not $300-per-jsk levels of like, that's why it's on the "casually but not seriously wish list".

Being able to get the full set brand new, complete with matching OTKs and perfectly matching hairclip, no running around looking for perfectly matching bits and pieces, did get me to finally pull the trigger on it.

>> No.9841809

Honestly, it feels a bit dumb to invest in this reservation, since it's going to be delivered in November. If only you don't live in Australia it might take a year till you actually wear it. I guess I'm gonna get it second hand faster.

>> No.9841835

Ugh, >>9841809 here and now I doubt if I did the right right thing and passed on this mto.

>> No.9841843


It’s surprisingly difficult to find this dress being sold under retail, despite the original release being four years ago. It just seems to be one of those underrated dresses that you don’t hear a lot about, but the secondhand price never really drops even after four years.

Personally I’d rather secure it now at retail than cry that I can only find scalped used dresses later on. I’m >>9841794 and this dress wasn’t even a dream dress for me.

Plus, look at it another way. The dress is four years old, if you cared that much about being on time then it was outdated 3 years ago. I’d think of it as one of those timeless classics that you can always wear. There’s nothing that says I can’t wear a floral jsk with a long-sleeved blouse in winter anyway.

>> No.9841854

>There’s nothing that says I can’t wear a floral jsk with a long-sleeved blouse in winter anyway.

Exactly! Where I'm at the moment, I can't even wear OPs from late feb to late october, so this coming out in november is perfect for me! I miss wearing OPs so much.. I just want to be lazy sometimes!

>> No.9841877

Because other countries don't have somali immigrants? Lol

>> No.9841893

I got lav as well, had a hard time deciding it with navy..
honestly i had a hard time deciding to get or not i was looking at the photos everyday until i realized it was the last day..
>>9841843 totally agree

>> No.9841912

>I got lav as well, had a hard time deciding it with navy..

I honestly can't decide the colorway. I love lav, but it doesn't look contrasty enough. Feels like all the flowers are swallowed by the background. And the rest of colors doesn't seem that pretty.

>> No.9841927

Ugh this x1000000000

>> No.9841963
File: 67 KB, 670x400, IMG_20180404_192241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JetJ new release.

>> No.9841973


>> No.9842042
File: 131 KB, 636x1019, 1465104895808.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been told that a girl wearing a shit taobao coord to the SakuraCon MmM teaparty won best coord, picked by judges, in front of Mana. Some please tell me this is fake so that I may sleep in peace

>> No.9842048

it's fake

>> No.9842052

it's true. your nightmares are real and i want to die

>> No.9842059

Post winning coord?

>> No.9842078
File: 137 KB, 1080x1080, 29095084_1347736562039146_1861576660176863232_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9842080

Oh my god no

>> No.9842102

I was there, it's not true. All the winners were wearing Moitie. Simple, clean, classy Moitie. >>9842078 Was not first or second, though I forgot third.

>> No.9842106

MmM is looking for new designers atm.

>> No.9842111

This girl wasn't even at the tea party lmao

>> No.9842112

I'm in the us and traded with someone in AU once. We both shared photos of shipping proof and were overall happy with the experience. I'd love to trade more often, but it seems like most people interested in trading want to trade thrift store loliables for brand.

>> No.9842115

I've had most succes right after a new release is shipped out, by trading for a different cut/colour of the same release after realizing the cut/colour you got doesn't suit you well.

>> No.9842121

I'm glad I'm just a gullible idiot

>> No.9842126

who told you? must've been a salty loser

>> No.9842133

my money's on briz. she went super OTT and people at the table said she looked pissed that she didn't win

>> No.9842137

this lol, redneck gulls btfo’d

>> No.9842157

Anyone saved the vomit picture from RC?

>> No.9842159

I love trades but hate getting offers of

>Would you like (damaged 2012-14ish piece) for your like new, recent cute print

No, I just enjoy getting new dresses and getting rid of ones that lose the appeal to me or didn't fit

>> No.9842179

>selling old sweet dresses now to fully transition to classic
>constant trade offers for pastel sweet dresses in the style of the stuff I'm selling

Please, no

>> No.9842183
File: 373 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-04-09-50-21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that what this picture was about?

>> No.9842185

Yes. Is there an uncensored picture or why did the mod get pissed?

>> No.9842197

According to the mod comment, she was offended and nauseated by the mention of vommit. I think she just edited the txt i dont think there was an un-sensored vommit pic. I didnt even knpw she threw up until i saw that mod's comment and the OPs replies to it

>> No.9842419


Doesn't it help if you have a wishlist? Asking as someone thinking of doing a style transition and hoping to cut down on the trading BS.

>> No.9842438

How DARE anyone who wears lolita also have a digestive system

>> No.9842441

I didn't follow that thread but some people legitimately get triggered by throw-up. I know a lolita who has emetophobia from trauma, and I wouldn't be surprised if she started to vomit and have panic attacks if she saw that thread.

>> No.9842442

Are you some Eurofag? Shouldn't you be asking that about the EU?

>> No.9842445

Everybody poops, but you probably shouldn’t post pictures of your poop online. Same with vomit.

>> No.9842460

What is wrong with you people that think that's okay? Also how is this even relevant?

>> No.9842490

How about no pictures, how about 'Rules of TMI apply'
No one really needs to know the digestive struggles of someone they've never seen nor will ever care about.

>> No.9842494

who the fuck thinks it's a good idea to announce their vom to an online community tho? like why???

>> No.9842636

Her coord looks like it would make me vomit too. What are those shoes??

>> No.9842657
File: 325 KB, 500x500, B0A6E17C-DCCE-432E-B29D-AA25D94C41C9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it ok to use an ita bag in a very causal coord?

>> No.9842685

Yes. Make sure the colors match though just like with any other bag

>> No.9842712
File: 67 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1522891995312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does someone manage to damage brand this badly? I haven't even managed to do this to cheap F21 shirts that I don't even try to store properly.

>> No.9842723

Gulls, if I’m poor and trying to get into Lolita, what’s the best place to start? I’m at peace with the fact I make less, so please don’t mistake me as a whiner. I’d like sincere tips on strategy!
I know to save, and I’m pretty good with my money (don’t spend recklessly, don’t buy junk food etc). I have one jumperskirt from AP that I adore, but I’m going to refrain from buying more main pieces until I figure out a plan so as to avoid them just... sitting there, neglected. So, in your opinion, what should I focus on first? Basics like blouses, cutsews, pettis? Socks and things? Any other tips would be appreciated. Thank you in advance and sorry for the length of this post!

>> No.9842732

lurk more

>> No.9842733

Wait for me likes tea or malco to have their annual sale for a petti
Set aside 30-40 for a nice blouse and comb second hand sales for one you like, do some research so you know you can use it.
Accessories are expensive, but if you teach yourself some basic sewing you can make wristcuffs, keep an eye out in normal stores and thift stores for cute jewlery.
Get a lot of cute socks, otks can be tricky to find, but you can find them. If tights are more your thing, all the better since there are tons of options.
Go to swap meets whenever they come up and you have a little cash, you can score some great deals at them.

>> No.9842735

Always use tracked shipping. I've done transcontinental trades with no issues. I mostly rely on the particular social norms of the egl scene, in that if someone fucks you over, you can essentially blackball them by sheer word of mouth.

>> No.9842740

Wasn't there supposed to be lavender? I'll pass...

Holding out hope for a cuter special set cut later on though

>> No.9842761

I think you're thinking of Prior Attire!

>> No.9842805


Moths are my greatest fear for my collection. Either that or mice like Momoko has.

Kind of odd though, as far as I know moths don't go for clean polyester clothes, as there's nothing edible in plastic thread for the larvae. Maybe she didn't wash her dresses before storing them and the moths are attracted to the body oil? idk.

>> No.9842827

All these shoes look ita and ugly asf. You have shit taste anon.

>> No.9842846

Seconding "lurk more". That's what I did in my very first beginning. Just lurked /cgl/ and all secondhand sites and Taobao. Didn't buy shit for months, just observed and got an idea for prices on the secondhand market and pieces that I'm looking for.

Budget lolita is less about shoehorning normie closet shit and more about timing and decisiveness.

Depending on the kind of lolita you want to be (sweet, classic, goth, etc), start with solids or patterns with a some textural detailing or pintucks. Something that could be dressed down or up depending on blouse and accessories. Some lolita appropriate shoes in a neutral colour that matches your bag. And at least two blouses, one relaxed and casual, the other dressy.

When I got down to actually buying, I only got one to three items per month. Like September was my first JSK and blouse to go with it. Then October came the petticoat. Then November was the shoes and bag. December was more about the wristcuffs and socks.

Plain staples are good. Ruffled ankle socks in accent colours, plain lolita maryjanes or oxfords. After I can get three solid looks from one JSK, I continue to build by wardrobe by buying another piece and shopping around for accessories for a couple months after that. It was a slow process for me as a poorfag. I started lurking in the summer of 2016 and now I'm just starting to be able to wear lolita at least once a week with a different coord each time. Don't be discouraged, if anything, it'll help you figure out whether you really want to be a lolita or whether it's an impulse thing.

I've used Taobao a lot, but if I were to do it again, I wouldn't. Secondhand burando is where it's at.

>> No.9842847


Start by making one complete outfit with your jsk first. There’s no point buying a ton of stuff you never wear. Never buy something just because it's cheap, make sure it's something you'll actually use.

After that one outfit, you can either make a capsule wardrobe, or make strict rules for your wardrobe. Figure out what you wear lolita for, then work backwards and figure out how many pieces you need. Chose a substyle and stick to it, you can’t afford a large wardrobe so you’ll only end up with one coord in each substyle. Always keep your wardrobe in control so you aren’t spending money on things you never wear or things that only suit one coord. It’s not a bargain if it’s something you never use.

Lurk more if you can’t figure out what you want for your wardrobe. Some colours are more common and easier to work with. Some are less popular and come up for sale cheaper than others.

Learn where to buy cheap. Learn when brands have sales and lucky packs, learn to shop Fril, yja, mbok and taobao. Don’t waste money on resellers.

>> No.9842848

Thank you both so very much! I will listen to this advice.
I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day/night.

>> No.9842849


Crap, meant to reply to other anon, sorry


>> No.9842921

It would, but I can never think of things I want until something I've never seen before or forgot about pops up for sale. I am a horrible impulse buyer and end up with a ton of stuff that doesn't work out. I don't even have dream dresses, I just really love lolita and that's why I like to trade, it's fun to see new things. There are all kinds of frumpy, stained, ugly ass old dresses that people have offered me, but once I got a beautiful gothic dress I had never seen before

>> No.9842971


It'd be easy for me to put together a wishlist of the dresses from my inspiration board, but I see what you mean about seeing new things. That gothic dress must've been a really lovely surprise.

I'll keep this in mind, thanks, anon.

>> No.9842974

Might be a cigarette burn? Polyester material has the tendency to melt on contact with high heat.

>> No.9842978

From what I can see it looks like a pull that she messed with (probably by cutting the loose thread that often pops up when a fabric gets a pull in it), and then caused the hole.

>> No.9843059

I have a round hole like that in a moitie blouse because it got stuck in a zipper

>> No.9843060

Buy skirts instead of JSKs. Skirts are always cheaper. And you have to get a nice, durable blouse anyway so you might as well show it off more.

>> No.9843103

I'd like to take a moment to wholeheartedly curse every single person who says they're ""interested"" in a sale and then ghost the seller. Bonus points if they asked a shit ton of stupid questions and wanted extra pictures. It takes less then a second to type "not interested anymore". Honestly and deeply fuck them.

>> No.9843105

I don't really agree with you. I own a lot of skirts and love them, but unless you have a variety of blouses/cutsews/accessories/jackets/bustiers your coordinates are going to get stale fast. OPs are probably the cheapest to coordinate because you don't need a blouse and can instead focus on accessory buying.

>> No.9843114

What I did as a fellow beginner is to finish that first lolita coord. I bought a jsk first, then a petticoat for it. After some thought I got a blouse for it, and then eventually worked my way to getting socks, shoes, and hair accessory. Necklace, bracelets...etc...are things I got after I wore my first coord and decided that I did enjoy wearing lolita and wanted to complete the look. Personally, I find that putting together and wearing that first coord out really pushed things forward with what I wanted to do next.

You may like the jsk you have now, but you may feel differently about it when you coord it, or even months from now after you have worn it a few times. But by actually wearing that first coord, you might gain 1) more confidence to wear the fashion, and 2) getting one step closer to knowing what you want to do next in the fashion/build a wardrobe.

Good luck!

>> No.9843156

What sort of blouses / sizing are you looking for? I have some Anna House and surfacespell I'm trying to offload for cheap. Leave throwaway if interested in pics/details.

>> No.9843162
File: 1.16 MB, 480x358, stop it get some help.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The amount of people triggered by someone removing the vomit photo is...too damn high.
Sorry I don't want to see your puke when I'm browsing rufflechat. Emetophobia is a thing, but also what if someone's just browsing rufflechat while eating? It's not a place you'd expect vomit photos, so why would anyone think it's a tactful thing to post?
And everyone's like 'WeLl LoLiTaS aReN't AlL lOvELiEs' as if that excuses the fact that some dumbo needed to post her puke online. Fuck off with that shit. Yeah, we have digestive systems, but 99% of us aren't entitled enough to think that that whole of an online community needs to see the rancid insides of our gut while they're browsing their facebook.

>> No.9843163

How do OPs have more variety?

>> No.9843168

I said they were the cheapest to coordinate, not the one with most variety. Sorry, that wasn't the most clear.

>> No.9843171

On LM it seems like there are more new listings from resellers than anyone else these days...The platform feels like it's being hijacked and it kinda bums me out.

>> No.9843174

Get stuff that you love. When I started my wardrobe wasn't very big, but whenever I bought something cheap solely for filling out my wardrobe, I felt really unfulfilled. The pieces were cute, and some of them were brand, but I just felt 'meh' in them.
Even if it means you have to save, in my opinion it's better to have three dresses that make you feel on top of the world than ten dresses you feel 'meh' in. Of course, if you're the sort of person who isn't picky and likes, say, all 2010 sweet that's going for cheap, then that's perfect, but for me, the stuff that I prefer happens to be more on the expensive side second hand, so it took longer to get a good wardrobe.

Also, stick to one colour. Just for the time being. Get one pair of shoes, maybe one blouse, and a really good petti (it's worth getting a good one even if it costs a little more)

>> No.9843182

same. if there's any LM staff here, please help us out. You'd be helping yourself too since people are moving away from LM to other places because of scalpers and resellers

>> No.9843220

I feel bad because I have memory problems due to head trauma and I have accidentally done this only to remember months later. I never asked for extra pics or anything but I often forget I messaged someone and read it but didn't reply because I was at work etc.

I'm sorry it's frustrating anon.

>> No.9843247

I hate it when people use “lolitas don’t hav 2 b lovlies!!” as an excuse for gross behaviour. If you posted a picture of your vomit in any other fashion or hobby community they wouldn’t appreciate it any more than we do.

>> No.9843253

That's always what this 'argument' has been though. On one side, you have the lifestylers who do a fake friendly voice, and on the other side, people who post pictures of themselves smoking in lolita and sitting in the street in lolita to show it's just clothes to them and they don't care about anything or whatever.

>> No.9843265

It's not the staff. It's Alice. She refuses to do shit about anything. I know one of the mods and from what i know the best solution i can give is to bombard the shit out of the LM facebook page. Fucking spam it with complaints about resellers. That is probably the only way Alice will do anything about it.

>> No.9843268

who the fuck is alice? why do you still use a platform you hate?

>> No.9843270

lol newfag

>> No.9843272

Thank you for your contribution to this thread

>> No.9843301

I didn’t see this until now—thank you very much anon!

>> No.9843304

I wonder what you're doing on a site like 4chan.

God forbid you click on the wrong board.. You better be careful.

>> No.9843311

I didnt say i hated it. I use it all the time. I just had 3 items sell of of it yesterday alone. I love LM and it has potential to be amazing, but it will never reach that potential with alice still monopolizing control over it without doing anything. I wish Alice, the creator of LM would fuck off allready and hand complete control to one of her mods so they could set one set of rules to go by instead of different interpertations of the rules by different mods. Im aick of scalpers, im sick of resellers, im sick of alice.

>> No.9843441

Why are you clicking boards? Does your browser not have favorites and is typing in the URL with auto fill not work for you? It's not hard to visit a website anon.

>> No.9843443


idk man, there's "lolitas dun hav 2 b luvlies", and then there's "nevermind your clothes, you're clearly batshit mental". There's kind of a difference between some responsible adult drinking and smoking, and shoving your vomit into people's faces. One is kind of more unbalanced than the other.

I mean, we already don't tolerate sissies and fetishists trying to get into our comms because they shit all over the place and attract even worse predators in. And we laugh at weebs and itas because they're so cringey and stupid. Do you really want to swap that for attracting all actual crazies and loonies out there and make lolita out to be the thing you join if you like showing people your vomit?

I mean sure, we shouldn't be quiet doormats with fake personalities, but can't we at least be somewhat sane and not embarrassing to be around?

>> No.9843451

I've been feeling this lately too, I haven't looked at lacemarket in about a week now and made my purchases elsewhere. Lately going on lacemarket I just see the same names most of the time and it's always scalpers and resellers. I made a firm decision a while ago not to buy from them even if they had something I might have wanted, I'd rather find it elsewhere.

>> No.9843452


(obviously nayrt) After thinking about this a little bit, I can sort of see it. After all with a cutsew your top never changes. And you'd chose a skirt that doesn't clash with your cutsew. So if you have very few cutsews, after a while you'd hit the limit of colour combinations that look good for your cutsews, and your wardrobe starts to take on only one style.

Whereas with OPs every dress will be different from top to bottom. If you can manage your accessories you could have the same number of OPs as skirts and be in more different substyles, because you aren't limited by your top half always looking the same.

But I'd agree with you, a handful of cutsews and their matching skirts would usually work out cheaper, provided you have an eye for choosing decent colour combinations, or you don't mind sticking solely to one substyle (so that most things match each other).

>> No.9843495

This looks so cheap. Yeah it’s cute but more like Ank Rouge tier than Ap

>> No.9843522

What kind of mental gymnastics are you doing? Skirt+blouse is cheaper secondhand than an OP. You would have more of them, and you shouldn't buy a blouse that only goes with 1 skirt. Yes, you can also wear blouses and cardigans with an OP, but you would have less money so less pieces to mix and match overall.

>> No.9843563

Do you guys have any advices for someone who begins losing their interest in fashion, but still not ready to let it go? I just don't feel that excited about it anymore, but also I know I'm gonna miss the feel of being fancy and confident while wearing fashion.

>> No.9843574

Think of what you could do with the money when you sell your wardrobe. I used it to travel.

>> No.9843597

Maybe try a substyle you've never worn before, see if that rekindles your interest.

>> No.9843616

I was going to say you may want to transition to another fashion that gives you the same sort of feeling but then I saw that you're using the word more generally. Are you specifically losing interest in lolita? Because you wouldn't be alone in that regard, the number of leaving sales that have been happening seem to be at a high.

It's ok to let things go and move on when it's time to do so, anon. It's also worth keeping in mind that excitement in all things fade over time, so if you're worried about perpetually chasing that feeling then you probably have more self examination to deal than just concerning yourself about fashion feels.

>> No.9843766

I found cgl by accidentally clicking this board instead of ck. I'm glad I did too cause I found a hobby I enjoy. It doesn't hurt to explore, goofball.

>> No.9843770

How come a lot of space themed stuff gets sailor collars?

>> No.9843780


Girl my last paragraph agrees with you. Did you have a bad day and just needed to yell at someone.

>> No.9843789


The timing puts a lot of space prints in summer, which is time for beach trips and sailor collars. If you're a city girl, you'd be able to see more stars on a beach trip.

But I think also because sailors use the stars to navigate.

>> No.9843899
File: 64 KB, 480x640, IMG_20180405_235023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New baby reservation for le ciel étoile

>> No.9843911

This is cute, I like the little sash across the bodice.

>> No.9843919

sailor moon and other similar mahou shoujos

>> No.9843925

because astronaut pretty much translates to "star sailor"

>> No.9843954

You could try packing away all of your Lolita stuff as if you sold them all. If you you miss it, you can take your stuff out. If after a couple weeks or months and you still don't feel like wearing Lolita you could start selling stuff.

>> No.9843995
File: 458 KB, 480x640, B42OJ210-10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Huh. It's pretty interesting-looking without the sash, too.

Too bad I'm not a fan of the print, but it's nice to see brands putting out new cuts and getting experimental once in a while.

>> No.9844004

And my love for sailor collars and star/ ocean prints reveals their connection. You are wonderful, anon. Ty.

>> No.9844010

But even if you treat lolita like regular clothes, it’s not a logical next step to post pictures of your vomit. I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make.

I agree completely. It really annoys me when someone acts really inappropriately either online or at a meetup (screaming at people, climbing public artwork, posting pics of vomit) and then when asked to tone it down they trot out the “lolitas aren’t lovlies” excuse. Nobody is asking them to be ~lovly~, just a normal adult human. What kind of messed up upbringing does someone have to have had to not see the huge grey area between fake-voiced princess and screeching monkey? It’s not an either-or thing.

>> No.9844016

If you haven't been around for long: when lifestyle lolita became popular, there were people who wanted to proof how much it's just regular clothes by doing extra edgy stuff and posting pictures of them doing gross or adult things in lolita. Someone in my comm posted a pic of herself wearing lolita on the toilet.Those are the people more likely to make fun of ~lolitas r luvlies~

>> No.9844022

>[with OPs] you aren't limited by your top half always looking the same

If you always pair the same top with the same skirt then yes there’s not a lot of variety and that outfit can essentially be treated like an OP, but I don’t understand how you then go on to say that OPs have MORE variety than fixed top/skirt combos. It’s the same or less variety. With a top/skirt combo you can switch one out when you do eventually find something else that matches, but with an OP you can’t remove the bodice from the skirt.

>> No.9844029

I do remember those people and I’m as confused about them now as I was back then. We never had anyone post pics of themselves on the toilet but we did have a girl who filmed herself humping street lights, and a group who always light up their cigarettes in the middle of the group and then complain about us being “prissy” when we ask them to move downwind. Because you’d have to be a prissy lifestyler to not want to inhale secondhand tobacco smoke or have your clothes stink of it, apparently.

>> No.9844104
File: 141 KB, 638x960, 1509647741513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any cute peeking bloomer photos to share? I need some inspiration, especially black bloomers with white lace.

>> No.9844115

Don't ask people to spam the general, make a thread for it

>> No.9844118
File: 99 KB, 638x960, tumblr_of7lczwM921tkv7sqo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is all I got nonny

>> No.9844143

Better ask in the old school thread if you haven't yet.

>> No.9844249


Yes, anon.

If you go back and read the comment, it’s qualified with ”if you have very few cutsews" or "the same number of OPs as skirts".

The only part you seem to have missed is that the comment itself was butting into another conversation, which in turn was responding to another anon asking about getting into lolita while being a poorfag.

That’s where the limitation on the cutsew/main pieces is from. Imagine a scenario where a beginner lolita is very slow in saving up money to buy pieces to add to her wardrobe. So imagine that for a long time, this person has a choice of owning either one cutsew and a few skirts (she’ll save up enough to add another cutsew the following year), or owning a couple of dresses.

That’s the scenario where even though she has a few different main pieces, her top half will always be the one cutsew. Plus, you cannot simply throw on a clashing skirt, so even with three skirts all three will have to be similar enough that they match the cutsew.

If, instead of owning one cutsew and a few skirts, she chose the option of owning two OPs, the two OPs can be two different substyles altogether. You wouldn’t want to swap their bodices because the styles would clash, you just enjoy being able to do one style for this month’s meet up and a different style for next month’s meetup.

I’ll also point out, the end of the comment actually agrees with you, cutsew + skirts is usually the cheaper route, you just need some coording skills because you can’t just throw a random skirt at a random cutsew and assume they’ll look okay no matter what

>> No.9844269

Nayrt, but why is it so wrong to have one style. It's better that poor anon does anyway so they can get more out of their wardrobe (because everything matches).

>> No.9844272

Your comments are too long

>> No.9844276
File: 37 KB, 311x296, 1521838305515.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heads up to german gulls: Since March 1st DHL/Deutsche Post charges an additional "Auslagepauschale" of 6 Euro for delivering packages to your door that supposed to end up in customs, without asking you for your permission. That's right, they just put it on the bill. If you refuse to pay the fee or tell them to deliver it to customs, it will be send back to the origin country.

>> No.9844277
File: 1.34 MB, 1272x1268, Capture+_2018-04-06-07-42-21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know the actual sizing of this skirt?

>> No.9844279


Just imagine that bill paying towards your free healthcare and you'll feel better.

>t. murrican

>> No.9844280

This is what DHL always did in my country. Imagine being a nooblita buying her first bodyline and being woken up in the morning by a DHL delivery and its $70 bill. Good times. It was never not hit with customs.

>> No.9844288

Let's not start this kind of discussion anon.

Swiss? I'm so sorry. I always thought our customs and postal system was the highest tier of cancer, until a swiss buyee told me how much they're milked for trying to import.

>> No.9844291

In my country, they started to charge ridiculous fee of giving you the information needed for customs clearance. Iirc they doing it cost 30€ and doing yourself cost 40€. Apparently they hate person customers so much they will find every additional fee to slap over it.

>> No.9844319

digging that drunk neckline! I like this a lot.

>> No.9844326

Not DHL and somehow Bodyline has always skated under the radar for me, but my first ever burando order paid for with babby’s first part time job got hit with a €80 charge. My father was the one who opened the door. He was not happy.

>> No.9844354

I hate that meme that healthcare in Germany is "free". We have compulsary health insure, and you have to pick between a public statutory insurance or a private one and both cost you money. Statutory is like the second class treatment, they won't let you die but there are also many things that are not covered by this insurance (in many cases check-ups, rehab, or if you need a treatment for something that is not supported by that insurance company, if you are chronically ill and if you are dependend on expensive life long treatment they can also say "fuck you it's too expensive for us" and tell you to switch the company or pay your doctors visists/receipts yourself). Private is better, you get priority treatment, but on top of your monthly fee you have pay your treatments out of you own pockets first and the insurance company refunds you the costs afterwards. Basically no-one except for state employees can afford this so we are all stuck in the second class treatment limbo. Public health insurance may be affordable for most people, but many people exploit it and our hospitals and waiting rooms are exploding and so the offered service is horrible or not available at all (many physicians don't even take new patiens anymore, so full are they) so it's not really a good system if you ask me. And if you can't afford public insurance and you never held a job (let's say poor student who just graduated) you don't qualify for unemployment benefits, and you don't qualify for insurance paid by the state. You have to find a way to pay for it, because not having an insurance is illegal (this fucks over many people).

>> No.9844371


It isn't, in fact the comment isn't even a suggestion or a recommendation, the thread already gave pooranon multiple suggestions.

It's just a comment saying "here's another way to look at it". Maybe I should have added #showerthought so anon doesn't get her knickers in a twist.


The shorter comment made the other other anon confused and angry, apparently. idk.

>> No.9844373

I think the anons that replied to you didn't finish reading your comment, because I didn't either

>> No.9844375


There's nothing I can do about that. Have a nice day though.

>> No.9844395

Well I think we can all agree that there is no such a thing as free health care anywhere. Most countries have some kind of fees even though they are significantly lower than the real cost and tax money used works basically similarily to insurance: everyone contributes and in exchange you get compensated if something costly happens. With taxes you can't choose how much you will pay or what it will cover though.

But op is almost always expensive compared to same print series' skirt. Cutsew would also allow expanding into jsks. However, I think it depends also what style anon is aiming for. If it's something they are only going to wear to meets and always be fancy ops might be better but if daily then the skirt cutsew combo. I think it's just a bit silly to compare cutsew and op unless we are talking about WW's LM (which btw is a good option) because the prices will be usually atleast a hundred apart.

>> No.9844414

Tfw went into the SF store and saw it on clearance. I couldn't justify buying it. It had a really cute folk vibe but I couldn't see myself wearing it out too much.

>> No.9844420

That's just like your opinion, man.

>> No.9844437
File: 31 KB, 450x600, B42BL404-iv_grande.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone own the ivory version of this? Shit looks real yellow in every picture I've seen online and I just need confirmation it's lighter irl

>> No.9844442

I get you, I bought it because I love the theme of the print but I have no idea how to style it in a way that isn't too 'folksy'

>> No.9844445

I have it and it's yellow. Like now even yellow-toned ivory, it's straight up pale yellow.

>> No.9844678

Bollocks. Thanks anon

>> No.9844725

Whaaaat? Is it still there? I want it

>> No.9844735

You can check the us site and the stock in store should be the same. This was like 2-3 months ago so good luck.

>> No.9845054
File: 54 KB, 604x550, 1467580581373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is lolibary ever going to bring back user profiles? I miss being able to keep track of my wardrobe and wishlist.

>> No.9845067

I've checked a couple times recently got it, it wasn't there today and I didn't see it last time i looked either unless it's hidden somewhere and I'm just not seeing it

I like odd dresses

>> No.9845150

Yes. Not sure when exactly but most likely some time this year.

>> No.9845209
File: 970 KB, 1080x1844, IMG_20180407_185308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meta's platform heels are back!

>> No.9845222

Moitie has an instagram now

>> No.9845259

Just a reminder that you idiots don't need to make a new general >>9837624

>> No.9845268

>tfw you’ve never been hit with customs fees despite ordering 80,000 ¥ dollar packages from Closet Child a few times
Feels good man. This is pretty shitty though. It honestly feels like the world postal system is collapsing on itself.

>> No.9845269

>¥ dollar
I feel retarded but I swear I’m just sleepy

>> No.9845279
File: 162 KB, 1015x1344, k5sy3g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the name for this hat? for this dress and the neck-thing?

>> No.9845293

Those are what we call ita. You’ll probably be able to find very similar items on Milanoo.

>> No.9845301

This is the wrong thread for that, it's not lolita.

>> No.9845321
File: 20 KB, 259x224, 1521451548295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw £88 customs fee
It's a dream dress, but... Ouch.

>> No.9845365

What are some good normie brands to compliment a sweet lolita wardrobe?

>> No.9845370

No one have an id?

>> No.9845386

What is it even called fuck nut

>> No.9845462


>> No.9845488

I buy Axes Femme cardigans and shoes to fluff my wardrobe up (I wear sweet-classic). I have tried F21 and H&M but they don’t carry shit aside from maybe jewelry and hats.

>> No.9845497

I bet you're one of the only 3 people that still submits secrets

>> No.9845502

No offence but I'm not looking for fast fashion, and axes femme suits a classic wardrobe better. Since I started to wear lolita my quality standards are higher, and I need new normie clothes for when I can't or don't feel like wearing lolita. I don't want to wear a completely different style when I'm wearing normie clothes, like some sort of split personality. So I'm looking for high-end brands with a cute style. Most of my wardrobe is pastel pink and blue now, but I'd go for other colours too if it's cute and girly.

>> No.9845506

This might be a stupid question, but when ordering from Baby's international store, if I am located in the US do I still get charged the Japan tax? (For the dress I want it would be 27,800円 w/out tax but 30,024yen with tax, which is a pretty big difference.)

I never checked out as an international buyer so I am insure if the tax disappears if I enter a US shipping address? Sorry if this is a dumb question!

>> No.9845516

Yes, you pay tax regardless of where you live.

>> No.9845518

I have a pair and the pleather is slightly peeling on the straps. Nowhere near as nice as BTSSB shoes

>> No.9845550

I've always had to pay tax from the big brands, unless I'm buying in store. Some smaller brands haven't charged me tax though when buying online like Atelier Pierrot and Miho Matsuda. I really think Baby shouldn't be charging tax since they do handle international shipping directly, but I think it's the paperwork they don't want to deal with.

>> No.9845563

I'm really surprised you didn't have to pay tax for some smaller brands. I'm not familiar with Japanese law, but in my country, the brand still has to pay tax for products they sell to international customers. So of course they include that tax in their price. It's just custom in Japan to state the price of an item + the tax in parentheses. Selling in internationally isn't the same as exporting so.

>> No.9845900

Next bread: >>9837624

>> No.9846414

It looks as if they pulled the detachable bow off the skirt instead of unclipping it safely.

>> No.9849130

There wasn't a name in the listing hence why I asked

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